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title:I Will Always Love You
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Zan we shouldn't be seeing each other your going to marry Ava you even asked for her hand in marriage

I know I'm sorry something came over me, but its not to late

yes it is

Aurora I love you I will always love you

I will always love you too Zan

Next day

Zan and Ava are getting married with Aurora watching with tears running down her face.

Week Later

Zan I'm leaving tomorrow my father as betrothed me to Aaron.

What!I won't let you

You have to, just like I let you

She got up and walked out of her room.Just then Antar went under attack bombs were exploding everywhere.Zan ran out of Auroras room.He had to find her.

When Zan did find Aurora body she had blood all over her

Noooo! Aurora please open your eyes

He tryed to heal her but he was too late she was dead.

Zan lifted Aurora body and carry her to lab chamer.His mother was their.

Mother remeber when you told me that if anything happen to me or lonnie and Rath that you would send us to Earth


Well I want you to send Aurora their

But why my son

Zan was angry

I don't need to be asked why just do it!

As you wish my king

She put Aurora's essence in a pod

I have to help Rath with the battle I shell return.

24 Hours Later

The Royal soliders came walking with the bodys of Zan,Lonnie,Rath and Ava

Nooo! my babys

She put they're essence into pod and sened the six pods to Earth along with two books and two orbs.

I hope someday my childern will return to me.


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Thanks for the back! *big*I'm working on part1 now. So it should be up any day now.Thanks agian for the feed back! and the answer to everyones question will be answer soon.


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