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Author: Shameless325 AKA Rebekah (I prefer Rebekah).
Disclaimer: not mine... we all know this!
Notes: The first Chapter is on the repost board, along with the second, might want to read those to understand what the hell is going on.



Beginning Chapter Three:

When school starts to repeatedly feel mundane and drawn out, you know there's a significant problem. I usually enjoy some or most aspects of the school day. But lately, it's just become monotonous.

This is my last year in this place; I remember when High School seemed like the farthest thing from my grasp. The thought of having more than one teacher for each subject, lockers, pep rallies… security guards.

Things are so different now.

"And then I just had this epiphany, it was like… it was just… you know? Liz, hey Liz… Earth to Liz!" Maria waves her hand in front of my face, which is extremely annoying.

"What I was listening, Epiphany, got it…"

We're eating lunch outside today. The clouds rolled away last night. Leaving the humble residents of Roswell, New Mexico with stereo typical desert winter weather. It's warm enough to sit outside with a coat, and maybe gloves. However, I'm not sitting out here by choice. Maria hauled me out here when we met up at her locker. She was burning to tell me about the song she'd worked out, last night after we got back from Albuquerque.

In truth, I'm only half listening to her.

I want to be a good friend, I want to sit here and soak up everything she has to say. I want to be encouraging and praiseful. I want to be me.

Who the hell am I?

"Hey there my not so spiritually enlightened amigos." Kyle talks at us, as he takes a seat a top our table.

"Valenti you're sitting on my lunch tray." Maria tells him matter-of-factly. He moves his hip to the side, to look at the damage.

"There's not food on It." He says to the table's surface, then turns back to stare down Maria.

"Yeah I know, I just wanted to freak ya' out, did it work?" She gives him a toothless smile. Her face stretching to accommodate her full lips.

"Will it make you happy if I say yes?"

"Abso-fuckin-lutley." She smiles at him brightly. You'd think she'd won a prize.

"Anyone ever tell you you're far too easy to please?"

I look on as she shakes her head, "no, actually I get the opposite at least every other day." She looks at me when she says this, and we simultaneously erupt in a fit of giggles.

It feels good to laugh.

Kyle rolls his eyes, as we come down from our laughter.

"Hey, it's my job to make you laugh!" He admonishes us half-heartedly. "It's good to see you laugh Liz." He speaks in a milder voice, more serious.

Great, he broke the mood. I cover my mouth demurely, hiding my fading smile. But I know they both see the luster paling from my eyes.

Maria changes the subject quick.

"So where's your Boytoy? Haven't seen him today…?"

I skew my eyes; the sun is glaring off of the bare tree behind her head, it's bark shinning iridescent silver.

"Extra credit assignment, he's getting it out of the way while he has the time."

She lets out a muffled laugh, "What and you're not helping him?" I try and avoid her eyes, using the tree as an excuse to scrunch my eyes, and look away.

"No, he's uh… it's for English. That's more his thing anyway, didn't want to get in the way." She nods.

Kyle is getting bored. He's picking at Maria's left over carrot sticks. And I bet soon, he'll play that they're dancing just to get some attention. "I always thought you were good at the English thing, the talking and all… pretty good with the talking you know." He says as he breaks a carrot in half and tosses a piece in his mouth. A watery crunch wafts from his mouth. He smiles around the orange mass.

"Why thank you Kyle, I think?"

"You're very welcome Miss Parker." He looks up as Jim Valenti comes around the small grove of trees partially enclosing the table.

"Kyle, I signed you out, let's go."

Jim Valenti comes and stands next to his son, he nods and both Maria and me. "Coming to practice on Sunday night?" He asks Maria. "Wouldn't miss It." she quirks.

Kyle's fiddling with something in his pocket, as the exchange is… well, exchanged. He gives me a slightly fazed smile, as Maria and Jim banter back and forth about all things Music.

Kyle's not the biggest fan of Maria and Valenti playing together. He'll be fine though.

"Ohh--Kay dad, grandpa's not gettin' any younger." He grabs and pats his father's back and shoulder to get his attention.

"Yeah, yeah… sorry. Dad's birthday, taking him out for a couple of hours." He nods at both of us again, "see you Sunday." He says to Maria as he and Kyle leave the enclose.

"See ya'." She says, even though he's out of earshot.

"So practice is like a semi-regular thing now is it?" She smiles at me, and nods. "I gotta start somewhere you know, Shick Kickers or no Shick Kickers, either way, they're really the only band in town that I have connections too. Except The Whits, and they broke up, soooo."

"Yeah… you could always start your own band though?" I wait and gauge her reaction, her face twists and her eyes close.


"Yeah…?" I say.

"Yeah… maybe, I'm taking it slow for now, getting back in the feel of things, you know." I nod my understanding.

"Now let's stop with the Maria talk, and get to the Liz Talkin', what's up?" She folds her hands and arms, making it look like she's more interested in what I have to say.

"Nothing really, same old same old, you're there for most of it." She is there for most of it. I'm dying to tell someone about my problem, but on the lawn at school, doesn't seem like the right place.

Who cares!

I let out a cough to clear my throat, then I begin as best I can, considering the slightly embarrassing subject matter.

"I've been having these dreams…"

"Dreams? Like flying dreams, or dreams where you're at school or work and you realize you forgot to put your clothes on?" She pops one of the carrots Kyle didn't pilfer, into her mouth.

"Kind of a combination of both."

"Okay quit with the vague, spill it." She chews.

"Sex dreams." I get out. She chews some more, then puts down the rest of the carrot. "Sex dreams?" she pushes back wisps of hair that escaped her styled ponytail.

"Yeah, sex dreams, really, really vivid ones."


"Yeah." I grab for my neglected bottle of Coke and take a nervous sip.

"Are they about Max?"

I nod, "Yes."

"So what's the problem, he is your boyfriend?"

No hesitation on my part, "I know, that's not the-- God I don't know what the fucking problem is." In a calming attempt I cover my eyes with my free hand.

"Liz, would you just talk to me. Is this what's been bothering you? Don't deny it… something has been pissing you off for weeks. I'm here, know you can tell me."

I uncover my eyes and look into her clear green ones. I don't care anymore I need to talk about this.

"How did you know it was the right time to sleep with Michael?" She slightly bows her head at this, but brings her eyes back up to look me in the face.

"He um… he showed me a side to himself that he'd never shared with anyone. It just felt right, you know. I was so happy that he felt comfortable enough to share that with me, it was like a… mutual reward for our honesty. I had to act on it, plus I didn't want to talk anymore." She smiles, reverting into herself no doubt. I do that all the time, reach back into the recesses of my mind and relive moments that make me feel…

"I've been avoiding him, you know."

"Yeah, I know. He hasn't caught on yet though, has he?"

I shake my head. "Even if he has he hasn't said anything about it."

"Avoiding extreme detail here, how do the dreams feel, I mean like emotionally?" She's picks up her carrot again, and absently chews at the end, almost like it's pacifying her.

"Why do you ask?"

"Because," She takes a bite, "as long as you and Max have been together, you've been profoundly, almost annoyingly happy. And in my opinion, thanks to my mother and her engraining in me that pesky thing called 'free thought', if you're happy acting on this act in your mind, and you're happy when you're with him in real life. You can finish that thought for me."

And I do.

She smiles at me broadly, scrunching up her nose… she's getting ready to tease me "My little girl is growing up!" She narrowly reaches to pinch my cheek, but my hand collides with her attempting hand. She keeps smiling at me, green eyes shining.

"Shuddup." I say mock threateningly.

"Okaaay." She still smiles.

I smile back; it feels good to smile.


End Chapter Three ("Jeremiah was a bull frog, was a good friend of mine, I never understood one word he said, but I helped him drink his wine, and it must've been some mighty fine wine. Joy to the world, all the boys and girls, joy to the fishies in the deep blue see, joy to you and me!" - Three Dog Night but sung in the voice of Dana Katherine Scully, 'cause it's funny and sentimental: ) I just went back to the repost board and the first two chapters have fell off the board... soooo, if you all want to actually read what happened in the first two installments.... tell me, and I'll "Repost" them

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