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Rating: at the moment unknown

Who: Liz and Khivar *bounce*

Where: About 6 years after graduation

Also: Alex never died, Tess and Max never slept together. But they're still good friends. *bounce*
P.S. ** means a thought.

Graduation 2002

Graduation is today, I can't believe, I'm so excited. Everything is going so well, I'm engaged to the man of my dreams, I ahve all my friends with me, and there has been no alien activity in over 8 months. There was a knock on the door, before I had chance to ask who it is, Maria and Alex came in laughing with each other. Just the sight of that makes me very happy that everything is going perfect.
"Liz, we came over to hang out one last time before we all go our seperate ways." Maria said. "Yeah, Liz. Maria is going to be a famous music star, you will become a world renound molecular biologist, and I...will become an Isabel lap dog for the rest of my life." Alex said with a sad face. "I maybe, but one thing is for sure, we will always be there for each other no matter what." I said with tears holding back. "That's right, none of us will change, unless of course we are abducted by aliens and they do horrible experiments on us." Alex said. We all bust up laughing at the thought of that happening. "Ok, lets hit the road, we have a graduatuion we have to be at in 45 minutes" I say as I push them out of my room.

~few hours later after graduatuion~

"I can't believe that we finally get to get out of this hell hole that we have been in since forever." says Isabel with a wide smile on her face."FINALLY" shouts everybody. "All right let's meet up at my hosue for one last get together. Is that ok with everybody?" says Max looking at everybody "Yeah that's fine." says Tess eyeing Max up and down. "All right so we'll meet up about...8:30. see you guys there." says Max.

~8:20p.m.~ Max's bedroom

*I know Max said 8:30, but I want and need to him* As I go near Max's bedroom window, I hear moaning from a guy and a girl, at first I thought I was going insane, because I knew Max would never do anything to hurt me. As I looked into the window, I see Tess straddling Max, after that, Max lays her back and... I couldn't look any more, I had to run away. As I got home, I started to cry my eyes out because I didn't think Max was capable of doing something so hurtful to me and our relationship.
When I looked at the clock, it read 8:45 p.m.. I didn't care because I wasn't going to over there, with my eyes are all red and puffy. The phone rang when I was putting on my make-up. I answered it, it was Maria asking why I wasn't there. "Maria can you please come over, I really need to talk to you." "Liz, what's wrong, what happened?" "I'll tell you everything when you get here. Oh and Maria.." "Yeah Liz?" "Don't let anybody know what wrong, just say that you're mom wants to talk to you for a moment. Ok please." "Sure Liz, anything."

~15 min. later~

"Ok Liz I'm here, what's wrong, tell me everything." When I start to tell Maria, tears have started to roll down my face. Maria looks at with such worried eyes, that I knew that everything would be ok. After I tell her, she gets up and starts to pace my room. "How could he do this to you, I can't believe it, I'm going over there right now, and he's going to have to deal with huricane DeLuca." "Maria, no, it's not worth it. Don't worry he'll get his with time." says Liz with a look of anger on her face. "What do you mean Liz?" "I'm going to break up with him tonight with no expalnations or anything. I didn't tell you this, but I'm attending summer courses at Harvard. And I'm Leaving this coming Friday." "Liz, why didn't you tell me this before?" "I don't, just seeing what was going to happen." "Ok, lets get this show on the road."

Ch. 2 Update
~Later that evening ⊕ Maxs' house~

When Maria and I finally got into the house, everybody was laughing with each other, and basically have together. "Liz, you're finally here" says Max, when I walk into the door; he hugs and kisses me lightly on the lips, and drags me by the hand into the living room. "You noticed?" I asked him with a hint of sarcasm in my voice. "Of course I noticed that you were, you're the love of my life and soon to be partner in life." He says with a huge smile on his face. I felt like slapping the crap out of because he can say those things without feeling guilty about it. "Oh... I thought you had another partner in life." I say when I look towards Tess. Max gets this look on his face that says 'oh my gosh, she find out.
When he lets go of my hand, I start to slip of the engagement, but then he put his hand over mine and says," Liz what are you doing, why are you taking the ring off, did something go wrong?" Maria over hears and starts to laugh her ass off. "You want to know what you did Max? Well then think back to earlier this evening." Max looks at her quizzicaly, as if he didn't know what he did wrong. *I can't belive he doesn't know what he did WRONG, he broke MY heart and the TRUST that we had for each other. The part that gets me so angry that HE BROKE his promise to ME that he would never HURT me.* "Max, think back to about, I don't know.... about 8:20 this evening." I say to him. He looks like a little child who was got with their hand in the cookie jar. In this case, he was a little was got with his in A cookie jar that is very dirty.
"I'm sorry Liz, but I don't know what you're talking about." He says with a straight face. For some odd reason I slapped him hard with all the strength that I had in me. Alex was the one to stop laughing with everybody, and looked towards. When he saw me slap Max he was up in an instant, the rest of the crew followed him. "What the hell is happening over here?, Liz why did you slap Max for?" Hot tears were slipping down my face, as much as tried to hold them back, it didn't work. By this time Max's face was all red, and I imagine with a burning sensation, because that was how my hand felt. "Ask Max and Tess why Liz slapped him." says Maria. "And if you lie either one of you, I'll kick your alien asses myself." Maria said with such anger in her voice. When I looked around the room for Tess, I saw her in the back, hiding behind everyone. "Well... Me and Tess have been sleeping together for the past 5 months, and I guess Liz saw us in my bedroom earlier this evening." said Max. Everybody looked at the both of them with such disgust. "Why would you do something like that for Max?" asked Isabel. "You don't want to know Iz." said Max. "Try me." challenged Isabel. "Well... It started when me and Liz were about to take the next step in our relationship, about three quarters of the way there, she just told me no, as if she was in control of the whole situation. I asked why she wanted to stop, and do you know what she tells me??.. She tells me that she isn't sure she wants to go through with it, that she might not be 'ready' to seal the deal. What a prude." said Max with anger and hurt.
"How dare you call me a prude Max Evans!!" I say to him with so much anger and hatred, that out of nowhere, I threw an energy blast towards him that he flew across the room. Everybody looked at me with a surprised look, because before I couldn't acces them right. "Get the hell up Max, don't act like that hurt you." said Alex very angry. "You know what, it doesn't matter because, I'm no longer going to put up with this crap anymore, I'm tired of being the one who ends up getting hurt in the end.
I came to tell all of you that, I will be leaving to school sometime this weekend, and I will not return until they are both dead and buried." I say with a lot of hurt and anger that I just let the tears run down my face freely. "Liz please, don't leave me, what am I suppose to do without you here to care for me?" asked Max, as if he was actually hurting. "Ask your bitch Max, not me." Alex came up and hugged me, as well as Kyle and Isabel, and of course Maria. "God, I'm going to miss you lizzie." said Alex. "I will miss you so much Liz, who listen to me talk about Buddha?" said Kyle. "Just when we were begining to become friends you have to leave so quickly. I'll miss you." said Isabel. Then Maria came up to me and whispered,"I'll take you to the airport, along with Alex, Kyle, and Isabel, if that's ok with you?" I nodded my head to her to tell her my answer.
I threw the ring at Max's face before I left the house.

~6 years later~

"Liz, honey are you home yet" asked Khivar when he walked into the house. "Yes I'm home, hold on a moment, I'll be there in a few seconds. I hope you don't have anything in your hands." I said from our daughters bedroom. "Nope I don't have anything." Just after he said that, I came running out of Chloe's bedroom, and jumped on him, raining his face with kisses. "Liz..honey calm down for..a moment, let me catch my breath." said Khivar breathless. "Oh, allright you baby." I said when he sat onto the couch. "Speaking of baby, where is the princess of this house?" asked Khivar, wondering where his adorable little daughter is. "Well she is finally asleep. She had so much sugar, she was like the energizer bunny." "That's a good thing to hear, because that means she's a normal 2 year old little girl." He said with a wide smile across his face.
"Your father called me at the office today. He was wondering if by any chance you would want to go to their 'wedding', apparently they're renewing their wedding vows." he looked at me with a look that said please go. "Liz, you're their only daughter, they would love to see you again. The last time we saw them was a little over three years, and that was to tell them we got married." "Khivar, I really don't want to go back there. But you do have a point, they never even seen Chloe yet. Oh all right, we'll go." I said. The thought of seeing Maria and everybody agian was going to be hard because none of them knew I was a married woman with a daughter. And also that I'm married to there worst enemy. The thing is that Khivar is past all that Royal Four crap, but they're not going to care.

~Roswell Airport~
*I can't belive we're really here. "Will the Warren family please report to the main doors." said a lady over the intercome. "Well, I guess that's us. Chloe princess, would you like to come with daddy?"asked Khivar to Chloe. She gigled and said," Ok daddy." "Liz honey, are you coming with us or are you just going to stan d in the middle of the airport?" "No, I'm looking for my cell phone to call my parents to ask them if they can pick us up." "Darling, that's not necessary, I rented us a car, and it's already loaded with all our stuff, so lets go." said Khivar. I went up to him and gave him a kiss on the lips. "I wanna a kiss to mommy." said Chloe. Khivar and I laugh at our daughter. We both gave her a kiss on each cheek. "I luv you too." said Chloe to her parents.


"So I heard Liz is coming today."said Max to the whole group. "Don't even think about it Maxwell, from what I hear from Mr. and Mrs. Parker, Liz got married over three years ago, her and her husband are still going strong today." said Michael. "Like I care Michael, I don't like her like that anymore, so just cram it." said Max, semi-upset.
The bell over the door rang a family of three walked in. Max and Michael look over to see who it is, but can't tell because of the sun, all you could see was their shadows.
When me, Khivar, and Chloe were finally in the crashdown, I noticed that the person I hate in the world is sitting at his normal booth with Michael. Before I can turn around and get out of their, my mom comes out the back and says,"Liz, it's been so long since I last saw the both of you. Who is this little baby you have with you?" As were walking towards a both, it so happens that the booth is in front of Max. "Well mom, this our daughter, Chloe Maria Warren, and she is 2 years old." "Why didn't you guys tell me you had a daughter." asked my mom, kind of hurt.
"Well Mrs. Parker, remeber when I called you and told you that we had a surprise? Well here is your surprise, a grandaughter. I hope you're not angry?" said Khivar. "Oh, of course I can't be mad at you guys." said my mom happy.
A waitress came by and took our order. "Liz, honey, can you take Chloe for a moment, I have to use the restroom?" said Khivar in a rush to use the restroom. "Of darling I'll take her." I said with a smile on my face. When he got to the bathroom, it was locked, so my mother shouted,"Khivar, you can use the restroom in the apartment.!!" "Thank you." he said.
I knew when my mother said his name that Max and Michael would look at me. They both started to stare at me as if I had done something illegal. Michael was the first on eto come over. "Liz, hi, how are you doing these days?" said Michael with sarcasm. "Good actually, thank you for asking." I said with a sincere smile. "So Liz, this name KHIVAR, must be a very popular name." said Michael with a touch of anger in his voice. "Hi Liz." said Max with a half smile that use to make me go weak in the knees, but not anymore. "Hi Max." I said with an polite smile. "Liz is this the same Khivar who I think it is?" asked Max worried. "Khivar is the same as what?" asked Khivar when he came back downstairs.

Ch.3 Update

The following chapter will be of the past (when Liz and Khivar meet.) Also, I meant to write 6 years into one of the chapters, don't worry I fixed it. Thanks for the feedback. :o) Since I don't know the area code to the location of Harvard, I'll guess.

~Past July 2002~ 6 years ago.

*So here I am at Harvard. Finally. How is it I don't feel happy to be here, this is my dream school. Oh well the show must go on. I can't believe Max would do that to me, I'll admit to myself, I didn't want Max to be first, because it didn't feel right, and it would...Umph..* "Oh, I'm so sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going." I said before I saw the person I bumped into. He had the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen, I was lost in those eyes for several moments, until he said, "Don't worry about it, I wasn't paying any attention where I was walking, I was sort of looking at my schedule." "It's ok, I understand." I said while looking him up down, I could tell that this man sure did work out alot at the gym. "By the way my name is Khivar, and yours would be?" *Did he just say his name was Khivar, as in the Pod Squad's worst enemy?* "Your name is?.." said Khivar. "Oh I'm sorry, my name is Liz, Liz Parker. Since you know my last name, can I know yours?" I said with a seductive. "Oh I'm sorry, Khivar Warren." he said with a semi-guilty smile. "Liz, would you like to go out sometime?" "Of course, I would love to. So when will you pick me? Do you have my number?" I told him with a very seductive smile that usually see in the movies. "That's right, may I have your number and either apartment or dorm room address/number?" "Of course you may, my number is (816)987-6543, and my apartment is 1254 Duquesne St. apt. # 18. Anything elese you need to know Khivar?" "Yes there is, but we can interview each other tonight. Deal?" "Deal." "See you tonight Liz." "Bye Khivar."
*What was I thinking of going out with a man who is a murderer? Because, that isn't now, that was another lifetime and planet duh. Good point. He is gorgeous though. Should I call Maria and tell I found somebody here after a week? Sure, what harm can it do? Nothing I suppose. Just don't tell her his name. Ok here I go I'm going to call her.*
"Hey Maria"
"Liz, Oh my gosh. How are you doing?"
People laughing and asking how she is and saying hi.
"Good actually, I kind of met a guy today"
The background quiets down..alot..
"Liz you what? How?"
"Well we kind of ran into each other in the hallway. It was sort of funny."
"So what does he look like?"
(Liz is on speaker phone, but she doesn't know it. This a key part for later in the story.)
"Well he's tall, built, I mean muscle and all, blue eyes, and sandy hair."
"WOW!! He sounds fine, almost cuter than anybody here."
"Hey I object." says Alex
"Maria, there's something about this guy, that is so excititing."
"What do you mean Liz? shh, be quiet."
"I'm sorry what Maria?"
"Oh not you, the people here."
"Oh ok. Anyways as I was saying. I feel like I met him somewhere before, ya know? "
"Yup, I know."
"One I was near him Maria, I felt like locking him in my room and never letting him leave, that's how bad I felt towards him."
"What!! She wants to do what with this guy??" yells Max.
"Max shut up!! I'm on the phone."
"Maria do you have me on speaker phone? If I am, who was listening say hi one at a time, NOW!!"
"Hi" Alex
"Hey" Kyle
"Whatever" Michael
"Hi Liz" Isabel
"Hi tramp" Tess
"Whore" Max
"Maria, and everybody else listening, I will never ever speak to any one of you again for the rest of YOUR lives, don't even ask my parents if they have heard me, 'cause I'll tell them that you all are into drugs and everything else, and I don't want to associate with you. I will never forgive you Maria. You no longer have a best friend."
I hang up the phone I was so angry.
I go to answer the door, and there is the finest man I have ever seen.
"Hi Liz."says Khivar with a bright smile. "These are for you. They were the most beautiful ones of them all, and they reminded me of you, because you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen." *Aaawww, how sweet of him.* "Thank you Khivar, that is so sweet of you." I say, and give him a kiss on the lip. He stood there shocked for a moment.
"Well ready to go beautiful?" he says with his arm streched out for me to hold. "Yes, I'm ready handsome."
Answering a few questions for you.
Khivar is a human/alien hybrid.
any other questions please e-mail at the following: christina284_02⊕

Ch. 4
~2007 at the CrashDown(where it left off.)

"Khivar, this is Michael Guerin, and Max Evans." I said while looking at all three men. Max and Michael looked Khivar over and then shook his hand. "Nice to meet you both." "Mommy, daddy, I want to go to the park."said Chloe. "Ok, honey, we'll go over there once mommy is done talking to these people." said Khivar. "Mommy, who are these people?" asked Chloe. "Some people who you used to go to my school." I said with a hint of anger, Max and Michael got it. "Chloe honey, this is Max Evans, and Michael Guerin." I said like it was alot of work. "Daddy, is that the supposed king of your home?" whispered Chloe to Khivar. Max and michael overheard, and they looked very surprised and angry. "Yes it is sweetheart." said Khivar looking at me. His eyes were asking me if I was mad he said that, and I shook my head no. "Oh. You're a mean man Max. Daddy, why is mom talking to him, if he's mean. Mommy you should'nt talk to mean people." said Chloe. Max looked at my daughter with surprise and a hint of sadness. "I know sweetheart, I'm ending this conversation right now. I don't like talking to mean people, you're right." I said looking at Khivar and then to Max. "Bye Max, Michael. Mom, We'll be back later." I said
Just as we were leaving, Maria and Alex walk in. "Liz, Oh my gosh, is that you?" asked Maria surprised. "No it isn't, sorry." I said with alot of hatred and sarcasm. When I walked past her, she said "Bitchy much?" after she said that, I told Khivar to take Chloe to the car and not worry about anything. I grabbed her arm, and slapped with 6 years of anger. And then....

Sorry So Short. Will try to continue later.
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