Title: No one
Author: AllForLove
Category: kinda AU but def M/L
Rating: PG13 – NC17 (it all depends on you guys)
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own anything. Unfortunately. But if I did Max would be my sex slave. OOoOoOo YEA! :D

Firstly I’m English and I don’t know really know all the ins and outs of American high schools; I’m going by the many films. So I’m saying sorry now for my lack of knowledge

Description: Max is the American high school sweetheart, the jock, every girl wants him and every man wants to be him. Liz is the quiet plain Jane who works hard. The only problem is that she has a secret.
Micheal, Max and Is are still aliens. No-one knows about it.
Liz and Maria are still best mates and Maria is with Micheal who is still Max’s best mate. Isabel is still the Ice Queen and Alex is the average geek – also Liz’s friend. OOoOoOoOo and my personal Fav – NO Tess!!!!

Part One
Liz’s POV


Hello there, I am Liz Parker and welcome to Roswell – the quiet place, the boring place, the place where I ‘lizzie’ am the ugliest, fattest girl around. OO yea and this is the homeland of aliens.
Yea right, you expect me to say that to these strangers??? Yea, I don’t think so.
So here I am walking over to the ‘Jocks’ table where Mr Ignorant sits.
“Welcome to the Crashdown, may I take your order please?” I here my self say automatically
“We will all have a round of fries and cokes” Mr Ignorant says
I have not looked up yet, but when I do I see Mr Ignorants best mate looking at me “where is Maria” I hear him ask, oo boy I didn’t see that coming…. Did you ??? Wow, you guys are so clever.
“Her shift has not started yet, ill send her over here when she is on her break” I smile after I finish this, after all he is a semi-decent bloke.
Mr Ignorent suddenly perks up “Hey Lizzie, where are these cokes then? I don’t have all night you know” My smile has turned very tight
Yes Master
Yes O mighty one
Yes Lord
Yes Your Majesty.
Jesus, ignorant pig
I walk away pulling this blasted skirt down, why do I always feel like my back is on fire when I leave that table?
I make my way into the back and look at myself in the mirror and I see straight un-styled hair, pair of glasses fitting snug onto my nose and a pair of eyes that look as dead as I feel.
On my way out to the ‘jocks’ table with their cokes I notice that Maria has already planted her lips onto her lovers. But I feel myself smile, im happy for her. After all he is the only semi-decent man in Roswell
Yes im jealous, but only you know.
That’s one of my three secrets that you know. You guys are privileged.

“Thank Lizzie” Mr Ignorant replies when I place his glass in front of him. I give the other dim-witts their drinks and walk away carrying on with my work.

‘YAY’ I here myself cry when I place the final chair on the table. And because im so ‘happy’ for Maria I have let her take the night of with Michael. So here I am, all on my own.
All on my own.
All on my own
It drums into my head, and im used to it.

I look around the place, almost finished, except for the Milkshake machine and I hate cleaning this machine. Maybe…
No one knows my secret
No one will see me
Im all on my own, no one knows.
No one.
And its done, finished. I look around quickly, then my eyes catch the shadow. I feel my blood drain from my face. The shadow backs away and walks away from me.

All alone. On my own. No one knows my secret


Some one knows my secret

Double Shit


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