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Title: Return of the Rebel
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Type: CC A/U
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: As always I own none of the Roswell characters and any likeness of my characters to any book, film or TV programme character is purely accidental.
Summary: This is the sequel to Beyond the Grave. It was a short fic so if you haven’t already read it you may find it useful to.
Authors notes: my second fic, hope you all enjoy it. As always, plz leave feedback.

As I said before, I am off line for 3 weeks but I thought I’d be cruel and post the first part of the sequel to get you ready for what's to come when I get back!

Part 1

A yell from inside the café made Liz wake with a jolt. “Damn it! I knew we should have had that fixed.” Sighing she dragged herself to her feet and made her way out to see what was going on. Her father was stood trying to hold up a shelf above the counter, which had snapped at one end. A few of the jars had fallen to the floor and smashed and the rest were carefully balanced on the edge.
Liz rushed over to help, “I told you ages ago that it would snap, I even offered to fix it for you”
“I know I know, and I’d never let you fix it, not in your condition” Liz rolled her eyes.
“I’m only 6 months gone and you can’t even tell I’m pregnant at all. What could possible happen to me by fixing a shelf?”
Her father stared at her obviously amazed by her lack of concern, “only 6 months? Liz, you should be taking things easy, not offering to fix shelves.” She held her hands up in surrender, “fair enough, but you know my pregnancy isn’t ‘normal’ and I do I still have 3 months to go. I’ll go open up while you sort that shelf out”

As she turned round she heard the Crashdown door unlock. A smile spread across her face as she saw who the visitor was. “Max! I wasn’t expecting to see you today” she exclaimed rushing over to him.
“I know, I just couldn’t bear not to see my lovely wife. You're taking things easy aren’t you?”
“Max! You’re worse than my dad.” He bent and kissed her before pulling her towards a booth.
“Its just that I’m protective of you; especially now you’ve got my son or daughter in there” he added, placing a hand on the small bulge of her stomach. A cough from Jeff made Max look up.
“Hi Mr Parker, sorry I didn’t notice you” he said getting up to help him.
“That’s okay, if you could just give me a hand to get this shelf straight?” Max nodded and took his place holding up the shelf. Jeff picked up the screw from under the counter, where it had rolled and inspected it. “The threads gone and I don’t know where I’ve put the spares. I’ll have to buy a new one”
“Allow me” Max interrupted. Swapping places with Jeff once more, he held the screw in his hand and moulded new threads onto it before screwing the shelf back securely. Jeff took a step back and looked at the shelf approvingly.
“Thanks Max. Now I’ll leave you two to it, while I open up.”

Max went back to the booth where Liz was still sat waiting, she was looking at him in the way she always did when she was about to ask him something. “Max…?”
“Yes Liz?”
“Could you get me some ice cream? Please?” He nodded and went into the kitchen. Liz smiled as he returned with a bowl of chocolate ice cream, “thank you… but you’ve forgotten something,” she added noticing something missing.
“What’s that?” he asked confused “you only said you wanted ice cream”
“I know, but Max you forgot the Tabasco” Max looked at her wide-eyed.
“Since when have you eaten Tabasco with your ice cream?”
“Since this little one requested I try it last night,” she explained patting her stomach. “It’s actually quite nice” Max placed the bowl on the table and pulled a small bottle out of his pocket.
“Here have this” he said watching in disbelief as Liz poured half its contents onto the ice cream and ate it greedily. “You can hear what it wants?”
“Yes and it’s he, not it”

At that moment Nancy walked through from the back room unlike Liz she was very obviously pregnant. Everyone was amazed that both she and Liz had become pregnant at the same time and it had brought the pair closer together. The past 6 months had been difficult for everyone, Tess’s death had been hard to accept even though she was hardly popular, and Liz had learnt to accept that she was alien and was gradually learning to use her powers, as well as picking up a few alien habits. She was increasingly finding that she liked things sweet and spicy. Then there was Michael; he had been practically living with them since he had found out that Nancy, or more correctly, Lilyth, was his mother. It didn’t help to know that Nesado was still alive and out there somewhere, no one had forgotten his parting words “no, the games only just begun!”
Nancy joined Max and Liz at their booth. “Good morning!” she said beaming at them.
“Morning Mrs Parker”
“How are you today Liz?”
“I’m ok, I’ve had dad and Max checking I’m taking things easy” she said laughing.
“Good and I hope you are. You may feel okay at the moment but wait a few weeks and it will start to get much harder. Your baby’s only taking small amount of your energy at the moment but he’ll start to grow much faster soon. Trust me I know,” she said watching as Michael peered in at the door. He saw the group at the booth and opened the door, making his way quickly towards them.
“Hi, I don’t think you should open the Crashdown today” he informed them quickly.
“Why not?” Nancy asked concerned.
“I bumped into Valenti, he says there's something going on… and it’s big. He told me to pass the message on; he’ll be round soon to talk to us so I’m going to get the group together. Max could you fetch Isabelle? See you back here in 10” he said as he turned to leave again. Max stood up walked to the door.
“I’ll fetch Is and then I’ll be back. Do not open this door to anyone until I get back. Okay?” they nodded and he left, locking the door as he went.
“Jeff? You better come out here. We have a situation” Nancy called to her husband. When there was no reply Nancy stood up to go and find him but Liz told her to sit down, “Wait here, you can’t keep getting up and down, I’ll go” Nancy nodded her appreciation and Liz went through to apartment to find her father.

Several minutes passed with no sound of either Liz or Jeff and Nancy began to worry. She stood up as quickly as she could and made her way to the apartment to see what had happened. There was no sign of Liz and her husband was lying on the floor, a pool of blood by his head. She rushed over and instinctively formed a connection, pinpointing the damage she fixed it as best she could and stood up. Her concern for Liz was increasing and as she inspected the room, she noticed for the first time that the door was open. She walked over just as Valenti appeared in the doorway. “Sheriff, I’m so glad you’re…” she was cut off as a smirk formed on his face.
“Lilyth! We meet at last… I should have realised it was you”
“Oh he’s on his way, I heard him speaking to Michael. That’s how I knew Liz would be alone. I must admit, I didn’t expect to find you too. To think I only did that to draw Liz out,” he said pointing to Jeff. “And look what I got!”
“Who are you?” she asked stepping back.
“Let’s just say, I’m an old friend,” he explained as he held his arm up and surrounded her in a force field. She felt herself become dizzy and room went black as her energy was drained and she fell to the floor. The man released the force and dragged her to the van outside, heaved her body into the back and placed her next to Liz. He slammed the door closed and climbed in the front, muttering as he did so. “yes, I’m a very old friend… and I’m out for revenge”

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Bak from me hols, next part will be up asap, watch this space!
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This took a little longer than I expected, I found out all my college work has to be in by next friday*sad*
but here it is part 2a, plz leave ur feedback, it's much appreciated.

Part 2a

Jeff opened his eyes slowly, his head was thumping and around him was a small puddle of blood. He had no recollection of the attack but he could tell that whoever had done it could not have been human. As he tried to stand he heard the Crashdown door open and a voice call. “Hello? Liz? Mrs parker?” He recognised the voice but he couldn’t quite remember who it was. Dragging himself to a chair his thoughts began to clarify.
“Max?” There were several sets of footsteps and voices before the group appeared at the door.

Isabelle was the first to speak.
“Oh my god, what happened? Where are Liz and Mrs Parker?” Max stepped forward and took a look around the room as Jeff tried to focus on the group. Isabelle moved over to him and looked at his head, “there’s no sign of any injury but there’s a lot of blood, I’m guessing this wasn’t a human attack?”
Jeff shook his head, “no, someone came in and took hold of my neck, next thing I knew I was on the floor in a pool of blood a few minutes ago.”
“And they took Liz? And Mrs Parker too?” Max asked, kicking himself for leaving them alone, he’d vowed never to risk loosing Liz again but it had happened all the same. “You didn’t see who it was? No clues at all?” Jeff shook his head again.

The sound of the Crashdown door opening made them spin round, not knowing what to expect and a sigh of relief swept though the group when they saw that it was the sheriff. He seemed unsurprised by the sight that met him, “So this meeting came too late? We may still have time” they stared at him not knowing what was going on. He told them all to take a seat and waited for them before he continued. “I got a call from someone yesterday, at first I took no notice and passed it off as some kids mucking about but I had another call this morning. The person told me that he knew who you were, he told me without any prompting but I still pretended not to know what he was on about. He was telling me that you would kill Liz sometime this week” he said looking at Max.

“Kill Liz? I could never do that!”
“I know but they were very insistent; if she didn’t die then her baby would be lost. I think he was trying to say that someone was after her, and that you would be framed. Then he told me that it could be stopped… if I helped him”
“And what did he want you to do?” Isabelle asked looking worried.
“To kill Max, or at the very least to get him away from Liz. I think its safe to say we have a serious problem"

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