To all my fans who have been enjoying my stories. I have been recieving you FBs and honestly I am absolutely bursting. Thank u so much for loving them and enjoying and I positively appericiate your here is my predicament un fortunately...

You cant get enough of Prisoner of love and I admit its my fav aswell, you seem taken with it aswell so I have to say that I wont stop now if u tear down this site lol

Now I realize I havent been posting much and it is because my life is a bit hectic now and I hardly have time to sit here and work my u must understand that two stories at a time is not working out for me....I would like to finish both but...(and here is where u come in) since im not posting regularly I am forced to set aside one story to accomodate my plans.

Anyway I can leave 'fairytale' for now since 'prisoner of love' is in more demand and post more regularly than I am used to or u can bear with me and...well WAIT...heh...but yeh thats the situation im u just tell me what u think and ill get a'workin! I really do want to finish 'a fairytale' but its up to u and ur patience.

I realize an author should not abandoning their story but I wont exactly be abandoning..just postponing until I have time to post honestly

well tell me what u think because I hate abandoning any of them but if it must be done I wouldnt mind..I just need a bit o wont be for too long

My fans, thank u for taking the time to read this and my stories. I only think for ur own entertainment and what u would like so plz dont hesitate to tell me!*happy**shy*
life is too hard. No time. Not even for imagination. Today even the mind is a prisoner.