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Title Love and Hope
Author Helen (Roswelllostcause)
Disclaimer I do not own anything to due with the show Roswell. Never have never will.
Rating PG-13 may go up to R
Catagory M/L AU
Summery Max and Liz meet up after seven years and end up runnning for their lives.
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Note I had this idea for a while so I start to write it. Just remember things may not be what they seem in the beginning!!!!

Part 1

She walked down the hall. She stopped by a glass like cell. There was a young man in it. A young man she had once been close to. But that was a long time ago. He looked up at her when she stopped.

"What are you doing here?" he asked
"It's not what you think."
"What I think? How would you know what I think?"
"I didn't tell them."
"You want me to believe you?"
"Yes you don't know myside in this."
"I know that someone that I thought I could trust is working for the people who want me dead."
"You can trust me."
"How do I know that?"
"Because Max Evans I may be the only person in this hell that can get you out alive."

She looked at him with her soft brown eyes. He knew that she was telling him the truth. Not that she had ever lied to him when they were growing up together in Roswell. He watched as she started to walk away.

"Wait Liz?"
"What Max?"
"Did you really mean what you said the last time we talked?"
"What did I say?"
"That you loved me?"
"Do you still love me?"
"I won't answer that."
"Because I can't handle the possiblity that if I were to say yes that you will rejected me again."
"Liz please tell me."
"Max I'll see you tomarrow."


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Thanks for the feedback. Everything will come out in time. I forgot to say that yes Max is an alien and Liz has know for a long time.

Part 2

After Liz walked away from the cell, she stopped by her office and grabbed a few things and left the compound. She tosses her stuff in her car and drove to her apartment. She when in and picked up her phone and diled a number she hadn't in a long time.

"Michael let me talk to Maria."
"Just a minute."

Liz could hear Michael talking to Maria for a couple minutes before she came on. Liz knew her old friend was not too happy hear from her, not after she left without saying good bye to anyone.

"What do you want Parker?" asked Maria bitterly
"Maria, I want you to get Michael, Alex and Isabel and get the hell out of Roswell."
"Why what's going on Liz?"
"Well you know where I work, so I'll tell you the truth I am busting Max out of here. Meet me at my cabin in four days."
"When do you want us to leave?"
"No later than tomarrow."
"Right. My cabin is on the way. I'll leave the key you know where."
"Got it. Tell Isabel that Max is ok."
"Why are you doing this Liz?"
"I'll explan when I get there."
"Liz becareful."
"I will."
"Liz just answer one question. Do you still love him?"
"Does he know this?"
"No and I have no plans on telling him."
"Liz that was a long time ago."
"Maria I put my heart on the line and he broke it with that we can only be friends speach."
"Max just wanted to keep you safe."
"I never cared about being safe."
"Liz you have changed and not for the better. You have become really bitter. But I will forgive you, cause you are risking your life to save Max."
"See you in a few days Maria."

Liz hung up the and started to pack a bag. She knew that Maria was right. She was very bitter about what Max had said to her all those years ago.

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Thanks for the feedback!!! Your going to find out why Liz is there and how she brakes Max out in time you just have to wait and see!!!!!! You will get answers to some questions now.

Part 3

Liz flashed her badge as she entered the compound. She dropped her things in her office and when to her boss's office.

"Agent Parker."
"Sir you know tomarrow is my last day before I go on vacation."
"Yes I know."
"I want you to know I will be unreachable while I'm gone."
"You won't be taking your cell?"
"I'm not taking it. I need to relax and I won't be able to with that thing."
"Fine. I'll see you when you get back."
"Right sir."

To bad the only way I'll be back is if you lock me in one of those cells like Max's.

Liz left the office and when back to her's and started on her paper work. After an hour she looked up and saw Serena Jackson standing in her door.

"What's wrong Jackson?"
"Parker I know what your up to."
"I don't know what you are talking about."
"Cut the B.S. Liz."
"Serena this is not something I will talk about here."
"Fine you and me lunch."
"Liz why are you scared to trust me?"
"I don't trust anyone."
"Ok. Liz I do want to be your friend."

Serena left. Liz knew deep down she should trust Serena but she was scared too.

Serena I want to trust you but that is going to be very hard for me.

Part 4

Liz and Serena sat down at a table in the fifty style diner that was only a few miles from the compound that they worked at.

"Liz I know you want to help your friend."
"Serena he's not my friend."
"But you know him."
"So what if I do? That was a long time ago."
"Liz I want to help you."
"Why Serena?"
"You can't get him out alone."
"How do you know?"
"Liz it was no accdent that killed your parents two years ago."
"I know. I asked Shariff Valenti to look into it for me. The brake line was cut."
"They killed them to get you to do what they want."
"I know."
"Liz you have been use by them from day one. You say you don't trust anyone. Will you trust me? I'm the only one who is willing to help you."
"Why should I trust you?"
"Because if you don't it could mean that your friends in Roswell either end up dead or in those other cells like Max's."
"What do you mean?"
"Liz they know about them. They will do whatever it takes to get you to do what they want."
"Serena I want to trust you, but it's been so long since I trusted anyone."
"why don't you trust anyone?"
"Last time I did my heart was broken."
"Want to tell me about it Liz?"

Liz looked at Serena. Could she really tell her everything that had happend all those years ago? It was worth a risk.

"It was back in high school, Max and I were bestfriends. I had learned his secert when I cut myself making dinner. Max healed it. But I had fallen in love with him at some point. When the prom came around senoir year neither of us were dating anyone so we when together. We both when to an after party and had a couple beers each. Alchool doesn't sit well with Max. I wasn't all there myself having never drunk before. My parents were away for the weekend. We went back to my house and things got out of hand. We slept together."
"You slept with him?"
"Yeah. He was my first and only. we never talked about what happend between us. We finished high school. My parents gave me a graduation party. That was when I told Max how I felt about him."
"You told him you loved him?"
"Yeah. Then he broke my heart. He said those words that hurt the most. Not that he didn't feel the same. But that we had to be just friends. I wouldn't have been hurt so much if he had told me that he didn't love me. But that night I packed my bags to leave the next morning and didn't return to Roswell until my parents were killed."
"So he's the reason you don't trust anyone?"
"Liz let me help you. I know you still love him of you wouldn't be putting your life on the line for him."
"Fine Serena but if you betray me, it's over."
"You won't regert this Liz."

Liz payed her part of the bill and left. Serena knew she had only won a battle not the war for Liz's trust.

Liz I wish I could tell you that you weren't the only one hurting when your parents died two years ago. I was too. But then again you don't even know you have a half sister.

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Part 5

Max layed in his cell stareing at the wall. Seeing Liz the day before had taken him by surprise. He knew even after how he acted she still had feelings for him, ones she she wasn't about to share with him.

Liz I was wrong to say we could only be just friends. I love you and always have.

Max thought back to prom night. He never regreted what happend that night between him and Liz that night.

"Yeah Max?"
"Are you ok?"
"I'm ok."
"Liz I know you tell Maria everything but do you think you could keep this between us?"
"Why do you regret what happend tonight?"
"Liz your one of my bestfriends. It's just I want this to stay between us. Please Liz? I don't regret it. In fact I'm glad your my first."
"Ok Max I won't tell anyone."
"Thank you."
"Yeah whatever. Max you should go. My parents could come back early."
"Max you know if my dad finds you here your never going to be able to set another foot in the Crashdown again."
"Go out the window. I'll see you tomarrow."

end of memory

"What are you thinking about Max?" asked Liz
"Don't give me that bull."
"Fine I was think about prom night."
"Max you know you are the only one I've ever been with."
"Liz you should go. You don't want them to catch you here."
"They sent me here."
"Max they have plans."
"What kind of plans?"
"Max they know about our one time friendship. Their goal is to creat an alien/human baby."
"They want me to sleep with you?"
"Yes. They don't know what happend prom night. I didn't tell them."
"Liz I ment it when I said I didn't regret it."
"Max I know."
"But your scared aren't you?"
"Liz when do they plan on this happening?"

Liz bit her lip and turned away from him. She didn't want to tell him.

"Liz please tell me."
"One hour."
"One hour? Where?"
"In a special room. No camaras and no mics in it."
"Liz they gave me something that blocks my powers."
"I know. There is still one thing you can do. Form a conection."
"Your the one who came up with it. Aren't you?"
"Yeah I did. But I didn't have a choice."
"Why can I still form a conection?"
"That's the way I made it. All you can see are flashes."
"Liz you know I would never conceted to you unless you tell me it's ok."
"Max I know. I'm not afraid of that. You are one of the few that I trust."
"Do you trust any of your co-workers?"

Liz looked at Max and thought of Serena. Should she tell him about her? She was the only one that Liz saw herself trusting.

"I'll get back to you on that one."
"Max I'll see you in a little while."

Liz walked away from the cell. Max knew that she was up to something. But he didn't know what. But he knew it had to dangerous for her. It could even get her killed not that she would care.

Part 6

Max walked down the hall between two gaurds. He saw them stop by a door and open it. Max walked in and saw Liz pacing. She had changed, when she had come to see him before she had been wearing a suit now she had on jeans and a flannal shrit.

"Liz you changed."
"Yeah I know."
"I wanted too."
"Uh so are we going to do this?"
"Liz are you ok?"
"Max I'm fine."
"So uh....."
"You can touch me Max. I don't bite."

Max took a few steps closer to Liz and pushed her shoulder lanth hair back from her face. Liz looked at him for the first time making eye contack with him. His eyes were how she rememberd them. Kind and warm. Max placed his hand gently on Liz's arm.

"Max is something wrong?"
"No it's just.. I forgot how beautiful you are."
"Thank you."
"Liz would you mind if I kiss you?"
"Not a good idea."
"Because I'm still in love with you, and that might get my hopes up that we can be more than friends."
"I understand."
"Max you asked me if there was anyone I trust. The truth is there is someone I want to trust but don't know if I can."
"Liz do you really feel you can trust this person?"
"Yes I do."
"Then do it."
"Thank you Max."
"Liz maybe we should get this over with."
"Yeah sure."

Max and Liz started to undress and climbed into the bed. Liz layed next to Max with her heart racing. She saw that Max was watching her.

"Max I'm getting you out of here tomarrow."
"Liz I don't want you to get killed."
"It's a risk I'm willing to take."

Max knew that once Liz made up her mind there was no talking her out of it. He looked her in the eye and she nodded and he move closer to her.

TBC!!! Sorry I don't do NC-17.
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Thanks for the feedback!!!!! I have a favor to ask all of you. I need you to say a prayer for my niece. Last night I found out that she has Myelodysplastic syndrom. It's a blood disorder that can lead to cancer. Please say a prayer that it won't become cancer for me. Thank you.

Part 7

Liz sat at her desk in her apartment cleanning it out. She pulled out an envolope from a drawer. She had been given it two years ago when she had been in Roswell after her parents died. Their lawyer gave it to her. Their lawyer Philip Evans Max's father. Liz had never been able to bring herself to read it. But felt that she had too now. She opened it and began to read the letter inside.

Dear Liz,
Honey you know that your mother and I love you very much, But if you are reading this then I never got the chance to tell you, something you need to know. You have a half sister. She is two years older than you. She grew up with her mother, who I dated before I met your mother. Your mom knows about your sister. Her name is Serena Jackson. Liz, Serena knows about you. When you were a baby she use to visit, but by the time you were five her mother no longer let her. Liz find your sister. She is the only family you have left if you are reading this. Please forgive me for not telling you befroe now.
Love, Dad

Liz dropped the letter on the desk. She had a sister. Serena was her sister. Serena knew this. Liz picked up the phone and diled a number.

"Serena it's Liz."
"What's up?"
"Can you come over to my place?"
"Yeah sure."
"Liz see you in ten minutes."

Liz hung up the phone and started to pace. Ten minutes later Liz heard the buzzer go off.

"Yes?" asked Liz into the intercom.
"Liz it's Serena."
"Come on up." said Liz buzzing her in.

A minute later there was a knock on the door. Liz opened it and let Serena in.

"So Liz why did you want me to come over?"
"Serena why didn't you tell me who you are?"
"What do you mean Liz?"
"Why didn't you tell me that your my sister?"
"Liz I didn't want you to find out from me. I was hoping dad would tell you before he died."
"I found out from a letter! It would have been better to find out from you."
"I'm sorry Liz."
"Serena it's ok."
"So are you going to trust me to help you save Max?"
"Yes I want to trust you."
"So where will you take him?"
"Uh my parents cabin."
"I know where that is. I've been there a couple times. But I know that it was left to you."
"Yeah. Mr. Evans never told me who the other person named in my dad's will was."
"I asked him not to. You didn't remember me and I didn't want you upset any more than you already were. So I asked for seprert readings. That was my choice not his."
"You did that for me?"
"Yes. Liz your my sister and I care about you. We may not know each other well but one day I hope we will."
"I would like that."
"Liz please let me be your friend."
"Serena this is going to take time."
"I know."
"I think we should go over the plan I've come up with to get Max out."
"Good idea. I know I'll be able to help. Don't forget I'm higher up than you."
"Don't remind me."

Liz and Serena spent the next hour going over the plan.

"Liz this is going to be really dangerous."
"I know Serena. But it's a risk that I'm willing to take."
"Liz I promised dad I would look out for you. But I know I can't talk you out of this. So just promise me that you will stay in touch."
"Deal Serena."
"Liz I'll see you tomarrow."

Serena left and Liz tried to get some sleep.

Part 8 Earlier that day

Maria finished putting her and Michael's bags in the car. Michael came up behind her.

"Why are we trusting that tratior?" asked Michael
"Michael Liz is risking her life to save Max's." said Maria
"Why is she doing this now?"
"She didn't say. To tell the truth Liz said to get the hell out of Roswell and meet her at her cabin."
"Michael, Liz has always been there for us. We should hear her out." said Isabel
"Besides the fact that if she gets cought she is as good as dead." said Alex
"She doesn't give a danm about us. She walked out on us seven years ago. Why does she want to help now?" asked Michael
"Michael we don't know Liz's side in all of this. She may have a good reason for joinning the Special Unit." said Alex
"Like what?" asked Isabel
"Like the fact that it was no accdent that killed her parents. The brakeline was cut." said Maria
"How do you know that?" asked Michael
"She asked Valenti to look into it. He told her it was cut, I was at my mom's for dinner when he called her and over heard." said Maria
"So Liz could be being blackmailed." said Isabel
"That's one way to put it." said Alex
"Fine I'll hear her out. But if the FBI Special Unit shows up she will be delt with as I see fit." said Michael

Maria climbed into the car with Michael while Isabel and Alex got into another. They headed north to Liz's Utha cabin.

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Thanks for the feedback!!!
Thank you for the prayers for my niece!!
To answer the question Serena is the only one who works with Liz that knows about the cabin. Liz's bosses don't know about it yet!!!

Part 9

Liz walked into the compound very detriemed to get Max out alive. On her way to her office she stopped by Serena's office.

"Hey you ready?" asked Liz
"Yeah. Liz I know this is going to work."
"Serena I'll see you later."
"Liz you know you will be running for the rest of your life."
"I know. But your the only family I got and I will keep in touch."
"Liz just becareful."
"I will. Serena if you get a chance will you visit my mom and our dad?"
"I will Liz. Don't worry about me."
"Serena here this is my new cell number so if you need to reach me you can."

Liz handed Serena a pice of paper. Serena looked at it and shoved it in her pocket.

"Ok we set it into motion in two hours as planned. You go see Max once your in the cell I cut the power to the building and you get Max the hell out of here then."
"Serena thank you for everything."
"Hey if I didn't help you no one would."
"Serena you are going to meet us at the cabin in a few days right?"
"Yeah just becareful."

Liz gave Serena a small smile and headed for her office. Serena was her only chance to save Max. Isabel and Michael weren't going to be happy with her but she didn't care.


Liz stood outside Max's cell and put in her access code. Right after she walked in the power when out.

"Max move it." said Liz
"Liz what is going on?"
"It's what we call a jail brake. What do you think is going on? Come on Serena can only keep them busy a short time."

Max got up and followed Liz though the compound to a parking garage. Liz stopped by a black car.

"Get in Max."
"This your car?"
"It will get us to my car. It's FBI issue. I drive a differnt car when I'm not working."
"Your not taking this one?"
"Too dangerous. They can track this one. For all I know there could be a bug in it too. Mine car they can't easily. Too much red tape for that I aranged for it."
"So why did you trust Serena?"
"She's my sister. Half sister to tell the truth. Her mom was an old girlfriend of my dad's."
"Why didn't you mettion her before?"
"I didn't know until last night."

Liz drove down the road and stopped by a blue Ford Exsplorer. SHe tossed the keys to car she was driving under the seat and got out.

"You coming Max?"

Max got in the passager seat as Liz took off. A few minutes later Max heard a cell phone ring.

"Max grab my cell out of the glove box."

Max opened the glove box and pulled out a cell and handed it to Liz.

"Liz they know your gone."
"Serena do they know where I'm going?"
"Serena thanks again and becareful."
"I will. See ya soon sis."
"Yeah later sis."

Liz hung up the phone and put it down.

"So Liz how have you been?"
"Liz your differnt than I remember."
"It's been seven years. I left after you broke my heart."
"I was trying to keep you safe."
"I never cared about being safe."
"Liz we were friends once."
"That was a long time ago."
"Liz please talk to me."
"I don't want to Max. Just leave me alone right now. I did this because it was the right thing to do."
"I know we won't make it to your cabin today so where are we stopping?"
"The DuLuca cabin. It's a lot smaller than mine."

Liz drove down the highway without talking. Max stared out the window. Liz hated that she couldn't talk to him the way that she wanted any more. She wonderd what he was thinking about.

"You know I didn't mean to hurt you."
"I know. Max I just hated hearing those words from you."
"That we had to be just friends."
"You know it wouldn't have hurt as much if you lied and said you didn't love me."
"Am I why you didn't come back to Roswell?"
"You didn't want to see me again."
"Max that is true only because I was hurting so much."
"I'm sorry I hurt you Liz."
"Don't worry about it."
"Are you still hurting being around me?"
"Max just drop it."

Max could tell that Liz was still hurting a little. But she was hurting for other reasons too.

Part 10

Alex drove down the highway silently.

"Alex do you really trust Liz?" asked Isabel
"I want to. But that doesn't mean we can."
"Liz hasn't been the same since she left after senoir year."
"Isabel did you know that Liz told Max that she was in love with him the day before she left? But he gave her that just friends speach."
"No. I'm going to kick Max for that. It would have been better for him to lie and tell her he didn't love her."
"No kiddning. You know she didn't come back except when her parents died."
"Then why is she helping him now?"
"My guess is that she still loves that ass of a brother of yours."
"You really think so?"
"Well that is the only reason I can come up with for her to risk her life to save Max's."
"Well I don't believe she is really one of them. If she was she would have turned Michael and me in by now."
"Isabel just here her out."
"I plan too."
"That's good."
"Alex do you think that we will ever be able to return to Roswell?"
"You will have to ask Liz that."

Isabel looked out the window as they drove ferther from Roswell.

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Thanks for the feedback!!! I got an update on my niece this weekend. They got some test back and at this point it looks like she WON'T get cancer!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the prayers!!!!

Part 11

Serena when home after work. She knew she had to head to the cabin in the morning. She packed a bag and got ready to leave in the morning. Her phone rang.

"Agent Jackson."
"Agent Pierce."
"Where did Parker take the alien?"
"How would I know? Agent Pierce I bearly know Parker."
"Look Jackson you are to find Parker and bring her back to me alive."
"I'll try but I don't know where to look."
"Try Roswell. It's her hometown."
"Yes sir."
"Don't betray me or you will end up dead."
"Are you going to kill Parker?"
"Yes but not right away. She may be carrying that creaters child. If she is then she will live until she gives brith."

Serena didn't know what to say. She knew she had to call Liz and warn her.

"Jackson you there?"
"Yes sir."
"You will find Parker and bring her to me understand?"
"Yes sir Agent Pierce."

Serena hung up the phone and fell onto her bed. This was bad. But there was no way in hell she was going to let Pierce touuch Liz. If Liz was pregnant thse wouldn't let him touch the baby either. Serena picked up her phone and diled Liz's cell phone.

"Liz it's Serena."
"WHat's wrong?"
"Pierce just called me. He knows that you broke Max out."
"Oh god."
"Liz I was assigned to track you down and bring you back to him."
"Liz I'll stall as much as I can."
"Thanks. You still metting us at the cabin in a few days?"
"Yes. Liz I lied to him about knowing anything.
"Serena I trust you."
"Because you know if you betray me, sister or not I'll walk out of your life for good."
"Believe me there is no way in hell I'll turn you over to Pierce."
"I know. Serena becareful ok?"
"Don't worry about me little sister."
"See you soon Rena."
"Bye Lizzie."

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Part 12

Max watched at Liz hug up the phone.

"Well it's safe to say that I am now wanted by the ass in charge of the special unit." said Liz
"What did Serena say?"
"Let's see. He knows I busted you out and if he gets his hands on me I'm as good as dead. Unless I'm pergnant then I get to live until I give brith."
"God Liz this is why I didn't want us to be more than friends."
"Max I choose to put myself in danger, so don't go blamming yourself."
"Liz why do you care about me? I mean I broke your heart."
"Because of something my grandmother use to tell me."
"What was that?"
"Follow my heart. She also told me that if it didn't hurt then it wasn't really love."
"She was a smart woman wasn't she?"
"Yeah. I still miss her."
"Liz do you want me to drive for a while?"
"No thanks. We will be stopping in an hour anyway."

Max watched as Liz pulled onto a drit road forty-five minutes later. A short time after that she saw a small cabin. Liz parked the car and got out.

"Max grab the duffle bags from the back."

Liz pushed the alien lawn jocky aside and grabbed the key. Why Amy DuLuca had that thing Liz could never understand.

"Ok Liz where do you want them?"
"Drop the red one by the bed and take the blue one in the bathroom with you while you take a shower."

Max dropped Liz's bag on the floor and when in the bathroom. Liz walked into the kitchen area and found a note on the table from Maria.

Hey Liz,
Sorry about the way I acted on the phone. I'm still your friend if you want me to be. Oh yeah there is some food in the pantry, and some tobasco for Max.
Later Parker!

Liz took off her jacket and tossed it over a chair. Then when digging in the pantry for something to eat. Max came out a short time later.

"So Liz do you always carry that thing?" asked Max pointing to her gun in the shoulder holster.
"Max until today I spent two years as an FBI angent. So yes. But I don't normaly carry it in the compound."
"So your no longer an agent?"
"Max I kissed that job good bye when I broke you out. Pierce wants me alive. Only because one I maybe having your child and two he wants to kill me himself."
"Liz, you know I only told you we had to be just friends because I love you."
"You should have lied to me."
"Liz I couldn't. Your the one person I could never lie to. When I healed you I had to tell you the truth."
"Max did you know I was in love with you before then?"

Max took a small step closer to Liz and gently placed a hand under her chin. He lifted it and leaned in placing a gentle kiss on her lips. Liz pulled back and turned her back to him.

"Max I thought I told you not to do that."
"That was yesterday. Liz I know you still love me. You even admitted that."
"I know Max. But I'm trying to keep those feelings in check."
"Because if I give in to them and you hurt me again I won't be able to deal."
"What do you mean?"
"Max I'm an alchoolic. I have been sober for only a year. It's a daily battle. One that is still very hard for me."
"I didn't know this."
"Not meny people do. Some how I was able to stay sober at my parents funaarl but that was a rare time for me then."
"Why did you start drinking?"
"I was depressed, pear pressure in collage. I could give you a list but I can't tell you why."
"Liz are you tell me the truth?"
"Max I'm going outside."

Max watched as Liz dropped her gun on the table and go out the back door.

TBC*big**big* More tomarrow*tongue**tongue*
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Part 13

Liz sat on the picnic table and pulled out a cigertte and lite it. She saw Max watching her from the backdoor.

"What Max you never saw anyone smoke before?" asked Liz
"I just never saw you smoke."
"Max I don't do this often. At lest not as often as I use too. Just when I get stressed out."
"When did you start?"
"Uh when I was in collage."
"Why did you come out here?"
"To put it in Amy DuLuca's words 'If you ever smoke in my house or cabin I will shove that thing down your throut but I still love you Liz.' That is why I came outside."
"You know that....."
"Max I know that this isn't good for me. So don't leatcher me. I knew when I stated."
"So you don't smoke often?"
"No I don't."
"Liz am I to blame for this change in you?"
"Max no! Well maybe a little. But don't go on a guilt trip about it."
"Liz why did you start smoking?"
"I don't know. Max can we not talk about me?"

Liz put out the butt and headed back inside. Max when in after her.

"There isn't much to eat."
"Whatever is fine with me."
"Yeah sure."

Liz made dinner and ate they ate quitely. Max watched Liz from across the table.

"What Max?"
"Don't give me that line of bull."
"Liz what is going on with you?"
"Your lying."
"Max we have a long drive tomarrow. By the way you should be able to use your powers to change the plates on my car by then."
"Yeah sure."
"I'm going to take a shower."

Liz got up and walked into the bathroom. Max was worried about her. She wasn't the same person she was in high school. Half an hour later Liz came out whearing a pair of pajama pants and a tank top.

"Liz I noticed there is only one bed. We never talked about sleeping arangements."
"We can share the bed. It wouldn't be the first time."
"You sure your ok with that?"
"Yeah. It's just sleep nothing is going to happen between us."
"Liz I'm sorry about everything that I did that caused you pain."
"Don't go there Max."
"Liz I hurt you so much."
"Look that is in the past. Leave it there."
"Max leave it. I'm going to bed. I'll see you in the morning."
"Good night Liz. By the way thank you for saving my life."
"Your welcome Max."

Max looked at Liz and saw a small smile form on her lips for the first time since he had seen her in a long time.

"What Max?"
"I forgot what a nice smile you had."

Liz climbed into bed. she started to drift off when she felt Max lay down on the other side of the bed. It wasn't long before she was in a deep sleep. Max watched Liz sleep. She looked so peaceful but he knew that she wasn't. He drifted off a short time late.

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Part 14

Liz's cell phone ringing woke her.

"Serena what is it?" mumbled Liz
"Just waking you up Lizzie."
"Rena just remember to be far away when you do or I might hurt you."
"Cranky aren't we?"
"Shut up."
"Just thought I would tell you that I should see you tomarrow."
"See ya Rena."

Liz hung up the phone. She saw Max staring at her.

"What Max?"
"Remind me not to wake you like Serena just did."
"Max am I really cranky?"
"The truth and I won't hurt you."
"Yeah a little."
"Thank you for being honest."
"What Max?"
"What will happen between us?"
"What do you mean?"
"We are on the run. How are we going to deal with this?"
"I don't know."
"Liz will you try and talk to me?"
"Max I'm not who I use to be. So just deal with that."

Liz got up and when into the bathroom. Max watched her go. He could tell there was something bothering her but had no idea what. A few minutes later she came out dressed in jeans and a sweatshrit.

"Liz if I said something that upset you I'm sorry."
"I'm fine Max."
"You don't seem fine."
"I am. Max we leave in half an hour. I want to be at the cabin by night fall."
"Ok. Liz I can drive part of the way if you want."
"I'll think about it. By the way Max as of when we hit the road again I am quitting smoking. I'm just going to have one last smoke before we leave."
"You sure?"
"Yeah I've been trying for the past six months anyway."
"Ok I'll pack up everything if you want."
"Thanks. I'll be back in a few minutes."
"Max thanks for pushing me to open up more with you."
"Liz I promise I will never form a conection with you unless it's life or death without you telling me it's ok."
"I know. Thanks."

Liz walked out the back door and sat on the picnic table. She knew that she was losing the battle of her feelings for Max. After a few minutes she when back into the cabin and grabbed her gun and jacket and tossed Max the keys.

"Max you said you wanted to drive so there are the keys."
"Liz we still need to talk."
"We will. Ready?"
"Yeah everything is in the car."
"Then let's go."

Liz locked the cabin and placed the key back in the hiding place. Then they were off. Liz stared out the window at the passing landscape.

"So Liz where did you go to collage?"
"Uh Michigan."
"I thought you were going to go to Harvard."
"I changed my mind."
"I'm surprised that I didn't see you when Michigan State played them."
"I never when to games. I didn't go to basketball games so I wouldn't see you."
"I never ment to hurt you."
"I know. But you did. I never regreated prom night Max. I felt like it was the best night of my life."
"Me too. Liz is there anyway we can work things out so we can at lest be friends?"
"Yeah since there is a good chance that we will have to spend the rest of our lives together."
"What do you mean?"
"Max we can all stay together. You know that. Michael and Maria won't be seperated and neither will Isabel and Alex. So that leaves us together."
"Any ideas about where we disapear too?"
"No that's why I wanted everyone to meet at the cabin."

Max nodded and kept driving.

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Answers to Questions: Is Liz pergnant? Maybe. Not telling yet.*tongue* Will Tess show up? Most likely not since I can't stand her!!!!

Part 15

Maria, I never understood what happend between Max and Liz." said Michael
"Liz gave Max her heart and he said he wanted to be just friends. Just friends is the kiss of death."
"So Liz is FBI?"
"Yeah. I don't know why she joinned. Michael give Liz a chance to explan ok? She's differnt than she was in high school. She started to drink and smoke. When her parents died I was surprised that she was sober. She only smokes when she is stressed or upset. My mom told her if she ever smoked in her house or cabin then she would make Liz eat her cigerette."
"Sounds like your mom."
"Yeah. Michael what do you think is going to happen when we see Max and Liz?"
"I don't know. But I will give her a chance to explan."
"Who are you and what have you done with the real Michael?"
"Maria your the one who wants to trust Liz. So I will hear her out. But if she has betrayed us I will kill her myself."
"That's my bestfriend your talking about."
"I thought that was exbestfriend."
"Maybe I changed my mind Spaceboy."
"You know I hate when you call me that."
"Shut up Michael."

Michael pulled in front of Liz's cabin with Alex and Isabel right behind them. They all got out of the cars.

"I remember the last time we were all here." said Alex
"The summer before senior year." said Michael
"That was the last time things were normal between all of us." said Maria
"Normal being before Liz told Max how she felt about him." said Isabel
"So where does Liz hide the key?" asked Michael
"Under the door mat." said Alex
"Isn't that kind of tipical?" asked Isabel
"Yeah it is. But this is Liz we are talking about." said Maria

Alex got the key and opened the door. Everyone when in andfound that Liz had been planning this for a while. Everyone took a seat and waitted for Max and Liz to show up.

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Thanks for the feedback!!! Everything will be explaned but not just yet. Some will be but not everything.

Part 16

Max pulled into a gas station and got out to pump the gas. Liz got out right behind him.

"Max go in and pay. I'll pump the gas."
"You sure Liz?"
"Yeah besides if I go in I will be to tempted to buy cigarettes. Get me some gum and something for yourself." said Liz handing Max some money.
"Gum? I have never seen you chew gum."
"Yeah well I just quit smoking. I need something when I'm craving a smoke."
"Max I'm sorry. I'm just a bit edgey."
"It's ok. I know your going threw withdraw."
"What do you know about withdraw?"
"Only what the books tell me. I was studying to be a shrink. Well until a month ago when I got cought by your boss."
"Oh. Max I had an idea they would go after you. I just didn't know it would be as quick as it was."
"It's ok. Besides you didn't know where I was."
"I could have found you if I really wanted to."
"Liz don't blame yourself. I believe you that you didn't betray my trust."
"Thanks Max. Now go please?"

Max when into the little store grabbed a couple packs of gum and a bag of chips. Then gabbed a cherry Coke and a root beer for Liz. He payed and when back out to Liz. He gave her the change the gum and root beer.

"Thanks Max, by the way how did you know I drink root beer?"
"Try cleanning your car. You have a few bottles in the back seat."
"Oh yeah I ment to do that. But I had to change my plans and bust one of my bestfriends out of an FBI run compound."
"What Max?"
"Are you feeling better?"
"Yeah, I found some ceder oil I bought a few months ago."
"You know Maria still goes through the stuff my the creat."
"Some people never change."

Liz popped a piece of gum in her mouth and climbed in the drivers seat. Max got in on the other side.

"Uh Liz?"
"Do you want to play that stupid alphabet game?"
"The one where I come up with a word that starts with A and then you have to do B?"
"Sure. It will make time pass a little quicker."
"You go first."
"Ok A-Alien."
"G-Gamma Ray."
"H-Hyper Beam."
"I- Ion Beam."

Max and Liz kept going until they when through the whole alphabet. When they finished Max tried again to get Liz to open up to him.

"So Liz are we going to talk?"
"Yeah. I do owe you some explantions."
"So where did you go after you left Roswell?"
"I when to the cabin for a while. Then I when to Michigan to find an apartment. I didn't want to live in the dorms."
"When did you start drinking?"
"I when to a party durring homecoming week and had a couple of beers. I liked how it made me forget how much I was still hurting from what you said."
"Liz am I the reason you started drinking?"
"No Max. Your not the one who forced me to drink. I made the choice too. In fact if I remember right I was the one who got you drunk on prom night."
"I don't remember who gave me that drink that night."
"Max, I relized I had a promblem and got help. I go to AA meetting. Well I have to find new ones now."
"So do you ever feel like drinking?"
"All the time. But I know that if I start again it won't be easy for me to stop again."
"Liz I am so sorry I hurt you."
"I know Max."

Liz kept on driving to the cabin.

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dancepixie whateveryone saids when they see Liz got to wait and see!! Thanks for the feedback!!*big*

Strawberry Shortcake Got to wait for part 18.*big*

limegreenli Was Liz pregnant before? Good question maybe she was maybe she wasn't. Have made up my mind on that one yet!*tongue*

kittens How has Liz lasted so long? She's not doing it very well. Infact she brakes before too long.*wink*

TrueLove ConquersAll Yes Max and Liz have alot to work out and they will just not right away.*happy*

Pixie If Liz is pregnant your going to have to wait and find out!!!*tongue*

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Part 17

Serena got off her bike outside the law office of Philip Evans. She removed her helment and walked in. She when up to the desk.

"I need to see Mr. Evans."
"Do you have an apointment?"
"No but I have to see him."
"I'm sorry he is very busy. If you make an apointment he can see you next week."
"It's ok Emily." said Philip coming out of his office.
"Mr. Evans can we go into your office to talk?" asked Serena
"Yes. Come on Serena."

They when into the office and Serena sat down.

"So Serena what brings you to Roswell? I know that it's not to see Liz since she hasn't lived here since just after high school."
"I know that you know Max and Isabel's sercet. I came to tell you that Liz has just put her life in danger to save Max's life."
"She loves him even if he won't let them be more than friends."
"Serena does Liz know who you are?"
"Yeah she knows I'm her sister. This is Liz's new cell phone number. Only call if you learn anything or it's life and death. Pierce wants her and I won't let him get his slimey hands on her."
"Don't worry Serena I won't risk Liz's life any more than it is just to find out how my childern are."
"Mr. Evans Liz isn't the same person she was in high school."
"I know she was drinking and smoking for a while."
"Yeah. Well she's been sober for a year."
"That's good."
"Yeah it is. Uh I should get going. I have to make Pierce believe I am atlest trying to find Liz."
"Becareful Serena. Remember if you need anything call me. Tell Liz to do the same. I'll do my best to help."
"Thank you Mr. Evans."
"Serena you still riding that motorcycle?"
"Yes. Don't worry I always were a helment."
"I know your careful. It's just I promised your dad I wouldn't let anything happen to you or Liz."
"I'm going. I'll be in touch."

Serena walked out of the office and out into the sun. She walked to a flower shop and then headed for the cementry. After a few minutes she heard footsteps behind her.

"Shariff is there something I can do for you?" asked Serena turning around.
"Agent Jackson what brings you to Roswell?"
"Shariff can't a girl take flowers to her father and stepmother's graves?"
"Serena what are you doing in town?"
"Shariff this has nothing to do with Aliens. This is personal."
"Serena it's not you. I just don't trust the FBI."
"I know. Liz asked me to visit Nancy and Dad since she won't be able to for a while. She broke Max out if you must know."
"Where are they?"
"Shariff the less you know the better. If Pierce finds out I am helping Liz he will come here and question you. And if you don't know where they are then you don't have to lie."
"I hope Liz is being careful."
"She is."
"Tell her if she needs anything to call me."
"I will."
"So how have you been Serena?"
"Not bad. Glad Liz pulled her life back together."
"So how is Liz?"
"Sobor one year."
"That's good. You know it was right outside town she got into trouble."
"I didn't know that."
"That was the hardest arest I ever had to make."
"I bet. You have known Liz forever."
"Serena becareful, and let me know if you need any help."
"I will shariff."

Serena left the Shariff and placed the flowers by Nancy and Jeff Parker's graves.

"Dad I'm keeping my promise. I'm watching out for Liz. She is doing better. She quit drinking and broke Max out of the compound. Next step is getting them together. I know that is what you always wanted. Liz also read the letter and knows I'm her sister. Well I'm going to go. I'll be back soon. Nancy thanks for always being someone I could talk to. I won't let anything happen to Liz. I love her."

Serena stood up and headed back to her bike.

TBC*big**big* Next Part won't be up before Monday.
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Part 18

Liz drove down a drit road that lead to the cabin. Max hadn't spoken to her in over an hour.

"Max we will be at the cabin in about five minutes."
"So uh...."
"Max I'm fine. I know you feel you hurt me. But I'm over it."
"Liz are you sure your ok?"
"Yeah. At first seeing you brought back some painful memories, but it also brought back some good ones. That is why I picked the cabin for us to meet at."

Liz parked her car in front of the cabin. She saw two other cars already parked there and knew the others were already there.

"Max leave the bags we can get them later."
"Max go in I'm going down to the lake for a little bit."
"Are sure?"
"Yeah. I'll be in soon."

Liz walked around to the back of the cabin and down to the lake. Liz sat down on the dock and stared out at the water. After a few minutes she heard someone sit down next to her.

"Thank you Liz for risking your life for my brother." said Isabel softly.
"Your welcome Isabel."
"Liz are you ok?"
"You seem kind of jittery."
"try quitting smoking when you are wanted by an insane alien hunter."
"You quit smoking?"
"Yeah this morning."
"Because I never should have started. Just like drinking it was a big mistake."
"Is Max why you never came back to Roswell?"
"A little. It just hurt to much when he told me we had to be just friends."
"I know. Liz so did you join the speical unit?"
"I only want to explan once so I'll tell everyone at once."
"Ready to face everyone?"
"Yeah sure."

Isabel and Liz headed into the cabin and found everyone in the living room talking.

"Liz how are you doing?" asked Alex
"Fine. Alex you filled out some, looking good. Michael don't even say it. I know you don't trust me. But the one thing I would never do is betray you. If I was going to don't you think you would have been locked up a long time ago? Maria I'm sorry. I know leaving like I did really hurt you, I hope one day you will be able to forgive me."
"Liz you said you would explain so explain." said Maria
"Ok after collage at the Univeristy of Michigan I when to the FBI Acadamy. I was recuited because of my knowlage of science. Agent Pierce the head of the speical unit found out that I knew Max. So he had my parents killed to get me to join the unit. I was blackmailed. I had to do what he wanted or he would kill Maria and Alex. And Pierce would. He isn't human, he's a monster."
"Why should we believe you Liz?" asked Michael
"Because if Pierce ever gets his slimy hands on me I'll be dead. I'll die a slow and painful death."
"So Liz what's the plan?" asked Maria
"I don't know."
"Why does Liz have to come up with the plan? What's wrong with the rest of us?" asked Isabel
"Who are you and what have you done with my real sister?" asked Max
"Funny Max."
"Well we can't stay here. If this Pierce is as bad as Liz saids he is then he could find out about this place easy." said Alex
"We have a little time." said Liz
"How do you know?" asked Michael
"Because I had help getting Max out."
"You really trust this person Liz?" asked Isabel
"Yeah Serena can be trusted."
"Serena, I know that name." said Maria
"Serena Jackson my half sister."
"You have a sister?" asked Alex
"Yeah. Look until now the last time I saw her was when I was five. That is one year before you pod people hatched." said Liz
"Liz that is uncalled for." said Maria
"You know I don't give a damn about what you think Maria. I'm going to lay down. Come and get me when dinner is ready."

Liz walked over to one of the bedrooms and slammed the door. Maria started after her but Max stopped her.

"Max what are you doing?" asked Maria
"Leave her alone. She didn't mean what she said. Cut her some slack." said Max
"Liz has been through hell. Did you know she is a recovering alchoolic? Or just this morning ths quit smoking?" asked Max
"Liz has only been sober one year."
"That still doesn't give her the right to act like a bitch." said Michael
"Michael shut up. Your lucky Liz's cares or you could have ended up in a cell like the one Max was held in." said Isabel

Michael stormed out of the cabin trying to calm down. Max knew that Michael was just mad, and Liz was just having mood swings that sometimes happend with withdraw.

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Part 19

Maria walked into the room Liz had entered an hour before. Liz was laying on the bed. Maria could see a bottle of scotch on the table beside the bed.

"Liz I hope your not throwing the past year away with that."
"Maria don't worry I'm not going to start drinking again."
"How are you feeling?"
"Been better."
"So Liz what was your wake up call that you had a drinking promblem?"
"I was in a car accedent and almost killed a little girl. A little over a year ago."
"Was that the one just outside Roswell?"
"Yeah. Valenti and Mr. Evans got the D.A. to keep my name out of the papers."
"I remember when he got the call to go and investingate."
"When he showed up at the hospital and foud out that I was the one who had caused it, and that I was drunk, he arested me. He read me my rights making sure I fully understood the right to remain silent."
"He was doing that to protected you."
"I know. He hand cuffed me to the bed. Not that I was going to leave any way. Then he called Mr. Evans and kept that idiot Hanson aways until he showed up."
"Liz you know he was doing that to protected you. He didn't want you to get in any more trouble than you already were."
"I know. I got very lucky. The girl lived. I cut a deal with the D.A. Six months with a sepened drivers license, a year with a restriced, one year probation and two houndred hours of commmunity servies. The parents of the girl thought that was more than enough."
"They knew my parents."
"Your not going to tell me any more are you?"
"I can't I agreed not to talk about who they were. Needless to say Piece was really mad about it."
"By the way you should know that Michael took off."
"Don't worry he will be back. He just needed to cool off a bit."

Just then there was a knock on the door and Michael walked in. He thew a box at Liz. Liz looked at it then at Michael.

"Thank you." said Liz
"Now maybe you won't act like such a bitch." said Michael
"Michael!" said Maria taking a swing at his head.
"It's ok Maria. He's right I have been acting like a bitch. He had every right to say that about me. Withdraw isn't fun. I was a lot worse when I stopped drinking."
"By the way Alex and Isabel are almost done cooking." said Michael
"Ok we will be out in a minute." said Maria

Michael left and Maria looked at the box that Michael gave Liz.

"The patch? You didn't think of this Liz?"
"I kind of had other things on my mind. You know braking Max out running from an insane alien hunter."
"Liz are you ok?"
"Yeah. By the way I'm sorry about what I said earlier."
"Forget it. We're bestfriends."

Liz smiled and gave Maria a hug. Liz had really missed Maria when she was away.

"Come on Liz let's see what kind of posion Alex and Isabel made." said Maria

Liz and Maria when to join the rest of the gang for dinner.

Part 20

After dinner Liz walked throught the woods near the cabin. It had been to long since she had been here.

"Liz?" came a voice
"Max I'm fine."
"How is it that I feel that you never would have left this wouldn't be happening now?"
"Max there is no way to know that."
"What are you afraid I will see if I make a conection with you?"
"Your lying."
"Max maybe I don't want you to know everything about me."

Max stepped closer to Liz and gently turned her to face him. He then took her face in his hands and kissed her, showing her how much he really loved her. Liz pulled away.

"Max I told you not to do that."
"Liz now who is standing in the way of us?"
"Max why do you want this now?"
"Liz I regret what I said to you that day. I regreted it the second it came out of my mouth. I have loved you atlest as long as you have loved me. Maybe longer."
"Then you should have come after me."
"I was going to. But everyone said to leave you alone."

Liz looked up into Max's eyes then gently kissed him.

"Why did you do that?"
"Because I love you. Max please forgive me for everything."
"There is nothing to forgive."

Max leaned in and kissed Liz passionatly which she returned. When they broke Liz lead Max to a near by clearing.

"Max I want you to form a conetion."
"Are you sure Liz?"

Max and Liz sat on a log and Max placed his hands on the sides of Liz's face and looked into her eyes. After a few moments the flashes started.

Liz at a party.

A boy forcing Liz into a room.

A very large boy grabbing the first one.

Max broke the conection and looked at Liz with tears.

"Max I know what you saw. The one boy was Nick Johnson. He was in a couple of my classes. I ran into him at a party. He force me into a room and would have raped me if John Mitchal this two hourdred pound linebacker I was tutoring hadn't heard me scream for help."
"So this John....."
"Is just a friend. He was dating my roommate. I kept him on the team and he kept the jerks away from me. Max on the football field me was an animal but the John I knew was a big teddy bear."
"Liz I didn't just see your memories."
"Max what is it?"
"Your pregnant."
"Great. I'm having an alien's baby!"
"If I didn't know you better I would think that you didn't like that."
"Max I promise you I would die before I let any harm come to our baby. I would even kill Pierce to keep him away. By the way how can you tell this early?"
"Well uh we learned a lot after you left Liz. Your only going to be pregnant a little over four months. Our race of aliens only carry babies for two months. So they say human alien pregnancy should only last four and a half at most. Twice the lenth of ours and about half a human."
"Ok I can deal. Good thing I quit smoking uh?"
"Yeah. Ready to head back?"
"Liz are you ok with this?"
"Yes Max. I know your worried about me. I'm fine with this."

Max took Liz's hand as they walked back to the cabin, Liz stopped outside the door to the cabin.

"Max let's not tell them yet."
"Liz why?"
"Just not ready too."
"I can respected that."
"Thank you."
"Liz let's go in."
"Yeah sure."

Jusat then the door opened and they found Maria staring at them. She raised her eyebrow at Liz.

"Maria, Max and I were just talking." said Liz
"Talking yeah right." said Maria
"Maria don't push this please. Besides we should all get some rest. Serena should be here tomarrow."

Liz pushed past Maria and headed for her room. Max just shugged when Maria looked at him.

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limegreenli Your just going to have to wait and find out. IF Liz was. Liz is the only one who knows besides me. Thanks for the feedback

Strawbehrry Shortcake Thanks for the feedback. Did Pierce set Liz's accident up? Wouldn't be a surprise if he did. But I haven't desided everything that happens yet so got to wait and see!!!!!

Part 21

Liz walked out of her room just after midnight and saw Max lying on the sofa. He looked up at her.

"Something wrong Liz?"
"I didn't know you were awake."
"Can't sleep."
"Max don't worry about me."
"Can't help it. Liz your going to have my child, and yet we are bearly talking."
"I know. Max it's not you. Your still the caring person I fell in love with as a teenager. Me on the other hand, am not. I made a lot of mistakes. More than you know about. I admit that, but I also can't change it either. One thing that hasn't changed is the fact that I love you and never stopped."
"Liz did you really mean what you said? That I should have come after you?"
"Yes. If you had I would have come back with you."

Max got up and kissed Liz. She looked up at him when they broke. Max had his hand running through her hair that fell above her shoulders.

"You know I miss your long hair."
"Oh really? I cut it when I joinned the FBI. Shorter is easier to pull up in the morning than when it's longer."
"So you just cut it for work?"
"Well and I wanted a change."
"So what are we going to do about our baby?"
"I don't know. Max I'm scared."
"Liz I won't let anything bad happen to you."
"I know."
"So when we leave where do you want to go?"
"Somewhere near water. That is one reason I have always loved this cabin. It sits so close to the lake."
"So warm or has a real winter with ice and snow?"
"Warm. Snow and I don't get along very well. I learned that in collage."
"How about the Los Angels area then?"
"Sounds good. Big cities will make it a little harder for us to be found. Maria has always wanted to go to New York. She just has to get Michael to agree to it."
"He just wants her happy now. She was so hurt when you left. She didn't believe you cared about her any more."
"I know. Max when we leave we have to change our names. We can't tell the others where we are going or our new names, it's safer that way."
"I know."
"Max, I love you. This is hard on me too. From the time we leave until who knows when it's you and me."
"Liz we will make it through this."
"I know."
"So what will your new name be?"
"What do you think?"
"How about Alexis Peters? Lexie or Lex for short."
"I like it. For you how about Christopher Jones? You know Chris for short?"
"Works for me. Liz I do have on more question. Will we get married?"
"We can."
"Liz what I'm trying to get at I geuss is will you marry me?"

Liz looked at Max and saw nothing but love in his eyes.

"Did you just say yes?"
"Yeah I did."
"What did you think I would say no?"
"Yeah I thought you might."
"Max you and I are ment to be together. My Grandmother use to tell me to follow my heart. She also told me that if it wasn't really love then it wouldn't hurt so much."
"She was a smart woman."
"Yeah she was. I miss her so much."

Liz started to cry. Max wrapped his arms around her and held her close as she cried. After a while he noticed her breathing had evened out and she had fallen to sleep. He felt so differnt holding her in his arms like this. He felt complet for the first time in his life.

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Part 22

Serena paced in her motel room. She had to make a choice. Her job or her sister.

"Pierce is going to hate me, but I have to protected my sister and those she loves." Serena said to herself.

Just then Serena's cell phone rang.

"Jackson have you found Parker yet?"
"No Agent Pierce I haven't."
"What the hell are you doing?"
"I when to Roswell and no one has seen Liz in almost a year."
"Where the hell would she have gone?"
"I don't know sir."
"Find her."
"Right sir."
"Jackson I mean it."
"I'll keep looking sir."
"You better."

Serena hung up her phone. This was bad. How was she going to keep Pierce from finding Liz? This was not going to be easy. SHe hoped Liz and her friends had come up with a plan. Because she didn't know how much longer she was going to be able to delay Pierce from finding out about the cabin. All he had to do was go to Roswell himself and the Shariff or anyone else who knew the Parkers could tell him about the cabin.

"Liz I hope you and your friends plan to hit the road soon because it's only a matter of time before Pierce finds out about the cabin." said Serena out loud before drifting off to sleep.

TBC Sorry it's so short!!!!!!
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Part 23A

Isabel walked into the living room of the cabin and saw Liz asleep in Max's arms and smiled. She had always known that Max and Liz were good for each other.

"They look so sweet like that don't they?" asked Alex coming up behind her.
"Yeah. I just wish I knew more of what happend between them in high school. There is something they aren't telling us."
"Iz let them keep their personal lives to themselves. They are working out their promblems so let them be."
"Your right ALex."

Just then Liz started to wake up. She saw Alex and Isabel watching her and Max.

"Morning." Liz mummbled
"How are you doing Liz?" asked Isabel
"Fine. Iz can we talk?" asked Liz
"Yeah sure."
"Ok let me get dressed and we can go down to the lake."

Liz when into her room and got dressed and came out ten minutes later. Then she and Isabel headed down to the lake.

"So what did you want to talk about Liz?"
"Isabel did Max ever tell you what happend between him and me?"
"No he just said you and him had a fight."
"We didn't have a fight."
"I know. You told him that you loved him and he gave you that just friends speach."
"There is more to it isn't there?"
"Yeah. We slept together prom night."
"Isabel I know your surprised. But it's true Max and I slept together."
"Yeah I am surprised."
"We never planned it. It just kind of happend."
"Max never said anything."
"That was his idea. Never to tell anyone. I was in love with him before that, but my feeling for him became over wellming after that. So at my party I told him how I felt."
"Liz why are you telling me now?"
"Because something happend a few days ago. I was told to sleep with Max or they would kill Alex and Maria."
"So you did."
"Your pregnante aren't you?"
"That's what Max told me last night."
"Your scared aren't you?"
"Yeah I am."
"Liz you can do this. Your a good person. You risked your life to save Max."
"My life is in danger. I'm as good as dead if Pierce finds me."
"Liz I wish there is something I could do to help."
"You have done enough, by trusting me."

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Part 23B

A short time later Liz heard the roar of a motorcyle getting closer to the cabin.

"Sounds like Serena is here." said Liz
"Serena rides a bike?" asked Isabel
"Yeah. She got the wild gene I geuss."
"Want me to send her out here?"
"Would you mind? I just need a few more minutes out here."
"No promblem Liz."

Isabel walked around to the front of the cabin and sent Serena around when she got there.

"Liz you ok?" asked Serena
"You sure?"
"Yes. Serena you when to Roswell didn't you?"
"Yeah. Mr. Evans knows that you helped Max get away. I also gave him your cell number but, told him to only call if he had to."
"That's fine Rena."
"Shariff Valenti wasn't too happy to see me."
"I should have warned you about that. He gives me a hard time sometimes when I go see mom and dad. The only reason I have been in Roswell in the past two years."
"You know he clamed down a little when I told him you broke Max out."
"Yeah. Come on Rena let's go face the fireing squad." Liz mummbled

Liz lead the way back to the cabin.

"Liz I'm surprised that your not smoking."
"Oh I forgot to tell you. I quit."
"That's good."

Liz walked into the cabin with Serena right behind her. They found everyone waitting for them.

"Hey Serena." said Max braking the ice.
"Hey Max." said Serena
"Serena this is Isabel, Alex, Maria and Michael. Everyone this is Serena Jackson, my sister." said Liz
"Why should we trust her? She's with the Special Unit." said Michael
"So am I Michael! weather I like it or not I'm part of the Special Unit." said Liz
"Liz it's ok." said Serena
"Michael, if not for Serena Liz would never have gotten me out of that place." said Max
"Michael, Pierce is after Liz. He knows that she broke Max out and if he gets his hands on her she will be dead. She will die a very slow and painful death." said Serena
"Thanks for the reminder Rena. I was trying to forget that." said Liz
"So Liz why does he want you dead?" asked Maria
"He wants to kill me because I betrayed the Special Unit Maria. But I knew this would happen when I made the choice to save Max." said Liz
"Liz why risk your life for Max after he hurt you?" asked Alex
"Because I still love him. Besides I was raised to do the right thing, even if it means helping someone who hurt me in the past." said Liz

Liz turned and walked out of the cabin. Max started to go after her. Serena stopped him.

"Leave her alone Max. She just needs time." said Serena
"Serena I'm worried about her." said Max
"I know. I am too. Liz is giving up everything for you Max. Treat her right. Last thing we need is for her to start drinking again. She's a real bitch when she's drunk. Trust me. I found out the hard way." said Serena

Max wanted to talk to Liz, but knew Serena was right. Liz needed sometime alone right now.

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Part 24

After walking out of the cabin Liz walked into the woods. She knew her friends just wanted to know her again, but wasn't sure if she was ready to have them back in her life like that yet. Half an hour later Liz heard footsteps coming closer to her.

"Liz it's me Alex."
"What are you doing out here Alex?"
"Came to see if your ok."
"I'm ok Alex."
"I'm sorry if I upset you."
"You didn't."
"So were you like this when you stopped drinking?"
"Alex do you love Isabel?"
"Yeah I do."
"I'm glad. Tomarrow Max and I are leaving to start new lives. You, Maria, Isabel and Michael should change your names and leave too."
"You and Max already pick new names?"
"Yeah. I'll crate new pasts for the two of us. Your going to have to take care of Maria and Michael as well as you and Isabel."
"I can do you and Max too."
"I want to do Max and me."
"Alex I can handle it. It won't be the first time I hacked into goverment files."
"You have been using the computer skills I tought you for evil?"
"No just to keep Pierce from finding Michael and Isabel."
"That's good to know."
"Alex you know you are like a brother to me."
"I know. So you really trust Serena?"
"Yeah I do. Alex she won't betray us. She wants me in her life, so she won't risk betraying us."
"I hope your right Liz."
"Alex don't worry."

Liz walked away from Alex and headed back to the cabin. Alex didn't know what to do about her. She was still hiding something but he knew better than to push her to talk.

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Part 25

Maria and Michael sat on the dock just enjoying being together.

"Michael why don't you trust Liz?" asked Maria
"Just don't. How do we know that this isn't just some trick to hand us over to the FBI?"
"Because I wouldn't do something that stupid Michael." said Liz who had over heard.
"Liz you ok?" asked Maria
"Actully I have something to tell everyone. So will you come inside in a little while?" asked Liz
"Yeah whatever." said Michael

Maria hit Michael in the head.

"Maria, Michael is just being Michael. I'll see you inside." said Liz walking away.

Maria watched her friend walk away. She knew that Liz was trying to keep herself from falling apart.

"Maria what's up with Liz?" asked Alex walking over to them.
"Don't know. But she wants to talk to everyone about something." said Maria
"She is going through a lot right now." said Serena from a near by tree.
"What do you mean?" asked Michael
"A few days ago Liz was forced to my a choice. Do something she felt wasn't right at the time or lose two people she cares about more than anything. She choose to save your lives, Maria and Alex." said Serena
"Serena what did she have to do?" asked Alex
"Liz will tell you when she's ready. Which I think she is, and that's what she wants to talk about."
"How do you know this?" asked Maria
"Maria, Liz isn't the same person you grew up with. But she's not all that differnt either."
"Serena why did you walk out of Liz's life?" asked Alex
"I didn't want to. But my mom didn't like how close I was becoming to Nancy."
"Does Liz know this?" asked Maria
"She knows it was my mom's choice that I stopped visiting."
"So unit you both joinned the FBI how long had it been since you saw each other?" asked Alex
"To be honest ever since I learned to drive, I have been watching from a distance."
"Why not let Liz know your around?" asked Maria
"Liz didn't remember me. I didn't want to just show up in front of her and say 'Hey Liz I'm your older sister you don't know about.' Yeah that would have gone over well." said Serena
"She has a point. Liz wouldn't have believed her." said Michael
"True. But let's get inside and hear what Liz has to say." said Alex

Everyone headed into the cabin and found Isabel sitting on the sofa waitting. They joined her and waitted for Liz and Max to come out of the bedroom.

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Part 26

Liz paced in the room with Max watching her. He had no idea why she was so nerverous.

"Liz what's up?"
"Max I'm going to tell them."
"Tell them what?"
"I'm pergnant. I know I said we shouldn't but it's better for them to know."
"Liz whatever you feel is right. This is your choice not mine."
"Liz what made you change your mind?"
"Not sure. But you and I will head to L.A. tomorrow. Your going to have to change our IDs to match our new names and backgrounds I'm going to creat tonight."
"Not a promlem."
"Thanks. After I tell them I'll get to work on the computer."
"Ok ready to go out there?"
"Let's go."

Liz and Max walked out and saw everyone watting for them.

"OK I know you want to know why I asked you all here." said Liz
"What's going on Parker?" asked Maria
"Ok first you should know that Pierce made me make choices I wouldn't have normaly made. A few days ago I had to make a choice that I really didn't want to do. But if I didn't do it Pierce would have killed Maria and Alex. So I did what he wanted and slept with Max. Now I'm pregnant. Which is what he wanted to happen." said Liz

Max wrapped his arm around Liz and gave her a kiss on her head.

"Are you sure Liz?" asked Maria
"Yeah. Max found out when we form a conenction."
"Maria don't worry about Liz she will be fine." said Serena
"And you know this how?" asked Michael
"Michael shut up." said Alex
"It's ok Alex. Alien/human babies are possible and don't harm the mother." said Serena
"How do you know?" asked Isabel kindly
"Because my mother is from your planent. Liz I'm sorry I didn't tell you before." said Serena
"So my baby will be ok?"
"Yeah Liz. I'm sorry."
"Forget it Rena. The Past is in the past."
"Serena are you sure Liz is going to be ok?" asked Max
"Liz is strong and fairly heathy. She quit smoking which is a pluse. Just promise me that you will keep Liz safe." said Serena
"Never would I let anyone harm her. I regret hurting her in the past." said Max
"Rena I can take care of myself."
"I know Lizzie." said Serena
"I do have one other thing to say. Max and I will be leaving tomarrow. I think you all should take off soon too. We can keep in touch through Serena. We will all change our names and head off to differnt places and start new lives." said Liz
"Liz why are you leaving tomarrow?" asked Isabel
"Because I want to be long gone by the time Pierce learns about this place."

Liz walked into the kitchen area and got on her laptop.

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Part 27

Alex walked into the kitchen an hour after Liz and saw her still working on her laptop.

"How are you doing Liz?"
"Alex, I got new brith certifics for Max and me. Having a little trouble getting into Social Sercery for new numbers. It's harder than the last time I when in."
"Want me to try?"
"No Thanks Alex. I can get it."
"Liz you won't tell me where you are going will you?"
"No. It's safer if you don't know. Don't tell me where you and Isabel are going."

Alex watched as Liz typed on her laptop. He saw a smile on Liz's face a few minutes later.

"Your in."
"I'm in. Ok."
"Great who tought you to hack?"
"You did. Another reason the FBI wanted me."
"You haven't said anything about what Serena told us today."
"Alex, I'll talk to her before I leave. It's between Rena and me."
"Liz becareful."
"I will. Alex I'll be ok. I've taken care of myself for a long time."
"Liz, you know it was my cousin you almost killed last year. My parents talked my Aunt and Uncle into having the D.A. go easy on you."
"Akex I know. Don't think I don't regret nearly killing Jamie. Because I do. I live with that everyday of my life. Everytime I look at a bottle I see her face. She is the reason I stopped drinking. You are the only one here that knows that."
"Liz I don't blame you."
"You should."
"Why? Because you made one stupid mistake? Your not perfected Liz. No one is. Quit blaming yourself."
"How can you foregive me so easy?"
"Because I know you. Liz forgive yourself. Jamie is fine now. You won't be happy until you forgive yourself."
"Maybe your right Alex. I'm sorry if I'm acting like a bitch."
"Forget it. Your pregnate and going through withdraw. Your intitled to a few mood swings. Beside Max is the one who will have to really put up with them not me."
"Funny Alex. Do you have your laptop or do you need to use mine?"
"I got mine."
"Ok. I'm going outside for a while."

Liz closed her computer and put it in her room. Then left the cabin. Serena came in and sat across from Alex.

"Alex what's wrong?"
"Serena what's up with Liz? She is differnt than I remember."
"Alex, Liz has been through a lot over the past few years. But it's not my place to tell you everything."
"So your half alien."
"Yep. I do have powers, but not the one that I wanted. The one to save Nancy and my dad."
"Serena don't feel guilty. You are an alien not god."
"I know. Alex I'm glad Liz had you for a friend growing up."
"Liz may not admit it but Liz cares deeply about you. When Pierce told her she had to have sex with Max or he would kill you and Maria she desided right then."
"Serena do you know where Liz is going?"
"Sorry Whitman I won't tell."
"It was worth a shot."

Serena smiled and walked away. Alex was great guy. To bad he was with Isabel.

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Part 28

Liz walked into the woods. She found a tree that had a hole in it. She reached in and pulled out a book. It was a leather bond journal. She sat on a log and opened it.

It's June 10th and my life is officallay scewed up. I slept with Max on prom night. I don't regret it that's the funny thing. In fact it made me fall even more in love with him than I already was. A week ago I told him how I felt big mistake. He told me "we have to be just friends Liz. It's safer for you that way." I don't give a damn about being safe. I want to be with him I love him!

Liz flipped to another page in her old diary. She rememberd this day very well.

July 4th. I'm Liz Parker and my dreams may never come true. I think I might be pregnant. That's right Liz Parker who has never done anything wrong in her life might be pregnant. My dad will kill Max. I am so scewed.

"Liz why didn't you tell me?" asked Max who had been reading over her shoulder.
"Max you shouldn't have done that."
"Maybe your right, But you should have told me."
"It wouldn't have changed anything."
"What happend to our baby? Did you give it up and not tell me?"
"No Max. I lost the baby. I had a miscarige. The baby was never born." said Liz wipping tears from her eyes.
"I'm sorry Liz. I shouldn't be so hard on you."
"Max you have every right to be upset. I should of told you. I'm sorry will you forgive me?"

Max wrapped his arms around Liz and gave her a soft kiss on her head.

"Liz I can never stay mad at you. But you shouldn't have gone through that alone."
"Max I wasn't alone. Remember that Indian River Dog we met when we were kids?"
"He showed up and took care of me. Max why are you forgiving me?"
"Because it's not your fault. You left because you were upset."
"I can't believe how understanding you are."

Max leaned down and kissed Liz.

"By the way how did River Dog know you needed help?"
"Uh he said something about the sprits telling him to come to me. He always was kind of weird."
"I know what you mean."

Max wrapped an arm around Liz and they headed back to the cabin.

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First I would like to thank dreamer4-life and dancepixie for the feedback. I also got to get back on writting this fic!! I only have two three parts ahead of this post done and there is still more to tell.

Part 29

Max and Liz were laughing as they came back to the cabin. Liz saw Serena sitting on the dock.

"Max I'll be in a few minutes. I should talk to my sister."
"Go and talk with her."
"Thanks Max."

Liz walked over to Serena and sat down next to her.

"Serena I'm not mad at you."
"I know Liz."
"Rena your my sister I don't care that you are an alien."
"I know Lizzie. Maybe we can do something when all this is over."
"When will that be?"
"When Pierce is dead."
"How do we know his replacement won't pick up where he left off?"
"Because I would replace him as head of the Special Unit I will forget about you and your friends. I'll leave lover boy alone."
"What you love Max."
"Yeah so? Do you have to remind me?"
"Lizzie this feels good."
"What do you mean?"
"You know just talking and teasing you."
"Some how I think I should be teasing you about your love life or lack there of. I'm the younger sister after all."
"Who said we have to be normal sisters?"
"True. Besides what's so great about norma?"
"Liz that is kind of corny."
"Yeah but when Max said that to me in high school I though it was kind of sweet."
"You really are love sick Liz."
"And proud of it!"
"That's a good thing Liz. I wish I could fall in love."
"Rena you will find someone some day?"
"I hope so."

Liz wrapped an arm around Serena giving her a hug. She really hoped that her sister would find love.


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Part 30

Max watched as Liz talked with Serena. He heard Isabel come up behind him.

"How you doinf Max?"
"Isabel thanks for believing in Liz."
"Hey I thought things out. If she was really going to betray us then she would have turned us in a long time ago. Her life hasn't been easy lately. But her heart has always been in the right place. I have no choice but to trust her. Don't hurt her again. She needs your love right now."
"I don't plan to."
"I know she is scared that she's pregnant. There is a reason isn't there?"
"Yeah. But it's between her and me. She told me she told you about what happend between her and me prom night."
'Yeah she did. But I felt like she was holding something back."
"She was. But it's nothing you need to worry about."
"I don't plan to push her to tell me anything she doesn't want me to know."
"Good. I'm going to miss you Izzy."
"Max we will see each other again. It may take a few years but we will see each other again."

Just then Liz and Serena walked up to them. Liz when on her tiptoes and kissed Max.

"Hey ladies." said Max
"Miss me Max?" asked Liz
"Yeah. Liz so are we going to talk more?" asked Max
"Yeah. Later Rena, Isabel."

Max and Liz when into the cabin and disapeared into a bedroom.

"Yeah right they are going to talk." said Serena
"Serena they are both adults."
"I know Isabel. It's just hard for me to think of Liz as anyone but the pesty little sister I played with."
"Serena, Liz grew up. I because of your mom you didn't get to see that. But Liz can make her own choices."
"I know. But I still worry about her."
"Serena, Liz is going to be ok with Max. He loves her more than anything. He would die to protected her."
"I know your right Isabel."
"Just keep Pierce off our tails for as long as you can. I don't want anything to happen to our niece or nephew."
"Don't worry I'll die first. Actully I'll kill Pierce. I would then head the unit and let you all go back to your normal lives."
"Just becareful."
"I will."

Serena walked off to look at her bike.

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Part 31

Liz pulled Max into her bedroom. Max closed the door and pushed her to the door and held her as he started to kiss her.

"Max what are you doing?"
"I love you so much."
"I love you too."
"Liz a couple days ago when we were together it made me want you. Ever since then I have been trying not to just pin you to the bed and make love to you."
"Max I can't believe I have lasted this long."
"What do you mean?"
"I have wanted to make love to you ever since."
"Do you really mean that?"
"Yes. I mean it. Being that close to you made me forget for a while how much you had hurt me. I should tell you that I do forgive you. I did a while ago."
"You did?"
"Yeah. So you forgive me for real for everything?"
"You did nothing wrong. Liz I hurt you. I wouldn't blame you if you didn't forgive me."
"Max shut up and kiss me."

Max gave Liz a smile before taking her lips in his own. As the kiss deepend Liz started to pull Max's shrit. They only broke long enough for Max to finish removing his shrit. After a few minutes Max picked Liz up and carried her to the bed. Max pulled Liz's shrit over her head. Liz pulled away for a moment to catch her breath.

"Liz you ok?" asked Max breathing hard.
"Yeah just needed air."
"Liz you sure?"
"Yeah. Don't forget I use to smoke and breathing is a little harder right now."
"I know."

Liz reached for Max's belt, but Max stopped her and did it himself.

"You sure about this?"
"Max shut up and make love to me."

(Sorry like I have said before I don't do NC-17.)

Max layed next to Liz and hour later. Liz was curled up close to him. He had his arm wrapped around her.

"Yeah Max?"
"What is going to happen to Serena if Pierce finds out she betrayed him?"
"Just what I want to talk about my sister after we make love."
"Yeah sorry."
"It's ok. Max the truth is Pierce will most likely kill her."
"Liz are you ok?"
"Yeah. Just....."
"Scared I know. I can feel your fear."
"How is that possible?"
"Not sure. But let's not worry about it."
"I'm not going to worry about that."

Liz moved and kissed Max passionatly. Just then there was a knock on the door. Liz pulled away.

"Who is it?" asked Liz
"It's Michael. Serena wants to talk to you Liz."
"Tell her I'll be out in five minutes."

Max watched as Liz pulled away and got dressed. He was still worried about her. He knew that she was still hiding something from him. What he wasn't sure was if she would ever tell him what that is.

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Thanks for the feedback. No what Liz is still hiding isn't that she had a kid with someone else. But it's something she's not proud of and feels that Max won't see her the same way again if/when she tells him.

Part 32

Liz walked down to the lake where she saw Serena waitting. Liz sat down next to her sister.

"Liz maybe you shouldn't trust me."
"Why Rena?"
"You don't know me very well."
"True but you won't betray me. Your honest and caring."
"Liz my mother is still alive. I think maybe I should have her make sure you and the baby are really ok."
"That's fine. Where is she?"
"You sure?"
"Yeah I have been to see her in the last year."
"What's her name?"
"Kristy Jackson. Well that's what she goes by here on Earth any way."
"Would she be willing to help me?"
"I hope so. Liz I don't get along with my mom. I had a lot of anger for a long time. Because of her we don't know each other like we should."
"Rena it's time to let the anger go. It's not doing any good. We can't change the past."
"Your right."
"Serena do you love your mom?"

Serena turned to face Liz. She didn't believe that Liz had just asked that. Serena took a deep breath and pushed a few strands of her strawberry blond hair out of her face.

"Yes Liz I love my mom. I don't like everything she's done. But that doesn't mean I don't love her."
"I was just asking. You don't talk about her much."
"I know. I really should see a shrink when this is all over about my issues with my mom."
"Yeah might do you some good."
"Thanks a lot!"
"Just doing my job as a little sister."
"So Liz how long do you think it will take you to get to L.A.?"
"A few days. Depense on how often Max and I stop and for how long."
"I'll give her a call in the morning."

Liz gave Serena a hug then headed inside.

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Spicy trini1 Serena's mother is going to help them and they find out a little surprise on top of that. Don't worry you will find out what Liz is hiding it's just a matter of time.

Part 33A

The next morning Liz and Max packed their bags. Liz watched as Max put his things in the bag.

"Max can I ask you something?"
"Yeah sure."
"Why did you ask if I gave up our child?"
"Liz I feel I know you well enough to know that no matter how upset you were with me that you wouldn't have ended it's life before it began. That is unless your life was in danger. I remember a debate that you were in and you had very strong prolife beliefs then. I didn't see that changing."
"It hasn't. So Max are we going to stop in Vages to get married?"
"You want to get married in a corny Elvis chaple?"
"Yeah maybe. To tell the trueth we could get married in a swamp and I wouldn't care. I love you Max and as long as I'm with you it wouldn't matter."

Max walked over to Liz and wrapped his arms around her. Liz leand into Max and felt his warm arms around her.

"Have I thanked you for trusting me?"
"I don't remember."
"If I didn't then thank you."
"You welcome. Not that I had much choice. It was either trust you or risk ending up dead."
"That could still happen to both of us."
"I know but I'll do whatever it takes to protected you."
"Max your not going to push me away again are you?"
"Never. That was the biggest mistake of my life."
"You mean that?"

Max gave Liz a kiss. Liz picked up the bags and took them out to the car while Max started to say goodbye.

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Part 33B

Liz walked back into the cabin to see Max and Isabel hugging.

"Parker don't do anything stupid ok?" said Maria
"Don't worry Ria."
"Liz where are you going?"
"Sorry can't tell you."
"Too dangerous?"
"Yeah. Maria I don't want anything to happen to you."
"I know."
"Michael you will take care of here right?" Liz asked as Michael came over to them.
"Yeah Liz, becareful. I know Max loves you and I know you love him. So I guess I don't want anything bad to happen to you." said Michael
"So are you saying you trust me?"
"Yeah. You know I had my reasons for being a jerk to you."
"I know you were trying to protected Maria."
"Yeah I was. Take care of that kid of yours and Max's I wouldn't want anything to happen to it."
"I will Michael."

Michael gave Liz a smile and pulled her into a hug.

"What was that for Michael?"
"It just felt right."

Michael moved on to say goodbye to Max. Alex came over to Liz and gave her a hug.

"I'm going to miss you Alex."
"I'll miss you too Liz."
"Remember to take care of Isabel for Max."
"I will. So have you desided on any names for the rugrat yet?"
"We haven't even talked about names."
"Will you at lest think about Alex?"
"I'll run it by Max."
"Liz take care of yourself."
"I will. ALex, what did Jamie's parents tell her about me?"
"That you were sick and didn't mean to hurt her."
"Alex becareful."
"We will be."

Liz gave Alex a hug and turned to find Isabel waitting to talk to her.

"Liz your going to take care of my brother right?"
"You bet Iz. Take care of ALex. I don't want anything to happen to him."
"Don't worry Liz, we will be ok."
"I know. Isabel don't worry about Max and me ok? I have been planning this since I first saw Max brought into the compound."
"That was over a month ago!"
"I know. Isbael Pierce is very good at blackmailing, everything I did was to protected those I care about."
"I know. Liz at first I wasn't sure if I should trust you. But I was atlest willing to hear you out."
"I didn't expected you or Michael to trust me. Max on the other hand had no choice if he wanted to live."
"Take care of yourself Liz."
"I will bye Isabel. Until we meet again."

Liz saw Serena standing a part from everyone. She walked over to Serena.

"Hey Liz"
"Serena I'm going to miss you.
"I called my mom. She is ecpecting you and Max in a few days. This is her address."
"Thanks Rena."
"Liz remember to call me ok?"
"I will."
"Max take care of my sister. If I find out that you hurt her again I will hunt you down and make what Pierce did to you look like a good time got it?"
"Serena don't worry. I'll make sure Liz is happy."

Liz gave Serena a hug and she and Max headed out.


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Part 34 Two days later.

"I now pernocess you man and wife. Go a head and kiss the bride." said the man dressed and speaking like Elvis.

Max or Chris as he was now known leaded down and gave Liz or rather Lexie a soft kiss.

"I love you know that Lexie?"
"I love you too Chris."
"You ready to go to our room?"
"Yeah. Uh Chis just let me call Rena. I want to check in."
"Yeah ok."

Lexie pulled out her cell and called the only number in the memory.

"Rena it's me."
"Hey me whats up?"
"Funny. Just calling to check in. I thought I should also tell you that I just got married."
"Tell your husband to take care of you or I will deal with him."
"I will. We will leave tomarrow for your mom's."
"Becareful L. I love you."
"I will. Love you too."
"Becareful. He's still looking for you."
"Yeah I know."

Lexie hung up the phone and put it away.

"So what did she say?"
"Well Chris. If you break my heart again Rena will deal with you as she sees fit."
"I'll never hurt you again."
"I know."
We should check into our room for the night."
"Yeah we need to get our rest."

Half an hour later they were in their hotel room when Liz's cell phone rang. Liz looked at the caller id and saw a number from Roswell on it.

"Liz I know I shouldn't have called but I needed to talk to you."
"Mr. Evans what's wrong?"
"An Agent Pierce came to see me today."
"What did he want?"
"He wants you and Max."
"What did you tell him?"
"That I haven't seen or heard from you since your parents died."
"Mr. Evans, Pierce is a very dangerous man."
"Liz what do you want me to tell him if he comes back?"
"I don't know. Tell him I when to Canada. I have an old roommate that lives there."
"Your not in Canada are you?"
"Sorry I can't answer that."
"Just becareful."
"We will be dad." said Liz hanging up.

Max looked at Liz.

"Your dad met Pierce. He told him nothing."
"So dad thinks we are in Canada?"
"No he has no clue where we are. Pierce is going to think we are in Canada."
"Why Canada?"
"My roommate from collage is from Winsor Ontario. Besides Canada is big with lots of places to hide."
"Where's Winsor? I don't think I have hear of it."
"Just across the Detroit River from Detroit."
"How about we get back to what we were doing before we got interupted?"
"Good idea."

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Part 35

Philip hung up the phone. He was still in shock of what Liz said before hanging up.

"Philip what's wrong? Were you able to talk to Liz?"
"Yes Diane. They are safe for now. I don't know where they are and didn't ask. She wouldn't have told me anyway."
"I know. I just wish I knew where they are."
"I know where they aren't going. If Agent Pierce comes asking questions again tell him they when to Canada."
"Liz's former roommate from collage is from there."
"But she and Max are together?"
"Yes. Diane I think they may have gotten married."
"Mairred? Why would you think that?"
"Right before she hung up she called me dad."
"If they did. I'm happy for them. Liz needs Max. Maybe he can help her pull her life back together."
"Well I know as of a few days ago Liz is still sober."
"That's good."
"Yes it is. Maybe Max can get her to quit smoking."
"Liz was always so together, but she fell apart after high school."
"True. But something happend between Max and Liz around that time too. Liz took off and didn't return until her parents died and she had joinned the FBI."
"That was a big surprise. She was the last person I thought would join the FBI."
"I know. But she never betrayed her friends."
"That was the one thing she couldn't do."

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Part 36

Serena arived back in Roswell late that night. She got a room at the Tumbleweed. She fell to sleep a short time later. The next morning Serena walked into the Crashdown and took a seat in a booth. She picked up a menu and saw that nothing had changed in years. Well except the Captian Archer omlette.

"Welcome to the Crashdown are you ready to order?" asked a waitress.

Serena orderd and then looked around the diner. She saw that Agnes was still around and as lazy as ever.

Note to self talk to Liz when this is over and have her fired.

"Well if it isn't Serena Jackson or are you using Parker now?" came a voice.
"Kyle Valenti?"
"Yeah it's been a while."
"Yeah sit down."
"I can't stay long. I'm on duty."
"I can't believe that you are a deputy in this boring town."
"Yeah I know."
"So Kyle how have you been?"
"Ok. How's Liz?"
"She's good."
"Still playing friend of the Czechoslovakians?"
"So she broke Max out and is on the run with him?"
"Look Rena I relized a long time ago that Liz and I are better as friends."
"I know."
"You going to be in town for a while?"
"Maybe we can get a drink sometime then."
"Yeah that sounds great."
"Serena it's good to see you again."
"You too. By the way where are you staying?"
"The Tumbleweed."
"You know there are better places to stay."
"I want to keep a low profile."
"You will there."
"Kyle becareful."
"I will. See you around Rena."

Serena watched as Kyle left. He was such a great guy. She had forgotten that.

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Part 37

Liz woke to find two strong arms wrapped around her. She smiled as Max woke up.

"Morning Chris." said Liz using his fake name.
"You know I love you Lexie."
"I know. We should get going soon. I would like to get to Rena's mom's by tomarrow."
"Your really worried about the baby aren't you?"
"Yes. Max we don't know what could happen to me."
"Liz, Serena said you would be ok."
"But she also wants me to see her mom."
"You really are scared."
"Max, I know this isn't really a good time, but I want this child."
"It's not the best time your right. But we can deal with it."
"Thank you."
"Liz if we have a boy we are naming him Jeffery for your dad. If it's a girl it's Nancy for your mom. You lost your parents because of me. I think it's only right for our children to be named for them."
"Did I tell you how much I love you?"
"I can't hear it enough from you."

Liz leaned over and gave Max a kiss. He was perfected for her. He treated her so well.

"How about a shower?" asked Max
"Sounds good."
"Liz why did you marry me?"
"Max that is a stupid question. I love you."
"Liz, I still don't get how you can love me after the way I treated you all those years ago."
"Because you were doing what you thought was right out of love for me. You loved me so much you couldn't see me get hurt because of where you come from. You did it to protected me. Now it's my trun to protected you."

Max kissed Liz as they when to take a shower.

Better make that a cold shower or we will never get to Serena's mom's at this pace. Liz thought

Liz turned on the cold water and pushed Max under it.

"That's cold!"
"You need to cool off. We can't stay here much longer."
"I know. Lex you are so down to earth."
"Well Chris don't forget that I'm not the one with green blood."
"True. I love you so much."
"I know I love you too."

Max and Liz finished taking their shower and got dressed and started on their way to L.A. Liz was looking out the window and thinking about things when she felt a hand on her leg.

"What is it?" asked Liz
"Are you ok?"
"Yeah why?"
"Your kind of quite."
"Max I have been thinking a lot. That none of this would have happend if I never joinned the FBI."
"Liz we can't know that. You and I may never have gotten into this mess if I hadn't pushed you away. You risked your life for me."
"I did that because I love you."
"I know. But that doesn't change anything that happend. Liz if Piece finds us I won't let him hurt you."
"Max, he's going to kill me if he finds me."

Max was quite after that.

"Max you ok?"
"Yeah. But I was thinking if we drive all night that we should be at your sister's mom's by moring."
"That's a good idea."
"You think so?"
"Ok than we will trade off driving after a while."

Liz nodded and when back to looking out the window.

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Part 38

Serena woke the next morning to knocking on her door. She got out of bed and opened it to find Kyle standing there.

"What are you doing here?" asked Serena
"I came to see you Rena."
"Kyle are you crazy or something?"
"Yeah about you. Serena I missed you while you were gone."
"Come in Kyle."

Kyle walked in ans wrapped his arms around Serena.

"Kyle what are you doing?"
"Serena I've been in love with you for a long time. That's why things never worked out with Liz. She was in love with Max, and I was and still am in love with you."
"I don't know what to say."
"Serena I know that you might not feel the same about me. But I had to tell you."

Oh Kyle I do I just don't know how to say it yet.

"Kyle I'm not sure how I feel right now."
"Rena we can take things as slow as you want. If you go out with me. You know drinks, dinner, a movie whatever."
"Ok Kyle sounds good."

Kyle pulled Serena closer and leaned down and kissed her. Serena was surprised at first but soon found herself returning it. Kyle moved his hands to Serena's hips and slowly they moved to the bed. Kyle lowerd Serena to the bed and kept kissing her. After a minute they broke for some much needed air.

Screw slow. I love him.

"Rena I love you so much."
"Buddha boy I love you too. Make love to me."
"You sure? You know once we go there we can't go back."
"I know Kyle. I want this."

Kyle looked into her eyes and saw nothing but love.

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Part 39

Liz drove down the highway heading for L.A. Max was sleeping in the seat next to her. Liz knew that she knew next to nothing about Serena's mother. But that didn't mean she couldn't be trusted. Liz was lost in thought when her phone rang.

"This is Kristy Jackson."
"Ms. Jackson hi."
"Call me Kristy. When will you be here?"
"Uh I would say tomarrow morning."
"Good. How are you feeling?"
"Not great but it's not too bad."
"That's good. I know your only going on Serena's word. Remember that your sister loves you. That's why she is sending you to me."
"I know. Kristy I want to trust you but that is something I find hard to do, with anyone."
"That's a good thing Liz. Trust should be earned not given."
"Kristy did you love my dad?"
"Liz I lied to Serena. I liked your mother. I kept Serena away to protected you and your parents. The special unit was getting close to me for a while."
"I kinda saw that in the files. I just didn't conected you and Serena."
"You forgave Serena for lying to you didn't you?"
"Yeah. Now answer the question. Did you love my dad?"
"More than anything Liz. That is why it was so hard to push him away."
"Then why did you?"
"His safey was more imported to me. I would do anything to protected those I love. But I think you understand that."
"Yeah I do." said Liz thinking about Maria and Alex.
"I should let you go."
"Yeah. Kristy thank you for doing this."
"Liz don't worry about it. Like I said I would do anything for those I love. Serena asked me to make sure your ok so I am. It took alot for Serena to call me."
"I kinda got that impresion."
"Well I'll see you tomarrow than."

Liz hung up the phone and glanced at the still sleeping Max. She knew he felt that she was still hiding something from him. Which was true. But it wasn't something she could tell him in the car.

Max I wish there was away for me to tell you. But I can't. You wouldn't understand. I will tell you someday but I can't yet. I'm not ready too. How can I tell the man I love that I would kill to protected you and have?

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Part 40

Kyle leaned over and kissed Serena. Serena moved closer to him.

"Rena what's bothering you?"
"Kyle I'm worried about Liz."
"Kyle, Liz is pregnant."
"Oh Buddha!"
"Yeah I know."
"Rena, honey Liz is strong if anyone can deal with this then she can."
"I know. I'll try and not worry about Liz."
"Rena you know your boss is in town."
"Pierce? Great could things get any worse?"
"Yeah he could get your sister and her baby and kill her for betraying him."
"True. I really hope I can keep Peirce from finding Lizzie."
"You will. I'll do what I can to help and so will my dad."
"Thanks Kyle. How about we head over to the Crashdown and get something to eat?"
"Good idea."

Kyle and Serena dressed and when to the Crashdown.

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Part 41

Max woke and saw that Liz was lost in thought.

"Liz you want me to drive for a while?"
"Yeah sure. I need a brake."
"Liz is something on your mind?"
"Don't worry about it Max."

Liz pulled in to a reast stop and changed places with Max. When back to thinking about before. The day she broke the law she promised to up hold. The day she killed the man in charge of the Special Unit before Pierce.

Two years ago

Liz walked into the office and heard two Agents talking. One was Pierce and the other was Agent Harding. Harding was the head of the Speical Unit that she had been asked to join. She told them no, she didn't believe in aliens. Even thought she knew for a fact that they were real.

"Parker!" yelled Harding
"Yes sir?"
"Have you thought of my offer?"
"I'm not joinning the special unit."
"You don't really have a choice. Everyone who knows about the unit is either in it or dead. So do you choose to live or die?"
"Fine I'll join the damn unit."
"Good Lizzie."

It was then she made her desion. Weather she liked it or not she would have to kill him. Later that night she took a gun she got at a pawn shop and when up behind Harding, as he when into his apartment buliding and shot him in the back of the head. He dropped a file he had been carring. She picked it up and saw Max and Isabel's names on it. Liz put it in her pocket and took it with her. She took the gun and threw it in the river. She had also taken his wallet. She made it look like a robbery gone wrong.


"Liz you ok?"
"Yeah Max. Just been thinking."
"About what?"
"Nothing you need to worry about."
"Liz I don't like that you are still keeping things from me."
"Max I will tell you. But not here not now."
"Then when?"
"After we get to Serena's mom's place."
"Cross my heart."

There is no easy way to tell you that you married a murderer. That I killed someone in cold blood.

"Liz no matter what you are hiding it won't change how I feel about you."
"Max you say that now. But after I tell you what I did you won't look at me the same."
"Liz there is nothing you could have done to turn me away from you."

Don't be so sure about it.

"Max you know better than to push me."
"Liz I'm worried about you."
"I know. But it won't change that I won't tell you in this car."
"Then you have about ten hours to keep your secert. We will be in L.A. in about eight, that will give you an extra two hours."
"Ok I'm going to try and get some sleep."
"Goodnight Liz. I love you."
"Love you too Max."

Max watched as Liz driffed off to sleep. She looked so peaceful sleeping there. He wonderd what she was hiding that she was so scared to tell him.

LIz what are you hiding that you think I won't see you the same way any more?

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Part 42A

Liz woke an hour befor they pulled into Kristy Jackson's driveway. She hadn't spoken since she woke up. Max knew she was awake but didn't say anything.

"Liz I know your awake so can we talk?"
"Liz why are you so scared to tell me this secret?"
"Max I just can't do it here. I just can't."
"I just don't get it. You use to tell me everything."
"I know that. Don't think that just because I changed doesn't mean that I don't remember the friendship we shared. Max I will tell you. I just can't in the car. It's something that I will tell you when we can spend sometime apart after."
"That bad?"
"Yeah. Max you don't know how far I will go to keep you, Isabel and Michael safe."
"Liz I'm going to ask you a question will you answer it honestly?"
"Do you mean by what you said that you would kill if you had to to keep us safe?"

Max didn't replie to that. He knew that she would never betray them at that point. Liz could see that Max was deep in thought after her answer. Max pulled into a driveway a short time later.

"We're here."
"I see that Max."
"You go up to the door. I'll get the bags."

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Part 42B

Liz walked up to the door and had it open before she could knock.

"Liz come in. Is Max bringing the bags?" asked the woman who opened the door.
"Yeah. Kristy?"
'Kristy I'm scared."
"It's ok to be. Max nice to see you again." said Kristy
"Your the one who came to Roswell and told us things seven years ago." said Max
"Nice that you remember me Max." said Kristy
"Yeah. But I believe we are here to make sure that Liz is going to be ok." said Max
"Your right. Max take the bags upstairs. Second door on the right."
"Ok. Liz we will talk later." said Max
"Yeah sure." Liz mumbled

Kristy could see that there was something going on between Max and Liz but said nothing. Max when up the stairs.

"Liz come with me."

Liz followed Kristy into a study.

"Liz I'm going to form a conection and check on the baby ok?"
"Your upset about something. You want to talk about it?"
"Max is upset that I'm keeping secrets from him."
"Liz, it's not good to keep secrets from those you love."
"I know. But this is so hard to tell him."
"Liz are you the one that killed Harding?"
"What happend to the files he had with him that night?"
"I burned them."
"You saved my life and Serena's. Pierce isn't as smart as Harding was."
"I know. Harding told me to join the unit or die."
"You made the right choice Liz."
"I know."
"Let's see how that baby is doing."

Liz watched as Kristy placed a hand on her stomach. Then she saw a soft glow come from the hand. After a minute Kristy pulled away.

"Kristy is something wrong?" asked Liz
"No but you are having twins."
"TWINS! Are you sure?"
"Yes Liz."
"Oh boy that is a surprise."
"Both babies are in good heath."
"what about me?"
"Are you still smoking?"
"No I quit."
"Good your not in great heath but are getting better everyday."
"Liz I want you and Max to stay here until the babies are born."

Liz walked out of the Study and when to find Max.

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Part 43

Serena and Kyle walked into the Crashdown and sat at a table. They were eatting when a man walked up to the table.

"Agent Jackson!" yelled the man
"Agent Pierce. What are you doing here?" asked Serena
"trying to find you. Where in the hell have you been?" asked Pierce
"None of your bussiness." said Serena
"Jackson your still working for me. Now tell me where is Parker?"
"I don't know. No one in this stupid little town knows where she is."
"Deputy is that true?" asked Pierce
"I haven't seen Liz in alomst six months. But then again Liz and I have never been very close." said Kyle
"Someone in this town knows something. I will not rest until I find Parker and that creater she is trying to save." said Pierce walking away.

Serena watched Pierce leave. She looked at Kyle when she felt his eyes on her.

"Uh you might want to cool your temper Rena. You don't want Pierce to find out your little sercet." said Kyle pointing to her fork.

Serena looked down ar the and saw that it had melted. Then looked up at Kyle. He didn't look surprised.

"Kyle why aren't you surprised?" asked Serena
"I've known you were differnt for a while. I could careless. It doesn't change my feelings for you. I love you for who you are. Not what you are."
"Why didn't you tell me you knew before?"
"It didn't matter to me. You know where Liz, Max, Maria, Michael, Isabel and Alex are don't you?"
"Yeah I do. Max and Liz are in L.A., Alex and Isabel when to Denver, and Michael and Maria New york."
"They really spilt up didn't they?"
"It's safer that way."
"I think you should split before he finds out that you betrayed him."
"I'm not running Kyle. I have a plan to end this once and for all."
"What are you going to do? Kill him?"
"Yes Kyle that is my plan."
"Serena that's crazy!"
"Wouldn't be the first time a Parker killed someone."
"What do you mean?"
"You and Liz really aren't close any more are you? She killed the guy who was in charge before Pierce. She doesn't know that I know."
"You were spying on her."
"Yeah but you can't tell her. I don't want her to know."
"I won't I promise."
"Thanks. Now let's get out of here and call Liz."

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Part 44

Liz walked into Kristy's backyard where she found Max sitting under a tree. Taking a deep breath she walked over and sat down next to him.

"So are you and the baby ok?" asked Max
"I'm fine and so are the babies."
"That's good. Wait did you just say babies?"
"Uh yeah. we're having twins."
"Liz are you ready to tell me what your hiding?"
"Whenever your ready Liz."

Liz looked at Max he was watching her. She took a deep breath and looked away before speaking again.

"Max, I'm not proud of what I did but in the end it was for the best. Before Pierce was in charge of the Special Unit there was a man named Harding. He was the one who forced me into the unit."
"What happend to him? I know he has to be dead or else Pierce wouldn't be in charge now."
"He is. He has been for two years. He was killed in a robbery gone wrong. Or at lest that is what the police and everyone else thinks."
"What really happend if that isn't true?"
"Harding was murderd. I only know that because I was the one who killed him. Max he knew about you and Isabel then. I got the file and a few others and burned them."
"So that is what you are hiding?"

Liz just nodded her head. Max stood up and turn to walk away from her.

"Liz I need time alone. To think about this."
"I understand. You can stay here I'll go."
"No Liz. I'll go. I'll see you later."

Part 45

Liz watched as Max walked away. He didn't say that he still loved her which hurt. But he also didn't say that he didn't love her either. As she sat under the tree she started to cry. She didn't know how long she had been crying when she felt two strong arms around her. She looked up and saw Max was holding her. He reached up and wipped a tear off her face.

"Liz don't cry. I know that was hard for you to tell me."
"It was." said Liz softly
"I love you Liz. No matter what I'll always love you. You did what you had to do. If not for you then Isabel and I would be dead right now."
"I didn't know I was helping you then. I did it because I hated him."
"But it turned out right in the end that is all that matters."

Liz pulled out of Max's arms and looked at him. Max tried to touch her again but she moved away.

"Max don't touch me."
"Why because you saved my life and my sister's?"
"How can you? I killed someone in cold blood. I was angry for being pushed into something I wanted no part of. Saving a few lives was a bonus."
"Liz, honey I love you. There is nothing that you can do to change that. Your the mother of my childern."
"Thank you."
"For what?"
"For loving me. I don't understand how you can still love me but I am happy that you do."

Max gave Liz a kiss and the cuddled under the tree. Kristy watched them from the house. She could see that they were becoming closer all the time. She then when to make lunch.

"You two ready for lunch?" asked Kristy as Max and Liz walked into the house hand in hand.
"Yeah." said Liz

Max gave Liz a light kiss which made Liz smile.

"Kristy?" asked Liz
"What is it honey?"
"Do you know weather the twins are boys or girls?"
"Well Liz it's a little too early to tell. But as soon as I can tell I'll let you know."
"Thanks." said Liz

Liz poked at her food. Max noticed that Liz wasn't eating and was worried about her.

"You ok Liz?" asked Max
"No Max. I'm not." said Liz softly
"What's wrong Liz?" asked Kristy
"I miss my parents. I wish they could be here." said Liz
"Liz I understand that you miss your parents. But there is nothing we can do to bring them back. But your not alone Liz. You have your friends and you have Serena who all care about you." said Kristy
"And you have me no matter what." said Max
"Thanks Max."

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Part 46

Serena diled Liz's cell from her room at the Tumbleweed but got no answer. She didn't worry. Maybe Liz had just turned it off so that she and Max could talk or something. So she diled her mom's number.

"Mom is Liz around?"
"Serena is something wrong?"
"I just need to talk to Liz mom."

Serena waitted until her mom got Liz. When Liz came on a moment later she got right to the point.

"Liz, Pierce knows I'm not telling him everything."
"What do you mean Rena?"
"I'm in Roswell and Pierce is asking questions in town."
"I know. Mr. Evans called and told me."
"Liz uh I should tell you that I ran into Kyle."
"Kyle Valenti?"
"Hey Liz." yelled Kyle into the phone.
"Liz Kyle knows my secret."
"How did he react?"
"He doesn't care."
"Serena do you have feelings for Kyle?"
"Do you love him?"
"Yeah. Liz, I think I do."
"That's good. You need someone nice. He deserves to be happy. As do you."
"Thanks Liz."
"Tell Kyle to becareful."
"I will."
"Love you Rena."
"Love you too Liz."

Serena hung up the phone and started to pace. Kyle watched her. He could tell that she was upset.

"Liz is ok right?" asked Kyle
"Yeah. She wants you to becareful."
"I will be. So what does she think about us?"
"She's happy for us."
"But it doesn't surprise me any. She always wanted me to be happy."
"I know."

Kyle and Serena spent the rest of the day talking.

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Part 47 Three and a half months later.

Liz sat under a tree in Kristy's backyard staring up at the stars. She noticed that she couldn't see as meny as in the desert or even as meny as in Roswell. She place a hand on her now very large belly. She could feel her son and daughter moving. She turned to find that Max had joinned her.

"I miss Roswell."
"I know it's home."
"Max after the babies are born I want to go home."
"Liz what about Pierce?"
"It's time to stop running."
"Liz I don't know it it's a good idea to go back."
"Max I'll go with or without you. If we get rid of Pierce then we will be safe. Serena is the next in line to head the unit. Besides I want the twins to know the only Grandparents that they have."
"I know."
"Max let's go inside. I'm kind of tired."

Max helped Liz to her feet and they when inside and up to their room. When they got there Max helped Liz change and into bed. He watched as she culed up to go to sleep. He pushed her hair back that had started to grow out again. He changed and climbed in beside her.

"It's ok Liz. I'm right here."
"No Max get Kristy. I think there is something wrong with the twins."
"Ok I'll be right back."

Max ran down the stairs and found Kristy in the kitchen.

"Kristy, Liz thinks there might be something wrong with the babies."
"Is she in your room?"
"Wait here I'll go check on her."

Kristy when to look at Liz. max sat at the table drumming his figers waitting. Half an hour later Kristy sat across from him.

"Liz and the babies are fine for now. But she needs her friends."
"Why what is going on?"
"Max nothing is wrong." At lest not yet anyway. "Liz just needs her friends. They are what gives her stranth to get throught anything. Call Serena in morning and have her get in touch with the others. If need be I will buy the plane tickets from where ever they are to get them here."
"Thanks but I think I will call Serena right now. She may need the extra time to get a hold of them."

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Part 48A

Kyle reached over and picked up Serena's cell phone that was ringing.

"Serena Jackson's phone."
"Kyle it's me let me talk to Serena." came Max's voice
"No hello? No how are you doing Kyle?"
"Kyle let me speak to Serena or you better pray to Buddha that when I see you I won't hurt you."
"Gee Max I thought that Liz would be the one to get mood swings."
"Kyle your pushing it."
"Sorry just a minute."

Serena came out of the bathroom and grabbed the phone out of Kyle's hand.

"Serena it's Max."
"Yeah I know. What's wrong?"
"Nothing other than your mom wants you and the rest of the gang to get your butts to L.A. as soon as possible."
"I'll call the others in the morning."
"Thanks. By the way your mom said she would spring for airfare."
"She was going to anyway."
"Serena bring Kyle with you. From what your mom told me Liz needs all the friends she can get."
"Got it. Take care of Lizzie for me."
"I will Serena."

Serena hung up and turned to Kyle.

"We're going to L.A. so call your dad and tell him you need time off."
"Liz ok?"
"Yeah just needs her friends." Atlest that is all mom is saying to Max. But I know better.
"Kyle, Max wants you there. Your Liz's friend."
"Rena I will do anything for Liz."
"I know Kyle."
"Your worried about Liz aren't you?"
"Yeah there is something going on that my mom wants us all out there."
"Liz is strong Serena. Nothing bad is going to happen to her."
"I know."

Kyle hugged Serena and tried to take care of her. He knew that she was worried about her sister that she just got back into her life. He felt that both Liz and Serena got the short end of the stick. They has to be kept away from each other for their own safety. Kyle just held Serena as she fell to sleep.

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Part 48B

Maria woke to a ringing phone. She looked at the clock and saw that it was eight in the morning. She picked up the cell and answered it.

"Serena this better be good." Maria mumbled
"Maria you and Michael have a flight to L.A. at one this afternoon."
"What's going on?"
"It's Liz. My mom feels that Liz should have her friends there when the twins are born."
"Wait Liz is having twins?"
"Yeah a boy and a girl. Jeffery Philip and Nancy Diane."
"What's going on with Liz?"
"My mom didn't tell Max. It shouldn't be anything big. Liz just needs her friends."
"Ok we will pack and get on he plane."
"Good. The tickets are in the names of Sarah and John Michaels at JFK. Oh and Chris Baker also known as Max is metting you at the airport in L.A."
"Got it. When you talk to Liz tell her I love her."
"She knows."
"See you soon Serena."

Maria hung up the phone ans when to find Michael. She found him in the small kitchen of their small apartment. He was making coffee.

"Michael we are going to L.A."
"Why Maria?"
"Liz needs help."
"Why what's up with her?"
"She is going to be having the twins soon and needs us there."
"Then we will get on the next plane out there."
"Serena's got it covered. We have a flight at one from JFK."
"Then we better pack. Go and take a shower and get ready. We might not be able to come back here."
"Michael I'm worried about Liz."
"Maria, Serena would tell you if something was really wrong with Liz."
"I know."
"Maria we will see Liz in the matter of hours."
"I know. By the way Max is going to be meetting us at the airport in L.A."

Maria and Michael packed and then grabbed a cab to the airport.


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Part 49

Isabel finished packing her and Alex's bags after getting the call from Serena. There had to be something major going on with Liz to for everyone to be called out to L.A.

"You ready Iz?"
"Yeah Alex. I'm worried about Liz."
"Serena said that she is fine for now."
"Then why bring us all out there?"
"I don't know. We'll find out when we get there. Don't worry so much."
"Alex, Liz could be in major trouble. We know that human/Alien babies are fine when the mother is an alien. But what if the mother is human? We don't know anything. If Liz hadn't risked her life to brake Max out or if Pierce finds her before she gives brith she could die."
"Isabel, I don't like to admit this but I think that Pierce would kill Liz anyway. Liz wouldn't let that basterd harm her babies if she was alive."
"That's true."

One hour later Alex and Isabel sat on a plane flying to L.A. They didn't say much durring the flight. A couple hours later they were in L.A. They walked through the airport. Near the main part of the termial they found Max, Michael, Maria, Serena and Kyle Valenti waitting for them.

"Hey guys." said Kyle
"Kyle what are you doing here?" asked Alex
"Heard Liz needed her friends. Last time I checked I was still her friend." said Kyle
"Guys lets go." said Max

Everyone climbed into the van that Max drove to the airport. Max headed for Kristy's house. When they got there everyone headed in to see Liz. Liz was resting on the sofa when they came in.

"Hi guys." said Liz
"Hey girlfriend how you feeling?" asked Maria
"I'm feeling ok. But I look like a beachball."
"No you don't. You look beautiful." said Max
"You always say that Max."
"Well I think you look good too Liz." said Michael
"Parker staying out of trouble?" asked Kyle
"Hey Valenti. What my sister didn't tell you? Max and I got married." said Liz
"Serena didn't tell any of us." said Alex
"Serena why?" asked Liz
"I forgot?" said Serena
"Serena I need to talk to you." said Kristy
"Ok mom. I'll be back soon Liz." said Serena

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