From Part 2 (Max POV)
I walked away from her that day, I know what you guys are thinking and yes I was an arrogant bustard. Now im just arrogant.

So here I am, outside the famous crashdown and I can see Lizzie bending that cute ass of hers over and some hair falls in front of that life-less face of hers. I have a sudden erg to go and tuck it behind her ear.

Damn hormones!!!

I turn to leave but im distracted by Lizzies sudden look around the crashdown and to see her wipe over the milkshake machine. And it’s clean

I think im going to faint

She turns round again and I can see her stopping and looking at me, she cant see me, I don’t think. Her face colour fades rapidly. I can see her panic. I am panicking.

What if she is the enemy??
What if she is a shape shifter?

Double Shit

I turn and leave, quickly. I need to find the other 2. Quickly!
The last thought that goes through my head is the though that she might be my Queen.

Triple Shit with a cherry on top.

But a part of me can’t help but smile at that thought.

Part 3a

So here I am. Alone. In my room, and only one thing is running through my head ‘Holly Shit’.
Who was watching?
Will the call the FBI?
Some one knows?

And now I think I had better explain this 2nd of my three secrets, you see, im an Alien and my home planet is called Antar. I am the Queen.
Yes, you heard the right; I am the Queen of a planet! Me, the lil Liz Parker.
My name on my home planet is Zala, that’s all I can remember from my home planet. And im yearning to know who would love me. I am slowely dieing inside. For all I know I could be the only one on this planet who is like me, I could have been kicked of my planet.
I know nothing.
I roll my head over at the clock and notice the time and its gone 1am, aa shit I need to sleep. School tomorrow.
Whoop De Doo.

*Next Day*

As I head down the corridor of my school I can feel a pair of eyes on my legs, I can feel them travelling up my body, stopping at my face.
Great. I know im actually wearing a skirt, does not mean I am a freak.
Ok, I am a freak. Beg your pardon
So I looked up to see them. Yea, you guessed it.
Mr Arrogant
Ms Ice Bitch
Mr Semi-decent

And there looking at me.

Staring at me.

Studying me.

Mr Arrogant gives me a tight smile, almost sympathetic. Yea right – Max Evans – you know nothing about me, I do not need your sympathy.
I tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear, put my head down and scurry past them to my next lesson. Biology. With Max *coughs* excuse me, Mr Arrogant. Like, Yays!


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