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Title: Lost Inhibitions
Author: Just me
Category: M/L are the main focus
Rating: NC-17
Disclaimer: I don't own them, I just want to borrow them, I promise to bring them back just the way I found them.

Inspiration: This is a response to NC-17 challenge by queencyane. See fanfic discussions board for detail of challenge.

Summery: Something (read and find out what) happens to Liz and she suddenly acts on all of her inner desires and speaks without any inhibitions.

Spoilers: Takes place during Max and Michael's fight from the eppi "Who died...king" and includes everything up to that point.

Feedback: Love it or hate it, just let me know what you think.

It was starting to become really cold outside-frigid by New Mexico’s standards. No one seemed to notice though, everyone was focused on the door to Jesse and Isabelle’s apartment. It sounded like WWIII was taking place inside. They heard things slamming against walls and furniture being overturned and smashed. It was impossible to know exactly what was going on inside. There was no indication at all as to who was going to walk out of that door the winner, the king.

Liz was frantic…..desperate to know if Max was alright. She knew Max was at a disadvantage. He still wasn’t fully recovered from his death, even though he said he was fine and didn’t want to talk about it. Not to mention, the powers that are unique to him are gone and she knew Max wouldn’t want to hurt Michael any more than was absolutely necessary. The thing that scared her most was that Michael was actually engineered to be a soldier and from what Maria told them, he was in full fighting mode.

In her desperation for information she contemplated trying something she had been avoiding for months now. She was going to try to connect with Max.

Even when they were together, as a couple, he usually needed to be touching her to open the connection between them. But so much had changed since then. She had felt the connection “snap” when Max died. She thought it was gone forever because she thought he was gone forever too. She felt it flare to life again when she kissed him and brought him back to her. She realized then that it hadn’t been terminated. It had just been dormant.

She walked away from Kyle and Maria who were still anxiously staring at the door. Liz closed her eyes and concentrated on thoughts of Max. She let her mind flow from thought to thought. She thought about his eyes, so deep and dark, the soft hair at the nape of his neck that she loved to run her fingers through, and his mouth when he smiled and that same mouth crushed against hers.

Trying to connect with Max didn’t seem to be working and Liz was about to give up. She put her hand in her jacket pockets to keep warm, and found the golf ball she had been using to beat Max at putt putt with. He had handed it to her just before he got the call from Isabelle about Jesse being taken by the FBI.

As soon as Liz’s fingers touched the ball they immediately wrapped around it and gripped it tighter then she thought she was capable of. Her whole body went rigid, her breathing slowed to almost non-existent and that’s when the connection with Max was made.

She could see Michael and it was as if she was sitting on top of his chest with her legs on either side of his body. He was bleeding, his face had several cuts all over it. He was swearing because he was in a lot of pain.

Then she heard Max’s voice. “I will kill you Michael if that’s what it takes to stop you. But trust me, as someone who just got back from there, you don’t want to go.”

Max reached down to Michael’s shoulder and placed his hand over the glowing seal of Antar to rightfully reclaim it as his own.

And that’s when it happened. Liz felt a surge of power flow through her body. She wouldn’t have been surprised if this is what being hit by lightning was like. Except there was no pain, quite the opposite actually. It felt like every single cell in her body was being caressed. Then the tingling seeped from the surface of her skin through her muscles to the inside of her body. It flowed and swirled inside her. Liz’s muscles began to relax from the warmth. It was one of the most pleasurable feelings she has ever experienced. She absently wondered if this is what an orgasm felt like. Then Liz felt all of the currents swirling inside of her start to compress and swirl into a tight ball. As soon as all the energy was focused into that ball it was quickly sucked deep inside her...... all the way into her soul.

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WOW I am totally blown away by the feedback. Thanks so much.

"I can't wait to see what will happen to Liz. Was it because she was connected with Max when he took the seal back?"

Be patient, all will be revealed in time*big*

"Is this your first fic? I saw on the FanFic Discussion board that you're a reader not a writer, so I was just wondering."

It is my first fic. The idea for the story was just to good to pass up. I just hope I can do it justice.

"And was it me or did you say new part after Roswell??"

Roswell was great tonight*bounce* I had to watch it twice. So without further commercial interuption Part 2

Part 2

A collective sigh filled the air as Max and Michael walked out of Isabelle’s house together. Each had one arm around the other, but she really could not be sure who was holding whom up. They both looked tired and beaten.

Liz immediately ran to Max and threw my arms around him. Maria was just as quickly at Michael’s side helping him into her car.

Liz flew into Max with such force, he reared back slightly in surprise. When Liz’s body came into full contact with his…..that’s when it happened. She felt an explosion deep inside of her that would have rivaled an atom bomb detonation. A fire spread throughout my body culminating right between her thighs. It literally took her breath away.

Max heard Liz gasp for breath. He thought that maybe he was holding her too tight. It was completely possible, she felt so good in his arms. Liz had flown into his arms so suddenly it caught him off guard. She had actually pinned him up against the wall. He loosened his grip on her just enough to look into her eyes. They were still the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen, but they looked different. He saw a million different emotions pass through them and for a second he thought he saw…..pure lust.

Liz got herself under control as quickly as she possibly could. Her body was still on fire, but this was not the time or the place. What the fuck is going on tonight? She thought to herself. Michael was a maniac tonight and I’m getting all worked up just hugging Max. I so did not need this.

“Max, are you ok?” Liz asked quietly as he slid into the driver’s seat of his car. He was going to give her a ride home before he went back to Michael’s apartment.

He glanced at her, their eyes met, and he slowly nodded that yes he was ok. “I have the seal back. I will tell you all about it but, not tonight. ok?” He hoped that she would understand.

She took his hand in hers to make sure he knew that she did understand. Whenever he was ready, she would be there for him. He started to lightly rub his thumb across the back of her hand. He probably didn’t even realize he was doing it. However, it was having a profound effect on her. It seemed to fan the flames of desire she had just managed to get under control. God Liz get a hold of yourself. He’s just touching your hand.

With every stroke of his thumb across her hand, it felt as if he were touching her intimately. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t pull her hand away from his nor could she control her body’s reaction. She was losing herself in the feelings he was evoking inside her. So she did the only thing she could think of …. She gave in.

Fuck it. This is the only good thing that has happened to me in weeks. I deserved a release. She knew she wasn’t being rational but she didn’t care.

Liz sat back in her seat, laid her head back against the headrest, closed her eyes and let herself go. Every time his thumb traveled across her hand, it sent her higher. The pressure between her thighs was almost unbearable. She was almost there when all of the sudden……

Liz realized the car had stopped. Actually, not only was the car stopped outside the Crashdown but Max was already on her side of the car. He was patiently waiting for her to take his hand and step out of the car.

She had been pressing her legs together so tightly that when she attempted to stand her legs completely gave out. Max caught her in his arms and pulled her tightly against his body. That’s all it took to send her over the edge. She came so hard that she had to bite her bottom lip from screaming out his name. Her whole body shook as she rode out the last waves of her orgasm in Max’s arms.

“God I needed that.” Liz stated as if it were a normal every day occurrence.

She kissed Max lightly on the cheek and whispered “thank you” in his ear before she disappeared into the Crashdown.

Authors note:I know it's alittle short. It just seemed like a good place to stop.

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Thanks for all the encouraging feedback.

I hope this is half as fun to read as it is to write!

Part 3

Max was exhausted. Between the fight with Michael, taking Liz home, and healing Michael’s cuts and bruises, Max felt like someone had just walked over his grave. He wasn’t certain what that expression meant but he was pretty sure this is what it felt like.

He kept trying to make sense out of what had happened earlier tonight. Not what had happened to Michael, but to Liz.

From the moment she touched his hand, he had felt everything she had felt. EVERYTHING, and he still had the hard on to prove it.

As much as he wanted to believe he could bring Liz Parker to orgasm from just touching her hand, something just wasn’t right.

First of all, she wasn’t even embarrassed about it. In fact, she had thanked him! Not that he would have wanted her to be embarrassed but the Liz he knew just wouldn’t have been so obvious about the whole thing. He was certain there was something strange going on.

He felt torn. If something was wrong with Liz, he wasn’t sure he wanted to fix it. He loved that she trusted him enough to let herself go with him sitting right next to her. He loved the waves of desire he could feel coming off of her. He loved how her desire made him dizzy.

They arrived at the Crashdown much sooner than either of them wanted to. Max felt her desperate need for a release. It was then that he realized it was about to actually happen! Then he felt her need to be closer to him. He bolted out of the car and had her door open before she even opened her eyes. Liz had been completely lost in the moment. She stumbled out of the car and right into my arms. Max instinctively pulled her body into his. He wrapped his arms around her, buried his face in her hair and that's when he felt her release. It was powerful, all consuming and the most glorious thing Max have ever witnessed.

He wasn’t sure how she was going to react after she had composed herself. She managed to stun him yet again when she kissed him and whispered thank you in his ear. And then she was gone. The loss of her warm body against his made him shiver.

He only knew one thing for certain. He definitely wanted this to happen again. Except next time, he would be more of a participant and less of a spectator.

Not even in the desert, when they had uncovered the orb, had Max and Liz ever shared anything like that. They had both been completely out of control. They had almost made love that night. He wouldn’t admit it to anyone but he was glad they hadn’t. It’s not that he didn’t want to. Good Lord, every time he kissed her he wanted her. He also wanted it to be for the right reasons. He wanted her to choose to give herself to him because she loved him, trusted him and wanted him too. Not because some freak alien force was pulling them together.

Max just couldn’t help but think that tonight was a result of something alien. He wondered if it had something to do with the royal seal of Antar. His seal. It carried with it all of the alien gifts that were unique to him. That fact alone made it incredible powerful.

It was an understatement to say it had a profound effect on Michael. It took all of Michael’s basic characteristics and multiplied them by a thousand. The seal took all of Michael’s desires, even the ones from his life on Antar, and brought them to the surface. He felt compelled to act on them.

His theory about Liz being under some alien influence seriously lacked conclusive evidence. Max was almost certain Liz hadn’t even seen the seal on Michael. And no one other than Max and Michael had been in the house when he had taken the seal back.

Max decided he would talk to everyone tomorrow. He would find out if anyone else had experienced any unusual side effects.

With a plan of action in place Max was finally able to fall asleep.


Liz woke up feeling fantastic. She felt rested and energized. She felt healthy and strong. She felt feminine and sexy. She felt powerful. It was as if she could have anything she wanted, all she had to do was go out and take it.

Mmmmmmm, This lead to a very interesting question. What DID she want? Immediately after she formed the question in her mind, her whole body knew the answer.


She wanted him totally and completely. She was tired of being cautious. She was fed up with taking it slow. To hell with Future Max. Fuck Destiny.

Destiny…she would forever connect that word with Tess. It made her skin crawl. In her heart she knew she wasn’t capable of actually physically harming anyone. It wasn’t in her nature. Yet, when she heard THAT name, she felt violent.

But she silently vowed to herself that Tess was NOT going to consume one more minute of her life.

Even on her most irrational day, she couldn’t blame only Tess for what happened. Max had a choice. He was at least half responsible for all the pain she had felt as a result of him sleeping with her. Did that change her mind about wanting Max? No, that would be like letting Tess win. That was not an option.

Liz was going to get what she wanted. No one was going to stop her.

Liz believed Max’s heart had always belonged to her. And Max’s soul had belonged to her since the day he healed her. But, his body had once belonged to Tess.

It was time to claim what was rightfully hers.

In fact, Liz was determined to go one step further. She wanted to become what Tess had desired from day one of her existence.

Liz was going to be Max’s queen.

Authors note: Just a heads up to let you know I hope to post the next part over the weekend *happy*
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Authors note:

Just wanted to respond to some feedback:

Queencyane: the pictures of the Smallville eppi were the inspiration behind the next part. I wrote the majority of it tonight and will hopefully refine and post it soon. Thanks for taking the time to post the pictures.

Lelea I really appreciated your feedback. It really helped me refine and focus on where I want this fic to go.

So Michael gets the seal and turns into a giant asshole. Liz what?shares the seal? and so far all I see are postive things coming out of this! I will try to wait for the weekend to see a powerful Liz take on the world.....and Max Evens.

My whole version of the seal is it brings out the persons dominant characteristics and deepest desires

Michael's dominant characteristic is his lack of self control and his deepest desire is to really be the king.

Liz's dominant characteristic is her pure heart and her deepest desire is Max

The seal isn't really the basis of the fic. It was just a means of explaining Liz's behavior. Although I will explain how it's possible for both Liz and Max to have it at the same time.

My Alpha-Liz doesn't want to exactly take on the world, she just wants to play with Max and Max is more than up for the challenge that she has become.

Well I'm going to stop before I give anything else away.*big*
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the feedback continues to inspire me thanks so much!

Part 4

Not only was Liz going to go after exactly what she wanted, she wasn’t going to waste any time.

Liz had not only gotten out of bed feeling refreshed and empowered, she got up early enough to put the results of her early morning plans into action.

After showering, she put on a pair of hip hugging jeans and her favorite black tank top. She even rubbed some shimmering lotion across her stomach. Maria had given it to her months ago. It’s not something she would normally use, but today wasn’t a normal day. Today she was making all her dreams come true. The plan, she always had to have a plan, was simple.

Seduce Max Evans

But not before there was some payback in the form of a little frustration on his part.


Despite being exhausted the night before, Max hadn’t slept very well. The stress of the last few weeks was catching up with him. It had been a hell of a ride lately. He was glad to be up early though. He wanted to see Liz before school started today.

As he walked out the door of Michael’s apartment, Max couldn’t stop thinking about Liz and the events of last night. He remembered every detail, how beautiful she was, the sounds she made and how she felt in his trembling in his arms. It was because of this constant line of thinking that Max had to second-guess what he saw as he walked towards his car.

It was Liz. She was sitting on the hood of his car. She looked like a goddess. She was lying with her back against the windshield. Her hands were behind her head and her eyes were closed. Because of the position of her arms, her shirt had ridden up exposing her flat stomach and if he wasn’t mistaken, he thought he saw flecks of gold reflecting there from the morning sunshine.

Liz opened her eyes and saw Max’s stride falter when he saw her. That is exactly the reaction she had wanted. She wanted him slightly off balance to keep him guessing. “Morning” she said as he got close enough to hear her.

“Hey” was the only thing he could think of to say until he recovered from the shock of seeing her lying on the hood of his car. “I was going to stop by and see if I could give you a ride to school.”

“Well you can give me a ride, but not to school.” Liz said teasingly.

“Liz we have to be in class in 30 minutes.” The responsible side of Max said before he could stop himself.

Liz already liked the way Max responding to her little game. “That would be true if we were actually going to class today.” She responded.

“But we’re not?” God was it possible that she had become even more beautiful than she had been yesterday Max thought to himself. He swallowed hard as he watched her slowly slide off the car until she was directly in front of him She was so close he could feel the heat from the morning sun radiating off of her body. He couldn’t take his eyes off her mouth as she spoke.

“Max, what would you rather do today” she teased. “Go to school and spend all day inside OR spend the entire day playing outside in the sun with me?” Her whole plan rested in his answer, but she felt confident he would see things her way.

He needed to know if she was serious. “Alright,” He said as he put his hands on the car so her body was in between his arms. “I’ll take you anywhere you want…for a kiss.”

She loved it when Max was in a playful mood. Today might be even more fun than she had originally thought.

Liz had only meant the kiss to be light, not a tease, but a promise of things to come. Their lips touched and she instantly fell into the abyss that is Max Evans. She wrapped her arms around his neck and held on tight. His hands slid to her waist, up her back, under her hair to her neck. He continued to kiss her until his lungs demanded oxygen. Only then was he able to tear himself away.

Hearing Liz say, “Let’s go” cleared the Liz induced fog in Max’s brain.

Liz had decided she wanted to go the Beckenwood State Park. It was a park with some walking trails, a picnic area, and a playground. It should be deserted because today was a weekday. There would be plenty of places to be alone with Max and yet they would still be in a public place. It was about an hour away from Roswell, so Liz sat back and enjoyed the ride. She felt content and confident that today was going to work out just as she had planned.

Max on the other hand wasn’t sure what to think about this morning’s sudden turn of events. But the farther away from Roswell he drove, the more he started to relax and anticipate spending the entire day with Liz.

Max and Liz decided they would first explore some of the trails around the park then have the picnic lunch that Liz had packed.

They talked, joked and laughed until there sides hurt and tears were streaming down their faces. This was something they hadn’t done in a long time. Slowly the stress and pressure they had both been under for so long seemed to dissolve.

They came to a small stream that ran through the middle of the park and decided to sit for a while. Liz felt this was the perfect time to make her first move.

They sat next to each other with their bodies as close together as possible without actually touching.

Max leaned close to Liz and kissed her shoulder lightly. He couldn’t help himself. He thought for sure this was all a dream.

He was about to kiss her neck when she startled him by speaking.

Liz knew if he kissed her, again things would soon be out of control. She had other plans for them. “I read about this experiment I’d like to conduct.”

“An experiment? Now?” Max had to wonder what she was up to.

“Yea,” She baited him. “Think you’re up for it?

“Try me.” Max was intrigued. “What are the parameters of this experiment.”

“I read, in a source that will remain unnamed, that it was possible to make someone cum just from talking to them. Do you think that’s true.” She asked as straight-faced as she could.

Max swallowed hard. He hadn’t expected to ever hear the word ‘cum’ spoken by Liz Parker let alone think she would want to do an experiment of this nature. “Who is going to be the test subject?”

“You” she stated with a sexy smile on her lips.

“I’ll agree to this on one condition.” Max decided to play but he wanted the odds of him not totally embarrassing himself to be stacked a little more in his favor. “Instead of an experiment, lets make it a game. A game to see who can make who cum first.” He can’t believe he just said that to her but she started this.

“Fine” Liz stated. “But games have rules, no touching each other and no powers.”

Max agreed to these terms. He wasn’t sure how far she was going to take this so he let her set the pace. “You go first”

“You know what we should call this game.” She leaned in close to him and whispered in his ear. “The mind-fuck game.”

WOW…her directness and choice of words shocked and aroused him. She was serious about this.

“What’s the matter Max?” Liz asked as innocently as she could.

“You almost just won.” Obviously, she was going right for the kill. He was going to take a different approach with her. He looked directly into her eyes. He held her gaze for what seemed like forever and then said in a deep husky voice, “I’ve traveled across time and space to be with you. I love you.”

Liz had become so lost in the moment, she leaned in to kiss him and just as there lips were about to touch, he whispered, “No touching remember.”

Damn he’s good. She thought she had been prepared to play this game. She had underestimated Max. Liz was not going to let that happen again.

Liz decided to be a little more visual this time. She slowly licked her lips. “Someday soon, I want to lick the taste of you off my lips”

Max groaned. It was the kind of sound that comes from deep inside someone. He felt his self-control slip. but countered with “Did I ever tell you that your skin carries the scent of vanilla.” He leaned in towards her neck and took a deep breath drinking in the sweet scent. “I have laid awake countless nights wondering if you taste like vanilla too.”

His words created images in Liz’s mind that astounded her. “Please…” she whispered.

“Please what, love.” He wanted to know what she needed to send her over the edge.

“Don’t stop talking,” she pleaded.

Max knew this game was spiraling out of control but he couldn’t stop, not with her begging him to continue. “It’s taking every ounce of control I have not to touch you. I’m afraid to touch you, afraid I’ll lose control.” For the second time he wanted to see how far she was going to take this game. “Would you do something for me?”

“Anything” she replied and she meant it. Even though she could feel a warm liquid start to pool between her thighs, she was still in complete control of the game. She wanted to make him lose control.

Max took a deep breath and continued. “Would you touch yourself and let me watch.” He made that request because that was what his hands burned to do, but he was still determined to play the game.

Liz knew it was difficult for Max to make that request but wanted more. “Be more specific.”

“Unbutton your pants.” It came out sounding more like and command then a request even to Max’s ears but he continued. “Slip your hand inside, underneath your panties.”

She interrupted him by saying, “I’m not wearing any panties” while leaning back and complying with his request.

Shit…with those words Max was unable to continue ignoring his own body’s response to the game and it was about to get worse. He unbuttoned his jeans in an attempt to alleviate some of his discomfort.

Liz closed her eyes upon hearing and seeing his reaction to her comment.

In a strained voice, Max said, “Look at me Liz.”

Looking deep into his eyes brought Liz that much closer to a release she now desperately needed.

“Find that spot Liz. That sweet spot. The place that will take you over the edge.” Max was finding it incredible difficult to breath let alone speak. “Did you find it?”

“Yes” was all she could manage to utter.

“Now close your eyes and imagine it’s my tongue touching you there.” Max whispered.

And for the second time in 24 hours Liz’s entire body shook from the intense force of her Max induce orgasm.

Max couldn’t tear his eyes away from her face. He watched her and was positive he would never see anything more beautiful than Liz quivering in ecstasy. He could no longer ignore the painful pressure emanating from his pants. As he took her in his arms while she rode out the after effects of her release, he pressed his painful erection into her thigh seeking some sort of relief.

Feeling Max’s incredible length against her leg helped Liz return to reality.

Max tenderly whispered in her ear. “That was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and I guess that makes me the winner.”

She smiled, looked into his eyes, pressed the palm of her hand into the zipper of his pants and said, “Are you sure about that Max? That feels pretty painful. I on the other hand, am completely satisfied…I’d say that makes me the winner of this game.

With that being said, Liz got up, smiled and walked to the picnic area thinking THAT was for fucking Tess.

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The feedback continues to amaze me. Hope you continue to enjoy.

Part 5
It took Max what seemed like forever to finally regain some sort of control over his body. In reality it had only been about 5 minutes. He tried to take his mind off what had just taken place right next to where he was still sitting. When he finally felt able, he moved to the edge of the stream and splashed cold water on his face. Eventually he was able to button his pants without wincing in pain. It was still obvious what kind of state he was in so he un-tucked his t-shirt. At least he would be able to face Liz without being too self-conscious.

Let’s face it; most guys would be upset about the way Liz had played him. Not Max. With all of the mistakes he had made in their relationship and with his recent death still fresh in his mind he would take anything Liz was willing to give him.

He started back down the path to the picnic area where he expected Liz to be. He couldn’t help glancing back at where he and Liz had been playing their game and smile.

As he started to make his way back to Liz he was startled to hear someone say, “Excuse me” from behind him. He turned to find a blonde haired, blue-eyed woman smiling at him. She must have been walking on one of the a joining trails.

“I seem to have gotten myself lost. Can you tell me if this is the way back to the start of this trail?” She smiled up at him like he was her hero.

“Yeah actually it is.” Max didn’t take notice to the woman’s smile he was still thinking about Liz.

“Mind if I walk with you. I have a terrible sense of direction.”

Max was annoyed that this woman was still talking to him. She was interrupting his thoughts of Liz but he didn’t have it in him to be rude. “Sure that would be fine. It’s not far.”

As they came to the beginning of the trail, the woman turned to him, put her hand on his arm and said “Thanks, who knows how long I would have been wandering around lost”. That’s when Max felt this wave of emotion hit him square in the chest. It felt like someone had physically punched him. He felt surrounded by jealousy and rage. Max looked around to see if he could figure out where it was coming from.

Then he saw Liz. She was walking slow but purposefully with her shoulders back as if she were walking into battle… straight towards Max.

When Liz saw Max with the blonde her heart stopped. That bitch was touching Max. Her Max. Liz was immediately consumed by feelings of rage and possessiveness. NO ONE touched Max but her.

Max then realized what Liz was seeing. Liz had just left him in an extremely uncomfortable state and he had walked out of the woods with a strange woman. Who, by the way, had still not gone away.

All he could think about was getting to Liz and explaining that it wasn’t what it looked like. He had to make her understand.

Liz could only focus on one thing. Max. She wasn’t sure what she was going to do with the blonde bitch but it wasn’t going to be pretty.

Max walked away from the woman without saying a word. A second later he was standing in front of Liz. “Liz…please” he pleaded with her.

“She was touching you.” Her voice came out calm, almost cold. “You have to help me Max because I think I want to kill her.” The rage she felt was burning her from the inside out.

“Come with me.” Max said firmly but gently as he took her arm and led her in the direction she had just come from. As Max took her arm she made a connection with him. She could feel his fear of what she must think and his desperation to set things right. The farther they walked the better able Liz was to regaining her control.

By the time they reached the picnic area Liz had managed to compose herself. Then she noticed the sharp pain in the palm of her hand.

She pulled herself out of Max’s grasp. “ I just need a minute OK?” She turned her back to him and took a few steps away before she unclenched her fist. On the palm of her hand were 5 glowing dots in the shape of a V. The same V Max had drawn on the hood of his car last night to show Maria what the royal seal of Antar looked like. She watched as the glowing faded and then disappeared. She would have to tell Max about that, but not today. No alien stuff today. Just Liz and Max being together. That's what today was about.

“Liz are you OK?” Max was desperate to set things right.

“Yea Max, I’m fine.” Finally, feeling calm enough to speak.

“Liz, that woman just wanted help getting back to the start of the trail. I hope you don’t think…”

“I know” she interrupted “I know that it was completely innocent. I felt it when you took my arm.”

“She said she was lost.” Max continued.

Liz had to smile at Max being so unaware of what that woman really wanted. “It wasn’t your hormones I was concerned about”

Max was confused. “Then why were you having a ‘Michael moment’?

Liz simply stated, “She was touching you Max. I didn’t like it.”

This time Max had to smile. “So let me get this right, you wanted to kill this woman because she had her hand on my arm?” he said almost teasingly.

She rolled her eyes. She could see how much Max loved her possessiveness. “Yes and you can just wipe that smug little smile off your face before I do it for you.”

This just made him smile even more.

Before Max realized it Liz had a fist full of hair at the back of his neck in her hand and held him in place as she kissed him with an intensity that made him dizzy. She not only wanted to wipe the smile off his face. She wanted to make sure he understood he belonged to her. She dared anyone to try and prove that wrong, including him.

Liz’s kiss felt intense and possessive. It sent his entire being into a frenzy. It evoked not only a reaction from his body but from his very soul. He needed her to understand there would never be anyone else but her. He couldn’t survive without her. That it was thoughts of her that saved his life in Vermont and yet he would gladly give up that same life if it meant saving hers.

Liz was completely lost in the current of emotions swirling around her. She could feel how much he needed her. Not just physically, but needed her in his life, in his heart. He needed to know she would never leave him again.

Then she felt hesitation from him. He was emotionally reining himself in. He tore his mouth away from hers. Not willing to end things yet, she placed warm wet kisses along his jaw back to his ear. Liz reveled in the taste that was Max.

“Liz, you have to help me stop this.” Max was pleading with her. She knew he was right. This was way to intense for a public park.

She was able to stop kissing him but she couldn’t pull herself away form his warm hard body just yet.

They composed themselves as best they could and reluctantly left each other’s arms. Without saying a word the both started to collect all of their things. They knew they couldn’t stay here. They needed to be alone.

“Max, Roswell is at least an hour away.”

“I know, that’s why we need to leave right now. I promise it will be worth the wait.” He said as he flashed her the most mischievous smile he could. If he didn’t break the intensity of the moment he was going to lose what was left of his self-control.

She knew he was trying to lighten the moment so she played along. “Well that’s definitely one promise I’m going to hold you to.”

It didn’t take them long to pack everything and start their drive back to Roswell. The sexual tension had flared to life again as soon as they were in the small confines of the car.

For the third time in 24 hours Max’s mind was losing it’s battle for control over his body. Irrationality started to set in. He thought that if he could just touch her he would be OK. Holding her hand would be enough.

He glanced at her and caught her staring at him. He smiled and held out his hand with the palm facing up offering her to take it.

Without hesitating she accepted by placing her hand palm down against his and entwined her fingers with his. She was feeling the effects of the close proximity as much as he was.

Unconsciously he started rubbing his thumb down the length of her thumb and back. The feeling made Liz smile as she recalled the last time he had done that. With a sexy smile she asked, “Are you sure you want to do that?” while looking down at their hands.

Max hadn’t realized he had started stroking her thumb. She was teasing him and he decided to tease right back. “Absolutely. Especially if I get the same reaction from you that I did last night.”

In a silky sweet voice she said “Actually I was thinking, especially after this morning, that if I was going to put on another show like that I would want you to be a little more involved then just holding my hand.”

How was it possible that every time he believed he was getting the upper hand in one of her games she managed to pull the rug out from underneath him with just a few words. Words that caused images to flash thought his mind unraveling his self-control.

She watched as her words impacted him exactly how she had wanted them to.

Liz took their joined hands and brought them up to her lips. She lightly brushed the back of his hand across her mouth. She slowly kissed each of his fingers. Then she parted her lips and touched her tongue to the tip of his thumb.

He was completely mesmerized. His brain knew it had to focus on the road ahead but his body was demanding it give all it’s attention to what Liz was doing. “Liz… please”

Liz used the words he had spoken to her this morning. “Please what love?”

“You need to stop…” Even in his ears he didn’t sound convincing.

Liz ran her tongue along the entire length of his thumb. She smiled as she heard him gasp. She moved closer to him and whispered in his ear “Do you really want me to stop?”

Max hesitated for only a moment. “No.” his voice sounded heavy and strained.

She smiled. “Then you better find a place to pull over.” She said as she licked his earlobe and pulled it into her mouth.

That small action stripped Max of any rational thoughts. He saw a gravel road ahead on the right. There was a chain stretched across it that read No Trespassing. It looked like an old access road. He pulled on to this road, used his powers to take care of the chain, and replaced it as they passed.

Max grabbed Liz around the waist with one arm and held her close to him as he slammed on the brakes. He moved his seat back as far as it would go with his other hand. Then he lifted her up and set her down directly on his lap.

As Max placed his hands on either side of her face, she gave herself completely over to all the passion coursing through her veins. Max then slid his thumb across her lower lip before leaning in and repeating the motion with his tongue. Their kiss was intense and explosive. Neither Max nor Liz could hold back any longer.

Max’s one hand slid into her hair to the back of her head to hold it in place while his tongue continued to evoke incredible sensations in her mouth. His other hand dropped to her waist, slid underneath her shirt and began to rub the warm soft expanse of her back. Using both hands, he pulled her farther into himself. He couldn’t seem to get her close enough.

Liz was experiencing the same problem. She felt him pull her closer but it wasn’t enough. She shifted her weight enough to swing her leg to the other side of Max’s body so she was now straddling him. Surprised by her movement Max broke their kiss to make sure she was ok. She looked directly into his eyes as she lowered herself once again to his lap.

He couldn’t stop the gasp that escaped his lips as his incredibly hard cock came in contact with her center. He swore he thought he could feel heat radiating from her even through their jeans.

The feeling of him pressed against her so intimately was overwhelming. The ache that had momentarily been satisfied when they touched was now back in full force. She tentatively rubbed herself against the entire length of the bulge in his jeans and back. The pleasure was exquisite. She repeated the motion with a little more pressure and started kissing sucking and lightly biting his neck.

Max was slowly losing his grip on reality. He knew they should stop but couldn’t remember why. Why would he want the woman he loved most in the world to stop creating such delicious feelings in his body? He tried to widen his legs to see if he could get her even closer to him as he tried to do this his knee slammed into the car’s gear shift. This sent him crashing back to reality. Then he remembered why they had to stop. They were in his car pulled a couple hundred feet off the highway.

Liz felt Max’s hands on either side of her hips try to stop her motions and she knew her fun had come to an end. She knew he would never take her in his car-at least not the first time, no matter how badly she wanted him too. She knew if she was relentless, she could get him to give in but then afterwards he would feel guilty and she definitely didn’t want that. She kept her face buried in his neck as he spoke.

“Liz I’m so sorry I let this go so far. You just feel so incredible. I’ve dreamed about making love to you a thousand different times in a thousand different ways but never once did I want it to be in my car along side of the road.” He hoped she would understand.

Liz said the only thing she could think of “Then you better get us home as quick as you can.”

And he did.

As soon as the car came to a stop, they were all over each other. Long deep kisses, hands everywhere, their bodies pressed together as tightly as possible while still trying to get out of the car and to the door. Finally, they made their way inside the apartment when they heard…

“Where the HELL have you been?”

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Now it's time to find out who took their life into their own hands and interrupted.

Part 6
“Where the HELL have you been?” Maria practically screamed.

Liz and Max were startled by the fact that they weren’t alone. They hadn’t expected anyone to be at Michael’s apartment this time of day.

Not only were they not alone but also they were surprised to see Michael, Maria, Isabelle, Jesse and Kyle in various places throughout Michael’s living room.

“Excuse me?” Liz said in as controlled a voice as possible. In reality she hadn’t heard what Maria had said, but she wasn’t mistaken about the tone that Maria had used. Liz wasn’t about to take any shit from anyone especially someone who dared to interrupt her and Max.

Liz’s tone of voice set Maria off. “I said where the HELL have you been? You and Max don’t show up at school, you don’t call me or Michael and you don’t answer your cell phone. Do I have to remind you that just yesterday Jesse was abducted by the fucking FBI? For all we knew you and Max were already booked into the exclusive White room hotel.” Maria knew this last statement was a little harsh to say to Max but she was angry Damn it.

“That’s enough Maria” Liz’s voice was as cold and strong as steel. She was not going to let anyone make Max feel guilty about today. “Obviously we are fine.”

“That’s IT?” Maria demanded, “Who are you and what have you done with Liz, because the Liz I know wouldn’t treat her friends like this.”

Isabelle was just recovering from the shock. She had spent all day worried about Max and he was off fucking around with Liz. “You took the day OFF? How could you with everything that’s going on! You’re the King Max, you can’t just take the day off.” Isabelle moved to get in Max’s face to make her point.

Liz moved from Max’s side to directly in front of him to face Isabelle. Liz had had enough. Instead of screaming like Maria and Isabelle she spoke in a low controlled tone so everyone had to concentrate on what she was saying. “If you could all step out of your own little self centered worlds for a second you would see that the past few weeks have really taken a toll of Max. I mean he died for God’s sake. Obviously since I’ve been gone no one has been looking out for what’s best for him. Now I’m back to do exactly that.

Liz continued in an almost icy tone. “Maybe you’d prefer Michael to be king again. He was king for all of 10 minutes before he roughed up the doctor which led the FBI to us and he managed to piss off and alienated every single person in this entire group.”

Kyle laughed out loud. Everyone turned to stare at him as if he were crazy. “What ALIENate….that’s funny.”

Liz continued. “Or maybe YOU want to make all the decisions. Great one by the way not telling your husband the truth, which started this entire mess to begin with.” She paused to let her words sink in. "Everyone here has made mistakes. My point is Max is the glue that holds this entire group together. He is the only reason we are all still here and safe. Every decision he has ever made was based on what he thought was best for everyone in this room. I was the one who practically kidnapped Max this morning. I was the one who turned off our cell phones and I was the one who didn’t want to tell anyone where we were so quit taking it out on Max.”

Everyone was stunned.

Max put his hands on Liz’s shoulders and whispered in her ear, “Can I talk to you for a minute”. He led her past everyone into Michael’s bedroom. He closed the door softly behind him.

Liz started to say “Max I’m not sorry….

She was interrupted by a passionate kiss from Max.

Max kissed her for two reasons. First he thought it would help calm her down. Second he wanted to show her how he felt about what she had said. He didn’t think it was possible to love her anymore than he already did. She continually proved him wrong. Before it turned into something he couldn’t stop, he broke away from the kiss as gently as he could.

There was one thing about her protective instincts he didn’t like. “ Liz you have to promise me something.”

“What Max?” Liz prayed that he wasn’t going to ask her to apologize to everyone for what she had said.

“Never EVER step in front of me when someone is challenging me…even if it is only Isabelle. I almost had a heart attack.” The thought of dying from a heart attack would be really bad, but dying with the hard on he has been dealing with all day would have been a tragedy.

Liz couldn’t help but smile. She hadn’t realized she did it. “I’m sorry. I promise not to do that again.”

“If anything ever happened to you I…” This time Max was cut off by Liz’s kiss.

“I know. I feel the same,” she said after their kiss.

“Well this wasn’t exactly how I had planned on ending our day but I have to get to the Crashdown. My shift starts in twenty minutes. Will I see you later?” She asked with an incredible seductive smile on her lips.

“Not even an evil alien invasion could keep me away.” Max replied trying hard to hide how disappointed he was in having to let her go. Then as an afterthought he asked, “Exactly how were you planning on ending our little get away?”

Liz just smiled and said “I’ll show you when I see you later.” And she winked at him as she left the room.


The minutes seemed to drag by until Max could see Liz again. Finally it was time to head to the Crashdown. Liz’s would have about 15 minutes left on her shift.

He walked into the Crashdown but didn’t see Liz anywhere. Then Maria came flying out of the back room. “Hey Maria. Where’s Liz?”

“Where’s Liz? Let me see…OH yea after she spent her entire shift practically insulting all of her customers, she managed to land a soda in the lap of a particularly annoying customer, and he father sent her upstairs. I mean, ya the guy totally deserved the wet lap but it’s not anything Liz hasn’t been able to handle before. What is going on with her Max?”

“I’m not sure. I’m going to go make sure she’s ok.” Max walked out of the Crashdown and around to the fire escape. Max didn’t think Liz’s father would let him see her after what she had done tonight. Liz’s impulsiveness was starting to really concern him.

He climbed up over the balcony ledge. She wasn’t outside so he walked over to her window. What he saw shocked him.

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He climbed up over the balcony ledge. She wasn’t outside so he walked over to her window. What he saw shocked him.

Part 7
It was Liz. Max always knew Liz was beautiful but what he saw through her window literally took his breath away.

Liz was lying on her bed, on her right side, facing away from the window. The only thing covering Liz’s bare body was a thin bed sheet that was draped over her hips. Her hair cascaded over the pillow her head was resting on. She looked like a goddess, his goddess.

From the pattern of her breathing, he was pretty sure she was asleep. He wanted to memorize every line and curve of her body. He had no idea how long he had been sitting outside her window. He wanted the picture etched in his brain forever. Then he felt a pull towards her. Like she was calling him to her. He was positive it wasn’t just his hormones kicking in. He felt it on a level he had never experienced before. It couldn’t be denied.

He used his powers to unlock the window and quietly climbed inside. He didn’t want to scare her; he didn’t even want to wake her. She was so beautiful. He ached to be able to touch her, to run his hand over the curve of her hip, to smell the strawberry scent of her hair, to kiss her neck, and run his tongue down the entire length of her spine. Her words invaded his little fantasy.

Without moving a muscle, Liz whispered. “Are you going to join me?”

Liz smiled. She had been exhausted and went to bed shortly after her dad sent her upstairs. She woke up as soon as Max had stepped on her balcony. She felt him. She didn’t hear him come in the window. He hadn’t made a sound but she could feel him come closer. She knew he was taking in what he saw. It felt like a warm tickle everywhere his eyes roamed up and down her body. It felt as if he were actually caressing her skin. At that moment, she wanted his touch more than anything in this world.

Max took off his jacket and laid it on the chair by her desk. He crawled on the bed and laid down next to her without touching her.

“What were you thinking about when you were outside my window?” Liz asked ready to play a new game.

Max was having a hard time just breathing so speech was out of the question. He managed to say one word. “This”

He took his hand and ran it lightly over her shoulder, down her side and up over the curve of her hip. From there, he let his hand explore her entire back. After having memorized the feel of every muscle, he took one finger and softly traced the outline of her spine from her neck to the sheet that behrly covered her bottom. He felt her shiver. “Are you cold?” he asked.

“No, It was your touch that made me shiver.”

Max smiled, leaned closer to her, and gently kissed her shoulder. He tentatively moved his caresses from her back, over her waist to her stomach. Her skin felt exquisite under his hand. He wanted to taste it. His kisses changed from soft loving kisses to kisses that worshipped her skin. He licked, he sucked, and he lightly bit his way from her shoulder to the sensitive skin of her neck.

Liz was completely wrapped up in the moment. She was anticipating his next touch and his next kiss.

Max flattened his hand against her stomach and pulled her body into his. He needed to feel more of her than what his hand was offering him. He wanted to feel her against the entire length of his body. He knew she would feel how aroused he had become. He wanted her to know how the feel of her under his fingers and the taste of her skin on his lips had affected him.

There were no words to describe the intensity of the moment.

“Max” Liz gasped. It was a plea as well as a prayer.

“Show me.” Max whispered. If there were any boundaries in this game, he was not about to cross one without permission.

Liz placed her hand over the hand Max had resting on her stomach. She slid both of their hands down her stomach to the soft patch of hair between her thighs. She opened her legs slightly to accommodate his large hand.

Max stopped devouring the back of her neck and gave their hands his complete attention. Her hand on his was all the permission he needed. His hand continued on the path that she had set for him. He didn’t stop until his entire hand covered her mound. He could feel heat radiation from underneath his fingers. He felt Liz shift slightly. Instead of being pressed against his chest she was lying in front of him on her back.

Max looked down into the eyes of the woman who would forever hold his heart. In her eyes, he saw complete and unadulterated trust. After all they had gone through, he never expected to see that again. It overwhelmed him. It made him feel powerful and at the same time completely undeserving. He vowed that he would never compromise that trust again. It gave him the control he needed to not make love to her. When they made love, he had to be sure she understood that it would mean forever. At the moment, the feelings surrounding them were too intense to have a serious conversation about the status of their relationship. He wouldn’t let her give herself to him until they talked but that in no way meant he wasn’t going to give her as much pleasure as he possibly could tonight.

Liz was reveling in the sensations swirling around her. She looked up unto Max’s eyes and was completely lost in them. She needed him…everywhere.

Max leaned down and captured her lips between his. She immediately opened her mouth to deepen the kiss. Liz couldn’t stand the pressure culminating underneath his hand and raised her hips slightly off the bed to urge him on.

Max tentatively started to explore her. He grazed his finger lightly over her clit and without breaking their kiss she let out an appreciative moan. It was music to his ears. He needed to hear her again. He circled her clit repeatedly each time using a little more pressure.

Liz started to whimper. She pressed herself harder into his hand. The sensations he was creating inside her body grew to almost unbehrable proportions. “Max…please.” She pleaded with him.

Max heard her need for a release. He desperately wanted to give that to her. Slowly he slid a finger into the softness of her folds and was rewarded with a gush of warm wetness. He repeated the action again except this time his thumb circled her clit at the same time.

Liz tore her lips from his and let out a low growl that bordered on primal. She immediately turned her attention to his neck to keep her self from screaming out his name.

It only took a few more sweet strokes of his hand to take her over the edge. Before any noise could escape her lips, he captured her mouth in his and listened to the sound of her release in his mind. Max held her close as her body shuttered. Even before she had completely come down from her release, she turned her body into Max’s.

With her body’s needs completely satisfied, she could now turn her complete attention to Max. His body, his responses, his release.

She ran her hands up underneath his shirt pushing it up as far as she could. He helped her take it off completely. The contact of her skin against his was almost too much to behr. It sent him to a level of arousal just this side of pleasurable pain.

Liz marveled at his self-control, but she knew it was time to set that aside.

She let her hands wander from his chest to the front of his jeans. She slid her hand down the entire length of him. They both moaned from the intimate contact.

Max felt he had to stop this before he completely lost all semblance of control. “Liz…we can’t…”

Liz interrupted him by kissing him. She traced the outline of the bulge in his jeans with her fingers. “Max please…” she whispered in between kisses. “Let me touch you.” Not waiting for his response, she unbuttoned his jeans and slipped his zipper down.

Max groaned in appreciation as the painful pressure his jeans created was relieved and replaced by the heat from Liz’s hand.

Liz needed more room. She tugged at his jeans until he helped her push them down over his hips. She was momentarily shocked by the size of him. The scientific side of her brain wanted her to study him but that was overridden by her desire to please him. She wrapped her fingers around him and began to stroke him.

Max loved the fact that she was intently watching her hand work him into a frenzy but he needed to kiss her. As he kissed her, he wondered how it was possible that she knew exactly how to touch him to the brink and back again and again. Max couldn’t take much more. “Liz you should stop.”

“I’m not gonna stop until you cum Max.” Liz whispered.

With those words ringing in his ears and her hand urging him on, Max came harder than he ever had before.

She felt warm jets of liquid shoot in between their bodies. Eventually his body stopped shuddering and she felt every muscle in his body relax. As he moved his hand between them to clean them up, she stopped him. “No, let me.” She kissed her way down his chest until she came to the first drops of liquid. She used her tongue to taste him. It was silky and smooth and slid down her throat. She continued to lap up all that she could find. She loved the feel of him sliding down her throat.

He watched her in fascination. Never in his wildest fantasies had he ever dreamt up this. Even if he had wanted to protest, he couldn’t. He was completely under her spell. The feel of her lips and tongue on his skin and the fact that her hair was fanned out across his chest and tickled him as she moved lower and lower was again beginning to excite him.

By the time she reached his cock, he was completely aroused again. Liz couldn’t stop herself she needed more. She gently wrapped her fingers around him and slowly licked the tip of him to taste the last drops of what he had just given her. She lowered her mouth further, wrapped her lips around him and created a gently sucking motion as she pulled back.

The feeling of her mouth on him made him shudder. He needed more. He couldn’t stop the actions of his hips as they gently thrust forward.

She gave him what he wanted. She took as much in her mouth as she could, wrapped her lips around him and gently pulled back to the tip. She repeated the action trying to relax her throat to take more of him.

Her mouth was so warm and so wet he felt as if he were floating. He opened his eyes to look at her. Her hair hung down around her face and tickled his thighs as she continued to take him in her mouth. He ran his fingers through her hair and tucked it behind her ear. He had just wanted to get her attention to tell her he was close. But the actual sight of himself disappearing into her mouth surprised him. “Liz” was all he could utter before he completely filled her mouth. She greedily drank every drop.

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Part 8

When Max was finally able to speak he took Liz’s face in his hands, looked directly into her eyes and said, “That was amazing, thank you.”

“It was my pleasure.” Liz said as she smiled. She was incredibly pleased with herself. She had broken through some of Max Evans infamous self-control. At that particular moment it felt to her as if all was right with the world. At least in her world.

Max asked, “Is it normal to feel completely paralyzed after something like that? I’m pretty sure even if I wanted to move I couldn’t. My entire body feels like jello.” Max had never felt this relaxed before…EVER.

“Mmmmm, when I have jello I always like whip cream on top. I could run downstairs and get some.” Liz teased while trying to look serious.

Liz looked so serious he thought she might actually do it. “Are you trying to kill me?”

Liz laughed. “No most definitely not.” The night’s activities suddenly caught up with her. She yawned and stretched her back just like a little kitten does before it takes a nap.

“I better go.” Max said even though that was the last thing he wanted to do.

“I know it’s late but could you just stay a little while longer?” She gave him the best puppy dog eyes she could. “I’m just not ready to give you up yet.”

How was he supposed to argue with that? The woman who had just taken him to incredible heights of ecstasy wanted to stay wrapped in his arms a little while longer. He couldn’t deny her. “If you don’t think your dad’s gonna check on you, I’ll stay till you fall asleep.”

“My dad was not happy about my work performance tonight so he won’t check on me.” Liz stated with a huge smile on her face.

Max wrapped his arms around her and she settled into his side with her head nestled in his neck and her hand on his chest directly over his heart. He had never felt so content in all of his 18 years of life on Earth. He knew without a doubt that the memory of this moment would live with him forever.

He was so caught up in his own thoughts that he didn’t notice the seal on the palm of Liz’s hand slowly fade away.

Even though Liz had fallen asleep fairly quickly, Max had a hard time pulling himself away. It had felt so right to have her sleeping in his arms. It was almost dawn by the time he was able to tear himself away from Liz’s bed. Now he had to hurry if he wanted to shower and get to school early enough to see Liz before class’s started.

Liz woke up the next morning to find a white rose resting on the pillow next to her. She made a mental note to thank him for that. It may even necessitate a trip to the eraser room for a proper thank you. It had only been a couple of hours since she and Max had been together and she was already anticipating the next time they could be alone. Now that she’s gotten a taste of Max Evans (literally) Liz was sure she would need a dose of him on a regular basis.

Liz was standing at her locker when she felt Max enter the school. She didn’t know how she knew he was there but she was absolutely certain she could feel him getting closer. Liz was enjoying the feeling when she was rudely interrupted.

“Well, Well, Lizzie Parker is back. What’s the matter couldn’t handle big bad boarding school?” The shrill voice belonged to Pam Troy.

“Actually Pam, It’s more like boarding school couldn’t handle me.” Liz stated in a cold tone that surprised Pam.

“Yea well, I kept Max Evans warm for you while you were gone.” Pam wasn’t going to let Liz get the better of her.

With this Liz felt her blood boil. She felt pure rage at the thought of Pam anywhere near Max. She raised her right hand across her chest to backhand Pam Troy into next week but before she could swing, she felt someone grab her wrist and press up against her from behind. There was only one body that molded to hers so perfectly, Max.

“Whatever she said, it’s not worth it.” Max whispered as he wrapped his fingers in hers and brought her hand down to her waist. Max wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed down her neck to her shoulder. Yes, he had stopped Liz from slapping Pam but he wanted to be very clear as to whose side he was on.

The sensation of Max’s lips on her skin instantly dissolved any anger she had been feeling. But now she had all this excess adrenaline surging through her. She managed to turn around in his arms and kiss his lips so passionately everything faded into the background. They behrly heard the bell ring signaling to get to their first class. Reluctantly they pulled apart.

Liz didn’t hear a word that any of her teachers had said in any of her classes. All she could think about was Max. In each of her classes she had a different fantasy. First period she spent fantasizing about making love to him in her room, on her bed. Candles, music, and magic. Second period was at Michael’s. Max was sitting on his couch and she was straddling him. Riding him for all he was worth. Third period was back at her house on her balcony. Her underneath Max outside under the stars. Finally, fourth period arrived. Chemistry with Max. She could actually feel her mouth begin to water when Max walked in the room.

When Max saw Liz sitting at their lab table his heart almost stopped. The way she was looking at him it was as if she was going to throw him on the lab table and devour him. All morning he could think of nothing but Liz. Being apart from her was difficult but the thought of sitting next to her and not being able to touch her was going to be agony. “Hey” was all he was able to say before the teacher started class.

Liz couldn’t concentrate. She closed her eyes in an attempt to focus on the teacher but that was a mistake. It heightened her sense of smell. She could actually detect Max’s scent. He smelled like Irish Spring soap and honey. If she couldn’t taste him, she at least needed to touch him. She put her hand under their desk and placed it on his knee. She opened her eyes to find him looking at her. He mouthed the word BEHAVE silently to her. Liz started drawing circles on his leg with her finger. Sometimes slow sometimes fast but always inching up his leg to his thigh.

Max tried to glare at her but failed miserably. He needed her touch as much as she needed to touch him. He felt her change from circles to raking her fingernails across his leg. It felt as if she was trying to dig them into the denim of his jeans. She was getting close to his increasingly uncomfortable erection. Oh My God she wasn’t actually gonna…..

Liz could tell by the prominent bulge in his jeans that he was already hard for her. She loved the fact that her touch had such a profound effect on him physically. She ran her entire hand down the length of his erection and gave him a small squeeze just before the bell ran for the end of class. She whispered to him “eraser room… now!” as she quickly walked out of class.

A stunned Max slowly got up, placed his books in front of him, and quickly headed to the eraser room.

Max quietly entered the eraser room and locked the door with his powers, just to be safe.

That’s when Liz pounced. She pressed the entire length of her body up against his pinning him against the door. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. She kissed him as if her life depended on it. Maybe not her life but definitely her sanity.

He couldn’t get her close enough. Her warm tongue in his mouth, her body pressed against his body, and both of them begging for a release, was driving him mad. He untangled his hands from her hair and ran them down the entire length of her back, pushing her into him. He continued past her lower back and down over her behind. With both hands firmly on her ass, he lifted her up.

Without breaking their kiss, Liz instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist. She let out a moan as her aching center came in contact his straining erection.

Her moan almost sent him over the edge. He needed more of her. Max usually prided himself on his self-control. For some reason he just couldn’t resist her. Maybe it was because last night he had gotten a glimpse of what being intimate with Liz was like.

With her legs still wrapped around him and his tongue dualing with hers, he walked further into the room and set her on the edge on an empty desk. He ran his hand up the outside of her thigh dragging the edge of her sundress with it. Once at the top of her thigh, he moved his hand in-between their bodies. He ran his fingers over the crotch of her panties and found they were soaked with her juices. He moved her panties to the side and slowly stroked one finger up the entire length of her lips, searching for the spot that would make her whimper. Once found, he placed his thumb over the top of it as he slid one finger into the wet silky center. “God Liz your so wet.” He whispered in her ear.

Liz tilted her hips slightly up in order for him to completely bury his finger inside her. “That’s it.” He whispered. She had to bite her bottom lip to keep from screaming out his name. He continued to stroke her until she was just about to go over the edge. Then he stopped. Liz looked at him wondering what was wrong. “Liz, I need to taste you.” It sounded like a plea. All she could do was whimper and nod her head yes.

Wanting to taste her was the last conscious thought he had. After that, his actions were based on instinct and need. Max gently lifted her up to remove her panties. He kissed a path from the inside of her knee to her deliciously wet core. He took a deep breath and savored her sweet scent. He licked, sucked, and lapped up her juices as if it were his last meal. It didn’t take long until he felt her shudder. With his name rolling off her lips, she came right into his waiting mouth. When her body was completely still again, he stood up and licked his lips not wanting to waste any of what his love had given him.

Liz opened her eyes to find him standing before her licking his lips. With her body satisfied she now needed to turn her attention back to pleasing Max. She slid off the end of the table and patted it urging him to sit.

“You got your taste now I want mine.” With that she unsnappd his jeans, unzipped his zipper and reached inside to free him from the confines of his pants.

He hissed as the painful pressure he had felt in his jeans was replaced by Liz’s loving touch. She ran both of her hands all over him, again marveling at the smooth yet stiff erection before her. She thought she might be embarrassed about so blatantly caressing him but Max was so beautiful. Her Greek God. His eyes had closed as soon as she touched him. “Max” she whispered. He opened his eyes to look at her praying to God that she hadn’t changed her mind.

“I want you to watch me.” Without her eyes ever leaving his, she lowered herself to her knees in front of him and without hesitation; she licked the entire length of his cock from the base to the very tip in one long slow stroke. She had intended on prolonging his pleasure as long as she could with light teasing strokes. That was until he told her what he really wanted.

“Liz love, please, I need to cum.” With that plea still ringing in her ears she took his entire length in her mouth, wrapped her lips around him and created a light suction as she pulled back. She repeated this over and over until he thought he was going to blackout from the sheer pleasure she was giving him. His release was so powerful he was afraid he was going to hurt her. Liz had been prepared and wasn’t surprised by his strong release and like the night before, she accepted every single drop.

As soon as Max felt his legs would hold him, he hopped off the desk to pull his pants up. He noticed the room looked brighter somehow.

Liz turned to face him and said, “Max, there is something I have to show you.” She held out her hand with her palm facing up and there, glowing in the middle of her palm, was the royal seal of Antar.

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Part 9

Max and Liz watched as the seal on the palm of Liz’s hand faded away.

Max was speechless.

Liz started to become concerned as she saw the color drain from his face. “Max, are you ok?”

He nodded as the bell rang signaling the end of their lunch period. “Shit” Max had so many thoughts and questions running through his mind he didn’t know where to begin. He knew he couldn’t start this discussion now. Because of yesterday, they couldn’t miss any more classes. Besides, he needed time to process what he had just seen and what it meant.

Liz didn’t know what kind of reaction she had expected but she wasn't liking this one.

Max whispered, “We can’t talk about this here. We’ll meet with everyone later today. We better get to class.” He wanted to say so much more but it just didn’t happen. She was hurt by his reaction. He could see it in her eyes.

Liz was hurt. She liked having something that was so much a part of him be a part of her too. He was acting as if this was a crisis. A crisis for the entire group to be involved in and not something personal just between them. As she turned to walk out the door he gently grabbed her arm. She turned and looked directly into his eyes.

“Does it hurt?” Max asked his voice obviously overcome with emotion.

“No” then Liz added under her breath, “Not till just now”. With that said she walked out the door and right smack dab into Maria.

“Hey, I expected to find you and Max here when you didn’t show up for lunch. I just came by to make sure you found your way to English class.” Then Max walked out of the eraser room looking as white as a ghost.

“My God chica, what did you do to that poor boy?” Maria asked only half jokingly.

“I gotta go Maria. I’ll talk to you later.” Liz stated as she walked away.

Maria yelled after her “Liz class is this way.” Maria had written off Liz’s uncharacteristic behavior yesterday as stress. But now she was really starting to worry.

Maria turned to ask Max what was going on but he was already gone. Maria hoped the scene she had witnessed was about their relationship and not alien related. She had had about as much alien turmoil as she could handle for one week.

Max’s last three classes were a blur. His brain was on serious overload. How was this possible? What does it mean? How long has she known about this? What if he somehow did this to her? Was that what the past two days have been about? Is it controlling her actions or did she really want to be with him? Did this mean she was his queen? She was obviously hurt by his reaction. Did that mean she wanted to be his queen? He couldn't explain the deep satisfaction he felt when he saw it.


No one seemed to notice the black Ford Expedition sitting in the high school parking lot or the person inside. He had been sitting there for two hours now. His quest had brought him here. He knew the bearer of the royal seal of Antar was inside. The new king. He could feel the power of the seal humming in his brain. He just wished he could get this over with.

As an Antarian, whenever a new king came into power, he was obligated to pledge his loyalty to him. He was genetically encoded to seek out the seal. He would fulfill his obligation and get the hell out of this freak alien-obsessed hick town. He felt the seals vibrations get stronger. Finally, he could get this over with. He had expected Rath to walk out of the side entrance of the school. Rath was Zan’s second. He was the logical successor. But that’s not who he saw. Out walked a human…not just a human but a female human. Something was definitely wrong.


Liz was too upset to go to class. She wasn’t worried about finals. Ever since her powers showed up it became easier and easier to memorize things. It made her smile to think of all the times Max and her had studied together. Obviously, he had done that just to see her.

Liz decided to walk home. She wanted a chance to think things through. She couldn’t blame Max for being shocked. She knew he would immediately start to worry about her and blame himself. She was afraid that he was going pull away from her until they figured out what was going on. She couldn’t let that happen. Whenever there was a crisis, he would pull away and they would be forced to deal with things alone. She was determined that they would face this together this time. She was certain that would make all the difference in the world in the outcome and their relationship.

“Fuck” the stranger cursed. He had tried so hard to hide and even deny his alien heritage and had done so successfully for many years now. Well, with the exception of one incident that had nearly ruined everything that is. Now in the past 48 hours, his alien heritage not only forced him to drop everything to trek to this God forsaken state to bow to the new king but was also about to demand he get involved with the royal seal. AGAIN! He started his Ford Expedition and discreetly followed her.

Liz had been so consumed with her own thoughts she didn’t notice she was being followed. She turned down the alley to go in the back door of the Crashdown. She was home earlier than if she would have stayed for her last 3 classes so she was hoping she could sneak in the back without her dad noticing. She dropped her backpack off her shoulder and started fishing through it for her keys.

As he watched her walk, he became more and more outraged. He had spent the best years of his life on Antar protecting that seal and it’s bearer. He had left his home and family and traveled across the universe in an attempt to preserve the seal. Now this human was walking around with the power to rule an entire planet inside of her. It was a desecration of the seal. This made his alien blood boil. Even though it would most likely put an end to everything he had worked so hard for here on earth, he couldn’t sit by and let this travesty continue. He quickly formulated a plan.

Liz couldn’t find her keys so she rang the delivery bell hoping Michael would answer so she could still sneak upstairs without her dad knowing.

Well the stranger hadn’t had time to formulate a great plan but it was now or never.

Come on Michael hurry up, was the last thought Liz had before she lost consciousness. She vaguely remembered hearing a car roar up the alley behind her.

Michael opened the delivery door entrance and was about to lay into whoever was on the other side except there was no one there. He looked down the alley in time to see the Expedition screech it’s tires as it went around the corner. That was just before he noticed Liz’s backpack lying at his feet.

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Wanted to clarify that Liz isn't Max's successor. Sorry that was just poor writing on my part, I tried to be a little more clear in this part.*happy*

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Part 10

For the second time in two days the pod squad was gathered at Michael’s apartment because Liz was missing, except this time, Max didn’t know where she was. Michael had just finished telling them what he saw outside of the Crashdown’s back door. After a short discussion, they concluded that Max and Maria had been the last to see her.

Max was pacing around the room. He was having trouble breathing. His worst nightmare has come true. Liz was gone and it was killing him inside.

He realized the only way to get her back was to pull it together so he immediately snapped into leader mode. “Maria call Liz’s dad and tell him you and Liz are studying for finals at your house. Isabel you try and dreamwalk her, if you can’t get through try every 15 minutes till you do.” He pulled a picture of Liz out of his wallet and gave it to Isabel. “Michael, you and I are going to check out the warehouse where the FBI held Jesse. Let’s go.”


Two hours later, everyone was again sitting in Michael’s living room waiting to see what Max wanted to do next. Michael and Max didn’t have any luck at the warehouse. It was deserted. Isabel hadn’t been able to reach Liz and was exhausted from continuing to try so many times. Isabel couldn’t determine whether Liz was unconscious or if someone was blocking her from getting through. Neither thought was comforting to any of them.

Max hadn’t said a word to Michael the entire mission to the warehouse and back. Michael was really starting to worry about him. He had never seen him like this and yet he felt as if Max wasn’t telling them something. “Max do you have any idea what’s going on? I mean you spent all day together yesterday. Did anything unusual happen, talk to anyone different, see anything suspicious?”

“There is something you should know.” Max had wanted to discuss this with Liz before he told anyone else about the seal but that wasn’t an option now. He was having trouble thinking clearly and maybe he was overlooking something. He told them that he saw the seal on the palm of Liz’s hand today just before she left school.

“So you actually saw the seal on her hand?” Michael asked not quite sure that he had heard Max correctly.

He nodded, “It faded away just like it did on my hand.”

“Well how the hell did THAT happen?” Michael couldn’t believe it.

“I don’t know. We didn’t get a chance to discuss it.” Max cringed when he remembered the way he had reacted. That was the last time he had seen Liz.

Michael was losing his patience and he was pissed that Max had been keeping this from them. “So did it just suddenly appear? Were you arguing? What else aren’t you telling us Max?”

Maria watched Max begin to blush, so she interjected, “They were in the eraser room Michael. What do you think they were doing? I personally want to be spared the visuals.”

Max decided to explain things as tactfully as he could. “Liz has been different the past two days. When we came back from Vermont, she wasn’t sure if she could be anything more than friends with me. The past two days she’s been more aggressive in our relationship, uninhibited in her actions.”

“If she is acting strange how do you know it’s really her? What if it was some shapeshifter who looked like her just to take the seal away from you?” The more Michael heard the more annoyed he became. What else was Max keeping from them?

“Michael I have spent the better part of the past 10 years of my life just watching Liz. I know more about Liz than even she does. I would have known if it wasn’t really her I was with. And she didn’t take anything from me. I still have the seal. I feel it. Liz just has a part of it now also.”

“Do you think the seal has anything to do with Liz’s recent behavior?” Isabel asked.

Maria was slowly putting it all together. “That’s it! When Liz went off on all of us yesterday after you came back from you 'day off' I had like a deja vu but I couldn’t figure out why. Liz reminded me of Michael when he had the seal. He spoke without thinking. Now that’s not unusual for Michael but it is for Liz. That explains why Liz would dump a cold drink on an obnoxious customer at the Crashdown and why she would ditch school. They are all things Liz probably has thought about doing a million times but never acted on.”

Maria continued. “Michael has in some regards, always wanted to be king. The seal made him act on that desire. So if Liz is aggressively pursuing her relationship with Max, Liz’s greatest desire is just simply Max.”

With that thought repeating itself over and over in his mind, Max couldn’t take it anymore. “Isabelle try again.” He said in a low tight voice as he stood up and walked out of the room.


Liz was slowly coming around. She had a splitting headache and it felt like if she opened her eyes they would pop right out of her head. The last thing she remembered was waiting outside the Crashdown’s back door.

She slowly opened her eyes to find herself on a bed in a motel room. Obviously a cheap motel room because it was dark, dingy, and ugly. Liz was able to sit up but it made her head pound even harder. Just as the fog in her brain was starting to clear, the door to the motel room flew open.

“Who the hell are you? Liz demanded to the man who walked in the door.

Shit. The stranger hadn’t expected her to be awake for at least a couple of hours yet. He was really out of practice.

Liz looked over her captor in an attempt to assess the situation. Human? Alien? FBI? He was a middle aged man, bald, black wire rim glasses, nicely dressed in some khaki’s and a black silk shirt with expensive looking shoes.

“They’re Italian,” he stated as if she had asked him a question.


“You were looking at my shoes. They are Italian. I had them custom made in Milan.” He added.

“I could care less about your shoes. If your going to offer me information why don’t you tell me who you are and what you want from me.” Liz said with authority.

Her spunk made him smile. He had forgotten how much fun this could be. “Tell you what. I’ll answer your question after you answer mine. How is it that you have in your possession part of the royal seal of Antar?”

Liz was momentarily stunned. OK that answers the Human or Alien question.

He wanted to be certain she understood that he was the one calling the shots. When she didn’t answer him immediately he said, “Well, we can do this the easy way or we can do this the hard way. The easy way is to answer my question. The hard way would be for me to suck the information directly out of your brain. Either way I get my answers.”

She was determined to show no fear. “Any information you get from me you will have to take by force. I’m guessing with that Hollywood producer look your sporting you haven’t had much experience with women. So be forewarned, the mind of a human woman can be a treacherous place. If you suck anything from my brain you just might do more damage to yourself than to me.”

He laughed. “I appreciated the warning, but I’ll take my chances.”

As he moved towards the bed, she pushed herself back against the headboard to try to stay out of his reach. Her fear started to turn to anger. Who did this alien motherfucker think he was dealing with. Liz stood up on the bed, extended her hand and watched as he flew across the room. “That was just a taste of what you’ll get when Max and Michael get a hold of you.”

He was stunned. Having the seal was one thing. Being able to access, it’s power was another. But it was what she said that surprised him even more. “Max is alive?” If this was true it meant Max was still king. This girl was one step away from being his queen and the son Max thought he had fathered could not possibly be his.


Max needed to get out of Michael’s apartment. The walls started to close in on him. His Liz was missing. How could he let this happen? When he saw the seal he should have never let her out of his sight.

Max found himself outside the Crashdown. He climbed up the fire escape up to her balcony. He wanted to feel close to her. He sat on her lounge chair and snapped his fingers to light the candles she had placed everywhere. He felt as if part of him was dying. If this was true… this is where he wanted to be. The only place he has ever wanted to be was with Liz and this was as close as he could get right now. He picked up the blanket she kept on the back of her chair for nights when it was cold. It smelled like vanilla, just like her. As he held the blanket against his face he could feel their connection open.

He could feel Liz. She was angry. Max closed his eyes and he could see what looked like a motel room. He saw a man fly across the room and hit the far wall. Then he heard Liz’s voice say “That was just a taste of what you’ll get when Max and Michael get a hold of you.”

As Max focused on the man he recognized him. Kal Langly had Liz.

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Previously:. Liz stood up on the bed, extended her hand and watched as he flew across the room. “That was just a taste of what you’ll get when Max and Michael get a hold of you.”

Enjoy Part 11

“Now that we have established how we are NOT going to do this. How about we try again.” Liz said in as authoritative voice as she could.

Kal’s brain was furiously trying to process everything. Obviously everything Nasedo had told him was a lie. Tess wasn’t the queen; Liz was Max’s chosen queen or would be shortly. He had kidnapped his planets future queen. He would have a lot of explaining to do, if Max let him live long enough that is.

“Who are you?” Liz felt the change in his demeanor. She watched him closely. He seemed to be pondering what had just happened; she thought she saw fear flicker across his features.

Kal slowly began to stand. “My name is Kal Langly. I’m the shapeshifter Max tracked down last year when he was looking for a way back to Antar. I know more about the seal you and Max carry than even he does.” He hoped this would keep him alive long enough to at least explain why he had kidnapped her.

Liz didn’t respond. Max had never told her many details about Langly. All she could recall was that Max had said Kal acted like an asshole until they came to some sort of understanding. Apparently her and Kal had just reached the same agreement.

The ringing of a cell phone startled the both.


Langly had Liz.

Max immediately called Michael. There was only one motel in the area as cheap and run down as the one he saw when he connected with Liz. He wasn’t sure exactly how he had managed to connect with Liz but he didn’t have time to question it now. “Michael, Langly has Liz and we’re going to get her. Pick me up outside the Crashdown.”

Max’s heart began to pound as he remembered Langly’s last words to him in LA. “Being loyal to you is encoded in my genes, but I’ll never stop hating you.”

Max had been so selfish back then. He had been single minded in his quest to find his son. Never stopping to consider how he was hurting everyone around him. Langly had hated him for demanding he shapeshift and attempt to pilot a ship back to Antar. Langly had been denying his alien side for decades in an attempt to experience simple things like taste, smell, and touch. As a full-blooded alien Langly didn’t have any of those senses.

The question now was did he hate Max enough to hurt Liz?

If only Max could talk to him he could order him not to harm Liz. Langly would have no choice but to follow a direct order. This thought made him remember the moment he realized Langly had to follow his orders. Max had asked to see Kal’s cell phone. Langly literally gave it to him to keep because of the way Max had worded his request to see it. He had forgotten until now, when he was looking at the phone he memorized the number for future reference. So he called Langly.


Kal didn’t want to make any sudden moves so he looked to Liz for permission to answer it. He had two movies in production and if he managed to stay alive long enough to explain his actions he wanted to go back to his life in LA and forget all about this.

Liz tried to hide her surprise as he looked to her before moving to answer his phone. He had set it on the table when he entered the room. She nodded slightly to let him know it was ok. She needed time to figure out what this change of attitude meant.

“Yes.” This was Langly’s usual greeting. He was surprised to here Max voice.

“If you’ve hurt her I’ll kill you.” Max’s tone was menacing. “Even if you haven’t hurt her it doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t kill you anyway. Is that clear?” Without needing a response from Langly he added, “Put her on.” Langly handed the phone to Liz.

“Liz are you alright?” The agony was evident in his voice. It came out almost as a whisper. “He didn’t touch you did he?”

“I’m fine Max.” Truly realizing now that she would be ok. “We’re at the motel just outside of town in room number 12. I think you should bring everyone, but be careful ok.”

“Always. I’ll be there soon. I love you.” The relief flooding through Max’s body was apparent in his voice.

“I love you too.” Liz hung up the phone and turned to see Langly looking white as a ghost.


On the way to the motel, Max had explained to Michael, Isabel, and Maria that he had somehow managed to connect with Liz and that’s how he knew Langly had her. Liz was fine and that he had talked to her and she had said to bring everyone along.

Michael wasn’t convinced that it wasn’t some kind of trap so he insisted on entering the room first. The look on Langly’s face when Michael suddenly entered the motel room was almost laughable. He wasn’t sure what had happened here but Liz obviously scared the shit out of him. He was pale and practically shaking in his ugly shoes.

Max entered the room immediately after Michael. His mind and body sought out Liz and took her in his arms and hugged her. He pulled away just enough to look in her eyes to see for himself that she was ok. Liz gave Max one of the smiles that she reserved only for him. Once he was satisfied that Liz was fine, he turned to face Langly.

Max had thought he had gotten his anger under control but when he came face to face with the man that had dared to take Liz away from him… he lost it. In the blink of an eye Langly was once again thrown against the wall but this time he was held there.

“Give me a reason not to kill you.” The power in Max’s words was not lost on anyone.

Kal knew his next words could be his last so he made them count. “There is no way the child Tess was carrying could be yours.”

Kal’s words were enough to disrupt Max’s concentration and he dropped him from the shock of what he said. Kal fell to a heap on the floor and gasped for breath. Max only recovered after he felt Liz’s hand on his shoulder. “Explain” Max demanded.

Kal started slowly, “There are two reasons why it just can’t be possible. The first is the King can only conceive a child with his Queen. It is genetically encoded in them both.”

“Tess, rather Ava, was his queen on Antar.” Liz hated saying it but wanted to know the truth.

“No, she wasn’t.” Langly replied.

Slowly everyone realized Kal had alot to tell them. Max and Liz sat close together on the bed. Michael didn't want to let his guard down just yet so he stood with his arms crossed in front of the door and Isabel and Maria took the two chairs next to the table.

Kal waited until everyone was settled and continued. “On Antar, young Zan was quite a playboy. All kinds of different women, all the time. The supply is unlimited for a future king and he took full advantage.” He turned to talk directly to Max. “You come from a long line of very virile men. It was one of the main reasons the genetic coding was established. This eliminates bastard children completing for the throne.”

“In the message we received our mother, she said Max was sent with his beloved.” Isabel said remembering every word of the message from her mother.

Kal knew the message Isabel was referring to so he continued to explain. “Your mother consistently pressured Zan to pick a queen. He still had not chosen a queen when he died. Your mother wanted to make sure Zan wasn’t alone here on earth. So she chose a queen for him. Ava was her choice. The Queen Mother planned only to send Zan, Ava, Rath, and Vilandra.”

“How did you get invited?” Michael wanted to know not completely believing anything he was being told.

Kal turned to speak directly to Michael. “My Antarian name is Cermel. I was the King’s personal pilot. That’s how I was chosen to pilot your ship.”

“Great. We were sent to Earth with the Kings chauffer” was Michael’s sarcastic response. If circumstances had been different Kal would have commented on how much Michael’s humor was similar to Rath’s dark humor.

“What about Nasedo?” Maria was going to stay out of the entire conversation but couldn’t help herself.

“As I said the Queen Mother only planned to send the royal four. Ava’s father refused to allow her to go alone. He demanded he be able to go with her.”

“Nasedo was Tess’s real father?” Again Maria couldn’t hold her tongue.

“Yes. The Queen Mother didn’t trust him. She felt he was a coward for using his daughter as an excuse to leave Antar during the war. Time was running short and so she allowed it.”

“I never chose Tess. She was never my queen.” Max said as he tried to process everything Kal was saying and what this meant to him and Liz.

“The baby couldn’t have been yours.” Liz wasn’t sure how Max was going to react to this news but Liz was ecstatic. She wanted as much information as possible. “You said there were two reasons. What’s the second reason it couldn’t be Max’s?”

“The King and Queen must choose to conceive. There are no unwanted pregnancies or children on Antar.” Kal stated proudly. He felt it was proof of his races superiority over humans.

“Genetically coded birth control.” Maria nodded with approval.

“Why didn’t you tell me this last year?” Max’s anger was slowly returning. He was angry with Tess for deceiving him. He was angry with Kal for not telling him all this information earlier. Most of all he was still angry with himself for putting himself in this position.

Langly was ready to defend himself. “I had assumed if she was already with child, she had passed the test and you had chosen her as your queen. That’s why I couldn’t understand how a human could have the seal.” He said hoping they would realize he was tying to protect the seal when he kidnapped Liz.

“The human’s name is Liz.” Liz stated with authority. “You said you assumed she had passed the test. What test?”

Kal realized things were about to get ugly.

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“The human’s name is Liz.” Liz stated with authority. “You said you assumed she had passed the test. What test?” Kal realized things were about to get ugly.

Part 12

Kal took a deep breath and continued, “The King may chose any woman he wishes to be his Queen. However, she had to be found worthy. She had to pass a test to prove her loyalty not only to the King but the royal family as well.” He paused to allow everyone to process this information. “There is absolutely no way to transfer the seal to the chosen queen without her passing the test.”

“Are you telling me I have been tested?” Liz asked. The look in her eyes almost dared him to say yes.

The look in Liz’s eyes unnerved him but he continued. “Yes, I know for a fact you have been tested. Nasedo told me you failed.” Kal took a deep breath and continued. “Nasado told me the details of the test and that during the test you were unfaithful to Max with another man, but that can’t be true if you have the seal.”

Liz actually felt her heart stop. Her brain couldn’t grasp what Langly was telling them. Future Max…a test… Future Max ….it was all a lie…a test. Liz was furious, “No… No this can’t be true. You’re lying!” She screamed as she moved off the bed and directly face to face with Langly. “You’re lying. That was real. It wasn’t all for nothing. It wasn’t some…sick alien game. It was real.” Liz couldn’t control the rage flowing through her. It was so powerful it made her dizzy. The last thing she felt was her knees start to buckle underneath her before she blacked out.

Max was immediately by her side with his arms wrapped protectively around her. He caught her before she fell. She instinctively turned her face into his shoulder. He picked her up and walked back to the bed where he sat down with her on his lap.

Liz came to quickly. She had always felt so safe in Max’s arms. Nothing could hurt her there. She slowly began to compose herself. She had momentarily forgotten everyone else in the room. Max’s arms could do that to a girl.

“Are you alright?” Max brushed her hair away from her face and tucked it behind her ear. “What’s going on?” Max asked only to Liz.

Kal responded. “I think I should probably explain. To tell you the truth, the test isn’t complete until the King is made aware of the results. I should explain, just to be safe.”

Liz whispered behrly audible to anyone but Max. “I can’t.”

Max warned Langly. “This better be good.”

“The Queen Mother had informed Nasedo that when Max chose Ava a test would be performed before Ava could be queen. Nasedo knew how Max felt about Liz. Nasedo took it upon himself to create a test for Liz. A test that could only end in his favor.” He looked at Liz before he continued. He didn’t want to tell her secret without her permission.

Liz nodded for him to continue.

“Liz please tell me if anything I say isn’t true.” Kal did not want to have any misunderstandings. “Nasedo told me the idea for the test came to him in a dream. The test started when Nasedo shapeshifted and appeared on Liz’s balcony as a Future version of Max. He convinced her he came from the future by predicting Max would appear outside her balcony and start serenading her accompanied by a mariachi band just moments before he did.”

“Was Tess in on it? Was it a mind warp? Isabel asked never believing that Max would do anything that tacky.

Max flushed with embarrassment. “No. I actually did…do that. It wouldn’t have been difficult to find out what I had been planning. I spent a whole week at the hardware store learning the words.” Max turned to look at Liz. “I was desperate.”

“He was on the balcony with me when you sang to me.” Liz stated quietly to Max. The memory gave her chills.

“Nasedo as future Max told Liz that in his time, Earth was taken by their enemies. Max and Michael and Isabel hadn’t been able to defeat them because they weren’t strong enough without Tess.”

“Why wouldn’t Tess be there?” Michael asked. This was all too crazy but he couldn’t help but want the truth.

“Nasedo told Liz that Tess left town as a direct result of Max and Liz being together. Because of how Max had treated Tess. Liz had to help get Max and Tess together in order to prevent Earth’s demise. At first it didn’t work. Max refused to stop pursuing Liz. Liz wanted to give up, unwilling to hurt Max any further. That’s when Nasedo told her Isabel and Michael had been killed in his time line effectively telling her they would die if she didn’t turn Max away from her.”

Max realized, “That’s when you came to my room and told me you wanted to be with normal boys, you wanted your children to be safe, and you didn’t want to die for me.” Max remembered how sad she looked as she was telling him she couldn’t be with him.

“That was the second hardest thing I have ever had to do. The most difficult thing I have ever done was what I did next.” Liz said quietly.

Nasedo continued. “Liz went to Kyle and asked him to make it look like they had slept together.” Kal looked to Liz to make sure his assumption was correct. Nasedo had told him she actually did sleep with him.

“Why didn’t you come to me?” Max said more harshly then he meant to. Just the mention of Kyle and Liz together forced him to relive all the hurt he had felt that night.

Kal quickly continued. “Nasedo knew you would see through his disguise so he told Liz if you and Future Max were to come in contact you would both be destroyed. Nasedo boasted about telling her other things too. He told me about how she believed everything he told her. He told Liz that she and Max had gotten married in Vegas at the Elvis chapel and he saw a CD in your CD player and told her that had been their wedding song.”

Liz didn’t want to hear anymore. “I should have known it wasn’t Max.”

“Any differences you might have picked up on could be attributed to it being the future version of Max.” Nasedo hadn’t meant to upset Liz by telling her those details.

“So Liz gave up Max to save Michael and I.” Isabel was in shock over what she had just heard. She knew Liz loved her brother but to give him up to save her life was hard to comprehend.

“I can’t believe you didn’t tell me chica. Excuse me but am I not the best friend?” Maria couldn’t believe Liz could go through all this without her realizing. It made her feel horrible for not knowing.

Liz suddenly felt defensive. “I couldn’t tell anyone. I couldn’t take the chance of anyone telling Max. I made Kyle swear on his life.” Liz remembered how Kyle did exactly as she had asked virtually without question. He never said a word.

“It was perfect. If she told Max or continued to see Max, she failed the test. If she kept the secret, she could never be with Max again.” Michael couldn’t help but admire the strategic brilliance of Nasedo’s plan. Although he hated what it had done to Max, he remembered how tormented Max had been about seeing Liz and Kyle.

“On Antar, after the test is complete the King is immediately notified of the results. The King is then free to start the process to make her his Queen. A process you have apparently started.” Kal took a deep breath and waited for everyone to process what they had just heard.

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Part 13

Liz quickly stood up, “I can’t listen to anymore of this” and she quickly walked out of the room. Liz’s head was spinning. It felt like the walls were closing in on her. She had to get out of there.

Max was busy trying to comprehend all that he had just heard. He was surprised when Liz suddenly jumped up and left the room. He immediately sprang to his feet, crossed the room to face Langly. “Give me you keys. And don’t go anywhere, were not finished yet.”

Without hesitating Langly handed over his car keys and watched Max walk out the door to follow Liz. Everyone was caught up in what Langly had just told them and then to see Max demand Langly’s keys and Langly just hand them over was mind-blowing. No one knew what to do or say so they just sat there in silence, lost in their own thoughts.

Max quickly caught up with Liz. “Liz wait…”

She whirled around to face him. “Take me home.”


Max and Liz had been sitting outside the Crashdown for five minutes now. Max was grateful she hadn’t jumped out of the car as soon as he stopped. He wasn’t sure what to do next.

On the ride home Liz’s anger had run it’s course. She was glad because it wasn’t Max’s fault and she didn’t want to take it out on him. Right now she just felt exhausted.

Max was relieved when Liz finally spoke. “Would you mind staying with me for a little while?” Liz quietly asked him.

“Of course I will.” After he had heard Langly’s story tonight about all Liz had done, he wasn’t about to deny her anything she wanted. Max was painfully aware that Liz was deep in thought during their entire ride to the Crashdown. He really wanted to talk about what they had just learned but he didn’t want to rush her. He was surprised when she invited him to stay. “Why don’t you go inside, say goodnight to your parents, and I’ll wait for you on your balcony until you think it’s safe for me to come in.” He waited until she was safely inside before he parked the car and climbed up to her balcony.

While he was waiting on her balcony Max thought about what he had learned tonight. Max was nothing less than astonished by Liz’s strength. Max knew that Liz loved him, but what she had gone through…he almost couldn’t comprehend it.

Liz said goodnight to both of her parents as quickly as possible. She told them both she was going to go to sleep. It wasn’t difficult for them to believe, she looked exhausted.

Liz unlocked her window for Max. He noticed how tried she looked and knew exactly what he needed to do for her. As soon as both of his feet hit the floor he reached for Liz and wrapped his arms around her. He gently kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear, “Thank you.”

With Max’s arms around her she tucked her head just underneath his chin. She had never felt so loved or so safe in her entire life. She had kept her secret for so long. It was hard to realize it was over. She felt as if this huge burden had been lifted off her shoulders.

Max felt Liz relax in his arms so he continued. He spoke softly. “I’m so proud of you. I’m so sorry you had to go through all of it because of me. I’m sorry I made it so hard for you. You tried to tell me to back off and I didn’t listen. I made it so much harder for you than it had to be.”

“Max I…”

“Shhhh… just listen. I really need to say this.” He moved them further into her room. He had her sit on the end of her bed while he moved her desk chair to directly in front of her. His knees were touching hers and he took her hands in his.

Max continued, “I knew from the very first day that I saw you, on the school playground, that you were special. I’ve been in love with you for so long, I can’t remember there ever being a time when I didn’t love you. I love everything you are. I love how you question everything and won’t stop until you find the answers. I love how you work so hard at everything you do, school, waitressing, even us. I love how every time we were together, you were completely open to me, how you let me see your soul. I love how you have no idea how beautiful you are.”

With this comment she blushed and looked away.

Max tucked a piece of hair behind her ear. He gently took her chin and brought it back to look directly into his eyes. “You have saved my life more times than you even know. When I was in the white room it was thoughts of you that kept me sane. When I died, it was memories of you that made me fight Clayton. Your safety was all that was important to me. I was so tired but I couldn’t give up until I knew you were safe. You not only saved my life. You saved Michael’s and Isabel’s too.”

“But I didn’t Max. It wasn’t real. Everything I did was for nothing.” This thought almost brought her to tears.

“You didn’t know that it wasn’t real and it wasn’t for nothing. You made it possible for us to be together…forever. I don’t know if that’s something that you want but… I do. I want you to be my queen.”

The silence was deafening so he quickly added. “I’m not sure how you got the seal but I’ll take it back if that’s what you want. We’ll find a way, maybe Langly knows how. But if there is even a remote possibility that I’m what you want…I would spend the rest of my life making sure you never regretted it…”

Liz was stunned. “Max, when I thought you were dead. My whole world fell apart. I would have done anything to have you back.” Liz looked directly into Max’s eyes willing him to see the truth in her words. “I don’t care what you want to call me or what kind of title you want to give me; Queen, wife, lover, or soul mate. I want nothing more than to…belong to you.”

Liz’s words had touched something deep inside Max. He realized there was nothing he wanted more than to possess Liz Parker. Her heart, her mind, her very soul and not just for tonight, not for this week or this year, not even just this lifetime, but forever. Max moved over unto the bed next to her. He placed his hand on her cheek, ran his thumb across her lips just before he kissed them so tenderly she momentarily stopped breathing.

Max’s kiss reminded her of the very first time he kissed her. Tentative, controlled, and yet so full of passion. He left no room for doubt as to how much he loved her.

Max couldn’t stop himself from deepening the kiss but he wasn’t about to let this get out of hand. There was still so much he didn’t know about the seal and how to make sure Liz was his forever. He was so close to having all of his dreams come true that he wasn’t going to take a chance with possibly messing it up by acting without thinking. It was so hard to pull away from her. He loved the way she tasted. He gently pulled away from her lips but continued to kiss up her jaw line to just below her ear and whispered, “I want to spend the rest of my life taking care of you, starting right now.” He kissed her on the forehead, got up off the bed, and disappeared into the bathroom.

Liz got up and followed him. “Max what are you doing?” She had been so lost in his kiss that she was startled when he got off the bed. She saw him start to fill her bathtub with water. He took a bottle from off of her sink, smelled it and poured some in the tub. “Feel the sudden urge for a bath?” Liz inquired.

“Not exactly. It’s been a really stressful day. I want you to relax for a little while here and then I will tuck you safely into bed before I go.”

“Will you be joining me for this relaxing bath?” Liz hoped.

“I would love nothing more than to join you but we should really get more information from Langly before we share any bathtubs together.” Please, please, please don’t make this any harder for me then it already is he silently prayed.

Liz gave him her best pouty face. Max couldn’t be swayed. He realized he was so close to being tied to Liz forever that he wasn’t about to risk messing that up.

Liz was not about to give up so easily. She turned around and closed the door of her bathroom. With her back to him, she unbuttoned her shirt, slid it off her shoulders and hung it on the door in front of her. She could feel the heat from Max’s gaze on her back and she smiled. She reached behind her and undid the clasp of her bra, took it off and also hung it next to her shirt.

Max was effectively trapped in the bathroom with a rapidly undressing Liz and she was standing directly infront of the only exit. He had only meant to run the water for her and wait for her in her room. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her. He watched as she slid her pants and panties off her hips, down her legs and completely off. The sight made his mouth water.

Liz knew Max hadn’t taken his eyes off of her. She slowly turned around and asked as innocently as she could, “Is my water ready yet?” She smiled as his eyes quickly snapped from where they had been gazing just below her stomach back up to her eyes.

Max couldn’t help but stare at her incredible body and wonder what it would feel like to be completely buried inside her. Her words startled him. “What?”

Liz had to laugh out loud at his reaction to her so she repeated her question.

“Umm yea.” He quickly shut off the water, which he had completely forgotten about. He tested the water to make sure the temperature was ok. It was a little cooler than he expected so he kept his hand in the water and heated it with his powers to the perfect temperature. “There, now it’s perfect.” Feeling the cool water had actually helped him get his traitorous body under control.

Liz stepped towards him, took the hand that he offered her so she didn't slip and made sure to brush against his body in as many places as possible before stepping into the tub.

Max silently thanked God that the stuff he had poured into the bath produced enough bubbles to cover most of her body while she sat in the tub.

The water felt wonderful. She immediately felt all of her muscles relax and she closed her eyes and rested her head back against the shower wall. She could feel Max staring at her. She smiled and opened her eyes.

He knelt down so he could kiss her cheek and whispered in her ear, “Enjoy”.

As soon as he closed the door behind him he used his cell phone to call Langly. He wasn’t sure how long he was going to be able to fight the urge to make love to Liz. It wasn’t just hormones anymore. He had fought his hormones for a long time now, hers and his. Hormones he could handle. This was different. It wasn’t just his body wanting hers. It was deeper than that. The pull to be with her was incredible. He needed her. He needed her in everyway a person could need another. He needed her heart to belong to him; her mind to be filled with only him; her soul to become one with his. Langly finally answered his phone, “Tell me everything you know about the seal,” Max demanded.

“Now… on the phone?” Langly couldn’t believe he wanted to discuss something so important on a cell phone.

Max quietly moved out to Liz’s balcony. He didn’t want his conversation to wake Liz’s parents. “You said that Liz and I started the process. How did it start? What is the process? What should I expect?”

Langly took a deep breath. “The short version is you have to create a connection between the two of you. You do that by letting her look into your soul and vice versa. There can’t be any secrets between you.”

“I did that with her a year and a half ago. Then what?”

“The seal is transferred through the connection that you have with her. The connection is strongest during sex so that’s usually when it is transferred.”

“Liz and I have never had sex Langly so apparently it’s not the only way.”

“Like I said it’s transferred through the connection you share. If your connection is strong enough it could have happened at another time. That’s probably why she only has part of it. See I can feel the seal’s vibration. It’s sort of like a humming in my brain. That’s how I knew Liz had the seal. I feel it from you too, but it’s a lot stronger from you then from Liz. If the transfer were complete, I would feel it equally between the two of you.”

“What will happen when it’s fully transferred?”

Langly needed to make sure Max understood exactly what he was dealing with. “The seal isn’t just a mark or a tattoo. It’s energy. There is no equivalent to it here on Earth. My friend George made a movie called Star Wars ever hear of it?”

“Of course”

“Alright so it’s sort of like ‘The Force’ only it isn’t a separate entity from you. It’s a part of who you are but it contains an enormous amount of power and a will of it’s own. The seal is what connects your soul to the universe and to all the kings who have ruled before you. It chose the powers that you have according to who you are and the challenges that you will face. When the transfer is complete and Liz becomes queen, the seal will chose a special gift for her. Special powers based on her soul. Normally the queens gifts will compliment the kings in some way.”

“But I need to know details of what to expect when that happens.”

“I don’t have first hand knowledge of what happens. No one does. On Antar the king and his chosen queen have a sort of honeymoon. Disturbing them during this time is punishable by death. The process is said to leave the king very vulnerable so the couple’s location is heavily guarded. After two or three days there is a ceremony and party to celebrate.”

He really wished he had more information to give Max. Kal knew if anything happened to Liz, Max would never be the same. That’s why Kal had to be sure Max was aware of the risks. “Max, this is what happens on Antar. Liz is human. You have no way of knowing how this is going to affect her. I know first hand she has some powers. My back STILL hurts. But, she only has part of the seal. There is no way to know how she will react to the entire process.” Max was silently contemplating what Kal was saying. “Do you want my advice?” Langly asked.

“Sure” Max managed to say.

“Take her away somewhere so you won’t be interrupted and you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing any alien side effects. Take Michael with you to stand guard. Maybe take her friend to watch out for her and make Liz feel comfortable. You can always heal her if it would come to that.”

“It’s not that easy Kal. It’s not like we can tell her parents and they aren’t just going to let me take her away without supervision. Even if we got past that hurdle where would we go?” Max was getting frustrated.

“If I can make all this happen, how soon could you go?” Kal asked.

“We have finals the rest of this week then graduation is next weekend. We could leave this weekend for a week I guess.” Max felt Liz’s hands wrap around him from behind and start traveling from his stomach up to his chest. She pressed her whole body up against his back.

She had come out on the balcony just in time to hear him say they could leave this weekend. She whispered in his ear “Where are we going?”

“You could really make this happen?” Max asked Kal as he took Liz's hands in his free one. Max didn’t want to bring up the subject with Liz if it wasn’t a real possibility.

“I’m Kal Langly. There is nothing I can’t make happen.” Kal was completely confident. He wouldn’t let his king down.

“Before you do anything I want you to run it past me first.” Max didn’t want to take any chances.

“Of course.” I’ll work out the detail tonight and be ready with them tomorrow.

“Ok and Kal… Thank you” Max added before hanging up the phone.

He turned around with Liz’s arms still around him. “We need to talk.”

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Part 14

As soon as he finished talking to Max, Langly immediately dialed his assistant in LA. After getting some of his messages, he left her with a list of instructions on what arrangements he needed her to make for him. As a big Hollywood producer he basically had unlimited resources at his fingertips. He figured the most difficult part of all of this would be their cover story. Max and Michael didn’t have anybody they needed to get permission from to take a trip, but Liz was another story.

Kal called the phone number Michael had left him just before he left to take Isabel and Maria home. Maria had introduced herself as Liz’s best friend after Max and Liz made their exit. She’s a spitfire that one Langly thought to himself. Maria introduced herself just before she told him if he ever did something to scare her like that again she would make Michael kill him. Her comment and the way he watched the entire group work as a team tonight made Kal realize how close knit this group was.

As Michael walked into his apartment, he heard the phone ringing. “What?” He had just gotten back to his apartment from taking Isabel and then Maria home.

“It’s Langly, I need you to tell me about Liz. Max asked me to handle something for him and I need to know a little about her and her family.”

“If this is for Max why don’t you just ask him?” Michael was perturbed that Max had asked Langly to do anything for him. Michael still didn’t trust him. He had kidnapped Liz for Christ sake.

Langly knew if Michael were anything like Rath, he would have a problem gaining his trust. “I wanted an objective opinion. I’m not sure if Max can be objective where Liz is concerned. You seem to trust her. That’s not something easy to come by with you is it.”

Michael hadn’t expected that. “No, it’s not.” Michael not one for long conversations summed up Liz Parker in one sentence. “I can tell you that if anyone can convince Max to be the King he needs to be…Liz can. Is that all?”

Langly liked that short and to the point. “Just one more thing, I talked to Max tonight and he asked me specifics about the seal and Liz. I believe he is going to finish the transfer. They are going to need to get out of town for a few days and they are going to need you to go along.”

“Whoa…how exactly am I involved?” Michael never knew what to expect when dealing with their home planet and he didn’t like the authoritative tone Langly had used.

“On Antar when the king and chosen queen complete the transfer, the couple is heavily guarded. The punishment for disrupting them is death. From what I understand, the process leaves the king vulnerable. We aren’t sure how all this is going to affect Liz and Max is going to need someone there he can trust.” Kal knew this last line was the clincher.

Max was the closest thing to family he had ever known and he knew how important this was going to be for Max. Michael still felt bad about what happened when Michael had the seal. Of course, he would never admit it and Max knew him well enough to not bring it up. He owed it to Max. “Max can count on me but her parents are going to be a problem.”

“That’s what Max said.” They were all underestimating Kal.

“There is some bad history between Max and her folks. Her dad is a reasonable guy. He just wants what’s best for his one and only little girl.” Michael had really come to like Liz’s dad.

“I’m taking care of that. Thanks Michael.” Langly was sure he knew what needed to be done.


Max helped Liz back through her window and into her room. Max sat down on her bed and pulled her down to sit on his lap. He was momentarily distracted by how good she smelled fresh from her bath. He couldn’t not kiss her.

Normally Liz would be completely content to kiss Max but she was really curious about what she had heard him talking to Langly about. “This is nice but you were going to tell me where we are going?”

Max recounted to Liz his entire conversation with Langly. Liz could feel how torn Max was about it all. He didn’t like that there were risks involved. However, Liz also knew he would do anything he had to to be with her.

“So this could really happen?” Liz couldn’t explain it but she just knew everything was going to work out for them. She had never felt more sure in her life.

“Is that what you want?” Max asked tentatively.

Liz looked deep into those beautiful amber eyes of his “I have never wanted anything so much in my life.”

Max knew she was sure. He could feel it and it left him speechless.

Then there was a knock on the door. “Liz honey are you ok? I thought I heard your water running earlier.” It was Liz’s dad.

“Um yea dad…just a second I’m getting dressed.” Liz jumped off Max’s lap.

Max quietly opened up her window, quickly climbed outside, but not before leaning back in to kiss Liz, before heading out to the balcony and down the fire escape.

Liz made sure Max was out of sight before she unlocked and opened her door. “Maria and I did so much studying tonight that I decided to take a bath to relax. Sorry if I woke you.”

“That’s alright just get some sleep. Goodnight honey.”

“Good night dad.” Liz was exhausted. She set her alarm for a little earlier than normal. She would just skim over her notes for the two finals she had tomorrow. She fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow and her dreams were filled with Max.


The next morning in school, Maria was waiting for Liz by her locker. She was babbling to herself when Liz walked up to her. “Maria what’s wrong?”

“What’s wrong? With everything that has gone on the past couple of days, I got absolutely no studying done. NONE. I’m going to fail all my finals, not graduate, have to go to summer school or worse yet repeat my senior year and then….”

“Maria… Maria deep breath.” Maria took a deep breath of fresh air and then a deep breath of cedar oil she had recently started carrying again. Damn alien abyss.

“I’m sorry things have been crazy. Listen, the English final is 100 multiple-choice questions and then four essay questions. Do the essay questions first and don’t hand in your test till after I’m done. Ok?” Liz felt a little guilty about her part in Maria’s dilemma. “It’s my fault you haven’t been able to study. I’m gonna help you out and then we will meet in the quad to study for our next finals. Ok?”

Maria smiled as she followed Liz to their English final. Liz had been through a lot of changes lately and Maria felt this was the first time in a long time she had seen a glimpse of the old Liz. It felt good.

Thanks to Liz’s new alien memory retention, she finished her final before anyone else. She made it look as if she were still working on it until at least a few people had finished. She collected her things and began to walk up to the front of the class to hand in her test. As she passed Maria’s desk she waved her hand over Maria’s test effectively completing it for her.

Maria was stunned. Ok so there is ONE good thing about your best friend being turned into an alien.


When Max finished his Trig final, he headed for the quad hoping to spend some time with Liz before their next final. Kyle was the only person sitting at their normal table.

“Hey man how’s it going?” Kyle asked Max as he sat down across the table from him.

“Pretty good actually, listen I wanted to talk to you for a second if that’s alright.” Max and Kyle had always managed to work together because of their feelings for Liz but there was always some underlying tension from both sides.

Kyle was curious about what Max wanted to talk to him about. He had a headache from studying anyway. “Sure what’s up?” Kyle was momentarily concerned. “Is Liz ok?”

Max had to smile. “Yea, I just wanted to thank you for being such a good friend to Liz through everything that has gone on in the past year. I just found out the truth about what happened between you and her or rather what didn’t happen that night I saw you and her in her bed.”

“So she finally told you?” Kyle was surprised and wondered what had changed that Liz would suddenly after all this time tell him.

“Yea, last night.” Max smiled as he thought about Liz last night. He was worried about her getting in trouble with her dad so he waited on her fire escape till he heard her dad close her door again and peeked over the ledge of her balcony to make sure she was ok. She had fallen asleep with a smile on her face. It was beautiful.

“So what was it all about…I mean why did she do it?” Kyle couldn’t help but be curious about what Max had done to push her to such extreme measures.

“You mean she never told you?” Max couldn’t believe it. Kyle had helped Liz without even knowing why.

Kyle shook his head and closed his world history book. This was going to be way more interesting.

Max recounted the entire story to Kyle. He started with Liz’s disappearing yesterday and ended with Nasedo and the test.

“So Liz did all of that because she thought everyone’s lives depended on it.” Kyle never regretted helping Liz and this is exactly why. Liz was the most selfless person he had ever known.

“Yea she’s pretty amazing. So I just wanted to say thanks for being someone she could turn too when she couldn’t turn to me.” Max held out his hand to shake Kyle’s and Kyle accepted.

“You know as well as I do why I did it. Cause she’s Liz.”

That just seemed to say it all.

Five minutes later both Maria and Liz joined Max and Kyle in the quad. They discussed and studied for their next finals.

Max and Liz were sitting next to each other and even thought they were participating in the general discussions they were very aware of each other. Something just felt off between them unless they were in some way touching each other.

Maria noticed it first. Max and Liz were different but she couldn’t pinpoint what it was. It was almost as if they ceased to be two separate people and were acting as one. Their movements seemed to flow and compliment each other.

Liz realized Maria had been staring at her and Max. “What Maria?”

“What’s up with you two? You are way too happy and relaxed to be sitting square in the middle of senior year finals Alien mojo or not. What gives?”

Just then, Max’s cell phone rang. After a short conversation of yes’s and no’s he hung up. “Why don’t we all meet at the Crashdown tonight and Liz and I will explain everything.” He turned and spoke to Liz. “That was Kal. He says everything is a go and I’m going to meet him after school to get details then we’ll let everyone in on it.”

Maria noticed Liz was absolutely glowing. Not an alien kind of glow but an inner glow. Liz just radiated inner peace and happiness. It made Maria smile.


After school, Max had met with Kal at the same motel room as the previous night. Langly gave Max all of the details that he had worked out and Max was pleased but was still concerned. “So you really think you can be convincing with Liz’s parents?”

“I’m practically the king of Hollywood Max. You don’t get that title without being able to bullshit people.” He understood Max’s hesitation but was annoyed.

“Then how do I know your not bullshitting me?” Max said with a slight smile.

“I didn’t let you down the first time did I…and you demanded a hell of a lot more from me then.” Kal was still a little bitter about what Max had forced him to do in LA and was annoyed that Max would question his loyalty.

“I’ll make sure we are all there.”

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Part 15

If someone had told Liz a week ago that she would be sitting in a private jet, flying off to the west coast to spend an entire week with Max and her friends she would have told them they were crazy. That’s even before mentioning the part about becoming the queen of another planet, but she couldn’t have been happier.

The way the whole thing happened was ridiculous, right from the very start.

Liz, Max, Michael, Kyle, and Isabel were sitting in a booth at the Crashdown complaining about finals and life in general when Kal came bursting in the doors. He came in and went straight to the counter where Maria was and demanded a tall mocha latte. Maria laughed and poured him a cup of coffee. He leaned on the counter and turned to look at the other customers. That’s when Liz Parker was officially ‘discovered’.

Kal started loudly rambling about movies, modeling, academy awards, and discovering America’s next Brat Pack. He pointed at Kyle and typecast him ‘the jock’, He looked at Isabel and cast her as the bitchy cheerleader, and Michael would be perfect for the slacker badass role and Max and Liz as the couple.

In typical Maria fashion, she informed the entire diner that NO ONE was going to Hollywood without her. Kal immediately type cast her as the quirky friend.

“Pack your bags. I’m about to make you all stars.” Kal announced.

Liz’s dad had heard the commotion and came out of the kitchen to see what was going on. “What brings a big producer like yourself to Roswell Mr???”

“Langly, Kal Langly,” Kal responded and held out his hand to whom he assumed was Mr. Parker.

Everyone stopped. Kyle quietly made a whooshing sound, as if all there hopes had just gone down the toilet.

Kal never faltered. “I’m doing a movie about aliens. Just here in the alien capital of the US to do some research. Lucky for me to stumble across a booth full of fresh faces to put in it. Small parts only so filming should only take about a week.” Kal walked over to Liz’s dad handed him his business card and spoke to him for about five minutes. Liz didn’t find out till later that Kal had convinced her dad that the $50,000.00 he was willing to pay Liz would take care of most of Liz’s college financial worries. Kal made it sound as if it were a college scholarship.

Her dad only agreed after Liz promised it would be for one week and done. She had to swear she wouldn’t come home with thoughts of becoming an aspiring actress.


The gang finished their finals and they were now on their way.

Kyle and Michael were sitting up toward the front of the plane playing some kind of video game; Isabel had some tour guidebooks and pamphlets she was concentrating on. She was planning an itinerary for everyone. Isabel was quickly becoming the vacation nazi. Maria was furiously sniffing her cedar oil. Everyone thought of her as the most adventurous out of the group, but apparently flying made her nervous.

Kal and Max were speaking quietly in the rear of the cabin. Max looked entirely too serious to be starting this adventure, Liz was about to interrupt when she saw Kal get out of his seat, and bend on one knee in front of Max and bow his head.

Earlier Kal had come over to where Liz and Max had been sitting and asked to speak with Max alone. They walked to the rear of the plane and sat down. “I just wanted to let you know if you need anything over the course of the next week, let me know.”

“Thanks for the offer.” Max replied and then added “And for making all of this happen.” Max couldn’t help but seek out Liz and smile. After Max smiled at Liz his face dropped and a look of concern wash over it.

“Your worried about her?” Kal asked even though the answer was obvious.

“Always” Max said softly.

Kal said, “I wouldn’t.” with such confidence Max had to ask “Why”?

“With my job you get to be pretty good at reading people. I’ve only known Liz a week but when I made the mistake of kidnapping her, she never faltered, she never panicked. Right now she is sitting over there keeping an eye on everyone. I bet she knows more about everyone in this plane then even you do. You made an excellent choice for a queen. Your mother would be pleased. Look there is something I need to do and I’d appreciate it if we could take care of it right now.”

Kal took a deep breath slid out of his seat to one knee and bowed his head before lifting it again to speak, “I Cermel of Antar pledge to you Zan High King of Antar my undying loyalty.” Thank God that incessant humming in his head would finally end he thought as he again sat in his seat. “I did that because I had to but, what I’m about to do… I do freely. I will pledge to you not only my loyalty but also everything that I own. This includes homes, cars, money and if there is something that you need that I don’t already have it, I will get it.”

“Why?” Max was stunned and embarrassed about what had just taken place in front of him.

Kal continued, “I’ve watched this group for a week and I’ve never seen such strong bonds between people before. You have inspired their trust and loyalty without any kind of genetic coding what so ever. What I have pledged is really nothing less than any of them would do for you if they could. I had pretty much given up on Antar since the last time we met. But I was wrong. If anyone can save our home planet it is you, with Liz by your side.” Max was about to respond to Kal when the pilot came over the intercom and stated they would start their decent and would be landing shortly. There wasn’t any time to continue their conversation so Max just left it at that.

Liz truly felt like a movie star getting out of Kal’s private plane. Max, Michael and Kyle went to get the baggage as the girls were directed to a huge stretch Limo waiting to whisk them away to Kal’s home. Everyone was so excited they were all practically giddy.

As they drove up the long driveway, Kal stated quite proudly, “Welcome to Langly Manor.”

It was incredible. Two tall white columns framed the entrance of an absolutely gorgeous house. Langly opened the door and held it as everyone entered his home, well one of his many homes.

They all walked into a huge foyer with a beautiful marble floor that shined as if no one had ever walked on it. Everyone’s mouths were literally open in awe. All except Michael, he was trying not to look impressed. Directly in front of them was a magnificent staircase. The kind of staircase you see in all the old southern movies. Twenty steps up to a landing and then stairs to the right and to the left.

“Up the stairs and to the left is the Master suite. That will be Max and Liz’s room. To the right are four more bedrooms for you to fight over as you please. Each has it’s own separate bath.” Kal continued with the tour. “To your immediate right is the living room with a fireplace etc. To your immediate left is the dining room and behind that the kitchen. Downstairs is the theater room, game room, and fitness room. Behind the house you’ll find the deck, pool, and Jacuzzi. Outside off the side of the house you’ll find the garage. I believe three cars are available for your use…keys are inside each. The house is fully stocked so you should have everything you need.”

Kal was pleased and a little proud of their reactions. This surprised him; normally he didn’t care much what people thought of him. “I have some business I have to attend to so I’m going into the city for a few days. Max and Michael will be able to reach me at any time. I’m just going to show Michael the security system. Hope you all enjoy.”

With Kal’s tour finished Maria and Isabel took off up the steps to scope out the best rooms. Two steps behind them was Kyle.

Max looked to Liz with a knowing smile, “You better go make sure they don’t need a referee. I’ll take our stuff upstairs.” Liz gave Max a kiss on the cheek and went off the find Maria and Isabel.

Liz found Maria in the first room she came to. “If I’m dreaming, girlfriend do NOT wake me up!” Maria was walking around opening the closet doors, balcony doors, and when she got to the bathroom door, she opened it and squealed with delight at the huge bathtub. It was perfect for soaking.

Isabel came through the only other door in the room. Apparently, their bedrooms were adjoining. “Can you believe this?” Even Isabel was suitably impressed.

“Let’s go check out the rest of the house.” Maria was so excited she sounded like a giddy schoolgirl.

“Actually I’m going to check on Max and get settled. I’ll see you guys later.” Liz tried not to smile as she left the room.

“Yea sure we will.” Both Maria and Isabel said in unison.

Liz walked to the other side of the staircase and into the most beautiful bedroom she had ever seen. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the king size bed to her left. There were lots of pillows and if the linens were as soft as the looked she imagined it would be like sleeping on clouds. Past the bed she saw Max standing outside on their balcony.

Max felt Liz’s small frame press up against his back as her arms wrapped around his waist. “Any casualties?”

“Nope everyone’s getting settled and then checking out the rest of the house. It’s pretty incredible.” Liz could feel Max relax in her arms. She was glad. He had looked so worried the past couple of days. Liz knew he was worried about her and she loved him for it but she was determined to take his mind off the seal. “Come on let’s go check out the rest of the house.” Liz said as grabbed his hand and dragged him out of their room and down the stairs to find the rest of the gang.

Everyone was starving so they all seemed to gravitate to the kitchen. Michael was rummaging through the pantry, cabinets and the fridge and set out all the fixings for some really great sandwiches.

Max couldn’t help but smile as he looked around at all his friends in various places throughout the kitchen and adjoining dining room. Everyone seemed to be relaxing and having a great time. This was the very first time he could recall that being an alien king seemed to be a good thing. Especially if it meant he could make Liz his queen. He looked over to where Liz was sitting and laughing with Maria and Isabel. She had the sweetest laugh. Max had worried all week about transferring the seal to Liz and actually making her his queen. He worried about how it would affect her and how it would put her in even more danger then before. But looking at her sitting there, Max knew deep in his heart that he wanted nothing more then to be bound to Liz forever and even longer if he could manage it. She was willing to take the risk and so was he.

Liz felt Max watching her. She felt her skin begin to tingle. She tried to focus on what Maria was saying but just couldn’t. Liz watched as Max quietly slip out of the kitchen without anyone noticing. Liz quickly excused herself by saying she was going to use the restroom. Liz hurried upstairs and somehow she knew he was waiting for her.

As Liz entered the bedroom, she was met with a kiss from Max. He reached behind her and locked the door.

Max gently kissed her top lip and then her bottom lip then slid his tongue lovingly across them both. Liz responded with a soft sigh, opened her mouth and received a kiss that left no room for doubt as to what was about to take place between them. This thought elicited another moan from the back of Liz’s throat.

In the past this was usually the point where Max had to clamp down on his self-control. But tonight was different. He wasn’t about to rush one second of their joining together. He wanted to savor every kiss, every touch.

Liz started to gently push him back towards the bed. When the back of his knees came in contact with the edge she broke their kiss and had him sit on the edge of the bed in front of her. Max stared up at her with so much love in his eyes it took her breath away. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and slowly lifted it over her head. She slipped the straps of her bra off her shoulders and released the clasp and let it fall to the floor.

Liz mesmerized Max as she slowly undressed in front of him. He knew he would never witness anything more beautiful than the love of his life getting ready to give herself to him. He wanted to tell her how beautiful she looked but no words he could come up with could describe to her how he was feeling. He needed to show her….

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Just kidding

Part 16

Max’s body reacted as it normally did to the sight of Liz but it was different somehow. It wasn’t accompanied by the normal sense of urgency for release. It was as if his body understood his release would have to wait. Liz’s pleasure was his only concern.

Liz felt Max’s hands on the outside of her legs slowly begin to stroke upward and pull her closer to him. He placed slow wet kisses all along her abdomen as his hands continued to caress her legs. Liz grabbed the bottom of his shirt and he broke his kiss only long enough for Liz to remove it.

Max continued to kiss her stomach and slowly move lower and lower to his desired destination. He pushed Liz away from him just far enough for him to slip off the edge of the bed and fall to his knees before her. He gently spread her legs wider apart so he could kneel between them.

Liz felt him kiss her left inner thigh and then her right before he ran his tongue up the entire length of her already wet pussy. They both let out a low moan from the pleasure of the intimate contact.

The sight of Max on his knees before her and the sensations he was creating with his mouth on her, made her knees weak.

Max felt her sway slightly and grabbed on to her to keep her from falling. He quickly turned them around and sat her in the same place on the edge of the bed where he had been sitting.

Liz was grateful to be sitting. She felt him push her legs apart as far as they could comfortably go. She was completely open to him and it felt completely natural to her. She thought that she should feel totally exposed and vulnerable. All she could feel was Max’s love and adoration.

The sight of Liz being so completely open to him made him dizzy. He could no longer ignore his body’s response. His erection throbbed painfully against the restraints of his shorts.

Max’s reaction wasn’t lost on Liz. She reached down and kissed him passionately as she caressed the entire length of him from the outside of his shorts.

Liz’s hands on him and her mouth devouring his made him forget that he had been planning to continue to taste Liz.

Liz realized how uncomfortable Max must be. She quickly undid the button and zipper of his shorts and they fell in a pile around his knees. She pushed on the waistband of his boxers and carefully eased them over his erection and down his legs. She reached for him and was able to stroke him once before she felt his hands on hers.

Max had to stop her. She wasn’t ready for him yet. He took her hands in his, kissed her and gently placed both of her hands behind her back. He held them there with one of his hands.

Liz’s brain ceased to function being in this new position. All she could do was feel. Max’s tongue caressing hers. His hands keeping her hands firmly behind her. His bare chest against hers and because he had to rise up on his knees to place her hands behind her, the tip of his cock rested directly between her thighs.

The overwhelming need to be inside Liz forced Max to break their kiss. He wanted nothing more than to trust up inside her but it wasn’t time yet. He pulled away from her just enough to take away that temptation.

“Max… please” Liz whispered.

Instead of leisurely kissing and sucking and tasting his way back down her body, as he had originally intended, he realized neither of them could stand that kind of torture. So, he immediately knelt before her to drink more of the juices coming from her incredibly wet center. As gently as possible, Max slipped one finger inside her.

Liz couldn’t stop her hips from bucking up to meet each stroke of his finger.

Max knew she was getting close but he was having a hard time tearing himself away. She was so soft and warm but he would have to soon if he wanted to stick to his original plan. He finally tore his mouth away and placed his thumb over her clit to replace where his tongue had been.

Liz opened her eyes to find Max moving from his place on the floor to stand directly over her. She brought her feet up onto the bed so she could push herself back on the bed to make room for him. During this entire transition, his hand never stopped pleasuring her.

As Max moved on to the bed, he left his shorts and boxers on the floor behind him. He watched her face as he continued to stroke his fingers now two in and out of her. He needed to know when just one more stroke would take her over the edge. She had her eyes closed and he needed their connection to know for sure. “Liz, look at me.” He hadn’t been prepared for the onslaught of sexual pleasure he felt coming from her as there connection flared to life. He could actually feel her orgasm climbing higher and higher with each movement of his hand. He wasn’t sure how much longer he could wait without completely going insane with want. He was determined to take care of her first. All of the sudden he knew she was about to go over the edge. He quickly pulled his hand away from her. She started to protest until she felt him enter her. He quickly thrust into her in one smooth stroke. She momentarily felt a sharp pain and then wave after wave of nothing but sheer pleasure.

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Part 17

Max kept himself still. He could feel her body adjusting to his. He had laid awake a thousand nights wondering what it would be like to make love to Liz. What it would feel like to be inside of her...her body surrounding his. Nothing could have prepared him for the reality. She was so warm, so wet, and so tight. It was like being surrounded by a liquid heat. That same heat quickly spread through his legs, up his chest, into his arms and even into his brain.

If Liz hadn’t felt so alive, she would have sworn she had died and entered the gates of heaven. After the last waves of her orgasm subsided, she felt herself come back down to earth to find Max patiently waiting for her. She slowly opened her eyes knowing Max would be looking directly into them.

“Are you ok?” Max whispered as he began to kiss her forehead, her temple and down her cheek.

“I feel incredible.” Liz gasped. She knew those words didn’t begin to describe what she was feeling but it was all she could think of.

Max smiled and moved to kiss her ear gently and whisper “We are about to redefine incredible.”

Liz rocked her hips against Max and he slid even deeper inside her. Max moaned from the intense pleasure of being deep inside the only woman he would ever love. Liz desperately wanted to hear Max moan again so she rocked against him again. This time Max met her
movement with a small thrust of his own. This illicit a moan from both of them.

Max pulled himself out of Liz just a little bit more with each thrust, until he would pull almost completely out of her in order to plunge back into her just alittle bit harder and a little bit faster each time. With the perfect rhythm established Max couldn’t stop himself from sucking hard on the soft skin of her neck.

Liz loved the weight of his body on hers. It felt like fire everywhere his skin touched hers. She ran her hands from his shoulders down his back and up again. The muscles of his back were strong. She held on to him so tightly she could feel her nails digging into his
shoulders. She felt as if she were falling. She wove her fingers into his hair. “Max I need you to look at me.” She grabbed a fist full of hair and pulled him off her neck. She just knew that he would anchor her if she could just look into his eyes.

As soon as their eyes met, the entire world fell away and nothing existed to them but each other. Their connection instantly flared to life. Not only could Max feel his body’s reaction to Liz’s but also everything that Liz was feeling. The sense of pleasure seemed to
instantly double and start to flow back and forth between them.

Max’s need for a release became overwhelming. His body had been patient long enough. Liz was right there with him. Max felt Liz’s walls tighten around him at the same time she shouted his name. Liz shouting his name with complete abandon pushed him over the
edge and into the most beautiful oblivion he had ever known.

Liz felt Max explode inside of her and it intensified her own release. Wave after wave of raw ecstasy washed over her. After her body had stopped quivering she immediately felt overwhelmed by incredible feelings of love and simple adoration. She felt warm, and safe
and loved. It was then that she realized she was experiencing Max’s very soul.

Max felt as if his entire being was completely immersed in Liz. His body still intimately connected with hers, he felt enveloped in a cloud of pure unadulterated love. He felt loved and accepted and an inner peace unlike anything he had never known before. He felt all of the things he had always associated with Liz. Love, Goodness, Patience, and then he realized all of those things were the very essence of Liz. They were really the things her soul was made of. Her soul was just as beautiful as he had imagined it to be.


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Part 18

Liz’s heart rate had finally reached normal levels again and her breathing was back to a normal pattern. Her eyes had never left Max’s beautiful amber ones. His gaze was intense. He was looking at her as if he couldn’t believe what he was seeing. She reached up and lightly caressed his cheek.

Max couldn’t let go of the moment. He never wanted it to end. He wanted to stay wrapped up in Liz’s soul forever. He felt her touch his face and he realized he was probably crushing her. He lifted himself up just enough to ease his body off of hers and to the bed next to her.

“Nooooo” Liz protested as she felt him shift off of her. She felt a sudden sense of panic. She quickly wrapped her arms around him as tightly as she could. It was as if she couldn’t behr for him not to be inside her. “Max….”

Liz’s plea stirred something inside him. Max whispered, “I know, I feel it too” as he pulled her closer to him. Max could feel Liz’s feelings of panic mingle with his own. Max kissed her deeply. As his mouth continued it’s loving attention to hers, he once again felt as if he were seeing into her soul. It was then that the feeling of panic subsided but was replaced by something different. He suddenly felt an intense need to possess her. He needed to take her and make her his… forever. He wanted to make sure everyone she ever came in contact with knew she was his and only his.

From the moment Max kissed her, she felt her panic subside. She felt his love for her flow into her and around her. She reveled in the feelings flowing between them. Just as he wanted to possess her she had an undeniable urge to want to belong to him. She wanted to be his and his alone. She wanted the world to know she loved Max Evans and she would do anything she had to do to be with him forever.

The feelings became more and more intense for Max. His kisses became rough. He pulled away from her mouth and moved down her neck. He latched on to her neck and sucked hard enough to leave a mark, but it wasn’t enough. He then nipped at her neck with his teeth. He used as much restraint as he could muster. His intent was to mark her, not to hurt her. He couldn’t understand why he felt this way and yet he couldn’t stop himself.

Liz could feel everything that Max was feeling. She felt his confusion about why he felt primal and why he couldn’t control it. She felt his fear that he was hurting her and that he was scaring her. “Max, look at me.” She demanded. As soon as he lifted his eyes to hers she continued, “you could never scare me, I trust you completely.” It was then that they both saw a flash. Just one picture shared by both of them. It was of the seal. Everything suddenly made sense to Max.

Max knew it was time. It was time to make Liz his Queen. He felt the need to ask her if this was what she wanted. Max need to make sure she understood that if he did this… it meant forever. “I love you. No matter what, I will love you and only you for the rest of my life. There is only one thing that could stop me from bonding us together forever, I won’t do it if it’s not what you want.” He held his breath waiting for her response.

Without hesitating Liz spoke, “I couldn’t behr to not be with you. Do whatever you have to do to make sure we never have to be apart again.”

Max instantly knew what he had to do. “I have to ask you a question and you need to answer before I can.”

Liz nodded so he knew she understood.

Max smiled, “Liz Parker, will you be my Queen?”

“Yes” she somehow knew was the only response necessary.

Even though he knew that would be her answer, hearing her say yes touched his very soul. He knew he would never forget that moment as long as he lived.

Liz watched as Max closed his eyes. She wasn’t sure if it was to stop the tears that had formed there from spilling down his cheeks or if he was getting ready for what he needed to do. In reality, it was both.

Max concentrated on all of the energy he felt flowing through his body. He had never felt anything so powerful before in his life. Not even when he healed her had he felt this much energy gather inside him. It frightened him.

Liz felt his hesitation. “Please Max…it’s the only way.” She whispered.

Max took his right hand, which now had the seal glowing on his palm, and placed it in the center of her chest just below her collarbone, right where a necklace would lie. He looked deep into her eyes and his entire hand began to glow.

Liz felt an incredible warmth spread from his hand throughout her entire body. The feeling remained on the outside of her skin until every inch of her was enveloped in the warmth. The heat continued to intensify until it began to seep through her skin into her muscles and deeper still. It felt as if every cell in her body was being charged and energized.

Max felt the energy he had gathered flow into Liz. It took an enormous amount of his strength to control the rate at which he released the energy into her. It seemed to be unlimited. He wasn’t sure he would know when to stop but Liz didn’t seem to be panicked or even uncomfortable so he continued to feed her the energy he still felt flowing through him.

Liz had been looking into Max’s eyes during the entire process to make sure he knew she was ok. Now she felt the need to close her eyes and concentrate.

An array of colors flashed before her eyes. They seemed to be all swirled together. They were brilliant and vibrant and felt as if they were alive. The swirling began to slow down and one color took prominence. Blue. It was the most beautiful blue she had ever seen. She felt calm, peaceful and tranquil. There seemed to be a slight hum in her head and she felt as if it were associated with the blue and the feelings she was experiencing.

The blue slowly faded into a green. It was as if someone had added the color yellow to the blue to slowly turn it green. As the color changed, so did her feelings. She felt… content. As the colors and feelings had changed so did the humming. It changed from a strong hum to a vibration. The color slowly changed again.

The color moved from a green to a pale yellow and on to a vibrant bright yellow. She felt joy and happiness, and again the vibration became stronger. It was a nice tickle that seemed to massage all her muscles.

The color changed from yellow to a peach color and then to an orange, the vibration suddenly became uncomfortable. She felt concerned, stressed and uneasy. The vibration became strong enough to make her muscles tense. It felt slightly prickly on her skin.

The color changed again; it grew darker into a red. She felt mad and pissed off. As the color deepened her feelings grew more and more angry. When it reached a dark blood red she felt violent, murderous, and a rage unlike anything she had ever known. The vibration was intense and it felt like tiny bee stings on her skin. The color slowly became less red and more black.

When it reached a pure black she felt alone, scared, and fearful. The vibration stopped being painful but was not yet comfortable. The blackness lightened into a deep purple.

Once it reached a purple color she felt sad, lonely and on the brink of tears. The vibration eased back into a comfortable vibration and back to a hum as the color became lighter and lighter until it was white.

With the white the hum stopped completely. She didn’t feel anything. Not happy, not sad almost neutral. It was a complete absence of feeling.

Slowly the white became light blue but before the color reached the same blue she had started with she felt the need to open her eyes.

Max felt an incredible relief wash over him as Liz opened her eyes. The entire time she had her eyes closed her felt her go through an entire range of emotions. He wanted to stop everything when he felt her become enraged and then scared. He couldn’t seem to stop it. He couldn’t stop the energy flowing through him and into her. Until now he couldn’t even speak, “Are you ok?”

As soon as she heard him speak she got a flash of the color. It was a dark gray. She knew he was scared. She knew the exact intensity of his fear by the shade of the gray she saw. She gently touched his face and wiped the hair clinging to forehead out of his eyes. As soon as she touched him she felt the vibration associated with the dark gray she had just seen. It wasn’t as intense and painful like pure black but wasn’t pleasant like a dark blue. It was in the middle. “I’m fine, but you look exhausted.”

Max had never felt so completely wiped out in his entire life. Whenever he used his powers it drained him physically. The day he healed Liz he had slept for almost 18 hours before he could gather enough strength to get up and get something to eat.

Liz knew Max wouldn’t let himself sleep until he was sure she was ok. “Max I’m fine. We can talk about all of this after we get some much needed sleep.”

Max had to agree because he was too tired to argue. With his hand still resting just below her collarbone, he put his head on the pillow next to Liz and instantly fell asleep.

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