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Title: No one
Author: AllForLove
Category: kinda AU but def M/L
Rating: PG13 – NC17 (it all depends on you guys)
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own anything. Unfortunately. But if I did Max would be my sex slave. OOoOoOo YEA! :D

Firstly I’m English and I don’t know really know all the ins and outs of American high schools; I’m going by the many films. So I’m saying sorry now for my lack of knowledge

Description: Max is the American high school sweetheart, the jock, every girl wants him and every man wants to be him. Liz is the quiet plain Jane who works hard. The only problem is that she has a secret.
Micheal, Max and Is are still aliens. No-one knows about it
Liz and Maria are still best mates and Maria is with Micheal who is still Max’s best mate. Isabel is still the Ice Queen and Alex is the average geek – also Liz’s friend. OOoOoOoOo and my personal Fav – NO Tess!!!!

Part One
Liz’s POV


Hello there, I am Liz Parker and welcome to Roswell – the quiet place, the boring place, the place where I ‘lizzie’ am the ugliest, fattest girl around. OO yea and this is the homeland of aliens.
Yea right, you expect me to say that to these strangers??? Yea, I don’t think so.
So here I am walking over to the ‘Jocks’ table where Mr Ignorant sits.
“Welcome to the Crashdown, may I take your order please?” I here my self say automatically
“We will all have a round of fries and cokes” Mr Ignorant says
I have not looked up yet, but when I do I see Mr Ignorants best mate looking at me “where is Maria” I hear him ask, oo boy I didn’t see that coming…. Did you ??? Wow, you guys are so clever.
“Her shift has not started yet, ill send her over here when she is on her break” I smile after I finish this, after all he is a semi-decent bloke.
Mr Ignorent suddenly perks up “Hey Lizzie, where are these cokes then? I don’t have all night you know” My smile has turned very tight
Yes Master
Yes O mighty one
Yes Lord
Yes Your Majesty.
Jesus, ignorant pig
I walk away pulling this blasted skirt down, why do I always feel like my back is on fire when I leave that table?
I make my way into the back and look at myself in the mirror and I see straight un-styled hair, pair of glasses fitting snug onto my nose and a pair of eyes that look as dead as I feel.
On my way out to the ‘jocks’ table with their cokes I notice that Maria has already planted her lips onto her lovers. But I feel myself smile, im happy for her. After all he is the only semi-decent man in Roswell
Yes im jealous, but only you know.
That’s one of my three secrets that you know. You guys are privileged.

“Thank Lizzie” Mr Ignorant replies when I place his glass in front of him. I give the other dim-witts their drinks and walk away carrying on with my work.

‘YAY’ I here myself cry when I place the final chair on the table. And because im so ‘happy’ for Maria I have let her take the night of with Michael. So here I am, all on my own.
All on my own.
All on my own
It drums into my head, and im used to it.

I look around the place, almost finished, except for the Milkshake machine and I hate cleaning this machine. Maybe…
No one knows my secret
No one will see me
Im all on my own, no one knows.
No one.
And its done, finished. I look around quickly, then my eyes catch the shadow. I feel my blood drain from my face. The shadow backs away and walks away from me.

All alone. On my own. No one knows my secret


Some one knows my secret

Double Shit

Part 2

Hi, I am Max Evans. Stud of Roswell, New Mexico. Hot women – 1. Potential hot women – 1. Total plain Jane – 1, Lizzie Parker. I am so bored of all this. I am a man and I need something.
So here I am in the Crashdown.
Me, Michael and the guys are talking about football.
Me, Michael and Is are going to talk about our ‘family’ and about us.
Isn’t life grand!!

When Lizzie P comes to our table I watch her gentle sway of her hips as she comes our way, and they are just so…Whoa, got to stop talking about Ms Plain Jane like that!
She asks us for our order and I cant help but feel comforted by her voice, its like and angel talking to me. Then I look up, and I see why I have never made a move on her. I mean the glasses, life-less hair, life-less eyes, no emotion. No, there is emotion and that loneliness. I start to feel sorry for her, like I need to take that away from her.
NO, I can’t think like that.
My Reputation would be down the toilet. I begin to feel angry for thinking like this and before I can help myself I am ordering Liz like a servant.
“Hey Lizzie, where are these cokes then? I don’t have all night you know”

Ok, Ok, that was harsh but I really need to get her away from me.

Then she walks away and my eyes are joined with her legs, and her hips and that cute glob butt. Wow, she is perfect
This is all down to hormones! She is no way prefect. She is a plain Jane, she is a geek. She is life-less.
Fuck, I need a lay. Where Is that damn Pam girl???

Sometime later

Well, I feel better now.
Im on my way back to the crashdown bcoz I left some books there. It will be shut, but im sure Lizzie P will allow me to get my books, if not ill show her some of my charm.

Damn, I was nasty to her. Whoa where that come from??
Ooo well, here is the explanation:

**2 Years ago**
“Hi” a little voice called out to me. I spun round quickly to see a geek.
“What do you want?” I spit out quickly
“Nothing. My name is Liz”
“Right. Well I am Max”
“Well Max would you like to be my friend”
“PA!” I laugh out loud, her face falls and I feel a little bit bad “I am not going to be your friend. Maybe when you’re non-geekish”
I walked away from her that day, I know what you guys are thinking and yes I was an arrogant bustard. Now im just arrogant.

So here I am, outside the famous crashdown and I can see Lizzie bending that cute ass of hers over and some hair falls in front of that life-less face of hers. I have a sudden erg to go and tuck it behind her ear.

Damn hormones!!!

I turn to leave but im distracted by Lizzies sudden look around the crashdown and to see her wipe over the milkshake machine. And it’s clean

I think im going to faint

She turns round again and I can see her stopping and looking at me, she cant see me, I don’t think. Her face colour fades rapidly. I can see her panic. I am panicking.

What if she is the enemy??
What if she is a shape shifter?

Double Shit

I turn and leave, quickly. I need to find the other 2. Quickly!
The last thought that goes through my head is the though that she might be my Queen.

Triple Shit with a cherry on top.

But a part of me can’t help but smile at that thought.

*** TBC ***


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Just a quick message.......
I am doing my GCSES at the moment, if u live in the UK you will know wot they are, and they are becoming very stressful. Im going to wirte a small part and put it up either tonite or sat morning (UK time)

Thanks for the FB, its given me the courage bcoz im only a baby in all of this so im still learning. Anybody got any problems with the swearing??

Thank Again*big**big*
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Part 3a

So here I am. Alone. In my room, and only one thing is running through my head ‘Holly Shit’.
Who was watching?
Will the call the FBI?
Some one knows?

And now I think I had better explain this 2nd of my three secrets, you see, im an Alien and my home planet is called Antar. I am the Queen.
Yes, you heard the right; I am the Queen of a planet! Me, the lil Liz Parker.
My name on my home planet is Zala, that’s all I can remember from my home planet. And im yearning to know who would love me. I am slowely dieing inside. For all I know I could be the only one on this planet who is like me, I could have been kicked of my planet.
I know nothing.
I roll my head over at the clock and notice the time and its gone 1am, aa shit I need to sleep. School tomorrow.
Whoop De Doo.

*Next Day*

As I head down the corridor of my school I can feel a pair of eyes on my legs, I can feel them travelling up my body, stopping at my face.
Great. I know im actually wearing a skirt, does not mean I am a freak.
Ok, I am a freak. Beg your pardon
So I looked up to see them. Yea, you guessed it.
Mr Arrogant
Ms Ice Bitch
Mr Semi-decent

And there looking at me.

Staring at me.

Studying me.

Mr Arrogant gives me a tight smile, almost sympathetic. Yea right – Max Evans – you know nothing about me, I do not need your sympathy.
I tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear, put my head down and scurry past them to my next lesson. Biology. With Max *coughs* excuse me, Mr Arrogant. Like, Yays!


Hi guys. Guess where I am? Yea, you guessed it. Biology. With Max. Whoop!!!
All I want to do is work but I can feel him looking at me. It’s really starting to get on my nerves
“Have I got something in my hair? Or maybe my face?” I snap, finally looking up at him, and I notice the bruise on his eye, I wince inwardly.
“Sorry” he replied, so quietly that I could just about hear him, snapping me back to reality
“Did I hear that right? Mr Evans apologised to me, the geek, remember?”
“Yea, about that. I was a jerk. Want to start again?”
“No fucking way. You lost your chance 2 years ago”
Then I put my head down, letting my hair shield my head to stop from him seeing me cry.
Secret number 3 – im in love with Max Evans

~Hides in shame~

So there you go, all 3 of them
Im in love
Im Jealous
Im a Queen

Im Alone. No one

Yays, the bell had gone.


I had a dream last night. About her, and she was dying, there was blood all over her body. I was cradling her body to mine, and it fit perfectly. She called me Zan, she told me she loved me. I woke up with tears in my eyes and I felt so dead, so alone. But in my dream she was beautiful. Stunning. Perfect.
I see her making her way down the hall, head down and looking so fragile. I have that same erg again.
I am getting soft.
Pull your self together Maxwell Evans.
I can see Michael and Isabelle watching her and I can’t help but stare too. We know she isn’t the enemy. She is one of us, she is our fourth person. She is our whole.
Her head tilts up and looks at us, her eyes are so sad and lonely. I can feel my mouth tightening into a smile. Yea, im smiling at her, and its sympathetic one, how hypocritical am I?

I am ashamed to be a king.

I guess you are all wondering what this big change around was occurred by? Well partially from this black eye… yea your all deing to know now..

The 3 of us had our regular ‘talks’

*Night Before*

“O MY FUCKING GOD!!” I burst into Michaels apartment to find Him attached to Maria “Get the fuck off her mate, im going to faint!” I continue. He turns round and I get the ‘piss off max’ look.
“What the hell do you want?” he barks back at me
“Maria, get out of here. Michael, call Isabelle.”
“Don’t talk to me like that Maxwell, and you do not to talk to Maria like that either!” He walks nose to nose with me
“This is not the time or place. Get her out of here”
Soon I hear Maria mumble “Bye Max, love ya Space boy”
Next come the fist, slamming into my right eye, and im telling you know…. OUCH!!!
“You git! Christ’s sake man! You know why I came round here, do ya!?” I yell at him, my voice getting louder with each voice
“Well your gunna tell me anyways so do go on…”
“Liz is an alien. She is one of us.”
More Silence
- 3 minutes later -
“Shit” I hear him mumble, “ I need to sit down” once he had got comfy in his seat chair he continued, “How do you know? Are you sure? What if she is the enemy? What if she is a shape shifter? When did this happen? Are you okay? What if she is your queen? Omg” The questions are fired out
“trust me I know, im semi sure, she maybe the enemy or a shapshifter, about 5 mins ago, yes and the thought has gone through my head and my reaction was ‘shit’” I answer just as quickly as he asked them
More silence
- 10 minutes later -
There is a knock at the door and Isabelle soon enters. I know we must look rough because her first thing was “looking good max, the whole black eyes look is so in this season. And Mike boy, white as a sheet, so vogue.”
We sit her down and I explain the whole thing again.
“Fuck” is all that come out her mouth and we are all left sitting in silence. Finally isabelle breaks the silence, “Poor Liz, she has been through all of this on her own”
Then it hits me, like a ton of bricks. She has no one. I had these 2 guys, and Liz, she has no one.

No one


Right guys, I really want to link all of these parts onto one massive thread and this is the only way I know how to do it. I am writing Chapter 4 as you are reading this and will be posted on the end of this post, it or if you dont want to post FB. Thanks anywayz and help would be like 104% appreciated!!!

Love Ya guys xXx
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Part 4


Don’t you just love clocks, tick tock tick tock tick tock, until your brain has become numb to the noise? So here I am totally engrossed with the teachers ramble on ‘Kill A Mockingbird’ and how “with our future children we can take up the parenting of Atticus Finch” Fun eh?? So suddenly I feel a very cold trail going up my spine to the back of my head and slowly back down, I turn round quickly to see Ms Ice Bitch giving me a look that can kill, but yet with a hint of sympathy in her eyes. So that’s both of the twins who, for some reason, have sympathy for me. Putting my head straight back down and letting my hair cover my face I hear a faint voice in my head saying; ‘I wish that she did not do that, it covers up her face, her beauty.’ So now I am thinking what the fuck was that about. It was almost like I had heard someone’s voice. I wonder whom they were talking about??
I give up, I don’t care who it was from or who it was addressed too.
My brain goes back to the alien side of me, Zan. I need to know what he looks like. I hear myself sigh and so do the rest of the class, but its quickly dis-knowledged as its only Ms Plain Parker.

Bell gone
Lunch Time

Again I would like to cry out “WHOOP” but it stays in my own body. Im walking to my locker so I can get out my food when I notice Max is leaning up against it with his head looking down at something on the floor.
“Hey Max, could you uhm, move please” I say almost silently
He looks up sharply and this amazing smile comes across his face
“Yea, course. Sorry”
Did I forget to tell you all that Max’s locker is continently like 2 away from mine? Is there any escape?
“So what are you doing here? Did you forget that it was mine or something?”
“No Liz, I was hear for a reason. I need to talk to you, its not urgent but it is kinda important”
“oOoOoOo let me guess, home work that needs to be done? Well im sorry, but you can kick me in until im life less before I run around circles for you Max. So just forget it”
The smile on his face goes he almost looks hurt
“I could never hurt you Liz…” he says with his head down barely above a whisper “…And it is not about fucking home work Parker. I just need to talk to you. Need to.” O yea, to good to be true, the arrogant git that he is has come back to haunt me again. Im just about to say ‘No’ when the look on his face explains everything to me.

It was him


He knows

Double Shit

Max Evans.

Then it all clicks, so does Michael and Isabelle. That’s why they looked at me like that. The git, he told them. What if Michael tells Maria, then she tells Alex. What if Isabelle tells Pam Troy. The whole school would know in like 3 hours.

Then I faint. Right there in Max fucking Evans arms. Shoot me now.

The soft mummer of “Lizzie Bell, wake up hunny” is in the back of my head but as it slowly gets louder im forced to follow it and open my eyes to Maria’s worried eyes and Max Evans strong thighs under my neck.
“Hey there, thought I had lost you babe” I hear tell me softly
“What happened?”
“You fainted when you noticed how glorious I looked” I hear Max Chuckle. And the awful thing is that I actually think that I have done that. I look up into his eyes and I know that he has not mentioned it to Maria.
A slight calm comes over my body and I feel Maria leave my side.
“Max, meet me after my shit at the Crashdown, okay? Around…”
I am unable to finish the sentence
“7pm, I know”
Now do I smile coz he knows what time I finish or do I get worried. I choose to smile. He gives a nod of the head and helps me stand up and tells me to be careful. He retreats away from me as he has a lesson to go to.
The last thought was ‘Oh Jesus. I don’t have no-one’

Like it? Don’t like it? FB much liked xXx

I finally managed to get my self sorted and give myself a kick up the arse! Although I do have exams ALL of next week and ill be revising. I will be updating as soon as possible. I promise *big*
Anyways.... FEDBACK please
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Title: No one
Author: AllForLove
Category: kinda AU but def M/L
Rating: PG13 – NC17 (it all depends on you guys)
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own anything. Unfortunately. But if I did Max would be my sex slave. OOoOoOo YEA! :D

*** Part 5 ***


“Teachers dated me, my parents hated me! Im always in a fight coz I cant do nothing right. Everyday I fight a war against the mirror, I can’t face the person staring back at me…!” Wow, I am really loving this song, I can feel myself shouting the song as I am cleaning the floor.
Yea, im sure your wondering why I am cleaning the floor and not talking to Max, well guess what… dick-less wonder has not arrived yet.
So im dancing, singing and actually having fun. When I hear a slight knock of the door. Being the ooh so cool person that I am I turn around and catch my foot in the chair and send myself flying to the ground.
“Shit” I hear myself mutter; finally I look up and see Max. Mechanically I get myself up and unlock the door as I focus on my extremely interesting feet.
“Hey smoothie” I hear him chuckle
“Shut up shit brick. It was an accident. Your late.”
“Yea I know, important bathroom business to deal with, if you catch my drift…” I can see that smug look in his face and I just know that it was too good to be true for him to actually change.
“Just as long your hands are clean. You want a drink?”
“Cherry Coke please Parker”
I can feel THAT look again on my back, it can warm up my body. And just then, when im looking out milkshake machine, it clicks.
“So…. What do you want to talk about first?” There it is, well done Liz, you can do it. Go Liz!
“I saw you that night” He starts, and as I am about to interrupt him, he continues “I know what you are, so does Michael and Isabelle. But you don’t have to be scared. We would never put…”
I have cut him off now; the rage in my brain is just boiling over.
“DON’T BE SCARED. DON’T BE FUCKING SCARED!!! Are you kidding me! If anybody found out about me then god knows what would happen to me. You don’t know anything so don’t you dare tell me not to be scared! This has been my secret for 17 years of my life! 17! Nobody knows. Not my parents, not Maria, not Alex. No one!”
Don’t cry
Don’t cry

Geez. Im crying.

“I do know what you are going through Liz. That’s why I am here. You see me, Is and Michael are in the same position as you. Might sound cliché but ‘We are family’ and…”
This is where every word that he says is going in slow motion and I feel myself drowning. I have so many emotions in my head right now.
Gain, but overall the emotion of being shit scared is the strongest.
“Are you listening to me Liz? Liz? Parker? Halloo”
“Sorry Max. I zoned out. Im so shocked. You are… Omg, this is too weird. How do I know you are not just winding me up you can take the piss in the future??”
“Because I can do this” and the bottle of ketchup goes green, then yellow and the finally red “and I can also do this” and this time the floor turns clean with a swipe of his hand.
“Thank you”
“Your welcome, why don’t you just do that anyway”
At this comment I just look up with a look that says ‘duh, the reason you’re here…’
“Ooo yea, sorry” he quickly mumbles
I finally realise that my tears have dried up and I can just how ugly, uglier I am looking at this moment. What a great day.
“Soooo” I hear myself say, and I can feel myself bringing up the courage to continue; “I am the Queen of our planet, which is called Antar”
More Silence
Even more silence
“Liz, I think we had better sleep on all this. Ive learned things and so have you” he leans forward and gives me a hug. Is that his lips I feel on my hair. O yea, he has just kissed my hair “Good night Liz, sleep well and ill see you at school. Night”
All I can feel is sparks, like an electric current. I have never felt like this before, and I know why.
And then the word is out my mouth before I can think.


**** TBC ****

FIRSTLY, I want to say the BIGGEST ‘Thank You’ to everybody who has given me FB and I am sooo happy about that. Big hugs to everybody.

SECONDLY, sorry for the very big delay in getting this next part up. I am sooo sorry. As I told you before I do have exams going on for the next 4 weeks.

THIRDLY, do you want more!???

Love ya all xXx

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Just want to say a quick thank you to all my readers, especially *Lana Lane* who was BEGGING me to do next part. I am privilaged to have people like you guys who are reading my stuff. I admire so many writers on this board!! and hope you enjoy my first attempt at all of this. Again...... THANK YOU

Love Stacie xXx

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Hi Guys,

I really want to say to *behritall4me* that I have not actully got any parts lined up and I am writing this as I go along. I know that it aint nice having a story that you really like and then not being able to read more of it asap but I really am trying. I have explained on numerous occasions that I have really important exams going on for a while and then after that I have 3 months off where I will be dedicating ALL my free time to this story.

Secondly, to all my other FB's that I am really gratfull for all of the support and I appreciate it loads!! As many of you English ppl will know GCSE's are important exams (which are getting harder) and I would appreciate if all you guys who read this story to wait a lil bit why I finish my exams.

*sad* *sad* *sad* *sad*
I really do know what it is like having a lack of writing on fics.

Sorry Again,
Stacie xXx

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Title: No one
Author: AllForLove
Category: kinda AU but def M/L
Rating: PG13 – NC17 (it all depends on you guys)
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own anything. Unfortunately. But if I did Max would be my sex slave. OOoOoOo YEA! :D

** Previously…. Part 5 (Liz POV) **

All I can feel is sparks, like an electric current. I have never felt like this before, and I know why.
And then the word is out my mouth before I can think. It has taken control of me.


Part 6

Im walking away, its what I have to do in these situations. Them situations when you feel the ‘spark’ between two people. The Maria and Michael ‘spark’ the continuously go on about. Yea, you know what I mean, don’t you?


Excuse me?
What the fuck is that about?
Ive stopped walking now, and im just staring at what ever is in front of me. I finally manage to turn around and look at her face.


I walk a few steps towards her and I can see her eyes, there rolled back in her head and she is so pale. No, she is white. And I am genuinely worried about her.

“Liz!! Liz, can you hear me?? Liz, please snap out of it… Please?!”

As soon as I reach out and touch her head I am bombarded with images, and they’re so beautiful.
Images of Liz with this long, subtle, thick and shiny hair.
Her big doe eyes being complemented by subtle eye make up.
Her lips all plump and glossy with tinge of red gloss.
Images of me, looking like me, but so much mature. Liz calls me by the name of Zan and im calling her Zala. We are talking to each other. All can hear are Liz’s word of love, or comfort. I can see myself pulling her into a perfect cuddle. Her head fitting perfectly under my chin. We are stand there together and we look so perfect.
Then it stops. By for the time my eyes have focussed I vaguely see her run up the stairs with the soft sob coming from her mouth. I want to run after her, I really do. But the other half of me needs to deal with this all and to tell the other 2. We can all talk about this together. Tomorrow. Yea, tomorrow we will sort this out. Right?

*20 minutes later*
This is fucking ridiculous now. I have been sitting here just thinking about her. Its like a part of me has come alive and im dealing with it by ignoring it. But I cannot do that any more.
I get out of the car and carefully make my way up the ladder to her room. The candles are lit and I see her on her sun lounge asleep with, what seems to be a book, lying on her chest. The moonlight is delicately lighting up her face and I can see the tearstains marked on her skin. Her glasses are on the side and her hair is ever so slightly tussled around where she has been sleeping. I feel my heart twang. Beauty
MAXWELL!! Pull yourself together man!
But I cant and before I know what I am doing Im lifting her up and taking her through her window. It may not surprise you but she is damm light. And she fits perfectly against my body.
Can u sense the repeated use of ‘perfect’ here?? Geez, im going soft.
“Max..” she moans softly when I put her down on the bed.
And im telling you now guys… this is a big ego boost to me!
Suddenly her book falls to the floor and I catch a glance of what she has down in there.

~Im Liz Parker, and today I died that little bit more. Again.
I visited the hospital again today. My eyes will never get better. Ever, they’re going to bee like this forever ~

I drop the book to the floor because I should not be reading this.
I should not be feeling this way about her.
I should not be leaving her alone.
I should not find her beautiful.
I should not.
I should not.

DAMM IT!!!!!! I really want to scream that out loud. NEVER in my 17 years of living have I ever felt feelings for someone. Not like this. All the women I have slept with, all the women I have not slept with. Never have I felt like this.
Damm It!

I look down at her sleeping form.

“Night Zala”

Woah, where did that come from?
Im in so deep. Shit!!

Must tell the others
Must tell the others
Must tell the others
Must tell the others
Must tell the others

I finally drag myself away from her. Isabelle and Michael need to know all of this. I need there advice. Yea. Is and Michael.


Zan and Zala


Max and Liz



*** TBC ***
More? No More??

FB, as always, is needed for me to continue, I can’t help being a baby writer compared to so many other writers.

I know that this is a short part. I know that it is not up to my usual standard. I just felt really, really bad about not putting up a part for a long time. Forgive me pweeeease???

Hope you liked this part. I am not that good at writing from Max’s POV, I prefer Liz’s POV. What do you prefer??

~Thanks for the ‘good lucks’ in my exams, its much appreciated!! ~

Love, Stacie xXx

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Just want to remind all the English fans that Roswell starts on SKY ONE!

YUP, you heard right..... SKY ONE!!! TONIGHT
OMG, I think im gunna faint with excitment. Get the tapes ready.

By the way.... 2NITE....ROSWELL...SKY ONE.....8pm!!

Stacie xXx


*** Faints ***

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Title: No one
Author: AllForLove
Category: kinda AU but def M/L
Rating: PG13 – NC17 (it all depends on you guys)
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own anything. Unfortunately. But if I did Max would be my sex slave. OOoOoOo YEA! :D

Previously on 'No One'

I look down at her sleeping form.

“Night Zala”

Woah, where did that come from?


Part 7

Here is the thing… Max was in my room, putting me asleep and he called me Zala, my name on Antar. It did sound so beautiful coming from his lips, just perfect. Yea, I was awake, before you ask. Who wouldn’t be awoke by a tall, muscular, gorgeous looking man who happens to be carrying you in his arms.
OO so your telling me you would be asleep??
Yea didn’t think so.
Any who. Its 7am on a gloomy Wednesday morning. I am running late because I was having a wonderful dream about a certain young man, and no its not Brad Pitt. At the moment and im getting ready to open the Crashdown for my down. School at 8 so I have to be really quick.

**** Crashdown ****

“Tell me what you see! When you look at me!” The new Christina Milian song it blaring out of the speakers when Isabelle Evans comes walking up to me. I have to do a double look to note how oddly normal she is looking today.
“Morning Liz. I was just passing by, and I think that we need to have a little conversation. Is that okay?”

Now, this perfect alien is talking to me nicely and I am literally in shock, naturally I agree with her suggestion and we sit down at there usual table.
There are a few minutes of silence when finally Isabelle perks up
“So, this is far more awkward then I expected it to be” she lets out a nervous giggle and continues “I want to say a few things, and I would really respect you if you do not interrupt me. Please?”

I nod because that is all my body is able to do at the moment

“So, you’re an alien huh? Im so happy, you know that? All my life ive wanted someone to talk to about ‘alien women things’ and to discuss powers with someone other then dumb and dumber, aka Max and Michael” she has a soft giggle, and I can hear myself joining her, but she carries on soon enough “And its all good you know? I aint going to be bitchy to you, contrary to many people beliefs. I want to get to know you. I want to know about our past. Like who my mother was, what is was like up there and what my name was…”

“Vilandra, the beauty of Antar” I hear myself come out quickly and we make eye contact, and even though I interrupted her I can still see the thanks that she is telling me through her eyes.

“I want to you to tell me about your powers, tell us all why you know so much more then the 3 of us.” I go to tell her why I do know it all but this time she interrupts me “The 3 of us Liz, how about you come round to my house tonight and we can, as a 4, all talk. Yea?”

“That would be really good, and thank you” I smile genuinely at her and I receive a equally happy grin back.
“How about I give you a lift to school, we are running late now” She offers, I go to decline, but I know things are for the best if I do take the lift.
Not only will I not be late for school but I will also be developing my new friendship with Isabelle. Great start to the day if I do say so myself. Things are looking up.

**** In the car ****

This girl is hilarious!! I feel like I am going to piss myself in a minute, she is funnier then Maria, and that’s saying something.
“So, I think that when you come around mine tonite, that you should stay over. I have plans for you”
“What kind of plans Is?”
“You, Me, Ice Cream, Films..” sounding good so far “… and a make over on you!” she practically screams the last bit. I practically scream too
“I don’t think so” I say, almost nastily, but she does not pick up on that.
“Well I do” She looks a grins, and I can here myself saying
“Alrite then” before I can even think!

I am in Shit now. Liz Parker gets a make over.
GUYS! Stop laughing…. Ok ok. It is funny, hey! Stop it!
OOO so you have calmed down now?
Well I am in so much shit.

*** TBC ***

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Title: No one
Author: AllForLove
Category: kinda AU but def M/L
Rating: PG13 – NC17 (it all depends on you guys)
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own anything. Unfortunately. But if I did Max would be my sex slave. OOoOoOo YEA! :D

Part 8A

School consisted of work, talk, hide, work, talk and meeting Isabelle in the car park. So here I am walking towards her car when I see Max and Michael waiting for her also. Max sees me first and he looks happy to see me and his eyes become locked with mine. I see that smile again, the one I only see him give to me.
Wait. Where did that come from? Her probably gives it to all the girls who he has had in his sack. Yea, I know he does

“Hey Liz”
“Hi you two. Where is Isabelle?”
“Most probably in the bathroom doing up her make up” Max says half-heartedly with a small grin on his face.
I have not noticed that Michael is watching us two until he gives a slight cough to make himself known to us.
“So Liz. How come you know about our past and the rest of us know jack shit? That seems pretty weird if you ask me, eh Max? How can we trust you? How are we supposed to know who you are? Who are you?”
Suddenly his questions stop and the only thing that enters my head is
“Because Michael, I am your Queen. People respect there Queens where we come from” I give him a smug look and I can see out the corner of my eye that Isabelle has arrived. She has obviously caught the last part of the conversation and has a grin on her face, along with Max.
YaYs to me.
“Fine” I hear Michael mutter
“I think that we should get going now. We all need answers.”
“Yea that is a good idea. Liz, you can come in the back with me”
I follow Max without any hesitation because I can still feel the gentle hum of our earlier eye contact. With those oh-so caring eyes. Eyes that I could drown in. And then it clicks to me, like a ton of bricks collapsing on my shoulders… Max is Zan.
My King.
I am his queen.
It’s our destiny.
And I know that I am in for a lot of explaining tonight. An extremely long night at that. Including a make over and a sleep over. Geez.

We arrive at the Evan’s house in about 15 minutes of deadly silent travel. We arrange ourselves around the table and I see Michael pull out a long list of questions. All three of us look at him and have a small giggle.
“What?” he asks innocently
“Michael, we are supposed to be gentle on her. Not Spanish inquisition”
“Ya, I know. But these are ‘just in case I forget’ questions”
I finally perk up the courage to talk
“So… where did you guys want to start? Shall I just answer questions rapidly or just tell you what I remember and how, etc? yea or no?”
There is a gently sigh from Max and a nod of a head and two ‘Yups’ from Isabelle and Michael.
“Before I start, I would like to tell you that I would like to have NO interruptions from anybody, as hard as it may seem.”
Isabelle gives a knowing look to me and I know she respects my choice of words. Again a gentle nod comes from Max and a ‘whatever’ from Michael.

“We come from a planet called Antar. The four of us around this table are called the ‘Royal four’. I have come to the conclusion from many visions from Max and Isabelle that you 2 are brother and sister both here on Earth and from our previous lives. Your connection is so strong. Your names on Antar are Zan for Max and Vilandra for Isabelle. Isabelle, you are betrothed to Michael. But on Antar you was in love with your protector, Alore. Michael, you are the second in command to the King and your Antar name is Rath. As I mentioned earlier, I am the Queen of Antar and my name is Zala. Michael I know you are wondering who you are second on command to…”

I pause because as soon as I say this I will be faced into a place where I have never been

“…and it is Max. And Michael, you and me are cousins. Our parents on Antar are brother and sister. When we were sent down to Earth we were sent along with our personal protectors. I have yet to find who they are. All I know is they are now, either big parts in our lives, or are going to big people in our lives. And that we have one each. And Max and myself have one main protector for the both of us, for obvious reasons. I only wish we could find them.”
I take a long need breath and try and get my heart beat under control, soon enough I continue the part which breaks my heart.
“In 2 years time, in 2004, we are to be taken back to Antar. No One will know when and what date. I only know that much. It may seem a lot to you, but there is so much missing in my memory. And I am hoping that once the four of us connect then maybe we can all click or develop our memories together. Ya know?”

Silence. Not even a ‘shit’ or a ‘what’ from Michael.
Not a sigh or smile from Max
Not a word from Isabelle
Just pure silence.

And there is still so much more to be discussed.

**** TBC ****
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Title: No one
Author: AllForLove
Category: kinda AU but def M/L
Rating: PG13 – NC17 (it all depends on you guys)
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own anything. Unfortunately. But if I did Max would be my sex slave. OOoOoOo YEA! :D

Part 8B

Well, welcome back again. There have been no words spoken now for 10 minutes. And it is truly amazing, I mean these popular, outspoken, loud, bitchy and spoilt group of people are in stunned silence. And this includes Michael; I think I deserve a min YaYs to myself here!

Okay, so im getting a bit pissed off now. And just as I am about to speak Max opens his mouth and then shuts it again, and again, and again. Looking like a goldfish. I have to giggle to myself and as I watch him do it more and more and I giggle more and soon im in a full-blown belly laughing state!

He looks up at me strangely and asks innocently “What?” I mumble a ‘nothing’ in his direction and manage to stop giggling.
But the full-blown grin is still there.
Max and Isabelle notice my grin and I feel like I have broken the ice, again a little YaYs to me!

“So Liz, can you please explain to me why you know all this stuff and our minds know jack shit!” Michael explodes
And im telling you now. I’m scared. I look at him, then Isabelle and finally, what seems like forever, Max. He looks down at his lap. He doesn’t even try to defend me. And there is me thinking that I was getting somewhere with him. Ya, right.

“Do you remember coming out of the pod?” I ask Michael
“And how many pods was there with you?”
“And how many of us are there around this table?”
I can tell he is becoming frustrated as he bangs his fist on the table
“For Christ’s sake Liz, 4. One, two, three and FOUR!”
“That’s enough!” I hear Max bellow, and everyone is silence. ‘He truly can be a King’, I think meekly to myself. “Please Liz, continue” and he nods his head in my direction
“Thank You …” and this is where I make the mistake and I look up and he is staring into my eyes and I can see all his emotions, but as soon as I am about to register them, he has shut them down again. But I can tell he is edging me on through his eyes, his wonderful, wonderful eyes. “… As I was about to say. The 3 of you can remember coming out of the pods, and u can all remember that there was only 3 pods in the chamber. I was taken away as our ship crashed, my protector took me straight away. I don’t remember anything after that till I was 10. A new orphanage took me in. Where my, now parents, found me.”

Isabelle reaches over and takes my hand, and in that small gesture I begin to let out all the emotion I have had kept locked up inside. Tears fall down my face as I continue my story.

“Can you imagine that? Not knowing anything from your past until you was 10 years old. And the only way I knew about any of what I have just told you about Antar is from my Grandma Claudia. She was the body of my Grandma and the soul of my protector. My protector’s name is Serina. She would tell me these wonderful stories of our life in Antar, and how special I was. How important I am to one single person, who does not even know it. Not until I started using and developing my powers that Grandma would tell me who I am and was. A Queen …” I start laughing through my tears, I grab a piece of my hair “… a queen with hair like this …” I push my glasses up “… a queen with eyes that don’t work. Some queen I am.”

Isabelle who still has my hand manages to talk for the first time in an hour
“You are such a brave women! So brave...” She shakes her head slightly “… Now im sure that you guys have had enough for tonight, Liz and me are going to get her a make over” And she jumps up into the air with a smile that could light up a dark room.
I find myself actually willingly getting up and smiling with her. And I am genuinely excited about it all.

“Max, I think we should talk later” I mumble as I pass him
“Yea, so do I. Have fun” and h gives me a smile and wink as I go past him, not breaking eye contact till he is fully out of my sight

**** Isabelle’s Room ****

Take deep breaths.
That’s it, good Lizzie.
Im slowly picking up the mirror. Too slowly for Isabelle’s likings because she grabs out of my hands and shoves it in front of my face.
Ohmygod. Omg.
aaaah, shite. I said it out allowed.
I see the colour in Isabelle’s face drain away and I can feel her emotions flood at me like a brick wall.
“No Isabelle. I look, well, wow. I look human” Which is a bit Ironic, don’t you think?
The person looking back at me has 2 gorgeously shaped eyebrows. Feathered and layered hair all shaping loosely around my face. Slight eyeliner defining my eyes. Some gloss on my lips to make them look big and, well, kissable. A pair of tight, low slung jeans and a white shirt, which has its top button open. Yea, I really like this look.
The only problem is, my eyes.

“You should ask Max to fix them”
I look at her quickly. Did she read my thoughts?
“Did you read my thoughts then?”
“No, we have not figured out to do that yet” she winks at me.
She jumps off the bed and so do I, I grab her and pull her into a massive bear hug. We don’t say any words, but I leave the room quietly and quickly. She knows where I am heading, and so do I.

Max’s room.

**** TBC ****

On the next part of ‘No One’:
Will Max heal her eyes?
Will Max like her new look?
What will there ‘talk’ involve?

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Hope you liked this part. I really enjoyed writing it.

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Title: No one
Author: AllForLove
Category: kinda AU but def M/L
Rating: PG13 – NC17 (it all depends on you guys)
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own anything. Unfortunately. But if I did Max would be my sex slave. OOoOoOo YEA! :D

Part 9

At the moment im staring at a wooden door. Not just any old door, this is the door that leads to Max Evans ‘love pit’. Im debating as to whether I should knock or just walk into his room.
Walk in
As I am debating with myself the door suddenly swifts open. I look up quickly to see an extremely smug looking Michael. I turn round as quick as my legs can carry me.
“Yo Parker” He calls out quickly
“Oh hey Michael, I was just looking for the…” errrm what am I looking for again? “…The bathroom.” Yea, that’s it, im looking for the bathroom. Good cover Liz.
“Whatever Parker. I just want to say Sorry for everything earlier, ya know, shock and all that. I just hope you realise that this is very un-like me to say sorry to strangers. But ya know, your different”
I do respect him for that, but I just keep the conversation light for the moment.
“Yea, we are related” I wink at him, and I know that things between us are looking up.
“Something I need to get my head around mind you. I am about to see Maria for a bit of loving, if you know what I mean.” Ewww, horrible thought in my head. Get out. Get out. Okay, its out.
He turns and walks away from me and swiftly turns back round “By the way Parker I like you new look, that bad-ass-girl image really works for you” he turns back around again and shouts over his shoulder “oh yea, Max is waiting for your ‘chat’” and he actually brings up his two fingers to hyphenate the ‘chat’ part. You got to love him. Seriously, you do.

So I am back here with the door and I finally decide to knock on the door and I hear a gentle ‘come in’ from the heavenly voice
I open the door slightly and the breath, literally, catches in the back of my throat. There he is lying on his bed with no shirt and his arms hooked around the back of his neck.
I cough slightly and I see him sit up quickly with a shocked look in his eyes. I can feel his eyes roaming over my body, feasting on it.
I actually feel wanted.
I feel primal.

“Hi” I say meekly
“Hey Liz” and I actually can hear a slight squeak in his voice. Now, how do I take that then? My thoughts are quickly side tracked when Max continues with his original position. O man, this is going to be a long night. Very long.
“I like your new look Liz, it really suits you” and he gives that ‘for me’ smile.
“Thank you. I am actually here to ask you something.” I pause, here we go Liz, you and ask him. “I was kind of wondering something. You know one of your powers in healing…” I am cut off promptly
“Of course I will heal your eyes for you.”

Whoa, how did he know I was going to ask that? Again this is something I dismay as my gaze rests on his chest and the way his muscles are moving, and they are moving because he is moving. Moving towards me… Oh shite. I look up quickly and meet his gaze.

“Sorry” WHAT!? Why am I apologising. Could I be more of a fool? Fuck.
He softly chuckles, as if he is reading my thoughts.
“I was thinking that maybe when you heal me, we could try and connect fully. Because me and you… we are the most powerful. For obvious reasons. I think we should as least try to restore some of our memories.” I can tell that I am rambling, but Max has this cute little smile on his face and I feel that ‘S’ word coming out of my mouth again.

“Sorry” Oh there it is
“Liz, sweetie, I think we should have a little pact. No more ‘sorry’ tonight, okay?”
I chuckle softly “Yea, I promise.”
Hang on a minute… he just called me sweetie. Wait here till I faint.

Okay, im back up now.

“I think that I should heal your eyes with a small amount of our connection. See how powerful it is in a small dose. We don’t want to use full advantage of it. It could become dangerous, we don’t know that much about our power.”
“That’s a good idea Max. Im just really excited about this”
Okay, well does that or doest that not sound like totally silly!
There is an awkward silence and hand fumbling as to how we can get comfey. Suddenly I feel Max pull myself and him up at the same time. We are standing nose to nose his hands grasp the sides of my head. I can feel his thumb gently come up my face and taking my glasses off. They drop to the floor and I don’t care if they break.
All I can see now is the blur of Max, I go by my senses as to what he is doing.
The next thing I know his hands are over my eyes and his breath is near my ear, tickling me gently.
“You have to focus on my voice. Nothing else”
I nod gently
“You will also go out with me this Saturday”
I nod gently again.
Wait, hold up? But before I can think of anything else, the connection is opened up…

**** TBC ****

I know, I know. Its Short. Sowwy

But I am soo snowed under with shopping and holiday packing (bad things to do I know! *big* LOL)

But like I said .... a MASSIVE post of about 3/4 parts for you guys when I go on holiday.

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posted on 27-Jun-2002 8:39:51 AM by Allforlove
Title: No one
Author: AllForLove
Category: kinda AU but def M/L
Rating: PG13 – NC17 (it all depends on you guys)
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own anything. Unfortunately. But if I did Max would be my sex slave. OOoOoOo YEA! :D

Part 10


Liz dancing in a black backless dress. Which ends gently on her mid-thighs. Smiling, grinning and looking totally beautiful. Dancing on a freshly polished floor, printing her reflection on it. Her body gently swaying to the music, her hips pulsing with the gentle beat.

Max coming behind her body, wearing a black shirt and tight denim jeans. Holding her arms above her head and resting them around his neck. Running his hands down her arms, ever so gently, then resting on her hips.

Together gently swaying to the music. Max bends his head down to kiss Liz’s neck ever so slightly. Liz gentle moans ‘Thank You’ and Max whispering something into Liz’s ear, which makes her stop dancing, and turns round to face him.

Max goes down on one knee….

*End Flash*

Both Max and Liz pull apart quickly, panting breathlessly.
They stare at each other blissfully both with the look of contentment in there eyes.


Whoa there, what the hell is going on? Max and I looking rather intermit both now and in that flash. It’s almost becoming too intense for me, these feelings that I am having.
I cough slightly and drop the intense gaze that we have.
Then I realise, I can see him.

I can see him, and I have no glasses.

OMG… Before I know what the hell I am doing I have my arms wrapped around his neck and my legs are wrapped around his waist and I am hugging him so hard I hear him mumble ‘Liz… I need air’

I pull back quickly and gently but quickly slide down his body till I am standing again. Nose to nose with him. I am about to say ‘sorry’ but Max buts in.
“No more sorrys Liz”
“Yea, well I am ya know. But thank you SO much for healing me. You will never realise how much this means to me. Thank you again.” I smile genuinely at him and I now see how tired he looks.
“Max, why don’t you have a sleep. Get your strength back. Call me when you have awoken, or ill just come and jump on your bed to wake you up. Its up to you. We can talk about all of this when we have clear heads.” I wink at him and walk out of the room, being ever so careful to sway my hips, but not too much or not too less. Maria’s idea

I don’t know what possesses me to do this, but I am. It’s something inside of me that has been opened up. Like I have found my spark.



Holly mother of Christ with a cherry on top. WOW is all I have to say about that, her, everything. Just wow.

Oh, hey ya guys. Long time no see! How you been doing? I have been VERY good. As you most probably know. Liz is a beauty, a goddess. But the shallow thing is that I have only seen this since Is gave her the ‘make over’ and I feel like shit. I mean, yea, she wasn’t exactly perfect before but she defiantly had potential and now she is just … WOW

I have put her through so much crap in her life and here I just was watching her sway that cute little ass of hers as she descended down the stairs. I am in so much shit.

And to top all of this off … I asked her to go out with my on Saturday. I mean I really do want her to go. I cannot wait till that day. But what will she think of me. I treat her like crap throughout her life and not 2 minutes after seeing her new look I have asked her out. I am such a shit head. And don’t you dare sit there and shake your heads. I know I am.
That’s it nod them heads.

Max Evans = Shit Head

I also have a confession to make … when we had our connection I saw and felt everything that she felt about everything, about me.
Her feelings were so confused, especially about me. Her life flashed before my eyes, only through her prospective. The way she looked at me when I walked off the school bus all those years ago, when she asked me to be friends with her and I told her where to stick it. When she saw me with all of them women through the years. ‘A new one every week’ was her little moto for me.

Damn, shit head.

I think back to our joint flash and I feel a smile being pulled onto my face. That was defiantly something. I also feel the pull of sleep drawing me on and I snuggle myself into my pillow. Aaah lovely.

Is the Vanilla I smell?
No, cant be, can it?

Before I totally fall into the bliss of my dreams I think of what Michael said to me before he left to lay Maria.
“This is weird Max. I just knew something was different about her. I knew it, I swear. Just think, you and her getting a bit of nookie in the sack in your past life. I can see it now, Mrs Elizabeth Evans” and then he starts to burst our laughing.
And to be honest, it made my heat twang with happiness.
But being the arse hole that I am, I laughed along with him. Well I tried. I used my false laugh and I know Michael knows that I was using it and why.

And I now know that he knows something about me that I don’t even know. Yet.

Mrs Elizabeth Evans

That’s the last thought in my head before I fall into my slumber.

“Mrs Elizabeth Evans”



So here I am, yet again outside Max’s room. Only this time im leaning up against his door. And I am trying to get my breathing and excitement under control.

I mean how would you feel if you have been literally blind all your life when your past husband had just healed them using Alien powers? Okay, this is a mad situation. But you catch my drift.

My thoughts go back to our shared vision and how elegant I looked, both of us looked. We looked relaxed with each other, happy, beautiful and generally perfect.

I am distracted by the high pitch squeal of Maria running down the hall in my direction.
“OMG LIZ! YOU LOOK SO LOVELY CHICA. Ok ok, I need to breath. Oh Liz you look so different and happy. I was round Spaceboys house and he mentioned that you hade a ‘make over’. Omg, you look fab. I missed out on some hot alien sex for you sweetheart. Omg. I need to breath.”

Wait; hold up, did she just say ‘hot alien sex’

“You know about them?” I squeak
She looks up, shocked, and nods slowly
“I know about you too Liz, Michael told me. I can’t believe you kept quiet for so long. You are so brave. At least I know you wont hit on my man, seen as you are cousins and all” She winks at me
“Wow” is all that manages to come out of my mouth
“Yea, that was my reaction too”
Before I can say any more, I have been pulled into a hug. We are standing in silence till we hear a faint mumble from Max’s room.

“Mrs Elizabeth Evans”

Holy Christ.
Maria is about to scream something when I quickly snap my hand to her mouth.
“Maria, when I take my hand away from your mouth, do you promise me that you will NOT scream”
She nods and I take my hand away
“Liz, me and you. Saturday night. Going to a club. Be there or get your arsed whooped.”
“Ooh shits I cant go Maria. Max asked me out for that night, ill suggest we go to ‘The Club’ and I can meet you in there. Okay?”
“My little Lizzie has a date with the stud of Roswell. This is going to be interesting. Virgin Mary and Roswell’s very own slag on a date”

I don’t know whether to take this as an insult or a joke. I decide to smile tightly. And my thoughts go back to what Max had earlier mumbled.
‘Mrs Elizabeth Evans’

How good of a ring does that have?
NO Liz! Do not think of anything like that. A no - go area.

Mrs Elizabeth Evans

Remind me to wake sleeping beauty up in an hour.

‘Yours Faithfully,
Mrs Evans’

Oh here comes back that grin again.

*** TBC ***
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Authors Note

I have decided to merge two parts to make a NCE long part for you guys coz to be honest, your ALL so FAB and I am truelly appreciative of your support.

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Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks again for all the support, hope you like this part (personally I dont think it is that good)


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posted on 23-Jul-2002 12:58:43 PM by Allforlove
Authors Note

I wish the words "Im So Sorry" could vouch for something, but it doesnt. Due to a close relative passing away in my family I have been unable to get into the M/L mood. Even if I did want to write, it would be crap and very depressing.

I cant promise any of my readers that I will be able to put a new part up tommorrow, but I can promise that it will be up as soon as possiable.

I appreciate all your Bumps, including my 3 fav people who haven given up on me - you know who you are, personal thanks to you. Thanks to all the new people who have read my story so far (even if you didnt leave FB) - I do read it, and I do appreciate it.

Again, I wish "Im so sorry" could vouch for something, but it doesnt.

Hope you all understand and can forgive me for being such a bad author to all of you.

*sad* Stacie *sad*
posted on 6-Aug-2002 1:45:18 PM by Allforlove
Title: No one
Author: AllForLove
Category: kinda AU but def M/L
Rating: PG13 – NC17 (it all depends on you guys)
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own anything. Unfortunately. But if I did Max would be my sex slave. OOoOoOo YEA! :D

Part 11

Oh hey guys!! Sorry we have not spoken for, like, forever but things have been so busy and hectic. Well it’s been at least one month since we last spoke, and boy have things changed. And many of them for good. Max and myself are semi-friends semi-dating. It’s really hard to explain I suppose. But one easy way to start off my newfound story is by starting where we last finished. It all started on Saturday night when myself, Max, Maria, Alex and Michael all went to a club, uncannily called, “The Club”.

By this time Maria and me have forgotten the whole ‘Mrs Elizabeth Evans’ shenanigan because Max was obviously delirious or extremely tired.


**** One Month Ago ****

My mission if I wish to accept it: seduce Maxwell Evans
Do I accept: DEFINATLY!

“Its raining men, halleluiah, its raining men!” Don’t you just love this song? “For the first time in history...”

Here I am standing in front of my full-length mirror fiddling around with my new and improved hair trying to get as perfect as Isabelle was able to get it. Damn her for not coming tonight.
Yes, I hear ya, I could easily ring Maria and get her to do my hair, but this IS Maria … there ya go, sanity is in them cute lil heads of yours.

Speaking of the devil …

“Chica, ive been ringing your cell phone for the past 10 minutes! Why aint you answering?! I was starting to get worried”

Here we go, nice to say hello there

“Oh Hi Liz, Hey Maria. You look good Liz, well so do you Maria. Thanks for complementing me…” I tell her sarcastically “…and my phone was on ‘silent mode’ so obviously I was unable to here it.”

“Oh hey I knew that! Well guess what, you have to get your butt in gear because ‘M&M’ [enter hyphenating fingers here] are picking us up in like 4 minutes. Just a pointer, put some more eyeliner on. See you down stairs”

And as quickly as she has entered my room, she has left.
Then the realisation and nervousness knocks my socks off.
4 minutes then ‘M&M’ are here.
Shit 4 minutes.

Surprisingly I take Maria’s advice and add some eyeliner around my eyes and even add a smidge of dark eye shadow to emphasize my eyes. The layers in my hair have been flicked out ever so slightly and shape my face nicely. My outfit is the next thing, which needs to go on.
Now don’t laugh.
You promise?
Ok, here goes nothing.
One black leather mini skirt
One black sleeveless gypsy top
One pair of knee-high boots
One stonewashed denim jacket

Oh guys, your laughing!
The leather skirt ive had for ages, im just choosing to wear it now. And I admit that when I wear this I feel and look, well, good.
I know the whole rock chick and gypsy styles would not look that good, but seriously It looks extremely cool and grown up. Here is the run down as to who owns what clothing

Skirt – mine
Gypsy top – Isabelle (she hasn’t worn it yet – too small – which works in my favour)
Knee-high boots and denim jacket - Maria

Ok, so one minute to go and counting. All I need is to get my bag ready/packed

Phone – check
Money – check
Lip-gloss – check
Keys – check
Lipstick – check
Eyeliner – check
Bloody hell, this is a damn heavy bag!
Right, im ready. All in under an hour, YaYs to me!

“Lizzie, get your cute lil bootie down here!” Yea, that’s Maria’s oh-so-cool way of telling me that she is ready and ‘M&M’ are there.

So here is the next problem … walking down the stairs.
Im concentrating like hell now

And so on. Im sure you all get the picture. As soon as I think I have got the hang of this high-heel stuff I am tumbling down the last few steps and into the open arms of either Max or Michael. Unfortunalty for Maria and Max (and myself) it was Michael who caught me, with his hands landing on my arse and waist. As soon as he realises what and where he is holding me he lets me go and I stumble to stand up correctly.

My face is as red as a stop sign and I gently tuck my hair behind me ear and sneak as look up at Max who has too emotions in his eyes, Lust and Jealousy.
He has the look of lust for me.

Mission completed, and I have not even had a dance yet
Again, YaYs to me

“Hey Liz” comes a throaty voice in the form of Max Evans

He walks up quickly to me and I can see his hands hesitating to touch me, as if seeing the need of his hands through my eyes he runs the strong but gentle hands over my face and arms, seeming to make sure I was un hurt

“Max, im fine…” I give him my 100-watt smile “…Michael saved me”

“Yea I noticed”

“Aww was Maxie poo upset because he didn’t have his hand of Lizzie bells arse.” That was Maria, not me. My head is looking down, away from anyone’s face

Oh look at the pretty floor, and the pretty shoes that everybody is wearing

Wow. I see a rose petal.

I look up sharply at Max and give him a questioning look. And out comes, behind his back, a bunch of red roses with one single white one planted evenly in the middle of the bouquet.
Forget the 100-watt smile, here comes the 300-watt smile instead

“Thaaaaanks” I say blissfully

“Ouch Maria, you know I don’t have enough money for all that”
“Space boy, its called improvisation. Lets go!”
Looks like Mikey aint in the good books tonight. Oh well

I think I have landed on cloud nine.
Who would have thought that Max Evans would be giving plain Jane Parker a bouquet of roses?

“Well come on then, Alex will be wondering where us four are!” Hurricane Maria has spoken and we all march out of the Crashdown like good little girls and boys.

“Bring on the night!” I hear Michael scream

And I can’t help but look at Max and silently pray ‘yea, bring it on.’

*** TBC ***

Authors note: Sorry

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Title: No one
Author: AllForLove
Category: kinda AU but def M/L
Rating: PG13 – NC17 (it all depends on you guys)
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own anything. Unfortunately. But if I did Max would be my sex slave. OOoOoOo YEA! :D

Part 12

“Im a slaaaaaave for you, I cannot hold it, I cannot control it. Im a slaaaaaaave for you!” Swinging my hips, Yea BaBy!

See the picture, Maria and me dancing in front of the three men pointing at each of them. Telling each one that we are slaves for them, cue massive grins from the boys, including many men behind them.

This is fun, I feel so relaxed and at peace with myself. Which might be the help from the tiny ickle bit of alcohol I have had. (For some reason I am an ‘extreme lightweight’ according to Maria and Alex) You see I have never drunk before, and this tiny little sip of Vodka has sent me into teletubbie land – which is like 100% cool – and Max and Michael are staying off the alcoholic stuff. But they wont tell me why. Oh well

YES!! ‘Play’ by J-Lo is on

I can not hear myself singing / screaming to the lyrics of the song, but apparently it is rather loud because even Max, who NEVER dances, has made his way over to me and offered to take me outside to calm myself down a bit. Naturally I oblige because it is Max, I think. Everything is kinda blurry, Oh well, if it looks like Max then he still must be good.

Max/stranger leans himself into me and moves the hair away from my neck and gently but firmly speaks into my ear, and for the strangest reason I am not afraid. Never afraid.
“Zala, please be careful. Tell them everything, I will get in contact with you when it is safe, but for now you must watch out for your royal four. I trust you with all my heart. Im so proud of you and I will always look after you, near or far. I will be in contact soon, I promise. I love you forever Zala, from your devoted mate, Zan”


I turn round sharply to see the look of love in these strangers eyes quickly flicker away. “Who are you?” I question quickly
“My name is Derek, who are you? And what am I doing out here? Where is my girlfriend?”
Ok, this is way too weird for me at the moment. I need to sit down, or find Max. Yes, that’s what I am going to do, im going to find Max.
“Im sorry Derek, I thought that you was somebody else, excuse me please”
I march off as quickly as my legs (and boots) can carry me and push my way through the crowd. Finally reaching a very relieved looking Max.

So relieved that he pulls me into a hug and I can hear his hear pounding through his oh-so-prefect chest.

Heaven is this, I swear.
Max Evans = Walking heaven

Elizabeth Parker, snap out of it and get to the point

“Hey Max, I really need to talk to you about something. Its extremely important” I can feel myself pleading to him via any possible way.

“Oh god Liz, where was you? You just want to scare the shit out of everybody?! Well do you!? I can’t believe you just wondered out of here with some total stranger and not think to tell me, the one you have come on a date with! Fucks sake Lizzie, selfish much!?”

Woah their buddy, rude much?
I can’t believe he said that to me in front of all these people, and believe me he shouted each word louder and louder as he went along.

I look up it him with a look of disgust and apology. And then my anger and frustration explodes after his 3 minutes of his clenched jaw, hard staring silence.

“Max, I came to you to tell you something extremely important, which funny enough comes down to this stranger leading me out of here, but obviously you are far to concerned in making sure I look the fucking fool. I thought you had actually changed, but your still the little boy who treated me like shit all them years ago. Now take me home, now!”

Max looks down at his feet and I have suddenly become fully aware of the 40 odd people who are watching this argument, and then the tears come quietly and quickly.

“Max, please. Just take me home” I say feebly, and we both know that this simple argument had brought us closer instead of apart.

Thankfully I cannot see Maria around anywhere, nor Michael and Alex. Which is cool, ill just txt them later to tell them we have left. Yea, that makes sense.

I look to where Max was standing and instead see him marching off to the front door of the club. I scramble after him and give my apologies and thanks to the bouncers for causing a scene and for a good night and promise to see them another night. Once leaving the building I see Max just shutting the door to this nice little convertible. I hobble over (as my ankles are in way too much pain by now) and hop into the passenger seat.

The drive home is about 20 minutes long and the first half is spent in total silence along with a tension that you could cut with a knife. A very sharp knife at that.

Finally, and because im too stubborn, Max talks.

“Im sorry for shouting at you like that and acting the way I did...” Im about to apologise too for shouting but he continues and my mouth is snapped shut “… its just I was so, well, so, jealous and worried. I don’t think I have ever felt like that, and I know that is not a good enough reason. Argh god, this date is so fucked up. I wanted to make you smile that smile...” I look over at him and see a small smirk on his face “… you have changed me so much Liz, I mean listen to me, is this the Max Evans that you know? I have changed for the better I hope.”

I let the words sink into me heart, body and soul. I sneak a smile in his direction and I know he can see it.
“Well I am sorry too Max, honestly. And well, this isn’t the date I exactly imagined with you, but it will have to do. Not unless you want to give it a second chance?”

“Only if you give me a second chance” he looks over at me and I can feel myself melting into his seat. Right at this moment I would eat chocolate sauce off a horses hoof if he asked me.

I think anyways. Lol

“So tell me what happened then”

And I do, I tell him everything this ‘Zan/Derek’ said and tell him everything I felt. I asked him why I wasn’t scared and why he was so gentle with me.

“I don’t know that answers Liz, but I promise that I will find out, I promise” and I know that he honestly means it. And to add to his promise he gently reaches over and grabs my hand and holds it on his (VERY strong) thighs. We both have this content smile on our faces and we drive home in a peaceful and tense – free atmosphere.

When we finally arrive at the Crashdown Max tells me to wait in the car so he can get me out like a gentleman.

How sweet is this?! He keeps eye contact with me till his eyes rest on my face. Gee, I don’t think you guys could imagine how embarrassed I am at this time. I tuck my hair behind my ear and look at the floor, again.

“Liz, thank you for a wonderful ride home” We both look at each other for a few seconds and then burst out laughing at the same time.

He is such a cutie, fantastic laugh too. Like music to me ears.

Suddenly his gaze becomes intense and land on my lips, unconsciously I lick my lips in which I receive a moan from Max. As soon as I can register what just happened his lips has landed on mine for a sweet, tender and lasting kiss. He pulls back and I smile at him.

“Was that okay to do that?” he asks me, honeslty looking worried.

Of course it was fucking okay! Was he mad, I mean would you tell him ‘No its not okay’ !? Max Evans just kissed ME – not you, not Maria, not Pam… ME!

I am screaming inside here, I want to burst

“Yea” I say blissfully and pathetically.

A grin breaks out on his face and I mirror his happiness
“So good night then Liz, thank you for the perfect ride home. I will be around in the morning to talk more about that Zan/Derek bloke. Is 10 okay?”

Again I sigh my blissful “Yea” to which he kisses me soundly on the lips again and walks away to his car. I just stand, stare and watch and think to myself ‘What just happened there then?’

*** TBC ***
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Title: No one
Author: AllForLove
Category: kinda AU but def M/L
Rating: PG13 – NC17 (it all depends on you guys)
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own anything. Unfortunately. But if I did Max would be my sex slave. OOoOoOo YEA! :D

Part 13a

*** Dream ***

As I walk through what seems like pink clouds, brushing my hands calmly on the fluffy and soft feel. I notice a green shape coming closer and closer to me, and as it swoops into view I am standing on a lush green cliff looking out onto the crashing waves.
I can feel the presence of someone behind me, I turn quickly and see the man who grabbed me earlier in the night.
“Zala, you found me”
The voice and words that come out of my mouth, and I have no control;
“Your not Zan, so don’t fool me”
“Correct, my name is Derek”
“You will find that also incorrect ‘Derek’”
“Well done Zala. You make me proud. You have learnt well”
I smile gratefully and I know I can trust this person, whoever he or she may be.
“I learn from the best Serena”
Defiantly a she. Defiantly trustworthy.
Her body changes into a well built women with mid length blonde hair and big brown eyes and dressed in black.
“I must go now Zala, they will find me soon.”
“Who is ‘they’?”
“I am unable to tell you”
“Serena, tell me now.”
“Turn to the ones who you trust, they will protect you”
“Who will?”
“Zala, you know who can protect you. They have found you and you have found them. Don’t let them go. I will be in contact soon, I promise”
I begin to wonder is people on my planet learn to speak English in riddles or something because everything that she says does not make sense to me. At all.
Serena turns away from me and begins to walk away, I go after her and manage to touch her arm which catches her attention
“Zala, your majesty, I must leave. Now”
“One question, please” I can now tell this is the Liz Parker talking, not Zala.
“Go ahead”
“Where are we, its so beautiful here
“The white cliffs of Dover. Such a lovely place, so peaceful. We are in England Zala, you loved this place. Adored looking at it from Antar. I wanted to meet you in a place you felt comfortable with”
She smiles widely and carries on walking singing the song ‘white cliffs of Dover’
“I will meet with you soon, you will know its me. Your powers are getting strong, im so proud” and with that she is gone and the green is leaving me and im back with the pink clouds

*** Dream Ends ***

I wake up peacefully with my head buried deeply in my pillow. I stretch every muscle in my body from the tips of my toes to the hairs on the back of my neck. I face the morning light and turn my face to my clock, next to my post card.
Wait? Post card??
I look round quickly and see a postcard, I wonder who that is from? I sit up and see pictures of lush green grass growing on white cliffs with some waves crashing on the side. On the top the word ‘Dove’ is written in bold, white writing. I turn it round slowly and see a short phrase which im sure I will remember for a long time:

“Liz, you know who can protect you. They have found you and you have found them. Don’t let them go. I will be in contact soon, I promise x S x”

Only one word and one thought enters my head


Part 13b

Hey there guys, long time no see. I see you are all looking as lovely as usual *wink* what a great day. Sun is shinning and the heat is just, well, perfect.

What a good start to a good day. Its 9am and im preparing myself for my meeting with the lovely Liz. At the moment im lifting some weights. A man has got to be strong and capable for his queen. Literally.

Im just reaching my 25 mark when a soft knock from window makes me drop my extremely heavy weight on my, now extremely sore, foot.
“SHIT!” I swear loudly and I see Liz sniffle a little giggle.
“Hey Max” she says sweetly, almost too sweetly
“Hi Liz, suppose this is funny to you then”
“Not at all” she smiles and walks right in front of me and I almost falter as to what I should do now. The tension is incredible so I lean down and kiss her quickly and softly on her oh-so-luscious lips.
I could stay like this for a long time. Defiantly for a very long time.
I pull away and her sweat breath was tickling on my lips when she talks.
Wait, she is talking.
I mumble a ‘huh’ and she kindly repeats what she was saying
“I did come here for a reason Max, although I could get used to this morning welcome though” and she nudges my hip slightly with her hand.
“Yea, same here” I say blissfully and wrap her hair in my hand and bury my head into her neck. Yum, strawberries and cream. Lovely. I kiss her warm skin briefly and before I can go back for more, Liz is pulling herself away from me.
“Serena came to my dream last night. She took me to the cliffs of Dover, in England, and told me something. I woke up and there was a postcard from Dover and with exactly the same thing she said to me written on the postcard. I mean, what is this all about. Serena told me that the people I trust will protect me and that they have found me. All I can think of is that our protectors have found us. I mean how amazing would that be. I mean, who do all four of us trust the most out of everyone…..” she finally catches a breath before I think she is going to faint.
But just as I think she is alright, she actually does faint.
Right there on my floor, she fell so quickly that I didn’t even get chance to catch her.
I lift her onto my bed and take off her cardigan to keep her cool and wonder into my bathroom to get a cool flannel for her. When I return I find my mum looking at Liz and then at me half-dressed self with a look that’s screaming ‘Maaaaaax’ and I quickly jump to my defence
“Its not what it looks like mom”
“I’m sure it isn’t Maxwell”
And just like that she leaves the room.


*** TBC ***

Author Note

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