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Ergh, sorry guys, but I have a cold and it's making me all delirious and crap, so this will be like the 2nd time I edit this...First I thought I was adding this part to the the original thread, but then it came up Part 6...And I was like...Huh? SO then I just went, what the hey,I'll find the original thread later...

But here is part 6.

Part 6

I drop my magna doodle with a loud thud and run out of my bedroom. As I pass through the hall I grab my jacket that is hanging from the coat rack, nearly colliding with my parents as they enter the apartment.

"Liz?" I hear my father say.

I'm back to skipping two steps at a time as I go down the stairs. Reaching the bottom I slow my pace to a quick walk as I storm through the cafe.

People are staring.

"Liz?" Maria asks from her seat at a booth. Michael and Isabel are there too.

I glance at them only to notice there concerned faces before I leave the cafe.

I'm going to Max's. He's the only one who can help me.

Call me selfish if you want but he's the only one I feel safe around.

Plus, this is one heck of a reason to apologize.

I'm back to running now. Down the sidewalk.


I'm breathing just a bit heavily.

Note to self: Join the Spa.

I stop infront of his window and lean my weight on my knees. Phew. Breathe in and out...

Standing up, I peer through his window, I can't see him. Or anything for that manner.

Oh geez, what to do now?

Open the window?

Sure! Why not?

Haven't been charged for breaking and entering yet, what the hey, let's try now.

Opening the window I notice that his bed room is pitch black. Aww geez, I was kind of hoping that the windows were tinted...

Then BOOM! The lights come on.


The sudden brightness hurts my eyes, I'm teetering on the edge of the window sill as I try to block the light from my eyes..

....And, I'm falling....

Some one grabs my wrists and pulls me through the window. Slowly opening my eyes I stare into the face of my hero.

Ladies and Gentelmen, Max Evans.

And he stares right back.

Hey, you would too if some chic in Pilsbury Dough Boy pajamas and matching muddy PDB slippers is standing in the middle of your room.

Awww no. My slippers...

Not saying a word, I sit down on his floor and peel the slippers from my feet. I feel like crying.

Alex got them for me...

I watch as Max kneels down and grabs the slippers in his hands. It always amazes me when he uses his powers.

I can't help but smile at the sweet gesture.

"Thank you, Max," I whisper staring down at my new looking slippers. Putting them back on my feet and wiggling my toes, I grin. "Much better."

He gives me a half smile before standing up. It's then I realize he's shirtless. Great.

"What is it that you need, Liz?"

Okay, so he's a bit upset still. I don't blame him. I was a jerk....

"I'm sorry." I say getting right to the point. He stares at me. "...I was a jerk..." I try.

He crosses his arms. "...I love you...?"

I can't believe I just said that.

I see a corner of his mouth twitch. That's a good sign. Next thing I know, it'll be in a full blown grin.

I smile at him. "I'm sorry, these couple of days have been a little hectic." I tell him. I know I'm going to have to tell him the whole story...Cause he'll ask...And cause I'll tell him.

"What's wrong?" He asked, just as I had expected. He sits next to me on his bed, and I stare at my Pilsbury Dough Boy slippers. Their big heads move when I wiggle my toes. I love the little dough boy. He makes the best cookies....

"Liz," he whispers.

I look at him. I know he's going to think I'm crazy, but the way I see it, if aliens exist, then why can't ghosts? Hey, I've got this whole theory on things that aren't supposed to exist but just might. Like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, how am I supposed to know that she isn't real? That there really isn't a hell mouth? For all I know Roswell could be the enterance to hell, and I am the next Buffy....

Okay, so maybe that's a bit far-fetched. Really far-fetched.

It's ludicris really.


Notice I'm stalling again.

I shift my gaze to his. He's staring at me with those deep, amber eyes of his. This is really corny, but I really do think they are the windows to his soul. And he's staring into mine.

"talk to me," he whispers. I feel his strong hand cup my face. The hand that healed me so long ago.

"It's about Alex," I say softly.

Pain flashes in his eyes. He feels so guilty, and my blaming him didn't help.

How it blows feeling guilty for making someone else feel guilty. Ergh.

"Liz, I'm sorry.." he starts, just like he always does. But I stop him.

"I communicated with him."

He stares at me as if I'm crazy. This has been a reoccuring thing.

That's right, people, I'm crazy. There's this nice place about 30 miles North of Roswell, called Chestnut Ridge. It's where are the "special" people go. You know, the ones who believe that they're Buffy. And that they must protect the world from blood-sucking Vampires.

"Pardon me?" he said after a moment.

When I get nervous, I pace.

I'm nervous. So I'm pacing.

"I've been sensing him, Max. I feel him, like he's in the room with me." I tell him.

He's watching me. Trying to make sense of the words coming from my mouth.

"So finally, I just decided, hey, what the hell, let's play with the ouija board -"

"Aren't they satanic?"

I ignore that comment and continue. "And he answered, Max. I saw the little pointy thing move..."

"The little pointy thing.." he parrots.

I roll my eyes. "I don't know what it's called," I mumble.

"A planchette.." he offers.

"Yeah okay, but that's not the point."

"What's the point?"

It's my turn to look at him as if he's crazy. Don't these people listen to me?

"Why don't you people listen to me?" I half scream out of exasperation.

"Okay, okay, Liz, shhh," he shushes, standing infront of me. "You're going to wake my parents."

I bit my fist. This is retarded. I look at him.

"So, you spoke with Alex. Like his spirit..?" he asks as he rubs my arms soothingly. "Are you still taking those anti-depressants?"

Ergh! I was never on that damn medication anyway!

"I'm out of here," I mumble as I head towards the window.

"Okay, Liz, wait a minute."

But I'm already out the window.

I'm gone.

No turning back.

As I stalk down the sidewalk, I hear his uneven steps after me. I glance over my shoulder to see him with his shirt halfway over his head, jumping on one foot trying to get his sneaker on. I would have laughed at the site if I weren't so pissed off.

"Liz," he calls.

I feel him grab my arm and I'm being whirled around to face him. I don't look at his face, but instead at the little hollow at the base of his neck.

"I'm sorry, okay," he whispers.

I watch as his adam's apple bob. What a funny name.

Adam's apple.

"You're a jerk," I say weakly.

I can't help it. I find that little hollow and his bobbing adam's apple erotically sexy.

I'm such a freak.

He chuckles. "Yeah," he's rubbing my arms again. He knows that it makes me feel better.

I hate it.

"Maybe we should talk more about this." he suggests.

"Maybe." I say giving a little yawn.



He kisses my forehead and I close my eyes. "I'll walk you home." he says softly.

His warm arms engulf me, and the next thing I remember, I'm snuggled tightly into my warm bed falling into a peaceful slumber.

TBC? Feedback, please

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