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Title: Somewhere in Between
Author: katy_mae
Feedback: A must for me to continue!
Rating: PG-13/light R
Keywords: mainly M/L, but some CC also
Summary: After Destiny, the gang tries to go back to normal, until Liz experiences some changes...
Disclaimer: I do not own them.

Title from Lifehouse song of the same title. If you haven't heard it, I HIGHLY recommend it!! The song reminds me of how Liz feels for max and vice versa.

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I can't be losing sleep over this, no I can't
And now I can not stop pacing
Give me a few hours, I'll have all this sorted out
If my mind would just stop racing
Cause I cannot stand still
I can't be this unsturdy
This cannot be happening

This is over my head but underneath my feet
Cuz by tomorrow morning I'll have this thing beat
And everything will be back to the way that it was
I wish that it was just that easy

Cuz I'm wating for tonight
Then waiting for tomorrow
And I'm somewhere in between
What is real, and just a dream
What is real, and just a dream
What is real, and just a dream

Would you catch me if I fall out of what I fell in
Don't be surprised if I collapse down at your feet again
I don't want to run away from this
I know that I just don't need this

Cause I cannot stand still
I can't be this unsturdy
This cannot be happening

Cuz I'm wating for tonight
Then waiting for tomorrow
And I'm somewhere in between
What is real, and just a dream
What is real, and just a dream
What is real, and just a dream


Liz Parker was on her balcony, writing on her journal. Things were never back to normal ever since that fateful day that Max Evans healed her. It's been a while now since that day, and she's been starting to feel a lot of differences. She hasn't told anyone, not even Maria, but sometimes she would get these strange feelings that something was going to happen and it would. It's like she had ESP or something. Like today during her shift at The Crashdown, she served a rather large man his burger and fries. Just by looking at the man, she felt that something bad was about to happen to him.... although she didn't know what, she had that feeling. She couldn't keep her eyes off him.


"Don't tell me this is your new taste in guys, Liz." said Maria, upon seeing her best friend stare at the man.

Liz smiled, only Maria could make her smile even when something was bothering her.

"I don't know, Maria. I just feel like something's going to happen to him or something."

Maria frowned at her bestfriend, not knowing what she meant. She was about to ask when she heard the man's plate break. Sure enough the man strated coughing, and turning red, holding his neck. He was choking on his burger!

"Oh my God!" said Liz suddenly running towards the man to do the Heimlich Maneuver. After several pulls on the man's stomach, he suddenly spit out the burger that was stuck in his throat. The burger landed on the counter right in front of Maria.

"Gross..." said Maria, making a face.

*end of flashback*

That's not all she could do. Sometimes things would just start moving just by looking at it. Like tonight, just before she went to her balcony, she was looking for her pen to write with. She saw it on her desk, and when she looked at it, it rolled over to her by itself! She was so shocked she couldn't touch her pen for a moment. Then slowly she picked it up at examined it. She started to get scared. She didn't know what was happening to her, and she didn't know who to talk to about it. Maybe it's just a passing thing. Maybe this was an after effect of Max healing her, and it would disappear. Yeah, she thought. This'll pass. No need to make a big deal out of it.

She decided that she would just keep it to herself for a while until it goes away. No need to get everyone all worried over nothing. Yup, she thought. this was nothing.

A couple of weeks have passed and she has started getting used to the idea of having "powers". It would help her out sometimes. Little things like making her bed, fixing her things, and other little chores that she usually hated doing. It would even make her smile sometimes how she could just stay in one place and everything she needed will come to her. I could get used to this, she thought.

She still hasn't told anyone, because she knew they will just make a big deal out of it. Besides, its only been a couple of weeks...I'm sure in a couple more, this will all be gone, she thought. But she was wrong. The longer she waited for her powers to disappear, the stronger they got. The "feelings" that she would get would happen more often. Sometimes she would actually know what will happen instead of just a general feeling of something. She doesn't get visions or flashes, she would just know.


It was a busy day at The Crashdown being a Saturday and all. Michael was late so Liz had to tend the kitchen while Maria and another waitress worked the tables.

"Order up!" yelled Liz while ringing the bell.

Maria came to take the plate, and brought it to the customer. After that, she went over to Liz to talk. Seeing that all the customers had their order already.

"Maria, when is Michael gonna get here? He was supposed to be here an hour ago." said Liz while chopping onions.

"I don't know where the heck he is. He should be here. Maybe they had another weired alien encounter with their enemies....or they found some important artifact that belonged to their planet that can help them figure out where they come from....or he could've overslept." said Maria

"I'm sure it's the last one, Maria." said Liz smiling.

"Waitress!" yelled a customer.

"Gotta go chica...customer awaits!" said Maria on her way to a table.

Liz looked at where Maria was, and looked around if anyone can see. She hated chopping onions. Maybe she could try to get a little help from her "talent". She looked left and right before letting go of the knife and just by looking at it, started to chop the onions by itself. Liz sighed to herself, and smiled. Having this talent does have its perks, she thought.

"What the hell...?!?"

Liz tore her gaze away from the knife and it dropped. She looked at the person who just startled her, her eyes wide. It was Michael, coming in through the back door, dumbfounded in what he saw.

"What did I just see here, Liz?" asked Michael looking at her and pointing at the knife.

"Uhm, Michael," Liz didn't know what to say. She couldn't think of an excuse. Her mouth was open, but nothing was coming out.

Suddenly Michael grabbed her shoulders and squeezed her hard. He felt some sort of warm electricity flow through his arms then his whole body.

"Who the hell are you and what have you done with Liz?" seethed Michael. "Are you a shapeshifter? Tell me!" he shook her.

"Michael, it's me, Liz, I'm not a shapeshifter. Look, I can explain, just, please let me go, you're hurting me." pleaded Liz.

"How do I know you're the real Liz?'

"Cuz I'm the only one who knows that you're the one that took my journal." said Liz.

Michael's grip loosend. This can't be Liz, he thought. Not after what I just saw...

"What's goin' on?" asked Maria standing by the doorway, confused.

"Nothing." said Liz abruptly, eyeing Michael not to say anything. Please. I'll explain everything later.

Michael was confused. Did she really just hear Liz inside his head?!? He looked from Liz to Maria, then back at Liz.

"Um, ...Liz was just giving me a hard time for being late, that's all." said Michael.

Maria smirked. "Serves you right, Guerin. Where were you?"

"Overslept." said Michael

"Figures." said Maria going back to the tables, leaving Michael and Liz alone.

"Just finish the rest of your shift now, and we'll talk later, ok?" whispered Liz and walked out.

Great, thought Michael. Another situation they had to deal with. Just when life was getting semi-decent.

A couple of hours later. the door to the crashdown opened and in came Max,Isabel and Tess, who went straight to their usual booth. People were starting leave with the lunch rush over. Maria came with her notepad.

"What can I getcha?" she smiled.

"Nothing for me, thanks." said Tess

"Actually, I'm not very hungry. Max?" asked Isabel.

"Just a cherry coke." said Max whose eyes has been wandering around ever since he came in.

Maria smiled and shook her head. He's looking for Liz again, of course. What a love-sick puppy.

Liz washed her face before going into the crashdown. She didn't know why she was scared that Michael saw her. It's not like she was doing something bad or anything. So why was she scared? Then she saw the reason why. Max. She didn't want him worrying about her all the time. With Tess in the picture, Liz knew that he had to be with her. She heard it with her own ears when they were in the pod chamber. She wanted to stay away from him, even though it was killing her.

Max and Liz stared at each other when she came out the swinging door. She smiled at him weakly then went behind the counter. His destiny does not include me, she thought.

"What?" asked Michael through the opening to the kitchen.

"Huh?" asked Liz looking at Michael

"Did you just say something?" asked Michael, frowning.

"No, why?" asked Liz, confused.

"Something about destiny?" said Michael.

Liz's eyes widened and went to Michael. "You heard that?" whispered Liz.

"Yeah, why?" asked Michael.

"How could you?...I didn't say it loud, Michael." said Liz wide eyed.

Both of them paled. What was happening? Questions both plagued their minds.

How could Liz make things move without touching them? Why can I hear her in my head?

Oh my God Michael, I can hear you! This is scary!

They both just stared at each other for a long time. Not noticing that everyone was around them.

"HELLO?" said Maria

They both jumped, breaking the connection. Surprised that everyone was around them. Max was beside Liz touching her shoulder.

"Liz, is something wrong? are you ok? you look pale..." asked Max

"You're BOTH pale...what happened? Why were you guys staring at each other?" Asked Isabel.

"Um...." Liz started to explain when Michael jumped in.

"Staring contest." said Michael abruptly.

"WHAT?" said everyone in unison, including Liz. Michael looked at her, and she knew she had to say something, so she chimed in.

"Yeah, that's right...Michael and I, we have this on-going staring contest to see who can stare.....the longest!" said Liz. hoping that they bought it.

"It's pretty fun!" said Michael and Liz in unison showing fake smiles.

Everyone looked at the both of them confused.

"A staring contest..." said Max looking at them both. Apparently not buying it.

"Whatever....." said Tess and Isabel smiled.

"Well, Liz, our shift is almost over, so what do you wanna do? It is a Saturday after all." asked Maria.

"I dunno, Maria, I'm kinda tired. I think I'll just stay home tonight." said Liz, looking away.

"You wanna join Tess and I, Maria? We're going to a movie." said Isabel.

"Yeah, sure. That sounds like fun."

Max stayed quiet. Still not sure what to make of what he just saw. He knows that Liz is hiding something. He can always tell. He knew her that well..or rather he could feel her that well.

Liz didn't make eye contact with Max. She just kept herself busy wiping the counter, while the 3 other girls talked about the movie they're going to see. She knew he was looking at her, and it was making her uncomfortable.

"Maxwell, quit staring at her, it's making her uncomfortable." said Michael while cleaning the pots.

Max and Liz looked at Michael. Max with a frown and Liz with a look of shock.

"I might make her uncomfortable." said Michael clearing his throat.

"I think I'll go upstairs now. You guys can lock up." Said Liz, walking straight to the stairs to their home.

"What the hell was that about, Michael? Since when do you care if I stare at Liz or not?" asked Max accusingly.

"I don't." said Michael, getting his coat and leaving through the backdoor. It was better he left before they get into an arguement. Which he knows he won't win cuz he doesn't know what the hell's happening.


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Liz was pacing back and forth her room. She changed into her blue jeans and her red top. She wanted her body to at least be comfortable, even if her mind isn't. She looked at the clock. 6PM. She grabbed her coat and headed out the door.

A few minutes later she was knocking on Michael's door. He opened the door knowing it was her. He didn't even asked what she wanted. She just walked in and Michael started to talk.

"What the hell is happening, Liz? Why can I hear you in my head, and how can you move things?!?" asked Michael, relieved they can freely discuss it.

"Ok, the moving things around...that's been going on for a couple of weeks now. I don't know how or why, but it just started. Ok? Now, the thing about me hearing you in my head and vice versa? That's new. I don't know how the heck that happened!" said Liz pacing frantically.

"When I grabbed you in the kitchen, I felt something warm go through my arms...I dunno...from then on, I could hear you..." said Michael while running his hand through his hair.

"Oh my, what are we gonna do?" said Liz sitting down, burying her face in her hands.

"We should tell Max and the others."

"No! I don't want him to be involved. He's supposed to be with Tess now. That's why I went away last summer so that I can learn to be without him...If we tell him this, then neither of us is going to move on."

"Liz, I know for a fact that neither of you are moving on. ok?" argued Michael.

"How do YOU know?" said Liz defensively crossing her arms.

"Well, I can't really speak for Maxwell, but I can tell just by looking at him that he's not over you."

"Well, at least one of us is moving on...." said Liz.

Michael smirked. "Yeah right!"

"Hey, I'm moving on ok?....I-"

"Liz, I can't only hear you in my head, but I can feel what you feel also." said Michael.

Liz blushed, and looked away. This can't be happening, she thought.

"Look, I don't like the idea you having complete access to my thoughts either, ok? But Max, Tess and Isabel's powers are more controlled than mine, maybe we can find a way to stop this."

Liz just looked at him. She was about to speak when they heard a quick knock and the door opened. They both looked at the direction of the door.

Max came in carrying a videotape. He was surprised to see Liz there, but tried to hide it.

"I didn't want to go to the movies with the girls...they were gonna see a chick flick. I brought Crouching Tiger..." said Max holding the tape up.

Liz nd Michael were quiet.

"Is everything alright?" asked Max. It was a question for them both, but he was looking directly at Liz.

"Yes" said Liz

"No" said Michael at the same time. Liz looked at Michael. We are NOT going to tell him.

We have to! Neither of us know what to do!

We can figure this out by ourselves!

Like hell we are! I don't wanna be running around in circles. I want them to know!

This was the first conversation they had using their heads and it seemed to come natural to them. Max stared at the two. He could tell that they were communicating because of their facial expressions. But how can they? They're not even speaking. Just like what happened at the crashdown.

"Alright." said Max, putting the tape on the table. "Michael, tell me what's going on."

Michael ignored the tone in his voice. It sounded more like an order. Our fearless leader, he thought. But he understood his frustration. Any problem that involved Liz always got him this way.

"...Today at the crashdown when I came to work...."

Michael told Max every detail. From the way Liz could move things to the hearing each other in their heads. This is what seemed to bother Max the most.

"So, what you're saying is that you can hear each other without talking?" asked Max.

Michael sighed and nodded. All this time, Liz stayed quiet. This is exactly what she didn't want. She didn't want to be spending time with him. She really wanted to get over him. It was better to let go now, than to stay with him and one day he'll wake up and realize that he loved Tess. Tess did have that effect on him. Liz knew that. And even though it hurts now, she knows that it will hurt much more if they stayed together.

She felt Michael's hand caress her arm, as though to make her feel better. She looked at him and she knew that he knows what she was thinking. She had forgotten that Michael can feel what she feels, can hear every thought she has.

Max watched Michael caress her arm. He felt bad that he felt jealous of the interaction going on between them. He knew that Michael loved Maria and that he and Liz were just friends. But still....
Max put his hands in his pocket and cleared his throat to interrupt them.

"We've gotta do something. Find out more about Liz's powers. Somehow she was changed. The only thing I can think of was when I healed you." said Max.

Liz and Michael both nodded. Max wondered why there were so quiet. We're they having a conversation right now? He can tell that from now on, it was really going to be frustrating for him to be around these two. Trying not to get his jealousy the best of him, he tried to make the situation lighter.

"Don't worry about it, Liz. We'll figure this out. I'm-we're all here for you. The both of you. I'll call a meeting tomorrow, and we'll discuss this. ok?"

Liz nodded. She hasn't spoken a word since Michael told Max. She didn't know what to think. I guess she had no choice now. She wanted to find out what's going on anyway.

"Well, I guess I should go home." said Liz walking towards the door.

"I'll take you." said Max following her

"No, stay here and watch your movie. I can walk." said Liz.

"Liz, I'm not letting you walk home alone at night. What kind of friend would I be?" asked Max.

Liz looked at Michael for support, but she knew she wouldn't get any from him. He agreed with Max. Liz sighed and nodded.

It was a quiet drive going to Liz's house. Neither of them knew what to say. This is the first time they've been alone since Liz came back from Florida. Somehow, she's avoided being alone with him. But now, Max knew this was his chance.


"Max, no. Please."

"Just hear me out, please. I know you think I should be with Tess, that I should just walk away from you. But you're wrong Liz. I choose my own destiny. I don't care what some Orb says. You're MY destiny, Liz."

"The Orb didn't say it Max, your mother did. SHE told you what you're supposed to do, who you're supposed to be with. This is bigger than both of us. I can't be in the way." said Liz


"I don't want to wake up one day, to hear you say that you're sorry, but you've realized that you love Tess." interjected Liz.

"That will never happen..." said Max

"How can you be so sure Max? She has some affect on you. Enough for you to kiss her while you were with me at the time! What makes you think that you won't remember the way you felt about her before?" argued Liz almost in tears.

Max parked the jeep in front of the crashdown and Liz opened the door. Max grabbed her arm before she could get out.

"Liz, please...I...I miss you...I need to be with you....I...I love you.." pleaded Max almost in tears.

Liz's heart softened. How could she go on like this. She loved Max more than anything.

"I love you too Max, but-"

"No buts, Liz...please, I've already spoken to Tess. She understands that I don't love her."

"I-I need time to think Max. Is that okay?" asked Liz

Max nodded. At least she would think about it, instead of completely shutting him out.

"I'll see you tomorrow. Get home safe." Liz sadly smiled.

Liz entered her room and plunged to her bed. She was exhausted. Physically and mentally. She really did need time to think. But first things first. She wanted to find out what was happening to her then she would focus her attention on her and Max.

She was surprised that her phone rang. Who could be calling her this late? She reached over to get the phone. And as soon as she touched it, she knew who it was.

"What is it, michael?" she sighed.

"Just wanted to know if you're ok. I felt some extreme sadness from you a little while ago. You know, with Maria at the movies, I thought you needed a friend."

Liz smiled. "Thanks Michael, but I'm okay. Just tired. I'm gonna go to sleep."

"Ok, I'll see you tomorow then."

"Oh, and Michael?"


"Don't worry, Maria will understand what we're going through." she said. She felt that he was worried at what Maria will think about their "predicament".

"Yeah, I hope so. See ya."

"Yeah, see ya. And don't eat too much!" teased Liz.

"You know you're getting really annoying!" said Michael, she was referring to his thought that he was going to make a sandwhich when they hung up.

Liz hung up and laid on her bed thinking. I hope this connection doesn't get out of control, was the last thing she thought of before closing her eyes.

I hope so too. thought Michael as he took a bite of his sandwhich.

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Thanks for all the feedback. I'm glad you guys are liking it so far. I'm not a very good sci-fi writer, but I am trying! Hope you like this part!


Max and Isabel climed into the jeep to pick up Tess and Kyle. They were meeting at Michael's tonight to discuss what to do about their recent situation. Max had already informed Tess and Isabel, and they were surprised that a human would be getting these powers. More questions about their existence plagued them. Can they give powers to anyone? Can they control what they give out? All these questions and no answers.

Liz, Alex, Maria and Michael decided to meet earlier so Liz and Michael can tell Maria together. Maria just listened as they told her everything that was happening. The fact that they almost finished each other's sentences did not escape her. Maria and Alex would just look at each other whenever this would happen. This was getting really weird for them. Liz was one of them. They have known her almost their whole life, and now, suddenly she's confessing that she has these powers that they only saw in the movies.

Alex could tell that Liz and Michael were worried on what Maria would feel. The way that they kept reassuring her that they don't know what's going on, and how they wished they could fixed it were mentioned several times. Alex was secretly thankful though, that it wasn't happening to Isabel. I mean, he would be there for her, of course, but he would feel jealous if she had connections with other guys. Not that Isabel did not have connections with Max or Michael, but they were her brothers. Liz and Michael on the other hand, could not be anymore different.

Maria silently listened to what the two were saying. She honestly didn't know what to say. It bothered her that someone else can see into Michael's head. Something that she has always wanted to do with Mr. Stonewall.

"Maria...please say something..." said Liz.

She was unusually quiet. Liz looked at Alex. He shrugged.

Maria rubbed her temples before speaking. "Ok....why Michael? You could be connected to Max or something..."

"I don't know...I wish it were with Max" said Liz hoping the last statement would make Maria feel better.

She felt a wave of amusement coming from Michael after what she said. She rolled her eyes at him. Liz got up and went to Maria.

"So are we ok?" asked Liz, her eyes full of worry.

Maria looked at her best friend since childhood and smiled. Liz would never do something to intentionally hurt her. She knows this. Maria reached over and hugged her. "We're cool." she said.

At this moment, Max, Isabel, Tess and Kyle walked in on the best friend's moment.

"Did we miss something?" asked Kyle.

"Nope." said Alex

"We just updated Maria on what's happening" said Liz letting go of Maria.

"Yeah, they told me on the way here. Does this mean that I can do it also? I mean, since Max has healed me too?" asked Kyle.

"That's what we're here to talk about." said Max. "To find out what we should do."

Everybody sat down in Michael's living room. They were quiet for a few seconds, waiting for someone to speak. Max spoke first.

"I guess we should do some sort of...experiments to see what capabilities Liz's power has."

"Shouldn't we experiment with Kyle also? I mean, since he sorta went through the same thing as Liz?" said Alex.

"Yeah, we could do that.....Kyle, have you felt any changes lately? asked Max

"Not really, everything's normal...but then again, you healed me a year after her. Maybe I'll get it next year or something..."said Kyle not really looking forward to it.

Tess looked at Kyle, feeling sorry for him. She liked Kyle. He was actually her favorite human. This must be scaring him to death. But knowing Kyle, he wouldn't show it.

"I'll keep an eye on Kyle if there are any changes... since I live with him.. it'll be easier." said Tess, giving Kyle a small smile.

Max nodded in agreement, and looked at Liz. She was awfully quiet. Looking down and twisting her hands.

"Liz? are you ok?"

Liz looked at Max and found everyone staring at her. Her hands began to feel warm from all the twisting.

"Uhm... I'm fine...yeah... so, we're gonna watch Kyle huh?" Said Liz trying to change the subject.

"Why are you changing the subject?" asked Michael.

Liz shot Michael a look that could kill. She didn't want all this attention. Especially from Max. Ignoring Michael's last question, Liz stood up from the couch she was sitting on.

"I'm just gonna get something to drink" said Liz and left for the kitchen.

"This is so weird," said Isabel "I mean, if we can change people through healing, then we can let anyone turn alien?!?"

"Well, considering that the number of humans in this little group is dwindling, I think I'll pass." said Alex

"Well, I dunno Alex, maybe it'll be fun having powers... just as long as they don't hurt." said Maria smiling.

"Oh sh!t!" cursed Michael as he abruptly got up to go to the kitchen.

"What? what happened?" asked Max following Michael. Everyone else was curious and followed them. They all just stared as Michael approached Liz whose hand was bleeding. Michael got a clean piece of cloth and applied pressure on Liz's bleeding hand, holding it tight.

Max immediately took her hand and healed it. Not liking the way Michael was holding onto to her hand tightly.

"Thanks.." Michael and Liz said together.

Liz started to get uncomfortable, and there was complete silence. Alex hated these intense moments so he spoke.

"What happened liz?"

"Well, Michael had this broken glass on his sink, so I thought I'd clean it up for him before someone gets hurt"

"I told you to leave it alone, I would've cleaned it up later!" said Michael

"I was here anyway, Michael, it would've only taken a second!"

Isabel suddenly spoke, "So, wait a minute, you told her you'd clean it up later? You guys were talking while we were in the living room?"

Liz looked at Max. His face was still, but his eyes showed everything he was feeling. Jealousy, sadness, yearning, love.
Liz sighed. He has to move on.....I have to move on...

Michael caressed Liz's back.."Don't worry, I'll help you.." he didn't know why, but he wanted to help her in whatever she was going through. He felt everything she was feeling, so he understood how hard it was. maybe it was the human side of him, but he felt sorry for Liz Parker.

"Help her with what?" asked Maria suspiciously

"Clean up the broken glass.." as Liz looked away and Michael started cleaning up.


After their meeting, everybody went home. They decided that they would just leave it alone for now and see if Liz develops anymore powers, and if she needed anything or felt anything different, she would tell one of the pod squad. Which didn't really appeal to Max. He wanted to be the one Liz would run to if ever there was anything wrong. He knew Liz would never go to him. She would probably go to Michael, or even Isabel. But never him and Tess. As the jeep pulled over the Crashdown, Liz got off without a word and headed inside. Max followed her with his gaze and stayed quiet.

"You're worried about her aren't you?"

Max looked at Isabel with sad eyes. His sister has always known that he was a gonner when it came to Liz. Heck, before Liz ever knew about them, he would always be at the Crashdown after school just watching her work, pretending to be studying. He would sit at her section so she would be forced to talk to him to take his order. Her movement was music to him. Now that Liz knows all about him, has accepted him and even loved him, he knew that he just can't keep away. His heart was aching to hold her in his arms. He had to take a deep breathe to settle the pain he was feeling in his heart.

He felt his sister's arm on his shoulder for comfort. And smiled sadly at her for thanks. Isabel hated to see her brother like this. She sees how hard it is for both Max and Liz to be apart. There's an emptiness in their eyes that was never there when they used to be a couple. She would have to talk to Liz. This is really killing him. But first, she would have to talk to Tess. The girl was really pushing herself towards Max. Destiny was all she would talk about. Isabel knows about her destiny with Michael, but she never pushed it. Tess and her were getting pretty close. She would have to talk to her tomorrow at school.


The next day during lunch, Isabel asked Tess if she wanted to go to the mall for lunch. Tess, always wanted to be accepted, was more than happy to accept. They drove to the mall and ate at the food court , while Isabel thought about how to open the subject.

"So, what do you think of all this Liz-getting-powers deal?" asked Isabel

"I dunno, really weird though... Kyle was up all night worring about it. He finally came to the conclusion that if he ever does get powers, he would use it to do good. That's what Buhdda would want, he says!" said Tess chuckling

Isabel smiled. Kyle seemed to be the only thing Tess would talk about these days. This was good, she thought.

"What do you mean he wants to use it to do good? Like, a superhero or something?"

Tess laughed. "Maybe, I should make him a costume! He could be called Super Alien or something."

Isabel cleared her throat. "So, how are things going with you and my brother?"

Tess' smile faded and sighed. "He basically told me that he doesn't want anything to do with me... in a nice way of course. That's Max..."

"Do you really love him though Tess? I mean, are you sure that you're not just believing that you do?"

Tess looked at Isabel for a moment. Ever since she was a little girl, she was told that she was a queen, and that Max was her king. They were meant to be together. But she had to admit that Max really has no feelings for her. She hated to be the one to bring all the sadness in his eyes. Now that Nasedo was dead, nobody was forcing her to get with Max.

"What are you trying to say Isabel?"

"I hate seeing my brother this way, and for some reason, I know you hate seeing him this way also..."

Tess looked down at her food, suddenly not very hungry.

Isabel decided to continue "...I'm asking you for my brother back. You're the only one who can give us the old Max back."

"What are you talking about?"

"I need you to talk to Liz for him. Tell her that you're not interested in Max. They can be together if they want, and that you won't get in the way..." said Isabel softly.

"You have no idea how hard that's going to be, Isabel. What about our Destiny? What are we going to do about our people?" argued Tess

"Tess we have no idea how long we're going to be here and how to get back. If there is some planet out there for you and my brother to rule together, we have no way of getting there.... What I want is to live in the now. Why can't we be happy now and worry about things later?"

"Because people's lives are at stake Isabel..."

"How is Max going to rule a whole planet if he has no heart? Liz is his heart Tess, its always been Liz.. please.. talk to Liz for him. I know you don't love him Tess. You're just blinded by your sense of duty." pleaded Isabel.

"I'd have to think about it. I'm sorry I can't promise you anything..." said Tess.

Well at least she'll think about it, thought Isabel.

"Thank you Tess, c'mon, let's go before or we'll be late for class." said Isabel while getting up.

The drive back to school was a quiet one. Isabel really hit home. Do I really love him? Tess asked herself. Can't we fulfill our duties even if we're not married? I need to talk to someone about this, thought Tess.


Kyle was waiting for Tess at the parking lot so they can go home. Going home right after school was something Kyle never did before Tess came. He didn't like the idea of coming home to an empty house. Now with Tess there, he'd have someone to hang out with. And her being gorgeous is an plus! he thought. What's wrong with you Kyle! Don't take advantage of someone just because she's living at your house and no place else to go. She can always move in with Michael, but Kyle knew that he wouldn't like that altogether. Kyle didn't even notice Tess approaching his car.

"Hi." she said sadly

"Hey tess." said Kyle "Something wrong?"

"Kyle, I need to talk about something. Give me some advice?"

"Sure... let's go home. We can talk there."


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Later that night, Liz was at her balcony writing on her journal. She missed Max so much that it hurts! These were one of those weak moments that if Max was with her, she would give in for sure. She decided to just let herself cry. Maybe she'll feel better. When she let her floodgates open, they just wouldn't stop. Liz cried bitterly at her fate. Now that she's found the love of her life, he doesn't belong to her. He doesn't even belong to this planet! Liz buried her face in her amrs when she felt arms wrap around her.

She looked up and saw Michael with a concerned look on his face. She didn't stop crying. She knew it was useless. You know everything anyway

"Yeah, I do.." said Michael giving her a hug to comfort her.

Liz stood up and started wiping her tears. Not feeling better after her cry.

"What are you doing here Michael?" she asked.

"I felt that you needed that a friend."

Liz smiled. "Thanks"

"Just be with him, Liz. If you're both this miserable, why are you making yourself go through this?"

"This is bigger than me, Michael. You of all people should know that."

Michael should know that. Wasn't he the one that stopped Max from running after her that day? He told him that he has to let her go. But here he was, his emotions getting the better of him. Why didn't their Destiny matter to him when Liz is this miserable?

"Maybe you feel sorry for me because I'm so pathetic." said Liz smirking

"You and Max are both pathetic." said Michael.

"We are, aren't we?" said Liz smiling

Meanwhile, at the Evans residence, Max was lying on his bed, staring at the ceiling, thinking of Liz when he heard a knock on his window. He got up to see who it was, and wasn't pleased to see Tess there.

"What is it Tess?" he asked tiredly

"Can I talk to you?"

"Can we talk tomorrow? I'm kinda tired." he said as he was about to close the window.

"It's about Liz.."

The mere mention of Liz's name made him hold the window open.

"Is she alright? what about her?" he asked worriedly, Tess getting his full attention.

Tess sighed. Yup, Isabel was right. He was a gonner. How can I compete with this?

"She's fine Max, can I at least come in?"

Max hesitated for a second, then helped her climb in. Making sure that he let go of her hand right away, not wanting to give her any ideas.

"Max, I want you to listen to what I have to say and for you not to interrupt me, ok?" Max sat down on his bed and nodded.

"Max, I had a long talk with Kyle today after Isabel asked me to give you back...."

"Huh? What are you talking about?" asked Max

"Please, don't interrupt. Isabel wanted the old Max back. You know, the Max that isn't depressed and close to breaking down all the time? I told her that I really have no control over that, and she said that only I can make things right for you... So I had a long talk with Kyle, asking for his opinion and I've decided to let you go."

Max looked at her with confusion.

"Tess, not to sound rude, but you never had me in the first place." said Max gently

"I know that, but Liz thinks that I should have you. So with that in mind, I've decided to talk to Liz for you. You know, tell her that you guys can be together, without her worrying about Destiny and everything.."

Max stood up, a big smile slowly forming his lips.

"Really??? You'd do that Tess? For me?" said Max excitedly.

"Yea, Max. For the first time in my life, I'm happy. I have the Valenti's that treat me like I'm family. A family that I never had. I feel loved, Max. And also knowing that I have you, Michael and Isabel, kinda makes my life complete. " said Tess. She never thought she would feel good doing this. She still had second thoughts when she was on her way here, but seeing Max's eyes light up with happiness made her feel good.

Max gave her a big hug! He was so happy!

"Let's go talk to her right now!" said Max grabbing his coat and started looking for his keys.

"Whoa, loverboy. Can't it wait til tomorrow? It's getting pretty late. I'll talk to her at school tomorrow."

"Well, I guess I can wait one more night." said Max scratching his head. Embarassed at how excited he was.

"Ok, well, I'll see you tomorrow. Bye Max!" Tess started to climb out the window when max suddenly stopped her.

"I... just wanted to say thank you. You have no idea how much she means to me. I feel like you're giving me my life back." said Max teary-eyed.

Tess just smiled and climbed out the window. Kyle was waiting for her in the car. Once she got in the passenger side, she sighed in relief.

"How'd it go?" asked Kyle, seeing her eyes dancing.

"Good. Really good. It felt good too." smiled Tess

"As Buddha always says..."

"Kyle" warned Tess

"Fine." said Kyle as he started the car.


The next day at school, Max was eagerly waiting for Tess and Kyle at the parking lot. He was there early, not wanting her to forget what she would do today. As Kyle's car pulled over, they saw Max rushing to them.

"Ive ever seen him this excited to see you before." said Kyle

"Yeah, me too." said Tess

Kyle gave Max an annoyed look. Of course the only time that Max would be happy to see Tess is when she would be doing him a favor. But of course, he saw how pathetic Max has been the past few months, so he secretly forgave him. As Kyle and Tess got out of the car, Max was already beside it.

"Mornin' Max!" said Kyle.

"Hey.." said Max

"Well, shall we do this? Where is she?" asked Tess

"She's going to the library before first period. You can talk to her there." said Max excitedly

Tess and Kyle looked at each other and smothered a smile. Max would make a really good alien stalker. Kyle separated from the 2, and told them that he'd see them at lunch. Tess and Max saw Liz enter the library, Michael trailing behind her.

"Well, there's something you don't see everyday. Michael Guerin going to a room with books in it. And early in the morning." said Tess smiling.

Max was not amused. What was Liz and Michael doing together this morning?

"Well, off I go." said Tess

Max was walking right behind her, when Tess halted and turned around to face him.

"Max, I think I should do this by myself, don't you?" asked Tess amused.

"Uhm... yeah, you're probably right. Tell Liz I'll wait for her in Bio." said Max, embarassed.

"Ok. Bye Max!" said Tess, waiting for him to leave.

Defeated, Max turned around to go to class. Seeing Michael and Liz together still in his mind.

Tess entered the library and found Liz and Michael sitting at a table. Liz was studying and Michael looking really bored.

"Hi guys!" Tess said cheerfully

Liz and Michael looked at her, obviously surprised to see her there.

"Hey." they said in unison. Liz rolled her eyes. She hates saying things that same time as Michael.

"Michael, can I talk to Liz for a sec?"

Michael looked at Tess, then back at Liz. He felt Liz's apprehension. Great, she thought what now? Michael forwned at what he heard.

"Whatever you have to say in front of Liz, you can say in front of me." he said.

"Fine...." said Tess as she started to tell them what she needed to say.

Michael and Liz both had a look of shock. If she wasn't trying to be serious, she would really laugh out loud! They were still dumbfounded when she left them. Yup, she thought. That would've been a Kodak moment.

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Liz walked to Biology class, still contemplating on what Tess had told her. She said it was okay for me to be with Max! As she turned the hall for her Bio class, she started to feel her heart race. She didn't know if it was excitement, fear, or nervousness. She didn't even know if these were her feelings she was feeling. She hated not know how she felt. Or even if these feelings were hers.

When she stepped into her classroom, she stopped at the door to take a deep breath. She was starting to get dizzy. She looked for Max and saw the look of worry on his face when everything faded to black.

"Stop it!" she said annoyingly. She hated her brother sometimes. Even if though they were twins, they looked nothing alike. He was a minute older than her, and he always said that because of that, he was older.

"C'mon! I'm bored... let's DO SOMETHING!" he begged.

She sighed. She just wanted to just sit back and relax today, read a book. Her brother clearly had something else in mind. They were seventeen years old, and her brother still acted like a little kid sometimes.

"Leave me alone, or I'll tell Togan on you!" warned the princess.

Togan was their parent's most loyal servant. Together with his wife Brinka, they have raised them as their own, ever since their parents died from food poisoning. Something that their enemies have implanted. Togan and Brinka were kind people with no children of their own. The prince and the princess were their pride and joy.

"C'mon sis... I promise, I won't bother you anymore, just do something with me for a few hours til Zan gets here." he begged.

She sighed. Zan was her brother's best friend. Also a prince, the heir to the throne of Antar. Antar consisted of a lot of royal families. But Zan's family was the one that ruled the Planet. Only royalty could marry royalty. She has always liked Zan, but never gave him a second thought. They've know him since they were 6, and she never really saw him often. Mainly because she was sent away for schooling at one of their neighboring planets and stayed there for a few years. Her brother did not like it at all. He didn't want his only living family far away from him. But Brinka assured him that his sister would be safe and that every princess needs to go through these studies.

Her brother missed her terribly, all those years she was away. It was in these years when him and Zan became best friends. When she heard that her brother was spending more time with Zan now, she was glad. She was having a good time at school and could not enjoy it fully knowing that her brother was sad at home. Princes did not have to go away to school. They stayed in their planet to study because that is where they would be ruling. It was also dangerous for the males to leave, considering the enemies they had

Now that she was all done with school, she was supposed to now get married and have a family. Of course, she can only marry royalty. But the princess still wanted to enjoy life and was not welcoming the prospect of getting married.

"Oh, alright Rath. What do you want to do?" she said smiling

"I want you to go horse backriding with me. Are you still as good as you claim?" he said challenging her.

"Better." she said conceitedly.

"Let's go then!" he offered her his arm and they both walked to their stables. Togan and Brinka looked on with happy faces.

"I love those two with all my heart." said Brinka. "I can't believe it's time for the princess to marry. She's so beautiful, I'm sure a lot of princes will be calling."

Togan did not like the prospect of "his little girl" getting married to just any prince. And this did not go un-noticed by Brinka. She just smiled and shook her head. She had a feeling her princess had great things ahead of her.

What's that smell? thought Liz. Is that Ammonia? It stinks! Liz slowly opened her eyes and strained to see the 3 figures hovering above her. Slowly her vision became clearer. She saw nurse, Max and Michael.

"Are you alright, Liz?" asked Max, caressing her cheek with his hand.

Liz smiled at his touch, and instantly felt better. "What the hell happened?" she heard in her head. Liz immediately looked at Michael.

"Liz, what happened?" asked Max

"I... I got dizzy and fainted..." said Liz meekly.

"I was so worried," said Max as he held her hand tightly. "I thought..."

Liz immediately shot up to take Max in her arms. They held each other tightly. Michael looked at the nurse for a reaction, and she just shook her head and left.

Michael was getting uncomfortable just standing there. "Are you sure you're okay? I felt you fade away.."

"I'm fine Michael, thank you for worrying.."

"Ok, if you're sure..."

"I'm sure, I have Max with me, I'll be alright.."


Michael cleared his throat to get Max's attention. Max let go of Liz long enought to look at him.

"I'm gonna go, Maxwell.. see ya later."

"See ya.." said Max. He wasn't surprised to see Michael running towards him and Liz when she fainted. Their connection was stronger than Max thought. He was glad and bothered at the same time. Glad that Liz would have someone to the rescue if she ever needed someone. Bothered because it could work to his disadvantage also.

"I've missed you so much..." said Liz, interrupting him from his thoughts.

Max pressed his forehead to Liz's and closed his eyes. Then he took her face in his hands and devoured her with kisses. They haven't kissed like this ever since that night at the van when they rescued him from the FBI.

From afar, 2 figures were arguing while watching the couple.

"Did you have to give her the visions now?!?! Look what happened! She could've been hurt!" said the woman giving him a slap behind the head

"I didn't know that it would cause her to faint!" argued the man, rubbing behind his head.

"Of course she would faint! The visions that we give them can only be viewed when they're asleep! If given when they are awake, then their brain will force them into that state!"

"I forgot, okay? I'm sorry."

"Well, at least she's getting rewarded... look at them kiss...aawwww!" said the woman

"Look at the way he's holding her! What is it with teenagers these days? Or in this planet for that matter! They kiss like there's no tomorrow!" said the man, not liking the kissing scene he was witnessing.

"I remember a certain young man back then who couldn't keep his hands off me.." she said teasing him.

The man blushed. "That was different!"he said

"How so?"

"We were in love."

"And they're not?"

The man said nothing. He knew in his heart this they were. Thay have always been. Since the first time they saw each other. He was just being protective of his little princess.

Later that night...

Rath had to admit, his sister has always been the better rider than he was. Of course, he would never say it to her face. No, that would not do. Here they were racing around their vast property and she was kicking his butt! He could hear her laughing as she passed him.

"C'mon Rath! Is that all you've got? I'll see you back at the stables!" she yelled as she went the around their property, determined to beat her brother.

Rath, being a cheater that he is, turned around and quickly went back to when he came from. Laughing excitedly at the look of his sister's face when she sees him already there at the stables. Yup, he thought, it's good to have her home.

He reached the stable in no time and found Zan there waiting, leaning against the fence. "Brinka told me you were here." he said "What are you laughing about?"

"I'm racing Shana around the property, she's always been a better rider than me, so I'm cheating." he beamed.

Zan laughed at his bestfriend. Always the little rascal.

"So Shana's back? You must be very happy." said Zan. He knew all about their family history, and how much Rath missed his sister when she was away.

"I'm ecstatic. Of course, now that she's don't with school, it's only a matter of time before Brinka marries her off. But not if Togan and I have anything to do with it!......OW!" yelled Rath

Zan and Rath looked at the stone that hit Rath in the head and looked at the direction where it came from. And there was Shana, her arms across her chest, shaking her head.

"You're still a cheater Rath, you haven't changed." she said cheerfully. Her long brown hair was halfway up with little strands framing her face. Her face was flushed from all the riding she did leaving her cheeks rosy. The smile on her face added to the picture of perfection.

Zan stared at the person in front of him. She was gorgeous! He vaguely remembered what Shana looked like, but he didn't remember her looking like this!

"You didn't have to throw a stone at my head" said Rath, rubbing the sore spot.

"Serves you right for cheating, she said as she kissed her brother on the cheek." she said. Shana looked at the person staring at her and gave him a bigger smile. "Hello Zan, how are you?"

Zan couldn't speak. He just stared at her. She had the most beautiful brown eyes he'd ever seen. She looked nothing like Rath. Of course, he had always heard Brinka say that Shana looked like her mother and Rath his father, but still...

"ZAN!" yelled Rath into his ear

Zan jumped and rubbed his ear. Embarassed at what Rath did. His ears hurt and it turned red of embarassment.

"What's gotten into you, Zan?" asked Rath "My sister said hello."

"H-hi Shana... you're looking..." gorgeous? beautiful? enchanting? ".......well" said Zan

"Thank you Zan, so do you. Well, since you're here, I guess that relieves me of my duties as Rath's source of amusement?" said Shana

Zan gave her a shy smile. Rath noticed this. What was wrong with him?!?

"I'll see you later, brother dear..." she kissed Rath on the cheek "..bye Zan.." as she left to go to the palace.

When Shana was out of earshot, Rath playfully slapped Zan's shoulder.

"What's wrong with you, Zan? Why could not talk all of a sudden?" asked Rath, though he already knew the answer. He's never seen Zan look at any girl the way he looked at his sister. Like he'd seen an angel and was afraid to move because it might disappear. It made him happy and sad at the same time. He's happy that his best friend is interested in his sister because he was a good man, but sad because if he ever hurt her, he knew he would lose most treasured friend.

Rath's new source of amusement was quiet for the rest of his visit.

Michael woke up confused. What the heck was that dream all about?!? he said to himself

"What dream?" asked Liz from way across town in her room.

"I dreamt I was watching a really bad rerun of covington's cross!"

"Covington's Cross? what show is that?"

"Nevermind... go to sleep Liz"

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And thanks for the suggestion of Max having steamy Liz visions!! *happy*

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Liz woke up the next day feeling better than she had ever felt these past few months. It was a Saturday and her dad gave her and Maria the weekend off. Which was right on time, considering that she and Max are back together. Liz thought back yesterday at what Tess had told her...

"It's ok with me if you and Max want to be together.. I won't stand in your way.." said Tess

"What made you change your mind?" asked Liz

"Well, Isabel and Kyle talked to me about it. It made me realize that I really didn't love Max, that it was just my sense of duty, because of the way Nacedo raised me. I realized that I didn't want that. I have what I've been longing for, for a long time now. A family and friends. I don't want to ruin that. I, I really hope we could become friends Liz."

Liz and Michael were dumbfounded. They just stared at her. I guess she finally gave up waiting for a reaction, because she just walked away.

"What do you think about what she said, Michae;?" asked Liz

"She sounded sincere... I can't help but believe her, Liz... or you think my knowledge of your need to be with Max is getting the better of me?" asked Michael

"Well, somebody wise told me to always follow my heart.... and I believe her." said Liz

Liz made a mental note to thank her. Max and her didn't really make plans today, but knowing Max he was probably already downstairs at the Crashdown, waiting for her

"You got the right, he's been here since my shift started."

"Ugh! Michael would you stay out of my head please?!

"Like I can, come on down here Liz, he's annoying the hell out of me. Asking me every friggin' minute if you're up already!"

"Be right down.."
smiled Liz. So Max found a way to make this connection thing to his advantage.

"Is she on her way down?" asked Max

"Yes Maxwell for the hundreth time, YES!" yelled Michael

Max saw the swinging doors open and out came Liz in a red top and blue jeans. She was wearing sneakers and Max thought she looked really cute.

Max was sitting at the counter and Liz went to stand between his legs, and they talked lover-fashion. The whole world seemed to disappear while they talked. They would whisper sweet nothings into each other's ear, giggle, laugh, nobody else mattered. They didn't notice the old couple that just entered the Crashdown, and sat on a table, looking at them. The 2 people were looking at Max and Liz like they were the cutest couple they have ever seen. The lady actually had tears of joy in her eyes just staring at them, while the man had his arm around her, rubbing her arm, and holding back tears also. Max and Liz didn't notice this. But Michael did.

Michael looked at the couple with suspicious eyes. Why the heck would these two stare at Max and Liz for that long? Liz was feeling the apprehension that Michael was feeling, but decided to ignore it. This was her and max's first official day as a couple, and she was going to enjoy it.

Then the couple started to stare at Michael. The look on the older woman's face when she saw Michael was of utter happiness. Like a grandson that she hasn't seen in ages. This is getting weird.

What is?
asked Liz trying to act normal so max wouldn't notice

That old couple would not stop staring at you and max, now they're staring at me and whispering to each other!

You're being paranoid

No, I'm not, Liz, would you look?!?

Before Liz looked at the old couple, they abruptly looked doen on their menu. Liz looked at Michael like he was paranoid. Michael just shook his head and decided to let it be. He should be concerned at these kinds of things, but for some reason, he didn't feel threatened by this couple.

"There...there Brinka, don't cry..." whispered Togan as he rubbed her arm

"I'm sorry, but I can't help it, I can't believe they look exactly the same... these are my babies, Togan, I saw them dead! seeing them alive just brought tears to my eyes...." whispered Brinka.

"I know, I never thought being this close to them would get me so emotional.." agreed Togan "But now is time to work on Zan. We need to send him images of his past life also...

"What, now? Don't you remember what happened to Shana the last time you did that when she was awake?"

"Not now, I'm just saying that we need to send him images.."

Brinka once again, looked at Max and Liz whispering into each other's ears...

"I don't think he needs to rememer anything about his past life... He still has the same look on his face whenever he is with Shana.. same love-struck look in his eyes.." she said with amusement. Brinka was actually amazed at Zan's love for Shana. It has surpassed death. They had no idea who they were in their past lives, and they still feel the same way about each other. Especially Zan. He still cannot breathe without Shana.

"What are we doing today Max?" asked Liz, smiling into his eyes.

"I was hoping to just take a drive down the desert, just you and we haven't done that in a long time.." said Max, looking into brown eyes.

"That sounds great, I'll get my jacket." said Liz her eyes twinkling in excitement. She left to go to the back to get her jacket when Michael blocked her way back to the door, his arms across his chest.

"Where are you going?"

"I'm going for a drive with Max, why?"

"Don't you have work today?" he asked

"It's my day off, Michael, and what's with the third degree?" said Liz getting annoyed.

"I just don't want you getting hurt okay? I have this connection with you that we both can't stop, and I don't really feel like getting any strong feelings today! If you know what I mean?!?" countered Michael

Liz's eyes went wide with anger. How could he say that?!?

"WHAT?!?" souted Liz

"What kind of girl do you think I am, Michael?!? And it's NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS ANYWAY!" she yelled


Max, hearing the argument from outside hurriedly walked to the back, not wanting to gather attention from the customers, getting between Liz and Michael,.

"What's going on here?" asked Max

"Michael here seems to think that he has a say in everything I do!" spat Liz

"Not everything you do! Just the things that affect ME!" yelled Michael

"Michael, what's wrong?" asked Max calmly

"Look Max, I know that you and Liz are back together now, and that's fine. I just don't want her getting hurt, or doing things she might regret, that's all.

"Are you saying that Liz will get hurt when she's with me?! And what do you mean YOU don't want her getting hurt? Since when is it any of your business?!?" asked Max his anger rising

"Look Max! I'm sorry if you don't have the connection that Liz and I share, that's just too bad. But since I have this connection, I am responsible for her, alright? You'll just have to accept that! yelled michael

"NOBODY IS RESPONSIBLE FOR LIZ EXCEPT ME, YOU HEAR THAT MICHAEL?" seethed Max putting his face directly in front of Michael's.

Michael didn't budge. He just looked at Max face to face and shook his head. He looked at Liz, whose anger was replaced with worry and concern when the 2 started fighting. Michael felt this, and decided to back down. He slowly walk towards Liz and took her hand, looking into her eyes.

"Just be careful, ok?" he said softly. He doesn't know why, but Michael didn't want Liz alone with Max. As if being with Max would be a danger to Liz.

Liz, surprised by the sudden softness in his voice just nodded at Michael, as he left to go back to the kitchen. Max , followed Michael's figure with his eyes, jealousy blazing through them. Liz saw Max's face and decided that it was time for them to leave before anything else happens.

"Let's go, Max." said Liz as she took her hand and led him outside.

The fight did not go unnoticed by Togan and Brinka. A look of worry passed between the two. For they know why Michael was acting like that. They too, thought that Liz should not be with Max now.

"Our prince is right, she should't be with Zan yet. It's too dangerous." said Togan

"It's happening all over again, Togan. What if she gets killed again because of Zan?"

"That is why Rath is getting over protective of her, Brinka. In his sub concious, he knows what happened. And being the loving brother that he is, he doesn't want it to happen again. He doesn't want to feel the pain again."

"Should we interfere?" she asked.

"Not yet, feeding them these images and making them remember is enough......for now.." said Togan.

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This next part is pretty short.. sorry *happy* Hope you like it anyway...


"Togan, I don't see why I have to learn how to do this. It's not like we're going to war or something." whined Shana

"I know princess, but you have to learn to develop your powers. I know you're very good at telepathy and making things move with your mind, you've ben doing that since you we're a child. But you have to learn how to protect yourself." he argued.

"Rath is much better at this than me. I don't know how he does it."

"Rath is a man. He's supposed to be a warrior, so this comes naturally to him. He's no match to your telepathic powers though.."

They've been doing this for almost an hour now. Shana tried once more. Making things explode is really a waste of time, she thought. But, Togan insists that she practice. She felt like he wasn't telling her something, but decided not to push him. He has his reasons, and she trusts this man, who has become more like a father to her, with all her heart.

"Concentrate. This shouldn't be too hard for you since you already have good mind control. Feel the your energy through your body and point it towards your target." he instructed.

Shana sighed. Easier said than done, she thought. She held up her hand and concentrated. She could feel the energy in her body, but didn't know how to throw it at her target. She tried envisioning the rock to explode, but as hard as she tried, the rock just sparked.

She heard a chuckle behind her, and saw Rath trying to hold in his laughter. She glared at him. But then, she smiled, and at a wave of her finger, she made small pebble hit him on his arm.

"Ow! you know, that's the second time you've thrown something at me since you've been back." complained Rath

"Serves you right!" said Shana

"OK, children, don't fight." said Togan in a fatherly tone. Even though they were both eighteen, he always called them children when they would argue, making them known that he thought it was childish for them to fight. "I think we've had enough for today, Shana. We can try again tomorrow. Rath, it's your turn. We have to go to the Amber Rocks. Your explosions are much bigger and more dangerous. There's no one there that could get hurt."

"Right behind you, Togan. I'll meet you at the hovercraft." said Rath as Togan left.

"I'm glad that's over." said Shana dusting off her dress. Rath was looking at her intently now, and Shana was surprised at his serious tone.

"Sis, you should try harder. We need you to be able to protect yourself just in case one of us isn't here to protect you."

"I know, Rath. It's just that it's so pointless. We'll always be together. You'll always be there to protect me. We're twins! We were together before we were even born!" smiled Shana. She loved her brother so much. They comforted each other when their parents died, and they made a pact that they would never leave each other. That's why it was hard for both of them when Shana had to leave to study. She was only thankful that Zan had come along to accompany her brother when he was lonely.

"I know we'll always be together. But not all the time. We're not joined at the hip, you know. And what if at those times that I'm not with you there's danger? You can't just throw rocks at your attacker, you know."

Although Rath knew that Shana was able to move bigger things with her mind that could cause damage, she was still no match to enemies who can make things explode, or could make a forcefield.

Shana remained silent. She knew her brother was right, although she wouldn't admit it to him. Rath gave her a quick hug.

"Promise me you'll practice while me and Togan are away?" he asked.

Shana nodded and looked into her brother's eyes, and decided to ask what had been plaguing her mind.

"Rath, wha'ts going on? Is there something I should know about? Why all the practicing and training? Is there going to be a war that I don't know about?"

"Rath! Let's go! The sooner we leave, the sooner we get back!" said Togan behind them. They didn't even know he was there, so he heard the whole conversation. He was proud at the way these two kids have turned out to be. And was amazed at how close they are. Sure, they fight like any siblings, but these two, being twins, had a special connection.

Rath kissed her forhead. "I gotta go, just practice ok?" said Rath as he turned and left.

Togan felt weak after sending those images to Michael that night. Brinka knew it too, for he was snoring in his sleep. She knew he was tired after concentrating that hard. Antarian women were more in tuned with their minds than men. And the men, were more into fighting abilities like powerblasts and shields. But Togan insisted that he be the one to send Michael this certain episode in their past life because he was the one that witnessed it. He wanted to show Michael how close Shana and Rath were. And how even then, he was protective of her.

Brinka looked out the window and saw the Crashdown from their little apartment. They have stayed at this apartment for a few years now, waiting for the certain age where it will be time to send Michael and Liz these images. They were both 17 now, and they should have full knowledge of who they are by the time they are 18. They had some trouble watching these two throughout the years. Especially with Michael. He was sent to a lowlife named Hank Guerin and Togan did not like him at all. There were a lot of times where Togan just wanted to break in and scoop up Michael in his arms and get him out of that God-forsaken place! Especially when he would beat up Michael when he was a kid. But no matter how hard it was, they just could not interfere.

With Liz, there was no problem regarding parents. Except she was having trouble fnding the right guy for her. They knew that Zan had a thing for her. It amused them how he would always be at the Crashdown watching their princess work.

There was a time when they thought that the 2 siblings would never talk to each other. Sure, they knew of each other. But they didn't really talk. Just acquaintances. This troubled Brinka and Togan. How cold they accept each other as brother and sister when they hardly even spoke to each other? Sure, there was their connection, but it wasn't that strong yet.

That fateful day at the Crashdown was something that neither Brinka nor Togan expected. When their princess was shot, Togan was ready to risk everything save her. But before he could move, Max had beaten him to it. Which didn't surprise him at all. If there was anyone more devastated than Rath when Shana died, it was Zan. It took all of Togan's will to leave the Crashdown that day. It wouldn't be right for a complete stranger hanging around after a shooting and fussing over the waitress who hardly knew him. But that incident was a blessing in disguise. Because of that day, Liz and Michael finally got the chance to get to know each other. Even though they didn't get along at first. And with Michael dating Liz's best friend Maria, they're sure to get to know each other better.

Togan and Brinka knew that Liz's powers would come back when she turned 17. That is why they had to send her these images so she would know that there was a reason for having these powers. She wasn't just 'turned alien' she actually was one.

Brinka sighed. When will be these children be able to go back to normal? Brinka knew that the Crashdown shooting was no accident. She knew that Khivar's men wanted it to look like an accident. They wanted to hurt Zan even in another life. It's a good thing that Zan had saved her this time, even if he couldn't before.

It was time for Brinka to do her part. They have talked it over and she was the one to send images to Zan. She knew of how much they loved each other. Brinka was the one who Zan would ask for advice about Shana. He felt more comfortable approaching her than Togan. Even if they were not their real parents, Togan was protective of Shana like a daughter. And even in Antar, fathers and their daughter's boyfriends have the same relationship as on planet Earth. The break-her-heart-and-I-break-your-face relationship.

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Michael woke up after his dream. It was more of a revalation. Liz was his sister? No, Liz was his twin! How could he go back to sleep knowing this? He needed to talk to someone. Michael got up, put on his clothes and left his apartment.

Starting up his motorcycle. He didn't really know where to go. He doubted Max would be very excited to see him becuase of their little fight this morning. Liz was sleeping. He knew she was tired, so he didn't want to wake her. So he went to the next person who he knew would understand.

He tapped on her window loud enough to wake her, but soft enough so no one else would hear. He didn't want to use his powers to open her windows. Knowing Maria, she would scream and wake up the whole neighborhood. Everyone knew better than to surprise Maria Deluca. It was common knowledge.

After what seemed like forever to an impatient Michael, Maria groggily opened her window.
"What do you want?" yawned Maria

"Liz is my twin sister." said Michael

Maria's eyes suddenly opened wide. "What?!? That's impossible... you guys aren't even the same species!"

"Can I at least come in?"

Maria moved out of his way so he can climb her window. He sat down on her bed, and leaned his elbows on his knee. Maria crossed her arms across her chest and waited for an explanation.

"I had this dream, but it was more like a vision. Like a memory. Liz was my sister back in Antar." whispered Michael. He could hardly believe it himself!

"Maybe it was just a dream.... I mean, it couldn't be. I've known Liz my whole life!"

"It's true Maria. I just know it is......"

Maria didn't notice that Michael was crying! Why was he crying?! She didn't really care, her heart just went out to him and she just hugged him. Michael hugged her back tightly.

"I have a sister Maria, I finally found my family.... I've always wanted one." sobbed Michael

Maria just hugged Michael tightly. She knew of this vulnerable side Michael had. This is not the first time he has cried to her. Maria was secretly happy. Finally! something about Michael that nobody else knows. Not even Liz. A part of him that she can only keep for herself.

"I'm happy for you Michael. You couldn't have found a better sister." said Maria

Michael looked at Maria and smiled. Then he realized how lucky he was. To have found his sister and his soulmate, all in one lifetime.

Back at Brinka and Togan's apartment, Brinka was getting ready to send images to Zan. She sat down on the carpeted floor and concenrated. She closed her eyes and, with her mind, looked for Zan. When she reached his sleeping subconcious, she started to send the images...

Brinka bowed to Prince Zan as he entered the palace. Even though he almost grew up here with Rath and Shana, she knew that he was the future King of Antar, and she always knew her place. Zan always spent his free time at this household. Him and Rath were almost inseperable.

"Brinka, cut that out. You don't have to bow to me." said Zan

"Your highness, I know you treat me like an aunt, but I still have to pay respects." she smiled.

"Well, can I at least get you to stop calling me your highness then?"

"Alright, Zan. As you wish." bowed Brinka.

Zan just shook his head, amused. "Where is Rath today? He wasn't expecting me, but I had nothing to do so I decided to stop by." he said as his eyes wandered around the palace.

"Rath went with Togan to the Amber Rocks. I'm afraid they'll be there a while. They just left." said Brinka

"Oh..... well.... I ...guess.. I .. I..should go" said Zan as his head kept looking all around, his eyes wandering. Brinka smiled inwardly. She knew who he was looking for.

"Well, if you have nothing to do at home, there's no point in leaving." said Brinka trying to keep a straight face.

"What am I going to do here?" said Zan, acting like it was ridiculous for him to stay.

"I know! You can help out Princess Shana." said Brinka eyeing him for a reaction. And she was not disappointed. She saw his eyes light up and his ears turn red at the mention of her name. She almost burst out laughing.

"What does she need help on?" he asked, one eyebrow raised, acting like he didn't care.

"Well, Togan has been having a really hard time making her learn how to powerblast. She dreads their training sessions. I for one would not like her to learn all those violent powers altogether. But Togan has convinced me that it is important for her to learn."

"Uhm... where is she?" he asked. His heart skipping a beat. He'll get to spend time with her!

"Out in the backyard. You'll find her there..." she said, glancing sideways at Zan as he hurriedly left, trying to slow down. Brinka shook her head in amusement. Perhaps she wouldn't have trouble finding a husband for Shana after all...

Zan's breathing became uneven as he saw her. His heart almost stopped. She looked so beautiful trying to concentrate on cracking rocks while biting her lower lip. Her long brown hair being blown by the wind, exposing her creamy soft neck. Zan had to swallow. How was he ever going to keep himself calm in front of this girl? He slowly approched her. Not wanting to startle her, he made some noise with his feet so she would hear him.

The hairs on the back of her neck started to rise, and her heart started pounding. Someone was here, she thought. She turned around and saw Zan standing behind her, watching. She gave him one of her killer smiles. She knew exactly which smile to give. She had practiced in front of a mirror long enough to know which smile made her look her best. "Hello, Zan." she said

Zan couldn't help but smile back. She had the most beautiful smile, he thought. A smile that reached her eyes. "What are you doing?" he asked as he walked beside her.

"I promised Rath that I'd practice on making those rocks over there explode. You just missed him by the way. He and Togan left for the Amber Rocks." said Shana as she turned her attention back onto the rocks and bit her lips again in concentration.

Zan could not take his eyes off her lips. How he wished he were the ones biting it right now. Calm down, Zan. He told himself. He forced himself to look away and put his attention back to what she was doing.

"You're doing it wrong." stated Zan.

Shana looked at him, confused. She had been doing this for days now, and she thinks that she has had some progress. Hey, she made it spark just a little while ago!

"What do you mean I'm doing it wrong?" said Shana defending herself. "If you're such an expert, why don't you do it?"

Zan smiled and accepted her challenge. He didn't want to brag, but he was one of the best warriors in Antar. He had to be. He was going to be future King. It didn't look good if there was a better warrior than him. Zan extended his hand. He didn't even have to concentrate, the rock immediately exploded.

Shana tried not to act surprised. Not giving him the satisfaction. Seeing him do it with ease only frustrated her more. She would never get this right! She sighed heavily.

"What's wrong?" asked Zan frowning.

"I've been trying to do what you just did for days and you just did it in less than 10 seconds! It's really frustrating." she sighed. Zan thought she couldn't look more adorable. She looked like a little girl pouting, when she couldn't get her way.

"I could teach you if you'd like." Offered Zan. Please say yes....please...

"Would you please? I think Togan is getting pretty impatient with me, and I really want to make do on my promise to Rath."

"It'd be my pleasure, princess." he bowed. He came up behind her, his mouth close behind her ear and started giving her instructions on what to do.

Knowing that he couldn't see her face, Shana smiled and closed her eyes. Savoring the feel of his breath behind her ear. It felt so good and so natural that he was there. Like he was meant to be. Zan, on the other hand, was having a hard time trying not to sound too perverted while behind her. He was really controlling his emotions that he started whispering to hide his discomfort.

"You have to pool you energy from within. Feel the energy building up inside you. And once it's there, extend your hand and point it at your target." he said as he wrapped his other arm around her waist as he gently held her arm and raised it to the target. "Now once your hand is up, just fire it at the rock."

She did everything she was told to do and was surprised when it worked! The rock exploded into tiny pieces and she screamed in delight!

"Thank you! Thank you!" she said as she hugged him, overcome with happines. Zan treasured the moment and hugged her back, basking in the feel of her in his arms. She was so soft and fragile. He could hold her forever, he thought.

Shana thought the same thing. She didn't realize she was hugging him so long that she abruptly let go. Looking at his eyes for some sort of negative reaction. She found none. What she did find was longing, wanting, and love? She stepped back, surprised at what she saw in his eyes. She blushed furiously.

"I'm sorry, I... I got carried away.." she nervously giggled.

"It's alright. If this is the way you get carried away all the time, I hope I'll always be around." he joked. But meant every word. She laughed and looked down. Afraid of what she might see in his eyes again. Her heart has not stopped beating wildly ever since she let go of his embrace.

Zan lifted her chin with his hand and looked into her eyes. That was when he was sure that he loved her. With all his heart. He was still a little unsure before. But now he was not. In fact, he had loved her the first time he had seen her. Of course, he has never experienced this kind of love before. He has liked other women, but never this intense. This was all new and scary to him, but he didn't care. It feels good to be close to her, and he knew he wanted to feel this way forever.

Looking into her eyes, he knew that this person was the woman he was supposed to spend the rest of his life with. His hand slowly cupped her head behind her neck and brought her close to him. They were now face to face, looking into each other's eyes. Shana thought she couldn't wait any longer. She wanted to be kissed. But she saw the hesitant look in his eyes. Surprising him, she immediately brought their lips together.

They kissed like they have never kissed before. Hugging and holding each other's faces. Closing their eyes to feel their souls. Everything felt so right. Neither of them knew how long they have been kissing, but decided to stop. Never taking their eyes off each other, they were waiting for that awkward moment that happens after an unexpected kiss. There was none. From that moment on, they were inseperable.

Brinka looked on from the palace window with a big smile on her face. These two were meant to be together. I can feel it! Of course Rath and Togan still does not want Shana to get married, but Brinka thought that it was about time. She can't wait to tell them the news!

Zan left an hour after their first kiss. But not before they took a long walk in the gardens, holding hands, talking like they have been a couple forever. Both of them could not believe how right all this feels. It is like the were always meant to be together.

Shana still had the look of love on her face when she bumped into Brinka in the kitchen. She blushed when she saw Brinka giving her a teasing look.

"Prince Zan really grew up to be a handsome young man, hasn't he?" she said as she was fixing the table.

"Yes, he has." she embarassingly agreed.

"Did you have a nice stroll in th garden?"

Shana could feel her face get warm. She knows! She didn't answer Brinka and just looked down on the floor. She could not face her nanny. Not now, not ever. She thought.

Brinka felt the distress that her charge was feeling so she immediately went to embrace her. "Oh princess, please accept my apologies. I didn't mean to embarass you. I was only teasing. If you love zan, then by all means, love him. I couldn't be happier for you." she said

"Really Brinka? You're happy for me?" asked Shana as tears started to pour from her eyes.

"Of course I am, child. Why wouldn't I be?"

"I don't know. I just don't want anyone else to know about us yet. Is that alright?"

"Why not?" she asked confused.

"I don't think Rath would approve of our relationship. He is very protective of me, even Togan."

"Zan is a good man. If Rath didn't think so, then he would not be good friends with him." argued Brinka.

"I just want to keep this between ius for now. Is that alright? I just want something for myself." she pleaded.

"Alright princess, if that is what you want." conceded Brinka.

"Thank you" as she hugged her nanny that has become more like a mother to her.

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Here's a new part for ya!


Early in the morning, Max woke up not knowing what his dream had meant. But he knew who it was about. Liz. He hurriedly got dressed and went to the Crashdown. Still remembering all the emotions he felt in his dream, he suddenly had the craving to see Liz. He arrived at the Crashdown in no time and climed up Liz's balcony.

As expected, she was still asleep. He carefully opened her window with his powers and snuck in. She looked like an angel sleeping peacefully. Max thought his heart would burst by seeing her like that. He held out his hand, and locked her door with her powers. He couldn't help himself, but he had to hold her. Slipping beside her under the covers, he laid down next to her and reached out. Without waking up, Liz automatically moved to be close to his body, fitting perfectly. They were in the "spoon" position in which Max was behind Liz's back. She fit perfectly. As if she were molded specifically for his body. Max never felt more peace in his life as he does now. He knew this was the right place to be. By her side, her in his arms.

He felt so content that when he closed his eyes, he fell into a deep and satisfying slumber.

Liz woke up with the sunlight through her widow. She felt so warm and comfortable, she smiled. I have never woken up feeling this nice before, she thought. She hen felt movement behind her. She slowly turned to see what is was, when sh saw Max, lying beside her, sleeping with a smile on his face. She was surprised to see him sleeping in her bed. But not angry. She reached over and hugged him, which made Max stir. When he felt her bear hug, he kissed her forehead.

"Good Morning.." he said.

"Morning Max." as she kissed his cheek. It felt so natural for them to wake up together, that neither of them questioned the feeling.

Liz got up and stretched. She was wearing a hanging tank top and sweat pants. Max thought she looked beautiful early in the morning. He propped his head up on her pillow and watched her move around the room.

"Would you mind telling me what you are doing here Mr. Evans?" she said as she looked through her closet for something to wear.

"I just missed you last night and just wanted to sleep next to you." he said teasingly.

"Uh huh. Now what' the real reason?" she said as she took out jeans and a black shirt.

Max got up approached her. His eyes intense. Liz felt his mood change and faced him.

"I dreamt about us last night, but I don't know what it means."

"Well, what was it about?"

Max could only remember part of the dream now. He strained to remember what it was. He closed his eyes hoping that some of the images would come back to him. But failed.

"I think I was watching you practice using your powerblast."

Liz looked at him like he had grown an extra head.

"Powerblast? Max, maybe you were dreaming of Michael. I can't do powerblasts. That's totally alien powers. I just have this connection with Michael and some other little stuff but that's all." said Liz

"What other little stuff?" he asked worriedly. I thought it was just the connection with Michael he said to himself.

"Didn't I tell you? I can sometimes move things with my mind. It's like, I just think about it, and it happens."

"Show me." he said. He was getting really worried now. What if this has a dangerous effect on Liz?

Liz sighed. It was too early in the morning for this, she thought. She looked around her room looking for something easy to move. She saw a pencil on her desk and decided to place it on her bed.

"Ok," she said "see that pencil on my desk? Watch."

Liz looked at the pencil, and with her mind, envisioned the pencil to float and place it on her bed. Simultaneously, the pencil did what it was 'told'.

Max looked on in amazement. None of them could do that. Sure, each of the four square have their own unique powers, but none of the 4 can do that. He stared at Liz with a look of mixed expression.

"What?" asked Liz as Max stared at her.

"How long have you been able to do this?"

"For a while now. Even before my connection with Michael. He actually caught me using my powers, that's how he found out."

"You mean Michael knows about this and neither of you told me?" he said, hurt that they have been keeping secrets from him.

"We never talked about not telling you Max, this kind of took a backseat when my connection with him started." she said defending herself.

"What else have you two been keeping from me? It seems like he's getting to know you a lot better now with your little convenient connection" said Max, his jealousy taking over.

"What? What are you saying Max? Michael and I have something going? Is that it?"

"You tell me" he said looking at her intently

Liz could not believe he was acting like this. Max was trying to contain his anger at the situation. He felt bad doing this to Liz after their nice morning wake up, but he couldn't help it. He had been keeping this inside far too long.

"You can be so difficult sometimes, Max!"

"Ever since your little connection with Michael started, it's like you're slipping away from me Liz. Now you have all these secrets that I know nothing about, that Michael knows!"

"I can't believe what you're accusing me of! What kind of person do you think I am? Do you think I could do that to Maria? She's my bestfriend!"

"Don't you mean Michael's your bestfriend now that he knows you SO well?"

Liz stared at him dumbfounded. She was so furious! How dare he!

"I think you should leave." she said crossing her arms over her chest.

"I think I should to. Wouldn't want Michael feeling how upset you are!" he said as he turned towards her window. As soon as he stepped out, Liz slammed her window with her powers and went to the bathroom slamming the door shut.

Max was in a foul mood going down the ladder. But as soon as he was driving home, he felt like an idiot. Why did he do that? Why couldn't he control his jealousy? It felt right at the time.

Liz took a cold shower, waiting for her anger to subside. She was so furious at Max!

"What a jerk!"

"Good morning to you too"

"Why are YOU in such a good mood?"
she asked annoyingly

"Why are YOU in such a foul one?"

"Your bestfriend is a jerk! He actually thought you and I had something going on becuase of this stupid connection we have!"

"What?! You and me? Max thinks...... That's sick!"

"HEY!..... I'm glad that you think this connection is nothing like that and all, but I'm not THAT bad!"

"No, I mean.... it's sickening if think about you and I together...yuck"

"I feel the same way Michael."

"Look, I think we need to talk. I just found out some new information that I think you should know about. Meet me at the park this afternoon?"

"Yeah, I'm just finishing my shower right now. I'll meet you later"

"WTF?!? GROSS Liz! NEVER carry on a conversation with me while you're naked! GOT THAT?!?!"

"Whatever, Michael"

Brinka saw Zan walking about town in a trance. He looked like a litle boy whose puppy just died. Brinka sighed. She knew that face. She's seen it a hundred times. It was the look Zan always had after he and Shana had an argument. Back then, Rath would be talking and talking and Zan would just stare at a wall with that look. Poor guy. Zan would usually seek out Brinka's advice. Since she was the only one who knew about their relationship, she was the only one the couple could run to. She decided to help Zan out. She and Togan rarely shapeshifted, but she thought that this one time would not hurt. When nobody was looking, she shapeshifted into a nice looking old lady. She strategically went to the other side of the sidewalk, hoping to start a conversation with him.

She had a lot of grocery bags and decided to drop them in front of Max so that he will help her. As Max approached, oblivious to the world, she bumpd into him and all her groceries fell to the sidewalk.

"Oh I'm so sorry young man, I didn't see you there. My eyes are getting worse." she joked.

"No, it was my fault Ma'am. I should've looked where I was going"said Max as he picked up the groceries on the sidewalk.

The depressed look on Max's face didn't go away as he put the groceries in the bag.

"You look like you can use a friend" said Brinka.

Max gave her a small smile. If only she knew he thought.

"Thank you for helping me out young man, why don't I reward you for your good deed?"

"There's no need ma'am it was partly my fault anyway."

"Nonesense! If you would help me carry my bags over to my apartment, I can give you a reward."

"Well, I won't accept the reward, but I will help you carry your groceries to your apartment, ma'am" Max said nicely. He didn't know why, but he felt comfortable with this old lady. Maybe because he missed having a grandmother, but he also wanted to get his mind off his problem for a while, and decided that doing a good deed for the bad thing he did this morning would help his conscience.

"Why thank you, young man. You're very nice."

"Call me Max." he said

"Well, you can call me Grandma Davis. Everyone does."

Brinka made sure to walk slow so that she can maximize her time with him. Their apartment wasn't that far away, and if they walked regular pace, he would never open up. Besides, she needs to stay in character of an old lady.

"Well Max, tell me. You must be having girl trouble."

Max was silent, and just continued to walk slowly to match her pace.

"I know that look. It's the look my son used to get when he and his girlfriend would fight." said Brinka

Max sadly smiled. Right on the money, he thought.

"Now, whatever the fight was about, I'm sure it's nothing that can't be resolved... Is it jealousy?" she asked. Zan was always the jealous type.

Max meekly nodded. He was surprised that he was even opening up to this old woman. But he thought that having girl problems is 'normal' so there should be no harm on exposing them. Of course if she knew the reason of the jealousy, then that would be a different story.

"It's just that.... she's ben getting pretty close to this guy. I'm not really liking it. I mean, deep down I know there's nothing going on, but, I just can'thelp be jealous." confessed Max.

Brinka tried hard not to laugh. If only he knew that Liz and Michael were brother and sister, then he would kick himself for feeling this way!

"If you trust the young lady in your life, then you should have nothing to worry about. I'm sure she loves you. Open your eyes. Listen to your heart. Know all the facts before jumping into conclusions. In the end, you will know what to do, and how to feel......" They were both silent for a moment, and then she spoke "well, thank you for helping me with the groceries, Max, I can take it from here."

As Max handed her the grocery bags, he gave her a greatful smile. "No, thank YOU" he said as he turned and left.

He thought about what she said. Open your eyes. Know all the facts. In the end you will know what to do and how to feel. It made perfect sense. He was so caught up in being jealous, he never even stopped to think what this connection really meant. He was now determined to find out. But first, he had some serious grovelling to do. Deterimined to talk to Liz to apologize, someone across the street caught his eye. He stopped and stared at the scene unfolding in front of him.

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Liz patiently waited for Michael at the park bench. She has been here for 10 minutes, the last time they 'spoke', he said he was on his way.

"Where are you?"

"I''m walking towards you right now."
Liz turned and saw him coming towards her, with his hand behind his back.

Maria accompanied him to the flower shop before meeting with Liz. Maria thought it would be nice if he got her flowers. After all, it's not everyday you meet your long lost twin. Michael didn't really want to get all mushy, but Maria insisted.

"She would accept you more if you had a little offering." she said "I mean, if I was Liz, and I found out I was your sister, I wouldn't be jumping for joy..." Maria teased. She picked out the white roses she knew Liz liked.

"She's lucky to have me as a brother!" Michael said arrogantly.

"Yeah right, Spaceboy." she said as she handed him the flowers and led him out of the flower shop.

Liz had a confused look on her face as Michael approached her with an uncomfortable look on his face. She didn't feel any negative feelings from him, so they must not be in danger. She almost giggled at how uncomfortable he was. She was looking at his face trying to find some clue as an explanation of what she was feeling from him, when a bouquet of white flowers were shoved to her face, almost hitting her eyes.

"These are for you." he said flatly.

Liz looked at him. She was VERY confused, but she had manners. She didn't want to hurt his feelings so she slowly took the flowers from him, still confused.

"Uhm..... thank you?" she said, looking at the flowers then at him.

Michael cleared his throat and sat on the bench. Damn Maria! It would've been easier if he just came here and talked to Liz normally. But noooo, she HAD to get me to give her flowers.

"Michael.... I don't know what's going on... you're REALLY confusing me here. What are the flowers for and what do you want to talk about?"

"Liz, I have to tell you something really important" started Michael when someone clearing his throat interupted them.

Liz and Michael both looked up to see Max standing before them. His face serious.

"Don't you guys make a cute couple." he said sarcastically.

Michael was the one to speak up, he stood up next to Max.

"Maxwell, it's not what you think." he said

"Really..." said Max trying to control his anger. Here he was, on his way to Liz to apologize, and he sees this! "Michael, I don't even know what to say to you... to BOTH of you."

Liz, not wanting a scene and getting tired of the way Max has been behaving, suddenly spoke up.

"Max, why don't you listen first okay? Open your eyes. Listen to your heart. Know all the facts before jumping into conclusions! In the end, you will know what to do, and how to feel. And believe me you'll feel really stupid!" said Liz.

She didn't know what Michael was about to tell her, but she knew it was nowhere close to what Max was thinking. She still had to ask Michael about the flowers, but deep down she also knew that there was an explanation on that as well.

Max looked at Liz, surprised. Did Liz just say what I just exactly heard that Gandma Davis say a while ago? he thought.

"What did you just say, Liz?"

"I said open your eyes. Listen to your heart. Know all the facts before jumping into conclusions! In the end, you will know what to do, and how to feel." she repeated.

"Okay, fine. Let's get this out in the open then. What were you about to tell her Michael?" asked Max. still thinking it was weird that Liz would say what the old lady said word for word.

Liz and Max looked at Michael, waiting.

Michael sighed. He didn't expect Max to be here but he might as well be. Maybe Max would finally understand why he feels so protective over Liz.

"As I was saying before I was interrupted, Liz, you're my sister. We're twins actually."

Max and Liz looked at Michaal like he was crazy.

"What made you think that Michael?" asked Max

"Ive been having these dreams or visions of us in our past life. Liz was my twin sister back in Antar." said Michae looking at Liz for a reaction.

She was very quiet, thinking of what to say. She finally found her voice after catching up with her racing mind.

"But, that's impossible Michael, I'm human. I have human parents. There's no way I could be one of you. I'm like this because Max healed me. I'm not an alien. " she said, not knowing if she was trying to convince Michael or herself.

She never really did mention to anyone of the dream she had when she fainted at school. She knew that the girl she saw in the dream was her. She could feel it. And her brother, Rath. Watching them in her dream made her realize how close they were.....

"I.... I... had a dream also, back when I fainted in school. Do you remember?" she said looking at the 2.

"You never told me you had dreams also." said Michael.

Max looked at Michael. He doesn't know everything about Liz. They're brother and sister. Max felt like such a heel when he finally realized what a fool he has been. But right now, he needs to help these two figure out what to do.

"Actually, I've been having dreams also." said Max.

Liz and Michael looked at him. Have they ALL been experiencing dreams?!?

"My dreams were more about Liz, I mean, I know it was Liz, but it was just different." said max

"This is all very confusing. I... don't know what to think." said Liz

"I think we should get the others together, find out if the others have been getting dreams." said Max on fearless leader mode.

As they were about to leave, Max couldn't help but ask...

"So what were the flowers for Michael?" he said

"Yeah, what happened there?....that kinda confused me too." said Liz, holding onto the bouquet as they left the park.

"Maria happened." said Michael. No further explanation was needed by the two.


As the 3 of them were waiting for the others to meet in Michael's apartment, Liz started thinking about her life. She has been raised like a human being ever since she could remember. Was she adopted? If she was, then her parents never hinted that she was. She was always loved like she was their own. Also, how did she get here? They already saw the 4 pods. If she was one of them, where was her pod? This was starting to give her a headache.

She started to rub her temples in frustration, when she felt arms around her. She smiled. She knew Max was feeling really stupid right now for acting the way he did. She knew that. And she knew she was getting an apology soon, but she didn't need one. She knows he's sorry.

"Are you okay?" he whispered in her ear as he sat beside her.

"I don't know." she said honestly.

"We''ll figure this out, don't worry." he said reassuringly.

Michael, on the other hand was restlessly pacing his apartment.

"What's taking them so long?!?" he asked annoyingly. And, almost on cue, the rest of the gang opened the door and started piling in. Isabel, Alex, Maria, Kyle and Tess.

"You know Michael, we have lives. we can't just drop everything at the snap of a finger." said Isabel hearing the last sentence of the impatient Michael.

"Oh yeah, I'm sure the mall is really important." countered Michael.

Before Isabel could speak, Max intervened before they got into a discussion.

"Let's just talk about what's important here." said Max

"What's up?" asked Alex.

"Michael, Liz and I have been having these dreams. It's about all three of us. We've talked about it, and the dreams seem to be like a continuation of each other. Like a movie in parts. Because of these dreams, we've found out something..." paused Max as he turned to look at Liz. She had her head down, she seems to be crying. His heart went out to her. Finding out you're a sister, an alien, and adopted all in the same day is hard.

"What did you find out Max?" asked Kyle who could not take the suspense any longer.

Max snappd out of his reverie and looked at Kyle and the others.

"Liz is one of us. She's also an alien from Antar....and she's Michael's twin sister." said Max

Everyone, except Maria, all held a look of shock.

"That's impossible!" said Alex "Liz is human. We grew up together! I can vouch for Liz being human."

"We don't know the whole story of how Liz is an alien, but she is." explained Michael. He had been focusing on Liz's feelings all this time. He felt sorry for her. He's feeling her pain, and decided that he should help Max explain to the others.

"So," said Isabel, "In this dream, you and Liz are brother and sister? Maybe it's just a dream, Michael."

"It's real Isabel. I know it is. It didn't feel like it was just a dream. It felt like I was, I dunno, reminiscing or something." said Michael

"I believe you, Michael." said Tess, mildly surprising everyone. "If you guys want, we can work on memory retrieval methods that Nessedo taught me. It could help us find out what's really going on or if your dreams are true."

"How do we know you're not just going to mindwarp them, Tess?" accused Maria. It wasn't news to everyone that she didn't like the girl

Everyone was silent and looking for each other's reaction. They were all surprised by Tess' sudden change of heart. They didn't know if they should worry or be thankful. Everyone was still quiet, not wanting to say anything, until Liz got up from where she was seated and walked over to Tess.

"Thank you. I appreciate the offer." smiled Liz. Tess smiled back. From then on, the 2 girls knew that they'd be friends.
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Anyway, hope you guys leave feedback. It boosts my ego and it inspires me to write more! ENJOY! *happy*


Liz patiently waited for Michael at the park bench. She has been here for 10 minutes, the last time they 'spoke', he said he was on his way.

"Where are you?"

"I''m walking towards you right now."
Liz turned and saw him coming towards her, with his hand behind his back.

Maria accompanied him to the flower shop before meeting with Liz. Maria thought it would be nice if he got her flowers. After all, it's not everyday you meet your long lost twin. Michael didn't really want to get all mushy, but Maria insisted.

"She would accept you more if you had a little offering." she said "I mean, if I was Liz, and I found out I was your sister, I wouldn't be jumping for joy..." Maria teased. She picked out the white roses she knew Liz liked.

"She's lucky to have me as a brother!" Michael said arrogantly.

"Yeah right, Spaceboy." she said as she handed him the flowers and led him out of the flower shop.

Liz had a confused look on her face as Michael approached her with an uncomfortable look on his face. She didn't feel any negative feelings from him, so they must not be in danger. She almost giggled at how uncomfortable he was. She was looking at his face trying to find some clue as an explanation of what she was feeling from him, when a bouquet of white flowers were shoved to her face, almost hitting her eyes.

"These are for you." he said flatly.

Liz looked at him. She was VERY confused, but she had manners. She didn't want to hurt his feelings so she slowly took the flowers from him, still confused.

"Uhm..... thank you?" she said, looking at the flowers then at him.

Michael cleared his throat and sat on the bench. Damn Maria! It would've been easier if he just came here and talked to Liz normally. But noooo, she HAD to get me to give her flowers.

"Michael.... I don't know what's going on... you're REALLY confusing me here. What are the flowers for and what do you want to talk about?"

"Liz, I have to tell you something really important" started Michael when someone clearing his throat interupted them.

Liz and Michael both looked up to see Max standing before them. His face serious.

"Don't you guys make a cute couple." he said sarcastically.

Michael was the one to speak up, he stood up next to Max.

"Maxwell, it's not what you think." he said

"Really..." said Max trying to control his anger. Here he was, on his way to Liz to apologize, and he sees this! "Michael, I don't even know what to say to you... to BOTH of you."

Liz, not wanting a scene and getting tired of the way Max has been behaving, suddenly spoke up.

"Max, why don't you listen first okay? Open your eyes. Listen to your heart. Know all the facts before jumping into conclusions! In the end, you will know what to do, and how to feel. And believe me you'll feel really stupid!" said Liz.

She didn't know what Michael was about to tell her, but she knew it was nowhere close to what Max was thinking. She still had to ask Michael about the flowers, but deep down she also knew that there was an explanation on that as well.

Max looked at Liz, surprised. Did Liz just say what I just exactly heard that Gandma Davis say a while ago? he thought.

"What did you just say, Liz?"

"I said open your eyes. Listen to your heart. Know all the facts before jumping into conclusions! In the end, you will know what to do, and how to feel." she repeated.

"Okay, fine. Let's get this out in the open then. What were you about to tell her Michael?" asked Max. still thinking it was weird that Liz would say what the old lady said word for word.

Liz and Max looked at Michael, waiting.

Michael sighed. He didn't expect Max to be here but he might as well be. Maybe Max would finally understand why he feels so protective over Liz.

"As I was saying before I was interrupted, Liz, you're my sister. We're twins actually."

Max and Liz looked at Michaal like he was crazy.

"What made you think that Michael?" asked Max

"Ive been having these dreams or visions of us in our past life. Liz was my twin sister back in Antar." said Michae looking at Liz for a reaction.

She was very quiet, thinking of what to say. She finally found her voice after catching up with her racing mind.

"But, that's impossible Michael, I'm human. I have human parents. There's no way I could be one of you. I'm like this because Max healed me. I'm not an alien. " she said, not knowing if she was trying to convince Michael or herself.

She never really did mention to anyone of the dream she had when she fainted at school. She knew that the girl she saw in the dream was her. She could feel it. And her brother, Rath. Watching them in her dream made her realize how close they were.....

"I.... I... had a dream also, back when I fainted in school. Do you remember?" she said looking at the 2.

"You never told me you had dreams also." said Michael.

Max looked at Michael. He doesn't know everything about Liz. They're brother and sister. Max felt like such a heel when he finally realized what a fool he has been. But right now, he needs to help these two figure out what to do.

"Actually, I've been having dreams also." said Max.

Liz and Michael looked at him. Have they ALL been experiencing dreams?!?

"My dreams were more about Liz, I mean, I know it was Liz, but it was just different." said max

"This is all very confusing. I... don't know what to think." said Liz

"I think we should get the others together, find out if the others have been getting dreams." said Max on fearless leader mode.

As they were about to leave, Max couldn't help but ask...

"So what were the flowers for Michael?" he said

"Yeah, what happened there?....that kinda confused me too." said Liz, holding onto the bouquet as they left the park.

"Maria happened." said Michael. No further explanation was needed by the two.


As the 3 of them were waiting for the others to meet in Michael's apartment, Liz started thinking about her life. She has been raised like a human being ever since she could remember. Was she adopted? If she was, then her parents never hinted that she was. She was always loved like she was their own. Also, how did she get here? They already saw the 4 pods. If she was one of them, where was her pod? This was starting to give her a headache.

She started to rub her temples in frustration, when she felt arms around her. She smiled. She knew Max was feeling really stupid right now for acting the way he did. She knew that. And she knew she was getting an apology soon, but she didn't need one. She knows he's sorry.

"Are you okay?" he whispered in her ear as he sat beside her.

"I don't know." she said honestly.

"We''ll figure this out, don't worry." he said reassuringly.

Michael, on the other hand was restlessly pacing his apartment.

"What's taking them so long?!?" he asked annoyingly. And, almost on cue, the rest of the gang opened the door and started piling in. Isabel, Alex, Maria, Kyle and Tess.

"You know Michael, we have lives. we can't just drop everything at the snap of a finger." said Isabel hearing the last sentence of the impatient Michael.

"Oh yeah, I'm sure the mall is really important." countered Michael.

Before Isabel could speak, Max intervened before they got into a discussion.

"Let's just talk about what's important here." said Max

"What's up?" asked Alex.

"Michael, Liz and I have been having these dreams. It's about all three of us. We've talked about it, and the dreams seem to be like a continuation of each other. Like a movie in parts. Because of these dreams, we've found out something..." paused Max as he turned to look at Liz. She had her head down, she seems to be crying. His heart went out to her. Finding out you're a sister, an alien, and adopted all in the same day is hard.

"What did you find out Max?" asked Kyle who could not take the suspense any longer.

Max snappd out of his reverie and looked at Kyle and the others.

"Liz is one of us. She's also an alien from Antar....and she's Michael's twin sister." said Max

Everyone, except Maria, all held a look of shock.

"That's impossible!" said Alex "Liz is human. We grew up together! I can vouch for Liz being human."

"We don't know the whole story of how Liz is an alien, but she is." explained Michael. He had been focusing on Liz's feelings all this time. He felt sorry for her. He's feeling her pain, and decided that he should help Max explain to the others.

"So," said Isabel, "In this dream, you and Liz are brother and sister? Maybe it's just a dream, Michael."

"It's real Isabel. I know it is. It didn't feel like it was just a dream. It felt like I was, I dunno, reminiscing or something." said Michael

"I believe you, Michael." said Tess, mildly surprising everyone. "If you guys want, we can work on memory retrieval methods that Nessedo taught me. It could help us find out what's really going on or if your dreams are true."

"How do we know you're not just going to mindwarp them, Tess?" accused Maria. It wasn't news to everyone that she didn't like the girl

Everyone was silent and looking for each other's reaction. They were all surprised by Tess' sudden change of heart. They didn't know if they should worry or be thankful. Everyone was still quiet, not wanting to say anything, until Liz got up from where she was seated and walked over to Tess.

"Thank you. I appreciate the offer." smiled Liz. Tess smiled back. From then on, the 2 girls knew that they'd be friends.
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Here's your next part people! Hope you enjoy! Please leave feedback. I'm not very good with the sci-fi aspect of the show so if you have any suggestions, I'm open to them! Thanks!


Max pulled over in front of the Crashdown to drop Liz off. She has remained silent all through the ride home and he didn't want to interrupt whatever she was thinking about. She was unaware that they pulled over until Max spoke.

"Liz, we're here."

Liz looked around and saw the familiar parking lot. She looked at Max with pleading eyes.

"Where is here, Max? Is this supposed to be home? I don't even know the people who live in this house really are. I should be staying with Michael if all I'm feeling is true."

"We'll figure things out. I promise. But right now, we have to pretend everything is normal." said Max

Liz nodded and started to get down from the jeep when Max grabbed her hand.

"Liz.... I... I .. wanted to apologize for the way I acted. It was really immature of me to think that something was going on with you and Michael." apologized Max.

"I'ts okay Max. I don't need an apology. I already knew how you felt." smiled Liz

Max stared at her in awe. She was so amazing, he thought. Liz was so forgiving. After waking up in her arms this morning, Max wanted to feel like that evertime he woke up. It felt so real, so right. His heart started beating faster as Liz began to depart. He wanted to ask her if he could come back in a little while.

"Uh, Liz? Are you tired?" asked Max

"Uhm, I'm not really sure Max, why?" said LIz. She doubts she'll be able to sleep. She wanted to think about what she's going to do with her life.

"I was wondering if it was okay if I could come back through your balcony later. Check on how you were doing."

Liz smiled at him. Could she love this guy more?

"Yes, of course. I'll be waiting." said Liz as she turned and went through the Crashdown.


Promptly an hour later, Liz was sitting on her balcony writing on her journal, when she heard that all too familiar sound of someone climbing up her ladder. She smiled and put down her journal. She was secretly amused at herself. Here she was, not knowing who she really is, and all she could think about this moment is being in Max's arms. I'm such a gonner she thought.

Michael, watching tv, heard what she said inside his head, and decided to ignore it. He sighed and decided to go to sleep.

Back at Liz's balcony, Liz ran to Max's arms as he was leapt in. He smelled the scent of her hair, and hugged her tight. He was home. After what seemed like a long time of embracing, Max coldn't wait anymore and took Liz face in his palms and kissed her passionately. His brows furrowed as if in concentration when kissing her. He could feel her tongue in his mouth and he had to restrain himself from moaning with pleasure. She tasted so sweet. His heart was aching with love, as he held her tightly.

Liz's hands didn't know where to go. They were caressing his back, then his arms, chest, anywhere she could reach. When Max started kissing her neck, her eyes rolled back, and she started to breathe heavily. Max's hands were no different. He was searching her upper body, but carefully avoiding that front part that he didn't know Liz would allow him to touch. Though he wanted to, he would not violate her that way.

"Max, I think we should stop." breathed Liz.

"Mmmmm..." moaned Max as he devoured her neck, then went behind her ears.

Togan, from across their apartment was looking through binoculars watching them, when he felt something hit the back of his head.

"That's not nice, you peeping tom!" said Brika, holding the rolled up newspaper she used to swat his head with.

"Look at the way they're kissing Brinka!" argued Togan

Brinka shook her head amusingly. He hasn't changed when it comes to his little girl.

"Togan, they we're a couple back then, remember?"

"Doesn't mean I have to like it now..." he said looking down

"My love, I think we should use this opportunity to send them images together. Make them have the same dream simultaneously. I can do that, but I'm going to need your help because it requires a lot of energy. ok?" asked Brinka

"Ok. Let's sit down."

They both concentrated. Togan giving Brinka energy to send the images to both Max and Liz.

From across the street, Max and Liz were now cuddling outside her balcony, on her lawn chair, under the covers, just holding each other, when they're eyes drifted off to sleep......

Zan and Shana's relationship was kept secret, by Brinka. She helped them see each other and would sometimes be the needed messenger. Zan felt bad hiding this from his best friend. He didn't want their relationship to be secret, but since Shana wanted it that way, he gave in. He would do anything she wanted.

Of course, with Zan being the heir to the throne, he was be busy with all the responsibilities of being an heir. His father, the king, would always take him on diplomatic trips. Now more than ever. Since Zan turned 18, he was being groomed harder than before. He rarely had enough time to visit Shana. Rath, on the other hand was busy also. Belonging to a royal family himself, Rath was to be second in command. Not only because he was Zan's best friend and they worked well together, but because Rath was a great warrior also. Almost as good as Zan. So both young men we're spending more time together, but not for fun. Although, having each other made their duties easier. They would always go to their neighboring planets and attend social functions with the king. So Shana was left home by herself, missing them both terribly.

Zan missed Shana very much. He missed kissing her, holding her, just being with her. He hasn't seen her for 2 weeks now and it was making him restless. He never realized that missing someone could have this much affect on him. They were at a party when Rath noticed this. He saw his best friend was less patient everyone and that crease between his eyebrows was becoming a permanent facial feature. He decided to mention this when Zan sighed heavily looking bored at a perty.

"Zan, we're at party thrown in your father's honor. You should be having fun!" said Rath holding his drink.

"I just want to go home." he said. He was completely oblivious to all the women whispering to each other. Zan was quite a handsome prince and all the princess' they have met was taken with him. But Zan never gave them a second look.

"You're not even giving this party a chanc. You're just standing there moping. I know, you should dance with someone." said Rath, looking for a lucky girl he could pair him up with. He knew there were a lot of willing girls out there, but he wanted to find an extra pretty one for his friend. He was busy searching the ballroom when he felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Hi, you're Rath aren't you?" said a pretty blonde girl extending her hand.

Rath was confused. He didn't know anyone on this planet was surprised that he was approached. He smiled nontheless and took the offered hand.

"Yes, and you are?" smiled Rath

"Princess Ava, I recognized you from your picture." she smiled.

"My picture?"

"Oh I'm sorry," she laughed "I went to school with Shana. She's told me so much about you. We were pretty inseperable at school."

"Really? Well, it's nice to meet you, and whatever she's told you is not true" joked Rath.

Ava laughed. This boy didn't look a thing like her friend, but she knew how much Shana missed her brother.

"May I introduce you to my friend, Prince Zan, this is Ava."

Ava looked at the handsome prince that smiled kindly at her then turned back to his musings. She paid her respects. She knew this young man was the future king of Antar. So this was the young man Shana has been telling her about. She knew Shana was pretty taken with the young prince, and it didn't take her long to figure out why. He was gorgeous!

"You're highness" she bowed.

"I was wondering if you could do me a favor, Ava," said Rath. "My prince here is really bored and I was wondering if you could dance with him."

Zan looked at Rath surprisingly. He didn't want to insult the girl by turning her down to her face. He desperately wanted to get out of it.

"You don't have to do that, princess, I'm sorry if my friend put you on the spot." apologized Zan

"It's not a problem, my prince, I would be honored!" said Ava

Rath smiled triumphally as Ava led Zan to the dance floor. Zan glared at Rath and reluctantly went with the girl while Rath, proud of himself, decided to mingle.

Zan was really stiff dancing with Ava. He and Shana had danced by the moonlight once, and he thought that her body was especially made for him. She fit him so perfectly. Ava noticed that the prince's body was tense. Like getting too close to her would be against the law. She decided to strike up a conversation to relax him a little.

"So, Prince Zan, have you know Rath for very long?" asked Ava

Zan's thoughts of Shana were interrupted by her voice. She must think me rude, he thought. So he decided to focus his attention on this girl, for now.

"We've been friends since we were 6 years old, we're best of friends" said Zan

"So you must be close to Shana also."

Hearing Shana's name peaked interest, Ava thought.

"Well,....not..really....How do you know Shana?" asked Zan

"I went to school with her. We were very close, still are. We still keep in touch and talk for hours." said Ava, hinting to the prince that Shana already told her about their relationship. She didn't want to go outright and say it. It might insult the future king, and she didn't know him well enough to see how he would react.

Zan wondered how close Shana and this girl was. He knew that only Brinka knows about their relationship, would Shana tell this girl? It would be nice to have someone to talk to about Shana. He missed her so much and talking about her in the open would really help him a lot.

Seeing the prince was still deep in thought and depressed, Ava decided to help him out.

"In fact," she started, "Shana and I have a regular schedule of talking to each other, you know, teleconference? Where I get to see her and talk to her at the same time?"

Zan didn't know what this girl was trying to say. So he just looked at her confusingly. Ava on the other hand was dropping hints everywhere that Shana wanted to talk to him. When Ava found out that they were on her planet, she decided to surprise her friend out to get her and Zan some talk time. Could this guy be any more dense? she thought.

"You're highness? Would you like to accompany me to my scheduled teleconference with Shana? SO YOU COULD SAY HELLO TO HER? I'm sure she'd love to talk to you?" she hinted more.

Zan finally realized what this girl was trying to say. She DID know about him and Shana and was trying to help them out!

"YES! I would love to accompany you!" said Zan excitedly!

"Well then, let's go!" said Ava. Finally he gets it! she thought.

Zan offered his arm to Ava when tey stopped dancing to look for Rath. They found him stuffing himself at the food table.

"Rath, I'm just going to accompany Princess Ava home. She wants to uh.... show me something." said Zan, the terrible liar.

Rath smiled knowingly. So Zan finally came out of his shell! Rath looked on as the two left the party. This would be good for Zan, he thought. He needs a woman.

When Zan and Ava reached Ava's home, she immediately went to her telepormpter screen to contact Shana. Zan was trying to wait patiently, but wanting to see and talk to Shana made his heart beat excitedly. He knew he missed her very much but he didn't think he would feel this much anticipation! He started to pace so all the energy he was feeling wouldn't go to waste.

Ava was having trouble contacting Shana when finally she got through. She ususally contacted the teleprompter in Shana's room and was surprised that it was answered by Togan, the old servant. He only knew of Ava from what Shana has told him and his wife. They have never seen Ava, but have heard good things about her.

"I would like to speak with Princess Shana please." said Ava. Zan hid in the background when he saw that Togan answered, so he wouldn't be seen on the screen.

"I'm sorry, the Princess is occupied as of the moment, with her training. You will have to contact her later. May I know your name?" asked Togan politely.

"Princess Ava, I went to school with Shana." she smiled.

"Ah, princess! We've have heard many good things about you! I am Togan, they're royal servant" he bowed.

"Nice to meet you Togan. Perhaps I could try calling again later." said Ava.

"As you wish, Goodbye." said Togan as the screen went blank.

Zan was devastated. There was nothing worse than being left hanging like that. They were going home after the party. After being away for 2 weeks it was time to go home. He would go straight to Shana once he steps off the ship. Not caring if Rath found out. He HAD to see her.

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Here's an update people!!!! Please tell me what you think! *happy*


Back at the party, with Zan away with his new 'girl', Rath suddenly became bored and decided to call home to check up on things. He asked around the ballroom where he can find a teleprompter and was directed by a servant to a private room.

Rath's call was automatically picked up by Brinka.

"Rath! So glad to see you my boy! How is your trip so far?" asked the old woman, delighted to see her young prince.

"Boring. We're going home after the party, and I can't wait!" said Rath "How's Shana? Can I speak to her?"

"OF course my boy!" said Brinka "Let me call her.."

The screen was empty for a moment. All Rath could see was the familiar surrounding of their home. It made him more homesick, and was glad he was finally coming home. He heard jogging steps approach the screen and smiled. He knew it would be his sister. Her beautiful face graced the screen and his smile grew wider.

"Hey sis!" greeted Rath

"Rath! How ARE you? How's your trip? How DARE you only contact me now!" said Shana breathlessly.

Rath smiled at his spitfire sister. He knew he would be getting an earful for not contacting her sooner. There were very busy and this was the only time he found some free time to contact home.

"I'm sorry sis, but we've been real busy. But don't worry, we're going home after this boring party." said Rath

"You're at a party? But why are you bored?...." she swallowed before she asked her next question "Isn't Zan with you?"

Brinka smiled knowingly at Shana. But Rath didn't see because Brinka was off screen.

"Zan... well, that lucky guy has better things to do now!" smirked Rath.

"OH? What do you mean? she said trying to keep things in a conversational tone.

"He met up with a pretty little princess and went home with her, I forgot her name, but after they danced, Zan told me that he was going to take her home because she needed to 'show him something!' " laughed Rath. "Who would've thought sis! Zan! A ladies man! Hahahaha! She said she knows y-- Shana? Shana?"

But the screen was just background of their home. Rath didn't know but Shana ran off crying after she heard the words 'ladies man'.

"Hello? Is anyone there? Shana?" asked Rath

Brinka's solemn face appeared on screen.

"What happened? Where's Shana?" he asked worriedly.

"She, uh, had to go back to training. You know how strict Togan could get. You go back to your party my boy. Enjoy yourself. Come home soon and safe." said Brinka. And with that, the screen went blank.

Brinka followed the sobs that she heard to her charge's room. She found her crying bitterly on her bed. Brinka didn't know what to think. She knew how much Zan loved her, so why would he do something like this. There must be an explanation. The way Zan would look at Shana was true love, Brinka was sure of that. She sat next to Shana's crying form and stroked her hair.

"There..there... child. You shouldn't jump to conclusions right away. I'm sure it was all innocent. Why don't you ask Zan when he gets back?" comforted Brinka.

"I don' ever want to see him again!" he cried through her pillow.

"Open your eyes. Listen to your heart. Know all the facts before jumping into conclusions. In the end, you will know what to do, and how to feel" said Brinka. "Deep down, do you really think that Zan would do that to you?"

"I don't know anymore, Brinka. But my brother is not a liar." she said looking at Brika with her tear-stained face.

"No, he is not a liar. But Zan is not a cheater either. I'm sure it's all just a misunderstanding."said Brinka.

Shana kept quiet. She still didn't know what to think. It still hurt. She'd have to wait and see how she felt when they come home."

Zan couldn't wait to get off the ship. He's been restless ever since they got on it. His father noticed this and smiled. His son reminded him of himself when he was this age, wanting to see his mother. He wondered if it's also for the same reason.

"Something on your mind son?" asked the king.

"How much longer so you think it'll be father, before we get back to Antar?" asked Zan

"Less than an hour, I guess."

Zan nodded. Less than an hour. He could wait that long, he thought. He waited 2 weeks didn't he?

"Want to talk about it?" asked his father

"About what?" he said, looking at the old man.

"About the girl who's making my son all restless" he chuckled.

Zan blushed. He had no idea how his father could have known. He decided to remain quiet.

"So when do we get to meet her?"

"I...I don't know what you're talking about father." he said looking out the window, vaguely seeing their small planet.

"Zan, I know that you've been seeing a girl. Although I don't know why you wish to keep your relationship secret." said his father

Zan looked at him dumbfoundedly. Giving him a how-did-you-know look.

"Son, I'm king. I know everything!" laughed his father

Zan knew he was defeated. He could never hide anything from his father.

"I just.... I really miss her. I haven't seen her for 2 weeks and it's driving me crazy." confessed Zan

The king smiled. Glad that his son has opened up to him.

"I'm sorry if I've kept you away for so long my son. But if it's any consolation, there won't be any diplomatic trips for a while after this. I do hope we get to met this girl."

"I promise father. I'll bring her over to meet you, mother and vilandra." And before he could stop himself he added "...I want to marry her..."


Brinka almost collapsed from all the energy she spent giving Max and Liz the images. Togan helped his wife up to the couch and got her a glass of water.

"That was a pretty long image you sent there." said Togan as Brinka drank the water.

"I'm sorry. I guess I wanted to get them too see it all right away." apologized Brinka.

"Well, go ahead and rest. I'll check up on Max and Liz" he said as he got the binoculars from the table and looked out the window.

Max held Liz tight as the scene of him and his father talking were being played in his head. He held her tighter when he told him that he wanted to marry her. And as soon as the images stopped, he stirred, starting to awaken. Liz started to wake up to, revelling in Max's arms. They felt each other move and searched for each other's eyes.

They stared for a moment and together, they said...

"I had a dream.."

They giggled for saying it at the same time. They started to get up, knowing that it was probably late, and Max had to go home. But they decided to talk about the dream while it was still fresh in their memories.

They were surprised that they had the exact same dream! They could almost finish each other's sentences when talking about it. If Liz overlooked something, Max would add to it and they would both remember.

"This is getting weird, Max. What are the odds of having the same dream? Is it because we were together? or touching?"asked Liz, confused now more than ever.

"I don't know. I think we should ask Michael if he had the same dream. That would answer your question." said Max

"Good idea." said Liz as she closed her eyes to talk to Michael.

Before Max knew it, she was already talking to him.

Michael! you up?

Michael hit his head on his headboard. Startled at Liz's sudden presence in his mind.

Geez!.. I am now.... what do you want Liz, and this better be good!

Max and I were wondering if you had a dream just now. Cuz we did.

Gee, let me think, in order to dream, I'D HAVE TO BE SLEEPING! so obviously...

Are you getting sarcastic with me?
smiled Liz, with her eyes closed.

Max was wondering what she was smiling about. We're they kidding around? Max found it kinda odd that Michael would be in a good mood this time of the night.

I'm sorry for waking you Michael, but I just had to know. Max and I had the exact same dream. I just wanted to know if you had one too.

No, I didn't have a dream. What did you guys dream about?

We'll talk about it tomorrow, it's too long.

Don't you mean we'll talk about it later? Since it is already tomorrow, and people should be sleeping?

G'nite Michael!
she said cheerfully making him more grumpy

G'nite Michael... mimicking Liz's cheerful tone with a sarcastic one

Liz opened her eyes to see Max looking at her with an amused face.

"What?" she asked smiling.

"I didn't mean for you to ask him right this minute." he said

"I'm sorry, I guess I got all excited. But anyway, Michael said that he didn't have any dreams, So I guess we have to be touching to get the same dreams. Now the next question is will it work between you and Michael or me and Michael." said Liz contemplating.

Max cringed. The thought of him and Michael touching while sleeping didn't really appeal to him.

"Uh, I don't think we're ever going to find out if it works with me and michael." said Max

"Why not?" asked Liz confused "All you have to do is sleep toge..........oohhh..."

Liz started laughing at the mental picture that popped in her head of the 2 of them hugging each other while sleeping.

What the hell am I seeing in my head Liz?!?!


The next day at school, Liz was waiting for Maria by her locker when Tess approached her.

"Hi Liz!" Tess said cheerfully.

Liz was surprised. She still has to get used to their new 'friend' status.

"Hey, Tess." she smiled.

"So when do you want to work on those memory retrievals?"

"Uhm, I have work after school. Maybe after my shift?" asked Liz

"Ok, I'll meet you at the Crashdown later. See you at lunch!" said Tess leaving.

"See ya." Liz's eyes followed Tess walk away. She was starting to like the new Tess. She turned and saw Maria eyeing Tess with tiger eyes.

"I can't believe she's trying to be nice. It's so fake!" seethed Maria.

"Give her a chance Maria. Everybody deserves a second chance." said Liz

"You're too nice, chica. But for you, I'll give her a chance." smiled maria "Now let's get to class before Pam Troy starts babbling about us again!"
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Thanks for being patient guys!
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Thanks for all the great feedback! I didn't expect a lot! *happy*
Shelly 2 I kinda put the title as "UPDATED" so I didn't have to edit the title all the time (lazy) :D. I plan on updating often anyway. But if for some reason I don't update for a couple of days, I'll be sure to update the title! Thanks for liking the story.

I'm putting all the flashes in order so there will seem like that there is no confusion to what happened in the past *happy*


Liz and Maria were finishing up their shift at the Crashdown when Tess came in with Kyle. They sat down at their usual table, which was Maria's section fo today. Maria approached them with a smile. She promised Liz she will give this girl a chance and she will try.

"Hey guys, what can I getcha?" she said, her order pad and pen waiting.

"I'll have an Alien Blast" said Kyle

"Tess?" asked Maria

"Nothing for me, thanks. I'm just waiting for Liz to finish her shift." said Tess.

"Ok, so that'll be one Alien Blast. You better leave me a good tip Valenti, I'm saving up to get my hair done." joked Maria

"Well, I should get good service then!" he joked back

As Maria started to walk away, Tess called her.

"Uhm, Maria? If you don't mind my asking... what do you want to do with your hair?"

"Oh I dunno, maybe some highlights... and I kinda wanna lengthen it with extensions also." said Maria dreamily.

Tess got up from where she was sitting and whispered to Maria.

"Well, uhm... I can actually help you with that... If you'd let me" smiled Tess.

"What do you mean?" asked Maria

Tess smiled. Maria was obviously still unaware of the perks for having alien powers. Tess took Maria's hand and led her out back to the bathroom.

Liz watched with an amused face as Tess and Maria went to the back. Kyle went up to her by the counter for small talk when they both heard Maria scream! Kyle and Liz looked at each other horridly and ran to the back. Good thing there were no customers! Liz thought.

When they got to the back, they saw Tess sitting proudly on the couch with a big smile on her face and Maria dancing around in front of the mirror admiring her new long hair with highlights that seem to bring out the fairness of her skin.

"What the hell was all the screaming about?" asked Kyle worriedly.

"It was a scream of delight, Kyle. Maria likes her new hair do!" said Tess

Liz had to admit, Maria looked good! The hair suited her.

"You look pretty Maria!" said Liz happily

"Thank you chica! I think so too." said Maria, then she turned to Tess. "Thanks girl."

"You're welcome." said Tess. Maybe now she got Maria's good side.


"We can set up over here on the balcony, Tess" said Liz, tidying up the place.

"Ok, anywhere's fine."

"Ok, let's sit here on the lawn chair." said Liz. They sat daown facing each other, with an uncomfortable silence.

"So....." started Liz, "What do we do now?"

"Before we start, I just wanted to thank you for, in a way, standing up for me..." said Tess shyly

Liz was confused. "When did I stand up for you?"

"Back when you guys were telling us that you and Michael were twins, and I volunteered to teach you techniques, nobody trusted me. Especially Maria."

"Well, Maria's just trying to look out for me. She's very protective. I guess she still sees you as the girl who stole Max from me..." said Liz feeling a little uncomfortable for saying it out loud.

"Well, we've already resolved that haven't we?" asked Tess hopefully.

"Of course, Tess." she said sincerely.

"Good." she smiled "...Now let's get down to business."

"Looks like I'm just in time"

Both girls looked to the direction where the voice was coming from. They saw his figure jump over onto the balcony.

"Michael, what's up? asked Liz

"Just wanted to watch and see what memories you retreive." And to make sure you're safe, I'm sorry Liz, but I still don't trust her

Liz smiled at her brother's worry. Thanks

"Shall we start?" asked Tess. Liz and Michael nodded as Liz closed her eyes to concentrate.

Shana was out in the gardens taking a walk when 2 arms gripped her waist from behind. Startled, she turned around and instictively used her powers to make the vines in their garden wrap itself around the legs of her attacker, making the vines lift the person in the air feet first.

"Shana! it's me! it's me!" yelled Rath.

Shana, recognizing that it's her brother, couldn't help but laugh at Rath's position. Upside down, his arms waving wildly.

"Oh, I'm sorry Rath, you scared me" giggled Shana

"So you think this is funny?!? Why don't you help me down?"

With a wave of her hand, the vines immediately unlatched itself from Rath's legs, and gently put him down the ground. As soon as Rath was able to stand, Shana lunged herself at her brother into a hug.

"I've missed you!" smiled Shana

"Yeah, me too."

Liz apruptly opened her eyes wide. Her breath was ragged, and she had a mild headache. Michael was immediately at her side, worried.

"Liz, what's wrong?" he asked

"I remembered something...." said Liz


"So Liz saw the 2 of you?" asked Alex. The group decided to meet at Michael's apartment after Liz came out of the flashes. Michael decided that he couldn't wait til tomorrow to have everyone caught up.

"Yeah, and I'm sure it wasn't a mind warp that Tess did on her because that's what we've been seein all along." said Michael.

"Well, what was the memory all about?" asked Kyle

"Rath was coming home from-" Liz started

"Wait, whose Rath?" asked Isabel

"I am. I guess that was my name back then..." said Michael completely at awe at what's happening to them.

"Do you guys now what my name was?" asked Iz

"It was Vilandra," said Max, " was mentioned in one of my dreams from before"

Isabel stared at her brother. Her name was Vilandra... suddenly, she was confused at the situation.

"How come I'm not getting any dreams and the 3 of you are?" she said, wanting to remember some things from the past also.

"We're not sure, Iz. If you want, you and Tess can try those memory retrieval techniques..." said Max

"Can Tess do this with anyone" asked Maria, Cause if she can, I'd really like to know what my past life was about... you know.. who I was, if I was important, that kind of thing.."

"This isn't some thing we're doing for recreation, Maria. We're having these images for a reason, and it could be the key to our very existence, and you're there wanting to know your past life?" argued Michael.

"Hey, there's no need to bite my head off, Spaceboy! It was just a suggestion from one of us humans who are obviously very insignificant to this little circle of yours!" yelled Maria as she walked out slamming the door.

Everybody was silent after Maria's big outburst, the air was so thick you could cut it with a knife.


On her way out, Maria saw something hiding in the bushes looking into Michael's apartment. She walked closer to see if she can get a better look when, sudenly a figure jumped out and knocking her down. Maria screamed and watched the figure quickly run away.

Everyone inside the house heard her screams and everyone ran outside. They found Maria on the ground, and Michael immediately ran ro help her up.

"What happened? Are you okay?" he asked worriedly.

"There was someone watching us from out here....I saw him...or her.. I don't know it was too fast.. it knocked me over and ran away!" said a badly shaken Maria.

Looking at her bestfriend's state of shock, Liz instinctively walked over to her best friend and hugged her.

"Thank God nothing happened to you, Maria" sighed Liz.

"We shouldn't be meeting at Michael's place anymore. Looks like it won't be safe. Whoever was watching us tonight heard everything. They know that we're remembering our past and confused. Whoever they are, if they are enemies, they might think we're weak now and decide to attack." said Max

"Why would anyone want to spy on us?" asked Kyle

"When we activated the Orbs our...mother told us that we have enemies..." said Max

"I think that we should start practicing our powers now. With Liz developing powers, she can really be a big help to us." said Tess

"No!" said Max and Michael in unison

"We're not putting her in danger. She's still new at this." said Max

"For once we agree Maxwell," said Michael "I don't want Liz getting hurt either."

"That's why we practice, Michael so that she can get the hang of it." said Isabel.

"I'm willing to help anyway I can. I mean, If I'm an......alien, It should be okay." said Liz, approaching Max and holding his hand.

Max looked at her and couldn't hide the worry in his eyes. Tess and Isabel were right. They might need all the help they can get. He reluctantly nodded.

"We'll start practicing tomorrow" said Max

Michael was about to protest, but decided to keep quiet. He'll keep an eye out for her, he thought.

Thanks he heard in his head.


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Sorry if I didn't update a couple of days. I had to work!! Here's a chapter for ya...


Liz went home that night not wanting to wake her parents. She and Tess immediates went to Michael's after their memory retreival techniques, and she didn't have time to inform her parents. As she entered her room and turned on the lights, her mother was waiting for her on her bed.

"You want to tell me where you've been?" asked her mother

"Mom...... I was at Michael's...." said Liz

"Michael's? Our cook? Is he your boyfriend now?" she asked. This surprised her. She always thought that Max ghad her heart.

"No mom..." Lis smiled. She held back her laugh, she knew her mother was upset.

"Then what, sweetie? what going on? Yyou left right away tonight, not even telling us where you're going.."

"I'm sorry mom, something just suddenly came up" said Liz

"Liz, you're my daughter and I worry about you. You're my little girl...."

"Am I mom? Am I your little girl?" asked Liz looking at her mother's eyes.

Her mother was confused at the question.

"Of course you are, dear...why?" she asked looking away

"Mom, could you tell me about the day I was born?.. What was happened?" askd Liz. She's been wanting to know what her mother would tell her if she asked about that day.

"Th-the day you were born? Well, uhm.. it was a very happy day sweetie, uhm, you were the prettiest little girl we've ever seen" said her mother

"Which hopital was I born in?" asked Liz looking at her mother intently

Her mother suddenly yawned. "Let's talk about this tomorrow sweetie, it's getting late."

"Yea, ok mom. see you tomorrow." said Liz as her mother hugged her tight.

"I love you too sweetie, very much." she let go of Liz after a long hug and quietly left the room, closing the door.

Liz sighed. Should she tell her parents that she already knows everything? She wants to know how she was found, and where. She didn't hate them, in fact, knowing how much they loved her even though she was not their own child made her love them even more. She decided that she'll tell them. But one problem at a time, first she has to practice her powers tomorrow.


They were all in the dessert rocks standing around waiting for someone to start. They didn't have to be all there. Alex, Maria and Kyle didn't have powers to practice on, but they wanted to be there. Alex and Maria wanted to be there for Liz. They have grown up together and when they found out that one of their friends were not human, they were surprised. But Liz was still their best friend, and they will be there for her no matter what.

Kyle on the other hand was there for Tess also. He knows not everyone has accepted her, and he wanted to be there just in case she needed someone to talk to or take her side.

"So where do we start?" asked Isabel

"Uhm, I guess we should see if Liz can do a powerblast." said Max uncertainly

Michael snickered. He remembered his dream where Shana was trying to do a powerblast on a rock, and all it did was spark.

"What so funny Michael?" asked Liz

"I really doubt if you can do a powerblast, Liz." he said still smiling.

And like what Shana did before, Liz saw a small rock, and with a wave of her finger directly threw it at Michael.


Maria and Alex was dumbfounded, but started laughing nonetheless. Kyle, Isabel and Tess couldn't help but smile too.

"Looks like having powers may have its perks." said Alex

"Ok, let's get serious now, shall we?" said Michael

Max cleared his throat to hold back his laugh. "Ok Liz," he said "you think you can try?"

Liz nodded. Uncomfortable now that everyone was looking at her.

"Uhm, where....which rock?" she asked

"Whichever" said Michael, "the farthest one from me as possible."

Liz extended her arm, still feeling uncomfortable, she couldn't concentrate. Suddenly, she felt loving arms around her and she suddenly felt relaxed. She could hear Max whispering in her ear telling her what to do.

"Just close everything off sweetie, Let it just be you and the rock." whispered Max in her ear. He saw how distressed she was and he was in her side immediately.

Liz did excatly what he said as she felt power building up inside her body. It was like her blood was streaming so fast inside her body, she started breathing heavily, she closed her eyes to keep herself calm. She swallowed trying to keep her throat moist. She had all these energy in her body, but didn't know where to put it.

Max, seeing her eyes closed and breathing heavily, touched her arm and was sent flying a few feet away. Everyone was stunned and looked at Liz's form. She was still. Her arm extended and still breathing heavily. Michael felt a mild version of what she was feeling and had to hold on to a rock.

"We have to help her," Michael breathed heavily "She doesn't know what to do to the energy she generated"

"Nobody touch her!" yelled Tess "You'll just be like Max when he touched her."

"We have to do something!" yelled Maria, scared for her best friend.

"Michael! Use your connection with her! Tell her what to do!" said Isabel urgently

LIZ! Just push the energy out of you! Feel it leaving your body!

No answer.

"She's not responding! Like she doesn't hear me or something!"

Max, getting desperate at the situation, got an idea.

"Isabel, try dreamwalking her. She must be in some sort of trance. We need to get her out of there!" pleaded Max.

Seeing her brother beg was not a sight Isabel liked to see. Max didn't have to ask twice. She immediately took Liz's picture from Max's wallet and she started to dreamwalk her, with Alex holding her hand, like he always did.

Isabel found herself in a very bright place with no walls, ceiling and floors. It was like she was floating, but she was stepping on something. She called out for Liz

"Liz! Where are you?"


Isabel looked behind her and Liz was there. She was wearing a dress that Isabel thought was oddly familiar, but she knows she had never seen before. This was Liz but she looked a little different. Her hair was in a different way.

"Liz! Are you alright? We've been trying to get you to release all these pent up energy..."

Liz held up her hand and smiled.

"I know...." she said calmly "I don't know what's happening Isabel, I'm not hurt or anything, but ... I don't know..."

"Well, Max is worried sick. He just wants to be able to talk to you. Michael and Maria are also in hysterics. We all are. Let's get out of here Liz..." said Isabel.

Liz smiled and nodded.

Isabel woke up. All eyes, except Max's were on her. Max was still by Liz's side.

"She's gonna come out of it..." said Isabel

She looked at Alex and gave her a hug. Everybody looked over to Liz's direction. She suddenly opened her eyes. She didn't want to blast the rock because it would cause a big explosion. Instead, she made a sculptor using the rock. Like a lazer, she changed the image of the rock while everyone was watching in awe.

Once she was done, she put her arm down and looked at everyone, then at Max. When Max looked into her eyes, he saw she was back and lunged himself to her in a big hug. He couldn't help himself. With all the emotion he felt he picked her up in the middle of their hug. He buried himself in her hair, then kissed her all over her face, glad that she has returned to him, mind and body. Nothing needed to be said, his actions said it all for him.

Once Max let go of her, Michael was next in line. Max was reluctant to let her go, but Michael couldn't be stopped. But not before giving Max a look of "how-dare-you-kiss-my-sister-like-that"

"You alright?" asked Michael

Flattered with all the concern she was getting, Liz smiled. "Yeah, I'm fine."


Liz blinked in surprise. Michael was really angry. She could feel it. But she knew that it was all because of worry. He didn't want to lose his sister so soon after her just met her.

Max was about to step up to stand up for Liz, but Maria beat him to it. As soon as Michael stopped yelling, she easily slapped him behind the head.

"What is wrong with you Michael? Quit yelling at her.." said Maria as she hugged her best friend.

Isabel was next to talk to her. She wasn't sure what she saw inside Liz's head, she's never seen that in all the times she had dreamwalked people. It was...alien

"Liz, what was that?" asked Isabel

"I .... I don't was like I had all these powers...."

"What was what?" asked Max his eyes full of concern

"When I entered Liz's mind, it was like I was in another plane. It was weird. I never saw anything like that before." said Isabel

"My question is, what is that Liz sculpted with the rock?" asked Tess, "It...looks familiar"

Everyone looked towards the sculptor that Liz formed. It did look familiar, thought Max.

"What is that Liz?" asked Kyle really intrigued

"I'm......not...sure..." said Liz

"Why didn't you just blast the rocks?" asked Michael

"I didn't want to create a big explosion. It might catch attention." she said

"Oh, and this won't?" said Michael pointing at the image.

Liz didn't answer. Maybe she was wrong. Maybe she should've just blasted the rocks. Now there was a permanent fixture for everyone to see.

"Why don't we all just go home? I think we've had enough for today" said Alex, putting his arm around Isabel

"I agree, at least if this doesn't work out, Liz could do something inthe field of art" said Kyle, Seeing what happened scared the hell out of him so he needed to make jokes, but Tess held onto his hand the whole time just to assure him that she was there, and she was going to take care of him.


On the way home was the only time Max spoke to Liz.

"Liz, what happened back there? What was Isabel saying?" said Max, while keeping his eye on the road.

"I really don't know Max, I was feeling all this energy and I didn't know what to do with it. Then I found myself in this plane with Isabel. But the thing was, I wasn't scared or anything. I was calm. Like I've come home. It was a familiar feeling. Like I was meant to feel that way.." said Liz

Max just listened to what she was saying. There was no doubt in his mind now that Liz was one of them. If this all felt familiar to her, then she must have been one of them before..right?
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Author's note: This is my version of Season 2, but it may contain some stuff from the episodes. Here's another part for you guys. thanks for all the feedback! keep 'em coming! I know you have a lot of questions, they will all be answered in time. Thanks!


Liz has been practicing her powers for a while now. Sometimes it would be just Max and her, or Michael and her. They would always go on the same spot where she made the sculpture. They all knew it was familiar to them, but none of them could figure out that it was. They decided to remove the sculpture from the rocks. It might catch unwanted attention. So one afternoon, Max and Michael erased it. It took them a while because it was really big, which baffled them. Liz made the sculpture in seconds and the 2 of them took a while to undo what she did. Her powers must be very strong.

Having alien powers really had its perks. Liz would always use it to re-heat things for her and Maria, or clean something up. She was always careful to use it when nobody is around or looking. She really didn't want to make things a big deal. Liz and Michael's relationship seemed better now. They have accepted themselves as brother and sister, and growing up without siblings, they'r really enjoying each other's company. They squabble like regular siblings do, but the love was never forgotten. Both of them secretly thankful that they have found each other.

Brinka noticed this and was really happy that her 'charges' were finally aware of each other. She would always eat at the Crashdown as an old lady and watch Michael and Liz interact. It really reminded her of what they used to be. She was watching them with an amused smile at her usual table when she heard someone clear her throat. She looked up and saw Maria standing beside her with her notepad.

"Are you ready to order Ma'am?" asked Maria. She's been standing there for almost a minute. She followed the old lady's gaze and it fell on Michael and Liz. The old lady looked harmless enough, but what was that goofy smile on her face.

"Oh I'm sorry child, I wasn't paying attention to the menu. I'll just have a cup of tea, please." said Brinka.

"Will that be all?" asked Maria.

"Yes." said Brinka, still looking at Liz and Michael laughing at something.

"If you don't mind me asking, why are you staring at my friends?"

"Oh, was I staring?" said Brinka, she couldn't help herself. "I'm sorry, I guess they just, uh, reminded me of my grandkids."

"Ok, well, I'll have your tea in a minute." said Maria walking off. That was weird, she thought.

Max walked in and his eyes, out of habit, searched for the figure he always looked for. He found her by the conter talking with Michael and Maria. His heart made that all too familiar skip. Even with her waitress uniform, she looked really cute. He'd spent a lot of time here after school before just staring at her. He had managed to find out what her tables are and always managed to sit in them.

Brinka saw Max enter the restaurant and focused on only one person. Liz. As soon as he entered, Brinka noticed that Max didn't look at anyone else at the crashdown. He just immediately looked for her. Looks like things are going pretty well for the young couple, as she watched Max and Liz kiss hello's. They way he held her while they were kissing was really tight, like he couldn't let her go.

Now that Michael and Liz know each other. It's time to tell Togan to have them see more images. Images of what happened at their planet. Why they are all here and who Liz really is. It wasn't a happy image, but they need to know. Brinka left the Crashdown determined to talk to Togan.

"She left without drinking her tea!" said Maria holding onto the cup.

"Who?" asked Liz looking at the direction Maria was looking.

"That old lady, I mean, she seems harmless, but she totally freaks me out! She was really staring at you and Michael a while ago.." said Maria

Max looked at the lady's form and recognized who it was.

"She's harmless Maria, her name is Grandma Davis. She doesn't live far from here." said Max while wrapping his arms around Liz's waist.

"How do you know her?" asked Michael

"I met her before, helped her carry her groceries."

"Well, arent' you the little boy scout.." said Maria. "..I guess I better dumo this tea in the sink. No one's gonna drink it."

"LIZ?" They all heard Mr. Parker call Liz's name from the apartments upstairs. He seemed very excited and they heard his foorsteps coming down.

Max reluctantly let go of Liz. It wouldn't be right to have her father catch him embracing her like that.

"I'm in here, dad!" yelled Liz back.

"Liz! This is so great! I was just talking to a friend of mine from college and he can get you a job working for Congresswoman Whitaker! This would really look good in your college application from Harvard!" said her father

"What kind of job?" asked Liz

"You know, answering phones, typing, making appointments, that kind of stuff."

"That would be great dad, but what about the Crashdown?" asked Liz

"Oh, we can always get another waitress! This is an opportunity of a lifetime! Her office is really close, the pay isn't much, but you'd be after the experiece! What do you say honey?"

"Uhm, well, I guess it would be alright." said Liz

"GREAT! I'll call my friend back right now so he can set it up!" said Mr Parker as he left for the apartments to call.

"This is great Liz! I'm so happy for you. I'll be sad that we won''t be working together, but this is a great opportunity!" said Maria as she hugged her friend.

"Who is this Whitaker chick?" asked Michael

"She's not just some chick Michael, she's our Congresswoman! She makes laws and stuff" said Maria

Max frowned and tried to think of the name, he then suddenly remembered.

"Is she the same Whitaker that wanted to keep the Special Unit alive?" said Max

"What?!?" said Michael "You're not working there." pointing at Liz

"Michael, what am I going to tell my dad? 'Gee dad, can't work there, she doesn't like aliens'..." mocked Liz

All 4 of them were quiet. They really had no choice but to let Liz work there. They all ust decided to keep an eye for things.

Brinka came home and shifted to her base form. She looked for Togan and found him reading the newspaper.

"Togan, I think it's time we showed them what happened on Antar."

"Why do you think so?" asked Togan

"Because they already know each other. I think showing them what happened will end all the confusion that they're having. With Zan and Vilandra seeing the message the Orb provided them, they're more confused now as to what Liz is to them." said Brinka

Togan sighed. "If you think so..... Who do we sen the images to?"



Liz started her frst week at her new job with no problems. Congressowoman Whitaker seemed nice and she was glad to have an assistant. Max would usually come by to see her on her breaks to be with her, and also, to look out for her. As Max left the office, Whitaker buzzed Liz to go to her office.

"Hi Liz, I was wondering if you could file these for me." she said handing Liz a few documents.

"Sure." as Liz was about to turn and walk away, Whitaker spoke.

"So.... that's the boyfriend huh?" she smiled.

"Uhm,...yeah.." said Liz looking not looking at her. She blushed.

"Don't be embarassed, he's really cute."

"Thanks." Liz was about to leave when Whitaker spoke again.

"How long have you known each other? I"m sorry for asking I just thought I'd get to know you better, I wanted to take a break from all the work I've been doing." said the Congresswoman.

"No, it's okay." said Liz

"Why don't you sit down Liz, we can have a little girl talk."

Liz sat down in front of Whitaker. Liz was a little uncomfortable answering these questions about her relationship with Max, but if she declines it might seem weird. She just has to make sure that her and Max's relationship seemed like the normal teen stuff. If this woman was suspecting Max, she can try to sway her thinking.

"So how long have you know Max?"

"Since we were kids...." smiled Liz, Normal....max is just a normal kid...

"Really? That's nice. You must know him vey well." smiled Whitaker

"Oh yeah, ..uhm....we sorta grew up together." Am I doing the right thing here?

Are you talking to me?

Later, Michael. She's asking me stuff about Max

What?!? Don't tell her anything!


Are you okay? I mean, are you hurt?

Fine. I just need to concentrate on her for now. Talk to you later.

You better...


"Hmm?" said Liz her attention not fully on the woman.

"I asked you what kind of a boyfriend Max is...Are you okay? You seemed pre-occupied."

"I'm fine. Max is a great boyfriedn. Very romantic and sweet. But I just rememberred I need to fix some other files before I file these or else everything will be a mess." said Liz as she started to get up and leave the office.

"Okay, we'll talk again later?" asked Whitaker.

"Yeah, sure." said Liz closing the door.


Isabel's birthday was coming up and everyone agreed to help with the surprise party. It was decided that it was to be held at the Crashdown. Everyone, espacially Alex was busy planning. He wanted this to be perfect. Liz entered the Crashdown, coming home from work when she saw Alex, Maria, Kyle and Tess seated at a booth planning.

"Hey all" she smiled as she approached them.

"Liz! Good, you're here, I need you to be in charge of decorating the place. Since your parents own it, I'm sure you'll know what whould be moved and how things will go.." said Alex, in his take charge voice.

"Yeah, sure, Alex." said Liz

Michael entered the dining area from the kitchen, and once he saw Liz, took her arm and led her out back without even looiking at anyone.

"What was that about? asked Kyle

"Who knows?" said Maria. She has gotten used to her best friend and boyfriend's relationship. She knows that they have a strong connection, and decided to not think about it. She's glad that the man she loves has found someone to call family now. Michael has been easier to get along with since he found out about Liz being his sister.

"I'm sure if it was important they'd tell us, but right now, I need to figure out what gift to get Isabel. What are you getting her Alex?" said Tess.

"Well, I'm not getting her an object, it's more'll see." he said proudly

Maria laughed at Alex. She knew what he wanted to do at her party and she excitedly agreed that it would be fun! She heard the ring of the door of the Crashdown and her eyes grew.

"Isabel alert!" she whispered.

Everybody looked in her direction and Alex, quickly pocketed the piece of paper he was holding containing the guest list and their respective duties.

"What's going on guys?" smiled Isabel, looking at each person an the table.

"Nothing..." said Maria

"We were discussing Buddha and his great enlightenment techniques." said Kyle

Everyone looked at him and frowned.


Liz just followed Michael's lead when he dragged her out of rhe dining area. She's learned that it was useless to fight it when he's like this. She'll just hurt herself. Once they were at the back, he let her arm go and looked at her.

"What happened?"

"She was just asking me all these things about Max. Like how long we've been together and how well I know him. Stuff like that."

"And what did you tell her?"

"I told her that I've known Max all my life and that we grew up together."

"Damn! She's sure to think you know stuff about Max if she suspects him! She might use you to get to him. You might be put in danger. Didn't you realise that?" said Michael

"I was trying to give the impression that since she thinks I'm human, and I grew up with Max, she will think that Max is human also!" argued Liz

Michael looked around and started to whisper. "But you're not human! What if she suspects you also?!?" hissed Michael

"She doesn't...I'm...I'm sure of it,..." said Liz

"You didn't sound sure a while ago and you certainly don't sound sure now."

Liz looked down. Did she do the right thing? Maybe she shouldn't have accepted the job in the first place. She sighed.

Seeing her distress, Michael pulled her into a quick hug and kissed her noggin.

"It's alright. We'll figure this out." he smiled sympathetically.

"I'm sorry Michael."

"For what?" he looked at her confused

"I don't know..." smiled Liz

Michael put his arm around her as they went to the dining area to join their friends.

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anyway, now I'm back *happy* Here's a chapter for ya! The next few chapters are important to the story, and since this is my first fanfic, please leave your opinions and feedbacks! They really help me keep the story less confusing! *happy*


That night, Togan and Brinka were talking on what to do. They knew that the image they were going to be sending was pretty long and it would take a lot of energy. So it was good that they were only sending it to one person, and that both of them could work on it. They sat down and fromtheir apartment, concentrated on Michael's sleeping form

Shana was walking the gardens one afternoon. Rath was with Togan practicing again. Their practices have become more frequent. This made Shana really nervous. There was a time when Rath mentioned that the King of Antar had a lot of enemies, and we may be going to war. Shana was scared for Zan. He was the first thing that came to mind when he heard about the King having enemies. She was to meet him in few minutes so he can take her to meet his parents. She missed him terribly. She wondered if this is what it felt like to be in love. She felt so miserable the few days they were arguing. She thought back to the day when Rath and Zan arrived from their 2 week trip.

Shana hugged her brother tightly, missing him terribly.

"I should leave more often! I got the same special treatment from Togan and Brinka" laughed Rath

"Silly!" Shana said as she slapped his shoulder

"Zan's here. He said he wanted to see you as soon as we got off the ship. I asked him why, but he wouldn't tell me." said Rath quietly

Shana looked at her brother's eyes, then looked down. She felt silly keeping their relationship a secret from her brother. She knew she could tell him everything. She remained silent.

"Shana, you know you can tell me if you love Zan... I wouldn't oppose." said Rath

Shana looked at her brother, close to tears.


"OF course! Where would you get such a silly idea that I would? My best friend and my sister together? I'd be your biggest fan!" joked Rath

"Oh Rath! Thank you!" hugged Shana, then she remembered what her brother had told her before, and her smile faded. "But.... I'm afraid it's too late now. He seems to have found another girl while he was at that party you told me about..."

"You mean, that girl...Ava?"

"Ava? My friend Ava?" said Shana surprised.

"Yeah, she approached me and told me that she knew you. I...actually owe you an apology. I was the one that made them dance together." said Rath

"But Ava knows about me and Zan. She couldn't be interested in him..." said Shana thinking. She trusted Ava with her life. She couldn't be a backstabber. It suddenly all came clear to her. It was all just a misunderstanding.

"So I guess you're the reason why Zan was such lousy company these past 2 weeks? He was always so depressed and when I asked him about it, he wouldn't tell me." said Rath finally realizing that Zan missed his sister while they were away.

"What do you mean he was depressed?" asked Shana

"He was always moping around, looking at the stars! He was just so sullen." said Rath

Shana missed him more now than ever. Hearing all these things made her want to see Zan so much, she had tears in her eyes. Rath saw this and stroked his sister's back.

"Why don't you go see him? He's in the den." said Rath softly

Shana looked at him and smiled a 'thank you' to her brother then ran towards the palace.

Zan heard footsteps coming towards the room he was in. He didn't care who found out about the 2 of them. He just wanted to sweep Shana into his arms and hold her forever. When he saw who the footsteps belong to, they stared at each other's eyes. Longing. Love.
Zan was the first to move and ran towards her. Shana met him halfway and when they were finally in each other's arms, Zan twirled her around and kissed her passionately. Shana, feeling all the love she had ever felt, kissed him back.

Rath watched from the doorway. He was happy for his sister and best friend. As long as he doesn't hurt her.

*end flashback*

Shana smiled at the memory. Now that everyone knew about them, it was only a matter of time before they were married. This made Shana's heart skip a beat! She was to marry the man she loved so dearly! She couldn't be happier, thought Shana as she held onto a flower that was just blooming.

"Hey gorgeous..."

She turned and saw Zan staring at her. She ran to give him and hug and he gave her a most passionate kiss.

"Mmmmm" said Zan "nice..."

"Shall we go? I'm really excited about meeting your parents and sister." said Shana

"Sure, but I wanted to speak with Rath first." said Zan

"Oh he's not here. He's at practice."

"Ok, some other time then...Shall we?" Asked Zan as he offered his arm

"Let's go" smiled Shana.

On the way to the palace, Zan told her about his family.

"I'm sure mother and father are going to love you." said Zan

"Do you really think so?"

"Of course!"

"What about Vilandra?" asked Shana. She has heard some stories about Princess Vilandra. That she was very cold. A complete opposite of her brother.

"Vilandra is a nice person. You just have to get to know her. I admit she's not very appealing at first. But once you get close to her, she can be your bst friend." said Zan

"I hope so." smiled Shana.

As the vehicle stopped, a bodyguard came to open the door for them, when suddenly, somebody screamed and the bodyguard suddenly collapsed to the ground dead. Then, a second after, all these lasers were being shot from left to right.

Zan immediately went to Shana's side to shield her from the blasts. He immediately put his hand up and started blasting at his enemies. There were a lot of them, and his soldiers suddenly came to their rescue. After a grueling hour of fighting, it finally subsided. Zan held onto Shana tightly, scared for her life. He didn't care if he got hurt, as long as she was safe.

Shana was in tears. She felt so scared and helpless. She held onto Zan tightly.

"Are you alright, my love?" asked Zan

"fine...I'm fine." she said meekly as a general approched them.

"Your majesty, are you alright? We're glad that their attempt to assassinate you failed." said the general as he eyed his future bride. Zan had already told everyone in their palace that he planned to marry Princess Shana. Big mistake, thought the general.

"General Khivar, We're fine. What about the others? Is my family alright?" asked Prince Zan.

"Yes sire,. They were not able to penetrate the palace." said the general.

Zan nodded and turned to Shana. "Maybe I should take you home. It's not safe and I doubt my father will have time to meet you today."

Shana nodded, unable to speak. She has never witnessed this kind of violence before and was traumatized.

"Your majesty," bowed the general, "we will take her home."

"NO. I will take her home" said Zan

"With all due respect sire, we cannot let you leave the palace. There was just an attempt to have you assassinated."

"You can't LET me? I'm sorry general, but I am taking her home. No arguements."

The general wanted to object, but decided against it. There will be other times when we can get to her, he thought.


Zan and Shana walked to her door when Rath suddenly came screaming.


"I'm fine, I'm right here!" said Shana

Rath saw his sister and ran to her. He hugged her tightly. When he heard that there was an assassination attempt, his blood ran cold. He knew his sister was with the royals. Shana hugged her twin brother back. She fel t how scared he was. She was scared too. Zan stood back and let them have their moment. Once Rath was convinced that he certainly was holding his sister, he let her go and approached his friend.

"Are you alright, man?" asked Rath seriously.

"Fine. I was more scared for Shana than myself" said Zan, touched by his friend's concern for him.

Rath nodded. He knew then how much Zan loved his sister. He was glad to know that whatever happened, Zan would not let any harm come to his sister. The 2 men stared at each other at that unspoken understanding. They shook hands and shared a brief hug.

Zan cleared his throat, and was first to let go. "I have to go back home to check on my family. I'll talk to you both soon."

Rath nodded, and Shana went to give him a hug. He kissed her on her forehead before he headed out.

Everybody was in a frenzy when Zan arrived at his home. He immediately looked for his family, and was thankful to find his parents and sister talking. Once seeing him, his mother immediately stood up and embraced him.

"I'm glad you're safe, my son." said the queen

"Thank you mother, I was so worried." said Zan

Vilandra came to hug him as their mother let go.

"Are you alright?" asked Zan, and she nodded almost in tears.

"I was so scared. I didn't know what to do when they wanted to enter the palace." said Vilandra.

"What happened my son?" asked his father

"I don't know. It all happened to fast. I was taking Shana here to meet you, when suddenly all these explosions were around us. It all started fast, but it was a long time before it ended. I thought we were already at war." said Zan

"Not yet..." said the King. "But this incident definitely means that we are going to be. We can't just stand around and let them bully us like this. What I want to know, is how did they know when to attack. How did they know you were out of the palace? The Royal family's whereabouts are always kept secret."

"That's a good point father. The servants never know until the last minute what our plans for the day are. That doesn't really give them enough time to plan an assassination." said Zan thinking.

"May I be excused?" asked Vilandra suddenly "all this talk has made me dizzy, I want to lie down"

"I agree, I think this is the kind of discussion only the men should discuss" said the queen, standing up also.

Zan kissed his mother on the cheek as the 2 men watch the 2 women leave.


Vilandra entered her room and sighed angrily. He went against our plan! She paced back and forth in her room waiting for Khivar to enter through her balcony. When he got there, she was furious at him.

"That was not our plan!" hissed Vilandra

"I know, it got out of hand." whispered Khivar

"You were not supposed to attempt an assassination on my brother!! Only his future wife!!" whispered Vilandra angrily.

"When the rebels saw Zan, they wanted to go for the gold...what can I say, I can't blame them" smiled Khivar

"What?!? I told you when I agreed to do this that none of my family will be hurt physically. That was our agreement." said Vilandra

"We do this the way we planned, or I'm out." said Vilandra, stading her ground.

"Out?... that would mean that you would stay away from me.... Can you do that Vilandra?" asked Khivar seductively, as he whispered in her ear. "We're in love. People in love cannot stand to be away from each other...."

Vilandra gulped. She was in love with this man so much. When he first told her that he was beginning to understand the rebels, she completely disagreed. They didn't know how to resolve their problems except with violence. But, spending time with Khivar, she understood them, but only on a certain level. All the help she was giving them was solely because of Khivar.

"Next time," said Khivar "we won't go for your brother. We only want them to give up the throne. We don't want them dead."

He was lying of course.

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After Khivar left Vilandra's quarters, he met with the rebels at their underground meeting place.

"YOU FOOLS! The target was right there! And you couldn't even scratch him?!?!" yelled Khivar angrily at his soldiers

"We apologize sir, but we were outnumbered by the soldiers that suddenly appeared."

"How many times do I have to tell you that if the Future King of Antar will die, it would be so easy to get the throne from the old man?!? I don't know how long I can keep Pincess Vilandra under my wing. She's getting testy. We need to act soon." said Khivar thinking

"What if we hit the prince where it really hurts, general?" said one soldier.

"What do you mean?" asked Khivar

"Let's really do what you told Princess Vilandra we would do. Kill Princess Shana."

"What good would that do?!? She isn't important!" said Khivar

"But general, If we kill her, the Prince would be heartbroken. He would be a much easier target if his thoughts were somewher else."

Khivar thought of this for a while. He tried to remember the face of their next victim. Long brown hair, dark brown soulful eyes. Beautiful, he thought. Zan sure does know how to pick them. Oh well, war is war.

"So be it." said Khivar

"Brinka, brinka, are you alright?" asked Togan, as she started to breathe heavily.

"I'm fine," whispered Brinka. "But I need you to take over now. I'm starting to weaken"

"Alright, I'll continue. Just relax."

Brinka opened her eyes and went to the couch to lie down. She hated these images that were going to be sent next...

*Author's Warning: Violence on next part*

Shana and Zan continued to talk to each other everyday since the assassination attempt. Although it was still dangerous for Zan to leave the palace, he made it a point that they spoke everyday through teleprompter. It wasn't enough, but it would do for now.

Rath, who is going to be second in command, had to practice more now than ever. Now that they will definitely be going to war, he needs all the practice they can get. Shana, on the other hand, was being told to practice, but she always opposed so they never really pushed her. They all knew she was still traumatized by what happened.

So Shana had all these free time to herself. She usually does not leave their property, so she just rode her horse around. She missed spending time with Zan, but if it meant that they have to stay apart for a while so that he will be safe, then she would not complain. Shana's parent's property was pretty big, so she had a lot of ground she could cover. Horsebackriding was one of her favorite hobbies, that is why she is so good at it. Often she would pick flowers while walking her horse, which is what she decided to do now. She thought her horse needed her rest because of the vigorious workout she put it through.

Unbeknownst to her, she was being watched by one of Khivar's soldiers. He smiled evilly at his victim. She was really a beautiful girl. Too bad Khivar wanted her dead, just to hurt Prince Zan. Maybe he could have a little fun with her before he kills her. It would be a shame to let such beauty go to waste. She would die without knowing the pleasures of the flesh, he thought.

While the young princess was busy looking for flowers, the soldier in catlike grace snuck behind her. The princess had no idea what was going on. Suddenly hard calloused hand held her mouth shut, and she could feel hot breath behind her ear. Shana's eyes widened! Her heart started to beat repidly! The soldier had one his one hand covering her mouth and the other holding her arm behind her back. Shana raised her free hand so the whip on her horse's saddle would hit her attacker. With her powers, the whip started to pound on the soldier's head repeatedly, one blow stronger than the other. The soldier let go, his head hurting. With both of Shana's hands free, she used her powers to throw anything possible at her attacker. Objects non stop were being thrown at the soldier, but being a male Antarian, he was strong and had practiced his powers more often than Shana. So, with one raise of his hand, he sent her flying hitting her head hard on a boulder.

Shana was unconcious, her head bleeding. The soldier, angry for all the hurt she cause him, raised his hand and made all the blood in her brain seep out through her open head wound. In a short time, she was dead. The soldier was satisfied, then cursed himself for not having his way with her before he killed her. He had a lot of bruises and bumps on his head, but he thought that he already had his revenge. General Khivar would be please with him. We came here to do the job, and the job was done. He hoped to be promoted because of this.

He smiled when he suddenly thought of something that would really upset the future King Zan. With the Princess' blood, he wrote a little note on her body, exposing her creamy chest. Afraid that the note might get erased when the blood dried up, he decided to carve the note on her chest instead. He then put the body on her horse, and pointed it on the way back to the palace. He smiled, watching the horse gallop back to its all familar route. He couldn't wait until the news breaks out.

Togan and Rath arrived from their training sessions in good spirits. Rath has made great progress with his powers. With his concentration and the way he used his powers, he could take out an army of 30 just by himself. We would really be a great asset to the war.

Rath rushed inside to look for Shana tell tell her of hi progess. Instead he found Brinka in the kitchen.

"Where's Shana?" he asked, his heart was beating rapidly, he didn't know why.

Brinka smiled, looking at the young prince.

"She went horsebackriding. I'm sure she'll be back soon, she's been gone for a long time." she said looking at the window. She saw something far away and tried to focus her eyes on it. It seemed to be a figure of a horse.

"My eyes are really getting worse," she said to Rath, "I think I see her horse coming back from the woods" pointing at the figure.

Rath went beside her and looked out the window. He did see Shana's horse, but no one was riding. He suddenly felt a cold chill up his spine.

"Shana...." he breathed

Seeing his pale face, Brinka asked him what was wrong. Rath bolted out of the kitchen yelling his sister's name. Togan heard all the commotion and ran to his wife, seeing her going after Rath.

"What's going on Brinka?" asked Togan

Brinka looked at her husband wide eyed and scared. She was about to tell him that she wasn't sure what was going on when they both heard a blood-curdling scream. They both ran outside and found Rath holding his sister's body on the ground.

"NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!" screamed Rath as hot tears fell from his cheeks. He looked down at her face, and tried to wake her. His hands searched her face for some sign of life. But there was none.

Brinka and Togan looked on in surprise. Brinka suddenly hugged her husband crying. She couldn't bear to see the princess in such a state. She left their home beautiful and full of life. Only to come back as a bloody corpse.

Rath was not crying openly. He cried like a little child holding his sister's lifeless body in his arms. He buried his face in her neck and started rambling.

"Who did this to you sis?.....Please don't leave me...I need you....Shana, please wake up...please..." he sobbed. His tears would not stop flowing.

Togan, wanting to cry out himself, knew he had to control the situation. He gently let go of his waife and asked him to call the proper authorities to handle a funeral. Also asked that a doctor be brought to examine the body. Brinka relunctantly left, weeping into her hands.

Togan approached Rath and put his hand on his shoulder. "Let's get her body inside, son."

But Rath would not let her go. He was holding her so tight. He was still hoping that there was still some sign of life in her, and if he let her go, that small sign would fade away. Togan had to help him up, but he just would not let go of Shana's body.

"Rath, let me get her inside. It isn't right for her to stay out here."

Rath looked at him with his tear stained face, and was reluctant to move. He suddenly spoke.

"The killer....he....wrote something on her chest.....I can tell you what it is....I...just don't want anyone else to....... see her body like that......." he said between sobs.

Togan understood, and nodded. He went inside and got a blanket to give to Rath. Togan then turned around so that he could cover up Shana. Rath laid her body on the ground and tried to button up her dress. When he saw that the buttons were torn off, he sneered and clenched his fists. If the killer were to walk in on that moment, Rath could kill him with his 2 hands, no powers needed. He knew that sort of violence his sister had to go through to die. He felt the bumps on her head, and could tell that she died because of head injuries. After Rath wrapped her up with the blanket, he carried her inside.

They laid her on her bed and waited for the doctors and other attendants to arrive to care and clean up her body. When they arrived, Rath never left her sister's side. When the time came for her body to be cleaned, Rath still stayed, and when it came for the part to clean her chest area, Rath made everyone leave and cleaned it up himself. He didn't want anyone to remember his sister this way. He wanted their memory of her to be perfect. He didn't worry about his memory of her. To him, she will always be perfect.

When it was time to dress her, Brinka brought in Shana's favorite gold dress. This dress always brought out her eyes and the glow of her face. The doctors were able to patch up and heal the wounds on her head, so she was back looking close to normal. Rath was dressed his sister, with the help of Brinka, careful not to let her see Shana's chest area. After all the work, Shana looked like a sleeping doll. She looked so peaceful and beautiful. It was only now when Rath was able to tear himself away from her.

He left his sister's room and found Togan standing outside. Both men's eyes were swolen from crying, and they strated to cry again when they hugged. They both lost someone very special to them. If only they had known that this morning was the last time they would see her smile, hear her laugh, hug her and be hugged back, they would have never left for training.

"Maybe we should call Zan, and tell him tha bad news." said Togan.

"Zan is to never see my sister's body..." said Rath fiercely, his fists clenched.

"What? But they were to be married, surely he would want to see her." said Togan

Rath was quiet. He looked away from the old and looked out the window. Tears started to fall from his eyes. They wouldn't stop. He tried blinking them away but the tears kept flowing.

"....It was because of him ... that's why Shana was killed...."choked out Rath

Togan's eyes frowned. A political murder? Shana had nothing to do with all the politics going around. Could her death be such a waste?

"How do you know, Rath?"

"Those bastards carved something on her chest.... a message to prince zan" he said bitterly "The message said.....'a beautiful gift for our prince zan'...."

Togan buried his face in his hands. How could anyone kill someone so sweet, so pure, so innocent, because of some political problem? Such a waste.....

"I blame him for what happened!" yelled Rath, not able to hold in his emotions, "If he just stayed away from my sister, this never would have happened! she would be alive! I would.....still....have a....sister..." he sobbed, crying into his palms.

Togan knew that this was not Prince Zan's fault. But he would not argue with Rath now. He was still in pain. They all were. He will let it pass for now, and speak to Rath when he is more calm.

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Thanks for all the feedback! Bubbles, to answer your question, Shana and Rath really couldn't speak telepathically back in Antar, they can only do it as Liz and Michael on earth. I thought it would be better that way. I'm not really into scientific stuff, but I'm thinking that being on earth as Antarian twins would make them connect telepathicaly.

Thanks for the question!


Michael awoke from his dream. He felt sweat drip down his face. He wiped it but more came. When he suddenly realized it was not sweat. It was tears. He was crying. He remembered his dream. Every single detail. He felt devastated. He wanted to see Liz, more than anything. It was morning now, and his shift didn't start til eleven, but he had to see her. He had just found out how he lost his sister in his dreams, and he wasn't about to let her out of her sight!

He quickly got dressed and left for the Crashdown. He had a heavy feeling in his heart ever since he woke up and he knew it would disappear once he sees Liz alive and well. He entered the Crashdown through the back. He parked his bike and ran to enter the backdoor.

He saw Jose on the grill and Maria getting ready to start her shift, when she saw the look on Michael's face.

"Michael? What's wrong? you look terrible!" said Maria worriedly.

Michael gave her a hug. He needed to feel loved at the moment. That he wasn't alone.

"I had such a horrible dream Maria......where's Liz?" he asked.

"Probably upstairs getting dressed..why?" she asked, she's never seen him so vulnerable, except the time he was still having trouble with Hank.

"I need to see her....I...I need to know if she's alright." he said almost in tears.

When he heard someone coming down the stairs, he looked up and saw Liz coming down in her office attire. She was to work at Whitaker's office today for four hours. Once he saw her, he met her halfway the steps and gave her the biggest hug! Liz was shocked, but felt Michael's pain and sadness, so she just hugged back. She didn't know why he was like this, but she knew what she was feeling so she tried to comfort him.

"It's okay, Michael....." she soothed, as she rubbed his back.

Michael started to cry once he heard Liz's voice. He couldn't help himself. He buried himself in her shoulder and started to bawl. He knew he looked stupid or crazy right now, but he didn't care. He lost his sister once, he wasn't going to lose her again. Having that dream, he re-lived what happened what he felt. Waking up from the dream was a relief. At least now, he knew that his sister was alright and alive.

Liz looked at Maria, who was silently watching from afar. She looked at Liz with a what's-going-on look, and Liz just shook her head slowly to signal that she didn't know. But she knew what Michael was feeling was all genuine. She was feeling it too. It was so strong that she started to get teary-eyed. She didn't know what to do.

Maria, seeing the look on her friend's face, decided to help her out. she went up the stairs, to where they met and helped them get down.

"C'mon Michael, why don't we sit here on the couch..." said Maria

Michael let go of Liz long enough to do what Maria said . They sat on the couch, Michael in between Maria and Liz. Michael still had tears in his eyes, and started to wipe them when Alex came in from the dining area.

"Hey, what's a guy got to do to get some service around here...." joked Alex. It was a saturday and he usually ate his breakfast at the Crashdown during the weekends.

When he saw the 3 pairs of eyes looking at him, he held up his hands.

"Whoa, talk about tension. What's going on?" asked Alex.

"Is there a problem?"
Everyone looked behind Alex to see the person who spoke. It was Isabel. She was to meet Alex for breakfast and decided to look at the back since the front was deserted. Today was her birthday and since she didn't want to make a big deal out of it. She just planned on a quiet evening with Alex. She turned when felt Max behind her.

Seeing Liz teary-eyed, Max immediately went to her side, and held her hand.

"Is something wrong, Liz?" asked Max.

Seeing Max again made Michael's blood boil. He remembered that it was because of him, why his sister died in their previous life. All the anger he felt in the dream, was felt all over again.

Michael got up and pushed Max away from Liz. "Stay the hell away from her, Max!" said Michael, Maria held him back

"What is your problem Michael?" asked Max getting angry, "Are we gonna go through this again?!?"

"I had a problem with you dating my sister before Max, but I just couldn't put my finger on it. but know that I do know, I'm going to make sure that you stay as far away from her as possible!" said Michael

"Michael, what are you talking about?!?" asked Liz. Everyone else was looking at him like he was crazy.

"Does this have anything to do with your dream last night?" asked Maria

"Yea," not taking his eyes away from Max, "he was the reason Liz was killed in our last life."

"What do you mean? What happened?" asked Liz

"In order to hurt Prince Zan, you were killed. He was so in love with you, his enemies knew it was the only way to get him to crack." said Michael.

"Well, now that we know, at least we can be more careful now, right?" said Liz, looking at Michael and Max

Everone was quiet. They didn't know what to make of this new information that was given to them. They knew they had enemies coming according to their orb mother, and they knew that they needed Liz to fight with them. They all agreed on that. What Michael was saying was making a lot of sense.

"I can't believe I'm saying this Max, but he does have a point." said Isabel.

Michael looked at Isabel suspiciously. He remembered in his dream that she was on Khivar's side. But he has known Isabel all his life here on earth. And ever since then, she has been nothing but kind to him. She was the one who kept him and Max from killing each other. He still didn't know what to think about her.

Everyone else was quiet. They knew how hard it would be if Max and Liz were not together. Not only on the two but for everyone. They were the ones that kept the group whole.

"NO. I'm not going to stand here and have my life dictated!" said Liz, turning to Michael "I really appreciate all the concern you have for me Michael, but I'm not going to live my life in seclusion. I may have died in a previous life, but I'n not alive. And I'm going to live my life dammit!"

Maria and Alex were stunned at Liz's words. For as long as they have known her, they have never heard her say a bad word, this was the first time. They looked at each other and secretly smiled.

Max was solemn, thinking. He didn't want to lose Liz now that he has her again. He knows that he couldn't live without her.

"Maybe....maybe we should stay away for a while...." said Max softly, not looking at Liz. For he knew that if he saw her beautiful face, he wouldn't be able to go through with what he was saying.

Liz looked at him. Shocked that he would give her up so easily. She felt so hurt. All the hard work thar Max did to get her back, he was going to give her up so easily. Here she was fighting for them to be together, and in front of everyone he was breaking up with her. She was hurt and humiliated. Liz felt tears from in her eyes, she looked at Maria, who was looking at her sympathetically.

"I gotta go... I'll be late for work..." said Liz as she turned and slammed the door.

Max made himself stay where he was. He clenched his fists tight and concentrate on not moving his feet. He knew he was fighting a losing battle. He looked up and looked at everyone in the room.

"I'm sorry..." he said "I can't....I can't let her go...." as he ran after her, leaving a very stunned room.

Michael was about to go after him, but Maria stopped him.

"Let him be Michael..." she said

"But he-"

"I know what you said happened, but we'll figure something out. We can't have them both miserable..... We'll talk about what we're going to do.. all of us..." said Maria consolingly.

Michael let himself relax. Whenever Maria gets that tone of voice, he can't resist. He hated to be the source of misery of his sister. He just hopes Maria is right that they will figure something out. He can't lose her again.


Liz was at the office, sitting on her desk, crying. What did she do to deserve this? Can't she ever be happy?
Michael heard this in his head and felt like a heel. He decided to stay quiet and keep out of her thoughts. Maria was right, they'd figure something out.

Max came into the office. He saw Liz crying and immiediately went to hold her. Liz hugged him back and buried herself in his chest. She knew she was mad at him for embarassing her a while ago but she couldn't help it. She loved him so much. She needed to be with him.

"Liz, I'm so sorry....I didn't mean what I said... I take it back...please forgive me... I.. I didn't know what I was saying. I thought I was doing it to protect you....." pleaded Max.

Liz faced Max and held his face in her hands. She looked into his eyes and caressed his cheek.

"Max, please know that I would rather die than be without you.... " said Liz, as she kissed him full on the lips.

Max didn't hold back. He kissed her with as much passion as she did him. He knew that being with him was dangerous, but right now, he didn't really care. All that mattered was him and Liz. He happily sighed that everthing was back to normal. Suddenly remembering something, he let go of her long enough to talk to her.

"Tonight is Isabel's surprise party!" realization hitting him.

Liz smiled and nodded. She was to head straight to the Crashdown after work to start decorating.

"So what's alex's big surprise?" asked Max

"Oh no you don't.... it's between the three musketeers..." beamed Liz.

"I won't tell her..." begged Max

"I'm sorry Max, you'll find out later, I think you better leave before Whitaker gets here. I'll see you later." Liz said getting up

"Yeah ok.." said Max as he kissed Liz on the lips, when they heard someone clear her throat.


Whitaker watched from across the street as Max entered her office. She really wanted to get acquainted with him, get to know him more. Find out if this is the one they were looking for. She waited a few minutes before she entered her office.

She saw that Max was about to leave when she arrived, she caught the 2 lovers kissing on the lips. Not seeing her, she cleared her throat to get their attention.

"Ms. Whitaker," blushed Liz, "uhm... this Max. Max, this is Congresswoman Whitaker."

"Nice to meet you" said Max, extending his hand.

"So you're the famous Max Evans." said Whitaker "I've heard so much about you."

Max smiled. He really felt uncomfortable around this woman. He noticed Liz stiffen beside him and looked at her, concerned. She looked back and forced a smile on her face.

"Well, Max, you should be going. Wouldn't want you to be late to help plan the party." said Liz, wanting to get Max out of there.

"Party?" asked Whitaker

"Uhm, yeah, It's max's sister's birthday and we're having a little celebration at the Crashdown." said Liz

"A party? I love parties. Isn't the Crashdown the place your parents own?" she asked.

Liz nodded.

"I'd really like to meet your parents Liz, I want to thank them for a wonderful job they did raising you! You're the best assistant I've had!" said Whitaker.

Liz didn't know what to do. She really didn't want her coming to the party. She needed to talk to Max about her. But she couldn't turn her down. It would be rude. She was obviously trying to invite herself.

"Uhm....sure." said Liz

"Great! We can go together right after work."

"Actually, I'm leaving a bit early so I can help decorate. But you can come at around 8pm. That's when the party's starting anyway."

"Alright," she smiled "It was nice meeting you Mr. Evans."

"You too." said Max, as Whitaker went to her office and closed the door.

"Is there something wrong Liz?" he asked looking at her eyes.

Liz looked towards the direction of the office door that just closed. She didn't want to talk here.

"We'll talk later Max, I'll just see you later ok?" said Liz

"Ok, bye" he said as he kissed her on the cheek and left. Liz watched him go. She loved him so much, but with all these things going on with Michael, it's getting really hard.

She has learned to block him and tune out of his thoughts for periods of time. She'll have to do it more often now. She sighed. All these problems all at once. Getting powers, finding out you're alien, learning that Michael's your twin, Whitaker, bad aliens......

Liz sighed again. She went back to her work before she got a headache from all this thinking


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I'm getting writer's block people! OH NO!! So I'll need feedback and suggestions to keep me going. I still don't know how this story is going to end...


The news about Princess Shana was murdered spread fast. It reached the King's palace fast. When the King heard about the news, he immediately called for his son. He decided to speak to him in his private quarters. After all, he is not Zan's King right now, he is his father. Zan knocked on his father's door, unsure of what is going on. They rarely spoke in this room. He felt sure it was bad news. When he entered the room, his father was sitting on his desk, solemn. He didn't want to be the one to break this news to his son, but he felt that he had to. No one else would seem right.

"What's the matter father? Is everything alright?

"Sit down, Zan. We need to talk."

Zan was confused. He's never seen his father this sad before. He always seemed strong for everyone. He waited for his father to speak.

"Something...happened today. I just learned of the news and I thought I should be the one to tell you...."

Zan waited. He knew this was bad news. He knew that they were going war. But what could this news be?

"....This afternoon.... we learned that Shana was murdered. They still don't know who did it... but it seemed that she was murdered just to punish the Royal family."

"What are you talking about father?!?" asked Zan, getting up. The news still not registering in his brain and his heart...

"I know this is hard my son, but we will help you get through this...."

"NO. This is insane! I'll prove you wrong!" said Zan with tears in his eyes. He ran out the room, determined to see Shana.

He was boarding his shuttle when a palace guard stopped him.

"My prince, I'm very sorry, but becuase of the assassination attempt it is not wise to leave the palace..." bowed the guard.

"I DON'T CARE! I need to get out of here! I NEED TO SEE HER!" he yelled. As he drove away.

The King, following his son as he left the room, calmly told the guard to let him go, but have bodyguads follow him.


Zan leapt out of the shuttle and ran into Shana's home without knocking. He looked for anyone, but the house seemed deserted. He ran to the hallways, when he saw Rath. His eyes were red and swollen, and this is when he knew that his father was telling the truth.

"NO!" cried Zan, as he ran towards Rath.

Rath, seeing Zan pushed him away. This man was not to see his sister! As far as he was concerened, Zan killed her. Rath blocked Zan's way.

"Where do you think you're going Prince Zan?" asked Rath bitterly. Through all the years that they've known each other, he has never called him Prince.

"Rath what are you doing? I need to see her... please..." sobbed Zan as he tried to go past him again. But rath punched him back, as Zan fell.

"She was murdered because of you...." Rath said with all the venom her could, "It's all your fault!"

Zan knelt in from of Rath in despair and ran his hand through his hair. It was true. This nightmare, that he is living is all true. He needed to see her. He will beg if he has to.

"Rath, I know you must hate me right now... but you have to understand that I didn't want this to happen. I love her Rath....with all my heart. Please... I'm begging you.. let me see her... please..." said zan as he cried.

Togan, seeing Zan kneeling in front of Rath was taken back. He has never seen a member of the Royal family beg before. And it was not a sight that he wanted to see. From then, he knew how much the young man loved their princess. For him to beg... it was so demeaning.

"Rath," said Togan in a calm voice, "..let him see her. We all lost her. Even Zan. It wouldn't be right to deny this man to see his once future wife...."

Rath looked at Togan. He has never heard that tone of voice from him before. It was said in such a fatherly tone that Rath couldn't help but relent. He couldn't give permission to Zan verbally, so he just left.

Seeing Rath leave, Zan immediately got up, gave Togan a look of thanks and headed to Shana's room. He crept in, not wanting to be surprised by Shana's body. He didn't need to see her dead body right away. It would be too much.

He saw her. Her body lay peacefully on her bed. She looked so beautiful, he thought. Brinka saw Zan come in, and, not wanting to be here when her Prince would break down, decided to leave him with Shana. Brinka gave him a sympathetic smile and left, closing the door behind her.

Zan sat next to the body, tears brimming his eyes. He held her hand. It was cold, but he didn't care. He would hold her forever. This was his love, his life. How will he survive now? Desperation getting the better of him, he buried his face in her shoulders and cried. He cried like he never cried before. Not content, he lifted Shana's body and hugged it to him, sobbing. Then, kissed her everywhere on her face. He knew what he was doing was inappropriate, but he didn't care. He laid her back down, gently. Still sobbing, he reluctantly left her room, his head bent down.

Brinka waited outside, she heard all the crying the prince let out in there. She cried in unison. So young, such a waste..... Brinka thought as she went back to Shana's room.

Zan found Rath and Togan in the library. He looked at the two men, wiping his wet eyes. They looked at him. One with sympathy, the other with hate. He spoke first.

"I will promise you that I will find out who did this to her, and when I do...that person will pay with their life." Zan said with such venom that Rath had never heard from him before.

Rath looked at Zan. He wanted to help him find his sister's killer, but he still hated him. Sure, he was to be his second in command, but he didn't care.

"They carved something on her chest..... a message for you... DO YOU KNOW THAT?!?! yelled Rath angrily.

Zan's head snapped up. He didn't know that.

"The message said, 'a beautiful gift for our prince zan'.... I just hope......I hope that she was already dead when they carved that.......... just to spare her the pain....." sobbed Rath.

"I don't know what to say to you Rath, but know that I still consider you my best friend, even if you hate me, I don't hate you. We both lost her Rath, not just you, Togan and Brinka.... I lost her too...." said Zan

"Liz? Liz?"

Liz heard her name, and her shoulders being shook. She immediately pulled her head up, and found herself in Whitaker's office. She looked at the clock, and it was 5pm. She saw Max beside her smiling.

"Max...... I must've...slept... I felt a terrible headache a while ago.." said Liz

"I got worried. I knew you were supposed to be out of here by four, when you weren't at the Crashdown, by 4:30, I hightailed it over here.." said Max

Liz smiled. "Max, you worry too much..." But remembering her dream, her smile faded.

"What's wrong?" asked Max

"I had another dream....I dreamt....." Liz stopped and looked around the office, Whitaker's door was closed, but she deicded to tell Max somewhere else.

"....let's go..." Liz continued, "..I'll tell you while I help decorate the Crashdown. I'm sure Alex is in a fit!"

"Well, he was a little irritated that you weren't there "on the dot"..." smiled Max

Liz forced a smile. She saw the confrontation between Rath and Zan. She saw her dead body! How weird was that.. and Whitaker knew Max's last name, she didn't even tell her that.

Liz and Max arrived at the Crashdown to witness a panicked Alex. His arms were waving all over the place trying to get things perfect. Everyone was there except for Isabel. Max had his arm over Liz's shoulder, he felt relaxed when he saw her safely sleeping at the office. Kyle approached the 2 of them, seeing Max smiling.

"I'm glad you're smiling Evans, cuz once you start helping out here, you wouldn't be..." said Kyle rolling his eyes, as they all turned to see Maria arguing with alex.

"The speakers should go here, Alex, it would be much better this way!" said Maria, holding onto the big speaker, half her size.

"Maria, the cake's supposed to go there, it would make a nicer view if the cake goes there!" said Alex.

Liz raised her eyeborws. She has never seen Alex this way. He obviously wanted everything to be perfect. She approached her 2 best friends before she was left with only one.

"Guys, guys, ... what seems to be the problem?" asked Liz

"Alex wanted the speaker somehwere where everyone can hear whatever comes out of it, and I think this is thebest place..." said Maria

"But the cake goes there.." interrupted Alex.

"Ok, I think the speaker could just stay where it is, Alex." said Liz as Maria stuck her tongue out at him.

"Because... the cake would look much better over there by the presents..." said Liz pointing to another table.

Alex looked from the speaker to the other table and nodded his head in approval, and smiled.

"Good work, Parker. I knew everything would be much better once you arrived. I wouldn't want to ask hurricane Deluca to decorate. They don't call her hurricane for nothing you know." said Alex, srticking his tongue out at Maria in return as he left.

Maria was going to smack him in the head when Liz stopped her.

"Ok, that's enough Maria." smiled Liz

"That boy will get it one of these days! Where were you Liz? We've been waiting for over an hour." said Maria

"I'm sorry, I fell asleep. But I had another dream, Maria. I saw my dead body. I saw how sad Zan, Rath and everyone was when I died." said Liz.

"Whoa Liz... did you see how you died? Cause, you know, Michael did..." said Maria

"He did? Oh my gosh....."

Maria nodded. "That's why he was so upset this morning."

Max and Kyle were putting the streamers up, when Michael walked in the Crashdown. He looked at Max and looked away before they could acknowledge each other. Kyle saw the lack of interaction between the two, and being Kyle, decided to mention it.

"So, Evans, looks like you and Michael are having a little relationship problem.." joked Kyle

Max just rolled his eyes, and shook his head. He watched Michael make a beeline for Liz. Max sighed. Would this rift between him and Michael ever disappear?

"Hey" said Michael to the 2 girls.

"Hi Michael, listen, can I talk to you?....I mean all of you?" asked Liz, raising her voice.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and turned to Liz. The last time they saw Liz was this morning and she left in a huff. They knew she felt better by the way Max and her arrived at the Crashdown, but what did she want to talk about?

Liz sat on the countertop so everyone could see her.

"Ok, I know Michael, max and I hav been having these dreams lately, and I know it's getting weird. But today when I fell asleep at the office I had another dream. I....I saw my...Shana's dead body. Now I knew that I was going to die...that's why I'm here right now. But what I didn't know was how brutal it was......the way I died.." said Liz.

"I know how brutal it was.." said Michael, "I saw it happen in my dream. It was a violent death. You were killed becuase of Zan, and I don't want that to happen again."

"I don't think Liz is in any danger," said Tess, "the enemies know I was Max's wife. They think LIz is completely human."

"Yeah, but Max doesn't care about you like he does Liz." said Michael.

"No need to rub it in her face, Guerin!" said Kyle standing up for Tess.

Tess held Kyle's arm and offered him a smile. "It's okay" she mouthed to Kyle.

"TACT Michael, there's a thing called TACT. Learn it." said Maria, rolling her eyes.

"Anybody in this room could be in danger in order the hurt Max. Does that mean that we all have to stay away from him too?" argued Liz

Michael was silent. She did have a point. If anyone in this room right now was in danger, Max would still worry. He would go through anything dangerous to save them. Except if it was Liz, it was more personal for him. But that didn't mean that it wouldn't hurt Max any less.

Lia hopped off the table and approached Michael. She held her brother's face in her hand and smiled into his eyes.

"I know you're just worried about me, Michael. But please don't make my life miserable in the process. I love him. I really do."

Michael looked into her eyes and saw, actually felt was she was feeling. The intense feelings that Liz had for Max, was amazing.

Rath never could say no to Shana...

Liz and Michael smiled at each other. Everyone else saw the interaction between the two and felt uncomfortable. They knew that they were 'speaking' to each other. Alex was the one to break the silence.

"Ok, now that the drama has passed, Let's get this party started!!! I have to work on my surprise for Isabel, you know."

"Oh yeah, Whitman, what's the surprise?" asked Kyle

"You'll find out soon enough." said Alex with mock arrogance.


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Eight o'clock was fast approaching, and Alex was a nervous wreck. Everything seemed to be in order, but he wanted no room for error. The plan was for Tess to pick up Isabel and ask her to go shopping with her at the mall. Knowing Isabel, they knew she wouldn't turn her down. After an hour or two at the mall, Tess was supposed to get hungry and go to the Crashdown.

So here they all were, waiting for Isabel and Tess to arrive. They invited a few kids from school, people they knew Isabel was acquained with and liked. There weren't a lot of people. Isabel wasn't really what you would call friendly.

Everybody was doing a good job of hiding to yell out surprise. They have put a 'closed' sign in front of the Crashdown so people wouldn't start coming in. Tess and Isabel arrived in front of the Crashdown.

"Why is the Crashdown closed on a Saturday night?" asked Isabel.

Tess just shrugged her shoulders.

"I hope nothing's gone wrong," said Isabel worridly.

"I'm sure Liz wouldn't mind if we snuck in to grab a snack. I'm really hungry." said Tess, using her powers to unlock the door.

"Tess what are you doing?" said Isabel looking around to see if anyone saw what Tess did. Tess just smiled sweetly and whispered, "come on!"

As Isabel followed her inside, the lights flickered open and everybody jumped out and yelled, "SURPRISE!"

Isabel jumped back holding her heart. Her eyes were wide, but when she saw the decorated restaurant and the streamers, she smiled and was touched by the act. They started singing Happy Birthday and tears started to fill her eyes. When the song finished, everybody took turnd wishing her a happy birthday. Alex waited patiently til everybody has greeted her before he approached her.

Isabel gave him that extra special smile she always reserved for him. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and whispered in her ear.

"I thought you might like something normal for a change." he whispered.

Alex knew that Isabel always complained how her life has been nothing but alien chaos. What she would not give to have just a norman life. Where her biggest problem would be what to take up in college, rather than when their alien enemies are going to strike to kill them and take over the earth.

Isabel smiled at Alex's whisper and gave him a hug. She looked into his eyes, and said thank you by kissing him full on the lips.

"Whoa," said Alex, "I should give you surprise parties more often!"

The music started playing and everybody seemed to be enjoying themselves. Eating and dancing. The Evans' came and greeted their daughter a happy birthday.

"This is a great job that you did, Alex" said Diane

"Yes, we couldn't have don't it better ourselves." said Philip, patting Alex on the shoulder

"Thank you, Mr and Mrs Evans, that means a lot. But I'm glad you're here, cause you're just in time for my birthday gift for Isabel." said Alex

Isabel looked at him curiously.

"Alex you don't need to get me anything. Setting this whole thing up is enough for me, really." she said.

"Nonesense, my princess, I've been preparing this whole week. Just ask Liz and Maria. Isabel looked at the 2 girls and they nodded smiling. They seemed excited as to what Alex was going to do.

"Well set it up!" said Liz, as she and Maria headed to the back of the Crashdown. A moment later, Liz came out holding a couple of microphones, and Maria holding 2 accoustic guitars. On for her and Alex.

Alex started to get nervous. He and Maria have been practicing all week with Liz as their only audience. He was glad he had Maria as backup when it comes to music. She was once a member of his band, anyway.

Isabel looked at her parents and the Parker's who just came in from the back to watch the performance. Liz had called them when she and Maria went to get the instruments so they could see alex perform.

Alex took Isabel's 2 hands and looked her in the eye.

"This is for you, princess, hope you like it." said Alex as he went to where Liz and Maria was waiting. Liz handed Alex a microphone, and Maria handed Alex the other guitar. Alex spoke on the mike.

"Excuse me everyone, may I have your attention please?" said Alex, he cleared his throat and continued., "All last month I was wracking my brain as to what birthday gift I was going to give Iabel. I mean, what gift can you give to a person that had everything? Then I thought, since music is one of the few talents I have, I could sing her a song of how I really feel about her. It was either that or help her defrag her hard drive." he laughed, but no one else did. "...OK, so with that in mind, I dedicate this song to you, Isabel. I feel this song is a perfect example of how I feel about you. Hope you like it."

Alex looked at Maria and they started the intro of the song. Maria was on rythm guitar and Alex was on lead. He thought it would sound much better that way, that's why he asked Maria to accompany him on guitar and be his second voice. She has a beautiful voice. He smiled at her before turning to the mike....

The strands in your eyes that color them wonderful
Stop me and steal my breath
And emeralds from mountains thrust towards the sky
Never revealing their depth
And Tell me that we belong together
Dress it up with the trappings of love
I'll be captivated; I'll hang from your lips
Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above

Hearing the song, Max took Liz's hand and led her to a spot where they could dance. Liz smiled up at him and followed. He took her in his arms and slowly, they swayed to the music. Liz fit perfectly to his body.

"This is a nice song," said Max

"Yeah," agreed Liz, smiling to his eyes

Max surprised Liz by singing along the song with Alex into her ear. Singing only for her.

And I'll be your cryin' shoulder
I'll be love suicide
I'll be better when I'm older
I'll be the greatest fan of your life

Liz looked up at Max and smiled. He in turn gave her a deep kiss, forgetting everyone else in the room.

And Rain falls angry on the tin roof
As we lie awake in my bed
And You're my survival; you're my living proof
My love is alive and not dead

And tell me that we belong together
Dress it up with the trappings of love
I'll be captivated; I'll hang from your lips
Instead of the gallows of heartache that hang from above
I've dropped out, burned up, fought my way back from the dead
Tuned in, turned on, remembered the thing you said

Isabel had tears in her eyes. No one has ever sang to her before and it really touched her heart. She listened to the lyrics of the song, and remembered it by heart. She realized that Alex loved her so much. This song really did describe how he felt about her, and it gave her goose bumps. This was, without a doubt, the best birthday gift she ever had.

And I'll be your cryin' shoulder
I'll be love suicide
I'll be better when I'm older
I'll be the greatest fan of your life

I've dropped out, burned up, fought my way back from the dead
Tuned in, turned on, remembered the things you said

When the song ended, everybody clapped and cheered for Alex. Alex and Maria took a bow. Alex gave Maria a quick hug and a kiss on the forehead.

"Thanks, Maria"

"What are best friends for?" she said

Alex gave his guitar to Maria and went straight to Isabel. She embraced him and kissed him in front of everybody! Everybody clapped and whooped for Alex. You would've thought that geeky Alex Whitman would win over the prettiest girl in school? Alex was blushing a terrible shade of red, but he didn't care. Isabel just kissed him in public! WOW! His dreamgirl!

The whole gang cheered for Alex and Isabel. Kyle feeling happy tonight, put his arm around Tess, and was mildly surprised when she rested her head on his shoulder.

Max was behind Liz. His arms around her waist protectively. Michael, helping Maria put away the guitars, kissed her lightly on the lips.

"You did a good job, Maria."

"Hey, I just played back-up, Alex is the star." said Maria

"Well to me, YOU'R the star." he said sweetly. Maria gave her a hug.

"Why can't you be like this more often, Spaceboy?"

For a that moment, for the gang, everything was normal. They were all happy, just teenaged kids. Until the bell that always rung when someone entered the Crashdown rang. They all turned to see Congresswoman Whitaker enter the restaurant.

Liz sighed. And reluctantly let go of Max's arms around her. Liz approached her and held her hand.

"I'm so glad you could come Ms. Whitaker, you missed my bestfriend play a song." said Liz, giving her reason to believe that they're all just normal kids.

"That's too bad. I'm just actually here to meet your parents." said the Congresswoman, not wanting to exchange pleasantries.

"Well, they're right here, follow me..." said Liz uncomfortably

Liz approached her parents and her hand went to the direction of the lady.

"Mom, dad, this is Congresswoman Whitaker." said Liz.

Nancy and Jeff were so glad to meet her.

"Nice to meet you Mr and Mrs Parker." said Whitaker.

"Oh please, call us Jeff and Nancy." said Nancy, offering her hand for a handshake.

"Let's sit down" said Jeff, offering one of the empty booths.

Liz excused herself and went to Max. She leaned her head on his shoulder and sighed.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

"I think you guys were right about Whitaker, Max. When she met you this morning and she said Max Evans, it hit me. I never told her your last name." said Liz, "now she's here, so eager to meet my parents...." Liz saw the Evans' join the other adults at the booth, "...and yours."

Liz and Max looked at each other, then at the booth. Both of them not knowing what to do. If Whitaker finds out that max and Is were foster kids, she'd be more suspicious. Although she hasn't really let on how suspicious she was, they knew she was the one that wanted the Special Unit continued. Maybe because its funding was pulled, that she made it a personal vendetta or something. None of them knew.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Hi! I'd really like some suggestions on what might happen next. I'm running out of ideas. Maybe some of you can suggest and see where we go from there? *happy*

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This is a very short chapter, I just thought I should post something. Just to get things going....

Please give me our suggestions!!! *happy*


Brinka and Togan were watching from their apartment what was going on at the Crashdown.

"Seems like it's Princess Vilandra's bday tonight." said Togan looking through the binoculars

"I never really cared for that girl," replied Brinka.

Togan saw Congresswoman Whitaker at the party and started to worry. He knew that this woman was with the Skins. He has been keeping an eye on her. Nacedo was too busy being agent Pierce in the FBI. He didn't even know if Nacedo knew that Brinka and him were here on earth. But with Whitaker this close, they needed to act fast.

"Whitaker is there..." said Togan

Brinka stiffened. "Are you sure?"

"See for yourself" he said handing her the binoculars.

Looking through it, she recognized the woman immediately.

"I think we need to talk to them Togan. Reveal who we are...." she said

"You think it's time?" he asked

"Definitely, they're getting close"


After the party, the gang stayed behind to clean up. It was a chore, but being together made it fun for them. Not to mention that their powers come in handy. After the last guest left, Liz locked the Crashdown doors so nobody can enter. She turned around and looked at the messy place, and sighed.

"Ok gang, let's start cleaning up." she said

"Why don't we sit and talk first...." said Alex, holding on to Isabel. Not wanting to let go yet.

They all sat at a booth and talked about tonight's party.

"That was a nice little song you sang there, Whitman." said Kyle

"Thanks. We practiced all week." said Alex smiling at Maria.

"Yeah, it was ok." said Michael.

Maria nugded him. "You think you can do better Spaceboy?"

"Absolutely." said Michael arrogantly

"Oh please Michael, what are you going to do, sing a romantic Metallica song?" snickered Isabel.

"I happen to have expanded my musical taste. Ever since this connection with Liz, I've been introduced to a wide variety of sappy songs...." said Michael

"Well, that's good that you listen to sappy songs Michael, but listening is different from singing it." said Tess.

"I'd prove it to you all, but I don't want to embarass you..." said Michael, sitting back.

"Oh please embarass us..." said Kyle. This should be good, he thought.

They were all convincing Michael to sing when they heard someone clear their throat. They were all surprised to see 2 elderly people by the door. The gang didn't even hear them come in. Michael, in protective mode, immediately stood up.

"Who the hell are you?"

"Please," the elderly man said, "we can explain, just don't do anything..." holding up his hand knowing Michael's full potential.

Liz stood up blocking Michael, holding up her arm, motioning him to stop.

"Michael wait...." looking at the couple and Michael back and forth. Liz approached the couple, staring at them. They just stared back, smiling at her.

Max stood up from where he was sitting when he noticed Liz slowly approaching them, ready to protect her if need be.

"Liz.... do you know these people?" asked Max

Liz ignored his question and just stared at them, with tears in her eyes, she suddenly lunged herself at the elderly woman, hugging her tight. Brinka, touched by the gesture started to cry. After watching her from afar all these years and not being able to touch and talk to her, this was certainly a welcomed hug.

Everybody was dumbfounded. Nobody knew these people and yet here was Liz, hugging them like some long lost relative. Michael slowly approached them also. He could feel Liz and the recognition that she felt. He doesn't know of he's feeling the same thing or she is just rubbing off on him, but he felt recognition.

Liz let go of Brinka long enough to look at Michael. With tears in her eyes, she spoke to him.

"Don't you recognize them Michael?" she said holding on to Brinka

Michael swallowed a lump in his throat. As soon as Liz spoke he looked at the elderly couple. He recognized them from his dreams. He instantly knew who they were. Not wanting to get emotional, Mr Stonewall blinked his tears away and held out his hand to Togan, shaking it.

"It's nice to see you again, Togan." smiled Michael.

Togan smiled back. Always the strong one, he thought.

Maria, not taking it anymore, decided to speak up.

"Ok, someone want to introduce the rest of us here?!?"

Their little reunion slightly interrupted, they all looked at Maria.

"I'm sorry Maria, " said Liz, "this is Togan and Brinka. They are the ones that raised us back in Antar. They were like our parents."

"Back in Antar?" asked Kyle

"Our planet" said Tess.

"Actually princess ava," said Togan, "You came from our neighboring planet, Bordan."

"You know about our pasts? You remember?" asked Max

"Yes sire," bowed Togan, "we remember everything."

Max, feeling a little uncomfortable by the title he was called, shifted nervously., and looked down.

"Maybe we can all sit down and talk? We have a lot of questions..." said Tess.

"And we have a lot of answers for you." saind Brinka, holding onto Liz.

"Let's sit down....." said Togan

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Thanks for all the great feedback! It inspired me to write today!!!! It really is an ego booster!

Anyway, here's the next part. Like I said before, this is my first fic so there may be a few unanswered questions when it comes to the science part of the story, so please ask me if you're confused. And if I leave anything out, please tell me so we can work it into the story *happy*

Hope all their questions are answered:


The gang gathered around the table. From afar, you would think that it is a bunch of kids getting ready for storytime from their grandparents. But this is hardly the case. These were inquiring minds with a lot of questions, that needed answers.

Togan inhaled a deep breath. This is it. After all those years of watching these Royals from afar, we finally get to tell them what is going on.

Everybody was quiet waiting for Togan to speak.

"Where should we start?" asked Togan

"Well," said Max, "we already know some of the things that happened. You see, we've been having these dreams..."

"We know..." said Brinka, getting the perplexed look from Max, she answered, "We're the ones that has been giving you the images.... to help you remember.."

"You mean, you're the one that's been feeding us these images?" asked Michael

The 2 nodded.

"Well, I must have been your favorite, cause I've been getting them longer and more frequent." said Michael rolling his eyes.

Brinka cleared her throat stifling a laugh. When Togan answered for both of them.

"In order for us to feed images, the subject must be asleep. You were the easiest one, well, because.... you were always sleeping.." smiled Togan.

Maria rolled her eyes and shook her head smiling. The rest looked down and giggled.

Michael, hating being the butt of the joke again, wanted to get things back on track.

"Can we focus on the matter at hand here?" he said irritatingly.

Feeling his annoyance, Liz decided to go back on track.

"All we know for now is that Michael and I are twins, Zan and Vilandra were brother and sister and Ava was my best friend..." she said looking at Tess.

Maria couldn't help but notice the looks that Liz and Tess exchanged. She felt a little jealous, but decided to keep it to herself. She knew she was being ridiculous.

"You and Tess were best friends?" asked Alex astonished, "how did she end up marrying Max?"

Liz looked down. Not wanting to answer that question. Max put his arm around his waist to comfort her. She looked at him and smiled meekly. Michael, not wanting to reminisce about Liz's death didn't answer either.

Feeling the tension rise at Alex's question, Brinka answered for them.

"Shana, that's Liz, was murdered." she said solemnly, remembering that dreadful day.

"You see, " continued Togan, "Zan and Shana were in love. They were to be married, when Shana was murdered by one of Khivar's men. Everyone was devastated. She was such a waste. To die so young with her whole life ahead of her. Rath and Zan were crushed. Rath blamed Zan for the murder of his sister..."

"Why?" asked Maria, very interested. This sounds so much like a soap opera, she thought.

"When Shana was murdered, the killer carved something on her chest. A message for Prince Zan. 'A beautiful gift for our King Zan', or something like that."

At the mention of Shana's brutal killing, Max held onto Liz a little tighter. She felt this, but decided not to make a big deal out of it. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Max listening intently. She knows that he held on to her tighter was instinct. Like second nature.

"So what happened?" asked Kyle

"Zan was not allowed by Rath to see Shana, but after a lot of begging and tears from the Prince, Rath mutely relented. Zan vowed that he will find Shana's killer and would pay with their life."

"Did they ever find her killer?" asked Isabel speaking for the first time.

Brinka looked at her with such hatred. Isabel noticed this and was confused. What did she do?

"Yes princess, they did." said Togan holding on to Brinka's hand sensing hostility, "but it was too late. When Shana died, Prince Zan and Rath were like zombies. They lived their life for duty only, they basically had no social life."

"No social life? Looks like that carried over into this lifetime!" laughed Kyle, stopping at the glares that Max and Michael gave him.

"Then the time came when the throne was handed over to Zan. When he was crowned King, he needed a Queen. Knowing that they were going to war, Antar needed allies. Our nieghboring planet, Bordan had a princess, Ava. The 2 families discussed it, and they thought it was best if King Zan were to marry her, making the alliance final. Zan refused outright, saying that no one could ever replace Shana. His father spoke to him and told him that his planet needed this marriage, this alliance. Being an obedient son, he reluctantly married Ava. He had met her before. Ava was not after replacing Shana. Shana was in fact her close friend. The only consolation that Zan got was that Ava was able to talk to him about Shana. Things that Shana and Ava would do when they were still together in school. Ava knew that it was all for a political marriage and that she completely understood. Ava was an obedient daughter who did everything her father told her. So they were married. Zan liked her enough, but he still mourned for Shana."

Kyle put his arm around Tess. She had a horrible past life, he thought. Being in a loveless marriage, which she openly accepted. No wonder she was looking for love this time around. Max, with his arm still around Liz, felt he needed to say something to Tess.

"I.... I feel I should apologize or something..." said Max

"No need Max...that was all in the past...we have to live the lives we have now. We were given a second chance." smiled Tess

"Wait, that explains how Max and Tess got together, what about Michael and Isabel?" asked Alex. He knew that there was no feeling between the two, but he just needed to know.

Togan's face hardened remembering what happened. And this did not go unnoticed by Isabel, she, finally spoke up.

"Did I do something wrong? I don't have to be an empath to sense the hostility you two have for me. You both hate me and I don't even know what I did." she said blinking back the tears.

"Forgive us Princess, we know that it was Vilandra we are mad at, not you. The memory is just too painful." apologized Togan

"What happened?" asked Max.

"Unbeknownst to the Royal family, Vilandra and Khivar were having an affair. She was Khivar's spy. She was so in love with him that she didn't see reason anymore. What was important to her was that she was with him. And although she told him that she didn't want her family hurt if she helps, Khivar never kept his promise. She ended up dying because of it." continued Togan

Isabel looked at him with wide eyes. She couldn't look at anybody else. She was so surprised that she was the traitor out of all of them. The loyalty she feels for her brother right now made it impossible for her to think that she would ever betray him.

"Since the King noticed that Vilandra was not interested in anyone else to marry, not knowing about Khivar, the King thought that it would be right that Rath and Vilandra wed. It seemed poetic that if Zan and Shana did not marry, then at least their siblings would. Rath, not caring anymore, agreed, for duty. Vilandra, not able to tell her father about Khivar, reluctantly agreed also. Their wedding was planned. It was to be the next biggest celebration after Zan and Ava's marriage. The whole kingdom was to attend. In the meantime, Zan was busy getting ready for war. Discussing tactics and other war affiiated issues with the Antar council. Rath was usually with him. Vilandra told Khivar about the impending marriage and didn't seem to care much. Vilandra begged him to take her away, but he wanted the throne. That was when she realized that he never loved her back. She was only being used. She revealed Khivar to her father right away and was ordered to be arrested, charged with treason. Khivar escaped before he was captured.

On Rath and Vilandra's wedding day, they were not prepared for what happened. It was a massacre. Khivar, being an ex-general knew all the security measures the palace took with a big celebration like this. He had no trouble gaining access inside the palace. He led all his soldiers into the gala and had everybody in the Royal family killed. But not before he told them all of his plans for Antar and what he did to get where he is right now. He confessed to ordering the death of Princess Shana. Zan's piercing scream of hatred was next heard as they tried to fight back, but they were so outnumbered. The palace was full of blood and dead bodies." said Togan, taking a breath for a moment to calm his nerves.

"We were both there but was able to escape when Rath told us to go to an underground exit. He was already hit and was dying. We had him in our arms when he took his last breath. Just before he died, he thanked us for taking care of him and Shana, and asked to be buried beside her." continued Togan.

Brinka was openly crying by his side remembering that horrible day. He had to stop and hug his wife for comfort. He knew he had to continue his story.

"Veani, a superb scientist and a member of the council was one of the few people who escaped with us. We knew that after that day that Khivar was going to take over the throne and we had to come up with a plan to defeat him. The only ones that should have the throne are members of the Royal family.

That was when she told us of an experiment she was working on. To get the essence of the deceased royals and mix it with human DNA. They were to be reborn in a different country, then come back to claim the throne. We were able to get the essence of the Royal 4 when Khivar and his men left the palace to celebrate in the streets, to let the people of Antar know that he was now thier King. We also found the queen, barely alive, so we took her and cared for her. We told her of our plan and agreed. Which explains the message you saw when you activated the Orbs.

During the process, Brinka asked Veani if the essence of someone was still there even if that person has been dead for a while now. Veani said yes but it would have some complications. Since their essence would gradually fade that person would have to go through a different process than the others. They would have to add more human DNA to fill up the lost essence.

Brinka told Veani that she wanted Shana to be reborn also. Veani, knowing the loss the people felt when the young princess died agreed immediately. But since her essence has been fading ever since she died, she would be more human at first but would gradually discover her alien side when she matures. Brinka agreed. Not caring as long as Shana was alive again. That is why Liz was born as a human. Not knowing what kind of confusion it would bring the royal four if Shana was came along, it was kept secret. We only wanted her to live again. Even if she were to be separated from you all.

When the ship crashed, one of the protectors sent with you, Ligan, knew the four of you in the pods would be safe. So he left you to find a host for Liz to be born. He found the Parkers after meeting Claudia. She had a son that was just married and Ligan decided that his wife could be their host. So one night, Liz was implanted in her body.

Ligan went back to the pod chamber thinking that Nacedo would be there. They were separated after the crash. Ligan was captured by the government and was never heard from again. Nacedo came back and found that only Tess was in the pods. The other 3 were gone. When we learned the news that the protectors 'lost' some of you, Brinka and I asked to be brought here. We tracked you down and decided to keep an eye on you. It was pretty easy since you found each other. We have been watching you since then." finished Togan.

"Why only now? After all that's happened..." asked Michael, "you could've helped us when Max was captured by the FBI."

"There was a time when we wanted to reveal ourselves sooner. We saw that Nacedo was helping you out. Believe me if we thought that you could not handle it, we would have jumped right in. We only revealed ourselves now because Liz's alien side was starting to appear. Nacedo wouldn't know how to explain it. He wasn't aware of Liz's presence. Only Ligan was." explained Togan.

Everybody was silent in the new found information that was told them. They knew who they were now. What they were doing here...everything. All their questions answered.

"I'm sorry...." same a hoarse whisper. Everyone turned and saw Isabel, tears streaming down her eyes endlessly. "I'm sorry if I was the one that betrayed you... all of you..."

Alex pulled her close to comfort her. Everyone was speechless. What do they say to someone who apologizes for something she did in her past life?

Max was the one to speak for everyone.

"Isabel, you are not Vilandra. You do not have to apologize for what she did. You're a different person now. We all are. You don't have to be sorry. That's why we were given a second chance. To undo what's wrong." said Max

Isabel smiled at her brother from across the table, grateful of his speech. She looked at Togan and Brinka for their reaction, and they smiled meekly at her. If their King can forgive her, then so can they.

Liz stifled a yawn. She covered her mouth but Max noticed anyway.

"Are you tired?" he asked tenderly.

"I guess it's just too much excitement for a day." said Liz, looking around the cafe. "We still have some cleaning up to do."

"No problem my princess," said Brinka, and with a wave of her hand they felt an invisible wave through the whole restaurant, and before they knew it, the cafe was spotless, and everything was in order. Everybody looked stunned.

Then Tess noticed Kyle smelling himself. First his shirt, then his armpits.

"What are you doing?" she asked her brows furrowed.

"Just checking if that little magic wave gave us a quick bath also." said Kyle, trying to lighten up the mood.

"And did it?" asked Tess.

Alex went over to Kyle and sniffed him behind his head.

"Definitely not." said Alex making choking sounds

Tess and Maria started to giggle when Max spoke to the two elderly people.

"I think we should call it a night. We would like to talk more with you tomorrow. If that's okay. We need to plan our next move about Whitaker." said Max

"Of course your majesty, whatever you wish." bowed Togan and Brinka.

"Please don't call me that, it's just Max now..." he smiled

They nodded, not wanting to question him. Max turned to Liz and took her hand. He was going to tuck her in before he left. Max was leading her to the back when she looked back, let go of Max's hand and ran to Brinka, hugging her.

Brinka hugged her back, smiling.

"Goodnight, Brinka." then letting go and kissing Togan on the cheek, before going back to Max's arms.

Togan blushed at the kiss, as everyone looked at him, with a goofy smile on his face. How he missed these kids.

What did you think? *happy*

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Sorry if there hasn't been an update guys! I've just started at a new job and still getting things settled. It's really hard leaving your first job fresh from college. I was there a year and a half and all my friends that I've now come to love still work there.

Now I'm at this new place where I don't know anyone! :( I know things will be better in time, but til then I have to adjust. Any suggestions?? *happy*

I will be updating this fic either sunday or monday. I'm very sorry. Hope you guys don't get tired of waiting!

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Sorry about the late update. I'm still wallowing in writer's block. If you guys have any suggestions on what should happen next, feel free to post some!

Here's a part for you


The next day was pretty uneventful. They all decided to meet up at Michael's place after lunch to talk more with Togan and Brinka. They still didn't know how to act in front of the 2 elderly people.

Everyone was there except for Max and Liz. While they waited the others tried to start on asking questions about themselves.

"So," satrted Tess. "I was Liz's best friend huh?"

"Yes." answered Brinka.

"Why didn't she feel anything towards me when we first met?" asked Tess

"Maybe it was because you were making out with Max everytime you got the chance." answered Michael bitterly before he could stop himself. He knew the pain Liz had felt during those days.

"Michael, that's all in the past now. I thought we already settled this?" asked Kyle irritably

"Don't pay any attention to him, Kyle. He knows he's wrong." said Maria.

"So, um, can I ask you questions about me?" asked Isabel.

Togan looked at the eyes of the vulnerable young princess. She saw how that boy Alex put his arm around her immediately for comfort.

"Go ahead your highness." said Togan, "although I must tell you, I really didn't know Vilandra very well. We were Shana and Rath's guardians."

"All we know is that when Vilandra didn't get what she wanted from Khivar, she turned him in." said Brinka

Isabel just looked at the two elderly people. Was she really that vindictive?

As if on cue, Max and Liz arrived. Everybody sat down the get ready to discuss what they were going to do next. Of course, Max takes the lead in the discussion.

"We know that there are a certain group of aliens called the Skins that wants us out of the way. We need to know what to do about them." said Max looking at each person in the room.

"The Skins are a group that Khivar sent here on earth to destroy you." said Togan "They are lead by Nicholas, Khivar's right hand man. We also know that Senator Whitaker is with them. Although we are still not sure if she's a skin or a human working for them."

"And you're sure about this?" asked Max, "that Whitaker is one of them?"

Brinka and Togan nodded. They decided to speak only when spoken to. After all, the Royals were meeting and it wasn't their place to interject. No matter how much they want to. Max looked at Liz with worry. He certainly did not want Liz working there anymore.

"Well, I guess Liz has to quit working there then." said Michael. It wasn't a suggestion. More like an order.

"It would be easier for us to now what they're up to if I still worked there. We'd have some sort of access to them, you know." said Liz.

"Chica, it's too dangerous." said Maria

"I know that, but I don't want to be scared anymore. I don't want to be helpless. My powers are getting stronger. I can protect myself." argued Liz

"Look what happened last time, Liz. Shana wasn't able to protect herself, and she died!" said Michael, not willing to back down.

"Exactly. That's why I want to do this." said Liz, looking at Max for support, but found none.

"What would Liz tell her dad if she quits?" asked Isabel

"We'll think of something," said Max, "but right now, she has to get out of there."

"NO." said Liz, she closed her eyes briefly to control the wave of anger that she felt from Michael, "You all might think that I'm some helpless little girl that won't be able to take care of herself. I'm not. This my fight also. I'm not going to just sit somewhere while everyone tries to protect me."

"We don't think that Liz," said Alex. "We're all just worried about you."

There was silence. Everybody thinking of the best way to convince her until Tess finally spoke.

"I don't think Liz should quit."

Everybody looked at her.

"I mean, I think Liz is right. We need to have some access to them. Like Max always says, 'keep you friends close and your enemies closer'. She can't quit. Besides, it would be too suspicious."

"I don't think she should quit too." said Isabel, not looking at anyone.

"Are you all crazy?" said Michael, "Why are we all of a sudden willing to risk Liz's life here? Isn't the purpose to stay alive??"

"If it worries all of you, I would be glad to help Liz out." said Tess, "I could, try getting a job there too or watching out for her outside or something."

"Me too." said Isabel, wanting to help.

"Whoa, talk about girl power." said Kyle

"Yeah, Kyles right." said Maria, "I mean, I'm worried about Liz too, but just because she's a girl doesn't mean she's weak."

"This isn't about girls against boys, Maria!" said Michael

"Why don't we vote on it?" asked Alex.

"I don't think so, Alex." said Liz determined. "I've made my decision. I'm staying at Whitaker's. Vote or no vote."

Max remained silent. He knew that Liz was right, but protecting her was all that mattered to him. If she was to quit, how can he protect her when they don't know what the skins are up to.

"What kind of 'help' are you both talking about" asked Max, looking at Tess and Isabel.

"WHAT?!?" shouted Michael abruptly, "Don't tell me you're actually considering this Max! Of all people! You're king, you should just order Liz to quit!"

All the girls looked at Michael wide eyed and disgusted. Max may have been their King, but they have lived on earth long enough to know the meaning of women's rights.

"Order Liz?!?!" asked Maria

"Michael, right now I'm just considering all our options. We need to defeat them." said Max

"I can't believe this! You're so head over heels for her that you're willing to do whatever she says, even if it's wrong!" he said angrily.

"You're the one who's always telling me that I have to act more like a King. That's what I'm doing Michael! I need to protect my people." argued Max

"At my sister's expense?!? She might die again because of you Max, and if she does, I'm not going to be able to forgive you this time. Who knows what I might do to you" said Michael looking at Max's eyes

Liz was stunned at Michael's words. It was common knowledge that Max and Michael didn't get along sometimes, but this was the first time that he's threatened him.

"Are you threatening me, Michael?" asked Max, he eyes seething with anger.

Michael just looked at him. Not backing down.

"Ok, you guys, stop it." said Isabel, the ever faithful referee.

"Whatever. I'm outta here." said Michael, grabbing his jacket and Maria's hand while heading out the door. Maria looked at Liz and made a sign with her hand to her ear to call her later.

Liz nodded at her best friend before they were gone.

The tension in the room was so thick. Nobody spoke, and waited for Max.

Max knelt in front of Liz and took her hand in his, while looking at her eyes.

"You know that I want you to quit. But we also need someone to be there also. If you really want to do this, fine. But know that I will always worry and that I will look out for you." he said softly.

Liz nodded, looking straight at him. She could really get lost in those eyes, she thought.

"So it's decided? Liz is staying there?" saked Kyle.

"Yeah." said Max, "she's the one that's going to be clueing us in on what's happening. Tess and Isabel can discuss what they can do to help her out. But that's basically the plan."

"Looks like we're all going to be dropping by Whitaker's office alot..." said Kyle. He wasn't really verbal about protecting Liz, but that doesn't mean he wasn't worried about her. He was worried about her as much as Max and Michael. Maybe more, he thought.

Max looked at Kyle gratefully. He knew that Kyle would protect Liz if he's not there. It made him feel a little better about his decision.

Only a little.
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Two years have passed and nothing has happened. Liz's job at Whitaker's office came to an end a year ago. She didn't win the next election, therefore didn't need her anymore. Whitaker, not wanting Liz out of her sight for obvious reasons offered her a job as her personal assistant. Liz declined, much to the relief of Max and Michael.

It was their senior year, and everyone was getting ready to graduate. The gang ws going strong and everyone seemed to be coupled up. They were inseperable. Not only because of the secret they all shared, but the love they had for each other. The gang spent a lof time with Brinka and Togan. Learning about their past lives and developing their powers. The old couple was just happy to have Liz and Michael back in their lives again. Of course, they were all wondering why the Skins haven't attacked them, but they thought they should enjoy it while it lasts.

Everyone was getting ready to go to college, even Michael. Liz really rubbed off on him. He was doing okay in school, mostly because of her help. She patiently worked with him on his academic classes, until he undestood them. His artistic abilities really improved. In fact, he even had a good chance on getting into a good college because of it. None of them would talk about the time they would all part ways. They all knew that they would be going to college, but no one would talk about where they were each going. They knew that it would be awful if they all separated. Especially Max. He knew that Liz was still aiming for Harvard, and he didn't know what he was going to do once she leaves. Liz has excellent grades, and could very well be the valedictorian of their class. He didn't want to stop her from going, even though every fiber of his being wanted her to stay close. Isabel, chose to graduate with them.

In time, the ongoing battle that Max and Michael had over Liz's welfare seemed to have subsided. Sure there were little arguments here and there. But no major ones. The two men just had a mutual understanding that each just wanted the best for Liz and that either of them would stand in each other's way. Of course, this happened after Liz got mad at the both of them always bickering about her. She completely ignored the two for a week until Maria stepped in and talked some sense to his "girlfriend" and "boyfriend".

Liz was back working at the Crashdown after her job with Whitaker ended. She was wiping the counter when that all too familiar feeling she always feels when Max is around invaded her. She turned and saw him already looking at her through the Crashdown doors. She immediately went to hug him, giving him a deep kiss.

"Hey you." said Liz smiling

"Hey. Did you miss me?" he teased.

"Hmm... lemme think..." teased Liz back as she looked at the ceiling for an answer.

Max chuckled. "I know you did, don't deny it."

"You're off work early Max, what's up?"

"I just wanted to spend time with my girlfriend." he said innocently

"Ok... Well, our date isn't until 8pm. I still have an hour to my shift."

"It's ok. I needed to do something before then. I'll pick you up in an hour ok?"

She nodded and hugged him closer. Max looked around for any sign of her parents before giving her a deep passionate kiss. This caused the hair at the back of Liz's neck to stand. She moaned before she could stop herself.

"Liz!" said Max surprisingly.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry..." she said blushing, covering her mouth with her hand.

"It's okay. It's nice to know that I have that effect on you." he said before giving her a kiss on her forehead and left.

Liz looked on as he left. How am I going to survive without him? She thought.

Who? No, don't tell me, Max right?

Get outta my head, Michael she said as she closed off their connection.

Max hurried over to Micahel's apartment. He had been planning on this talk for a long time now, and this was the only time that Brinka and Togan would be free, along with Michael. He distinctly asked them not to say anything to Liz.

He parked in front of Michael's apartment and took a deep breath. He entered, and he saw three expectant eyes looking at him.

Brinka and Togan bowed and Max just shook his head. After 2 years, they still treated him like a King even though he has specifically asked them not to. Michael, on the other hand, looked bored and wanted to get whatever it was over with.

"What is this little meeting Maxwell?" asked Michael.

Max cleared his throat. He goes nothing.

"I... I wanted to talk to the three of you about something. It's really important to me and I just wanted to know what your opinion would be."

The three eyes never left him. He felt like he was in front of an auditorim full of people waiting for a speech.

"As all of you know that we will all be going to college soon. None of us have really talked about where eveyone else would be going, but I'm pretty sure Liz is will be going to Harvard." said Max.

"We all know this Max." said Michael, Togan and Brinka just nodded.

"In light of that, I wanted to ask your permission to marry Liz." Max said hurriedly. He knew he should be asking the Parker's permission also, but he decided to inform these three first. Somehow, he thought that these three would be easier to talk to. Since they knew what and who they really are.

Brinka's eyes were watery, and she was smiling. Michael and Togan on the other hand, looked at each other then at max, their face experessionless. The two men crossed their arms in front of their chest and just stared at Max expectantly willing him to say more.

"I love Liz with all my heart. You all know that. And I can't stand the thought of her leaving Roswell with the thought that she wouldn't be mine..." said Max pleadingly, "... I know it seems selfish to have her committed to me while she goes off to college.... but....."

Max didn't know what else to say. He knew it was unfair of him to ask this of Liz. With her whole life ahead of her in college. But he just loved her so much.....

"I think it's romantic..." said Brinka through her tears.

"You would." said Togan.

Michael smirked, then looked at Max. He looked like a puppy dog. He knew from the start that his friend was far gone when it came to Liz. Even before he knew Liz was his sister, Max has been pining for her forever. In fact, he never knew of a time when Max didn't want Liz. He decided to give his best friend a break.

"Well," started Michael, "the decision is really up to Liz, but if it would make you happy to know, it's okay with me."

Michael looked at Togan for a reaction. He knew that this man was like a father to him and Liz and wanted to know his opinion too.

"Well, your majesty, I know that you would be good for her. You don't really need my blessing because you are my King, but you have it." bowed Togan.

Max was so happy that he jumped for joy! He hugged Brinka and shook Togan's hand. He also hugged Michael.

"Yeah... yeah..." smiled Michael.

Max sighed. He was so happy. "Now I have to face the Parkers."


Max arrived at the Crash to pick up Liz and found her sitting on a booth, dressed and ready. Max thought that she couldn't have looked more beautiful. She was just wearing jeans and a shirt, but she really looked great. Especially when she gave her that smile she only has for him.

Liz stood up when she saw Max and ran to his arms, like she didn't see him only an hour before. She kissed him and they talked with their faces real close to each other, smiling, looking into each other's eyes.

Jeff Parker watched his daughter and her boyfriend of more than two years. These two never fails to amaze him. The way they would never tire of each other. The way he noticed how his daughter's face would instantly light up at the sight of him. He knew that his daughter was in love.

Max saw Jeff Parker watching them and let go of Liz reluctantly. He didn't want to get on the man's bad side. Now that he was planning on asking him for his daughter.

"Mr. Parker." acknowledged Max.

Jeff Parker smiled and waved. "What do you guys have planned for tonight?" he asked.

"We're just gonna go to a movie, Dad." said Liz smiling.

"Ok, don't be too late." he said.

"We won't. C'mon Max." said Liz as he was pulling him away.

"Uhm, I'll meet you at the Jeep okay?" asked Max

Liz looked at him questioningly, but shrugged it off. "Okay."

Once Liz was out of earshot, Max approached Jeff Parker.

"I was kind of hoping to talk to you and Mrs. Parker, will that be alright sir?"

Jeff looked at the young man. He had determination in his eyes that Jeff admired.

"Sure Max, what about?"

"Uhm, It would be better if Mrs. Parker was present also."

"Okay, you can meet us tomorrow night."

"Thank you sir. And, if it's alright with you, please don't tell Liz."

"Now you really have me curious. This isn't some way to tell me that Liz is pregnant is it?" laughed Jeff

Max was so nervous he didn't hear the joke. His mind was going a mile a minute. Seeing the nervous look Max had, Jeff's face suddenly turned serious.

"Is it?" he asked, his eyes widening.

"Oh! No sir. Nothing like that." said Max quickly

"Good. I guess we'll see you tomorrow night."

"Yes sir, see you soon. Liz and I won't be too late." said Max as he turned and left. Jeff looking at the young man. He had a feeling that tomorrow night's talk would be a serious one.

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Max patiently waited for Jeff and Nancy Parker. Sitting on the Parker's living room all by himself was the first. He made sure that Liz would not be home today. This is something he knew he had to do alone. His hands were clammy. What if they didn't agree with me? What would I do then? His thoughts were interrupted when Jeff and Nancy arrived.

"Hey, Max, thanks for waiting." said Jeff

Max got up and shook Jeff's hand and smiled at Nancy.

"Sit down, Max." she said as she sat next to her husband. "I have to admit, I'm pretty anxious to hear what you're going to say. I hope it isn't anything bad."

Max cleared his throat. This is it, he thought. Now or never.

"I wanted to talk to you both about Liz. We've been dating for a couple of years now, and since I know there's a big chance that she may be going to Harvard, I thought it was time that I talked to both of you." said Max

Jeff and Nancy looked at each other. From the solemn expression Max had, they knew it was going to be bad news. Nancy's heart started to pound. Jeff remained expressionless as Max continued.

"I think it's pretty obvious how much I love your daughter. I've loved her all my life. Believe it or not, since the third grade. Her loving me back is a dream come true that I never thought would happen. What I wanted to say is...... I.... I wanted to ask for your daughter's hand in marriege...."

Jeff and Nancy looked at him in shock. They were not expecting this at all. Nancy let go of the breath she was holding.

"Oh my God...." breathed Nancy, with her hand on her chest. Max decided to continue his speech.

"I know what you're going to say... we're too young to get married. I was actually just planning an engagement. I wanted to ask for her hand now, and get married later. Maybe after college. I just wanted to have your permission, so I'll have a clear conscience when I ask her..... I love her with all me heart, and I didn't want us to separate from each other without the promise that we'll be together in the end..." said Max as he pleaded his case.

Jeff Parker finally found his voice. "Well,.. this is really a surprise Max... I mean, I thought you wanted to get married right away, like, in the coming months..." he said relieved.

"Me too.." smiled Nancy, "I wouldn't have liked that altogether.."

"As much as I want to ma'am, it wouldn't be fair to Liz or me to get married so soon. I just wanted us to promise each other that we will be together.." said Max

"But Max," said Nancy, "Engagements get broken all the time. Why do you have to get engaged at all? I mean, if it's meant to be, it will happen..."

"You're right, but what Liz and I share is really important to me. To both of us. It might seem superficial to you to get engaged before we part ways, but to us, to me, that ring will be a symbol of our love. Even far away, we'll be together. We'll be..... bonded.." said Max

Jeff looked at the young man in front of him. To be brave enough to talk to his girlfriend's parents all by himself and ask them for their daughter. Jeff admired him more now than ever. He never did that himself wih Nancy's parents. He was convinced that Max loved his daughter. Very much.

"Well Max," said Jeff looking at his wife, she nodded. After years of marriage, they can pretty much read each other's mind too. "Liz will be eighteen soon, so she can pretty much decide for herself, but if you want our permission, I guess it's okay, as long as it's a long engagement."

Max couldn't keep the big smile off his face. They said YES! He stood up and shook Jeff's hand excitedly.

"Thank you Mr. Parker! You don't know how happy you've made me!" gushed Max

"Call us Jeff and Nancy. Since we're going to be family now, I guess." smiled Jeff.

Max's face turned serious, and looked into his future father-in-law's eyes. "I will take care of her, I can promise you both that."

Jeff and Nancy nodded. They knew he was sincere.

"When do you plan on proposing?" asked Nancy.

"Soon, I hope you don't mention anything to Liz, if it's alright with you" asked Max

They both nodded, as Max left.

"He'll be good to her Nancy..." said Jeff

"I know... I just can't believe that someone actually asked us for our daughter's hand in marriage..." sniffed Nancy, as a tear fell from her eye.


"MAX IS PROPOSING TO LIZ?!? OH MY GOD!" screamed Maria

"Could you be any louder Maria?!? I don't think they heard you in Sante Fe..." said Michael

"My best friend is getting married!! Oh we have so much to plan!!!! My dress! I have to tell her what totally looks good on me, and we can go from there..."

"You can't tell Liz that you know, Maria..."

"WHAT?!? Why not? We tell each other everything!"

"Well, I sorta promised Max that I wouldn't tell anyone until he's propsed."

"Well, when will that be?"

"Beats me.." shrugged Michael.

"You expect me to keep something like this a secret til..... whenever?!?"

Michael just crossed his arms across his chest and looked at her. His answer clear.

"Oh alright!" pouted Maria. "But he better do it soon!"

Michael smiled and cuddled with her on the couch. He loved this pixie girl.


Knowing Maria, this great news could never be kept a secret. She was happy for her best friend, and she wanted everyone to be happy fer her also. In a matter of hours, the whole gang knew about Max's proposal.

"So...Liz and Max getting hitched huh?" said Alex.

"I know! Isn't it great?" beamed Maria.

Michael rolled his eyes. So much for not telling Liz, he thought.

As if reading Michael's mind, Maria immediately defended herself.

"Don't worry Michael... I didn't tell Liz..." smiled Maria sweetly.

"No, just the whole damn town!" smirked Kyle.

Maria glared at him.

"You guys won't tell her right? If you do, then it wouldn't be my fault anymore. I told you not to tell her." said Maria, "I mean, she has a bigger chance getting information from Michael with your little connection."

"Why do you always call it their little connection?"asked Alex

"So when is the big day?" asked Tess.

"We don't know yet." said Maria, "He hasn't even proposed."

"Then how do you know they're getting married?" asked Isabel. This was certainly news to her. She didn't even know her brother was proposing, let alone asking for everyone's permission but their parent's. She felt bad that she had to find out this way.

"He asked for Michael's permission." said Maria.

Everyone looked at Michael, who was oblivious of the whole conversation, watching tv. Feeling everyone's stares at him, he looked around.

"What?" he asked

"You actually gave him permission?" asked Alex

"What's the big deal?" asked Michael

"What's the big deal? Mr. break-her-heart-and-I-break-your-face Guerin?" smiled Kyle.

"Liz is an adult. I have faith in her decisions. I'm sure whatever she decides will be based on logical thinking. She is a very smart and mature human being. Hey, she's my sister" said Michael.

Everyone eyed him, not believeing a word he said.

"He made Max squirm." said Alex

"Oh yeah." said Kyle

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Small little update...


"We have been watching them all for a long time and we are doing NOTHING!!!!!!" yelled Whitaker.

"Calm down Vanessa, I have everything under control..." said Nicholas

"Just wait til Khivar hears what you've been doing here.... He'll have your head!"

"As I recall, I AM THE ONE IN CHARGE! So you shut your little mouth." he sneered, "If you must know, MY sources tells me that Shana and Zan plan on getting married.. "

"What's your point?" asked Whitaker

"We're going to hit him where it hurts... again...only this time, we won't kill her... nothing hurts more than knowing the one you love is alive but you can't be together..."

"What are you planning?" she asked excitedly.

"Let's just say I have a little visitor from Antar who's going to help us.."


"Hey Liz.."

Liz turned around and saw her boyfriend behind her. It was a welcomed surprise because she was not expecting him tonight. She knew he would be busy the whole day, and she had to work a double shift to cover for Agnes who was sick.

She immediately wrapped her hands around Max. He smelled so good, and even though he was all muscle, he was soft to hug. A mystery that Liz thought she would never figure out.

"What are you doing here?" she asked, loosening her grasp.

"I came to take you away..." smiled Max

Liz looked into his eyes and smiled. She could stare at those eyes forever.

"I wish I could, Max, but I have to stay and work... sorry.." sighed Liz.

"I really want to spend time with you tonight Liz, maybe I can speak to your father.."

Before Liz could tease him about being scared of her dad, Max made a beeline to Jeff Parker. She could see the two men talking, and Jeff looking at Max then at her, then nodding, giving Max a small smile.

Max walked back to Liz and put his arm around her. "Let's go.." he said

"Wait a minute, how did you get my dad to say yes?" asked Liz

"Gentle persuasion...."

"Let me go change!" siad Liz excitedly.

"I'll wait for you in the jeep." said Max kissing her forehead.


"Max, where are we going? Why are we headed for the desert?" asked Liz

"I just wanted to spend some time that okay?" he asked looking in her eyes.

"Of course..." she said, giving him a kiss on the cheek

"I hope you're still this sweet after my surprise for you.."

"I know I will be...when have I ever been disappointed?" she said caressing his neck.

They stopped at a secluded area. It was painfully dark. If it wasn't for the jeep's headlights, there would be no light whatsoever. They both got down, and Max took her hand.

Suddenly, a black van swerved to where they were standing, blocking their way. Seeing the van, Liz suddenly felt nervous. There was something wrong. The van door opened and out came Nicholas and Whitaker with some other men. They had them surrounded! Liz's eyes grew wide when she saw them. Instinctively she raised her arm, ready to protect herself. Max turned to face her, and Liz's bad feeling turned to dread when she saw Max shift into a different form. This isn't Max!

Liz aimed her powers at the men charging to grab her when the creature that was Max blocked her powers with a forcefield. She was no match. She used all the power she knew she had, hoping she could find something... a rock.. a boulder..anything she could throw at them. But they were in the desert, and rocks are a few and far between. She looked around as she was surrounded by men. Nicholas and Vanessa watching from the sideline smiling.

She closed her eyes and concentrated, as tears fell from her eyes. She was frightened.

Michael!!!! was all she could send out when she was hit by a powerful force causing her to blackout.

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Michael looked out the window of his apartment to check if Liz was anywhere around. He knew she had a shift tonight, so what was she doing calling for him..

Liz?? You there?.... Liz? You called?

Nothing. Michael closed his eyes and tried to see if he could sense her. Liz didn't know this because she usually thought that she could block Michael, but if he concentrated hard enough, he cold sense her feelings... and right now he wasn't sensing anything. Worried, he decided to call the Crashdown.


"Mr. Parker? Michael here. Can I talk to Liz please?"

"She left a while ago. Max picked her up. Can I take a message?"

"Uhm... no thanks, I'll try Max's cell. Bye Mr. parker."

"Is there anything wrong Michael?"

"What? No, nothing's wrong Mr. Parker. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Ok, bye."

Right after he hung up, Michael called Max's cellphone.


"Max! Lemme talk to Liz..."

"Liz? She isn't with me..."

"What? Her dad just said you picked her up!"

Fear stabbed Max's heart

"What are you talking about, Michael?"

"I heard Liz in my head calling my name, then I couldn't feel her anymore. I thought she just blocked me out, but I got worried and called the crash. Her dad said you picked her up a while ago.... Where is she max?!?" asked Michael getting really worried.

"Call Maria, check if she's with her, I'll try to get everyone else together. We'll meet at your apartment." said Max abruptly as he hung up.

Max immediately left their house Isabel in tow. She was speaking to Alex on the phone when Max told her the whole story. Alex agreed to meet them at Michael's, and will call Kyle and Tess for them.

Isabel held on to her seat as Max swerved a turn on the way to Michael's.

"Max! Slow down!" cried Isabel.

"Liz is missing! Her dad thinks I picked her up, but I didn't Iz!" said Max almost in tears, "What if it's a shapeshifter?" he said looking at his sister, his eyes full of worry.

Feeling sorry for her brother, she consoled him.

"Don't worry Max, we'll find her. She's probably at Michael's already."

Max remained quiet. He really hoped Isabel was right.


Michael paced his apartment as everyone waited for Max and Isabel.

"Where could she be?" he said running his hand through his hair.

"Michael could you stop pacing! You're making me dizzy!" yelled Maria as she covered her face with her hands. Her best friend was missing, and none of them knew where she was. They all knew what happened in her past life, the danger she was in, so this was not good.

"I have to do something! said Michael exasperatedly.

"Maybe we should call Brinka and Togan... maybe she's with them!" said Tess.

"Good idea!" said Michael, as he went to his phone to call the elderly couple.

Everyone else just stood there waiting, as Max came rushing through the door.

"Liz?! Are you here?" called Max looking around, searching for her. Isabel was right behind him.

"She's not here, Max" said Kyle

"No.." whispered Max, "What if they took her to get to me, again?"

Michael hung up the phone and looked at Max. Liz wasn't with the old couple either and he heard the last thing that Max said. He looked at Max, his eyes filled with anger.

"You better hope that's not the case, Max. I've told you time and again to stay away from her. If this is because of you, and when we get her out of this, I will make sure that you never put my sister in danger again."

Max remained silent and looked. He understood how Michael felt and knew in his mind that he was right. His heart told him otherwise.

"Stop it Michael, this isn't Max's fault! HE didn't want this to happen!" said Isabel sticking up for her brother who seemed resigned.

"This is NO ONE's fault." said Alex, "None of us wanted this to happen. Liz made it perfectly clear that anyone of us could be used to get to Max. To any of you." looking at the aliens.

They all remained quiet. Alex was right. It was strange how each alien cared for a human that, if harmed, could affect them.

"Fighting isn't going to solve anything!" said Max, "we have to find her..."

"I'm afraid that's isn't going to be easy..."

They all turned to see who spoke. They saw Brinka and Togan by the door.

"The Skins have her... and they've got allies." said Togan

"What allies?" asked Michael

"They've called the help of the new breed of shapshifters in Antar. They have the power to shapeshift and more. They are very powerful." said Brinka

"And they follow Khivar. They think he is their King, so they will do anything for him." said Togan.

Max reached into his jacket pocket and held onto the red velvet box he had purchased a while ago, thinking how he could make this right.


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Liz opened her eyes slowly. She had a splitting headache. She opened her eyes wider, but there was just darkness. She didn't know if she was blind or if she was just in a very dark room. She tried getting up and forced her eyes to adjust to the darkness. Slowly, she started to see where she was. In a very dark room, on a bed. She saw light seeping through under the door. She held her forehead, it was throbbing in pain.

Michael?....are you there? can you sense me?


Liz closed her eyes and concentrated really hard, her head started to ache more, but she didn't care. She needed to contact Michael. She started to sense him, but he was very faint. She concentrated more, but gave up when she couldn't stand the pain in her head anymore. She flopped on her bed, holding her head. When she suddenly heard her door open. It sounded like a metal door. When it opened and the light was able to shine through the room, she noticed that her whole room was made of metal. But it was a different kind of metal.... it was...alien.

Great, she thought, what else is new...

"Did you have a nice nap?" asked Nicholas

Liz just looked at the little boy, that could wreak so much havoc. She didn't even notice him and Whitaker come in. She remained silent;.

"Well if it isn't Princess Shana..." said Whitaker, smiling

Liz looked at Congresswoman and wondered how much she knew about all of them.

"Surprised that I know you?" asked Whitaker. "We know a lot about you....all of you"

"What do you want?" she said.

"We just wanted to keep you here as a guest. We're terribly lonely and we just thought that it would be nice if you visited." smiled Nicholas. Whitaker giggled.

Liz was not amused. She just looked at the two.

Noticing that Liz was just looking at them, Nicholas' face hardened.

"You wanna know what we want missy? We want Max. That's right...., King Zan. We want him out of the picture. We want him to give up his throne to Khivar! As long as he is alive, there is still a possibility that he can take back the throne. We don't want to take that chance. Everything was fine until we found out that the Royal family was reborn here... their essence is alive... well we came to destroy them!"

Nicholas strolled over to where Liz was sitting and sat down beside her on the bed.

"That's where you come in, sweetie. We're going to use you as a bargaining tool. If Max won't surrender, you will die." sneered Nicholas.

"What if he does surrender?" asked Liz, she knew Max would consider that if it meant her life. The thought made her want to gag.

"Well, surrendering would mean he has to be executed.". The look on Liz's face made him smile.

"You don't think we'll allow him to live here on Earth happily ever after, do you? As long as they're all alive, the throne is still in danger! He has to die.. all of them." said Nicholas.

"Let me put it in understandable terms for you sweetie," said Whitaker. "If Max doesn't surrender, you die. If he surrenders, he dies. So it's a choice between your life and his. Who do you think he'll pick?"

Liz just stared at the floor, a tear running down her cheek. She could not bear the thought of Max dying, or being executed for that matter. No! She will fight these aliens if it's the last thing she'll do. Getting up, she immediately held up her hand and with all her might concentrating to fire at the two Skins. But nothing happened.

"Oh, and I forgot to tell you..." said Nicholas, "while you're in this room, you have no powers. A little gift from our Antarian friends. So make yourself comfortable Ms. parker, you'll be here for a while..."

Nicholas and Whitaker left slamming the door behind them. She had nothing else to do but cry. Everything seems hopeless.


Everyone was quiet in Michael's apartment thinking on what their next move is, when Michael suddenly sat up abruptly, his eyes wide. Not noticing that everyone was looking at him, he tightly closed his eyes, and concentrated. Sweat was beading down his forehead, until he sat back and sighed.

Maria was looking at him intently, waiting for him to speak.

"I felt her... just for a second. I don't know what she was feeling, but I felt her in my mind." he said defeatedly.

Max immediately went to Michael's side.

"Was she able to tell you where she is?"

"Max, I told you, it was just for a second! Do you think I'd be sitting here concentratin like hell if I knew where she was? I would've bolted outta here!" snapped Michael.

"There's no need to get mad Michael, we're all worried about her!" said Isabel.

"Are you Isabel? Are you really worried about her?" asked Michael suspiciously.

"What are you talking about, of course I am!" said Isabel looking at everyone.

"Michael, what are you doing?" asked Maria, holding his arm.

"You're the one that betrayed us all the last time. For all we know this could all be your doing!"

"WHAT?!" shouted Isabel, her eyes watery. Alex was immediately by her said, putting his arm around her glaring at Michael.


Everyone looked at Max stunned. They've never heard him shout before.

"Isabel is not a traitor ok? She has nothing to do with Liz's disappearance. Now I know that you're just worried about Liz.. we ALL are. But don't go around accusing people that are on your side!! You're mad at the Skins, not us... We have to work together." said Max.

Maria held onto Michael's arm, and rubbed it, relaxing him. Everyone else breathed a sigh of relief when they saw Michael's face soften. All this time Brinka and Togan were listening to all of them argue.

"I could contact people from Antar. I could ask them if they know anything about Khivar's plans." said Togan, "let's see if we can shed some light on this... ok?"

Togan approached Michael and put his arm on his shoulders. He knew that Michael was getting unreasonable. He knew that. But he also understood.

"That's a good idea Togan. And try to find out who these allies they have. What their powers are and how we can defeat them." said Max, "Isabel, do you think you can try to dreamwalk Liz?"

"I can try Max, but if she can't contact anyone, I don't see how I can reach her mind." said Isabel.

"Well, could you at least try?" asked her brother.

"Of course." she said, looking at Michael.

Michael gave her a look of thanks. Michael was never one for apologies, but Isabel has known Michael long enough to know that look was of one. She smiled at him, letting him know that everything was okay between them.

"I think the rest of you should go home. There's no point of everyone being here. You all need to rest too." said Max.

"Wait, what do we do about Liz's parents? They're going to be worried when Liz doesn't come home tonight." said Alex

"He's right Max, when Liz and I were dating, Mr. parker was really a curfew nut. He usually waited up for her." said Kyle.

Max tried to think of a way not to get the Parkers to panic.

"Maybe Maria can call and tell them that she's spending the night with her?" said Isabel.

"Nope," said Maria, "Mr. P saw Liz leave with Max. He might think that she's spending the night with him and just wanted to use me as an excuse. He'll definitely be at my doorstep in no time checking on her."

Everyone was silent trying to think of a way, when Tess suddenly spoke up.

"Uhm... I could mindwarp them into thinking that they saw Liz come home and go to sleep..." said Tess, wringing her hands. She didn't know if they were comfortable with her suggestion.

Kyle looked at her, and thought how cute she looked all apprehensive like that.

Everyone else looked at her. Unable to speak. They really didn't like Tess power of other people's minds. But it did seem like a good idea.

"I think it's a good idea." said Kyle, smiling at her. She smiled back with gratitude.

"Me too." said Maria, looking at the floor.

"Yeah, I think so too. Just this once. So the Parkers won't be worried." said Alex.

Everyone else seemed to silently agree.

"It's settled then," said Max, "Tess will mindwarp the Parkers into thinking that Liz came home tonight. Kyle, you take Tess to the Crash to do her stuff. Isabel and I will stay here to see if she can dreamwalk Liz. Michael will try to contact her some more, and Brinka and Togan will get some information on what we're up against. That's the plan for now."

Everyone nodded and started to go. Before Tess left, she approached Max.

"I'm really sorry this happened Max, we'll find her. I know we will." said Tess.

Max just nodded, "Thanks.."

As Isebel got ready to dreamwalk Liz, Max's heart was aching for Liz. He wanted, or rather needed to know if she was okay. Michael not feeling her at all is not a good thing. They could always feel each other... unless Liz is already.... no! He didn't want to think that. He would know if Liz is dead. He's sure of it. Just because Michael's radar isn't working, doesn't mean his is broken too.

Liz is alive. He'll bet his life on it.


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Sorry for the late update, but I've had severe writer's block with this fic........


"I can't... I've tried everything, I just can't get through to her.." said Isabel.

Max's face showed desperation. He didn't know what else to do. He was really relying on Isabel to contact Liz.

"Maybe we could help" said Brinka

"How?" asked Max, willing to try anything.

"Well, we've been sending you images and dreams before, maybe if Isabel, Michael Togan and I can all try together, we can reach her..."

"Is Liz I mean..Will it be too strong for her mind to handle?" asked Max

"Right now, we need something strong if the normal way isn't working." said Brinka.

Max nodded. Brinka had a point. And right now, he's willing to try anything.

So Max sat back and watched as the four people tried to contact Liz together. They sat on the floor facing each other in a circle, holding hands. They were all concetrating so hard, he saw sweat trickling from their foreheads.

The four of them found themselves on a dream plain. They didn't expect to see each other. This was never atempted before so this was all new to them.

"Whoa.. where are we?" asked Michael

"I have no idea.." said Isabel.

"Well, we better try to find Liz..." said Togan

All of them called out her name, roaming around the place where there were no ceilings, walls or floors.

"Liz?? Liz are you here?" called out Michael. He could hear the rest screaming her name.


He turned around and saw Liz laying on the ground. Or it seemed like the ground for she was by his feet. He immeadiately ran to her and gave her a fierce hug.

"Liz! Oh my God! You're here! Hey Everyone! I found her! We're right over here." he said as he continued to hold her in his arms.

Isabel, Brinka and Togan followed their voices until they saw brother and sister hugging each other for dear life.

"Shana! Oh we've been so worried!" said Brinka, as Michael let go of her long enough for her to hug Liz.

"I'm alright, I'm ok. Where's Max?" asked Liz.

"He's right beside us... physically, I mean..." said Isabel.

"Liz, tell us where you are, and we'll come get you right now!" said Michael.

"Nicholas and Whitaker have me. I don't exactly know where I am... but they had someone shapeshift as Max so that I would go with him... Max.. I mean, the shapeshifter took me to the desert and from there, I don't know where they brought me.." said Liz teary eyed.

"I'm going to that b*tch!! Who's Nicholas?" yelled Michael.

"Nicholas is Khivar's right hand man," explained Togan, then turned to Liz, "Can you give us any clue as to where you are.. maybe a landmark.. anything...?

"No, I was unconcious when they brought me here.."

"Why did we have trouble reaching you?" asked Isabel

"I'm inside some sort of cell where no powers can be used. I think no powers can enter either. I'm really surprised to see you.. all of you!" said Liz

"We have to find out where Nicholas is!" said Michael, trying hard to think. It's really frustrating how he could hold his sister right now, but know that she was not with them physically.

"I... don't want to be rescued Michael..." said Liz, looking down at her hands.

"What?!?" said everyone is unison.

"Nicholas will only let me go if Max surrenders.. or rather.. all of you surrender. Khivar wants you all dead. He thinks that if you're all still alive, there is still a chance at taking the throne away from him. And he doesn't like that. He's using me as a bargaining tool. If you all don't surrender, I will die... If you all surrender, then you all will die. I think one life is better than four..."

Isabel looked at the girl willing to sacrifice her life for all of them. Tears begin to sting her eyes. She has never been more grateful than now..

"Oh Liz!" said Isabel as she lunged herself at her crying..

Liz hugged her back, also crying at their situation.

"No! I'm not going to let this happen." said Michael

"Me neither. What do you have in mind?" asked Togan

"Well, Nicholas has to let us know about his little plan right? I have to talk to Max, but we'll figure something out." said Michael

"Til then, we want you to keep your eyes and ears open. Anything that can help us find you or anything about their plans..ok Shana?" asked Brinka, stroking her hair.

Liz nodded, as Isabel let go.

"We better leave, I'm starting to get weak.." said Isabel.

"Me too." said Brinka.

Michael silently went to Liz and gave her one last hug.

"We'll find you sis, don't give up hope, ok?" whispered Michael in her ear.

Liz nodded. She couldn't speak, for she'll just start to cry.

"We will contact you again." said Togan

Everyone said their good bye to Liz. Michael was the most hesitant to leave, but he knew he had to. He was starting to weaken, but he wanted to hold on til the last possible second. But he knew it would only do more harm than good.

Liz waved at them, sad that they were about to leave. She just wished that Max was with them. She needed to feel his warmth.

They all opened their eyes, and collapsed to the floor, tired. Max was waiting with glasses of water on hand just in case anyone needed them. They were all panting, like they just ran a marathon.

"What happened? Did you reach her?" asked Max, very apprehensive.

All he got was a nod from Michael.

"Where is she? Is she alright? Let's get her now!" said Max

Thr four were so weak that it was Isabel that tired hard to give him information right away.

"Nicholas.... has her....." she stammered.

"Who is Nicholas?" he asked, holding his sister up with her shoulders

"with.........Khivar......" she said, her eyes almost closing.

Dreaded fear was what Max felt when he heard the name Khivar. It was because of him, again, that Liz was put in danger. He looked at the four that seemed to have drifted off to a deep sleep. He needed to do something, but he knew he needed to information the four had in order for him to come up with a plan. Running his hands through his har, he decided to wait until they wake up. For he knew, sleep wasn't coming to him tonight.

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