Hey guys. I got really bored, and started writing. This is what came out. I wanted to post it somewhere, so here it is!



They were so young. So innocent. So carefree. Except for his cautious presence, they had not a care in the world.

She went about her normal existence. Her everyday life, being a normal, everyday girl.

He went about his everyday life. Watching her every move. Hanging on her every word. Lingering on her every glance.

They were two roads moving in the same direction. Until destiny intervened and forged them into one.

That day changed her life. His life. The life of everyone they loved.

In that day, he risked everything he was. Everything he wasn't. Everything he had ever hoped to be. To save her from a fate that was never meant to be hers in the first place. And in that precise moment, they formed a connection. One so strong, so powerful, so rare, that nothing like it would ever be born again. And from that connection would spring a love so deep, so passionate, that it would transcend time itself.

They would be so much each other's that it would leave people around them mesmerized. Gaping in at two souls so perfectly intertwined, that it was impossible to tell where one stopped and the other began.

Their love would bring them over hurdles and through battles that were fought with a courage far beyond their years.

Their relationship would come to be tested time and time again by matters not of this world. With a select few trusted individuals by their sides, they were able to overcome anything that life threw in their path. A close circle of friends would be their only solace outside of each other.

When he was taken against his will, it was her love and his friends that came to his rescue. They risked their lives, without question, to save his own. From people bent on destroying him for who he was. For what he was. Even the horror of that pain couldn't weaken what they shared.

Their love would face its greatest challenge after she received a visitor from another life. A visitor wh in truth, was the very essence of the man she loved. A visitor who would ask her to sacrifice everything she had fought so hard to keep, for a greater good. To save the lives of everyone she knew, and of countless more she would never know. She destroyed the one thing in the world she had that was good. She would sever the unique ties that bound their love and that had been the driving force in her life for so long. And in doing so, everyone around her became unknowingly indebted to her forever. Because they owed her life itself.

It was even a battle for her to sever what they shared. A battle she fought alone, for the first time in her life. She did it the only way she knew how. With a betrayal. Only to his mind. Never to her heart. She shattered the dreams that they had built together to save the world from a harsh ending.

It would take time. There would be questions. There would be numerous tears. More heartache. But eventually, they were able to be back on the road to rebuilding what it was they had lost. Only to have it shattered again.

With the death of a loved one, they were thrown back into the harsh realities of an unrelenting world. They were forced to question everything they felt in order to find an answer. Closure. Anything to lessen the pain and ease their minds. Try as they might, the answers were hard to come by. The rift between them seemed to flare up and become irrepairable.

But once again, there would be a betrayal. This time to both of them. To all of them. But this betrayal would not tear them apart. It would only provide the answers that they had all been searching for. It would be the stepping stone needed to make right everything that had been done wrong.

Once again, they were able to live life as they dreamed it. With each other. Never knowing where each day would take them, or what each new corner would turn up, they went in headfirst. Because they had each other. They would yet again fight endless battles. To save who they were. Their path was constantly rocky, but drawing strength from each other and their friends, they were all able to live as normal a life as possible. Despite who they were. What they were. Because they were together, they would overcome even more deaths, betrayals, and tricks. But in the end, they would win.

And all this....simply because a boy named Max loved a girl named Liz.