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title : Remember me dady
author : Babylisou
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Disclaimer :Roswell belong to jason Katim...blablabla...
Category : M/L and the other too
Rating : PG-13
Summary:It's start 5 years after season 4 . Max and Liz live together . Phillips died and Max's son had been adopted . Liz decides to contact the person who take care of Max's son since 5 years.
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Prologue :

Liz looked at the paper in her hand . The name 'Sheyley' shining in her brain . She glared at the woman sitting on the stool near her . She knew it's her , the mother of Max's son , the one who take care of him when Max felt to guilty to do it .
Will Max forgave her one day for what she was going to do ?
She took a deep breathe and call the woman behind her shoulder . "Mrs Sheyley ?" She faced Liz with a shy smile .
"Nice to meet you. I'm Liz Evans ."

Part 1

Liz squirmed as she sit on the couch in the Sheyleys ’ living room. She felt awkward at the thought of being in this place , where Max’s son have been raised since 5 years .
Suddenly, she felt the desire to run away from this place . She wanted to never have the idea of finding Max’s son . She wanted to forget all the things she already knew about his life and his so-called family . But before she could do anything , a voice in her ears brought her back to the reality . “Liz ?” Mrs. Sheyley gave her a cup of tea and took place next to the young woman . “I don’t know what you want from me Liz…It’s just…it’s just so weird to have you here…” Liz shifted awkwardly . “I…I just want you to tell me…tell me about…hum…How did you call him ?” “Alexander…but everyone call him Alex .” Liz felt her pounding heart again her chest and her eyes started moistening with tears .
Sandra Sheyley felt suddenly guilty as the young girl started crying in front of her . She tentatively put a hand on her thin arm . “Liz , are you ok ?…What did I say ?”
Liz took a deep breathe as she remembered everything about Alex’s death . If only she knew what she has done by calling him Alex ; it was just…beautiful.
Liz managed to say something as she realized how embarrassed it was for the woman in front of her . “I’m…I’m sorry…it’s just…it’s nothing…” She glared at Mrs. Sheyley with a sorry look . “Please , tell me how…how did it happened ?” Sandra took a deep breath as she tried to remember the day Alex entered her life ; probably the most beautiful day in her life since her wedding . “My husband was dead with my son in a car crash just 3 months before and I was desperated . I wanted something knew in my life and Alex was the gift god had promised me…Just before the crash my husband and me , we had decided to receive some children in our house…without adopting them…just to give them some happiness…And when Mr. Evans talked to me on the phone-“ She stops suddenly when as she thought at what she has just said . “Evans ?…Is he your father ?” Liz smiled shyly . “No he is my father-in-law…I married his son…” “So he is Alex’s grandfather ?” “Yeah…actually he Was…he died 3 years ago…” Sandra brought her hand to her mouth . “Oh , I’m sorry , I didn’t know…” “It’s ok , don’t worry…” Sandra lowered her head as she reminded the man . “He was…he seemed so sorry when he gave me the baby . I believe he was crying . But , I was too happy to really take care of it…there was just this little one who was to me for a while…I’m sorry that it was hard for him and it was probably hard for his father too but…I don’t know…” Liz stared at Sandra with tearing eyes . She remembered everything about this time…Max never forgave himself for letting his son with someone he didn’t even know . After a too long silence , Liz lowered her head and asked slowly : “Did Alex knows that…” “That he isn’t really my son ?…yeah…I told him last years when he turned 4…I wanted him to know since the beginning…I think he understood…” Sandra leaned forward to look directly in Liz eyes . “Liz…I want him to know his father…I was just too loose before…But the fact that you were here it’s just a good thing for him…Did you thing that…your husband-“ “Max…his name is Max…” “Right , do you think that Max would like to meet him ?” Liz started to feel embarrassed . “Max…well…he don’t know I’m here…actually he don’t even know that his son lives at less than 30 miles from him…” She laughed nervously . “Oh…” “But I’ll talk to him…” She was stoped by the noisy entry of a little boy in the house . He ran in his mother arms .
“Hey baby !” he pounded . “I not a baby !” “Right sorry Big boy !” They chuckled together and Sandra turned a grinning face to Liz .
“Hey Alex , I want you to meet someone…Here is Liz .” The little boy gave her a shy smile and Liz felt her heart overwhelm with emotions as she recognized Max smile in his. She brought a shaking hand to her mouth . “My god…” She whispered slowly . Sandra stood up from the couch . “I’m letting you for a while…I’m just in the kitchen if you need me…” Liz just nodded without looking at her too busy at staring at the little boy in front of her . After a while , she stroked his cheek slowly with her thumb . “You know you look exactly like your dad…” “D’you know him ?” “What ?” “My dad…Mum says he is u’stairs somewhere…so , d’you know him…” Liz felt her heart pounding hard again her chest . “Yeah…I know him…would you like to meet him .” The little boy’s face lighted up at her sentence . “I want to !”

Part 2 : Rated : R

Liz opened the door, slowly stepping inside the house. She heard Max’s quick steps on the kitchen’s floor as he ran to her. “Liz Where were you? I was so worried!” He quickly moved his hand up and down her body looking for any injuries. Liz felt her stubbornness kicking in. She couldn’t help the way she was feeling and pulled away from him, snapping: “Max stop it! …I’m expecting a baby! I’m not a baby myself! …So please stop looking after me like that!” Max flinched at the tone of her voice, his face ridden with guilt for being such a jerk. “Sorry…” His head jerked awkwardly as he walked, smacking his head with the palm of his hand, mumbling insults to himself.
Liz felt the need to kick her ass for the way she had just acted. She ran after him in the backyard and was surprised to find him sitting on a chair, his back facing her. She could tell by the way his shoulder were shaking and the way his head lowered in his hands that he was crying.
She approached him carefully like a wild animal, finally wrapping her arm around his shoulder. “Max…” he stood up, furiously wiping away at his tears. “Liz!” he hadn’t realized that she had followed him. She kissed his cheek slightly. “I’m sorry…I shouldn’t have to yell at you…” Max carefully wrapped his arm around her petit body, her round belly bumping again his stomach… They chuckled. Max knelt in front of Liz, placing his mouth again her stomach. “Hi baby…it’s daddy…have you been good for mommy today? You know she is the most beautiful wife and she will be the most beautiful mother for you soon.” Liz giggled a little as she felt him placing a soft kiss on her belly. He stood up taking her hand in his. “C’mon …I want to show you something…” He started dragging her trough the door but she stopped him suddenly, her mouth opened in awe as she place a hand on her stomach. Max quickly made his way to her side. “Liz are you ok? What’s happened?” Liz just smiled. “The baby just moved!” Max opened wide eyes as Liz place his hand flat on her stomach. His mouth opened in awe like hers as he felt the little feet kicking again his hand. “Liz! I felt it! I felt our baby!” She grinned as the face he made, looking like a little boy. “Yeah…”
He kissed her sweetly on the lips but she didn’t let him go. She deepened the kiss, her tongue teasing his lips. His hand stayed on her belly as he moved close to her, his free arm wrapping around her waist. “Liz…” Her name escaped his lips as she placed chaste kisses on his jaws her tongue slowly descending on his neck. “We…have to…stop…now…” His hand tightened on her waist as she bit at his soft skin near his earlobe. “Max…” her voice seemed like a plead. Her legs wrapped around his hips as he carried her in the house.
He opened their room’s door with his feet and carefully places her in the middle of the double bed. She wrapped her arms around his neck, pleading him to hurry up. She quickly moved her hand on his waistband popping the button and moving the zipper down. “Liz…What…What are we doing…” Liz soft laugh made him smile. “What’s so funny?” Liz looked at him, her eyes dancing with desire. “I think I’m raping you!” then she forced him on his back and started her teasing with a devil look on her face , her hips moving against the bulge on his pants .
15 minutes later, Max lay on his back, trying to regain some control after their love-making. “You know what?” “No…” “You are going to be the death of me…” Liz giggled and rolled to his side, her chin resting on his heavy chest. “Maybe…But I thought you like that…when I teased you…?” Max placed a hand on her cheek , his thumb stroking her soft skin . “Mrs Evans , you’re the most beautiful wife in earth…” “In earth ?” “Excuse-me…in the universe !” “I prefer that !” She leaned her head on his chest listening to his heartbeat . They stayed that way until they lift in dream world , each dreaming about the other .

Liz made her way to the kitchen smiling when she saw Max preparing the breakfast . Her head tilted on her shoulder as she admired the view of his cutie butt as he bent forward searching for a pan under the sink . His eyes light up as he heard her groan . He looked at her over his shoulder . “What ?” Liz bit the corner of her bottom lips as she walked near him wrapping her arms around his waist . “I was just thinking that I’ll eat you if I could…” She snapped her teeth at him , her chin finally resting on his shoulder .There was a long silence before Liz started . “Max?” “Hum…?” He didn’t looked at her too busied with his cafe . “Do you think of him sometimes…?” Max didn’t ever bothering him to ask her who she was talking about , he knew it was his son . He locked his eyes with her . “I think of him every day…” There was a silence and she forced him to turn to face her . “Have you ever thought to find him…I mean...don’t you want to see him again…just to see if he is ok…maybe have a relationship with him…” Max head turned to the side as he refused to meet her gaze . “I don’t think he would like that . And I understand that he refuse to meet me , I’ve abandon him…” Liz placed her hand on his each cheek , forcing him to look at her . “Max , don’t think that , your son love you…you are his father…” “How can you say that , you don’t even know him ?” He stepped aside , his back facing her . Liz stayed silent a moment , thinking about telling him or not . She finally decided to be franc . It was the only way to convince him to meet him again .
“I saw him Max…”...TBC

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