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Second Prequel:
Author: Little Bit
Rating:R (Maybe?)
Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Some dialonge from episodes has been used, no infringement intended.

Summary: Liz & Kyle's lives in Roswell before and after the shooting. Basically a behind the scenes of the episodes from Season 1 & 2.


They created her to be the perfect soldier, a human weapon but she escaped. Years later, Fate stepped in and delivered her soulmate to her, in the form of an alien king. Worlds apart the two struggle to find their destiny.
Part 1

Liz and Kyle had been in Roswell for seven years and were set in their lives. Liz had Maria and Alex while Kyle had all of his jock friends and they had just started high school. They were still close but spent less time together, at least publicly. They would sneak over to each other’s houses at night, but they had to be careful. One night Kyle didn’t know that Maria and Alex were staying at Liz’s and they almost saw him on her balcony. They were trying to come up with ideas how they could spend time with each other without raising suspicion but hadn’t figured out anything yet.

Liz felt her brother’s kick to her stomach before she flew backwards. As soon as she hit the ground she was up again. Liz dodged a kick that Kyle had aimed at her head, and grabbed her brother’s leg, flipping him to the ground. Kyle blocked Liz’s flying roundhouse kick, and did a back flip to get up. It was one of their weekly scheduled training sessions where they kept up with their fighting. They were out in the desert right where it met up with Frasier Woods. Things continued like this for a while, with both Kyle and Liz each using their enhanced abilities to their advantage, before calling a truce between them.

They had just broken apart when they heard clapping. Both on alert, scared someone had seen them, they looked to where the sound was coming from and saw a blonde guy a few years older than them leaning against a tree.

“Who are you?” Kyle yelled.

“Always be aware of your surroundings soldier, you never know where the enemy could be hiding.” He said.

Liz’s eyes suddenly burned with recognition, “Zack?” Liz whispered in a strangled voice. The blonde looked over in her direction, and nodded, “It’s me baby sister.”

Memories of the last time she had seen him entered Liz’s thoughts just then, and she let them flash by.


They could hear the dogs barking, hot on their heals. It wasn’t the only things she heard. She heard gunshots, and Lydecker yelling. They had to make to the fence, it they did they’d be safe. Well safer. Liz saw that Ky was still next to her, a foot away. She looked ahead and saw that Zack, who was leading them, had reached the fence. “Up!” He ordered and they all jumped the fence. Once they landed Zack was suddenly next to her. “Everyone go, split up. It’ll make us harder to find.”

She looked up at him, she didn’t want to be separated from all of them, but he said, “Go, run.” Ky grabbed her hand and pulled her away and farther into the woods. The last glimpse she had of any of her siblings was of them running.


That night still haunted her dreams, sometimes the dream played out exactly the same way other times it was worse. She had had nightmares of the men capturing them and dragging them back inside, or she had one where she was hiding and she had to watch as the men gunned down her brothers and sisters, just like Lydecker had shot Eva.

Letting out a strangled gasp, Liz threw herself into her brother’s arms, and wrapped her own arms around him in a hug. She couldn’t believe that after seven years of being alone, with only Ky out of her siblings for company, her older brother had finally found them. “How did you find us?”
Zack turned away from his sister, and said in a flat tone, “I’ve actually been watching you and Ky for almost six years now, I traced you here.”

Liz took a couple steps back from her brother, and just stared at him. “Why didn’t you tell us who you were sooner, Zack?”

“Why?” Zack turned to face his sister, his face a blank slate, but, his eyes were naked with regret, “I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you sooner, baby sister, but, it would’ve been too dangerous for you two and the others. I would have told you if I could’ve, you know that.”

They both nodded. Sure they understood, that didn’t mean they liked it. The Sheriff had helped them search for their other siblings over the years; they had even gotten a few leads but nothing concrete. “So why now?” Kyle asked.

Zack shrugged, “I thought you two were old enough to know.”

“What about the others? I know you can’t tell us where they are but how are they?” Liz asked.

“I’ve found everyone but Maxie. Everyone else is safe, they haven’t found anyone yet.” Zack said. “Most everyone is on the move every year or so. You two are the only ones to stay in one place for so long.”

“Roswell’s safe. There are people we trust here.” Kyle stated.

“And we’re ready if we need to run or if they surprise us.” Liz said as she pulled out her gun to prove her point.

“Yeah, I’ve seen you two train. And although I’m against you staying, for now Roswell is safe.”

“So are you planning on staying for a little while or are you leaving right away?” Liz asked.

“I planned on staying for a day or two.” Zack stated.

“Well then you’ll have to stay with one of us.” Liz said excitedly.

“I don’t know how your parents would feel about that.” Zack said just as they saw the Sheriff’s SUV pull up. Normally Zack would go on the defensive but he knew that the SUV belonged to the man Kyle lived with. The Sheriff got out of his truck cautiously not sure who was with the kids. “Kyle?”

“Dad, this is Zack. He found us.” Kyle stated. He saw his dad relax and stick out his hand. “Jim Valenti.” Zack took the offered hand and shook it.

“Do you mind if he stays with us tonight? He can have my room, I’ll sleep on the couch.” Kyle offered.

“Sure, we can head back now. I’ve got the night off unless there’s an emergency. We can order pizza and you three can catch up.” The Sheriff said. “Do you need a ride, Zack?”

“No, I have a motorcycle. I’ll meet you there.” He said as he headed off into the woods where he had stashed his bike.

As the other three headed for the SUV the Sheriff asked, “Does he know where he’s going?”

“Yeah, he said he found us about a year after we came here. Been watching us ever since.” Liz explained. “I’m going to call my parents and explain about Zack. I’ll go home after I eat and then sneak back over.” Liz said as she pulled out her cell phone.

“Did he say anything about the others?” The Sheriff asked Kyle.

“Yeah, he knows where everyone is except Max. He won’t tell us where they are but he said they’re safe.” Kyle stated. The three of them spent the next few days together enjoying being a family. When Zack left, Liz and Kyle both had a contact number to reach him with. He visited them as often as he could, giving updates on the rest of their family.

I know I said that I would start the story with the pilot but I wanted to write when Zack revealed himself and that was a year before the shooting so I started with that.

Should I go right to the day of the shooting or write a couple more parts before it?

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Part 2:

The summer before their sophomore year Zack was in town for a visit and he was the one to come up with the idea for Kyle and Liz to pretend to date so they could spend time together without anyone being suspicious. It weirded them out for awhile but they got used to it. It also kept Maria’s interest about Liz’s crush on Max Evans at a stand still. Early in the summer, shortly after Kyle and Liz officially became a couple, Liz, Maria, and Alex were over at Maria’s house hanging out when Liz’s cell phone rang. “Hello?”

“Lizzie, Kyle’s hurt.” She heard her dad say. “Jim just called me. They were hiking when there was a rockslide and Kyle was caught in it when he pushed Jim out of the way. It’s pretty bad, Jim said it looked like he’s losing blood from a cut on his side and probably has a few broken ribs.”

“Where are they?” Liz asked frantically.

“Heading to their house. Should be there in about ten minutes.”

“Okay, I’ll meet them there.”

“No, stay there. I’m right around the corner.”

“I’ll be waiting outside.” Liz turned off her phone and looked at her confused friends.

“What’s going on?” Alex asked.

“Kyle got hurt in a hiking accident. My dad’s picking me up to go see him.”

“How bad is he?” Maria asked. “Is he going to have to go to the hospital?”

“I don’t know.” Liz said as she grabbed her stuff and headed for the door. “I’ll see you guys later.”

Liz stepped outside just as her dad pulled up. She ran out and jumped into his car. “Go.” Jeff Parker pulled the car away and sped to the Sheriff’s house. It wasn’t far away and they arrived at the same time as the Sheriff and Kyle. She ran up to the tailgate of the SUV and helped him pull her brother out. “I let you out of my site for one minute and look at you.” Liz joked.

“Funny Liz.” Kyle breathed out. They got Kyle onto the couch and Liz started calling out orders. She was the one to do the medical treatment since she had more training then both men although the Sheriff had quite a bit. “Dad, I need our medical kit.” Since they couldn’t go to the hospital they had a lot of equipment in case of emergencies.

“It’s in my closet.” Kyle hissed out. X5s had higher tolerance for pain but he had been jostled around a lot and it hurt.

As her dad went to get the kit, Liz questioned them. “Do you have any idea how much blood you lost?”

“Not sure.” Kyle answered. “But I’m getting dizzy.”

“He soaked the blanket in my truck.” The Sheriff stated. Just then her dad came back.

Liz grabbed the edges of Kyle’s shirt where it was torn and ripped it open. Underneath she saw the damage. He had a large cut about six inches long that had been bleeding heavily but had now lightened up. “Dad, I need the large gauze pads and a couple of the surgical towels.” Her dad handed them to her, and then she handed them to Kyle’s dad. “Sheriff, I need you to stop the bleeding.”

The Sheriff began to apply pressure. While he did that Liz worked around him and found her brother had three bruised ribs and got out what she needed to wrap it before pulling out a transfusion kit out. “Dad, tie off his arm.”

Her dad took the rubber tubing and tied it around Kyle’s arm while she did the same to herself. She inserted the needle on Kyle then the other one into herself. “How it’s doing, Sheriff?”

The Sheriff pulled off a towel and looked at it. “Looks like it stopped.”

“I need to stitch him up.” Her dad got the necessary equipment and handed it to her. With her dad’s help she was able to sew up her brother while she gave him a transfusion. She cut the string and handed the scissors to her dad then looked at the Sheriff. “I’m going to unhook now and I need you to tape him up. He’ll heal fast, but he’ll be sore for a day or so.”

“I’m already feeling better.” Kyle threw in as the Sheriff began bandaging the wound and taping up his ribs.

“Well Manticore did something good when they made us all universal donors or we might have had a problem.” Liz stated as she unhooked the tubing. This was the worst either of them had been hurt since they left Manticore, they had been lucky. The differences in their blood would be detected, if the hospital screened it. The two of them could go to the doctor for small things as long as their blood or other bodily fluids weren’t involved.

“Liz, do you need anything else?” Her dad asked.

“It would probably be a good idea if we both had a dose of Trytophan. The loss of blood might trigger a seizure. And a glass of milk?” Liz asked. Her dad went to get what she asked for as she brushed Kyle’s hair out of his eyes. It was getting so long; she kept teasing him about it. “You gave me a scare Ky.” She said reverting to his original name that only her or Zack called him. “I freaked when my dad called and said you were hurt.”

“Sorry. It was instinct, I couldn’t let him get hurt.”

“I’m not mad, I would have done the same thing.” Her dad came back then with their pills and milk. They gulped it down and Liz waited until Kyle fell asleep before heading for home. She called Maria and Alex and told them that Kyle only had some bruising, nothing bad. She could tell them how serious it had been because they would wonder why he wasn’t in the hospital. She updated her mom on what was going on then once it was late enough she snuck back over to her brothers and watched over him.

The rest of the summer was uneventful for the two. They continued to ‘date’ and hung out a lot. Maria and Alex even joined them a couple times in the Crashdown.


I hope you guys enjoyed that part. In A Secret Family, I mentioned that Liz had transfused Kyle before so I just felt like writing this part.

On the next part would you guys want to read about one of Liz's nightmares or skip to the shooting? Please let me know.

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This part is a little shorter than I planned on but I hope you like it.

Part 3:

The X5’s stood silently, side by side, as one, by one; dressed in fatigues, hands on their rifles. Lydecker walked along their straight rows. Suddenly he stopped, and bent down to meet Liz’s eyes. She looked straight ahead, and refused to even blink in Lydecker’s presence. “Remember this, soldier,” he whispered. “Show your weakness, and the enemy will destroy you. Understand?”

Turning her head, Liz said emotionlessly, “Sir, yes, sir!” Executing a perfect salute, and about-face.

“Good.” Lydecker smirked; he stood back up and faced the unit. “Your orders for the next training exercise are as followed. Each team has a target; said target was released into the woods in the assigned areas 30 minutes ago. Track down the target and eliminate it.” He motioned to the other regular soldiers who showed each team a picture of their assigned target. Liz and Ky memorized the picture before being dismissed.

The two of them made their way through the woods, they had done similar assignments before but it had involved the whole unit and tracking one prisoner. Lydecker knew that it affected her doing this that was why he had said what he did to her.

Silently moving next to her brother, working together like they had been trained since they were in the nursery together. The two of them found a fresh set of tracks and followed them. Ky and Liz approached an area where a few trees had fallen. They scanned the area and they spotted their target trying to catch his breath. From Liz position she had the best lineup for a shot and Ky motioned with his hands for her to take the prisoner out. Liz knew if she resisted then it would mean punishment, a ‘lesson’ as Lydecker called it and he would know. The woods were watched to make sure the kids did as they were ordered. She lined up the shot at the prisoner’s head, knowing he wouldn’t suffer as much and squeezed the trigger. The shot was good and the prisoner fell dead to the ground. Liz wiped a tear from her eye and went with Ky to report the success of the mission.

Liz woke up suddenly and sat up. Her sudden movement woke Maria, “Lizzie? What’s wrong?”

“Nothing Maria, just a bad dream. Go back to sleep.” Liz said as she threw back the covers and climbed out of her bed. It was a good thing she didn’t wake up screaming this time like she had in the past since Maria and Alex had spent the night. Maria was next to her and Alex was asleep on her floor. Liz wondered what they would think if they had knew that Liz had killed people. Hunted and gunned down men who had no way of defending themselves.

She shut the bathroom door and went to splash cold water on her face. She hated having those dreams, those memories. Or nightmares if you got down to it. Sometimes they came months in between but other times they came frequently. Liz knew she would never be rid of them. She turned off the bathroom light and went to lay back down. When she did she felt Maria curl towards her, “Are you sure you’re okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s probably just stress from starting school and work.” Liz lied.

“Well after the Crash Festival next week, things will settle down.” Maria yawned out. Liz nodded and tried to go back to sleep.


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As the title says this part involves the shooting. The pilot will actually take several parts.

Part 4
Pilot Scenes:

September 23rd. Journal entry one. I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. After that, things got really weird....

Liz stood in the café trying to figure out what had happened to her. She knew she had been shot, she had felt the bullet hit her stomach and the burning pain that had always accompanied a bullet wound but then suddenly it was gone. And Max Evans was standing over looking scared. “You're all right now. You're all right.” She heard him say. She watched him throw his keys to his friend Michael then grabbed a ketchup bottle. He broke it and dumped the contents on her. “You broke a bottle when you fell, spilled ketchup on yourself. Don't say anything please.” And then he was gone.

She had rubbed the smooth skin of her stomach; there was no evidence of the bullet. She didn’t know what to think sure her and Kyle were fast healers but that was a little overboard. What had Max done? Had he healed her? How could he do that? The sound of her dad’s frantic voice pulled her back to what was going on.

“Lizzie. Oh my God!!”

“No, dad, dad look, look at this.” She said pointing to her uniform. “See, I'm fine, I-I just spilled ketchup, I'm really, I'm okay.”

Jeff Parker knew that if Liz was hurt she wouldn’t want to taken to the hospital so he had to make sure in case he needed to get her ‘alternative’ medical care. “Are you sure?”

“Yeah” She answered. It was then that Sheriff Valenti walked up. Liz saw the flash of worry cross his face, and heard him ask; “You okay?”

“Yeah thanks. I-I'm just a little shaken up.” She lied. She didn’t want to talk to anyone about what had happened until she talked to Max. He nodded and went to get his report from his deputy. Once that was done, Liz noticed the two tourists from earlier talking to him. That made her worry. Then she heard her dad yelling at her for the showing her fake photo around. While she did she saw the tourist, Jennifer, telling the Sheriff about Max and Michael sitting at the booth.

“There were two kids sitting over here when it happened, two boys about her age. And then one of them went”

Liz interrupted her. “Uh yea, that's right there were. You know that I didn't recognize them, so they must have just been tourists.” She could tell that the Sheriff believed her, why wouldn’t he? This was the first time she had lied to him. But then the other tourist, Larry, butted in. “No, no it sure looked like that she knew them to me.”

She just looked at the Sheriff and shrugged her shoulders trying to make it look like she didn’t know what he was talking about. Her dad came to the rescue so she didn’t have to say anything. “Jim, I really want to get Lizzie upstairs. She’s shaken up with the shot going off. She’s not real comfortable around guns.” Of course the three of them knew that was a lie. She happened to have several guns hidden in her room as well as one in her locker in the back room.

The Sheriff nodded and Jeff steered her to the back. Once they were through the door Jeff asked, “What happened? It wasn’t Manticore was it?”

“No. I saw them struggling for the gun and it went off. I dodged the bullet but hit the counter, knocking over the ketchup. I slipped in it and got it on me. That’s it. I don’t know what those people were talking about. Max just helped me up.”

“Stupid tourists.” Her dad grumbled. “Go on upstairs and get cleaned up. I’ll see you later.”

Liz ran upstairs fast and into her room. She stripped out of her uniform when she saw it. A glowing silver handprint. What the hell was going on? What had Max did to her?

She started thinking about what she knew about Max. She knew he wasn’t from Manticore. He didn’t have a barcode. She had checked along time ago, when she had noticed he watched her.


It was Liz’s first day of school and her mom had dropped her as well as Maria and Kyle off early. Liz was nervous about it but she felt better knowing her brother and Maria were close. Liz and Maria were playing when she felt someone’s eyes on her. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a little dark haired boy staring at her. The way he looked at her made her wonder if he knew her from Manticore. Not one of her siblings but maybe one of the other kids in the other units. Before she could walk over to talk to him the little blonde girl next to him dragged him away. Later she noticed the two of them hanging around Michael Guerin, a boy that Maria had told her about.

After that she never saw him alone, he was always with the girl, who Liz found out was his sister Isabel, and Michael. She bided her time and eventually was able to check the back his neck, nothing. Over the years, he continued to watch her and Liz kept an eye on him.

Flashback end

Liz dressed quickly and decided that tomorrow her and Max needed to have a talk.


THe next 3 parts involve the pilot.
Here are the other episodes I've written parts for :
Leaving Normal
285 South
Sexual Healing
Crazy (Liz has another nightmare because of her meeting with Topolsky.)
Skin & Bones
The Harvest (Mostly the argument between Liz & Max)
Meet the dupes & Max in the CIty (Maybe)
Roswell Xmas (Kyle & Liz)
To Serve & Protect
Off the Menu
Cry Your Name-all the ones after until Departure.

Do you guys think that's enough?

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Part 5

The next day Liz was sitting in her biology class listening as the teacher droned on and on, waiting for Max to show up. She noticed Max walk in just as she heard the teacher say, “For today's experiment you'll be working in teams of two.”

She watched as Max sat down next to her and stuck a pencil in his mouth. “Mr. Evans, so nice of you to join us. Okay, everyone on the right prepare a slide with the vegetable sampling, everyone on the left, take a toothpick and get a sample from your cheek.”

She noticed Max pull the pencil out of his mouth, as he started to fidget. She was about to ask what was wrong when he raised his hand. “Mr. Evans?”

“Could I get a bathroom pass?” He asked.

“High maintenance today aren't we?” Max took the pass and left as the teacher continued to talk. “It's very easy to look on the outside and say what differentiates humans from other species. But what about what's on the inside, everyone, look at the human cells and describe everything you see on your lab sheet.”

Liz scraped the inside of her cheek and started to prepare the slide. She knew her cells would look a little different, since her DNA were mixed with animal but she also knew what normal human cells looked like. Since she knew that she could just draw them. But she wanted to see what hers looked like. Once she was done she sat back and started to get rid of her slide. She couldn’t leave evidence lying around. As she did she saw Max’s pencil, the one he had been chewing on. She quickly made a slide of it and looked at them. They were green, and not normal! She needed to talk to Max.

After class she ran after Max. “ Max! Max! Excuse me, excuse me. Max, I have to talk to you.”

She pulled him into the band room. It was then that she realized they weren’t alone. Kyle was there beating on a drum. “Kyle!”

“Hey!” Kyle said greeting his sister. He was glad to see her; he had something to tell her.

“Hey!” She said too excitedly.

It was then that Kyle noticed who she was with. The guy his sister had had a crush on for the last year. “Hey Max.”

“Hey.” Max said quietly.

“Did you get my message?” He asked Liz still eyeing Max.

Liz knew that Kyle had called her several times and was glad they hadn’t had a training session schedule last night or she wouldn’t have been able to avoid him. “Yeah, I did. I was just little…”

“Shaken up.” Kyle offered looking over at Max, knowing she wasn’t scared of a gun.

Grateful that Kyle had come up with an answer for her, she said. “That’s what it was.”

“Yeah, I know my dad told me about the gun going off. You okay?” Kyle asked still careful of his words around Max.

“Yeah, I am. It was just loud then it was over.”

“So you guys are?” Kyle asked wondering why his sister had drug a guy into an empty room. Especially this guy. He hoped it wasn’t for what he normally dragged girls into empty rooms for. His sister was too young for that, even if she was only six months younger than he was. He had always been protective of her, more so now that Zack warned them that Liz was old enough that she could go into heat.

“Looking for a place to…” Liz tried to come up with something. “Study for our biology midterm.”

“Right. Biology.” Kyle looked from Liz to Max; they looked too serious to be studying but why would Liz lie? “All right. I was leaving anyway.” Kyle hadn’t been about to leave, he was actually waiting for someone but he could see that Liz wanted him to leave. He would just wait for her.

“Great.. Um, that’s good.” Liz said trying to rush him out of the room but Kyle stopped. “Ooh, I got my costume for the Crash…”

Liz was about to scream in frustration. “Kyle. We've gotta study. Sorry.”

Kyle looked at his sister; she was up to something. “Right. See ya Max.”

“'re going out with the Sheriff's son?” Max asked her sounding almost disappointed.

“Um, yeah. Well, it's kind of like this, this casual...okay, Max. Can we just focus here for one minute please?” She said as she lifted up her shirt.

“Wow.” He said as he looked at her stomach.

“Um, I-I scraped some cells from your pencil. This is really hard to say, I'm trying to keep from blacking out here. Um, the cells weren't normal.” Of course neither were hers. “So, Max, what I'm going to suggest to you is that we just go back to the bio lab now, so that I can take a sample so that I can see what I'm thinking is wrong, you know? That I got the wrong cells...”

“You didn't.” He said flatly.

“Okay, um.” Liz said trying to figure out what was going on. “So help me out here Max. I mean, what are you?”

Max’s eyes flitted around the room. “Well I'm not from around here.”

“Where you from?” Liz asked. Max pointed up with his index finger. “Up north?” He just pointed higher. “You're not an, an alien, I mean. Are you?”

“Well I prefer the term not of this earth.” He said smiling. “Sorry, it's not a good time to joke. Yea, I am. Wow, it's weird to actually say it.”

Liz couldn’t take it. It was too much. Her logical mind could grasp the concept of aliens. She turned to leave and got as far as the door before Max grabbed her. “Liz.... “

“Um, Max, you know, I have, I'm gonna be late for my US Government class, so I'm just gonna—“

“Liz, listen to me. You can't talk to anyone about this. Not your parents, not Maria. No one. You don't understand what'll happen if you do.” She looked up into his eyes, he had no idea how much she did understand it. “Liz please? Now my life is in your hands.”

Liz nodded before heading out the door. She had just gotten out into the hallway when someone grabbed her arm and pulled her into a closet. She turned to look right into the eyes of Kyle, who happened to be standing next to her other brother Zack.

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Okay Guys I need your opinion. I know its many parts a head but I was thinking of writing a part that takes place during Liz and Kyle's trip with Zack after Destiny. I thought about putting them maybe at an amusement park, cutting loose, joking around like family. Should I or not?


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I completely forgot that I wrote in ASF that Zack didn't relax until after Kyle left so forget what I asked about the amusement park but I think I'll still right it minus Zack. (Liz and Kyle have to amuse themselves while he's checking on another sibling.) I don't know I'm just rambling, I know what I'm going to write but I can't tell you guys or it will ruin it. thanks for the feedback.
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Part 6

She turned to look right into the eyes of Kyle, who happened to be standing next to her other brother Zack. She was glad that she had thought to drag Max to the music room since it was sound proof or they might have heard everything Liz and Max had said while they were waiting. “Oh my God.” She said as she reached up to hug him. “When did you get into town?”

“Yesterday. I was heading this way and decided to swing by. I got into town right before the shooting. I was actually outside when it happened.”

“Right outside?” Liz asked nervously. She wondered if he had seen anything. “Really, too bad you couldn’t grab the guys who did it.”

“They ran right by me but I didn’t want to cause a scene. I left after I saw you get up. I headed over to Ky’s and Jim let me stay there. He tried to call you but you didn’t return the call.”

“Yeah, my mom was freaked. She thought it might be Lydecker’s men. But I told her that they wouldn’t have done such a crappy job.” Liz lied.

“I was going to tell you but Max was there so I waited for you. What happened?” Kyle asked. “Dad said he didn’t get a chance to talk to you alone and your dad was busy.” His dad had told him that something about the shooting didn’t look right to him and suspected something strange, maybe Manticore but when Kyle asked he said he didn’t have anything definite.

“I saw them struggling for the gun and it went off. I dodged the bullet but hit the counter, knocking over the ketchup. I slipped in it and got it on me. I was a mess.”

Zack couldn’t believe that his sister was lying to them. Zack had seen more than he let on, but he wanted to do some investigating first. He had to leave soon but he would be back. He knew that Liz had been avoiding Ky last night that was why he had taken the risk to meet Ky at school. He wanted to corner her to see what she would say. She was covering up what really happened.

“You should have called me last night. I heard from someone when I left practice that there was a shooting and I assumed the worst. It wasn’t until I talked to my dad that I knew that you were okay.” Kyle reprimanded.

“I’m sorry, Ky. I just wanted to get her settled down. Forgive me?” She smiled sweetly.

Kyle nodded and hugged her. “How about you make it up to me? We go out tonight. Zack’s leaving later tonight to get away from the tourists. We can go over to Hondo so no one will see us, eat then I’ll drive us back.”

Liz knew she wouldn’t be able to get out of this so she agreed.


They had just gotten back from dinner; Zack had left from Hondo on his way to check on one of their other siblings. Kyle had driven her home and was about to walk her to the door. “Well, goodnight.” She said.

Kyle looked at her, “Oh right, right. Listen Liz, you've, you've been somewhere else all night.”

“I know, I'm sorry.” She’d been thinking about Max all night and hadn’t paid much attention to her brothers. “Kyle, do you ever wonder if....”

“Do I ever wonder what?” Kyle asked.

“When you see a girl, do you, do you feel things.”

“Yes, of course. I feel things.” Kyle looked at her strangely. “Like what?”

Liz just shook her head. “Forget it, I don't know what I was talking about. I'm just gonna go get some sleep.”

“All right.” Kyle said unsure of what she was up to. She reached up to turn off a light, pulling up her top in the process. That was when he saw the handprint. “Liz?’

Liz pulled her shirt down quickly, hiding it from his view. “Good night Kyle.”

“Goodnight Liz.” He hadn’t expected her to act this way. She was keeping something from him, something they never did. He needed to tell his dad that the shooting had nothing to do with Manticore, it was something completely different.


I might update again later if I have time.

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Here's another part:

Part: 7
(Note: I’m changing the memory Max saw when he healed Liz.)

Later that night, Liz was sitting out on her balcony when Max came and asked to talk to her. She went downstairs and let him in.

“I can't imagine how you must feel right now, I mean, I've thought about telling you a thousand times.” Max said.

“You have, me?” Liz asked surprised as she walked over to the counter. She looked over and saw Max smiling, “What?”

“Sorry, I just, uh, I just keep picturing Maria trying to teach you how to spin on those stools.” Max explained.

“What?” Liz asked confused.

“Forget it, it was a long time ago.”

Liz thought about what he said. “Oh my God. That's, that's right. Watching her made me dizzy but I tried it anyway.” Thinking of that memory made her realize something. “Wait a minute, we were alone when we did that and the café wasn’t even open. Did you like, read my mind or something?” Her mind reeled at what he might have seen.

Max had a look of panic in his eyes. “No, I-I don't read minds. When I healed you, I made this, this, I don't know, this connection. And I got this rush of images.... An image of that day flashed into my mind, and, I knew how you felt about it.”

“How did I feel about it?”

“It was one of the funniest days you had ever had. You liked letting loose with your friend.” Liz nodded in shock. That day had been right before her parents had opened the café, a week after she met Maria.

“I've never tried this before, but maybe I can make the connection go the other way. So you can see, you know that, that I'm still me.” He pleaded with his eyes for her to trust him.

Max walked up to stand right in front of her. “I have to touch you.”

She felt him place a hand on each side of her face and heard him say, “Now just take deep breaths and try to let your mind blank out.”

Liz saw several images rush by her. Max and Isabel walking down the road and the Evans finding them, Max on the first day, and how he sees her. In the halls at school talking to Maria, and watching her since they were in third grade.

She could feel everything he was feeling. She could feel his loneliness. For the first time she was really seeing Max Evans, she saw herself as he saw her, and the amazing thing was, in his eyes, she was beautiful. She never thought anyone would look at her that way. He left her shortly after, leaving her to think.


Max Evans has put a force on me. It's like my whole life changed in an instant. It's just so ironic that when something like this finally happened to me, it was with an alien.

The next day Liz talking Alex when the principal walked in and say, “There she is.”

She looked up to see one of the Sheriff’s deputies coming up to her. “Ms. Parker, the Sheriff needs to ask you some questions.” He leads her to an office and she went in to sit. The Sheriff walked in shortly after.

“Afternoon Ms. Parker. Your father said it would be all right if I talked to you. I'm sorry to have to show you these.” He said as he pulled out the autopsy photos. He saw something flicker in her eyes but it wasn’t surprise, if he didn’t know better, he’d think it was fear. Valenti knew that Liz was keeping something from him and Kyle but he could figure out why. She always told them the truth; they were the only ones she did. She hadn’t even told her parents everything; “This man was found dead, no apparent cause of death. Except that. What do you make of that mark?”

“I have never seen anything like that before.” Liz lied, as she stared in shock at the autopsy photo of the man wearing the familiar handprint. She looked down and noted the date.

“Kyle said he saw a similar mark on your stomach.” He hoped to shake her by the statement but he should have known better, she’d been trained not to give anything away when interrogated.

“He was wrong.” Liz said carefully.

“I'm sure, Kyle's got a pretty wild imagination.” He knew that she would realize he knew she was lying by that statement. “I'm gonna need to see for myself Liz.”

“Come on sheriff, I mean, I told you that I spilled ketchup, and I, I said that like, a thousand times.”

Her hesitancy spoke volumes. “Liz, please?”

Liz stood up and pulled up her shirt. She waited a minute for him to react and when he didn’t she looked down to see it gone.

“The mark faded on the corpse too. What do you know about a kid named Max Evans?” Valenti asked.

“Max Evans?” Liz asked.

“Mmmm Hmmm..” He asked looking at her face.

“Um.... I don't really know him all that well.” Liz said.

“Was he one of the kids at the CrashDown that day?”

“No.” Liz answered too quickly.

“I see. “

Not wanting to lie to him anymore she asked, “Can I go home now sheriff?”

She watched as he set her backpack on the table. She was glad he had been the one to find it, since it had her gun in it, then she remembered what else she had hidden in it. “Just one more thing. Somebody turned in this bookbag, it is your isn't it?”

She nodded before taking it and leaving. She had to find Max and get some answers.


Only one more part of the pilot then skip to 'Leaving Normal'

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Part 8:

Liz found Max in the gym and the two of them went into an empty room. “I need to know the truth Max. I need to know everything. Or I'll - I'm just gonna go to Valenti and I'm gonna tell him everything I know.”

“Okay.” He answered.

“Okay.” Liz said. She figured it would take more than that to get answers out of him. She pulled out her question and got started, “Okay. All right. Here we go. Where did you come from?”

“I don't know. When the ship crashed I wasn't born yet.” He answered simply.

“So there was a crash?” She asked. Although she hadn’t believed in aliens before she had always suspected there was more to the incident than the military had said. After all she herself was part of a military secret and knew that the military had lots of secrets.

“All I know is it wasn't a weather balloon that fell that night.”

That was when something occurred to Liz, “The ship crashed in 1947 your 16?”

“We were in some kind of incubation pods.” Max answered and Liz cut him of, “We?”

“Isabel and Michael are also...uh...”

‘What is it about Roswell that people come to hide out in? And with others of your kind?’ Liz thought. “Okay, well, that, answers, um, that question. Um, what powers do you have?”

Max started walking around; “We can connect with people, as uh, you know. We can manipulate molecular structures, and we can...”

“Wait, what does that mean?” Liz asked. She watched as Max walked over a sculpture and waved his hand over. It went from a face to a smooth surface back to the face. Liz watched in awe, she had never seen anything like that.

“That's, uh, that's how I healed you.” Max explained.

Liz knew what people might do if they found out about him. “Max, who else knows this?”

“No one.”

“What about your parents?”

“We don't tell anyone. We sorta think our lives depend on it.”

Liz could understand that. “So when you healed me you risked all of this getting out didn't you?”

“Yeah.” He answered.


“It was you.” Max answered with a small smile. Liz smiled back at him, then remembered why she had sought him out. “Um Max, Valenti showed me this photo of a corpse. A murder victim. It had the same silver handprint on its chest.”

“That can't be.”

“The photo was marked 1959.” Liz continued.

“That's impossible.”

“Kyle saw the handprint on my stomach and Valenti found my waitress uniform with the bullet hole in it. He just asked me if you were in the cafe during the shooting. Max, he suspects you.” Liz was about to tell him that he could trust Valenti when she noticed Max walking out of the room. “Max.”

“I have to go.” Max said as he fled. Liz tried to follow him but other students heading for the festival surrounded her. She needed to figure out what to do next.


From her position on the hill Liz had seen everything. She knew she had to stay out of Kyle and the Sheriff for her plan to work. She hated to lie to them but Max and the others would have to learn to trust them on their own. She heard Max as soon as he started up the hill but waited he was closer to react.


“Hey.” She said as he pushed a stray piece of hair behind her ear. “Oh.”

“You had a, uh....” Max started to say.

“Hair thing, right. Thanks.” Liz finished.

“Sure. Liz, it's not safe. I mean, for you and, and me to.... it’s not safe.”

“I don't care.” Liz stated and she didn’t. She had been looking for someone to care about her the way she thought he did for a long time.

“Liz I really, really wish that this could be something, you know more. But it can't. We're just...”

“Different.” Liz answered. He had no idea how different but similar they were. He was the only one who might understand her besides her family.

“Yeah.” Max said. As he turned to walk away he said, “I'll see ya at school.”

“Max?” She called to him. He turned to look back at her. “I never got to thank you, for saving my life.”

He continued down the hill and Liz watched him go. She wasn’t going to give up on him. Her siblings had always said she was stubborn, and when it was something Liz really wanted she was even worse. She left the festival and walked home thinking about everything. Later that night she put those thoughts to paper as she wrote in her journal.

‘It's September 24th, I'm Liz Parker and five days ago I died. But then the really amazing thing happened. I came to life.’

The next part takes place between the Pilot and the Morning after. It's the Sheriff's perspective and you find out what happens with the uniform and why the FBI got it.

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Does no one want to read this?

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Sheriff's point of view from the Pilot and the Morning After

Part 9

After his encounter with Max Evans Sheriff Valenti left the security of the Crash Festival to some of his deputies and went back to the station. He knew something was up with Max and the shooting, tonight was enough proof of that. He knew there was more to this shooting than meets the eye. At first, he thought Max was someone from Manticore here after one of the kids. Maybe even an X5 himself but Liz had said it wasn’t Manticore and hadn’t said anymore. Wouldn’t was a more accurate description. She was lying to him and her brother and he knew that under normal circumstances she wouldn't do that. The silverhandprint on her stomach that Kyle had seen had fueled his suspicions. If Max Evans was an alien maybe he was influencing Liz in some way. He passed Hanson at the desk and made his way to his office. He pulled open the top drawer of his filing cabinet but instead of seeing the uniform he found in Liz’s backpack he saw an empty space.

Frantic that some one had found it he searched the rest of the cabinets as well as the whole office. He had seen the hole made by a bullet if Valenti’s theory was correct and was certain that the ketchup was covering up the blood from the wound. Liz’s blood, X5 blood, blood that no one could get their hands on. Not finding it he finally went out to Hanson, “Hanson, has anyone been in my office?”

“Just me sir. The FBI Lab pick up technician came by and asked if we had anything. I saw you looking at that uniform earlier and knew it had something to do with that shooting the other day so I looked for it and went ahead and sent it with him along with bullet casings from those hunters we arrested last week.” Hansen said smiling like an idiot at his initiative.

The Sheriff had to hold himself back from yelling about how stupid Hanson was and how he shouldn’t have done it without the Sheriff’s approval but just nodded and went back into his office. He picked up the phone and dialed the lab hoping he could get the uniform back before it was tested. “FBI Forensics Lab.” The voice on the other side of the line answered.

“This is Sheriff Jim Valenti of the Roswell Sheriff Office. One of your technicians came by to pick up some stuff and my deputy gave him a uniform that wasn’t supposed to go. I wanted to have it pulled before we are charged for it.”

“Hold for a minute while I check on it.” The line clicked as he was put on hold only to be picked up a few seconds later. “Sheriff? That dress has already been cataloged and is in the process of testing right now. I pulled it before it was complete so your department will on be billed for the testing that occurred.”

“What tests were already done?” The Sheriff asked.

“Just an initial screening to see what is on it. No scrapings or anything.” The technician replied.

“Refresh my memory on what an initial screening is?”

“It’s a test kind of like a x-ray. It tells the most basic information on what substances; fibers, etc are on the object. Like if it’s evidence from a murder we can tell that blood is on it but it doesn’t screen it enough to let us know if it’s the victims or possibly the assailant.”

The Sheriff let out his breath that he didn’t even realize he’d been holding. “Okay, thanks for sending it back.”

He hung up the phone and tried to decide what to do. The test had been stopped before they could screen the blood so the differences wouldn’t be detected so Liz was safe. That initial screening would confirm his suspicions about blood being on the dress without endangering Liz. He knew it was a risk but he also knew she was lying to him because Max had done something to her in that café, something that was possibly alien. And if it was alien, then the Sheriff wanted to find out. Max Evans could be dangerous. He would keep an eye and ear out making sure nothing more came of the screening that could endanger Liz and Kyle. He would be on alert and get the kids out of town if they needed to go.


A few days later, Valenti was sitting in is office when Agent Stevens walked in. “Good afternoon, Sheriff.”

“Agent Stevens. You don’t write, you don’t call. I’m sorry about kicking junior out of here the other day. He had no jurisdiction. No offense.” The Sheriff replied. When the agent had appeared in his office he had assumed the worst but then realized that if the kids we in danger they wouldn’t send one FBI agent. They would send a whole team from Manticore and not to his office but to the Crashdown after Liz.

“None taken.”

“So, what’d you guys find on that waitress uniform?” He asked as curious as he was scared.

“Well several things actually, sheriff: tomatoes, salt, water, sugar, vinegar.. ketchup, Sheriff, no blood. We’ve wasted enough tax-payer dollars to try to find something that isn’t out there. No space ship landed here in 1947. No aliens are currently residing in Roswell, New Mexico. I’ve been given the authority by the governor to search the premises to remove any information pertaining to UFOs, alien sightings, and other alleged paranormal occurrences in this county. This thing is over, Sheriff.” His men came in just them and Agent Stevens ordered them. “Let’s get on with it, guys.”

The Sheriff then realized what was going on. “You found blood on the dress. Why else would you care enough to remove my files. Wouldn’t that be a waste of taxpayer dollars?”

“It’s locked.” The other agent stated talking about the cabinet where the Sheriff kept the alien files just like the one he took the key out of. Stevens reached for the filing cabinet key. “This won’t take long. Thank you, Sheriff.”

The FBI were concentrating on the alien aspect of the investigation so the Sheriff knew that the kids were safe and grabbed his thermos where he had hidden the key and decided he needed to get back to his alien investigation. “Make yourself at home. I’m going to lunch.”


Valenti sat in his office running over in his head who had taken the key he had hidden. No one had come in his office by conventional means, which meant that someone had broken in. His office was on the second floor and there were bars that were locked in place. Someone would have to scale the side of the building, not a completely impossible since there was a drainpipe right outside, pick the lock and open the cage. But they would have to do it fast enough that no one would see and Valenti knew there weren’t too many people that could do that. He knew of two that could do it easily, Liz and Kyle. X5s were very agile and could scale the wall quickly without even needing the pipe. They also had the knowledge to get them past the lock; they were very quick with a set of lock picks, much to the Sheriff’s chagrin. Could they have done it? Did Liz do it to protect Max? Or could Max have snuck in here that was why his sister had really come into the office instead of for a flat tire? Right now he didn’t know but he was going to find out.

In case that part was kind of confusing, I'll explain. The Sheriff wants to find out about Max, he thinks he's dangerous. Especially since he was messing with Liz. In the first season he was dead set on finding out about the aliens so he'll risk a lot to try and find out. I don't know if I wrote that right but I'm trying to stick to the show as much as possible and that was the only way I could think to write it.

Part !0: Leaving Normal

Liz was sitting in the hospital waiting for more news about her grandmother. Her parents and Kyle were there with her. Kyle was doing his best to comfort her but it didn’t help. Liz kept thinking about how she might lose the only grandmother she had ever known and the woman didn’t even know the truth about her, none of it. All she was that the Sheriff had helped her son and daughter-in-law adopt an abandoned little girl who needed them. Grandma Claudia had even respected their wishes about not letting anyone know that Liz was ever adopted. So she didn’t know that Kyle was Liz’s brother. Liz didn’t like lying to her, she respected her grandmother very much but she wanted to protect her. And Liz only admitted to herself but she was also scared what she might think if she found out the truth about her granddaughter, and she couldn’t stand the thought of her grandmother hating her. She had called Max earlier for comfort, just waiting to talk to him but he hadn’t been home. Liz looked up and saw Max coming towards her. “Max.”

“Hey.” He said quietly. Liz could see the concern on his face.

“My grandmother just had a stroke.” She said absently.

“Oh, I'm are you doing, you ok?” He asked.

“Yeah, thanks...” then she remembered that they weren’t alone. “everyone this is Max.

“Hi there.” She heard her dad say. She was sure that her dad was sizing up Max.

“Hi.” Max replied.

“So, what are you doing here?” She heard her brother ask which earned him a glare from Liz.

“My cousin got into a car accident.” Max replied.

“I'm sorry.” Liz said sincerely.

“I don't think it's serious. I better go find out how he's doing.” Max said as he turned and left.

Kyle made up an excuse about getting something to drink and followed him. When Max headed out to the parking lot Kyle knew that Max had been lying so he headed for his jeep to have a little chat with him.

“So, how's your cousin?” Kyle asked as he walked up.

Max jumped a little surprised that Kyle was standing there, “He's going to be ok.” Max answered quickly.

“Your cousin wasn't in an accident, was he?” Kyle said glaring at him.

“It was a mistake.”

“Max...I know that something happened between you and Liz the day of the shooting. That you helped her out or whatever. She was shaken up and you calmed her down and I appreciate that. But what I don't appreciate is that ever since then, you've been all over her. I see it, Max. My friends see it, the entire school sees it. Now, I like Liz...a lot, and I don't want you around her.” Kyle wished he could say what he really wanted to which was that neither he or any other guy was going to mess with his sister. And that if they did they would have to deal with him. He was watching Liz extra close since Zack had warned them that Liz could go into heat at any time, tomorrow or six months from now. And Kyle wasn’t going to let anyone take advantage of her in that state.

“Believe me, I can see that.” Max said before driving off. Kyle made sure he was gone before going back inside. He said bye to his sister and her parents telling them if they needed him to call and headed for home.


The next day Kyle was walking through the quad with his friends, talking about the condition his locker was in. He couldn’t figure out what was going on. “So the locker just melted closed. How do you explain it? Metals gotta be 500 degrees to melt.”

“Maybe it was that Max guy getting back at us.” Paulie stated.

“Getting back at us for what?” Kyle asked.

“We beat the crap out of him.”


‘You’re the one who said he was hitting on Liz.”

“Idiot.” Kyle said as he walked away. It was one thing to warn the guy, but an entirely different one to go after him. He knew Liz was probably pissed at him, thinking that he sent the guys after Max. If he wanted Max out of the picture; he’d do it himself. He had to talk to her.


Sorry but I won't be able to post again until Monday. I have almost all of this story done so I'll update it the fastest.

The next part is still Leaving Normal then skips to 285 South.

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Part 11

Liz saw Kyle waiting for her outside the hospital room and headed out to see him.

“How she doing?” He asked.

“She’s okay.”

“Listen, I need to talk to you.” Kyle said. They headed outside. Once they were he started, “Listen Liz. I know you have other things on your mind right now but I wanted to let you know I had nothing to do with what happened to Max.”

“What happened to Max?”

“You know Paulie and Tommy those guys, their degenerates and I had no idea that they were going to do that.”

Now she was totally confused. “Do what?”

“They beat him up.” Kyle could see the look of confusion on her face. “You didn’t know?” He had to give Max credit for not telling, not using it against Kyle.

Liz could feel her anger rising. “Why would they do something like that?”

“I don’t know why they were just trying to help out.” Kyle stated.

“Help out? How would that help out?” She spit out.

“I told them it was wrong Liz.” Kyle said, he could tell how pissed she was.

“How could be friends with people that would do that?”

“Come on Liz. They’re good guys.” Kyle said defending his friends.

“No they’re not good guys.” Liz argued back.

“Why are you getting like this?” He asked confused.

“Like what?” Liz asked.

“I’m trying to explain something to you and you’re letting it get all out of hand.” Kyle exclaimed. He knew that Liz would be upset but he didn’t think she’d be like this.

“You must have said something about Max.. they must have… they must have had a reason to do what they did.”

“Why are you so damn worried about Max?” Kyle asked. She never acted like this before.

“Because he’d the one that got attack for no reason. He’s the last person in the world that would ever want to hurt someone.”

“So you are, aren’t you?”


“You and Max. You’re together.”

“No, we’re not.” She was about to read him the riot act about how he was her brother and couldn’t rule her life when she saw some people from school she recognized who were close enough to overhear. So instead she said, “Neither are we.”

Kyle couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “What?”

“Kyle I just I really don’t we should…be together anymore.” She said saying her words carefully.

Kyle was now beyond pissed, if they didn’t act like they were dating then they couldn’t hang around each other. People would be too suspicious. He saw the same people Liz saw and knew he couldn’t say what he wanted to. “So you’re breaking up with me because my friends knocked Max around.”

“No, it’s complicated.” She knew that if Max thought she was dating Kyle that he would never make a move with her and she wanted him to.

“Because of Max…” Kyle half asked, half stated. His sister was pushing him away because of Max. Kyle wasn’t going to let that happen.

“No, I told you Max…” Liz started to say but Kyle interrupted.

“Max, is trouble. My dad’s got his eye on him.” Kyle said trying to convince his sister that Max Evans was bad news.

“I have to go see my grandmother. I’m sorry, Kyle.” Liz said as she started to leave but Kyle grabbed her arm.

“We don’t belong with them Liz. You’re letting yourself get too attached. Our parents are one thing but romantic attachments are another. You know what Zack always says. What do we do if Lydecker came to Roswell tomorrow? We would have to run, leave everything behind.” He said lowering his voice to where she would be the only one to hear.

“How dare you. You have no idea what you’re talking about.” She hissed.

“We have to be careful, we can’t let anyone in. Do you think he would like you so much if he knew?”

“It doesn’t matter what I am. Max likes who I am, it wouldn’t matter.” She said not knowing if it was the truth. Would Max feel the same way knowing that she was made by the same government that he was so scared of finding him?

“He only wants one thing Liz. Just like all other guys.”

“Like you? You’re the one who runs around and dates anyone in a skirt.”

“But I don’t get attached. We don’t belong with them.”

“So for the rest of my life I’m supposed to be alone? Or would you rather I went back to Manticore and find my breeding partner? Would that make you happy?”

“Of course not.” Kyle said outraged. He couldn’t believe his sister would even say that to him.

“Let me go. I have to get back inside, I want to be with her.” She yanked her arm away and headed inside.


Later that night after her grandmother had died, Max held Liz as she cried outside of the Crashdown. Her grandmother didn’t even know the truth about her. Her parents had said it was up to Liz to tell her, and she never got a chance to do it. She didn’t want her grandmother to look at her differently. She had planned on telling her when Max had walked into the hospital room. . Her heart was aching; she hadn’t lost anyone since Eva had died. Plus she was upset about the fight with Kyle. She finally pulled away and headed up to her room, not knowing that a red mustang had been watching Max comfort her.


How was that?

I might update again later.

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Bump. I'll update this later

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You know what I forgot to update this yesterday but I will this afternoon. It will take place during 285 South

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Thanks for all of the great feedback.

To Lillie: You know I didn't even think about that so I might change it but I'm not sure yet.

BTW I was looking through the transcripts and decided to add scenes from Toy House and Into the Woods.

Part 12:

285 South

Liz watched across the restaurant as Kyle questioned Max. This was not good. Kyle was good at interrogating, and wouldn’t stop until he got his answers. Things had gotten more tense between the two of them after she had called off their arrangement, she was sure Zack had noticed on his last visit a few days before. Since Isabel kept asking her questions she couldn’t hear the guys discussion. Then Isabel suggested taking them some ketchup and she headed over.

“All right, number 4. What's your favorite TV show?” Kyle asked bored with the questions. He wanted to dig deeper and this assignment was the best excuse to question Max.

“I don't watch much television. You?” Max asked.

“America's Most Wanted. I watch it with my dad. All right, all right, let's get to the good ones. Ooh, uh...what's the best thing that's ever happened to you?”

“Getting adopted, I guess.” Max answered.

“I'm gonna shed a tear.” Kyle said mockingly but understanding Max’s answer. Although he hadn’t wanted to go with his dad that first night, he was glad that Liz had trusted him.

“What's the best thing that ever happened to you?” Max asked.

Escaping the government facility that I was created and lived in until I was eight with my family. Part of which you are taking away from me. ’ Kyle thought but answered, “Winning the statewide junior rifle competition.” He noticed Liz standing near by.

“Just bringing you guys ketchup. So, how's it going?” She asked uneasily.

“Great.” Max answered.

Kyle smiled brightly. “Yeah, we're really getting to know each other.”

Liz glared at him as she noticed the fakeness behind the smile, “That's good.”

“I'm glad you came over, too, 'cause I was hoping that we could skip on down to question number 8. Have you ever been in love? Hmm? How 'bout it, Evans?”

“No.” Kyle’s smile widened even more. Now that he had proofed that Max didn’t love Liz maybe she’d tell him what was going on instead of pushing him away and going to Max. But a few minutes later when he saw Liz follow Max and Isabel out the door he knew she wouldn’t.


Max, Isabel, and Liz were going down 285 South following after Michael and Maria. “ It's getting so late. You know, maybe we should just call our parents.” Liz stated. She knew it wasn’t something they would actually do but she had to say something.

“No.” Was all Max said.

“They could help find them.” Liz said.

“I hate to say this, but maybe she's right, Max. I mean, I never liked the idea of Michael going into this place without us checking it out first.” Isabel chimed in.

“No. Nobody can know about this.” Max said firmly.

“Max, I'm really worried about Maria.” Ever since Liz had gotten the phone call from Maria earlier, Liz knew Maria was kind of scared.

“I'm worried about Michael, and all you seem to care about is what's inside that dome, right?” Isabel asked.

“I didn't say that.” Max said.

“You didn't have to!” Isabel said loudly.

“Isabel, we're close to something. We can't just” Max said just as Liz’s cell phone rang.

“Don't answer that.” Isabel said.

“What if it's my mother?” Liz asked. Or it could be Zack but she didn’t want to say that. It rang a few more times before she answered it. “Hello?”

“Liz. Hi.” She heard her brother’s voice on the other end. Liz sighed in annoyance, “Hi.”

“So, listen, I just talked to your mom. She said that you were over at Maria's.” Kyle said. He knew that his sister wasn’t over at Maria, he was trying to trip her up.

“Um, yeah, that's exactly where I am.” Liz lied just as a truck rumbled by.

“Was that a truck?” Kyle asked. He knew he had just caught her red handed.

‘Damn transgenic hearing’ Liz thought. “Um, uh, no, no. That...that was just, um, the television. So, uh, what do you want, Kyle?”

“I took your history book by mistake after you left the Crashdown today. I thought I'd swing by Maria's and drop it off.” Kyle offered.

“Oh, no! Um, you know, you don't even need to go to the trouble. Um...Uh, you could just--you could give it to me at school tomorrow.” Liz said trying to get him off the phone.

“Are you sure? ‘ Cause I'm very close.” Kyle said.

“Yeah. Uh, I'm positive. I'll see you at school tomorrow, Kyle.” Liz said hanging up her phone.

“Maybe even sooner.” Kyle said hanging up his own phone and getting in his car. He was going after her, hopefully finding out what the hell she was doing.


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Lillie originally wrote:
LittleBit originally wrote:

Escaping the government facility that I was created and lived in until I was eight with my family. Part of which you are taking away from me. ’ Kyle thought but answered, “Winning the statewide junior rifle competition.” He noticed Liz standing near by.


‘Damn transgenic hearing’ hearing’ Liz thought. “Um, uh, no, no. That...that was just, um, the television. So, uh, what do you want, Kyle?”

These two parts had me laughing my butt off. I really love your Kyle. So protective of his family and funny at the same time. I can't wait to see what happens when Kyle makes it to the motel and gets his ass thrown across the room. (Am I even thinking of the right epi? I don't remember anymore. LOL)

Great part. *happy*

You are thinking about the right episode and that scene is in the next part.
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Is anyone else having problems downloading pages?

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Part 13

Later they found Maria and Michael in a seedy highway motel. Michael and Max were arguing. “I was thinking I can't wait around for the 2 of you anymore. You like Roswell, and you like your family, and you like your make-believe life. That's great, Maxwell. Keep pretending. But don't think it's gonna last. Because one of these days, they're gonna find out about us, and when they do, everybody in this room... “ Liz listened to what Michael was saying, and suddenly she was aware of someone else. “Kyle!”

“Everyone in this room is what?” Kyle asked walking into the room. He had heard most of Michael’s speech and knew that these people were hiding from someone, although he didn’t know why and he didn’t want his sister mixed up in it. They had enough problems hiding themselves.

“Get out.” Michael ordered.

“Why don't you go ahead and finish what you were saying? Or are you afraid that I'll find out what your little secret is? Are you afraid that I might find out what the hell you guys are doing out here? In the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night?” Kyle asked angrily.

“I said...get out!” Michael yelled.

“Michael, don't. “ Max warned but he didn’t listen instead he threw Kyle across the room.

Kyle felt Michael grab him but was surprised when he felt himself being flung across the room. Kyle laid there for a minute trying not to jump up and kick the living shit out of him but he didn't think it was the best idea. Something wasn't right. Michael had thrown him easily, too easily for someone with normal strength. “Who the hell are you guys?”

“What's going on here? And what are you doing here?” He asked Liz. His sister who he knew was getting into something she shouldn’t who he was going to protect her. “I'm gonna get you out of here. Come on.” He grabbed her arm but Max tried to stop him. “Leave her alone.”

“Just...” Liz started but Kyle interrupted. “Get off of me!” He said to Max in a menacing tone, Max was stepping in where he didn’t belong.

Liz could see her brother was losing his temper. He was about to do something that would expose them and hurt the others so she broke it up. “Just stop it, both of you, ok? This has gone so out of control! I am not your girlfriend anymore, Kyle.”

“Liz, I don't know what's going on here, and I don't care. I just want you to come back with me.” Kyle stated grabbing a hold of her. He didn’t know what she was doing with these people but he wasn’t going to stand by. He had a feeling that whatever she was doing was dangerous. She could get hurt or draw too much attention to herself. She was getting reckless.

“You don't belong here, Kyle. This is none of your business.” She said in a tone that he would know that she was serious. Didn’t he realize he was making things for her difficult? That she was keeping a secret only because it wasn’t her secret to tell?

Her last statement cut through him like a bullet. “I don't know...” He was going to say he didn’t know why he had gone with her that night, the night they escaped but there were too many people there instead he said, “I don't know what I ever saw in you.” He turned and left.

Liz knew this was tearing them apart, her association with the aliens but she couldn’t help it. She had never felt this way about anyone, the way she felt about Max. Although she hated Manticore, she at least knew what she was and where she had come from. They didn’t, and she wanted to help them. But it was costing her, her brother. She pushed her thoughts aside and turned to question the others, the aliens.


Liz saw Kyle by his locker and decided she needed to talk to him. Things were getting out of hand, she felt like she was loosing him. “Hi.”

“Miss Texas.” He said sarcastically.

“Can I talk to you for a second?” She asked.

“I can't imagine what you'd want to talk to me about.” Kyle said curtly. He was still mad at her, she just kept pushing him away and he had never felt more alone.

“In private.” She said as she pulled him into the janitor's closet.

“Kyle, I just wanted to make sure you were ok. That you didn't get hurt last night.” Liz knew it was a flimsy excuse but she had to say something. She knew Michael didn’t hurt him.

“I see. So that's what you wanted to speak to me about?”

“Yes.” Liz said.

“In private.” He asked knowing there was something else on her mind. He could always read her, and she knew it. That was why she kept pushing him away.


“Well, I'm ok.” Kyle said as he turned to leave.

“No, Kyle. Um...I just need to make sure that you're not planning on telling anybody about...about where we were that day.” Liz said pleadingly.

“Oh, I see. And here I was thinking you were just concerned about me. Liz, what the hell were you doing out there last night?” He asked.

“I can't talk about it.” Liz said sadly. She missed him. She knew that if he and his dad would lay off of the aliens then she might be able to talk the aliens into trusting them. Of course how could she expect them to trust her when she was lying to them?

“Just gimme a hint. Is it drugs? You part of some cult, or is it just about sex?” The last part came out bitterly. The thought of his younger sister having sex left a bad taste in his mouth.

“Kyle...” She started to plead.

“Don't worry. I...I won't tell anyone.”

Liz breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank you.”

“Not until I have something on him that will destroy him.” He whispered low enough for only her to ear as he left.

Part 14

‘It's December 2nd, 1999. I'm Liz Parker, and this heat wave has made everyone crazy

Liz walked out of her class and bumped right into Kyle. And he wasn’t alone.

“Liz.” Kyle said. He hadn’t seen her in several days. They no longer spent time together training or other wise. He was lonely.

“Hi, Kyle.” She said smiling then looked over at his companion. Who he seemed very cozy with. Normally she would make some comment to him about how he could do the exact thing he told her not to do, be with someone, but she knew that he would only argue and say that he wasn’t getting serious with the person, that their secret would never come out. She didn’t know why Kyle kept insisting that if Liz got close to Max she would tell him about them.

“Hi. You know Vicky Delaney.” Kyle said introducing her.

“Oh, sure. Hi, Vicky. How's it going?” She hoped that Kyle would be too busy dating Vicky to worry about her.

“Really good actually. Um, hey, Kyle and I are going to this thing on Friday night. You should come.” Vicky said invitingly.

“No no, see, that's not Liz's kind of thing...” Kyle said quickly. He knew what kind of party it was and despite their current distance he still looked out for her. Granted it wasn’t like she’d get drunk and get into a bad situation that she couldn’t get out of, he just didn’t want her to go in case the cops broke up the party.

“A party?” Liz asked interested.

“Yeah, it's at the old soap factory. It should be pretty wild.” Vicki said enthusiastically.

“Is that even legal?” Liz asked with an eyebrow raised looking at her brother. She knew that Kyle wouldn’t think twice about himself going but if she wanted to go than he would be against the whole party.

“See? I told ya it wasn't your kind of thing. So...” Kyle said trying to get Vicki to drop the subject.

Not being able to stop herself from showing Kyle he couldn’t tell her what to do, Liz said. “You know, um, a party on Friday really sounds great. Um, so maybe I'll just see you two there.”

“See? I told ya she'd be cool.” Vicki said to Kyle.

Liz smiled at Kyle, “Later.”

“Right.” Kyle grumbled.


Later Liz was outside with Isabel painting their toenails. She was thinking of the best way to talk Max into going to the party then thought about Isabel. “So, um, what about guys? Cuz it kinda seems that you've got all these guys in school interested in, practically every single one of them, but you kinda tend to keep pretty platonic.”

Isabel looked at her funny, “Have you been researching me or something?”

“No, I haven't been researching you. I just...I don't know, I was just kind of curious if there was a reason you don't move forward with any of it. If it's because of the fact that...” She asked.

“Are you afraid...I mean, to let someone in? To let someone see who you really are?” Isabel asked.

Liz was shocked for a minute. Isabel’s comment had made her feel like she knew more than she let known. “Yeah, of course I am.”

“Well, multiply that by about a million.” Isabel stated.

Liz then realized that despite how nasty Isabel acted she was as scared as Liz was when it came to matters of the heart. Her hard attitude was her defense. She wished she could tell Isabel how much alike they really were. “Yeah, right.”

Isabel glanced over and looked at Liz’s clear nail polish. Liz watched as she touched her index finger to one of her sandals. “Open your hand.”

Liz opened her hand revealing her bottle of nail polish. Isabel touched it and the color turns into a shade of blue, matching her sandals. Liz couldn’t help but think how that could come in handy if they needed it.

“At least we can do cool stuff like that.” Liz nodded then listened as Isabel started talking about Alex.


“Hey.” Liz heard Max say as he entered the bio lab.

“Hey, what's up? I'm just trying to get these stupid slugs to mate. Ah, come on! Won't you guys just do it?” Liz said frustrated. The project wasn’t an actual assignment, just something extra.

“Maybe one of 'em's gay.” Max joked as he sat down next to her. Liz could feel his body heat and felt calm. It was strange; she could always sense him when he was close. It wasn’t like the feelings she got when she knew someone was watching her. This was completely different, something she liked.

Liz smiled at him then worked up the courage to talk to him about something that had been on her mind since her conversation with Maria. “Max, you know when you said before that we couldn't be together? That we were different?” ‘Understatement of the year.’ ’ “I just sort of accepted it, you know? Because I thought that it was like physically impossible. That it...that it couldn't be. But when I saw Maria with Michael...the truth is that...I was hurt, Max.” Liz remembered how hurt she was the night before when she had gone down stairs in search of milk to satisfy her craving, her feline DNA making itself known, and finding Michael and Maria on the floor pawing at each other like they were in heat. “Why is it ok for them, but it's not ok for us?”

“Liz, I think that what I'm afraid of isn't that we try this and it works out really badly. What I'm afraid of is we try it and it works out really well. I'm afraid of feeling everything that I know I would feel. Because I know it's not meant to be. And somewhere down the line, we're gonna get hurt. I can live with that. I just couldn't bear to hurt you.”

‘What is it with the men in my life that they think I can’t take care of myself? That my heart has to be protected? I’m my own person.’Liz thought. “But that's not your decision, is it?”

“I guess not.” Max said. He moved closer and Liz swore they were going to kiss just then she heard the teacher’s voice, “Hey, Liz. How are you doing on your mating ritual?”

“I was doing just fine.” She said in a sarcastic voice.

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For those of you who don't know Dark Angel was cancelled too

For the information:

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Lillie originally wrote:
Anyways on with the story, I so feel badly for Kyle. Keep on hunting for those answers Kyle, you'll get them. Hmm, are you going to show what happened at the party?? That'll be way interesting.

Great chapters. *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy* *happy*

Yes I plan on writing about the party a little. Like the part with Kyle seeing Max and Liz

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Part 15

Liz was having a great time. Although typically not her thing, she was glad she came. She had even dressed differently trying to look more attractive. Max even ‘rescued’ her from a jerk that was trying to get drunk earlier. Her and Max had been dancing, enjoying themselves when they decided to go outside to cool off a little.

“It's uh, it's a little quieter out here.” Max said shyly pulling her along by her hand.

“Yeah. It's more private.” Liz said smiling. Finally she had Max alone. She felt like they were getting closer, that Max was letting his guard down.


“So...let's hope nothing explodes.” He said as he leaned in even closer. Liz could feel the heat from his breath. Only a few more millimeters and she would feel his lips.

Kyle had seen much of the party. He and Vicki had retired to the back of the truck and started going at it. He was trying to block out all of the crap he’d been going through with his sister and relieve a little tension. He had gotten her shirt off and they sat up to remove his when he saw something out of the corner of his eye. His sister and Max about to kiss something he wasn’t going to happen. “Hi! Enjoying the party?” He said interrupting.

Liz and Max broke apart. She turned to look at Kyle and saw him with a shirtless Vicki. Eww, she didn’t need to see her brother in the position, it was just gross. Then she realized he had spoke up to interrupt them intentionally and glared at him. Kyle could have sworn she could kill him with the glare she gave him. That was when he heard the sirens. Suddenly fire trucks and police cars came out of no where. They must have kept their sirens off to surprise them. Kyle grabbed Vicki and pulled her into the back of the truck hiding. He was about to yell to Liz to jump into the cab when he saw she was gone.


Liz sat in the cell thinking about how out of hand things had gotten, how careless she was being. She had gotten ARRESTED. Zack was going to kill her, if she got off that easy. Manticore looked better than facing Zack after he found out. Maybe she could keep it hidden from him. But she doubted Ky wouldn’t tell him. Thankfully they hadn’t been booked like they should have or she would have a record. One that would list distinguishing marks, like her barcode. And that record that would lead Lydecker straight to Roswell after her and probably find Ky. But although the Sheriff was trying to find out what was going on, he had still protected her. She was sure he had something to do with not being formally booked. She got up and tried to talk to Alex but he was too upset to listen to her. Then the Sheriff came in and released everyone but her and Alex.

“Where are our parents?”

“They all agreed with me. Some time in jail might make the 2 of you remember what your priorities are.” He said looking at Liz to get his point across. “ Or maybe even just one of you.” Then he left.


‘The heat wave finally broke and I'm probably the only person in Roswell who didn't benefit from it. But it's for the best. Because if Max Evans and I had given in to temptation, if we had kissed each other even once, it would have taken us somewhere we both know we never should have gone.’ Liz wrote in her journal. She had finally broke down and told Alex the aliens’ story. She couldn’t lie to him anymore. The secret was making her lose him, something that her own secret had never done. And it was a good thing that she did because Alex had really came through for them standing up to the Sheriff.

She heard noise down in the alley then “Liz! Are you there?”

Recognizing Max’s voice Liz walked over to the edge of the roof and looked down to see Max. “ Hi.” He said.


“Can I come up?”

“Yeah, sure.” She said. She watched him climb up quickly, faster than a normal human but not as fast as a transgenic. Alien speed. “Very impressive.”

“I try.” He smiled.

“You really can't stay long.” She said. She knew that as soon as the Sheriff got home and told Kyle about her being arrested he would pay her a visit.

“I know. I just wanted to tell you that I've been thinking a lot about before.”

“Yeah, me, too.” Liz said smiling.

“When I saw Valenti taking you away like just hit home for me, you know? How much knowing me has screwed up your life.”

‘My life was always been a little screwed up, you’re the one who had the normal life until you saved me’ Liz thought. ’“No, it's just the opposite.”

“Thank you for saying that.”

“It's the whole truth, Max.” Liz lied.

“I better go.” Max said uneasily.


“Cuz if I don't go right now, things are gonna change.”

“Change, how?” Liz said hoping it was how she thought.

“I'm gonna have to touch your hair...cuz it's so soft...and I'd have to tell you matter what we go through, it's all worthwhile for me because we're together.”

Liz’s body relaxed under the gentle caress of his hand on her hair. Kyle use to do the same thing after she woke up from a nightmare but it never felt this good. “And then?”

“And then...I'd have to do this...” He said as he brushed his lips against hers. It was so gentle that Liz thought it was a dream. Then he pressed harder and the passion that had built the last couple months was let loose. She felt his tongue trace her bottom lip and she opened willingly. This was a kiss she had dreamed of for so long, from someone she cared about. The kiss lasted a few minutes longer before he pulled back.

“Good night Liz.” He said smiling before heading over to the ladder and climbing down.

“Night Max.” She sat back down on her lounge chair and started writing more in her journal. There was no way she would sleep tonight.


Next is toy house.
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Part 16
Toy house

Liz watched Kyle playing basketball. She knew it was hard on him holding back so he wouldn’t hurt anyone. She saw him look at her right before he got clobbered. He sat on the floor cringing in pain. She watched as the coach and team doctor checked him over and waited to see if she needed her.


Liz knocked on Kyle’s door. She heard him yell, “It's open.”

“Hey.” She said smiling as she walked into the familiar living room.

“Oh, it's you.” Kyle said bitterly.

Liz felt the temperature drop in the room. “Um, look, I know how much you like the pie at the Crashdown, so I, um...I, uh...ok, I'll just put it down right here. Sorry. Look, and I brought...I brought you the study notes for Ethics. I thought you might need them for the midterm. Um...Kyle, uh...I'm really sorry about your ankle, you know...I know how means...”

“I'm not really in the mood to talk about it. Ok?” Kyle said coldly.

“Ok. Sure. See ya.” She said sadly as she left. She looked around to see her brother still had his back to her. She knew it was her own fault but it still hurt.


Later that evening while she worked she saw Kyle come in. “Hi.”

“Hi. I figured it out.” He said.

“You figured what out?”

“It's guilt, isn't it?” Kyle asked.

“What are you talking about?”

“The pie, the study notes. It's guilt. You feel responsible for my ankle.” Kyle knew that she did. She blamed their distance for the distraction that caused him to hurt his ankle.

“No, Kyle, I don't feel...I don't feel responsible for your ankle.” Liz lied knowing he would see straight through her.

“I just found out that I'm gonna miss the rest of the season.” He stated. He hadn’t actually gone to the doctor. The team physician had just looked him over.

The guilt that Liz had indeed been feeling tripled. His injury must have been severe if it was going to keep him lay up for that long. “Kyle...I'm sorry, Kyle. I, I...”


“I admit it, ok? You know, I feel a little bit responsible. I was sitting there, and I was...I was watching you at that basketball game, and you were getting completely trampled. Look, Kyle, I know what it feels like to have somebody, like, push you away, and I just...I just wanted to say that I'm...I'm really sorry, you know, about everything, and I am...incredibly sorry about you missing the rest of the season.”

Kyle bit the inside of his cheek to stop from laughing. Instead he only chuckled. “I'm only gonna be out 2 weeks. I just said that to prove a point. Anyway, about...what happened with us...I just wanted to say I knew this could happen someday…that we would grow apart. And you told me to butt out... and..and I, I didn't listen. I didn't let it go.”

“Is, um, excuse me? Are you apologizing to me?” Kyle never apologized for anything.

“I guess.”

“Wow. know, I wasn't aware that this was part of your repertoire.”

“I didn't either.”

“So, then, what changed?”

“I don't know. I, I was, like...I was just laying there for like 2 days, and it gave me some time to think. And then there was this whole thing on Sally Jessie. You know, it gave me some perspective, so...but anyway, I just...I think it would be great know, if we could, you know, maybe we could be friends again. I’ll respect your privacy.”

“Well, We know, we could work towards that.” Liz said hoping to be close to her brother again.

“So...anyway, about, uh, about lunch...”

“Oh, yeah.”

“I was hoping for something high in both fat and cholesterol and lacking in any inherent nutritional value.” He said smiling. The two of them could eat anything and not gain weight since they had such a high metabolism.

“I think that you are just in luck. Let me show you. Right here on the menu us our fatty section. This right here, there's, like, 4 pounds of sugar...” She said laughing as pointed things out on the menu. She knew he knew it by heart but it was still nice to joke with him. He ordered and when she was delivering his food she heard the bell above the door and looked to see the new arrival. She felt like a deer caught in headlights when she saw Zack. “Ky, Zack’s here.” She whispered to her other brother.

Kyle looked over her shoulder. “I wonder what he’s here for.”

Liz could see right through him, “You told him didn’t you?”

Not waiting for his answer Liz started walking over to the counter but bumped into Maria. “It’s okay, I’ve got him,” motioning to Zack, “Go take your break.” She walked over and pulled out her pen and pad, “Welcome to the Crashdown. I’m Liz, what can I get for you?”

“Saturn Rings, Sigorney Weaver, coke and a vanilla milkshake.” Zack stated. Liz wrote it down and turned in the order before getting Zack’s shake and coke. When she set it down in front of her, Zack whispered in a voice only she could hear. “When do you go on break?”

“A half an hour.”

“I’ll meet you in your room, we need to talk.” Liz nodded before going to take care of her other customers and glaring at Kyle. She knew Zack was here because of her being arrested and she was sure Kyle was the one who told him.

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What do you think Zack is going to say?

BTW Pandas2001: I wrote three parts that happen through the summer of destiny: one where they tell Zack the truth about the aliens, one where Liz goes into heat, and another nightmare part. How's that sound?
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I'm posting two parts today. Tomorrow will be Blind Date mostly through Kyle's POV.

Part 17

Liz grabbed her dinner before trudging upstairs to face her brother. She couldn’t believe Kyle ratted her out. She never thought he would, of course she had never put it to the test, she had always done what she was supposed. Well until she got shot and started living another life or was it a third one? She just wished that Kyle and the Sheriff knew, it would make things easier. If Max hadn’t broke up with her, maybe things would have gotten to the point that she’d tell him. She wanted to tell him but she couldn’t. As she reached her room she was momentarily surprised when she walked into an empty room but saw her bathroom door open just a crack. “It’s just me, you can come out.”

Zack came out just as Liz sat down at her desk and started eating, “Okay, let it out. Yell at me.”

Zack gave her a look that said he was in the mood for smart aleck comments before saying, “What were you thinking? If Jim hadn’t been there to protect you then you would have left a trail for Lydecker.”

“I know.”

“You know? Then why didn’t you run.” He asked.

“I was going to but Max and I went in…..” Liz trailed off realizing her slip.

“Max?” Zack asked knowing who she meant. “As in the guy Ky said you called your arrangement off for?”

“Um, yeah. He and I were dancing at the party. When I heard the sirens I wanted to make sure my friends didn’t get busted and got caught.”

“You see this is why I say we don’t get attached. Your involvement with him caused you to be sloppy.”

“Well you don’t have to worry about that anymore.” Liz said sadly.

Zack saw the pain in his baby sister’s eyes, “And why is that?”

“Because he broke it off with me okay. I don’t want to talk about it.”

Hoping Liz might be bitter enough to spill, Zack asked, “Liz, what is going on with you? You’ve been pushing away Ky and
the people you trust, you’re all secretive.”

“Nothing okay? Can’t I just have a life of my own?”

“When it could possibly endanger you and your family, no you can’t.”

His words made her snap, “We escaped so we could have a life. A life we were in charge of. I have friends and people I care about. Now I’ll keep lying and hiding but I will have a personnel life.” She said before storming out and going back to work.


Liz walked around the café putting the chairs up on the table when she heard someone tap on the window. Looking up she saw Max. “What's up?”

“Nothing. How's it going?”

“Fine. Are you all right?” She could tell he was upset over something.

“Yeah. Yeah. I just...I want you to know that it's ok. I don't have to feel uncomfortable if you and Kyle get back together.”

“What?” She asked as she crossed her arms over her chest.

“I saw you two together at the Crashdown.”

There it was again, someone telling her how to live her life. “Ok, um...Max, first of all, that couldn't be further from what's happening, and secondly...if it was happening, I wouldn't need your permission, Max.”

“I'm getting out of here. Now you sound like Isabel.” He said frustrated.

“Why do I sound like Isabel, Max?”

“She's got this thing all of a sudden that I'm controlling.”

“Oh, so it's HER thing.” Liz stated.


“Max, just take a psych class, because you ARE controlling.” Liz stated. Psychology was something Manticore had taught them. It was a way for them to read and understand the enemy. Liz thought it was one reason why she could always read people, know who to trust.

“Hey, I am who I am. I've got a lot going on, and I'm trying to make things work.” Max said practically yelling.

“Max, you know what your problem is? You put everything on yourself...on your own shoulders. Maybe you should have some faith in the people around you.” She said before Max turned and left. It was funny she never noticed before but in some aspects Max was very much like Zack. He always had to be the one in charge. It was an infuriating aspect of their character.

She finished the chairs and headed upstairs, her dad had told her that Zack had left but she knew he’d probably be back later. So she wasn’t too surprised to find him on her balcony after she changed out of her uniform. “Zack, I don’t want to argue anymore okay?”

“I’m not here to argue, just remember you’re not the only one involved in all of this.” . When Zack left earlier he had gone by Max’s house trying to continue his investigation. Max wasn’t there but his sister was. And he had seen her do something’s that he couldn’t explain. Zack didn’t want his sister to put herself in danger, which he had a feeling she was, he only hoped that since she wasn’t seeing Max anymore that she’d stop whatever she was doing.

Liz nodded, “Yeah, I know. So are you going to stay here tonight or what?” Liz said smiling. Zack nodded and the subject of earlier was dropped. Instead Liz told Zack about Kyle's accident in basketball and other things staying away from the secret she was keeping from him.
He left the next day and left Liz with the distinct feeling she had barely slid by him interrogating her.

Part 18

Into the woods

A week later everyone went on the Father camping trip.
Liz drug Maria along with her as she followed her dad while they looked for a campsite. That’s when she heard the Sheriff’s voice. “Jeff! Over here. Come on. We'll make a party of it.”

Liz knew what the Sheriff was doing and tried to stop her dad, “I don't think that's such a good idea.”

“Look, there's Alex. Come on, it'll be fun. I can get to know some of your new friends.” Her dad stated. All Liz could think about was how much she didn’t want to camp there. Practically sandwiched between Max and her brother, talk about a rock and a hard place but her father didn’t know any better. The night was going to be interesting.


With her enhanced hearing she easily heard Max and Isabel sneaking out and heading for the woods. She headed after them making her way through the woods easily until she saw Isabel and Max stop. They had stood there arguing until Maria had joined them. The four of them headed for the sight of the sighting when Maria started complaining, “Ok. We've been, like, hiking for over an hour.”

“We're getting close.” Max stated.

“It is officially freezing out here.” Maria exclaimed.

“Maria, it's not that cold.” Liz said glad that her body temperature was higher than the average, keeping her warm.

“Really? Really, 'cause I’m now wearing an ice bra! Whatever, it's uncomfortable!” Maria snapped but Liz ignored her when she heard a sound she hadn’t heard in a long time. A sound she heard in her nightmares.

“Search dogs. Come on, we're close. Come on!” They started jogging through the woods but they were getting closer. Liz’s memories of that night kept flashing through her mind. She half expected to look over and see Ky and the rest of her siblings running through the snow.

“Can't outrun them. They're too fast.” Max said.

“What are we gonna do?” Isabel asked.

“I don't know.” Max said looking around.

Liz got an idea, knowing it would work. She couldn’t believe what she was about to do. She had always run from the dogs, now she was going to let them catch her. “You guys just keep going.”

“What?” Max asked confused.

“Maria and I'll stay here and just let them catch us.”

“Liz, no.”

Liz saw the concern in his eyes and it made her feel better. “No, Max, it's all right. We'll just say that we got lost in the woods. This is too important. Keep going.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah. The important thing is you just find what you're looking for.”

“I will.”

Liz looked behind her and saw that they were getting very close. “All right. Go. Isabel, go. Go!”

Once they were gone Liz and Maria started yelling, “We're here! We're over here! Help! Come find us! Help us! We're over here! We're here! We're right here.”

“My mom's gonna love this, really.” Maria grumbled as the deputies came over to them.

Thankfully her dad and the deputies didn't question them getting lost in the woods and the Sheriff had been too busy looking for Max to come to her. So her plan had worked and she didn't get in any trouble. Now if she could just keep it up.

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Guys I rewrote the last paragraph on both parts.

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For some of you who didn't see my note yesterday, I edited parts 17 & 18 so you might want to go back and read them.

Part 19

Kyle watched Max moon over his sister on her blind date. He had been out with his friends earlier and had gotten drunk. It had taken a lot considering they had high metabolisms, but he had done it. Then he had run into Max and it was time to have some fun and rile Max. “Love is in the air...can you smell it?”

“You can walk to the club from here. I'll give you your keys in the morning.” Max said as he started to leave but Kyle stopped him. Oh, wait...wait...wait...wait. You can' can't leave now. You can't leave now. It's just about to get interesting.” Just then Liz and her ‘date’ kissed. Kyle looked over at the miserable face of Max. “Hey! Hey! I've gotta help you out here. Try this.” He handed him the flask.

“I don't drink.” Max answered.

“Just...just take a sip.” Kyle pressed.

“I said I don't drink.” Max said again.

“Just one sip. One sip. What's it gonna do? Kill you? No. No, it's gonna calm you down, man. It's gonna, just, you know...take the sting away. Just...try it. Just trust me, nothin' bad's gonna happen.” If he got Max to drink maybe he’d loosen up and talk. Then Kyle might be able to figure out what Liz was hiding. Max took the flask and took a drink. Kyle noticed the glazed over look in his eyes and asked, “Do you feel dizzy?”

“My tongue...feels very...heavy.” Max slurred.

“You really don't drink, do you?”


“You, my friend, are drunk. How much did you chug?” He wasn’t sure how much it would take a normal guy who never drank to get tipsy. His friends had been drinking for years and had a high tolerance.

“This much...” Max said pinching his fingers together.

“What a wussie!”

“Did you just call me a wussie?” Max asked.

“I believe I did.” Kyle said stepping up.

“Do you see that mailbox?” Max pointed out. “I'll beat you to it. On your mark...”

“Mm!” Kyle grunted. There was no way that Max would be able to out run him, not with his transgenic speed. Of course Kyle had never ran while he was drunk.

“Go!” Max yelled.

“It's "get..." You said--you skipped "get set!” You bastard! Max, where are you? Evans? Evans! Evans?” Kyle yelled as he took off after him. Kyle ran slowly before coming to a stop, and looked around for Max. His vision was slightly out of focus and he didn’t see Max anywhere. “Evans! I know you're somewhere. You weren't that far ahead of me. Here Maxie, Maxie, Maxie!”

“I wanna thank you, Kyle, for giving me a new outlook on things.” He heard Max say from above him. He looked up to see Max sitting above him. “How the hell did you get up there?”

“I used the ladder.”

Kyle looked around “There is no ladder.”

“Well, yeah, now.”

“Whatever.” Kyle said shrugging. “ Get down before you break your neck and everybody blames me for getting you trashed. Maybe getting you drunk wasn't such a good idea.” Liz was going to kill him for getting Max like this. Yup, she was going to pull out her knife and filet him. He was going to be one dead X5.

“No, no, you were right.” Max said. Kyle looked at him, “I was?”

“Yeah. All the stuff you said...about me, about Liz. I've been keeping all this stuff inside...not confronting the horrible, ugly truth of it all. I've been hiding for years, Kyle. Years. But it's time the real Max comes out.”

Kyle didn’t exactly feel comfortable with how close Max was to him. “He wouldn't be gay, by any chance, would he?”

Max laughed. “You're funny, kyle. You're funny. No matter how much of a jackass you're always know how to turn a phrase.”

“You think I'm a jackass?”

“Yeah, see? See? Secret-keeper Max would never say that to your face. But the real Max...he'll tell you everything he thinks. No inhibitions. You should try it.”

Now he was he was getting somewhere, the good stuff. “Ok, so let's be brutally honest with each other here, shall we? You and Liz are in love.”

“No flies on you, Kyle.”

“Ok, so then why aren't you together?” He had seen how hurt his sister had been after Max had broken up.

“The problem is that I'm a serious, dark-haired mystery man from an exotic place.” Max answered.

“But that's exactly what she wants.” Although they were young Liz and their sisters had talked about what they wanted their loves to be, and Liz had repeated it again for the radio station.


“Yeah. Go figure. We're a couple of big, fat losers, Evans.” Kyle said feeling sorry for himself. He had lost his sister, the person he had always counted on. Max voice pulled him from his thoughts, “Well that’s a little harsh, don't you think?”

“Not harsh, but true. I mean, the point is we've let ourselves sink. I mean, look at us. We're beaten.” Kyle explained.

“Not unless we give up.”

“Well, in case you haven't noticed, we're here in the gutter while she's off smooching with dogboy.” Kyle stated.

“We're gonna win her back.”

“We are?” Kyle asked.

“We're gonna show her how we feel about her and she's gonna forget all about Mr. Shallow and come back to us.” Max slurred

“ Shellow.” Kyle corrected.

“Come on.” Max said walking off.

“Well, how do we split her up, exactly? Every other week? Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, alternate Saturdays?” Kyle joked as they headed to the Crashdown.

Part 20

Kyle looked at the heart on his sister’s wall, wondering how Max had put it there. “It's a symbol of my love. This is where I blew It with this is where I'm gonna make things right. Done.”



“Girls always like that meaningful stuff.” He stated. Kyle was never one for romance. Before he and Liz started their ruse, Kyle had dated several girls and Liz had always tried to coach him on that stuff but it had stuck. “I suck at that. So tell me the truth, does it really get you farther?”

“What do you mean?” Max asked confused.

“You know...farther. All right, listen, I'll tell you if you tell me. How far did you and Liz get?” ‘I swear if he says they did more than kiss I’ll pull out my gun and shoot off the protruding parts of his body.’

“We saw into each other's souls. How about you?” Max answered.

“Second base.” Kyle lied.

“Well, we can't win them all. Come on, let's go.”

“Wait, wait, wait. We can't leave now.” Kyle said.

“Why not?”

“Well, look where we are. Liz's bedroom. It's Mecca.” Kyle knew it was wrong but he wanted to see if he could find anything interesting about what his sister might be hiding. Like her journal. The two of them looked around and Kyle went straight to her dresser. “Top drawer. Always lingerie. Dare I?”

Kyle could see Max was busy doing something on Liz’s desk. “The secrets of femininity, so close. Who knows what I may discover?” He said just as the door busted open and Liz walked in the room with Doug behind her. Her eyes first fell on him. “Kyle, what are you do...Max.”

“Now, Liz, before you jump to any conclusion, I think you ought to know that we are really...really drunk.” Kyle said trying to cover his tracks. Thankfully there were witnesses in the room but she’d make him pay later.

“Who are these guys?” Doug asked.

“We're the ex-es. The rejects. Actually, if you must know, we're here to win her back.”

“Kyle, what did you do to him?” Liz asked. She didn’t know what was going on but her brother was obviously drunk just as he said. Now it looked like he had gotten Max drunk as well.

“Now don't you go and tell her anything I've been talking about tonight. It's private.” Max said to Kyle.

“Oh, your secret's safe with me, pal.” Kyle said back and saw the flash of fear go through his sister’s eyes.

“Um, look, um, Kyle, anything that Max has told you or anything that you've seen him do tonight, is a lie. Cuz Max, um...he has this problem. He...when he's drunk he sort of has a tendency to make things up. Right, Max?” Liz lied quickly.

“But this is the first time I've ever been drunk.”

Liz sighed in frustration; this was not how she envisioned her evening, babysitting two drunken unique males. Liz looked at Doug, “Would you two just excuse us, please for one second?”

“No, this is supposed to be...” Doug said protesting but Kyle stepped in his way. “This is none of your business, Shallow. And you're looking at 160 pounds of varsity greco-roman wrestler who's gonna keep it that way.”

“Yeah.” Doug challenged.

The thought of this guy trying to take him on was hilarious. “Ha ha ha ha. No.” He said as he saw his sister pull Max out on her roof and the radio station people came back into the room.


Liz was trying to do damage control. “Ok, Max, look, we've just got to get you somewhere safe until you sober up.”

“I don't think that's gonna happen.”

“Why not?” Liz asked confused.

“All I had was one little sip...and it's not wearing off.” Max said.

“Oh.” Liz said as she saw the heart Max had drawn for her. “You like it?”

Liz watched Max make the symbol glow. She could still hear her brother in the other room. “I said sit down, dogboy.”

“Liz, what's going on out there?” Doug asked.

“I can't hold him back much longer.” Kyle hollered out just as he saw his sister and Max heading down her ladder.

Liz ran with Max down the street. “Max! Max, please. We have to stop. Please, we have to stop.”

“Let's just keep running, you and me, away from here, away from everything. I see everything so clearly now. We'll go someplace where no one knows us. As long as we're together, nothing else matters.”

As much as she wanted to do just that, she knew it wasn’t an option. Liz said, “You're drunk. Nothing that you're saying is true.”

“It's all true, Liz. It's how I really feel. It's all just magic when I think about you.” He said as he put his hand on a lamppost and caused the light to shine in a pattern.

Liz looked around scared that they would be exposed. “Max, turn it off. Anyone can see.”

“And when I'm not with you...I go crazy.” Max continued touching a car as he said it and the car alarm goes off. The high pitch sound hurt her ears, and then Max changed it to a more pleasant tune. “Max.”

“When you're here...” Max started to say but again Liz interrupted, “Oh, Max. Please.”

“You're my dream girl, Liz.”

Liz’s heart melted at his words, she wanted to be with him more that anything. “And what if I believe you tonight?”

“Then we live happily ever after.” Max said with a smile.

“And then what about tomorrow...when you go back to realizing who you really are, and all of your fantasies go away.” Liz had dreamed and fantasized many times about not being who she was.

“I'll still have you.” Max said looking at her. Right then all of the reasons how their lives were different than other people’s flashed through her mind and she said, “This can never be normal, Max.”

Max touched the tops of some parking meters, and they turned into sparklers, “What's so great about normal?”


Later that night, Liz walked around town thinking about her night. It had started out decent then went to great during the time she spent with Max until it ended up in disaster when Max sobered up. All the sweet romantic things he had said, he couldn’t remember any of it. It depressed, so much that she didn’t even feel like going to yell at Kyle. She headed back to her balcony and saw that Max had removed the heart. She changed quickly before flopping down on her bed and going to sleep.

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Part 21
Sexual Healing

“It's February 20th. I'm Liz Parker, and lately I've been having these feelings, like I'm changing inside, and part of me doesn't want to change. Part of me always wants to be my mom's little girl. But the thing is, these feelings are strong...dangerous, undeniable. It's like I have no choice. It's like...chemical.” Liz writes in her journal. The last couple of days she had been feeling strange, something she couldn’t describe. She finished writing in her journal and was about to head downstairs to start her shift when she heard someone on her ladder. She looked up and saw Kyle’s head pop over the top. “Hey.”


“I know things between us have been weird but I wanted to come by and tell you I got your message about Zack coming to check in.” It was then that he noticed a change in the air. “Liz, is something going on with you?”


“No I don’t mean what you’re doing, I mean with you. You smell different.”

“Thanks. That makes me feel good. But yeah, I have been feeling different lately.” Liz admitted.

“Like what?”

She felt a little uncomfortable talking to her brother about this but he was the only one who was like her. “Something primal.”

It was that statement that it finally clicked as to what was going on. “Liz, I think you’re going into heat.”


“Remember Zack warned us about this. I think you’re going into your first heat.”

“But it isn’t the same as what he said. He said I’d go hormonal for forty-eight hours. I’ve been feeling like this for awhile.” Although even as she said she knew she was kidding herself. What she said was true and it was getting stronger. She had noticed how she had reacted to anyone male well except her brother.

“Maybe since it’s your first one it takes longer.”

“Great.” Liz said sarcastically.

“You need to tell your mom so she can watch you until Zack gets here. I don’t think you want me to.” It hurt him that his sister was keeping something from him and he knew that if he were to stay and watch her they would have another fight.

“I’m fine. I don’t need someone to watch me.” She snapped. “Now I have to go work.”

Kyle watched her go and decided she wouldn’t listen to him. He knew that Liz and Max had broken up so he didn’t have to worry about her being around him. Of course that didn’t mean she wouldn’t go after him, or any other male. If she wouldn’t do it then he would tell her parents for her. To protect her and keep her safe.


“Liz, nice strawberries.” Liz broke out of her daydream at the sound of Maria’s voice. She hadn’t even realized she had been daydreaming. And now her body had reacted to it and she was all heated up. She breathed deeply trying to control it as she reached down to pick up the fallen berries.

“Are you ok?” Maria asked.

“Yeah, I'm...I'm fine.” Liz said. ‘Just about to go nuts. Maybe I should have listened to Kyle.’

“You have a visitor.” She said before eating the strawberry. “Mmm. Sweet.”

Liz looked up and saw Max. ‘Oh no, he’s the last person I need to see in this condition’ The thought was no more in her head then he came over and said, “Hey.“

“Hey. “

“I hope this isn't my fault.” He said gesturing to the strawberries.

“Why would this be your fault?” She asked trying to ignore how his masculine scent got her blood pumping, and how his body looked in his leather jacket. His scent was so strong she could almost taste him. She was so busy ogling him that she barely heard him say, “If I startled you.”

She smiled at him coyly. “No. You know, I always knock over strawberries this time of day. Always. I'm just gonna go get more berries from...” She motioned towards the back.

“Well, wait. Here's another one.” Liz took the strawberry and headed for the kitchen. She had to stay away from him or she would rip his clothes off. But instead of leaving her alone he followed her. “What are you doin' here, Max?”

“Well, I have orders from my planet to take over the Earth.”

“Besides that.” She said rolling her eyes.

“I want to make sure we can still be friends.”

‘Right now I want to be more than friends, way more’ she thought but said, “ Yeah. I mean, we are.”

“Good.” He said.

“Why wouldn't we be?” She asked.

“We really haven't been able to talk since...that night.”

“Max, people do a lot of dumb things when they're drunk.” She had seen her brother drunk enough to know that. “Anyway, I understand.”

“And we're friends?” He asked with a big smile.

“Yeah. We're friends.”

“Just friends?’ The way he was smiling at her made her think that maybe he was reacting to her pheromones.

She couldn’t help but smile at him seductively. He was flirting and she wanted him. It was like playing with fire, only he didn’t know it. Flirting back she walked by him purposely brushing his hard body. “Yeah. We're just friends.”

She turned around and went past him again when she felt him grab her. He pulled her against him and his lips crashed to hers. She kissed him back hungrily not wanting to fight the urges she was feeling anymore. Somehow through the sexual haze she managed to move his hand away when it crept up her thigh where her harness for her knife was. She was in such pleasure that it startled her when she started to see flashes. They were of stars, planets, etc. She was sure that it wasn’t part of the heat but from Max. She gasped at the feelings that came from the images, which got Max’s attention and they broke apart. ‘What was going on?’ Liz thought. She was sure that this wasn’t part of her heat, so what was it? It was hard enough going through this heat without something alien interfering.

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Where is everyone?
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Dedicated to :pandas2001,wild_child_uk, 3somefan, Lil Blu Bubble, roswellluver, Lillie

wild_child_uk:Liz is feeling the effects of her heat and then when she's around Max, the effects of the orb.

pandas2001:Yes, Kyle does tell. Zack is already on his way just to check in. All I'll say about when he gets there is that he is waiting for her when she comes home from the desert.


Part 22

After the heated kiss, Maria had come into the back and was surprised by the state of her two friends. Reluctantly Liz went back to work and talked to Maria about the flashes. Her body wouldn’t calm down so when they were done closing she went upstairs and took a long cold shower. She had tried to sleep in the attempt to distract herself but her dreams were filled with Max doing things to her that would only be in an NC-17 movie.

The next day was an eventful one, Liz tried to keep herself in check but found it difficult. She was in full heat and wanted every guy she saw. But she was determined to fight it and not give in, if only to prove to Kyle that she didn’t need a babysitter. Then in biology, her heat increased like it had the night before and all she was doing was sitting next to Max. His scent and the memory of the kiss before were too much for her; she had to feel him. Of course it was that feeling that landed her and Max in detention but that didn’t stop her from going to meet Max in the eraser room. Then they got caught and their mothers had come to school. She studied her mom, seeing if she had figured out her daughter was in heat but gave no indication. That made her happy because if she did know her mom would make her stay away from Max. And the way Liz’s body felt right now that was the last thing she wanted. That’s why she snuck out and headed over to meet Max at Michael’s.

After Isabel and Michael left, she looked at Max. “So, you told 'em, huh?”


“And now everyone's just sort of cheering you at a football game.”

“No. No, it''s not like that. I mean...yes; they want us to keep going so we can find out where all this leads. But...that's not...”

Liz felt the same way; she wanted to find out if this was how a normal heat was or if it was a combination of heat and alien influence. “Max. I need to find out where all this leads, too. Look.” She said pulling her shirt away to reveal the rash she had found earlier. Max placed his hand over the rash then removed it a second later. “It’s gone.”

Liz smiled. “Thanks.” She looked up at Max only to see him staring at her arm. She followed his gaze and saw a glowing light follows his hand. “ you understand any of this?”


“Can you take your shirt off?” Liz asked boldly. Max looked at her surprise and said, “Can I? Yeah.”

Liz watched Max take off his shirt and she tried not to moan at the sight of his muscular chest. She reached her hand out and tried to create the glowing light. “I can't do it to you.”

He smiled at her; “I’m glowing toes, my heart. You can't see it. It's on the inside.” He leaned down and started to kiss her. She knew that she wanted him, but she didn’t know if she could control herself and she didn’t want to regret it tomorrow. “No, Max. We can't do this.”

“I know.” He said as he kissed his way down her neck. He wasn’t making this easy on her.

Trying to think of something to snap them out of the situation, Liz asked. “You know, could I, uh..could I get sick?”

“I don't know anything. I don't even know who I am.”

‘He doesn’t know who I am either.’ Liz thought as she let his hands and mouth wonder over, creating the most wonderful feelings. Her body heated up more, the primal side of it taking over and she decided to give in to it. “You know, the...the mark went away because...because you touched it. Maybe...maybe it came because we were away for...too long. That sounds really crazy, would be a complete disaster.”

“I can't ask you to do anything that might hurt you in any way.”

“I know.”

“And I have no idea what that is...and what's right...or wrong.”

“I know. I mean...and you know things...about me that you, um...that you shouldn't know.” ‘And might possibly find out more than I want you too.’ “And my mother, who I love, is just gonna kill me...if I don't die from this.” She gasped out. She felt like she was going to explode.

“You're right.” Max said huskily.

“I can't stop.” Liz purred. Max lowered her onto the couch as things started to heat up. That was when the flashes started again. She saw the ship crashing to Earth; soldiers are running towards some beeping object being buried nearby a radio tower. The sexual haze Liz was in was interrupted when she heard Maria, “My God! I was looking for Michael. Um, something tells me he isn't here.” Liz almost growled in frustration as Maria drug her out of the apartment. Maria was lucky that she hadn’t walked in a minute later or she might have gotten hurt by trying to separate her and Max.

Maria waited until they were in the car before she started the questioning, “Liz, what was going on in there?”

Liz feigned innocence, “What was going on?”

“Yeah, it looked like it was getting pretty, very serious.” She emphasized.

Liz rolled her eyes, “Maria, I have my mother for these lectures.”

“I'm worried for you.”

“Why?” Liz knew her behavior had to be strange to Maria but she didn’t even know if she could explain it if Maria knew the truth about her.

“Because this isn't you.”

‘You have no idea how much this is me,’ She thought. “Yes, Maria, see...this is. This is me. I'm sitting right next to you.”

“I just don't want you to go too far.”

“I think I want to.”

“Are you crazy? This is dangerous. This isn't like a game! We don't even know what could happen!”

“Look who's talking! You were the first one to take the plunge, Maria!”

“Michael and I just kissed. Ok, fine. We did a little more than kissing. But, look, I wasn't getting visions, and I didn't have glowing hickeys and rashes and...look, Liz, the bottom line is that we don't know what this is about, all right? Female spiders can, you know, bite off the males' heads after they mate. What if they need someone to mate with to get certain information, you know? And then...Blttt! You know?”

“What're you been trying to say? That Max is just gonna bite my head off?” Liz wanted to laugh.

“What I'm saying is, how do you know that he's not like using you?”

“Maria, because feels right. I'm sorry. It feels right in a way that nothing has felt right in my life before.” She said before climbing out of the car. Liz crept up her balcony. She was going to need to take a long cold shower, since her and Max’s make-out session at Michael’s. This heat was driving her nuts, especially since everyone seemed determined to interrupt Max and her. She crawled through her window and ran right into her mom.

“Hi, Mom.”

“Do you think I’m stupid?”

“I’m sorry.”

“Sorry not’s good enough. Where were you?”

Liz couldn’t help it after the night she’d had, “Mom, will you just stop trying to control me?”

“I’m trying to keep you safe. If I needed to control you,---when have I ever tried to control you?”

“Right Mom because you’ve never had to. I’ve done every single thing you’ve wanted. And you just think that I’m always gone be that way. You don’t even see me.” Liz argued. Her mom had no idea what she was going through at the moment.

“All right then help me to see you. Talk to me. Oh my god you’re so warm.” Her mom said.

Liz tried to pull away. “Mom, I’m fine.”

“You’re not fine you’re burning up.” Her mom said again, feeling her face. Liz’s body temperature was always higher than normal humans’ but now she was even hotter.

“Mom just stop it okay? This is my body, I don’t have to tell you every single thing about it.” She yelled as she headed into the bathroom. She knew she was being mean but her hormones were driving her crazy. She slammed the door hoping her mom would leave but it didn’t work.

“Kyle came by. He heard about the eraser room and told me what was going on with you. That you were in your first heat and I figured out that that was what happened when you got caught. I was worried.” She heard her mom say through the door. “You have to be careful.”

“I know Mom and I’m sorry. I just need to take a cold shower to calm myself down.”

“Okay, I’ll call you in sick to school tomorrow. We need to keep you away from any boys or men until it goes away.”

Liz rolled her eyes, that was the last thing she wanted but agreed. She stripped quickly before jumping into the ice cold shower spray. She stayed in there until her hands were all pruned. She felt better after the shower and went outside to busy herself with her journal and drawing what she had seen in the flashes. That was when Max showed up.

I was going to skip to the morning when they wake up in the desert or should I go ahead and include the night out there?

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Today is my son’s fourth birthday. I can’t believe he’s so big..

Dedicated to: Lillie(2 times), roswellluver, pandas2001(3 times), abbs007, wild_child_uk, angel eyes, and Lil Blu Bubbles.

Part 23

Liz watched Max pull up next to the old radio tower. She had been all of staring at him on the drive, watching as his body move during the simple task of driving. She had to sit on her hands to keep from running them over his body and straddling him. Max voice ripped her from her thoughts. “It should be around here somewhere.”

Liz took her eyes off of Max for a minute as they made their way over to tower and saw the stars. “Wow.”

“That's what's really there all the time. If we could only see it.”

“So.” Liz said coyly.


“So we have to decide what our next step's gonna be.” Liz knew exactly what she wanted the next step to be but they were way over dressed for that.


“I guess we could just start...digging.” Liz suggested thinking she could come right out and say they lay down and have sex.

“Or, uh...”

“Or, um...we could look for the next clue.”

“Yeah. The clue idea seems more, uh...”

“More efficient.”

“Yeah. Right this minute...I can't...not touch you.” Max said moving towards her.

“Let's just lie down.” Liz ordered, her body was reveling in his touch craving more. Max unfolded the blanket and laid it out.

“Are you scared?” He asked.

“Well, I know I'm supposed to be, but...I'm just gonna put myself in your hands.” She said as she heard a howl, it was close. “What's that?”

“It's a coyote.” He said as he leaned over to kiss her. His tongue ran over her mouth and asking entrance which she readying gave. They kissed hungrily, as Liz felt Max lowering her to the blanket she held herself back from ripping off his clothes. He pulled back just enough to ask, “Are you sure?”

She was about to say yes when her enhanced hearing picked of a beeping noise she had heard before. “Oh my God. Max, that's it.”


The beeping had been as effective as a cold shower on her desire. Her mind was on the sound now. “That's the sound I heard in my vision.”

“Shh. It's over there. Come on.” They made their way to the other side of the tower.

“This is it, Max.”

“Here. It's right here.” He said as they started shoveling. They dug until a bright blue light shot up into the air. “Max...something's down there.”

Max leaned down and pulled out what looked like a metal rock with a familiar mark. “It's the symbol from the cave painting.

“Is this from your home?” Liz asked.

“I don't know.”

The way the light was shining reminded Liz of how Manticore would sometimes send Morse code messages through a light tower. “Maybe it's a signal...for...”

“Maybe.” They rest of the night they spent examine it and trying to figure it out until they fell asleep.


The next morning Liz woke up in Max’s arms and could tell that the effects of the heat were diminished. She could control it now. It had been a close call the night before, if she hadn’t heard the beeping that led them to find the alien object then she knew they wouldn’t have stopped. Although she wanted Max to be her first she didn’t want it to be heat induced. She smiled at him, it was nice waking up with him. She had actually slept that well for a long time, without any nightmares.

They left the desert after the rancher’s warning and were parked outside the Crashdown kissing. “Any flashes?” He asked.

“No, you.?”

“Don’t think so.”

“Max, everything that we did, everything that we felt, was it just about this thing?” She asked picking up the orb. “We don’t even know what it is?”

“Yet.” Max climbed out of the jeep and made his way around to her. The way he looked at her made her blood start pumping again.

“Max, was it ever just about us? You and me? Because a person could feel like they served their purpose, you know like being used.” She knew he thought she meant the orb but she was wondering if all of what she had felt was her heat.

“Is that what you think?”

“Because you’re not the only one who could be worried about being used.” Liz panicked for a minute thinking he might have seen what she was in the flashes then he said, “I mean, some girls would give a lot to see themselves flying through space.” Liz relaxed knowing that he was only joking and that he hadn’t seen anything.

They joked around about Kyle as they walked into the restaurant. And walked right into their parents. They lied and said they went stargazing and fell asleep. Of course her parents knew she was lying, they knew she didn’t need that much sleep but they couldn’t say anything in front of the Evan’s. Later in private, Liz’s parents told her that the next time she was in heat she was to stay at the house with either them or Kyle so that she would stay away from any male and especially Max. She agreed and when she headed up to her room she found an unwelcomed sight. Kyle and Zack sitting on her bed.

“Where have you been?” Zack asked practically shouting.

“I spent the night out in the desert.” Liz answered.

“With Max?” Kyle asked. “I saw his parents downstairs and your mom said you were both missing.”

“Yes, I was with Max.”

“You’re in the middle of your first heat and you go spend the night with some guy? A guy who has already hurt you before. What were you thinking? Wait a minute, you weren’t thinking were you? At least not with your head.” Zack ranted.

“Hey, get off of my back. My heat is already fading and nothing happened out there.”

“Yeah, right. You are going crazy from a hormone overload, thinking of nothing but getting laid and you’re all alone in the desert with a teenage guy. And we know that no teenage guy is going to resist a girl who is all over them and nothing happened, yeah right.”

“We talked and then we fell asleep. I can control my own body.” Liz said angrily although the last statement wasn’t exactly true. If she hadn’t heard the orb then they probably wouldn’t have stopped. “And he is not some guy, his name is Max.”

“I know what his name is and I know how you’ve been getting closer and closer to him.” Zack also wanted to say that he knew there was something strange going on with Max but didn’t think it would be good to tell Liz. She was protecting him and if she found out Zack had been snooping around she wouldn’t be happy.

“I don’t think you came all the way to visit just to fight so let’s just drop it now.” Liz said. She hated arguing with Zack since she didn’t see him often.

“Just promise that on your next heat your stay away from the male species.” Kyle stated. Liz agreed. Of course they didn’t know that at the time, her and Max wouldn’t be together.


The next night Liz was sitting on her balcony talking to Zack when she heard Max coming up the alleyway. “Zack, get my room now.”


“Just go.” Liz said shoving him through the window. Max whispered up to her and he came up. He had managed to sneak away to see her and Liz was happy. He stayed a little while before finally leaving. He kissed Liz goodnight then left. Liz still had the smile on her face when Zack came out of his hiding place, not looking happy. She was forced to listen to a long lecture from him about how dangerous it was to get close to Max, etc. Liz listened attentively wondering if her brother knew how much he sounded like a broken record.

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Note: Next part will be another nightmare inspired by Liz's meeting at the beginning of Crazy with Topolsky. Then on to Destiny or do you guys have any suggestions on other episodes.
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Thank you guys for all the birthday wishes.

Dedicated to:MoMo, roswellluver, wild_child_uk, Lil Blu Bubble, 3somefan,and Lillie.

Part 24

Liz made her way downstairs to wait for Max and the others to meet her. They were all going to go to the movies and try to act normal. She pushed the door open that led from the back and was surprised to find the café empty and dark. Figuring her dad just felt like closing early so she thought nothing of it. She walked halfway through when she heard a chilling voice she hadn’t heard in years. “Well there’s my little 435.”

Liz turned around and looked right into the eyes of the man she hated and feared most in her life. “Colonel Lydecker.”

“Don’t even try to run, my men have this building surrounded. I don’t doubt that you can’t take them out but you should know if you run it will only make things worse especially for your friends.”

Liz wouldn’t let him see how his statement affected her. “My friends?”

“Yes, all five of them plus your brother, 440. You see, I’ve been watching Roswell ever since I heard of a mysterious shooting where a girl was shot but was fine. I knew that only one of my kids could do that. So when the FBI took an interest, I piggybacked on their investigation. Come along peacefully or I’ll make sure your friends suffer.”

“Let them go, they have nothing to do with me or my brother.” Liz said.

“Now why would I do that. The DNA of three of them will be very useful for the next X series. Just think what the addition of powers would do for our soldiers. So I now have two of my kids back and three aliens. All because of you.” Lydecker said smiling.

The next thing Liz knew she was within the familiar walls of Manticore. She was standing in front of a window that looked into a cell. She recognized the cell as one they used for psychops, intense psychological interrogation and brainwashing. And in the middle of the room strapped to five chairs were Max, Maria, Isabel, Alex, and Michael. She could hear them screaming in pain.

“Let them go.” She screamed at Lydecker. Lydecker just laughed as Liz pushed the door to the cell open and ran in.

“Liz! Help us. Please!” Maria screamed.

“If it hadn’t been for her I never would have gotten my hands on you.” Lydecker said from behind her.

“Let them go. I’ll do anything, just don’t hurt them.” Liz pleaded.

“I taught you long ago that emotions are a weakness soldier, look where they haven’t got you.” Lydecker stated.

“Why does he think you know him?” Max asked.

“Because I do. I was there on the day she was born and I was the one who trained her to be was she was created to be.”

“What is he talking about Liz?” Max asked, Liz couldn’t say anything.

“So they don’t know the truth about you, 435? I’ll just have to enlighten them.” Lydecker said smirking then turned to his prisoners. “You see your friend here, 435 or Liz as you know her, is a soldier. A genetically engineered weapon, a human killing machine.” Lydecker said as he produced a small remote from his pocket and pressed the button. On the wall a picture came into view. It was of the first prisoner her and her family had been sent to kill. Lydecker continued to click the button bringing up more pictures, some of the same soldier some of the kids covered in blood after then some other ones of the other prisoners they had killed on later missions. “So you see I’m tell you the truth. I’ve been looking for her for years and finally got her back along with all of you.”

“We trusted you!” Michael yelled.

“I’m sorry.” Was all Liz could say before some soldiers came in and tried to restrain her. She fought back but one of them used a taser on her and all she saw was blackness. She woke up to find herself strap to a chair just like the others. She looked over and saw that none of her friends were moving, and had doctors hovering over them with scalpels.

“NO!” Liz screamed.

Liz bolted up right. She could feel that her body was covered in sweat. She ran into her bathroom and splashed water on her face trying to wipe away the memory of the dream. She looked down and saw that her hands were shaking. But unlike before they weren’t from seizures. She hadn’t had a seizure since Max healed her; these shakes were from fear. She knew her meeting with Topolsky at the restaurant had triggered the dream. Especially when she said she’d been to Hell. The increased pressure of the FBI finding out about the others or Manticore finding her because of them was affecting her more than she thought.

Tomorrow she needed to talk to Max, tell him that they were on an alien hunter’s list.


The next few days were even more stressful. First Max had been upset about Topolsky tricking her into a meeting, the disastrous meeting out at the quarry, the double date with Michael and Maria, the mysterious car following Alex, and lastly the fight between Michael and Max out in the woods. The Sheriff might have said that Topolsky was wrong and crazy but she had seen that the woman was sane and knew what she was talking about. She knew the FBI was watching them and she wanted to keep them safe. So every night, dressed in her darkest clothes and a few of her guns, Liz would make rounds to everyone ‘s house to make sure they were safe. She would sneak out the window in the kitchen since she was sure that her balcony was being watched, and scale up to the roof. Then she jumped to one of the other buildings and scaled back down. Her transgenic status allowed her to move like a shadow through town and no one saw her.

I was planning on going straight to when they break Max out of the white room, what do you think?

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I'm going to start off the next part with Nasedo taking Liz then onto Destiny.
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Part 25:

Liz looked over at Max as he confidently drove the convertible down the road. There was something off about him, but she didn’t know what. Maybe it was his sudden impulsiveness at grabbing her in the Crashdown and said they were going to go talk. “So tell me.”

“Tell you what?”

“Tell me everything. Isn’t that what you said you were going to tell me?” Liz asked.

“I just wanted you to know, Liz, that nobody will ever come between us. Nobody.” He answered.

Liz smiled at him and leaned over. “Tell me something I don’t know.” She said before kissing him.

“Well, if you keep that up, I’m going to have to pull over.”

Liz held in a laugh at his playfulness. “Is that a threat, or is that a promise?”

Instead of answering he pulled the car over to the side of the road and pulled her close. As they kissed Liz was hit with flashes unlike any she’d ever seen before. They were in black and white, and of the desert, lightening, a dead woman. It shook her and she broke away from him.

“What?” He asked

“Nothing.” Liz asked as she settled back into her seat and tried to figure out what was going on. The flashed she got from Max were unlike anything she’d seen before. They drove for a little while before she asked, “So, uhh, how… how long are we going to be gone, anyway?”

“How long do you want to be gone?”

“I really shouldn’t miss too much more of my shift.” She said trying to talk him into going back.

“That’s the least of our worries.” He said in a tone Liz had never heard before.

“Did Tess do something to you?” Liz asked. She didn’t trust Tess. There was something that made Liz not trust her even before she found out she was an alien. From the first time she saw her, there was just something off.

He didn’t answer instead he pulled over, and went to get something out of the trunk. She was watching him when her phone rang. “Hello?”

“Liz, it’s me.” She could swear it was Max’s voice. “Who is this?”

“It’s me, Max. I don’t know who you’re with, but we’re at the CrashDown. Tell us where you are.” She heard him say before the other Max grabbed her phone and hung it up. It finally clicked who it was, Nasedo.

“Now you know.” He said. She looked over to where he had been and saw a body before they drove off. She had to figure out a way to escape.


Liz watched Nasedo talking on the phone and weighed her options. Right now Nasedo had no idea what she was, he only thought her to be a normal human. She would play upon that until the opportunity was right. When he hung up she asked, “ Are you going to kill me, too?”

“Not as long as I still need you.”

“Do you have to be Max?” It unnerved her looking at him.

“Oh, I like it. Being him. Being 17. I don’t think you’d have been as friendly to Ed Harding.”

“ That was you?” She had known something was off about him whenever she’d been around him.

“I’ve been a lot of different people you don’t even know about. But right now, Max Evans is my most important role.”

“Why?” Maybe if she could figure out his plan it would work to her advantage.

“Because I’m the bait. Pierce is looking for Max, and I’m going to draw him to me.”

“So why do you even need me?”

“You’re my collateral, my hostage.”

“What kind of hostage am I? Pierce would just kill me.” ‘Or maybe worse.’ Liz thought. She knew that if Pierce go a hold of her, he would see her barcode. That could land her a one way trip to Manticore.

“Oh, there’s a thought. Actually, he wouldn’t. See, he knows what Max did to you at the CrashDown that day. He wants you alive. You see, he needs answers. You could come in extremely handy in terms of my survival, and even if you don’t, you’ve been fantastic company. Time to leave another clue.” He answered as he pulled into a gas station. He placed his hand on the gas pump and left a silver handprint before pulling away. Moments later it exploded.


They ended up at a carnival that was where Nasedo told Liz about Max’s destiny. “I don’t believe you.”

“It’s true, Tess and Max were made to be together.”

“But you don’t even know what Max and I have. You know, ever since he saved my life at the CrashDown, he changed me. We saw into each other’s souls.”

“Time for the final clue.” Nasedo used his powers and a light shot up into the air. That was when Liz made her escape. She headed for the hall of mirrors figuring he wouldn’t find her inside. She wandered around inside until she saw Max. This time she was sure it was he. “Max!” She yelled as she pounded on the glass wall separating them.

“Liz. Get out of here.” He said with worry in his eyes.

“Not without you.” Movement behind him caught her eye. “ Max! Behind you!” Two FBI guys came running up and Max took off. Liz looked up to see if the wall went all the way to the top before she scaled it to help him when he was suddenly next to her. “I’ve got to get you out of here.”
As they ran out Liz saw another Max. Now she was confused, was she with the right one? They headed inside a nearby bus, “Right in here.”

“Max, are you all right?” She asked before kissing him. She was hit with the same dark flashes. “You’re not Max.”

“No I’m not. And now I’ve got to get him back.” He held up his hand and after a bright flash of light he was a clown. He turned and ran off. Liz followed after him only to run into Isabel, Michael and Tess. “Oh god.”

“Liz. Liz!” Isabel said trying to pull her out of the shock she was in when she realized Max had been caught.

“ They have Max. They have Max.” She muttered as Michael pulled him into his arms.

Part 26

Liz, Maria, and Alex were waiting around the Crashdown waiting for the others to rescue Max. She knew she should go with them. She could grab her brother who she knew would help her and along with the aliens get him out. But they hadn’t let her go. She could stand waiting around anymore. “I’m not waiting any more. I’m going to do what Max would do for me.”

“Wait a minute. Are you sure it’s our responsibility to tell Valenti everything?” Maria asked.

“It’s our responsibility to keep them alive. You know, Max was ready to trust him that’s all I need to know.” She knew she could trust him and if Max was ready to do it then it was time to bring him in on the secret.

“What are you going to say?” Alex asked.

“Whatever I have to; to get him to help.” She said as she left. She hoped he would help.


The Sheriff looked up and saw Liz coming into his office. A year ago, he would think nothing of it, she was like a daughter to him but lately she had drifted away. “Liz Parker.”

“You’re right Sheriff. I need your help. We all do. Your new deputy, Fisher; he isn’t a deputy, Sheriff, and his name is not Fisher. It’s Pierce – from the FBI Special Unit. He’s the one who has Max.”

“How do you know that?”

Liz looked at him, pleading with her eyes for him to trust her again like he had for so long. “I can’t tell you, Sheriff, but Max is in a lot of trouble. I think that they all are. Sheriff, please. Will you trust me? I can tell you where he is.”

The Sheriff looked at her and saw how serious she was. He had seen that look a few times in the time he had known her, he knew she needed him.


“We gotta get Max out of here.” Michael stated as they made their way out of Eagle Rock.

“I know somewhere safe, an old silver mine in Gallinis off of Horse Shoe Road. If we make it there it’ll buy us some time. We should split up make it harder for them to follow.” He looked at Liz signaling that she should take Max. She could keep him protected.

She got in the Jetta and they were off. Liz looked over at a shaky Max. He looked like he had been through hell or worse. She had only seen someone look like that a few times. When one of her siblings had been punished back at Manticore. God, why didn’t she just take out the FBI agents back at the fair. Keeping her eyes on the road she asked, “Max, what did they do to you?”

“It's over. Listen, Liz, if we ever get out of this…” He was cut off by the sound of the back window being shot out. Liz saw that the FBI had them closed in and she knew she had to get them out of there. She stopped the car. “Let's go. Let's go. Come here.”

“Go.” Max said as they started to run.

“Come on, come on, Max.”

She said. She knew she could get out of there quickly but she couldn’t do it with Max. “Go. Go.”

Liz double backed onto the road and saw that the agents followed, they now had them surrounded. Liz saw the bridge and got an idea. “Come on. “

She grabbed his hand and kissed him quickly. She knew she could make the jump easily and was going to have to help him. After all cats always land on their feet. She took a deep breath and together they jumped. They hit the water hard and went under several feet. Keeping hold of Max’s hand, Liz started to swim down the stream. After a minute, she could feel him starting to struggle for air. She latched her mouth onto his and fed him some of her air. This bought them some time. When they finally surfaced Liz pulled him to shallow water and they made their way out of the water. She pulled him under another bridge and helped him along. When they came to a junkyard, she headed into it. Liz was going on instinct alone. “We've got to hide.”

Liz spotted an overturned delivery truck. “Come on, in here. Come on, Max. Come on, in here. Come on.”

They climbed inside the truck and Liz looked out the window to see if they had been followed. Her enhanced vision allowed her to see that they hadn’t. “I think we'll be safe in here for a while. They don't know how far down river we got.” But that wouldn’t last long. They would have to get out of there, possibly go on the run. Maybe she could get a hold of Zack and he would help them, Kyle could get away too. But to do that she would have to tell Max the truth, which she wanted to. Working up the nerve she started. “Max..” She looked at him scared and weak. She leaned in and kissed him.

Max’s memories of what had been done to him flew by Liz’s eyes in flashes. She realized then that she couldn’t tell him. If she did and they went on the run, they could get caught by Manticore as well. And he might have to go through the same thing again except in Manticore. She barely heard Max telling her everything Tess had told him. That was when she knew that they didn’t belong together. He was supposed to be with Tess. She didn’t like Tess, there was just something about her that she didn’t trust. “So everything Nasedo told me was true. You and Tess were meant to be together.”


“I mean, it's your destiny, right?”

“I wish I could go back Liz. Back to when things were normal.”

“Me, too. I just wish that I could have stopped you from saving my life that day in the CrashDown.” ‘I wished I had just dodged the bullet.’ She thought.

“Don't say that.”

“Max, the day that you saved my life, your life just ended.”

“No, that was the day my life began. Liz, when I was in that room, and they did what they did to me. You're what kept me alive. The thought of you. The way your eyes look into mine. Your smile. The touch of your skin. Your lips. Knowing you has made me human. Whether I die tomorrow or fifty years from now, my destiny is the same: it's you. I want to be with you, Liz. I love you.” Max said.

His words rocked her resolve to give him up. She went by her heart not her brain. “I love you.” She kissed him until they laid down next to him and held him. She pretended to be asleep until he fell asleep. Then she kept watch.

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They created her to be the perfect soldier, a human weapon but she escaped. Years later, Fate stepped in and delivered her soulmate to her, in the form of an alien king. Worlds apart the two struggle to find their destiny.

Dedicated to: pandas2001, MoMo, roswellluver, Lillie, and Lil Blu Bubble

Lillie:She’s not going to Six Flags but do look for a mention of San Antonio.

Part 27

The next morning they made there way out of the truck and headed down the road. With Liz’s hearing she was able to hear the FBI’s hummer coming and tried to get Max to hurry. She was trying to figure out what to do. She didn’t have any weapons and from the car they could take them out easily. Luckily the Sheriff and Michael chose that moment to show up. After Michael blasted the hummer they made their escape.

When they reached the mine, she saw the look in the Sheriff’s eyes and wanted to explain everything to him but Max asked her to go inside. She only did it because it wasn’t her secret to tell. She headed inside and waited.


The Sheriff checked Pierce’s body. “He's dead.” He looked down at the agent’s hand and saw a gun. “It's one of mine. “ He got up and started looking around. He found him behind the curtain. “No. Oh no. No. Aw, no, Kyle! Aw, geez, no!”

Liz looked in shock at her brother laying on the floor almost dead. She knew she should try to save him, use the medical training she knew like she had before but she couldn’t move. Her memory flashed to another time, years before when another one of her siblings had been lying on the ground dying from a gunshot wound. She could hear the Sheriff screaming. “NO KYLE! Augh! Help. Help me. Somebody, help me! Augh. Save my son, please.”

She watched as Max walked over to Kyle and began to heal him. “What the hell just happened to me?”

“I don't care who you are, or what you are. I'll be here for you. I need a moment alone with my son.”

Liz stayed where she was, she looked down at her brother and thanked whoever was out there for allowing Max to save Kyle. She saw that the others were going to after Nasedo and decided they may need her help. She leaned down to her brother and whispered, “I love you, your dad needs you.”

She got up and told Max she was going.


Liz watched the hologram and knew that she had been deluding herself. She didn’t belong with Max. She started to leave but Max stopped her. “Look, everything I told you before is still true.”

“Max, you do have a destiny. You just heard it. I can't stand in the way of it.”

“But you mean everything to me.”

Liz looked at him, locking his image into her memories. She leaned up for one last kiss. “Goodbye, Max.”

She made her way out of the chamber and started climbing down the cliff. She could feel the tears burning her eyes and she quit fighting them. As she made her way she heard Max calling for her, “Liz, wait.” She turned and looked at him but hurried off. She heard Michael’s voice; “You gotta let her go.”

‘Yes, you have to let me go, but can I let go of you.’ She thought as she started to run. She headed in the direction of Roswell. Eventually she slowed and she walked a couple of miles, thinking only of what Zack had told her over and over. That they couldn’t get attached and she was starting to think he was right. She was so caught up in her thoughts that she didn’t hear the motorcycle approach her.

“Liz? Liz?!” She heard Zack call her distantly. She only came out of her daze when he shook her. “What happened? What is wrong?”

“Take me to Ky.” Was all she could say. He looked at her strangely and led her to his bike. She looked like she was catatonic, she barely held onto him as they rode into Roswell. He took the back alleys that he had learned years ago when he first found them. They pulled up behind the Sheriff’s house and he helped her inside.

“Liz? What’s wrong? What happened?” The Sheriff asked. Liz looked past him and saw Kyle sitting on the couch. She walked over to him and threw herself into his arms. She let herself go and started to cry. Kyle wrapped his arms around her and rocked her. He could hear her softly whimpering, “I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

“Liz, it’s okay. I’m right here.” He said trying to comfort her. The Sheriff stood up and pulled on Zack’s arm. “Let’s give them a minute alone.” Zack nodded, confused but went with him out to the garage. Once they were gone, Kyle said, “Let it out. Just let it out.” Liz cried as she told him the truth although edited the painful parts. About the shooting, about the others being aliens, and how Max had healed him. Then she told him about Max’s destiny and how she had walked away from him. “You really love him don’t you?”

“Yes, I do. But I should have listened to you and Zack. It did nothing but hurt me. I have to stay away from him.”

“Then why don’t the two of you leave with me?” They both looked up startled at the sound of Zack’s voice. He was standing in the doorway. “I don’t know what is going on but I do know that both of you are in shock over something. We can leave tonight.”

Kyle looked at his dad who nodded then looked at Liz. She was glassy eyed for a moment before she said, “Alright.”

They figured out their plans and the Sheriff went to take Liz home. Once they got there she told Maria and Alex what had happened at the pod chamber then told them she was going to her aunt’s to get away. She told her parents that she wanted to get away with her brothers. She packed a bag and grabbed her backpack before getting into Kyle’s mustang and headed out of Roswell in the dead of night.


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Next part is summer.
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Just bumping. The Next part is Zack confronts his sibs about the podsquad
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Dedicated to:Lillie, MoMo, wild_child_uk, Lullaby, roswelluver, and pandas2001.

Truthfully I think this part is a little boring but it kind of explains why Zack doesn't like Max later.

Part 28: The Summer

A week after leaving Roswell, Zack finally tried to snap his baby brother and sister out of their funk. They were sitting around in a motel room in San Antonio just laying around watching evening TV when Zack broke the silence, “Okay you two spit it out. I know your friends aren’t normal and I want to know if that is why you two are acting like this.”

Liz and Kyle looked at each other in shock, they had no idea that Zack knew about the others. “What are you talking about?” Liz asked.

“Don’t keep lying, Liz. I saw you shot that day then Max came over to you and you got up. And I’ve seen them do things that no ordinary person could do. Now what are they?”

Liz blew out a breath, “They’re aliens, the ship that crashed in ’47 was theirs.”

Zack was about to say something when Liz interrupted, “I know they’re not that old, if you just listen I’ll tell you everything.” Zack and Kyle both nodded, Liz had only given the abbreviated version to Kyle and he was interested in hearing the whole story.

“When the ship crashed, their protector took the pods that the four of them were in and hid them in a cave. Their pods were like incubators, when they came out in 1989 they were six-year-olds. Max, Michael, and Isabel broke out first and went out into the desert. Max and Isabel were adopted and Michael was put into foster care. The three of them figured out that they were alike but knew nothing else about themselves. They developed powers and hid what they were from everyone else until I was shot and Max healed me along with healing my seizures. He saved my life but because I didn’t tell Ky or his dad about what really happened the Sheriff got suspicious. His investigation finally sent up flags at the FBI and they started watching all of us. I told Maria and later Alex about the aliens and the six of us started looking for answers for the aliens. We found a couple small things, a cave with markings in it, some alien healing stones, a necklace, and an orb. Max and I found the orb through flashes. When Max and I would kiss I would get images and they lead us to the orb. Eventually our search led us to Nasedo and Tess.” Liz explained lowering her eyes. “Tess tried to make friends with Isabel and I could tell she was interested in Max but I just ignored it. Well until I saw them kiss. But Max said it was something he didn’t have any control over. So we started investigating her and found out she was another alien. She was one that the other three left behind. Nasedo came back and only found Tess who he raised.”

“Nasedo took me to try and lured the head of the alien hunting unit out and they ended up capturing Max. From what I know they tortured him trying to get information out of him. I went to the Sheriff for help and we got Max out. Max and I separated from the others but joined up with them later. Then they captured Agent Pierce, the agent in charge, and started questioning him. When he broke loose Michael used one of his powerblasts, his power, and killed him but not before the Sheriff got off a couple shots, which hit Kyle. Max healed him like me. Later we went back to the podchamber and that’s when I found out about Max’s destiny for certain. They acquired another orb and when they put the two together they saw a hologram about who they were. The four of them had lived before and were cloned with human DNA and sent here. Max is supposed to be with Tess, Michael with Isabel and they’re supposed to go back and free their people. After I found out, I knew I had to give him up. That he wasn’t mine to love, and I knew that if I didn’t give him up that he wouldn’t do his destiny. I kissed him good bye before I ran off and that’s when you found me Zack.”

Kyle moved from his spot to wrap his arm around Liz’s shoulders. He didn’t say anything; he didn’t know what he could say. He was still in shock over the whole thing. Sure, he had been created in a lab to be a perfect soldier so he shouldn’t be surprised by the existence of aliens but he was. It shook him to the core.

Zack watched Kyle comfort Liz and wished he could do something to help her. But he was never good at showing emotions except for anger and didn't know what he could do. He wished he could get his hands on Max for hurting his baby sister. Again, but this time it was even bigger. He never wanted to see her shut down like she was in the desert. He was going to protect her and do whatever he could to help her.


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Here's the next part, I was going to write about Zack teaching Liz to ride his bike until I realized I know nothing about it. So instead I wrote about when Liz went into heat over the summer.

Part 29

Part 29 The Summer

“That was so cool. It was the best one yet.” Kyle exclaimed as they made their way out the exit door of the coaster.

“I don’t know, Son of the Beast was a lot taller so you got the faster speed.” Liz said defiantly. Her and Kyle were at King’s Island having a day of fun. Zack had left that morning for the day to ‘run an errand’ so Liz and Kyle had come to the park. They had been gone from Roswell a little over a month and Kyle would be leaving soon.

“What is it with you and heights? You love them. I think you have bird DNA in you.” Kyle smirked. “But back to the argument, you can’t compare Son of Beast to Face-off, one’s wooden the other steel.”

“Then why did you say it was the best one instead of saying it was the best steel?” Liz asked. They continued the argument walking through the park when they past a hotdog stand, “Let’s stop for a minute and grab some food before we ride more.”

“I swear you’re going to eat up all the money we made last week.” Kyle said following his sister. They had taken part of their savings with them when they left Roswell but had taken odd jobs so they wouldn’t have to use it. They got their food and sat down at a nearby table.

“Who do you think it is?” Liz asked out of the blue.

“What?” Kyle managed to ask around eating his hotdog.

“Which one of our brothers or sisters do you think Zack is checking on?” Liz saw Kyle’s surprised expression. “Oh, come on. You know that’s what he’s doing. He did the same thing in New York and he wouldn’t just leave us alone if he wasn’t. So who do you think it is?”

“I don’t know.” Kyle shrugged. “Maybe Zane, you know how he was always so good at mechanics and there is a lot of car factories around here.”

“I wonder where they live, Zack left early this morning and said he should be back tonight some time.” Liz said as her cell phone rang. Checking to make sure it wasn’t Max she saw it was her Mom and answered it. She checked in with her for a minute before hanging up sighing in relief that it was her parents.

Kyle saw the relief in Liz’s eyes when she answered the phone and was thankful it wasn’t Max on the phone. In the weeks after they left Roswell he had tried to call a few times, Zack had been inclined to answer it to tell him off. But that would bring up all kinds of questions when they got home. They hadn’t talked about the aliens besides the phone calls since the night Liz told them the aliens’ story. “How are your parents?”

“Fine. Your dad was in the café eating dinner and said hi.” Liz answered.

“It’ll be nice to see him when I go back, even if it’s only for one night.” Kyle said. The two spent the rest of the day riding rides and enjoying having a fun day together. By the time they sat down to watch the fireworks Liz was feeling antsy, like she was about to jump out of her skin. She looked over at a nearby bench and saw a good-looking blonde guy and she felt her body heat up. Making sure Kyle was busy she crept over to the bench stalking her prey and sat down. “Hi, what’s your name?” She said huskily.

The blonde looked at her with his hazel eyes and smiled, “Jonathan and you?”

“Beth.” Liz said, all three of them had names that they used when around others. Hers was Beth, Zack’s was Sam, and Kyle’s was Nick. The two continued to talk all the while Liz got closer and closer. Somewhere in the back of head she knew she wouldn’t normally be so forward but figured she was just loosening up. She was about to grab Jonathan and kiss him when she felt a strong arm come around her waist lifting her up and pulling her away. She started to struggle when she heard Zack’s voice, “Liz, I’m doing this for your own good.”

“What the hell are you doing here?” She asked just as she was dropped down next to Kyle.

“My errand took less time than I thought,” Zack stated before looking at Kyle. “You were supposed to be keeping an eye on each other and you let her wander off.”

“She was just flirting,” Kyle started to say before catching a scent in the air he’d only smelled once before. “Shit. Zack I swear I didn’t know she was in heat.” Liz realized that she was indeed in heat and although her body said one thing, her head was glad her brother had stepped in.

“Let’s get out of here. We’ll go back to the hotel and hole up there for the next couple of days.” Zack said before Kyle reached over and snagged Liz who was trying to escape her watchful brothers. Zack took her other side and the three went out to the parking lot. Zack had wedged his bike between Kyle’s car and the one next to it.

Liz saw the bike and thought of a way to relieve some of the tension in her body, “Zack can I ride the bike back to the hotel?” She asked pouting her lips for emphasize. “I promise to be good, you can follow behind me in the car.”

Kyle almost laughed at Liz’s begging to ride Zack’s bike. Zack gave in, “Yes!” Liz cheered. She hopped on the bike and started it. She pulled out in front of Kyle and rode back to the hotel. Hopefully the pool would be nice and cool, that way she wouldn’t be in the shower all night.

*For anyone who wants to know the part that I had Liz & Kyle at is the same one I met Jensen Ackles(Alec) at.*
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Sometimes your past comes back to haunt you.

Hey guys! Yes, I met Jensen when he was on Days. He is so gorgeous.

TO:Lil Blu Bubble, Lullaby, pandas2001, wild_child_uk, Lillie, angeleyes

This next part is a little dark but I haven’t had Kyle’s POV for a little while so here you go.

Part 30 The Summer

They'd been chained under water for three minutes now, one more minute to go and this exercise would be over, then on to the next, training as usual. This exercise had them broken off into their pairs. Ky looked to his side and seeing the small seven year old form of Liz. She looks over at him and he closes his eyes lying his head in his hands as if he's falling asleep, she tried to hold back a smile. The cuffs around their legs snap open and they swim to the surface of the pool. Just as he brakes the surface he felt a hand yank out of the pool and is spun around to see the cloudy face of Lydecker; looming above him.

“440, I will not tolerate cockiness! Acting the fool is what will get you killed! Do you hear me?”

He opens her mouth to say something back. Across the pool he sees Jondy sake her head and he lowers his eyes before Lydecker. “Yes sir.”

Lydecker leaned over right in his face, “I can't hear you.”

“Yes sir!” He yells.

“That's better; but I don't think you’ve gotten out of your system yet.” Lydecker nodded to a nearby technician. “Take 440 to one of the classrooms.” He ordered before turning to Ky. “Dismissed.”

The technician led him through the hallways and into one of the rooms. It wasn’t a typical classroom; it was an interrogation room. The technician strapped him into the chair and left. Ky sat silently in the small room, waiting. At least four security cameras were stuck in the corners near the ceiling. He casually tested the restraints for the sixth time. It would take a concerted effort and some time to break them. By then, security would have spotted the attempt from the camera feeds and his punishment would be harsher.

He remembered being pulled aside before and taken to an interrogation room, training for psyche warfare. But this time was different; this was the first time it was punishment for him. It was all a game for Lydecker and the scientists. They expected him to sit there thinking of all the nasty things that they would do to him. The intent was to let him drive himself crazy. They must have decided he sat there long enough because Lydecker came strolling through the door.

“440, you have repeatedly been reprimanded for your behavior. What explanation do you have for your actions?”

“None sir.”

“Then why did you pull that stunt in the pool?”

“Trying to keep up 435 spirits, sir.” He answered earning him a tazer blast in his side. It wasn’t strong enough to knock him out, only hurt him.

“That was not part of your assignment.” Lydecker stated before giving Ky more blasts. After awhile Ky lost count of the blasts and Lydecker started using his hands. The last blow was hard enough to knock him out.

The first touch of consciousness strummed over his fried nerves as someone gently touched his chin and raised his slack head. All was agony in his body as he performed that act. He wanted to react, to lash out but was unable to make his muscles move. Lydecker had really worked him over that time, the older they got the worst the punishments. He watched behind him lids as his hand came down again connecting with his already stinging cheek, his swollen and bloody lip

Later Ky was escorted or rather half carried half-dragged back to the barracks by two burly soldiers, one opens the door and pushed inside. The others heard him come in but kept their eyes closed, acting asleep until they left. Then they went to take care of their sibling, like they always did. Ky felt the harsh burning and stinging of his wounds as they cleaned them.

Kyle jolted awake instantly taking in his surroundings. He was in another hotel room with Zack and Liz. Just then he felt Liz’s small hands on his shoulders. “Another nightmare?”

Kyle could only nod. Ever since he found out about the aliens and his world had been turned upside down, nightmares had come back stronger. Liz pulled him down so his head rested in her lap, brushing his damp hair away from his forehead and ran her fingers through the rest of it, trying to soothe him. It lulled him back to sleep and Liz stayed where she was, keeping his dreams away. His nightmares had lessened some, only one a week, since they had gone to a bookstore last month. Kyle had bought several books but neither her nor Zack had seen what they were about. She hoped that doing something as ordinary as going to football camp would help him too.

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Dedicated to: Lillie, Lullaby, pandas2001, wild_child_uk, Sassy, Lil Blu Bubble, roswellluver.

Kyle’s nightmares came back because he was so confused from finding out about the aliens. And yes they were Buddha books.

Part 31 The Summer

When it was time for Kyle to go to football camp, they came back to Roswell in the middle of the night and dropped him off. He was leaving the next morning on a bus. Liz didn’t feel like staying so dropped some of her stuff off and left with Zack again. The two of them set off on his bike, alternating driving and when Liz had only three weeks left before she had to head back she talked Zack into going with her to her aunts in Florida. It had taken Liz begging and pleading for four days before he agreed. He didn’t like the idea of staying in one place for longer than a couple days but Liz assured him that they would be safe. The town her aunt lived in was a small one on the gulf coast called Englewood. She told her aunt that Zack was a close friend and her aunt was more than happy to put them up. Her aunt worked a lot so they had the run of the house. After the first week Liz was surprised when Zack actually seemed to relax. He helped her Aunt Sara with some chores around the house and didn’t seem to be on guard so much.

“What happened after we were separated the night of the escape?” Liz asked out of the blue. They never talked about the escape and Liz was curious. The two of them were at a small beach lying on a blanket. They were in their suits; Liz had laughed at first when she saw Zack in a pair of trunks because she had never seen it before. They had been swimming for the last hour and decided to take a break and Liz wanted to get some more sun.

“I saw Ky grab your hand and pull you away, Zane, Brin, and Tinga headed in the same general direction that you guys did. I lost sight of Ben, Jack and Josh but I saw Max, Jondy, Krit and Syl crossing the lake. The ice was too thin and they fell through. I ran up and pulled Krit out first and he helped me pull the girls out. After that we split up. I didn’t know where anyone ended up until I started looking for all of you six months later. I found Jondy first then you and Ky, it took a little longer to find the rest but evidently I did, well except for Maxie. None of my leads have panned out on her yet.”

“Ky and I hiked a couple of miles through the woods until we came to a road. We eventually came to the outskirts of a city and got some different clothes. It took us awhile but we eventually made our way south eventually landing in Roswell. You know the rest.”

“I’m glad you and Ky had each other growing up.” Zack stated. He was glad, they were the babies of the family and they had needed each other.

“He’s always tried to protect me, ever since we were kids.”

“Well you do seem to need it.” Zack said with a small smirk.

Liz looked at him with a big smile on her face, “Oh my god, did you just make a joke? I think the summer with Ky has rubbed off on you.”

“Well knock me out if I get worse.”

Liz laughed then turned back to what they’d been talking about. “We were lucky. I wonder what would have happened if we hadn’t gone with the Sheriff. Things would be different.” Liz said, the last sentence quieter than the rest.

“Liz, I don’t think you should go back. It’ll hurt you too much and I don’t want to see you like that again, Ky doesn’t either. We can go anywhere, even Mexico. I know a little border town called Matamoros Tamaulipas that we can go over the border.”

Liz listened to her oldest brother but shrugged it off. Zack had tried several times to get them to leave town for good. She looked out into the vast body of water. “Sometimes all I want to do is disappear. Just let all of it go, start over. But I have my personal reasons to stay there.”

“You’re still in love with him aren’t you?”

“Yes, I am and I always will be. But he’s not the only reason. I have my parents, Maria, Alex. I like my life there. I’ve been lucky and had a normal life up until the past year. I’m not ready to give that up yet.”

“But are you going to be able to handle seeing them together when you get back?” Zack asked talking about Max and Tess.

“I’m going to distance myself when I get back. Mom is even arranging for me to get a different job so I won’t see him in the Crashdown. You’ll see I’ll be fine.” Liz said.

Zack nodded although he didn’t believe that she’d be able to just blow Max off like she thought she could. But he didn’t want to get in an argument with her. They stayed another hour before heading back. Liz thought about what she had said to Zack, trying to convince him of what she said. She only hoped she could convince herself.


Part 32
Skin and Bones

Liz waited patiently for Congresswoman Whitacker. She had been back for a few days, letting only Maria know. It was strange being back, after the summer away. Zack had left last night and she had set about trying to distance herself from Max. As she stood there she knew he was close, out of the corner of her eye she saw him approach talking to Isabel. “Liz.”

“Hi...Max.” Liz said uneasily.

“Hi. when did you get back?”

“A couple of days ago...actually.”

“Well that’s odd. Maria said you were still away.” Max said confused but Liz spoke up, “Yeah, I know she did. Um, you know, I just...I wanted to get settled a little bit before...”

“Yeah. Yeah. I...I understand. Listen, Liz, I...I know how strange everything got before you left. But I think it's ok. No aliens have attacked. Nasedo is putting an end to the special unit as we speak. I think all of this could finally be over.”

But it’s never over for me. “ Oh, I really hope that's true...for all of you.”

“And I just want you to know about the whole Tess situation...”

That was the last name she wanted to hear and she didn’t want to hear that they were together. “Oh, Max. You don' don't have to.”

“It's just that it's definitely over. I don't have feelings for her. I've told her that...and she understands. I know it's probably irrelevant at this point, but...just for the record.”

“Right. Yeah. I just want to get a fresh start. I've decided...”

“Right...right. Anyway, you look...”

Liz looked down at her self self-consciously. She wasn’t used to wearing her old style of clothes after her summer away. Although they were slightly different. She smiled. “Oh!”


“No, it's...”


“Oh, I have a job interview actually.” She could see the disappointment on his face. “Oh. What about the Crashdown?”

“Well, this really incredible opportunity came up sort of out of the...” Just then the Congresswoman walked up and introductions were made. After Max departed, Liz continued with the interview but was thinking about Max. It was going to be harder than she thought to stay away from him.


Congresswoman Whitacker walked up behind her as she pulled out the filing drawer. “Parker, go home. It's late.”

“No, it's ok. I want to make sure you're organized.” Liz said trying to stay around.

“I don't want to be hit with a child labor suit.” Whitacker said arguing. Just then Nasedo in the guise of Agent Pierce walked in. The Congresswoman forgot about Liz and looked at the new arrival. “Agent Pierce.”

“Just Daniel. I'm a civilian now.”

“Uh, this is Liz Parker. She's my new intern.” The Congresswoman said introducing Liz. ‘Pierce’ smiled at Liz, “Pleasure.”

“Hi.” Liz said quietly. Unfortunately she already knew Nasedo. The time last spring when he had kidnapped her was more time than she ever wanted to spend in his presence. She listened to the two of them flirt until she heard Whitacker say, “Oh, she's a big girl. I think she can handle it. Right, Parker?”

Liz tried not to throw up on the two and said, “Um, I'm just gonna go get some more folders. Excuse me.” She slid by the two of them and went to the outer office. She listened to the rest of their conversation waiting for them to leave, which finally they did. “Parker, can you lock up on your way out? I'll see you tomorrow.”

“Yeah. Have a good night.” Liz called out.

“Oh, we will.” ‘Pierce’ said with a wry grin. Liz rushed to the back and let Max in. “We gotta move fast. I don't know how long he's going to be able to keep her away.” Max stated.

Thinking about what the two were talking about Liz said, “Well, I...I don't think that they're going to be back anytime soon.”

The two started searching the office. They went through everything filing cabinets, desks, etc. Liz was starting to get frustrating, “There's nothing.”

“Damn it!” Max exclaimed.

“So, I guess its not all over.” Liz sighed. She had stayed away from Max all of one day before being sucked back into the alien abyss. She had thought that she could stay away from them but they had needed her help, she couldn’t refuse. Maybe if she helped them with this then it would be over and she could stay away then.

“It can be. These are just bones that somebody dug up...pieces of the past. If I can just fix it, it can all be over. Things can go back to how they were.” He said looking hopefully at Liz.

“I don't think they can.” Liz said knowing he wasn’t only talking about what they were looking for. She felt uneasy under Max’s gaze so she tried to change the subject. “So, I never really got the whole story. Uh, why are we looking for these bones? What exactly is cadmium-x?”

“It's an isotope of cadmium that might have been created when Michael killed Pierce.” Max explained.

“Oh, so it's like some sort of after-effect of Michael using his powers?” Liz asked interested. Her brain was absorbing and sorting everything in Max’s statement. Did her and Kyle have cadmium-x residue in their bodies? Or could there possibly be other after-effects of Max’s healing? Could that be why her and Kyle hadn’t had any seizures since they were healed?

“Something like that. And if we don't get the bones before they're able to test for cadmium-x, Michael is screwed. We all are.” Max said sounding defeated.

Remembering something that could help, Liz said. “Well, did you check the particle physics lab at Las Cruces University?”

“The what?”

“It opened up last year. Mr. Saldeman spent like 2 weeks in physics obsessing about it last semester.” A photographic memory came in handy sometimes. “The new cyclotron can measure isotope ratios, so if cadmium-x is extraterrestrial, that's where you would go to find it out.” She caught Max’s look of awe. She had to admit she had slipped a little, letting her advanced knowledge of science leak out. She smiled as she said, “I'm not a dork. I just enjoy science.”

“Well then that’s where we’ll look next.” Max said before leaving to find the others.


The next evening Liz was coming home from work when she ran into Max outside of the Crashdown. “Hey.” Liz said being polite.

“Hey.” Max said. Liz was about to go past when he continued, “Let me ask you a question. I know what you said...that things couldn't go back to the way they were, but pretend they could for just one second. Could you and I go back, too?”

Liz’s heart wanted to say yes so bad but she refused to listen to it. She couldn’t forget that he had a destiny and a wife who was probably in the café behind him. “I...I can't pretend, Max.”

Liz watched as Max reached out and brushed her arm. A whirlwind of flashes whizzed by her, they were of passionate times between them. She looked up and saw Max watching her. “What?” He asked.

“Nothing.” Liz lied not wanting him to know that he had effected her. “Good night.” She said as she headed inside.

“Night, Liz.” Max said before leaving. Liz headed inside and hung out with her friends. She was actually enjoying herself dancing with Maria. That was when Max busted into the café. She had tried to comfort him, and was about to take care of his face when Tess used her powers to heal it. Seeing Tess do that reminded Liz that he wasn’t hers anymore. The aliens left shortly after and Liz headed for her bedroom, berating herself the whole way for being weak with Max. The next night when she saw Max and Tess walking down the street as she rode with Maria, she knew she had to be stronger or her heart would just be ripped out again.

Next is EOTW.
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Dedicated to: Lillie, pandas2001(2x), Lullaby, Lil Blu Bubble, wild_child_uk, and roswellluver.
Part 33


Kyle slapped his alarm off and rolled off the bed starting his morning regiment of pushups. Doing some more exercises, Kyle finished his morning workout and headed out into the rest of the house. He walked by the living room and spotted something that was out of place or actually someone. Tess Harding was asleep on his couch, “Dad!” Kyle yelled.

The yell woke Tess up and she lazily started to stretch. “Morning.”

“Yes, morning. What the hell are you doing here?” Kyle asked curtly.

Tess shrugged. “I live here.” She said as she walked by flipping his boxers on the way. “Calvin Klein. I approve.”

“Dad!” Kyle yelled again as Tess shut the bathroom door. She couldn’t be telling the truth. His dad wouldn’t do that. The Sheriff came out of his own bedroom a minute later, “What is it, Kyle?”

“What is Tess doing here? And why does she think she lives here?”

The Sheriff looked uneasily at his son. “Because she does. Last night her and Max found evidence of one of their enemies trying to get into her house. So she is going to stay here to keep her safe.”

“Dad, come on. This house is the one place I don’t have to hide from the outside world. Now I have to be careful here too.”
Kyle exclaimed.

“I’m sorry Kyle. She had no where else to go. You understand that don’t you?” The Sheriff knew he was playing dirty but he had to get Kyle understand.

Kyle nodded knowing no matter what he said Tess would be staying here. He turned and headed back into his room to get ready for school.


Kyle headed into his room to change so he could go work out only to find Tess laid out on his bed half-naked. “Hey. This is my room and that's my jersey.”

“Sorry.” Tess said before sitting up starting to take off the jersey.

“No! All right, look. You wear it.” Kyle said trying to stop her.

Tess gave him a look like he was nuts. “Kind of uptight about nudity, aren't you, for a guy who reads Jugs?”

“Give me that!” Kyle said snatching the magazine away.

“Oh...the post-its? Nice touch.” Tess said sarcastically.

“All right. Ok, listen. I don't know how you do things on planet Vulcan or whatever, but here on Earth we have this primitive human concept called privacy.” He could have her snooping around his room. His closet had several things in it that he couldn’t let her find. Guns, knives, medical equipment, etc. It would bring up too many questions.

“Keep talking to me like that and I'll slag you with my death-ray eyes.” Tess threatened. Kyle wasn’t sure if she was joking or not. Liz hadn’t said anything about that particular power. Tess smiled at him, “Kidding. You Buddhists have, like, no sense of humor.”

“How do you know about that?” Kyle asked, no one knew about that. He hadn’t told anyone not even Liz.

“Buddhism for Beginners" is also under your bed. How do you think the Buddha would feel about being sandwiched between Hustler and Busty Biker Babes?”

“Look, you can't tell anyone about that.”


“Because I have a certain reputation.”

“Of which, the less said the better.”

“I'm serious.”

“Kyle Valenti, Buddhist.”

“Look, I got into it over the summer...” Kyle stated. He had been at a bookstore with Liz casually looking around when he found the books on Buddha. He had to set his mind at ease somehow or the nightmares would never settle down again.

“At football camp. They're crazy about it.”

“Listen! This...this whole aliens-are-among-us really screwed me up...made me question, reality, my place in this universe...and you don't understand. people turned my life upside down. I need a little clarity. I need a little peace of mind.” Kyle argued.

“No, I don't understand. I'm a girl from another planet. No family, no friends. Only 3 other people like me in the world. And the man I grew up with...the man who raised me...he was just murdered. You're right, Kyle. What would I know about needing peace of mind?” Tess said as she left. Kyle sat there taken aback by her comments. He didn't realize she might be going through the same thing he had. She had explained exactly how he had always felt. The feeling of being different from everyone only having a few people whom understood what it was like to be him. “Sorry.” He said but she was already gone.


Kyle entered the Crashdown and saw who he was looking for sitting with Alex, Isabel, and Max. He motioned her to come over to him.

With him enhanced hearing he heard her say, “Uh-oh.”

She walked over and said, “So what have I done now?”

“You know father does consider this to be a very temporary arrangement. You understand that?”

“Sure.” Tess said uneasily not knowing what Kyle was getting at.

“All right. So in that case, I just wanted to tell you that I moved all my crap out of the room. You can have it. I'll sleep on the couch or something.” He had spent most of the day moving his stuff and finding hiding place for his other stuff.

“You didn't have to.”

“It's not a big deal. Uh, material possessions only clutter the mind anyway.” ‘And the car if you have to take off suddenly.’

“You tell 'em, Buddha boy.”

“All right. I'll see ya.”

“Hey. Thanks”


Liz walked into the Crashdown, As she did she scanned the room for unfamiliar faces, something she had done for years making sure there wasn’t someone she knew was from Manticore, when she spotted Max, sitting with Tess. She looked away suddenly and hurried to the back but Max grabbed her arm “I need to talk to you.”

“Max, I need to talk to Maria.” Liz said trying to leave.

“Look, you need to hear this.”

“Maria tried to explain to me about you and Tess the other night, ok? But I don't...”

“This isn't about Tess. It's about you and me. You think I'm gonna forget about you or get over it or something, but...but I'm not. I don't...I don't care about my destiny or my planet or anything else. All I care about is you. So just know this...I'm coming for you, Liz.” Max said before heading back to his table.

Liz just watched worried. She could tell Max wasn’t going to give up on her, and Maria wasn’t helping any not when she said, “Now that is a great man.”

The next weeks were hard. When Liz found out the truth about Whitacker she was upset that she hadn’t known something was up. True, she didn’t trust her but she should have been more careful. She also found it more complicated to meet with Kyle, since Tess was now living with him. She was trying to stay away from Max but he wouldn’t stop pursuing her. She was about to give in especially after the visit to the psychic.

Part 34

As Maria drove them all back from the fortuneteller Liz thought about what she had said. Max chose her. He was giving up his destiny as king for her. She had a king that would give anything to be with her. It made her think about one late night at Manticore when she had been talking to her sisters.

Liz threw off the covers, tired of lying in bed. She was nocturnal, like Jondy and Max. When she didn’t sleep she thought about things like how the guards looked at her, and how the doctors always talked to each other as if she couldn't understand. But what she hated the most was when the Colonel was in a mood, and all he could do was yell and scream at them, how they were defying orders. That was when arms got broken, and when the torture started. After the last time, all Max could do was repeat her barcode number for two days. That was when the Colonel tried to see how much they could take before they started to cry. But Liz tried to never cry in front of the Colonel. She didn't want to give him that satisfaction.

Liz snuck out the window and scaled up the nearby drain pipe to the roof. She loved to sit out there and watch the stars, dreaming of what was up there. She saw that two of her sisters had come up there as well. "He'll have a white horse." Liz could hear Jondy's light voice as she moved closer to where her two older sisters huddled. "And he'll ride up through the fence like the fence wasn't even there…"

Max giggled. It was a funny sound, a nighttime sound. They weren't allowed to laugh during the day. No smiles either. Those were the rules--never let anyone but your brothers and sisters see you smile or laugh. The Colonel didn't want them to enjoy life. They were soldiers.

“There's room for one more, Liz." Jondy's voice was soft. Liz was one of the babies, like Ky. She was one that the Colonel liked to single out, like he did with Max, Zack and Brin, because he said that Liz took reckless chances sometimes. She wouldn't listen completely, the way Brin would. Liz was stubborn, and even if she wasn't as obedient to orders, she always did what she had to do. And although she was tiny she always protected her family.

"A white horse," Jondy repeated firmly once Liz got settled. Even in the dark, Liz could see that Jondy's big eyes sparkled in ways that they never did during the day. "I saw a horse once. It was up in the mountains past the fence line when we were hunting the prisoner." Jondy's voice trailed off. “But it wasn't white. It was brown."

Liz shook her head. "I don't care what color the horse is. Just as long as he comes…"

It was kinda funny, how different they were between daytime and nighttime. In the classroom and in the mess hall, there was always silence, like her brothers and sisters didn't want to give anything away. During daylight, they were numbers and only numbers, moving as a single unit. They watched, and they listened, and they followed orders. Sometimes, they solved things in ways that seemed to surprise the Colonel. Sometimes, he almost looked like he would smile too.

Sometimes Liz thought that it wasn't supposed to be this way. Sometimes she thought there had to be more, more than duty and missions. None of the duties ever mentioned laughing, or talking, or just sitting together and comforting like Max and Jondy were doing.

Liz wrapped her arms around her legs, resting her chin on her knees and listen to Jondy old looks in her eyes. Their eyes weren't supposed to look that old-older than the guards, older than the doctors. Not older than the Colonel's, though. Liz hated being small, especially since there were times when she felt so much older than she really was. Did seven-year-olds outside worry about training sessions and who'd get a lesson next?

"Do you think that the stories Ben tells are true?" Liz asked as she sat between Max and Jondy.

“I think there's a high place," Max said finally. “With regular people--outside people."

“Do you think the princes and princesses and castles are real?" Liz asked.

Jondy leaned against Max; "I remember a story about a lady who was sleeping like she was dead then a prince came and woke her up with a kiss because he loved her. I think one of the nurses told it to me, when I was sick."

Without thinking, Liz ran a hand over her shorn head, wondering what it would be like to feel the weight of long hair there. "No prince could ever rescue us. They keep our hair too short."

“Princes might come. My prince will be tall, with blond hair and blue eyes," Max said, a little smile on her face. What about your prince, Jondy?"

Her older sister shrugged. "I don't know if I want a prince. We can take care of ourselves. What about you Liz?"

“Tall dark hair, dark eyes. Strong, but soft. And he has to like me for me." Someone to love her, the way moms were supposed to love their babies, the way that some of the doctors talked about their husbands and wives when they thought that Liz wasn't listening. Someone to love her like people on the outside loved.

"Even if our princes never come, we'll still make it." With an arm around each of her little sisters, Jondy hugged them close. Someday, they might see what was on the other side of the wall.

Liz was still thinking about it after Maria dropped her off. She went upstairs and started horsing around with a white scarf. That was when someone showed up from fourteen years in the future.

Part 35

It was the day after Future Max had first appeared to Liz. Their first plan, trying to coach Tess to be with Max, had not worked. Actually Max had found out was Liz had been doing and ended up asking her out after kissing her. Liz and FMax had left after and headed back to Liz’s room, arguing the whole way.

“You're supposed to be breaking up with him, not kissing him.” FMax stated frustrated.

“ kissed me. I know, he kissed me.” Liz exclaimed.

“You're only making me love you more.”

“I just said no to Gomez.” Liz said defiantly.

“You said no the last time, too. I didn't take no for an answer.”

“So we went to the concert.” Liz said rolling her eyes.

“No. The night of Gomez I came to your room. That's the night that things between us were cemented.”

“Cemented. So when you say cemented, you...” Liz stuttered out.

“We made love.” Max finished her sentence.

“No, no, we...we didn't.”


“No, I have no intention of making love to you or...or anyone else at this particular stage of my life.” Liz said angrily.

“I beg to differ.”

“No. Making love to you is the farthest thing from my mind. I...I don't even have protection.”

“I did.”

“Oh that’s great. There you are Max the Saint, just walking around with a condom in his back pocket. I...I...I don't even care what happened in your reality. I am not making love to you or anyone until I am ready, and I am just not ready.” Liz said, she meant what she said. Her life was so out of control right now to bring on a physical relationship.

“Liz, I am telling you what happened, and we have to change that. We have to. And so far, we've failed. Liz, it's not just Max that's the problem here. You are. You are not letting yourself change. Now you have to do something...before it's too late.”

Liz plopped on her bed and tried to think. She let her head hang forward, her hair spilling away from her neck. It took a minute to realize her neck was exposed before she sat up suddenly. She looked at FMax to see if he saw and he just smiled. “Liz, it’s okay. I’ve known for a long time.”

“What?” Liz played innocent.

“I’ve known for years. About Manticore, your family, everything.”

“I told you?”

FMax smiled bigger, “Kind of. About a month after Gomez, I came up to your room while you were working to set up a surprise. But I was the one surprised when I was looking for your spare candles in your closet and came across one of your guns, weapon trunks, and some pictures of you and your brothers. I was still sitting there when you came upstairs. When I asked about it you finally told me.”

“How did you react?”

“It took a little while for me to absorb it. I had been trying so hard to protect you and then I find out that you had been leading this whole dangerous life. But it didn’t matter to me.” FMax explained.

An idea clicked into Liz’s head, “That’s it. That’s what I can do.” FMax looked at her strangely until Liz started to tell him her plan.


Liz made her way up to Max’s window and signaled to FMax to stay hidden. She could see Max doing pull-ups, she ogled him for a minute before she knocked. As she watched him come over to the window she put on a Manticore expressionless mask.

“Well, this is a surprise.” Max said smiling.

“It isn't what you think.” She started climbing in his window and he reached out his hand. “No, I can do it.” She said coldly.
She made it in and her eyes were drawn to his naked chest. “Can, put a shirt on, please?”

She continued to watch him as he put on a shirt. “Thank you.”


Liz held up her hand. “Don't say anything, ok? Um, because I...I came in here with this whole speech, and once you start talking, my speech doesn't apply, and everything gets changed, and I just want to make sure that I say everything to you, so just don't say anything. Just don't say anything. Ok, I...I just re-read "Romeo and Juliet", and you know, the first thing that I realized is that isn't even the title. It's called "The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet". They die. You know, she's this young girl, she...she's younger than me, and she dies. Look, I think the reason why people think that it's such a romantic play is they don't know what it's like to be put in that position...but when your life and and other people's lives are...are put at risk, there isn't anything romantic about it.” It was true, living your life dangerously was something she would never wish on anyone.

What Liz said was all true, but now came the part where she lied, “ Max, you can't stop what's happening to you. I mean, your life will always be dangerous, but my life, it doesn't have to be. My life is only in danger if I am with you. I...I want to be in love with boys...normal boys. I...I want to see my 21st birthday. I...I want to have a wedding day. I...I...I want to have children...and I want my children to be safe. You know, Max, if...if you truly love me, you'll let me go. I may love you, but I...I don't want to die for you.” She saw the hurt look in his eyes. She couldn’t take it so she climbed out the window quickly.

She forgot that FMax was with her and just started running. Everything she said in her speech was one big hypocrite. Her life would always be dangerous, in someway more than his because there were people who knew with certainty that X5s existed and weren’t just a rumor. She climbed up on her balcony and started to cry.

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Dedicated to:Lillie, pandas2001, Lil Blu Bubble(2 times), and roswellluver.

Part 36

Liz watched, as FMax’s hand became solid again. “It didn't work. We have to do something else.” He said frustrated.

“No, I...I can't.” Liz said shaking her head.

“You have to.”

“Do you know how hard it was for me to tell him that I didn't want to die for him? He's the only reason that I'm alive right now.' gotta come up with another plan. Please go to someone else. I...I just...I can't do this anymore.”

“Just 25 minutes before I came here, I held Michael in my arms...dead. Isabel died 2 weeks before that. Now you have to do this. You have to find a way. All of our lives depend on it.”

“How? What can I do that's gonna make you turn away from me?”

“I don't know.” He said almost defeated. The two of them sat there quietly for hours into the night until Liz asked, “Why wasn’t Kyle or Zack at our wedding?”

“Like I said, we just took off. Zack was over on the East Coast and couldn’t get here in time plus he wasn’t real happy about it. Kyle went to college in Denver and came to Roswell after that first night we spent in Arizona.”

“What happened to them? My family?”


“No! I don’t care if you can’t tell me about the future! I want to know.” Liz demanded.

FMax sighed. “Jondy was killed in ’04 by a subway accident, Brin died of progeria about a year from now, Ben completely disappeared.”

“And the others? Did Manticore get any of them?”

“They killed Zane. They captured Krit, Max, and Syl. The skins got the others.” FMax said lowering his eyes. “They were spying on us, and found out about your family. They caught Zack when he came to town and from him they found out where the others were. From what we found out they tried to get them to work with them against us, and when they refused they killed them. We found their bodies in the desert, right by the crash site.”

Liz felt the tears come to her eyes. It was her fault that her family had died; she had to figure out something to stop that timeline from happening.


Listening to Maria complaining about Michael a short while ago had given Liz an idea, now she just had to set it up. And for that she needed someone who she could trust so she went to the one person she trusted more than anything did. She reached the door and knocked. A moment later, he answered.

“I need your help.”

Kyle looked at his sister and could see the desperation in her eyes, “Anything. What?”

Liz walked in an closed the door, “Are we alone?”

When Kyle nodded, Liz started to explain. “I need you to help me, it sounds strange but I know Max is going to come to my house tonight. When he does, I want him to see you and I in bed together, he’ll think we had sex.”

Kyle’s eyes widened, “What?! How in the hell is that going to do anything?”

“He doesn’t know what we are to each other so he’ll think we had sex and then he’ll leave me alone. Please Ky, I’m begging you.”

“It won’t just be him that thinks that, it’ll be everyone.” He said glancing towards his room thinking about Tess and the other night.

Liz saw her brother’s glance, “You and Tess?”

“I don’t know what’s going on, just kind of getting involved.” Kyle shrugged. “Why are you willing to go to such extreme measures?’

“I don’t want to talk about it, I just want Max to leave me alone.” Liz stated.

Kyle could see how determine she was and that she needed his help, “I’ll do it. Let me grab my keys.”


Later that night, the two of them laid beside each other in Liz’s bed something they had done over the summer. Kyle would never admit that sometimes he missed it. Instead of thinking of the past, he concentrated on the present. “So Evans must have really pissed you off to get you to resort to something like this.” Kyle said trying to dig up answers.

“I told you I don't really want to talk about why I'm doing this.”

“Jeez, I just figured since I'm giving you my last shred of dignity...” He said. After all everyone was going to think he had slept with his sister. Well they wouldn’t know it was his sister but still.

“I...I really. I can't.” Liz stuttered feeling bad for not being able to say anything.

“So...we have something in common.” Kyle said.

“Yeah? What's that?” Liz asked confused. Of course they had some in common, a lot of things. They were brother and sister.

“We, uh...we're the only two people I know of who have died and were brought back by an alien.” There he said it. He brought up the one subject they had avoided all summer while they were away. Sure they had talked about the aliens but never about how they felt about the actual healing.

“Yeah. You're right.”

“You feel different?”

“Yeah. Kyle...when he healed you, um...did...did you see things?”

“See things?”

“Flashes. Images.”

“No. But since he healed me, I keep getting these flashes of Max Evans naked.”

Liz laughed; it was a sound Kyle hadn’t heard since he had left her and Zack to go to football camp. “Feels good to make you laugh again.”

“It feels like this is the first time we've talked...since...” We got back. She was about to say when Kyle interrupted her.

“Feels good to do that again.”

“Yeah. It does feel good.” She said just as she caught a glimpse of Max. He saw exactly what she wanted him to and he looked heartbroken. He dropped something he was holding and left. She felt like her heart had been ripped out, again.

“Well, I guess it worked.” Kyle stated as he looked at his sister. She had tears in her eyes and nodded. She looked absolutely heartbroken.

“Can you go now? I want to be alone.” She said sadly.

Kyle got up, dressed, and left. He drove home slowly thinking about what they had done. When Liz had come to him earlier she had seemed desperate, what was going on with her that she would stage that scene. Before he knew it he was standing at the bottom of her ladder. His enhanced hearing allowed him to hear her soft whimpers up on her balcony. He climbed the ladder quickly and was surprised at the sight in front of him. It was Liz crumbled on the floor sobbing. He moved to wrap his arms around her. “What happened? Tell me what is going on.”

And she did. She told him everything. From Madame Vivien’s visit to the scene she had carefully set up. “He told me that Isabel and Michael were dead, that everyone but me and him was dead. All I could think about was that all of you guys were dead because of me. I couldn’t let that happen.”

“Shhh it’s okay. I’m here. I won’t let anything happen. We’ll figure out something.” He said as they sat in silence while he hugged her. “You know Buddha says all life is suffering, you take away the pain and you take away your chance to grow.”

“Well I would have preferred a different lesson.” Liz muttered as he picked her up and carried her into her room. She was so exhausted from emotional strain that she fell asleep against him before he laid her on the bed. He kicked off his shoes, crawled in next to her, and tried to figure out what to do next. All he knew was he had to help her, but they never taught them at Manticore how to heal a broken heart.

Part: 37

The next day after Future Max disappeared Kyle woke Liz up before leaving to head back to his house. Later that afternoon when it was decided that Liz would go with Max, Isabel, and Tess to Copper Summit for the funeral. Liz left the former Congresswoman’s office and headed home to change clothes before they were going to leave, while she did she called her brother, “Kyle it’s me. Look I’m going with the others to check out something at the funeral I should only be gone a day maybe two.”

“Are you sure about this Liz? After last night?”

“Yeah, I’ll be okay. I have to go, I’m the only one with any connection to her. Since Tess won’t be at your house can you possibly come by and pick up my weapons trunk? After he told me how he found out about me in the other timeline I realized I have too many people come through here now and it’s probably not the best thing to keep them here.”

“But that will leave you defenseless.”

“I’ve got my gun and my knife, just leave me a few small things and I’ll be fine.”

“Call me when you get back and be careful.” Kyle said.



Liz sat driving the jeep on the way to Copper Summit. The highway was small and dark but she did it with ease thanks to her enhanced night vision. She glanced up and caught Max’s eyes in the mirror. “I'm...I'm ok up here...if you want to get some sleep.”

“I haven't slept since I saw you with Kyle.” He said sorrowfully. “Liz, I know you, and I don't believe that you would do that to me. It doesn't make sense. Tell me what happened.”

Liz just sat there not answering him. She couldn’t, she could never tell him the real answer.


The next day Isabel and Max left Tess and Liz alone in the jeep when they went to check out things. “ and Kyle.” Tess said smugly.

“Yeah.” Liz answered. “ Oh, Kyle...he told me that you two were, uh, getting involved.” Liz said cringing. The thought of her brother and Tess made her sick, only the thought of her and Max gave a worst reaction.

“Oh, it's ok, don't worry about it.” Tess said.

“I'm sorry.” Liz apologized but didn’t mean it.

“About what? All you did was sleep with him. How was he, anyway?” Tess asked curiously.

That was it, Liz was going to puke all over the inside of the jeep. “Oh, I, was great.” She said with a little smile.

“Noted.” Tess said looking a little surprised by her answer. Max and Isabel came back a short time after and they drove over to the Crawfords. They investigated the former Congresswoman’s family, trying to figure out who was covering up her death. Later that night, Liz decided to go for a walk. She was heading down the street when she heard Max call to her as he ran up behind her. “Liz! Liz, what are you doing? We agreed none of us would go anywhere alone.

“Fine.” Liz said agitated and headed back the way she came.


“Max, look. There's just...there's nothing left to say.”

“Except the truth.” Max stated.

Liz breathed out a frustrated breath. “We have already been through this!”

“So far, all I know is what I saw, and what I saw can't be true, because it means everything I felt in my heart for the last year is a lie!” Max yelled. “Now, you owe me an explanation, and I want it right now!”

“Please quit shouting, Max. You're scaring me.” Liz said. She hated lying to Max and she wished he would leave so she wouldn’t have to look at his eyes.

“That's a lie, too!” Max yelled although in a lower volume. “You're not scared. You're hiding something.”

‘You have no idea’ Liz thought. “I'm not.”

“What the hell is going on with you, Liz? We never lied to each other, never kept a secret from each other.”

“You know, you have got me up on this pedestal, Max, and….I’m not this perfect person.” Liz stated. Max didn’t know about her past, the things she had done. She wasn't the innocent girl he thought she was. “I made a mistake. Look, Kyle and I made love. The end. I'm sorry.”

Max just looked at her shocked before backing away and leaving. Liz started on the way she had intended on heading. Everything running over in her head, thinking it all over. Maybe it would be better if she left like Zack had said. Then Liz changed her mind, she had to stay there and make sure that Tess didn’t leave. She headed back for the Crawfords avoiding Max and waiting to see how things would develop.

I’m going to skip to Wipeout in the next part. I wanted to primarily show the fight seen between Liz and Max in the Harvest.

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These are the episodes left.
Meet the Dupes & Max in the City
A Roswell Christmas Carol
To Serve and Protect
How the other half lives
Off the Menu
Cry your name
Too late, Too bad
Baby it's you
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Dedicated to: MoMo, Lil Blu Bubble,wild_child_uk, pandas2001, roswellluver, and angeleyes

Part 38

Liz and Maria walked around town trying to figure out what was going on and what had happened to everyone. Liz was in soldier mode. She was examining everything, trying to find out what did this. She was also worried that her brother had disappeared along with the rest of the town. Maria grabbed her arm and pointed at a coffee cup. “Look. Look, look. It's still warm.”

Because the coffee was still steaming, Liz knew that what ever had happened it had occurred within the last ten to fifteen minutes. She heard something break and jumped when Maria jumped. “ Ahh!”

“Ok, let's just go back to the car, ok?”

“Ok!” Liz agreed.

“Ok.” Maria said again. Liz grabbed her hand and started leading her back to the car. She had to protect Maria, she was all she had left. They headed down a alley when something caught Liz’s eye. “Wait!” She said as she reached down and picked up the piece of skin. It disintegrated in her hand. “This is not good.” She said. Deciding she needed something more powerful then her hands she lead Maria in the direction of the Crashdown. They reached the door and saw their friends inside.

“Michael!” Maria yelled as she hugged him.

Liz looked at Michael, Isabel, Courtney and Max. No Kyle. “Max, what...what happened? We...we just got back from Dexter.”

“Our parents disappeared. It seems like the whole town is gone. All the humans, at least.” Max explained.
“Well, why not us?”

Isabel walked up and tried to comfort her. “I'm sorry.”

“What is going on here? Everyone's gone? They're gone, like dead?” Liz exclaimed. It couldn’t be true, her brother wasn’t dead.

“We don't know that.” Max said trying to calm her down.

Liz stood in shock vaguely hearing Maria try to call Alex. She only spoke when she heard Isabel say, “First thing we need to do is figure out who did this.”

“We know who did this. The skins.” Liz answered.

“Yeah. We found one of those snake skin things off of Elm Street.”

“Nicholas.” Courtney muttered.

“This is our fault.” Isabel stated. The back door flew open revealing only Tess, “No. It's her's. You led the skins straight to Roswell, Courtney!”

“She's with us, Tess.” Michael yelled. Michael, Tess, and Courtney argued over whose fault it was until Max broke it up. Then Isabel turned from her lookout position by the front window, “Into the bathroom. They're coming. Now.” She ordered.

They all piled into the bathroom. “There's two of them...Nicholas and Ida. Hide us.” Isabel whispered to Tess. Tess closed her eyes and Liz figured she was mindwarping. She listened to Nicholas and Ida out in the café, her transgenic hearing allowing her to hear every word. She could even tell their exact location by where the voice was coming from. She wanted nothing more than to go out there and make them pay for what they had done. They had taken away Alex, her parents, her brother and the Sheriff. She heard them leave and the piled out. She watched as Tess stumble to the counter before heading upstairs.

Knowing there was no one to see her Liz ran up the stairs with transgenic speed. Although she knew they wouldn’t be there she searched the rooms for her mom. She found a laundry basket in her room and knew her mom had been doing laundry. She walked over in front of the basket and that’s when she saw it. Motorcycle keys, Zack’s keys. He almost never let them know a head of time when he was going to visit, he must have been trying to keep her mom company until Liz got back. Liz almost lost it, she couldn’t handle loosing two brothers in the same day. She heard Max enter the room. “My mom always listened to Elvis Costello on laundry day. “ She stated trying to blink back the tears but doing it unsuccessfully, “I am so scared.”

“What happened to your all the's our fault.” Max said trying to apologize.

Liz pulled her shoulders back and stood tall. She wasn’t going to give up. “We haven't lost them yet. We have to stay strong.”

“Yeah.” Max said glancing down at her bed. “I should get back down.”

That was when they heard Isabel yell from downstairs. “Max!”

The two rushed downstairs to see Courtney on the ground and she didn’t look good.

“She just collapsed.” Isabel explained.

“Max, you gotta help her.” Michael pleaded.

“Let's get her upstairs.” Max ordered.

Liz helped the others carry Courtney up to her bathroom. They set her on the toilet and Maria suggested, “Um...ok, maybe we should take her clothes off?”

Isabel used her powers to shut the door and then asked. “What now?”

As they started stripping Courtney down Liz asked, “ know, from what...from what she said, the husk is starving. It's looking at her thighs like they're 2 canned hams.” Liz knew what malnutrition looked like.

“I heard that, you bitch.” Courtney muttered.

Liz lifted Courtney into the tub with Tess’s help although she didn’t need it.

“Well...what if we tempt it with food from...from outside the membrane...sort of like an all-you-can-eat buffet or something?” Isabel suggested.

“Yeah. Yeah. I mean, it's worth a try. We need, like, some vitamins and minerals and...and nutrients.” Liz was about to reach for her old body of Tryptophen which had all kinds of vitamins in it along with amino acids but Maria beat her to it. “Ok. We've got ginko, bee pollen, echinacea, C, D, E, calcium, St. John's wort, and Pamprin.” They all looked at her, “What? I was dating Michael Guerin.”

A few minutes later, Courtney recovered and they started questioning her. That was when they found out what had happened and that Liz and Maria had a window of time before they disappeared. Liz and Maria headed downstairs talking about what Courtney said. “Ok. So, what did she mean by "buy us some time’?”

“Don't worry about it. She said we slipped through a window. We'll be fine.” Liz assured her right as she caught sight of what could only be a skin.

“Run!” The two girls ran to the order window and Liz helped Maria through it first. “Come on! Go! Go! Go” She ordered. She started to lift herself when the skin grabbed her. He was strong and Liz had to struggle until she landed both feet in his chest and kicked him back. He stumbled back just enough that Liz could make it through. She turned to look at him just as she heard a gunshot and saw a cloud of dust come from his chest. Liz was able to see the Sheriff behind him. “Oh. Careful, Sheriff! He's a skin!”

The skin reared back and knocked the Sheriff to the ground before escaping. Just then Kyle appeared.
“Dad! Dad, you ok? You ok? You all right?”

“Ohh!” The sheriff grimaced. “I’m fine.”

Kyle looked up and saw his sister staring at him with wide eyes filled with great relief. “Kyle! Sheriff!”

Liz wanted to go up and hug him but just then the others came down. They quickly explained to Kyle and Valenti what was going on Then explained to Max and the others the incident with the skins. Courtney revealed how to kill the skins and what powers Nicholas possessed.

“We've gotta get everybody to a safer location.” The Sheriff suggested.

“The UFO center. It's a former bomb shelter. There are no windows and fewer ways in and out. After we get everyone situated, you, me, Michael, Isabel, and Tess will start picking them off one by one.” Max stated.

“What about me?” Kyle asked. He knew that Liz couldn’t help without raising suspension, but she could stay behind and protect the others. If it got bad then they would blow their cover to stay alive.

“You're not someone I trust.” Max said coldly. Kyle looked at Liz who pleaded with her eyes not to say anything.

“Let’s go.” Max ordered. They all got up and headed to the back door.

Part 39

The group headed out into the alley and made their way towards the street. When they reached the end of the alley Max spoke, “There's not much cover, so we should split up into groups.”

“Good idea.” The sheriff stated.

“You ok?” Max asked him.

“Yeah. Michael, Kyle, take Courtney. You guys go first.” He knew that Kyle would be able to carry Courtney if they needed to run.

Max looked at Kyle and Michael and said, “When you're in, we'll send the next bunch.”

Kyle moved to take Courtney’s arm to support her. He looked out into the street and screened it to make sure that it was empty. He nodded almost imperceptibly to his dad. “All right, go.” His dad said.

Kyle and Michael hurried across the street, stopping for Michael to open the door using his powers. They motioned that they were in and the Sheriff nodded in acknowledgement. “I'll take Tess, Liz, and Maria. You two OK bringin' up the rear?”

Max nodded so the Sheriff looked at the three girls, “Ready?”

“Ok.” Tess stated. Liz ducked down and hurried across the street and into the door. A minute later, Max came alone but went over to Michael, Maria and Tess so she didn’t get a chance to ask him where Isabel was. Liz stood there for a minute before she signaled to Kyle using the hand signals they learned long ago to go into Brody’s office. Once inside she shut the door and said to Kyle, “Zack was here this morning, he’s gone now like the others.”

“Oh sh*t, we’ve got to end this and get him back.”

“Trying the phone, I’ll see if Brody’s computer picked up anything. Alex told me that he’s an alien fanatic and it monitors strange incidents maybe there’s something on it.” Liz said as she moved to sit down in front of the computer. Kyle headed for the phone and tried dialing a friend of his dad’s in Clovis. Nothing. “I can't call out of town.”

Liz clicked a few keys and found something that looked strange. “Kyle. Kyle. Um, do you see this jump on the graph? There was some sort of, like, electric disturbance that leveled off here.”


“Um...10:30 this morning.”

“Right about when everyone went poof.”

“Kyle, if the energy field was turned on...”

“Maybe it can be turned off.” He said finishing her sentence. They always worked well as a team, their brains were thinking a mile a minute, figuring things out quickly.

“Exactly. I mean, we just need to find the source. If we can shut it off, maybe we can bring everyone back.” Liz stated just as the Sheriff came in. “Liz...will you excuse us for a second?”

Liz nodded and headed out of the office. “Don't worry, dad. I'm stayin' out of everyone's way.” Kyle said.

“ you remember what you did the night after your mom left?” The Sheriff asked reverting to his original name.

“I snuck over to Liz’s.” Kyle stated not knowing what his dad was getting at.

“You did then you snuck back in you window early in the morning so I wouldn’t know you left. You were worried about me, and you didn't want me to think that I had to be strong for you too, so you hid how much her leaving hurt you. That was a brave thing for an 8-year-old to do, and I was...and I was proud of you. I’ve always been proud of you. You and Liz risked your lives to have freedom.”

“Mm-hmm.” Kyle said not knowing why his dad kept going on and on.

“I remember our first Christmas...and when I, uh... I taught you how to fish.”

“Ok, pop, knock it off.”

“I...” The Sheriff said as he stumbled.

Kyle looked at him worriedly. “ You all right?”

The Sheriff looked at Kyle, the young boy who had let him be a father. “I'm in awe of you every day, son. And I apologize for not recognizing the man that you're becoming...because you're a're a darn good one.” He said before disappearing.

“No! Dad!” Kyle yelled. He turned around and found himself in an empty room. He headed out front. They had to fix this; he needed his dad and Zack back.

Part 40

After the skin got in and was killed Max spoke, “All right. We'll head for the school. It's our turf.” He turned to a shocked looking Kyle, “Get your dad.”

“I can't. He disappeared right in front of me.” He said sadly.

“You know, the skins' time dimension must be catching up with those of us that are...” Liz explained.

“Human. Who's next?” Maria asked.

Kyle looked up and saw a postcard of the billboard outside of town. Everything clicked into place then. He ripped it out of the rack and said, “That time field is coming from the billboard out by Chaparral Turnout. My dad spotted a green rod stuck through it this morning. We thought it was a prank. I'm heading out there.”

“No. We stick together.” Max ordered.

Kyle had had enough of Max’s orders for the day. “Hey, I've been really nice about following your orders, Senor Presidente, but if I can do something to help bring some people back or ensure that Liz, Maria, and I live to see another day, I'm gonna do it.”

Kyle started up the stairs when he heard Max’s voice, “Kyle. Look...take Bradford Alley all the way out of town. It's a straight shot. You can't get boxed in.”

“Thanks.” Kyle said sincerely.

“Good all of you.” Max said looking in Liz’s direction.

“I'll take care of her.” Kyle said, ‘I always have and always will’ Kyle thought before heading out the door. On the other side he watched his sister stare at Max for a minute before her and Maria joined him and they headed out for the sign.


As they made their way out to the billboard the only thing she could think of was Max. She didn’t even hear Maria’s hysterical chatter. Finally she blurted out, “No! I can't leave it like this!”

“Excuse me?” Maria asked.

“Max. No, I walked out on him without explaining what happened between you and me.” She said looking at Kyle.

“Huh?” Maria said in a dazed voice.

“I didn't even say good-bye!”

Kyle looked up at the rear view mirror and looked at his sister, “Look, you've got a job to do. Max has got a job to do. When everybody's done with their job, you can make nice.” He knew she still cared for Max but right now they needed to save their own asses.

“He'll never know!”

“He's Max. He'll always know. Right?” He said shrugging. Kyle glanced up at the mirror again only to see Liz disappear. He felt his heart almost stop. First Zack, then his dad, now Liz. He had to stop this thing, he had to bring them back. A few minutes later he and Maria arrived at the billboard and got out of the car.

“Not Liz. I need Liz.” Maria said hysterically.

Kyle reached over and grabbed her by the shoulders. “Maria, Maria, look, look, look, look. She's coming back. They all are. All right. Now, Liz said something about generators and electric fields.”

“So how does electricity work?”

“Why are you lookin' at me? We were both in the same remedial science class for 3 years.” Kyle said unable to drop his cover for a minute. He couldn’t help it, it had been imbedded in him for so long.

“Basically, we have, blow its fuse, right?”

Remembering basic mechanics, Kyle came up with an idea. “That means we mess with the current. Do you have jumper cables?”

“Yeah.” Maria states but before they can get them a skin jumped out.

Kyle was really sick of these guys getting in the way of him being with his family. “Buddha, forgive me, but I'm gonna kick your ass!”

The skin rushed him and effortlessly he flipped him over. He ran to the car in the hopes of finding a weapon and only found the club. The skin grabbed him and he hit the seal self-destruct button with all his strength. The skin disintegrated but Kyle felt a strange force of energy come over him and knew he was going to disappear. He looked up and said, “Maria...”


When Kyle opened his eyes again he was almost blinded by the bright blueness that seemed to be burning his eyes. They adjusted quickly and he was able to see but almost wished he couldn’t. As far as he could see were the people of Roswell frozen in place. From what Kyle could tell they were in the pose of what they had been doing whenever the alien device went off. He saw some of his teachers, a couple of his dad’s deputies. He didn’t know why he was the only one who was able to move, maybe it was because he hadn’t been there when it hit. “Liz!!!!!! Dad!!!!!Zack!!!!!” Kyle called.

“Kyle!!” He heard Liz calling him. She came around a large group of people and hugged him. “I’m so glad to see you.”

“Me, too. I thought I was going to be stuck with the mannequins. Is everyone here?”

“As far as I can tell. I saw Zack.” She said quietly.

“It’s going to be okay. Maria knew what to do before I left. But why aren’t we frozen?”

“It’s like you said. We are the only two people who have been healed by an alien.” Liz stated. Right then Maria appeared in frozen state and before the two X5s could say anything the scene changed to where they were back at the billboard. Liz saw Maria animate this time and ran up to hug her. The two girls jumped up and down hugging until Kyle came up for his hug.

“We need to go check on everyone.” Liz said thinking she wanted to see her brother and her parents.

“I’ll get the cables.” Maria stated before climbing back up to the board.

“Kyle I don’t think we should say anything to anyone just yet.” Liz whispered to him.

“I agree. Let’s go.” Kyle said as they got back in the car. They hurried back to Roswell and was greeted by the sight of people everywhere and from what they could see they were none the wiser. When they reached the Crashdown Liz’s dad reamed the two girls for taking so long getting back to town with the equipment he needed. He told Liz that she had a visitor upstairs and her and Kyle headed upstairs to see their brother. No one knew what had happened and Liz and Kyle kept their secret.

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Dedicated to: MoMo, pandas2001, roswellluver, Lillie, Lullaby, Lil Blu Bubble, and angeleyes.

This next part doesn’t have a lot of X5 stuff in it but I wanted to put in Liz’s thoughts when she first met Ava.

New Part 41
Meet the Dupes &
Max in the City

Liz looked at the three look a likes of the aliens and listened to them telling about how they were the other set. It was then that Liz realized it hadn’t been Michael who had kissed her in the hallway.

“They went to New York.” Isabel’s clone said.

“New York?” Max asked.

“The Big Apple. Center of the universe. Amazing pizza.” Michael’s look alike said.

“Um...but there's only 3 of you.” Liz stated. She hadn’t seen Max’s look alike come in.

“We had a fourth. We just lost him.” Isabel’s lookalike explained.

“His name was...Zan.” Liz heard Tess’s lookalike say meekly. She looked over at the girl who was a replica of her enemy but unlike with Tess Liz didn’t get a bad feeling about her. Liz was so busy studying her that she barely heard Max start the introductions. “I’m Max.”

“How did you lose your Max?” Isabel asked.

“He died in a stupid accident. You know, all his powers, all his abilities, and, you know, he died in a street accident. For nothin'. Yo, I'm Rath.”



“I'm Ava.” The pink haired alien Liz had been studying said.


“This is Michael, and these are our friends: Alex, Maria, and Liz.” Max said pointing to all of them. Liz’s eyes settled on Rath, “Uh, we met.”

“Sorry about that. I was, uh...I was just trying to get the lay of the land.” He turned his attention back to Max who was looking at her strangely. “Something's cookin'...something that's gonna affect all of us. Could we talk in private?”

Liz watched the two of them head into Brody’s office and headed to sit with Maria and Alex. There was something off about the other two duplicates but she couldn’t tell what.


Liz was feeling crappy ever since Max came to see her before he left for New York. She headed back to the alley and threw the trash bag inside as hard as she could. “Yo! You mind not banging that thing around?”

Liz looked on the other side and saw a familiar face, “Tess? Oh, no, no, I mean, um...”


“Yes, Ava! That's right. I'm sorry. What...what are you doing here?” She asked.

“Trying to get some sleep.”

“In the alley?” Liz asked knowing she was right. Ava just looked at her. “I thought you went back to New York.”

“Car was too tight. Decided to hang around here.” Ava explained.

Being in the same situation before and remembering what it was like not knowing where you would sleep next Liz’s heart went out to her. “I’ve got an empty couch in here if you want to us it.”

Ava looked at her in shock, surprised by her offer. “No thanks, I’m cool here.”

Liz knew that she couldn’t force her to trust her she said, “Well, it’s a standing offer. If you decide to take me up on it just head up the ladder, my room’s at the top.”

Later that night Liz passed a sleeping Ava as she went to meet Maria and wrapped a blanket on her.

Part 42

The next night after the café closed Liz was on her balcony reading when she heard faint sounds of someone climbing her ladder. A minute later she saw Ava’s head poke over top. “Hey Ava. What’s up?”

“You said the offer was a standing one so I was going to see if I could ride the couch.” Ava said.

“Of course, come on.” Liz said as she lead Ava in her window and down to the break room. “Do you need anything?”

“No, I’s still got the blanket from last night.” Ava said as she sat down. Liz smiled and said goodnight before heading back upstairs. A short time later her enhanced hearing allowed her to hear Ava screaming. She ran downstairs and grabbed the screaming girl, “Are you ok?”

“I...I saw it...and I watched it happen again.” Ava said as she cried.

“What, what?” She asked.

“Zan...the accident. The way his body just lay there in the street!” She said crying harder.

“Oh, shh. It's ok. It's just a dream. It was just a dream, a bad dream.” Liz said trying to calm down the hysterical girl. She knew what it was like to wake up from a nightmare that stemmed from real life. They were the worst.

“It's all my fault! I should have stopped it. I could have stopped it! I should have known. I should have known.” She said as she curled against Liz.

“Known what? Known what?” Liz asked but Ava wouldn’t talk. “Listen, I don’t think either one of us is going to go to sleep soon so why don’t we go out into the café and get something to drink?”

Ava nodded and followed Liz. Liz went behind the counter and heated up two mugs, one of tea for Ava and one of milk for her. She handed Ava her mug and sat down next to her, “Are you sure you don’t want to talk about it?”

“I...can't talk about it.” Ava looked sad and uncomfortable. “Zan was stubborn...strong. He put up a wall, and you just couldn't get through. He always tried to do everything right, to be perfect. He was like that, right up until...”

Liz could see the hurt in her eyes, “You must have liked him a lot.”

Ava nodded. “Yeah. I'm not sure he ever really loved me back, though.”


“Just a feeling. I always felt like he was waiting for someone else to walk into his life.” Ava explained. Liz couldn’t explain it but she felt close to Ava. They had both been through heartache. “So what about you? How'd you find out about Max? He just hauled off and dropped the bomb one-day?”

“No. He was right over there. I was working, and, uh...he was sitting at that booth.” She said as she smiled and pointed. And um, someone brought in a gun, and it kinda went off, and I got shot. I was dying, but Max brought me back.” Liz noticed that Ava was staring at her strangely.

“He brought you back.” Ava half asked, half stated.

“Yeah.” Liz answered. Getting hungry suddenly, Liz stood up. “I’m going to get something from the kitchen, you want anything?”

Ava shook her head and Liz headed into the kitchen. As she rummaged through the kitchen to find something to eat she thought about Ava. She was hiding something. The sound of the bell on the front door made her glance out front and she saw Michael and Isabel surrounding Ava. Knowing that wasn’t a good sign she headed out. And heard Isabel ask, “Why did Lonnie impersonate me?”

“I don't know.” Ava answered quietly.

“Why don't I believe you?”

“That's your problem.” Ava said defiantly. Liz watched as Michael raised his hand and let a blast loose. “Don't piss us off.”

“Fine! We'll do this the hard way.” That was when Liz interceded.

“Ok, ok, wait, wait. It's ok.” She stepped in front of Isabel and pulled Ava away, “Come on, Ava. Ok, ok, told me that you had a secret that you couldn't tell anyone. But, um...if Max is in danger, you have to tell us. You lost Zan. Please don't let me lose Max. I love him, you know, and I love him just as much as you did Zan. Please, Ava...don't let me lose him. Please.”

Ava looked at the brunette who had stood up to the others for her. She saw the way she pleaded with her to help. “Lonnie and Rath...killed Zan. And they're probably gonna kill Max.”

Liz pulled away in shock; she was going to loose Max. She looked over at Isabel and Michael. “We've got to find a way to warn Max. He's in the middle of the summit right now.” Isabel said.

“Where's the summit being held?” Michael asked.

“Some building downtown.”

“You gotta do better than that.” Michael threatened.

“I don't know anything more.”

Liz suddenly got an idea, “Hey, Isabel, um...can't you dreamwalk Max? You know, um...put a warning in his mind. You've done it before, you know, when he was in the white room.”

“That was different. He was drugged. I was only a few miles away. He's across the country now.” Isabel said frustrated.

“I think we're out of alternatives.” Michael stated. Isabel sat down and Liz guessed she was trying to dreamwalk Max. About twenty minutes passed until she opened her eyes again and hit the table. “ Damn it! It's not working. I can't reach him.”

“Yeah, but you gotta try again.” Michael pleaded.

“Won't do any good. He's not hearing me.” Isabel snapped.

“Ok, so um, what's plan "B"?” Liz asked. She hated knowing Max was in danger and she wasn’t able to do anything. She felt worse when she heard Isabel’s answer. “There isn't one.”

Ava stood up and grabbed a chair “Liz can do it.”

“What?” Isabel asked.

As Ava pulled Liz over to Isabel as Liz asked. “What are you talking about?”

“Max brought you back from the dead. You've been changed.” Ava explained.

“What do you mean by changed?” She knew that when Max had healed her that he had fixed her seizures but other than that she hadn’t felt any different.

“Look, there ain't enough time to explain. You just gotta trust me here. If Max brought you back,'re different now.” Ava explained frustrated.

“Take my hand, Liz.”

“I don’t know why but I’m really scared to do this. You know if you can’t contact him what makes you think I can?”

“I know my brother and I know that if there is one voice that he will hear no matter where he is, it’s yours. Take my hand Liz.” Isabel took Liz’s hand. Liz didn’t know what to do so she just concentrated on Max. How she loved him, how he made her feel. Soon she felt a tingling over her body and hoped that meant it was working. Then she felt Max. She opened her eyes and saw that she was no longer in the Crashdown. She was in the middle of a busy street.

She looked around and saw Max, Tess, Rath, and Lonnie are walking along a street. Then saw Rath grab Tess and cover her mouth with his hand. At the same time she watched as Lonnie reached out with her hand and uses her power to loosen a platform above Max. Liz noticed that Max was staring at her. She tried to yell but calling out to him, but she can tell he can't hear. She started motioning to him to come to her. She watched as he started to step towards her just as the platform crashed behind him. Then suddenly the tingling was gone and she was staring at Isabel again.

Liz gasped loudly. “Did it work?” Isabel asked.

Liz nodded. “Yeah, Ava was right. Lonnie used her powers to try and drop a platform on Max. When he saw me he moved out of the way and it crashed behind him. I think Rath had Tess.”

“But Max was okay?” Michael asked. Liz nodded again before darkness took her. She woke up to find herself lying in her own bed. There was a note next to her from Isabel. ‘Michael brought you up here after you passed out. Ava said it was too much for you since Max was across country. We didn’t get a chance to question Ava because your parents woke up. Max called and said he and Tess would be coming back later today. ~Isabel.

Liz got up and headed downstairs to see Ava was gathering her stuff.

“Leaving?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, I think I need to travel around a little. Sort some stuff out.” Ava said sadly.

Seeing the pain in her eyes all thoughts of questioning Ava flew out of Liz’s thoughts. “Good-bye. Good luck, ok?”

“Thanks. You, too.” She said before Liz reached over to hug her. Liz felt Ava stiffen then relax. Liz pulled back and smiled.

Ava rolled her eyes and said, “So cornball.”

“Ok.” Liz laughed as she watched Ava leave. Shortly after there was a knock at the door. Liz went to open it and saw Kyle. “Hey what’s up that you had to call me so early in the morning?” Kyle asked.

“Sorry. I just wanted to tell you something. Tess told you about the look alikes right?” Kyle nodded. “Well Ava told me last night that because Max brought me back that I’m different. I’ve changed.”

“We knew that, neither one of us has had a seizure since.”

“No, I mean something else. Maybe that was why we reacted differently than the others when the Skins were here.” She quickly explained about the nights events and seeing Max in New York. “So I don’t know if I was acting like a conductor or what but that’s what happened.”

“Well did you ask Ava?”

Liz shook her head. “I passed out after. When I woke up, she was leaving. I didn’t get a chance to ask her. I think she was scared that Lonnie and Rath would be coming back for her.”

Kyle sighed heavily. “Maybe the other ones can tell us. I better get going. Tess will be back when I get home.” Liz hugged him good bye before heading upstairs, berating herself for not questioning Ava. She felt bad later when Max came by to talk to her and Ava but Liz had to tell him that she left. They talked a little about how she was feeling about finding out she was changed then he asked her again if she slept with Kyle. He left after she nodded.

She watched him go and started feeling bad again when her cell phone rang. “Yeah?”

“It’s me. Brin’s at Manticore.” She heard Zack say.

“What?” Liz practically screamed.

“She was sick, Max and I had no choice. They were the only ones who could help her.”

“You found Max? How is she? Where are you?”

“Liz, you know I can’t tell you that. But she’s okay except Lydecker saw her and now she’s in danger too. I’m going to get her somewhere safe but I wanted to let you know about Brin. I’ll check in with you in a week.”

“Be careful, Zack.” Liz warned before hanging up. Things were getting rough. Brin had been caught; Zack and Max were on the run, now more than ever her and Kyle had to be careful.


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Dedicated to: pandas2001, Lillie, roswellluver, angeleyes, Lil Blu Bubble, and wild_child_uk.

I’m posting a lot of parts at once because I finished writing the whole thing.

Part: 43
A Roswell Christmas Carol

Liz made her way home from Midnight mass slowly. Every year she did the same thing, walk around all of Roswell on Christmas Eve and look at all the lights with Kyle. This year everything was different. Usually Kyle and the Sheriff would come to the Crashdown and eat dinner with them, and then they would all go to Midnight Services. Afterwards the two of them would walk around before heading back to Liz’s house and exchanging presents. But because Tess was living with them now they had to be cautious of what they did. Kyle had called her earlier to tell her that Tess had made dinner and that he would meet her after he was sure that Tess was asleep. Liz couldn’t help but feel a little jealous of Kyle spending Christmas away from her. Lately it seemed like Liz was always jealous of Tess, for several reasons. One was because she had Max, although they were only friends and she got to spend lots of time with Kyle.

She knew her and Kyle could pretend to date again but she didn’t want to do that. She knew it would hurt Max to see them together and she couldn’t do that. It would just twist the knife deeper. Liz smiled at the thought of Max. Things had gotten a lot better between them in the last few days. He had even came to Midnight services to sit next to her even though he didn’t believe in God. She wondered what he would think if she told him she didn’t used to. She wondered what he would say if she told him about the Blue Lady. Of course if she told him about her then she would have to explain a lot more.

The past month had been tame since the dupes left. A week after, Liz had gone into heat again but everyone else thought she was home sick with the flu. So that she had gotten out of school and work. Kyle had come by to visit, and Maria had brought over her homework but her parents had kept everyone else away. Even Alex, Liz felt bad about it but she didn’t want to explain if she tried to throw herself at him. She looked around at the different houses; it just wasn’t the same without her brother. Missing her family she decided to try and call Zack. Her and Kyle hadn’t heard from him since he had called and told her about Brin a month ago and they were worried. She listened to the ringing on the line and sighed when voicemail picked up. She left a quick message before disconnecting.

“Still nothing?” She heard.

“No, nothing. I wish we knew where he was. We haven’t heard anything and with Brin being in Manticore, I’m worried that he got caught.” She said sadly as she felt Kyle hug her from behind. “Tess asleep?”

“Yeah, sawing logs.”

“She looked happy at services.” Liz commented as they started walking.

“It’s the first Christmas that she’s been able to celebrate. Nasedo never let her do anything.” Kyle explained. “Sorry about earlier, she invited Ms. Deluca over for dinner for Dad. You should have seen him; he acted like some nervous guy on a date. It was funny.”

“Good, as much as it grosses you and Maria out I think they’re cute together.” Liz said.

“I just don’t want her to hurt him like Mom did.”

“Kyle it was one dinner. Besides, things have been calm lately. At least in regards to your Dad. He hasn’t had to cover anything up lately.”

“Speaking of couples, I saw Max sitting with you tonight. What was up with that?” Kyle asked.

Liz blushed, “Nothing. We’re just trying to be friends.”

“Uh uh. Sure. Just be careful.” Kyle teased. They chatted as they finished their walk and headed back to Liz’s. After making two mugs of hot chocolate with lots of milk they made their way up to her balcony before they exchanged gifts, they participated in their own little tradition. Liz pulled out a box and laid out the contents, a box of long fireplace matches and eleven candles, one for each of their siblings. Each candle was a different color. They divided them up, Liz taking the girls, Kyle the boys.

Kyle started, “To Zack, Ben, Jack, Zane, Krit and Josh.” He said each name as he lit their candle then it was Liz’s turn. “
To Maxie, Syl, Jondy, Tinga, and Brin. Merry Christmas guys, we wish you were with us.” It was something they did every year, it made them feel closer to their absent siblings. Once they were done they started on their gifts. Liz opened the larger box and found a new black sweater then moved on to a smaller box. She opened it and found a small replica of Kyle’s red mustang. “Kyle, what’s this?”

“It’s symbolic. I know how hard things have been here for you since Future Max came seeing Tess and Max getting closer. So if you don’t want to stay here anymore just give me the car and we’ll pack up and leave.” Kyle explained. Liz felt tears come to her eyes and she hugged Kyle.

“That is so sweet. I feel bad about my gift now.” Liz said.

“Are you kidding? I love my tickets, you know that the Houston Astros are my favorite team. Remember when we saw them play against the Cubs in Chicago with Zack, granted they lost but that was so much fun.”

“Yeah, that was a lot of fun. The whole summer was.” Liz said smiling. “But this summer I won’t be able to go with you, it’d look funny. You could take your dad or even Tess.”

Kyle shrugged, “Maybe I’ll talk Zack into meeting me in Houston. Surely we’ll talk to him by then.”

“What do you think they did to Brin? After she recovered I mean.” Liz asked.

“Liz…” Kyle started to say. He didn’t want her thinking about their imprisoned sister right then and depressing them.

“Kyle we never talk about it. I can’t talk to anyone but you about it and I need to.”

“Liz, you know what they would do. As soon as she was better she’d go in for reindoctorination. They’d make her forget who she was.”

“I already decided that if I was ever caught, I’m going to make myself forget everything, Max, the others, Roswell. I don’t want to risk any of you.”

Kyle understood what she was saying; he shuddered to think what Lydecker could do if he had a little alien DNA. They talked a little bit but mostly just enjoyed being in one another’s company, after all Christmas was a time for family and each other were the only family they had.

Part 44
To serve and protect

Liz gazed around the café and saw a handsome guy staring back at her. “Hello, Liz.” She heard him say.

“Hello, Brad.” She smiles as he lifts her up and sets her on the counter. “Would you like fries with that.” She said before they begin to kiss, but stopped when she notices Max. “I’m with Brad now.”

“Brad doesn’t even exist. Besides, you want someone who can do this.” Max says as he waves his hand and she finds herself bathed in rose petals. He leans in and kisses her “Oh my!” She said as he pulled away. Something over his shoulder catches her eye and she thinks she sees Isabel but then suddenly nothing is there.

She lifted her eyes back up to Max and saw him gazing down at her. His lips came crashing down on hers again and moved his body closer, pressing her into the counter. His lips started tracing the line of her jaw, barely grazing her skin. His hands found the top snap of her uniform, opening it before moving onto the next one. Liz held her breath as his fingers reached for the front clasp of her bra. She bit her lip as the bra fell away and his hands replaced the silk against her skin. She arched against his magic touch. He pulled away suddenly and lifted her up onto the counter. His kiss was hard, hungry, hot. He took her mouth almost roughly, kissing her desperately while his hands made sure she was ready for his body’s possession. Their lips clung together, stifling their cries. He continued to run his hands over her body making her skin feel like it was on fire.

“I'm in heat again, " Liz whimpered as she bolted up in her bed up from a particularly good dream. That was pretty much how she knew she was going in heat was her dreams. She always woke up feeling dehydrated and burning up. Of course the first thing she thought when she woke up was to get a piece of a man, any man.

She stood from her bed and walked into the bathroom and turned on the light. She looked at herself in the mirror and saw she had broken into a sweat. Turning to the shower she stripped of her clothes and got into the cold water. She could've sworn she heard a sizzling sound as the water ran down her back. Cold showers were usually the only thing to put a dent in the cravings; her dad always joked about it. He said the water bill always jumped when she was in heat. She would usually just joke back and say that at least she wasn’t taking hot showers.

There was no way she could go to school tomorrow. It was bad enough when she got around any male but when Max was close by it increased tenfold. And considering having sex with Max could bring the end of the world he wasn’t an option.


The next afternoon Liz was busy taking orders. She usually didn’t work when she was in heat but one waitress had called in while another quit and her mom was desperate. Liz agreed and her mom was behind the counter keeping a close eye on her. Liz was hoping that she would be too busy paying attention to what her hormones were telling her. She thought it was working until she said, “Okay, Umm, we have a Saturn Rings and a Galaxy Sub, hold the Max.” She glanced over at Maria, as she realized her mistake. “Okay, so I’ll be right back with the Cokes.” She said before she hurried away.

“Okay, what just happened?” Maria asked.

“I need help. I’m sick, Okay. I am an obsessed person.” Liz said. She thought she had been doing better.

“Okay, is this a general freak out or should I be concerned?” Maria asked teasingly.

Liz was getting irritated. “No, I have Max on my brain 24 hours a day. Okay, I dream about him, I think about him, and now I’m saying his friggin’ name without even realizing it. What am I going to do?”

“You’re in love that’s all.”

“I know, but it’s not getting me anywhere.”

“Okay relax, relax, Liz. It’s not that bad. I promise.”

“Not that bad? Really? Why don’t you look at this?” She asked as she pulled out pictures of Max. “See! Obsession, obsession, obsession, obsession!”

“Okay, okay, you’re a Max-aholic. I’m here for you. What can I do?”

“Get me a life.” ‘Or get me laid.’ She wanted to scream. There conversation when the front door opened. Liz’s eyes widened when she saw the good-looking blonde guy walk in. But Maria had a different reaction. “Oh, you gotta be kidding me. When did you get out?”

“This morning.” He said.

“You didn’t break out did you?”

“I got a release, good behavior.”

“That’s a first. You don’t think that you’re going to stay with us do you? “

“Oh, uh, Aunt Amy already gave it the thumbs up.” It was then that Liz realized who he was.

“She is such a soft touch, isn’t she?” Maria said. Liz watched the two but her eyes were on Sean. He turned his gaze to her and said, "Hi, Liz.”

“Hey, Sean.” She said in a lower tone then usual. Normally she wouldn’t look at him twice, he was just Maria’s cousin who got on her nerves, but her heat wasn’t letting her realize it.

Sean looked her up and down, obviously liking what he saw. “All grown up. Like it.” He turned to Maria and said, “I’ll see you at home.”

“It’s not your home.” Maria called after him. Liz just watched him go she was so intent on watching him that she didn’t even hear her mother. “Liz, things have calm down. Go on upstairs.”

Liz nodded before flying upstairs to her bedroom where it was safe.


The next day Liz didn’t have to work just help close but this time Kyle was at the café watching her. She was still feeling the effects of her heat but she didn’t feel bad at the moment since the only male close to her was her brother. Michael was back in the kitchen and the café was empty. Liz was leaning on the counter talking to Kyle while the others finished up.

“Tess is openly mocking me now. This morning I woke up with little antennae coming out of my head.”

“I don’t know what to say. We need professional help.” Liz said just as the front door opened.

“Yo, M.” Sean said.

“M? No, see um. . . in the real world we use names. My name is Maria.”

“Who’s that?” Kyle asked.

“Maria’s loser cousin Sean.” Michael answered from the order window.

“Can I get some fries, tough guy?”

“No.” Michael said sternly.

“Sorry, we’re closed. So sorry.” Maria said sarcastically.

Kyle could see his sister was reacting to Sean. Which wasn’t a good idea, when she was in heat she didn’t have any inhibitions. “Anyway, the point is, I’m just saying It’s gonna be OK. I mean we’re both obsessed people but we’ll get through it. At least we have each other.”

But he could see it wasn’t working. She walked over to Sean. “You know, uh, I think the fryer is still warm. I could whip you up some fries.” She smiled at him.

“Nah, forget it. I’ll scrounge something up at home.” Sean smiled at Liz before leaving.

“It’s not your home. Stop calling it that. You’re just passing through.” Maria yelled through the door. She looked at Liz, “You’re not actually thinking. . .”

Liz tried to calm down her body, “No, of course not.”

“All I try and do is help. Does anybody listen?“

Liz turned her attention back to Kyle and saw his worried expression. “I’m sorry, what were you saying?”

Kyle rolled his eyes at her obvious attempt to change the subject. “Nothing. I was just talking to myself.” He looked over at Maria. “Hey, you got any cousins for me.” He asked. He made the appearance of leaving but backtracked and made it onto Liz’s balcony. She came up a minute later. “Figured you be here to keep up your Liz sitting duties.”

“Yeah, that’s me. Sitter to the hormonally overloaded. Your mom said they’d be back in a couple hours.”

“Fine but it’s already starting to go away.” Liz said as she headed in to take what she hoped was her last cold shower of the night.

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Part 45
We are family
Kyle POV

“Sorry we're late.” Max apologized.

“What's wrong?” Isabel asked.

“They fired Sheriff Valenti.”

“No.” Max said.

“They can't. They can't just fire a Sheriff.” Isabel rambled.

“They can if they're the city council. In the past year, my family has been put through an amazing amount of your crap.” Kyle said angrily. He held Max personally responsible for all the misery his sister was going through and he was sick of it. Now he was affecting his dad too. “You and your Martian friends move in, take over, and obliterate any shred of normalcy. Our lives are no longer ours.” All the years they had strived to live their lives like others and in the short time they had been around the aliens everything had gone to hell in a handbasket. “Promise me you're gonna stay away from my family. Promise me this is the last time we have to put ourselves on the line for you.”

“I can't.” Max said with an air of apology. Kyle wanted nothing more than to lay Max out on the floor and beat the crap out of him but instead he held out his hand that he was holding the alien stuff he’d stolen from his dad’s office. Max reached for it, but Kyle just dropped it to the ground and walked away.


Liz was sitting in the janitor’s closet thinking when Max arrived. “I got your note. What's wrong?”

“Nothing. No. No, um...that's not true. Umm...I've just been thinking a lot lately,” Liz stated. The weeks before had been tough ones. It had started when her and Kyle had gotten a message from ‘Eyes Only’ somehow and that their hiding places were reveled and to call Zack. Liz had been scared but relieved at the same time because that meant Zack was okay. They had called quickly and talked to Zack. He had told her that he was out of Manticore and to be careful before letting her go. Then with Alex coming back she realized how much in life she was missing by hiding out in Roswell. “Have you ever wanted to see Sweden?”


“I mean or anywhere. Peru, Nigeria, New Zealand...” Liz asked. When she was at Manticore they had found a geography book in one of the classrooms. She had memorized all the names on the maps inside and dreamed about going there.

“Sure. But the closest I'm gonna get right now is the granilith chamber. Why?”

“Watching Alex this week...I just realized's our right to see the world, to live our dreams...”

“Liz that can't happen.”

“Live life. Why?” She wanted to tell him that all you had to do was take the initiative and you could do almost everything. Even change what you were made for.

“Because it doesn't work that way for us. You know that.”

“You and Isabel and Michael and Tess guys are getting cheated on a lot of things, and it's not fair. None of it is.” Liz stated realizing that Max was more trapped than she ever was.

“Liz, you...should get to see Sweden. We...I...hold you back.”

“No, Max.”

“Kyle was right.”

“That's not true.” She knew her brother had been upset earlier but she also knew how he felt about the aliens.

“Everyone we touch gets hurt in some way or another. 5 years from now, I don't want you to open your eyes and realize that...that you missed out. You're part of the group. You always will be. But you need to be allowed grow.”

“Why can't you come with me?” She said pleading with her eyes. Her biggest dream right now was to run off to another continent with Max and her family. That would be heaven on Earth.

“Because I can't. But I'll be watching you, Liz Parker. Wherever you go...and I'll be here when you get back.” He said before leaving. Liz just sat there for a while longer, just lost in her thoughts.

Part 46
How the Other Half Lives
Kyle POV

“So is this the sixth or seventh hole we’ve dug today?” Alex asked.

“Hey, hey. I was kinda wondering what the hell you people were doing sophomore year.” Kyle quipped.
“Ah, well, a lot of secret meetings, a lot of lying to authorities. Sometimes narrowly escaping gunfire...” Alex said before catching Kyle’s glance. “Although generally that was pretty rare.”

“So what do we lowly human folk get out of all this?”

“I’m not sure.”

“See, I guess what I have a problem with is that suddenly I’m a member of this club I never wanted to join.” The only reason he hung around and helped out was Liz. He had to watch out for her.


“And it turns out this club bears a striking resemblance to a chain gang.” Kyle joked. ‘Well without the ugly striped uniforms, the guards looming over them and of course the actual chains.’ Kyle thought. They kept digging and talking until Alex hit something. What the... Look at this.” Alex said.

“What the hell man? It’s some sort of cave.” Kyle said looking it over with his enhanced sight. Even then he couldn’t see much. Alex next to him raised his arms up. “JACKPOT, BABY! Whooho Yeah! Alex Whitman, ladies and gentlemen! Uh-huh! Yeah! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Kyle just looked at him like he was nuts. There were times when Alex reminded him of Krit when they were little, always joking. “Okay, well, time to put the shovel away, and uh, go find the others and tell Max.” Alex said, as he was about to climb out of the hole.

Kyle wasn’t about to report in to Max like he was his commanding officer or something. He looked the entrance of the cave again then turned to Alex. “You comin’?”

Alex looked like he was thinking about it, “Sure. You first.”

“Okay.” Kyle dropped his bag inside then crawled through the cave opening Alex following behind him. As he stood up he took in his surroundings, the interior of the cave was covered in the blue crystals. “Oh my God! What do you suppose alien crystals are going for on eBay?”

“Alright, Columbus. You claimed the land for the Queen of Spain. What do you say we go tell the others?” Alex said laughing nervously. They turned to leave but the crystals suddenly cover over the opening, cutting out all sunlight. “Oh, oh no! Oh, oh...” Alex exclaimed.

“I don’t know why I’m looking around. I suppose stuff like this happens all the time? Right?” Kyle asked.

“Yeah, sure.”

Kyle pulled out his cell phone and hit the first memory button. It rang a few times until he heard his sister voice. “Hello?”



“It’s me, Kyle!”

Liz wondered why he was calling her when he was supposed to be digging. “Yeah, Kyle. Where are you?”

“In the freaking nest!!”

Liz looked down in shock at the mound of crystals they had just found. She looked at her friends and said, “Oh my God! You guys, they’re IN there.”

“Do you see the crystals?”

“Yeah, yeah, we see the crystals.”

“They blocked us in here.” Kyle was starting to freak out a little. He might have been trained to handle stressful situations but none of those had included alien crystals trying to eat them. He could hear Liz talking to who he assumed were the others. “Okay, um, you guys think that you can make an opening?”

He couldn’t make out much else until Liz said, “Okay, uh, try to step as far away from the hole.”

“Come on, come on. Get a move, get a move.” Kyle said backing Alex up and standing in front of him as they waited. Minutes went by before he asked. “Okay, what now? What are you doing?”

“Um, they’re just uh, you know...they’re uh, they’re taking a break!” He could tell she was lying. “Break?! You know there’s not that much air down here.”

“Okay, um, we’re...we’re just gonna have to get back to you.”

“Get back to us?!” Kyle could believe what he was hearing.

“Breath shallow.”

“Breath shallow?!” He managed to say before she hung up.

“What the plan?” Alex asked.

“We wait.” Kyle couldn’t think of anything else to say. They made their selves comfortable and tried to keep sane. They could hear a storm outside and wondered if it would hamper their rescue. They were singing American Pie when Kyle put a crystal he’d been playing with in a nearby bottle. “February made me shiver/With ever paper I'd deliver….Bad news on the doorstep/I couldn't take one more step” Kyle absently lit a match and watched it burn. “I can’t remember if I cried when I read about his widowed bride/But something touched me deep inside the day the music died...” The match burned down and Kyle put it in the bottle and screwed on the lid, “Die sucker.”

“So bye, bye Miss American Pie...drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry/Them good ol’ boys were drinking whiskey and rye/Singin’ this’ll be the day that I die...This will be the day that I d...” They kept singing as Kyle looked down to see the crystal going nuts. “Man, look at that!”

“Woah! Oh my God!”

“What?” Kyle wondered as the crystal stopped moving and appeared to be dead. He didn’t know what was going on but he knew who might. He grabbed his phone and dialed again. He explained everything to her and waited to see what she’d say. “Okay, wait, wait, let me get this straight. You said uh, that you used a bottle?”


“Was the cap ON or OFF?”

“Well, I put it on, then it tried to escape.”

“Okay, but you were heating it the whole time. And the crystals died once you put the cap on.”

“Yeah, just after, yeah.”

“Okay, well. That’s it. You burned all of the oxygen in the bottle and suffocated it.” She explained. Kyle raised his hand to Alex to show hope then realized that if they were going to kill all the crystals then they were going to have to start a fire and burn all the oxygen out, with Kyle and Alex still inside. He hung up the phone and explained everything to Alex. Things were starting to look hopeless again as they laid on the ground.

“So this is how it ends...”

“Somehow this is NOT how I pictured it.”

“It was hell of a ride though.”

“I guess.” Kyle said. All he could think about was his family finding out how he died.

“I mean, think about it. We not only MET aliens, but they killed us. How many people can say that?”

“You’re getting delirious, is that it?” Kyle asked shining his flashlight at him.

“Nah, take...take a step away from your life, Kyle. You know, I mean, you’re part of this...this amazing thing. This...amazing knowledge that you HAVE that 6 BILLION people on this planet don’t. You really want to step out of this cave if it meant that you were gonna be another dumb jock?”

But he never was just a dumb jock. He had more than just knowledge that alien’s existed, a whole lot more. “You know what, I wouldn’t.”

Suddenly liquid started dropping on them from above. “Ah, ah! They’re attacking! Oh no!”

“No, no no no no no. No no no no no. They...they’re...they’re...they’re dying. They’re...they’re dying.” Alex said laughing.

“Dying?” Kyle asked unsure.

“They’re dying!”

“I mean...DYING!” Kyle said triumphantly.


They waited until the opening melted away then dug their way out. He heard the girls shrieking as they helped pull them out. “I’m back!”

“Pull me up!” Alex yelled. Max pulled him up out of the hole. “I love you man!”

“Wait, wait, wait. What happened? What happened? What happened?” Liz asked.

“I'll tell you what must have happened.”


“Since Alex and I figured out how to kill the queen, and Max told Michael, Michael must have killed the queen. So all the crystals died. And they fell on us cos they’re dead. Which means we must have saved the world!” He said throwing his hands up in the air, he felt like a superhero.

“I think our job here is done... and I need to take a shower.” Alex exclaimed.

“Let’s go home!! Come on! Come on! Grab the shovel! Let’s go! Let’s go!” Liz yelled running towards the cars. Liz got into the car with Kyle while Tess with in with Alex and Max in the jeep. Liz waited until the jeep was far enough ahead that they would see them and started hitting Kyle. “Don’t you ever do that to me again.”

Kyle ducked under her assault, she was hitting him hard. “Damn it that hurts. And it’s not my fault that the crystals wanted to kill me.”

“Well jumping into an unknown cave wasn’t a smart idea.”

“How did you know?”

“Because I know you.” Liz said smiling as they headed back into town.


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Part 48
Viva Las Vegas.

Kyle was sitting in his Spanish class bored to tears. He already knew Spanish along with half a dozen other languages but it was an easy class and looked good on his file if he ever decided to go to college. He looked over and saw Michael reading something. To get his attention he threw a piece of paper at him. “What you reading?”

Michael showed him the cover, “Vegas, baby.”

Now things were getting interesting, “You're going?”


Kyle responded to whatever the teacher asked them as he flipped through the book. “When?”

“Fifth period, Max is making plans.”

“Do you have room for one more?” Kyle asked wanting to get away.

“Sorry, aliens only, you understand.”

Kyle pulled out some money, “Put a quarter on red for me.” He said just as the teacher came up and asked him what he was doing then picked up the book and said, “Hmmm, detención.”

Kyle rolled his eyes before turning to Michael, “Triple it, or die.”


Liz was listening Maria going on and on trying to talk her into going, “I booked a suite at the Bali Hai hotel and casino. Amenities include marble statuary, world-class shopping and lighted tennis courts.”

“Vegas just isn't my idea of fun.” Liz stated.

“The pool has a water slide.” Maria threw in.

“I'm sorry.” Liz said moving away but Maria followed. “In the shape of a giant flamingo. Please come with me to Vegas, Liz. Michael is gonna be off doing some dumb guy thing, and I really need a gal pal.”

“No.” Liz said.

“Please.” Maria begged.

“Maria, the reason I'm not going to Vegas... is because I was married there.” Liz just didn’t feel like going to the place where one of the most romantic things had happened to her. Well in another timeline, the timeline she helped destroy.

“What?” Maria asked, not knowing what she was talking about.

“Yes, when future Max came, he told me. We got married in Vegas at the Elvis chapel, and it was the most romantic night of our lives. So basically, I don't want to go Vegas -- ever.”

“All right, you know what? There's a lesson to be learned here. What happened between you and Max is unspeakably intense, but the marriage thing never actually really happened, so you've gotta let go of it. You've got to create your own memories, and that's what we're gonna do in Vegas with Michael's money.” Maria finished saying just as Alex walked up, “Oh, I love the smell of formaldehyde in the morning.”

“Alex, pop quiz. If you were given the chance would you rather a) Dissect pig babies.” Maria asked.

“Embryos.” Liz corrected.

“Or b) get an all-expense-paid trip to Vegas.”

“When do we leave?”

“Today after fifth period. Come on, Liz, all the cool kids are doing it.”

“I would really appreciate if you would respect my decision.”

“Viva Las Vegas.” Maria started singing, “Maria.” Liz said trying to stop her but Maria just kept singing. Liz went about working, thinking about Vegas.


Liz saw the others beginning to leave and yelled out, “Hey! You got room for one more?”

“Oh, I'm so proud of you.” Maria said squealing and hugging her. Liz caught her brother looking at her with concern, knowing how much Liz didn’t like Vegas but smiled at her.

“Yeah,” Max answered her. “ But let's get out of the hall before someone starts asking questions.”

They started to leave but Michael grabbed her arm. “No lecturing, no moralizing, no whining about spending money on the homeless. This weekend it's about fun and debauchery. You got it?”

Liz thought about last summer and all the crazy things that her and her brothers had done and smiled, “Yeah. I know how to have fun.”

Michael looked at her unbelieving and said, “Right.”

Part 49

They left the school and got into the limo heading for the airport. The flight wasn’t along one but her brother managed to talk to her make sure she was okay with everything. She dispelled his fears and said she was fine. When they got to Vegas, another limo was waiting on them that took them to the hotel. The eight of them headed up to their suite then down to the casino.

“This is so cool.” Tess said.

“Hey. What should we do first?”

“I think we should try and play a game.” Liz offered.

“Ok. I'm set. I just booked a salt scrub at the spa.” Maria said walking up.

“Wait, wait. What happened to needing a gal pal?” Liz said huffily.

“I'll be an hour tops. Have fun, guys.” Maria called out as she left.

“Okay, bye. Okay ladies let's just dive in.” Isabel said and the two remaining girls followed. At least until the security guard stopped them, Excuse me, can I see some identification?”

“Sure.” Tess said handing him her ID.

“Nice try, girls, the video arcade is that way.” The security guard pointed in the other direction.

“Uh, excuse me, we're 21.” Tess said trying again.

“Yeah and I'm charo.” The guard said sarcastically.

“You know, I'm sure we can find another form of I.D. in here somewhere.” Tess said about to pull out some money but Liz put her hand on her arm to stop her. “We are 17 years old.” Liz admitted.

“Mm - hmm. Good job.” Tess said.

“I'm sorry, very, very sorry.” Liz said apologizing as she drug Tess into the arcade not wanting to gather more attention.


As Liz played the pinball machine, she listened to Tess rattle on. “You know what it is? It's because we're small. If we weren't so damn short, he would have totally bought that we were 21, so what I'm going to do, I'm going to mindwalk the security guard, making him think that we are 5' 10'' and then we just go in.”

Liz just rolled her eyes, “Tess, I'm fine here in the arcade.”

“Great. I'm stuck in the party capital of the world with Liz Parker. No, if we're feeling dangerous we could challenge a couple of 8-year boys to foosball or go for the ice capades.”

“You know, for your information I didn't want to come to Vegas in the first place. I knew that this was going to be the most miserable trip of my life. I knew it, but I didn't listen to my instincts.” Liz snapped Tess was getting even more on her nerves than usual. “And by the way Tess, I don't enjoy being stuck with you either.”

“Fine.” Tess said.

“Good.” Liz said when Tess finally left. She played for a few hours until she heard her brother come up. “Bored gambling already?” She asked.

“No, I was 1600 dollars up when your best friend came up and told the dealer I had a gambling problem. All because she needed to use my winnings for bail money.”

Liz laughed about what Maria had done then stopped when what he said sunk in. “Who did she have to bail out?”

“Michael and Max.”

“Max?! Max?!” Liz asked unbelieving.

Now it was Kyle’s turn to laugh, “Yeah, the two of them got into a fight in the casino earlier. Want some competition?”

Liz smiled and the two of them had a pinball tournament. Liz was still playing one game when Kyle lost his last ball, “I’m going to get some more change.” He said before heading off to the cashier.

Liz listened to the bells and whistles of the game until she heard Max’s voice, “Not bad.”

Liz smiled, “Oh, well, yeah. Yeah after playing 6 hours and a 1000 quarters, you sort of get a rhythm going.” Plus a little transgenic reflexes always helped.

“Yeah, I heard you were down here. I just want to let you know I'm leaving.” Max stated.

“Oh! Is everything okay?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, yeah. It's just... Vegas. Kinda make your skin crawl.” Max said looking around.

“Yeah.” Liz agreed just as she saw a sign for the "Elvis Chapel". “I mean, who would ever want to get married in an Elvis Chapel, right?”

Max followed her gazed, “Not me. Not in this lifetime.”

“Yeah...” Liz said seeing Kyle watching them from about fifteen feet away.

“Well, I've got a plan to catch, so...” Max said pulling her from her thoughts.

“Yeah, right.”

“See you in Roswell, Liz.”

“Yeah.” Liz said again as she watched Max leave. Then she felt Kyle come up behind her. “You okay sis?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. Now let me beat you again at this game. I’ve got an idea on how to use some of the money before we go upstairs and get dressed for Maria’s dinner.” Liz smiled.

Part 50

Liz idly rubbed the back of her neck where her barcode usually was. Her and Kyle had taken some of the money and gone to a tattoo parlor to have them removed. Granted it would only last a short while but it was nice to not have to worry about it. She still had over two thousand of her money left and intended to put it away in her emergency fund when she got home. She sat by herself watching her friends dance and Maria singing. Liz could tell she was enjoying herself and thought about how sweet Michael had been to arrange it. Then she felt a tap on her shoulder only to look up and see Max dressed up holding his hand out. She took it and he lead her out onto the dance floor. They started to dance when she said, “I thought you'd be at the airport right now.”

“I was on my way, but I had this weird moment.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I saw this vision. You and me, jumping out of the cab like we'd just been married in Vegas.”

His words shocked her, “That's weird.”

“Yeah, it was like this memory flash of something that really happened, but then...”

“Max. Oh Max.” She started to say about to tell him but then Maria stopped singing. Max started clapping and the moment was over. He led her back over to the table while she tried to figure out what happened. How could Max have seen something that happened in the other timeline? They did change the future didn’t they?

Everyone headed upstairs then. She almost couldn’t contain her happiness when Max took her hand and led the way. They entered their suite laughing and having a good time. Everyone stopped when they saw the back of the Sheriff’s head.

He held up the sign the limo driver had before saying, “At 3:30 yesterday afternoon, Vice-principal McClure contacted me. Apparently, my son didn't show up for detention. Newsflash to me, so I called some of Kyle's friends. Nobody knew where he was. So I made a few other inquiries, and without alarming any of your parents I deduced that you were all missing. By 4:30 I was in a panic. Thought maybe it was a mass kidnapping or an invasion. I knew you guys had to be in some kind of trouble, because there was no way that you would just take off without telling me.”

“We just took a little vacation.” Max explained. Liz looked at the expression on the Sheriff’s face and felt guilty. Her and Kyle should have known better than to not tell him. For all he knew Lydecker could have already drug them back to Manticore.

“It's like spring break.” Michael added.

“So you skipped school. Missing class is excusable if it involves saving a planet-- yours, mine, or any other. It is not acceptable if it is done in the name of under-age gambling. Is that clear? Each one of your parents is going to hear from me later today. I expect you back in Roswell this afternoon. Kyle, get in the car.” The Sheriff ordered but not before looking at Liz. He wanted to drag her home too but stopped himself.

“I was up $1600.” Kyle protested.

“Now!” The Sheriff yelled. Kyle followed his dad out the door, Liz giving him an apologetic look as he left.

“I'm glad I'm an orphan.” Michael declared.

“Yeah, me too.” Tess added.

It was then that they heard the former Sheriff’s booming voice, “Tess! Don't make me come back in there.”

Liz almost let out a laugh when she saw Tess slink out the door. She saw Max trying to make up with Michael so she followed Maria into the bedroom. They got everything together and headed for the airport. The whole way home all Liz could think about was what her parents were going to do. But she found something completely different when she got back.


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Part 51

Liz paid and climbed out of the cab she took from the airport. They’re flight had been delayed so instead of arriving in the late afternoon, it was now dark. The café was closed but she could see her mom, dad, and the Sheriff sitting at one of the tables inside. She hefted her backpack up on her shoulder and headed in. The bell over the door announced her entrance and she waited for the lecture to begin but it didn’t. Instead her Mom looked up at her with sad eyes, “Mom, what’s wrong?”

“Liz, something’s happened.” Her dad said.

“What?” Liz asked then noticed that Kyle wasn’t there. “Where’s Kyle?”


“WHERE IS MY BROTHER?!” Liz yelled.

“He’s in your room. With Zack.” The former Sheriff answered.

Liz took off to the back staircase and took them two at a time. She rushed into her bedroom to see Kyle sitting on her bed and Zack leaning against the wall. Liz could see a deeper look of sadness in both of her brothers’ eyes. “What’s going on?”

“Liz, I think you better sit down.” Kyle said trying to pull her to the bed. But Liz shrugged him off. “Just tell me.”

“Ben is dead.” Zack stated.

Liz looked at him with wide eyes. A memory of Ben telling them a story flashed by her eyes and she wouldn’t believe it. Ben couldn’t be dead, he just couldn’t. “You’re wrong.”

“Liz.” Kyle said.

“NO! He is not dead.” Liz said with her lip trembling. “It’s a mistake.”

“Liz, you know I wouldn’t come and tell you unless it was true.” Zack said.

Liz knew that Zack was right and his news sunk in. She felt like she had been hit in the chest, she couldn’t breathe. She sunk down on the bed next to Kyle and let him hold her as she cried for her brother. Zack shifted uneasily from his position on the wall. He had seen his baby sister cry before more times than he liked but he wasn’t comfortable with the display of emotion.

“What happened?” She finally said. “How did he die?”

“I’m not exactly sure how it happened. Manticore found his body in the woods not far from them. He had a broken leg and neck. They had been looking for him, they pegged him for some murders. The victims had his barcode tattooed on him.”

“But Manticore didn’t kill him?” Liz asked.

“I don’t think so. Like I said, I don’t know what happened for sure and I don’t know who killed him.” Zack explained.

“He went to the high place, that’s what he would have wanted.” Liz said. The three siblings sat together the rest of the night mourning their fallen brother.

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Part: 52
Off the Menu

The next week Liz retreated into herself not really hanging around anyone. She knew that Maria and Max could tell something was up but left her alone, which she was grateful for. What would she say if they asked? ‘I’m depressed because I just found out that one of my brothers died, a brother you two didn’t know I had.’ The only person she could talk to about it was Kyle.

Everything was quiet until one night when all of Roswell lost power. Then Michael and Isabel came back over to the café talking about Maria and Max being trapped in the UFO Center. They got Valenti and formed a plan for a rescue but first Liz had to do some reconnaissance.

Valenti prepared the camera for Liz. He didn’t want to send her in but he knew that she could handle herself. “I’ll be able to see whatever you see. And I’ll be..”

“-watching the whole time.” Liz finished for him. She watched him pin the camera on her.

“All I want you to do is deliver the food. Let me get a good look at the layout of the room,” He adjusted the camera. “What’s goin’ on down there, who is positioned where.”

“And then I want you” They both said at the same time then Liz finished off. “To get right out, you told me.”

“Right.” The Sheriff said nervously.

“Sheriff-Sheriff I’m OK. I can do this. I wanna do this.” She reassured him. Valenti sighed as Liz nodded. “Hey, how’s the food comin’?” He yelled to the aliens.


Liz waited outside for Brody to open the door. Once he did she followed him down the stairs. “Yeah, yeah, come down. I’ll, uh, I’ll move some of this stuff. Mind your head there. Here, I’ll give you a hand.” He offered.

Liz had been so busy accessing the situation that she barely heard him. “OK…”

“So, what have we got here?” He asked.

“Oh, we have got, uh, 6 burgers and 6 fries.”

“Great, lovely, uh…now, great.” He said as he started counting out money. “Oh, oh no. It’s it’s on the house.” Liz stated.

“Oh, no, no. I insist, please. And, uh, keep the change. I think I’m rich.”

“So, um, is that it? Can can I get you something else?”

“No, no that’s fine. You can go. And thanks for the food.” Liz nodded before taking one more glance around the room then heading for the door. Brody’s voice stopped her. “Is there a new cook at the Crashdown?”

Liz was surprised by the question, “Excuse me?”

“These burgers, they taste different.”

Thinking fast Liz said. “Oh, oh well see there’s no power over there either so we had to use a little butane grill.”

“So how did you cook the fries?”

“The same way.” She answered uneasily.

“No, no, you didn’t. You used alien power to cook this food. You’re one of them! Come on-get!” Brody said angrily.

“No!” Liz yelled as he pushes her back to the others. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Max come up. “Brody, let her go. Larek!”

“Get down!” Brody yelled as he pushed Max to the floor. Sean stuck out his foot and tripped Brody as he walks by. As he fell Brody dropped the gun and Sean tried to grab for it but Brody got it first and pointed it back at Sean. “That was a stupid thing to do.”

“She’s not an alien. She’s just an innocent girl. Leave her alone.” Sean said defending Liz. Just then the phone rang, “What!?” Brody yelled.

Liz watched as Brody yelled into the phone and heard Sean whisper, “Reach into my coat pocket.”

“Why?” She whispered back. She didn’t know what Sean was up to but she didn’t like it. She had already decided that if she needed to she would use her enhanced abilities to help. She hadn’t brought her gun just in case Brody had searched her.

“Just do it.” He hissed. Liz reached into his pocket and found a knife. Liz started cutting his hands free as she continued to watch Brody. “Just stay Sean.” As she cut through his bonds but he didn’t listen and started sneaking up on Brody.

“Sean, no!” Max warned and before even Liz could move. The two men were struggling and Sean had the knife in his stomach. “Sean!” Liz yelled.

“Oh, my gods, Sean, are you OK?” Amy Deluca asked. “Yeah.” Sean answered. Berating herself for not stepping in Liz crept over to Max. “Max, heal him.”

“I can’t.” He said quietly.

“Why? It’s your fault he got stabbed. Heal him!” Liz said angrily.”

“I can’t use my powers.” He shook his head over to the alien pentagram. “Brody activated that device. Brody’s a good man. This isn’t his fault. Sean might’ve killed him.”

‘No if you boys wouldn’t have tried to be all macho, I could have taken Brody out before he even realized what was happening. “But it’s OK for Sean to get stabbed?”

“Of course not.” Max snapped back. Liz made her way back over to Sean to fix him up.

“Are you OK?” She asked. He nodded but Liz pulled his shirt back to look at the damage. It wasn’t bad, not very deep. She put her hand over the wound and applied pressure wishing she had some of the medical supplies her and Kyle had even the small first aid kit she kept in her bag. Now she had to wait and see what happened before she made a move.


Kyle crawled through his sister’s bedroom window. “Dad! Dad!”

“Kyle! What are you doin’ here?” Neither him or Liz had called Kyle to let him know what was going on and he knew he’d be upset now that he found out.

“I heard over the scanner that the cops are getting’ ready to storm the UFO center. They called sharpshooters in from the state police.” Kyle said debriefing him.

His dad was frustrated, “Damn it. Those guys will shoot anything that moves.”

Kyle nodded to the scene, “What’s goin’ on down there?” Once they got Liz and the others out of there he was going to have to have a chat about not telling him when she was going into a dangerous situation.

“Hey, I think we’re about to find out.” They all watched as Liz moved her camera to pan the room. That was when something caught Valenti’s eye. “I thought Brody got rid of that thing.” He said pointing to something on the screen.

“What is that?” Michael asked.

“You see that panel? That controls the fallout shelter’s lockdown mechanism.” Valenti explained.

“You think it still works?” Isabel asked.

“I don’t know. If it does, it could be a way to keep the cavalry out long enough to end this thing without anybody getting’ killed.” Valenti stated.

“Well, great. How do we get to it?” Michael asked.

“It’s too risky to try to get inside. There might me a way to activate it from the outside.” Getting an idea he turned to his son, “ Kyle! You think you can get me the blueprints for that place?”

“Where am I supposed to get those?” Kyle asked.

“Library, third floor, in the back.” He answered. He knew the aliens would be able to use their powers to get through the locks but Kyle could pick them almost as easily. And Kyle could move faster to get there.

Kyle knew that his dad couldn’t be saying what he thought he was saying. He wanted him to brake into the library. An easy job, but his dad never wanted either kids to use those abilities. “The library’s closed.

His dad gave him a look that said he was serious, “Kick the window in! Go!”

Kyle scrambled back through Liz’s window and out of the apartment. It was a good thing he and Liz always kept lock picks on them or he would have had to make a side trip.


Kyle wouldn’t leave Liz’s side after she got back from the UFO Center. He told Tess to head on home and he would help his dad as an excuse when really he just wanted to check on Liz. “You know you always have to upstage me. We’ve both been shot and healed by an alien, and both been held prisoner by aliens. But you’re still one up since you were kidnapped by an alien, at least I know that is what will probably happen to me next.” Kyle said trying to joke.

Liz thought about the timeline that FMax had told her about her siblings been taken by the skins and shuddered, “That’s not funny Kyle.”

Kyle gave her a confused look before remembering the same thing she just had. “I’m sorry, I forgot.”

“It’s okay, I changed the timeline so hopefully we won’t have to worry about that happening.” They sat together all night talking just enjoying that fact that they made it through another crisis alive.

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Part 53
Heart of Mine

It's April 27th. I'm Liz Parker and I think I've figured out why I haven't written in this journal in nearly a year. It's just ironic that I would figure something out really deep from like the least deep guy in America. We try to live responsible, logical lives. But we can't tell our hearts how to feel. Sometimes our hearts lead us to places we never thought we wanted to go. And sometimes are hearts can be the sweetest, gentlest things we have. Sometimes are hearts can make us feel miserable, angry, excited and confused. All at once. But at least my heart is open. And I'm writing again. I'm feeling. I'm breathing.

Liz finished writing in her journal for the first time in so long. She looked around her balcony thinking that this wasn’t how she had ever imagined spending her prom night. She had always had dreams of romance and fun, a regular prom. She should have figured that it wouldn’t work like that. The years of a normal life she had had before finding out about the aliens was all an illusion. Her life hadn’t been normal, not with her looking over her shoulder constantly fearing Lydecker was behind her. But she had still thought that this one night would be what she had dreamed about. Instead she saw the love of her life kissing another woman,. She knew it was partly her fault since she had been pushing them together. She guessed it was her little speech at prom that was the final shove.

So she had left not being able to stand the sight of it. She had done what she had always did when she wanted to think. She walked around Roswell stopping when she saw the lights on at the bowling alley. She went inside and for a few glorious hours she had been able to forget everything. Max and Tess, the alien mess, Manticore, everything and just feel free. Shawn had been right when she said she was suffocating. She had felt this weight on her chest ever since she had returned from her summer away, it just kept getting heavier and heavier. But now she felt like it was gone or at least lost some of its weight. She just hoped things didn’t get worse.

Part 54
Cry your Name scene:

After they returned from the morgue, Kyle headed to his sister’s. He lied to Tess telling her that he was going for a walk He was worried about her. He had seen the look in her eyes at the morgue. They looked lifeless. He walked over and climbed up her ladder. He climbed his way up the ladder and expected to find her crying but she was just sitting on her lawn chair starring into nothing. “Liz?”

Her head snapped up, “Hey Ky. What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to see you, check on you.”

“I’m fine.” She said absently.

He knew she was shutting down, he couldn’t blame her. She had been close to Alex. He was nowhere near as close to him as she was and he was hurting. He pulled her close and let her know that he was there. She was silent for what seemed like forever before she said, “We’re poison.”


“We hurt everyone. Eva, Ben, Brin, and now Alex. If I hadn’t changed things, everyone else would have died too.”

“Liz, this isn’t our fault. Lydecker killed Eva. Manticore took Brin. Something else killed Ben and Alex died in an accident. We had nothing to do with it.”

“If I wouldn’t have told Alex to play hard to get and stay home. He wouldn’t have left later by himself and gotten in a car accident.”

“Liz we don’t know what happened. We don’t know what caused it.” He looked down at her and saw something different come over her face. He wondered what she was thinking.

Later, an hour before sunrise he headed home. When he got there he crept over to the phone. He dialed the number he knew by heart and waited. A minute later a familiar gruff voice picked up, “Yeah?’

“Hey, it’s me.”

“What’s up? What going on?” The voice instantly alert.

“You better get to Roswell.”

“Why did something happen to you or Liz?”

“Zack, Alex was killed last night. Liz isn’t doing well. First Ben now Alex.”

“It’s going to take me awhile but I’ll be there as soon as I can.” Kyle hung up the phone and hoped it was soon enough.


The next day at the funeral Kyle noticed that Liz still didn’t cry. She had a classic Manticore expressionless mask but Kyle could see the feelings in her eyes. He tried to talk to her at the Whitman’s house but she kept alluding him. It wasn’t until they were all gathered in Alex’s room that he figured out what her expression the other night had meant. It was determination for the truth.

He knew she was about to snap when Max started to say he believed that Alex could have committed suicide. He saw her arguing with Max and waited to see if she needed him. He spoke up to say that he was with her. It was after that that the war started. “I guess it’s us versus them.”


Later that night as it rained, Liz sat alone in the closed Crashdown. She heard the storm raging outside but it didn’t drown out another sound, “Zack, I know you’re back there you might as well come out here.”

The back doors of the restaurant swung open revealing her oldest brother, “I guess you know?”

“Ky called me, he’s worried about you.” Zack said, “I know Alex was your friend.”

“If you say one word about not let my emotions get to me, I swear I’ll deck you. I don’t want to hear about that right now.” Liz stated. She knew she had shut down after Alex died, she still hadn’t even cried. But she didn’t want anyone telling her how she should feel.

“I wasn’t going to say that Liz, I just wanted to check on you. Let you know that I’m here.” Zack saw the hard look to Liz’s eyes and the blank expression on her face. She had withdrawn into herself, something that he didn’t like.

“Then listen to me.” She stated, then she told him about her theory. That someone had killed Alex. “You have to be careful Liz. If it was an alien or something you would be in danger.”

“I don’t care. I can handle myself, I owe this to Alex.”

“But you would be going up against an alien, you know with powers. I can’t believe I’m about to ask this but maybe you should get one of them to help you.”

Liz looked down. She hadn’t told him about what had happened at the funeral. “Max won’t help. He thinks it was an accident or suicide.”

Right then Zack’s cell phone rang. He answered it, as Liz sat to think. She didn’t even pay attention to what he was saying until she heard her sister’s name, Tinga. “What that Tinga?”

“Something’s up, I need to go check on her.” He said. He didn’t elaborate, didn’t want to tell her that it was actually the people Tinga was staying with up in Canada and they had said he had left to go back to take care of some unfinished business. That Tinga might be in danger. Liz could see how serious he was but he would never tell her more. It was his way to keep them safe.

“Go, I’m fine. Ky shouldn’t even have bothered you.” Zack hated to see her in so much pain but knew it was something she had to deal with on her own. He said good bye and left.

After Zack left, Liz went and got all the pictures of Alex she had. Her memories of him flew through her mind. The good times, the bad times until she finally started to break down. She started to cry hard when she heard a knock at the door, she wiped away her tears and went to answer it. It was Jerry. She listened to him and knew that her speculations were true, “Does that mean anything to you?” he asked.

“It means I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep....” She said. She said good bye to Jerry. She knew it. Alex’s death wasn’t an accident, it was murder. It caused her to break down again. She walked by the counter and couldn’t hold it in anymore she lashed out. She flung her arms across the countertop and sent dishes flying. She had to keep looking; she had to find out who had done it and make them pay.

Part 55

“No, Liz. You can’t do it, it’s crazy.” Kyle argued.

“Come on Kyle, it’s an in and out job. The two of us can do it easy.” Liz stated.

“No.” Kyle said flatly.

“I’m going to be doing all the work, I just need you as a look out.”

“And what do you want me to do if one of the guards comes by?” Kyle asked. Liz gave him a look that said he knew exactly what she wanted him to do, take them down. “Liz, I know you want to find out about Alex but braking into school isn’t going to help.”

“Fine. Just forget I asked.” Liz said as she left. If Kyle wouldn’t help her than she’d just have to find someone who would, and she had an idea who might.


Liz waited impatiently as Sean tried to pick the lock on the door. She was about to tell him to get out of her way and let someone who had picked a ton of locks do it when he said, “So, what, do you want to change one of your grades or something?”

“Yeah. Something like that.” Liz wanted to get into Alex’s records to see what was in them. He popped the lock just then and grabbed some keys off a desk. “One of these keys should take care of the filing cabinets. I'm gonna do a sweep of the halls.”


“Hurry.” He said before leaving. Liz worked as fast as she could copying files, memorizing other ones. She was almost done when Shawn came back. “Our time's up.”

“Ok. I don't think I got it all.”

“One rule about breaking and entering-- never stay in the same place for more than 5 minutes.”

Liz almost laughed at his statement but was more concerned about getting the rest of the file. “Well, does that mean we can go back?”

“Come on.” He said just as a security guard shined a flashlight at them. “Hold it right there, you two.”

The guard told Liz to stay and took Shawn down the hall but Liz could still hear them. ‘Dangit. Kyle’s dad isn’t going to be able to get me out of this one.’ Liz thought. She listened to them talk before Hanson came over to her. “Young lady, I hope you appreciate the seriousness of your actions tonight.

‘And you don’t know how easy I could knock you on your butt without you even seeing me.’ Liz thought. “Oh, yes, sir.”

“I know you're a good kid, and your parents are good folk, too, so I'm gonna let you off with a warning. A strong warning. You got it?”

“Oh, yes, sir. Thank you.” She mumbled as she watched another officer take Shawn away. She felt bad that she had gotten Shawn busted. She would have to make it up to him later.


Liz hung up her phone and headed to find a scanner when she heard a voice behind her. “What the hell were you doing here last night?”

“Max, not now. I have to find a place that'll scan this.” She said trying to hurry away.

“Why? Who were you just talking to?”

“The Swedish embassy in Washington.”

“This has to stop. I will consider the possibility that Alex was killed by an alien if you consider the possibility that he killed himself.”

“No, he didn't!” She wouldn’t believe that.

“And what if he did? Then you are doing nothing but raising people's suspicions about us. You have nothing to lose here, and we have everything to lose.”

Liz was about to say that she could lose her freedom as easily as he could but didn’t care as long as she found out who killed Alex when she felt his hand grip her arm. White-hot anger seethed through her and it took every ounce of control not to take him down where he stood. Instead she gave him her best intimidation look and practically growled, “Let go of me.”

Whether he was intimidated or he just realized what he was doing Max dropped her arm and left.

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Part 56

Liz knocked on Kyle’s door. She hoped she wouldn’t have to run into Tess or worse yet Tess and Max. A minute later, Kyle answered the door. “Hey what’s up?”

“I need to talk to you. Are we alone?” Liz asked.

“Yeah, Dad’s out with Ms. Deluca and I don’t know where Tess is for sure. She said something about maybe going to the observatory tonight but since it’s still daylight I doubt that’s where she is.”

“Listen I need you to cover for me. I left a note for my parents telling them I wanted to get away and went with Zack. If they ask that’s the story. Just play along, please.”

“Where are you going?”


“Sweden? You’re going to Sweden?”

“Yes, I am. There’s something not right about that trip and I have to go there to find out some stuff.”

Kyle wanted to say that she was going overboard but he knew she wouldn’t listen. “What about the others? What do I tell them?”

“They probably won’t ask, but keep an eye on things for me?”

“You be careful.” He said before hugging her. She left shortly after to go home and pack before going to catch her cab.


Liz was waiting for her cab when she heard the familiar sound of the jeep. She could tell it was still pretty far away and hoped that Max wouldn’t see her. When he pulled up a few minutes later, she knew her wish wasn’t coming true.

“Liz, where are you going?”


“Are you kidding me? Get in the car.”

“No.” She said sternly.

“What did you tell your parents?”

“I'm gonna call them from the airport and tell them my girlfriend in Florida had a crisis and she needed me.” She couldn’t tell him the real excuse she had given so she had to lie to Max. She knew her parents would be worried but she knew that they would know she left for a good reason.

“They'll call your aunt. Your aunt will say you're not there.” Max said.

“Well, then, I'll think of something else.” She said. She wished he’d just leave her alone. Just then her cab pulled up. “You the airport?”

“No. Actually, I am. You're late.” She said as she got down. Max started to talk to her again. “Liz, don't get in that cab.”

She just ignored him. “Load it up.”

He grabbed one of her bags and started pulling her to the jeep. “Liz, get in my car.”

She grabbed it away from him not even holding back her strength. “What are you gonna do? You're gonna throw me in it?” ‘I would like to see that happen.’ She thought.

“You have to listen to me.” He said. His words made her snap. “Don’t even pull that king card on me, Max. I'm not Isabel. You can't boss me around.”

“If this is about being pissed at me, fine. Punish me all you want. But what about everyone else? What you're doing puts them at risk.”

If she never risked someone’s life than she would still be in her cell. “What I'm doing may save their lives.”

“You have a responsibility to Michael, Isabel, and Tess not to get in that cab.”

“Uh-huh, and I have a responsibility to Alex to find out what really happened.”

“Liz, if you go, our friendship is over.”

Zack was right. You could only rely on herself and her siblings. “I guess that's the price I have to pay. Somebody killed Alex and covered up his death. Why don't you see that, Max? Wake up.”

Part 57

Kyle had been up the whole night. Liz had come by and told him that he no longer needed to cover for her and that she wasn’t going to Sweden. She had been so caught up telling him about Alex not going to Sweden that he didn’t even notice that Tess hadn’t came home until after she left to go to Maria’s. He sat down on the couch thought about what Liz had asked him to do. She had asked him to keep the pod squad busy. He knew Michael was busy with Maria so he didn’t have to worry about him, it was the other three. He felt his blood boil when she told him about Max and the incident in the hallway. How dare Max think he could lay a hand on his sister?

He heard Max’s jeep pull up outside, his and Tess’s voices as they walked up to the house. Kyle laid down quickly and pulled his blanket over his head. He saw Max and Tess try to sneak in and their good-byes to each other. ‘Well well.’ He thought. ‘Seems like I have two less aliens to worry about keeping busy.’ He couldn’t believe Max would do something like this to Liz, even if he thought she had betrayed him. He was about to get up and rip into Max when he heard his dad. He listened to his Dad tell Max to go home. He was glad that Liz was too busy to notice whatever was going on with Tess and Max. Then he saw his dad look down at him as he walked by. “Hey, Dad.”
Later that morning after Kyle saw Max and Tess walking into school together he went to get coffee before going to find Isabel. He saw Isabel out on the bleachers and headed straight for her.


Liz felt awkward knocking on the door to his brother’s house. So many times she had just walked in but now that Tess lived there she had to knock. Tess was the one she needed to talk to anyway, “Liz.”

“Hi, Tess.”

“So, are you here about me and Max?”

“No, um, I.... well, I wanted to talk to you, actually.” Liz said. She knew that Tess probably wanted to gloat about being with Max but Liz had more important things to do.

Tess looked disappointed, “Oh, sure.”

“Um, I just um, you know I have questions about your powers, mind control especially.” Liz stated. She didn’t trust Tess so she didn’t want to give too much of what she was up to away.

“What kind of questions?”

“You know, um, anything that you can tell me, but um, like...” Liz said just as Max came in behind her. “Hey, your door's...”

Liz could see the look of anger pass over his face and the coldness in his eyes. She almost didn’t recognize him. “What are you doing here?” He asked coldly.

“Um, nothing, you know, we were just...we're talking, I should go.” Liz said.

“Talking about what?” He asked.


“Max, you know, it's ok, forget about it.” Tess said obviously trying to get him to drop it.

“No, I wanna know.” Max said in a hard tone.

“We'll just talk later.” Liz said talking to Tess.

“No, please don't go on my account. Go ahead and ask your questions.” Max said in the same voice. Liz was starting to get annoyed at how he seemed to be talking down to her like he was humoring her.

“Max, she's just had a few questions about my powers, that's all.” Tess explained.

“New theory?”

“I just wanted to know some things about mind control and I thought” Liz started to say but Max interrupted her. “Oh, so Tess killed Alex. Is that your theory?”


“Max, she didn't say that.” Tess said surprising Liz that she was almost sticking up for her.

“That's what you're thinking, why don't you just ask it?!” Max said harshly.

“Max, of course that's not what I'm thinking!” Liz exclaimed.

Max looked at Liz and asked, “Tess, did you kill Alex?”

“Max.” Tess said.

“What were you doing on the night that he died?” Max continued.

“Will you stop it?!” Liz said barely able to control her anger at him.

“Go ahead!” Max ordered. “What were you doing?!”

“She was with me.” Kyle said, his voice drifting over to them. He had heard Max starting to tear into Liz and he had come out to help. “We were watching Gladiator on video.”

“An alibi. From one of your own.” Max said looking at Liz.

“Can I leave now?” Liz said just wanting to get away from this new Max. One she didn’t like.

“Yep.” Max answered. Liz left quickly and heard Max slam the door after her.

“Is everything ok?” Kyle asked Tess and Max.

“Fine!” Max yelled at the same time Tess said, “Yeah, yeah everything's fine, Kyle.”

Kyle glanced at Max one more time wanting to punch him so much before he snuck out the back and caught up with his sister. “Liz, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Liz lied.

“You’re still a horrible liar, at least to me.” Kyle said trying to cheer her up.

“I’m just frustrated is all. Then Max went off and him and I being like this and it's just strange. It wasn’t even this bad last October. But he’s not going to stop me from finding out the truth about what happened. I need to go home and figure out my next step.”

“Call me if you need me.” Kyle said.

The next morning Liz called him on his way to school to tell him that she and Maria were on their way to Las Cruces and to keep an eye on everyone. She told him she suspected Michael knew what they were up to but he hadn’t insisted on going so she wasn’t sure. He told her to be careful and she told him she was armed and would call him when she got back.

Part 58

Liz was trying to piece everything together that her and Maria had found out. Liz’s defenses had been up earlier and she had almost taken Michael down when he grabbed her but she had realized it was him quickly enough. Of course if he hadn’t grabbed her she would have been able to catch up with Leanna. Maria and Michael were now asleep in the bed since she had offered to take the floor. Since she didn’t need to sleep she had pretended to be asleep until she had heard their breathing even out and knew they were asleep themselves that’s when she started going over everything. Using the night vision she had because she was a transgenic she was able to look over everything without the need of a light. Tomorrow she was going to have to go to the computer lab and see if she could find out what Alex was working on. She was going to have to find someone to help her with it. She knew her way around computers more than the average person but a hacker she was not. It was times like this that she wished her brother Josh was here, computers were his expertise. They had all had areas of they excelled in, Liz’s was science and math. Manticore thought it was a good idea for them to have strong points for solo missions. If she had stayed they probably would have sent her undercover at different labs to steal research or take out scientists that they thought were a threat.

She left the room for something to eat. She had to make sure she kept herself fed. She had ignored her appetite in the first days after Alex died and had become sick. The fact that she hadn’t eaten in days had hit her until she was at Max’ s and he had heard her stomach growl. She had eaten three boxes of frozen Macaroni & Cheese that he made her. The memory reminded Liz of how mad she was at Max and shoved back her anger. She had other things to do. She had to finish her investigation.


Liz read over the translation of the book as they headed back to Roswell. Maria and Michael had done research and found out Leanna’s real name. Liz’s trip to the computer lab had paid off and they had figured out what Alex had been doing. After Michael and her had gone through Leanna’s aka Jennifer’s room they had headed for her rental property. It was there that Michael had saved her and Maria’s lives. When the bomb had exploded it hit her how careless she had been. But the bomb had given her one more clue that the whole thing was alien related. Liz knew explosives even after all this time and she knew that no human had made that bomb.

Liz had just finished reading the printout, memorizing ever part when they dropped Michael off. She handed it to him and thanked him again for saving their lives. Maria then headed for the Crashdown to drop off Liz. Liz looked at her watch as she headed inside, she couldn’t believe it was 8:00. Liz waved Maria away as she locked the doors to the café. She turned and headed through the dark café. (This is where A Secret Family starts)

The end

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