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Discliamer: I don't own Roswell

Rating- PG- I wouldn't know at this stage.

Story info/ authors note : To the people who are reading Destined forever and La Flamingo Deluxe I have not forgotten you but My Muse is out of town.

This is a future fanfic

OKay Short sharp and shiny background

Liz's powers are really advanced. This story takes place after who died- ( Have not seen episode)
Liz and Max get closer- do the dirty deed for 72 hrs no stops!

Okay Tess comes back with little Luke( Max/Tess's son)
and at the same time Liz fall pregnant!
okay the skin discover where they are and Luke is in danger.... and the onloy way out is to go home
Micahel and Maria are back together
Isabel and Jesse broke up and Isabel and Kyle are together..

So what happens is since Luke is in the picture Max can not commit to Liz so he leaves her( he doesn't know Liz is pregnant)
But Liz is fearful that if she stays people close to will die
so she wants to come but Isabel hates Liz and shows her true colours
so they all leave earth but Liz

so when Liz 3 months pregnant
Nickolas discovers that Liz is changed and Zan's weakness
So the skin want infomation but they fail cause liz is very strong

Okay okay so I won't tell ya what happens but

THE MAIN PART is that this is a story that folows Xander
and Luke.. won't tell you much



There is a legend
Two boys, royal descenders from a powerful comatose King
With different mothers
One makes you see things that aren't there
the other controls the Time Itself

One walks in darkness
The other has a heart of gold

Together they will fight side by side
To stop the end of the world
But only one will survive

The oracle has spoken


Prologue - Darkness comes.....

October 2002

The birds were sweetly singing. The people of Roswell New Mexico were beginning to wake up.

It was a bright and sunny morning. The warm breeze gently ruffled Liz's drawn back curtains. Max Evans was fast asleep; the sense of completion was plastered on his content, carefree face. Liz was underneath him, his warmth soaked through her lukewarm skin. Liz opened her eyes; she could almost hear Angels from the heavens, preaching about their love. Carefully not to wake Max she drew back the satin sheets down to reveal his hard, toned muscular buttocks.
Liz smiled giddily to herself. If there was something she would never get tired of it was his 'tush'.
Her hands itched to squeeze his butt cheeks together but she clenched her fists, she was going to admire and not slap him silly. Although he wouldn't mind, Liz thought, keeping her laughter at bay. Liz smiled vibrantly, remembering their lovemaking last night. The whole 27hours of organic experiences still fresh in her mind. His touch, his smell, his taste and his gentleness with her body seemed like a dream.
But it wasn't a dream and it wasn't one of her daydreams about them in the shower. This was real
Liz craved more of his taste but she didn't want to lose the great awe, a miracle that was his butt.
"What are you doing jitterbug?" Max chuckled as Liz started to drool while looking at his butt.
Liz gazed up into his frivolous eyes, their foreheads touched.
"I was admiring your butt and thinking of squeezing it," Liz said in a serious tone. She could never lie to him.
Max seemed embarrassed, and then laughed quietly in a playful matter.
"I didn't know that you were a butt man Jitterbug?" He said in a hushed way then whispered, " I prefer your clitoris," and then attacked her shoulder in mini kisses and love bites.
Liz aimed for his butt, slapped him and he yelped, they rolled off the bed together, the sheets wrapped their bodies together like an Egyptian mummy.
Max propped his elbows up, side by side with her shoulders.
"Your such a sick puppy, Max" Liz couldn't help giggle she had HER MAX back.
"I know you want a normal guy Jitterbug but can you settle for this?" He clicked his fingers and white rose petals fell from the ceilings.
"That was from my dream," Liz exclaimed. " My corny boring dream," She added.
Max attacked her lips, softly nibbling her bottom lip. He looked into her eyes and uttered, with the strong tone of love he had for Liz," Nothing can compare to what I have. I have a love goddess and no one can take her away from me," He kissed her left ring finger, the diamond ring sparkled in the sunlight.
Happy tears covered their faces.
"Stop calling me jitterbug," Liz said.
Max smiled his toothily grin.
"Okay, Babe,"
"Max, get dressed now," Liz door was wrenched opened. A pale Michael entered the room, not brothering to be nice.
"I told Isabel that she can not use my credit card," Max muffled, his face deeply snug in Liz's breasts.
Michael towered over then, his hands on his knees. Regaining his lost breath.
"No Max it's important. She's back"
This time Max turned to face him, with Liz wrapping her arms around his waist.
"Who's back," Max asked
Liz gasped, her happy bubbles popped. Acid filled her mouth" Tess,"


Tess, The girl who still haunts Liz's dreams. Tess Harding, who carried Max's son hers and his son, the woman who was Max's destiny. The woman who betrayed them all and murdered Alex.
Tess was back

No one spoke on the way to the pod chamber. Max seemed frightened but also eager to see his son. Not once did he speak or touched Liz.
Liz felt like a worn dishrag, someone where in Liz's mind she knew that this day would come. That day when she would lose Max forever. But that day, in her mind didn't come until her and Max was shrivelled and old with age.
Maria's Jetta came to an abrupt halt. Max, Isabel, Maria and Liz walked towards the chamber. Kyle and Michael were already inside.

Liz slowly stopped, watched the others walk in. Her skin was on fire; her breaths came in distant gasps. She couldn't walk in there. If she did she knew her relationship with Max would be over.
Her body trembled uncontrollably as she hyperventilated. She couldn't walk in there. She stumbled back, her palms scratched along the desert floor.
Liz struggled to get to Michael's motorcycle; she had a few lessons but not enough to feel confident riding one. However, fear took over and she jumped on board, gunned the ignition and drove off at tremendous speed.

Tears soaked her shirt; her long cocoa tress flung back and danced with the wind. Her palms stung, Liz didn't care. Her heart was breaking and she felt nauseous.
The trip home took forever but when Liz's feet touched the soft floorboards of her room. She broke down in hysterical sobs; her legs and hands harshly kicked the floor, her mirror smashed into million microscopic pieces.

Powers, another thing Liz was afraid of. She was one of them however she was much stronger than Nicolas. Or so Michael told her after she made the ground shake beneath their feet with just one thought.
Liz stared at the ruined mirror.
Reconstruct, she thought.
The mirror began to rapidly rebuild itself fewer than three milliseconds.
It took at least ten whole seconds for Max, Michael and Isabel.
She was more alien than them and that's what scared her completely. That and the dreams she'd been having. A few weeks ago Liz had a dream about Maria being in a harsh car accident, which ended up with Liz singing at Maria's funeral.
Shocked, Liz told Maria about the dream. Maria said she'd been watching too many Scream 1,2,3 and Hannibal.
The day went fine until Maria went to her car. It was around three pm. The way her golden locks glistered in the afternoon heat. Her classy grin. Even the tone of her ' good bye' sounded exactly like the dream.
Liz watched Maria drive onto the highway. When Liz turned her back, it happened. Maria's jetta was upside down and on fire. Glass smashed everywhere. Right next to the Jetta was a petrol truck, which was leaking petrol. It will be in a matter of seconds before Maria's car would explode. A growing crowd was brewing around the scene.

But something took over Liz; she didn't feel scared or upset. She struck out her hand and imagined going back in time, erasing this incident. A halo surrounded her, amber coloured her skin as her eyes turned white. Sparks of electricity zapped from her fiery locks and glowing fingertips.

Everything around her turned grey, cheesy black and white shows.
She then looked at her watch. It should read four but the black hands were moving anti clockwise. The heard of people walked backwards, their conversation in reverse and it sounded foreign. The bird's wings flapped down and up. It looked like someone was rewinding a tape while they will still watching it. Liz could almost see faint lines moving the time frame backwards.
The jetta hurdled backwards in the air, the shriek of Maria's scream sounded like a parrot. The pool of petrol flowed in reverse, the pierced hole closed up and the petrol truck rolled backwards. The black hands of Liz's wristwatch were almost at three. She could see Maria unclipping her seatbelt, the door magically opening itself as Maria step out, backtracking to where she was standing with Liz.

Liz dropped her hand to her sides and immediately the halo vanished. The clock read three pm again.
Liz was still in shock. It was against every rule of physics to change time. And she did it with the snap of her fingers.
"See ya chicha," Maria said then noticed Liz's pale face as the petrol Truck drove past.
"Yeah... " Liz spoke. She felt... good. She wasn't tired, actually she wanted to do something more powerful which scared her a little.


Back to the present Liz was in the middle of her room. She waved her hand over the white satin sheets and they erupted in red flames. The black ash dissolved into thin air. Liz dusted her hands off. She didn't want the reminder of Their 72 hour love making since Tess, the hore was back in town.
Her red cotton sheets in her hands. She stood there for a few moments and sighed.
Liz dropped the red sheets in the middle, hovered her hand out and the cotton pile folded itself out. By magic it flew in the air; the straight red sheet dropped softly and tucked itself into the mattress, followed by the second pale red sheet. The black comforter rested on top, the pillowed leaped from the ground and landed on the king size bed.

Sometimes powers do have their advantage.

Liz felt light headed, stumbled to the toilet bowl and she vomited for the next half and hour and twenty minutes.
That reaction never happened before. Liz thought. She usually felt more energetic after she used her powers except the big ones like changing time. However no one knew that but herself.

No she wasn't pregnant. She was on the pill.

But since her change of status it might not work.

The word Shit flew around her head.

Only one-way to find out, Liz said to herself and cradled a pregnancy test in her hands.


Half an hour later she was staring at the pink cross, her result. Which confirmed that she was pregnant.

What am I going to do?
Her parent will kill her. Max already has one son and he doesn't need two.
Isabel would kill her; Liz already knew that Isabel despised her.

Okay, Liz thought. Deep breaths, talk to Maria. Everything would be okay...
Just make sure the others never find out.



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I will be happy to even if one person is reading

next part


the saga continues......

Liz stood in front of Michael's apartment for about half and hour. Complementing on whether to knock on the door or SMS Maria on her phone?
Why am I kidding- I should go home- I'm pregnant!
The door swung open, Michael stood there and ushered her in.

PIE JESU by Sarah Brightman was playing in the background.

Liz felt like she was going to throw up all over again. There in the middle was Max and Tess, their son giggling as Max made goofy faces. The warm beams of sunshine glowed on them.
Liz hasn't seen Max that happy in months; his eyes glowed in awe of his son. Max and Tess's son kicked his baby feet around, poking his tongue out as his blue eyes roamed around.

"You.... have....a ni-nice son," Liz managed to form a sentence but her stomach filled with acid, her eyes silently shed tears inside.
Tess, with short curly blonde hair smiled " Thank you. His name is Luke Evans," She turned to Max " Is that okay? " Tess asked.
"I like it," Max whispered, joy spread on his face as he watched his son gaze happily at him, " My Son," He whispered to Luke.
"Our Son," Tess said.
Slowly Liz slid off the engagement ring and slid it in her pocket. " Is Maria here?"
"She's in my room," Michael muffled, eating his pepperoni pizza.

Liz closed her eyes, focused like Max taught her about splitting up her atoms, like sand was being poured from a jar she disappeared and reappeared in Michael's room, scaring Maria as she just finished putting on her blue sweater.
"Geese Louise please don't do that again," She flustered.
"Maria I really need to talk to you," Liz said through tears, seeping from her eyes.
They both lay on Michael's bed.
"I know that Tess is back but she's changed. While you ran off she explained about feeling guilty and ran off into the Kefzol jungle- don't ask me where it is? Anyway she stole a ship and went hell to get here,"

"Maria I have something to tell you," Liz said.
"Oh my god you didn't sleep with Max?" Maria said.
Liz opened her mouth then closed it.
"Cause if you did I have total disapproval of you Liz - sex isn't great okay, chicha?" Maria fiddled with her blonde braids.
Maybe right now isn't the time to tell her, Liz thought to herself.
"SO you and Michael what's the story?" Liz asked lightly, her stomach grumbled with hunger.
"We did some talking and we had sex-love- it was so great I cannot believe we had this stupid fight," Maria babbled on.
"So it's alright for you to do it but not me?" Liz said quietly.
"It's different?" Maria said, eyes on the ceiling.
"Different? How?" Liz asked.
"Well Liz your innocent and naive,"
"WHAT!" Liz screamed. Hearing the faint cries from a baby in the lounge room.
"Liz what I was trying to say is-"
"That I am some little puppy dog and should be always the one who is put down by others? Don't you know what I've been through?"
The door opened with an Angry Max, little Luke crying in his arms.
"What's going on- keep it down Luke was sleeping,"
Liz stared at Luke, the spawn on Tess and Max. Liz didn't even hesitate. She disappeared and focused on being in her room.
A wave of dizziness hit her, heavy as stone.
Better not use that one just yet,
She flopped on her bed and thought about the little child inside her womb. She rubbed her flat stomach.
"What ever happens I will be here for you- if you are a boy or girl I will call you Alex,"
"Whatever happens I will be here for you okay Alex?"
Liz cried herself to sleep.


Five men and women stood around a blazing fire in an unknown location.
Larek stood there with the others in silence, gazed at the stars,
"It has begun," Larek stated to the others. " It has begun,"

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OKay I have reposted this stoory and given it a new name called ' The Wild ONe' all new parts will be posted there.

Thanks and hope you continue reading it Veronica