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Ok, I had planned this fanfic since about a month ago...but I see that AllAboutEyesS09 beat me to the concept with 'A Web Of Spiders'. Still, my story sort of has a different approach to it. It's only obvious...after all, there's so much you can do with the name 'Parker':D.

Powers And Responsibilities

Spoilers: This is alternate-reality. Although, if you haven't seen 'Spider-Man' yet, it may give away the movie a bit. Well...go out and see it. It rocks

Discription: Liz Parker is a gifted science student...but not very popular. Until an accident happens that changes her life forever. Also, Max Evans is still an alien in this story, but Liz never found out about it.

So, who am I?

Are you sure you want to know?

Forest Hill, in Queens New York. A school Bus picks up a group of High School kids heading to school.

My name is Liz Parker, and my life…it gets out of control sometimes. It’s complicated, but what isn’t. My story is a bit different than some though.

Someone sits on the bus, his dark bangs hanging down on his forehead. A blonde girl sits next to him, putting her arm around him.

That’s Max Evans. My next-door neighbor/lab partner. Plus, the guy I’ve been in love with since I was six years old, when his parents moved in next door.

I’d like to say I’m that girl next to him, but I’m not. Want to see me, just look behind you.

The bus drives off, someone arriving just as it’s leaving.

She’s dressed in a typical school uniform…for the 1950’s. With a white buttoned-up blouse and plaid skirt. She has a pair of wire-framed glasses on, long brown hair, and is carrying a backpack full of books.

Sighing in frustration, Liz takes off after the bus, barely keeping up.

“WAIT!” she hollers. “STOP THE BUS! PLEASE!”

A bunch of students look back towards her and start to laugh. They always did that…laughed at her.

“WAIT!” she screams one last time, which catches Max’s attention. He looks back, and sees Liz running behind them.

“Stop the bus,” he asked the bus driver. “There’s a girl following us.”

The bus driver does not listen.

Sighing, Max places his hand on the window and begins to concentrate.

“What are you doing?” the girl next to him asks.

Max doesn’t answer. His hand glows faintly, and the bus screeches to a halt. His companion gives him a warning look.

“I was just trying to help,” he said innocently.

Completely out of breath, Liz climbs on board the bus.

“Th-thanks,” she tells the driver.

“Breaks stalled,” he responds coldly. “Sit down, girl.”

Liz looked down and started to search for a seat. She smiled when she saw that no one was next to Kyle Valenti.

“Hey,” she said. “Mind if I…?”

Kyle gave her a cold look.

“Actually, science girl, I do mind!” he spat. “Don’t even think about sitting down.”

Backing away, Liz saw a seat in the back of the bus. Sighing, she headed there…

…and then fell on her face. This resulted in the entire bus laughing at her.

Everyone except for Max Evans, who just looked at her apologetically. As if it were his fault. It wasn’t of course. His girlfriend, on the other hand…

…well, considering the grin plastered on her face, it was obvious that Tess Harding was the one that had tripped her.

“You’re such a klutz, Parker!” Tess laughed. “Hey everyone, check out Puny Parker here.”

“Just zip it!” Liz muttered under her breath.

Suddenly, she lost her balance again, falling back down. The thing that confused her was that Tess hadn’t shown a sign of doing anything, even though it had felt as if she’d been tripped.

Liz picked herself up, and wandered to the back. Once she was gone, Max turned towards Tess.

“Was that really necessary?” he asked. “She didn’t do anything to you. She’s not the enemy.”

“All humans are the enemy, Max, remember?” she asked him. “Besides, what do you care? She’s a geek. Why to you worry about her so much?”

“Maybe I feel sorry for her,” he responded. “She doesn’t have many friends. She must feel so alone…”

“Well, cry me a river, Max,” Tess complained, rolling her eyes. “Who cares about Liz Parker, anyway?”

Max cared, though he wouldn’t tell Tess that. There was just…something about her that got to him. Liz was pretty. Not in the ‘bombshell’ way that Tess or his sister Isabel was…but in a natural way. He always tried to imagine what her eyes looked like without those glasses. If he could, he would probably even have asked her out.

But he couldn’t, could he. The four of them: himself, Tess, Michael, and Isabel…they had made a promise never to let anyone in on their secret. They were the aliens from the Roswell crash in 1947. While Michael had stayed in Roswell(and Isabel went back there for college), the Evans’ had moved to New York when he was six. That’s where he had found Tess, the fourth alien. They had all promised never to get too close to an ordinary human that wasn’t one of their adoptive relatives. They couldn’t risk being exposed…not after what happened to Nasedo.

Even so, sometimes looking at Liz made him think.
Next: We meet Maria DeLuca and her father, Norman. Plus, Liz and Max's science class takes a trip to Empire State University to see an exhibit on spiders...and something happens.
Anyone like this? Should I continue? Just let me know

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Ok, here's part 1


Maria DeLuca sat in the black Royals Royce which drove her to school. Next her was her father, Norman.

Norman DeLuca was the founder of LucaCorp, one of the largest manufacturing companies in Manhattan…or even the country. He was also Maria’s only living relative after her mother had passed away several years ago. He wasn’t much of a father to her, though, having to work all the time.

“Can’t you park down the street?” Maria asked him.

“Huh?” Norman replied, perplexed. “Why walk all that way?”

“Showing up for school in a luxury car?” she said. “I’d like the keep a low profile.”

“Oh, I see,” Norman said sarcastically. “Pardon me, I’ll just exchange it for a Jetta next week. You know, if you hadn’t gotten kicked out of the best private schools in the country…”

“Dad, please,” she complained. “Can we not get into that again?”

Norman paused, and parked the car.

“I’ll see you, Maria,”

She nodded, and exited the car.


“Hey Liz!” Maria called out for her friend. “Why the long face?”

Liz turned around to see her best friend…maybe her only friend…running up to see her.

“Two words, Maria: Tess Harding” Liz responded.

“What did the triple B do to you this time?” she asked.

Confused, Liz turned towards her.

“Tripple B?” she asked.

“Bleached…blonde…bit…” Maria starts to say.

“Yeah, I get it,” Liz interrupted her. “She tripped me on the bus. Twice. In front of Max.”

“Oh, you have it bad for that guy, don’t you?” Maria reminded her. “Just ask him out already.”

“He’s dating Tess,” Liz answered.

“So what?” she asked. “The worst he can do is say no. Just take a chance.”

Liz sighed. But before the conversation could continue, Maria’s father ran up behind them, holding a bag.

“Maria!” he said, handing it to her. “You forgot your books.”

Maria reluctantly took it.

“Thanks dad,” she said. “Uh…this is Liz Parker.”

Liz and Norman shake hands.

“My little girl has told me all about you,” he said with a smile. “I’m Norman, Maria’s father.”

“She has?” Liz asked, curiously.

“Yeah,” he answered. “Apparently you’re quiet the scientist.”

Liz blushed slightly.

“Nowhere in your caliber, Mr. Deluca,” she said, modestly. “I’m talking with the man who single-handedly discovered the inherent chemical-induced genetics in human tissue.”

Norman raised his eyebrows in surprise.

“You read about that?” he asked, curiously.

“Yeah, it was sort of my mid-term report,” she answered.

Norman grinned, proud of himself. He then patted Maria on the head.

“Any chance you could give Maria here a few pointers,” he joked. “Apparently she likes to spend her time munching on snack foods and thinking about boys.”

“Maria’s ok,” Liz said.

Norman smiled again.

“I’m going to keep my eye on you, Liz,” he said before leaving. “If I’m right, we’re either going to be good friends…or fierce competitors.”

He left, heading back to his car.

“Your dad’s so cool,” Liz said, as they headed into the school.

“Maybe to you,” Maria scoffed. “He likes you. You’re probably the daughter he wished he had.”

“Come on, don’t say that Maria,” Liz warned her. “Your dad adores you.”

“I don’t know,” she replied. “Sometimes I think he forgets that I’m even here.”


Later that day, in the main hall of Empire State University.

The entire class grumbled as they walked through the main hallway of the genetics lab. Many of them had walkmans on, preferring to listen to music instead of the lecture the tour guide was giving. They were high school students, and would prefer talking about the dance on the weekend to listening about bugs.

All except for Liz Parker, of course. She was like a kid in a candy store.

“You know, there are some spiders that can change their color to avoid detection…blend into their surroundings?” she explained to Maria. “Just like a chameleon.”

“Uh huh?” Maria asked, bored. She honestly couldn’t stand being there another moment. “It…amazes me how you freeze up in front of people, but turn into Miss Talkative around a bunch of insects.”

“Arachnids, Maria,” she corrected her. “Spiders are arachnids. You see, bugs are…”

“Hey, check it out,” Maria interrupted her.

Sure enough, Max was standing only a few feet away. Unlike the others, he seemed to be almost as interested in the spider display as Liz was.

“And without his keeper around, too” she pointed out.

“Tess isn’t in our class,” Liz mentioned. “She would probably skip out, anyway.”

“So…go talk to him,” Maria encouraged her, and tried to push her towards Max.

“No, no Maria,” Liz protested. “He looks busy.”

“Come on, do it for me?” her friend asks.


Maria rolls her eyes.

“Fine then,” she said. “I’ll talk to him.”

Maria walks up next to Max, looking at the spider cages.

“Nice arachnids, huh?” she asks.

Max turns to her and smiles.

“Yeah,” he said. “Funny, I expected you to call them ‘bugs’ like the other three people.”

“Well, there’s a lot you don’t know about me, Mr. Evans,” Maria mentions, giving him a smile.

A few feet away, Liz bites her lip. She gives the back of Maria’s head a warning look.

“Hey, did you know that some spiders change their color?” Maria asked Max. “Sort of like a chameleon.”

Max raised his eyebrows.

“Really?” he asked. “I didn’t know that.”

Liz’s eyes went wide.

Maria, her best friend, was using information SHE gave her to flirt with a guy SHE had been interested in for most of her life.

It was official. Liz Parker had the worst luck in the universe.

Sighing, Liz took her camera and started to take pictures of the giant neutron microscope in the center of the room. However, the second it came in focus, one of the other students shoved her.

“Watch it, Parker,” they said, and their friends started to laugh.

Groaning, Liz adjusted her glasses, and focused the camera again. Those guys…and Tess…they’d never learn. They’d be the ones with nowhere jobs at gas stations and out of work by 40, living on a welfare when their good looks ran out.

Not her. Liz knew that, if she kept trying, she’d get into some hi-tech science lab. Maybe get to work with the likes of Reed Richards or Henry Pym.

Then they’d be sorry.

Sorry they’d ever laughed at her.

“Hey?” a voice called out behind her. “You like the lab?”

Liz knew that voice. Slowly she turned around, to see Max looking straight after.

Oh god, Max Evans wanted to talk to her? To HER?

Liz didn’t know what to say. How to act.

“Uh, yeah…” she answered absentmindedly. “I mean, if you go for that kind of stuff…”

“I think it’s fascinating,” he responded.

“Really?!” she asked, excitedly. “Uh, I mean…”

Max chuckled.

“Come on,” he said. “I know you eat this stuff up, remember? We’re lab partners. Look, I wanted to apologize about what Tess did this morning on the bus.”

“Oh,” she said. “It’s not your fault.”

“Maybe…” he responded. “I still feel guilty about it, though?”

He smiled at her. That thought kept moving through Liz’s head…he was SMILING at her.

“Hey, weren’t you talking with Maria?” she asked. “She’s probably looking for you.”

“I know she’s your friend, so don’t take this personal:” he warns, and moved in close to her, whispering. “She talks way to much.”

Now it was Liz’s turn to laugh. It was all she could do to keep from breaking out in sweats over Max being this close to her.

She showed him her camera.

“Uh, can I take your picture?” she asked. “You know…for the school paper?”

“I’m not sure,” Max admitted. “I’m a bit camera shy.”

“All you have to do is smile and try not to move too much,” Liz informed him.

“Sounds like one of my dates with Tess,” he joked.

However, before either of them could continue, the tour guide spoke up.

“Can I have your attention?” she asked. “If you would pay attention to the cages, I want to introduce you to a marvel in genetics…”

She moved towards three rows of small, glass cages in the center of the room.

“Think of it as scientifically created natural selection,” she continued. “Using genetic engineering, we’ve melded all the various talents of several breeds of spiders into one species. The strongest, the most agile, the most durable web…all put together. These fifteen new creatures…”

“You mean fourteen, right?” Max asked.

The entire class looked towards him.

“Excuse me?” the tour guide asked.

“There’s only fourteen of them,” Max repeated. “Look, there are fifteen cages, but only fourteen spiders.”

She examines the cages, and sees that he’s telling the truth.

“Hmm,” she pondered. “Must have miscounted or something.”

She went back to the tour.

However, Max turned back towards Liz, letting the tour go on.

“Now, how about that picture?” he asked her.

Liz smiled, and raised the camera again.

“Just don’t make me look stupid or anything, ok?” he asked, jokingly.

“That would be impossible, Max,” she responded.

She began to take pictures of Max in front of the spider display, paying attention to little else.

The spider, the one that had escaped, was slowly crawling across the ceiling.

“Ok, just a few more,” Liz said, snapping pictures still.

She continued, as the spider glided down its web. Then, dropping off, it landed on her shoulder.

“Hey Max?” a guy called out.

“Yeah, Alex?” Max said, and walked towards him.

Liz sighed, putting her camera down. She still didn’t notice the tiny creature creeping down her arm.

Until it reached her hand, and buried it’s fangs into her flesh.

“Gahhhhh!” she exclaimed, shaking her hand. The spider was shaken off by her reaction, and fell to the floor.

“Oh no you don’t,” Liz said, as it tried to get away. The stomped her foot down, squashing it.

Still, her small victory didn’t change things. Her hand felt as if it were on fire, as the area it bit started to swell.

But…how? It was so small, so it couldn’t possible cause too much damage.

Maybe it was one of those genetically altered things. The fifteenth one? She must have…oh god, she killed one of the experiments.

Liz felt woozy, deciding that she had to get out of there. Fast.

She headed for the door.

“Liz?” Max asked, as she wandered past.

“Science girl can’t handle a few bugs?” someone asked. “Wimp!”

“I think she’s gonna hurl,” another said.

Max just sighed.



Jeff Parker hit the top of the TV. It figured…whenever the Mets were anywhere close to wining the TV clonked out.

“Oh yes, hitting the thing’s going to work,” his mother commented, a grin on her face.

Jeff smiled at her. Claudia Parker had raised him, and he loved her. But the woman could be a pest sometimes.

“I’m over forty, mom,” he said. “I think I know the inner workings of a television.”

“I know,” Claudia responded. “I just love teasing you.”

Jeff’s wife had passed away when Liz was only six years old. Ever since, he’d had to raise their daughter on his own. Every day he thanked himself that his mother had decided to move in with the two of them. It just made them feel more like a family.

Three generations of Parkers under one roof. It felt good.

As if on cue, the door swung open. Liz stumbled inside, trying to stay on her feet.

“Hey slugger,” Jeff greeted her. “How was the field trip.”

Liz lifted up her hand, showing him the swelling.

“Excruciating,” she commented.

“Eww, what did that?” Jeff asked her.

“Spider,” she said.

Jeff laughed.

“One spider did that?” he asked, amazed. “You should see a doctor about that, you know?”

She didn’t answer. Instead, she stumbled upstairs.

“Liz?” he called after her.

“Oh, she’ll be all right,” Claudia told her son. “Let her rest awhile. We’ll see how it is in the morning.”

“I don’t know…” he pondered. “That looked pretty bad.”

He stared at the stairs, still wondering.

“Oh, you’re probably right,” he concluded. “What could one spider bite possibly do?”


Liz splashed water on her face, as she stared into the bathroom mirror. She squinted, not being able to see much without her glasses on.

Giving up, she put them back on.

Her eyes were bloodshot, and beads of sweat covered her forehead. She places her hand there, realizing that she had a fever.

“What’s wrong with me?” she asked, as she wandered back into her room.

Liz examined the sore on her hand, which was still swollen.

Suddenly, a horrifying thought entered her mind: what if that thing was poisonous? There could be venom in her bloodstream.

She could be dying.

“Dad…” she tried to scream, but all that came out was a raspy whisper. “Grandma?”

Liz felt weak, as her legs gave out beneath her. Then she fell down on the bed.

Her body began to convulse, and shook with a series of spasms…the force of which knocked her off the bed and onto the floor.

She thought she was going to die. That this was it: she was never going to get that lab. Never going to graduate. Never going to have the chance to kiss Max.

Then she lost consciousness, and everything went dark.

Little did she know, however, that she wasn’t going to die. No, quite the opposite.

Her DNA started to change…mutate…into something completely new. As the venom from the spider’s fangs mixed with her own cells.

Altering them.

Changing them.

When Liz woke up, things would be different. A lot different.

To Be Continued…

Next: Something amazing has happened to Liz. What? And how does it lead to a fight between her and Tess Harding.

How can a human like Liz possibly stand up against a super powered alien?

Find out in part 2
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Ok, self-bumping...

Only one scene, then I'll post the next part.

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Finally finished part 2...hope it was worth the wait:

At DelucaCorp, the science lab to be precise.

“I don’t like this, Norman,” Mendell Stromm warned. “The formula isn’t ready yet. We should do some more testing first. At least on a primate.”

Norman DeLuca sighed, turning to his assistant.

“Primates?” he asked. “Our contract doesn’t call for primates. The Bureau wants a successful human test subject by next week. Otherwise, MetaChem gets the contract…and DelucaCorp goes under.”

Without stalling, Norman collects various chemicals into a beaker. They converge, glowing a bright green.

“This isn’t like the glider,” Stromm continued. “You’re talking about altering your own DNA. At your age, there’s no telling what sort of effect it will have.”

“The FBI wants their own living weapons for that ‘special unit’ of theirs, Mendell,” he pointed out. “If not from us, then from someone else. Agent Pierce has it in for me. Do you think he’d resist a chance for DelucaCorp to go under?”

He removes his shirt, turning towards the restraining chair in the center of the room.

“I built this company myself…with my own two hands,” he reminded his assistant. “I poured my heart and soul into it…and I refuse to see it burn to the ground.”

He hands Stromm the canister, now sealed.

“Gauge the changes, I want to know how fast it goes,” he ordered him. “One way or another, we decide things right here.”

Norman laid himself down onto the chair, the automatic restraints snapping into place.

“Start the procedure,” he ordered.

“I pray to god this works,” Mendell muttered, as he activated the device.

A glass cylinder fell from the ceiling, surrounding Norman’s chair. He held his breath…this was it. Everything he had worked for. His entire future rested on this formula working.

That’s when it started. His mind went through each effect…the formula was evaporated into a gaseous state, and then released into an enclosed area. There, the subject would breathe it in…

It was working. He could feel it. The formula effecting his muscles…his blood.

But…something was wrong. He started to feel light headed. It must be…he misjudged the dosage?

“STROMM!!!” he yelled. “TURN IT OFF!!!”


“NORMAN!” Mendal Stromm yelled, turning off the device. Immediately, the cylinder raised into the air, letting the mist escape.

He didn’t have anything to worry about, though. The formula only worked when in a condensed space. Out in the open it was completely harmless.

Even so, he couldn’t see anything.

“Norman, are you all right?” he asked.

Then, without warning, a hand reached through the mist…grabbing him by the throat.

He didn’t even have time to scream. All he could do was hear the beginning of the laughter…

“Heh hehehehe…HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!”


The first rays of sunlight shined on Liz Parker’s face, causing her eyelids to drift open.

She felt stiff. That was the first thing she noticed. It was morning…so she had probably been sleeping on the floor all night.

At least she wasn’t dead.

“LIZ?” her father called from downstairs. “YOU UP?”

“YEAH, I’M UP!” she called back, pulling herself off the floor. “Just a little sore.”

Sore? The thought occurred to her. She had to treat the spider-bite now. Go to a doctor so that she didn’t pass out again.

However, when she looked at her injured hand, she received a shock…it was completely healed.

“What in the world?” she asked herself. Liz stood up, and went over to her desk, passing a mirror on her way.

She didn’t make it to the desk, because the mirror caught her attention.

Running back like someone possessed, she examined herself in the mirror. At first she thought that her pajamas, well…shrunk. But that wasn’t the case at all.

Liz grew overnight.

“No way…” she whispered.

He legs were longer now. So were her arms. And both had what looked like muscles on them. Her shirt was even barely above her stomach. She looked like she could give Max’s sister from New Mexico a run for her money.

That’s when she realized that she wasn’t wearing her glasses. She couldn’t see ANYTHING without her glasses.

Picking them off the floor, she put them on. Her vision was blurred. Removing them, she could see again.

“This…this is…” the words escaped her as she tried to form them. It was like she…grew overnight. Even the muscles in her eyes were fixed now.

“I gotta get to class,” she muttered, going into her closet. Hopefully she could find something that fit.


Later, in the science lab, Liz could hardly concentrate.

It was bad enough about what happened this morning. But Kyle Valenti, get this…hit on her on the bus. Until he realized she was Liz Parker, that is. Suffice to say there were a lot of laughs at Mr. Valenti’s expense.

Then there was Max. He wasn’t on the bus today. That meant she was without her usual lab partner.

“Hey, where’s your specs?” Maria asked her as she sat down. “Switch to contacts?”

“Uh…yeah,” she responded. Maria was her best friend, but she wasn’t quite ready to talk about what happened that morning.

“Good move,” Maria told her. “Look at you. You’re a dish without them. Ok, nowhere in my league, but still…what is that?”

Maria pointed to the chemicals that Liz was mixing. She was using a tiny funnel to pour them into silver cartridges the size of a 9-volt battery.

“Just something I’ve been working on for the final project,” she told her friend.

“You’re not going to blow up the school, are you?” Maria joked.

“No!” Liz sighed. “It’s an adhesive. Really strong”

“You mean like glue?” Maria asked. “Can I try?”

Maria reached for one of the silver objects, but Liz grabbed it from her.

“Don’t, Maria!” Liz warned her. “It’s not ready!”

Maria looked at her…slightly annoyed.

“Its molecular structure is a bit unstable,” she explains. “That’s how it works. Once mixed, the chemicals expand when they’re exposed to oxygen. That’s why I made these vacuum-sealed containers. Just one dose of this stuff makes twenty gallons of ‘glue’”

“Cool,” she said, and walked away.

Liz just sighed, and went back to work.


“Deluca!” Special Agent Daniel Pierce hollered as he marched into the genetics lab at DelucaCorp. “Do you have the formula ready or not?!”

Pierce hated Norman Deluca! A civilian who thought he could boss a federal agent…one of the FBI…around. It was preposterous. Especially Norman, who thought he was so smart.

He didn’t even like the possibility of a ‘super solider’ for his team. He was a human, and he knew he could get the job done himself. He was close, he just knew it. Those aliens he had chased around the entire country for years…they were in New York. He could feel it. And no mutant freak that the bureau came up with was going to stop him from getting his hands on those aliens.

Especially not one Norman ‘graciously’ bestowed upon them.

“NORMAN!” he hollered again, then tripped over something. He couldn’t see what, because that weird green mist was covering the floor.

“Slob,” he muttered, and knelt down to see what it was. Maybe a pipe…or some broken machinery.

He gasped when he saw it was a human body.

“Stromm?!” he asked, then checked for a pulse.

Stromm’s neck was broken.

“Damn it!” he whispered, and took his gun out of his jacket. “This is the FBI! Come out where I can see you!”

“Hehehehehehe!” a voice called out from the darkness. It sounded half-amused, half-mocking…and half maniacal.

“Is that you, Norman?!” he asked the unknown voice.

“No!” said the cackling voice. It certainly didn’t sound like Norman. “Don’t insult me!”

“I’m warning you!” Pierce called back. “I’m armed!”

“HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!” it laughed again.

Without another word, Pierce fired in the direction the voice came from.




His shots went wild, reaching ever single inch of the darkness.

Pierce took a deep breath. He was going to have a hard time filling out the paperwork for this one.

He turned to leave…

“MISSED ME!” the eerie voice yelled. “MY TURN!”

The sound of a jet followed, as the green mist began to get thicker.

Then something cut through the air…something sharp. It buried itself into Pierce’s shoulder, cutting deep.

“AHHHHGH!” he screamed, as blood started oozing out.

Pierce fired again…but he only had one bullet left.

He needed help…now!

He ran for the door. If he could just make it in time…

He didn’t get the chance. Something else was thrown ahead of him. The second it landed, the doorway collapsed in an ear-shattering explosion.


The force through Pierce back several feet, falling into the mist.

“AHA-HAHAHAHAHA HA!” the laughter continued, now sending a chill down Pierce’s spine.

For the first time in his life, Daniel Pierce was…afraid?

“You sad, pathetic little man!” the voice said again…this time very close.

Pierce felt something pick him off the ground. Then, he flew across the room, crashing into a nearby wall.

“You think I’m afraid of you?!” his attacker spat. “You’re nothing to me. A weak, stupid thing to be squashed!”

Another blade flew through the air, digging itself deep into the flesh of Pierce’s leg. He screamed in pain, as a shadow hovered over him.

“You want to know fear, Daniel?!” his attacker asked him. “I AM FEAR!”

A large, armored glove lifted him off the ground into view. Pierce finally saw who it was.

Then he screamed in absolute horror!




Manhattan…around lunchtime. A motorcycle streaked through the streets. On it was a man on a mission…at least in his own mind.

When it finally screeched to a halt on a corner, there, waiting for him…was Max Evans.

“Where’s Isabel?” Max asked.

The driver removed his helmet, showing the face of Michael Gurin underneath.

“Couldn’t make it, Maxwell,” Michael answered his friend. “Besides, we can handle this ourselves. Something about Tess?”

Max nodded.

“I’m worried,” he admitted. “She’s becoming more…aggressive towards people. The way she talks about humans, it’s like she hates them.”

“I’m not too crazy about them either,” Michael mentioned.

“We have to live amongst them,” he reminded his friend. “That means tolerance. And it doesn’t help that she’s using her powers out in the open…”

Michael’s eyes go wide.

“Wait…hold it!” he said. “Out in the open?”

“Yeah, for frivolous things,” Max continued. “Selfish things, like grudges, or self-interest. She’s going to get us caught.”

“Have you talked to her about this?” Michael spat. “I never liked the girl…and I’m not going to be exposed by…”

“No one’s going to be exposed, Michael!” Max assured him. “We’ll confront her about this…together.”

Even so, Max didn’t know exactly what he was going to say. Tess was becoming more unstable with each passing day. He didn’t know how much longer he could keep her under control. The rage inside her kept mounting.

And heaven help them all when the day came that it all exploded.


A little bit later, in the school cafeteria…

Sitting down at her usual table, alone, Liz Parker’s attention was caught as the two newcomers entered the room.

The first one was Max, of course. She recognized him easily. The other…she didn’t have a clue who he was.

“You don’t expect me to actually eat here, do you?” Michael asked, a little annoyed.

“Michael?!” Max responded, turning back to him for a second. “Come on…Tess’ table is over there…”

Then, something interrupted his thoughts. His eyes focused on the table in front of him.

The same table Liz was sitting at.

Oh my god, Liz thought. He was looking at her. At her? What was so special.

Then it occurred to her: she looked completely different today. Max must have some huge attention to detail or something.

“Liz?” he asked curiously. “Did you lose your glasses or something?”

He walked right up to her. Michael, becoming annoyed, gave Max a warning look.

He didn’t notice.

“Oh, no…” Liz answered him. “Contacts. I just switched…”

“You have really nice eyes,” he cut her off. “I mean…I just never noticed them before. With the glasses, I mean…”

Liz blushed.

However, across the room Tess was watching the entire display. How dare the little dork start hitting on HER boyfriend like that. Just who did she think she was?

“Oh, this is Michael Gurin,” Max said, introducing his spiky-haired friend. “He went to school with Isabel.”

“Hey,” Michael introduces himself, then walked over to where Tess was sitting.

“I’ve gotta go,” Max sighed. “Talk to you later?”

Liz doesn’t answer. She just nods, grinning like an idiot.

With a small laugh, Max goes off to join Michael and Tess at the table, leaving Liz to slump down in her chair.

That was just great. Bravo, Miss Parker. Max Evans finally notices you, and you completely space out? What, no drool to go along with it?

She took a sip from her carton of milk…


“What do you think you’re doing?” Tess spat as he sat down.

“What?” he asked. “I was just being friendly…”

“Too friendly,” Michael added off-handedly.

“To a human?” she added.

“That’s what we’re here for, your attitude,” Max pointed out to her. “The way to talk down about them as if you were superior…”

“That’s because we are, Max!” she corrected him. “They’re hairless apes compared to us. Why should we pretend otherwise?”

Now, it was Michael’s turn to step in.

“You’ve been using your powers out in the open?” he asked, angrily. “Are you trying to get us all killed?”

“I was careful…”


Liz put her carton down. However, to her surprise, she couldn’t let go.

It was stuck to her hand. Like glue.

“What?” she asked herself. Did some of the adhesive get on her hand.

Panicking, Liz shook her hand wildly, trying to get it to come loose.

Unfortunately, it did. The carton flew across the room…right towards Tess.


It hit her in the back of the head, spilling milk all over her.

“EWWW!” she yelled.

What followed was the entire cafeteria laughing at her. Even Max and Michael couldn’t contain themselves, and started trying to repress their amusement.

However, the wide-eyed Liz Parker was panicking right now. She made a beeline straight for the door.

Tess saw her.

“Parker!” she spat, and followed her.


What the heck just happened in there?

Liz examined her hand as she hurried down the school hallway. There was nothing on it. No evidence of the adhesive at all.

So why did that thing stick to her hand?

She didn’t know. She couldn’t even think about it now. Not with that buzzing in her head. She couldn’t concentrate.

‘Spider bite…’ she thought. The spider bite did something to her…of that she was certain. It repaired the muscles in her eyes…maybe something was wrong with the tendons in her hand now.

She needed to see a doctor. She needed to tell Grandma Claudia. She…

…she needed that buzzing to STOP before it drove her insane.

But it didn’t stop. It kept getting stronger by the minute. More irritating…more noticeable…screaming in her head for her to…


…get out of the way?

She ducked to the side, just in time to avoid a fist from connecting with the back of her head.

How did she know?

She turned around to see Tess Harding behind her, trying to stare her down. A crowd started to gather.

“What do you want?!” Liz asked.

“Somebody’s developed a backbone, huh?” Tess spat.

Behind her, Max and Michael ran up. They couldn’t get through the crowd.

“Tess!” Max warned. “Just leave her alone.”

“Stay out of this, Max!” she hollered back. “This is between me and the bookworm!”

Liz took a deep breath.

“I don’t want to fight you, Tess!” she said. “Just leave me alone.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t want to fight me either…” the blonde answered. “You have NO idea what you’re…”

Tess threw a punch, which Liz sidestepped with ease.

It was so easy, too. Somehow, to Liz, it was like she was moving in slow motion.

That wasn’t the case though, she realized. She was moving faster.

A LOT faster.

“Stay still!” Tess yelled, and punched her again. This time, Liz bent over backwards, ducking it.

That’s it, Tess thought. She didn’t want to do this, but the little &⊕#$ had it coming.

Tess felt the power build up in her, preparing to attack Liz with a force blast.

She let it loose, but then something amazing happened. Liz leaped into the air, somersaulting directly over the path of the blast.

She landed on her feet…almost as surprised as Tess was.

That was impossible, Tess thought. She was completely unathletic. She couldn’t do that…

NO ONE could do that.

Without any warning, Tess started trying to hit her again. But this time Liz didn’t even try to dodge. She just moved her arm in front of her, blocking every single hit with inhuman speed.

Then, with a swift motion, she kicked Tess in the stomach. The force was so strong that it sent Miss Harding flying across the room, crashing into the lockers.

Everyone just stared at Liz, their mouths open in shock.

“Liz?” Maria asked, just as surprised.

But before anyone could say anything, she took off running.


She finally stopped about five blocks away. She just needed to catch her breath…to think.

Liz had never beaten anyone in a fight before. Heck…she’d never BEEN in a fight before. But somehow, it was a easy as falling off a log.

Tess never stood a chance against her. She even knew what was happening before…


That’s when the buzzing sensation hit her again. Liz turned around just in time to see a truck heading right before her.

She had to get out of the way. But there wasn’t any time…

Almost on instinct, she leapt out of the way…and what a leap it was.

She went sailing through the air, at least a dozen feet off the ground. Flying through the air until his hit a nearby building…

…and stayed there…

…stuck to it by her fingertips.

“What’s happening to me?” she whispered in horror.

To Be Continued…

Next: Tess becomes more and more out of control, and Liz experiments with her newfound powers.

posted on 27-Jun-2002 9:53:11 PM by Peter Parker
Hey, something I noticed:

The end of the Spider-Man movie was basically the same as the ending to the Roswell pilot. Both Max and Peter did what they did for basically the same reasons.

Doesn't necessarily mean that's the path I'll take. It was just an observation.