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SUMMERY:Max needs to teach Liz a few things.
AUOTHRS NOTE: I changed a few things instead of going to Florida after “Destiny Liz goes to Texas. Since Liz wanted to drive her dad bought her a car think black mustang convertible with tinted windows. Max and Liz are broken up.


Liz drove in extreme pain drove down the quiet desert highway to Roswell. She had driven four and a half hours from Texas to get home to get to Max, that was the only thing that keep her going the little promise she made to her self the muddled mantra crawling from her mouth. “Max can stop the pain, Max can heal me. Max can stop the pain Max can heal me”.

Part One:

3:25am the clock stated as it glared at Max as he lies in his bed. At this time Liz had left him 2 months, 9days, 19hours and 38 seconds ago, God I’m pathetic. She left me to dare I say my destiny, well from now on this is a new Max. This Max is the man, head honcho, number one and this Max says fu…fu…fu.c…come on Maxwell you can say it ……..FUCK DESTINY!!!!!!!!. That felt great yeah well fuck destiny, fuck responsibiltiy, and fuck Tess….. Wait definitely don’t want to do that Liz on the other hand.
Who could be calling this late on my cellphone? He got up and answered it.
Max: Hello
Liz: Max it’s me Liz
Max’s mind started to go a mile a minute. Why was Liz calling?, and she sounded like she was in pain she was slurring her words a little.
Max: Liz what’s wrong?
Liz: Something weird happened I’m by the welcome to Roswell sign I need you.
Max: Liz what do you mean weird do you need me to bring everyone.
Liz:NO! You Max all I need is you only you.
Max: Ok Liz I’ll be there in a few.
Liz: I love you Max……
Did she say what I think she just said?


Max drove 90mph only thinking of his one destination Liz. His mind kept playing back the phone conversation she sound like she was in pain. The car jerk as he pressed the gas to the floor. When Liz left he was extremely sad and Tess talking about destiny didn’t help either. The only thing that got him through was Liz and the hope that she would come back to him and say I love you. Now he could start living again because not only did Liz say love you but also she needed him and only him. He finally got to the jeep after seemed like hours he jumped from the jeep and up to the car he tried the door but it was locked so he knocked.
Max: Liz…..Liz
Finally he just used his powers and what he saw caused him to gasp. Liz was passed out slumped over the steering wheel hands on her lap, but in instead of her smooth silky skin from wrist to finger tips was silver third degree burns. The skin was bubbled and falling off barely able to hang on the other charred parts.
He touched hr shoulder and started to have flashes.
Liz leaning against her car on a abandoned parking lot crying
Liz crying while drinking a bottle of vodka looking at a pic of Max
Liz throwing the empty bottle in the air
Liz pointing her hands like guns at the bottle in the air
Silver fire coming out of Liz’s hands engulfing her to her wrist as she passes out screaming

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Part 3

What have I done was the thought in Max’s mind. It had to be him somehow I must have changed her when I healed her, how could I have been so stupid to believe that I could basically bring someone back from the brink of death to perfect health and they would be the same, yeah right. Max slipped Liz out of the car were he laid her on the ground with her head lying on his lap.
Max: Liz…Liz honey come on you gotta wake up so I can heal you. Liz ….Liz…LIZ WAKE-UP!!!.
Abruptly Liz woke up to stare Max in his tear stained face her heart was breaking to see him look so lost all she wanted to do was stop his pain. She brought up her hand to caress his face but as soon as she moved her fingers she cried out in pain. Max held Liz close and turned her face toward him knowing his voice couldn’t penetrate her cries of pain. He sent claming vibe into her body till she opened her eyes. Max insatsnly formed a connection repairing and reforming the vessels, muscles, and layers of skin on her charred hands.
While he was working on her he was treated to his favorite flashes, Liz’s life from her dance classes when she was three to her ice cream feast with Alex and Maria at age fifteen.
As the connection broke he opened his eyes and he would never forget the sight before him. Liz had never looked at him this way a look so filled with love it made him gasp aloud. All his life he wanted to see this totally uninhibited look of love, desire and trust in Liz’s eye and when he finally does see it all he can say is.
Max: What are you doing here.
Liz: I…I’m sorry I just need help I didn’t mean to make you mad I’ll just leave.
Max: God No! Liz I just it, not that I don’t want you here I am glad your here .Oh just forget it.
Lighting fast Max pulled Liz to straddle his lap and with startling force he kissed Liz. Sensually he licked at her lips he pulled Liz’s chin down to open her bottom lip as he licked pulled and nibbled on it. At this move Liz finally got her baring and fully open her mouth were Max promptly plunder his tongue into Liz’s mouth as their tongues dueled for dominance Liz ran her fingers into Max’s thick silky hair and griped it with primal force and Max growled with excitement. All the time Liz had know Max she had never felt him be so forceful and she loved it she thought any moment she was going to die and go to heaven and all she could think was BRING IT ON!!
Never did Liz notice that Max was going into an amazing transformation. His lips had move to his neck marking her has his hands had move down to grip Liz’s thighs sliding up to grab at her butt kneading and griping at her with his powerful hands. With his head at neck her Liz didn’t notice Max ‘s eyes snapped open at he stopped all movement his eyes glowed with a strange metallic light. Max felt stronger then he had ever felt before and he registered something in his mind something that he could no longer be denied he was king and he had just found his queen and she needed to be taught.

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Part 4

Max: Wow what a rush!
Liz: What was a rush Max are you all right, you look kinda strange.
Max: I’m better than all right I mean I’m king of a whole planet.
Liz: Yeah I remember you’re a king with a queen and major responsibility.
Max: Your right a big responsibility a whole planet is depending on me, but at least I have an amazingly sexy queen it’s good being the man in charge huh Liz.

Liz got up from Max’s lap in such haste she almost trip. Max started pacing talking about weapons and what his plan of attack should be. How could Max say that to her after what happen how could he be so cruel? He had just kissed her she thought that Max loved her but now she could she that he had already ventured to Tess, but she couldn’t be mad that is what he was supposed to do right follow his destiny. No he didn’t have to talk about Tess like that in front of her like that though he had no right to hurt her like that he knows how I feel about him that was just plan wrong, and she was going to let him know. Liz steps up to Max to stop his pacing and when she looked at him all she could see in his eyes was love. This is worst than Liz thought Max did love he he probably wanted her to be his mistress some little thing on the side. Well if that’s what Max thought then he had another thing coming. At that thought Liz brought up her hand to slap Max right in the face, faster than the human eye could see Max brought up his hand and grab her wrist.

Max: Wow what’s with the feistiness sweetheart.
Liz: You asshole how dare you talk about Tess that way in front of me. Do I mean nothing to you, you pigheaded hybrid. If you think I’m going to be you little side bit well you have another thing coming. After all I’ve done for you this is how you repay me you tell me how good it is to be in charge and oh what were your word oh yes how “amazingly sexy” Tess is oh sorry let me rephrase you Queen is. Well you know what your stupid queen looks like to me a flea infested gerbil that what she looks like to me and if it’s the breast that your so hung up than let me tell you in a few years those cannons are going to hit the ground while my baby’s are going to be as perky as ever and you know what they say Max more than a hand full is a waste. Max why in the hell are you smiling at me?!!!

Max was looking at Liz with the biggest smile on his face who knew he had so many teeth. She was a sight to behold standing in front of him all red in the face you would have thought she was trying to do an impression of a beet. The thing that Max couldn’t help smiling about was how Liz was griping her breasts to clarify how better her breasts were compared to Tess. Max had to give it to her they were much better.

Max: Are you done now?
Liz: No as a matter of fact I’m not.
Max: Well I think you are.

With that Max picked Liz up and put her on the car pinning her hands above her head with his power and stepping between her legs.

Liz: What in the hell do you think.
Max: Shh, Liz how could you think I would want anyone but you. You’re my chosen queen Liz not Tess how could I want any one but you. Your powers are a sign Liz a sign that you are to be by my side not Tess.
Liz: But your mother said.
Max: And my mother was right Tess is the queen right now any ways I can test her to see if she is strong enough challenge her title if I think someone is able to be a better mate, and I think you could Liz.
Liz: Max how could I be a better Queen than Tess I can’t even control my powers.
Max: I’ll teach you we can go away for a while I’ll train you will be more powerful than anyone can imagine.
Liz I can’t even believe I’m asking this but what do you do gauge our powers and see who is the strongest.
Max: You and Tess have to battle till one of you gives in or I say on of you are unable to fight.
Liz: MAX!! I can’t believe your asking me to battle Tess.
Max: Liz it’s the only way we can be together. I love you and Liz do this for me no, Liz do this for yourself lets say I do chose you our whole relationship you going to wonder if your strong enough to fight by my side this way it will be no question who is the rightful queen is.
Liz: Max I love you but…
At this time Max started to graze Liz’s thighs he looked into Liz’s eyes and bent do to kiss and lick at her stomacth. His hand started to glow and with a wave of his hand her top was gone Liz gasp at Max’s next move he wave his hand over his shirt and it disappeared as well. He lean on top or her cupping his hand on either side of her face looking her and worshipping her with his eyes. He moved his hand between the valley of her breast just feeling her heart beat he kissed and touch her chest with soft caresses so light Liz hardly knew if they were real when Liz was about to tell him to stop he tucked his face in her neck and held her body for dear life and started to cry. Great wracking sobs that went through his whole body. She understood now that Max was right there was no other way and he needed her and god help her she need him she owed it to Max and herself to fight she knew if she asked Max to do this to her he would no questions asked.

Liz: Max baby please look at me.

When Liz looked into his eyes she never saw him look so lost an sad not even after the white room. She had to fight it was the only way.

Max: I’m sorry I.. I.. had no right to ask you please forgive me. Please don’t hate me I just need you so much so very much.
Liz: I’ll do it.
Max: What did you say.
Liz: I deserve, No I need to be by your side and help me with my powers, help me win
Max: Say it Liz I need to hear you say it.
Liz: Teach Me.

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Yep Liz and Tess showdown what we have always wanted

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Part 5

Max decide that it would be better to take Liz¡¦s car on the road she asked him where they were going her just told her not to worry. They had been on the road about 3 hours when Liz had fallen asleep at seven am. When Liz woke up it was one o¡¦clock in the afternoon they were parked in front of a store marked Boulder Utility. Boulder as in Boulder City Colorado.


At this time Liz had fallen out of the car she looked around and people were looking at her like some kind of nut. At this point Liz didn¡¦t care that alien put her thorough too much in a twenty-four hour period.
First he tells her she¡¦s changed then he mauls her with those big smooth strong talented hands of his¡Kwell maybe that wasn¡¦t that bad, but he had to ruin all that by telling her that she has to train in some chick fight to be his queen well this is too much to wake up to. Especially to wake up in Boulder freaking Colorado alone.

Liz: I am going to kick his Antar ruling butt.
Max: Anyone I know.

Liz turned God his smirk should be a labeled weapon now she forgot what mad about¡K¡K oh yes she was no longer in the state of New Mexico. She was just about to lay it into him when he kissed her. It maybe lasted about 8 second but it was so perfect, it was one of those kisses you expect to get from you husband of 10 years a kiss that sooths your whole body. A kiss that could only be achieved by knowing that person life times it was so full of love that it brought a tear to Liz¡¦s eye she knew it had to be a sin to be this complete and this alive. Liz rubbed her face into the hand that was holding her cheek and finally opened her eyes with a lazy grin on her face to look at Max¡¦s golden light-hearted eyes she¡¦d never seen him so relaxed her smile brightened.

Max: Good morning sweetness
Liz: Morning
Max: What¡¦s this I hear about a guy oh what were your words, oh yes getting his Antar ruling butt kicked. Well I am the King of Antar and my butt is here whatever are you going to do with it.

Max turn around with the biggest grin on his face. He loved flustering Liz he was just about to turn around when he got kicked dead on in the butt. Max leaped forward in pain and the people across the street that were looking at Liz earlier erupted in a fit of laughter. He spun around to glare at Liz while rubbing his butt he saw her with a smirk on her face and hands on her hips.

Max: What was the hell was that for Liz that really hurt.
Liz: Didn¡¦t think I would do it huh. Well don¡¦t offer me anything else to kick Max Evans because I sure as hell will. Would you please mind telling me why we are in Colorado? Better yet why we are out of the state of New Mexico. When you said getting away I thought maybe camping are something or maybe going out of town but you got me in a whole other state. What in the hell were you thinking huh what exactly was going through that hybrid DNA mind of yours huh answer me damn it.
Max: So has the spirit of Maria DeLuca like possessed you are something because if you have couldn¡¦t you have warned me so I could have had some pine oil on hand.
Liz: It¡¦s cedar oil not pine oil and shut up!!!
Max: Sorry my mistake.
Liz: Sorry I wiged out but why are we here.
Max: Were here to train my parents own a cabin on the out skirts of town I thought we could use it your going to love it, it¡¦s amazing. It has a little pond in the back high beam ceiling large fireplace in the master bedroom with a bear skin rug in front of it and another useful feature a four poster king size bed. What do you think we could do with that Liz?
Liz: I ¡K¡K I don¡¦t we could pray talk to God ya know um uh¡K ¡K ask for guidance.
Max: Oh don¡¦t you worry Liz you¡¦ll be asking for God alright, but don¡¦t worry about the guidance part just let me take the lead I know all the right twist and turns.
Liz:¡K ¡K ¡K ¡K ¡K ¡K ¡K ¡K alrighty then.

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Part 6

Max and Liz had been driving in peaceful silence for about 20 minutes then Liz thought about way was Max out of the car so long while she was sleeping. She had thought he went to get supplies but he came out empty handed.

Liz: Max what were you doing while I was asleep.
Max: Nothing I was just calling the gang.
Liz: You call each one of them, no wonder you took so long.
Max: I didn¡¦t call each one I went to Isabel, Michael, and Tess¡¦s in their dreams and told them to get everyone else and meet at Michael¡¦s apartment.
Liz: But Max you can¡¦t dreamwalk only Isabel can do that.
Max: Not true sweetness that¡¦s Isabel¡¦s primary power. We can all do it but she can do it to a more extreme point when her powers fully emerge she can do something to a person in their dream and it will happen to them in real life, now that I can not do.
Liz: She can hurt someone in their dreams, Max how do you know all this I mean did you find out this stuff over the summer.
Max: Do you know how important you are to me Liz? I always knew you were the one for me, see on our planet there are things called life companions these are people that you are usually set up with, made to marry, you have no connection with that person that¡¦s what Tess well Ava was to me. You are only made to marry this person if you can not find your bonding mate it¡¦s one person that can open your eyes that can lead you into the light, in all truth Antarians are rather emotionless until they find this person. But when you find them and let them in it¡¦s like finding the key to all the answers in the world your limits and heart are boundless. In my last life I didn¡¦t find this person and Kivar knew and he used it against me when you life is devoid of emotion who would really fight to live. But now Liz I have you something to live for that¡¦s how I know all this. You might be human¡Kwell kind of but the moment I let you in fully and you let me in all the things I needed to know just escaped my heart, mind, and soul. That¡¦s how I know all this Liz I may have been alive another lifetime but this is the first time I¡¦ve ever lived. Liz, my love, my bonded, my Queen.

Max had stopped the car and an was looking Liz straight in the eye and holding both of her hands tears were streaming down her face. Liz could have sworn that time had stop when Max was talking. She was his mate it was really kicking in when Max had told her he wanted to be her Queen how could it be possible Max¡¦s people would never accept her? Now Liz had a feeling it would all be all right. No one could doubt or take away what had happened to them it was bestowed on them by the highest power it wasn¡¦t even their choice. Everything that had happened now makes since now the shooting the flashes the connection it was all meant to happen. It was time to start doing what Grandma Claudia said ¡¥follow your heart¡¦.

Max: Liz are you going to say something because I basically just told you that my family I dying was fate so I could find you.
Liz: I love you so very much. Max, my love, my bonded, my King.
Max: That¡¦s all I wanted to hear.

Max kissed Liz softly it may not have been the traditional bonding ceremony but it was affective just the same. It was so fairytale a promise sealed with a kiss. They leaned away from each and stared in each other eyes with bright smiles and eyes that just seem to scream their love for each other.

Max: A moment has never been so perfect.
Liz: Yeah, I know what you mean. Sooo what happen with the meeting.
Max: Had to ruin the moment didn¡¦t you.
Liz: Didn¡¦t go well
Max: If you call Michel trying to punch out my astral projected form well then yeah everything went great.
Liz: Heh heh¡K¡K¡KWait did you say astral projection.
Max: We have a lot to talk about sweetness a lot to talk about.

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Part 7

Liz: Max the conversation couldn¡¦t have gone that bad I mean what did you say.
Max: Basically I told everyone I was training you to become Queen and that if Tess wanted to still be Queen that she would have to fight you. An until we come back she was to mindwarp our parents to think we were out of town and that if she didn¡¦t do what I said she would pay dearly, so when I threatened her life everyone got kind of rowdy.
Liz: I imagine so, but why did Michael try to punch you. Who was all their any way?
Max: How about I just start from the beginning that¡¦s the only way you¡¦re going to understand how much they were overreacting.
Liz: Sounds good I can¡¦t wait to hear this.
Max: I mean you threaten a few people with bodily harm and every one goes nuts.
Liz: What!!


Everyone was sitting in Michael¡¦s apartment Tess, Maria and Alex were sitting on the couch Michel was pacing the floor and Isabel was sitting on a stool when Nasedo walked in.

Michael: What are you doing here.
Nasedo: Well I was in town watching you all when I saw the little pow wow so I deiced to see what was going on so were is our boy king.
Isabel: Max went into our dreams how is that possible I¡¦m the only one that can dream walk.
Nasedo: He did what?
Max: I dream walked.

Everyone pushed back in his or her seats a bit. There was Max but you could see through him he looked like a ghost. But he just looked so regal and in charge and happy. Max was smiling I mean what¡¦s up with that. Maria could have practically been drinking her cedar oil with how far it was up her nose but she decided there was no reason to be rude.

Maria: Hey Max, how ya doing?
Max: Why hello Maria. It¡¦s good to see someone hasn¡¦t lost their manners. I¡¦m fine can¡¦t complain and how are you?
Maria: Freaking out majorly freaking out.
Max: That¡¦s nice.
Nasedo: What the hell is going on here when did you learn to astral project. ANSWER ME NOW BOY!!!!

All playfulness left Max¡¦s face, everyone took a step back Nasedo knew that he was no longer playing with a boy king and he had just insulted him greatly and he was about to pay. Max reached out his hand and Nasedo flew into the wall with brutal force everyone was completely stunned. Max didn¡¦t even blink with the sound of Nasedo¡¦s breaking bones. His face was a taunt and his eyes were completely black any light that went into them was engulfed by the darkness, his hand was glowing white-hot and he had a criminal grin on his face that made him look even more insane.

Max: I answer to no one but myself and my Queen and you better remember that Protector.
Michael: What the hell is wrong with you Maxwell.
Max: Do you understand Protector.
Nasedo: Yes you Highness.
Max: Good. Now on to better news well Liz has powers and were-
Tess: Wait a minute Liz has powers when did you find that out, are with her right now. Max you can¡¦t keep leading her on like this it¡¦s wrong I mean you were just talking about only answering to me and you¡¦re around Liz it¡¦s wrong Max.
Max: Can I ask you a question? How fucking delusional are you? No, really I mean do take medication do you see spots.
Tess: What is wrong with you?
Max: Like I said before I only answer to my Queen.
Tess: But I am the Queen.
Max: Not for long you aren¡¦t.
Nasedo: What do you mean not for long your highness-I mean if you wouldn¡¦t mind answering me you Royalness.
Max: Well if you remember Nasedo my father was married once before he bonded with my mother, and once he found my mother he knew she would be a better Queen than his current wife. So he challenged the other woman¡¦s title my mother and the woman fought till the other woman was unable to fight. Then my mother was crowned Queen and the other woman¡¦s title was strip and she just became a member of the court. We my friends are about to rewrite history. Ava House of LeMbress Daughter to Lt. Dracon you are challenged for the title of Queen of Antar and the five planets by Elizabeth Claudia Parker an inhibitor of Planet Earth. I Zandaress crowned King of Antar and the five planets, son of past King Malden House of Alcard, have approved the challenge. Any questions?
Michael: Yes, have you lost your FUCKING MIND!!!!!
Max: You better be glad you¡¦re my friend or I would throw you in a wall to.
Alex: But you are you sure you can do this Max I mean Liz is just a lowly human like me how can she fight Tess?
Max: You aren¡¦t lowly my friend and Liz is especially not with the silver fire she blasts from her hands and the astral projection she¡¦s creating for me. Well actually I¡¦m borrowing it while she¡¦s sleeping but let¡¦s not go into details.
Maria: But does Liz want to be Queen I mean that¡¦s a pretty serious title Max I don¡¦t know if my chica is ready for that.
Max: Believe me Maria she¡¦ll be ready when the time comes. Now Tess do you accept the challenge.
Tess: Hell no your crazy!!!
Max: Fine then Liz automatically gets the crown.
Tess: NO!!, you can¡¦t do this I was your wife you can¡¦t do this to me.
Max: I can and I will if you won¡¦t fight for the Crown of Antar than you certainly don¡¦t deserve it.
Tess: Can he really do this.
Nasedo: Yes and no.
Max: What do you mean yes and no?
Nasedo: If you remember the story a member of court had to sponsor your mother just to make sure that it wasn¡¦t your father¡¦s love filled mind wasn¡¦t the reason he wanted her to be Queen but he really did see strength in her. Now the only members of court here are Michael, Tess, Isabel and I. I will not sponsor her she is nothing but a human they¡¦re afraid of there own shadows.
Max: What about the rest of you will you not give her a chance to prove what she can be?
Tess: Hell no I¡¦m the Queen and it needs to stay that way.
Michael: I know you love Liz but I won¡¦t do it, this it¡¦s to serious and the truth is ask anybody she¡¦s strong but no one thinks she can be Queen of a whole planet.
Isabel: I do.
Everyone: What!!!!!!
Max: What you¡¦ll sponsor her, why you¡¦ve never even liked her you would have her hold your life in her hands.
Isabel: She has been already and she¡¦s done a good so far. Since I¡¦ve know her she has shown nothing but courage, understanding, leadership and selflessness and that exactly what a Queen should have and if she cares that much about you, about us to take on that much responsibility then I say let her have a chance. Anyways I would rather much bow to her than Tess any day. I Isabel Diane Evans, House of Evans, Daughter of Phillip Evans attorney at law sponsor Elizabeth Claudia Parker.
Max: Thank you Is
Isabel: No problem bro.
Max: Looks like I have a sponsor.
Michael: You selfish little prick you and a your little bitch are going to get use all killed.
Max: Next time we meet I¡¦m going to kick the shit out of you if I blasted you now I would probably kill you.
Tess: I¡¦ll kill her Max there¡¦s no way she can beat me.
Max: That might be true Tess but this fight isn¡¦t to the death and Liz isn¡¦t going down without fight I assure you, and if you do kill her you won¡¦t be able to catch your breath before I send you to hell. But if you aren¡¦t going to play fair I¡¦ll send you now.
Tess: Did you just threaten to kill me.
Max: I don¡¦t make threats I just told you what would fucking happen if you attempt to screw me over.
Tess: I accept the challenge but I¡¦m going to win, I¡¦ve been doing this stuff my whole life she doesn¡¦t stand a chance.
Max: We¡¦ll see Tess we¡¦ll see. Until Liz and I come back you will mind warp our families to think were out of town doing something I don¡¦t know but make it good.
Tess: I won¡¦t¡K
Max: YOU WILL!!!!!, and if you don¡¦t I¡¦ll make you wish you were still dead got it. Tess if you want to be Queen your going to have to learn to listen I hate having to repeat myself.
Tess: Ok Max.
Max: Now I have my cellphone if there is any trouble call me. I have to go now Liz is waking up.
Maria: Bye girlfriend.
Max: Bye Maria. Oh and Michael try to be a good little boy while I¡¦m gone and not cause any trouble.
Michael: Why you son of a bitch!!!


Max: And that¡¦s when he tried to punch me, they were overreacting right.
Liz: Totally overreacting.
Max: That¡¦s what I thought.
Liz: Max honey, I think it¡¦s time to talk about how to address the people.


Author¡¦s Note: Teach Me

Guy¡¦s I am so sorry I¡¦ve been gone so long. I¡¦ve had major computer problems in the end my hard drive had to be completely cleared out. While that was being done I deiced to switch to Earthlink DSL because my internet connection sucked. Since that¡¦s all done I¡¦ll put out more chapters if you still want the story; also I have to catch up on all the stories I missed. Remember more feedback faster posting.


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Thanks for the feedback guys I thought you had forgot about me, I had been gone so long. A new part will be out sometime monday. I got the idea sweetness because thats what my boyfriend calls me and I call him honeybunny but I couldn't dream of Liz saying that to Max. See yah monday!

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Part 8

Liz: This place is so beautiful Max, how often do you and your family come here.
Max: We try to come twice every year I told you you¡¦d love it, let¡¦s take a look inside.
Liz: Ok

Max put his arm around Liz they walked up the wood stairs to a large porch with a swing and straight ahead was the most eloquent french door Liz had ever seen with windows that look like they had been made with tiffany glass.
Max opens the door and smiled with Liz¡¦s gasp he still couldn¡¦t get over the beauty of the log cabin either. The first thing you see when you step in is an enormous staircase, which broke off in two directions the left and right upstairs. When you looked to the left you saw a living room it had a pine ceiling that was vaulted 30 feet up and a large rock fireplace. To the right you saw the dining room, it was simple but amazing a long oak table with 8 seats an amore and an eye catching chandelier dangling right above the middle of the table.
The kitchen was large with granite table tops and stainless steel appliances and a sliding window that looked over a spacious backyard with a lake. They left the kitchen to go upstairs, to the left were just 3 bedrooms and one large bathroom. But on the right there was only one french door Liz look back at Max and he signaled her to open the door and when she did she had to blink to make sure was seeing correctly. Right in front of her was a king size four poster bed with white silk hanging over the posters making a curtain. She walked further into the room into and saw a white marble fireplace with a beige suede couch in front of it and yep there it was the bear skin rug head and all. Liz saw another door and she opened it. It lead to a girls dream bathroom it had his and hers sinks a Jacuzzi tub and a multiple head shower that could also be used as a steam room and two large closets. Liz went out of the bathroom and went to the glass french doors that lead to a balcony it looked onto the lake in the backyard. It was slightly chilly so when Max saw Liz shiver he wrapped his long strong arms around her from behind.

Max: So do you like it.
Liz: Max it¡¦s so beautiful I don¡¦t know how you leave when you come here.
Max: Easy, I know I¡¦m coming back to something better.
Liz: What could be better than this.
Max: I don¡¦t know coming back to Roswell and seeing you in that amazing uniform of yours.
Liz: Max Evans you are nothing but pure charm.
Max: Yeah I know. Wait I forgot to show you the most important thing, it¡¦s in the basement.
Liz: The basement.
Max: Yeah the basement come on.

Max grab Liz¡¦s arm and rushed down stairs and to the basement door and open it, it was pitch dark. Max let go of Liz¡¦s arm when he went searching for the light. Bright lights came on and Liz had to readjust to the light, but when she did she was shocked it looked like I health club down there. It had everything from free weights and boxing bags to a treadmill and stationary bike.

Max: When we get back to Roswell you are going to be a lean mean fighting machine.
Liz: Max I thought we were going to be working on my powers not getting me ready to fight Tyson.
Max: See Liz this is where were going to win. Tess thinks that you just need your powers to win but your powers drain and when they¡¦re gone what do you have?
Liz: You¡¦re physical strength.
Max: Exactly!, we are not only going to train with your powers but were going to train your stamina and also find a way to channel to your mental strength a.k.a. your powers into your physical strength and Tess won¡¦t even know what hit her.
Liz: Max I¡¦m starting to think this will really work.
Max: Well of course it will work sweetness you didn¡¦t think I was going to let you get your butt kicked did you.
Liz: No, so when do we start.
Max: When we get settled, first we need to go into town and get some supplies.
Liz: Ok lead the way.


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Part 9

Roswell: Alex¡¦s room

Isabel, Maria, and Kyle were sitting on Alex¡¦s bed while Alex was sitting in front of the chair facing them. They were pondering of the recent happenings of there somewhat normal lives. While Alex wasn¡¦t looking Isabel was sneaking peeks at him in wonder. Alex had been gone for the past two month and he had just come back at the day of the meeting, he went to stay with some cousins of his in L.A it looks like he did nothing but work out. He was nothing but muscle it wasn¡¦t as overtly obivous as Max¡¦s or Kyle¡¦s he was just lean an fit he was cute before but now he had hottie status, but he looked cute both ways to Isabel. Maria and Kyle were silently busting at the Isabel¡¦s obvious drooling and Alex¡¦s cluelessness of the situation it was so comical. And Maria being whom Maria is she deiced to have some fun.

Maria: So Alex what¡¦s with the buff look not that I mind I mean I think that our sleepovers could be a bit more fun if you know what I mean. I don¡¦t think me our Liz would mind sharing a bed with you now, not that we did before you¡¦re so fun to cuddle up to.
Isabel: What does that mean cuddle up to.
Maria: Well Alex, Liz and I have been having sleepovers since we were nine. We found out mostly about boys from Alex. Not to mention that he taught Liz and I how to kiss, well how to make out he was our first kiss and makeout session for that matter. Thanks to him I¡¦ve had many compliments on my style, but that¡¦s Alex for you he wouldn¡¦t stop to we did it right. But you know what are friends for.
Kyle: Man, you¡¦re the one that taught Liz how to kiss I feel like I should buy you a car are something did you teach her how to do that thing with her tongue because that¡¦s so-
Isabel: Ok I¡¦ve heard enough.
Alex: Yeah me to let¡¦s change the subject. And Maria to answer your question my uncle owns a gym and he let me use it I liked it so I started to use it often end of story.
Maria: Ok aren¡¦t we touchy I was just paying you a compliment gosh.
Alex: How about we talk about something more constructive like the new drama in our existence, better know as ¡§ Days of our Intergalactic Lives¡¨. I mean Liz fighting for the title of Queen from gerbil I mean wow.
Isabel: Gerbil.
Maria: It¡¦s our nickname for Tess that and Man Stealing Bitch Monster from Outerspace, but Liz made that one up me and Alex just call her gerbil for short.
Kyle: I kinda think she¡¦s hot, I mean for a bitch and all, if she lost the obsessive compulsive disorder with King Max she¡¦d be pretty cool. Don¡¦t you think?
Everyone: No!
Kyle: Ok just a thought gosh.
Isabel: But I mean you do gotta feel sorry for the girl.
Maria: Really, and why must we feel sorry for that lying manipulative soulmate stealing bleached blonde trouble maker.
Alex: I get what you mean Is she¡¦s only had that guy Nasedo her whole life and he probably has drilled that destiny crap in her head since she hatched. No offense.
Isabel: None taken.
Maria: And what¡¦s with you, I mean not to be rude but where did the Ice Princess persona go?
Alex: Maria!!
Isabel: It¡¦s alright Alex. Maria guys I just want to thank you because of you I have something I¡¦ve always wanted friends someone I can be who and what I am and not be afraid and from now on I don¡¦t need that persona because that was all it was. I can just be me and right now I¡¦m still trying to find that out so try to be a little patient ok.

When Isabel was talking she was looking into Alex¡¦s eyes giving him a message that she wanted to be with him, but she had to get herself from behind the tree. Because after being there so long it was really scary to come from behind it but when she did she wanted him to be the first one there to take her hand lead her to a place where for the first time everyone could she the real her.

Alex: I think we can all do that, but you need to know something we only think of you as a who not a what.
Isabel: Thanks Alex.
Alex: Anytime Isabel, anytime.
Kyle: As Buddha says a mind and soul let free without resistance is a mind and soul received without resistance.
Maria: In other words I think it time for a group hug.
Isabel: I don¡¦t think I ready for this, it¡¦s a little to Dawson¡¦s Creek for me.


Part 10

Boulder, Colorado: Local Store

Max and Liz were searching the isle for their last few items. It had taken them twenty minutes to get to the local store Max had changed the color of to car from black to midnight blue. That¡¦s when Liz had started to accuse Max of being paranoid and he replied now that her saliva would be glowing green she better start being paranoid to.

Max: Shampoo.
Liz: Check.
Max: Toothpaste.
Liz: Check.
Max: Ok we¡¦ve got everything lets go checkout.

Max and Liz were standing in the check out line, Max had his arms around Liz from behind and he was nuzzling and nibbling on her neck while Liz was giggling. Liz turned her head to the right and there was a group of three girls it was horrible it look like a group of tall Tess¡¦s. They were all looking adoringly at Max and glaring with their icy blue eyes at Liz. Liz turned in Max¡¦s arms and snuggled in deeper to his embrace she had her arms around his waist and started to rub up and down his back while she was going down the last time she slide her hands into his back pockets. Max had just started to lick and nibble behind Liz¡¦s ear when she slipped her hands into his back pocket and push him forward so he was pressed up against her. Just when she had started to kiss and suck on his neck he heard the most annoying sound in the world the Madison sisters.

Madison sisters: HI MAX!!!
Max: Hey Bambi, Bunny, Belle.

Liz busted out into a huge fit of laughter and hides her face in Max¡¦s neck. How could their mother do that to them you could see they were triplets and I can understand there mother wanting a resemblance in name but this is just ridiculous. They all looked so fake long blonde bleached hair reaching down to the middle of there backs it was curled in what they probably thought was cute little curly cues, I mean Liz hadn¡¦t worn her hair like that since she was five. There chest size had to at least be an E size cup but the funniest thing was they¡¦re matching pink snow jackets it was so funny with their names engraved on the front.

Max: This is my girlfriend Elizabeth Parker, Liz this is ¡V
Liz: It¡¦s alright you don¡¦t have to tell me Bambi, Bunny, and Belle right.
Bunny: Do you like find something funny about our names Elizabeth.
Liz: Like as a matter of fact-
Max: No she doesn¡¦t she¡¦s probably still thinking about a joke that I told her right sweetness.
Liz: Yeah sure whatever.
Bambi: So like Maxie pooh were have you been we¡¦ve like missed you tons and tons.
Belle: Yeah we were so lonely.
Liz: Well not that it¡¦s any of your business but Maxie pooh has been with me.
Bunny: So you¡¦re his girlfriend huh that¡¦s sweet young teenage romances cute but not really substantial.
Liz: How old are you any way?
Madison sisters: 23
Liz: Just a little news for you ladies chasing after my boyfriend is illegal and bad for your health.
Checker: Next
Liz: That¡¦s us goodbye ladies you have a nice day.
Max: Bye.
Bunny: Slut.

Liz heard the comment as the girls were walking away she was so sick of these blond tramps trying to take her man. The hair on the back of Liz¡¦s neck started to stand on end, her eyes started to blur and burn she knew something bad was going to happen but she couldn¡¦t look away from Bunny¡¦s blonde head. Her skin started to prickle and suddenly the stores lights dim the floor started to shake. Somewhere in the back of Liz¡¦s mind she felt Max shaking her but she couldn¡¦t look away from Bunny the store light came on full blast making a blinding light then there was a big boom that sent a monumental crash then cloud of dust settled over the store.


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Part 11

The dust had started to clear in the store you could hear crying Max had put his body in front of Liz¡¦s to block her from the debris. Max had pulled back and was running his hands all over Liz¡¦s body to see if she was all right. He looked up at her face and tears were running down them at an alarming rate her eyes were wide and she was shaking.

Max: Liz are you all right. Come on Liz you gotta talk to me. Liz speak up I can¡¦t hear you.
Liz: I did this.
Max: I know but-
Bunny: Someone please help me I¡¦m hurt.
Liz: Max go¡K¡Kgo help her I¡¦m fine.

Max left to go find Bunny to could she that it look like there had been so kind of avalanche the rocks had plowed through the side of the store and with that part of the ceiling colapsed. You could see two of the sisters on the floor surrounding a pile of rubble but then he could see that Bunny was lying down and that some of the ceiling had fallen on her leg but other than that she looked fine.

Bunny: Max my leg is stuck.
Max: It¡¦s ok Bunny I hear sirens it¡¦s going to be all right.
Bambi: Max your back is bleeding like really bad.
Max: I¡¦m fine it¡¦s just a few gashes.
Paramedic: Everyone out of the way give us some room.
Max: You gonna be all right.
Bunny: Yeah probably broken though. You better go take care of your girl she looks freaked. Hey watch what your doing you prick my leg is broken.
Paramedic: Sorry miss.
Cop#1: Well looks like everyone is all right
Cop#2: Yeah but I wonder how all those rocks got loose.
Max: Sir
Cop#1: Yeah son, well if it isn¡¦t Max Evans how yah doing son you all right kinda scary experience huh.
Max: Um yeah, did you say everyone is all right.
Cop#1: Yeah Bunny has a broken leg but the paramedic said she would be fine.
Max: Well I have to go find my girlfriend.
Cop#1: Well bye Max.
Max: By sir.
Cop#2: Get that back checked out son.
Max: Yes sir.
Max walked over to Liz were she was sitting in front of the sidewalk in front of the store. He didn¡¦t know what to say to her; he was so mad at her for putting people¡¦s lives in danger but how could he be mad at her for something she can¡¦t control. On the other hand Michael has never been able to control his powers but he never hurt Hank and he probably should have. But what hurt Max the most of everything was her extreme jealousy, not that Max didn¡¦t get jealous but in the store when Liz started to makeout with him he thought that she wanted him but she was only staking her claim to him it hurt. Liz¡¦s doubt in there love is what really made Max angry he just couldn¡¦t talk to her right now or he would say something he didn¡¦t mean and he would regret. She looks so broken and scared sitting there but maybe this is good for her make her learn to control her anger.

Max: Liz let¡¦s go.
Liz: Max are you-
Max: Let¡¦s just go.
Liz: I¡¦m sorry.
Max: Come on Liz.
Liz: Oh my God Max what happened to your back.
Max: Some debris hit it I¡¦ll be fine.

Max and Liz drove back to the log cabin in complete silence. Well except for the little sniffles from Liz. Max jumped out of the car as soon as they were in front of the house.

Max: I¡¦m just going to take a shower and heal my back are you going to be ok.
Liz: Yeah I¡¦m going to be fine.
Max: Well ok.
Liz: Max I really am sorry.

Max just walked away. It was later that evening Max had been upstairs three hours without coming down Liz went to go check on him and he was upstairs asleep in the master bedroom. Liz pulled the covers up around him and got some blankets and went downstairs to the family room were she fell asleep on the couch crying.


Part 12

Max awoke from sleep he looked at the clock beside him God it was nine am. Liz what was he going to do about Liz, well they did need to practice this morning that was for sure. Max also decided that he needed to apologize, that¡¦s when Max recognized that he was in bed alone. Max got dressed in a haste he went down stairs while putting his shirt on he looked into the kitchen and he saw the lights dim and brighten lightly and they kept repeating this until they went out completely. ¡§Dammit¡¨ yelled Liz¡¦s annoyed voice. ¡§Why can¡¦t I just do this right I¡¦m such a idiot, ok breath in and out, calm and collected now concentrate¡¨. The light went brighten slowly then dimmed again. Max went to the entrance of the kitchen and there sat Liz Indian style with her hand stretched out in front of her, Liz had her hand aimed toward eight candles. When Liz breathed in her hand glowed bright silver and as she breathed out each candle lit up one at a time and her hand dimmed, as she breathed in again each candle dimmed one at a time and her hand lit up. Max had never seen such control over powers in his life well lives not only was she expelling her power slowly she was collecting it as well. Once your powers have left your body it¡¦s nearly impossible to collect them. Liz stood up and turned around and saw Max and the smile on her face disappeared and she put her head down and whatever pride she had with her accomplishment left because seeing him reminded her of the damage she¡¦d caused. Max¡¦s smile also disappeared he had never wanted to be the one to cause a smile to fade from her beautiful face are make her feel ashamed of herself, but how could she not feel that way with the way he treated her yesterday. He was the only one who should feel ashamed. Liz turned her back from him and started to put up groceries, it seemed that she had decided to do some earns while he was asleep. Max walked up to Liz and when he touched her shoulder and she stiffened and walked away. Max got a flash of her working on her power and them going haywire and her left hand getting burnt not as badly as before but it was enough to give her discomfort. He yanked his hand away from Liz but she didn¡¦t notice she went to the cabinet and started to put things away and sure enough her left hand was damaged. Max walked up to Liz turned her around and stared her in the eye if he didn't know any better he would have thought she was afraid of him.

Liz: Good morning Max¡Kum how did you sleep?
Max: What happened to your hand Liz?
Liz: Nothing just clumsy.
Max: Don¡¦t lie Liz I know you hurt your hand with your powers again.
Liz: Please Max it barley hurts don¡¦t worry ok.
Max: No it¡¦s not ok, why didn¡¦t you wake me up.
Liz: Because I didn¡¦t want you to get mad at me again maybe decide this was a bad idea and maybe take me home. There my powers I should be able to take care of them. You were sleeping any ways you¡¦ve probably used a lot of energy fixing the damage I did to you any way. Max I know your mad at me but if you give me one more chance I promise I won¡¦t screw up any more I can be better just look and see what I can do it¡¦s only lighting candles but it¡¦s a start right. Maybe I can learn faster if you just teach me a little I promise Max I¡¦ll be better just don¡¦t give up on me I don¡¦t know what I would do without you¡K¡K¡K.. I¡¦m just so sorry please forgive me.
Max held Liz as she cried into his chest holding him, for dear life. He wanted to die right then and there how could he have made her feel so terrible he held her tight and let her cry out all the pain he caused out onto his chest. He would never regret bringing her here and whatever the outcome of all this it would be the smartest thing he had ever done. Max held Liz close as he could to his chest and rocked her side and kept repeating how much he loved her until her sobs subsided. He pulled away and wiped Liz¡¦s tears away with his thumbs as he held her face trying to get her to look him in the eye,
Max: Oh God Liz, look at me I love you I would never give up on you I was mad at myself more than anything I was the idiot and the truth is you could live without me I¡¦m the one that can¡¦t live without you. Do you forgive me Liz for being such an insensitive jerk?
Liz: Yes but only if you forgive me.
Max: You¡¦re forgiven sweetness. Now tell me how did you do that wicked thing I just saw with the candles.
Liz: Well it really wasn¡¦t that hard once I concentrated.

As Liz explained everything to Max how she learned how to control her powers a bit and all the burns and emotions were healed, they were given a fresh start
If only things were that great in Roswell.

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