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Title:Sexual changes
Disclaimer: I own nothing
Category: M/L
Rating: R-NC-17
Summary: this fic is based on a challenge by queencyane on the disscussion board

-this is from the Smallville episode "NICODEMUS",

-The pollen of a very rare flower infects people. It removes all inhibitions and makes them act on their inner desires and Lana went from Miss Sweet to Miss Sexy and tried to jump Clark's bones in the pool and she did a little strip tease for him. Alpha-Lana spoke her mind and told everyone in town what she really thought. I love the idea.

-In CHANGES, the changes in her make her really sick but what if instead , they made her pull a NICODEMUS. And all of a sudden she was really aroused and Max-hungry? Something like Sexual healing, only stronger. How long do you think Max would be able to hold out? How crazy would feverish ALPHA-Liz be able to drive him before he caves? (Lana drove Clark pretty crazy and all she did was kiss him.) What would Alpha-Liz do and say to people? HMMMM

-The fic takes place after the desert scene in CH-CH-Changes

AUTHORS NOTE: I must say lost inhabitations is a better fic than mine but this idea just won’t go away, FB is a must if I don’t get enough feedback I won’t post!!!

Part 1

The next day at school Max was at his locker when he saw Liz walk through the doors of West Roswell High and his jaw fell open, there she was in large hoop earrings, dark visible make up red tube top and a red mini skirt with black knee length boots with her hair cascading down her shoulders, the students all stopped and started as a never before seen Liz parker made her grand entrance with a new attitude and style.

“Looking hot Liz” one of the jocks called out which made Max's blood boil and many more cat callas and whistles were thrown at her but Liz ignored them as Liz's eyes were fixated on one person that person being Max

Max gulped as he saw her coming towards him with her eyes filled with desire looking at him as if she hadn‘t eaten in days , he didn’t know what had happened to Liz, the Liz he knew.

“Hey” Liz said in a sexy voice as her hands travelled up his chest and encircled themselves around his neck.

“Hey” Max chocked out

“You like” Liz smiled and started kissing Max's neck

Max groaned and looked around to see everyone watching them “Liz” Max said

Liz then kissed Max passionately, Max pulled back “Liz we can’t your right about what you said yesterday” Max whispered

“Max, let’s forget what happened yesterday I I didn’t mean anything I said” Liz said

“Liz this isn't something we can forget” Max whispered taking Liz's hands from around his neck to her sides “we need to work this out” Ma x said

“I am trying to work this out but you don’t seem to be co-operating” Liz said

“I mean talk Liz” Max said

The bell rang and the students unhappily left wanting to see how the scene before them finished

“I'll change your mind Max Evans that I promise” Liz said kissing Max one more time before walking to her next class leaving a stunned max behind.

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AN: Maria doesn't go to NY in this fic


By lunch the whole school now knew about Liz’s new style and attitude, she’d gotten whistles and remarks from the guys all throughout all her classes but Liz had ignored them cause she had eyes only for Max Evans and he was the only one she wanted a reaction out of.
Michael and Kyle made their way to max who was at his locker “hey Maxwell” Michael greeted.

max turned around “oh hey” Max greeted back

“have you seen Liz today” Kyle asked knowing she wasn't the same girl he had dropped off last night

“Yeah” Max said as he took his biology book out of his locker

“and you don’t mind” Kyle asked “cause if you ask for my opinion..” Kyle stopped short when he saw Max's look

“No Kyle keep your opinions to yourself cause frankly I have heard enough of them since 1st period” Max answered and slammed his locker.

“Max would this have to do with anything last night” Kyle asked as they started walking to the lunch quad

“I don’t know, it can’t be alien I really don’t know what’s wrong with her and it’s so damn frustrating” max said as his folder got hot

“shit” max muttered when he felt his folder burn his hand

“Maxwell calm down” Michael coached as they sat down on the bench in the lunch quad.
“so what's with the look chica” Maria asked as she waited for Liz to take her books out

“What, is it wrong for someone to dress like this” Liz asked looking at Maria and then down at her outfit

“don’t give me that Liz, you and change don’t go together especially what your wearing now, don’t get me wrong I love it but it’s not you” Maria said as they made their way to the lunch quad.

“there’s nothing wrong with change Maria” LIZ said, Maria sighed in defeat and decided to ask later what was up with Liz

“so I heard what happened this morning is it true” Maria asked

“what’s true” Liz asked

“that you nearly jumped max at his locker” Maria asked
Liz and Maria reached the guys leaving the question Maria had asked un answersed

“hey guys” Maria said as she sat down on the empty seat across from the guys

“hey Maria,.....Liz” Kyle said seeing Liz for the first time.

Liz didn't hear him, because as soon as she had seen Max her eyes were fixated on him and sat down next to Maria, Max saw Liz’s eyes go black and gulped wondering what was coming up for him.

“Hey” Liz greeted huskily, meaning for max

“hey” Kyle and Michael greeted back, but saw that Liz wasn’t even looking at them but on max, they then saw max and his expression didn’t look so good

“Hey” Max answered after retrieving his voice again.

“how’d you History test go Kyle” Maria asked

“don’t know it wasn’t as hard as I thought” Kyle answered

As Kyle, Michael, Max and Maria engaged themselves into a conversation with a few words from Liz, Max jumped when he felt someone’s foot go up his leg he looked at Liz and knew it was her.

Max watched and waited as Liz’s foot went up higher and higher....Max jumped and swore when Liz toes made contact with his raging bludge that was now growing harder he looked up at Liz and saw that he eyes were closed and her pink tongue peaked out of her mouth he groaned as she licked her lips

“Maxwell you okay” Michael asked his eyes narrowing


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“Maxwell you okay” Michael asked

Max looked up from his fazed state and registered what Michael had asked, Liz didn’t stop her ministrations and continued as she didn’t hear Michael “uh yeah, I think I just chocked on something I ate” Max answered and chanced a glance at Liz, and saw she was totally oblivious about Michael's question.

Michael gave max an odd look and accepted it and went back to talking to Maria and Kyle, Max relaxed from his tense state, the halls of students were totally oblivious to what was occurring underneath Max and Liz’s bench except for Max and Liz themselves , soon Liz's foot trailed back down his leg as she needed to feel the contact of Max’s skin she followed her last trail but instead had her foot underneath the denim fabric and moaned as the electricity coursed through her as their skin made contact.

Maria heard Liz moan and looked at Max and Liz something weird was definitely going on “hey chica you okay” Maria asked Liz, Liz still having more semi control then Max answered

“Yeah I hurt my knee on the bench top” Liz answered never taking her desire filled eyes off max, max swore ‘god how could she seem to be totally lust filled at one time and in control the other’ he didn’t know how long he’d last before he’d make love to her right there, but he knew things needed to be solved he was wondering why Liz was acting so out of character.

Though Maria didn’t buy it, something was going on and she was going to find out.

The bell rung to signal end of lunch much to Liz's dismay but she grinned knowing she had Biology with Max last period she’d see him then and she was going to have her way with.

Max sighed ‘saved by the bell’ as much as he loved what Liz was doing to him, he was a guy what else was he suppose to do, but this was not the place or time he'd have to be extra careful with her around.

They got up and left for their classes.
Liz entered her AP Biology class and spotted Max sitting at their table at the back, she gave him a seductive smile and walked to him, Max looked up to see Liz enter the class and gulped when he saw her flash him a seductive smile, he knew this last hour would be the death of him.

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Liz ginned at Max as she sat down on the stool next to him, Mr Seligman came in and turned to the class.

“Turn to 303 in your textbooks” Mr Seligman said and turned his back to them to write on the board.

Max opened his textbook to 303 to see that Liz's book was still closed “Liz” Max whispered

“Hmmm” Liz answered

“Open your book” Max said

“why, your’s is open” Liz said

Max shrugged and turned back to his page, Mr Seligman started talking and would turn his back to write on the board at times, Liz wasn’t paying attention as she wanted to pay attention to a certain individual, She was bored and she wanted to have some fun

“I want you” Liz whispered huskily so only Max could hear and placed her hand on his knee.

Max looked at her with wide eyes, though he knew she had planned something he wasn’t expecting this.

“How about you shut that book and have your way with me” Liz whispered again only having inching her way higher on Max's thigh.

Max tensed up and kept his glance at the board knowing that if he looked at her he would just take her up on the offer.

Liz decided to head for the kill she trailed her hand up to his ever growing arousal and caressed him “ I'm so wet for you Max....I know you want me, I can feel it, stop being in control let it go, you can‘t stop how your body responds Max ” Liz whispered again seductively and gave his cock a squeeze and it twitched at her touch.

Max coughed loudly and jumped away from Liz's working hands.

“Is there a problem, Mr Evans, Miss Parker” Mr Seligman asked with a raised eyebrow

The whole class turned around to see Max's flushed Face and Liz's showing no emotion at all, max was about to answer but was cut off by Liz

“Yes Mr Seligman I do, will you stop pretending to know so much about biology and teach us properly instead of this bullshit, I have to say I love biology but it doesn’t say I have to love my teachers” Liz said never backing down from Mr Seligman's gaze.

The class gasped in shock ‘who would have thought Liz parker to voice our opinions’ running through there heads, Max looked at Liz flabbergasted.

“well Miss Parker if you feel that way you won’t mind attending detention this Afternoon then will you” Mr Seligman said

“No, I will mind because you can’t punish a student for being honest isn’t that what we citizens of Americans were taught to do” Liz said

“That’s enough Miss parker before I add another detention to the one you already have” Mr Seligman said he then looked at the rest of the class “If anyone wishes to give Liz Parker here company I advise you to speak your mind now” Mr Seligman said mockingly.

the class turned back to their task while Liz huffed and sat back in her chair “if it’s any constellation I admire your bravery” Max said smiling at her and Liz smiled back

“Mr Evans” Mr Seligman said in a irritated tone.

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Max and Liz sat in their Biology class after school, Mr Seligman sat at his desk in the front, it had been 5 minutes and Mr Seligman stood up

“Max, Liz I will be out for a while and I expect you both to behave” He warned

“We will” Max said while Liz sat in her chair with her arms crossed.

After Mr Seligman had gone Liz got up from her desk and straddled Max

“What's going on Liz” Max asked wanting to know about her new recent behaviour.

“what ever do you mean” Liz asked as she played with Max's shirt button

Max shivered “You’d never would have done that this afternoon, heck nothing you've done lately is like you” Max said stilling her movements.

“Like me, no Max I'm sick of being mousy Liz Parker, the prissy who loved science and never spoke up, I'm turning over a new leaf and if you don’t like it then I'll go find someone else” Liz threatened and moved to get off him but max stopped her but didn’t touch her scared Liz might get hurt again even though she looked perfectly normal.

“No, I don't mean that Liz, I love you and that means you, I don't’ care if you wore rags or if you dressed like a whore, your still Liz, I'm just worried about you after Tuesday night I wasn’t sure what you wanted anymore” Max said

“I want you Max, I must say you were a dick for sleeping with Tess and getting her pregnant in the first place but I am not letting that bitch take what’s mine” Liz said determined, Max was about to say something but was cut off as Liz had placed her lips on Max's, Liz being his weakness Max opened for her and Liz shoved her tongue into his mouth and searched for his tongue which she then mated with once she found it, Liz’s hair flowed over him as she tugged on his lip and sucked on it he moved down to his neck leaving a trail of wet kisses.

she suckled, bite and kissed at Max’s exposed neck she pulled back and started opening his first shit button and kissed him there she did the last two buttons and moved back to his lips, Max was loving the feeling of Liz being in control and let her do as she pleased.

Liz moved down to his chest and ran her hand over his chiselled abbs and Max shivered at her touch and looked at her “Liz what about..” Max was cut off by Liz. “the green stuff doesn’t happen anymore Max, I've touched you so many times it hasn't appeared again” Liz said kissing his jaw then continued in the path she had set out before she traced Max's nipple which became erect instantly, Liz dipped her tongue and traced it then tugged on it, Max’s lower atonomy(sp) grew more aroused at Liz's ministrations Liz felt it and shifted while she moved on to his other nipple giving it the same treatment which caused Max to grown “Liz” max said his voice strained out.

“Yeah” Liz said still on her quest

“Don't do that” Max breathed out.

“DO what, This” Liz shifted again which caused both Max and Liz to groan , Liz moved her hips bringing her core closer to Max's swollen member their clothing their only barrier driving max to a frenzy, Liz moved down his chest and dipped her tongue into his navel and was about to unbutton Max‘s jeans when Mr Seligman's voice broke into their fazed minds.
“MISS PARKER GET OFF OF MAX” Mr Seligman said, Liz got off Max and moved to her chair next to Max.

“BUTTON YOUR SHIRT MAX” Mr Seligman shouted and then paced in front of them.

“I leave you two for 20 minutes and you nearly had sex in my biology class, both of you are my best students and I don’t want to see your grades slip but for goodness sake could you leave your hormones until you get home!” Mr Seligman started lecturing.

“Now Max, for the rest of your time in detention you are to sit on that side of the classroom and you will not move, I will treat you like kids and make you sit on opposite ends if you continue to act like them even worse, now Miss Parker if you want that valedictorian I suggest you shape up that attitude of yours and go back to your normal self I don't think Harvard will like detentions listed in your file for unwanted behaviour” Mr Seligman said.

Max sat at the back of the class with his head in his hands his face still hot from their earlier expedition and was willing his body to cal down, he couldn’t believe they had actually done that in Mr Seligman's class let alone during school time.
“Ok you two, off you go but I expect to see proper behaviour tomorrow I don’t want another session like today is that clear” Mr Seligman said

Max and Liz muttered a yes and left the class once they got outside, Liz pushed Max to the side of his car and started kissing him when Liz's cellphone went off.

Max and Liz groaned “I'm not answering it” Liz mumbled against his lips but the phone didn’t stop ringing and Liz pulled away and sighed.

“Hello, this better be good” Liz answered pissed


Liz groaned at the sound of her mother’s voice “Uh at school mom” Liz answered

“COME HOME RIGHT NOW, WE NEED TO TALK, I EXPECT YOU HERE IN 5” Nancy shouted through the phone

“Yeah mom” Liz said and turned it off, she laid her head on Max's chest.

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Part 6

After going home from detention Liz’s entered her apartment to be faced with her pissed parents.

“ELIZABETH PARKER would you like to explain your sudden behaviour” Nancy asked.

“what” Liz asked looking innocently

“don’t pretend to not know young lady, we know you got detention and to top it off you and Max nearly had sex during that detention time Mr Seligman gave us a call and we would like to know what was going through your head at that time, did Max put you up to it” Jeff Parker asked narrowing his eyes.

“NO!, Mr Seligman is a shit teacher he goes on about bullshit that does not matter and I for one am not going to jeopardise my education to save his ass, and DAD no it’s not Max’s idea and for your information making out is not called having sex we’re in the 21st centaury but would he realise that no” Liz said firmly

“You mind your language young lady, you were taught to respect elders and others around you and you will do just that” Nancy retorted

“Liz, why didn’t you tell us that you felt that way, you should have told us about Mr Seligman's teaching , but that doesn‘t get you off the hook it was detention and you should of done just that not making out or whatever with Max” Jeff said registering what his daughter had said

“I don’t know, it‘s a free country dad I'm allowed to do whatever I want and if that means showing my affection to max publicly then by all means I will ” Liz answered

“Jeff are you even listening to what she‘s saying, are you on drugs Liz” Nancy asked frantically

“I know Nanc, Liz you will be grounded for a week we will talk to your teacher tomorrow is that understood no phone calls to Max, nothing, no midnight meetings or date until you start to behave like the girl we raised is that clear ” Jeff said

Liz groaned “Yes dad” Liz answered kicking herself for being bold towards her parents now what was she going to do.

“now you can get changed into your uniform and come downstairs” Jeff said

Liz had worked in the Crashdown and was now sitting with her parents watching meet the parents they had made her have family time with them saying she might as well use her time wisely and added to that they didn’t trust her enough to not slip out her balcony window with her recent change.

It was enjoyable having family time with her parents but now she wanted to be with max more than any other place, this need was getting stronger the further away they were, sitting there she thought of a plan for tomorrow.
Max lay on the couch after finishing his homework he started watching TV and groaned when he saw what movie was apparently showing ‘American Pie’ if he didn’t have enough of sexual thoughts already he was trying to stay away from thinking back to the afternoon, to Liz, he groaned when his mind reluctantly did, he remembered how she had caressed him during lunch and Bio and then there was detention his thoughts were running wild his mind betrayed his body as it grew hard he got up and headed to the shower, knowing he defiantly needed a VERY cold shower to solve his problem.

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Liz woke up in the morning from her Max Fantasy with a huge grin on her face, she didn’t want to go to school except cuddle back in bed a dream about Max, she eventually got up and showered , changed and waited for Maria to pick her up, she saw Maria's jetta pull up.

“Hey Liz” Maria said

“Hey” Liz said as she walked around to the other side of the car to sit in the passenger’s seat

“I heard about your detention how’d your parents take it” Maria asked as they headed to school

“They had grounded me for a day yesterday and made me have family time with them and watch meet the parents” Liz said

“I feel your pain chica” Maria said smiling “so you going to tell me what’s going on” Maria asked

“there’s nothing going on Maria, I'm just more bold that’s all” Liz said

“So it doesn't involve anything Alien” Maria asked

“No, all that weird stuff has gone” Liz answered

“good” Maria said still unsure.
Liz saw Max pull up into the school car park just as soon as them, she got out of her side and went to Max she grabbed Max's head and merged her Lips with his and plunged her tongue inside and mated with his, she explored every recess of his mouth and pulled back needing air.

“hey I missed you last night” Liz said smiling once gaining control of her breathing.

Max still out of breath and tried to form words but all that came was deep intakes of breath, after he calmed down he spoke “wow, morning to you to” Ma said now giving up on trying to have their talk “How’d it go with your parents” Max asked both oblivious of the crowd around them and started walking into the school.

“they had grounded me for a day yesterday, and made me watch meet the parents with them and all I wanted to do was be with you” Liz pouted “your not grounded anymore right” Max asked

“no I'm not” Liz answered

“then you’ll be with me for as long as you want” Max leaned down and kissed her returning the favour.

“I think I rub off on you don’t I” Liz said with a grin

“who can resist you” Max answered as he opened the door.

“good boy Max right answer” Liz said rewarding him with another kiss.

Maria watched on shocked at her friends displays ‘there is defiantly something going on’
it was seventh period and Max had finished P.E and was getting changed he was the last one since the Phys Ed teacher needed to talk to him about joining a sport.

He entered the changing rooms to find it empty and went the locker with his stuff , he stripped from his clothes and hopped into shower no sooner had he gone under the spray, he felt a pair of arms wrap themselves around his waist, he gasped and knew it was Liz by the scent of strawberry surrounding him.

“Do you remember my locker room fantasy Max” Liz whispered and kissed Max's back, she looked up to see him nod.

“I want to make that come true” Liz whispered again, moving her hand lower and taking his arousal in her hand.

“shit” Max cursed and jumped away.

“Liz, please what are you doing her” Max said removing her hands from his no zone area.

“I’m here to Please you Max” Liz said kissing his exposed chest.

“Liz” Max groaned out

“What” Liz asked her tongue poking out and kicking his salty skin, her eyes widened “Your so big” Liz said in a sultry voice as she saw him for the first time.

“Liz” Max groaned out when he saw the desire in Liz’s eyes getting bigger, Liz stepped forward causing Max to take one back , Max couldn’t move any further back as his naked back made contact with the cold tile wall behind him.

“You can’t run anymore” Liz said licking her lips.

“Liz...where in scho...” Max was cut off as Liz attacked his lips fiercely, he moaned as he felt her hot little hands wrecking havoc on his chest.

Liz explored every contour of his chest running her hands over the ripples of his bronze skin, Max opened his mouth inviting her to deepen the kiss which Liz obliged too, she rub her core against his straining erection causing Max to moan and pull away.

The sensations Liz was stirring within him were enough to make him forget about the wrong of what they were doing instead he pulled Liz tighter to him and continued their heated kiss, Max started to run his hands down her body and soon came to the realisation that she was still fully clothed.

Liz pulled away from Max's sensuous lips and trailed her way down his neck, licking and biting marking him as hers and hers only , she kissed her way down to his taunt nipple and sucked it into her mouth where she sucked at it like a thirsty animal meanwhile Max had his eyes closed and head thrown back as he let the sensations wash over him, he’d long forgotten about the shower, all that mattered was Liz, Liz moved away from his left nipple to give his right nipple the same treatment, after a while she moved down his chest feeling the rigid area’s of his torso and leaving a trail of kisses behind when she reached his nipple she dipped her tongue and started swirling her tongue around,

“shit” Max cursed his hands fished in Liz’s hair, Liz smiled against his bronze skin loving the fact it was her making Max lose his infamous control, Max pulled her back up the length of his body and kissed her hungrily, tugging at her lips bruising them in the process, he moved his hands u and down her body and soon came to the realisation that she was still fully clothed, Max pulled back.

“Liz, your clothes” Max panted out still on his high.

“what about them” Liz said against his lips.

“there getting wet” Max breathed out.

“there not the only things getting wet” Liz answered rubbing herself against his very noticeable arousal.

“Liz” Max said gripping her hips gaining some semi-control back.

Liz ignored him and wriggled herself out of his grip and ran her hands down the inside of Max's calve causing him to shudder “There is no way I'm letting you go until I'm finished with you” Liz whispered in his ear.

“Liz” Max groaned gain when Liz started stroking the length of him, his hard as steel yet velvety skin brushing against her hand.

“God your so.....gifted” Liz said loving the feeling of him against her hand and getting wetter than she already was if it was even possible.

“Geez Liz don‘t do this” Max said his eyes shut and head thrown back.

“Do you know how much just looking at you with your lust filled eyes , head thrown back and ever growing hard on is turning me on” Liz said bringing his hand to cup her heating core.

Max hissed when he felt the heat radiating off from her

Liz pulled her hands away from his cock and to the hem of her tank top she lifted it off up over her head and threw it behind her where it fell on the shower floor under the shower head spray, she then unhooked her bra which joined the soon to grow pile on the floor, Liz looked up at Max and took his hands away from her core and placed them on her breasts “Touch me Max” Liz panted out.

“Oh god” Max said as she felt her rosy nipples turn into stiff peaks, all sense thrown out the window Max rubbed his thumb over her them causing Liz to moan and he continued his ministrations the sensual movements of his thumb soon becoming rough as he started tugging on them causing both pain and pleasure for Liz, Liz had her head thrown back as she let the sexual pleasure wash over her, Max leaned his head forward and took her left nipple into his mouth and sucked on it.

“Oh Yes.....god yes....touch me....taste me.....make me yours” Liz screamed out as she held his head in place.

Max swirled his tongue around her nipple and rolled it between his lips, Liz screamed out his name in pleasure, as he gave his full attention to her left nipple he didn’t leave her right breast in wanting with his free hand he squeezed, rolled, pinched her nipple and breast anything to cause a response from Liz. After lapping up on her left breast he moved onto her right breast and gave it the same treatment, Liz was on a high of sexual passion the sensations he was causing in her were setting her whole body on fire. When Max had finished giving his undivided attention to each breast he kissed his way down

“so beautiful and tastes so good” Max said against her skin, Liz wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him back up to attack his Lips again, his cock was pressed against her core he and Liz moved against him, giving them both the sensations of pleasure, he was about to reach down and tear her panties away when the voice of Max's P.E teacher registered through their sexual fazed minds.

“Evans, you’ve been in the shower for half an hour we need t lock the rooms get out already” the teacher yelled through the boys locker room.

“Shit” Max said when he got his bearings back, he had a topless Liz against the wall, the shower left abandoned and he’d been in here for 30 minutes and his teacher could come ain any second “Sorry Mr Gregs I think I lost the track of time I'll be out of here soon” Max shouted back and heard the doors close, he breathed out and let Liz slid down him, he reached for her clothes and covered her.

“I’m so sorry I lost my control” Max said as he ran out of the shower stall and retrieved a towel for both of them he gave one to Liz and left the shower stall, Liz walked out with the towel still in her hands not covering herself.

“Liz” Max said when he turned around to see her “Please for the both of us could you cover yourself” Max groaned out.

Liz smiled at least she’d seen him lose control, though his arousal was still visible “I guess I didn’t accomplish what I had set to do” Liz said

Max followed her knew of gave and groaned “Liz” Max warned

‘okay, okay” ill go change on the other side, I guess you deserve so sort of semi relief” Liz said moving towards the other side of the changing room, after getting changed in her wet clothes she walked over to Max and Max dried them with his powers she kissed him on the lips greedily and pulled away “I have to go , it’s like being on probation but I have to get home as soon as school finishes whish was 30 minutes ago, I'd love to stay but parents call” Liz said and rushed out the door.

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Liz got home and was smirking, she finally felt at ease that she got to see him lose control the look on his face when they were stopped by his P.E teacher was priceless if it wasn't for this curfew she’d be with him now, Liz sighed and walked inside the Crashdown

“Hey chica, your dad’s pissed” Maria said.

“Thanks for that Maria” Liz said.

“Good luck your sure gonna need it” Maria said to Liz’s passing figure, Liz walked up to the apartment and opened the door.

“And where the hell have you been Elizabeth Parker, your 30 minutes late” Nancy yelled as her daughter walked through the door.

“I went to the library Mom” Liz spat out.

“And you expect me to believe that” Nancy yelled.

“Well I really don’t care I have an assignment due and went to the library and lost track of time now if you don’t believe me you deal with it” Liz shouted and stalked to her room.

“Your dad expects you down in 20 minutes Liz, think about how your acting” Nancy said, hearing the door slamming shut in response.

Liz got changed reluctantly to hear the wrath of her father afterwards and went to work she’d hadn’t said a word to anyone except Michael and Maria and the customers she had to talk to her parents had pissed her off and Max was the only one who’s make her happy.

Max's car ride to Michael's wasn’t the most comfortable he still had a massive hard on which he’d now have to deal with since a cold shower would only make it worst.

His mind ran back to his little raven haired seductress he never thought Liz had it in her but by the way she’d been acting lately it wasn’t a surprise she’d be so bold, but for Max he wasn’t ready for it he was in the mos amount of pain as the process of Liz’s little seduction was now killing him painfully.

He puled up into the apartment and grabbed his books to cover his major hard on and walked inside the apartment, Michael answered the door “Hey Maxwell” Michael said walking back to watch his hockey game not taking any notice of Max's uncomfortable situation.

“Uh hey” Max choked out ”Um I'm gonna go take a shower” Max said.

“yeah whatever” Michael waved him off.

“Max dropped his bag and books on the table and went to the bathroom her closed the door behind him and leaned against it breathing heavily “What have you started Liz” Max whispered to himself and looked down at the tent in his jeans and groaned gain, no alien powers in the world was going to help him he stripped off his clothes for the second time in the last hour and turned on the shower, though this wasn’t helping him at all he grabbed his shaft and stroked furiously his eyes closed the image of Liz’s tiny hot hands stroking him entered his mind and he came against the shower wall no sooner had he started. he leaned his head against the shower tiled wall and breathed out, his penis going limp, Max cleaned up with the wave of his hand and turned the shower off and dried himself changing back into his clothes.

After her shift Liz asked her parents if she could finish up and start on her new assignment, knowing how much school meant to Liz they let her off, she ran upstairs and got changed into something comfortable and locked her door, she’d told her parents not to bother her and slipped out her window to go see Max.

Max was sitting on the couch watching TV shirtless, he hadn‘t bothered putting one on after his shower, Michael was on his night shift at meta-chem so he had the place to himself, he heard a knock on the door and wondered who could be at the door he got up and answered to be pushed back inside and onto the couch by a very lust hungry Liz.

“Liz” Max squeaked out.

“Missed me” Liz gave him a seductive smile and getting aroused by the sight before her.

Max swallowed the bile that had formed in his throat.

“Max have you ever seen a strip tease before” Liz asked smirking.

“What, NO” Max answered immediately.

“Oh that’s just to bad, your missing out on something good” Liz said circling Max as if a predator was circling their prey.

“I guess since you've already seen me naked there’s no fun of it is there, but wouldn’t you like to see me again Max” Liz asked innocently in s sultry voice.

Max sat still no coherent words able to be formed.

“Well I'm guessing by your silence that it’s a yes” Liz her hands roaming over her body and then reached the hem of her tight fitting top.

Max followed her movements as she what felt like to him slowly pilled her top over her head Max could already feel his cock spring to life.

Liz threw her top which landed at her feet, and Max’s eyes never glanced away, her fingers traced the lace lining of her black bra her ‘fuck me bra’ in Maria’s terms, Max followed her fingers as they dipped inside the material of her bra an suddenly he shifted the painful bludge in his jeans wasn't making anything easier either, Liz trailed her fingers down the valley of her breast to her navel tracing an imaginary line round it and then stopped at the top of her mini skirt and pulled the zip too painfully slow for Max and he followed the flimsy piece of garment fall to her feet, Liz stepped out of the dump of clothes and walked closer to max left in only her black ‘fuck me’ underwear.

Liz reached behind her unclasping her bra the straps fall slowly to let his eyes feast on her perfect breasts, with a small smile Liz bought her hands up to her breast curving them over her softness as she let out a little moan taunting her perk nipple with her thumb and forefinger tugging on them her head bent back in pleasure.

Max’s dick twitched at the sight before him, Liz touching herself in ways he’d done to her that afternoon in the guys locker room was wrecking havoc on his lower anatomy.

Breaking her hands away from her breast she whimpered at the loss of her fingers and moved them further down caressing her skin as she moved lower she traced the black lace lining above her him down to the centre where she could feel the heat of her aching centre, moving her hands back the waistband of her panties she pulled them down, the garment falling at her feet, for the first time Max got to see his Liz, her glistening curls and inviting swollen lips of her sex were to much for him.

Liz moved her hands down the patch of curls and parted her feminine folds thrusting a finger inside her invoking a deep moan within her throat Max was transfixed as his angel fucked herself for his pleasure as much as hers.

Liz pulled her finger out and opened her eyes to look at Max's they’d gone black with desire and she smiled at what she had accomplished knowing she wouldn’t be satisfied unless Max would make her cum she walked over to max knowing full well that he followed every movement of hers and straddled him as he sat helpless on the couch her breast right in his face and her wet pussy soaking his pants under his erection.

“She felt Max’s hot breath on his breast, she wrapped her arms around his neck and nibbled on his ear. “ Suck me” Liz commanded and Max obeyed as if he were a robot built to obey.

He pulled her rosy nipple into his wet mouth and began to suckle and massage it with his mouth. Not wanting to leave the other out, he repeated his actions, eliciting another moan from Liz.

Liz had her hands fished in Max’s hair keeping his head between her breast as he sucked her nipple, Max was a guy and she knew it wouldn’t be hard for her to seduce him and make him hers.

Liz pulled Max's lips back to hers and kissed him with desire and pulled away and moved so Max could see the area in which Liz had sat now covered in her juices.

“You see that” Liz whispered, Max nodded hw could not only see if he could feel the honey like substance on the tip of his erection.

“That’s what you do to me, she took his hand and placed it at her entrance soaking it in the process “And it’s yours” Liz whispered , Max didn’t know how she could be so wet she’d soaked him the though of his cock being buried in the depths of her surrounded b her juices was all Max needed to become even more aroused he was now painfully erect he needed his release.

Liz saw the growth in size of his cock and moved to his pant zipper lowering it “Shit Liz watch the zipper” Max hissed out, Liz lowered it carefully and his cock released out of the confines of the jeans, Liz was surprised to see he wasn’t wearing anything underneath but was even happier she wouldn’t have to go through anymore barriers, she ran her hands up and down the length of him his cock jumped at the sensations she caused within him.

“Liz” Max said when he saw her bend forward “You got to taste me, now it’s my turn” Liz said, she licked the entire length of his cock from the base to the very tip in one long slow stroke and looked up to see that his eye’s were closed and his laid against the couch.

“Max open your eyes” Liz whispered.

Max opened his eyes “I want you to watch me” Liz said in a sultry voice she knew he’d do as she told him and dipped her head back down knowing that Max needed his release fast she took his entire cock in her mouth, wrapped her lips around him and created a light suction He arched into her and Liz accommodated him more she scarped her teeth gently against the top of his cock eliciting a loud throaty moan from Max, she felt his power slipping and began to suck harder he saw her head bobbing up and down as she sucked on his cock.

“Liz I'm....god I'm gonna cum” Max said tyring to pull away so he wouldn’t cum in her mouth but Liz wouldn’t pull away.

‘Liz please” Max pleaded but he was too late his orgasm hit full force and he shot his seed in her mouth Liz, taking in every single drop and sucked him clean.

“Liz. I'm sor...” Max was cut off as Liz placed her finger against is lips.

“Don't be” Liz said shaking her head he saw the way she was looking at him her eyes telling him she hadn’t finished with him yet and he became hard again.

Liz moved forward and placed his erection at her folds soaking the tip of his cock, Liz was about to sit down on him when Max stoped her hips.

“Liz...We... can't” Max strained out.

“What” Liz said, he was not going to stop her she needed him and she was going to get him today.

“Liz we can't this is wrong” Max said finally catching his breath.

Liz was pissed this was wrong she did not just hear him say that, she jumped off from her position and started pacing naked in front of him.

“Wrong” she screamed.

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I ‘m a FB junkie and I feast on FB no FB no new part FB and new part out faster simple as 123.

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“Wrong” Liz screamed.

‘Liz” Max said gently.

“NO, wrong who the fuck do you think you are saying this is wrong” Liz said motioning to her and Max.

“I’m not saying that us are wrong Liz, we can’t have sex” Max answered.

“AND WHY THE FUCK NOT” Liz screamed.

Max was about to explain but Liz cut him off

“I get it, it’s alright to Fuck Tess but when it comes to Liz you just drop her like a bomb the instant she wants to get a little too friendly for your liking” Liz said pissed.

“Liz it’s not like that” Max said.
‘she’s even beautiful when she’s in her sleep” Max though he looked at her slow breathing which assured him she was a sleep and he could she the flush of her cheek.

He couldn’t help but reach out and trace her eyes, down to her button nose over her sensuous lips and down her slender neck where he could see the mark he had imprinted on her he let his finger trail down lower and then traced her nipple, Liz shivered in her sleep and he pulled his hand away, Liz whimpered.

“No please don’t stop” Liz said out, still in her sleep.

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“Wrong” Liz screamed.

‘Liz” Max said gently.

“NO, wrong who the fuck do you think you are saying this is wrong” Liz said motioning to her and Max.

“I’m not saying that us are wrong Liz, we can’t have sex” Max answered.

“AND WHY THE FUCK NOT” Liz screamed.

Max was about to explain but Liz cut him off

“I get it, it’s alright to Fuck Tess but when it comes to Liz you just drop her like a bomb the instant she wants to get too friendly” Liz said pissed.

“Liz it’s not like that” Max said.

“And I thought what you did with Tess meant nothing to you, god was I wrong having sex with her meant the world to you didn’t it so much that you can’t bare to sleep with any one else, do I mean so little to you Max did like making me look like a fool I pleased you, I let you go where no man has ever and I mean ever gone before and you throw it back in my face I'm guessing you pictured her in your mind pretending that it was her was doing what I was that’s why you came isn’t it Max, you well I'm sorry that traitorous whore isn’t here to fuck you Max, no I'm not sorry I hope you burn in hell” Liz shouted hopping around putting her clothes back on.

“Liz your the only one I love dammit hear me out first” Max shouted.

“NO, im going home Max call me when you grow a brain” Liz shouted and ran out of the apartment, Max sighed and cursed ‘what have I done’ Max thought running his hands through his hair.

He knew he couldn’t get up, his cock had gone limp after the passion an lust left his body and were replaced with regret and guilt, he zipped his pants back up and went to get a glass of water and the cool water ran down his throat, he looked at the room to see it a mess and then saw Liz’s bra and panties still lying on the floor ‘she wasn’t wearing anything underneath now’ his cock came to life again and he cursed ‘your not suppose to think about this, you have to go ask for her forgiveness asshole” Max said to himself.

He pushed himself off of the kitchen bench and picked her underwear up, he bought her panties to his nose and smelt her spicy scent, his was now thirsty for her but he wouldn’t be able to do anything she’d probably hurt him down below if he went anywhere near her tonight.

Liz rushed back to her house outraged how dare that asshole do that to her......if she knew him she knew that it wouldn’t be long before he caved, she was done seducing him it was his turn to come to her.

Liz leaned against the wall and closed her eyes willing herself to calm down, she was frustrated, here she was aroused and no one to help her release it, if she didn’t soon she’d probably blow something up , she hadn’t told Max well actually she never found time to tell him that she had started to develop powers.

she pushed off the wall and broke off in a fast sprint, she wanted to get home drown herself in the comfort of her bed and dream about a life where there was no Tess where she could be with Max and he wasn’t the asshole he had been tonight, she realised that in her rush state of dressing that she had forgotten to put her underwear on, her nipples where boring holes into her tight fitting top she pulled at her jacket to hide anything her body had been and would only be for the eyes for Max Evans asshole or not.

she could feel the wind rush up and hit her swollen lips, even something as natural as this was arousing her even more.

She soon found herself in front of her ladder, she climbed up quietly not to alert her parents and jumped off the edge and landed on her balcony she was glad that her parents hadn’t bothered her she opened her window and stepped in, stripping off her clothes which left a trail leading to her bed she pulled the covers and laid down and covered her naked body , the warmth surrounded her and she fell asleep tired.
After a restless night of sleep Max had gotten up he had though up every single thing he knew he could do to ask for Liz’s forgiveness, but tonight he needed to see Liz, he’d stay f she was asleep he’d leave if she wasn’t he put his denim jacket on grabbed his keys along with Liz’s underwear which he was going give back although he didn’t want to but he didn't want her to think he was a pervert if he didn’t return them, He jumped into his Chevelle and drove to the Crashdown,.

Max reached the Crashdown and jumped out climbing the ladder quietly, he jumped off the ledge and walked to her window he couldn’t see anything as Liz had pulled the curtains hiding what would be behind them. Using his powers he unlocked the window quietly and pushed the window up and crept in closing the window behind him all in near silence, he turned around and his breath caught in his throat at the sight before him.

Liz laid on her side in the middle of her bed, the covers kicked off her bed landing as a heap on the floor letting his eyes explore her, he placed the her underwear on the bench beside the window and walked over to her kneeling by her bed.

‘she’s even beautiful when she’s in her sleep” Max though he looked at her slow breathing which assured him she was a sleep and he could she the flush of her cheek.

He couldn’t help but reach out and trace her eyes, down to her button nose over her sensuous lips and down her slender neck where he could see the mark he had imprinted on her he let his finger trail down lower and then traced her nipple, Liz shivered in her sleep and he pulled his hand away, Liz whimpered.

“No please don’t stop” Liz said out, still in her sleep.
Liz was dreaming she and Max out in the desert, the time when they had gone to find the orbs, Max had started to trace his finger over her eyes and nose and then trail his finger lower over her lips and down her neck she felt him trace the mark he had left on her and move down lower he traced her nipple and she shuddered at the sensations he was invoking within her, she felt the loss oh his hands and whimpered “NO please don’t stop” Liz said to dream Max.
Max moved his fingers back to her nipple making it erect, he heard Liz moan in pleasure he knew what he was doing was wrong but she asked him to, he pinched and squeezed her nipple with his thumb and forefinger electing a ‘Yes Max’ from Liz, Max was grinning, she was dreaming of him even though she was pissed he continued his action to her other nipple Liz had rolled onto her back her head moving from side to side as she let the pleasure wash over her.

“more” Liz whimpered out.

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Max moved his fingers back to her nipple making it erect, he heard Liz moan in pleasure he knew what he was doing was wrong but she asked him to, he pinched and squeezed her nipple with his thumb and forefinger electing a ‘Yes Max’ from Liz, Max was grinning, she was dreaming of him even though she was pissed he continued his action to her other nipple Liz had rolled onto her back her head moving from side to side as she let the pleasure wash over her.

“more” Liz whimpered out.


“Those four letter words were all that took Max to give in, if his angel wanted more then he’d obey her, he began suckling her right nipple into his warm, wet mouth her nipple hardened as his tongue lapped up on it as if he hadn’t drunk for days while caressing her left breast, Liz arched herself forward moving closer to Max’s touch, after Max thoroughly sucked on her nipple he kissed his way down her torso his lips kissing her creamy, flawless skin he stopped when he reached his destination, breathing in her scent as his ace hovered above her severely aching centre.

Probing his tongue out he headed for his mission, to bring her to a sexual high that she wouldn’t come down from for days, his tongue hovered at the entrance of her core, his fingers gently part her folds and her scent surrounds him as her essence oozed out , his mouth no longer able to anticipate the taste of her again his tongue dips inside her tasting her he swirls his tongue his ministrations bringing pleasure to Liz like never before his mouth and tongue doing both things she didn’t know anyone could do, still in her dream haze she thrashed her head as she floated on cloud nine.

Finding her nub he circled his lips around the pearl-like bundle of nerves and sucked on it, his tongue pressing against the nub causing Liz’s hips to buck as the sensations surrounded her from top to toe, Max groaned as he found his self getting harder the tent in his jeans growing bigger as Liz’s moans intensified, but he was her for Liz not him.

not soon Liz came, her essence flowing out like a never ending river lapping up at all he could get
knowing if he wasn’t in luck it would be a while before he’d get to taste her again, he savoured her honey like taste and her mind hazing scent as Liz withered under him, still in her sexual induced haze
she’d woken up and found that what she was experiencing wasn’t a dream but in fact reality, with Max she never could pull away and this time it wasn’t any different.

After making sure he’d drunk every drop he kissed her lips before departing with a smile knowing he‘d accomplished his mission.

After she came back form her high Liz realised Max was no longer there, all except his manly scent that he always left behind, laying back down on her soft covers she covered her now cooling body and snuggled into it purring like a kitten before going to sleep now she was one happy woman.

Waking up in the morning Liz was in the better spirits of things she’d forgiven Max, she knew Max’s famous control made him get in trouble at times and that he was only looking out for them but she always forgave him easily, no she’d make him grovel before forgiving him, smiling to herself Liz entered her shower wanting to get refreshed for the start of the day.

She was glad her parents had been out that night and hadn’t come back until 4 in the morning it saved her form near embarrassment and an explanation.

Liz opened her bathroom door, and stood at the door with a towel wrapped around he frame and the steam coming out of the bathroom, the first thing she saw when she made herself to her newly made bed laid a lilac piece o crisp paper with a single white rose laying next to it she knew who it would be from as Max's scent surround the room she liked the fact that she could tell where he’d been, sitting down on her bed she picked the piece of paper up gently and read the note.

I’m sorry for Last night, I know I'm always saying this 5 letter word but I have got to be the stupid guy in this universe to screw things up with such a remarkable woman, please give me another of the many chances you have given me, I'll prove my love to you, be ready by 6:30 I will pick you up tonight for the many things I have planned for you forgiveness.
I love you

always, love Max.

Liz smiled, at least he was realising he was being an idiot, but a loveable idiot, picked up the rose and inhaled it’s favourable scent and placed it in her dresser draw along with the note, she’d savour the next few days as they’d be the days Max would prove himself to be worthy.

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Part 11

It was 5:58 and Liz was ready wearing a black skirt that ended above her knee and a black tank top she dressed for either a formal occasion or a normal date as she wasn’t sure where Max was going to take her.

Doing her hair and make up was easy as she’d used her new found knowledge of her powers, she promised herself that she’d tell Max about her sudden powers on their date, or forgiveness date whatever it was Liz knew she'd forgiven him either way, but wasn’t going to let max know just so early as she’d always taken him back without him grovelling.

A sudden knock on her window didn’t startle her as she knew it was Max turning round with no emotion showing on her face she walked over to the window and opened the window to let Max in.

“Hi” Max greeted “you look beautiful” He complemented holding out the bunch of white roses that he held in his hand.

Liz took the roses from him and inhaled the scent she could never get tired of the smell of white roses it’s the reason they were her favourite.

Max knew he deserved the silent treatment when Liz hadn’t responded at all to him verbally, “you don’t mind going out to the desert do you” Max asked.

“No” Liz answered “the skies finer today so the stars will be able to be seen” Liz said.

Max nodded and stepped out the window ledge and held his hand out for Liz, which he was grateful for when she took it.

Climbing down the ladder to the edge of the jeep they got in and headed to the desert.

They arrived at the desert in silence only speaking when it was necessary not at all like the Liz he had been with yesterday, the night was cold and he’s seen Liz shiver so he’d given his denim jacket that he found in the backseat of his jeep.

Opening his door he walked around to the Liz’s side in which he opened her door and Liz took his out-stretched hand and they began to walk deep within the isolated desert.

“Just wait here for a while okay” Max said as the stopped, it was dark but she could see as seeing in the dark was also another trait she had gotten and saw Max run off only coming back later where he lead her to what seemed to Liz an amazing scenery.

where she stood laid a trail of white rose petals and small lite candles beside the rose petals leading to a picnic basket and candles laid on top of a blanket that laid on the desert sand.

Liz swallowed hard as she saw the moonlight shining in the exact spot max had set up, she turned around and looked at Max with glassy eyes “ did all of this” Liz asked softly not wanting to ruin the precious moment with too much volume.

“uh......well yeah but I had a lot of help from my powers but the plan were made by me” Max answered her, looking at her as her soft skin shone with the moon and candlelight.

What Max didn’t expect in response was for Liz’s lips to be placed on his in that instant

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