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I’ll Never Say

Summary: Liz is the lead singer to a band, when Maria decides to leave the band to pursue a solo career the band must find a replacement.

Distribution: Just tell me where it’s going, benjis_riotgirl⊕

Disclaimer: Not mine. Don’t sue, I don’t think my parents would like to pay for that. I don't own Benji or Joel, or any of the lyrics used.

Couple: Max and Liz

Rating: Up to NC-17, eventually.

A huge thank you goes out to Talena for the image!

Chapter One
Liz’s Point of View

“No! Alex, I don’t want to meet him.”

“Liz, you’re overreacting. You do realize you do have to work with this man. Besides, he’s the best around.”

“Aside from Maria.”

“Yes, aside from Maria.”

Okay, I’m Liz Parker, lead singer for the band Visionaries. The band consists of myself and my three best friends. Or at least it did until Maria decided she wanted to try her hand at a solo career. I don’t blame her, she’s incredibly talented. She writes great music, and her voice is so original. Unfortunately our manager doesn’t allow her enough room to be creative. Costello, our manager, thinks if we allow Maria to put her new songs on our albums it might hurt our sales. I said to hell with it, but Maria insists she’s tired of us anyway. I love ‘Ria. So, she’s pursuing her career in another genre of music.

So, this is where I am now. The whole band is throwing a party in celebration of Maria’s new record deal. I sort of hate being here, because it means that I’m letting her go. But at the same time I’m as happy as can be for her.

Anyway, now that Maria is gone we had to find someone to replace her as bassist. Actually, I left that job to Alex and Kyle. Now I know what happens if I leave a job up to them. They hire a male. With my luck he’ll be a greasy short freak. Ugh. I am so going to miss having a girl around.

“Your agreeing with me isn’t going to make me want to change my mind.”

I pull a piece of hair off of my black halter and smooth out my pants. I look over to Alex who’s sitting on the edge of the bath. He pulled me in here to inform me of the presence of our newfound bassist. No thank you. I can pretend like he’s not there.

I know, I know. I’m being petty. I should be making him feel like part of the group, right? I can’t. Okay, well I can. But I really don’t want to. I’m dreading meeting this guy like the first day at school. It’s almost like meeting your ex’s new girlfriend for the first time. You want to hate her, but you know you should at least give her a chance.

“Lizzie, please?”

“No. Alex don’t you feel like we’re finding someone to replace ‘ria?”

“Well, Liz, we are technically. But not in the sense you mean. No one can replace Maria. Besides, come next year we’ll be touring with her.”

“That’s a whole year on a tour bus without a girl to talk to.”

“Well, see-“

“No Alex, I don’t want to hear it. I know what you’re going to say, and I don’t want to be hearing it. Unless this bassist is Ajay from Lit, I don’t want to meet him yet. I intend on working with this person you and Kyle have picked out, but that’s it. I’ll tell him what song I want to hear and that’s it. At least until I get used to the idea. You know?”

“I think you’ll be very pleased.”

I give Alex a quick hug and swiftly walk out the door. Well, I attempt to anyways. Instead as soon as I step foot outside the door I collide with a taller man, and fall flat on my ass.

Grr. The man reaches his hand down to help me up. This is so not what I need. I ignore the hand and get myself up off the floor. Let’s see Nike sneakers, baggy jeans, slightly oversized t-shirt. Good to know this guy felt like he had to dress up.

“Sorry about that.”


I look up quickly to see the person who inspired me to write Visionaries first single. Max Evans. THE Max Evans. Through out my last four years of schooling I obsessed about him day and night. He was the reason I loved school. He was also probably the same reason every girl didn’t mind school. I kept getting all those, “What if…” scenarios when we became lab partners in tenth grade. We never really had a conversation though. I guess you could say it was forbidden. He was a skater/jock, my nose was always in a book. High school is so cruel. It didn’t help that day after day I was forced to work in my parents’ alien themed restaurant. And everyday, he’d come in with a group of friends, and order lunch.

I tear my eyes away from his deep amber ones, and head off to find Maria.

When I find her I start ranting.

“Did you know?” Maria merely smiles and nods. “How could you? You know I can’t do this!”

“Liz, you’ve sung in front of how many people?”

“Not in front of him!”

“Actually you have, he’s attended a few of our concerts.”

HUH? Oh my god, oh my god.

Maria heads over to the small stage we have set up in our living room. She grabs the microphone and asks someone to stop the music.

“As you all know, tomorrow I’m flying out to Sweden to continue working on my album. But there is no way you are getting rid of me until I see who I’m leaving my band with, Max? Can you come up here please?”

Max walks up to Maria, giving her a hug. He’s so-. NO! Liz stop it!

“What do you think ladies? Is he good enough?” The room goes up in hollers and cat calls. Ughh. I look at them all in disgust. Who are these people again? “I didn’t hear you Liz. You have to work with him, what do you think?” The rooms focus is solely in me. It’s like back in school, when everyone wants to know who you like. No more!

Putting on my best face that shows indifference I say, “Let’s hear him play.”

As soon as the words leave my mouth I know I never should have left my bed this morning.

“What a perfect idea Liz. Can I have the band come up here for me, and do a song for the finale to my party?”


But even as I think it, Max is picking up the guitar, Alex is twirling the drum sticks, and Kyle takes his place by the keyboard. All that’s missing is me.

No, no, no.

Reluctantly, I drag my feet to the microphone, and clear my throat.

“How about “Fear”?”

“Boo!” Maria yells. “I want to hear the sing that made us stars!”

Best friends are highly overrated.

Everyone starts clapping and the band starts.

“I’m tugging at my hair
I’m pulling at my clothes
I’m trying to keep my cool
I know it shows
I’m staring at my feet
My cheeks are turning red
I’m searching for the words inside my head”

The sweat is pouring off my body, as I do my usual turn and look back at the band. It’s catches me off guard to see Max standing where Maria has been for the last three years.

“Cause I’m feeling nervous
Trying to be so perfect
Because I know you’re worth it
You’re worth it

Maria is standing a few feet away from me with tears in her eyes, yet she still manages a mischievous grin.

“If I could say what I want to say
I’d say I want to blow you away
Be with you every night
Am I squeezing you too tight?
If I could say what I want to see
I want to see you go down
On one knee
Marry me today
Yes, I’m wishing my life away
With these thing I’ll never say”

I move back a little so that I can see Max out of the corner of my eye. He’s not even looking at what he’s doing, he’s looking out at the group of people. His fingers smoothly gliding over the strings.

“It don’t do me any good
It’s just a waste of time
What use is it to you
What’s on my mind?”
It ain’t coming out
We’re not going anywhere
So, why can’t I just tell you that I care?”

Maria’s lip syncing and there’s a look that I haven’t seen in a while in her eyes. Pride.

“Cause I’m feeling nervous
Trying to be so perfect
Because I know you’re worth it
You’re worth it

If I could say what I want to say
I’d say I want to blow you away
Be with you every night
Am I squeezing you too tight?
If I could say what I want to see
I want to see you go down
On one knee
Marry me today
Yes, I’m wishing my life away
With these thing I’ll never say”

It’s amazing how a person can absolutely clueless as to how another feels. I look at Max, and all though he’s dressed differently now, he’s still the person I liked for almost half of my life.

“What’s wrong with my tongue?
These words keep slipping away
I stutter, I stumble
Like I’ve got nothing to say

With all these things I’ll never say”

Before I finish the last word Maria has run up to me, and is crushing me in a bear hug.

“I’m going to miss you Lizzie.” We cling onto each other, best friends since we were babies, and cry. We’re finally being separated.

I know, I know. I have many other stories, which I will get to, but I loved the idea for this one. Unfortunately, I'm putting Bittersweet December and People Are Overrated on hold for a long time. I want to focus on these ones. But, feedback please! Should I continue?

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Forgot to give credit to Avril Lavigne, for her song "Things I'll Never Say" Thanks for all the great feedback!
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Chapter Two
Liz’s Point of View

Ugh. Sun. I turn my head from the window and throw the blankets over my head. I don’t wanna wake up. We get to go to MTV, for an interview. Fun. Not. It’s all about Max. Carson really isn’t all that great either. Very self-centered.

Reluctantly I get myself out of bed and wander towards the kitchen. Mmmm…. The smell of coffee in the morning. I walk past all of the bedrooms. The guest one still open. A part of me is sad that Max went home, then again maybe it’s for the best. When he’s around I turn into a bumbling idiot. And we can’t have that this early in the morning. I look into Alex’s bedroom, and find that he’s not there. Yay! Alex is making the coffee. That means no herbal crud from Maria, and no “instant coffee” from Kyle. Why did I say instant coffee with such distaste? One time, Kyle wanted instant coffee, so he thought that if he crushed coffee beans and added it to water that we’d all have instant coffee. Believe me, it was one of the most disgusting things any of us have ever tasted.

Needless to say, Alex is the designated coffee maker.

I lift my nightgown slightly so that I can scratch my thigh. Damn wax. It always dries out my skin. That’s what I get for being lazy though. I grab a mug and pour myself some coffee, and take a sip. Yum, black.

“Black coffee probably isn’t the best thing to have.” I turn around so quickly that some of the hot liquid spills over the side and onto the floor. Max.

“I went past the guest room, and no one was in there.” I set the mug down and reach for a paper towel.

“I made the bed.”

“Dork. Who the hell makes their bed? It’s only going to get messed up again anyway.”

He let’s out a little chuckle, and leans against the counter.

“It’s a habit. Besides, not fully moved in yet. I can’t have it a mess before I actually live here.”

“All right. That’s a good enough reason.”

I wipe away the mess that I made, before I hear footsteps behind me.

“I see London, I see France, I see-“

“Don’t even say it Kyle!” I swiftly stand up and tug on the edge of my shirt, like it will really get longer.

Kyle laughs and goes to stand over by Max. They continue laughing, when they stop? I have no clue, I left the room.

Max saw my underwear. I let out a groan and run to my room.

Kyle’s Point of View

“I saw that Liz!”

“Yes, Kyle. We’ve already established that you and Max have both seen my panties.”

I knock lightly on her door before entering. Liz is pulling her hair up and turning to look up at me.

“No, not that. I saw that thing.”

“That thing?”


“Yes. That look.”

“What the hell look are you talking about?”

“That look that transpired between the two of you when you didn’t even know I was watching.”

“Ooh. My stalker saw a glance.”

“No, not a glance. A glance is an acknowledgment purely for politeness. This one was, well, one I know that was always reserved for him. You know? The one where you look through your eyelashes, because you’re playing bashful and looking at your feet.”

Liz turns her head and I know that she’s blushing. After all these years she’s still got a crush on Max. I don’t understand why. He never gave her the time of day. Not that she tried. They were lab partners, but neither said anything more than what was needed to work together. Didn’t help that the guy had it bad for Tess Harding. The official whore of Roswell High. Huh, we’ll get on that subject sometime later.

“That’s just it Liz. Don’t be shy. You’re a successful hottie according to MTV. If you want him, go for him.”

“I can’t.”

“You can. Use some of that courage that it took for you to sing at your first concert.”

“That’s different, he’s THE Max Evans.”

“Hey, what’s he got the I don’t?”

“The whole not being my brother thing.”

“I’m not your brother either.”

“Yeah, but you feel like it.”

“Thanks.” I smile and take her into my arms.

“Ooh! Can I get in on some of that action?” Liz and I burst into laughter before Alex comes over putting an arm around Liz.

A couple minutes later as Liz is telling us about what went on last night, something causes her to stare at the door. I follow her line of direction and find Maria.

Liz pulls away and tears start forming in her eyes. “Not yet.”

Maria’s poker face crumbles and slowly nods her head.

“No. Maria you still have-“ Liz’s voice trails off as she looks at her clock.

“About five minutes chica.”

“I don’t think I’m ready to let my best friend leave.” Liz slowly gravitates towards Maria, and Alex and I leave the room.

Liz’s Point of View

“Lizzie, don’t cry. I didn’t want this to be a big deal.”

A big deal? She’s going away and she doesn’t want it to be a big deal?

I let out a small cry and Maria and I hug. We’ve never spent more than a weekend away from each other. She always came with me when I spent the summer with my Grandma Claudia. Hell, Claudia is as good as hers too.

“Liz, you can call me. We aren’t completely cut off from each other. Besides, I’m going to need you to tell me how everything goes with your eye candy. He’s as good as yours babe.”

“Maria, we’ve barely said three sentences.”

“Oh please. I know these things. It’s only a matter of time. Just don’t play hard to get. But don’t be easy.”

“Aah. One of the many reasons I love you ‘Ria.”

We hug one last time when, Ricky, our driver calls for her.

“I’ll give you a call when I make it over to Sweden.” That said, she walks out of the room and out to the car to say goodbye to Alex and Kyle. I hold back my tears as I watch them all smile and wish her luck.

She’s really leaving. I guess this is one of those life altering points. You can either take I well, or you can make it a huge deal. How it’s going to turn out I have yet to tell.

“And you!” Maria yells, pointing a finger over my shoulder. “You better help take this band places! Give it your all or face the wrath of Hurricane DeLuca, as my friends have so lovingly dubbed me.”

He’s here? Oh my god. He heard all of my blabbering? I start to turn around, but am stopped by Maria placing her hand on my arm.

“Don’t babe. Mascara face.” She smirks and gets to work getting rid of the make-up gone bad.

I don’t know what face or motion he makes, but whatever it is it satisfied Maria.

“All right chica. I have to get going.”


“No buts. Love ya babe, take care.”

Once her car is out of sight Alex and Kyle head back inside. Me? I park my ass on the curb.

I’m horrible. I should be happy.



Max tentatively walks over and sits with me.

“You guys were still really close?”


“That’s good. I mean, in interviews you guys were like that, but you know how television is.”

He even knew I was alive in high school?

“I never knew you played bass.”

Way to go Liz. Why not just tell him you had a Max shrine in your closet through out school?

“Something I picked up on after graduation.”


Talk about an awkward silence. What do you say to your crush of… how many years now? Six? Seven? What did you think of my blue undies? I think not.

Oh, where’s Maria when you so desperately need her?

“So, are you ready for your very first MTV interview?”

Who am I kidding? He was made for television.

“I guess so. But, honestly? I also dread it at the same time. You know? It’ll make my personal life, everyone else’s business.”

I look into his amber eyes and smile. That’s almost exactly what I said to Maria the eve of our first interview.

“I’m sure you’ll do great.” I put my hands on my legs, and get myself off the ground. “Rehearsal is in ten so get ready. Mr. Big shot manager Jake likes to drill you with possible questions before interviews.” I grin and wipe my hands on the sides of my pants, before heading to the door.

As soon as my hand touches the door knob I turn around. He was watching me! I try to control the fluttering in my stomach before I open my mouth.

“By the way, beware of Sandy.”


“The make-up artist, she loves doing guys make-up.”

“Make-up? I’m not wearing any of that crap!”

“Tell that to her. Better yet, ask Alex and Kyle.”

The look on Max’s face is priceless. But I’m really not kidding.

Alex and Kyle walk out the door past me and remind Max that the guys are going out for some fun tonight. What kind of fun? I don’t know.

“Hey guys? Why don’t you tell our bassist about Sandy?”

I laugh hysterically as they break out in shivers in unison.

“Liz, don’t even mention that name.”

Oh, the look of horror on all three of their faces is just too sweet.

It's a little shorter than I would have liked, but I wanted to get something out for you guys! I hope you liked it, and don't worry there will be more Max/Liz interaction! Now here comes my usual plea, Feedback please!*tongue*
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Yeah, I've been working on a new part and I'm almost done with it! Ummm... about the guitarist, yeah it's Liz, it must have just slipped my mind when I wrote it. Thanks for picking up on that, I'll have to include it. And I want to thank all of you for the feedback, and you have no idea how awesome it is that you like my characters personality, it means they're not all blah! Hopefully I'll have the next part posted before wednesday!
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bumping to post a new part soon.
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Chapter Three
Liz’s Point of View

I don’t know why I even have to make an appearance at this interview, it is supposed to be all about Max. All that’s going to happen if I go is that the cameras will catch all the glances I send Max’s way. All the ones that are supposed to be secret. And that’s all I need right now, the whole world knowing I have some thing for Max Evans. It was bad enough in High School when a few people knew, but more? Ugh.

After going through hair and make-up I head over to the dressing room. Do you know how often I disagree with this so-called fashion expert?

“Liz!” I look up at him and paste on a smile that I’ve perfected for the press on my bad days.

“Jay, how’s it going?”

“It’s going very well, you?”

“It’s going.’” He chuckles and throws clothes at me. Unfolding the clothes to check out my forced attire I scowl. Directing the evil look at the balding middle aged man I raise an eyebrow. “You know I don’t wear pink.” He just grins and hands me a black version, to go with the tan cords. “Thank you. If I’m going to be baring this much skin I may as well wear a color I like.”

Turning to go to my cubicle I almost run into Alex. He has this odd look on his face and I look over his clothes. They seem like something he’d wear. Then the odd look begins to look happy. Ahh… the days Alex runs hot and cold are the days I want to be nowhere near him. Then he just hands me a bag calling it a present.

I shrug it off and open the door to the cubicle.

Oh. My. God.

I stand frozen in place as I watch a boxer clad Max on his hands and knees digging through clothes. I don’t even know if he notices I’m here, because he just continues to rummage. I watch the muscled shoulders flex as he moves every piece of clothing.

I know I should just close the door and walk away, but there’s no better way to hide a crush on someone than to act perfectly normal, right? I mean if it were Alex or Kyle I would be laughing hysterically, but with Max I just can’t seem to go away.

“What in the world are you doing?”

“Alex just came by to drop off a pair of pants that Jay guy wanted me to wear, but I can’t. Seem to. Find them.” Pulling my eyes away from Max’s body I dig through the bag. And sure enough there is a pair of men’s jeans. I let out a laugh.

“Umm… here.” I say thrusting them into Max’s hands. I take one more look at his tousled hair and run off to go find Alex. “Alex!” As I near the make-up trailer I hear Kyle and Alex laughing as they tell the story to Sandy. I hope she piles on the make-up. I grin and peek my head in the door. They all turn to me, still laughing.

“Sandy, don’t you think it’s time you got around to plucking some of those eyebrows off of Alex, I mean they’re looking a little bushy.” She looks at him in deep thought, and nods her head. The smile drops from Alex’s face, and he sends me a death glare. “And Kyle, don’t worry I’ll get you back later.”

“Me? What did I do?”

“I don’t know, but you’re you and you’re never innocent.”

“That’s right, it was all his idea!” Alex proclaims.


I listen to them bickering as I manage to get the redness from my face. I’m really not sure if Max was even embarrassed, but if he wasn’t I was enough for the both of us. Muttering a few choice words I head back to the dressing room and enter Maria’s old cubicle. When I get in there I let my mind wander, the scent of Maria’s incense and perfume still hang in the air, calming me. I let myself think of her, and eventually back to the thought of Max’s toned arms and tan body.

“And we’re on in three, two…” the intern for MTV’s Total Request Live signals we’ve gone live, and we all direct our attention back to the temporary host. My fave at that, Bryan McFayden.

“Welcome back to TRL, and I’m Bryan McFayden filling in for Carson Daly. And we’re privileged to have The Visionaries, here with us today. Well, four of the originals at least along with the new bassist, Max Evans. So, I heard you guys threw a going away party for Maria last night, Liz? What happened to my invite?”

I let out a small laugh as he pretends to be hurt as I let him know I had no say in who attended. I didn’t even want it to happen.

“That’s all right. But can you just tell me what it’s like to have someone other than Maria in the group?”

“It hasn’t really sunk in, I’ll miss her but I’m also proud. But Max is great at what he does and the sound is just as good as before if I may say so myself.”

“I’m sure it does. Now I know all of you out in the audience, and at home are waiting to hear from the newbie, so Max, if you don’t mind?” Bryan says as he finally turns his attention towards Max. Unfortunately the smile looks fake. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bryan unfriendly but, every one has their days I guess.

I can’t help but watch Max as he blushes and scratches a spot behind his ear, and I smile at how eager he is when he says yes. It reminds me of my first interview, the fact that my thoughts are going out on live television it doesn’t matter. It’s the thrill of just merely knowing that others know you’re even alive, and maybe that they even like you as a person. It may sound corny but I then knew the meaning of being high on life. I was just so enamored by all the lights, and cameras that I didn’t even hesitate, and obviously neither does Max as he shakes hands with Bryan.

“First off I want to welcome you to the MTV family. And now how about telling us how you landed the job?”

“Let’s just say I know somebody who knew the band.” Max answers while throwing a not-so-subtle glance at Alex.

“You know, now that I think of it I haven’t heard either.” I don’t even really have to ask I just want to hear what he’ll say. Hell, I just want to hear him speak.

“Uh… Isabel, my sister, managed to get me a private audition with Alex and Kyle. I guess they liked it so… ya know.”

I raise my eyebrow at Alex and he shrugs. Huh, I’ll have to make it a point later to question Alex about Isabel.

“Okay, well, Liz? Would you like to introduce the next video on our countdown?” Looking up at the teleprompter I can’t keep the smile of my face.

“Oooh. Yay! Here today on TRL your number four video is “Adrienne” by one of my favorite bands, The Calling!”

The crowd cheers and after the video we go to commercial.

“Okay guys, next we’re going to let the audience ask a question or two. During the next commercial break you’ll go do the picture booth while we set up your stage with your needed equipment for the song, and you’ll still have time for a quick sound check.”

I thank Bryan and he gives me a quick hug. I give him a peck on the cheek and move back to my stool as everyone takes their places.

“Welcome back to TRL, now lets get back to the countdown with Eminem’s “Hailie’s Song” at three.” I cheer, hey, I love the guy. He hasn’t said a bad word about us and he’s actually really nice in person.

The crowd makes shout outs and I look over at Max. He’s starting to fidget. He rehearsed answers to certain questions with Costello but fans are unpredictable. As the end of the song nears Max asks to switch spots with Alex so he can be a bit more comfortable. Which, of course is a mistake.

Rule number one of having a successful interview: Never stand it you’re nervous. It allows the cameras to catch just how jumpy and on edge you may be.

The camera switches back to us as Max takes the final step to stand behind me. Uh oh. He looks a bit shaky. I feel the stool shift from beneath me sending me backwards. I squeeze my eyes shut and wait to feel the pain of my body hitting the floor, but instead only my butt hits the floor. I open my eyes and notice that the top half of my body is on top of Max, and his arms are around my bare waist.

The whole studio is quiet. I look up at Max and I feel so bad for him, he looks absolutely humiliated. Breaking the tension in the room, Alex and Kyle start laughing. I shoo Bryan’s hand away when he attempts to help me up. I wasn’t being mean, I’m a big girl, I sit up on my own. Well, I could if Max would let go of me.

“Are you okay?” I ask Max when I’m back on the stool and he’s brushing himself off.

“Hah, I’m fine. What about you? I am so sorry.” We keep our voices low, I don’t know why though, our microphones are pinned right on our shirts.

“I’m okay.” I look away from his warm amber eyes and I see Alex and Kyle still shaking with laughter, and Bryan still looks kinda serious.

“Well, Max. What a way to avoid questions. Are you sure you’re okay Liz?”

“I’m fine Bryan, Max is my hero! He let me fall on him. Of course he is also the one who knocked me over but it’s all good.” I say as I lightly punch Max in the arm. “I’m sure Max here is all right too.” I laugh it off in hopes that Max will follow suit, but to be completely honest I think I’ve only managed to make him feel worse. When will I learn to keep my mouth shut?

“So, we’ll hand it off to Candace, is it? For the first question.” The girl stands up and clutches the mike.

“Okay, hi guys! I’m Candace from Maine, and I was just wondering, Max? What’s it like to just jump into an already successful band?”

“It just feels like I cheated the system. I didn’t have to start out playing on the streets or anything.” Good boy. Short and concise.

“Hello, my name is Ashley and I wanted to know the answer to the question that most of us girls here are thinking. Boxers or briefs?” Max turns ten shades of red and Alex and Kyle make it a point to turn and laugh at me. Noooooo, they aren’t directing attention my way…. Dumbasses. An image of Max in his plaid boxers comes back into my mind and I’m sure I’m blushing just as much as Max.

“Uhh… boxers.” Haha. That sounded so pitiful.

“Any other questions?” Bryan asks.

“I’m Erin, and my question is, I know you all attended West Roswell High, but were you all friends or even acquaintances?”

“I’ll take this one.” Kyle raises his hand. This is amazing considering that through out school all the teachers thought he was incapable of doing so. “You all know that Maria, Liz, Alex and myself were an inseparable group. But Max buddy was in a higher tier. I mean in sophomore year the guy got nom’d and elected class president without ever saying a word campaign wise. But I guess it helps when you’re tall, dark, and have mysterious eyes. For some reason that seems to go over real well with the ladies.”

“Actually not entirely true.” Alex interrupts holding up a single finger. “I fit those requirements but I never got in well with girls. I guess I just don’t work the whole mysterious eyes thing as well as our bassist here.” As I notice the redness in Max’s face isn’t ebbing in the least bit I give him a reassuring smile, and I get a pathetic little smile in return.

“No. Whitman, put us together and we would have owned that school. I got the moves, you got the words, I have the build, and you have the height. We would have rocked their alien based world!”

Everyone bursts out laughing at their banter, and Alex and Kyle pout. “We were serious.” As if on cue a group of girls scream, “You rock our world!” Sending us into another laughing fit. Max actually seems to be calming down.

As soon as it dies down they continue to ask questions, most in regards to Max.

“When we come back from break we’re going to be the first to hear the first single from their upcoming album “Catalyst”.”

During the break the group runs out and we all manage to squeeze into the tiny picture booth. The group picture has me on Alex’s lap leaning back in between him and Max, and Kyle on the end. Kyle and Alex are making faces and the camera caught me and Max laughing at them. We quickly get a picture of each of us done in there and we head back out onto the stage where they are currently showing the latest BSB video at number one.

Max’s Point of View

Bryan introduces our song. And Alex starts off playing the drums. Seconds after Kyle starts on the keyboard at the same time Liz and I start. She begins to sing and I find myself still in awe of her voice. I can’t even describe it. It’s not a blend of any two artists voices, it’s uniquely her own.

“Fall back
Take a look at me
And you'll see I'm for real
I feel what only I can feel
And if that don't appeal to you
Let me know
And I'll go
'Cuz I flow
Better when my colors show
And that's the way it has to be
'Cuz creativity could never bloom
In my room
I'd throw it all away before I lie
So don't call me with a compromise
Hang up the phone
I've got a backbone stronger than yours”

Normally when I play the bass I close my eyes, but I can’t. I can’t stop watching the way Liz expertly plays her guitar and sings the lyrics. She is just so entrancing.

Before she starts the chorus she turns around and gives us a thumbs up. I can’t stop the lazy smile that forms on face. The crowd is bouncing to the music and it just feels awesome.

“If you're trying to turn me into someone else
Its easy to see I'm not down with that
I'm not nobody's fool
If you're trying to turn me into something else
I've seen enough and I'm over that
I'm not nobody's fool
If you wanna bring me down
Go ahead and try
Go ahead and try

You don't know
You think you know me like yourself
But I fear
That you're only telling me what I wanna hear
But do you give a damn
That I can't not be what I am
I'm not the milk and cheerios in your spoon
Its not a simple hearing but not so soon
I might've fallen for that when I was fourteen
And a little more green
But its amazing what a couple of years can mean”

When I notice the camera pointing at me I divert my attention away from Liz and to my fingers swiftly playing the chords.

“If you're trying to turn me into someone else
Its easy to see I'm not down with that
I'm not nobody's fool
If you're trying to turn me into something else
I've seen enough and I'm over that
I'm not nobody's fool
If you wanna bring me down
Go ahead and try
Go ahead and try

Go ahead and try
Try and look me in the eye
But you'll never see inside
Until you realize, realize
Things are trying to settle down
Just try to figure out
Exactly what I'm about
If its with or without you
I don't need you doubting me”

To think they started out as the Whit’s playing for the bigger teen hangouts in Roswell.

“Would you be laughing out loud
If I played to my own crowd

We say our ‘Thank you’s’ after the applause and Liz signs a couple autographs. Liz nudges me and yells up that we’re about to leave so that we can get to the photo shoot for the cd cover. Ugh. No more make-up.

Alex and Kyle jog to the exit waving as they go, and Liz blows kisses to the audience as she grabs my hand and pulls me along.

Liz’s abrupt stop causes me to bump into her, slightly moving her from her spot. She just laughs making me feel better. She smiles and lets go of my hand.

Of course before we make it out of the building, Bryan (hear my disgust?) has to chase after Liz to say good bye. Go figure.

If you want a new part leave feedback! Ummm... Obviously I don't own TRL, if I did Carson would be long gone. Also the song is Avril Lavigne's "Nobody's Fool"

In the next chapter we will learn just what Max really thought about during his school years.*big*
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A huge thanks goes out to Talena for this awesome cover! great job!

Chapter Four
Max’s Point of View

I sit back and watch as Chase Wilson, the photographer, had Liz casually lean against the black wall. Me? I refused. I don’t want to impose. I put nothing towards the actual cd, so why should I be allowed? Since the art to the cd looks empty compared to the rest they’ve called Maria and she’s doing a quick shoot to have sent to the company.

Liz poses in all different ways while looking up into the camera. She’s got it down. She can look happy without smiling. She can look serious without pouting to any degree. Hell, she just intrigues the hell out of me. Then again she never really had a problem doing that.

What am I talking about?

Even in high school she caught my eye. She was quiet, and incredibly intelligent. She really never ceased to amaze me. In tenth grade English, we had to write a short story and present it to the class. Hers kicked ass. It had no filler, it wasn’t gushy, and it wasn’t gory. It was simply, her. It had a teenagers rise to stardom documented. So far she has lived that story herself. Small town to big time.

She has changed though, her eyes are a bit wider as she still takes in everything like it’s new. Her posture shows the confidence she never had back in high school. And her smile shows that she still finds it all fun. Not that I knew her all that well in school. As Kyle put it so nicely in the TRL interview, they were in a lower tier of popularity. Not that I would be the one to really pay attention to the whole social ranks, but being brother to the Ice Princess, and all. Well, you know.

She was supposed to be my lab partner in Biology, but Tess Harding came into class late and voila! Instant lab partner. Then of course Isabel decided to play match maker. It did wonders for my popularity, miracles for my esteem, and trashed the way I thought of myself. Suddenly my name was paired with hers, and she hung on my every word. We only recently broke up. She muttered something about our differences and walked out. Eh, whatever. If I could get over this insane infatuation with this 5’3 brunette standing in front of me all will be well.

Standing in front of me?

“Yoohoo? Earth to Max!” I straighten up and tell her she has my attention.

“That’s good. Were we just flying in outer space?”

“Something like that.” I say. As you can tell I’m not too great with the whole comeback/quip thing.

“Anyway, as I was saying until I realized you were an astronaut, is that the group usually goes to Infierno the local club, to help relax, so here I am extending the invitation to you. The guys would really like to be able to get to know you better.”

Ummm… Dance club? This white man can’t dance. Not that she needs to know that or anything.

“Actually, if it’s okay I’m going to head back to the house. You know? Finish unpacking and all that good stuff.”

“Yeah, I’m sure this is still a bit much to take in.”

Alex and Kyle finish their solo shots and walk over to where Liz and I are standing.

“Hey Liz.” Alex says as he comes up and puts his arm around Liz shoulders. He nods his head towards me and I do the same.

“Hey Alex. Where’s Kyle?”

“Right here babe.” Kyle answers as he drapes his arms across Alex’s shoulders. Which is actually amusing, considering the fact that Alex is a good four inches taller than Kyle, but what really does it is Alex’s look.

“How many times have I told you not to do anything like that in public?”

“Sorry, you’re just so irresistible.” He says quickly pinching Alex, as he removes his arm. All four of us let out a laugh for a good minute or so, before Alex says that tonight just won’t be the same.

“So Max? Has Liz asked you yet?”

“About the club?”


“Yeah, but my excitement over today has taken it’s toll. I’m just gone head back.”

“Fine, leave me and Alex to prowl all on our own. I mean even Liz is ditching us.”

Liz’s Point of View

No, I didn’t plan it this way. So don’t even look at me accusingly.

Suddenly it gets quiet, but not because of something awkward just because something has caught Alex and Kyle’s attention. Okay, so it may not be awkward for them but for me it is. I can’t figure out what Max is thinking, and I really want to know. Is he upset he won’t be alone? Was he just using it as a cover so he can go meet someone? Of course I could always just be reading too much into this and he really could just be tired.

Huh, imagine that. Me? Over analyzing? Haha. Never.

“Alex, man? Do you see what I see?”

“Yeah, dude.” Ummm…??? What?

I follow their line of view and I find none other than Pink. Pink is the object of their desire. This is bad. Last time we met her Alex and Kyle made absolute fools of themselves, of course she’s an awesome person and laughed it off saying they were too cute.

Alex told her to dominate him, and Kyle plead saying, and I quote, “Make me your bi-otch”. No. I am not kidding. I’m really scared to see what will happen when they actually get into serious relationships.

But, those are my odd friends, and I love them.

After the initial shock, both guys attempt to pull Max over to meet her so they have an excuse, but he politely refuses.

Defeated they make their way over to her alone, and without reason for bugging her. I watch as she begins to laugh at something, one of them probably has drool hanging from the corner of his mouth. Either way she puts her arms around their waists and walks with them over towards the cameras. With a quick wave Alex signals to me that they are going to stay here. I sign the documents mentioning something about the studios rights to release the photos to the care of the lab, and then they can be used for promotional purposes after the cd is released. I don’t understand all the mumbo jumbo, but our manager gives me the okay and I sign.

The ride back to the house? Silent. I have nothing remotely intelligent to say to Max so I keep my mouth shut in fear of coming out with something along the lines of, “Ummm….. so… do you have a girlfriend?”

We make our way back into the house and immediately head to our rooms.

Max’s Point of View

What the hell was I supposed to say? “So what’s up with you and that Bryan guy?” Umm… let’s think about that. Not.

So what did I do? I opted to seem non-sociable. Yup. I’m a genius. Now after twelve years of education is out of the way you’d think I’d be able to come up with one worth while thing to say during a fifteen minute drive. But of course not.

I finish changing into a tank top and shorts before heading out of the room. Wandering into the living room I hear the television with Wheel of Fortune on. Liz is yelling out, “An ‘l’ dumbass, you want an ‘l’!”

Of course the player asks for a ‘q’. Who ever wants a ‘q’ in wheel of fortune?

I join Liz on the couch and she gives me a smile.

“So, you glad to be home?”

“I’m still not used to being here, it’s not home. But I’m sure it will be soon enough.”

“Well, as long as you’re comfortable.”

“Oh, it’s not that. It’s just it’s so fast paced. I mean come on, we came from a hole in the wall town, and after today it just proves that it’s going to take a bit to get used to it.”

“Yeah. It’ll get better. But tomorrow we actually fly out to San Francisco. Promotional stuff. By the way did Costello remember to tell you what we’re doing for the rest of the week? Because you look completely lost.”

“I guess he forgot.” I say. Just what else is planned?

“Well, the calendar in the kitchen has everything that’s planned for the next few months. That’s where to look, because as soon as anyone learns anything new it goes up there.”

“Okay. Thanks.”

“Tomorrow we get to play with Good Charlotte. I have been waiting to meet them for like forever.”

Umm… who?

“Yeah, they’re cool.” She just smiles and looks back at the screen.

“Mary had a little lamb chop.” I look up and sure enough it fits. But what amazes me is that she guessed it with only the a, y, t’s, and o. She’s good.

When it goes to commercial Liz stands up to go get Teddy Grahams, and an advertisement comes on for the ten o’clock news. It’s silent and when I realize what they are showing I don’t know whether to be completely embarrassed or laugh.

I go for being completely mortified. There on the television screen is my debut. You remember the part where I tripped and made Liz fall backwards? Yeah well, everyone knows. It’s even in slow motion. I can see her eyes squeeze as she knows what’s about to happen, and then her mouth makes an “o” shape when she hits the ground.

I see her walking back in and she stops in her tracks.

“You saw the news commercial?” She asks. She knows about it already?


“Yeah, well they’ve been showing it in slow motion during every commercial break. Congrats! You’re a big hit!”

Yay me.

It's short but I promised to get a new part out, so here you go. I hope you liked it. And there will be more M/L interraction in the next part. Feedback is appreciated!
BTW check out Good Charlotte's Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous. I will be including the song in the next part, but it really is a great song!

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A huge thanks to everyone who's leaving feedback, and the bumping queens! I hope to get a new part out after Bittersweet December. Anyhoo! Thanks for the feedback it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It could also be the last couple wine spritzers I had to celebrate with one of my bestest friends for her b-day! It may be under age drinking but we didn't get drunk or leave the house so it's all good, right? Haha. Be back later!
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Wonderful image by Talena!

Chapter Five
Liz’s Point of View

“Jason is going to win, he’s flying below all of their radars. No one views him as a threat.”

“Which is exactly why he won’t win.” After rehearsing for the performance with Good Charlotte Max and I settled down to watch Big Brother. Which is why I keep telling him Jason will win. He just doesn’t understand. I know, it’s really not worth arguing over but it seems to redirect his attention from the news.

Haha. What a way to start out, trip the lead singer. Still makes me smile.

“Liz? You there?” Oh no. Did I miss something he said again? He’s going to start getting suspicious.

“Yeah, yeah. Just thinking.”


“Just… well honestly?”

“Honesty is best.” Isn’t that nice, but somehow I don’t think he wants me to bring up the whole accident again.

“Just about tomorrow.” I say, smiling. “Planning how to sink my claws into Benji.” Looking up to gauge his reaction all I see is confusion. “Just kidding, I forgot you’ve never seen them.”

Grabbing the remote off the table I mute the television and sit on the couch facing Max with my legs tucked underneath. “So, what are you thinking?”

Max rubs his eyes and leans back. Didn’t mean to make him thing that hard.

“Stuff that I left unfinished before coming out here.”


What stuff?

Girlfriend type stuff?

Oh no.

“Oh. Ummm…. So what do you want to do now?”

He’s looking at me with those deep amber eyes and I just wanna- I just wanna what? I really need to stop thinking about how he’s looking at me. Wait he’s not just looking, he’s staring. Staring at me? Nah. There’s got to be some person invisible to me sitting in between us.

“Max? Are you okay there buddy?” Quickly I look behind me, nope no serial killer. “Dude! Snap out of it!” Erm.. he really is starting to freak me out. “Max?” I ask as I start to lean forward.

“Boo!” Max yells as he jumps forward a bit.

“Oh shit!” I let myself fall backwards on the couch clutching a pillow to my chest.

Laughing, Max leans over me and looks into my face. “Are you okay?”

“Why?” I scream as I push him away playfully.

Still laughing, he has to hold up a finger signaling that he can’t say yet. It’s good to know he can laugh at my near heart attack. Although I would imagine I’d look pretty funny scared to death and all that good stuff.

“Be-“, His face is red and he sits there for a good minute attempting to control his breathing. “Because-“, He finally calms down and rubs his face. Yeah it must hurt to laugh that hard. Just looking at him this carefree makes me smile though. He’s boyishly cute. Who am I kidding this guy has more sex appeal than Vin Diesel. Well, maybe not Vin diesel but you get the picture. “Because you were looking so worried. Just thought it would loosen you up. I didn’t scare you too much, did I?” He asks lightly punching my arm.

Well gee, when you put it that way. “Oh, I’m loose all right. I’m scattered all over this room! But I will get you back.” And just for that extra “oomph” I throw a pillow at him from off the couch.

“Ooooh. I’m scared.” He retorts, throwing the pillow back at me.


Ring. Ring. Mmmmm….. no. Me tired.

“Alex! Pick up the phone!”


“Dammit Alex! Kyle grab the phone!”


What the hell? Do I have to do everything? What are my man slaves doing that they can’t answer the phone?

“Hang on. I’ll get it.” That’s a good man servant. Grabbing another pillow I place on top of my head. No sun. No noise. Sleep. Sleep.



Man voice other than Alex or Kyle? Quickly I sit up letting the pillow fall to the floor. Max is standing on the other side of the room with the phone to his ear talking to somebody. I just had to stay up and watch that Elvis movie last night didn’t I? Now as I stand up my back is killing me.

Max looks over at me and lets out a small laugh. Huh? My hands fly up to my hair and I realize my hair is sticking up all over the place. Dropping to my hands and knees I frantically reach beneath the sofa, finding what I’m looking for I stand back up and pull my hair up with my new found scrunchie. After all the hairband fights we all had there were always some left beneath the sofa. Lucky for me.

Squinting, I turn my eyes to the clock. 10:23. In the morning?!?

Looking over at Max he seems to be trying to get a word in to the caller but never seems to be able to finish his sentence which can only mean one thing.

Maria! Rubbing the sleep out of my eyes I make my way over to Max, and offer him a smile. He looks at me and hands the phone over.

“You looked cute with your hair a mess.” He says with a grin. Now, I can’t see myself but I’m pretty positive I’m beet red.

Cute? Not unbelievably sexy? But cute? Make me feel like I’m two years old why don’t you?

“You look cute? Your hair was a mess? Liz! Babe, what am I missing?”

“There’s time for that later.” I stress the later hoping she’ll get the hint that Max is still in the room. He’s just looking at me with the most bemused smile playing on his lips as he folds the blankets he brought out for us last night when we started watching Viva Las Vegas.

“Uh-huh. Yeah right. So? Is it a good thing I didn’t call last night when I was supposed to?”

“Oh yeah, why didn’t you call last night?”

“You’ll never guess who I ran into…. Okay well I’m not going to make you guess. Michael Guerin.”

“Michael Guerin? In Sweden?”

“Yeah I guess he has some art thing going on over here. Do you know what it’s like to be reunited with your high school crush.”

“Ummm… yeah.”

“Haha. That’s right. Now back to Maxie boy.”

“Ma-ria! Let’s talk about you.” It’s sad, I can actually picture her making her stubborn face. Her eyebrows arched, her lips pressed tightly together. “I miss you Ria.”

“I know babe, I miss you too. But I wanna know what’s happening.” Looking up I watch as Max exits towards his room leaving me alone.

“Okay, well I’ve seen him half naked, haha. That was actually quite the story, and I’m pretty sure that is you’ve turned on the news in the past twelve hours you’ve seen his great television debut, oh and then we practiced for the Promotion tomorrow.”

“You’ve seen him half naked?! What the hell? You sure do move fast.”


“Liz, VMA’s. Who are you taking?” Letting out a groan in frustration I quickly say the reply that I’ve said for the past two years.

“I’m going alone Sean. I’m too independent to want to have to cling to another person if I happen to win an award.”

“You always win awards Liz, why not have someone to share it with?”

“I do have someone to share it with. Three other someone’s to be exact.” Sean is one of those singers that everyone knows about but doesn’t necessarily like. And believe me, I am not an exception. If I’m ever alone with the guy he makes crude comments, and makes not so amusing sexual innuendo. Unfortunately he’s just one of those people you can’t shake.

“Liz!” Looking up from the kitchen table I watch as Alex and Kyle come walking in with two familiar looking females behind them. One’s Isabel, the other ummm…. Karen? No. Kara? Nope.

“Chiara.” A voice says in my ear. Not from the telephone though. Nope, this voice I enjoy hearing. Max.

“Liz?” God Damn it Sean! Hitting the off button I set down the phone and run over to Alex and Kyle.

“Where have you guys been? I’ve been so worried!” Okay, not really. But just to make them feel bad.

Clearing his throat Alex leans in close to me and winks, “Can’t you tell?”

“Now that you mention it… yeah. Those hickey’s do kind of stand out.”

Isabel, Alex, Chiara, and Kyle’s eyes all get ten times larger as they all reach for their necks. Ok, let me just say, EEWWW!!

“Ick. Ummm… just be ready to be go in an hour, oh! And we received an invitation to the VMA’s so uh, work on the whole date thing. Yeah.” Alex and Kyle seem indifferent, but Max’s jaw drops as do the girls’. Haha. Ha. Yup, I’m going now.

Walking towards my room I hear footsteps behind me. Expecting it to be Alex or Kyle, of course it has to be Max. Of course! Probably coming to ask me if he can bring Tess, or some other blonde something or other.

“Hey Liz?”

Turning around, I raise an eyebrow in question. I really don’t want to hear it.

“Ummm… can I invite someone?”

Ugh. “Of course, you’re part of the group.” Like, DUH!


Anyone except someone who isn’t me. “Yeah. Now you better get moving and give the girl enough time to prepare.”

He gives me this half smile, and walks off in the opposite direction.

I watch him go. I watch his shirt bunch slightly as he tucks his hands into his pockets, and the way he slightly drags his feet. May I ass the jeans he’s wearing fit just right in all the naughty places that I dream about? Ah hell, that any girl would dream about.

What am I doing? I’m a successful artist, why am I standing around sulking because I want some guy. I can have him if I want him. I can have any guy I want. That’s what my parents have always told me anyway. They also told me I’d eventually be able to go to the moon when I wanted, ha. Maybe I’ll pull a Lance Bass. But then I’d have to be the monkey in the space mission. Burn. Haha.

You know, sometimes I worry about myself with all this internal dialogue I have. But then again if I were to say it all out loud then I wouldn’t be the only one to be worried.

Standing straight up I calmly walk towards Max’s room. Along the way I pass Alex, Chiara, and Kyle sitting on the couch making obscene comments about their night. Nobody even notices me. I’m stealthy, or maybe just invisible. Once again I have way too many problems.

Ten more steps and I’m at Max’s door. And that’s where I remain, my hand poised ready to knock. The hushed voices on the other side sound rather ummm…. Angry?

“That’s just it Isabel. You keep marching in and out of my personal life setting the rules and expecting me, your own brother, to follow them! Well you know what? I’m tired of it.”


“That’s it! Walk out again! Leave because you’re all… all, something! Jeez you make me so angry. Why don’t you just take the next plane out of here and leave me alone? Just go away!”

No! No, don’t go away! I hear footsteps getting louder jumping back, I press myself against the wall. Be invisible. Be the wall.

The door handle moves slightly and the next thing I hear makes me angry. It’s one of those things that will send me on a violent rampage.

“By the way, Tess said she’ll be over late tomorrow.”


Why the hell do I have this tendency to eavesdrop?

Quickly locking myself in the bathroom next to me I begin to angrily brush things off of the countertop sending people’s personal belongings to the floor.

I don’t know if I have any reason to be angry though. It’s not like he was ever mine, right?
This one's for Talena, I hope things get better!So, how'd everone like it?

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1-3-3Wonderful image by Talena!

I know it's taken a while to get this out and I'm sorry! I've just been so busy. lol. never thought I'd say that one. But I've found time inbetween taking care of my friggin pain in the butt tattoo. hehe, but I'm still glad I have it. So, anyway this chapter is transition and I'm sorry if it sucks but the next part you will definitely love! I hope. Anywho! Leave feedback and maybe I'll be inclined to get the next chapter out sooner! Thank you! Oh! And the song used is Good Charlotte's "The Clique"

Chapter Six
Liz’s Point of View

“Liz? What’s the matter with you?”

Looking up I see Alex hovering in the doorway. Huh, I must have left that open.

“Nothing.” Yup, great reply Liz.

“Nuh-uh, that is so a something face.”

“No, it’s not.” Busying myself, I pick up everybody’s stuff that I knocked off the counter in my few moments of rage.


“Alex! What the hell are you doing? Why are you here anyway? Just leave me alone to pick up after my hissy fit.”

“I’m here because I heard objects crashing to the ground and I’m sorry but I was concerned about one of best friends. Now it is my best friendly duty to attempt to correct whatever is bothering you.”

Alex bends down and starts to help me pick everything up. We both look up as the footsteps in the hallway come to a stop at the bathroom door.

I don’t want to talk about this at all. Why can’t they understand that? I jut want to…… to go back to my room and whine and throw a pity party? Eh, sounds good to me.

“What’s up Alex?” Kyle’s eyes dart back and forth between the mess on the ground and me. Letting out a long whistle, he keeps his eyes focused on me, “Nevermind, what happened here? I thought Maria was gone.”

“Kyle, look at Liz, and tell me does that look like a nothing face?”

“Uh…. Nope. That is an ‘I’m angry because I’ve heard something I’d rather not have heard face’”

“Geez, you guys! Aren’t I entitled to be angry for no reason?”

“Now Liz, why don’t we-“

“No! Why don’t we nothing? You two go back to your dates and leave me to grumble to myself. I’ll be fine.”


“Alex, Kyle. Thank you for caring but I really need some time to cool off before we head out. I have to be my best for Good Charlotte!” I say in an overly enthusiastic voice as I squeeze my way past my two friends and make a mad dash for my room.

Kyle’s Point of View

Oh no. There has only been one other time I’ve seen Liz like this.

I look to Alex and hold a finger, signaling for him to give me a minute. Walking to the room next door, I think of how I should go about this. Should I really be meddling in Liz’s life? Of course.

I knock lightly on the door and am answered with a gruff “Come in.” Slowly opening the door I see Max sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Hey Max, buddy. What’s up?”

He doesn’t even look up at me, he groans and rubs his eyes with the heels of his hands.


“Really?” Oh, the hopefulness in his voice.

“No, not really.” Sitting myself next to him on the bed I rest my elbows on my knees.

Before I get to question him further a small knock interrupts me.

“Come in.”

The door is all but swung open to reveal an angry looking Isabel, a triumphant Alex, and a confused Chiara.

“Well, we’re just having a party. I’ll just leave you guys.” Alex starts to wave goodbye to me but I quickly hook a finger in the collar of his shirt and turn him towards me.

“Do you not understand what this means?” I harshly whisper as I hold up a single finger as I did before.

“Yes, but-“

“Next time wait until I come out of the room.” I knock Alex upside the head and send him out with Chiara.

With the door closed, the room seems way too small. With both Evans’ fuming at each other I’m worried to speak.

“I have nothing to say to her.”

“Max grow up!” Isabel shouts.

“I thought that was what I was doing! I’m finally telling you no! I don’t want her coming here! Don’t you understand? I left Roswell because I didn’t want to see Tess! What she did was completely horrible and now for her to think that I am forgiving her? God! Isabel what were you thinking?”

Uh oh Isabel. I guess you made a no-no.

“What was I thinking? I was thinking that everyone deserves to be forgiven, and you belong with her. Do you not realize that having her on your arm throughout all of this will make your image look that much better?”

“I don’t want her beside me. She is the one person I can not stand. I don’t want to look at her.”

What? What did she do? Come on! Gimme something.

“But you will.” Isabel gives Max a look that would give Medusa a run for her money. Max glances at me and sighs. Damn, he remembered I’m here.

“Fine. But make sure you do your part.” Huh? Fill me in. Please? Why the hell is he giving in?

“Don’t worry about that.” Isabel says as she stomps out of the room.

“Ummm…. Max?”

“Kyle, could you just leave please?”

No! No!

“Yeah, sure.”


Max’s Point of View

This has been hell. The flight was long and silent. Isabel sat with Alex, Chiara with Kyle, and Liz next to me. I kept trying to talk to her but she seemed preoccupied with finishing her thank you’s for the cd jacket.

Now she’s hanging all over these Benji and Joel guys. Well, alright. Not all over, but around them more than me.

Benji, the twin with pink spiked hair waves me over. “Hey, Max! Come here!” I get over and Liz leans closer to him and starts tracing part of his tattoo on his arm with her fingers.

Ummm…. Okay.


“You got the music down for the song already yet?”

“Yeah, Liz taught me the other night.”

Benji looks down at Liz, and she just smiles up at him.

“That’s cool. Ya joining us later at the club?”

Heh, is that all these people do? Party?

Joel pipes in and says that I can’t possible say no. “There’ll be some really hot chicks there man.” Ha.

“I’ll go.” Benji slaps me on the shoulder and smiles.

“It’ll be mad cool.”

I bet.

The guys of Good Charlotte lead Liz closer to the stage to begin getting ready and my eyes are glued to Liz’s form, and how it’s constantly swaying towards Benji’s.

Okay, so I’m jealous. Granted I’ve never really talked to her all that much but from what I have seen she is perfect. I definitely want to know her better but with the whole Tess thing going on it’s kinda difficult.

She wants more than I’m willing to give her at this moment so she complains that are differences are our downfalls. Yay. Like I care. I sort of understand where she’s coming from though.

I should probably tell you what happened, right?

Okay, it was late March and we went to this party at Pam Troy’s. Now, Tess knows I can’t hold my liquor. I just can’t drink, well anyway, halfway through the night she gave me rum in coke, needless to say I downed the stuff on accident. So, me being drunk and all, decided to ask her if—

“Max! Let’s get going.” Alex and Kyle direct me towards the stage where we all take our respective places.

I’ll just have to finish my story later.

"Just because I walk like obi wan kenobi
You people talk
But you don't even know me
And that's okay because I get down with GC
So I'll walk on and listen to their cd“

Liz is up at the front of the stage jumping around with Joel since neither of them need to play instruments for this song, and I can’t help but stare. She truly is close to perfection.

“Some people laugh they do it just to spite me
Behind my back they don't know what I see
That's alright
That's okay
I don't need them anyway
I'll just go about my day
But anyway”

Liz makes her way over to Benji, and leans in to sing with him into his microphone.

Grrr, too close. Not that I know why I have all this jealousy inside of me, it’s not like she ever gave me any indication she wanted to be anything more than friends……….. right?

“You go out on Friday night
I'll stay in but that's alright
Cause I have found a clique to call my own
In crowd, out crowd
I don't care
Your crowd, my crowd
I don't care
Because I have found a clique to call my own“

Why would she want to be more than friends? I treated her like shit in high school. Well, maybe not that bad, but pretty damn close. Besides she seems to be getting along just fine.

“So come and talk to me, on my computer screen
The best years of our lives
Aren't as easy as they seem
But then they will look back
Then we'll have to laugh
They used to call us names
Now they want our autograph
To get the girl and make the grade
It's all a show
It's all a game
It's all the same
And I would lose it if I played
But anyway”

Liz turns and smiles at me, and now I can’t help but doubt everything I have just said. I smile back and give her a slight nod.

“You go out on Friday night
I'll stay in but that's alright
Cause I have found a clique to call my own
In crowd, out crowd
I don't care
Your crowd, my crowd
I don't care
Because I have found a clique of my own
She said she'd she call
But I know she won't"

Liz stays on to sing another song with Good Charlotte and Kyle, Alex, and I make our way backstage to grab some water and watch the performance.

“Hey Max?” I look to my left at Alex. “You might wanna try actually asking her to do something.”

“What do you mean?”

That’s right, I’m playing dumb so sue me. Actually don’t just yet, I don’t have any money.

“Oh please. We all see how you look at her, just start out small. You know? Dance with her at the club later tonight. Then later on, on the plane ride home, strike up a conversation.” Looking up at the tall guy I watch him looking over my shoulder. At who else but my sister. I wish I could warm the guy about getting involved with my sister, but he seems too far gone to care.

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Chapter Seven
Max’s Point of View

Fun, fun, fun.

I’ve been sitting in this over crowded club for an hour, just watching. Watching teenagers get it on, and Alex and Kyle macking the room. Liz? Haha, funny you should mention her. She’s sandwiched between Benji and Joel. They are great guys though. I’m just dreading going home. I don’t want to see Tess.

“Hey, you’re Max right?” Hmmm, let’s see. Red hair, green eyes, and lots of leg.

“Why yes I am.” I give her a grin.

“Good, I’d have felt like an idiot if my friend sent me over to the wrong guy.”

Ummm…. Huh? She starts to wave to someone across the room. Please let it be a twin, then I could be even with Liz. Ha, that would work.

“So, you’re a fan of Visionaries?”



“Max?” My head flies up towards the owner of the familiar voice, and I can’t stop the cringe that takes over my body.

“Tess.” Did you hear that? Huh? The despair in my voice? Sure ya did.

“You look great Max.”

“Heh.” The red head, who doesn’t seem too appealing anymore, takes her leave. Aw, now see? Why did she have to go and do that? Now I’m left all alone with……. Her.

“You weren’t supposed to be in until later.”

“It was a surprise.”

“I don’t like surprises.” Taking one last look at Tess and her curls, I step out onto the dance floor. Before I get far a hand wraps around my arm and stops me. Turning back to look, I find Tess in all her anger. Yay.

“I thought you came to an understanding with your sister earlier.”

“I did. But I changed my mind.”

I catch Liz’s eye and she merely sends me a smile.

God help me.

Liz’s Point of View

Go figure, Tess. Ha.

“Liz?” Looking up at Benji and Joel I paste on a smile. Sometime during my Max staring competition I stopped dancing. Imagine that.

“What do you guys say to ditching this place? Go to the bar?”

“Nice try Liz.” Benji yells to me over the music. “You’re still under age.”

“Yeah, but if we go back to the limo we can work it out.” They both give me suggestive looks before we all crack up.

Okay, so yeah. These guys are great. Down to earth, full of odd facts, and completely random, but sexy as hell. Yeah, yeah, yeah. What about Max? Well, if he gets to have fun with Tess, I get to have fun with at least one of these guys. And right now Benji is looking pretty yummy. Taking one last look at Max and Tess looking pretty damn cozy, I grab Benji’s arm and lead him out of the crowd.

Max’s Point of View

“Tess, don’t get too used to this.” I say, referring to the closeness of our bodies on the dance floor. “I told Isabel that I’d deal with you during your stay. If you can manage to change my mind about what happened then we’ll see what happens. Got it?”

“Well, then I guess I know what I have to do.” She reaches one of her hands down between us and runs a finger over my crotch. Catching her hand before she can do too much, I bring it up in front of her face. “That will get you nowhere, that’s how this all started.”

Her icy blue eyes stare into mine as she wraps her arm around my neck and leans in, “You’re creating quite the scene, Max. Won’t do you any good if you start causing trouble this early in your new band.”

I feel a tap on my shoulder, and I turn to find Liz, holding on to the guy with all the piercings and tattoos, hand. “We’re leaving. Don’t worry we’re going in his car so whenever you two,” she says while waving her hand back and forth between Tess and myself with indifference, “feel like leaving you’ll have the limo to take you to the hotel. Bye.” She doesn’t even give me time to say anything before she’s out the door.

Joel comes walking up to us laughing. “Geez, do ya think they were rushing much?”

My jaw tightens and I pretend that I’m not angered by his comment, not that I should be.

Tess rests her hand on my shoulder, “Easy Max.”

“Hey nice rock.” Joel tells Tess.

“Thank you.” Looking down at her hand I realize she’s wearing an engagement ring.

Now I am confused.

A girl dressed in dark colors, and a short skirt walks by and Joel’s head turns. “Well, I’ll leave you two to whatever it is you two do best, and I’ll catch ya later.”

No! No, don’t leave me with her!!!!

Tess’s hand starts rubbing the back of my neck reminding me of the ring she’s wearing. Taking her hand in mine, “What the fuck is this?”

“Well, it’s the engagement ring you owe me.”

“I don’t owe you anything.” I’m normally not a violent person, but I’m finding the urge to strangle her right now.

“Now is that anything to say to your wife?”
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