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DISCLAIMER:I wish I did own them cause then I'd be far to busy ******* Brendan and Jason to write fics.

AUTHORS NOTE:Okay what each charater is saying kinda flows into eachother like on Season 1 Episode: Monsters

Roswell New Mexico

Elizabeth Parker, the file read.

“You look nervous”

Worrying her bottom lip, she ignored the faint coppery taste of blood that filled her mouth when she bit down too hard and tugged on a loose strand of auburn hair that tickled her shoulder, glancing once around the cozy office before replying honestly, “I am…..a little I mean”.

“Would you like to tell me why, you think you’re here”



“They think I need your fucking help” Maria replied calmly.

“Do you?”

“Between you and me” she sighed plopping back on the cushy couch and staring up at the ceiling, “I think maybe he needs it more”

“Who needs it more?”



“My father”

“Your father?”

“My father thinks I should be. He thinks this…..” He paused and motioned to the pale painted walls, countless knickknacks that lined the walls, and the soft leather couch he was stretched out on, before turning his steady stare back on the doctor who sat stoically across from him. “Will help me”

“Help you what?”

Kyle shrugged and glanced out the open window just over the pretty young docters shoulder.

“Who knows.” He replied indifferently, shrugging, “Help me bring my grades back up? Help me find the motivation to speak to him? Help me to not hate him anymore? Who knows what he thought this would do”.

“Mmmmmmhmmm. So you hate your father?”


Rhode Island

“Absolutely” Alex replied.


“Why not?” Alex smirked and leaned back in his chair, studying the sole of his tennis shoes before forcing his attention back on the graying, heavyset doctor across from him.

“He is your father”

Alex shrugged again. “All the more reason to hate him”.

The doctors lips pursed for a moment before he scribbled a notation into his notebook and returned his inquiring eyes back to Alex’s face.

“Your father mentioned that you’d recently began to use illegal substances…”

“He said that?” Alex asked cutting him off and laughing ruefully when he nodded in reply. “ I’ve been using since I was twelve. Shows what he knows about his only son huh?”

“So then, you do realize why you’re here”




“Would you care to share?”

Max smirked and kicked his feet up on the cherry wood coffee table that sat between them, and eyed the doctor sternly before replying calmly, ”He’s majorly pissed that he had to bail me outta jail again”

“So, you believe he’s angry because of the money he spent to get you out of jail and not because you stole the early edition jaguar of one of his business partners, then wrecked it…….on purpose, correct?”

Max nodded.

“And how does that make you feel?”


West Virginia

“How should it make me feel? They think I’m fucking crazy. How should it make me feel?”

“Upset. Are you upset Isabel”

“Ms. Wright to you.” Isabel sneered, stopping the violent twisting of a strand of her hair to stare him down, “Just because my mother paid you to fix her fucked up daughter doesn’t mean we’re best friends or on a first name basis for that matter”

The late thirties doctor nodded, his blond locks jostled slightly by the movement before he scribbled something down on the note pad that lay across his knees.

“So, then it’d be correct for me to assume your angry”.

“They think I’m fucking nuts!” she shouted angrily in reply her face flushing then turning red.

“Are you?”



“I’m troubled. At least that’s what every one says I am when they think I’m not listening”

Micheal fell silent and studied the young, pretty, brunette doctor that sat cross legged across from him, her carpris bunching at the knees as she shifted trying to find a more comfortable position in the grass.

She was a new age doctor, one with no need for offices or leather couches or Freud books lined up on her shelf just below her psychiatry awards.

Pulling on one of the studs that lined his ears-he’d gotten them, his tongue and his chin pierced at the same time the year before- he stretched out his legs infront of him then stated bluntly, ““My mother killed herself when I was six. Blew her brains out right in front of me. Stained my good Sunday shirt. It was my birthday. I haven’t been able to eat cake since then. Do you think I’m troubled doctor?”

“ Not in the since of the word your father is using when he says you are” the young doctor replied, grappling desperately to regain her bearings, none of what he’d just said had been in his files.

His brow furrowed he shook his head adamantly, leaning forward to confide, “That’s just what I told my father…..before our house burnt down”.

“I thought that was an accident”

“Of coarse it was” he quietly replied.



Peter Scarbrow leaned back heavily in his desk chair ignoring the audible groan his weight drew from the leather and wood.

Behind him he heard his office door creek open but didn’t glance up to see who it was, the building having been empty for the summer except for him and one other person.

“Max evans, Micheal Geurin, Alex Whitman, Kyle Valenti, Maria Deluca, Isabel Wright, and Elizabeth Parker” he stated lightly, slapping down a folder after speaking each name.

“And, they are?” Sophie Becker sighed, her brow furrowing as she studied the pictures that’d been stapled to the front of each folder.

“As of tommorow” Peter replied turning to face her with a rueful smile, “their Mt. Horizons newest patients.”

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Chapter 2

Fading sunlight colored the sky, the rich reds and gold’s fading and tapering off into the softer yellows, oranges and deep blues, all framing the blazing sun as it dipped slowly beneath the thin gold line of the horizon.

A gentle breeze, veiled with the soft scent of freshly bloomed orchids, rustled the thin t-shirt he wore. Squinting against the sun, reflecting on the oceans cobalt water, just a tiny glistening strip along the horizon, that the deep red and orange of sunset tinted softly with it’s colors.


The sound, gentle, like the stirring of wind chimes, was followed by soft laughter, that like the words, were carried away on another warm breeze, as he turned to face her.

Tendrils of her hair, danced, caught by the same wind that whipped the pale blue sundress she wore around her ankles. Sunlight glistened in her hair, and he smiled, blinking lazily when she laughed again, lilting and gentle. “ Micheal…..”.

Drawn to her, he reached out and the loose strands slip through his fingers reveling in the soft feel, and smiled.

Amidst the soft blond strands a thin, winding trial of blood, worked it’s way free an trailed lazily down the soft bare skin of her neck, a stark contrast on her milky skin.

Micheal blinked, his eyes drawn to blur of tree’s, fences, cars…the world, that whipped by, blurred by their speed.

Like his life, it all went by, obscured, and every once and a while when they slowed down he’d catch a glimpse before it, just as suddenly, was gone. Another second, minuet, hour, day of his life that he hadn’t managed to keep within his grasp.

Another day slipping through his fingers.


You can’t do this. You can’t do this. Mom…….mommie please.....

She pressed her lips together, silencing the words that lingered on her tongue, weary, begging to be spoken. But she would not plead her case. Not to someone who had no desire to listen.

A dark shadow slid over the small jaguar convertible and she turned to the small cabin like building, where a small group waiting, pacing aimlessly, as if awaiting her arrival. She realized they were when the car slowed to a stop and two men started in it’s direction.

After casting her a sideways glance, her mother popped the trunk and exited the car, and Isabel watched, pushing open her own door and swinging her legs out, as the men grabbed her suitcases and exchanged quiet words with her, before approaching the passenger side door.

She recoiled slightly, when the older man, bearded and graying stuck out his hand and stated gruffly, “Welcome to Mt. Horizon”.


The bright sunshine that bathed her whole when she stepped from the shaded cavern of the car warmed her hair, and blinded her with it’s intense rays. Shifting her backpack on her shoulders she reached up and cupped her hand over her brow, and studied her surroundings.

There was a fairly large cabin, with others behind it, hidden by the trees, and lots of land that seemed to stretch on for miles only to disappear into the horizon.

Blinking she squinted. Looking for what, even she didn’t know.

Pale shards of sunlight cut through the trees thick leaves, spotting the ground below and she swept her eyes, first all the way to the left, then to the right. There was a lake someone where she knew. She’d heard her mom mention it once on the phone to her father.

Dropping her hand she turned back to where her dad stood, conversing quietly with a pretty petit blond, each casting a brief glance in her direction every so often. Uneasy she shifted on her feet, and glanced imploringly at her father when the blond made her way in her direction.

“Hi I’m Sophie” she said offering her hand, and a smile, “Sophie Becker and you must be…..”

“Maria….” she replied distractedly watching over her shoulder as her mother handed her bags of to one of the men who’d been milling outside when they arrived, “…..but you can call me ‘Ria”.


Kyle watched another car pull up then away, kicking distractedly at the dirt as he waited for his father to return.

Three, of who assumed would be his fellow ‘patients’, peers, whatever had already arrived in the time it took his father to sign a few papers. Two were blonds, one was a brunette, neither peeked his interest. Although nothing or no one seemed to these days anyway.

His brow dropped with worry, but he quickly replaced his expression with weary indifference when he saw one of the counselors glance in his direction before starting his way, a big smile on their face.

They obviously thought they would fix whatever was wrong with him here. They obviously thought they could save him.

They were wrong.


Inhaling slowly, he felt his body relax when the nicotine filled his lungs. He savored it, holding his breath before letting the smoke slip slowly from his parted lips.

And the relaxed moment was lost, in the span of a second, when his father ripped the half smoked cigarette from his lips, tossed it out the window and glared at him disgustedly.

“Do you have a goddamned death wish?”

The words were low and angry and all together familiar.

“We’re here”

He nodded and jumped out as soon as the car slowed to a stop.

Out the corner of his eyes he saw his father exit the car as well after popping the trunk and turned to studied what would become his ‘home away from home’ for the next…..

Well, until whenever his father said.

He wasn’t counting on getting out any time soon.


He stumbled back when his suitcase was shoved at him and both father and son stood staring quietly at each other for a moment, each unsure of what to say or do.

Finally his father offered a gruff goodbye and both turned and walked away from each other, neither alarmed by how easy it’d been to turn their backs on each other.

‘Home sweet home’, Alex thought bitterly as he neared the doors, ‘ Man do I need a joint’.


“I didn’t want it to be this way”.


“You didn’t give me a choice”.

“I know”

“It’s for the best”.

“I’m sure it is”.

Liz eyed her mom wearily, the heat already beginning to me her skin sticky with sweat. Nervously, she tapped her foot on the dark brown carpeting of their 89 Chevy and nibbled on her bottom lips furiously before heaving a heavy sigh and flinging her door open.

Careful to focus on nothing, most of all, the chatting group of what she assumed were the councilors and some other kids her age, she pulled her duffle bag from the back seat, grunted at its weight, shifted it on her shoulder, then headed for the door.

“Love you sweetheart” she heard her mom call as she leaned over and pulled her door closed.

“I’m sure you do” came her rueful, doubtful reply, but the cynicism faded on her tongue, when she turned and her eyes met his.


Another day
Inside my world
I'm married to
you and this road.
A road that never lets
me sleep .
So theres no way to escape the
demons I am forced to keep.

The music throbbed loudly in his ears, muting his thoughts, and he squinted his eyes when they met the bright sunshine.

Discretely he cast a guarded glance around.

Everybody’s lips moved, most of them wearing smiles, but he never heard a words of it. He remained shielded from them, from his father, from himself, in the deafening silence he let the music create for him.

Behind his fathers BMW a Rolls-Royce pulled up and he watched, leaning back against the now closed passenger side door, he just exited out, as a boy, about his age with more piercings then he wished to count, exited the cars back door.

A few moments later a man, who he could only guess was the driver, brought the boy his bag, and patted him on his shoulder, before getting back in the car and driving away.

Unlike himself, the boys father hadn’t even come to drop him off. Hadn’t even come to say goodbye.

‘Lucky him’, Max thought quietly to himself.

And then I find you here
Through your eyes
Everything's clear
And I'm home
Inside your arms,
But I'm alone for now.

Max watched his fathers lips move silently for a moment before pulling off his headphones.

“………okay son?”

He nodded, and took the bag his father held out to him, his eyes catching, and locking with some girls, over his fathers shoulder, before returning them to his fathers face.

He seemed uneasy in this environment, and Max knew better then to expect he’d be back to visit any time soon.

“Don’t give the doctors any trouble, I’m not bailing your ass out of jail again if they boot you outta here” his fathers voice cut into his thoughts. ”And next time you feel like playing speed racer in a stolen car, don’t”.

Max nodded, stepped back, his eyes flickering between the girls and his fathers again. “and next time you feel like playing savior father, don’t”.

Smirking he pulled back on his headphones and walked away.

Ignoring that fact that he almost desperately wanted to look back and find that girls eyes again.

He didn’t.

The music throbbed loudly and he lost himself again, gratefully.

I mean the best
with what I say.
It doesn't always
sound that way
I never learned to
Work things out cause
In my family all we
Ever seem to do is shout

But then I find you here
Through your eyes,
everything’s clear
And I'm home
inside your arms,
but I'm alone for now.

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