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Title Simmer
Author Jeremiah
Rating R maybe 17 if you want it.
Summary Read it.

Part One

It was a hot Summer Day about 102 degrees, one of those days were you could literally cook an egg on the side walk, and of course the crashdown was busy as hell.

"Damn!,do these people ever heard of eating AT HOME?" said Maria DeLuca.

"Tell me about it!" Liz Parker agreed with her Best Friend since well since time began it seems like it." And the damn A/C had to give out."

"I am going to die! Liz I am going to die!" Maria dramatically put.

"Well look at it this way, we are almost off and then we can go swiming."

"Just warning you chica, I am going butt naked." Maria so tastefully put.

"Oh thank you so much Maria for that mental image it just scared me for life!" The third member of the three muskateers Alex Whitman.

"Shut your mouth !" Maria cried while Liz and Alex just laughed.

"So ladies, are you almost off?" Alex asked while sitting down in a booth dying of boredom.

"Yeah we get off in about 20 minutes or so." Liz replied when the front doors opened.

"Damn it's them." Maria complained, Both Alex and Liz had the same reaction.

"Their in your section, please let them be in your section" liz prayed. So much for Luck.

"HaHa, their in YOUR section." Maria exclaimed.

"Oh Shit!" Liz muttered under her breath.

"Go on liz, the sooner you go take their order the sooner you will get done and we can go swiming and forget those imature selfish brain dead people." Alex said trying to make Liz feel a little better. Liz slowly made her way to the table. There they sat the most popular kids at West Roswell High, the ones that ruled and made their lifes a living hell.

' I can do it , I can do it.' liz thought to herself.Liz was then brought back to reality by a squek of a voice.

"Are you going to take our order, or just stand there like the pathetic loser that you are?" Tess said quite rudely.

'What a complete Bitch!' Liz thought." Sorry can I help you?"

"Give us a second, man the nerve of her rushing us!" Tess said to the others.

"Shut up Tess!" Max Evans said as he looked at Liz.' wow she looks amazingly beautiful' he thought as he stared at Liz.

"Are you guys ready or not, if not I can come back when ever you think you know what you want." Liz said with a little bit more of an attitude.

"Geez, settle down dont want to get your panties in a bunch!" Michael Guerin said crudely. Maria and Alex both heard the comment and decide to come over, Maria spoke first.

"What did you say Jackass?"

"Excuse me, who asked you two to come over here, your not welcomed so you and geeky here can bo go back to wherever you came from." Michael said while Tess and Isabel laughed. that just pissed off alex.

"I dont think so Trailer Trash!" that just pissed off michael.

"What did you say!"

"Gee you really must be a moron, if you didnt hear him the first time so iam going to say it again, I d o n t t h I n k s o T r a I l e r T r a s h!" maria spoke.

"What did you say Bitch!" Isabel finally spoke. All the mean while Liz and Max were in their own little world.
'Man why didnt I noticed earlier!max thought. 'God what a wonderful piece of work!' liz thought. ' Her face is perfect and that hair.''Man look at his body I wonder what it would be like to make love to him.'Liz blushed at that thought, which of course Tess noticed.

"What the hell are you blushing at?"


"It didnt seem like nothing when you were blushing like a cherry."

"It was nothing Tess."

"Your a loser!" Tess laughed whiched pissed off Max and made him want to stand up for Liz.


"Why should I?"

Liz was furious and so were maria and alex as michael and isabel just laughed, maria was to speak up, but Liz beat her to the punch.

"That is alright max, but I dont need an apology from some one that spends most of her time on her back!" Liz smirked. Maria and alex and even Max laughed at the comment.

"You Bitch, im going to get you!"Tess said as she was about to get up and attack Liz.

"Come on lets leave." Max suggested even though he didnt want to.Liz shared the same feeling about Max.

"Yeah come on I dont think I can take it anymore slumming my self with these people." Tess said rudely, of course maria had her own opinion.

"Thats good we dont want to be around you either we dont know what kind of disease we will get."

"Lets go." Michael said as he and Isabel walked out first. But Max and Liz werent ready for the moment to end, the look between those two made it even hotter. They were so entranced they didnt hear the song that was playing.

Never want to fly
Never want to leave
Never want to say what you mean to me
Never want to Run
Frighten to believe
You're the Best thing about me.( The best Thing from savage garden.)

But they were brought back to reality when an annoying voice shattered the intense moment.

"Cooomeeeee onnnn Maaaaaaxxxxxxx." Tess whined.
Max just rolled his eyes and mouthed ' Im Sorry!' Liz smiled back and mouthed ' thats ok.' Max turned and left.

Then at that moment maria walked up an spoke up.

"Come on chica lets go."

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Authors Note: Wow I just want to say that I am glad that some of you like the story and I appreciate it. I just want to thank the following people who left me feedback: LiLEvEr,abbs007,marteloise,krazykitty,Roswell luver,nickeygurl113,and kristin80.

I just want again to say thank you to those that are enjoying this story and I hope that you will still read it. I just want to know that im trying to make this a good story and to do that I need feedback! so please leave me feedback, thanks.

Part 2

It has been two whole day's since the encounter with Max, yet Liz could still feel him,and it is a feeling that she finds both enjoyable yet she finds it odd.'What is it about him that turns me on so much.' Liz was in deep thought when her bedroom door came flying open and there stood her two best friends.

"Hey chica what is going on?"

"Nothing , Much."

Alex then replied " Yeah right, she is still think about Max and how she would like to F.."Liz cut him off.

"Don't even go there witman."

"What all I was going to say was that you were looking to find out how to Find things in common." Alex said all innocent.

"yeah right, not that im not glad to see you two but what are you guys doing here?"

"where here to come and take you some were." Maria said.

"where?" Liz replied all curiously.

"You better go ahead and tell her." Alex replied to Maria. Which peaked Liz's interest.

"So were do you want to take me?"

"You are so going to love this lizzie, we are going to elephant bute."


"Because , so we can win a contest."

"What contest?" Liz asked.

"Ok so I dont know the exact details to it but all I know is that they are giving away a trip to LA." Maria said all giddy. Liz was hesitant about going in fact she wasn't in a mood for a Road trip all she wanted to was stay home and fantazied about max evans, but she decided to go because she was also not in the mood to listen to maria and alex whine and moan about it.

"Alright, I will go."

Maria and Alex were both suprised and relieved that liz said yes. Maria was all hyper about the trip .

"Come on liz we have to go."

"wait, hold your horses, I still need to pack and....wait we can't go we work this weekend."

"No we dont." Maria argued.

"Yes we do maria." Liz replied.

"what we have to do this weekend liz is to do our project that is do for school on monday and our project is about the history of the lake." maria said with a single breath.

"so basically you lied to my dad so we can go."


"alright lets go." Liz said and the three of them were off to the lake. all of them not expecting what would take place there.

It was a hour and a half to the lake in a car with no a/c in 101 degree temp. Which made for some cranky pasengers.

"Why in hell is there no a/c in this damn car!" Alex whined.

"come on this is fun, stop crying alex!" maria told him in an aggitated voice. Liz being the peace maker in the group had it with all the snip remarks between her friends.

"Come on you two stop it, we are here now so lets enjoy the time that we have down here." both alex and maria agreed. as they pulled in to the lot they saw all the people that were already there.

"what the hell is this?" Alex asked all pissed.

"Must be some contest!" Liz replied sarcastically. maria tried to assure her friends, " come on let's change into our suits."

while they went to go change they happened to miss the car that pulled next to them.

'Thank god we are here I dont think I could take another minute with tess sitting next to me talking 24/7' max thought as he and the others got out .

"I hope we win because it would be so much fun to go and see LA." squeled Isabel as she was fixing her make up.

"Come on Izzy, you're already sexy,you dont need that." Michael said trying to aplease his girlfriend and it worked.

"Thanks Baby." Isabel said and then the two stared making out like two little horn dogs. which then got on max's nerve.

"Come on guy's please don't make me hurl."

"Yeah, guys." Tess replied,all the while trying to kiss up to max. which max could tell by.

' wonder how far her nose is up my ass.' Max thought with a smirk.

"hey max lets go save a spot closer to the lake." Tess said in her squeky voice. And max just replied sarcastically.

"Yeah, why dont we just go on swinging to the lake,Now! WAHOOO!"

Tess was offened and hurt. '' I was just saying, there is no reason to be rude to me, or there wont be any more bedroom privlegaes."

"Yeah I sure dont want to miss those glorious 5 seconds." Max said aggitted of tess, who just turned and ran crying.

"way to go!Max!" isabel scolded her brother before taking off to confort her best friend.

"That was nice maxwell."

"Sorry but she got on my last nerve." Max explained to michael was still smirking.

"dont need to explain to me." They both laughed. all of a sudden they heard a couple of female voices. Maria and Liz were walking towards them when they saw the guys and all said. " what are you two doing here?"

And of course maria and michael cant go with out arguing.

"what the hell are you doing here! wait I know you found out that we were coming and you just had to come and ruin our fun." Maria accused michael which he replied.

"I'm sorry, damn you blew my cover that is why I folled you because im a pathetic loser, you need to get over yourselfs."

all the time while those two were going at it Max and Liz were in their own little worlds.

"Hi ." said max.

"Hi ." said liz.

' Damn she looks fine, I wonder what she would look like if that top was to come off.'

' He seems to have gotten a little hotter then the last time.' Breaking the silence max spoke first.

"so I guess your here for the contest." He said as he gave her one of his famous grins.

"Yeah maria and alex dragged me here."

"Make sure I remind to thank them."

"why Mr. evans are you flirting with me?"

"why not at all miss parker." Max grinned. liz decided she wanted to have a little bit of fun.

"Oh too bad I was hoping we could have know the only kind of fun that is for adults." she said as she ran her hand all over his chest.

Max groaned," Yeah I would like that ."

"Me too." Liz replied in her sensual voice, which got Max hard as a board. while flirting with each other they didnt notice that Tess came back.

"What the hell are you doing?" she asked furiously. Both were shocked and amused that they didnt noticed tess.

"You know max you dint have to be a saint all the time you can stop haing around trash." Replied Tess, knowing that she meant her Liz spoke up.

"So I guess he will stop hanging around you then huh?" Liz said as she and maria left.Maria with a smirk on her face said'alright Chica!"

Tess was fuming and Isabel was shocked that Liz Parker would call anyone trash, and michael was laughing. Max just stood there with a smile in his face and murmurred " Liz Parker Get ready to be mine."

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Authors Note: I just want to say that I am so happy that people like my story, sorry there wasnt a update tonight, but I will put up part 3 up tomorrow, right after I watch Roswell of course! Thank you again, enjoy.
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Authors Note: Here is part 3 as I promised, sorry it is a little bit late, but my computer was acting up,so here it is and once again feedback is very much needed thanks.

Part 3A

"Wow I still cant believe that you called tess trash." Maria said very much still in shock. This isnt the same liz parker that she knew.But liz wasnt in the least fazed by it.

"I just call em like I see em, maria plus tess is the one that started it first." liz reminded her friend.

"Dont get me wrong chica, ok cuz I hate that gerbil as much or even more then you do but your were seducing her boyfriend."

"Please maria I wasnt the only one there flirting remember I thought that max was enjoying it as much as I was."

"Oh yeah, he definetly enjoyed it when you were rubbing your hands all over his chest."

"Excuse me have you seen his body, now tell me you wouldn't done the same thing."

"of course I would, but that is me, this isnt like the liz parker that I know."

"well maybe that liz parker, decided to have some fun in her sometimes, small stressful, boring life, maybe she justs wants to have a life."

"liz I never want to hear you say those words again, you are not boring.''

"Thanks, maria but I... I dont know maybe it is just this heat."

"Probably it is, come on lets go to alex."

Maria and Liz walking around when they finally noticed alex he was by the lake on the north side, and he looked just a little pissed.

"What took you guys so long?" Alex complained, " I thought I had to call the national guard to come find you two." He added in sarcastically.

"Very funny."

"Thank you I thought so to."

"Well you are not so welcome."

"so are you even going to say anything on our suits." Liz asked, suprised that alex hant said any thing .

"since public exposure, is a no- no, your lucky that no police are around." alex said as he smiled.

meanwhile at the other part of the lake....

"I cant believe the nerve of that BITCH!, calling ME trash!" Tess stilled fumed and by that time even isabel got tired of hearing tess bitch 24/7.

"Come on tess its over so get over it." Isabel snapped.

"Yeah Tess , just shut your big mouth up." michael said. He is tired of the little pest. tess was upset that her so called friends were treating her like this.

"Fine I will shut up!" tess cried.

"Thank God! Max, Isabel and Micheal said in unison. And then tess stormed off.

"Why the hell did we have to bring her here, were you on something?" Michael asked fustrated.

"Hey dont look at me ask your girlfriend here." Max said. But isabel objected.

"Hey dont blame me she just followed us along."

Both Max and Michael both smirked , All three were now walking forward the south side of the lake, when max saw liz and decided to chande direction. Much to Isabel and Mixhael dismay.

"Come on this way."

"Hell no." both michael and isabel replied. max got fustrated with this whole situation ." fine I will see you later then.'' Max departed to go see his liz.

"Why the hell does have to go hang with those losers?" asked a stunned isabel.

"A) He wants in liz's pants,and B) Here comes the alternative. he said that as tess comes back.

tess was still pissed, but now she was lonely. " Hi."

Isabel and Michael decided that it was time to split and leave the scene.

"Tess were going to go get some thing to eat want us to bring you something back."

"That would be great." Tess exclaimed. Not a second later Isabel and michael were gone.

"Hey guys, isnt the refreshment area back that way."" What hust happened?" Tess just stood ther all alone.

P.S I know that was short but I have more, coming your way I just want to see were I want to take the storyline. and again feedback is appreciated.

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Here's the new part, thanks for everyone that has taken the time and written me feedback!

Part 3B

Liz, Maria and Alex were by their area talking and laughing.

"You can soooo tell that pam troy got implants!" maria said.

"And everything else." Liz added.

"May be she should look into geeting a personality operation." Alex cracked.

All the meanwhile none of them noticed that Max was headed towards them, well towards liz anyway.Max was about there when he heard a couple of familiar voices coming from behind them.

"I thought you guys didnt want to come."

"Hey anything beats hanging with tess." Isabel spoke.

Max just smiled and went on. He just hoped that those two were on their best behavior. He didn't want Liz to get hurt.There he goes again thought max,usually when max is attracted to a girl,and believe him he was definetly attracted to Liz, with the huge Hard on he has, just from thinking about her, there was just something that was special about her.He couldnt figure out what yet, but he was going to have fun trying.

All the meanwhile........

"So Isabel is here?" asked a nervous Alex.Both Liz and Maria giggled.

"Yes she's here, why alex you want to see her in her slutty bikinni?" Maria asked as Alex just turned a bright color of Crimson.

"He does!" laughed Liz.

"Come on Alex!, we love you , we dont want to see you get hurt by that she-devil." Maria stated." You know her style."

"I know , I was just curious tats all." alex replied trying to hide his disapointment.

Liz on the other hand knew that Alex was just putting up a grat front.She knew that Alex had always had a huge crush on Isabel Evans, since she could remember.Hell she had it bad for a Evans too. And when Liz turned her head for a second, she saw him and also michael and isabel. She better warn her friends.

"Maria , Alex dont look now but Max, Isabel and Michael are on their way over." When Liz finished saying those words Maria well she just went ballistic.

"OH MY GOD! Can you believe it, they are sooooo doing this on purpose, first in the cafe, then the parking lot and now here! they are trying to ruin our good time."

"Maria calm down!"

"I Hate Him!"

"Dont you mean them?" asked alex.

"Thats what I said!" Maria said all pissed. Alex then tried to calm her down, but maria didnt want no part of it.

"I Cant believe it when can we catch a figgin break!" she yelled.


"Boy Hurricane DeLuca dosent look to pleasent." Isabel stated the obvious.

"Who cares? '' Michael stated. After that though he had come up with a brilliant idea then he just smirked.

"I say we go over there now!"

That wasnt what max wanted to hear." Michael BEHAVE yourself or you can go sit by Tess." he didnt want michaels behavor to screw up what he wanted to do." I mean it michael."

"Come on michael, listen to max, I just want to have a good time and not have to get you out of trouble yet again." Isabel pleaded with her boyfriend. But too late michael was already over there.

"Michael come back!" Isabel yelled" great what is going to happen now!" Max was furious ' what if michael was going to ruin everything that he had planned for liz, he couldnt let that happen.


Maria saw michael come over.Of course she had to welcome him over." Grat look it's the Jackass of Roswell...Michael Guerin."

Michael was going to have some fun. " well if it aint the town slut!"

Maria and Liz just went quiet, alex was furious no one talks to one of his friends like that!

"I want you to apologize NOW!" alex told michael in a stern voice. But of course michael wasnt.

"what are you going to do if I dont uh geek boy." michael just laughed.

"Im going to kick your ASS!" alex stated.

"Oh yeah by how?" Michael asked all mockingly.

"By doing this!" Alex then punched michael in the face, liz and maria were scared to what they know is going to happen next. Both of them were screaming to stop the fight.

"Come on you two!" Liz screamed. She was afraid of what michael would do to alex, dont get her wrong she loves alex, its just he dosent have the physque to beat michael. maria was just as worried.

' Stop it Michael! Leave him alone."

That was the time that Max and Isabel showed up, they saw the whole scen and max was pissed.

"Michael STOP IT NOW!" Max bellowed trying to get michael off of alex. Neither Alex or michael were listening as they continued to pound on each other.

"Ready to give up?" Michael asked.

"Never!" Alex just replied . Liz, Maria , Mx and Isabel could do nothing but watch.

"Stop Michael." all four yelled. Michael finally did stop as he left Alex on the ground in pain.

"OUCH!" alex moaned in pain. Both Maria and Liz rushed to his side.

"Are you ok?" Liz asked worried for her friend.

"Yeah im just a little sore."

Maria was furious, one of her friends got hurt, and she felt like it was all her fault, she couldnt handle it any more and she just took off.

"maria wait!" Liz yelled at her friend, at that time alex was getting on his feet

"she will be alright." alex tried to reassure liz, who by that time was geeting extremley pissed. Max was ashamed of what happened and decided to let michael know.

"Well I know I can always count on you Michael on how to be mature!" max fumed. Michael was shocked that max would talk that way to him, and he was tired of getting all the blame.

"Hey I wasnt the only one.." Liz had cut him off.

"That is ENOUGH!" she yelled. Everyone was shocked that liz would use that kind of voice

"Ive had enough of this crap! Why are you three always trying to make our lives hell?" liz said with venom in her voice. alex just looked on, michael remained quiet as well as isabel. Max who in his eyes was hurt that liz would think that he would hurt her.

"You always think that you are all better then the rest of us, treating us like dirt, oh we are below the almighty 4!" liz took a breath and then she continued " You all make me SICK!"

Alex was just flabbgasted, Michael took off, isabel was about to say something, but decided against it and went to go find tess. Now it was just the three of them.

"Im going to go find maria." Alex stated as he left max and liz alone

Liz wouldnt even look at max even when he was begging her too.

"Come on Liz."


"Please look at me."

she didnt move.

"Im sorry about michael."


That went on about a hour. Liz didnt even feel max leave, by the time she was readt to talk, it was too late he was gone and when she went to go look, the sight she walked in on nearly made her sick.

Max and Tess making out.

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Authors Note: I just want to say how good it makes me feel that people are reading my story , so thats why I like to keep updating as soon as possible. So thank you goes to out to all of you that read my story and to those that dont, I hope you do get a chance and let me know how I am doing.

P.S and like always feedback is crucial, so before this authors note becomes a novel here is part 4.

Part 4

It has been three long and painfull weeks since the incident at the lake.Nothing really changed that much, she was avoiding max and max was avoiding her. Liz was sitting on her favorite chair on her balcony going over what happened.

'one of your best friends got hurt by one of them.' she reminded herself. That was half the reason and the other half was that she saw max and tess making out.

' come on he is not even your boyfriend and you are feeling like this is the end of the world.'

' because you know that you wish he was and not tess's, she so did not deserve a man like that.' Liz finally admitted to herself.And max seemed to feel the same way until your little outburst.She was just upset over the fact that her friends got hurt by michael , maria emotionally and alex physically. She knew in her heart that max didnt do anything it was just that she was caught in the moment and she said awlful things about him, which now she feels gulty about.And that led to the make out session she saw between the two.

Liz heard the knock that was coming from her ladder, she was not in a mood do deal with people right now.

"Go Away."

The knocking continued.

"I said GO AWAY!" Liz screamed, then was suprised to see who it was.

"You Like yelling at me or something." Max replied.

Liz was suprised to see max here, in fact she wasnt quite sure that he knew that this is were she lived.


"Max, what are you doing here?" Liz asked all curiously.

"We need to talk." Max replied.

Liz didnt know what to do, a part of her wanted to tell him to go and another one told her to tell him to stay.She decided to go with her heart.

"Come on up max, now what do we need to talk about?"

"You Know." Max said.He came over to make her understand.He just wanted to see her,and tell her that these three weeks have been pure hell. And to tell her that his stupid pride and male ego got the best of him, when they were at the lake. He wanted to show her that he was ashamed of michaels actions, but she wouldnt listen and he tried for over an hour and still nothing, and he got pissed and that was when he made the big mistake.

Liz was waiting for him to finish, yet at the same time she was scared of what he had to say.

"Look liz im real sorry about what happened at the lake."


"No let me finish."


"I was so ashamed about what michael did, I want you to know that I gave michael a real good one for what he did."

Liz just nodded and smiled for what he did.

"After all, the reason that I came over was that I wanted to be with you." Max admitted .

liz was shocked beyond belief that some one like max would want to be with her.'no it cant be, can it?' she asked herself.

"are you going to say something?" max asked, he was worried that she is all quiet.' please dont let me scare her away.

"Sorry max, I was just processing everything that you just said and I just want you to know that I am sorry too, I know that it wasnt your fault, I was just tired of my friends getting hurt by them."

"I know that they can be a little stuck up, but once you get to know them they are completely diffrent."

Liz was touched to see how max cares for his sister and friend.Just looking at him makes her weak in the knees. before liz thought that the only good thing max was for was his body, she now knows that what really makes him sexy is his heart, she just smiled.

' god look at that smile, it will be the death of me.' max thought' why hadnt he noticed before how breathtaking she is, not just from the outside but from the inside as well.

"Thank you."

"For what Liz?"

"For coming over here and being you."

Max smiled." My Pleasure." Max and Liz then decide to spend the whole after noon talking and laughing and of course flirting.

"you know what max, before I thought that the only good thing going for you was your body, but now I can see it is heart." liz said.

Max just smiled and blushed at liz's words.

"Thank you for showing me this side of max evans."

"Your welcome, and the same goes for you."

Liz couldnt beleve that in a million years that she could feel this way about anoother person, let alone max evans.' could it be love,no it is too soon for that.' plus we arent even together.

Max could just spend all day looking at this vision that was in front of him 24/7. From her long silky brown hair, to her soulful eyes, to her soft as silk skin, all he wanted to do was touch her and show her what true estacy was. and those lips oh those, beautiful luscious lips. He just groaned at the thought.

"What?" liz asked all worried.

"Nothing ." Max said all crimson red.

"No go ahead and tell me."

' what the hell im just am goin to go for it.'" Well I thought how bad I want to kiss you right now and how it would feel."

Now it was liz's turn to get all hot and bothered, she too wanted to see how it would feel.So she decided to put her inabitions on hold and go for it.

"It's like this max." Liz replied, she then got up and moved closer to max and slowly moved her lips to his.he parted his and they touched it was like a wildfire had just gotten stared, so much heat if you werent carefull could feel the flames, yet it was sweet and tender. Both were in heaven.

' oh god!' max could barely think. if this is a dream then he didnt want to get up. Yeah he knows it sounds corny but it is the truth.

Liz was feeling, feelings that she thought she could ever feel, it was like her whole body was on fire, yet she would kill anyone who would put the fire out. Both max and liz were so into it that their hands decided they want to explore the other one's body as their mouths are.

Max didnt want it to end,but his concious got the best of hm and there was no way in hell that he was going to lie to his liz! max slowly started to pull away much to liz's disapointment.

"Whats wrong?" Liz asked.

"I have something that I need to tell you."
"What is it?"

"Im not going to lie to you , but at the lake after you wouldnt talk to me , and please baby dont take it like im blaming you , because im not! But after you wouldnt talk to me I was angry and scared that I lost a chance to be with you , that... I ..." max was scared to say it.

"You made out with tess." Liz stated, shocking max.

"How did you know?"

"I saw the two of you together." Liz answered . Max felt like someone just punched him in the gut.

"Liz im so sorry." Max said trying to apologise.

"Max you have no reason to apologise for it , she is your girlfriend."

Max was so happy that she was taking this so well, but he wanted her to know that he is going to rectifie this situation.

"Liz I just want to let you know that even though that tess and I arent officially broken up, I plan to go over to her house and fix that."

"Really?" Liz was afraid to get her hopes up, and when max saw the doubts in her eyes he reassured her with another mind blowing kiss.Leaving a smile on her face.

"Yes , if that answers your question." Max said with a even bigger smile on his face." And when I get back I will bring a suprise with me."

"What will it be?"

"You just have to wait and see."

P.S.S I hope that you guys like this part , I really dont think is the best, I just wanted to see what you all think. And plus I wanted to know which part you want next, the breakup with tess or michael and isabel. just let me know with feedback! Thanks!*tongue*

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Authors note: I just wanted to say thanks for all the feed back that I have recieved, im new to this and I just think it is great that you seem to like the story I know that I havent updared it with new parts in a few days, im working in the new part 5, and I want it to be good! again I want to thank all those of you have read, and I hope that you guys continue to read and I dont mean to sound like a broken record, but feedback is crucial! Thanks again.
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Part 5

Maria was not in a very good mood.She hasnt been in a very good one since what happened at the lake. What was suppose to be a weekend of fun and relaxation turned into a living hell. And it all had to do with a one and certain michael guerin.'god he gets on my last nerve!' maria thought to herself as she sat in her room.Suddenly there was a knock on her door. Maria was so not in the mood for any one, not even liz and alex.

"Please go away!''

"Maria?" asked amy

"Oh sorry, mom what is it?" maria asked all apologetic, she didnt mean to be so rude to her mother.

"Some one is here to see you."

"Who is it?" Maria asked all curiously, she knew it couldnt be liz or alex because they werent meeting until later tonight.

"Its some one that wants to see you."


"It's me."

Meanwhile at the evans residance......

Diane Evans was in the kitchen working on dinner when she found her teenage daughter come through the door.

"Hi honey, how was your day?"

"Alright." Isabel said all down and depressed. Diane was worried about her daughter.

"whats wrong honey?" diane asked all concerned.

"Nothing much its just that me and michael well we sorta broke up."

"Oh im so sorry honey is there any thing that I could do ?"

"NO mom, but thanks and dont worry I think it is for the best anyway, in fact I dont even know why we got together in the first place."

"What do you mean Isabel."

"I mean, take a look at how we got together, ijust got out of a relationship with Grant, and he got out of one with what was her name...casey..oh wait it was courtney."

"Yeah." Diane asked all confused,not knowing what this had to do with anything.

"Mom, michael has come over for how long? since I can remember,he was max's best friend, and I didnt even take a look at him until I was basically desperate and lonely." Isabel said with a disgusted look on her face." so all of a sudden we were a couple , and to tell you the truth, I do love michael but the more I think about it I realised that it was more in a brotherly kind of relation."

"well honey im so glad that you are taking it so well, I hope you know that you are a very lovely person and that there would be some one else." Diane tried to console her daughter.

"Thank you mom, I know that I could always count on you to make me feel better when I am down." Isabel said to her mother. She was grateful that she and max had their parents in their lives, they were soo lucky that the evans were the ones to adopt them.


Alex was looking at his face ,at least the swelling is going down. he was in so much pain, but it was worth it. He was not going to let some one talk to his friends like that! Micheal was so out of line when he called maria that word! That was so not appropriate, Maria and Liz were more then his best friends but they were like his sisters and he loves them like they were really his family and no one hurts his family! alex was so lost in thought, that he didnt hear his dad call for him.

"ALEX!" Mr. Whitman yelled, trying to get his son's attention.

"Oh sorry, dad what is it?" alex asked.

"some one is here to see you."

"Who ?" before his dad got a chance to answer, michael was there in front of him.

"What are you doing here?" Alex asked all stuned, and he was starting to feel all angry again.

His dad must of taken the hint in alex's voice" Well I will leave you two alone." Then alex's dad left the roo.

"Like I said before, what the hell are you doing here?"

"Well I came to come and apologise." Michael got out, leaving alex speechless, he was going to have some fun with it.

"Im sorry , I didnt hear you can you please say that again?"

Michael groaned, alex wasnt going to make this easy on him and michael knew that he had it coming. " I said I was sorry, alex for what I did to you but for what I also said to maria, I was an ass."

Alex couldnt beleve it, was this the same michael guerin that made his life a living hell for the past couple of years, if he didnt know better, he was the michel that was his best friend that disapeared a long ago.

"wow, I dont know what to say, im speechless."

"I know I was an ass, and I relised the errors of my ways." Micheal smirked. Alex was still miffed about what happened but at the same time he couldnt help but smile at what just took place.


Max was on cloud nine. He was so happy and giddy and he knew why, two word: Liz Parker. Liz and him had admitted their feelings for each other! they even kissed! he couldnt wait to see the look on her face when she find out the suprise that he has in store. All he dad to do now was to go tell tess that they were over. Then all of a sudden max stopped.

"Oh my god what have I done?" max asked himself. " I kissed liz while I was still officially with tess, and what was the deal when I was hurt that liz would not talk to me, iran back to tess and kissed her?'' Max was thinking how could he do that to liz, she deserved so much more then for their first kiss to be with a guy that stll had a girlfriend, yeah it was just by a technicallity, but still she deserved so much more then that. She was special, max never felt like this about anyone. Usually he wouldnt have cared if he played two girls against each other, in fact he would of enjoyed it. But he changed when he met liz parker, he fell in love the second that she saw her.Now he has his chance and he does it this way! But he knew that he was going to do things defferently, he was going to make it up to her. And while he dosent have no love lost between him and tess, she too deserves for a proper break up and he shouldnt of kissed liz until AFTER the fact, he dosent regret the kiss, just the circumstances souronding them.

After the little pip talk that he gave himself, he arrived at tess's, he then proceeded to knock on the door, it was cracked. He knocked and called out for tess.

"Tess." He didint hear her reply back, but that was when heard the noises.

"AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhh that is ssssssssssooooooooggggggggoooooooooodddaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.''

Max was taken aback, buy what was tess's voice, so he went in side and in the living room that was were he found Tess. he was shocked! Tess was having sex with kyle valenti! Both of them didnt notice max, so he just left. Max was speechless, he was still in suprise mode that he didnt seem to go were he was going, so he bumped into some one, some one from his past, and max was even more shocked.

"Is it You........ No it cant be you ....were the hell have you been?"

"Is that any way to talk to your brother."

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Authors Note: Hey Guys, sorry it took so long to get this part out, I really am not sure about this part, I want to see what you guys thimk of it. And I know that I said this before, but feedback is greatly needed, so I can tell if I should continuing with this. I pretty new to writing fan fic, so feedback helps, so enough of my whining here is part 6.

Part 6

If you listen quietly, you could hear Liz Parker's Heart beat, and it was going a whirlwind speed. She had just kissed Max Evans, and he admitted to her that he had strong feelings for her.And she admitted to feelings of her own. She didnt think the day would come that Max and Her would be like this, on the verge of something that is wonderful and yet scary, all she knew is that she hoped the feeling would never end. Liz got up and went for her journal, Her daily retuital that helps deal with her emotions.

Dear Journal,

Its me again, and I have something to tell you. And you might not believe it, hell im not even sure if it really happened, or if it was all fantasy.Max Evans kissed me and told me that he wants to be with me. And not even a day had passed, since we have been back on talking terms.He came to my window and I was shocked that he came, he said he wanted to apologize for what happened at the lake. I knew it wasnt his fault, but I blamed him still , well he was amazing about it, he even apologized for kissing tess. His Girlfriend.Oh My God! I Kissed a Guy that was still together with someone else! Can I be more of a slut! I cant believe I did that. Even though it is tess!

Liz stopped her writing, when she came to that last conclusion. She kissed another girls boyfriend, despite what she thought about Tess, Liz always told herself, that she would not be like the type of girl that tess is and go after another girl's guy. 'what the hell am I am going to do?' Liz asked herself.


After Michael left, alex just stood there and asked himself 'what the hell happened?' after what went on between him and Michael. Michael came over and apologize and wanted to start their friendship again. He and Michael were the best of friends when they were in elementary and middle school, but when They were about to enter the ninth grade, michael dropped him like a fly. Alex was hurt and betrayed, and they were enemies until a few minutes ago. liz and Maria were his family, dont get him wrong, he would never trade on that if his life depended on it, but it was a good feeling to have michael back in his life.


Max could not believe the sight that was in front of him. It was his brother. His Brother! The one that he hasnt seen in two long years! he was speechless, and his emotions were all over the place, he loved his brother but at the same he was angry for abandoning his family, for abandoning him.

"What the Hell are you doing here?" Max said as his anger flared up.

"That is no way to talk to your brother is it?" Zan replted with a smirk.

"It is for one that abandon his family!" Maz yelled.

"You have no idea what went down, so dont give me like you were the only victim here!" Zan Replied getting testy himself.

"Oh poor you, I am so sorry, I mean your the one that left us, I mean we are to blame can you ever forgive us?" Max repiled sarcastically.

"Look, im sorry I left but im back now and I want to get to know my brother again, I miss him." Zan said.

Max was torn, he could tell by the tone iin his brothers voice that he meant what he said, but it still hurts.

"Im sorry, I have to go." Max said as he turned to leave , Zan handed him a piece of paper.

"Here is were im staying, come by I would like it if we can get to know each other again." Zan said as he turned and then he was gone.

I know this part is short but I have a longer part coming up next I should have it posted by tommorrow. Please leave feedback either way! -Thanks Jeremiah.
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Authors Note: I want to thank all the people that take their time and read my stories, it is great, and I hope you like what you read. I know I havent updated this Simmer in a while , and I started a couple of new ones, which I am also updating tody as well, so enjoy! Sorry about the wait.

Part 7

Max never came back. Max never came back. Max never came back like he said he was. he lied to her. And they werent even officially together yet, and he already broke his word to her. She shouldnt be suprise at that, they got sorta together while he was still together with his girlfriend. As much as liz wanted to tell herself that she was ok, with max not showing up, it hurt. I told him I loved him too, maybe that was why he never came back. Liz had waited and waited until max would show. He even told her that he a suprise for her, well I guess this is the suprise, that he really is a no-class jerk that was just leading her on.

Well liz had enough, she was not going to let max ruin her day. She decided that she would go out and have some fun! yeah that is what she was going to do! But first she needed a bath. Liz went to her bath room and got in the bath, she wanted to take a bubble bath, so she unwind all the stress from the previous night. After a good bath, liz got up and changed into some clothes, and when she was about to go, that is when she saw him.

It was max at her window.


Maria didnt know what to do. He was here. he was here after all these years, and he claims that he wants a relationship with his daughter. She didnt know what to do, there was of course the part of her that just wants to tell him to screw off, he had his chance but then he decided too leave. Then there was that part that wanted to know her father, maybe he didnt want to leave her and mom. God maria was so conflicted with over what to do, she did the only thing she knows how to do,she left.

She kept walking until her feet were too tired to walk, and that was all the way to main street of roswell. She noticed that the sky was getting stormy and she didnt care, she just didnt care about anything. Maria was so lost in thought that she didnt even hear or notice the person that she ran in to.

"" maria couldnt even finish the sentence when she broke down and cried. The other person just held her and told her everything was going to be alright.

"Maria , its going to be ok." Michael tried to confort her, but it wasnt working, she just cried, and right then he decided that he would just hold her until she would feel better.


Alex was in the food court of the mall, finishing up his nachos and orange soda. He needed to get some more disks for his computer and since he had nothing else better to do, he came here the only non-alien tourist trap, they had in roswell. Alex was in thought when isabel showed up.

"well I didnt take you as the kind of person that would be at a mall." isabel tried for it to come out pleasent but it came out all rude.

"well, you know what, I was just sitting at home, and then I said to myself, geez, iwonder if Isabitch well be at the mall if so I want to go so I can just ruin her day!" Alex replied coldly, he was tored of people always treating him like crap.

"Sorry alex!, I know that sounded all kind of rude and bitchy, but I swear I wasnt trying to be, I was trying to be nice!." Isabel apologised. She really wasnt trying to be bitch, she admired alex, in fact. She saw a woderful and caring guy first hand of what he did for maria at the lake all those weeks ago. And she loved the fact that he was willing to get hurt to protect one of his friends. Isabel admired that and it made him some how attractive oo. Alex wasnt one of the typical guys that Isabel usually goes for, but may be that was part of the problem, she just needs to look outside of the box.

Alex was speechless, Did Isabel Evans just apologise to him? That was cool. You couldnt tell by his intial reaction, but alex had always had a crush on a certain Isabel. He thought that there had to be more to the surface then just makeup and nail polish, He just gave her one of his crazy alex whitman smiles that he was famous for.

"Gee, I wonder how I could of missed him, and that smile of his." isabel said to herself, and she couldnt help it, but she blushed as well.

Alex was being bold, he was going to make his move.

"Did you want to go see a movie?" Alex was waiting for an answer.

"I love too. Alex."


He was in her room, he was here! And she could feel in her body that she is starting to get pissed.

"Why the hell are you here max!"


"Dont 'Liz' me! You know that I waited for you all night, for you to show up! and of course you never did!

"Please let me explain...."

"NO!!!!!!! I just want you to get the hell out of my room and the hell out of my life." Liz was furious , here he was coming to try and explain why he lied to her. well she wasnt going to go for it.

"Baby, please you need to listen to me, please!" max was deperate, he had to make her understand why he broke his promise, he didnt know what he would do if he lost her, when he barely got the chance to be with her.

"NO, Max you know I was so looking forward to you coming back! But I have to tell you I wasnt sure about us for a minute or two, you still needed to talk to tess, and I wasnt sure if I could be with a guy like that! But then I couldnt help it, I love you so I just figured that no matter what, I would be with you, but YOU NOT SHOWING UP! I dont like being lied too, so you know what? You can just forget EVERYTHING that I said to you last night and today, because from this moment on we are completely finished!"

Max couldnt hold back the tears any more, o he just cried, usually he dosent let any one see him cry not even his own mother, but he couldnt help it, He was crying like a baby now. His knees were getting weak , and he just crumbled to the floor.

She tried to be still mad at him, she tried real hard, but seeing him like that,it told her that there was something more to the reason why he broke his word. And she needed to confort him.

"Alright max, its going to be alright." Liz said smoothly, as she just hold him in her arms and let him cry.
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