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Title: don't put your spell on me
Disclaimer: hmmm....well I wish I owned jason behr... too bad for me... it all belongs to upn and that know who they are! lol
Summary:'s about j/k...fine about max and liz's cousin nicole at first until you learn something... (I aint telling lol) and it becomes max and liz...
Rating:for now...kinda pg13...then kiddies beware? lol..
Author's note: well....u might notice that nicole acts like liz and that liz acts like tess....did it for a reason up ur mind and allow some changes? lol.. ur choice...

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Max Evans walked into school about ten minutes before the homeroom bell was supposed to ring. His locker was just down the hall so he took his time. A flood of memories rushed back at him of last year being a junior. Then of course there was the anticipation for what this coming year would bring. His eyes wandered down the hall past the laughter and smell of fresh paint looking for familiar faces.
That was when he saw her. The red hair flowing down to her shoulders and being carelessly twisted between her fingers. Those bright blue eyes shining as she pulled off her sunglasses. The black baby-tee that she was wearing showed just a glimpse of her flat stomach where he could see a tiny red heart tattooed. The hip hugger jeans she had on made her look better than Britney Spears at the Music Awards. His eyes traveled back up to her face and quickly analyzed her dimpled cheeks with the wide lip gloss covered smile. Max almost drooled at this gift of perfection before him. He was stopped short in the middle of the hallway staring at a beautiful girl and his mind couldn't believe it. His feet however betrayed him by walking forward again and stopping in front of his locker right down the hall. His eyes tried not to seek her out as his fingers pulled the combination lock off. he grabbed his math book and looked at his schedule briefly before glancing her way. His locker slammed shut as he realized that she was gone. He turned sharply and grinned as Michael's hand moved off his locker and came up for a high-five.
"Hey man!"Michael smiled as they started off on their path to homeroom.
"What have ya been up to? I haven't seen you all summer!" Max exclaimed. He noticed how his friend glanced down and blushed nervously.
"I spent the summer with Maria,"then he said quietly,"and her mom."
Max laughed,"What? Her mom?! You gotta be kidding me.. wow, how the mighty have fallen." Michael punched him lightly and laughed too.
Until he got serious," I think....well I know that I've never felt this way about anyone else."
Max looked at him and sighed,"I didn't think you would get committed before I would." He frowned and stopped infront of room 201. Michael glanced at his watch and told him"we can talk at lunch" and then he went off down the hall. Max's head shook as he noticed that his rebel friend was actually in a hurry to get to homeroom.
After homeroom Max was in math. No one that he knew was with him at the start of the day and he was beginning to feel lonely. He was seated in the front just because his last name was Evans. Seated right next to him was the beautiful girl he had seen in the hallway earlier. She was bent over her desk reading a paper Mr.Naoni just passed out. He watched breathlessly as she pushed a strand of hair behind her ear and bit a pencap in her mouth. As Mr.Naoni called out her name she looked up and raised her hand. He had almost missed it but was glad that he hadn't. The name fit her in every way, Nicole Parker. That was when the teacher looked back at the attendence sheet and asked."are you related to a Liz Parker?" She flushed a little at having brought attention to herself and nodded. Readjusting her shirt she replied,"we're cousins." As she went back to reading more names were called out until she looked at him and flashed a bright smile. His heart stopped as he said "here!"That was the best day of his high school career. raise ur hand if ya liked it..

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2 weeks later...
He saw her sitting there again. The seventeen year old -red haired- blue eyed girl from his math and gym class. Just the thought of her running the track with her 34c chest made him very horny. He would always spot her sitting on that exact bench in the park after school. It never appeared that she was waiting for someone. of course he had never gotten the courage up to talk to her. Just the sight of her was enough for him to go over the edge.
Nicole caught him looking at her out of the corner of her eye. 'why does he keep on staring?'she thought to herself. and then she immediately wondered if she looked like a mess or something. 'That could be it' and she reached for her purse. But before she could get the mirror out a hand clasped over her's and pulled her off the bench.
"Sean!" she exclaimed and gave him a huge hug. His hands wrapped around her and pulled her up until she was lifted off the ground slightly.
Max watched silently as she hugged the tall muscular guy. 'He looks familiar' then he remembered spotting them walking down the hall a couple of times. Convinced it was her boyfriend, Max walked towards the end of the park just missing the hopeful look in Nicole's eyes as she searched for him.
'Where is he?' she asked herself as Sean sat next to her and started rambling on about her cousin, Liz. She vaguely remembered him saying he liked her about a week ago but now....who knew? She giggled but stopped when he started to give her questioning glares.
"What's so funny about Liz's grandmother's heart attack?" he demanded. That was when she realized that this might be a bad time to laugh during his story. But she also noticed he had said Liz's grandmother. 'Man he's obsessed' she thought to herself because it was her grandmother too. And the weird thing is...she never had a heart attack! Which started her up again to his dismay.
"Okay Nikki spit it out,"he ordered as he popped a piece of gum in his mouth. She held her hand out for a piece ready to explain.
All of those days alone.... and she has a boyfriend?? It didn't make sense to Max. He trudged his feet along the sidewalk and started off to his car parked about a quarter of a mile away. His mind flashed back to when he first saw her, that first school day back in September when she smiled at him during math class. Her face lit up with that smile and for about a minute Max had thought it was directed at someone else. But of course she had only smiled because he was staring at her when the teacher was trying to get his attention.
Sean watched her as she mumbled something about guys and their fear of commitment to girls. She didn’t even know what she was saying because her mind kept wandering back to that guy. ‘I must know him from somewhere else besides school’. She tried to place him to an event in her mind, ’was he at Maria’s birthday party last month?’
“Was who at Maria’s birthday party?” Sean asked puzzled. Nikki frowned as she realized that she had spoken out loud. She crossed and uncrossed her legs before mumbling,”Max Evans.”
“Max Evans! The Max Evans???” Sean exclaimed. She practically jumped from the shock and astonishment in his voice.
“Yes,”she stated matter-of-factly and then asked,”why? Do you know him?”
Sean scoffed at that remark,”do I know him? Do I know him?” She nodded eagerly and he replied “of course I don’t know him. Who the hell is he?” Nicole sighed in relief as she explained the situation briefly to him. But it wasn’t until she started talking about how she had noticed Max around the park that Sean interrupted,”you think he’s stalking you? Maybe he is one of those depressant suicidal types. He could sacrifice stuff at home in front of his shrine for you.”
Nicole burst out laughing at the level of ridiculousness that Sean had just reached. She continued her giggling until seeing the time from her watch.
“Shit! I was supposed to be home twenty minutes ago!,” she exclaimed as Sean handed the purse to her. She gave him a peck on the cheek, told him she would be on the lookout for any signs that Liz liked him and left. Running home her mind drifted back to that gorgeous guy from her school. Picturing his sexy smile, his jet black hair cut short above his forehead. The intense gaze he had that made his brown eyes stand out. She felt her heart start to race as she rounded the corner and concentrated on Max Evans.
“Max Evans,”she breathed. The name just rolled off her tongue.
Nikki reached her red brick house in the town of Roswell, New Mexico. She slowed down and evened out her breathing before entering the home that she shared with her cousin, aunt and uncle.
“Nicole!,” her aunt Nancy practically squeezed her to death with relief that she was safe. “Where have you been young lady?” Nicole shrugged and answered,”the park?” as she noticed Liz grinning in the corner. But when their eyes caught Liz walked off towards her room. ‘I love her walk,’ she thought to herself as she looked at the confident stride. But Nancy Parker didn’t notice this silent exchange between the two cousins.
“We were all so worried! Go put your school stuff away and come help me with dinner. Okay?” then with that Mrs. Parker was in the kitchen and Nicole was trudging off towards her room. But when she walked in was the moment shock hit her.

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dedicated to care_behr (because I stalked ya so much it's nice to have that come back to me lol *big*)

The room was in utter chaos. Her mind panicked as she surveyed her blankets off the bed and laying on the floor. The mattress overturned and her clothes laying all over the place.
She stepped towards her dresser and found her jewelry box. Her hands shook as she opened it up and found it surprisingly untouched! Her mind was wheeling ‘why would someone do this to the rest of my room and not touch my jewelry? When could this have happened? Who would do this? What could they want?’ That was when it hit her. The whole fight she had with Liz yesterday. She remembered it so vividly in her mind....
‘ Why were you staring at Max Evans in English?” Liz had started off. It wasn’t until Nicole got an attitude that Liz got pissed.
“What’s it to you?” Nicole replied.
“Don’t get any ideas! He’s mine!”Liz stated coldly.
“Oh really?” Nicole asked sarcastically. “Well I didn’t see your name on him!”
“Maybe you didn’t look hard enough,” Liz replied in a sweet tone raising her eyebrows. Her cousin then retorted loudly, “if you’d know anything about me or my life then you would know that I already have a date with him tomorrow!” of course she was lying but Liz didn’t know that.
As Nicole recalled their screaming match from the other day her feet carried her to the door. She was about to uncover this mystery and she knew right where to start. As her hand turned the knob of Liz’s bedroom door she heard the music blaring in the background. Nicole opened the door and stepped quietly inside of Liz’s spacious bedroom. She was dancing around with a book in her hand. Nicole almost burst out laughing as she watched Liz shake her hips and sing out loud. The book fell on the floor and Nicole just caught the name before Liz turned around and spotted her. Teen witch for the next generation was still laying on the floor when Liz narrowed her eyes and stepped closer.
“What are you doing in my room?” Liz asked defiantly. Nicole also stepped closer and glared at her before saying in a harsh tone, “you know what I’m doing here. You bitch!” she had added the bitch part just to let her know that she wasn’t afraid of her. Who cared if Liz was her cousin and Nancy was just in the other room? Not Nicole! But Liz just smiled, it looked more of a smirk to Nicole but she wasn’t sure.
“Actually I don’t know. So if you don’t plan on explaining yourself right now then I suggest you leave. Before I have to make you and your huge slutty butt go screaming out for your dead mommy,” Liz said in a tone that made Nicole shiver. She slapped her when she mentioned her mom. ‘Now I know she did it,’ Nicole thought as she shifted her weight onto her right foot.
“I don’t plan on leaving until you apologize and explain yourself for destroying my room!” Nikki shouted as Liz rubbed her cheek.
“I can’t believe you did that. That took guts Nikki. Maybe it’s time we had a look at them don’t ya think?” Liz asked before kicking her in the stomach. Nikki’s face turned pink as her eyes watered and her hand gripped her belly. Then Liz opened her door and pushed her out so Nicole’s butt landed on the floor. Liz then said “stay away from Max Evans cuz.”
“Nicole! Come and get dinner!” Nancy called out when Liz’s door slammed shut. She reached out with her hand against the wall and pulled herself up. The mirror on the wall showed her pale reflection and she raised her shirt halfway to show her stomach. Her index finger traced over the red kick mark. Nicole dried her eyes with her hand and went to her room. Next to a picture of her and her parents was her make up box. She brushed the cherry blush against her cheeks and looked in the mirror again to see her rosy reflection. Satisfied with herself, and scared of what Liz would do if she told her aunt what happened, she walked to the kitchen. Her stomach felt really queasy but she still thought that she should eat something to make Nancy happy. She looked at the chicken and potato helping and felt like she was going to throw up. But her hand raised the fork anyway.
Max had gotten home about an hour ago and finished his homework already. Even though it’s a Friday night he doesn’t have any plans. Max reached for the phone and called up Michael Guerin. Maybe, if he was in luck, Michael would have the night free from Maria. They ahd all gone out before but Max still felt like a chaperone when with them. As he pressed in the number for his friend’s apartment he ran a hand through his hair and checked his reflection in the mirror. The phone rang a couple of times before he got the answering machine. He cursed quietly and put the phone back on the hook. It wasn’t like he had a whole list of friends to call and truthfully he knew he wouldn’t want to hang out with them anyways. The only real person that he wanted to be with tonight was Nicole Parker. He didn’t even know why he felt this way about her. It wasn’t like they had even talked before. ‘Maybe it’s her smile,’ Max thought. ‘She does have a beautifully charming smile.’ Then his mind went back to his friend, Michael and how he had fallen head over heels for Maria. Now that Maxwell knew how it felt he would never tease Michael again.

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