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Summrary: After Liz finds out Max and Tess are an item and Alex died she turns to something that causes everyone trouble.
Rating: Pg-13 to higher.
Couples: cc/uc

Local Roswell Bar-

Maria: I can't believe you talked me into coming here. (looks at Liz) Isn't that like your third drink.

Liz: (shows a toothy grin) So....(laughs) Who needs those aliens bunch jerk the lot of them.

Maria: (turns around) She's drunk...She's talking craziness. Liz shut up. Look stay here...I'm going to make a phone call.

Liz: (salutes) Yes sir. (laughs again.)

Across Town-

Tess: Thanks for taking me out Max. You know sitting at home by yourself, knowing there's some kind of killer out there.

Max: (jerked his head up) There's no killer, Alex comitted suicide that's final.

Tess: Right sorry. (pauses) So have you talked to Liz lately?

Max: She isn't really talking to me. (cell phone goes off) Hello...Maria slow down. What about Liz? She's what. How did she get drinks in the first place. You know what forget it..I'll be there in ten. (pause) What oh oh? She's what? (hangs up.) I gotta go Tess. Maria's in trouble. I'll call you tomorrow. (kisses her cheek.)

Local Bar-

Liz: Woah! Catch this babe. (Throws her shirt off)

Max: Excuse me, pardon me. Maria what is she on?

Maria: She had a few joints with a couple a guys when I got here. Had three whiskey's and a vodka. She was upset with you.

Max: (shakes his head) Show's over. Come on Liz. (throws her over his shoulder.)

Liz: Nice ass Max....

Guy: Maybe she wants to leave with me! Or maybe she wants to stay.

Max: (nods) How old are you? 40 or something right? (the guy nods) She's a minor...

Maria: Yeah ever heard of saturtoary rape?

Guy: Sorry man go ahead.

Maria: She can't go home like that..You gotta take her to your place.

Max: Alright. My parents are in Clovis for the week. I'll handle it.

-Evan's Place-
Max carried Liz inside and put her in some of Isabel's pajaams and laid her on his bed. He closed the curtains and sat a trash can next to the bed. He sat a glass of ice water and two advil on the night stand. Than carried himself down to the couch.

(The next morning)Liz: (rubs her eyes) Ow. (touches her forehead.)

Max: Lie back down. Take these.

Liz: Where am I? Max? (swallows the pills)

Max: Maria called me last night. I was, well out. Said you'd been drinking and doin' drugs.

Liz: Great ruined your date with Tess. (rubs her head) Jesus. Look your not my mother.....My parents.

Max: Maria's got it covered. You stayed there. And there was no date with Tess. Liz having pick me up isn't what you did last night. I'm sorry you saw me kiss Tess at Prom, but we should've talked. And that's what we're gonna do today. Spend the day together and well, try to restore our relationship.

Liz: And Alex?

Max: I'll look into it, if you promise me you won't go loco on me.

Liz: Meaning? Forget it...You can't just forget about that kiss, you really hurt me.

Max: Go ahead and freshen up we got alot to do today. (kisses her forehead.)

Liz: (wrinkles her eyebrows.) Thank you. (she screamed down the stairs. Max just smiled and started cooking breakfast when the doorbell rang.)

Max: (opens the door) Tess!

Tess: Hey feel like going out to eat and the movie?

Liz: Max you mind if I borrow a shirt? (Max looks at Liz than Tess than Liz.) I think I'm...(runs to the bathroom)

Max: Liz!!!!! Wait!!! Tess, look last night and prom was a mistake. I love Liz and Liz only. I wanna be your friend but I have to get Liz to trust me first. I can't survive without her.

Tess: I can't accept that though your my destiny and you know. (pointing a finger at him.)

Max: And I don't accept that. I have something more powerful with Liz than I do with you. Were soulmates, our souls are combined and I'm not going to let you or anybody else say otherwise. Good bye Tess.