Title: Art & A Scret Love
Disclamier: I dont own Roswell or its charcters
Summary: Tess and Liz are rick artist/poets that can dress to a tee what happns when Liz meets a unrully rebel artist from the bad part of town?
Rating: NC:17

W/R/H West Roswell Hugh, see I can read so screw ,my second grade teacher. Now what the hell am I doing in West Roswell High? When I find out I will tell you but back to me and my original thoughts. This school lacks all creativity. The walls are adorned with what me and my sister could have done in about second grade. They call it art. I call it trash.

Tess, yes that is my sisters name get over it. Gives me the eye, the ‘what-the-hell-are-we-doing-here-eye’ ok fine, she glances at me but she could have meant that. This is all daddies fault! Were expanding the business he said, it will be a good business op he said.

Well the grand business op. caused me and Tess all of our old friends boyfriends, and our old school. NYC Instate of Youth Art. Or the N/Y/C/I/Y/A. I like apr. things so screw all of you. Elizabeth=Liz Teresa=Tess You=Idiot............ So while me and my polar opposite sister walk down the halls we receive a lot of stares.

Could it be because our clothes? She has on Rubber bracelets with glitters water in them up to her elbows a pink glittery choker go-go boots a short yellow skirt and a slashed black shirt. I have on baggy turquoise silk pants and a yellow shirt that ties in the back and shows all of my back with toe out heels.......to dressy? Our bad.

Now do you want some info on the chic who’s head you have decided to invade? I resent that by the way, why couldn’t you have screwed around in Tess’s head? But anyway Im 17 I write Poetry and paint abstract I don’t have a mom she’s dead like hundreds of other people so if you say you are sorry I will kick your ass. I see a shrink, they think I have ‘Issues’ I think they want my money......Daddies money, screw that, they want my money, daddy loves sharing.

I am 1/3 of a triple set Me Tess and Zan, why haven’t I mentioned him? Well you see he is in jail right now, well come back to that. But mow we are going to move right along unto the fact that Me and Tess are standing infront of the teacher in our First Peroid class.

She looks.... odd.....Big Big Big frosted red hair a tight belt that kinda pushes out her gut and pink frosted lipstick. Like I said she looks odd. She is pointing a someone and looking at tess but I cant get what she is saying, because she is talking in a fake New York accent, I know New York accents she don’t have one.

Tess’ eyebrow has shot up, and she is nodding her head like she gets what the wacked out teacher is saying then she turns to me.

“What the hell did she say?” This comes from Tess. How am I supposed to know? So I give her a ‘look’ that only twins can do so hahah to everyone out there that is twinless. You can’t do it, we can, you can’t.

“She said your lab partner is Pam Troy right over there.” The whole class choruses. Well almighty then, I guess Tess’ lab Partner is Pam Troy. I guess she guess so to cuz she walks over there. Interesting.

I get what the teacher is saying now. She dropped the phony accent. “Liz your partner is Michael Guerin Right over there... ”She ponis to a hottie and I drool and glide baby. Drool and glide....

Im really unsure about this story so........I need all the fB I can get