Title: A Dream Come True

Category: Max & Liz....'cause I'm a die-hard dreamer

Rating: PG for now *wink*

Disclaimer: Nope...don't own 'em but sure wish I owned Jason Behr. Talk about a love slave! *wink*

Summary: What happens when a small town girl from New Mexico moves to the big city of LA? Will she find a love she's only ever dreamed about or will it only be wishful thinking?

Author's Note: This is my first attempt at fanfic. I'm a huge fan of so many fanfic author's out there and this idea was one of the many ideas in my head. So I decided to finally give my try to this writing "thing". I don't claim to be a good writer just a woman with a very active imagination! Please let me know what you think and whether or not I should continue. If I continue I can guarantee nookie eventually. So please leave feedback!


My heart jumped to my throat as he extended his hand to help me out of the limo. I graciously took his hand as I climbed to my feet praying that I wouldn’t make a fool out of myself tonight. Here I was a little nobody being escorted to the Celebrity Gala on the arm of not only one of Los Angeles’ most handsome bachelors but a famous director’s son as well. I released the breath I was unknowingly holding as he leaned over and whispered, “You absolutely take my breath away tonight”.

As we walked to the entrance, he handed the security guard his invitation. With a quick once over, the guard smiled and waved us through wishing us a good evening. As the doors opened, I couldn’t help the gasp that escaped as I stared in awe. The entrance hall looked like something out a dream. The room was huge with a staircase on each side of the room leading to the higher levels. The room was accented in gold and I found myself standing there wondering if it was real gold or just an inlay. ‘There was no way paint would shine that bright’, I thought. My escort chuckled, “Come on Liz. The party’s in the ballroom.” I sheepishly bowed my head as I felt the flush rise up my neck and to my face. ‘He must think I’m a silly fool!’ I thought as I clutched tighter to his arm.

As we made our way in the ballroom, I again stared in awe. This room made the entrance hall appear to be that of a closet. People were scattered throughout the room. There were tables lining several of the expansive walls with different foods and champagne on them. Gorgeous ice sculptures adorned the centerpieces of each of the tables. On the far side of the wall an orchestra was set up playing classical music. There was a space cleared out for a dance floor where several couples were dancing. As I looked around I saw several famous faces. I tried not to stare but failed miserably. After all this was not a normal occurrence for me. Working all the time, I barely even got out to see a movie much less a movie star in person.

He leaned over and asked if I was okay. I hadn’t even noticed I was trembling. I looked up into his questioning eyes and nodded. He smiled that smile as if to say he understood that I was out of my element. Once again, I felt the blush spread over my cheeks. “Come on, Liz. I want to introduce you to one of my best friends.” I just hung tighter as I was led to a small group of men standing together talking and laughing. I silently wondered which of these men was his “best friend”. “Hey man!” my escort exclaimed as he slapped his hand down on the man’s shoulder with his back to us. I nervously glanced down. “Hey! About time you showed up!” “You know me I always like to make an entrance. I’d like to introduce you to my date, Elizabeth Parker.” I slowly looked up to see broad shoulders sheathed in a traditional black tuxedo, slowly higher to a long, muscular neck, up over a chiseled jaw, beautiful pink lips, a cute nose, then finally to the most incredible amber eyes I believe I have ever seen. Those eyes held mine as my jaw dropped. Standing before me was none other than the Max Evans.

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