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Title: A way out of No Way
Author: SpiceMagRoswell
Characters: Max=Xan/ Liz, Maria/Michael, Isabelle/Alex, Kyle/Tess, Valenti/ and others?????
Summary: Liz is trying to find her parents

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Authors Note: ~Please read this like your actually the character Liz. Pretend you’re in her case)

Chapter 1 (Friends and Enemies)


The red convertible sat in the cool shade of May. In the car two young woman sat patiently observing what was around them.

“Liz, it’s time to go” Maria said to me as she heard the signal.
I took a deep breath in as I heard Maria’s words in my thoughts.
The blue skirt and jacket suit I was wearing tugged at my skin as I moved from side to side.
“Hey, earth to Liz, it’s time to go” Maria said once again.
I heard her, but I didn’t want those words to register in my head. I was enjoying this free time, and didn’t want to leave.
“Hey, time’s running out, people are waiting” Maria said to me.
I looked at me watch and sighed. The sun peeked out a little from the trees, but it was still cool.
I opened the car door and made my way up the stairs to the bank.
(Click, Clack, Click, Clack, Click, Clack) The sound of my shoes was heard as I walked up those gruesome steps.
I opened the glass door and made my way inside the building.
The smell of vanilla could be sensed as I stepped inside. The main entrance was spacious and had a gracious receptionist waiting by the table.
“Hello, my I help you?” she asked in her sweet voice. She smiled revealing her perfect white teeth. Her accent was a bit Spanish, but you could tell she went to America for a while. Her skin was lightly tanned and her eyes were brown as the chocolate she was eating. Some of the crumbs fell on the table and on the floor as she chewed the chocolate.
“Yes, you may, my name is Parker, Elizabeth Parker” I raised my voice at the end so she could hear me accurately. My hair fell below my shoulders leaving little strands stinking to my face. So I carried my hair over the left shoulder.
“Ah, yes, Ms. Parker, Mr. Jackson has been waiting for you, you can take a left here and go and collect your items” She politely made hand movements as to where to go. She took another piece of her chocolate and chewed it through, leaving some brown smudges on her top teeth.
The time now was 5:50 p.m.
I took a left and headed down the hall, and opened the first door that revealed a small but comfortable spacious room. The security guard ushered me over. “Ms. Parker, your equipment is awaiting in the private booth” He coughed a bit and sneezed a couple of times which made me move back again. I opened the booth door and locked it back. There inside was a safety deposit box. I opened the blue box, which contained an appointment card and a Wolfram P2K gun. I slipped the gun into my inside jacket pocket. I opened the door once again and made my way back to the main entrance.
“Here I go,” I whispered, as I made my way to the next security guard standing by a locked gate doorway. He asked for my appointment card and I immediately gave it to him. He smelled a little like a dirty cat and a dirty dog. I sniffed a bit and regretted what I just did. He opened the gate and I walked up to a next security guard.
What’s with these guards, I thought.
“Please remove your firearm,” He asked politely and I immediately gave it to him. I walked down the red hall and came to a halt. He opened the door and I saw Mr. Jackson sitting in a chair ahead.
“Hello, Ms. Parker, come and sit down”
I walked up to the chair in front of his desk. The security guard left. I was now there with Mr. Jackson, and his 2 men and a women standing up beside me.
“Well, we have some things to talk about huh”
His face had some whiteheads on it but I took that out of my head. I didn’t look him directly in the eye because his eyes was a light, light green that looked like something… really light green.
“Well first of all, I want to make the trade with you” I said silently.
“Well then, let us trade” He stood up and went to a little closet, which contained a few documents. He pulled out a file and dropped it on the desk.
I was about to take the file up when one of the men silently told me no.
I dug deep into me jacket pocket and pulled out a silk napkin, it contained a rare jewel, which Mr. Jackson wanted.
He observed it with his magnifying glass as I opened the document.
I gasped and let out a small cry as I saw the first picture, it was my mother when she was age 26.
I knew this file had a lot of stuff in it, so I got up from the seat and shook his hand. I wanted to get out and look over this file until I was exhausted.
“Nice doing business with you” He said those words in a calm phrase.
He nodded at me and ushered me to the door.
Before I could touch the knob, I heard a shot come out from behind me, I turned around to see Mr. Jackson falling down and the women who was standing right beside me a minute ago with a gun in her hands.

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