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Author: Teresa
Ratings: eventually NC-17/KINKY/maybe slash?????
Disclaimer: None of the characters belong to me. (If they did this would be a whole new story!!!**naughty giggles)
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Future Fic-Aliens are still Aliens


**********Maria sitting on the steps of a huge, creepy, ole' house***********************

And so the story goes of eight really great friends that grew up together in the same neighborhood, went to the same school, and graduated "together." After graduation everyone went in their own direction. Different goals with different careers. As for me, I stuck around Roswell, attended a local college, got my business degree, and I am now manager and half owner of the one and only: "Crashdown Cafe". I still keep in touch with everyone. Kyle more than any, being as he is now the sheriff of Roswell. But enough about me. I miss everyone!!!!! We haven't all been together since gaduation. So, I played a prank! I know, who me??? Well, in a small way I hoped it would work. I signed us up for a haunted adventure.***giggles***I never thought this would happen, but everyone should be arriving here in about an hour. HAPPY HAUNTINGS everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, let me know should I continue??? I have more: the arrivals, what everyone's been doing. There are some "MOANS" and "GROANS" in this house!!! Feedback is needed: the good, the bad, and the ugly--preferrably good, but I'll take what I can get.

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******About ten minutes later Liz shows up. She sees Maria on the steps, drops her bags, and sprints up to her. They embrace one another. Liz laughs, and compliments about the coincidence in both of them being there.

"My God, Maria, how did we get ourselves into this? Isn't it totally weird, and a haunted house adventure!!! This is just too good to be true", Liz babbled.

"Hey, girls!!! You going to start this party without me?" pouted Alex.

"ALEX!", the girls screamed in unison. They ran to Alex, and he hugged both in return. "Long time, no see", he said.

Liz laughing, "Tell me about it!" "Something has got to be up with this...Maria, me, and then you."

"Liz, Maria, Alex, is that you?" Michael asks astonished.

"Micheal??? My, my, my...what have you done with yourself," Maria asks, noticing the clean cut and new hair style. Then they here another familiar voice.

"For Gods Sakes...could someone help me with my bags?"

Alex looks at Liz then Maria, then you here a faint whisper from Alex..."Isabel?" Then another, "Someone please help me with my bags!!!" All four go to see Isabel standing with her arms crossed waiting for help. But when she saw everybody she burst into laughter. "Guys, I know it has been a long time but who thought up this wild cherade?"

"I don't know, replies Liz, but it keeps getting better and better."

About that time Tess and Kyle walk up together. "What's going on here?" asks Kyle.

"Yeah? Tess replies with a giggle, Something Haunted is going on!!"

Max walks up..."What is going on??? I don't like the idea of all of us being put together again as a coincidence. This could be some kind of set up!!!" his voice laced with concern.

Maria steps in, "Max, do you think after all this time someone would still be out there? I mean it's been like seven years since we have all been together," her voice sounding pouty and sad.

"Maria's right, and I don't feel anything weird or out of the ordinary,"replies Michael.

Alex just takes in everyone.

"Well, let's get this show started!" Kyle says as he punches Maria in the arm.

Tess shakes her head and laughs about the gang being together again, "Something is going on here, but I think it's someone here that had something to do with it, not another alien race or alien hunter."

'Well, it is great to have the gang together again," says Isabel.

The conversations go on as they make their way back up the steps.

When they reach the door...Isabel crinkles her nose, "We have to stay in this for how long?"

"Six nights, and seven days, replies Maria, but it's not as bad as it looks. The inside is all clean, looks like someone takes really good care of it. It has eight bedrooms, four on the east wing and four on the west. A bathroom with every bedroom, which should I mention are huge. But that's not all, I'll let you see for yourselves," as she swings the door open with a loud screech. When Maria opens the door everyone's jaws drop at the beauty on the ohter side.

The outside of the house looked so run down...paint flaking, shutters falling off, the roof looked like it would leak. But the inside was dazzling. From the victorian arches to the gold spiraled staircase. Everyone stood in awe. They all lived pretty stylish lifestyles, but this was a story book house.

Maria was the first to speak up, "Is everyone just going to stand there, or are you all coming in?"

"Holy shit," mummbles Liz. Tess, Isabel, and Maria burst into laughter, the guys stared at Liz as if she had slapped them.

"Liz? Was that you??" Michael asks unbelieving.

Liz couldn't help but laugh at the guys reaction, "Of course, it was me silly. You think I'm still the same ole' sweet lil' Lizzie? Well, we've got a lot of catching up to do." Liz winks at Michael.

"So, which wing do we take," Tess asks.

"Well, both wings are a mixture...a couple of the rooms a lady like and some are bold and manly," Maria replies.

"So, we just pick?" Kyle questions.

Everyone grabs their bags and start for the stairs. At the top, Isabel and Maria take the west wing, followed by Alex and Michael. Kyle and Liz start for the East with Max and Tess close behind. After everyone gets their bags unpacked they meet at the foot of the stairs to decide what to do next.

There's a knock at the door. Michael goes to the door...It's a man in a dark black suit he resembles an undertaker..."Here are your instructions. I will return on the seventh day to pick everyone up. Good Luck!" without blinking or smiling he turns and is gone. Michael turns around to seven sets of eyes staring back at him.

He waves his hand at the door, "the man says that these are the instructions, he wishes us luck, and he'll return in seven days for us."

"Shit, I thought the haunted house thing was a joke. I thought one of you had set this thing up." Kyle says.

"I know what you mean, I had almost forgot about the letters," Tess replied.

"So, lets go in the kitchen, we'll discuss everything, and I'll fix us something to eat," comments Michael.

The kitchen was huge. Black marble and stainless steel everywhere. There was a map of the grounds and house on the island in the middle of the kitchen. The refridge was packed with anything and everything you could want. A cupboard was on one end of the kitchen...PACKED. Inside the cupboard was a set of stairs descending into a really dark room. The stairs led to wine cellar. Again, any kind you could remember.

Micheal was already planning the feasts he could prepare in this kitchen. Even though he stayed so busy traveling, being an artist, his favorite past time was cooking. Traveling the world only made his hunger grow. With this kitchen and its contents he could prepare some amazing meals. He looked in several cabinets until he found an apron. Then from another small closet he started to get a few things for the meal he was about to prepare. Everyone grabbed a stool and sat around the kitchen island.

"So, who will do the honors of reading the instructions?" Michael asks.

"I'll do the honors, Max bows. Liz giggled, then Max winked at her.

Everybody noticed the exchange. Max carefully opened the envelope, being the lawyer of the bunch he thought he would be the best to read the contract. He looked over everything to begin with. There wasn't a whole lot in the package: eight letters, which didn't go un-noticed that they were all in the same handwriting, but they were signed by each of them. Then there was another page, the instructions (which he read out load)*****You can not leave the premises. If you leave you do not recieve any money. You are here until someone comes for you. There are NO radios, television, or phones on this property. Good luck and happy hauntings!!!***** He looked up at everyone and shrugged, "That's it." Everyone looked around the group.

Liz was the first to break the ice, "What's everyone been doing with themselves? Isabel what about you? Still liking the modeling career?"

"Sure it's know the powers help alot, no bad hair days. And I like the schedule. Plus, the moneys not bad either," Isabel sighs and bats her eyes.

Tess was the next to speak, "So, what about you Liz? I never knew being a microbiologist was so appealing. You look great...Your hairs what a foot longer? And I don't think I'm the only one with enhancements here. (Liz blushed) And have you been working out? Hell, I've been cheering with the Cowboys four years and I don't look that good."

"I-I-I have a part time job and I-I-I took some dance classes," Liz fumbled with her words.

"What??? Maria fumed, Why don't I know about this?"

Liz gave Maria a "SHUT UP" look. But it was too late, Maria was off.

The guys just watched in amusement, plus they wanted to know about everyone's lives too. Maria was rambling now and there was no stopping her.

"So, this is why you haven't been visiting..Not returning my calls...Never there at night (Max looked from Maria to Liz on this comment)...a bigger apartment," Maria raged.

Tess sighs, "What about this new job, does the place have a name???"

"Yes, Yes, it does," Liz whispered.

"Soooo, tell us already," Alex interrupted.

Being the first guy to speak up, Liz just gazed at everyone until her eyes locked with Max's. Michael stopped chopping some veggies...The room grew quiet. All eyes were on Liz....Then all you heard was a low mumble from Liz.

Kyle understood as he jumped from his stool, "What did you just say?"

Max looked at Kyle, "What did she say? It can not be that bad. I mean this is Liz, she's a level headed person."

"Did you hear her? Did any of you understand her?" Kyle raged.

Maria burst into laughter, "Holy shit, Liz? I didn't know you had it in ya'!"

Max just gazed around the island, "Liz do you mind repeating yourself, some of us didn't understand you?"

Liz swallowed hard and repeated her previous answer,

Michaels eyebrows raised and he looked at Liz, "Isn't that a s-s-strip club???"

"Yes, I believe it is", Alex laughed.

Max and Isabel just stared. Liz grew redder and redder as everyone glared at her.

Tess finally broke the spell, " Well, Liz, before this quest is over maybe you can show me some moves."

Alex spoke next, "For someone who bares it all, you sure look a little pinkish, Liz."

Max finally closed his mouth and sat back down. Michael proceeded with the veggies.

"So, what about you Alex?" Isabel had to ask. "Still the same..programming computers.

Nothing Exotic for me," he laughed.

Maria picked up on the conversation to take some heat off of Liz, "Well, Kyle is still keeping Roswell under wraps, and I'm still holding the "Crashdown" down."

"Well, is there anyone here that needs any legal advice? Kyle and I maybe able to help,' Max teased.

"Well......,Liz started, everyone stopped, Michael dropped a spoon, and Liz exploded into laughter. "It was a joke," she held her hands up to protest.

Finally everyone laughed with her when they saw Max's face. Mouth slacked, eyes bulging (plus other things), the thought of his Liz dancing around naked was already haunting him.

Micheal finished the meal. Everyone sat and ate relaying the days events. There were a few questioning and a few promising stares between a few.

Liz and Tess were the first to finish their meals, so they started cleaning up. Soon Isabel and Maria joined in, as the guys finished the food off. When there was nothing left of the meal, the guys agreed to check out the rest of the house.

The girls kept cleaning as the guys wandered off. They agreed to stick together, not knowing if the house was truely haunted or not.

"Liz you have really shocked us all here tonight," Isabel began, so if there is a ghost or goblin it will have NO effect on us." All of the girls laughed.

"Yeah, why don't you show us a dance Liz?" Maria teased.

"We're all friends here, and I maybe able to find some loose change," Tess giggles.

"Oh, I couldn't, plus no music," Liz tried to find a way out. Tess and Isabel snapped their fingers...the lighting dimmed and a slow rythum began. Liz just laughed, "I forgot we're dealing with aliens."

Tess nodded towards the island and a spotlight appeared. Liz began to make her way to the island, she climbed up and tried to protest one last time, "I really like the pole." Before she could say anymore the pole was there.

Maria clapped her hands, "Come on Liz, I don't get to get out much," she begged.

"Okay, Okay...Liz closed her eyes and started to move. Before she knew it she was in a black lace bra and thong, and the other girls were laughing and passing more money than most men around.

Tess yelled, "Take it all off."

Liz closed her eyes again and kept moving. She slid her bra straps down, and worked the scene, she now held her breast in her hands and the bra was slung across the room. The door to the kitchen flew open. The guys stood there in total disbelief, except Max was wearing Liz's bra across his head.

To find out what happens next I need feed back????? And to all that were interested to begin with...I'll find a place for you in this story. Thank you again to Majesty for all of your help!!!! FeedBack?????????????????????????????????????

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I need some help here, with this being my first fic. I want to write this so that it will be easier to read. I don't want it boring, you know like he said/she said, but I think it's better than Alex...Liz...Max...with their saying out beside it. Majesty gave me a few suggestions and I'm trying that. Is there anyone else that has any suggestions. And thanks to everyone (Iceprincess2100, JDreamer, Mermaidgirl, Abbs007, and Angelbaby6977) who left feedback. I'm going to try to get some of the past out of the way before I throw the porn to you!!! Not much of a wait though!!!!**naughty giggles**
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Max could feel the heat rising in his body, among other things that were rising. Kyle reached for the bra, but put his hand down as soon as he started. Max removed the bra with trembling hands. The lights brightened and the music stopped. Liz stood on top of the island in a black thong and nothing but money to cover her breasts with.

“That explains the thumping and screeching,” Alex explained.

“Hell, you scared the shit out of us,” Michael bit out in anger.

Kyle bumped Max in the back trying to get a better view. Max ripped his shirt over his head and thrust it at Liz.

“Put it on,” Max hissed through gritted teeth.

“We were just having a little fun,” Maria protested.

Tess then broke in; “From the looks of things everything else is fine.”

“Well, yeah,” stated Michael with a smirk. “Now Liz, you weren’t joking about you not being the sweet lil’ Lizzie anymore, but could you go ahead and slip that shirt on? I don’t think Max here will last a week if you keep prancing around like that.”
A low moan was heard from Max. And the girls burst into a fit of giggles

Alex sighed…”Hell, this isn’t going to be a haunted house, but a torture chamber,” looking towards Max with a grin.

Liz took the shirt and pulled it over her head, not even bothering to cover herself, knowing that her tits were right in Max’s face. Max growled as he turned away, swearing under his breath. The girls then proceeded to file out of the room.

“Good night guys,” Isabel stated.

“See ya’ in the morning,” Maria giggled
“In the morning,” Tess repeated.

Liz bent over in front of Max to retrieve some of the money, leaving her bare ass staring back at him. She new she was wrecking havoc on him, she could here his intake of breath. She stood and leaned into Max and whispered, “I think you need a cold shower,” before leaving the room with the rest of the girls. Laughter could be heard behind the closed door.

The next morning Liz and Michael rose about the same time. They bumped into each other in the hall.

“Michael, if you’ll make me some of those famous “Crashdown” pancakes, I’ll help you with breakfast,” Liz began.
“If you’ll squeeze the oranges, and make the coffee, I’ll do just that,” Michael replied with a wink.

“I’ll cut up some fruit,” Tess interrupted.

“Hey, I didn’t think you would be up this early,” stated Liz.

“Early?? Hell, it’s almost 10:00 a.m. I don’t ever sleep this late. I guess all of the action kept us in bed today. Plus, just because I’m a cheerleading, blonde bimbo does not mean that I live that life,” laughed Tess. “And you, of all people and surprises…I can’t believe you would think that way Ms. Parker,” giggled Tess as she put on her best puppy dog pouty face
“Sorry!” Liz held her hands up in protest. Then she emptied the coffee beans into the grinder.

Kyle came into the kitchen yawning and stretching, “Hell, haunts or not, I slept like a baby last night. Did anything else happen?”

“No, nothing happened on the east wing,” Max replied, rubbing his eyes.
Isabel strolled in, followed by Maria.

Isabel patted Max on the back; “Still keeping watch?” she questioned Max.

Alex came in with a roaring yawn, “Don’t start this brunch without me, I’m starved.”
Everyone just laughed and cut up as Michael sat the pancakes on the island. Liz got the juice and coffee. Max and Alex grabbed the plates. Tess finished up the fruit. Isabel and Maria grabbed the silverware.

Kyle went to the cupboard and grabbed the Tabasco and syrup, ”It’s been a while, but I haven’t forgot the “alien” way.”

“So,” Max began, “What’s every body going to do today?

“I don’t know we’ve got five more night and there is nothing to do here”, Tess complained.

“Hell, with last night…Woo!!Hoo!! You all could have fooled me.” Alex teased making his eyebrows dance up and down.

“Oh, shut up already,” Liz blushed. Then she swatted Alex on the back of the head.

“How about we just do whatever…look around the house, explore, find a ghost or something, and meet back here for dinner around 6:00 p.m.” Maria stated.

“6:00 p.m.?????” Kyle and Alex blurted.

“I’ll be the ghost by then,” Kyle complained
“Just come fix you something when you get hungry, there’s plenty of snacks,” Maria shrugged.

“I still don’t like the idea of any of us being by ourselves right now,” started Max.

“Then we’ll split up in pairs, just for you my dear brother,” Isabel teased, as she patted Max on the back.

“Plus we still have a lot of catching up to do,” Tess replied. “Kyle, have you got anything planned for today?” as she batted her eyes.

Liz just giggled at the exchange.

“No, not yet,” Kyle almost whispered. Tess just held her arm out to be escorted away.

“So, spaceboy,” Maria began. “You could show me some of your work, and we could stroll the grounds later.”

“That’ll work, Michael replied as he removed his apron.

Alex smirked, “Hey, babe! Why don’t you do yourself a favor and show me around this place?” Isabel just laughed and pulled Alex out of the kitchen.

“I guess that just leaves us to clean up this mess,” Liz stated.

“Yeah,” Max replied, never looking up from the island.

“Max is everything okay?” “I can handle this myself…..,” Liz started.

“No! I mean, no, everything is fine,” Max said a little too fast.

Liz moved towards Max now realizing that something wasn’t right. He hadn’t even looked at her the entire time. His eyes were boring holes into the island in front of him. All he could think about was Liz on the island in that black lace thong. And all of this fresh fruit lying around had his imagination running wild. The aroma was overwhelming. Then Liz touched his arm. He couldn’t help himself as animal instincts overtook him. He grabbed her and pinned her to the island. Max and Liz’s breathing was erratic. Liz was so startled.

“Max are you okay?” Liz breathed.

Max pressed his growing manhood into Liz; “Does that answer your question?”

“OH?” Liz sighed.

“All I can think about since last night is you. That-That black, sooooo naughty, and those breast,” he groaned as he groped one.

Liz’s breathing was so ragged now that she could hardly stand. She could feel him pressed into her stomach, and she swayed a little to feel him better. That just gave Max a reason to hold her there. He leaned in, his hot breath sweeping across her face, and licked her ear from lobe to top. Liz shivered as she leaned back on the island. Max’s hands were planted firmly on her ass, building a blinding friction between the two.

“Maxxxxxxxxxxx,” Liz moaned.

As Max ran his hand across the island behind Liz, throwing everything on the island to the floor. He lifted Liz on the island. His hands sliding up her thighs. Liz could feel the moisture between her legs.

“God, Liz!” Max groans through gritted teeth. As he holds her forehead to forehead, staring deep into her big doe eyes. “Liz we can’t!!!!” “It’s too soon.” “It’s just, God! I’ve missed you, it’s been so long. Shit, you’ve got your own life, everything you’ve always wanted.” Running his hand through his hair he pushed himself away from her. He walked to the refridge and pulled out a bottle of water.

Liz still sat on the island, dazed. All she could think about was how he had felt pressed against her. How even after seeing him for only one day she would have thrown herself at him. “Max, that’s not true. I don’t have what I’ve always wanted. You see, YOU are what I’ve always wanted.” Max was across the room and on her like a starved animal. Lips pressed together, hands everywhere. “Max to my room, we have some catching up to do,” Liz was gasping for air. Max lifted her in his arms, and took off for her room.

Let me know if you like this format better. Feedback???????????????????????????????????????

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I'm working on the next part. It should be up tomorrow!! Thanks for the feed back!!!!
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Thanks for the feedback!!! I love it, and since you all were so good to me. Here....have at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Max was taking the steps two and three at a time with Liz cradled in his arms. She couldn’t hold back the giggle that escaped her. When they reached Liz’s room Max slung the door open with only one mission in mind…getting Liz to the bed. When he stepped in the room, he couldn’t help but be amazed at its beauty. A huge, four posts canopy bed, white sheets, white pillows, and white canopy. He noticed all of the mirrors that adorned the walls, and a beautiful painting above the mantel, a lady in a breath taking pink gown. But none of this mattered….the bed was the only thing. Getting Liz on that bed. In just a few strides his goal was accomplished.

Liz lay there with her hair fanned out around her face. “Max,” she whimpered. His mouth crashed down on hers, nipping her lower lip with his teeth. He broke away for air, standing beside the bed, looking into Liz’s lust filled eyes, “Liz are you sure? It’s been seven years, I don’t want to make you feel used.”

Liz crawled up on her knees; she ran her fingers down the front of Max’s shirt. She leaned in and kissed his forehead. He lifted his hands to touch her, but she caught them, “No, Max! This is my time.” So Max let his hands fall to his sides, and Liz winked at him for his cooperation. She sealed the deal with a mind blowing kiss. Max was in a trance; he was mesmerized by her and her forwardness. She slowly begin to unbutton his shirt, planting a kiss after each button…lower…lower...lower. She smiled as she heard Max’s intake of breath. If he didn’t breath soon, he would pass out, she thought as she continued on her journey.

When she got to his jeans she undid the button and slid the zipper down with her teeth. She slid his pants down with ease as he stepped out of them.

She rose on her knees in front of him and could only smile at the awe in Max’s eyes. She let her eyes rake over his exquisite body; his golden tan, his abbs (abbs007), his shapely thighs. **Scrumptious, she thought, as she licked her lips in anticipation.** He started to reach for her, “No, Max I want to do this,” Liz stated, as she backed away a little.

Max stood frozen like a Greek God.

Liz reached for the hem of her cloudy, pajama top. She slowly lifted it over her head. Giving Max a clear view of what was in store. Liz brushed her hand over her round, firm breast.

A low growl was heard from Max, “Please Liz, I’ve got to touch you.”

“In a minute, Max. In a Minute,” Liz oozed as she hooked her fingers in the waist of her pajamas and teasingly slid them down. “Now be a good boy and keep your hands to yourself. This is my show,” she teased.

Max couldn’t even blink; he just nodded his head.

Liz bowed down in front of him and kissed the head of his dick with a wet “pop.”

Max couldn’t help but grab her shoulders for support. “Lizzzz, you’re killing me,” he pleaded.

Liz turned over on her back with her head slightly hanging off the bed. She rolled her tongue around the top of his dick, making Max fall forward with a gasp.

He braced himself with his hands placed on both sides of her. Her aroma hit his nostrils in full force. **Two can play this game, he thought**

Liz felt his hot, moist breath on her core and her legs spread willingly. She grasp his ass and jerked him to her as she enveloped his prick with her warm mouth, eliciting a moan from Max. Max nipped her toned stomach with his teeth, which made Liz whimper in delight. Liz began to devour him as she paced his thrusts with her arms groped around his waist.

Max leaned in and brushed his nose across the small patch of hair. He pulled her legs up with his arms for better access. Then he licked her from front to back in one fluid motion.

“OH, FUCK!” she hissed, as the tables had been turned.

Max was surprised at her choice of words and thrust into that bad mouth of hers, as his tongue plunged into Liz’s wetness. She worked his thighs with one hand as the other massaged his balls. Max knew it wouldn’t be much longer. He began to circle Liz’s clit with his tongue, sweeping from front to back a few times. Then he slipped his fingers into her center, pumping them, in and out, in and out.

Liz gave a long vibrating moan that shot through Max giving him nothing but release. Liz tightened around him and he let himself go on over the edge, carrying Liz with him. They came together, with Liz swallowing every drop. She held his semi-hard dick in her mouth as a smile crept across her face. Max licked her again, and she gasped and tightened her knees around his head.

“You’re so bad,” Liz teased, as she swatted his firm ass.

“Me?” he questioned. Then he brought her up into his arms.

“Max? Stay here with me until we have to go downstairs later?” Liz pleaded with her eyes. “We still have A LOT of catching up to do,” she taunted.

As they snuggled into one another, Max ask, “Liz have you noticed that the painting over the mantel looks like it is watching us?”

“No!” Liz laughed. “You think this place is haunted?”

“Well, when we first came in I noticed it, and it seemed to be looking at the door. Now that we’re over here on the bed…Look…she's looking at us,” Max explained.

“You’re crazy Max!” Liz exclaimed. “Now come take a bath with me,” she teased, as she made her way to the bathroom to start the water.

Max only laid there in shock. When Liz moved toward the bathroom, so did those eyes of the lady in pink...


Okay!!! So, what do you all think of my first nookie piece??? Do I need to change anything??? Live for feedback!!! So, far you are making me happy. I have got to get the rest of the crew in here, so be patient. I'm working on it. (abbs007) I got you in on this one!!!**giggles***bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce*

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Good Morning All!!!!! I'm soooo giddy this morning. I am definately loving the feedback. I am also working on my next part. So, if I don't get it up today, please don't shoot me. (I am coordinating my cousins wedding and it is really becoming a pain in the ass.) I will have you all another part soon. Oh, for the painting, wait and see......**naughty giggles*******************big**big**big**big**big**big**big**wink**wink**wink**wink*
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I just wanted to let you guys know that I am hoping to have a new part up tomorrow. I'm working on it!!! I'll have more for you guys tomorrow. Thanks for all of the feedback...more soon.*wink**wink**wink*
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Hey! Sorry, I didn't get this up yesterday as promised. This part is long, so I am going to post some now and when I get it finished up, I'll post the rest then. But here goes..............I hope you all like it!!!! (Let me know?)*wink**wink*


Max could not believe it. He examined the photo to see if the eyes moved again. No matter where he moved in the room they still seemed to be watching him.

“Max, are you going to come and take a bath with me,” Liz prayed, in a sultry voice.

“In a minute,” Max whispered, glancing around the room. He noticed on every wall, in every mirror you could see the contents of the bathroom. And from the pictures in the mirror he could tell that in the bathroom Liz had begun to take matters into her own hands.

Max glanced back at the painting, the eyes didn’t seem to be moving, but they looked almost real. So, his attention was brought back to the mirrors when he heard a low moan proceeding from the bathroom.

In all of the mirrors you could see Liz in this huge bathroom. The bathroom was white adorned with vanilla candles and white roses. The tub was extravagant; white with brass claw feet and brass fixtures. A stool sat beside the tub for a better approach.

Liz walked to the sink and lit a few candles. She looked at herself in the Victorian mirror above the sink. That’s when she notice that Max was watching her with wide eyes. She pulled her hair up, except for a few strands around her face and neck. She lit a few more candles and could feel Max’s gaze burning her from the other room.

“Let’s play a little game,” Liz whispered to herself.

Liz mesmerized Max. Here she sat in front of him in all her glory. Max felt his dick twitch at the sight of her.

“Calm down boy,” he hissed through gritted teeth.

Max rose to go to her but was stopped with the thought of the fun house at the carnival when he and Liz were in high school. If only it could have been like this, he thought as he kept examining all of the mirrors.

He was brought out of any bad thoughts with the site of Liz sitting next to the tub; the sound of running water and a pleasant smell of strawberries mixed with the vanilla scent of the candles.

His eyes roamed over Liz’s body. All of the white of both rooms reminded him of something pure and innocent. What all of the mirrors was showing him was not pure and innocent. Max could feel himself growing harder from the site before him.

Liz sat on the step of the bath with her legs spread leaving nothing to Max’s imagination. Liz removed her hand from the water and started a wet trail from her knee, to her thighs, across the small patch of hair, and up to her breasts. She massaged her left, then her right. She stroked them lightly at first. Running her open palm across them, then she pinched her nipple as her head rolled to the side in pleasure.

Max stumbled back to the bed. The scene before him is wrecking havoc on his body. It was making him dizzy with desire. He was fully erect now. His dick being painfully hard, he leaned back on the bed for support.

Liz could see Max as she positioned herself better on the step. She had a great view of him laid back on her bed, his dick saluting her as his hands were clinching the spread underneath him.

She continued to fondle her breasts as her right hand slowly made its way back to her moist folds. She delicately stroked herself at first.

Max couldn’t help but grip himself at the sight of this, his hand stroking his cock lightly.

The picture of Max pleasing himself only made Liz want more. With her left hand she brought her breast up for better access as she licked her erect nipple.

Max slightly raised off of the bed with the images bombarding him on every wall.

She never stopped teasing her folds as she plunged two fingers deep into her wet core. Her moan sent Max flying across the room. His mouth was upon hers, his hands replacing hers.

Together, they slid from the step unto the rug. Max pulled away gasping for a breath of air, his hands now holding her against his heated flesh.

Liz couldn’t hold back the giggle that escaped her lips, to see him in this state. Hi s hair looked worse than Michael’s ever had. His bangs were plastered to his forehead, his body glistening with sweat.

“Liz,” Max began, “did you know that I was watching?”

Liz could only nod her head; her tongue involuntarily snaked out to lick her lips, as she pushed Max back on the rug.

Max couldn’t move as Liz crawled up his body like a cat upon its prey. She began to nip and lick the flesh below her. The sensation of her hard nipples brushing over his hard flesh was driving her crazy. The look of his ravaged body and to know that she made him this way was sending her on a power trip. Nothing but raw lust could be seen in her eyes as she ground her wet core into him.

“Liz-z-z-z-z-z,” Max moaned, as she leaned forward to seal his lips with a kiss.

His body felt so good under hers, a good solid foundation.

As she began to rise up, he held her to him, hard at first not wanting to let go. Then the kisses became more demanding.

Max rolled them on the rug. Liz noticed the position had changed. Max now had her pinned to the bathroom rug. He licked, sucked, and nibbled everything with in his reach.

“More Max, I want More,” Liz chanted, driving Max on.

He made his way from one breast to the other. He circled the nipple with his tongue as he began to suckle and massage it with his mouth. Not wanting to leave the other out, he repeated his actions, eliciting an “Oh, god”, from Liz.

His other hand roamed her body coming to a halt just above her curls. His fingers lightly stroked over them. Liz’s legs spread, as her body arched off of the floor. Max needed no verbal invitation, as he began to tease her “magic button” that protruded through the wetness.

“Max please?” Liz begged as her head rolled from side to side, her eyes shut tightly.

“Max?” she breathed, her hips thrusting toward him, wanting more.

Max was so aroused by the intoxicating scent of her. He had to taste her. A low growl left his throat as he raised his head from her breast to see her.

Liz’s eyes opened at the loss, but were filled by the top of Max’s head as he descended on her like a starved animal.

“Fuck!” she hissed as her hips rose to the plunge of Max’s tongue. His hand gripped the back of her legs, lifting them, and pushing them over his shoulders for better access. He could tell that she was close, her body began to vibrate and the orgasm washed trough her, allowing a loud scream of ecstasy to echo the room.

Max rose and planted soft kisses all over her body. He then turned the water off in the tub. He leaned down and cradled Liz in his arms, and then he stepped into the warm bath with her.

He sponged her off, as she relaxed in his arms.

She then felt a sharp poke to her side. She tenderly stroked him as she felt how painfully hard he was. Liz took the sponge a washed Max, careful not to torture him. Then without thought she stood to retrieve her towel, her ass right in Max’s face.

“Liz, you’re killing me,” he growled as he nipped her ass with his teeth.

“Max!” Liz squealed, as she jumped from the tub and ran for the bed.

“I’m going to get you Liz Parker!” Max stated. He rose from the tub, and Liz froze like a deer caught in the headlights, at the man in front of her. His body was that of a God, and his eyes held the promise of the last statement.


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I have a question, and who better to ask than you all...OKay. What do you call the little thingy's that go over your eyes when you sleep. Or if you have a headache? They look like "Lone Ranger" masks except they don't have any eye holes. I need to know for the next part of my story. Could someone help me???????
posted on 8-May-2002 1:22:11 PM by Teresa
Guys, I know the type that you are talking about but I have one (clears throat) it is black velvet and it has little feathers (lika a boa) around it??? Is it still the same thing as a stress mask????
posted on 8-May-2002 8:15:44 PM by Teresa
THANK YOU'S to "mermaidgirl", "maxzhot", and "Violet Roswell" for the insight on the mask. Hell, it wouldn't be too sexy if I put "the thingy that looks like a lone ranger mask". **giggles** Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*big**big**big**big**big**big**big**big**big**big*
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Hey!!!*big* I'm sooooo sorry I didn't get this to you guys sooner, but I'm still working on it. So, just for fun, I'm going to give you a small snippet. Tell me what you think..........................................................*wink*


Max patted himself dry, with a million things running through that wicked mind of his. He watched Liz as she made her way to the bed, her ass swaying almost hypnotizing him. His eyes roamed her body to those pert globes he’d been caressing earlier. Everything had happened so fast, he hadn’t had the chance to just praise her. He noticed the curve of her waist and the roundness of her ass, as she climbed on the bed. He felt the tightening in his groin as he also made his way to the bed.

Liz pulled the covers over her body, as her pulse raced faster and faster. His eyes were searching her face. The dampness between her legs growing from his intent stare.

She couldn’t help but stare back at the God before her. His toned muscles, tight ass, rippling abs, and that straining manhood. Finally, that face, with those amber eyes, that scorched her skin. Her mouth watered in anticipation.

Max stopped at the bed, as if to ask for acceptance, when he noticed a little black mask on the bed side table. One of those sleep masks, but this one was so sexy. It was black velvet with little fluffy feathers around it. He swallowed the lump in his throat at the things that entered his mind.

The mask had his mind wandering a thousand things. He began to notice the gold ropes and the streaming white cloth that conveniently flowed from the four post of the bed.

He turned back to Liz with those begging eyes. He pulled the covers back and climbed in beside her. Slowly he slid his body flush with her flesh. He leaned up on his side, wrapping his leg around Liz and pinning her to the bed.

His warm breath trickled across her face as he whispered, “Liz, you’ve been playing games with me all day,” as he brushed the hair behind her ear, “Now it’s my turn.” He sucked her ear lobe into his mouth, his hands traveling the length of her body.

She moaned, closing her eyes she shook her head “yes” in response.

“I’ve had some fantasies fulfilled today, and all were much better than I ever could have imagined,” Max coaxed, brushing his fingers over the curves in her face. “But the one I need your participation in now is one of my favorites,” he added while placing feathery kisses on her face.

Liz could no longer hold her bodies trembling, and the pounding of her heart was deafening. She pressed her heat into him trying to ease some of the ache there. “Please”? she sighed.

“Please what, Liz?” Max whispered, running his fingers over her lips and down her chin, between her breasts. “Close your eyes,” he gestured raking his fingers down her face shutting them. “I have to prepare a few things so keep them closed,” he warned. He peeled himself away from her body and off the bed.

Liz gasped at the loss, but never opened her eyes. Her whole body tingled, her curiosity getting the best of her.

Max flung the covers off the bed with one sweep of his hand, using his powers for the first time since he had been at the house.

Liz’s eyes flew open in surprise, she tried to cover her exposed body.

“Don’t even try Liz, and shut your eyes. I warned you, now you will be punished!” Max replied with a stern voice, but winked at her for reassurance, before she closed her eyes.

“Now I’m going to remove the pillows and slide you to the middle of the bed,” he informed, “But keep your eyes closed.” He gently removed the pillow from underneath her head, she helped him by sliding to the middle of the bed as he took care of the other pillows.

“Max, what…?” Liz began.

“Shhhhh. No talking, you’ll understand in just a second,” he promised. “Just trust me Liz, and DON’T, under NO circumstances, open those big brown eyes of yours. Not until I tell you to. Now, if you trust me, without opening your eyes, I want you to turn over and stay on all fours.” Max whispered.

Liz was only imaging the things to come as she obliged his request. She made it a point to keep her legs apart for Max to view her openly. She heard the hitch in his breath as she did so. “Are you sure this is your game?” she teased, swaying back and forth, brushing her sensitive nipples against the fabric below her.

With another wave of his hand the golden bondage was around her wrists and ankles. “Don’t open your eyes Liz! I want the full effect her,” he hissed into her ear.

She felt the familiar feathers and soft velvet glide down her face and over her eyes. Her eyes opened to black, pure darkness. She heard the shuffle beside her, her head turning to hear better.

“It’s working,” Max began. “Without sight your other senses will be heightened.” “And, as you can tell you won’t be going anywhere,” he informed with a firm swat to her ass. “Now, you will be tortured for seducing me earlier, slave!” he chuckled in delight to his game.

“Oh My God,” Liz breathed out a throaty sigh.


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If you all don't know Lord Dane, and I are co-workers. He's a hell of a writer, but he "was" only writing Vampire stories. Which is all good, but he's starting a Roswell Vampire story....Thanks to me. And Bex (Midnight Magi), he's read "Vamparic Magic." The name of it is..."Everyone Has a Story to Tell." I hope it does well for him.*big**big**big*

Frenchkiss-Max the wicked one...YES!!!!*wink**wink*

Lana Lane, Cermel, & Just Me-Twisted Max??? Maybe**giggles**But Liz is the one that is all tied up!!!

Marteloise-I'll be back shortly!!!*big**big**big**big*
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I hope I have the next part up soon, so hold your horses. If you want a sneek peek, I left the next paragraph for Phaedra on the Roswell Hospital thread. It's pretty racey!!!**naughty giggles***wink**wink*
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Another part......I hope you all enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!! Loving the feedback!!!


Max made his way to her side, he leaned in close to her face, inches from her ear his warm breath heating her skin. "LIZ!" he bit out. "GOD, has nothing to do with this," he growled, "so from now on you will refer to me as "Max". Those are my instructions, if you do not wish to play by these rules, speak now." He leaned in and nipped her ear lobe with his teeth, then licking from lobe around the top he pulled away waiting for her answer.

“Max,” Liz breathed, finding it hard to begin, knowing he was so close to her, “please, by all means continue.”

“That’s what I wanted to hear,” Max smiled. He leaned in and softly brushed his tongue across her pouty lips. He gently sucked her bottom lip into his mouth, she pushed forward wanting more, “I call the shots, don’t even try to turn this around on me,” he chuckled.

Liz lashed her tongue out and brushed it along her top lip to taste him, where he’d just been. She bit down hard on her lower lip to suppress a moan.

Max stood back and gazed at her. “You’re beautiful, Liz,” he worshipped, while climbing up on the bed.

Her head shot to the side waiting desperately for his next move. She felt the bed shifting under her and knew his whereabouts. Her body was humming in anticipation. “Please,” she begged.

“Please? Please what my mistress?” Max taunted, as he ran his hand over her back, gripping her ass roughly. He leaned forward, grinding his straining cock against her heat. He took her hair and swept it back it down her back.

Liz fought for control. Max could have sworn he even heard her swear.

“Tell me Liz,” sliding his hands around her waist and up her sides to cup her breasts hanging openly below her. “Where should I start?” he teased. “Here,” pinching her nipples, “or here,” pressing himself more firmly against her core, while his hands continued there sweet torture on her breasts.

Her head dropped, she had no idea where to start. She was paralyzed from his touch, couldn’t move.

Max eased himself away from her. Liz whimpered from the loss.

Lying on his side, he gently brushed his fingers through her hair. “You’ve never played this game before?” Max implored. Max heard a faint “no”, so he continued, tickling her body with his nimble fingertips. “I’ll just begin here,” tilting his head to suck her breast into his mouth. He licked the hardened peak of her nipple and slid his head further beneath her torso for better access. He circled her nipples with his tongue, nipping it with his teeth.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck,” Liz chanted, her cunt dripping with new fluids. “Max, I can’t take much more of this,” she hissed through gritted teeth.

Max slowly removed himself from beneath her. He moved under one of the ropes, until he was on his knees in front of her. He placed two fingers under her chin to bring her face up. He bent down,” You’ll take what I give you,” he ordered, swatting her face with his prick.

Liz engulfed his cock in one swift motion, eliciting a hiss from Max.

He buried his hands in her hair, pushing her head down upon him. With a primal growl, he began to thrust into her mouth.

Liz planted the tip of her tongue firmly against the underside of his dick, teeth scraping gently against the top. With each thrust she felt his power slipping.

His breathing was erratic. He arched into her. From the tickle of the feathers on the mask, to the light scrape of her teeth, he was losing his authority. He squeezed his eyes shut tightly as he slowed her movements. “Stop,” he demanded, in a low husky tone. “This is my game. I mean it Liz, you’ll play by the rules or you will be spanked.”

“Is that a threat, or a promise,” she teased hoarsely, smiling at her comeback.


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I really hope to have the next part up soon!!! Phaedra is helping me with a little of the perv. I'm kind of slinging my ideas at her and she's letting me know what she thinks. I want it to be "interesting" so to speak. So... Soon!!!*wink*I promise. (If you want, go to Roswell Hospital...The beginning of the next part is there. Sssssshh! If you do read, let me know what you think!!!)

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Here's the next part.... I hope you all like... it's a little short...(nookie)



Sweaty palms yanked Liz’s face forward, Max sealing her lips with his mouth. He plunged his tongue down her throat in an attempt to show her he was in control. Twisting his fingers in her chocolate locks, he pulled her aggressive mouth from his. Tilting her head to the side so that the tip of his nose nuzzled her ear, “Liz”, he growled “I can’t wait to show you the “ropes,” so to speak,” he added playfully, nipping her lobe.

Liz was so aroused, pulse racing faster than ever. Chills ran down her spine. Her senses were on overload.

Max traced the outline of her face with his fingertips. He moved under the golden rope and off the bed with a thud.

“Max?” Liz questioned.

“Here,” he breathed, running his finger from the crack of her ass to her now swollen clit. “Now, now, now, what do we have here?” Max teased, leaning in on the bed and swiping the tip of his tongue over her wet folds. (Liz hissed in excitement.) He climbed aboard the bed, planting his hands firmly on her ass, squeezing just a bit.

“I want more”, Liz whimpered.

Max drew back his hand, planting a bold swat to her ass. “That’s (swat) what (swat) you (swat) get (swat) for (swat) not (swat) listening (swat),” he warned. (Liz gasped for air with every swat) Max reached forward grasping her silky hair. His hard cock planted against her wet core. Running his tongue down her back, releasing her hair, and branding her body with his touch. His teeth now nipping at her rear, he settled himself down on the bed behind her, a naughty smirk across his face.

He leaned forward parting her cheeks; he stroked her pussy with his tongue. He began to devour her, sucking her clit into his mouth, rolling it with his tongue. He licked her again and again, front to back…side to side.

Liz instinctively pushed her sodden pussy towards him.

Max nipped her thigh as he traced her core with his nimble fingertips. “Liz, your sooooooo wet for me,” slipping his fingers into her moist recesses. Dipping into her soul. Slipping them out slowly he plunged in deeper. He replaced one finger with two, Max felt her body begins to tremble, her walls began to tighten. The trusts of his fingers met by her thrusting backwards. “Come on Liz,” kissing her lightly on her rounded ass. Leaning in he licked her puckered exit, sending her into a fury, he taunted her ass with his tongue.

“Oh, Max! Oh, Yes!” Liz panted, as the first waves of her orgasm washed through her.

Max removed his soaking fingers in one swift motion, replacing them with his velvet tongue. Lapping her feminine juices. Sucking each dampened lip into his mouth, cleansing them of any nectar. Primal instincts taking over, he devoured her, as his name was whispered from her mouth over and over.

Liz’s head now rolled from side to side, any coherent thought leaving her mind.

Max rose, his body slick with sweat, planting the head of his pulsating cock against her slick opening. Gripping her shoulders for leverage, he slammed into her.

“Max,” she drawled, as his fullness stretched her walls further.

He drew himself out slowly, only to be forced back harder. He pulled out almost all the way, slamming home again. Building a blinding pace he pounded into her. His balls smacking her ass with each thrust. The bed posts slapping the wall to the same rhythm of their bodies slapping together…faster…harder…deeper…Over and Over.

“Oh fuck, “OOOHHHH…..Harder” Liz moaned. Her walls clenching his cock like a vice.

“Lizzzzz,” Max grunted, his release ripping through her. He grabbed her hair hard, yanking her back further onto him. Pumping so hard, pinning her body to the bed with each thrust. He released her hair, leaning in to brush feather light kisses over her glistening back.

The door shot open……………………………………………………………..


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Okay now for all of you*************************

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GabrielKnight-First of all, what does...
"Henous on Juuri Hahmojen Totaalisessa Rakastumisessa" mean???????????????????? *wink* I tried to say out loud, it sounded kind of sexy. Hell, I may have just been thinking that because of your last reply. WOW...*tongue**tongue*(licking lips) I've been wanting to add more nookie, but, OMG*wink**wink* you just made me have a wonderful perv idea. (Throw most everything I've wrote in the wee hours of the morning away, Gabe and Just me, just gave me a new idea.)

Oh, and again.... I WANT THAT DAMN RING, (stomps foot) and I'm pretty good at getting what I want, so you just wait....that ring is mine!!!!!!*big**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce**bounce*

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Part 6

Michael exploded through the door a bolt of energy flashed from his palm.

Startled, Max threw up his shimmery green shield to protect he and Liz. With his cock still inside her, he waved his hand around the bed sliding the canopy curtains together to hide Liz from the intruder. Max’s shield dimmed with his powers working elsewhere.

Michael couldn’t control his release at the sight of a beautiful, nude Liz on all fours right before his eyes.

Max’s shield broadened as he fought back Michael’s forceful fire. The fire danced across the room leaving the beautiful painting in a heap of ash on the mantel, only two marble shaped balls rolled off and hit the floor.

Max pulled himself out of Liz with a huff. “Max please come back?” Liz whimpered.

“Now, Michael! What in the fuck do you think your doing barging in here, firing at the first thing that moves?” Max raged, wrapping a sheet around his body.

“Max?” Liz questioned. “Is Michael in here? And what the fuck is going on?” She tried to pull her arms back to the side to cover her breasts, her legs closing as much as possible.

“Liz, you’re okay. You’re covered.” Max informed her, eyeing Michael with devil ray eyes.

“I just…I assumed,” Michael was having difficulties thinking, knowing that Liz was just behind the mesh curtain, her silhouette hypnotizing him.

Max leaned down to pick up the two round jewels off the floor. He rolled them around in his hand noticing their beauty; they looked like Tiger eye’s. That’s when he realized they were the eyes from the painting. Continuing to roll the eyes around in the palm of his hand, “You know what they say about assumptions?” Max snapped. “Assumptions are the mother of all fuck ups!” he hissed, circling Michael as a cat would its prey.

“But, the banging and knocking, and…and the moans. I thought something was wrong. Maria laid down on the couch for a nap, but I couldn’t sleep.” Michael confessed, stretching his neck to see Liz behind Max.

“So, you came to make sure everything was okay?” Max implored.

“Well, yes. I was only checking things out,” Michael stated.

Max circled behind Michael, leaning in close to his ear, “I’ve noticed,” Max whispered. “You’re still checking things out,” he gestured.

Michael twisted around to face Max, feeling his whole body flush.

Standing there with an impish grin across his face Max chuckled. “Liz, are you up for some company?” he teased. “You know Michael here, he’s been listening to our little charade.”

Michael gave Max a stern look shaking his head “no.”

“Max?” Are you sure?” “Michael what about you?” Liz questioned nervously. “I’ve never done this kind of thing before.” She mumbled from behind the curtain.

“No,” Michael breathed.

“No, you don’t want to join us,” Max stated, raising an eyebrow in disbelief.

“Or…No, you’ve never done this before.” Liz finished. Her body began to hum with want. She loved the forceful control freak in Max, but her mind and body began to think of Michael, his free spirit. Her pussy dripped with anticipation.

Michael’s wandering mind stepped in bombarding him with questions. “What about you and I? We’re friends. I’m not by any means gay?” he shrugged, running his hands through his hair.

Max stepped away from Michael, placing the jewels on the nightstand (Maybe for later use); he removed the curtains to reveal a very aroused Liz Parker. “It’s not about you and I,” Max’s voice was low and husky. “We’re only going to please Liz.”

“Michael?” “Max?” “Please?” Liz begged. She tried to rub her legs together, swaying her ass a little to ease some of the ache between her legs.

Michael slowly began to unbutton his shirt, his eyes grazing over Liz’s body. He felt his member grow harder, if that were possible.

Liz looked like a goddess. Those chocolate locks flowing around her face, her body glistening with perspiration, the golden ropes that bound her, and that mask, it left a bit of a mystery to the whole idea.

Max watched Michael, the lust in his eyes, the flush of his body, like an animal on the prowl. “Michael, this is my game. If I say…that’s enough, I mean that’s enough,” he ordered.

“Listen,” Michael began, while unbuttoning his pants and sliding them off. “You invited me in on this game, and I intend to “play.”

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Maria stirred on the black leather couch, her body sticking to the leather. A yawn escaped her lips as she stretched; peeling her arms and legs off the couch.

Looking around she noticed Michael was missing. Where could he be, she thought? She looked at the antique clock on the mantel, one o’clock. Surely he’s not starting dinner this early.

Maria paced the room for a moment before she decided to go look for him. He’s got to be around her somewhere. She started making her way up the stairs.

Michael looked at Max one last time, “ Are you sure Maxwell?”

“Yes,” Max stated plainly. He leaned in and whispered in to Michael's ear, “You take one side of the bed and I’ll take the other.”

With a wink Michael and Max started making there way towards Liz.

Liz could here the shuffle of their feet and her patience was leaving her. She thought of the saying “Curiosity killed the cat,” this would surely be the death of her. A smile spread across her face as she felt the first of nimble fingertips run down the side of her arm. What a way to go she thought as a sigh of breath escaped her lips.

Michael couldn’t help but stare at the beauty before him. “Where to start,” he mumbled. He noticed how Liz bent her head to the side; listening and feeling for anything.

Max climbed on the bed, lying down beside Liz.

Turning her head towards Max she fought with her senses to try and figure out who was who.

She felt the hand that cupped her hanging breasts. The hand that fondled them soothingly, caressing them with soft squeezes and taunting her nipples with a pinch from their fingers.

Pushing her hair behind her ear to see her face, the other hand then stroked her body. Fanning the fire that was building inside her.

The bed shifted again, she raised her head, cocking it to one side, listening to any clue to give away her seducers.

Michael lay on his side, slipping his head under her a little; he took her pert nipple into his mouth.

“Michael,” Liz moaned.

Max never stopped his sweet tauntings with the tips of his fingers.

Michael suckled her breast, almost like a pup nursing it’s mother. He slipped his other hand down between her thighs to her pussy. He brushed his fingers lightly across her nub, as another gasp of breath left Liz’s lungs. He began to make circular motions, around and around and around, his tongue mocking his fingers on her nipples.

Max slid his hand down her back; he rubbed her round ass. The fingers slipped lower, teasing her entrance.

“Oh please?” Liz whimpered, pushing her body back to feel the tips of Max’s finger entering her. He slipped it in slowly. She was so smooth and warm. Reaching further in her canal, he bent his finger slightly. Reaching his goal he began to tickle her g-spot.

Max leaned into Liz, “Come on Liz.” The moistness of his breath trickling over her body.

She knew who was where and what they were doing. Michael was driving her insane with that wicked mouth of his and those broad fingertips. Max was the shove to push her over the edge. But she wouldn’t jump yet, she wanted more. Max was hard again, she felt both of their pistols (MamaDee**wink**) pressed against her.

Michael released her clit from the sweet torture he had provoked there.

Max was still taunting. Every once in a while pulling his finger almost all the way out to plunge back in and tickle her fancy again.

Liz couldn’t control the rocking of her body.

Michael licked her breasts thoroughly, leaving not one place on them dry. His dick was painfully hard now. He shifted from underneath Liz, rising and crawling under the ropes until he was on his knees before her. He took his prick into his hand, rubbing his mushroom head across her lips.

Liz could feel the slick concoction that coated her lips. She sucked the head into her mouth, twirling her tongue over it.

Michael hissed as he shoved his member in the warm recesses of her mouth.

Max was tired of doing with his fingers what he wanted to do with his dick. Seeing Michael’s cock buried in Liz’s mouth only made him want to bury his bone. So, rising on his knees he made his way behind Liz again. He continued to fondle her until his dick could reach her entrance. He removed his fingers only to replace them with his cock.

As Max thrust into Liz she engulfed Michael’s prick. Michael held the sides of Liz’s face, more for his support than hers.

Max began to build his pace, pulling out slowly until only the tip remained hidden, then slamming home. He watched as his dick appeared and then disappeared, crushing Liz’s folds with every thrust.

“Oh fuck,” Michael cried out as Liz scraped her teeth lightly over his dick. “OH Yes, Liz,” Michael growled, gritting his teeth.

Maria paused outside of Liz’s door. Did she just hear that correctly? She thought she heard Michael, and it sounded like he and Liz were…. No, it couldn’t be.

The door wasn’t shut completely. Well, it was shut but it hadn’t clicked in the slot to close it completely. A peak wouldn’t hurt. But she couldn’t do that.

“Yes you can,” said the little devil on her right shoulder. “Don’t do it,” said the little Angel on her left.

She pushed the door open carefully. That’s when the moans and groans stopped her. Should she run away? Her feet wouldn’t move. She couldn’t leave. The scene before her was amazing…Two gods and a goddess on her knees.

That little devil whispered, “Go ahead, join them.” A gleam of brilliance touched her face as a smile.

She pulled her blouse over her head slowly, removed her bra, and slipped out of her skirt and panties, silently leaving her shoes and clothes in a pile on the floor by the door, which she shut quietly. She slid her feet slowly across the floor, unobserved. When she reached the bed, she new there was no turning back now. She ran her fingers down Michael’s arm.

Michael opened his eyes to see a totally naked Maria posed on the bed beside him.

Max and Michael were so caught up in Liz; they never heard Maria slip in on them.

Maria ran her fingers across his chest, down his arms, as she placed kisses over his body.

Max opened his eyes to see the new face before him. Most of Maria was hidden behind Michael, but her face was that of an angel, blonde locks brushing over Michael’s chest, as her tongue and hands roamed his body.

“Ria,” Max whispered.

The words reached Liz’s ears about the same time she felt finger nails lightly scratch her chin.

“Maria, please?” Michael groaned, his head falling forward in ecstasy.

Maria massaged his balls as Liz continued her assault on his manhood.

Max gripped Liz’s hips forcefully, driving deeper than ever. He felt his balls tightening, as he watched the people before him.

Maria rubbed her thumb over Michael’s exit. She began to taunt the flesh there, creating a pattern from the sounds that escaped Michael’s throat. She knew his release was near from the feel of his balls. Slipping her thumb in slightly, she felt him spasm with release.

Liz tasted the saltiness of Michael’s fluids as it rushed over her tongue. Slurping it all down, she drank until he was empty. Letting his prick fall from her mouth with a pop.

Liz felt the warmness of Max’s release wash through her. “Max,” she panted, as braced her against him.

Michael twisted around and captured Maria’s lips in a breathtaking kiss. “Maria, can we continue this elsewhere?” Michael asks hoarsely. He pulled Maria from the bed, wrapping them both in a sheet, and slipping out the door.

“Max,” Liz began.

“Shhhhhh,” Max hushed her, placing his fingers against her lips. He slowly began to untie her arms, checking them carefully for any marks. The same routine followed for her legs.

Liz raised her hands to remove the mask, but Max met them, “Let me get that,” he spoke softly. Placing a kiss on her nose as he placed the mask on the bedside table. He hugged her to him as they lay down on the bed. Spooning her to his body they drifted off to sleep.

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*big**big**big**big**big**big**big**big*Part 6-B

Max and Liz woke to a knocking at their door.

“Just a minute,” Liz yawned, padding across the floor to the door. When she opened the door there stood a smiling Maria.

“Dinner’s Ready,” Maria smiled. “We let you sleep a while longer. Do you want to meet us down stairs in a few; she shrugged in the direction of the kitchen. Oh, will you tell Max, he wasn’t in his room,” she giggled.

“Sure, just let us clean up,” Liz responded. “We’ll catch ya in a minute,” she winked.


Dinner was really good. Michael had prepared a pasta and his very own meat sauce recipe. Everyone ate quickly; a little chitchat went on, discussions of the next day’s plans. They would eat cereal for Breakfast the next morning to give Michael a break. After everyone finished, Isabel, Kyle, Tess, and Alex began to clean up.

Exhausted from earlier events, the others excused themselves for bed. Max, Michael, Liz, and Maria went to their separate rooms. Sleep would come easy tonight.


Everyone did his or her own thing the next morning. Some slept late, some ate breakfast, and some didn’t.

Liz finished her bowl of cereal placing the bowl and spoon in the dishwasher. She had thought about what she would do today, as she got ready this morning, dressing especially for the occasion.

The first she would explore would be the library. She had always loved to read and she had heard Kyle and Tess talking about it last night. The thousands of books, the old furniture that adorned the place.

She made her way down the hall, her Mary Jane’s squeaking a little with each step. Her red, black, and white, plaid, pleated, school girl skirt. Her white button down blouse and her hair in a loose bun.

When Liz stepped into the library the size of the place swallowed her. The walls were covered in shelves, at least ten high. The ceiling domed. A dark mahogany desk, covered in more books, sat in the middle of an antique rug. An enormous swivel back chair covered in burgundy leather sat behind the desk. A running ladder climbed the bookshelves. Books were even stacked on the floor around adorning the rug.

Liz wanted to clap her hands with excitement. She went to the desk first. She couldn’t help but spin in the huge chair. Once facing the desk, an open book caught her eye.

She picked up the sex book, making her way over to another stack of books on the rug, she sat down. On one page was a picture of a blonde woman, cradled from behind, and being kissed and fondled by brunette woman. On the opposite page was same blonde woman performing oral sex on the brunette woman. Cocking her head to the side she studied the pictures carefully. Entranced in the book, she never heard someone enter the room.

Max made his way quietly across the room. When he came up behind Liz to see what she was reading that was so interesting. Her eyes had that little wrinkle between them. His jaw dropped and he had to blink twice before clearing his throat.

Liz almost jumped out of her skin; slamming the book shut in the process, “Shit!” she cursed. “Max, damn you! You scared me to death!” she ranted.

Max chuckled, “Whatcha got there?” Making his eyebrows dance for emphasis.

“Nothing,” Liz giggled. “I found it on the desk, opened to this page,” she stated. She put the book over to the side, on the rug, leaving it open. “So, what are you looking for in here,” she gestured while crossing her legs.

Max sat down on the antique rug in front of her. Liz noticed the worn jeans and white tee as he stretched, before raising up before her. He looked delicious.

“Well, I came to look for some law books, but, wait…I think you’re holding those down,” Max replied.

Liz looked down the binds of the books she was sitting on top of. They were law books. She uncrossed her legs slowly revealing a very, tiny, red, thong. “Take what you want,” she smirked, as Max’s face flushed a crimson color. Liz giggled; she tilted to the side, raising her skirt a little to reveal her bare ass, giving Max an open invitation to take what he wanted.


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Max heard the giggle that escaped her lips before he closed his mouth over them. Brushing his tongue over her bottom lip, Liz opened her mouth, as Max plunged his tongue in lapping hers wildly. Pulling away for a breath of air he stated, “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?”

“I’ll***never***tell,” Liz teased, wiggling her finger in front of Max’s face.

Max ran his hands up and down the length of Liz’s legs, working them back up to cup her ass in both hands.

“I thought you had some studying to do?” Liz joked, while standing swiftly to get away from Max’s wandering hands.

But before she could run away Max hooked his fingers in the waist of her thong, jerking them down as she stood.

Liz only stepped out of them, and away from Max, causing him to fall, knocking over the books. “Shit!” he growled, as his eyes caught Liz making her way across the room. He bundled the moist panties in his hand, as he rose to go after her he slipped them in his jean pocket.

Liz had no idea where to run to, but she wanted to keep this under wraps. She would make Max Evans pay! She saw the ladder and made her way for it. She climbed swiftly, with each step her ass swayed, like a metronome, counting music.

Max grabbed at her feet, each time Liz was a step out of reach.

Liz giggled naughtily when she heard Max’s intake of breath. She was standing directly above him; He could see the curve of her rounded ass in the curtain of a skirt. Every time she took a step, he saw her luscious lips. His mouth watered with desire.

“Just wait until I catch you, missy!” he growled, his amber eyes dancing with fire.

When Liz reached the top of the ladder she sat down. Baring her all to Max.

Max felt dizzy looking up at her open legs, her pussy shining with moisture. Her ass hung over the rung of the ladder. She wrapped her ankles around the back of the parallel sides, hooking her feet in the steps.

Max climbed until his head was submerged under her skirt, her aroma filling his nostrils, intoxicating him.

Liz gripped the sides of the ladder, as Max buried his face in her curls, inhaling her spicy scent. His tongue flicked over her clit, her body spasms with shock. “Max, she sighed, gripping the sides of the ladder tighter in her hands.

Max ran his tongue over her sodden pussy. “Be still Liz,” he warned, between strokes from his tongue. He stepped up again, this time running his arms around the ladder to grip her ass. With his hands on her ass for leverage he plummeted his tongue deep in her pussy.

Liz hissed another intake of breath as her body throbbed and the ladder jerked. “Max,” she yelped, holding the ladder so tight the white in her knuckles showed. “I’m afraid this ladder may fall.”

Max knew she was really afraid, her legs were clamped down around he’s head. “Liz, my head is going to pop, if you don’t loosen up,” his voice muffled.

“Sorry,” she giggled. “Maybe we should move to a better place,” she motioned towards the desk and chair. “Max, quit looking at me like I have three eyes, and climb down. This ole’ jerky ladder is not safe,” she continued.

Max sighed heavily and began making his way down the ladder. He cursed under his breath looking up to see Liz stepping down facing him. He stepped back a few feet holding his hand out to help Liz down when she reached the last rung.

Liz saw the passion in Max’s eyes. She leaned back on the ladder for support, so she could free her hands. She pulled the hairpin from her hair, releasing it in a tyrant of chocolate waves. Propping one leg up on another rung, just enough to give Max a peep, she whispered, “Max,” unbuttoning her blouse slowly, “I’ve been fantasizing about doing this for you for a long time," licking her lips for emphasis.*tongue**tongue**tongue**tongue**tongue*

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Max couldn’t say anything, his hand still hanging in the air, he stood there, mouth slacked wanting more.

Liz undid the next button, and the next, and the next, and the next…finally. She exposed her pert globes, nipples still hard, pointing at Max. She cupped them, squeezing them together, caressing them. She let them fall apart; she ran her hand down over her toned stomach, over the fabric of her skirt to her leg. Liz slid her hand longingly up her leg. “Max, sit!” she informed, pointing to the floor at the foot of the ladder.

Swallowing hard to replace the saliva, he did as he was told. Dropping his hand, he slowly sat Indian style on the floor, eyes wide with want, like a kid in a candy store.

Liz turned around slowly. Bending her knees, jutting her ass out, only about a foot from Max’s face. She leaned over one of the rungs for support, while undoing her skirt. She unbuttoned the only button that held the skirt in tact. She opened the front, holding both ends of the wrap in each hand. She pulled it to the left-then to the right. Looking over her shoulder, Liz watched Max as his eyes danced back and forth mocking the movements of the skirt. With a low giggle, she whipped the skirt from her bare ass with a pop, flinging it in Max’s direction.

Liz spun around, as fast as one could on a ladder. Her petite form lying divested against the rungs.

Max bunched the skirt in his hands. He was glad he had something solid to hold on to, it was taking all his strength to sit there and watch without joining. His dick straining against his jeans was a painful reminder of his need to be included.

Liz brought her hand up from her side, crooking her finger; she gestured for Max to come closer. “I want you flat of your back at my feet, your face looking up at me,” she whispered. “You had your fun, now I’ll have mine.”

Max crawled to the ladder, her aggressive behavior driving him on. He turned, lying on his back, gripping the ladder on each side of his head.

Liz leaned down checking his position. “Perfect” she thought, “Max is already bracing himself.” She lifted her hands to hold the sides of the ladder; Liz pulled herself up a little, testing her strength. Then closing her eyes tightly she opened her legs into a full split.

Max’s heart leapt against his chest, “Fuck,” he hissed, his nostrils flared with each intake of breath. Licking his lips, he whispered, “lower.”

Liz felt his warm pants against her cunt. Her legs rested on his muscled arms, as she felt the first flick of his tongue over her folds.

Max brushed his nose against her clit, nuzzling it with each touch. His tongue explored her, slipping in her core slightly for a tease. Liz rested all her weight on Max’s braced arms.

As his tongue stroked her wildly, she leaned into his body, freeing her arms and resting her ass against the ladder. She slid her hands over his clad chest, down to the waist of his pants. She noticed the tent of his jeans, while unbuttoning them. Liz slid the zipper down in one swift motion, pushing the waist of his jeans and boxers lower.

Max lifted his hips slightly to allow Liz better access. He continued his assault on her pussy; licking, sucking, nibbling. He moaned as her hand gripped his length.

Liz felt the pause when she rolled her tongue clockwise around the head of his cock. Liz slurped the whole shaft into her mouth at once, while she caressed his balls in her hand and stroked him with her fingertips behind his sac. Liz convulsed with the tightening of her vaginal walls, letting go of Max’s cock, “Max,” she cried out, as her orgasm washed through her.

Max licked her sweet flesh clean, sucking and nibbling even her thighs. His arms were growing numb from their position so he shifted slightly.

Liz pulled away, dragging her body up Max’s body. “Are you okay?” she ask, crinkling her brow.

“Yes,” Max sighed, his member still fully erect he sat up maneuvering his jeans. “Liz that was amazing.” His brain still not functioning well, with only one thought roaming around it. Removing his shoes he pushed his pants off, pulling his tee over his head, he spoke his mind, “Let’s finish this,” Max stated. He made his way across the room. Then he halted in front of the desk, before shoving the books to the floor clearing his area.

Liz didn’t need an invitation, she rushed toward him. Meeting his lips, she brushed her tongue roughly over them before plunging into the wet re