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Caught In the Sun
You're my distance, destination of choice
I'd give anything just to hear your voice
I could pass you on the street without saying
a word
Most times, I miss that voice that goes unheard

What if I miss you, you got caught in the sun
What if I did something never to be undone

People everywhere how could I be sure
If it's you that I've been searching for
What would it take for me to be comfortable
With you, with me you're the chosen one

Will you wait for me or will it be too late this time
You are there for me this I hope and pray

Antar 2426

"You cannot take her, not now" said the baby's mother with tears in her eyes. She had just endured 17 hours of labor and had already fallen completly in love with her child. How could she give her up even for the sake of the world.

"You have to! The king will need her to defeat Kivar. Plus you promised you would give her to them right away before you got too attached to her!" Her father was trying hard himself not to cry, but they knew, they all knew that their baby was special.

She had been fortold by one of the ancient Verons thousands of years ago. They needed her for the sake of Antar. Many Veron had been had been lead to helping the king on their own free will each having their own set of powers. But this soon to be Veron had the power to hopefully win the war that had been going on since a far back as anyone could remember.

"Just a few more days and...."

"They will know that she has been born, they are probably on their way over here as we speak!"

Just then there was a knock on the door and a grey haired man stepped in. He was a Veron who had come to get the child. He had served many years with the king and now he would train the future Magna Veron.

"Please let me have her a few more days! I cannot part from her and I need her and she needs me!"

"We all need her! And do you think it would be any easier in a few days? It would just be harder. I'm sorry, but you need to let her go now!" He tried to reason with her as much as was allowed. Verons were taught at a young age that they should not know three things: anger, hatred, nor love. These three things would get in the way of everything. Their judgement would falter.

"I will never see her again!"

"I know! and in one swift movement the grey haired man swooped the baby in his arms and ran out the door.

"Alysia!" she cried! She had wanted to give her her mother's name to her baby when she was born, but she knew they would change it because the Verons thought it would be hard enough to give her up, so they told her to not give her a name.

But the old Veron heard her cry and he looked down at the child and said to himself that he will tell the counsil that her name is Alysia. And he thought it suited her and he would do that for the mother that he had left crying in the night.

Antar 15 years later

She loved to feel the air blowing in her hair and hear the horse hooves hitting ground as she flew across the hill side on her Palomino. He was a magnificent creature and she loved him with all her being. "Whoohoo" she cried. She had finally gotten to go out for a ride after her training today. She had had a rough day and she needed this. Tomorrow she would be introduced to the king and she didn't know when she would get to ride again. She was not looking forward to meeting the king. She knew she was actually there to help his son, who was about the same age as she, but they wanted her to get in a full introduction. She was to be introduced as the Magna Veron. "Magna Veron" she thought to herself. "I will be the one to save Antar" she had been told by the elders she had called the ones that raised her. "I will have great responsibilty and always remember the three rules: no anger, hatred, nor love." "Love" Even though the Verons had never told her, she knew they loved her. They always showed her great kindness and never go without the little affections that a young child needs.

She then came up on a waterfall. "Her waterfall" she thought to herself. As she smiled she looked up at the purple twilight sky. "It's getting late, but she quickly push it aside and jumped off her horse..

"Zan, wait for me" Rath had called from behind him. Zan had heard something in the water and he wanted to know what it was. "It's probaby a fish! You've seen fish before!"

"Shush" he said as he came up to the waters edge his interest peaking. "That is a big fish if it is!" He had come here alot and always when he did he would hear things around the water, but he was too afraid to find out what it was. The town's people had said the waters around the waterfall were haunted. But he had someone with him now. He had his best friend Rath.

Just as he leaned in for a closer look, the image emerged out of the water and Zan looked on in awe. "It's a girl", Rath said "Who is she?"

"I don't know." as Zan watched the water trickle off her fair skin.

"And she's naked!" said Rath with a smerk

"Will you shut up?" Zan said his concentration breaking.

"Find out who she is!" Rath said pushing Zan toward the girl.

"I can't! She will think I am crazy just watching her, plus I need to get home. I need to get up early so I can meet the Magna Veron."


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"Where have you been?" Valondra said as she came into the living quaters of the palace.

"Out to find out what is in the waters of the waterfall." Zan said to his sister whom he wished could have come along, but she had to be fitted in to her wedding dress to be married to Rath. She didn't want to marry Rath, but it had been planned since the day she was born, just as he knew he was suppose to marry Ava. It depressed them both because they knew they didn't love them.

"Did you find out?" she said with excitement in her voice.

"Yeah!" Remembering the girl with long dark hair. "It's a girl."

"A girl! Who is she?"

"I don't know." he said remembering her. She was beautiful and he hoped he would get up the nerve to talk to her. "I've got to get to bed. I'm meeting the Magna Veron tomorrow."

"Your Magna Veron." All the great kings of Antar had a Veron, but Zan had a Magna Veron.

"Yeah, but she will probably be a ugly witchy woman that smell, but contain all the powers of the universe." with that he ran up stairs.

"Alysia, wake up child" the veron said shaking Alysia out of a peaceful sleep. "It's time to meet the king and Prince Zan!"

Alysia took a deep breath and emerged from her warm bed. Today her life would change. Couldn't she just sleep a few more minutes? As she walked into the large bathroom, she saw people there waiting to dress her. She looked over to the woman holding the white robe that she would wear to the ceremony. She didn't want to wear it. She wanted to wear her normal clothes. They had never dressed her before today, but today was not a normal day. Today she would become the Magna Veron and live at the palace. Her blue eyes suddenly turned to a deep brown. She was sad. She didn't want to leave.

"Come child. It is time." the woman said as Alysia walked over her. She lead Alysia to the bath she had prepared for her. It was made out of milk and rose petals and it did smell good. Another woman came and took her bed clothes off and helped her into the warm milk and begain to bathe her. After her bath, another woman came to dry her off then lead her to wear she would put on the robe. They put scents of strawberries in her hair and Alysia took in a deep breath taking in the scent.

Finally she was ready to go. She looked back in the room that was hers since she was a baby and with a tear in her eye, she shut the door.

"Are you ready yet?" the king said to Zan as he put the final touches on his clothes. "They will be here any minute now!" It had taken Zan longer than usaul to get ready because his mind was preocupied. He had laid in bed thinking of the girl he saw last night.

"In a minute!" he yelled.

"We don't have a minute!" his father said with agitation in his voice. "Zan, this is really important!"

"I know, father!"

"Then hurry up!"

"Your Majesty, they are here!" said the short stuby little man who look like he was about to pass out from running.

"You hear that son? Come on now!"

"I'm ready." Zan said looking at his father with a grin.

"What took you so long?" his father asked with a raised eye brow.

"I wanted to look my best." he said with an arrogant tone in his voice. He didn't care about meeting the Magna Veron. He just wanted to get back to the waterfall and see the girl.

They quickly made their way to the throne room and Zan took his place beside his mother the queen.

"Your majesty, the Verons." the short stuby man said and motioned to the guards to open the huge double doors.

Alysia was scared half to death. She didn't know what to expect. Wonder if thy didn't like her. Atleast her hood was covering her face so they couldn't see how frightened she was. She started to walk towards the king and she felt her knees wobble as if she was about to faint.

"Your Majesty, the Magna Veron." and with that they raised her hood and her eyes fell on Prince Zan who was staring at her with piercing eyes. It was her!

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Wow, I can't believe someone actually read this! Thanks for the feed back! This is just me filling in the chads that came off the actual series! This is what I wish would have happened! So here you go another part!

Alysia stood in front of the king with the feeling that she thought she was going to pass out! She wondered why he was staring at her like that! Did he think she was unworthy of helping his son? What was it? Why was he looking at her with his mouth hanging open and what is with the prince! She had to admitt that she liked the way HE was looking at her, but those were one of the things she had to push to the back of her head.

"She is just a child" said the king in disbelief. "How old is she?"

"She is 15." One of the Verons spoke up.

"And she is the Magna Veron?" the king said thinking it was a joke. "I thought my son would get someone older and wiser, not someone who was barely his age!"

"Well, your highness, normally you would, but Alysia is special. She has powers greater than my own. She was for told a thousand years ago by one of our own. She has been trained since birth and she was given her powers at birth."

Alysia thought her heart was going to come out of her chest! "He doesn't like me!" she thought to herself. "My whole life has lead up to this moment and it's about to be ruined!" she said as she let her eyes fall on Zan again. Why did she feel so confident in his gaze. She barely knew him and she already felt like she needed him. "Please, Alysia, get that out of your head! You are suppose to be here to help him. Besides, you aren't suppose to have that! My destiny chose me and this is what lies in my path! A lifetime of lonliness."

"But can she be responsible?" the king asked looking over to his son. He knew that there were woman everywhere who looked at Zan lustfully. And there was no doubt that Zan loved women! He reminded him of himself at his age, but for some reason he noticed a light in his son's eyes. He would need to talk with him about this. This would be the one woman he could never have. She was forbidden. And at that thought he felt pitty for the girl. She was young and beautiful with life ahead of her, but love was something that he knew she could never experience. And what was a life without love! Even he had fallen in love once. But luckily for him, he had learned to love his queen and hopefully Zan would do the same, but something inside of him told him that now that would not be possible! "Show her to her quaters!" announced the king. "And make sure she has something suitable to wear for the party tonight!"

Zan watched her being lead away and he knew from that moment his life would never be the same.


Sorry this part short. I'm in the process of writting a longer part. But I wanted to put this part out there.

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I'm so glad you guys like it! I will have another part up soon! If you are wondering, Alysia and Zan have alot to do with Max and Liz, but you will have to read on to find out!! *happy*
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Alysia stood at the window in her quarters. It was really very beautiful. She could see the mountains from her window. She had a great big bed, much bigger than the bed she was use to. All the sudden thoughts of Zan entered her mind. Of him lying on that with her! She started getting butterflies and she quickly put the thought in the back of her mind when she heard the knock on her door.

"Come in." she said looking towards the door thinking it was the servant with her dress.

"I have your dress ma'am." the tiny voice said.

"Bring it in!" Alysia said.

The tiny woman slowly entered her room holding a long deep green gown. It was gorgeous! "What would Zan think of me. Stop it, Alysia, just stop it!"

As the woman turned to leave Alysia thanked her and begain to get dressed. She put the slick fabric on and looked at herself in the mirror. It hung slightly off her shoulders revealing her creamy skin and the long sleeves came to a point in the middle of her hands. It fit tight around her curves and made her breasts look slightly bigger than they really were. The jewels on her bodice were emeralds. Yes, the gown was beautiful and for the first time, she felt beautiful, too!

"What shall I do with my hair?" she thought. "I've never really had to fix my hair before." She picked up her long dark locks and pulled them on top of her head. "No, that really doesn't look right." She started to brush her hair and decided it looked nice down. "Who am I trying to please?" But she knew in her heart who that was.

In his quaters Zan was wondering the same thing as he put on his clothes for the big night. "I can already imagine what she will look like! She will look like an angel! She could wear nothing but rags and look beautiful!

But he remembered what his father had said to him just moment before.

"Zan I saw how you were looking at the Magna Veron." his father had said with a raised brow. "She's off limits! She was brought here to help you defeat Kivhar, not for you to fall in love with!" The Verons were always told not to feel those sort of feelings. It would only cause heart ache!" Plus you are engaged to Ava!"

"I don't love Ava! I could never love Ava! I can't understand why you insist on me marrying someone I don't love!!" Zan almost shouted.

"You need to try, Zan, for your sake!"

"Your Majesty, the guests have arrived." said the short stuby man. He always hated interupting especially when they were aruing.

"Come Zan, your sister is waiting." and with that Zan followed his father to the ballroom, but when he came to Alysia's room he stopped. He wondered if she was already down in the ballroom. If not, he would wait for her. "He could always wait for her." he thought. "Could I ever have her love me?" But after a few minutes of waiting he decided to follow his father down to the ballroom.

"I am so nervous! What am I doing! I've never been to a ball before! How do I act?" She found herself in the middle of a crowd of people and there was someone pressing up against her. The person made the hairs on the back of her neck stand on end. She turned around to stand face to face with the Prince who was there to greet people and had run in to her on accident ofcourse.

"Hello!" he said in a deep husky voice.

"Oh no! My voice is going to crack and my throat is dry!"
she thought to herself. He had these amazing eyes! You could almost see his soul and he looked almost as nervous as she did! He was afraid to look at her in the eye so he tried to hide behind his long dark eye lashes."Hello!" she finally mustered up.

"Finally, we speak! I was beginning to think we never would!"

Just then a blond girl came up to Zan. She looked at Alysia for a moment and put her arms around Zan kissing his cheek! "I was wondering where you were!" said the blond girl.

Zan looked over at Alysia nervously. "Alysia, this is Ava."

"So you must be the great and powerful, Magna Veron." she said sarcasticly!

"She had some nerve!" Alysia thought.

"Ava, can you give Alysia and me a moment? I want to introduce her to Valondra." he said looking at me.

Ava gave a small chuckle. "Valondra isn't here, yet!"

"Oh, then, where is she?" Zan said curiously.

Valondra licked her lips in pure ectasy as the tall dark haired man kissed her neck sliding his arms around her tiny waste. "What will I do! My wedding is in a couple of weeks!" I don't want to marry Rath! I love you!" She pleaded. "My heart will forever love you!"

"We will find a way, one way or another, we will find a way to be together! You will always belong to me!"

"My family would hate me for this!" she said sadly.

"With love comes a price, my dear! Now you must leave and put on a happy face! We have lots to do!" he said looking her in her eyes.

"You are right! I need to be going! I want to be happy with my parents a little while longer!" she said. She didn't want to hurt her parents! She loved them dearly, but great was the love for her man! She finally let go and started down the hall, but before she got outside she ran into Ava. "What are you doing here?"

"I should be asking you the same thing!" Ava said with a smirk. "I won't tell if you won't tell!"

"What is there to tell?" Valondra tried to play it off.

"You know exactly what!" Ava said eyeing her. "You will lose everyone! Your parents, Zan, maybe your life!"

"What do you want?" Valondra said though gritted teeth.

"I will let you know, but first you should get back to your little party before someone suspects!"

Valondra turned to go and Ava spoke up. "And keep an eye out on that Alysia for me, will you? I have plans of my own for her!" and with that Valondra took off towards the palace.

"Kivhar! How nice to see you!" Ava said before coming to him with a deep passionate kiss.

Alysia saw Valondra coming in the doors with her mother behind her! Just then Alysia got a flash. She saw Zan, Ava, Rath and Valondra being murdered. But there was something about Ava's death that Alysia just couldn't figure out. "I don't trust her one bit!" Alysia thought. She was brought out of the flash by a tingling feeling on her hand.

Zan had crept up beside Alysia. The only thing between them was a red velvet curtain. He looked over at her. "God she's beautiful! It's almost intoxicating!" he said to himself. And with that he comes inches from her hand just wishing he could actually touch her and not knowing she already knew he was there. She closes her eyes wishing she had the strength to turn him away, but already knowing she was about to lose her heart.


I hoped you liked it! I will post more tomorrow!


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Hey guys! Here is a new part. By the way, could someone please tell me how to put "new part" in the subject line so people will know I updated? Thanks!*happy*


Alysia slowly removed her hand from where it was so Zan couldn't touch it. She knew she couldn't fight her feelings if she was around him much longer, so she decided to go out for some fresh air and to clear her thoughts. "What am I going to do!" she thought. All her life she had been brought up that it was against the Verons rules to love. "It's so unfair. How could they do this to me! I'm young. I should be able to do whatever I choose, but instead I have to live like this."

Zan was stunned when she took her hand away so abrubtly! He wasn't even touching her and he thought that she didn't notice, but apparently she had! But even though it was wrong, he wanted so much to touch her. He long for it. And without thinking, he went to where she was on the balcony. The sun was just setting and he could use the excuse that he normally came out there to watch the sunset. He stopped for a moment when he saw the sun's rays reflecting off of her. He looked at her in adoration and longing.

"I just wanted to see that you were okay!" Zan said out of nowhere.

Alysia jumped when she heard his voice. "Your Majesty, I...." she tried to finish before he cut her off.

"Please, it's Zan!" he said with a smile.

"Zan, I was just coming out for some fresh air. It's a little stuffy in there." she nervously said.

"Well, are you warm enough?" he said taking off his jacket. He walked up to Alysia giving her his jacket and didn't realize how close he had gotten to her. They stared at each other for a moment, their lips just inches a part.

"Thank you." she said as she looked away. "God don't look at me like that!" she thought as her skin heated up. She begain to wonder what those lips would feel like on hers and then she imagined him kissing her all over and she felt a tingle in her core.

"Would you like to go for a walk?"

"Zan, I don't think that would be appropriate."

"I just wanted to talk with you a bit before we get started tomorrow on our mission."

"Well, if you put it that way, I don't think it would hurt anything."

Zan lead Alysia out of the palace down to the gardens. The roses were just in bloom and they were gorgeous. She particularly like the white roses and Zan caught her eyeing them so he went over and picked one for her.

"Thank you! How did you know that white roses were my favorite?" she asked looking up at him with a smile.

"Just a hunch." he said looking her right in the eye. He then noticed her walking away from him and he wondered if she felt uncomfortable around him.

"Do I make you feel uncomfortable?"

She jumped at the question not expecting it. "No, I just, well, I'm sure your father has talked to you about Verons!" she said looking up at him hoping his father had. She didn't want to cause trouble with his father. They had already been so good to her.

"Yes, he has talked with me and I....I do want us to be friends though." he said looking at her intently.

"I need to be getting back." she told him. He was looking at her that way again. "I don't think you should be that nice to me!" she said without thinking.

He looked at her hurt. This was wrong for her to be this way. She was beautiful and he spoke up without thinking about the law or anything else. You are beautiful and young and this law or whatever you call it is crazy! I'm being nice to you because I like you!!"

Alysia couldn't believe what he was saying. All the sudden he had become bold. Where did that come from.

"You just met me!" she said looking at him.

"No, I have actually seen you before!" he said.

"Where?" she said turning her head side ways. She thought he was just saying that. "Where have you seen me?"

"By the waterfall!" he said remembering that he saw her naked.

As she remembered she became very embarrassed. "You were spying on me? How dare you watch me like that and why were you there?"

"I thought you were a ghost! That was until I leaned in for a closer look!" Zan said with a smerk. "Didn't you know anyone could have seen you?"

She was still racking her brain. "A ghost?" That was completly new to her.

"I must go!" she said in embarrassment. But not before she heard his last few words.

"And I must say, you did turn me on!" he said hoping he would have the affect he wanted. He wanted to see her sqirm. He wanted to see if she really had the capacity to feel. Never mind the law. He wanted to break down her walls. He had never wanted anyone like this in his life and if he didn't have her, he wouldn't know how he would go on.

Alysia was stunned by how bold he was being. What was he trying to do! She had to work with this man. She contimplated whether she should sting him a little bit with her powers. She started to turn around and slap him, but before she could, he had grabbed her hands and kissed her deeply. She begain to melt in his arms as the emotions started to run wild. There tongues begain to duel, going deep in each others mouth. He had tried everything to get her attention and it seemed that by making her mad, that was the only thing he could do.

Alysia finally broke free from the kiss and looked at him. "I can't do this! It's against all rules! I am your advisor!" she almost shouted.

"I don't give a damn about the rules! Don't you think you have the right to feel?"

"Was that all he was doing? Trying to see if I could feel?"
she thought about what he said, "He didn't want me. He was trying to prove a point!" she thought looking down suddenly feeling some disappointment. "I really must go, your Majesty!" she said with some hurt in her eyes.

"I told you that you could call me, Zan." he said. His eyes were sofening.

"I don't think that would be wise, your Majesty! It might suggest something, maybe a closness that we must never have."

Alysia wanted to be close to Zan and still looking down she felt her eyes tearing up. She was a romantic and she always dreamed of things like this.

"I want to be close! I don't see the harm." Zan said trying to get Aysia to look at him.

After a few moments Alysia looked up at him and without thinking she walked over to Zan who was now looking down with defeat. She lifted his chin with the tips of her fingers and looked in his eyes. He was so much taller than she that she had to stand on her tip toes and then slowly she kissed him with a sweet gentle kiss. The kind of kiss that makes your heartbeat faster. And before she knew it, she felt what he felt for her.

"My destiny is this!" she said sadly. It has been since the day I was born."

"I like to believe we choose our own destinies." Zan said not wanting to let her go.

They held each other for what seemed like eternity. But they didn't notice the evil that lurked in the night!


I'm trying to get this moving faster so we can get to Max and Liz, but this a key component to the story I'm trying to tell!

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Ava breathed a sigh of exhaustion as she layed on her bed that night. It had taken all her strength to erase the flash Alysia had of their plan. Alysia was powerful. It took alot of strength and concentration on her part. "Alysia is not going to spoil my plans!" she thought with a pout on her lips. She had almost forgotten that Zan had kissed Alysia. "I have to do something!" Ava said as her mouth curled into an evil smile. "I've got it!"

When Alysia got back to her bed chambers, she plopped on her large bed and begain to think of her kiss with Zan. She had never kissed a man before. She shut her eyes for a moment, but as soon as she had closed them she popped her eyes back open. She remembered that she had to tell Zan something important, but she couldn't remember what! "My flash!" she thought. "I had a flash!" She jumped off her bed and started running around the room touching anything that had a connection to Zan. When nothing would work, she sat back on her bed and then the realization hit her. " I need to touch him!"

Alysia slowly made her way down the long halls of the palace stopping in front of Zan's bed chamber. She stood there for a moment not know what to do. She slowly raised her hand and knocked on the wooden door lightly. "Please Zan, don't be asleep!" She tried to connect with him, but obviously, he was in a deep sleep and she was afraid that if she was to knock louder, she would wake the entire household. Finally, she decided to go on in. Her eyes almost popped out of her head as she took in the sight of a naked Zan all tangled up in white satin sheets. Alysia tried to push the arousing thought in the back of her head as she slowly made her way to the side of his bed. As she raised her hand to touch his muscular arm another larger hand grabed her around her waste and tossed her to the bed with a dagger just inches from her face.

"Alysia, I could have killed you!" Zan said as it hit him to who it really was in his bed chamber. He slowly put the jeweled dagger on the night stand and looked at the terrified Alysia.

"I just came in here to tell you something." she said eyeing him.

"What is it?" he said as his eyes begain to soften.

"I had a flash of something that you ought to know about!"

"Well, what was it?" he said his curiosity peaking.

"I can't remember! Sometimes a flash gets lodged in the back of someone's mind or gets blocked! But there is a way to get it back!" she said as her cheeks became flushed.


"Intimacy." she said as she stired up under Zan not realizing she was still pinned up under him. "I need you to kiss me again!" she said embarrassed.

Zan looked at her a moment before cupping her chin and leaning in for a soft sweet kiss. He looked deeply in her eyes. He realized then that his feelings for her weren't the same as they were that evening. No, that evening when he had kissed her he wanted to get to her, but now he just wanted to be with her. At that moment he heightened the kiss and what had been just a kiss turned into something more. "Do you want this?" he asked to make sure she wanted the same thing. He didn't want to mess things up.

Alysia had never even kissed a man before, but she never imagined she would do this. "Yes!" she said in a ragged voice. She had totally forgoten her rules and what she had been taught before. "I want you!"

Zan slowly begain to untie the night top she had on and pushed it aside to reveal her erect breast while still kissing her. "She's so beautiful." he thought as he kissed his way down her jaw line to the soft flesh on her neck. Making his way down to her breast he took one hand to brush against her thigh. He took her nipple to his warm mouth and Alysia bit her lip to keep from screaming out in pure ectacy. She had never felt anything like it. And all she could think was that she wanted more. When Zan moved his hand to go in between her legs, he realized she still had her night pants on and as he went up to capture her lips again he pulled on the fabric that layed between him. He wanted to be as close as possible to her. Zan raised her hips up and Alysia caught her breath for not having his warm body on hers as he romoved her pants bringing her panties along with it. Alysia grabbed the shirt she had been laying on and tossed it aside as Zan leaned back down cupping the warmth between her soft wet mound. He slowly started to rubbed her clit between his fingers. "Ahhh!" escaped Alysia lips as she begain to feel the hardness that was now on her thigh. She reached down and touched it, feeling his cock pulsate under her grasp. "Alysia!" Zan hissed. Seeing her like that was the most erotic thing he had ever seen. "Make love to me!" Alysia said in between breaths. Afraid he would hurt her, he inserted two fingers inside her wet core feeling the warm satin feeling coming from inside of her. "No, Zan, I want you inside of me." and with that Zan placed his cock at her entrance and slowly lowered himself inside of her stopping as he reached her bearer. He pushed himself breaking her cherry, and watched as she stiffened in pain. He reached down to heal her and she grabbed his hand. "No, I never thought I would ever experience this. Please let me have what comes with it." As her pain subsided it turned to waves of pleasure as Zan slowly pumped inside of her kissing every part of her face memorizing everything about her. As he quickened his pumps so came the flashes. Zan saw the waterfall and there was Alysia dressed in a white gown with daisies around her hair. He smiled at the thought as he kissed her lips. He then raised her legs to put on his shoulders as he increased his thrusts filling her wet core. She grabbed at Zan's now wet cock sqeazing it, almost making Zan go over the edge. Beads of sweat glissened in the moonlight as they had more flashes. And then came the flash. It was of Zan, Valondra, Rath, and Ava laying on the grounds of the palace and then she saw herself laying in the grass beside the palace walls. Zan felt Alysia's walls clench as she felt an almost airy feeling over take her. She was so tight he wanted to never stop but the sound of his name coming out of her lips sent him over the egde as well, spilling his seed in her. Zan colapsed on top of her and pulled her in for another kiss before getting out of bed. "Zan, I saw it!" Alysia said as she started to cry. Zan had seen the flashes, too! "We will find a way to stop this!" he said turning to her. He had seen Alysia's death along with his own! "We will find a way to see that this doesn't happen! I won't lose you!" And with that he leaned in to comfort the crying Alysia.


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Alysia and Zan walked back up to their bed chambers hand in hand, not realizing some of the guards were watching them. As they reached her bed chambers, Zan reached down to kiss her gently on the lips. "We will find out about this. You heard what my father said. We will be on full alert. The guards will be around us 24/7 to protect us and they will protect you."

"I'm suppose to be protecting you! Remember, I am the all power Magna Veron! Some protector I am!"

"Even you need protecting!" he said looking at her afraid she was going to start crying again. "Listen, I need to talk with my father some more on a more personal level and when I'm done, I will be back to get you."

"I love you!" he said before turning around, but stopping dead in his tracks. Had he just said that? He slowly turned around to see how Alysia reacted to what he said afraid she was about to run.

"You love me?" she said looking down. It was sudden, but she couldn't deny she had felt it, too! But she was afraid he was about to say he didn't mean it. "Do you mean that? You love me?"

"Yes." he said shyly. "I've loved you since the first time I saw you at the waterfall." After a moment he thought he was about to get his heart shattered and he was about to say forget about it. His heart was pounding and he felt his skin heat up! He began to turn around, humiliated when she spoke up.

"I love you, too, Zan." she said with tears in her eyes. This was the ultimate time she had only dreamed of, but was sure she would never have. A love that would last a life time.

As soon as Zan heard this he walked up to her and twirled her around, kissing her.

"I know this is soon, but when you love someone it doesn't have to take a long time to realize and when you feel it, you should tell them, because you don't know when this day will be your last." He finally said putting her down. "I will be back for you!" and with that he left the smiling Alysia to go and talk with his father about something that had always been on his mind, but until now he had not a reason to really press the matter.

Alysia turned the knob on her door to walk in as she almost got a flash of something. "That was weird!" she thought pausing a moment at the door. As soon as she walked in the room, she looked around not feeling right about the situation. As she turned to walk outside, someone grabbed her and the wrist and put them behind her back. Alysia kept looking around to see who it was, but she could find no one. Who had her hands tied around her back and why could she use her powers. Finally the perpertrator came out from behind the long heavy curtain hanging from the window.

"You!" Alysia said her eyes turning dark purple. "Why have you got me tied up like this! And what have done with my powers?"

"I drained them while you were kissing my fiance! Didn't you learn anything while you were living amongst the Verons? You became vunerable to me!" Ava said grinning.

"You are a true bitch, you know that?" Alysia said sausily.

"Such language!" Ava said waving her finger back and forth. "You are spoiling my plans dear Alysia! I can't take over while you are still around and with Zan constantly trying to figure out how to ruin Kivhar."

"What are you going to do to me?"

"I'm not going to do anything to you! In time, it's what you will do to yourself! But in the mean time, I will take you some where and Zan wil spend all his time searching for you and that will give me time to destroy this place!"

"Zan will find me!"

"After it's too late!" and with that the invisible hold on her turned into guards. The very guards that were behind she and Zan earlier.

Alysia kicked and screamed for someone to hear her! She tried to use her powers, but she was too weak. "How could she let her do this!" she thought.


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Hey everyone! Sorry I haven't written. My husband hit a deer and totaled his car. So we have been busy finding a new one. So here is another part! I hope you like!! *happy*


"You know this is wrong!" Valondra said glaring at Ava. "My brother is relentless. He will do everything he possibly can to find her."

"How do you know that isn't exactly what I want? I needed to get him distracted so I could help Kivhar put his plan in motion. With Zan and Alysia's little romance in bloom, that gave me opportunity."

"And how do you plan getting to the throne? You have to be married to Zan before you will have any say so!" Valondra said turning her back to Ava. "Any real say so, that is." She said again with a smirk.

"I have my ways. I will have Zan. It has been planned since birth. His father always keeps his word."

"My father doesn't know you are a snake! Valondra said getting tired of this game with Ava. She was a real bitch and she hated her. 'How did I get in the middle of this?' Oh, I'm in love with the enemy!' she thought wishing this all could be different. Ava was blackmailing her and she was betraying her family. How could things get any worse for her life. She had to put up with all the despicable things Ava was doing. For how long really bothered Valondra. Would it ever be safe? She knew that one day she will have to confront her parents about being in love with Kivhar. And they would know she betrayed them. She could be executed! Would her parents really kill her? A part of her wanted Kivhar to win the war, because she didn't want to die. She knew that was a cowardice thought. But the other part of her loved her parents and just wanted to be in her parents good graces a little while longer. 'I am selfish!' Ava thought thinking back to when Zan had called her a selfish spoiled brat as a child.

"Would you like to go see our little prisoner? Ava said jerking Valondra out of her thoughts.

"You have her?"

"Why yes! Did you have any doubt that I could get her?"

"She is the Magna Veron, Ava! I'm sure she was quite a challenge!"

"She was vulnerable! I caught her and Zan kissing in the hall! She let down her guard. It was pathetic. I thought the Verons were suppose to be all powerfull."

"That is why they were taught to never feel emotion. But Alysia is young. She never had a choice. The Verons that come here are well in their prime. They had the chance to experince life and then, if they chose they could chose to become Verons. But Alysia on the other hand, she was chosen at birth. No wonder she is vulnerble!" She said looking at Ava in the eye. She was searching for some sort of remorse for what Ava was doing.

In the dungeon below them, Alysia sat in silence. How could she have been so stupid. She had totally let herself be drained of her powers. She had been trying to concentrate and slowly get back her powers so she could get out of here. She needed to warn everyone that Ava was working with Kivhar. She felt as though she had been there for hours when the doors to her sell opened.

"Alyisa, how are you doing?" the blond hair girl said walking into the room. She walked up to Alysia noticing her eyes were purple. "You're trying to gain back you powers. I've studied the Verons and their powers. I know that their eyes reflect there emotion. Well, any emotion they are allowed to have. But yours are a deep purple. You have a combination don't you. You have mind to use your powers in hatred. And that is something that is worse than loving someone."

"Get away from me, bitch! You know nothing of love. And your hatred come from jealousy. My hatred on the other hand comes from you."

Ava kneels down in front of Alysia and begins to stroke her head. "Your hatred also comes from being a Veron. You want what you can't have. You need to learn to accept it."

Alysia slaps her hand away and stares at Ava in the eye before noticing someone else standing behind her. It was Valondra. Could she be a missing piece to her flash? She was betraying her brother and everyone else who loved her. What was she doing with here? She remembered in her flash that there was something strange about Ava death, but that still was a blur,too. But that still didn't explain what Valondra was doing here.

"I will be back to check up on you. Don't go and try to escape!" Ava said smiling.

Ava walked past Valondra as she looked dead into Alysia's eyes then Valondra followed Ava out the the large iron doors before the guard closed them.

"She is playing right in the palm of my hands. She is getting angry and finally she will destroy herself. The more I talk to her the more angry she gets."

"You are sick! You know that don't you?" Valondra said eyeing Ava. She had no soul and that in it self made her dangerous.


"Finally father! You have arrived! I have been waiting all day." Zan said watching his father take off his jacket. He had stayed there waiting for his father because he was afraid he would miss him and then it would be no telling when he would get to talk with him about this matter.

The king turned to look at his son a moment before replying. "It must be really important for you to wait for me like this." He stood for a moment in silence trying to read his son, but he couldn't. "Well, what is it?"

Zan played with his hands nervously. He didn't know how to tell his father this. He knew he was about to start an up roar, but he didn't care. This matter had to be taken care of. "I am not going to marry Ava. I'm in love with someone else!" Zan said bracing himself for his father's fury.


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Zan stood in silence as he waited for his father to say something. He was literally scared to death! He thought he saw smoke forming out of his father's ears.

"What did you say?" his father said in a tone Zan had never heard before.

"I don't want to marry Ava. I don't love her."

"Son, that may come in time." the king said as his eyes softened. He knew that when he married his mother that he didn't love her, but now even though he wasn't in love with her, he did care for her greatly.

"I can't believe that you would want me to marry someone I didn't love." Zan said hoping he could convince his father to let him out of the prearanged events.

"Zan, Ava will be a good wife. She comes from a good family and she already shows signs that she cares for you."

"Maybe she would make a good wife, but not for me. I will not marry her!"

"You don't have a say in this! She has been promised to you and you will marry her!" he said getting angry. The king knew that Antar needed the alliance for them to survive.

"No father!" Zan said picking his words wisely. " I will not marry her because I'm in love with someone else." Zan finally spat out.

The king's eyes darkened with fury. "Is she worth your throne?"

"That and much more! I would give up eternity to be with her!"

"And who is this girl you are so willing to give eternity for?"

Zan looked at his father with a smile. "Alysia! I want to marry Alysia!"

Kivhar paced back and forth as he thought of his next plan to take over Antar.

"What are thinking?" Ava said as she watched Kivhar come back to the table to look over the laid out plans.

For a few moments Kivhar wouldn't answer. He just kept looking down at the papers that held all of his plans up til now. "I need to do this soon." he said finally.

"The Magna Veron is locked up so Zan will be too preocupied with finding her he won't know what hit him." she said with a smile. "When do you want to execute our plan?"

"I don't want to wait and wait! I want to do this now! Tonight!"

Ava smiled a evil smile and looked over to where a terrified Valondra now stood. "My parents won't be harmed." Valondra said "And you promised Zan would be okay?"

"Yes my dear. Everyone will be okay. It's just a little take over." he said walking up to Valondra to give her a hug all the while smiling evily at Ava. "As soon as you give me the rest of the details, all will be over." he said looking at her in the eye. "Now, where is the letter that you wrote to give to our poor little Alysia?"

After Valondra gave her lover a few more detail on where the guards were and where and when he could get in the palace they made their way down the hall out the large house. Valondra had no idea of the events that would change her life and the ones she loved forever.


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I just had to write another part.*wink*

Kivhar's menions stood in the dark of the unexpecting palace waiting for Kivhar to give the word on the attack.

Down the hall, Zan stood in silence as he waited his father to return. He was speaking to one of the guards that said that he heard shouts coming from up stairs in the Magna Verons chambers.

"I thought I told you to have guards around her chambers!"

When Zan heard this he started to run towards the entrance of the stairway. As he did he heard shouts as the sevants started to run for cover. There was gun rays going everywhere. "We are under attack, your highness!" he heard one of them say.

"Alysia!" he called. 'Oh my god! Where is she?' he thought in horror. He finally reached her bed chambers to find she wasn't there. He began searching other rooms. He decided he must find his second in comand, Rath.

Alyisa sat in her cell using her powers to break free from the hold, Ava had devised. She had no idea how long she had been there, but she figured it had been a while since she could tell the sun was setting outside through one of the cracks. She had been there since this morning. She could hear the sounds of battle outside and wondered if Zan was okay. 'I've got to get out of here and do what I was raised to do. I've got to find Zan and help him!' she thought and with a little more effort she broke free. She felt the energy coursing through her vains. As she ran through the corridor she found bodies laying on the ground and then she saw it. Valondra laying dead beside one of the servants that apparently from where she was laying was trying to protect the princess. 'I'm too late!' Alysia thought. She ran upstairs to her bed room hoping to find Zan, only to find a letter laying on her bed. She slowly walked over to the large bed and touched to piece of paper. Energy charged and crackled underneath her touch. She read the letter as tears formed in her eyes.... Zan was dead. She thought about revenge, but now all she could think about was Zan. She wondered aimlessly through her room in dispair. She walked over to the window looking out at the beautiful grounds of the palace. It was now covered with dead bodies. 'How did this happen?' she wondered. She was suppose to be here to protect them. She then looked out and saw the water fall where Zan had first seen her. "Zan!" she cried out. And with that she step over the window flinging herself out.

"I've got to find her!" Zan started to yell at Rath.

"Not now, Zan! We need to get more of our resources together."

Rath turned around to look at Zan, but he was gone.

Zan looked around at the dead bodies fearing the worst for his beloved Alysia. Every woman he saw he thought was Alysia and as he walked around the palace, he saw a figure of a woman laying on the ground and he rushed up to her. He gasp seeing the woman he was in love with laying on the ground.....dead. "Alysia!" he said slumping to the ground. As he held her in her arms Rath rushed up to him when he heard his best friend scream out her name. He watched his friend sob pitifully as he held her. "Did I tell you that I was in love with her? I had told my father just this evening that I was going to marry her." Zan said looking up. "We must find Serena. Remember when she took our blood? That if something happened to us, that we would be sent to earth and be combined with human essence?"

"Zan, that was only meant for us." Rath said sadly looking at his friend. But I was always told that this is not the only life we live. That we can live other lives, too. Serena told me that.

"Then I will find her in my next." Zan said looking back at Alysia. "I will find you my love." Just then he heard a shot ring out and watched in horror as his best friend fell to the ground. Zan looked around trying to find where the shot was coming from. He could hear his heart beat in his chest and then all was silent.

Liz sat up in her bed shaking from the dream she just had. Ever since Max had saved her two weeks ago, she had been having these dreams. But as she had the dreams the realization hit her. She was starting to remember.

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Author's Note: Thank's for the feedback*happy* I know there has been a bit of confusion or rather where this was all going. First off, in the series, I always wanted to know why Max and Liz reconized each other when they first saw each other when they were kids, so I wanted to believe that it was because they were in love in another life. And why did Dupe Ava say that Dupe Zan seemed to be looking for someone else? TPTB never addressed that! So I'm just putting my take on it. Liz was Alysia on Antar. She just hasn't put the pieces together yet. But do you guys think I should continue with this? Unlike some people who shall be remain nameless, I do want to hear what you have to say.*happy*
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Hey everyone! Sorry it's been so long! I've been on vacation and I've been having a little trouble writting, but I have some more parts.*bounce*

"What was that about" Liz said as she rubbed her sleep filled eyes. She was still reeling in what she was dreaming about. For the past few weeks she had been having the craziest dreams, but now when she thought about it, they seemed so real. Like they actually happened. Almost like dejuvu. Liz slowly lifted her legs to the side of the bed. They felt like lead. They had fallen asleep. She sat there for a minute waiting for the numbness to go away. She knew as soon as she put her feet on the floor that they would give away. She finally got up and walked over to the mirror and lifted her shirt to reveal the reminice of the silver hand print still on her abdomin. She recalled her last talk with Max.

'I need to ask you a few questions.'

'Okay' said Max looking skepticly at a confused Liz.

'Where did you come from?'

Liz looked at Max as he began to point towards the ceiling, not wanting to believe what he was trying to say.

'So you are from up north?'

Max pointed higher.

'Are you alien?' Liz wispered not believing what she was seeing.

'I prefer the term not of this earth.'

Liz put down her shirt a decided it was time to take a cold shower. She need to come back to reality here. Maybe she was still dreaming.

But there was something about him she thought as she saw him walk down the hall the next day at school. "I know him." she said to herself. Actually she had always known of him. She had gone to school with him ever since she was eight. But she had never really spoken to him. When they were younger, she remembered him always coming into the CrashDown and her Dad giving him cookies. He would always run over to the table and pour Tobasco sauce all over them. Distroying a perfectly good cookie if you asked her. But then it was the times all through school when she would look over at him and he would be staring right at her. A couple of times she would walk over to him and ask him to borrow some of his notes to have a reason to strike up conversation, but she would always chicken out. What was it?

"Hey, what is wrong with you!" Maria snapped her fingers in front of Liz breaking her gaze away from Max. Maria followed Liz's stare over to where she was looking. "He is such a loner. He and that jerk Micheal." Yesterday I accidently bumped into him and he yelled at me. And don't get me started on Miss priss, the ice queen herself Isabell Evans. She is such a snob!"

"They probably aren't that bad!"

"Please, Liz, they are always sitting by themselves in the quad and they never speak to anyone else...."

"Maria!" Liz started. 'Please don't tell anyone. My life is in your hands' she remembered Max saying. "Just drop it!" Liz said looking at Maria intently. She wanted to tell her best friend, but she had sworn to Max she wouldn't say anything about where he came from or about the others."You are getting all worked up about nothing. Sniff some of your oils or something!"

"Okay, Liz you have been acting really weird lately yourself. Alex and I have noticed that you've changed.What's up?"

"Nothing Maria. I've got to go to Bio. I see you at lunch." she said walking away from Maria. She definily needed to talk to Max.


I will have another part up in about an hour. I hope you like it! I'm gonna throw in some twist in my story.


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