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Summary: Max and Liz are eloping but Max has an unexcepted visitor. Future Max never came before!
Authors note: fb appreiciated.

Part one

"Let's get married,"

Max's voice said again and again in her ears. May 25 was the day that Max had proposed tp her, the one day where she felt loved and safe. Liz Parker sighed contently, for they were to wed in a few days.

She had gone shopping the day before, and found a dress that would blow Max away. It wasn't fluffy, even though it was a wedding. It couldn't be traditional, cuz they were eloping. Yes, eloping. her parents thought it was wrong to marry at the ripe age of 19, and they disaproved of the marriage.

So their plans were to go wed at the Las Vegas Elvis chapel, with only close friends.

Liz sighed. before the propasal life was had. Tess had come back and brought the bitch's baby with her. But Max had killed her when Tess had tried to kill her. Liz knew that Max had felt guilty, but Micheal talked to him, and Max was put in a rage because she had almost died. that was right before he propsed.

Liz looked at the clock.It read, 11:46. She had to go to bed! Liz snuggled into hte sheets, and fell into a deep but comfy sleep.


At the grandlith, Future Max looked at the large room. It felt so empty without Liz. Liz.... HIs heart ached. he had to save her from the horrid life they had had.
He had to save his Liz.

The day of the wedding

Max felt all jittery as he waited patiently for Maria and Micheal to arive. so what if they were at a dinky chapel? This was his dream coming true. He was daydreaming again.

But his daydreaming ended. A hand whipped around and covered his mouth.

Max was pulled into a little room.

Max then looked at his attacker with his armed raised.

Max then looked shocked.

It was him.

A future version of himself looked straight back at him.

Part 2 coming soon!

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Here people.
Part 2
Max’s POV

Max’s eyes widened as he saw himself or another version of Himself right in front of him.

He was hallucinating. He had to be.

Michael put some crack in his meal. He knew it.

Yeah that was the answer.

Future Max looked at Max’s eyes, and said, “I’m real. You have to change this. For Liz’s sake. You cannot marry her.”

Max was taken back.

“Are you a skin? God why is everybody trying to break me and Liz up!”

Max’s arm was raised to shoot, but he couldn’t do it.

“Just listen to me. Let me form a connection with you. “

Future Max touched the sleeve of max’s tux.

1 year of marriage- their love was falling apart. Max took up drinking and slept with numerous women.

2 years of marriage- max is beating Liz and telling her that if she didn’t shape up he would leave her.

3years of marriage-max and Liz are running away from a skin that is trying to attack Liz

4 years of marriage- Max is holding a dead Liz in his arms.

Flash ended

“ No! You’re lying! I would not do that to Liz!”

“I’ve lived a hard life…. I noe. But Liz would die if you don’t’ change this.”


“Max I was foolish back then. Love overcame me. But it will break apart. I killed our daughter. Yes. Ours. Don’t you get it?”

“You have to change the future!”

Max solemnly nods his head and runs off, holding a picture of Liz in his hand.


“Liz! Michael can’t find Max! He’s gone!” Maria screamed out.
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Part 3

Liz’s heart broke in two when she heard that Max left her. He proposed to her and left. Was it some kind of sick joke? Liz furiously took off the esquisite diamond ring off her finger and slammed it on the ground, her alien powers vibrating in her veins. She hadn’t even told him the big news. She was pregnant with his child.

Where would he go?

What would he do when he reaches Las Angeles?

Max reached into his pocket and pulled out his picture of Liz. He pulled out one from his walet, 7 from the car, and 4 from his bag. 13 in total. He grabbed one of them, and through the rest out the window.

“Good-bye Liz. Hello L.A,”

2 years after

Maria laughed out loud as she wiped off spagetti from her face. She looked at Samantha, Liz and that asshole’s child. Samantha looked back at her, and Maria marvelled how pretty she had gotten, sure she was only 1 and a half years old. Samantha had Liz’s trademark hair and that asshole’s eyes.
Maria sighed. She and Liz were living together. Micheal had received a phonecall from Max earlier and he left. So they were alone. they were now living in L>A, city of the angels!

“How is she doing?” Liz’s voice crept through the paper-thin walls. Liz’s face looked at Maria and laughed
“Missed a spot!”
“Ha ha. Very funny.”
Liz came and pulled Samantha off the chair.

“I’ll answer it!” called Maria, and she went to her Princess phone.

“Hellooo. Maria speaking.” Maria called out.
“Max?!” Maria asked, and took a peek at Liz, whose face looked sticken.
“Yes. Can I speak to Liz?”
“Phew. I waited long to do that!”
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Part 4

Max’s pov

Child? Did Maria just say child?

What child?

I look over to the person that was sleeping right beside me. Jane looked so peaceful, her blonde hair covering her face. I did not know what urged me to call Liz. I had felt spasms of pain some time ago, but their were no answer to them.


Me and Liz had a child?

But that was all in the past! I’m happily married to Jane…

We even have an adopted child named Jenn.

But it’s not mine.

I wonder what Liz named the child.

I wonder what’s going on with her life. Is she better off without me?

What about Maria?

Micheal is engaged to some chick.

I’m going to Liz’s to see my daughter.

Liz’s POV

Max just called. How did he get this number?

Micheal maybe?

God, he doesn’t even noe that he has a daughter.

If I knew Max the way I did, I’d say he would be here in about three days……

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I'm sry. it's so confusing. sorry. really sorry!
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sry so late at putting up posts. I'll put one up soon!*happy*
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sry so late at putting up posts. I'll put one up soon!*happy*
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sry so late at putting up posts. I'll put one up soon!*happy*
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okay about this mess. I started this story a some time ago, and well don't noe what to do next. if u could give me ideas it would be great.( it'll be fun) and I already started 2 more stories.

they are- She's Back : about Liz dies by Max, but later one Max finds that somehow she takes the place of Tess, but... he already has a girlfriend.

Blus streaks- about a girl named Liz whoes fatherbeatd her till she had to go liuve with her uncle and aunt, Nancy and Jeff Parker, and Micheal Parker.
he then finds someone she mite like ( Max) but fid out he is already in love with Tess tilll it's to late.

As u can see I really dislike Max rite now. ( Dislike is a soft word)

love yall

thanx for the fb

new part will be coming soon I promise!!

ps ithink the next part will be Liz running into Max and his blonde wife. Whaddya think?