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Title: Forsaken
Author: Midnight Magi (aka Bex)
Email: Midnight_Magi⊕
Distribution: Ask me first. I want to know where it's going.
Category: M/L , I'm a pure Dreamer.
Rating: PG 13 to NC-17 (depends on the chapter)
Disclaimer: I OWN ROSWELL! It's MINE I say, MINE! (Shakes a Tabasco sauce bottle at any lawyers brave enough to face her) 'Shit, there's one now…' (runs away with her tail between her legs) Ok, so it isn't really mine, but I would be willing to deal for ownership of half the show? (smiles hopefully)

Author's Note: Urm…. Urh…. (looks back over her shoulder seeing that the lawyer is still chasing her) Anyone know a cheap assassin for hirer?

Summary: AU, A new gang of teens have hit Roswell from NY, but are they really what they seem? The school geek Max Evan's is not so sure, especially when the leader of the troublesome group 'Liz' takes an interest in him. Can he fight his attraction to her and stop from falling in love? Can he hide his secret Alien heritage from Liz as she starts to burrow her way into his life, filling an empty space he didn't even know he had?

Part 1

"Hey! Have you heard?"

"No, what?"

"There's a bunch of new students starting this term." The peppy voice continues.

"I heard they've all just got out of juvie, they look like it that for sure." A third female voice intervenes.

"Yeah, total freakish looking some of them." The first voice continues.

"Freakish how?"

"Four of them are like punks, one's a goth, and the rest look normal enough, but are sh*t scary close up."

"Yeah, maybe, but did you see how f**king hot some of those guys were, scary or not what I wouldn't give to get in one of those guys pants." Pam says with a smile.

"Are any of the girls hot?" A male voice asks joining the conversation.

"Yeah, if you ignore the cloths and makeup the bitches are soooooo f*ckable." Kyle says from behind them.

"How'd you know?"

"They came into the Crashdown last night. Scared the waitresses there shitless thinking they'd come in to rob the place, but they just ordered some fries and drinks."

"So why are they All moving as a collective to one school?"

"Dunno, heard one of 'em burnt down the science lab in their last school, but it couldn't be proven which one of 'em did it so they all got kicked out."

"So they've migrated together from New York to Roswell? They've got to be on something to wanna come here."

"I heard they each carry a gun hidden on them."

"Well I'd like to know where that little sluty blond one hides hers since she was barely wearing any cloths when I saw her, and even those were skin tight."

"That's nothing Tess, did you see the guy with the mo-hawk hair cut?"

"Yeah, and I also saw what that same guy did to Eric after he laughed at his hair. Two black eyes and a broken noise, but whatever he said to Eric scared him so much that when the police asked what happened he said he just fell."

"Shit! But isn't Eric on the wrestling team?" Isabel says in shock.

"Yeah… so what do you think about that…."

Tuning out their gossiping I try to continue with my biology work alone on my table in study hall, if I don't get this researched finished I might not get an 'A' grade this time. 'Damn, you really are a geek Max.' I snap at myself from within 'Your worst fear is getting your first 'B' grade in three years. Your own sister, one of the most popular girls in school is sitting near you and won't even acknowledge your existence, that should tell you something.

Sighing softly I continue on with my work alone trying to bury the rising well of self pity that is growing in me.


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Well I made promises, and I plan to keep them...

I said when my site was re-vamped I would sit down and continue writing new parts to the fanfics...

Now that the new site is (cough)finished(cough), ok, so it's on some rather shacky legs right now, with quite a few links leading into dead cyber space etc... but hey, I'm working on it.

And now since my college work load is so light(hope it stays that way) I'm sitting down next week to write. I have no idea which ones I'm going to update though...


Back into the lion cage I go...