Title: Obsession
Author: the better twin
Disclaimer: I don't own anything related to Roswell...and if I did, it wouldn't be ending!
Authors Note: This is a poem, but it's not about any couple or anything like that. I wrote it a while ago, and I figured with Roswell ending I'd post it. I hope you like it and feedback would be great!


One hour,
Half an hour,
Twenty minutes,
Ten minutes,
Five minutes,
Four, three, two, one.
As the teaser ends
And the intro fades
The theme song plays in my head.
I must call Kathleen.
We must decide, we must discuss,
And we must decipher.
As the craziness of this conversation
Travels through the phone lines
Miranda has muted the T.V.
Kathleen can hear what is going on
And I can tell she’s rolling her eyes
As she hangs up.
After chasing Miranda around the kitchen,
Jumping, and attacking her numerous times,
I finally retrieve the remote.
I make it to the couch just as Roswell returns
Smiling in delight.