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A Post Departure Fiction

By Kristin80

Title: Reality

Disclaimer: I don’t own anything or anyone; Certainly not Roswell or any of the characters. I am just borrowing them and will be sure to return them when I am done.

Description:Liz is forced to come to terms with the Reality of what has happened between her and Max over the last few months, including Tess leaving Roswell pregnant with Max’s baby. Follows the show up through Departure, after that we are on our own kids, so fasten your seatbelts.

Author’s Note: This fic has been previously posted on other boards, including Jenn’s old board. It was incomplete, my goal now is to post all parts up to date, posting at least one part per day, that is if there is interest and then complete the fic. This was my first fanfic ever therefore there are some things that I have gone back to change and edit slightly. If you have read this before, you might notice that. If you like it, leave me feedback, if I get feedback then I will continue to edit it and post it. Some of these parts are short, so bear with me, the more feedback I get, the more parts I will post! Thanks a lot!

Rating: Parts will vary from PG through R and to NC-17. Parts with a higher rating will be labeled accordingly.

Part One; Waking Up

“Liz, Liz wake up” Liz Parker heard these words but still found herself trying to ignore them. It was the day after. The day after Tess left, and the day after she knew that her life would never be the same. Yet here she was expected to live on.

The realization finally hit Liz that the voice she was hearing was her mom and she was somehow expected to attend school today. How could she face Max?

After all that had happened at the Pod Chamber she just couldn’t deal with it. She had just grabbed Maria and asked her take her home. At Home Liz had spent the days after sleeping, crying and eating large amounts of Ice Cream.

She knew that Max had called. She knew that Max had come by too. She just kept asking her parents to lie to him, to do whatever they had to do to make him leave. Liz just felt as if her life had been turned upside down and she couldn’t even understand it herself. She needed to sort everything out before she could talk to Max.

She didn’t mean to ignore him but she knew that she had to decide what she wanted from Max before she could see him again.

With this unsettling thought she slid her legs over and rose out of bed, stumbling to the shower. “Yea mom I’m up” she moaned as she shut the bathroom door.

The hot water felt great over her body. She only wished that the last few months had been all a bad dream and that she could somehow wake up from it. Max and Tess, the thought of it made her sick to her stomach, she had actually vomited several times in the last few days just thinking about them together.

She had sacrificed herself for Max but she never imagined that it would turn out like this. How could she pursue a relationship with Max when she wasn’t sure that she could forgive him, or even herself for what had happened?

And then there was the whole Sean relationship to think about. She cared for him, but nothing close to what she felt for Max. He had always been there for her, and the last thing that she wanted to do was hurt him, or herself even more.

She tried to push these thoughts to the back of her mind as she stepped out of the shower and dressed for school.

How could she even concentrate on school today? Was Max even going to be there? At least if she saw Max it would be in a public place where she could try to keep control over her feelings. Liz threw on some mascara and lip gloss and headed for the door where she knew Maria would be waiting for her, waiting to ask Liz the same questions that Liz had already been asking herself over and over the last several days.


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Part 2~Alien Sex and E.T.

Liz just smiled at Maria as they drove to school. How could she talk like this without taking a breath?

“So what is going on with you and Max” Maria stuttered. “Well you know that me and Michael ummm…” Liz just laughed. “I know I still can’t believe that you and Michael, actually had sex. So how was it?” Liz asked hoping that Maria wouldn’t bring up Liz and Max’s past with flashes.

“It was, well I think the only way to describe it was amazing. I mean I don’t really know if it was different than human sex, but we did have flashes. It was as if we were completely in tune with each other, and our movements. It was in short the most amazing night of my life. I am almost glad that all this happened to have Michael appreciate me” Maria started

“Oh Liz I am sorry, you know that wasn’t what I meant”. Maria gasped suddenly noticing the look on Liz’s face

“I know Maria, I know, don’t worry about it” Liz answered as they pulled into a parking space.

“So do you think that our little ET friends are going to make an appearance today?” Liz asked trying to lighten up the mood. Maria smiled “Well I talked to Michael already and he said they will be here. They are all just anxious to get back to life as normal right now. Except for Max, he is anxious to get back to life with Liz”.

“Oh Maria, I just don’t know what to do, I don’t even know what I am feeling” Liz answered with tears forming in her eyes

“I know” Maria said. “I have just the cure, a little girl talk after school, just make it through today and everything will be better, I promise. I am here for you one hundred percent”.

“Thanks Maria, you always have been” Liz said as she reached over and hugged her best friend in the world. Liz held her tight for a moment, trying to gather the strength to get through the day.

With that they got out of the car and walked towards school. “Well here goes nothing” Liz whispered. Just then she looked over to see Max, Isabel, and Michael walking toward the school.

Maria took her hand and squeezed it; they walked that way, hand in hand to the school. Liz said a silent thank you that she had Maria with her now.

TBC? More?? I am going to post at least one more part in a few minutes. Please let me know if you want me to continue. I would like to post it all and finish it. So if you have interest let me know! Thanks!

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Part 3~Two Men, Roses, and Confessions

Liz walked to her first class knowing it was going to be the most difficult of the day. It was English and she had it with Max.

To make it even worse he sat right behind her. She slowly took her seat and prayed that she could be strong enough to make it through this day. Liz opened her book and tried to read, she needed to catch up in school, finals were almost here and she had done no homework over the weekend. She also hoped that reading would help her from staring at Max as soon as he entered the room. Liz took a deep breath as she saw Max enter the room out of the corner of her eye.

He walked right to her and kneeled next to her desk. “Liz, I…well I know this is really hard for you, but I just need you to know that I love you more than anything in this world and any other. I know that there is no way to make up for what has happened. I just want you to know that I will spend the rest of my life proving to you just how much you mean to me. I owe you not only my life but every moment of happiness in my life that you have brought me.” Liz tried not to look at him. “Max I…..” Max didn’t even let her finish. “I know baby.” He said. “I know its okay, we will talk, whenever you are ready. I will be here waiting until then” Liz just nodded as she felt a single tear slide down her cheek. Max swept his fingers over her cheek and wiped her tear away. Before another word could be spoken the teacher walked in and began to speak.

Liz couldn’t believe that Max had said all of those things to her. And not caring who else heard in the room. She just tried to replay it in her mind. She couldn’t think with Max so close to her. She could feel his breath on her neck. His body so close to hers. She looked at her book thinking that it looked as though it was any other language than English. Max seemed especially talkative in class which astonished Liz, particularly since the topic was nothing other than Love Poems.

The class seemed to fly past to Liz. She savored every moment of him being close to her. Trying to comprehend the feelings that were rushing through her.

Liz felt at ease until lunch. She didn’t have any more classes with Max and she knew that as much as Maria would want to be with Michael that she would be there for Liz. Liz walked slowly to the tables where she and Maria ate lunch, trying to remember if her mom had handed her a lunch as she walked out the door.

When she spotted Maria she was unsure how she should react. Max, Michael, Isabel, and Kyle sat with her. Maria saw the look on Liz’s face. Maria met her a few feet from the table.

“Lizzie, is this okay? I meant to just eat with you but everyone showed up. I mean if you want we can go somewhere by ourselves.” “No, No Maria” Liz whispered. “It’s okay really, I need to get used to normal again, whatever normal is”.

Maria laughed and led Liz over to the table. Isabel was the first to greet her. “Liz, hi…look I just wanted to say on behalf of me Michael, and Max to all of you how grateful we are that you were there that day. And how grateful that we are that we have you as friends” Liz just smiled. She could hardly believe that this was Isabel Evans speaking. They had gotten along for the most part lately but Liz was still surprised by Isabel’s speech.

Maria smiled “That’s what friends are for” she said. Liz’s eyes slowly met Max’s as this was said. Max just smiled. He was trying so hard to make this easy for Liz. He loved her so much and he just knew that he could never lose her again. She was his everything. And he hoped that she just needed space right now, but it was so hard for Max to stay away from her. To not take her in his arms and hold her right there. “Control yourself Evans” Max whispered to himself.

The rest of the school day seemed to go okay for Liz. She felt that maybe, just maybe the worst was over for now. Between Isabel’s thank you and Max saying that he was willing to wait for her Liz thought that maybe she could just slow down a little and for once do what was going to make her happy.

She slid into a booth at the Crashdown grateful that neither she or Maria had to work today. Liz’s parents had seen how upset she had been lately so they decided to get a little more help for the Crashdown to take some of the load off of Liz. Besides she was still young, she had plenty of time to work when she got older.

Maria sat across from her as Agnes took their order. Liz smiled grateful that someone else would be taking care of her for once. “So you two get service today since it is so slow” Agnes laughed as she approached the table. “What will it be” “Turkey sandwich, fries and a Cherry Coke” Liz answered. “Ummm I’ll have a hamburger, fries and a diet coke” Maria said looking at Liz. Agnes walked away to place their order. “Cherry Coke?” Maria laughed. “Yes I guess all these out of towners are rubbing off on me” Liz laughed “One in particular” Maria said as she saw Max enter the Crashdown. Liz knew without even looking that Max was here.

“So girl talk” Liz said trying to keep her concentration. Just as they began talking their food arrived. Liz realized just then how hungry she was. Just as she was about to dig in she felt a arm touch her shoulder. Sure it was Max Liz spun around to see Sean.

“Hey Parker can we talk” Sean whispered. “Ummm well..” Liz said looking to Maria. Maria just rolled her eyes. With that Sean knew that he wasn’t going to get an answer.

Sean picked Liz up out of her seat and carried her into the back of the Crashdown. Out of the corner of her eye Liz saw Max as she was being carried to the back of the Crashdown and nothing could describe the look of absolute jealously she saw in his eyes.

Max walked over to Maria. Maria knew what he was thinking and just said “Calm down Girlfriend, Sean is nothing Liz can’t handle” Maria winked and smiled knowing that Max deserved a little jealously after what he had put Liz through.

“Sean, put me down” Liz squealed when they reached the back of the Crashdown.

“Calm down Parker” Sean laughed. He then spun around and set her on her feet.

Liz still a little wobbly tried to act angry. “Cute Parker” Sean said as he backed up and pulled himself up to sit on the counter.

“Well, you know that I am pretty straight up, so here’s the deal” Sean began. Liz just prayed that this was something that she could handle.

“Liz, I really care for you, I have feelings towards you that I have not had for a person in a long time. I know that you still care about Max Evans, but I was wondering if you possibly cared about me.

I want to be with you Liz, you know that. Not just as friends or whatever but I want to be with you, as your boyfriend. I feel like I am setting myself up to be hurt here and I just want a straight answer. It’s okay if you still have feelings for Evans, we can work through that. I just need to know what you are feeling”

Liz tried to comprehend what he had said, and even harder find a answer for it. “Sean…I…” Liz began.

Sean interrupted her “Parker, its okay, you don’t have to answer me right now. I just wanted you to know how I feel. Think about it and get back to me..” Sean slid off the counter, walking over to Liz. He cupped her face in his hands and kissed her gently on the lips.

“You know where to find me” He whispered as he pulled away. With that done he walked straight out of the restaurant being sure to make eye contact with Max Evans, silently saying that he would not give Liz up without a fight.

Liz tried to compose herself as she walked back into the Crashdown. All at once she could feel everyone’s eyes on her. She felt her cheeks redden.

She confidently walked back over to her booth and mumbled “excuse me Max” as he slid out of the booth. She could see the anger in his eyes but knew that she couldn’t address it now. Max just tried to smile and walked back over to his seat.

“Spill” Maria said as soon as Max was out of hearing range. “Maria its complicated” Liz began as she told Maria what Sean had said to her. “Oh My God girl, check you out! You are such a little pimpette” Maria squealed.

“Maria” Liz said as she felt her cheeks slowly becoming the color of her red tank top again. “Liz do you understand that you have two guys fighting over you! We should have a duel to the death. “Funny Maria” Liz said as she took a bite of her sandwich. Liz could still feel Max’s eyes on the back of her head.

“One day down, one million to go” Liz whispered to herself as she sat down on her balcony. Liz took out her journal and wondered where she could possibly begin to explain all of the feelings rushing through her.

She pulled her blanket tightly over her shoulders wondering why she hadn’t waited to change into the pj’s . She was just wearing a a black tank top and flannel pants.

I am Liz Parker and I am confused. It has once again been a while since I have opened this journal and written honestly. Right now honesty is all that I can promise anyone. I feel so torn between Max, Sean, and myself right now. I have been hurt and I don’t want to hurt anyone else. I feel as if there are a million different feelings running through my body at the same time. Things would be better if Alex were still here. How is it possible that one person, Tess Harding could have shattered my whole life. She took my best friend and my soulmate from me in one clean sweep. How could she have been Max’s first. I should have been. How could she have killed Alex, my sweet Alex. And worse yet why couldn’t I protect him. If I had never listened to future Max would Alex still be alive? If I had never told Alex the truth about Max, Isabel, Michael and Tess would he still be alive. How can I mourn him when my life is still in such uncertainty?

Liz stopped sure that she had heard a noise. She crept over to the edge of her balcony and peeked over. She saw Max looking up at her innocently. He was carrying A dozen red roses.

“Liz…can I come up” Max whispered looking ashamed that he had been caught before he could announce himself. “Ummm okay” Liz whispered as she asked herself silently if she could control herself around him.

Max quickly climbed up the fire escape and pulled himself up standing next to her. Hi eyes suddenly looked over her body in obvious desire. Liz turned around quickly and grabbed her blanket from the chair.

“I’m ummm sorry” Max said sure that somehow she had read his mind. “It’s okay Max” Liz whispered feeling embarrassed herself. “But what are you doing here, it’s after midnight”

“ I just needed to see you” Max said as he stepped closer to Liz, handing her the roses.

“Thank you Max, they are beautiful” Liz said accepting the flowers from his hands. “Well its late..” Liz began knowing that she couldn’t let herself break down and let Max see her cry.

Max stepped closer to her now so that they were almost touching “Liz, baby I need to know”. “Know what” Liz asked hoping he wasn’t asking her to answer him just yet about how she felt towards him now.

“ Liz, why did you lie to me about sleeping with Kyle? I keep telling myself that you must have had a good reason, but it’s just that it was so painful, it’s still painful. I just need to know the truth.

“Max…its’s really complicated. I’m not even sure that you would believe me” Liz began. “Liz, please trust me, I know that is really hard to do right now”

“ Max I trust you with my life” Liz said talking his hand and leading him over to the chairs. “Max, you came to visit me from the future. I know it sounds crazy but you did. You said that that I needed to make you fall out of love with me so that you could be there for Tess. You see if Tess and you didn’t ummm I guess spend time together than Michael, Isabel, and everyone we care about would die. Max I mean the world would come to and end twelve years in the future.”

Max just looked at her in amazement. She squeezed his hand knowing how difficult that this must be for him to understand. “Max it all happened the night that you serenaded me. I wasn’t alone then Max, you were…well you were here. I had to make you think that I slept with Kyle so that you would fall out of love with me. Max I am sorry, it hurt me just as much as it hurt you. I wanted to run after you and tell you the truth but I couldn’t I just couldn’t.”

Max slowly began to speak. “Liz you are so strong. I can’t believe that you have been going through this alone. Why would I ask you to do something like that. You are my world Liz, you are everything to me. What will happen now?” Liz looked into his eyes “I don’t know Max, this future is different than what would have happened.

“Liz…I does this mean that the flashes that I saw of us being married in Las Vegas are from this other future? Do you know?”

“Yes Max, you gave me my wedding dance on this balcony that night. We got married in Las Vegas. God Max, Alex was at our wedding”. Liz felt a tear slid down her cheek. She was fighting to regain control.

“Liz, that is the future that I want, not this. Not this one filled with pain.” “Max I don’t know if it is possible now. So much has changed.” Max prayed that he could have his true future with Liz Parker, the only one that he loved.

“That is our future if I have anything to say about it” Max said as he leaned over and kissed her deeply. Liz pulled away not wanting to get pulled into anything that she wasn’t ready for. Liz just leaned against his chest, closing her eyes just enjoying the feel of his arms around her. Max just held her and ran his fingers through her hair.

They stayed like that for hours. Max just held her until he was sure that she was asleep. He then took her in his arms and carried her to her bed. He laid her gently in bed and pulled the covers over her. “Goodnight my love” He whispered kissing her on the forehead.

He silently thanked god for being able to hold her again as he climbed out her window and down to the waiting jeep.


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Part 4 ~Evolution,A Sexpot, & The War for Liz Parker

Liz swore to herself as she opened her eyes to see her alarm clock. Just sitting there, not beeping or making any noise.

How could she be so stupid as to not set her alarm clock? “Good one dummy..” Liz said to herself as she jumped out of bed. Okay she had about 15 minutes before Maria picked her up for school.

Unsure of what took more priority she jumped in the shower. Not smelling is more important that makeup she thought logically. After the hot water hit her back she knew that it was going to be hard to take a 5-minute shower this morning.

As she began to truly wake up the events of the last day hit her all over again. “Max” she actually said out loud. She had fallen asleep on him. Literally. How could she have let her guard down so much?

And Sean what did she feel about him? All of these questions ran through her mind, unfortunately no answers followed them.

Snapping back to reality she stepped out of the shower and into her room trying to find something to wear. Just then she heard a knock on her bedroom door.

Liz walked over and slid it open and peeked out. “Oh Maria, I am so glad that you are here. I have nothing to wear. I am hurrying I swear.” Maria giggled, “Well hurry a little faster princess or we are going to be late for school, and we all know how studious I am”.

Liz laughed, “The only thing that you want to study is alien relations in the Eraser Room”. Maria tried to act surprised as she rummaged through Liz’s closet.

“Here honey wear these” Maria said handing Liz some clothes. “Maria” Liz said surprised that Maria would give her this. “ I might as well wear the towel,” Liz laughed looking at the tight jeans and backless tank top Maria had chosen for her.

“Come on honey you’ve got to keep up that sex pot image if you want Max and Sean to duel over you” Liz looked embarrassed. “Well I guess looking a little sexy never hurt anyone” Liz said as she pulled the white tank top over her head.

Maria grabbed a pair of shoes for Liz in one hand and Liz’s hand in the other and they left for school.

Liz stood on her tiptoes and peeked into the window of her first period class before entering. Max sat there staring at her seat aimlessly.

“Well here we go” Liz said to no one in particular as she opened the classroom door. Liz Parker hated being the center of attention and that is just what she is right now being late to school.

Actually Maria and Liz being late had less to do with Liz’s alarm not going off as it did with them running into Michael upon arrival. He could care less about missing class and had whisked Maria off with him.

If only everything were always that simple Liz thought as she took a seat. “Oh, thank you for fitting us into your busy schedule Ms. Parker” their instructor Ms. Lowly said. Liz just smiled.

She knew that Ms. Lowly was just giving her a hard time. Liz knew for a fact that she was her favorite student and she knew that Ms Lowly had no intention of changing that.

Liz slid into her seat as the class looked on. It was just then that Liz realized that her whole back was exposed for Max Evans to see sitting behind her. She suddenly felt slightly exposed but also slightly mischievous at the same time.

Max leaned up to whisper in her ear, “I was worried about you” “No need” Liz answered coolly back. She could take care of herself and Max Evans should know that by now.

The one thing that Max Evans didn’t know right was how he was going to win back this amazing creature sitting before him.

Later that day Liz and Maria did have to work at the Crashdown. This was okay for Liz. It seemed to take her mind off of other things in her life.

Maria giggled knowing that Liz would probably have Max at one table in her section and Sean at another, this didn’t bother Maria though, it would make a slower night for her.

Sure enough a little after six Max showed up taking a table he knew to be in Liz’s section. Liz walked shyly over to him, pen and order pad in hand. “Hi Max, I am sorry about last night, I must have been really tired” Liz said as she leaned against the booth. “You have nothing to be sorry for” Max said with a smile.

“Well in that case, what will you have today?” “I will have a burger and fries, and..” “A cherry Coke” Liz finished for him smiling. Liz walked to give his order to Michael only to see Sean walk in the door with a smile on his face.

He took a booth in Liz’s section as far away from Max as possible. “Oh this should be interesting” Maria whispered to Liz as Liz filled up Max’s Cherry Coke.

“For you” Liz said with a smile as she headed towards Max. “Well here’s your soda and I will be back with your food just as soon as Michael gets around to it” Max laughed, wanting to talk with her more but uncertain of what to say he opened his mouth and just smiled.

Liz took a deep breath and walked towards Sean’s table. “Hello beautiful..” Sean said as Liz neared him. “Hi Sean” Liz said as she felt her cheeks blushing.

“ What will it be?” Liz continued feeling Max’s eyes on them. “Well for right now how about a piece of Men in Blackberry pie. And for later how about an evening with you”. “I don’t know Sean” Liz said taking a seat with him at the booth.

“Look Liz you know how I feel about you, I just want to hang out and spend time with you. No pressure. What do you say, come on we can go see a movie or something.” “Okay Sean. No pressure” she repeated to him as she stood to go get his pie.

“Lizzie has a date,” Maria teased as she walked back to the counter. “So I see that you are finally coming around to Max” Michael said eavesdropping on the conversation.

“Not exactly” Maria said. “Her date is with none other than my cousin, Sean Deluca” “Oh Max is going to love that,” Michael said stepping back in the kitchen.

“Even the more reason to go” Maria whispered to Liz walking away. Something told Liz that she was playing with fire. And she just hoped that she wasn’t the one to get burned.

Liz tried to concentrate on doing her job but it was becoming increasingly more difficult as the night drew on. Finally just before closing Max stood from the table he had been sitting at for hours. He threw some money on the table and walked towards Liz.

“Hey Liz” he said as he took a seat at the counter while she was wiping of the counter.

“ I was kind of hoping that we could get together after you are done closing here. I really want to talk to you about what has happened…” Liz interrupted him “Max, I kind of already have plans. And I just need some time to figure out what I feel” Just then, at the worst possible moment Sean walked up to Liz He slid next to her sliding his arm around his waist.

“So Liz I will pick you up in about an hour” He then leaned over and kissed Liz lightly on the lips. He then looked directly in Max’s eyes as he walked out the door. “Damn” Liz said to herself while trying to stop herself from screaming.

She couldn’t believe that Max had seen Sean kiss her. Max just looked at her with his puppy dog eyes. “So it looks like you have your feelings for Sean all figured out” Max mumbled as he stood and practically ran out of the Crashdown.

Liz just laid her head on the counter wondering how she got herself into this mess. Liz Parker just a small town girl, and now she suddenly was the most desired girl in Roswell.

Maria walked up to Liz and placed her hand on her shoulder “I know Lizzie, it is hard to have two men dying for your attention” Liz didn’t respond. She just picked up her towel and swatted Maria on the ass.

Liz stood in front of her bedroom mirror trying to make herself look presentable. She threw on jeans and a shirt. Brushed her hair out, and put on some lip-gloss. “Okay that’s better” Liz said to her reflection.

“Oh yea brush the teeth” she said to herself. Liz wondered if she would be kissing anyone tonight and if she was then who? Funny Liz she thought to herself. Just then she realized that Sean must already be downstairs waiting for her. She had taken way too much time.

Liz ran downstairs and slid the lock on the Crashdown door over. She slid out the door and locked it from the outside with her key. Liz looked around the empty streets wondering where Sean was. Liz had to remind herself that this was Sean not ‘don’t be on time but be early with a gift’ Max Evans.

Liz stood on the corner pulling her sweater over her shoulders as she waited for Sean. Just as she was about to go inside she saw Sean’s bug come pulling up in front of the Crashdown.

“Hey Sean” Liz said as she climbed in the bug. “I would have gotten the door for you Parker” Sean laughed “Yea but this is a no pressure situation remember? Friends hanging out! That would be like Maria opening her car door for me! I am lucky if she slows down enough for me to jump in” Sean smiled as he put his car in gear.

“Mind if I turn on the radio?” Liz asked. “No go ahead, anything you want to listen to is fine with me,” Sean answered as he pulled back on the street. Liz flipped the dial until she heard a Gomez song fill the speakers. She froze for a moment and then flipped the radio off. Sean looked at her confused “Don’t like that song hun Parker?”

“Something like that” Liz answered. What was she supposed to tell him? That listening to Gomez made her think of making love to Max Evans? I don’t think so.

“So what’s the plan for tonight?” Liz asked trying to change to subject. “I thought that we would go see a movie if that’s okay with you” Sean answered. “I don’t know Sean, is that going to be exciting enough for you? Do we at least get to break into the movie theater?” Liz laughed

“Nope we are paying customers tonight, I wanted to go out with you once in an evening that didn’t end with one of us getting arrested.” “Funny Sean” Liz laughed.

She actually felt like she was loosening up around Sean. She didn’t feel so tense around him. She wondered if it had anything to do with her having less guilt over Max finding out since she knew now what he was doing with Tess the whole time.

Liz smiled to herself as they pulled into the parking lot for the theater. This time Liz let Sean come around to her side of the car and open the door for her. What the hell? Sean was a nice enough guy and Liz figured that the only way she could see what feeling that she had for him was to spend time around him. Sure she didn’t feel nearly as ‘electric’ as she did when she was around Max Evans, but maybe ‘electric’ wasn’t necessarily a good thing.

Liz let Sean take her hand as they walked towards the theater. They walked to the ticket booth, Sean buying her ticket like a perfect gentleman. “Two for Evolution” Sean said as he handed the clerk money. Great Liz thought to herself. A movie about killer aliens, a little close to home. Liz just rolled her eyes and tried to act normal, whatever normal was.

“So Parker, what do you say to a little popcorn and a soda” Sean said as he handed their tickets to the man at the door. “Sure” Liz said. “I am just going to go to the restroom” Sean smiled at her and went off to buy their snacks.

Liz walked into the bathroom feeling more relaxed than she had in a long time. Once inside she was shocked to see Maria and Liz checking their makeup in the mirror. “Hey you guys” Liz said sliding next to them. “Liz, Hi…”Isabel said shortly. “What are you doing here” Maria spoke.

“Me and Sean are seeing that new alien movie..umm I think its called Evolution, you know with the guy from the X-files” Liz said nudging Maria. “Oh how cute” Isabel said as she left the restroom.

“What’s with her” Liz asked “Well Liz, its just that, well me Isabel and Michael are kind of here with Max to cheer him up. We just saw Pearl Harbor” “Oh shit” was all that Liz said before she ran out of the bathroom.

Michael, Isabel and Max stood there waiting for Maria. Isabel was noticeably trying to get Max out the door. “Liz” Max said obviously happy to see her. “What are you doing here?” Max asked stepping away from Isabel and Michael towards Liz.

Liz didn’t have time to say anything before Sean walked up and met the group. “Hey cous” Sean said to Maria carefully positioning himself next to Liz. “Oh I see” Max mumbled.

“You are here with Sean” he slowly started to walk away when Sean said, “Yea Max she is here with me, do you have a problem with that??” Maria instantly hit Sean in the ribs. Max turned around “Actually I do have a problem with that, you see me and Liz sort of have some unfinished business between us and I think that you are in the way of that being resolved.

“Where in the hell is my cedar oil” Maria said as she dug through her purse. “Well it looks to me like Liz doesn’t want to finish anything with you” Sean said stepping closer to Max’s face. “Well I think that she does” Max answered stepping even closer to Sean.

Liz had never seen Max like this, she was still in shock. Liz heard Isabel whisper to Michael “We have to do something or Max is going to lose it. He might even use his powers”. This thought never entered Liz’s mind. Max wouldn’t do that would he??

Maybe she just hadn’t realized how upset Max had been lately. Michael stepped between them. “Can’t your friend fight his own battle” Sean countered in Michael’s face. “Yes he could but I am afraid that he would really hurt you so I thought I would step in” Michael said coolly.

Max spoke up “Liz Parker is the love of my life and I will never let her go without a fight” Liz just looked around at the people beginning to gather thinking that they were going to get a show. Liz hoped not. “I love her like you have never even dreamt about loving someone Sean” Max continued “ I know that I hurt her and I would do anything that I could to take that back, but I can’t. My only choice now is to spend everyday trying to show her how I feel” “Oh how sweet” Sean said sarcastically “Liz and I feel things for each other that you could never understand.” Max finished

“Please just stop” Liz yelled startling both of them. “Liz why don’t you tell him that you are here with me” Sean said. “I am not here with anyone anymore” Liz said as she ran out the doors. Maria followed her and pushed her into the Jetta.

“Come on Liz, I know we just need to get you home” Liz said nothing as the tears just fell down her face. In the rearview mirror Liz saw Max running after the car. “I can’t Max” Liz whispered.


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Part 5~ Memories, Gomez, & The Eraser Room

Liz got home from her horrible night not wanting to face anyone, not even Maria. “Thanks Maria, I really appreciate the ride.

“That’s what friends are for” Maria answered. “Are you sure that you don’t want me to come in for a while” Maria asked. “No, I really just want to be alone for a while. Thanks for the ride though.” “Sure Lizzie, I will call you later” Maria yelled as she drove away.

Liz walked up to the door of the Crashdown just wanting to make it up to her room without having to answer to her parents why she looked so upset. Luckily her parents were watching TV and didn’t even notice her entrance. Liz slid in her room and locked the door. It was then that she really felt like she could let go of the breath that she had been holding.

“Damnit” Liz said to herself as she walked into her bathroom. “I can’t take much more of this” Liz slid out of her clothes and stepped into the shower. She remembered hearing somewhere that taking a hot shower is like being in between sleep and awake.

That was what she needed right now. How could they both have promised to give her space and then crowd her so much. How could they act that way towards each other, towards Liz with all those people around?

Liz knew that she would never understand exactly what was going on in the minds of these two men, so she decided to focus on what was going on in her mind. A decision to make, between Sean and Max. Maybe she would just choose neither and be single for a while.

Liz laughed at that prospect, it would be nice, but she didn’t want to let either of these guys so as it was. Liz felt that with Sean it was more about not wanting to make him feel that way that she had when she had heard that Max was with Tess.

Liz never wanted anyone to have to feel that way. But that was no reason to have a relationship with someone, even Liz knew that. Max, her feelings for Max had no words to describe them, when she was with him she felt like anything was possible, anything.

She loved Max; she loved him like she had always dreamt perfect love could be like. She wasn’t even sure that kind of Love existed until she met Max Evans. He was her world, but he had also crushed it. Liz had made up her mind. All she had to do now was figure out if she could forgive Max Evans for the way he had made her feel.

Meanwhile across town Max Evans ran into his room and locked the door. “Wow you really fucked that up Evans” Max said to himself as he feel onto his bed. He switched on his radio trying to loose himself in the music. How could he have acted that way around Liz, he was sure that she was just scared of him now.

He had just lost it; he couldn’t stand seeing Sean with Liz the way that he should be with Liz. He was always the cool headed one, Michael was the one with a temper, not him. But something about Liz Parker made Max loose it.

He knew now that she was his destiny, he couldn’t imagine living without her, how had he screwed up so badly from the time when she was his.

Just as Max was lost in that thought. He heard a Gomez song come on the radio. He found himself smiling. “Why does this song remind me of Liz” He said out loud to no one in particular.

As Max lost himself in the song he though of Liz and what it would be like to make love to her, to hold her. Max Evans fell asleep with these thoughts in his mind.

This morning Liz did hear her alarm clock blaring. The day’s just keep coming she thought. It seemed that everyday was just getting worse and worse but how could it get any worse than yesterday she wondered. Liz headed to her closet to find something to wear for what felt like her next day in battle.

“Max hello wake up” Max heard Isabel and immediately though, “what the hell is Isabel doing in my dream about Liz. Isabel then poked him in the stomach. “Hello??” she yelled Max shook his head like a wet dog and tried to bring himself back into reality.

He had been dreaming about Liz all night long. He had dream after dream of them together. It had been one of those deep dreams like it was completely real; he woke up still in the same clothes from last night but covered in sweat.

“Twenty minutes until we leave” he heard Isabel say as she walked out of his room. Max had to ask Liz about the Gomez song today. He knew it most likely was just his wild imagination; but it had seemed so real. He had to see if she felt the same way.

Liz was on time today. She did not want a repeat of yesterday’s classroom Drama so she was waiting outside for Maria when she pulled up. “Hello Honey” Maria yelled out of her window. Liz jumped in the car and said “Step on it, I don’t want to be late again” with a laugh.

It felt good to laugh with Maria. She knew it would feel good to explain her feelings to Maria too. She knew that Maria would be pleased that there weren’t going to be anymore making out sessions between Sean and Liz.

“Don’t worry” Maria said as they pulled into the parking lot at the school. “What do you mean?” Liz asked. “I mean about today, I have a feeling that it is going to be a lot better than yesterday. “I hope so” Liz answered praying that Maria was right.

Liz walked towards her first class with a new vigor for life. She could control her own destiny she told herself as she walked towards the English class that she had with Max. Once again she was almost late. She had to talk to her parents about buying her a car she decided, that way she could leave on time. Just as she was about to reach her classroom she felt someone grab her shoulder.

“What…” she managed to get out before she was pulled into another room, not just any room, but the infamous eraser room. She spun around still trying to fight her assailant when she realized that it was Max.

“…..the hell are you doing” she finished. “I just..Umm…I need to talk to you” Max whispered. “Well I need to not talk to you” Liz snapped back. “Cmon Liz, I know your mad and you have every right to be, really, I told you that I was going to give you space, and I didn’t, although I do blame you for being at the theater” he laughed trying to loosen Liz up.

“Okay Max, what’s up, I really need to get to class.” I just..Well I just wanted to ask you if you like Gomez’s music” “What” Liz asked her face turning white as a sheet. “I knew it, there is something else you know that you didn’t tell me”

“I just didn’t think that it was relevant” Liz answered trying to stay composed. “Oh I think its very relevant” Max said stepping closer to her.

“Okay so what I didn’t tell you is that when you came here from the future you told me that we had ummmm…well cemented our relationship the night of the Gomez concert that we were going to go too.”

“How is that not relevant. Liz I heard the music on the radio last night and it made me crazy thinking of you. “That is our destiny, that is what is meant to happen. Liz that is what I want” Max said touching her arm. “That is not possible now” Liz said coolly.

“Why, why not, I know you still have feelings for me..” Max began. “But you slept with Tess….with her….It wouldn’t be the same. We wouldn’t lose our virginity together Max. I would be different, you had her first.” Liz said surprised at her own honesty.

“Liz, I had you first. I never loved Tess like I love you. To tell you the truth I don’t even remember having sex with her. Besides it whatever happened was just sex, I never made love to her. I want to make love to you.”

“I don’t know if it could be that way. I don’t know if I could be that open after the way I was hurt.” Liz said avoiding making eye contact with Max.

“Liz, anything that ever happens between us will be nothing like anything that ever happened between Tess and I, let me promise you that. Everyday with you is special. Every moment with you is special. It means more to me than anything that I have done with Tess ever will. Just know that okay?”

Liz nodded her head without looking up at Max, she knew she would cry if she did. She could feel the tears welling up already. Max took her face in his hands and led her mouth to his. He wanted to give her space but he just couldn't he couldn’t be around her and not touch her. He had tried.

Liz didn’t fight him. Their lips met gently at first, with Max praying that she wouldn’t pull away from him. She didn’t, she couldn’t what she felt was much too strong. He pressed his mouth stronger against hers moving fast in his kisses.

“Liz ..” he managed to moan as he brought his hands to the back of her neck. Liz took his mouth eagerly, wanting him as much as he wanted her. She couldn’t pull away this just felt too right. Being here with him.

She slid her hands around his neck and opened herself up to him. She began to see flashes, images of her with Kyle in bed. Images of her throughout the past months when she thought he hadn’t been watching. She felt everything that he had felt when he saw these things.

He felt the pain that she had felt, the jealousy in the pit of his stomach, the feeling that she had felt when she saw him with Tess. He felt it when he saw her with Kyle, or Sean. She opened her mouth slightly and allowed him to slip his tongue inside. His tongue circled around her lips, eagerly, he wanted more of Liz Parker, he wanted all of Liz Parker, but not here, not like this. Max slowly pulled away leaving Liz eager for more. Liz suddenly embarrassed that she had opened herself to him backed up against the door. “Liz I love you..” Max said a smiled as Liz opened the door. He swears that he heard her say, “I love you too” as she slammed the door to the eraser room leaving him alone inside.


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Part 6~ A Eight O’clock Meeting, & A Worried Max

Max just stood in the eraser room. Trying to gather his thoughts. Why did Liz leave so quickly? Leaving him alone.

He hoped that she didn’t think that he didn’t want her. In fact it was just the opposite, Max really wanted her and he wasn’t sure if he would be able to control himself with Liz once he started.

He wanted to make love to her so badly, more than anything that he had ever wanted in his whole life. But he didn’t want to do it here, like this. It had to be special, wonderful, amazing, not just for him but for Liz.

Liz shut the door of the eraser room just knowing that she had to get out of there. She couldn’t control herself around Max and she didn’t want it to get out of control. It had finally come to her, her relationship with Max was more important than anything else.

She loved him enough to forgive him. She was sure of it now, after feeling all the feelings that he felt for her in the flashes.

She knew right now that there was no way that she could deny that Max Evans was her soul mate. They were meant to be together, no matter what anyone else said or thought. With this new outlook on life Liz walked past her class and to the restroom, she knew Maria always hung out in there during first period, she hated her class.

Max gathered his thoughts and peeked out of the eraser room door. He crept out slowly knowing he couldn’t get caught hanging out in there. He walked into his first period class trying to slide in his seat while the teacher’s back was turned.

He sat down and then said aloud “Liz?” the girl next to him looked at him with a smile. She knew he had it bad. She shook her head saying that Liz hadn’t come today. If she wasn’t here then where did she go? Max wondered.

Liz crept through the hallways towards the Girl’s bathroom. She pushed the door open and peeked inside. “Maria” she whispered hoping she was here. “Liz is that you” Maria said poking her head out of a stall.

Liz walked to her and looked in as the door opened. Inside the handicapped stall Maria sat with all of her makeup and a hairbrush fixing her hair. “Nice place you got here” Liz laughed. “It’s better than study hall with no cute guys” Maria said as she stood up.

“Come have a seat in my office” Maria joked as she led Liz over to the bathroom counter where they sat. “What’s up honey, you look much better than this morning” Maria mumbled as she put on Lipstick.

“I am better” Liz started continuing to tell Maria the events of that morning. “Wow, that is so great, I knew that you and Max were meant to be together, I was shocked that me and Michael beat you guys to a sexual relationship, you guys used to be like rabbits together” Maria said as Liz blushed.

“Well things just kind of always got in the way” Liz explained. “Well If I were you I wouldn’t let anything get in the way” Maria laughed with a wink.

“That’s what I have been thinking lately too” Liz said shyly as she slid off the counter. Just then the bell rang to end first period. “What” Maria yelled? “Are you and Max going to ummm” “I think I was saved by the bell” Liz said with a smile.

“We will go to my house after school and talk about it then” Liz said as she left the bathroom and walked down the hallway towards her next class.

The bell rang and Max bolted from his desk. He needed to find Liz. He felt empty without her around and he was worried about her. It wasn’t like her to not come to class, late or not. Max sped into the halls hoping that he would pass Liz on the way to his next class.

Liz walked with a new bounce in her step. She had come to terms with all that had happened in her life and she felt that she could handle it. Liz thought of the old saying that you will never have more put on you than you can handle.

She didn’t believe this was true until this morning. If she and Max could get through this then they could get through anything. Liz knew now that Max was her destiny, and she was hers.

Liz saw Max first, walking through the halls looking rather upset. She hoped that she hadn’t upset him earlier. “Max” she said grabbing his arm “Liz where have you been” he said as he pulled her closer to him. “Just around, I couldn’t handle English this morning” “Oh…”Max said suddenly feeling foolish for worrying about her.

If there was one girl in Roswell that could hold her own it was Liz Parker. “Listen Liz, I really want to talk to you about what happened earlier, in the eraser room” “Okay, why don’t you come to the Crashdown around eight and we can talk then, I’m not working tonight and my parents are going out” Liz said innocently. Liz then stood on her toes, whispering into his ear. "Besides Max, I think that it is time for me to show you how I still feel about you. I have something to give you tonight that I have wanted to give you for a very long time now."

Max stood unable to move after the visual images that she had put in his head with her sweet words. He loved this girl yet right now his mind was in the gutter. Liz started to way away. “Okay eight” he said to try to delay her from leaving.

Liz walked over to Max, took his hand and kissed him lightly on the mouth, echoing his works “Okay eight” and then she walked down the hallway leaving Max to wonder if this was all only a dream.

Liz felt like she was walking on air. She was going to spend the night with Max, finally. She didn’t know if they would sleep together, but at least she could hold him in her arms all night. She just prayed that this night would be as special as she dreamt it would be. Something told her that it would.

The day seemed to fly by, every class just seemed like another thing for Liz to daydream through. When the day finally ended she climbed into Maria’s Jetta with a smile on her face.

“Dare I even ask” Maria joked. “Well you know that my parents are leaving tonight for the weekend right” “Ummm, yea girl slumber party right,” Maria said already imagining the Chick Flicks they would watch.

“Not so girl party” Liz said with a wink. “More like a girl/boy private party.” “Any special aliens we know going to be there” Maria laughed. “Why yes” Liz said as they pulled out of the parking lot heading to the Crashdown.

Max couldn’t concentrate all day. He was convinced that his problems with Liz were over now. Now they could be together and Max knew that he would never let her go again. When he and Isabel and Michael reached the jeep after school Max said, “Hey Is, do you mind driving”

“Nope” Isabel said snatching up the keys. Max knew that Isabel was a control freak and would rather drive. Max also knew that if he was driving right now he would probably crash the jeep while he was daydreaming about Liz.

When Liz and Maria reached her the Crashdown they ran upstairs to her bedroom. On the way they ran into Liz’s parents on their way out. “Bye honey” Jeff Parker said giving his daughter a kiss. “Bye Daddy” Liz whispered. “So Maria we can trust you to stay here with Lizzie and make sure that everything is okay right honey.”

“Of course Mrs. Parker” Maria said with way to much enthusiasm “Don’t worry Liz won’t be alone for a moment” With that said Liz elbowed Maria on the way to hug her mom. Liz watched as her parents watched down the stairs to their waiting car.
“Cute Maria” Liz laughed as soon as they entered Liz’s room.

When the jeep pulled up to Michael’s apartment Max jumped out with Michael. “Max aren’t you coming home” “Yea, just wait here one minute, guy talk,” Max said following Michael. “Gross” Isabel yelled. “What’s up?” Michael asked as soon as they entered the apartment.

“Well I kind of need a favor,” Max said shyly. “Okay shoot” “Well would you cover for me if I tell my parents that I am staying here tonight” Max asked. “Sure, as long as you tell me where you are really going” Michael said with interest.

“Well, you see Liz’s parents are going out of town…” Max began. “Enough said” Michael answered as he opened his dresser drawer and handed Max a handful of condoms. Max stuffed them in his pockets and mumbled “Thanks” as he walked back out to the Jeep.


AN~ Part 7 Will be up in about five minutes....

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Part 7~For The Dreamers

Warning: Sexual Content(Evil Laugh Inserted Here)

Liz say down on the bed, needing to have Maria talk her through the evening to make sure that she was prepared for whatever might happen. “Are you nervous?” Maria asked lying on Liz’s bed. “No, that’s the funny part” Liz answered honestly.

“Okay so your parents are gone until when?” Maria said with a giggle. “Monday night, so almost four full days.” “Okay honey well maybe this is your perfect opportunity then…just make sure that you don’t do anything that you are not ready for” “Yes Mom” Liz laughed swatting her with a pillow.

“What about condoms”? Maria said. “Oh…I didn’t think about that. But Future Max said that he had one in his wallet” Liz said slightly embarrassed. “Okay well that is Future Max, not out Max so we need to take a trip to the store” Maria said climbing off the bed. She grabbed Liz’s hand and led her to the door.

Max and Isabel rode home in silence. “What the hell is going on? I can’t take it anymore” Isabel finally yelled as they pulled in the driveway. “Well me and Liz are going to ummm..hang out tonight.” Max mumbled.

“Hang out? Oh I get it..nevermind sorry I asked” Isabel said climbing out of the jeep. Max followed her inside to get ready for the night to follow.

“What kind should I get?” Liz whispered to Maria as they looked over the wide selection of Condoms available in front of them. “Ribbed for his pleasure or ribbed for mine?” Liz asked with a smile.

“I don’t think that you will have to worry about Max’s pleasure, I sure he will do just fine” Maria laughed. “Here” Maria said tossing a pack of Trojans at Liz. “Just get these, these are what Michael has”

“Ewww information overload” Liz laughed taking the Condoms. “Now we just pay and leave” Maria said leading a nervous Liz to the checkout line.

“Max, what the hell are you doing in there?” Isabel yelled as she pounded on the bathroom door. “I’ll be out in a minute” Max answered while combing his hair. “I’m sure that you are clean enough for Lizzie, all the Tess remembrants are off your body I assume”

“Not funny Is” Max said stepping out of the bathroom and quickly running into his bedroom.

Liz and Maria stood in line stepping closer to the register. Liz had her money out already, trying to make this as painless as possible. She picked a line where a young guy worked knowing that he wouldn’t know her parents.

You have to worry about things like that in a small town. They were now next in line. Liz felt arms come around her shoulders and pull her back. She prayed it wasn’t Max…how embarrassing that would be.

She slid around to see Sean Deluca smiling at her. “Hi Liz, I just wanted to apologize for….” Sean’s words stopped as his gaze met the sexual product that Liz was carrying in her hands.

“Well either I am already forgiven or I have something to worry about” Liz forced herself to look up and meet his eyes. “Sean I….” “Right, Evans” he said knowing from the look on her face.

“It’s always Evans.” “I should have just bought them for you guys myself, you always run back to him, no matter how bad he treats you”

“Sean, I, I’m sorry It’s not like that, I didn’t want you to find out like this.” “Well I guess that there is nothing that we can do about that now Parker” Sean said spinning around to leave. Liz threw the Condoms on the counter and ran after him.

Isabel knocked on Max’s door before walking in. “Looking Hot” she laughed as she spotted him. Max was wearing a pair of baggy jeans and a button down black shirt. Max smiled looking embarrassed.

“You are going to bring her some flowers aren’t you” Isabel said sitting on his bed. “Ummm Yeah” max answered. “Good, because she at least deserves that for giving you her virginity.” Max picked up his pillow and hit Isabel on the head with it.

“It’s more than that Isabel” Max said as they engaged in a full out pillow fight.

Liz caught up to Sean outside the store getting into his bug. “Sean wait” she yelled as she jumped between him and his car door. “Please Sean, I am so sorry, I never meant to hurt you I swear.

It’s just that Max is the one for me, he always has been. I am so sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you, I didn’t want to use you. I tried not to. It’s just that you were always there. I can never repay you for being there for me when no one else was.

It’s just not like that for us. It’s always been Max that I loved. That doesn’t mean that I don’t value you as a great friend. Please I hope that you can forgive me one day” With that Sean moved her aside and got in his bug screeching out of the parking lot leaving Liz there alone.

Max looked at his clock. He had just finished fixing his hair after the pillow incident and he wanted to make sure that he was early, with flowers for Liz. It was 7:00. He couldn’t wait any longer.

His parents were out so he yelled to Isabel on his way out. “Make sure to tell Mom and Dad that I am staying at Michael’s tonight” “Yes Lover Boy” Isabel answered as Max shut the door.

Maria ran up to Liz in the parking lot with a plastic bag with the Condoms in it. “I didn’t think that you would want to go back in there to get these.” She said as she handed the bag to Liz.

“It’s okay honey, I know that you are upset, but you have to follow your heart. You were honest with Sean from the beginning; you told him that Max broke your heart. You told him everything. This is your night; don’t let him ruin it for you.

Trust me Sean has been through much worse, he will be fine. Just give him some time to cool off and you guys can talk about it later.” “Okay’ Liz agreed following Maria to the car. “Now let’s get home and make you beautiful” Maria said as they pulled out of the parking lot.

Max pulled the jeep up in front of the best florist in town. He walked in looking around not sure what he should get for Liz tonight. “How about some White Roses” he said to the man behind the counter.

“You got it,” he said walking in back to retrieve the fresh flowers. They were beautiful and different. He knew Liz would love him. He walked out of the store with the flowers when he caught something out of the corner of his eye. A music store. Just then it hit Max what he should bring to Liz tonight.

Liz and Maria got back to her house a little after seven. “We need to hurry” Liz said glancing at the clock. “No Problem” Maria said already ransacking her closet. Liz rushed to the bathroom to do her hair while Maria picked out her outfit.

They finally agreed on a Black slip dress. “Gorgeous” Maria said seeing the final product. Liz’s hair fell down her back in waves. She wore the dress with Black sandals and a deep red lipstick. “Now get the hell out of here” Liz said seeing that it was nearing eight.. “Okay, Okay, I’m gone, just a couple quick notes. My mom still thinks that I am staying here so if she calls call me at Michael’s. Also don’t forget to be safe and have fun.” Maria laughed and handed the condoms to Liz.

Max pulled the jeep up outside the Crashdown. More nervous then he had thought he would be. Instead of walking through the Crashdown he walked around to the front door knocking lightly.

Liz slid the unopened box of Condoms into her nightstand drawer making a mental note to remove them before her parents came home. She took a deep breath and took one last glance in the mirror before she heard the knock on the door.

Max stood there nervously hoping that he wasn’t too early.

Liz opened the door and took in the sight of Max. He smiled just upon seeing her. He could feel his pulse quicken. “Liz, you look amazing,” He said handing her the flower. “You too” Liz said taking in the sight of his chest where the top button was undone.

She wanted to kiss there right now but restrained herself with a smile. “Thanks for the flowers” Liz said walking into the kitchen. “Let me just put them in some water” “Sure” Max said taking in her body as she reached up in the cupboard for a vase.

“Let me” he said walking up behind her and retrieving the vase. He brushed ever so lightly against her as he reached down to hand her the vase. “Thanks” Liz replied blushing over the volt of electricity Max had just sent through her body with the one small movement.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Liz said taking his hand and leading him up the stairs. Max followed obediently. There was nothing that Liz Parker could tell him to do right now that he wouldn’t do.

Liz instinctively led him over to her bed and they sat facing each other. “Max, I think that I need to tell you something” Liz started. “Anything” Max said moving closer.

“I have come to terms with everything that has happened between us in the last few months, even in the last year. I love you with all my heart and there is nothing that I could do to change that even if I wanted to. You are my soul mate, and I know that now. There will never be anyone else for me. Its you Max, it’s always been you. I want to give myself to you tonight. I want to give myself to you forever. I trust you now and I want to be with you and only you for the rest of my life.” Max just looked at her, his Liz with tears in his eyes.

He could hold himself no longer and the tears started to flow. “Liz, there is nothing else in the world that you could have said to me to make me happier than you did right now. I love you so much. I feel the same way and I want to give myself to you tonight as well..” Liz knew that he wasn’t done but there was nothing else that needed to be said. She leaned forward and met his lips with hers.

Max met her with such emotion. He could hardly believe that this beautiful creature in front of him felt the same way about him. He had dreamed of this moment ever since he had first seen her in the third grade. He had wanted no other.

They kissed lightly at first and then with more force. Max couldn’t help himself, he wanted all of Liz. And Liz all of Max. Liz moved herself closer to him to where she was almost on his lap. She ran her fingers up his chest to his neck and then ran them through his hair. She used her tongue to spread his mouth open further and swirled in around the inside of his lips.

“Wait” Max said pulling away. “I almost forgot” “What” Liz questioned wondering why for the second time in 24 hours he was pulling away from her. Max walked over to her CD player and opened the lid. He placed the CD he had bought her inside and pressed play.

Gomez filled her ears. “I got this for you, for us” Max said returning to her side. Liz swung around straddling him as she mumbled “Thank you” and then took his mouth with hers.

Liz felt the music vibrate through her body as she felt her body ache for Max. As she sat over him she could feel how much he wanted her too. “Liz I love you,” He whispered as he slowly moved his hands down her body. He slipped his hands under her dress bringing them up to caress her thighs. Liz responded by wrapping her legs tightly around his waist. She kissed him with a passion that she hadn’t felt in a long time. She could hardly believe that this was all really happening. She finally was having Max as she was meant to.

She reached up to Max’s neck and began to unbutton his shirt. Max responded by groaning against her neck as he kissed it. When she had finished all of the buttons she pulled his shirt off and tossed it to the floor. She ran her hands over Max’s chest and knew that wouldn’t be enough for her.

She gently laid him down on his back and crawled back on top of him. She reached down and took his mouth again.

Max felt so free. Everything just felt so right. He could smell Liz all over him as he kissed her sweet mouth.

She tasted like something that he had been craving his whole life but never had. He could smell and feel her soft hair as it lay on his neck. Nothing had ever felt so right in the world to him.

Liz gently started kissing lower and lower down his neck. She paid special attention to the gentle place just below his throat that she had noticed earlier in his unbuttoned shirt. “My Liz” was all that Max could say as she worked her way down his body.

Liz moved down his chest kissing every place on his body. She couldn’t get enough of the taste of his skin. Sweet and Spicy, nothing had ever tasted so good to her in all of her life.

She worked her way down his stomach to his belly button dipping her tongue in and out. She heard Max moaning as he arched his body into hers.

When she finally reached the top of his jeans she paused for a moment before slowly undoing the button. “There is no turning back now,” she whispered as she unzipped his jeans. She slowly started to slide them down his body. “Wait” Max said reaching up to her. He grabbed her by the waist and turned her around under him.

“My turn” he said as he ran his hands up her body. He slowly lifted her dress up over her head and dropped it on the floor. He was astonished by her beauty. He had felt her body before but never been so close to it. He could see it and smell it and taste it at the same time. “You are so beautiful,” He said as he reached behind her to remove her bra.

He felt Liz tense as he unclasped her lace bra. “Are you okay?” he asked leaning closer to her face. “Yes” she whispered, “I will never hurt you” Max said as he pulled off her bra and let it settle on the floor with the rest of their garments. “I know” Liz whispered as she relaxed under his touch. Max ran his hand over her soft breast cupping them in his hand.

“My beauty” he mumbled as he brought his mouth to her to taste her. Liz arched under him. “I love you Max,” she said feeling his mouth on her. Max knew that he couldn’t control himself or his body much longer.
He reached down and slid a finger under her lace panties. He slowly urged them down until she lay naked under him. He then reached down and pulled his pants and boxers completely off.

She pulled him down to her slowly, letting their bodies touch for the first time. Her soft breasts to him firm chest. Liz pulled Max down next to her finally as she continued kissing his entire body.

“I just want to taste you” Liz said in between kisses. “We have all night, and I want to take my time” Max moaned again thinking of spending all night worshiping Liz’s body.

He took his hand, sliding it gently between her legs, and running it through her dark curls. “Liz” he whispered asking for permission to touch her in the most intimate of places.

Liz said nothing, but instead opened her legs wider to allow Max more access to her body. It was her way of giving herself to him, completely. Max took a sharp breath before trailing his fingers down softly between her legs.

Max began to stroke her folds, slowly at first, then faster picking up rhythm based on the movement of Liz’s hips.

Liz feeling the need to return the feeling, of both pleasure and pain ran her hand down his body until coming to a stop at his shaft. She looked directly into his eyes licking her lips before running her hand down his hard shaft, then back up continuing the motion to drive Max crazy.

They continued to tease each other for a while until Liz broke the silence.

“Max” Liz said stopping him. “I have something, in the drawer”

“I do too” Max said pulling a condom out of his pocket.

Suddenly they both found themselves laughing at the two responsible kids giving into their desires like this. Max ripped open the package and slid the condom on himself.

“Are you sure” he asked one more time, not knowing if he would be able to stop himself if she said no. “Yes, Max I am sure” Liz said meeting his eyes. Max lowered himself over her and gently began to slide into her waiting body.

“I don’t want to hurt you” Max said as he paused. “You could never hurt me” Liz replied raising her hips to meet him.

“Always and Forever” Max said as he began to slide into her.

Liz winced at the beginning of pain. “I can’t hurt you” Max said bringing his hand down between their bodies quickly melting away any pain that Liz had been feeling. They both saw stars as he began to move inside her. Their eyes were locked together just as their bodies were.

He began moving faster and faster into her. They both felt the heat taking over their bodies.

If they hadn’t know before they both knew for sure at that moment that they were always meant to be together. No one could fit together as perfectly as they did at that moment.

Max groaned her name as he began to climax. Seeing the pleasure in his face brought Liz to the edge. They came together seeing things that they had never though possible. Liz seeing images of him and his love for her. Max seeing images of Liz and feeling the love that she had for him.

As they both climaxed they let out their breaths they were sure they had been holding for years. Max slid off of Liz and brought himself down next to her, wrapping her in his arms. “I Love you Liz Parker,” he whispered into her ear. “And I love you Max Evans” she whispered back. They just lay their enjoying the feeling of each other’s bodies that they had been craving for so long…

Max and Liz laid holding each other for hours. Neither of them spoke. They didn’t need too. Something magical had happened between them, they were connected for life now, and they both knew it. Neither of them thought of anything in the outside world, only of the feelings between their two bodies.

Liz slowly rolled over so that she was facing Max. When her eyes met his she felt their connection growing stronger all over again. “Max” she said looking deep into his eyes. “I love you with all of my soul and all of myself” Max just smiled back at her with love in his eyes. “I never want this to end” Max answered. “I don’t know how I am going to stand being apart from you at all after this” He continued

Liz had never felt this close to another person in the entire world. She knew that she felt the same way as Max, she knew it would be simply painful to have to be apart from him after this. “Max, my parents are gone until Monday, that gives up some time to get all of this out of our system.” Liz laughed.

“Liz, I don’t think that I will get my desire for you ever out of my system. You are mine, now and always” Max then pulled Liz closer to him and tucked her snuggly into his body holding her tight. They both feel asleep shortly after this in complete bliss.

Liz woke hours later, her body feeling something was wrong. She slowly raised and opened her eyes. Max was no where to be seen. “Max” she called lightly beginning to worry. He wouldn’t leave her like this would he?

He wouldn’t just get up and leave. He could never act that way towards her. Liz raised from her bad pulling the bed sheet with her. “Max” she called again searching the room with her eyes that were gradually adjusting to the now dark room. Liz’s scanning eyes caught her open bedroom window. She crept over slowly hoping that she was prepared for what waiting outside.

Liz peeked out of the open window. She saw Max sitting outside overlooking the streetlights that lay before him. “Max, baby are you okay” Liz whispered as she crept up behind him. She opened her sheet and took his body in the warmth.

Max had just pulled him jeans on and she felt his cool chest meet her warm one. Max turned to meet her pulling her tightly in his arms. “Liz, I am sorry that I woke you” he mumbled into her hair. “Its okay honey” Liz replied. “Are you okay though, why are you sitting out here at Four am?” “I am fine baby, I am better than fine” Max said smiling, “I was just thinking out here” he said pulling away from her just enough to look into her eyes.

“What are you thinking about” Liz answered hoping that he wasn’t regretting what they had done just hours earlier. Max instinctively felt what Liz was feeling. “Liz, I will never regret anything that I do with you in my life.

Last night was the best night of my life and I will remember everything about it forever. The way your hair smells, the way your skin tastes. That was what I was out here thinking about…” Max said. “What” Liz questioned.

Max pulled away from her more, coming to his knees. “Liz Parker, I love you like I could love no other. After last night I feel as though we are already promised to each other forever. I just want to make that official. Liz Parker, Will you be my wife. What I mean to say is will you marry me.” Liz just looked at him feeling tears come to her eyes.

Shock overtook her body as she realized exactly what was happening here. Max Evans, the love of her life was on bended knee asking her to become his wife. There was nothing more that he wanted more in the world.

“Max, yes, yes of course” Liz yelled “But we are so young we will have to wait..” Liz started. “No Liz, I want you to be my wife today, now, I can change our Driver License’s. I want to marry you now. We don’t have to tell anyone. I just want to be able to go to sleep at night knowing that you are my wife and that we can be together soon, and forever.”

Liz looked down into his eyes not sure what to say. She was the responsible one, always the voice of reason. When her eyes met his she knew that there was no way she could say no to him ever again. “Yes, today” she whispered wanting nothing more in the world at that moment. “I…I don’t have a ring yet, but I will soon I promise, any ring that you want” Max apologized.

“But I do have this” Max said pulling the pendant out of his jean pocket. “This is for you, for right now. I am giving this to you as a symbol that you are the woman that I have chosen to be with forever. Liz leaned down as he pulled it over her neck.

Max then reached up and pulled her down to him. He took her face in his hands and kissed her deeply. He then pulled her next to him, lying on the balcony in the night. They laid like that, their bodies intertwined, looking at the stars above until the sun rose over them.


AN~ This is a Dreamer Fic…LOL And my first one, so happiness was the focus here. But don’t worry, there are still many more parts to come. Also please notice this was the first Dreamer nookie scene I ever wrote…Wow…Interesting reading it again!

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Part 8~The Shower of Love

Once Again:Sexual Content..don't you love it!

Liz woke first, wondering if all of the feelings that she had from last night were only a dream. She quickly looked over to see Max next to her and knew for sure that it was merly a dream, this was the real thing.

Liz just watched him, watched him sleep, watched him breathe and she felt it was the most beautiful thing that she had ever seen. The sheet that began at his waist exposed Max’s chest; the rest of it wrapped tightly around Liz's body.

Liz gradually moved her body closer to his, running her free hand down his chest. She brought her lips lightly to his, sucking slowly on his bottom lip. “Liz” Max moaned in his sleep. Liz then moved to his ear, sliding her leg over his. “Yes baby” she whispered as she ran her tongue gently over his ear lobe. Max still mostly asleep moaned again.

“My Husband” she whispered kissing down his neck. She moved past his collarbone and to his chest. Liz kept her hands on his sides running them slowly down the side of his body. She moved lower until she reached his nipples, gently circling her tongue around them.

She then moved lower pausing again to pay special attention to his bellybutton with her tongue. She could see now through the sheet that he was hard. She slowly ran her fingers under the sheet running them down his inner thigh.

“I love you” Max moaned again lifting his hips slightly. Liz smiled at his obvious desire for her, but she was beginning to lose control of hers. Liz ran her hand lightly over his erection back and forth. Not gripping him tightly but still teasing him with her touch.

Max then opened his eyes slowly amazed to see Liz smiling over him. He had thought it had only been one of the many dreams that he has about her. “Liz, you are driving me wild” he said seeing that she too was naked to the waist.

Max then leaned forward onto his knees. He picked Liz’s small body up into his arms and carried her into her bedroom. He laid her body gently onto the bed, the sheet that once covered both of them falling underneath her. He then crawled over her bringing himself on top of her.

“You are amazing,” he said taking her mouth with his. Liz complied; she felt all of the desire that she had felt for Max Evans over the years breaking loose. She loved this man, and desired him greatly. He laid his leg between hers, almost causing both of them to lose control. “I love you” Liz said arching her body up in desire.

Max could control himself no longer and he gently pushed himself into her. With his movement they were both speechless. Max lay still for a moment just enjoying the feeling of him and Liz as one before he began to move. Max then began moving into her. He felt himself losing control over his whole body with the feelings of pleasure that were washing over him.

Liz could feel both her pleasure and his, they were one at this moment and she wanted it to last forever.

Liz lifted her body up to met his, causing an even greater impact when their two bodies met. They found themselves both moaning out each other names as they rocked together in ecstasy. Max lifted Liz head up so that his eyes met hers “I want to look at you” Max said as their eyes met.

The intensity of them seeing the pleasure in each other’s eyes sent them both over the edge. They came together as their bodies moved in unison. When they finally stopped moving Liz reached up and lay her hands on Max’s back. “Stay with me” she said pulling his body down onto her. “I don’t want to hurt you” Max replied.

“You could never hurt me,” Liz said pulling him even closer. “I love you” she finished. Max lay on Liz’s chest, inhaling her sweet scent, he was in Heaven.

They lay together, their bodies still connected, neither one of them wanting to break the mental and physical connection. “Do you want to go to school” Liz finally whispered while stroking Max’s head. “No” Max answered firmly. “Personally I would much rather spend the day with you, and only you. I have waited so long to be with you like this and I find school pretty low on my list of priorities right now.” Liz just smiled; she hadn’t wanted to go either.

“Well how about breakfast then? I think that we worked up quite an appetite” Liz laughed. “Sounds great. But how about a shower first” Max questioned “Together” he added. “Just lead the way” Liz smiled.

Max slowly rose from Liz, breaking the connection that they had been sharing. He had hoped that Liz would allow him to lead her into the shower. He wanted to wash her whole body, and he didn’t want to be apart from her today, if even for a moment.

Max led Liz into the bathroom, holding her hand along the way. He then reached over and turned on the water as she shut the door. “How hot do you like it?” He asked remembering that he had never had the pleasure of showering with the one he loved before. “As hot as you can stand it” Liz answered shyly.

She suddenly realized that she was standing naked in front of Max. She was open and vulnerable to him, but yet she trusted him completely.

“Your shower awaits” Max said leading her into the shower after checking the temperature to make sure it was hot. Max then stepped in behind her shutting the bathroom door. “Mmmm this is nice,” Liz said as the hot water enveloped her body. “It sure is” Max echoed running his hands over her hair.

“Can I wash it” Max asked innocently. “Are you kidding, people pay good money to have their hair washed” Liz laughed smiling. “I’ll send you a bill” Max laughed turning her body around so he could wash her hair. He picked up her bottle of shampoo smelling it as he dispensed some into his hands. It just smelled like Liz. “Hmmmm I need to buy some of this to bath in at night” Max said. “Get to work” she teased leaning her head back.

He ran the shampoo through her head gently massaging her scalp. “I could get used to this” Liz joked. “Me too” Max said letting his hands wander down to her neck, rubbing her muscles. Max then ran his hand back up her head massaging the shampoo all through her hair.

He paid great attention to detail loving every moment of it as he continued to massage her scalp. “Mmmm” Liz moaned closing her eyes. “Okay you are enjoying this too much” Max laughed “Time to condition.” Max then moved her body back around to face him, letting the water run through her silky hair.

He ran his fingers through it never allowing his eyes to lose contact with hers. He then reached for the bottle of scented conditioner in the shower. “Turn again” he instructed pouring the conditioner into his hands. Liz giggled and then did as she was instructed. Max ran his hands lightly through her hair, and then back down to her neck. “mmm” Max moaned unable to control his thoughts.

The Conditioner was silky and slippery and he wanted to put it other places than just her hair. Liz laughed “Is everything okay back there” noticing that he had stopped his duty. “Just fine” Max laughed turning his attention back to her hair.

The rest of the conditioning process when rather quick both of the anxious to get to the next part of their shower. As Max ran his hands through her hair one more time he leaned in close to her and whispered. “Can I wash your body” hoping that she would let him but not wanting to make her uncomfortable at the same time. Liz looked at him shyly, yet with desire in her eyes. “Please do,” she said softly.

Max needed no more encouragement and he picked up the bar of soap. He started with her hands planning to work his way to her chest.

He rubbed the bar of soap between his hand and then set it down. He brought his hands to her to begin the experience of washing Liz’s body that he hoped would last a long time. Steam billowed around them as he took her hands in his.

He ran his hands up and down over hers finally ending with their fingers intertwined. Max never knew that washing someone’s hands could be so erotic and amazing. Whenever he touched Liz Parker a volt of electricity was sent through his body. He had never felt anything like it with anyone else, ever.

Feeding his body’s urge for more he moved his hands up Liz’s arms. Every place on her body that he touched sent another surge of electricity through them both. It was as if the fates didn’t want them to be separated. Max knew that this was fine with him.

Max moved his hands up her arms to her shoulders, bringing the soap down her back. “My Love” Max said pulling her closer. Max gently massaged her shoulders, paying attention to every part of her tender body.

His eyes never left him as he slid his hand around to her stomach, and then slowly up capturing her breasts. Max had to remind himself to keep breathing. He couldn’t believe that Liz was his, in his hands, she looked at him with love in her eyes.

Max never thought that anyone could love him the way that Liz has proven too. He had always thought that no girl would want something “different” like him. They would be repulsed when they learned the truth. But not Liz Parker, she just loved him more for it. He gently rubbed him thumbs over her nipples seeing her move closer to him. Liz was putty in his hands, she loved him completely and trusted him with her body.

Max’s hands moved even lower still resting on her hips. Max could feel the sexually energy between them reach Liz and then come back to him. “Liz.” he said as she just nodded her head yes. He reached his hand around and brought it slowly up her inner thigh. When his fingers reached her they both flinched in anxiety.

Liz started to moan as Max moved his fingers slightly exploring her body. With that the rest of their shower and breakfast was nothing but a distant memory. Max had dreamt of touching Liz like this and he felt his knees growing weak, just as Liz’s already were. Max pushed Liz back slightly under the water and rinsed them both clean.

He reached out of the shower a grabbed the waiting towel. “Don’t stop” Liz moaned as his hand left her body. “Don’t worry baby, I am only beginning” Max answered wrapping the towel around her body.

He then pulled her completely out of the shower and into her bedroom. Liz lay down on her bed and threw the towel aside laying for Max to see all of her. With her last movement Max could no longer wait any longer. He pulled his body up on top of Liz and Liz welcomed him. Max then pushed his mouth to hers as his fingers moved down between their bodies.

They both thought of nothing but the feelings between their bodies. Not even of the shower still running bringing steam into the room.


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Hello Hello..I haven't forgotten about you! New parts today, sorry I haven't been around, school has been insane. New parts coming up very soon!
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Part 9~A Little Sweet, A Little Sour, And a True Fortune

Liz laid still, just holding Max’s body and letting him hold her.
They were both silent just enjoying the new feelings coursing through both of their bodies.

“Liz, can we talk for a minute” Max asked. “Yea…what’s up?” Liz said turning her body around to face him.

“Well I know this isn’t a great topic but I have been thinking about Tess” Max started.

“Look Max, I really just want to put Tess behind us. I still am hurt about a lot that happened when she was here and talking about it just brings up old emotions.” Liz said slightly withdrawing her body from Max’s arms.

“I just wanted to run something by you, I understand, it’s just that I don’t feel comfortable talking to anyone else about this…about my body”

“I’m sorry, I am just a little guarded” Liz answered. “It’s okay what is it” Liz said grabbing Max’s shirt from the previous night and buttoning it up her chest.

Talking of Tess and thinking of Tess and Max together made her vulnerable enough without being naked.

“Well I was just thinking, after spending last night with you. I don’t think that there is anyway that I could have been like that with Tess.

I mean, do you think that it is possible that I was mind warped into thinking that we slept together?” Max asked calmly not wanted to upset Liz any further.

“I don’t know Max, but I don’t think that we will ever know for sure” Liz answered. “It’s just that I don’t remember feeling anything that I felt with you last night when I was with Tess.

All that I remember is laying afterwards, feeling relaxed. I have visions that I remember but nothing concrete.” Max finished. “I don’t know why Tess would do that,” Liz answered “Why wouldn’t she just take you if she had the chance” Liz reasoned.

“I don’t know Liz, but I just want you to know that in my eyes you were my first. I gave you my virginity and I experienced so much with you that I have never experienced before. I love you like I have never loved anyone else in my life” Max said looking in Liz’s eyes.

Liz just smiled. She knew that Max felt this way, but it didn’t stop the pain that still existed when she thought of Tess and Max together. “Liz I am really sorry that I upset you” Max said, sorry that he had said anything at all. “It’s okay” “I want you to be able to tell me anything, I want to be completely open with you” “Good” Max, said pulling her into his arms.

“So what do you want to do today?” Liz said kissing Max’s neck. “I think we just did it” Max said pulling Liz into a deep kiss. Liz moaned.

“We have three more nights for that,” Liz laughed. “Well in that case I have some errands to run” Max whispered stepping out of bed. “You are leaving me,” Liz asked innocently. “Just for a little while.” Max teased.

“Why don’t I pick up some food for us while I am out and then I will be back and be yours for the rest of the day” “Okay” Liz agreed curious about where Max would be going without her. Liz unbuttoned his shirt off of her body and handed it to Max. “I just wanted you to take my shirt off” Max joked. Liz blushed feeling his eyes on her body.

“Trust me, I will be back really soon” Max said walking out on the balcony to go down the fire escape. Liz laughed as she watched him. He was a creature of habit; there was no reason that he couldn’t have left using the door. Liz didn’t mind though, she though having Max come in and out through the balcony was romantic.

Liz sat for a moment and then got out of bed to get dressed. The last night had been a dream come true for her and she still was having trouble believing that it even happened.

Liz looked to the pendant that sat around her neck and smiled. “Mrs. Max Evans” she said aloud with a giggle. How amazing that would be, to make a commitment to be with Max for the rest of her life.

She wouldn’t have to think about it twice, she knew that he was the one for her. She had known it from the time that he first healed her.

Liz had a permanent smile on her face as she pulled clothes out of her closet to wear. She pulled on a pair of dark jeans and a white tank top. She brushed her hair and put on Mascara and Lip-gloss and said “Good enough” to herself in the mirror.

She was already glowing with obvious happiness. She wondered if anyone else would notice. Liz deep in thought was pulled to reality when the phone rang.

“Hello” she said light heartedly in the phone. “So I take it last night went well” Maria said. “Last night went more than well,” Liz answered. “Are you still at Michael’s” “Yep, we had a ummm eventful morning,” Maria said with a giggle. “Isabel just called us to tell us that there is a party at the old soap factory tonight. Will you and Max go with us?”

“I don’t know Maria, remember what happened last time we were there?” Liz questioned.

“And I think that it will just remind me of Alex” “Oh you have to come. We will form new memories, I promise, and besides Hansen is the Sheriff now and he doesn’t know up from down so there will be no cops. Besides Michael won’t go unless Max does and I have been waiting for years to see Michael dance.”

“Okay, we will go for a little while” Liz answered not wanting to let her friend down. Besides maybe it would be good for her to let loose a little. It had been a while since Liz relaxed and had a good time.

“I knew I could count on you” Maria said and then echoing to Michael that Liz and Max were going. “I will come by in a couple hours so we can get beautified” Maria laughed. “Okay” Liz said before hanging up the phone.

Liz made her bed and cleaned up her room, trying to occupy herself until Max was back. She was dying to know where he had gone so suddenly. It couldn’t be anything dangerous, he would have told me Liz thought to herself.

Once again the phone brought Liz back to reality. “Hello again” she said sure that it was Maria. “Hi honey” Liz’s mother said. “Oh hi Mom.” Liz said. “I thought that you were Maria again”

“Isn’t Maria spending the night” Liz’s mom asked concerned. “Um, yeah” Liz said glad that she caught herself. “She dropped me off after school and then went home to get some of her stuff. She is coming back in a little while,” Liz said looking at the clock and realizing that it was after four already.

“Okay good, I feel better when you are not alone.” “I’m not alone,” Liz said knowing that wasn’t a lie at least. And her and Maria were going to spend the night together, just at the soap factory.

Liz found her thoughts instantly lost in her mother’s description of their trip. She was glad to have some distraction now. “Yes mom” Liz mumbled ever few second trying to keep up with her mother’s story.

“Everything is fine at the Restaurant” Liz answered feeling slightly guilty; she hadn’t even been down there today. “Ummm, mom I have to go Maria is here” Liz said hearing Max climbing up the fire escape. “I love you too mom, bye” Liz said walking outside to meet Max.

Max greeting Liz with a big smile. He set down the bags of food that he had been carrying and took her into his arms. “I missed you” Max whispered. “You were only gone a few minutes” Liz laughed. “Just imagine when you have to go home for the whole night” “I don’t want to imagine” Max said honestly. “Chinese food” Liz smiled smelling the food. “My favorite” she said picking up the bags of food at her feet. “I know” Max said smiling.

“Do you want to eat here or in the kitchen?” Liz questioned leading Max into her room. “Lets eat here” Max said falling onto her bed. Max reached over and turned on the Gomez CD from the previous night. Max then pulled the bags up into his lap pulling the food out. “I love you” Liz said watching how tenderly Max set her food out for her. He laid a napkin down and then took out fried rice and egg rolls for Liz, her two favorites. He opened the boxes and pulled out two cherry cokes for him and Liz. “I can get used to being served” Liz laughed. “I hope so” Max said, “I could get used to serving you”

As they began eating Liz told Max about the party at the soap factory that night. “Are you okay with going there” Max questioned, “Yea yes I think that it will be fun,” Liz answered. “Okay then it’s a date” Max smiled. As they continued eating Liz looked over to see that Max had Sweet and Sour sauce dripping down his chin. Liz giggled looking at him. “What??” Max questioned. “Nothing” Liz said leaning towards him. She licked her tongue gently over his chin, licking up the Sweet and Sour sauce. “Mmmm that is good” Liz said seductively. “You had better stop of neither of us are ever going to eat again” Max said feeling his body respond to Liz’s.

Liz smiled continuing eating. She couldn’t help it. After knowing what she and Max could share she couldn’t stop thinking about it. “I am stuffed” Liz said falling back onto her back. “Room for a fortune cookie??” Max asked reaching into the bag. “Always” Liz laughed reaching for the cookie Max held out to her.

“Aren’t you going to have one” Liz smiled. “Ladies first, I insist” Max said watching her. With that Liz cracked open her fortune cookie. Liz was preparing to take a bite noticed something falling out of the cookie center.

Max just sat smiling at her. Liz reached down and picked up the fallen object. It was a white gold right with a small diamond in the center. She glanced up and saw Max come around to her side of the bed.

“I wanted to do this right,” He said falling to his knees. “With a real ring, I know that it isn’t much but I can save and get you a better one”

“No!” Liz almost yelled. “It is the most beautiful ring that I have ever seen” Liz felt tears coming to her eyes. Max took her hand in his. “Liz Parker, will you marry me, will you be my wife?” He asked looking deeply into her eyes. “Yes” Liz answered as Max slid the ring onto her finger. Liz fell to her knees almost on top of Max taking him into her arms. “Max, where did you get this ring? Where did you get the money for it?” Liz asked when she finally calmed.

“Liz, I started saving for this ring last year. I have been making payments on it since I got the job at the UFO center. I knew that I wanted you to have it. When we broke up I just kept paying for it, hoping that I would one day be able to give it to you like this. Well it was paid off a couple of months ago, I went and picked it up and took it home.

I didn’t know if I would ever be able to give it to you but I wanted it all the same. It has been there ever since and I wanted to give it to you now.” Max said.

Liz just smiled. Somehow he had known too that they were meant to be together. “Max this is the most beautiful ring that I have ever seen” Liz said sincerely taking his lips with hers. “This is forever Liz” Max said looking into her eyes. “Knock, Knock” Maria said standing in the doorway. “Hello, lovebirds, I let myself in” Maria smiled seeing them both so happy. “Oh yea, Max me and Maria were going to get ready for the party together” Liz said.

“Okay, that is good I will go home and make an appearance and let my mom know that I am staying at Michael’s again” Max said blushing in front of Maria. “Okay well you boys go make yourselves hot and pick us up at eight thirty” Maria said ushering Max out.

She couldn’t wait for Liz to spill what had happened the night before. They were both glowing with happiness. “I love you” Max said taking Liz’s lips to his and kissing her deeply. “I will see you soon” Liz answered sorry to see him go at all.

Max climbed out the window leaving the two girls to themselves. “Liz spill” Maria said sitting on the bed. Just then Maria’s eyes met the ring just newly placed on Liz’s finger. “Oh My God” Maria yelled. “You must spill now,” Maria said with wide eyes.


AN~Finally a new part..What took me so long? I have no idea or excuse....I am planning on posting another one tonight if there is fb for this one....So let me know what you think, good or bad!

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Just to let you know, new part will be up tonight!
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Part 10~ Czechoslovakians Are Easy

Liz blushed as she told Maria the PG-13 version of what had happened over the last 24 hours. “Oh My God” Maria repeated not able to grasp what was going on.
Just yesterday her best friend had been single and now she was engaged. “When are you going to get married? We have to start planning” Maria said grabbing a pen and piece of paper.

“Ummm Maria, me and Max just want to get married because we love each other. We will probably get married even before school gets out. We don’t want our parents to know right away so please don’t tell anyone. Not even Michael. We want to do this on our own time. Just me and Max, that is all that this is about for us.” Liz said trying to calm Maria down before the whole town knew.

“Oh Okay” Maria said with disappointment “I won’t say anything. I promise, just don’t sneak around me,” Maria laughed. “Now lets get ourselves all dolled up!”

Max cracked the door open to his house. He was hoping that his parents weren’t home so that he wouldn’t have to lie to their faces again saying that he was going to stay at Michael’s. Luckily the house looked empty. Max crept into his room and shut the door; he wanted to look nice for Liz tonight.
It had been a long time since they had gone out together to have a good time. He felt guilty for a lot of the pressure and problems that have been put on Liz over the last year. If she had never met him it seemed like her life would be much more simple. Max knew the truth in his heart though; Liz Parker was never destined for anything simple.

“Wow, you look hot” Maria said as Liz turned modeling her outfit. “You are going to blow Max’s mind, that is if you didn’t already last night” Maria joked. “You don’t think that it’s too much?” Liz asked. She loved it when Maria helped her get ready but sometimes she thought that Maria got a little carried away.
“No way Lizzie, you are one hot mama” Liz turned too look in the mirror and make a decision for herself. She was wearing Maria’s leather pants and a tight red t-shirt. Maria had topped it all off with her big black boots.

Liz could almost see herself wearing this, but she actually had makeup on. Not just a little but full gray eye shadow and liner, with a deep red lipstick. “What the hell” Liz said turning away from the mirror and vowing not to look in it again. She knew that if she kept looking at her reflection that she would eventually change into something more “Liz”. “That’s the spirit,” Maria said pulling on her own tight pants.

Max jumped out of the shower and picked up the phone on the first ring. He was hoping that it was Liz so that he could hear her voice. Instead he heard Michael’s. “Hey Maxwell, when are you going to come and get me so that we can go pick up our fine ladies?” Michael joked.
“I’ll pick you up in about a half hour, will that work?” Max asked. “Sure I am just bored, so how did you get roped into this thing?” Michael questioned. “Liz just asked me, and I thought that it was about time we did something fun” Max answered looking through his closet.
“Mmmm I thought that you did a lot of fun things last night” Michael joked. “How does news travel so fast around here” Max said. “Two words, Maria De Luca” Michael answered.

“And speaking of Maria she conned me into coming tonight and dancing with her by promising me a slumber party with a little whipped cream and chocolate syrup later. “So come get me so we can get this thing over with” Michael said as he hung up the phone. Max just laughed to himself as he hung up the phone. Somehow all was on his mind was Liz, whipped cream, and chocolate sauce.

Liz and Maria were ready to go. They sat down at a booth in the Crashdown and waiting for Max and Michael to come pick them up. “Are we taking the jeep tonight?” Maria asked running her fingers through her hair. “I don’t know but I bet that Max will think enough to put the top on so out hair doesn’t go crazy” Liz answered. “How do you deal with a guy who thinks of everything?” Maria laughed. It did seem like Max thought of everything. Or at least everything that she thought of.

Max and Michael pulled up to the Crashdown about eight thirty. Max nearly jumped out of his seat. He couldn’t wait to see Liz. He had just seen her a couple of hours ago but it seemed like days to him. They walked in the Crashdown door and suddenly Max was breathless.

Liz saw the look on Max’s face and was worried that she had scared him with the job that Maria had done on her. “Wow” was all that Michael said looking over both Maria and Liz. “It looks like we have a date with some hotties,” Michael said taking Maria into his arms.

Max walked over to Liz and kissed her instantly. Liz gave into the kiss needing the feeling of his lips on hers just as much as Max did. Max pulled away and whispered in her ear “You look amazing. I don’t know if I can wait until after the party to take these clothes off of you”

“Let’s go” Maria said interrupting Max and Liz’s private party, The four friends walked out to the jeep together. Liz winked at Maria seeing that the top on the jeep was already up. Max leaned over to Liz “I thought that you guys might like it up so that your hair wouldn’t get messed up” Liz just smiled as Maria winked back.

Liz and Maria climbed out of the car together. They could already hear the pounding music shaking the ground. “Time to dance” Maria yelled grabbing a hold of Michael’s hand and leading him inside. Liz smiled at Max and reached to take his hand.

Liz let her eyes take in the whole scene as they entered the building. Lights were flashing and the music was so loud Liz felt as if it was pulsing through her body entirely.
Max saw Liz’s wide eyes and led her to the dance floor. Max and Liz danced close to each other, fielding in not only the music flooding through them but the feelings between their two bodies. Liz put her arms around Max’s neck and pulled his lips to hers. She kissed his mouth lightly. “Mmm Liz” Max said moving to run his teeth along her earlobe.

Liz tilted her head, giving Max access to her neck. “Get a room" Maria said putting her arm around Liz. Max pulled away and blushed. Maria held out a beer to Liz. “Here babe” Maria said. Liz looked at Max, “Go ahead, you can drink if you want, me and Michael are here to make sure that you and Maria don’t get in trouble” he laughed.
He just wanted Liz to have a good time. Liz smiled taking a sip of the beer. “Trust me, I don’t think that I am ever drinking again” Liz felt someone looking at her and she glanced over to see Sean out of the corner of her eye.

“What is Sean doing at a high school party?” Maria said reading Liz’s mind. “Do you want to go” Max said to Liz sensing that she might feel uncomfortable. “No” Liz said firmly. “I want to party with my friends”

“Well in that case, we are going to need a lot more beer,” Maria laughed going to get herself another.

They danced for what seemed like hours. Liz felt herself growing unsteady as she finished her third beer. Liz had hardly ever drunk anything and she felt it hitting her now, in a good way. Max and Michael laughed at the two girls, growing drunker by the minute.

Liz swayed her body against Max’s enjoying the looks that he gave her filled with desire. Liz felt it too, she could hardly wait until they got back to her house and she could take him for herself. She fell into Max and kissed him firmly.

Max could feel the heat and alcohol on Liz’s breath. For some reason this just turned him on more. He would have thought that after the last time he drank that the smell or taste of alcohol would make him sick, but not on Liz. On Liz it was sexy. “I think that we should go soon” Max said holding Liz tight so she could feel how much that he wanted her after dancing holding her body all night.
“Okay” Liz answered. “Just let me go find Maria” “Why don’t I go with you” Max said not wanting to let Liz out of his sight. “Max I think that she is in the bathroom” Liz laughed. “I don’t think that you can go in there. “I will run and get her and be right back,” Liz said walking towards the bathroom. Max watched her body sway as she walked in tune with the pounding music.

“Hey man” Michael said walking next to Max. “Where is Liz?” “She went to go find Maria” Max said turning to face Michael. “Oh okay, Maria is in the bathroom. I think that me and you are going to have some fun tonight” Michael laughed. “You know what they saw, earth girls are easy.” Max punched Michael lightly in the arm.

“Maria” Liz said walking into the small crowded bathroom. “Right here” Maria called from behind Liz. “Oh there you are” “Hey, I think that we are ready to go” “Me too” Maria answered pulling Liz out of the crowd. Liz laughed locking her arm with Maria’s. “Lets go find our men” Maria laughed. “You know what they say, Czechoslovakians are easy”

Maria and Liz pushed their way through the crowd searching for Michael and Max. “They are probably out front waiting for us, we could never find them in here” Maria slurred. “Good thinking” Liz answered as she and Maria head for the front door.

“Where are they” Max asked out loud. “You know, they are girls, they do girl things in the bathroom,” Michael said with a wink.

Maria and Liz slipped out the front door. Everything was blurry to them as their eyes searched for Max and Michael in the crowd.

“Damn girls, you are looking fine tonight” they heard from a passing voice. Liz tried to ignore them searching for Max. Suddenly Liz felt her body being pulled away from Maria’s. Liz was pulled around the corner into the dark. Liz heard Maria scream just as her head hit the concrete wall she had been pushed up against.

“Something is wrong” Max said running toward the front door. Michael followed him trying to keep up.

Liz head was pounding as she whispered, “Max” “I will be whoever you want me to be” a husky voice said as Liz felt lips pressed up against her. Foreign lips, not Max’s lips were all that she could think. The husky voice moaned as Liz felt him lift her shirt up and grab at her breasts.

Max found Maria in a panic at the front door. “Where is Liz’ he yelled as he grabbed Maria’s arm. “I don’t know, I don’t know” Maria yelled falling into Michael’s arms.

Max ran through he crowd finally reaching the alley. He could feel Liz, he could feel her fear.

The man with the husky voice grabbed Liz through her pants, with one hand still on her now exposed breast.

Max ran through the alley panic running through him. Michael and Maria were only steps behind.

Max’s eyes finally settled on people in the darkness. He saw Liz first, tears streamed down her cheeks. He voice simply echoing, “No please no”Max grabbed Liz pulling her away from the man.
“Max no” Michael yelled seeing Max outreach his arm. Michael was too late. Light was already extending from Max’s hand. The man was thrown through the alley. His body hitting the concrete wall and crumbling below it in a lump. His body just laying there, blood seeping from his mouth.

Max took Liz in his arms. He was holding her so tight Liz almost couldn’t breathe. Tears were running down Max’s face. “We have to go now,” Michael said leading the others out of the dark alley.


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Part 11~ Everything To Me

Max held Liz tight all the way back to where they had parked the jeep. They climbed in, Max and Liz in back and Max told Michael to drive. Max was still so angry over Liz being hurt that he couldn’t even comprehend what he had done. Michael took off with Maria in the front seat and Max holding tight to Liz in the back seat.

What the four of them didn’t know was that Sean De Luca had been watching them all night, and he had come around the corner moments after they had ran away.

Sean looked over the man trying to understand what was going on. He wasn’t that far behind Max, yet this man was laying in a pool of blood. “What the hell is going on” Sean said aloud.

Max just whispered “Liz’s house” as Michael drove towards town. Max knew that was the only place that they could be in private and discuss what they needed too.
Maria and Liz just sat in silence, they were both still confused over what had happened in that alley. The last thing that Liz knew she was pulled into Max’s arms. Nothing after that mattered to her at the time. She knew that she was safe, with Max she was always safe.

Max held Liz on top of him not letting her get any further away. “Liz baby, did he hurt you? Are you okay?” “I’m okay” Liz answered laying her head in his lap. It was the that Max saw for the first time the gash on the back of Liz’s head where she had hit the concrete wall. Max let out a moan of anger, how dare anyone touch her! How dare he put his hands on Liz.

Max took a deep breath trying to calm himself. He was scared, scared that he had acted the way that he did, scared because he knew that he would do it over again in an instant, scared because he knew that he could have lost Liz tonight.

Max took his hand and held it over the back of Liz’s head. “Hold still honey” he said as his hand began to move. Max healed Liz’s gash but he was worried that what had happened tonight emotionally would be a lot more difficult to heal.

Max carried Liz into the house, laying her onto the couch in the living room before taking a seat next to her. Michael sat down immediately. “Max what the hell were you thinking? You could have killed that man. We don’t even know if he is still alive, we don’t even know who he is.”

“Michael, I don’t know what came over me, I am sorry, I lost control of my anger. I have never felt that way before. But it was Liz. Imagine if It had been Maria being attacked.” Max answered grasping Liz’s hand in his.

Michael shifted his gaze over to Liz. “First you heal this girl and almost expose us to everyone. Then you attack some human, probaly killing him because of Liz. I think that Liz is the problem. You care more about her than you do me and Isabel and our lives.” Michael said with anger.

Max rose to his feet. “Don’t ever talk about Liz like that, Liz is not the problem. The man in the alley is the problem” Max yelled.
Maria stepped to the middle trying to calm things down. “Look, Michael has a point. I don’t know what me and Liz were thinking dressing like this and walking around drunk alone. We should have had you guys wait right outside the bathroom for us.”

“Maria NO” Max yelled. “This is not Liz’s fault or yours. IT is my fault, I never should have let her out of my sight. Michael, Liz sacrificed everything for you, for your and Isabel’s lives. Why don’t you understand that? She gave up everything for me and you and Isabel, and I would give up anything for her”

Max stood strong looking Michael in the eye, not willing to cower for once. “I think that we all just need to get a little rest and have some time to calm down” Maria said pulling Michael to her. Max agreed and took Liz’s hand to take her upstairs. “I’m sorry” Liz said as she turned to go up the stairs.

Max slid Liz’s body in front of his and led her up the stairs. He didn’t want Liz to fell like she had to apologize. It was his fault not hers, he should have been with her, and he was the one who lost control, not her. He just needed to make everything better for her.

He led her into her room and then sat her on the bed. “Baby, I am going to give you a shower, you will feel better I promise.” “Okay” Liz agreed glad that she had Max there to care for her.

Max ran into the bathroom and started the hot water. This act made him think of all that had happened since he last gave Liz a shower just hours ago. Was he capable of killing some one? He had never thought that he was until now. He had wanted to kill Tess for betraying them , and now this. He just lost control. The thoughts of him being responsible for anyone elses death scared him. His capability to kill and heal were a double edge sword. He didn’t want to play God. He never had.

Max shook off his thought, he had to concentrate on Liz now. Liz was the only thing that mattered to him. He walked back into the bedroom and over to Liz. He slowly helped her up from the bed and brushed her hair out of her face. “I’m okay Max really, I am just a little upset. I can see the worry in your eyes, I am really okay. I don’t even feel sick anymore” Liz said as she smiled at Max. She didn’t want him to worry. She felt so bad that she was the reason that he had done something so unlike himself.

Liz looked into his eyes and pulled him near. “Please Max, it will be okay, I promise. We will figure it all out. Please don’t be upset. I know that it is scary and different, I feel it too but I know that there is no way that you killed that man. I am sure that he is going to be okay. I can call Valenti and find out if you want.” Liz asked.
“No” Max answered. I don’t want anyone to know right now. “I had to save you and I did what I had to do”. “Max Evans, you are not a killer, I know you. You are the most gentle person that I know. Now lets take a shower. You will feel much better I promise” Liz said echoing Max’s words.

Max couldn’t believe how lucky he was to have Liz. Here she was comforting him when she was the one who had been attacked just an hour ago. Liz Parker was amazing, he would never let anything happen to her Max decided as he walked into the bathroom with Liz.

Liz slowly turned around face to face with him and smiled. She reached down and pulled off her pants. She then reached up and pulled off her top. She stood there in just her bra and panties and Max couldn’t look away. She was breathtaking as always. “Here let me” Max said reaching over to her. She slowly unclasped her bra and then moved his hands down to her hips. He slid his fingers underneath the edges of her panties and then started to pull them down. He got down onto his knees and then pulled the cloth slowly down her legs. Max then lifted her feet leaving her completely naked. He stood up to meet her.

“Liz I don’t know what I would do if anything ever happened to you. I love you, you are my everything”
“I know Max, I feel the same way about you. Everything will be okay. I promise we will make everything okay” Liz said. Liz then stepped into the shower. Max looked on at the amazing creature before him. How could she not think that he was a monster after what had happened. “Aren’t you going to come in” Liz called seeing Max just looking at her. Max pulled of his clothes and stepped under the hot water with Liz. They grasped onto each other for dear life. They just stood together holding and loving each other until the water finally grew cold.

Max and Liz laid in bed, holding each other until Liz finally fell asleep. Max couldn’t sleep and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to sleep again until he knew what had really happened to the man outside the club. He slowly crept out of bed, pulled on his clothes and crept out of Liz’s window being careful not to wake her. Then Max Evans disapearred into the night.

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Part 12~ A Truth and A Lie

Max Evans pulled up outside the Valenti house not sure how to proceed. He knew that the Sheriff could find out what had happened to the man. He walked up slowly thinking that everyone would be asleep.

He saw the light on in the kitchen and Jim was sitting at the table. Max knocked on the window not wanting to alarm him. Jim walked over to the door and opened it for Max.

“I was wondering when you would show up” Jim said walking back to the kitchen and his cup of coffee. “Coffee’s hot if you want some” Jim said pointing to the coffee maker.

“No thanks, I don’t think I’ll ever sleep again as it is. “What the hell is going on Max, I thought that you were smarter than this. You are just lucky that Sean De Luca came to me instead of Hansen.”

“What?” Max questioned. “What the hell does Sean De Luca have to do with anything?” “He saw something last night. It was you who roughed up that guy outside the soap factory last night wasn’t it? Sean De Luca saw you running around the corner, and then found the guy.

He had it out for you anyway because of the whole Liz thing. What the hell did you do to this guy? I was scared that he was a alien, or worse, but no I checked out the blood samples and he is as human as human can get” Jim said looking at Max.

“Is he…I mean, I didn’t kill him then?” Max said not sure if he wanted to know the answer. “No, you almost did but he is in the hospital right now. He is fucked up pretty bad though. Why would you do this? You used your powers didn’t you?” Max sat down in the chair and put his head down. “I just lost control” Max said softly. “He ummm, he hurt Liz and I couldn’t handle my anger” Max said.

Jim Valenti just looked at him. Maybe he had been a little hard on him. He had been protecting Liz after all, Jim knew that he probably would have done the same thing if he had powers and Amy was in trouble.

“Look Max, you really just have to be careful okay? I know that the last few weeks have been a living hell for you but you are not a normal teenager and you can’t go around losing control. I told Sean De Luca that the man had been in a bar fight and you probably had just seen him and gotten scared and ran away.

It would be best if you and the others followed that story if you get asked by anyone.”

“Max I am just trying to protect you, I promise. It’s just that you guys make it hard sometimes” Jim said slumping down to look Max in the eye.

“I know Sheriff, I am sorry I promise nothing like this will ever happen again. So he’s going to be okay then?” Max asked knowing that he could never live with the guilt of killing someone.

"Yea I think so, I am trying to stay on the inside and help Hansen out, it looks like this guy had so much booze in him that he won’t even remember his name when he wakes up, plus you gave him a pretty bad concussion. Now why don’t you go get some sleep and I will give you guys a call tomorrow.

Are you going to be at home?” He asked. “Actually we will all be at Liz’s” Max answered blushing. “Alright I will come by the Crashdown tomorrow” Jim said following Max to the door.

“Thanks for everything” Max said as he walked out the door. Jim just smiled, Max had saved Kyle’s life and Jim would do his damnest to keep Max from losing his.

Liz woke with a start. She had been having a nightmare about her attack. The same man was there, but this time Max didn’t come to help her. She had been raped and beaten and Max couldn’t find her. In her dream she played over and over in her mind the lyrics to the song “If you Want me Too” by Ginny Owens.

The Pathway is broken
The signs are unclear
I can’t find the reason you led me here
But just because you love me the way that you do
I will go through the valley
If you want me too

Now I’m not who I was
when I took my first step
And I’m clinging to the promise you’re not through with me yet
And if all these trials can make me like you
I will go through the fire
If you want me too

It may not be the way I would have chosen
‘Cause It leads me to a world that’s not my home
But you never said it would be easy
Only that I would never go alone

When the whole world turns against me
And I’m all by myself
And I can’t hear you answer my cries for help
I’ll remember the suffering your love put you through
And I will go through the Valley
If you want me too

Somehow that song had always reminded her of Max and helped her to believe that whatever was happening in her life that Max was someone with her. She was still shaking when she noticed that Max was gone.

“Michael go to sleep” Maria said rolling away from him. “I can’t, I can’t stop thinking about what happened. What if Max killed that guy, then what, that makes us evil aliens that kill humans. Can you believe that? Aren’t you scared Maria?” Michael continued on with his ramble.

“Michael Please! Can we talk about this in the morning?” Maria asked pulling a pillow over her ears. She should have just stayed at Liz’s and Michael could have gone home she thought to herself.

Max crept in the window of Liz’s room trying not to wake her. Instead he found her in tears. He ran to her, sorry that he had ever left her in the first place

“Liz what’s wrong?” he said pulling her entire body to his. “Max..” was all that Liz could get out between sobs. She was scared enough by the nightmare but waking up and seeing Max gone had made her mind start racing.

“I thought that you were angry at me and you left. I didn’t know where you were” Liz continued. “No baby no I am here now” Max said stroking her hair. Max just held her as she let out all of her emotion.

“Why don’t we go see if Max and Liz are still up?” Maria said to Michael hoping that Max could calm him down. “Okay” Michael said already halfway up the stairs.

Max held Liz until she calmed down. “Liz it is all okay now, I promise. I took care of it.” “What happened” Liz whispered “I talked to Valenti and..” before Max could finish his sentence they both heard a knock on Liz’s bedroom door.

Max walked over to the door to unlock it, he didn’t want to use his powers for a long time after the previous night. He opened the door to find a very awake and a very asleep Michael and Maria outside.

“Maxwell, can we talk” Michael said walking into the room without waiting for an answer. “Sure” Max laughed. “Actually I was just going to tell Liz what I found out tonight” “What’s up” Michael said pacing the room. Maria walked straight over to Liz’s bed and climbed in with her.

“I talked to Valenti, and he said that the guy was okay, I mean I hurt him but he is okay for now. There is only one problem” Max continued. “What’s that” Liz said looking over to Max. “Sean De Luca”

“Shit” Maria said without even asking what Sean knew. “He’s been snooping around hasn’t he” Maria said. “Yes, It turns out that he was snooping around outside the party last night too, and he has some crazy ideas about what happened” Max said looking at Liz for her reaction.

“I knew he wouldn’t give up without a fight” Maria said. “I will talk to him” Liz said looking to Max for support. “I think I should, he is not to happy with you right now either” Maria said

“We just need to make him forget what his mind is spinning with” Max said. “Well there is one thing that Tess was good for” Michael joked. Max and Liz both glared at him with the same look. “It’s okay girlfriend, I’ve got this one covered” Maria said swatting Michael on the back of the head.

Liz spoke up “Listen, it’s obvious none of us are getting much sleep tonight, and its almost morning so how about we go downstairs and cook up a little breakfast before the restaurant opens” Sounds good to me, I’m starving Michael said leading the way.

Max could see that Liz and Maria needed a little time so he followed Michael saying “Me and Michael will go start some food”

“You okay?” Maria asked, “I was going to ask you the same thing.” Liz answered. “Sometimes I just get so sick of this bullshit” Maria said with a smile. “I mean, sometimes I just want to be normal, which is something for me. I think that it will turn out okay, we should have known better than to try and have a good time”

“I know really” Liz laughed. “I think that everything will be okay once we deal with our last little problem” Liz said
The two girls both looked at each other in unison and said “Sean”

By the time Liz and Maria came downstairs Max and Michael were already dishing up the food. Michael grabbed a fork and started shoveling food into his mouth. Max elbowed him in the stomach and whispered “Take Maria some food” “Oh yea” Michael said grabbing a plate.

Max smiled. It almost seemed normal. Whatever normal was to them. He knew that they could get through anything together. “Here Baby” Max said handing Liz a plate of eggs and then taking a seat next to her. “Thanks: Liz said. “And Max” “yea” “I love you” Liz said leaning over to kiss him.

Liz sat eating breakfast with Max, Maria and Michael and it occurred to her that there was nowhere else that she would rather be. She loved them all and cherished them in her life. As much turmoil and life altering moments that Michael, Isabel and Max had inflicted on her life she knew that she wouldn’t trade a moment of it.

Max rested his hand gently on her knee as the four of the talked. Just knowing that he was there with her and keeping part of his focus on her made her comfortable all by itself.

“I will talk to Sean” Maria insisted to Michael who was of course trying to flex some muscle. “All that I know is that I won’t let that little shit mess up anymore in our lives, he isn’t worth it.” Liz jumped in the conversation.

“Sean didn’t say anything about what happened at the UFO center so I am sure that he won’t say anything now” She reasoned.

“Liz, Sean didn’t say anything about what happened at the UFO center because you told him that you would go out on a date with him, and I don’t think that strategy is possible this time” Maria answered.

Liz felt Max’s eyes met hers as soon as the words were out of Maria’s mouth. “Oh really” Max said with jealousy present in his voice. “Oh calm down Max” Maria said “She did it for you, she does everything for you”

Max suddenly began thinking of that possibility and pulled Liz closer to him in the booth. “Thank you” he whispered kissing her on the cheek. Liz felt her cheeks start to redden. She had never wanted to get into anything that happened with Sean with Max. It didn’t matter now; nothing did except that she and Max were finally together.

“Okay, well we are going to go to Michaels and get ready, all our stuff is there” Maria said. “Then later I will go talk to Sean and see what happens. I will call you as soon as we work something out okay honey?” “Okay, I think that we are going to try to get some sleep” Max said using his hand to squeeze her inner thigh. Liz felt the heat fill her body once again. Somehow she couldn’t stand her body being away from Max’s.

Maria walked over to Liz and gave her a quick hug. “Don’t worry, everything will be okay” Maria said as she and Michael turned to leave. “Later” Michael mumbled following Maria out the door.

Liz slid from the booth and cleared away the dishes. Max quickly rose to help her. After the booth was clean Max smiled at her. “It is so great to just be with you” he said looking at her. “I know” Liz answered. “Let’s go upstairs” Max said taking her hand.

When they reached her room Liz felt her second wind leave her body. She was exhausted and couldn’t wait to hit her bed. Max pulled her under the covers with him, tucking her body tightly into his.

They both felt some of the tension leave their bodies as they drifted off to sleep.

Maria crept into her house hours after leaving the Crashdown. Her mom was already up and gone for the day. Maria pulled her ever present cedar oil out of her purse and walked to Sean’s door. She knocked lightly.

“Come In” Sean answered. Maria slowly took one more sniff of her oil before turning the doorknob.

Max woke with a smile on his face. Liz was here, he even knew it in his sleep, he could smell her, feel her. He still held her body snuggly the whole time that they slept. He didn’t move, enjoying the feeling, the feeling of Liz in his arms, of feeling Liz’s soft breaths gently raise her chest. Max stayed like that for a long time before Liz awoke.

“Max” she whispered opening her eyes. “Good Morning Beautiful” Max answered pulling her body closer even yet to his. “Good afternoon is more like it” Liz said with a smile glancing at the clock. “I hope that everything went okay with Maria” she added. “I am sure that everything is okay” Max said not wanting Liz to worry, especially about something stupid that he had done.

“Everything will be okay, I promise, I will take care of everything” Max said as Liz moved her body over to face him. “Mmmm I could get used to waking up with you” Liz said before kissing him deeply. Max was in heaven; everything that he had ever wanted was right in front of him, a soul mate, a lover, Liz Parker.

Maria walked into Sean’s room noticing him sitting on the edge of the bed. His bed was still made and it didn’t look to her like her had slept a wink. “Sean, Hi how are you” Maria asked taking a seat next to him. She hoped that he would bring up the incident so she didn’t have to tell him how she knew.

“Maria I am really glad that you are home” Sean started. “I think that we need to talk before I talk to your mom” “What do we need to talk about” Maria asked knowing full well what Sean was going to talk about.

“I think that you need to know something about your friends, Maria, Max Evans and Michael Guerin are dangerous” He continued.

“Dangerous?” Maria asked. “Yes, Maria, please just listen to what I am telling you and understand that I am family and I don’t want to ever hurt you or cause you pain” “Okay” Maria agreed instantly feeling bad for Sean.

“I have seen things Maria, something is up with them. I saw Max and Liz last night at the soap factory party. Max hurt someone Maria he tried to kill someone. He ran away just before I got there” “Sean I think” Maria interrupted.

“Maria don’t make excuses please, I went along with what happened in the UFO center for you and Liz’s sake but I can’t do it anymore, I think that you are in danger”

“Sean no! Please I was there last night please just try to understand” “What’s going on” Amy Deluca said from the doorway over hearing their conversation.

“So, do you feel better” Max asked Liz as they stood in her room getting dressed. “Yes, much, I always do after a shower with you” Liz said coyly. “Well you have better put some more clothes on or I am going to make you feel a lot better” Max joked. Liz just smiled as she pulled on her clothes.

“Mom calm down!” Maria said holding out her oil for her Mom to sniff “I promise Sean is just confused!” Maria said trying to explain the story that Valenti had come up with for them.


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Part 13~ Dinner and a Disguise

Maria let out a silent prayer as she shut the door to her bedroom. She had finally calmed down her mother and Sean enough to know that they would sleep tonight without further problems. Maria locked her door and leapt for the phone dialing Liz’s number.

“Hello” Liz said on the first ring. “Hey sweetie, its me” Maria said. “Oh hi, I was hoping that you would call. Is everything okay with Sean?” Liz asked
“Everything is okay, but my mom knows now too, Sean told her the story and I am afraid that she is going to start to remember what happened at the UFO center, or start to question Sean about it. Liz, Sean isn’t over you and I think that he is willing to play dirty to be closer to you, and try to have you father away from Max” Maria said in all honesty.

Liz listened to what Maria was saying and he eyes inadvertently drifted over to Max, still on her bed looking at her curious to know what was going on. “Okay Maria, I am sorry that you had to deal with this. Can you come over and talk?” Liz asked trying to get off the phone so she could talk to Max.
“Yea, I’ll go pick up Michael and we will be over in a few, bye” Maria said hanging up the phone. Liz held the phone to her ear for a moment after Maria had hung up. She just needed a minute to think of just how dirty Sean De Luca was planning on playing.

“Everything Okay now?” Michael said as he hopped into the Jetta. “Yea, I think so,” Maria said before continuing to tell Michael the whole story.

“So?” Max said as Liz said “Goodbye” to no one on the phone and walked towards him. “Well I think that everything is okay” Liz started. “Maria talked to Sean and her Mom, and I think that everything is okay” Max looked at Liz with question in his eyes. “What Liz, what aren’t you telling me?” Max asked moving closer to her.

“It’s nothing, it’s just that Maria said that Sean is really upset and I am afraid that he might do something stupid, that’s all” Liz said. “Like?” Max questioned. “Like hurt one of us..” Liz continued. “I don’t think that Sean would do that, and don’t worry, I am here to protect you, always, day and night” Max said with a smile pulling her into his.

That’s what I am worried about Liz thought to herself before finally giving in to Max’s advances and allowing herself to be held in his arms.

Sean De Luca sat in his bedroom, afraid to breathe much less move. He knew that something was up with Max and Michael but he didn’t know what. He just knew that he was the only one that could do something about it.

Liz hugged Maria as she came in the door. She needed her best friend to know how much that she appreciated everything that she does for her, that she had always done for her. “Thanks Maria” Liz said with a smile. “Anytime” Maria answered just glad that the situation seemed to be over.

“So when are we eating” Michael asked Max when he walked into the room. “Well, I have some stuff in the kitchen, why don’t we cook something up, real food, not alien food” Liz laughed. “Watch it Liz” Max said pretending to be angry at her alien jab. To tell the truth Max didn’t think that he could ever really get angry with the angel in front of him, he loved and trusted her too much.

Max walked to Liz whispering “I forgive you” with a smile as he pulled her into his arms. “I didn’t ask for forgiveness” Liz joked. “Oh are you going to get it later” Max joked. “I hope so” Liz countered. With this Max knew that he had better let Liz win this battle, otherwise he would be throwing Michael and Maria out any minute now.

“So what’s to grub” Michael said opening the fridge. “Maria walked up beside him, why don’t you guys go set the table and me and Liz will make something” “I am a cooking master” Michael said acting offended. “Oh, honey well we were going to make something other than hamburgers” Maria said ushering him out of the room.
She really wanted to talk to Liz without upsetting Max and Michael, and that was easy to do when she and Liz were concerned.

“So how about Fettuccini Alfredo?” Liz said pulling some pasta out of the cupboard. “Perfect, I’ll make salad and garlic bread” Maria said opening the fridge. When she was sure that Max and Michael were wrapped up in their own conversation Maria walked over to help Liz.
“So Lizzie I kinda want to talk to you about something, but I don’t want you to freak out okay??” “Sure” Liz answered stopping what she was doing and looking to Maria. “Well I just want to let you know that Sean has been acting really funny. I am afraid that he will try and start something with Max now.
I just want you guys to be careful, around Sean or anyone, we don’t know who Sean might have told about this. I just have a bad feeling and I want to cover all of our bases.” Maria whispered.
“Maria, I think that everything will be okay, thanks for coming and talking to me about it, the last thing that any of us need right now is Michael and Max going to deal with Sean. I think that Sean will stay away. This whole thing just needs time to blow over” “I hope that you are right Liz” Maria answered.

Liz and Maria walked over to the kitchen table inadvertently interrupting Max and Michael conversation. “Good I’m starving” Michael said reaching for the food. Max stood and took the pasta from Liz, set it on the table and then turned around pulling out her seat for her. Maria stared at Michael for a moment then laughing realizing that Michael was not the gentleman that Max was but she loved him for who he was. Liz blushed as Max pulled his chair closer to her resting his free hand on her thigh.

Max and Liz just enjoyed being together for a moment before they began to eat. The food was good and Liz was just happy to be among her friends, particularly with Max. It felt good to have him next to her at all times, he felt as though he was going through withdrawals whenever she was more than just a few feet away.

They all finished their dinner talking about positive things. No one wanted to bring up the topic of what had happened at the party, and Liz was grateful, she just wanted to get things back to normal with her and Max, whatever normal was. When they were finished Maria and Liz started to get up from the table. “No ladies, have a seat, you cooked, me and Michael will clean.” Max said picking up the plates.
“What???” Michael said looking at Max. “Michael, come on be a gentleman.” Max urged with a look saying Get up now or else. “Okay” Michael finally agreed as if he had a choice in the matter.
Liz smiled at Max and wondered how he could always say the right thing at the exact right time. Maria and Liz watched the men enter the kitchen and sat for a moment. “Okay, I think they have made enough of a mess, it’s time for us to step in” Maria laughed getting up from the table. Liz just smiled as she went in the kitchen to help.

“Okay, Max you wash, Michael you dry, just try not to break anything” Maria joked why her and Liz put away the leftovers. “I’m going to take the trash out, I’ll be right back,” Liz said picking up the small bag.
“I’ll do that,” Max said running to her side. “I think that you have duties,” Liz said looking at Maria who was obviously running the kitchen. “Back to your post” Maria laughed waving her hand. Max smiled kissing Liz on the cheek before running back to the sink.

Liz walked out into the cool evening air. She felt pure happiness. Having dinner with Max and her friends, sleeping with Max tonight, she knew that this was all that she needed to keep her happy.
Liz smiled daydreaming to herself as she walked over to the Dumpster. Liz reached her hand out to lift the Dumpster open. Liz felt a cool hand close over her mouth as she was pulled back. “Max” she tried to call. It was no use; it was obvious that they couldn’t hear her out here. The wall on the outside of the Crashdown was the last thing that Liz saw as a black cloth was pulled over her head.

“Funny” Maria said as Michael slid an ice cube down the back of her dress while she was turned. “The bosses can never be the employee’s friends” Michael joked. Maria heard a knock at the front door.
“It must be Liz, dummy probably locked herself out” Maria said heading for the door. Maria flung it open to find Brody standing there. “Brody?” Maria said wondering why he was here out of no where.
“Larek” the man said entering the house. “Where are Max and Michael?” Larek asked. “Max, Michael!!” Maria called a little freaked out about being alone with Larek. Max and Michael walked into the room laughing.
As soon as they saw the man they knew that it wasn’t Brody, but rather Larek. “Larek??” Max asked quietly. “I am here to warn you, Kivar is in Roswell, and Max he is here for your true mate, He is here for Liz Parker.”

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Part 14~ A Deadly Decision

Max’s face turned white as he tried to comprehend the words that he had just heard. “Liz” he mouthed silently before taking off outside.
When Max reached the Dumpsters his worst fear was realized. Liz was gone. The trash lay in a heap on the ground, it was so silent Max could hear himself think.

Michael and Maria caught up with Max just seconds later.
“How could I let this happen to her” Max cried tears beginning to fall down his face. “Max” was all that Maria said walking over to Max and pulling him into her arms.
“That Bastard” Michael mumbled watching Max fall apart.

Max finally let Maria and Michael lead him back inside.
Maria looked to Michael and not wanting to leave Max’s side she instructed
“Michael, call Isabel and tell her to get here now!” Max looked to Maria.

“Maria, I promised her that I would protect her”
“Max, this is not your fault” Maria said. “Everything is going to be okay Max, I promise” Maria forced herself to smile at her last comment.
She was trying to convince herself too.

Liz opened her eyes slowly. All she saw was darkness. As Liz began to come back to conciousness the events of the last few hours were filling her head.

It was only then that Liz realized that she was in the trunk of a car. And not only that but the car was moving fast.

“How could this not be my fault!” Max yelled. “I should have never let her into my life, it is too dangerous. If It weren’t for me she would be happy and at home” Max continued through his tears.

“Max, that is where you are wrong, Liz could never be happy without being in your life. Max you are her life, you are what makes Liz happy.”

“Max” Liz whispered realizing that her voice wasn’t working all that well. Liz frantically tried to find someway to communicate with Max, without letting whoever was driving this car know that she was awake.

“Why does he want her, and how can I save her” Max said firmly to Larek still standing in the doorway.
“Max you aren’t going to like what I say” Larek explained. “Well, I sure as hell am going to like it better than Liz being in danger.” Max continued.
“Max, you know that you are the chosen King, Liz is your chosen Queen, she always has been."

Tess was sent here by Kivar. Kivar knew that he needed your heir to the throne to continue the hold he has had over Antar for many years now.
Kivar also knew that Liz would never give up your child to him. But Tess would. She was confident that she could seduce you, and get pregnant with your child. Well, Max Tess was never really pregnant.

She lied to get home. Kivar is really angry, and he wants you delivered to him immediately. That is why he has taken Liz”
“I don’t understand” Max questioned. “Where is Kivar taking Liz?”
“Max, Kivar is taking Liz back to Antar.”

Liz closed her eyes again…this time in concentrate. She could tell that they were on a dirt road now. A bumpy dirt road. She tried to concentrate with Max. She had done I before while he was in New York. Why wasn’t it working now?

“What!?” Max stood nearly attacking Larek for being the messenger. “Why would he take Liz back to Antar, she is human, she can’t survive there?” Max exploded.

“Max, Liz is special, she was created for you, and you for her. Liz is different. She was created to be your wife on this planet. She was created to make you whole. She can survive physically on Antar, but I don’t think that she will survive long with Kivar” Larek continued.

“What does he want, anything, I just need to make Liz safe again” Max asked, willing to sacrifce everything for the woman that he loved.

“Max, Kivar wants you, I can get you home…if you go home, he has said that he will release Liz” Max was stunned at Larek’s last statement.
Max looked to Michael “Home?” Michael repeated.

“Max please, hear me, feel me, I need you” Liz whispered.

“What about Michael and Isabel?? They get to stay??” Max asked. “Yes, they can stay, Kivar only wants you now.

He needs to produce your heir, and make sure that you are dead so that the heir will be first in command after Kivar has trained him. You have one hour to decide” Larek continued.

Max looked back and Michael and Maria, they knew that this was his choice to make, they also knew that there was no way that Max would not go for Liz.

“Max, I think that we need to discuss other options” Michael said.
Max looked over to Michael. Instead of seeing Michael he saw Liz, shut in a dark place, she was crying saying his name over and over again.

“There is no other option” Max said firmly. “I am going.”

Isabel walked in the door just as Max was leaving with Larek. “Whats going on?” she asked lightheartly believing that Larek was Brody.

“Isabel, I have to leave.” Max said “Where are you going?? When will you be back??” Isabel asked still not understanding the seriousness of the situation.

“I am not coming back.” Max whispered.

Liz finally felt the car come to a stop. For her this was more frightning than the car moving at 90mph.
Liz braced herself as she heard steps coming around to the back of the car.

She heard the key turn in the lock of the trunk. Liz whispered Max’s name once again, to gather strength for whatever or whoever was about to greet her.

“Max! NO!!” Isabel yelled when Max quickly explained the situation to her.
“You can’t go” “Is, I have too…I have no other choice. They have Liz…” Max’s voice dropped at the sound of Liz’s name leaving his lips.

“Max, there must be another way, Kivar is going to kill you” Isabel tried to reason.
“I can deal with that, the most important thing to me right now is Liz” Max said trying to stay strong.

“I have to go..I love you all” Max said holding back his tears, he was a King and It was about time to act like one.
Michael held Isabel back, knowing that this was Max’s decision to make and he had made it.

Maria fell to the floor, unable to believe what was happening. Max had just sacrificed his life for her best friends.

Liz felt as if her life was in slow motion as the heard the key turn in the lock of the trunk. Light slowly started to escape into the previously black trunk.

Liz looked up to see Sean De Luca reaching his hand into the trunk to help her out. “Sean, what the hell is going on” Liz yelled Sean smiled, an evil smile.
“Tonight my dear you may call me Kivar.”

Larek led Max back to the Pod Chamber. A place that Max hadn’t been too since the last time he went to leave Earth.

“Larek, how can you get me home??” Max asked assuming that the granolith had already been used. “Trust me, I can do it” Larek said leading Max inside.

Liz stood up tall and followed behind as Sean led her into a small dark cabin. It was weird for Liz to be afraid of him, but this was Kivar that was pulling Liz by the arm.

Liz just hoped that if she went along with him long enough and stalled him that Kivar would lose his hold on Sean and she could get away. “Please Max, I need you now” Liz whispered.

“Let’s go, I don’t need to know how it works” Max said to Larek.

He had been listening but then he had heard Liz’s voice, she had been calling him, she said that she needed him now, he was afraid to think of what Kivar could be doing to Liz right now.

“Liz, I am coming” Max whispered into the night.

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Part 15~ A Queen and Her King

Max waited, waited to leave, waited for his life to end. He needed to do this, to save Liz,
she was more Important than anything, and he just hoped that Isabel and Michael
understood that.

Max just waited, waited for Larek to tell him that it was time to leave. “Please hurry”
Max said quietly.

Larek looked up at him “Max are you sure that you want to do this??” Larek questioned.
Max just nodded, Larek sure wasn’t trying to talk him out of sacrificing himself for Liz.
Max knew that no one could talk him out of it; Larek must have experienced love like
Max has for Liz, because he seems to understand perfectly.

“Max Max please…” Liz yelled…she didn’t care if Kivar or Sean or whoever the hell he
was heard her.
She just wanted to make some sort of connection with Max. She couldn’t stand not
knowing. She hoped that he was okay.
She felt nervous, she knew that he could feel her pain, and she him she just hoped that
he would come through the door any second and rescue her.
Liz just couldn’t get used to seeing Kivar is Sean’s body. She was freaked out, more so
than she had been at the party, and more so than she had been in a long time.
The only thing worse than seeing Kivar in Sean’s body was seeing a shape shifter in
I guess I have to be grateful that he didn’t take Max’s form; she didn’t know if she could
handle that. Liz just tried to stay calm.
As calm as she could consider that he hands were tied behind her back, and she could
hardly move without some kind of pain.
It was obvious that Kivar didn’t know very much about the human form by the way that
he had her tied.
Liz almost laughed watching him pace around. He didn’t even look like Sean when she
watched him move. He looked like what he was, a foreign creature in a human form. Liz
looked around the room, trying to fill her brain with as much information as she possibly
could. Hoping, praying that somehow it would be relayed to Max.

Max listened carefully as Larek explained that he would be ready to leave in about 15

He explained to Max how he needed to have his hand touching the Granolith at that time,
or he would be left behind.
Max wondered how it was that Larek didn’t know that he had done this before???

Liz wiggled her hands trying to loosen the hold that the tight rope had on her. Time to
act, no more being a coward, Max doesn’t know where I am and It is time that I took
matter into my own hands.
Kivar picked up the phone, chatting with someone else, in talk that Liz couldn’t really
understand, like a new form of English, almost like Pig Latin, Liz thought with a smile.
Smiling was about the only thing that she could do; I am going to get out of this Max I

Max paced along the floor, similar to how Kivar had just been pacing in another place,
far from where he was.
“Liz my Liz I am so sorry” Max whispered. He only hoped that Kivar would keep his
word and let Liz go when he left.
He was tired of putting Liz through all of this danger for him. He almost wished that he
could have never fallen in love with her, he knew that it wasn’t possible, they were soul
mates, but the last thing that Max ever wanted to do was to cause her harm.
“At least you will be safe without me” Max said.

Liz knew that it was now or never. Kivar had his back turned and she had finally gotten
the rope loose enough to ease her wrists out of it. This didn’t change the fact that her
wrists were now rope burnt and bleeding.
Max can fix it as soon as I get out of here Liz thought.

“Okay Max, time to go” Larek said with a smile. “Okay, let’s do it” Max said walking
over towards the glowing light. Max reached his hand up to the light. “Liz I love you”
Max said out loud hoping somehow that Liz would hear him.

Liz slowly pulled herself up on her knees. She walked over to the door, seeing
Kivar/Sean’s back still turned away from her.
You can do this Parker Liz said to herself. For me and for Max. Liz crawled on her hands,
trying to make no more noise than a mouse.
Just as Liz’s small beaten hand reached for the door she felt eyes on her. “What the
hell….” Kivar yelled as Liz was blinded by a light that took over her entire visual field.
Liz was thrown to the ground, she felt as if the wind had been knocked out of her, over
and over.
Liz imagined herself laying on the playground after she had fallen in the third grade. The
wind had been knocked out of her. She held onto her wrist, feeling it having been bruised
by her fall.
She looked up with her small child eyes to see Max looking over her. Liz could feel Max
looking over her now as she lay on the floor of a dirty hotel room.

Liz looked up seeing Max leaning over her, the young Max suddenly turning into the
present day Max.
“Max” she whispered wondering how he could have gotten here so quickly. Just as
suddenly as young Max had morphed into her Max he once again morphed into Sean,
now Kivar standing over her. “You little Bitch, what the hell are you doing. You are not
going anywhere until I get Max just where I want him. And then I will kill you just before
I kill him” Kivar said this with a sick smile.

Liz layed still for a moment. Did they have Max too??? Liz felt a power being built up
inside her.
“Max” she said once again out loud. Liz reached up her bloody small hand out holding it
facing Kivar. What am I doing Liz couldn’t help but wonder. Kivar could probably kill
me with a wiggle of his nose and I am trying to fight back.
Liz looked at her outstretched hand in wonder. Just as Liz was beginning to feel crazy
she felt Max’s presence. She heard his voice. “You can do it, you are strong.” Max’s
voice suddenly changed into Ava’s
“You have changed Liz” Ava said quietly. Liz focused all of her energy into her small
palm, feeling the energy drain out of her, but It wasn’t just coming from her, it was
coming from Max too, she could feel it all rush to her hand.
“No” Liz said one single word. Her Defense, her anger at other trying to hurt her, and
more importantly Max.
Liz looked at her hand with as much disbelief as Kivar did. A bright light was now
escaping from it, a power, strength; some would say the strength of true love.
Liz felt the light coming from her whole body, coming from her soul. It got stronger and
stronger. ‘What the hell??” Kivar questioned just as this light, this light of true love took
an inhuman force and pushed Kivar away from Liz’s injured body.
Liz was just as surprised as he was, Liz Parker, a normal girl from Roswell fighting back
against an alien king, and winning as of now.
Funny thing was, Liz was a Queen now too. Kivar was thrown back against the far wall.
Liz pulled herself to her feet. She was speechless seeing the light force still holding back
Kivar. “Max my love, where are you” she whispered starting for the door.

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Author's Note~ Alot of you might not like this part. But please read it anyway..LOL And realize that this is not the end..just another place in the middle....

Part Sixteen~ Two Worlds and the Space In-between

Liz Parker arrived at the Crashdown just in time to find her friends falling apart. Liz froze upon seeing all of her friends with tears pouring from their eyes.

“Max” Liz whispered in question scanning the room for him. “Liz” Maria gasped jumping from the table.

“Lizzie are you okay?” “Michael, where is Max” Liz said looking towards the one person in the group that she knew would give her a straight answer.

“Liz, I, Max had to go away. He had to take care of some things” Michael said not knowing how he was going to break this girls heart. He knew that he had no other choice.

“What do you mean he went away?” Liz questioned as the rest of the group formed around her protectively. Isabel stepped forward, not for Liz, or even for herself, but for Max.

“Liz, Max went home” Isabel said straightly looking Liz in the eye.

“Home??” Liz questioned wondering why Max would go home when she was missing. “Well can you give me a ride over there?” Liz asked walking towards the door, wondering why Max had left her when she needed him most.

“No Liz”, Michael said firmly. “Max went home, home. Liz he left with Larek. He went back to Antar.”

Liz looked at Michael searching his eyes while trying to comprehend what he had said. Max had told Liz that he would never leave her again.

“Why, why would he leave me” Liz yelled thinking that somehow he must have left to be with Tess. He must have realized that she was not that special after all.

Liz looked to Maria searching her eyes. When Liz’s eyes met Maria’s the truth confronted her. Liz knew right then that Max had left for her.

That Max had left to save her. He had sacrificed himself for her. Max had left, gone back to Khivar, to save her.

Almost on instinct Liz leaned her body towards the table scooping up the keys to the Jetta in her sweaty palm.

With that Liz swung her body around and ran out the door. “Liz” Maria said moving after her. Michael pulled Maria into his arms holding her tightly against her chest.

“You have to let her go.” Michael said. Flashbacks ran through Michael’s mind of the last time he said that to someone who was watching Liz Parker run away.
He just hoped this time he was doing the right thing.

Liz drove down the road not caring what was in her path. Not caring if she lived or died. Just needing to get further and further from where she was the moment before. Liz knew that she could never out run this, but the only thing that she knew how to do was try.

Liz didn’t even know where she was going until she arrived. Where she arrived was the entrance to the Pod Chamber.

She knew that Max was gone. She had felt him say goodbye. She didn’t know it at the time, but she felt him say that now she would be safe.

The truth was that Liz Parker would rather be dead than safe without Max.

Liz walked up the small hill to where Max had made his last breaths on Earth. “My Max” she cried falling to the ground.

“Max, I love you, why did you have to leave me” Liz said speaking to Max as though he could hear her cries.

First Alex and then Max, Liz knew that she could no longer survive on this planet.

Not with the only love of her life on another, and her best friend somewhere in between.

Liz Parker reached into her pocket and pulled out a small Swiss Army Knife. She had taken it from the glove box of the Jetta. She knew that Maria kept it in there.

Liz spoke “Max Evans, I am coming to where ever you are. I don’t know If I will end up with you but I cannot be here anymore. Alex, my sweet Alex, I am so sorry, I have caused so much pain in my life. I must hurt myself before I hurt anyone else. Liz laid on her back now. Looking up at the purple sky. How could life still exist after Max leaving? After Alex leaving? How could the Earth still rotate and her heart still beat?

“I have to make this right” Liz said running the sharp blade along her small arms. “ I have to make this right” Liz felt the first puncture into her sensitive skin. After that she no longer felt it. To her it was payback for the pain that she had caused others. She felt as if she deserved it.

Liz watched the blood slowly start to drain from her veins. “Max Evans, I will love you always and forever” Liz said once again out loud before feeling herself slip into darkness.


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Part 17~Heaven and Earth

Liz Parker’s mind was reeling. She saw things that she knew were from her memory, but she never remembered them until now.

Mostly the images were of her family and Max. They almost seemed to go in chronological order. First her childhood, moving then to Max Evans and the last few years.

The odd thing was that she was seeing some of Max’s memories too. Max’s memories of her, she say him seeing her. It was just like in the visions that she had had when she was with Max. Only Max wasn’t here now. Did this mean that Max was dead or dying too??

As sick as it seemed, Liz felt as ease. She wished that somehow everything would be okay, but she knew it couldn’t be. At least if she and Max had to die, they were dying together in mind.

Liz mind finally reached the most recent part of her life. Liz wished that the things that she saw in her mind were all that had really happened.

No Tess, no aliens nothing. Only Liz and her happy memories, memories of Max, her family and loved ones. Liz saw herself; she saw her and Max making love.

Everyone always says that your life flashes before your eyes before you die. But Liz didn’t think of this as flashing at all, it was like a dream, only a dream of reality.

Liz saw nothing after her and Max making love. Apparently that was the last happy memory that Liz had formed. She saw the look in Max’s eyes as he made love to her. She felt the love between them.

The funny thing was that it comforted her here. Nothing scared her, she was ready to die, and she knew that nothing in her life could ever come close to her relationship with Max. In terms of happiness she had achieved the greatest kind, true love. Most people who lived long full lives have never felt that.

Max Evans looked around his surroundings. Something just didn’t fell right it hadn’t for a long time. He was angry with himself, what if he had been wrong.

Max was ready to leave, he was determined to, until the last moment. He looked in Larek’s and knew that something was wrong.

He could feel it, he felt as though he was leaving Liz again, but not leaving her to safety, leaving her to danger.

Max had held his hand to the bright light, something had happened then. He started having visions of Liz, and his life here. Max just felt that there was something that he hadn’t done yet.

He had almost left Liz in danger before not sure of knowing who had killed Alex. He knew that he could never do that again. Max Evans felt that Liz needed him now, and she didn’t need him to leave to save her. She needed him to stay to save her.

“Liz what the hell is going on??” Max said. He was so sure that Khivar just wanted him and was willing to take him and leave Liz safely. Something told him that Liz was far from safe.

Max looked around at the empty Pod Chamber that he was inside. Saying a silent prayer that he had done the right thing Max turned to leave.

Liz’s body lay silently on the ground. She looked almost as if she was sleeping, one could only tell otherwise from the blood surrounding her. Her eyes were closed and her face looked peaceful, it was impossible for another to know just how unpeaceful that her last few hours had been.

Max walked out of the Chamber knowing that he needed to get back to Liz, back to everyone. Max turned to his right and started heading down the hill towards the road.

Isabel, Michael and Maria sat quietly at a booth in the now closed Crashdown. None of them could stand just sitting there unable to do anything, but somehow they all knew that they could do nothing right now.

The future was out of their hands. Michael rested his arm over Maria’s shoulders as Isabel rubbed her fingers gently over the edge of the table. None of them spoke; there was nothing that they could say. Nothing that would comfort any of them. It remained that way until Isabel spoke.

“Max” Isabel said firmly. Michael and Maria looked up. “Max” Isabel continued. “Max is okay, Max is here, I can feel him.” Maria’s eyes became wide. “Is he with Liz?? Is Liz okay??” Maria questioned. “I don’t know” Isabel said.

Max ran down the small hill. He needed to get to Liz. He needed her now, to see her to make sure that she was okay. When Max reached the bottom of the hill he froze. Liz felt farther away now. What was going on??? How could be going farther from her?? Liz wasn’t at the Pod Chamber?? Max was shocked. What was going on??

Max looked up the hill too the rocks, “Liz” the word formed on his mouth but never made it out. Max turned running back up the rocks. His eyes searched for anything to tell him why he was feeling this way.

His eyes scanned the surrounding area for any signs. If Liz was here why wasn’t she waiting for him outside the Chamber? How could he have walked right by her? Did she think that Max was gone?? And more importantly was she okay??

Max saw it out of the corner of his eye first. It was a shoe; it was Liz’s shoe. He jumped towards it. Not sure if he wanted to see why she was laying here alone.

Max reached her, shock washing over his body. He saw all the blood first. “Liz” he yelled as loud as him lungs would let him.

“Liz, NO” Max said tears coming from his eyes. He couldn’t tell if she was still alive. He pulled her limp body onto his holding her in his arms.

“My Liz, My Liz” he said rocking her body. Max took his hand to Liz’s cuts slowly running them over the gashes.

“You are going to be okay” Max said to Liz healing her as fast as he could.

Liz stood staring into a light. So it is just how they say it is. Liz thought. She paused and looked back into the darkness. Weird, she never imagined that she would be seeing this other world anytime this soon in her life.

Liz silently asked herself if she was sure. IF all the stories were true entering the light was never something that she could take back. Liz paused looking back and forth. Suddenly Liz heard Max’s voice.

He spoke ‘Liz, Liz” over again. “Max” she said walking towards the light. She was sure that he was her heaven, he had been on earth. “Max I am coming” Liz said now running towards the inviting light.


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Part 18~I'll Be Watching You

Max held Liz in his arms, as close to his body as he could hold her. “Liz, Liz my love, come back to me.” Max spoke.

Something inside of him told him that Liz could hear him, could feel him. He ran his hands along the length of Liz’s arms and wrists. Max was covered with sweat and breathing frantically. He knew Liz was dead...her heart wasn’t beating and he could feel no breath coming from her soft lips.

The only other person that he had attempted to bring back from death was Alex and he felt as though when Alex died he had taken a part of Max’s soul with him.

Max never wanted to play God. But this was Liz, and he knew that they would never be able to pry him away from her body if she didn’t come back to him.

“Liz, Liz” Liz heard her name being called over and over. At first she knew it was Max but now it sounded like a mixture of voices. Liz spun around to survey her surroundings. Everything seemed to be changing at the same time. She stopped trying to calm herself down.

“Liz” she heard behind her one more time. She knew this voice. Liz spun herself around and into Alex Whitman’s arms.

Max didn’t stop until he was done covering all of Liz’s skin with his healing. Now he was using his powers to keep her heart beating. He would do it forever if it meant her coming back to him.

Max tried not to think about the fact that he was the only thing keeping Liz Parker’s body alive right now. He couldn’t handle knowing that. If people thought that he was crazy before, wait until the love of his life is pulled from him.

“I’m so sorry Liz” he said still continuing to talk to her seemingly lifeless body. “It is all my fault, I never meant to put you in danger” he continued. It was then that he could no longer hold back the tears building up in his eyes. He let his emotions go. His tears were falling, they were falling and covering Liz’s body.

“Alex” Liz said feeling relieved yet scared at the same time. Liz pulled him to her and felt a tear come down her cheek.

“Alex, Oh my God, I have missed you so much! Are you okay? I am so sorry..” Alex cut Liz off before she could finish.

“Lizzie I am fine. I am great. You were the best friend that anyone could ever ask for. And you still are. Please don’t cry. The last thing that I would want is for you to be sad. Now lets really get down to business. What are you doing here. Do you know where you are?”

Liz hadn’t really thought about it. She just assumed that she was dead. Like Max, like Alex. Like so many people that she loved. Liz looked up into Alex’s eyes. “Alex, I am..I mean I am dead right??” Liz said slowly.

“Let’s just say that you are in between. That is why I came here. I heard that you were coming and I wanted to stop you. Liz you still have a choice. What is going on? What is happening?”

Liz looked to Alex “Alex, Max is I mean Max is gone. Alex, I think that he is dead.” Liz said not even wanting to bring voice to her thoughts.

“No” Alex said firmly. “Max has not come through this tunnel, I would have know, I am like the hall monitor here” Alex said with a bit of sarcasm.

Liz almost smiled. She was so happy to have Alex here in front of her, yet so sad to be here in the first place. “Well, Alex I am afraid that he may be in another tunnel, like maybe on in Antar??” Liz questioned, not really sure of how these things work.

“Sorry” Alex said “there is only one theme park here. And you are in it. And I can guarantee that Max Evans did not sneak in here through some alien gate.” Liz’s eyes grew wide. So that meant he was still alive. A double-edged sword, that could mean he was being tortured or worse in Antar. Suddenly Liz’s mind went another direction.

Her eyes met Alex’s and then fell below her feet. “Ummm, Alex, is there any way, I mean could Max have gone from way up North and ended up way down South?” Liz questioned looking toward an imaginary hell she formed in her mind. For Liz that would be a hell filled with Max and Tess and the last few months of her life.

“No, Liz he is still alive. I know that.” Alex said “Why can’t I feel him then?” Liz asked knowing that this was a question that she was going to have to answer. Alex couldn’t answer that one for her.

“Liz, it is not your time. You need to go find out the answer to all the questions that you still have” Alex said turning Liz’s body around to face the way that she had entered here. “Alex it wasn’t your time either.”

“Yes Liz it was, I got the one thing that I always wanted in life. Isabel Evans. My life was great. Besides it is great up here. You know they don’t call it heaven for nothing” Alex joked.

“Trust me, if it hadn’t been my time then someone would have been here to stop me, like I am to stop you. That is how we operate around here.”

Liz searched Alex’s eyes searching them for a answer. Leaving here meant leaving Alex. And leaving Alex meant maybe leaving Max. How could she go back. Back to a world without Max. A world without Alex; a world in which she felt nothing but guilt.

“Liz please. Trust me. You don’t have much longer. Go back, go back to where you belong. I love you and I think of you every second. Please I need you to take care of Maria, and Isabel, and my parents. Liz you are the strong one. We all need you there.”

Liz looked down both of the seemingly endless halls in the tunnel. “Alex I love you” She said pulling his face down to hers. She kissed him on the cheek and hugged him tightly.

“You know I love you girl” Alex smiled as Liz turned to leave. Liz walked back down the hallway closer and closer to where she had started.

Alex’s voice was growing fainter and fainter but she could still now hear that he was singing The Police song. “I’ll be watching you” Liz laughed outloud as she walked along. No longer scared, but now determined.


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Part 19~Til Never Will We Part

Liz walked down the quiet hall. Somehow seeing Alex had been comforting rather than
This way she knew that Alex was okay, shat he was happya and that he wanted her to go
home. And most importantly that he did not blame Liz or Max for what had happened to
him. That information made Liz Parker feel like a new person.

“Liz, Liz” Max kept speaking, he hoped that somehow he could bring her out of this. “It
is my fault, please let me die and not her” Max said to what he imagined was God.
“Please Liz, come back to me” Max said holding Liz’s limp body in his arms.

Liz ran down the hall faster and faster. Eager to get back to where she belonged in time.
Alex said that she didn’t belong here. She still had more life to live, more time to spend
with her loved ones. Talking to Alex had made her feel slightly guilty. How could Liz be
so selfish as to take her own life when Alex fought for his and it was taken from him??

Liz heard Max’s voice. “Please Liz, Please” echoed in her head. “Max” she yelled
moving as quickly as she could towards the source of the voice.

Max held Liz’s body, rocking her slowly, still using his powers to make her heart beat
beneath her chest. Max looked lovingly at Liz’s beautiful face. Beautiful yet unemotional

“Max” Max Evans heard her voice before her saw her sweet lips move. “Yes, yes I am
here” Max said beginning to cry. “Liz, baby I am here” Max repeated knowing somehow
that Liz could hear him.

Liz’s eyes flutters quickly before they opened to see Max’s face. She mouthed the word
“Max” as she opened her eyes to see him above her.
Max Evans eyes were filled with tears. He couldn’t believe that somehow she had come
back to him.

Max swore to himself right there and then that he would never ask another thing from
life. He had his love back and that was all that mattered.

Max almost felt angry at her for trying to leave him but now as he looked into her eyes,
her eyes that were full of life, he knew that he could never be mad at this angel in front of

Liz’s bottom lip quivered as she looked up into Max’s eyes. “Max…I” Liz began. Liz’s
words were silenced with a kiss from Max. He still held her body tight in his arms as his
lips took hers.

Liz let her mind swirl. This is what she was coming back for. This is all that she needed.
Max Evans. If there was ever any doubt in her mind that this man was her soulmate, pure
and true it was dimished at this moment.

Liz had never felt anything like this. She was coming back to life in more ways than one.
Max kissed her deeply before finally pulling back to look in her deep eyes.

He waited a moment before speaking. He had her back, his only prayer had been
answered. “Liz I have made a decision and I hope that you can agree with me.” He said
wanted nothing more in the world.

“Yes, Max, I trust you” Liz said pulling herself closer to him. This is where she felt safe.
In his arms.

“Liz I need to be with you, nothing else matters. I do not want to ever take the chance of
loosing you again. Please just hear me out.” Max began. Liz nodded her head in

“Nothing else is as important to me as being with you and keeping you safe. I want
nothing more in this world. I think that in order for that to happen we need to start over.”

“Start over??” Liz questioned.

“Start over as man and wife. I want you to be my wife. I want to spend the rest of my life
protecting you and caring for you. I want you to marry me and I want to live you with.
But not here in Roswell.” Max said bracing himself for her reaction.

“Where then?” Liz asked knowing in her heart that the answer would be yes no matter
what Max said.

“Away from here. Somewhere where no one knows us or suspects us. Somewhere where
I can give you the normal life that you deserve.”

“What’s so great about normal” Liz joked.

“I want to be your husband, in every sense. I want to come home everyday and have you
waiting for me. I want to come home everyday and make love to you. I want to care for
you in every sense of the word. Liz I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Liz took in what she was hearing. A smile crossed over her lips before she spoke. “Max, I
want nothing more in the world.”

Max felt the tears come to his eyes. He had never heard any words as beautiful as those
Liz had just spoken to him.

His mouth took Liz’s once again. His tounge dancing with hers. He couldn’t get enough
of her taste. Enough of her smell. He knew that he would never get enough of this woman
in front of him.

He pulled Liz onto his lap. Then gently layed himself down onto his back, pulling her
body on top of his. Their mouths never left each other in this movement. Liz strattled him
feeling his desire grow underneath her.

Max broke away from their kiss only to mummbled the words “I love you” into Liz’s ear.
Liz responded by bringing her hands to his face, gently running them through his soft hair
and she kissed him deeply.

Liz moved her mouth to Max’s ear gently taking his ear lobe into her mouth. She sucked
lightly on it whispering the words “Never again will we be apart” into his ear. Max
groaned upon hearing Liz’s soft whisper in his ear.

Max rolled over bringing Liz beneath his warm body. “I need you, to know that you are
really here with me” Max said sliding his hand under her warm sweater. Liz arched her
back allowing him greater access to every part of her body.

She felt his hand slide under her bra onto her breasts. Max just glided his hand over her
enjoying the feeling of her body on his skin. Liz reached her hands down to the button on
Max’s jeans. The small fabric keeping him for being within her.

Liz slowly unbuttoned the button pulling what she was seeking for out of his jeans. As if
in unison Max slid his hands down her hips, pulling her pants down with them.

Max burried his face in her hair, smelling her sweet scent as he entered her. “My Liz” he
whispered kissing her neck.

Liz felt tears come to her eyes for all the emotions swirling through her entire body. She
felt love, need, desire, satisfaction, and beyond all of those she felt Max’s emotions along
with hers. She felt his unbelievable love for her corsing through every vein in her body.

When Liz looked up to Max she was surprised to see him crying in pleasure just as she


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Part 20~ Strawberries, Vanilla, and Lust

Warning...sexual part...;)

Max held Liz in his arms for what seemed like only minutes, though it had been hours.
Neither of them spoke at first. Somehow afraid that they might ruin the moment. Ruin
the feeling of overwhelming love that they felt between their bodies. Liz had dreamed of
this kind of love. The kind of love where the other person gives you butterflies in your
stomach, not just the first few times you see them, but always.

The kind of love where you just know that you are meant to be with this person. The kind
of love that Liz Parker used to think only existed in her dreams. But now as she rubbed
her fingertips over Max’s warm hand she knew that this was no dream at all.

Liz was convinced that the dreams that she had experienced before about love was to let
her know that true love did exist. That she never wanted to settle for anyone that didn’t
make her feel this way. As Maria would say “You only live once.” Liz smiled thinking of
her friend.

“You okay?” Max questioned sliding away just enough to look in her eyes. “How could I
not be okay in your arms” Liz asked smiling and pulling him back around her body. “We
should go home,” Max said with a tone of voice that made it obvious that he did not want
to let go of her body for even a second either.

“On one condition” Liz countered. “And what is that?” Max laughed. “That by home you
mean my house, and by us going together you mean that we will be there together.”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Max said kissing her lightly on her collarbone.

Liz pulled herself up onto her feet and stood. Readjusting her clothing as she did so. She
had gotten them back on from their earlier entertainment but Max’s hand had been
roaming her body while they lied together and neither of them would let clothing get in
the way.

Max stood pulling himself up next to Liz’s body. “Lets go my beautiful Liz” Max said
with a laugh before lifting her up and over his shoulder. “Put me down” Liz yelled in
between her laughter.

The truth was that Liz loved this. She loved having Max hold her body. She loved being
close to him. She loved finally laughing with him after all the tears that she had shed over

Max carried Liz over his shoulder to the car. Them both laughing the whole way. To Max
this meant more to him than laughter. He would never let Liz out of his sight again. And
this was his way of telling her.

He was ready for them to be together, as they both knew that they would. Max was ready
to marry and spend the rest of his live, however long that may be, making Liz Parker the
happiest woman alive.


Maria and Isabel both paced over the floor at the Crashdown café. “Do you suppose that
they are alright?” Maria asked knowing that no one knew but that someone might be
willing to lie to her to make her feel better.

To her surprise Michael came to her. He wrapped his arms around her waist and brought
his lips to her ear. “Baby. Everything is going to be okay, I promise” Michael said pulling
her body even closer to his.

Seeing what had just happened to Liz and Max, he couldn’t help but let his mind wander.
What if it had been Maria that Kivar had been after? Would he have been Man enough to
save her? Is he putting her at too much risk? She says that she doesn’t care but does she
really understand what she is getting herself into?

Michael didn’t have the answers to any of these questions but he knew one thing. As long
as Maria Deluca would have him he would love and protect her. She had been through a
lot because of him, just as Liz had been through so much because of Max and he knew
that it was time for him to care for her.

Michael was only upset that it took something like this to make him realize what a
wonderful thing that he has with Maria.

Michael’s eyes met Isabel’s as she stared directly at him. Isabel spoke to both of them. “I
know that Max is alive, I can feel him. He is a strong person. He won’t let anything
happen to Liz more than she would let anything happen to him. I am sure that they are
going to walk in this door, arm in arm any minute” Isabel said more to cheer herself up
than anyone else. She just hoped that someone would agree with her.

All three of them looked toward the door wondering and hoping that what Isabel had just
said was true.

“I hope that everyone isn’t too worried” Liz said as they walked up to the Crashdown. It
had been closed for hours but she could still see lights on. Her parents wouldn’t be home
until morning so she was sure that it must be Maria, Isabel, and Michael waiting for

Liz and Max walked in the door arm in arm, just as Isabel had predicted just moments
earlier. Isabel threw herself around Max just as Maria threw herself around Liz.

Michael just stood by with a smile on his face. They had been through so much over the
last couple years, especially Max and Liz. He was so glad that they were okay but he
knew sometimes everything might not turn out as perfect as it nearly always did.

Liz felt the same feelings that Michael was feeling unknown to both of them.

She looked around this room at all of her friends, the people that she had loved for years,
and the people that she had just grown to love and said a silent prayer that they could be
together like this always. Safe, warm, and most importantly together.

She was lost in thought when Max slipped his hands around her waist. He brought his
lips to her neck, and slowly kissed up to her ear. “Liz Parker I am never going to let you
go” Max whispered into her ear.

Right then and there she wanted Max upstairs, hold him and show him how she never
intended to let him go.

The only complicated part was dealing with other people. Liz Parker had made up her
mind though. She was never going to be away from Max Evans again.


After what seemed like hours everyone finally left Liz Parker’s house. Liz wanted and
needed some time alone with Max. She wanted to be just with him tonight and a smile
crossed her face when she locked the front door of the Crashdown.

“And then there were two” Max said walking up behind her. “Finally” Liz said turning to
face him.

“You must be tired,” Max said slipping his arm around Liz. “Not really” Liz said sliding
her hand down his back to just above his waistband and letting her fingers linger there.

Max needed no more hints as to how Liz wanted to spend their evening. He brought his
lips to hers slowly at first, letting her know that he wanted nothing more than to spend
the evening alone with her.

Max slowly pulled away “Why don’t you finish locking up down here and then come
meet me upstairs” He said with a smile. “Sure” Liz agreed walking to check the back
doors to make sure everything was locked up.

Max ran upstairs almost as if he was floating. He wanted to take care of Liz tonight; he
wanted to do everything that he could to start the beginning of their happiness together.
He wanted to make her even more sure that she was making the right decision by being
with him.

He walked into the bathroom grabbing some candles out of Liz’s room on the way. He
turned the water on to start filling the tub as he arranged the candles throughout the

He reached under the counter and pulled out the Strawberry bubble bath, part of a set that
he had given Liz months before. Pouring a capful under the steaming water.

Max then creeped back to Liz’s bedroom bringing out her CD player and a CD.

Just when he reached the bathroom again he heard Liz’s light footsteps start up the stairs.
He threw the CD in and with a wave of his hand the candles were light and the lights
were off.

When Max heard Liz reach the top of the stairs he opened the door and pulled her into
the bathroom with her. Closing the door behind them.

Liz just stood taking in the atmosphere. The room smelled of sweet strawberries and
vanilla candles. She felt a tear of happiness come to her eye. How could she have been so
lucky to get such a wonderful man, a romantic man, a caring man, and a loving man?

“Baby why are you crying?” Max said wiping the tear from her cheek. “I am just so
happy,” Liz said softly. “Well in that case this is just the beginning.” Max said pushing
play on the CD player.

The music of Dave Matthews Band filled the air, setting the mood perfectly.

Max pulled Liz to him softly saying “Liz, my Liz tonight I want to take care of you,
tonight I want to do nothing but make you happy and relaxed. Tonight I am yours, I want
to give you a sampling of the happiness that I am going to strive to always bring you in
our life together.”

Liz smiled upon hearing these sweet words. Max then slowly began shedding Liz’s
clothing. She did nothing but stand still and enjoy the feeling of his hands on her skin.

Once she was completely shed of her clothing Max led her over to the now filled bathtub.
He swirled his fingers in the tub to check the temperature before leading her into the

“Perfect” he said taking her hand as she slipped into the warm water.

“I’ll say you are” Liz joked not letting go of his hand. She pulled her body slightly out of
the water, kissing him deeply before sliding back in to the warmth of the water.

“If you keep getting out of that water we are never going to get to your massage” Max

“Oh a massage hun?” Liz asked. “In that case I guess I should behave myself” She joked.

“You better” Max answered, trying to sound as threating as he could.

Max then picked up the small bottle of body wash he had set upon the counter. He wet
his hands and poured a small amount onto his fingertips.

Liz pulled herself slightly out of the water to give Max more access to her body. This
moment was almost the death of Max. Seeing Liz’s body, still steaming from the warm
water. Smelling so sweet that he wanted nothing more than to taste it.

Max started at her shoulders; his hands were trembling as he touched her soft skin. “So”
Liz began. “This is my night right?” she asking doing her best to sound completely

“That’s right Max answered not looking up to meet her soulful eyes. He was trying his
best to concentrate on his slow moments.

“Well in that case” Liz began standing up in the tub. Max let out a small groan seeing her
body in full. Her skin was wet, small bubbles from the bubble bath were sliding down her

Liz pulled Max closer to her kissing him once again. She kissed him as deeply as
possible, not letting his mouth leave hers for one moment.
She brought her hands to the back of his head, gently massaging his neck and scalp, as
she tasted his lips. Max brought his hands around to her back, letting them settle on her
lower back, then sliding them down to her hips.

Liz took his hands with hers, bringing the up above his body. She then reached down and
pulled his shirt over his head with one small movement.

Liz slid her hands down Max’s chest enjoying the feeling of every muscle until she
reached the button of his jeans. She unbuttoned them slowly, pulling them down over his
hips, without ever pulling her lips from his.

Only then did Liz pull away, kissing lightly down his chest. “Liz..” Max moaned unable
to say anything else but her name.

After what seemed like an eternity to Max, Liz’s hand reached his boxers, pulling them
away in one swift moment. Max was sure that he would cum the moment that he felt her
hand upon him. But Liz had more in mind.

Liz very gently took him in her hand. Slowly caressing him causing him to grow more
and more hard.

“Max Evans, I love you,” she said continuing to kiss her way down his body.

Max could say nothing he felt as though his legs would give out if he even tried to speak.

Liz finally worked her way down his body to his inner thighs, kissing them lightly, loving
the way his body was reacting to her teasing.

After a few more kisses Liz took him into her mouth. Tasting him deeply.

“Oh My God, Liz” Max yelled loud enough that Liz was sure that all of the neighbors
could hear.

Liz slowly moved her mouth up and down his length. Tasting the sweetness of him.

“Liz…I ….I am going to cum” Max said as he began to pull away from her. Liz
responded by wrapping her arms around him and pulling him ever closer to her. This was
all that Max needed to push him over the edge.

He cried out only Liz’s name over and over as the wave of ecstasy overcame him.

When at last he stopped shaking Liz pulled his body down with hers into the water. Max
lay next to her kissing her body as he tried to regain his composure.

“Liz, I have never felt anything like that before in my life. You are amazing” Max
whispered still out of breath.

“Well I do have one thing to ask of you in return.” Liz said. “Anything” Max answered
honestly. “Well honey this water is a little cold” Liz said with a smile.

Max laid his hand over the water bringing it to the perfect temperature before bringing
his arms back around Liz.

“If I remember correctly this is supposed to be your night” Max said pulling her body on
top of his.
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~Part 21~Breakfast In Bed and the Future Ahead~

Liz awoke feeling the warmth of the sun beating on her body. She rolled over in
her bed to touch Max, somehow everything just seemed so much better when she was
touching Max. Her hand suprisingly just felt the cold mattress. “Max” Liz gasped with
fear evident in her voice. “Baby I am right here” Max said carrying a tray into the room.

The tray carried several items. After seeing that Max was indeed okay Liz surveyed it.

On one plate was a heap of pancakes, still steaming from the grill, with butter melting on
the top, accompanying them was a small jar of maple syrup.

Liz’s hungry eyes drifted to the bowl next to it. It was filled with fresh
Strawberries and in the center was fresh whipped cream. Liz licked her lips looking at the
feast that Max had made for her.

Max sat down on the bed next to Liz, kissing her lightly before placing the food in front
of her.

“Aren’t you going to eat?” Liz asked. “I thought that we could share” Max said picking
up a strawberry and placing it gently to her lips.

“Oh so you want me to share?” Liz said coyly as she leaned over and kissed him.

Liz begain to pull back but Max moved closer taking her lips once again. He could taste
the sweet taste of strawberries on her lips.

“Two of my favorite tastes in the world” Max said with a smile.

“You are making me blush” Liz answered.

Max could see from the way that Liz was eyeing the pancakes that she was hungry. He
knew that to him it seemed like it had been days since he had eaten.

Max took a pillow and placed it behind Liz, then covered her with the sheet on the bed.

He then took the small jar of maple syrup and poured it over the warm pancakes. He then
took the fork cutting off a bite for Liz.

She smiled seeing that he intended to feed her.

He brought the fork to her waiting lips as she took the bite gladly.

“Mmmm, Max these are so good. I didn’t know that you were such a good cook..” Liz
said. “One word, Bisquick” Max said with a wink.

Liz smiled “Well these are still better than any Bisquick pancakes that I have ever made.”

“Why thank you” Max laughed.

Neither of the spoke anymore until the last bite of their feast was gone. Max had fed Liz
and Liz had then fed Max. They were both amazed by the tender steps that each took to
care for the other.

Max then cleared the dishes and came back laying along side Liz. “I love you” he
whispered almost not wanting to break the silence. He could feel her emotions and see
her happiness in her eyes, he didn’t want to break that connection.

But suprisingly the three words only made it stronger. “And I love you” Liz answered
looking into his eyes.

The feeling of her looking directly into his eyes took his breath away. He felt as if Liz
Parker could see straight to his soul and beyond when he looked at her with her big
brown eyes.

“So, baby, did you really mean what you said when you said that you would do anything
to be with me, sacrifice anything?” Max asked.

“Anything” Liz said taking his hand and squeezing it. “Max you are my everything, I only
want to be safe and happy with you.” Liz said.

“I am so glad to hear you say that” Max began “Because I think that we have a very big
day ahead of us.”

“Do tell” Liz joked laying her head on Max’s warm chest.

Max held on to Liz’s hand tightly as he said his next words, “Marry Me”. Liz looked to
Max and smiled, “Of course”. “Today” Max continued. “Isn’t that short notice?” Liz
asked as her mind began to whirl.

Max smiled admiring how Liz always had a plan. “All that matters to me is that you are
there and I am there. Everything else is secondary to me.” Max said hoping that Liz felt
the same way.

“Okay then” Liz said. “Today, me and you, I don’t want to wait anymore either.” Max
smiled, no other words in the world could have made him happier.

He leaned to kiss Liz only to be interupted by her scream “Oh my God, I have to call
Maria!” and with that Liz was out of the bed and Max laid back with a smile on his face.
Today Liz was going to be his, in everyway.

Maria picked up her phone on the first ring. Liz couldn’t wait to tell her. “Me and Max
are getting married!” she blurted out. A sleepy Maria replied “Yeah Liz, I know, you told
me before.”

“No I mean today, I mean in a few hours!” Liz yelled. “Oh My God, I will be there in a
hour, we have to get you a dress, and, and, Oh my God, am I the maid of honor?”

“Of course you are the maid of honor, don’t tell anyone though, we just want you and
Michael and Isabel there. No one else.”

“Deal” Maria answered, “see you in a few” and with that Liz heard the click of Maria
hanging up the phone to go get ready for their day.

Liz ran back over to Max with a huge smile on her face. “You aren’t supposed to see me
today!” She joked. “Oh really?” Max answered. “I guess that I should go then” he said
getting up from the bed. “Not a chance” Liz answered pulling him back into bed with her.

Liz pulled her hair back quickly, knowing that Maria would be there any second. Max
watched her intently, amazed by her beauty and gracefulness. She was just perfect and
now she was going to be his forever.

The sound of the doorbell ringing interupted Max’s thoughts. Liz ran to him kissing him
gently on the mouth and saying “I love you Max Evans” before running to answer the
door. “I love you too!” Max yelled as Liz ran out the door.

Liz just smiled as her and Maria drove towards the mall. Maria was talking and asking
questions to fast for Liz to even respond. When Maria finally did take a breath Liz
responded, “Maria, all that matters is that we are together, we are going to figure the rest
of it out later. I know that I still have a couple of months until I turn 18 but Max will just
change my Driver’s License, this is what we want to do, and now is when we want to do

“That is too romantic” Maria said after hearing Liz’s speech. “It is isn’t it??” Liz replied.

Max opened the door to Liz’s house, locking it behind him, he was headed to see Michael
and then Isabel to let them know what was going on. Suprisingly enough to Max,
Michael was seated on the hood of the jeep.

“Hey there, just the man that I was looking for” Max said walking over to Michael. “So I
heard about your little lovers rendevous, what time is the big event.?” Michael said
teasing Max.

“Maria” Max said with a laugh. “Of course, she is better than the newspaper around
here” Michael answered.

“Well we are all going to meet up here in a couple of hours and then head down to the
courthouse in Las Crucas. We don’t want anyone to know here yet, right now it is just
about us.” Max said, obviously glowing with excitement.

Michael slid into the passenger side of the jeep, “So I guess that we have some Tux’s to

Max jumped in the driver’s seat with a smile. Thoughts of having Liz really be his wife
were filling his head. He couldn’t understand how in the world he had ever gotten so
lucky. All that he knew was that in just a few short hours he was going to have his
soulmate for a wife.

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