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Hey everyone! I am picking up a fic I left long ago back when Roswellfanatics was on ezboard and My screen name back then was Dreamgirl Liz. I am posting as far as I got and that is parts 1-8 of Your Heart and Mine. Tell me what you guys think and if I should continue! I dont know if any of you remember this one..

Title: Your Heart and Mine
Author: Liz Evans (Jen)
Email: DreamgirlJ⊕
Disclaimer: I dont own anything except my imagination so I am just borrowing these lovely people
Rating: M/L I havent decided actual rating yet. ;)
Summary:This story takes the place of "Heart of Mine" so it is right around prom time in season 2. These last 6 episodes is what were so hard on the dreamers so I am taking it in a new direction.
Feedback needed! :D

Your Heart and Mine
Part 1

Liz Parker continued to wipe the counter off in the Crashdown Cafe. "Liz, you have been doing that for like 10 minutes now. What is going on in that head of yours?" Maria Deluca said as she stopped sweeping the floor and looked at her best friend curious to what Liz was thinking these days.

"Maria, I was....I was...just thinking about finals coming up soon," Liz said as she threw the wet rag in the sink. Maria gave her a look that said "yeah right" and Liz smiled. "Suuuure you were hon, Suuuure you were. Hmmm let me guess, does it have anything to do with oh you know, PROM COMING UP?" Maria said as she raised her voice. "Come on chiquita, ya know that you were just dreaming of Max to ask you" "Maria, That is the furthest thing from my mind right now. And besides, Tess and Max are gett..."

Before Liz could finish that sentence Maria covered Liz's mouth with her hand.

"You know that he only loves you girl. Yeah, the girl does seem to be following him around a lot lately but I am sure that the whole time he is thinking of you." Maria said taking her hand away. "And Besides, he is sooo jealous of you and Sean right now it is pitiful!" Maria said laughing.

"Maria, Max is not...he's not jealous of me and Sean. Why would he even care anyways because I think he has begun to move on with his life now.....Why? did he say something to imply he was jealous?" Liz asked her best friend with wide eyes hoping she had heard something to imply what she was hoping for.

Maria laughed. "Well, let's just say that the other night when you and Sean were talking in here, Max stared at you two the whole time and he looked like he was about to run through him."

Liz smiled and said "okay you were right before Maria. I do want Max to ask me to prom. know that...that it can only be just as friends and even if he did ask, I don't know if I would say yes or not considering the circumstances," Liz said turning towards the door to close up.

Things had gotten so weird between them lately. First they weren't friends then she saved his life from the dupes, and then they were friends again. And just recently they had danced in Vegas and held hands and Max had a vision...of the two of them married. Liz sighed as she started thinking on how it could never be...or so she thought.

Suddenly, as Liz was about to lock the doors she saw Max coming up to the door. She opened it and said "Hey Max. What are you doing here?" "Hey Liz, um I was wondering if we could talk.....In private," Max said as he glanced from Liz to Maria. "Hey, I can take a hint, but you better call me later," Maria said as she smiled at Liz and grabbed her purse then walked out the back door.

"So what is it Max?" Liz said as she walked to a booth and sat down. "I have been thinking a lot lately on how weird things have gotten between us these past w...well months actually," Max said trying not to look into Liz's gleaming eyes. "Yeah, I know what you mean," Liz said as she thought of her thoughts a few moments ago.

"Well, I was just thinking....Well I know that we are just friends now but...but..I want to go to the prom with you Liz. I can't imagine going with anyone else," Max said finally looking into her eyes.

"Max, I don't know what to say...," Liz said kinda stunned because she had been sure that he was going to ask Tess. "Say yes Liz," Max said as his heart fluttered wanting her answer to be the one he wanted.

Liz gulped as she was about to answer his question. She just hoped it would be the right one....

Part 2
Your Heart and Mine

Max walked to his jeep from the Crashdown with a smile on his face. Liz had just said that she would love to go to the prom with him and even though they were only going as friends, in the back of his mind he knew that this would change everything. Little did he know that he was right.

Liz closed up the Crashdown and went upstairs to her room. She told Max yes and remembered the cute little sigh he gave when she gave him the answer he wanted. He told her that it would be a great night and he rented a limo for them and their friends. Liz smiled and told Max that she was sure it would be a wonderful night as well. Max had then touched her hand and she got a flash of white roses which stirred her curiousity as well as giving her chills. She went to sleep thinking that somehow prom would change everything.

She just didn't know how.

The phone woke Liz up and she answered it half asleep. "Hellooo?" "Spill, spill, spill," her best friend said on the other end of the line. "Maria," Liz said looking at the clock on the wall. "It is 1:30 in the morning." "Yeah, Yeah I know. You, sistah friend, did not call me. So, I just figured that you Max had a great time talking in "private." Liz sat up on her bed. "Well, I kinda just forgot to call you, but Max asked me to prom." "EEEEEE!" Liz heard as she pulled the phone away from her ear.

"Oh this will be great! Just like old times. You and Max Me and Michael. Isabel and Alex. so, after you said yes, what did he do?" Maria asked smiling. "Well first of all, Max and I are just going as friends. Second, how do you know I even said yes?" LIz asked laughing a little.

"Oh come on, A tall, dark, handsome alien who just happens to be your soulmate, askes you to prom and you say no? You know you would have me to strangle you! So I know you said yes," Maria said.

Liz laughed. "Okay, of course I said yes. And Maria, he touched my hand and I got a flash of white roses."

"Oooooh. See? the flashes prove that you and Max are going to have a second chance," Maria said sighing. "Well, it doesn't really prove anything and you know that I am not Max's des...." "Stop right there okay Liz? You think way way too much," Maria scolded.

"Now, we are going shopping tommorrow and you are going to get a dress that will blow Max away." Liz half hoped that Maria was right about she and Max getting a second chance.

. . . . .

The next night Liz looked at the long blue beautiful dress with thin straps that she and Maria had picked out today shopping. She hoped that Max would like it. She zipped the dress bag up and headed for bed when she heard a knock on the window. Her breath caught in her chest when she saw Max outside her bedroom window. She walked over and opened it. "Hey Max," Liz said motioning for him to come in. Max said nothing as he climbed through her window.

"Liz, I haven't been able to sleep for the past couple of nights because I have been thinking about..well, about us," he said as he paced back and forth trying to hide his nervousness. He stopped in front of her when he realized that she had very little on. A short pink tank top and a pair of draw-string shorts. "Liz, I know we have both made some mistakes in the past but I think we can move past that."

"Max, I..I don't know. I mean, I thought we agreed to just be friends," Liz said looking into his eyes, knowing what she really wanted was to be in his arms again. "That is what we said last year too and we had an amazing thing going," Max said moving towards her.

"But Max, I am not your des..." Liz was cut off by Max's lips touching hers in a sweet kiss. He pulled back a little to see her reaction and then she grabbed him and pulled him into another kiss. He smiled when she moaned as his tongue touched hers and he let his hands slide up the back of her top.

They finally broke this kiss and he rested his forhead to hers. "We have just waited too long to do that," Max sighed. Just then Liz heard footsteps and knew her mother was coming. "Max!" Liz whispered as she jerked her head up.

Max was already at the window and Liz gave him another kiss to say goodnight. Suddenly Max got flashes.

Flashes of himself with Liz, but much older.

Then of her with a towel on telling Kyle that nothing was going to "happen" between them and that undergarments would stay on.

He got a flash of Liz crying on her balcony with his older self.

Max pulled back and Liz smiled and said goodnight. She must not have know what he had just seen. He smiled at her and climbed out the window trying to figure out what he had just seen and knowing he had to find out more


Max walked down the hallway trying to get through the crowds to get to Liz's locker. The bell had just rang to let school out and he wanted to see if she wanted a ride home and then maybe he could talk to her about what he saw in the flashes last night. He sighed as he saw her there fiddling with the lock on her locker.

She looked so cute when she is frustrated, he thought. "Need some help?" Max asked as he leaned by the next locker. "Sure," she said smiling. He put his hand on the lock and it unlocked immediately. "Thanks," Liz said still smiling at him. He smiled back and she thought about how she loved to see his dimples when he smiled. "Liz, can I give you a ride home? We really need to talk," Max said grabbing her top two books from her hands. "Um..Yeah Max, I'd love to ride you...Oh I mean catch a ride with you!" Liz felt so embarrassed and felt her cheeks get hot.

OH MY GOSH!! I can't believe I actually just said that! Liz thought.

Max just smiled and they headed out of the double doors of the school

Max drove smiling to himself about what she said earlier. "um Yeah Max, I'd love to ride you." Sure that she had just messed up her words but did she possibly mean it? Did she want him as much as he wanted her? No, Evans, he thought. You both have a lot to work through. Then he remembered the flashes. Yeah thats what I need to talk to her about.

Liz sat there in the Jeep staring out onto the trees passing by. Oh My God, she thought. I can't believe I just said Id love to ride him. Where did that come from? I mean to say catch a ride, not ride...Oh my God, he must think I am a total idiot, he must think.....Liz's thoughts suddenly he broke when she heard Max's voice.

"What was that?" Liz said glancing over to him. "Oh, I just said that um we needed to talk." Max said glancing back to the road.

"Yeah, about last night Max, I don't think...I don't think that that should have happened. I still think it would be best if we go to the prom as friends. If you still want to go," Liz said. Max let her finish and his heart sank a little. No Evans, he thought. You are not going to let this girl, the love of his life, go again. Max pulled over to the side of the road.

"Max what are you doing?" Liz asked wondering what he was thinking about. Max started.."Liz, Last night should have happened. It should have a long time ago."

"Max...I.." Liz said closing her eyes.

"Liz, you are the love of my life and I am not gonna let you go so easily, I love you and nothing is ever going to change that, not Tess, not Kyle, not even my destiny because my destiny is you."

Max turned her chin so she was facing him again to cupped her face and he kissed her. Suddenly he got flashes once again.

Flashes of Liz crying again with his future self.

"You are the love of my life...Do you know how hard it was for me to tell him that I wouldn't die for him.."

Then Max heard his older self say..."You have to make me fall out of love with you...everyone's life depends on it.."

The kiss broke. A hundred thoughts went through Max's head. Oh My God, he thought. He had to ask her about the things he had just seen. But not prom. He looked over to Liz and she was on the brink of tears.

"Oh Liz, Im sorry I...I..just love you so much and my life without you has been absolute torture," "Max, I love you too...I just need a little time to think things through okay?" Liz said turning away. She did not need him to see her cry right now. Max took her chin in his hand and turned her towards him again. He wiped away the single tear that fell and said, "Take as much time as you need. I'm not going anywhere." Liz nodded her head.

They drove the rest of the way in silence. "Liz are we still going to..." Max was cut off by Liz saying "Yes Max, I still want to go with you to prom," he watched her give a little smile and walk into the crashdown.

He knew tommorrow night at prom he would somehow get to the bottom of things and then maybe he would have her back...for good.

Part 4 A

It was Prom night finally. Liz stood in front of her mirror putting the final touches on her make up. "Liz, I love that color of lipstick! Oooh let me see it,"

Maria grabbed the peach cherry lipstick and put some on. "So what do you think?" Maria said as she puckered her lips. Liz laughed. "Yeah it looks good Maria, oh and it is the longlasting kind so it wont rub off from a lot of kissing!" Liz smiled and Maria laughed. "Well, chiquita, I am gonna go on downstairs. I promised Alex I would help him with his tie before Isabel got here." Liz watched Maria walk out the door.

She looked at herself in the mirror. I hope Max likes this dress. Liz loved this dress. it was dark blue with thin straps and long and flowing. It kinda had a silky texture to it. Then her thoughts turned back to Max.

'He told me he loved me.

He told me that I was his destiny.

He told me that he would not give me up.

He is amazing and God how I wish I could be with him, Liz thought as she teared up. No Parker, get ahold of yourself, you've accepted that you and Max cannot be together for it will cause too much pain. '

Liz knew she had not accepted it. She never truly would. She loved Max and her heart broke every time she couldn't hold him in her arms or when she saw him with Tess. Tess, she was the one who seemed to be "oh so important" here. She was the one who couldn't handle Max being with someone else and had to leave Roswell only to cause distruction. She should be the one to pay, not me, Liz thought as she turned off her bathroom light.

Liz walked down the stairs and out the Crashdown door. Max. There he was. He had a bouquet of white roses. White roses. That is what she must have saw the flashes for.

Max stood there in awe of the sight before him. Liz took his breath away. She stood there in an amazing dress, her hair put up beautifully. She just ...looks....amazing, he thought. But, there was a hint of sadness on her face.

Max walked over to Liz and they stared at eachother for a moment. They looked into eachother's eyes like there was no one in the world but them. For a moment, the pain that the last half year had brought seem to just fade away and nothing was there except the love and disire that they have for one another.

Finally the silence was broken. "God Liz, you are absolutely breathtaking," Max said smiling and not once taking his eyes off of her. "Thank you Max, you look great yourself," Liz said smiling slightly looking away.

"For you my lady," Max said grinning and handing her the white roses. Liz took them and smelled the sweet fragrance they held.

"Thank you Max. You remembered I love white roses," Liz said remembering how he changed the red roses to night the night Future Max came and changed their life. "Liz, I remember everthing about you," Max said brushing a strand of hair around her face. He put a corsage of made of a white rose and red ribbon on her wrist. "Thanks," she said finally looking into his eyes again.

"Hey you two," Alex said coming over and smiling. "Okay, do I spy a photo op here anyone?" Alex laughed and handed a disposable camera to Michael. "What do I look like here? I am not your personal photographer Alex. You have been making me take pictures of you and Isabel the whole time we have been...." "Micheal, hush," Maria said lightly kissing him. "I just think that we need a big group photo here, ya know?" Alex said grinning. Liz could tell he was really happy to be taking Isabel to prom. It seems that they have been getting close again and she hoped that this time things would work out.

The group smiled for another group picture. Max held Liz's hand tightly in case she tried to pull away from him again. He would somehow show her how much he loves her and find out about the flashes he saw. One thing he knew is that Liz did not sleep with Kyle and was hiding something. He could feel it in the flashes. The pain and the lonliness she felt and how much she loved him back.
As they headed for outside to the Limo, Max pulled Liz to the side and started whispering in her ear.

"I know that I said I would give you time for an answer Liz, but I can't just stand here and not hold you. Not feel you in my arms. Not kiss you," he said lightly kissing her earlobe.

"Max, I know how you feel but I just need a little more...." "time, I know. We have had too much time apart and I hope that your decision will mean us spending more time together," Max said as he grazed her cheek with his hand. "Let's just go dance," Liz said smiling. She didn't know what her answer would exactly be yet, but all she knew what that this night would change everything somehow.

Kyle had chosen to drive him and Tess to prom in case they wanted to leave early so Max and Liz, Maria and Michael, and Isabel and Alex all got into the Limo and made their way to prom.

Part 4B
Your Heart and Mine

Max took Liz's hand as she stepped out of the limo. They were the last to get out. Her heel caught on her dress and Liz started to fall. Max caught her in his arms. "You always seem to be there when I fall," Liz said letting out a little laugh. Max sighed. "And I always will be," he said as he kissed her hand.

They went inside the gym. The way he looked into her eyes and talked softly to her almost made her melt. Liz continued to look at Max as they walked into the gym and then looked at the many people staring at them. "Max, everyone's staring. I guess they think we are back together huh?" Liz said half smiling. Max turned around and smiled at her, ignoring that she said that everyone "thought" they were back together. "No, they are staring because the most beautiful girl in the world just walked into the room." Liz laughed and joked, "Really? who?"

"Well, she's standing right in front of me," Max said and took her hand again leading her to the dance floor. It was a fast song. Maria and Michael were by the food table and Liz laughed at how Maria was rolling her eyes while Michael kept drinking punch. Isabel and Alex were in line for pictures socializing with some other kids at their school.

Liz started to turn around when a slow song came on. Max grabbed her arm and spun her back to him. "Come on, I like this song," Max said holding her closer. Liz started.."I was just gonna go see Ma...." "Maria is fine Liz," he said as he pointed to Maria and Micheal dancing fixing to kiss. "Oh.." Liz said smiling. They danced to "Everything" by Lifehouse.

Find me here
speak to me
I want to feel you
I need to hear you

You are the light
that is leading me
To the place where
I find peace again
You are the strength
that keeps me walking
You are the hope
that keeps me trusting

You are the life
to my soul
You are my purpose
You are Everything

And how can I
stand here with you
And not be moved by you?
Would you tell me
how could it be
Any better than this?

You calm the storms
and You give me rest
You hold me in your hands
You wont let me fall
You still my heart
and you take my breath away
Would you take me in
Would you take me deeper now

'cause you're all I want
You are all I need
You are Everything

The song was over and Liz looked up at Max. "Liz, you know why I like that song so much?" he said tracing his finger across her eyebrow. Liz didn't say anything but kept her eyes locked on his.

"It describes everything I feel for you," he said and he swooped down and kissed her softly. He got a flash of Liz and the older version of himself dancing and he knew what he had to do. Liz looked back up at him. All she could say was his name and it was the sweetest sound to Max's ears. The sound of his name coming from the girl he loved.

. . . . .

Tess danced with Kyle. "Tess, this does seem kinda weird right? Or maybe it's" Kyle said looking everywhere but Tess's face. Tess smiled. "Yeah Kyle, it does. I feel like your a...a.."brother to you?" Kyle said, cutting Tess off and finally looking at her face. "Yeah," Tess said. They stood there for a moment in awkwardness. "You want some punch?" Kyle said looking for a reason to bail.

"Um yeah, punch would be great," Tess said nodding her head.

Max stood over by his table waiting for Liz to come back. Tess saw him and walked over to him. "Hey Max. Where's Liz?" Tess asked. "She went to the bathroom," Max said looking towards the hallway door.

"Oh, so are you and Liz...back together?" Tess said looking at him with a strike of anger in her face. Max started to tell her yes, but then something crossed his mind. He could sense something in the vision that he got from Liz that told him to be nice to Tess...and to be cautious. "Um we are just here as friends, Tess," Max lied.

"Oh, well then, wanna dance?" Tess asked stepping in front of him. Max hesitated. He did not want to dance with her but didn't want to be mean so he accepted.

It was kinda an upbeat short song and Max was glad. He did not want Liz to see him dancing with Tess so he kept looking over at the doors to the hallway. "So I think that Liz has finally accepted our destiny, Max," Tess said over the loud music. Max started to give her the big speech on "we make our own destinies" but something stopped him. "Um...I guess," Max said lying again. Max was glad the song was over and Tess turned around and saw Kyle coming towards her. Max was instantly gone back over to wait for Liz but Tess still thought to herself. 'He will be mine.'

Liz was over in the corner talking to Maria and Isabel. Max saw her and hoped she didn't see him go over to the D.J. and tell him something. He walked over to her and she smiled, saying "Hey, where'd you go?" "Just around and waiting for the next slow song," he said. They talked to Isabel, Alex, Maria, and Michael and then Liz heard it.

"I Shall Believe" came on.

Liz immediately jerked her head and looked at Max. "Come on, let's dance," Max said taking her hand. His face looked serious. "Max..I..can't" Liz choked out but she was already on the dance floor in his arms.

"Liz, I saw some things. I saw you dancing with an older version of myelf and this song popped in my mind. Why?" he said pulling her closer.

Liz's eyes filled up with tears "I Max," she said starting to whimper and she ran out of the gym. Max immediately started to follow....

Part 5
Your Heart and Mine

Max found Liz sitting on a bench in outside the gym. She was crying. Max sat down to next to her and took her hand.

"Max you weren't supposed to see that. You're not supposed to find out," she said still looking away from him. He took her chin and slightly turned her face towards him. He wiped a tear away from her cheek. "Liz, you can tell me anything. It doesn't matter what it is. I just need to know the truth," He said almost in a whisper moving closer to her. She lifted her head and looked at him. He put his forehead to hers and smiled. She saw the look of concern in his eyes and she knew that she had to tell him. This was the boy that she loved. That she always will love. "Max I..," She caught her breath and stroked his face with the back of her hand. His kissed it and nodded for her to go on. "The night you found me and wasn't true. We didn't sleep together," She said. Max sighed and a wave of relief came over him. He knew that she couldn't have by her visions but to hear her say it made him shudder with relief.

Max nodded slightly and told her to go on.

"A future version of yourself came to me Max. You...He..told me that I had to make you fall out of love with me because our caused the end of the world Max," she said slightly whimpering. Max held her gaze. "What?" Max said taking her hand in his," he knew she had done something to protect him but nothing this big he thought.

"You see, the night of the Gomez concert..we..we cemented things Max. We made love," Max felt his breath catch in his throat. "After that, we weren't exactly nice to Tess and she left Roswell. The three of you needed her to battle your enemies and she wasn't there.

Because you and me were together," Liz sighed and started to look away.

Max cupped her cheek softly in his hand. "I had to give you that speech to make you stop loving me. When that didn't work..I had to make it look like Kyle and I were together. It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life," Liz cupped her hand around Max's and he leaned in and kissed her.

"Liz, it didn't work. I could never fall out of love with you. You are part of my heart. Part of my soul and I will never let you go again. I should have known Liz. I should have trusted you. I knew somewhere deep in my heart that you could never do that to me," he pulled away from her a little and put her hand to his chest. You own me Liz." Liz smiled.

"What about I shall believe? Why did I feel that song so stongly?" he asked her.

"Oh, Max..we got vegas and that was our song. We danced to it the night of our wedding. After you saw...what you saw that and future you danced to it and then you...he disappeard."

Max sat there for a moment and let it all sink in. He and Liz got married in the future. His biggest dream of all had come true he thought. "Liz, We will find a way to make Tess stay. We are friends now. We won't let her leave. We will break it to her gently that me and you are together and she will understand. Liz, I love you and nothing will ever come between us," Max said standing up taking her hand and pulling her up with him. Liz nodded and smiled.

"It has been absolute torture keeping this from..." Liz started and Max kissed her cutting her off. "Shhhh baby, it's in the past. Dance with," he said as a beautiful slow song came on. Liz nodded and moved closer to him. He held her hand to his chesed and put his arm around her and they started dancing there outside the gym.

Chilhood living
is easy to do
The things that you wanted
I brought them for you
Graceless lady
You know who I am

You know I can't let you
slide through my hands
Wild horses
Couldn't drag me away
Wild horses
Couldn't drag me away...

Liz looked up at Max and smiled. "I love you," she said and he rested his cheek on top of her head. "I love you too," he said smiling and they continued to dance..

I watched you suffer
a dull, aching pain
Now you decided
to show me the same

No sweeping exits
Or off-stage lines
Can make me feel bitter
or treat you unkind

And wild horses
couldn't drag me away
Wild Wild horses
Couldn't drag me away....

"Max, do you think that mine and yours future will be the same. You know, without the world ending and all the pain?" Liz said resting her head on his upper chest. "Liz, I have a feeling that we will have a great future no matter what," Max said. And they continued dancing.

Faith has been broken
Tears must be cried
Let's do some living
After we die...

Wild horses
Couldn't drag me away
Wild, Wild horses
Couldn't drag me away

Wild Wild horses
We'll ride them someday
Wild Wild horses
We'll ride them someday...

They stopped dancing and he looked down at her with so much love. He loved her even more now than he ever thought it was possible to love someone. He leaned down and kissed her for a long tender kiss.

. . . .

Tess came out of the gym and saw them there kissing. "Damn, that bitch will not take him away from me," she said under her breath as she ran out of the school without Max and Liz seeing her. "She will pay," Tess said with anger.
. . . .

Max took Liz's hand and they walked out of the school with Liz's head resting on his shoulder.

Part 6
Your Heart And Mine

Liz and Max went inside the Crashdown laughing. It felt good for the two of them to be together there, alone and laughing once again. The limo had dropped them off at the Crashdown and then was on its way to pick up the others which were meeting them back there at the the resturant. They wanted some time alone though so they came back early. Liz put the keys on a table near the counter and smiled as she felt Max's arms around her waist and his chin resting on her shoulder. "This night was great, wasn't it?" Max said as he kissed her neck lightly. Liz gave a little sigh and turned around to him. "Yeah, it was," she said giving a little smile and Max could see a little bit of sadness in her eyes. "Whats wrong?" He said bending back and down a litte as he looked into her eyes and cupped his hand around her face.

"It's just that I hated keeping this from you Max. But I..I thought that what was best. I thought if we were together then it would mean disasters for others. And it still could heppen Max," Liz said looking down. "Hey," Max started in a soothing whisper, "Being with you could never mean disaster Liz. It was Tess. Not our love that caused the hurt and pain in this other world. We will figure something out And plus, things have changed. I think Tess is finally feeling accepted and I dont think she would leave now,"

Max kissed her forhead and pulled her into his arms again. "Max, what are you going to tell the others?" Liz asked still wrapped in his embrace. "I will tell them the basics, like about our enemies and how the four of us are stronger together...but I think that I am going to keep some stuff private," Max said giving her a little smile. Liz knew that she wanted to keep some thing between her and Max as well.

They walked through the door leading into Liz's apartment and she took Max's hand.

"My parents are going to be home real late," Liz said looking at the clock that read 10:00. "Oh," Max said as he sighed a little. "Do you want to come up for a bit while we wait on the other?" Liz said as she glanced up at Max. "Sure," he said and let her lead the way. When they got to her room both of them felt a little nervous. Liz went to her mirror and took her earrings out. Max stepped up behind her and pulled her against his chest. She looked at him through the mirror smiling.

"Liz, this is how it should always be. You in my arms," She turned around and brushed a hair off his forehead. He swept down and their lips touched. Liz opened her mouth to let Max's tongue enter. His tongue danced with hers and he gave out a little groan in the back of his throat, almost silent. He had missed this. So had she. His hands slid up her sides and then to her back. Liz whimpered a little feeling like putty in his hands. His tongue stroked hers gently and slowly savoring the moment and the taste of their mouths to one another. It was then that they noticed that they had inched their way closer to her bed.

When the back of Liz's legs felt the end of her bed slightly she pulled back a little and slowly opened her eyes looking up at the one she loved with true love and desire that was obviously reflected in her eyes. "Max...," Liz said quietly and he searched her eyes. "I know. I know baby, it's too soon. For both of us actually." Liz nodded and smiled. She kissed him lightly again and put her hand to the back of his head playing with his hair a little in the back. "We should probably get downstairs before they arrive," she said moaning a little. She wished that she could stay here with Max in her arms alone. Max finally broke their gaze and took her hand leading her back downstairs.

As soon as they were through the door back into the Crashdown, they saw their friends at a booth laughing. Maria looked up and saw them holding hands and smiled. "Well, Well, looks like you two had an um eventful evening," Maria said standing up.

Liz gave Maria a smile and a look that said, "we'll talk later' and Maria winked at her. Max slid in a booth and Liz slid next to him. Kyle was on a stool by the counter, Maria and Michael was across from Max and Liz and Alex and Isabel was at a table across from them. "Where's Tess?" Max said looking at Kyle. "Beats me, I havent seen her since she danced with you." Kyle said, shrugging. Liz's head jerked back to look at Max. "We danced, to a fast song, while you were in the bathroom," Max said quickly as he squeezed her hand and Liz sighed knowing they had danced just as friends. She still did not trust Tess but she knew that they had to be nice to her.

About half an hour passed as Max explained the things that Liz had told him leaving out the things that were intimate between he and Liz. Liz had then explained how Future Max used the granolith to come back and other things that he had told her. Kyle was the first to speak."So that is why you had act as if we slept together. And her I thought it was just to piss Evans off, Kyle said sitting down in a chair next to Alex. Liz nodded and blushed a little.

"Well, we need to tell Tess as soon as possible," Isabel said as she stood up. "Tommorrow," Micheal said as he stood up as well. Maria hugged Liz because she knew how hard it was for her to tell Max. "Call me tommorrow?" Maria said as Liz stood up. she nodded and watched her friends leave. Max stepped in front of Liz. "I have to uh drive Alex home so.." Liz sighed as she nodded. Max hugged her and slowly lowered his mouth to hers.

They kissed a sweet tender kiss and was interupted by Isabel blowing the horn outside. Max kept her gaze on Liz as he shouted "Coming!" to Isabel. He smiled and kissed her hand. "I'll see you tommorrow." Liz smiled. "I love you" she whispered and he kissed her forehead. "Love you too." Isabel beeped the horn again. Max rolled his eyes. "I'd better go before she wakes everyone up." He kissed her again before he went out the door. She didn't leave the open door until the jeep was out of sigh. She sighed and went back upstairs knowing she had her true love back.
. . . .

Tess watched behind the alley of the hardware store and saw Max leave. "Tommorrow. She will get her payback tommorrow." She said and walked off into the darkness of the night back to her temporary home at the Valenti's.

Part 7
Your Heart and Mine

"I'mmmmm liike a biiird I looong to fllyyy awaaaay," Liz sang in the shower the next morning. It was the day after prom and she was in a very happy mood. She and Max were back together. Liz continued to sing in the shower and move her neck back and forth moving to the music from her bathroom radio. Suddenly she heard laughing. Liz turned around and saw her mom standing there holding her hand to her mouth with her thumb under her chin and index finger to her mouth trying not to laugh any more thatn she already had. "Um What is it mom?" Liz said embarrassed but grinning.

"Oh honey, I need you and Maria to go to Hondo again to pick up some things for the cafe." Nancy said turning off the radio getting a towel and handing it to Liz.

"Mom. It's our day off though," Liz said rolling her eyes and stepping out of the shower. "Yeah I know sweetie but your dad needs those new chairs and things for the cafe. I will give you guys off tommorrow okay?" Nancy said walking out of the bathroom. "I have already called Maria and she is on her way."But I was supposed to..." Liz stopped herself because she knew it was useless. Liz was supposed to spend the day with Max. Nancy walked out of Liz's room and went back downstairs.

Liz sat on the bed and picked up the phone. She sooo did not want to do this.

"Hey Max." "Hey!" she heard on the other end. "Max, I know how we were going to spend the day together but my parents are forcing me and Maria to go to Hondo and pick up some things." Liz said waiting for his reaction. "Oh.." she heard him say.

"Are you mad?" Liz questioned. "Liz, I could never be mad at you. I understand," he said in a sweet voice. She loved how he seemed to understand eveything. "Well, I am off tommorrow," Liz said in a hopeful voice. "Well tommorrow it is then," Max said sighing. He couldn't wait to spend the day with her.

Maria walked in, shut Liz's bedroom door and plopped down on her bed. She had stayed up until 3:30 talking to Liz about her and Max's "reunion." Maria was happy that her best friend was finally happy once again. She rolled her eyes as she heard Liz on the phone obviously talking to Max. "Okay Max. Love you too. Bye. uh-huh. okay. yeah. see you then. okay. reaaally? that should be good. okay. bye." Liz smiled and looked at Maria's goofy look. "Oh What?" Liz said smiling. "You and Max are gonna be one of those "no you hang up, no you hang up first" couples arent' you?" Maria said laughing. Liz threw a pillow at her and then finished getting ready.

. . . .

Max went over to Michaels for the rest of the day. He was bummed that he couldn't be with Liz today but at least he could have her all day tommorrow. He walked in and shut the door and sat down next to Michael watching a baseball game on the couch.

"So, you and Liz back together huh?" Michael said handing him a coke. "Yeah. I am so glad to have her back. It has been absolute torture without her," Max said sighing and smiling when he thought about last night. "Have you told Tess yet?" Michael asked. "No, Isabel is coming over later and gonna bring Tess, if that's ok," Max said. Michael continued to watch the ballgame. "Yeah that's fine. I just hope she takes you and Liz getting back together well." "Michael, I am sure she will. She knows we are just friends."
. . . .

Isabel and Tess got at Michael's around eight o'clock. "Think it took you long enough to get here?" Michael said trying to act annoyed. Isabel rolled her eyes.

"We went shopping," Tess said shrugging her shoulders and smiling. Isabel had decided to be a lot nicer to Tess after she found out about the whole "end of the world" thing and thought shopping would be good for Tess and her. "So, what is this meeting about?" Tess said as she sat on a stool next to Michael's counter.

Max explained everything slowly to Tess.

First he told her how Future Max came to Liz and told her about herself leaving because of them not being so great to her. Because of him. He left out the part of him and Liz being together till last.

"Tess, how do you feel about all of this?" Isabel asked. "It's ok ya know? I am not going anywhere so you dont have to worry. I am just sorry that what happened in this "other world" was my fault." Tess said frowning. "And you and Liz, Max, that is um great," she said lying. "Thank you," Max said smiling. "Uh Listen, I gotta go, I promised Kyle and Jim that I would fix dinner tonight and I wanna get there before it starts storming real bad," Tess said, lying through her teeth again. "Well okay, see you Monday or tommorrow I guess," Isabel said handing her the shopping bags that were hers. "Yeah," Tess nodded and went out the door thinking about her plan.

. . . .

The sun had just set and a rumble of thunder echoed through the air as Maria and Liz were on their way back to Roswell.

"So, when are you guys planning on getting a little more clo-ser," Maria smiled and looked over at Liz. "Maria, I told you. Max and I are not ready for that yet," Liz said smiling and rolling her eyes. "I know I know but you cant say you havent thought about it, I mean come on! You guys were so close that time last year and if I hadn't had walked in..." "Maria a lot have changed since then ya know?" Maria looked over at Liz. Liz shook her head a little playfully. "Ok of course I thought about it. I mean who wouldn't? He has got an incredible body and when his arms are around me, it just feels like we are the only two people on earth," Liz sighed and smiled. Maria giggled. "Well it looks like you two will be ready before long." Liz laughed and they passed the Welcome to Roswell sign.

"I bet that I have time to go see Max," Liz said smiling over at Maria. Okay girl, you can drop me off at my house and go see him but I do need the car back tonight," Maria said smiling. "I know. Maria you are the best!" Liz said and they pulled into Maria's driveway. "Be careful, it looks like it is gonna come a big storm okay?" Maria said getting out and tossing the keys to Liz. "Thank you Maria." Liz hugged her best friend and watched her go inside when she got in the car. She had to go to the Crashdown first and deliver the things her dad needed and then she would be on her way to Max's.

Liz parked the Jetta across the street and went inside the Crashdown with the big box in her arms. "Let me carry that for you honey," Jeff said as his daughter entered the cafe. They went inside and into the back room. A waiting Tess came from around the building and went over to the car. She put her hand on the side of the car concentrating on the inside so she could see the brake lines in her mind and then cutting through them. She looked around and then left. "They wont be together long," she said smiling and walked off. Alex watched Tess put her hand on the car and leave. He thought this was strange. He went inside the Crashdown to tell Liz what he saw. He didnt know she had came from the back door of the resturant and around to the car.

Liz ran to the the car and started to speed down the street. She wanted to get out of the upcoming storm and smiled at the fact that she would see Max in a couple of minutes. She turned on the radio to blast out the loud rumbles of thunder and heard "Deep Inside of You." That was the song that they danced to on their first date. Liz turned it up. A cuve was ahead and she put on her brakes only they didn't work. THEY DIDN'T WORK! A wave of panic came over Liz and she didn't turn fast enough and put her arms of shielding herself as the jetta slammed into a tree.


Max left Michaels after putting the Jeep's top on and started down the road to his house. It thundered really loud and he could tell a big storm was coming. He turned on the radio to drown out the sound of the loud rumbles.

He smiled as he heard "Deep Inside of You" just ending on the radio. He smiled when he thought about the night of their first date. Suddenly it started pouring down rain and he could barely see the road anymore. Suddenly he saw something. A car. A car ran into a tree. "OH MY GOD!! THATS MARIA'S CAR!!" he said panicing and practically jumping out of the jeep. He ran over to the car.

Then he saw her.

She was slumped over on the steering wheel.

"LIZ!! LIZ!!" he shouted.

The rain was pounding down on him but he didn't care. He had to get her out of there. He pulled her out of the Jetta. Oh God! there was so much blood. He slumped down and held her and put felt her pulse. It was so weak. All he could say was "Liz! Liz! He put his hand to her chest and tried to get in. He couldn't. WHY CANT I GET IN?! he thought. A thought crossed his mind making him think that she was too far gone for him to get in. No, he would not let her die! He pulled his jacket up over his head to try to keep her from gettin too wet.

Suddenly a car pulled up and a man got out "CALL 911!" Max shouted. The man put his hand over his eyes. The man nodded and ran back to his car and got his cell. Max just held Liz back and forth still trying to get a connection to keep her from slipping further away from him. He sat there on the ground crying as the Thundered roared, lightning flashed all around him and rain poured down on them. "Hang on Baby, just hang on" Max kept saying.


TBC I will post part 8 and part 9 in the
next couple of days....


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Title: Your Heart and Mine
Author: Liz Evans (Jen)
Email: DreamgirlJ⊕
Category: Max and Liz
Rating PG-whatever I feel like writing at the time hehe *happy*
Disclaimer: Of course I dont own any of these characters..sigh...wish I did.

Part 8
Your Heart and Mine

Max held Liz with the rain pouring down on them. "Hang on Liz. Just hang on. I can't lose you.." Max said as he looked at her face. He focused and brought his hand to her head where he saw a really big and deep gash with blood all around it. "Oh Liz" Max said as he saw it.

"Please God." He closed his eyes and took his hand and put it over the gash. He was in instantly. He got in this time. He began to see flashes.

Flashes of him and Liz.

Flashes of Liz blowing out candles at her 10th birthday party.

A Flash of Max and her making love.

Whoah. where did that come from?

He concentrated some more and
opened his eyes releaved to see the gash covered whole and perfect once again. He moved his hand over it once more and cleared the blood.

Liz fluttered her eyes. "Liz! Liz!" Max said as he brought his face closer to hers and had his hands to her cheeks. She opened her eyes and looked around feeling drops of water falling hard on her skin.

"Max..." her eyes fluttered once more.

"Liz, stay with me ok? An ambulance is on its way. Just stay with me." Liz nodded.

"Where else does it hurt?" Max said searching her eyes. Liz lay her head back on his arm and shook her head. "My..side hurts a little but I dont think anything is broken or serious. It just hurts," Liz said wincing a little. Max started to put his hand to her side when he was knocked over a little by a paramedic.

"Are you the one that found her?" a paramedic asked Max. Max couldn't keep his eyes off of Liz. "Yeah." Max said still looking at Liz with panic in his eyes. Liz gave Max a little smile meant for only him and nodded her head. "I think I'm okay. My side just hurts a little." Liz said breaking her gaze from Max and looking up at the paramedic.

Two paramedics took Liz from Max's arms and put her on a stretcher. Liz grabbed for Max's hand and he grabbed it and held it tightly. "I'm going with her." Max said as he held on to her hand. The paramedic looked at Liz and she tried to nod through the neck brace they had put on her. "Okay." The paramedic said and put her into the ambalance followed by Max jumping in with her.

"You're gonna be alright," Max said keeping his eyes locked on her.

. . . .

Max sat in the hospital waiting room pacing back and forth. The hospital called Liz's parents and Max had called Maria, Alex, Michael, and Isabel and they were all in the waiting room. A door opened and Max's head jerked up.

"She is awake now. You can go see her."

Liz's parents got up and went up to the door and Max tried to follow. "Uh, only family members at this moment," the doctor said and went down the hall followed by Mr. and Mrs. Parker. Max slumped down in a chair next to Michael who was holding Maria in the chair next to him. "She could have died. I couldn't get in to heal her at first. I tried on her chest but I couldnt. I figured it was because of that gash on the side of her head. It was pulling her more and more away from me. If I hadn't saw it...." Max started to tear up. Michael looked over at his best friend about to break. "But you did Maxwell. She is gonna be alright." he said stroking Maria's hair.

"I should have never let her borrow the Jetta. But she....." Maria's voice trailed off. "She was coming to see me wasn't she?" Max said still looking straight ahead. Maria could tell by his voice that he blamed himself. "No Max. This is not your fault. She loves you." Maria said looking up at him. "Yeah and that love has almost gotten her killed more than once not to mention how much pain it's caused. I should have kept my distance," Max said shaking his head.

Just then the doctor came in. "She is calling for a Max Evans?" he said searching the room. Max jumped up and followed the doctor.

"So is she going to be alright?" Max said still walking.

"She is going to be fine. She is just a litle bruised up on her sides and legs but she will be okay. To tell you the truth with the way the officer described the vehicle crash I think it is a miracle she came with no head injuries or any other serious conditions." the doctor said opening the hospital room door.

He walked in and saw Liz's dad hugging her and Mrs. Parker holding her hand. Mr. Parker stood back up and Liz saw Max and smiled. "Dad, Mom, could you go get me some juice?" Liz said still looking at Max. "Honey, we want to stay here with you and make sure..." Nancy was cut off by the look of pleading in her daughter's eyes.

"Alright. We will be right back though." Jeff said as he took his wifes hand and went out the door with his eyes on Max.

As soon as the door closed Max practically ran over to Liz's side. He sat down in the chair and took her hands in his and brought them to his lips. "Are you okay?" My heart stopped when I saw that car," Max said as Liz reached up to caress his cheek with her hand.

"Im okay. A little shaken and bruised but I'll be okay Max," Max bent down and kissed her softly as he could. He didn't want to cause her any discomfort. "I love you," he whispered in her ear.

Both of them closed their eyes and let out a sigh. "Max I love you too," Max lifted his head and rested his on her head. "I would die if anything ever happend to you," he said as he looked deeply in her eyes. "Max, when I was the car...all I could think of was you. The sound of your voice..the way you make me feel. The way you look into my eyes and the way you kiss me..that is all I could think of when I thought I was going to...going to..." "Shhhh, Max said gently and kissed her forehead as he lowered back into his seat.

She closed her eyes once more and softly fell asleep with Max holding her hand. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. He watched her sleep for a few minutes when the door opened and Mr. and Mrs. Parker came back in. "Max, we can take over from here. I sent the others home to get some sleep. Isabel and Michael are waiting for you in the jeep." Jeff said putting the juice on the hospital tray. Max nodded and looked at Liz. He kissed her hand and walked out of the hospital.

. . . .

Max tossed and turned in his sleep. He kept picturing Liz trapped in that car and kept seeing himself not being able to heal her at first. He opened his eyes and glanced at the clock." 1:30 AM. He knew he would never get any sleep so he put on some clothes, snuck out of his bedroom window, got in the jeep and headed towards the hosptial.

Part 9 tommorrow probably.

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Part 9
Title: Your Heart and Mine
Author: Liz Evans a.k.a Jen a.k.a used to be Dreamgirl Liz.
Category: M/L ::swoon::
Rating: PG-13 Maybe more later
Disclaimer: I dont own the beautiful characters so dont sue *happy*

Your Heart and Mine
Part 9

Max drove his jeep in the cool spring air towards the hospital when the phone rang.

"Hello?" It was Alex. Max swallowed."Alex? what's wrong?

"Its Liz.." Alex cut Max off. "Max, no no Liz is fine but I have to talk to you. I know it's like almost 2 in the morning but this is important and concerns Liz." "No, its fine Alex. I was actually on my way to the hospital right now." Alex told Max to meet him outside the hospital.

"Hey man." Alex said as he walked up to where Max was leaning against the wall.
Hey, thanks for calling. So what is it?" Max said straightening up and started walking with Alex. "Max, I didn't say anything before because I really wasn't thinking straight but I saw Tess "do" something to the Jetta outside the Crashdown tonight."

Max had a flash of fire in his eyes.
"What!!?? Oh My God! What exactly did you see her do?" Max said almost shouting.

"Well I saw her put a hand to the jetta for a minute and then walk away into the shadows. I went in to tell Liz because I thought it was kinda odd but she was already gone." Max sank down on a low brick wall with soil and flowers against the hospital.

"Max, I overheard the deputy telling Liz's parents that it must have been the brake lines that went out." "That Bitch! I am gonna..." Max started as he got up and clinched his fists. "Wait, Liz could still be in danger from her!" Max waved bye to Alex and ran to the elevator. He had to get to her.

He slowly stepped out of the elevator on the 4th floor and looked down the hall. Max saw the nurses station. Damn. He had to get past them to go to Liz's room.

There were two nurses there. Max saw a machine of some sorts out in the hallway so he slowly raised his hand and made it start beeping. Sure enough the nurses went to see what it was and Max slipped down the hallway. He passed the waiting room and hurried as he saw Mr. and Mrs. Parker asleep in the waiting room chairs. He smiled. Well at least he wouldn't have to worry about them keeping him out.

Max opened the door and closed it silently as he went into the hospital room. He sighed peacefully as he saw her laying there asleep. She was okay. Tess hadn't came for her again to hurt her. God he could kill Tess for this...for hurting his Liz. Max went over and sat down in the chair. He didn't want to wake her so he just lightly brushed her hand. This was enough though ot make her stur and flutter her eyes. 'Max?" she said as she opened her deep brown eyes, fully awake now.

"Am I dreaming?" she said as she smiled and grabbd his hand.

"No, you're not dreaming. I had to see you. I couldn't sleep while knowing you here." Max said with a little frown.

"Come here," she said and motioned her hand a little. Max raised up and kissed her tenderly. He started to pull away because he didn't want to hurt her but she pulled him in for another kiss.

"That's more like it," she said slightly giggling. Max brought his hand and stroked the top of her head and felt the silkiness of her hair below his fingertips.

"I love you," he said, sitting back down.

"And you know I love you, but I am ok and you need some sleep," Liz said smiling back. Their fingers were intertwined as a look of concern came over Max's face. Liz could tell ther was something wrong. She always could. "Max, What's wrong?" she

"Nothing," Max said and he straightened up. He did not want to worry her while she was still in the hospital. "Um I am just worried about you. That's all," he said looking back at her. She took her hand and brushed a strand of hair off his forehead.

"Max, I told you that I'm fine. The doctors even told my parents that I could possibly go home as early as tommorrow morning. Speaking of my parents and the did you get in here anyways," Liz said looking a little confused. Max smiled.

"I made a machine go off and the nurses went to go check. Your parents are asleep in the waiting room." Max said, touching her cheek.

Liz sighed. "I don't want you to get in trouble. My parents have been checking on me on and off all night," Liz said as she looked at the door.

"I don't care. All I care about is you," Max said. He did not want to leave her. Tess could come back to finish the job.

"I don't want you to go Max but you need your rest too," she said. Max couldn't believe that she was worried about him.

"You are the one that needs your rest. I just want you to be careful. ok?" Liz nodded. She was a little confused but she knew he would explain soon. Max kissed her forehead again and then her lips lightly.

"I'll see you later."
Liz smiled and nodded her head.

"I love you," Max said with sincere eyes and a serious look. Then he turned and left.

He had no problem getting to the elevators this time because the nurses were still looking at the machine that went crazy earlier. He did not want to leave Liz but he knew he had to. He would come first thing visiting hours started.

Max left the hospital in the Jeep intent on going to only one destination now...The Valenti's.

sorry a bit short.

mwah! Jen

Love Jen *happy*

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Here is part 10! Shoutouts to all my msn friends and FF friends and all of you who have been leaving feedback! it is much appreciated

Author: Dreamgirl Liz a.k.a Liz Evans on Fan Forum a.k.a Jen a.k.a Nee
Email: DreamgirlJ⊕
CategoryM/L ::swoon::
Rating: I dont own the
beautiful characters so dont sue *happy*

Your Heart and Mine
Part 10

Tess hid behind the bushes with her 2 bags packed she was taking with her. She saw Max pull into the driveway. By the way he acted she could tell that someway he had found out or suspected her. She turned and walked away fast as she could until she could catch a ride.

Max ran up to the Valenti's door and knocked about seven times before the door opened and a sleepy Kyle answered the door. "Evans, it's 3 in the..." "Where is she?!" Max said pushing past Kyle.

"Tess?" Kyle asked rubbing sleep from his eyes. Max didn't answer and went back to Kyle's room where she stayed. "Where is she Kyle?" Max said turning around and clinching his fists.

Valenti stepped in the room still groggy from sleep. "She hasn't been home Max. We havent seen her all day. What's wrong?" he said leaning against Kyle's bedroom door frame.

"She tried to kill Liz! That's what's wrong! and once I find her..." Max shook his head with his fist still clenched. Kyle stood there with his mouth open while Valenti looked down at the floor.

Kyle was the first of the two surprised men to speak up.

"Are you sure Evans? I mean I thought everything was oka.." " Yeah well that's what I thought but she is the cause of Liz's wreck tonight and she's not getting away with it. She cut her fucking break lines Kyle!" Max said pushing past Valenti and going into the living room.

Valenti followed. "Max, look, dont go out and do anything crazy, look we will handle it and sort this out. If she is respon..." "She is! Alex saw her," Max jerked around.

Valenti saw how upset Max was and how protective he was over Liz. "Okay..okay. we will find her and take you have any idea where she could have gone?" Valenti asked as he sat down on the couch. "I dont know but the she will pay for almost killing Liz. Liz doesnt derserve any of this and what Tess did..." Max shook his head, "she will pay." and with that Max walked out of the house.

"Wow." Kyle said as he sat down next to his father on the couch. "I hope we find her before he does. There's no telling what he would do to protect Liz. God Kyle, we took Tess into this house and she seemed like part of the family. I dont know how I could have been so blind.." Valenti said as he had put a shaky hand over his face.

He had begun to think of Tess as a daughter that he never had but now all that was thrown out the window. Kyle put a hand on his father's back and they stayed in silence for a while...


Max sped down the highway in the jeep not knowing where he was headed. It was then he saw a blonde head up the road on the side. It was her. Max swirved the jeep over to the side of the road. Tess froze and threw her things down, starting to run. Max jumped out of the jeep and ran after her. "You cant run Tess!" he said as he came up on her and pushed her to the ground.

"Max! Get off me!" Tess screamed as she squirmed. Max got up with Tess with him and held her hands behind her back. "Get in the jeep." He stated coldly.

"No! You are gonna kill me arent you!?...arent you!?" Tess yelled still tryign to get out of Max's tight grasp on her wrist. Max glared at her as he forced her in the passenger seat. He got in the jeep and sped off before she could say anything else.

"I should kill you. but Im not a murderer like you Tess! Why the hell did you go after Liz? She hasnt done anything but try to be nice to you since you came to Roswell and you dont even deserve her sympathy!" Max stated as his voice grew louder. Tess shook. She expected to get out of Roswell before he found her. Tess started, "Look Max, I dont know what the hell you are talking about? I didnt do...."

"Dont Lie to me Tess! I can see right through you! Max said through his clenched teeth.

Tess closed her eyes, knowing it was no use. "She isnt your queen you know! You are so pathetically weak to let a human like that bitch rule your life Max. You could have been something but..." "Shut the hell up Tess, Liz is more of a queen than you EVER will be and stronger than you EVER will be!" Max sped up fast as the jeep will go until he reached his destination. The Roswell Bus station.

Tess stared straight ahead. "You all need me you know! My God Max, the world will end if you dont have me with you!" Tess said as she now turned to Max. "We will figure out a way without you. You are out of here Tess."

Tess just shook head with a look of anger in her eyes. "You are making a huge mistake your magesty" Tess said sarcastically getting out of the jeep.

"The only mistake I ever made was trusting you. Tess if you ever come back here! If you ever even TOUCH Liz or anyone else here for that matter then you will feel my wrath. I mean this. I wont think twice." Max said gripping on to the steering will.

"Goodbye" Tess said with a blank face full of anger as she walked into the Roswell bus station and bought a ticket out of town...


It was almost 5 a.m. before Max got back to the Valenti's house. Kyle and Jim were still up when he got there, Kyle making coffee for them all. Max walked in, sat down on the couch and explained what happend.

"So why didnt you turn her in. She should be put in jail for what she did." Kyle said pacing. "Because she would find a way to escape. She is heartless with powers. More people would get hurt." Max said standing up. "Yeah, that makes sense," Kyle said looking over to his father who finally spoke up. "I can't believe we trusted her. Max, I am so sor..." "No Jim, we all trusted her and I basically asked you to let her move in here anyways. It's not your fault. If anyone is to blame it is me.." Max said trailing off.

Kyle interuppted him. "Take your own advice Max, it's not your fault either."

Max slowly nodded and went to the door. "I am gonna go home and attempt to get some sleep. I want to go see Liz early today," Max said opening the door. "Thank you Max for taking care of this and not doing anything like Kyle and I thought you were going to do.." Valenti said as he placed a hand on Max's shoulder. "But if she comes back then I dont think I will be so in control next time. I wont let her hurt Liz again." Max said with serious eyes.

Jim nodded and gave a small frown. "Give my best to Liz" he said and watched Max go out the door.

Love Jen *happy*

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dont worry, Tess will get pay back.. in time.

how are you guys liking this so far?
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I am currently working on part 11 and I wanted to apologize for not putting any max and liz scenes in part 10 but that part needed to be written to kinda set the basis for the rest of the story. Part 11 should be up this weekend or maybe before that. I have finals this week and graduation so I unfortuantly must do something called study. whats up with that? lol. anyways. I hope you all are liking this. Its my first fic.

I'd love more feedback!

thank you guys!
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Hey everyone! I am so sorry it took me so long to update! It's been a busy few weeks but now It's a lot calmer *happy*. I hope you guys like this part.

Title: Your Heart and Mine
Author: Me, Jen, Liz Evans, formerly known as Dreamgirl_Liz but I can be whoever you at me to be ;)
Disclaimer: I dont own anything unfortuantly. I am only borrowing the characters *happy*
Email: DreamgirlJ⊕
Feedback: Please! Its my pay *happy*

Part 11
Your Heart and Mine

Max got to the hospital early the next morning so he could see Liz. As he walked into her room panic filled him for a second. she wasn't there. As he turned to go to the nurses station to ask for some explanation he ran into Alex. "Alex! where..." Max started. Alex put his hands on Max's shoulders. "Calm down max, they let her go home today. I just came back here to get the rest of her flowers and to call you."

"Thank God. How is she doing?" Max said as he and Alex walked down to the elevators. "She is doing better than expected. Her parents wanted her to stay another night, but you know Liz, so she got to go home today as long as she rests." Max smiled. His persistent Liz.

Maria dropped the glass she was cleaning as she saw Liz getting out of her parents car. "Liz!" Maria shrieked and ran to the door to hug her best friend. "I thought they wanted you to stay another night?" Maria said as she latched on to one of Liz's arms to help her walk. Jeff was holding her other. "Well home is just better for me and I wanted some 'real food'" Liz chuckled. "Now Maria, the doctor let her go home so she could rest." Jeff gave Maria a knowing look and Maria smiled.

"And what Mr. Parker? you think she wouldn't get rest if I am around or something? I'm shocked!" Maria gave a mock shocked look and Liz laughed.

"Dad I am going to go on up to my room. okay?" Jeff looked at his daughter and gave her a stern look. "Okay, but let maria help you up the stairs and get straight to bed."

"Okay," Liz responded and gave her mom and dad a quick kiss on the cheek.
. . .

Liz opened her curtains and looked over at her best friend who she could tell was worried. "Maria, I am fine. Just a little bruised up." Liz said as she sat on her bed and took her best friend's hand. "I am so sorry about the Jetta. I will pay.." "Oh don't you dare apologize and our insurance companies are taking care of everything and it is my fault Liz. I should have been the one in that car." Maria rambled as she sank down on the bed next to her.

"Maria! don't you ever say that again! what happened was an accident and I should have had better control of the car." Liz said as she looked down.

Max was standing at the door and heard her last comment. 'It wasn't an accident' he thought to himself. "Knock Knock" Max said as he entered the room. "Max!" Liz jumped up and almost fell over when Max rushed over and caught her in his arms.

"You okay?" Max said with worry in his eyes as he helped her stand straight. "I'm fine." she said as she smiled up at him with his arms still around her. "I am gonna have to go back downstairs to finish my shift," Maria sighed obviously wanting to leave the two soulmates to themselves.

"How are you feeling?" Max said looking over her. "I'm okay. I'm walking better than I was this morning with the soreness but I'm okay.." she said trying to reassure him that she wasn't going to break. He nodded his head but sill had that worried look on his face. He would find out later if she really was 'okay' and if she wasn't he'd be there for her to help her.

Maria opened the door and Max reluctantly let Liz go as she went over to hug her. "You get some rest chica" Maria said as she pulled back and looked at Max. Liz nodded. "Okay but if I hear that one more time I am gonna go postal."

Maria smiled and rolled her eyes as she went out the door and Max chuckled. She turned around. "Your dad made me promise to only stay for a moment," Max said as he walked up to her. "I wish they would stop treating me like a porcelain doll." Liz said glancing up at Max smiling.

"You too you know," she said as she watched Max's blank expression.

something was on his mind.

"Liz I have to tell you something," Max slid his hands up and down her arms and they sat down on the end of her bed. "What is it? What's wrong Max?" Liz said with a frown now as she was beginning to worry.
"What happened wasn't an accident, Liz." Max said looking down at the floor. Liz furrowed her brow. "What do you mean?"
"It was Tess. Alex saw her 'do' something to the jetta before you got in yesterday. She cut the brake lines, Liz..." Max trailed off and finally looked up at her.

Liz stared then blinked as she finally found the words to speak. "Wha..? Why-Why would she do that?" Tears were now forming behind Liz's eyelids and she desperately tried to blink them away.

Max saw this and unconciously wrapped his arms around her. "She is a murderous bitch and I wont let her touch you ever again. She did this because of me Liz, not you. And dont even think about blaming yourself." Max said as he brushed his hand through her hair. He knew that she would try to blame herself because of this." I thought that she had accepted everything but she hadnt. I should have seen it right from the start." He continued.

Liz shook her head and put her hands on Max's cheeks. "Max don't YOU blame yourself. It is all her she now?" Liz finally asked as she looked around the room. She had to admit that Tess had scared her from the day she had arrived in Roswell and now she knew just how awful she really was. "I saw her today and made sure she got the hell out of Roswell.." Max said frowning. "So you saw her.." Liz trailed off.

"Yeah. I found her on the side of the road trying to hitchike, had some words with her and took her to the bus station..and she knows that I will kill her if she ever comes near you again Liz. God, I never felt so much anger..It scared me." Max said shaking his head. Liz wrapped her hands around Max's waist and pulled him closer. "You are the most gentle soul that I know Max..the anger is natural.."

Max took a deep breath. "Liz, I saw her leave but the words that we said.., I am just not sure if she would come back and..and try something else or not, so I want to keep an eye on you. I cant lose you liz.." Max said as he held on tighter.

Those damn tears were starting to fill Liz's eyes again but she brushed them away. "I am scared of her Max but as long as I have you I feel stronger than her." Liz said smiling. She decided to lighten the tense mood. "And plus, Mr. Evans, I dont mind having you as my personal 'bodyguard' for a while." she said pulling him closer. He finally smiled and kissed a trail from her jaw to her lips and pulling away just for a second to whisper "I love you" before he tenderly continued kissing her. He was definently going to enjoy protecting her and nursing her back to health.

Then there was a knock on the door


Liz and Max reluctantly pulled apart and she sighed as she yelled "Come In!" It was Maria and she peeked her head in the door. "Im sorry to interupt your little pow wow here guys but Liz, your dad was asking if Max was still up here in which I told him no, but with me being the non-good liar that I am, I dont think he belived me so down the firescape romeo." Maria said as fast as she could pointing out the window and then grinned.

Liz rolled her eyes. "Thank you Maria, tell him that I am asleep k?" she said as she tucked her hair behind her ears. "No Prob." Maria said as she shut the door and went back downstairs.

"Im sorry," Liz said as she looked down at Max's hands which were holding hers. "It's okay. And plus, I need to get some things ready for tonight." He said smirking. Liz raised her eyebrows. "Tonight?" she said questionly. "Max bent over and kissed the spot in front of her earlobe then took it in his mouth before whispering..."It's a surprise.." He bent back to see her eyes closed and smiled. She opened them quickly and smiled. "Max.." she said giving him a puppy dog look. "Liz.." he said smiling as he got up and took her with him. "Okay," she sighed.

"You okay?" He said as she looked into his eyes. Learning that someone had tried to kill her must be terrifying and he didnt want her to put up a sheild to hide her feelings. she nodded. "I am a little shaky I guess because it's just scary and creepy and pisses me off all at the same time..but I feel safe with you Max. You calm me." She said hugging him again.

Max sighed and closed his eyes. She meant so much to him and he wanted to keep her safe. He wanted her to have a normal life but she couldnt have that with him. But he didnt think that he could let her go right now or ever. she is his soulmate. But if he had to let her go to let her live then how could he put her in danger he thought? He was pulled out of his dark thoughts by her lightly brushing his lips.

"Where'd you go?" She said tilting her head. "Uh.. just thinking about what all I need to get." Max said and quickly kissed her again.

They finally reluctantly pulled apart once more and he walked backwards toward the window still holding her hand.

"I will be here around 8 and try to get some re..." He didnt continue when he saw her slant her eyes as if they were saying 'dont go there.' "relaxation" he finished and smiled then kissed her nose. She giggled and reluctantly let his hand go as he climbed out the window and called out "Love you!" and was gone before she thought he could hear her yell it back. but he could hear her. He always could.

She turned around and stared at the bed. 'Maybe I will get some re..laxation' she thought smiling and wondered what exactly Max had planned for that night.


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sorry I havent been here in a few days. between this volunteer thing I had to do and sleep I havent had the time *happy* but I am back and part 12 should be up in a few days.

more feedback!

love you guys
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I am so sorry. the last two months have been so hectic for me. I wasnt going to update. I am still debating on continuing or not but its up to you guys. I just got a new computer so its easier for me to get to the board now and write if I do. I have a few ideas on where I want to take this story but the hard part is getting them down heh. Let me know whether to continue or conclude.

you guys have been awesome


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Author: Liz Evans (Jen)
Title: Your Heart and mine
Email: DreamgirlJen⊕ <-- NEW EMAIL
Feedback: Its much appreciated and I love hearing what you guys think!
Rating: PG-13 - Im not sure whether NC-17 will take place yet or not but I will let you know if there is.
Disclaimer: I dont own Roswell or the characters. this is just my imagination runnin wild.
Summary:This story takes the place of "Heart of Mine" so it starts right around prom time in season 2. The last 6 episodes didnt happen. Alex isnt dead. Tess and Max aren't an item. Youll have to read more to know the rest ;)

on to the story..

Your Heart and Mine part 12

Liz woke up feeling a bit better. Dreams of Max kept her asleep for quite a while and with her eyes still closed, she yawned. She felt something against her cheek that felt like silk and she opened her eyes.

One white rose.

She smiled as she sat up and opened the card that lay beside it.

My Love,
Look behind you

Liz snapped her head around and laughed as she saw Max there sitting in a chair beside her bed grinning. “Hi,” She said as she scooted to the other side of the bed. “Hello,” he said as she moved the chair until it was touching the crimson bedspread. She moved in and kissed him softly. “Did you get enough sleep?” he asked as he put a strand of hair behind her ear. Liz nodded. “Yep. I feel much better.”

She moved closer to him

“Energized, you could even say,” she licked her lips and Max swallowed.

“Oh.. really?” Max smiled and playfully raised his eyebrows.

“Uh huh.” Liz brought her lips millimeters from his and then stopped. “So what do you have planned?”

Max couldn’t think. Even though he had kissed those lips many times before he could do it forever. Feel her breath on him forever. Look into her eyes forever. Hold her in his arms forever. And he wanted to.

“You’ll see,” he managed to see and closed the space in between them. The kiss was long and passionate and somehow Max ended up on Liz’s bed halfway on top of her. When he realized where he was he stopped suddenly and moved off of her. “Oh God, Liz..I am so sorry. Did I hurt you?” Liz sat up and smiled closed her eyes. “Max, I am completely fine and I wanted that.” She said tugging at his shirt to pull him back to her. She..wanted that? Max suddenly found it difficult to breathe and decided that they better get started with their evening or they were going to end up staying in her room all night even though he had no problem with that what-so-ever. He kissed her once more and got off the bed with Liz protesting.

Max stood up and held out his hand for her. “Come on,” he said and he nodded his head toward the balcony. It was already 8:30 and the stars were coming out. Liz got up and eagerly took his hand as he helped her out the window and onto the balcony. She stood up while he was going through the window himself.

“Oh My God..Max..” she said as she brought a hand to her lips. She looked around at the many many candles that were all over the balcony edge, the small table to the right with white rose petals over it that had bowls of food such as grapes, cheeses, strawberries in them. There was Cherry Coke cans on the side of the table, and she saw other dishes that she wondered what held. There was a big blanket in the center of the balcony that completed the scene.

Max smiled and his heart fluttered as he watched her look around. She liked it, he thought. He came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waste. “Do you like it? We never got to have that picnic, you know.” He nuzzled her ear when Liz turned around in his arms and pulled him closer. “Max, I love it!” She adorned him with kisses all over his face. His breath got faster and was grinning like a fool. He’d do anything for her. She was his heaven. His salvation from a life of loneliness which he thought that he would have forever. Now he had the love of his life in his arms and giving him the sweetest kisses that were ever known.

“I love you.” She said, no, she swore and told him thank you. Max sighed and told her No, Thank you Liz Parker.


Max laughed hysterically on the blanket as Liz tried to continue the story from laughing so hard herself.

“So then Alex had ended up saying that he was the one who slipped the love notes in Kurt Logan’s locker just so that Kurt wouldn’t think that Maria was the one who liked him. We didn’t actually know that he would start liking Alex!” Liz said referring to the time a few years ago when Maria slipped a note in this guy that she liked locker but it was the wrong locker.

Max calmed down from laughing and smiled down at Liz. It felt wonderful being here laughing with her again. He wished they would have got back together sooner because to be with her like this made his heart swell and made him happier than he had ever been.

They had fed each other with the finger foods that Max had picked out and he thought he was going to have a heart attack when they started feeding each other strawberries dipped in chocolate. Innocent feeding had become erotic to both of them. They both for some reason had a thing for strawberries so after that they stopped eating because that was their desert and a perfect way to end their meal. They lye there for about an hour just talking about stories from when they were kids and embarrassing moments, and talked about their family and friends.

He caressed her cheek with the back of his hand and she kissed it.

“This is home to me Liz. You” Max said and then blushed. He hadn’t meant to say it out loud but when he looked down at her again lying there on the blanket he saw something in her eyes that he thought made him gasp out loud. He saw the love and the adoration that she had for him and then he saw a shimmer in her eye. A tear. It started down her cheek and Max brushed it away. No words were spoken because everything was said in their eyes as they stared at one another.

I love you

I adore you

I need you

I want you

Max bent his head and it seemed like forever until their lips finally touched and the innocence of the kiss turned into something more passionate. Max tongue parted her lips and she welcomed it. He caressed her tongue with his in a fast but tender motion and she moaned deep from within her throat. Max then left her mouth to trail kisses with his tongue down her jaw and her neck. She looked up at the stars and moaned she felt her heartbeat quicken and her breaths getting more rapid by the second. “Max…oh..ah..” she managed to get out as he sucked on a sensitive spot on her neck. Liz put her hands to his waist and they slid up his shirt and she started lazily drawing lines down his perfect abs.

Max felt like his heart stopped when he felt her hands on his chest. “The things you do to me with just a touch,” Max said chuckling but was serious. Liz nodded her head and smiled. “Ditto Max. Ditto” He continue to devour her neck and she was now clawing at his chest exploring all she could. Max kissed a hot trail down her collarbone to the button of the shirt she had on over her tank top. Liz sighed and brought his hand to her button at the top of her shirt.

Max stopped kissing her and searched her eyes. “Liz.. I want you to know that I didn’t plan all this to..” Liz put a finger to Max’s mouth. “I know that Max. I am not saying that we have to make love tonight. Whatever happens happens and I think we will both just ‘know’ when the time is right. We can just ‘be’ together right now. Okay?” Max nodded and cupped her face with his hands.

What had he done to deserve this woman in front of him who he had loved as long as he could remember? And to have that love in return made him dizzy. It made him want to marry her and he knew that one day he would ask her. When they were ready. He knew that one day he would make love to her. When they were ready. His body told him he was ready right now but his heart told him to wait. Their time would come and when it does nothing could stop them.

Liz and Max stood up and she put her arms around Max’s neck. She looked at the clock. It was midnight. Max saw her looking and said “It’s getting late..” Liz whimpered. Max kissed her quickly on the lips. “Before I go, will you dance with me?” Max said smiling. He knew how much he loved having Liz in his arms and swaying to music. Michael would say he was whipped but if he got to be this close to her he would do anything. Liz nodded and smiled a smile that could light up the sky. She leaned forward and kissed him hard and he smiled as they did but then stopped. He put his forehead to hers and held up his hand with his index finger pointing. “Hold that thought..”

Max went over to the boom box that across the balcony and put a CD in. The music started and he walked back to her. God she was beautiful. The way the candle light lit up her face. Her breathe caught in her throat as she watched him walk back to her staring. God he was beautiful. The way the candle light made his face and his protective arms glow made her weak in the knees.

He walked up to her and they laced their fingers together and started moving to the music.

It's daybreak
And you are asleep
I can hear you breathe now
Your breath is so deep
But before I go
I look at you one last time
I can hear a heartbeat
Is it yours or is it mine

Liz put her head against Max’s chest and sighed. He stroked her hair with his fingers.

I look at your lips
I know how soft they can be
Do they know what they wanted
The times they kissed me
And your hands
I held in mine
Now they're reposing on the pillow
Will they ever miss me sometime

Liz leaned her head back and licked her lips. Max looked down at her and brought his hand to touch her lips and she kissed his fingertip.

I'll remember you
You will be there in my heart
I'll remember you
That's all that I can do
And I'll remember

Max closed his eyes and leaned down to kiss her cheek. And they continue to dance.

Your eyes
That always makes me shiver
Now they are closed
They do sometimes twitch although
And your body
I could own for an hour
It sent me to heaven
With it's speed and power

They both moved to the music in silence and then moved back a little to just gaze into each other’s eyes. This was home to both of them. They could get lost in the sight of one another. The passion for one another glowing fiercely with just one look.

I'll remember you
You will be there in my heart
I'll remember you
That's all that I can do
And I'll remember

They slowly pulled apart and then kissed goodnight. Max asked if she wanted him to help her clean up but she told him that she wanted to stay out there a little while longer.

“Liz I don’t want you overdoing it okay? You still need to recuperate from the crash.” Max said in a loving tone. Liz reached up and kissed Max lightly. “I wont stay out here long. And plus, I like the way you decorate..” She said chuckling.

They kissed goodnight and she watched him go down the fire escape. She looked up at the sky and thank God that he brought them together again.


I hope you guys like it. I would like to continue with more frequent updates than in the past.

thank you guys for the FB. its much appreciated!

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The new part should be out sometime this week. I kind of have a bit of writers block on where exactly I want the story to go because I use to have so many ideas and now they are all jumbled lol. so behr with me ;)

thank you guys

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Hey Everyone. Wow, I havent forgotten this story, I just have writers block for it a lot. be patient with me :blush: I will finish this story but I dont know how long its going to take. I will try to get a new part out soon.

Erin - 'tackles' thanks girl for wantin to read this and postin :D

RosRox - That beautiful song is "I'll Remember You" by Sophie Zelmani. I suggest ya'll download it. It's a beautiful song.

Thank you guys so much for the feedback and the bumps and sorry its been so long.