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Title : LA Lakers vs. Love
Rating : Pg-13 for now
Category : M/L ofcourse !!!!
Summary : Max is a famous basketball player,he plays for the LA Lakers. Liz is just a waitress who has a son.
Disclaimer : I don't own a thing.

Note:I'm not american, so if there are mistakes, please forgive me. This my first fic that I have ever posted so feedback will be much appreciated.Thank you and enjoy.


*Part 1*

When Max left the court, he got a great applause from all the supporters.
What did you expect, he scored 36 points !!!
The game wasn’t over yet, but he had done his part.
He sat on the bench and looked around at the audience when his eyes rested on a cute brunette with a little kid, probably her son, sitting on the other side of the court.
He kept watching them threw the rest of the game, he was transfixed by her. She was just breathtaking! When the game ended, the supporters stormed out on the court and he couldn’t see her anymore. He went back to the locker room , there he found the little boy that was with the cute brunette. “Hey kiddo, what’s up?” he asked the kid.
The little boy looked him straight in the eye and started crying.
“Shhhh, what’s wrong?” Max was concerned. The boy started speaking between tears.
“I” sniff “lost” sniff “my” sniff “mommy!” And the dam was broken again.
“It’s alright, kiddo, I’ll find her for you.” Max said, he comforted the boy and took him in his arms and lead him inside the locker room.
“Now you sit here and I’ll go look for her. Okay?” Max asked. The boy was still crying and just nodded. Max left the locker room in search for the cute brunette. He went straight to the court and looked at the seat where he had seen her last. Not to his surprise, she was still sitting there, crying her eyes out. He went over to her and cleared his throat to get her attention.
She turned around and faced him. “Oh, excuse me !” she apologised.
“You don’t need to apologise for anything. Are you alright miss ?” Max asked, knowing the answer already. “Nooooo, I just lost my son !!!” she almost screamed.
“Calm down, miss, I know where he is, he’s fine.” Max reassured her.
“Where is he ? Can you take me to him, please?” she quickly asked.
“It would be my pleasure Miss! Just follow me!” Max replied.
They went down the stairs and walked towards the locker room, once Max opened the locker room the brunette ran towards her son, wrapped her arms around him and started kissing his little face. ‘Oh, I wish I was that kid right now’ Max thought.
“Don’t you do that to me ever again. I was so worried about you, are you alright?” the brunette asked her son. “I’m sorry mommy, I won’t do it again, but I’m alright, he took care of me.” The little boy answered while pointing at Max.
“ Oh, thank you for taking care of my son. I wouldn’t know what I would have done if I had lost him. Thank you so much.” The brunette thanked Max and shook his hand.
“ It was my pleasure Miss !” Max replied.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t introduce myself, I’m Liz Parker and this is my son Matthew” Liz presented her son and herself.
“Well, I’m glad everything is alright Miss Parker, you got a great kid there.” Max stated.
“ Please, call me Liz.” Liz requested. “OK, Liz, can I give you both a lift home?” Max asked.
“No we’ll be fine, Mister Evans. Besides we wouldn’t want to intrude you.” Liz answered.
She knew she was talking to Max Evans, one of the best basketball players in the world.
“So you recognized me huh?” Max asked.
“It’s hard not to, my son has a poster of you in his bedroom!” Liz smiled.
‘ OMG, what a smile, it makes me go soft in the knees’ Max thought.
“Can I still give you a ride home?” Max requested. He so desperately wanted to know Liz Parker and giving her a ride home was the first step !!
“Please mommy can he?” Matthew joined Max’s plead.
“Matthew, I think Mister Evans probably has other plans for tonight. His team just won ,
so I think he needs to go to a victory party.” Liz said to her son.
“Well you’re wrong, I don’t need to do anything. So will you please let me give you a ride home?!” Max practically demanded it. “Fine, if it isn’t inconvenient for you, we’ll be honoured to get a ride from you.” Liz said. She had to admit Max Evans was one very HOT guy.

I hope you enjoyed it.

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First of all, thank you all very much for the great feedback. It makes me happy.
Secondly I've been trying to post, but it never worked.
So normally you would have gotten the second part sooner. My apologies !!!!
It's a little short, but I'm gone try to post more often.
Thank you for everything !!!!!

*Part 2*

When they arrived at Liz’s place, Matthew was already asleep.
“Do you wanna come in? “ Liz whispered. She wasn’t sure if she would be invading his privacy by asking that. Max on the other hand was happy that Liz had offered it. It saved him a lot of work! “I’d love to” replied Max softly.
He took Matthew in his arms and followed Liz inside.
“Where can I lay him?” he asked Liz. He liked having Matthew in his arms, it made him wish that he had a son. “Could you just put him in his bed immediately.” Liz answered.
She wasn’t used to seeing a guy with Matthew. It was strange but pleasant at the same time.
She showed Max Matthew’s bedroom. Max laid him softly on his bed and whipped his hair from his forehead. Liz was astonished by how Max laid Matthew on his bed.
He fitted so good in the picture. She was shocked. Matthew didn’t know his dad and Liz knew he needed a father figure but she never knew that Max Evans was gone be an option.
Max turned around and faced her, he saw her look and started smiling.
Liz snapped out of her phase and looked Max right in the eyes. They both went weak in the knees. After a couple of minutes, Liz turned away and broke the moment.
She putted Matthew his pyjamas on and gave him a goodnight kiss. When she and Max were about to leave the room, Matthew whispered ; “Max, could you read me a story ?”
Both Max and Liz were shocked by what Matthew had asked. Liz looked at Max, she saw him doubting. “You don’t have to Max” Liz whispered so Matthew couldn’t hear.
“No, I’d love to.” Max answered strongly. He went back to Matthew’s bed and sat next to Matthew. He started telling the a fairytale about a prince and a princess. Liz quickly went outside and broke down as soon as she was outside Matthew’s room.
Max found her on the same place once he was done with reading. He took Liz in his arms while she kept crying and laid her on the couch. He lay himself next to her.
She surrounded him with her arms and fell asleep. Max watched her sleep and eventually joined her.

I hope it was good.


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Thanks for all the feedback !
I'm glad you all like it.
Enjoy the new part !!

*Part 3*

The next morning, both of them were awoken by a scream. They both got up as soon as they heard it. When they opened their eyes the could see an amazingly shocked Maria !
When they were completely awake they realized that they had falling asleep on the couch, in each others arms. “ Maria, calm down. What’s wrong?” Liz asked, she was still shocked that she had slept in Max Evans’ arms. And she had to admit, it had been a couple of months since she had slept so good.
Maria went crazy. “Liz, what’s wrong?? I come here to find my best friend in the arms of a stranger. And that stranger is none the less Max Evans !!!!Can you see what’s wrong???” Maria practically screamed. “Maria, you’re babbling !!” Liz replied.
Max didn’t know what to do. He had never been in this position. He just looked at Liz.
Liz finally noticed that she had left Max out of the blank. So she introduced him to Maria.
“Max, I’d like you to meet my best friend Maria DeLuca.” Max just nodded and shook Maria’s hand. “Hey Maria, nice to meet you !” Max said a little sleepy. Maria just grinned !
She wondered what had happened the night before, Liz had never took a guy home with her and especially not a hunk like Max Evans. “So how did you two meet?” Maria asked very curiously. Liz just started laughing! Until she heard Matthew crying. Both Liz and Max jumped of the couch and ran into Matthew’s room. They were besides Matthew’s bed in seconds. “Honey, what’s wrong?” Liz asked. Matthew just kept crying. “Come on kiddo, what’s up?” Max wondered what had happened that unsettled Matthew so badly.
Maria watched the whole scene from the door, she was surprised that Max cared so much for Matthew while he just met Matthew the other night.
Matthew opened his mouth but nothing came out. “It’s alright sweety, whatever it is will be fine!” Liz comforted her son. “ I had a nightmare, mommy” Matthew stuttered out.
“What was it about?” Liz wondered. Matthew hadn’t had any nightmares for a while.
Matthew looked into Liz’ eyes and said that it was about Liz and Max.
When Liz ,Max, Maria heard this they were all shocked. Nobody knew what to say.
“So what happened Matt?” Max finally asked.
Matthew began explaining that he had seen himself, his mommy and Max in a car. They were all happy and they were going somewhere special. But a truck hit them and Liz and Max were immediately dead. Matthew had seen their faces covered with blood and he started crying and that’s when he woke up. When Liz, Max, Maria heard this, they all gasped.
Liz quickly took Matthew in her arms. “ Shhhhh, it’s okay baby, it was just a bad dream, we’re still here. See Max and I are still alive.” Liz comforted her son.
Max just sat there, he found it horrible knowing Matthew had pictured his mommy and Max dead. Nobody should go threw that. So he decided, to let the topic rest for a little bit.
“ Matt, what do you say I make you some pancakes for breakfast?” Max asked, trying to distract everybody from the bad event.
“ With hot chocolate sauce?” Matthew asked with a little smile on his face.
“You’ve got it kiddo !!!” Max replied, satisfied that his mission had been accomplished.
Matthew jumped in Max’ arms and both men headed towards the kitchen.
They started making breakfast while Maria and Liz stayed shocked in Matthew’s room.
Maria ran to Liz’ side as soon as Max and Matthew were out of the room.
“ Ok, what happened last night? I want details !” Maria said exited.
Liz just sat there in shock. “Maria, did you see that?” Liz asked.
Maria looked at Liz. Liz’ face was so funny ! “What ,chica?” Maria wondered about what Liz could have been talking about.
“ Matthew has never done that, NEVER !” Liz replied.
Maria still had no clue what Liz was talking about, but she left it at that.
She went to join the men in the kitchen while Liz stayed on Matthew’s bed.

Hope you liked it !


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Thanks for all the great feedback !
It's at the moment, the only thing good in my life !
This weekend, I have to go to my dad's,
so you can expect a new part on monday.
Enjoy !!!!

*Part 4*

When Maria walked into the kitchen, she saw a mess and two figures covered with flower.
“What the hell is going on here?” Maria asked. Matthew and Max stopped their flower-fight and turned towards Maria. “Eum, eum , we’re having a flower- fight !” Max stated.
It had been fun but now they had to clean the mess up and that wasn’t very pleasant!
But Matthew enjoyed himself so much that he didn’t want to quit so he threw some flower towards Maria. And the flower was in the air again for the second time that day.
When Liz finally came out of her trance, she went to the kitchen and was quickly covered by flower. She was trying to hide from all the flower, but couldn’t because two very muscled arms were wrapped around her and just wouldn’t let her go !!!!
“Max, let go of me!” Liz yelled. But Max wouldn’t oblige !!!
Liz actually liked the feeling of his arms around her. But she just couldn’t get dragged into this, she couldn’t do this to Matthew. Besides what would Max Evans see in little mommy, Liz Parker?
“Come on, mommy! This is fun !!!” Matthew said excited.
“Yeah come on mommy !” Max said, repeating after Matthew. Both guys smiled at Liz!
Liz looked from Matthew to Max and just couldn’t resist those smiles ! She took a bowl of flower and threw it on Max’ head. Max released Liz from his grip and just stood there, covered with flower. Liz, Maria, Matthew just laughed at the sight of a white Max !
“Oh, you’re going down, mommy !!” Max stated before he reached for a pack of flower and ran after Liz. Liz was running in the living room when Max caught her.
“You’re mine, Liz!” Max proudly said before he covered Liz completely with flower!
“Mommy, you look a little pale. Are you sick?” Matthew asked. He couldn’t keep his laughter. He hated it when his mommy always asked him that and now he could get back to her. He loved it !
Everybody started laughing and when it finally died down, they all noticed that the living room and kitchen were covered in flower. Nobody wanted to clean up so Max suggested they’d clean up their selves and he would take them out for breakfast.
And with that, the flower-fight was over and everybody got cleaned up.
Max took them out in his Ford Explorer. They went to a little coffee shop called “Where dreamers are born !”

Hope you liked it !!!


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Thanks for all the feedback !
I'm still thinking about the next part,
if anybody has any ideas,
please do tell !
I hope you all have a great weekend
thanks for everything,
it really means a lot to me,
because I'm going threw a very rough period

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Lana Lane:
Thanks for your support,
it has meant a great deal to me.
I know I promised that I was gone post a new part today,
so I'm gone keep that promise.
But I've just written it,
I hope it's good.
Enjoy !

*Part 5*

When they entered the little coffee shop, they were immediately surrounded by the smell of fresh coffee ! The shop was little but very cosy and homey.
Of course Max knew the owner of the shop and got them a private table at the end of the shop. They sat down and Matthew just kept looking around.
“Wow!!!” was the only thing he could say !
“This place looks great !” Liz stated. Max was happy that both Liz and Matthew liked it.
“I know the owner of this place, it’s my brother-in-law! I don’t see my sister very often so every week we take time to get together and we always do it here !” Max replied.
“Oh, that’s just great that you make time for each other !” Liz was amazed that Max was a family-man. “Mommy when are we coming back?” Matthew asked.
“Sweetie, we just got here and we haven’t yet ordered food and you already wanna come back?” Liz asked surprised. Although she understood Matthew’s feelings, she felt the exact way. This place was just like HOME !!!
A waitress came by and took their order. They all enjoyed their meal and stayed a little longer, so that they wouldn’t have to go home to the mess they made earlier this morning.
Maria made an excuse up so she wouldn’t need to help clean up ! Liz thought that Max would back out too but he didn’t ! Max was a true gentleman and offered cleaning up the apartment.
“Max, it’s ok. You can go home, we’ve taken enough of your time, thank you for the lovely breakfast!” Liz replied to the sweet but not acceptable offer.
But Max is a stubborn guy and won’t take no for an answer !
“Liz, I made that mess, so the least I can do is clean it up, besides I enjoy spending time with you and Matthew! Please !!!” Max said.
Liz still shook her head no!
“I’ll go down on my knees and beg if I have to !” Max pleaded. Max was practically desperate. He wanted to spend more time with them and he would do anything to get that time! “Please, mommy, then Max could stay for lunch and you could make your great spaghetti!” Matthew joined Max’ side. Max just loved the kid !!! Matthew was great.
Max wondered what ever happened to his dad. He was curious but he didn’t want to push the subject so he would just wait until Liz came to him.
“Yeah, mommy, I wanna taste your spaghetti!” Max said, acting like Matthew.
It was so funny, that Liz couldn’t keep her laughter.
“Ok, son, I’ll make you some spaghetti.” Liz said while squeezing Max’ cheek like a little kid! So they started cleaning and around lunch time, a huge part of the apartment was spotless and Liz started making dinner while the guys finished up cleaning.

Hope you enjoyed it,
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Thank you !!!
I can't post a new part today,
because I have worked all night on an assignment for French ! I'm sorry,
But I'll make it up to you !
I'll post a large part tomorrow, okay?

Lana Lane,
I'm feeling better,
thanks for asking.
I'm glad you liked the last part,
though I had written it in a couple of minutes.
I hope everything is ok with you !

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Ok, here's the long part I had promised !
I hope you like it,
I don't find it well written,
but I'll let all of you judge.

Lana Lane,
French isn't an option at my school,
it my second language.
Si tu veux, je peux parler français avec toi?

*Part 6*

“Mmmmmm, this soooooooooo good! It’s delicious.” Max stated, grabbing another full spoon of spaghetti. Liz laughed as she saw Max taking more spaghetti, it was the third time!
“It looks like you like it!” Liz giggled.
“Liz, I love it! I wonder if everything you make is as good as this?” Max wondered, but he wasn’t only thinking about food !!!
“Max, my man, everything mommy makes is good. Just look at me!” Matthew answered.
Max smiled at Matthew. “I have to agree with you on that one !” Max said and rubbed in Matthew’s hair. Matthew was thrilled by the compliment. He wondered if Max was gone be his daddy.He was the first guy that had spent so much time with his mom and himself.
And of course Max was his great idol, so he would make a good example. So Matthew hoped that for once, his dream was gone come true!

After they had finished dinner and cleaned everything up, Max suggested going to the park.
Matthew was thrilled and when Liz saw this, she just nodded.
She just hoped that Matthew wasn’t going to get attached to Max because she knew it would never work out. She had read it everywhere, relationships between a star and a normal person never work out. She just couldn’t risk it. Matthew would be crushed, he had been threw so much already, she just couldn’t do that him? He meant the world to her. Even though she had feelings for Max. Besides who said that Max had feelings for her?
Liz was debating so hard that she hadn’t seen Matthew make a three-pointer.
“Mommy, mommy, did you see that?” Matthew asked, he was so proud of himself.
“Huh?” Liz just got out of her trance.
“Mommy, tell me that you did see it, right?” Matthew was getting disappointed.
“I’m sorry, honey. I’ll watch this time.” Liz said, knowing that she had hurt Matthew.
She gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Whatever!” Matthew replied.
Max came behind him, took him up on his shoulders.
“What do you wanna do now, kiddo?” Max asked. He was so proud of Matthew.
He was amazed that Matthew played so good basketball.
“Ice crème !” Matthew practically shouted.
“You got it, kiddo! Do you want anything Liz?” Max asked, being the perfect gentleman.
“No, thank you, I’m just gone out to the car.” Liz stated.
Max saw that something was bothering Liz, but he would ask for it, later.
Right now, was ice crème – time.
When Max and Matthew had eaten their ice crème, they joined Liz and went home !
On the way home, Matthew had fallen asleep, so when they arrived at Liz’ apartment Max took Matthew in his arms. They went inside and Max immediately went to Matthew’s room,
he put him in bed and joined Liz in the living room. He sat right besides Liz.
“You exhausted him! He doesn’t play basketball that often.” Liz stated.
“Oh, sorry, didn’t know that one!” Max thought he had done something wrong.
“You don’t have to apologise, Max. Just wanted to tell you why he was so exhausted. It’s great seeing Matthew play basketball with you! It’s been a while since I’ve seen him smiling that much. I just don’t know anywhere.” Liz blurted out.
Max was getting confused.
“What are you talking about Liz? What don’t you know anymore?” Max asked, hoping to get some answers to his many questions.
“Look Max, I normally don’t do this. I’m afraid that both Matthew and myself will get hurt. He has been threw enough and I don’t think he could handle this.” Liz replied.
Max wasn’t getting any wiser, just the opposite! “Liz, what are you talking about ? I’m not following!” Max wondered. Liz closed her eyes for a second and then opened them again and looked straight in the eyes of Max Evans. “Max, Matthew and I aren’t used to a guy hanging around us. You are the first guy that has actually spent so much time with us after knowing that I had a son. And you don’t even know all of it yet, so I think it would be best if you just left and we didn’t took more of your time, ever again.” Liz had water in her eyes, she couldn’t say another word or she would burst into tears. Max closed his eyes after hearing the only thing in the world that would break his heart. But he wasn’t gone give up that easy, no way !
Liz had captured his heart and he wouldn’t give that up without a fight!
“Liz, now you listen to me ! First of all, you have a great son, I can’t imagine why guys wouldn’t want to spend time with him, he’s magnificent. And yes, I don’t know everything yet, but I do know it’s gone take an awful lot to keep me away from the both of you. Last night and today were one of the best moments I have ever experienced in my life!” Max simply stated, he had told her the truth.
Liz couldn’t take it anymore and started crying as hard as she could.
Max took her again in his arms. After a while, Max lifted Liz’ chin up so she could look into his eyes. “Liz, that’s the TRUTH!” Max said, before he lowered his head. Their foreheads touched and Max stopped for a little while, they just sat there, staring into each other’s eyes.
Liz’ tears stopped ! She was taken by the beautiful brown eyes of Max, she could drown in those eyes. Max felt the same way about Liz. Their lips came closer, inch by inch. ......

I know,
I'm cruel,
but I have to do something to keep all of you reading.
So next part: will they kiss or not?

Oh and a question: when do they play basketball games in the USA, on friday or saturday?


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J' habite en Belgique,
et ça existe en deux parts,
une part parle du néerlandais et une part parle du français.
Moi, ma langue maternelle est néerlandais,
mais ma deuxième langue est français.
Je connais néerlandais, français, anglais et allemagne !
Je sais que mon français n'est aps bon,
mais j' essaie.

I'm sorry to be so cruel,
but I have to leave you wondering, lolz.

thanks for the info

thanks for all the extra brownie points, lolz.
and I just said : "if you want, I can speak French with you" in french
I'm glad you liked that part,
but your goldfish impression looks funny


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Officiellement, il n’y a pas du différence entre le néerlandais et le flamand.
Mais le flamand est caractérisé par la Belgique, tu veux dire que c’est une dialecte de néerlandais.

I'm sorry peeps,
but I haven't got a new part for you today.
My honest apologies.


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Thanks for all the feedback !
I'm doubting about this part,
but I'll see what you think of it !

*Part 7*

But just as they were about to kiss, Matthew yelled for the whole block.
Max and Liz were so startled that they were apart in a matter of seconds.
They just looked into each other’s eyes again.
“Eum, I’d better check on Matthew!” Liz said, she was struggling with herself.
She didn’t know what to do. Her heart said one thing and her mind another.
Max just nodded, he hoped that Liz had listened to every word he had said and that she would let him in. “You look kind of tired, if you want to lie down, you can use my bed, my bedroom is at the end of the hallway.” Liz explained. With that she finally was able to look away from Max’ eyes and went to Matthew’s room. When she saw Matthew crying in his bed, she was by his side in seconds. “Did you have another bad dream sweetie?” Liz wondered.
Matthew just threw his arms around his mommy. They sat like that until Matthew fell asleep again in Liz’ arms. She put him back to bed and tucked him in and gave him a peck on the forehead. Meanwhile, Max had nestled himself into Liz’ bed.
Liz entered her room and just froze. The sight of Max in her bed, made her weak in the knees.
It felt like he belonged there, that it was in her bed that he was destined to sleep.
Liz just didn’t know what to do anymore. The only thing she knew, that Matthew would always come first !
Liz slowly approached her bed and carefully laid herself down far from Max.
Within seconds she was asleep and dreaming……….

When Liz woke up, she was in the arms of Max Evans. How did she end up there?
She knew for sure that she had fallen asleep at a safe distance from Max.
What had happened that night?
Anyway, Max started stirring, so Liz closed her eyes again and pretended sleeping.
She was enjoying the feeling of Max surrounding her.
When Max opened his eyes, he was shocked but very happy to find Liz in his arms.
He looked at her beautiful face, he couldn’t imagine waking up and not seeing that face when he opened his eyes. He kept looking at her. She was so gorgeous !
He had never felt like this before, NEVER !
What was he gone do? He had fallen in love with Liz Parker. He wouldn’t let her go, ever again. It was a promise he made to himself and he was gone keep this one !

Liz wondered what Max was doing !
She thought that once he saw her in his arms that he would be angry and he would get out of the bed as quick as he could, but he didn’t. He stayed and kept his arms around her.
She felt his eyes on her and knew it was time to “wake up”, otherwise Matthew might see them in this position and he would make wrong conclusions.
So she started stirring and fluttered her eyes open.
She had assumed that Max would take his arms away once she was awake but he didn’t.
Max Evans had her surprised many times this morning and something told her it would be the last time today. When she turned her head around to take a look at Max’ eyes.
She was overwhelmed by the feeling he gave her, LOVE ! He was looking at her like she was the most precious thing in the world. Damn, she wanted to kiss him so badly, but she just couldn’t.
“Hey, sleeping beauty” Max said with a warm, loving smile.
“Hey Max” Liz quickly said. She didn’t know exactly what to say after Max’ good morning. She wasn’t used to this, nobody had ever called her that. Besides nobody has ever spent the night in her bed.
“Is something wrong ? Is Matthew ok ? What happened last night ?” Max asked after seeing Liz’ face turn so serious.
“Nothing’s wrong, Matthew is alright, I think he had another bad dream. He hasn’t said anything about it, he just cried and fell asleep in my arms.” Liz answered.
Max was so concerned about Matthew and her, it felt so strange but nice !
She had to talk to Maria, she would make sense to her ! Because right now she wasn’t making any sense !
“Eum, I think we’d better get out of bed, because Matthew will wake up any second and…” Liz said.
“Yeah, good idea !” Max replied.
Liz looked at him surprised, she thought he would take it as an offence but he simply didn’t.
He had amazed her for the third time this morning. What would this day bring more ???

no kiss,
I'm sorry,
have a little patience,
you will get !!!!
Hope you enjoyed


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Hey peeps,
what's up?
I'm glad you liked the new part.
I've just written the next part,
but I'm doubting if I should post it,
today is my birthday and I don't know if it's well written.

actually you've got it wrong,
things aren't going well so that's why I spend so much time with my fanfic.
it's my way of escaping from reality

posted on 2-Jun-2002 5:56:17 AM by French Kiss Lilly
Merci beaucoup, nana !
alors, est-ce que tu veux lire le nouveau partie?

posted on 2-Jun-2002 6:52:46 AM by French Kiss Lilly
I've read your story and it did bring a smile to my face!
My family is coming over later, for pie !!!

Well, I'm gone post the new part,
but personally I don't find it good

*Part 8*

Max and Liz got out of bed and went into the kitchen to make breakfast.
Two seconds later Matthew came out of his room. That was close !
“Hey mommy, hey da…. eum Max!” Matthew stuttered a little bit.
Liz was shocked when she heard Matthew almost say daddy to Max.
She looked at Matthew but he was looking at his feet like it was the most interesting thing in the world. Then she looked at Max, but he was just making eggs and he hadn’t heard what Matthew said.
“Hey kiddo, no more nightmares?” Max asked after taking Matthew in his arms.
Matthew nodded no. Max smiled at seeing Matthew, there was something about the kid that made him wish that Matthew was his son.

They all made breakfast and ate it peacefully. They were all at ease, like they did it everyday.
When they were cleaning the dishes, Maria entered the apartment.
“Liz, girl, where are you? I have to talk to you ! I want all the details !!!” Maria yelled as soon as she was in the apartment. She walked into the kitchen and saw them washing the dishes.
Max was blushing because he knew she wanted to details of him. Liz just looked at the ground, she didn’t know what to do.
“Hey aunty Maria !” Matthew said while kissing Maria on the cheek.
“Hey Matthew, Liz and Max!” Maria replied. She wondered what was going on, Max was still here. She really needed to talk to Liz.
“Hey Maria” Max said good morning, but he was afraid to make eye contact.
“Eum, Max could you handle the rest of the dishes? I really need to talk to Liz” Maria asked.
“Yeah sure, go ahead !” Max simply stated, he didn’t have any problems with it.
Maria grabbed Liz and pulled her out of the kitchen.
They went to Liz’ bedroom. The sat on the bed and Maria started talking.
“Ok, what the hell is going on? How come he is still here?” Maria asked.
“Maria, I don’t know what’s going on. After you left yesterday, we cleaned up the house, we had lunch and he took us to the park. He played basketball with Matthew, it was amazing. I haven’t seen Matthew smile that much ever. We drove back home and Matthew fell asleep in the car. So Max took him in his arms and came inside and put him to bed. Later, we sat in the living room and I just collapsed. I told him how I felt and then…..” Liz said, she was having a hard time, she had water in her eyes again.
“Liz, chica, come on, you can say it. It’s me Maria, your best friend. Whatever it is, I’ll be by your side.” Maria said, trying to comfort her best friend.
“Maria” Liz said before starting to cry. Maria hugged Liz. “ Shhhhhh, it will be alright.”
“Maria, he said that … that yesterday was one of the best moments in his life, because he was with me and Matthew.” Liz said, while getting out of Maria’s arms.
Liz knew Maria would make a big thing out of this and she just wanted to see her reaction.
And Maria didn’t disappoint her. She let out a shriek for the whole city.
Only seconds after the shriek, Max came running into Liz’ bedroom.
“Is everybody ok?” Max asked, concerned that something had happened to Liz or Maria.
Max looked at Liz, she had been crying. Had he made her cry ?
“Yeah, everything is alright, Maria is just overreacting.” Liz replied.
“Oh, ok.” Max answered, he kept looking at Liz. And she was looking back at him.
After a while, Maria cleared her throat and Max and Liz were pulled out of their staring contest. “I’d better check on Matthew” Max said and quickly exited the bedroom.

Hope you enjoyed,

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I'm glad you liked the part.
I don't know the flavour of the pie yet,
I'll tell when I know,
I got clothes and money,
oh and my best friend bought me a watch


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my birthday was ok,
there was an apple pie,
an strawberry pie and a chocolate pie.

I'm out of inspiration for the next part !

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Thanks for the feedback and the birthday wishes!
I'm writing the next part at the moment !
I hope you like it,
I know one part you will love,
at least I hope so,
it isn't well written but I hope you'll use your imagination.
I'll see when I can post it !

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Oh, so now I'm greedy ! lolz
I love to tease,
it's the only way I can keep poeple coming back to read my story
I'm glad you like the story !
so here's the new part !!!!

*Part 9*

Liz and Maria stayed behind.
“Oooooh the guy has it bad for you !!!” Maria stated. She had a smile on her face, it made her so happy that Max was interested in her best friend.
“Maria, what am I gone do ? I’m so lost and confused.” Liz asked, hoping that Maria could help her make the right decision.
“Liz, let’s play that game, eum 20 questions! Ok maybe not so many questions.” Maria suggested. Liz nodded, she wondered what Maria was up to.
“First question: do you have feelings for Max?” Maria started.
“Yes and…” Liz answered but was interrupted by Maria
“Shhh, you can only answer with yes or no. So second question : have you ever had feelings towards a guy before?” Maria was getting some inspiration.
“No” Liz simply replied.
“Have you wanted to kiss him?” Maria laughed.
“Maria !!!!” Liz whined.
“Ok, I’m sorry, but just answer the question please. I’m curious !” Maria said.
“Fine, yes !” Liz quickly said.
“I knew it, this is so great !” Maria gave Liz a hug.
“You have already fallen in love with him, haven’t you?” Maria asked, knowing Liz was seriously into Max. Liz started blushing.
Finally she found the courage to look into Maria’s eyes.
“Maria, I think I have.” Liz said, she was pretty sure but not for a 100 %
“Liz, what’s keeping you to have a relationship with him ? Is it you or Max or Matthew ?” Maria wondered, she knew whatever held Liz back was something major.
“It’s all three, first me: I don’t know what to do, I haven’t liked a guy this much ever and I don’t know exactly what to do, since I have never had a normal relationship with a guy.
Secondly Max: he’s a star, he’s famous and you know what they all say about a relationship between a star and a normal girl. Third is Matthew : I’m scared that Matthew will get attached to Max and one day Max will just walk away and Matthew will be hurt, he’s been through enough already.” Liz said with tears running down her face.
What Maria and Liz didn’t know was that Max never went to the kitchen and he had just sat outside. He didn’t mean to ease drop but he accidentally had heard Liz confess her feelings.
Once he had heard the first sentence, he had gotten on his feet and slowly opened the door.
When he saw Liz, he knew she was talking from the heart. He heard Liz say some things that broke his heart. He couldn’t take it any longer and walked back into the bedroom.
Liz was surprised when she suddenly saw Max right before her. Had he heard anything of what she had said? He kneeled before her and took her hands.
“Liz, I won’t leave. I promise ! And I don’t believe that crap about relationships between famous people and normal people. I’m not walking away from you Liz, I don’t want to ! And I’ll never will.” Max said, looking straight into Liz’ eyes.
“Max, you say that today and tomorrow you say something else.” Liz looked away, she couldn’t look at Max’ hurt face.
“Liz, I’ve never said such a thing to somebody before and when I say those words, it comes from my heart, I’ve been thinking about everything and I know that I mean those words! ” Max took Liz’ chin and turned her face towards him.
“Liz, I’m in love with you !” Max simply stated.
“Max…” Liz started saying but was interrupted by Max’ lips.
Liz was shocked but quickly let herself go and enjoyed Max’ lips on hers. She closed her eyes and let the feeling overtake her. She laid her arms around his neck and pulled him closer.
She gave Max entrance to her mouth and their lips started a passionate duel.
They were both enjoying the kiss, but knew that they would have to come up for air once.
So they slowly moved away from each other’s lips. It was hard but after a while they were able to separate their lips and breath again normally.
“I’m in love with you, Max Evans” Liz said with an amazing smile on her face.

I really hope you liked it.
I did my best


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hey peeps
thanks for all the great feedback
I'm glad you all liked the kiss
I was worried that I hadn't written it good or something liek that.
Anyway I'm at my dad now,
so I can't post.
Maybe tomorrow night,
but I have to warn you,
next tuesday my exams start,
so I won't be able to post much
I'm sorry
but you've got to bear with me for 2 weeks

Love y'all
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Hey everybody,
I'm still writing on the next part.
Sorry for the delay.

I'm doing good,
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duch was ok
geographie was very good
and economy was awful.
And now I'm studying history.
how are you?

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Sorry for the long wait,
but I didn't have much time to write and I didn't have much inspiration.
I made it a long part,
because of all the suffering I've been putting y'all trew.
Enjoy !

*Part 10*

“So what happens next?” Liz wonders.
“Well, I have to go to a dinner tonight and I was hoping you would join me?” Max asked.
He really hoped that Liz would say yes, he would love to introduce her to his friends, he knew she was a keeper !
“I don’t know, Max. What about Matthew?” Liz replied, she was doubting. Immediately meeting Max’ friends, was pretty serious!
“Well, I’ll ask Maria, if she can take care of him for one night.” Max quickly responded.
“I still don’t know, Max. I have nothing to wear and I don’t know if I could handle it.” Liz told him the truth, if they were going to have a relationship, he needed to know her true feelings. “Liz, even if you would go in a jeans and t-shirt, you would still look gorgeous.
And you have to promise me, if it gets to much for you, you’ll me and we’ll leave. OK?” Max put all her doubts aside. When Liz didn’t answer, he took his finger to her chin and turned her head so he could look in her gorgeous brown eyes. “Whatever you decide, I’ll love you anyway! Remember that !!!” Max confessed his feelings this time.
Liz’ face light up when Max said those three beautiful words. She couldn’t trust her voice at that moment so she just nodded. Max had a big goofy smile on his face, the girl of his dreams had just agreed to go out on a date with him. He was the happiest man on the planet, in the universe. He picked Liz up and swirled her around her room. “Max, stop it. You’re making sick, lolz!” Liz laughed. Max made her so happy, she wondered what she would do when he would leave her. But she couldn’t think of that now, he was still with her. She was gone enjoy every minute with him. When Max finally stopped and putted Liz on the ground, he looked her straight in the eyes. He cupped her cheek with his hand and started speaking again.
“I LOVE YOU!!!!!” Max practically screamed for the whole neighbourhood.
He lowered his head and kissed Liz. First it was an innocent kiss, but it quickly grew more passionate. When their kiss ended, Liz looked at Max dreamy.
“Mmmmm, I love it when you say that. I love you !!!” Liz spoke from her heart.
She was in heaven right now and nothing could ruin this moment.
“Well, your wish is my command, Miss Parker. I love you ! I love you! I love you! I love you ! I love you! I love you! I love you ! I love you! I love you! I love you ! I love you! I love you!….” Max repeated constantly and if like that wasn’t enough he started tickling her. She was trying to get away from his grip, but the guy was way stronger then her. Not that she minded that, she had absolutely no problem with that !!!
“Ok, ok, stop it. I give up!” Liz said defeated, she couldn’t handle it anymore. She was already crying tears of happiness.
“Ha, I knew you couldn’t handle me.” Max said proudly, nobody could resist his tickles.
“Yeah, we’ll have a rematch sometime in the near future and we’ll see who wins then! This isn’t over yet Mister Evans !” Liz said with a grimace on her face. She would have to get to know his soft spot. When Liz said those last two words, there was something in her voice that made her sound so sexy. Max was getting little fantasies of him and Liz in his head.
When Liz saw the dreamy look on Max’ face, she wondered what he was thinking about.
To get him out of his daze, she pinched him.
“Ouch” Max was immediately taken back to reality.
“I had to get you out of your dream world !” Liz defended herself.
“Mmmm, well I know other ways to do that !” Max said that while raising his eyebrows.
“Max Evans get your mind of there ! Right now ! Typical male! Tsssssss” Liz laughed.
Max may be special, but he was still a guy. Lolz
“Yeah, yeah, complain all you want. You can’t say that you haven’t one yet!” Max looked at her, while raising her eyebrows again. Liz was trapped, damn, she was caught.
Liz started blushing, when Max saw this, he knew that she must have quite some specials fantasies. He would investigate that later.
“So, do you really have nothing to where?” Max asked.
“Nope, nothing.” Liz was a little embarrassed that she didn’t even have a cocktail dress.
“Well, let’s go shopping then.” Max quickly answered, he saw Liz’ face change immediately.
“Max, that’s impossible, it’s Sunday. No shop is open then.” Liz replied.
“See you’re wrong. You’ve obviously never been shopping at Isabel Evans.” Max laughed, this was going to be so much fun. He wondered how his sister would react to seeing Liz.
“Where? I’ve never heard of that place before?” Liz had the slightest idea of what Max was telling her. “Liz, my sister a fashion designer, I’m sure she’ll have a dress for you.” Max said proudly, he wasn’t the only one famous in his family!
“Wowow, you sister is THE Isabel Evans ! The great fashion designer, who’s like famous all over the world and designs awful expensive dresses that I can’t afford !?!” Liz got the picture.
Max started laughing when he heard Liz describe his sis.
“Liz, it’s ok. Yes, Isabel is my sis and yes she’s famous but you’re not paying for a dress. She is my sister, she’ll give you a dress and if necessary I’ll pay for it, but I’ll doubt it.
Once she gets a good look at you, she’ll love you ! Trust me.” Max hoped he told the truth, he knew his sis could be a real bitch if she didn’t like you. But on the other hand if she did like you, she could be one of the nicest persons in the world. He really hoped Isabel would like Liz. They were the most important women in his life. Liz was afraid of meeting Max’ sis. His sis meant so much to him, she could tell that already, the way he talked about his sis was so adorable. “Fine, I’ll trust you, Max Evans” Liz said looking him straight in the eye.
There it was again, the way she said his name was so, so ……… sexy.
After a while, they were able to stop the staring contest and returned to the living room, hand in hand. Max asked Maria if she could watch over Matt tonight. Maria was doubting first but when Max told her the whole story, she was happy to be able to do something for the new happy couple. It was late in the afternoon and they had to get going.
Liz hugged her son fiercely, this was the first night ever that she would leave him alone. She gave him a kiss on his forehead and finally let go. Max said goodbye to Maria and a great ‘Thank you’. He gave Matthew a big hug and told him to take care of himself.
They left and were about to get ready for the night of their lives !!!!

Hope you enjoyed !


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Lisa, Marteloise, Kimmie, Lana, AvengingAngelIQ, Joe, roswelluver, Spici trini and Pegleg
Thank you all for the feedback,
it's making me happy !

Spici Trini
I'm sorry to hear that the Lakers aren't your foavourite team,
I just picked one.
Sorry, what is your favourite team?

Lana Lane,
thanks for all the compliments
I'm so glad that you like the story.
When I wrote that part, I also had a goofy grin on my face.
This story contains some romantic elements that I absolutely love. And I know if someone ever does one of these things to me, I'll just melt, lolz.

I'm gone start writing for the next part,
there's a possibility that I even post it today.
I don't know yet, I have written the last part in an hour or so, we'll see.
Catch ya later


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Hey peeps,
I've just finished the next part !
I'm gone post it immediately,
I hope you'll like it. I made it extra long !
I don't think I'm gone be ably to post anymore this week,
it's gone be a rough week with the exams and stuff.
Please hang on for one week.
And give it a bump once a while,
thank you

*Part 11*

The car slowed down.
“Are we almost there?” Liz asked. She looked around the area, but didn’t see any house just trees, many trees. Max looked at her. God she was beautiful in his eyes.
She caught him looking and he gave her one of those “to die for” smiles.
Then her turned right and came to a stop, right in front of a wooden fence.
He took something out of his jacket and showed it to the fence and suddenly the fence opened. Liz looked at him a little weird.
The drove a little further and eventually Max shut the car off. He had parked the car right in front of the house. Liz’ eyes were huge. She had forgotten that Max was rich!
“Woooooowwww” was all she could say. The both stepped out of the car and Max was walking towards the house. But quickly stopped and turned around once he saw that Liz hadn’t moved one step. He stood right in front of her and looked her in the eyes.
“What’s wrong, Liz?” Max was concerned about her, he knew this was gone be hard and he just hoped that his sis would be nice to Liz.
“Max, I don’t know if I can do this ! What if nobody likes me, what if your sis hates me ! I wouldn’t be able to handle that, because she means so much to you!” Liz spoke but stopped once she got water in her eyes.
“Liz, don’t cry ! They’ll love you, I know they will. And if the don’t, what I can’t imagine, I will keep loving you !!! They can all go to hell, ok ?” Max said and wrapped his arms around her. He gave her a little kiss on her hair and then slowly backed away so he could see her face. She bit on her lip and Max couldn’t resist. He pulled her close to him and kissed her passionately, they both needed it ! When they finally came up for air, Max looked into her dark brown eyes and whispered softly “I love you, for always and forever!”
“I’ll love you Max Evans, for always and forever !” Liz replied and gave Max a quick peck on the lips. She took his hand and started walking to the house.
Max opened the door and they walked into the hall hand in hand. There they were welcomed by one of the maids.
“Hey Rosie, how are you ?” Max asked his favourite maid, she was more like a friend then a maid to him. “I’m ok, Mister Evans.Thank you for asking. So who is the pretty you’ve got there beside you?” she replied, of course she was very curious. Who wouldn’t be when it was the first time your boss ever brought a girl to his home. This must be serious !
“Rosie, I’d like you to meet Liz Parker, the woman I’m in love with.” Max said proudly.
Liz was a little shy and didn’t know what to say.
“Well, well, it’s about time Mister. Welcome Miss Parker, I’m so happy to meet you.” Rosie welcomed Liz and shook her hand. “It’s Liz, and it’s nice to meet you to Rosie.” Liz quickly replied, she hated people calling her Miss Parker.
“Is Iz home Rosie ?” Max asked, he needed to introduce Liz to her.
“Yeah, she’s working in her art studio. She’s full up designing again !” Rosie answered and then left the room. She had to go spread the word that there finally was a girl !!!
Max took Liz’s hand and let her up the stairs.
“Well, here we are on the first floor, most of the bedrooms and bathrooms are here. On the second floor, is Isabel’ studio and a fitness room.” Max explained to Liz.
“Can I see your room first, before I meet Isabel ?” Liz wondered, she at least would have seen his room once, if Isabel didn’t like her. Max smiled at her and just nodded.
He led her to the end of the hallway and opened a double door.
They stepped inside and Liz was overtaken again. Max’ bedroom was as big as the apartment she and Matt lived in.
“I know it’s big, but my sis designed this so….” Max confessed.
Liz smiled at him, she found it so cute that he and his sis had such a great bond.
Liz started walking around and found another couple of doors, one led to a closet probably contain a thousand clothes, another led to an office and the last one led to the badroom.
Max had a very big bathroom !!! He had a shower, a toilet, a couple of sinks, a Jacuzzi and a mirror on one whole wall.
“Let me guess you designed this room?” Liz laughed, that mirror was way to big to be designed by a girl. “Ok, I confess, I like to look into a mirror. Fine, you caught me, seen enough for now ?” Max really wanted to go to Isabel.
“Let’s go see Isabel.” Liz said when she saw that Max was getting nervous.
They walked out oh Max’ bedroom and up the stairs.
They came into a hallway covered by paintings, Liz had seen couple downstairs but on the second floor the walls were covered by them.
Max led her to a door in the corner, before he opened the door, he turned himself toward her.
“You ready?” Max asked, she could still escape even though he didn’t want to. Liz quickly nodded, before she could think about it again. Otherwise she would chicken out !
Max knocked on the door and entered the studio with his hands entwined with Liz’s.
“Hey Iz!” he greeted his sis. She was sitting behind her desk, with her back towards him. When she heard her brother’s voice, she smiled and turned around. But she wasn’t prepared to see a girl with him. “Hey Max ! Congrats on your game, Friday.” Isabel politely said, she stood up, walked up to her brother and gave him a hug.
“Iz, I’d like you to meet the love of my life, Liz Parker.” Max said to his sister while he let go of Isabel and looked at Liz.
“Welcome Liz Parker, the love of my brother’s life, I’m Isabel, his sister.” Isabel gave Liz a big smile. Once she had taken a good look at Liz, she knew it was a good one and on the looks of it, she was a keeper.
Liz blushed when Isabel repeated Max words.
“It’s nice to meet you, Miss Evans.” Liz politely said, she didn’t want to call Isabel by her first name, since she was so famous and it was the first time the ever met.
“Oh, Liz, please call me with my first name !” Isabel demanded. Liz just nodded, she didn’t know what to do.
“Iz, I need to ask you a favour.” Max came to the point of this whole meeting.
“Sure, what do you need ?” Isabel wondered what he wanted from her.
“Well, you know Michael has this dinner tonight and we’re invited. I wanted to take Liz with me, but she has a little problem. She doesn’t have a dress. So I was hoping you could help her out.” Max asked his sis nicely, he knew if she would say yes that meant that she liked Liz and everything would be alright. If she said no, then he could start panicking.
Isabel looked at Liz, from head to toe. “Sure, no problem. I think I have the perfect dress for you.” Isabel replied with a great smile. She took Liz by the arm and walked with her to the door and stopped and turned around to say something to her brother.“Max, don’t just stand there, go get ready, because you’ll need to take advantage of the time you have left, if you wanna look good next to your girl.” Isabel winked at her bro and left the room with Liz.
Max let out of loud gasp once Isabel and Liz were out of the room.
His sis liked Liz, this was so good !!!! He started jumping around, until he looked at his watch and realized that he really needed to get dressed. And with that he went to his bedroom !

I hope you enjoyed it


posted on 16-Jun-2002 6:13:34 AM by French Kiss Lilly
that will be revealed soon !
Hang in there, lolz

thanks for the great feedback,
looks like you're all wondering what dress Liz is gone wear
be patient !!! lolz

see ya later

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Hey peeps
hang in there
and I wanted to let you know that I started another new fic: Sensual dance lessons !!!!!

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Hey everybody
my exams are almost over
but I have to ask y'all a question that is pretty important if I read all your feedbacks
so what do you want Liz's dress to look?
1) a short dress with straps that go around her neck, her back is completely behr just until her bottom and at the front is a long decollet
2) a dress with one shoulder, see-through except for two pieces of her body (guess which ones lolz)
3) a suggestion from you (one of my readers)

I'm not good in describing something so I could use some help


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Thanks for all the responses on the poll and for the feedback !
I've just finished all my exams and I brought y'all something, lolz !!!

*Part 12*

While they went to Isabel’s room, Iz did an inspection of Liz;
She had to say, her brother had finally got taste !!!
When they entered her room, she immediately went to her wardrobe.
“So Liz how long are you already with my bro?” Isabel was curious, she had never hear her brother say anything about a girl.
“Um, actually from Friday!” Liz practically whispered, she didn’t feel really comfortable without Max.
“Oh, it must have been really serious from the beginning ! Anyway I’ve got the perfect dress for you !!” Isabel said proudly.
“Thanks for doing this, Isabel ! I really appreciate it, I’m not used to going to dinners and stuff like that.” Liz confessed, she hoped that Isabel and her could become friends, she’d love that.
“Liz, it’s not a problem ! I’m glad that you’re gone wear one of my designs. You’re going to look gorgeous in it !” Isabel already could imagine Liz in the dress, her brother was going to melt. She began to wonder if he was gone make it to the front door ? lolz
“Oh here it is” Isabel took out the dress she had picked out for Liz.
She showed it to Liz.
“Wow, it’s beautiful but I can’t wear that !” Liz stated.
“Why not ?” Isabel asked confused.
“Because, first of all do you know how much that costs? And secondly, have you seen that décolleté, I don’t have the body to wear such a dress !” Liz explained, she had never had a cocktail dress before.
“Liz, I’m giving you the dress and you’ll look great in it. You have the perfect body for it! Now, go change so I can start on your hair !” Isabel ordered, she knew Liz wasn’t used to all this, but she was gone make sure she did get used to it. Because she had seen the look her brother had on his face, it told her that Liz would probably become her sister !!!!!!
And she liked that, she liked Liz, so she found it her job to make sure Liz would be alright.
Liz looked at Isabel and saw the determined look she had on her face, so she took the dress and went to the bathroom to change.
After Liz had put on the dress, she looked in the mirror ! She was wondering if she even deserved to wear such a dress, this was after all a dress of Isabel Evans, a famous designer.
When she got up all her courage, she stepped out the bathroom.
She looked up and saw Isabel smiling at her.
“You look stunning ! You look great !” Isabel complemented Liz.
It wasn’t every day that Isabel complemented somebody, she was after all famous as the Ice-Queen.
“I don’t know, Isabel.” Liz was seriously doubting to go through with this.
Isabel walked up to Liz and put her hands on Liz’ shoulders.
“Liz, you look fabulous, my brother is going to melt when he sees you in that ! Trust me” Isabel simply stated. She had a tough job reassuring Liz.
“I guess you’re right ! Thanks Isabel, for everything !” Liz thanked Isabel again, she could hardly believe that she was friends with Isabel.
“Liz, you’re my friend, it’s the least I can do! Now let’s do your hair!”
Isabel did Liz’ hair and when she was through, Isabel excused herself to go change for the dinner. Liz sat in Isabel’s room, looking around when suddenly the door opened and a little girl appeared.
“Hey, you’re pretty. Do you work for my mommy?” the little girl asked.
“No, I don’t work for her. I’m hear because of your uncle. I’m Liz.” Liz introduced herself, she found the girl that stood before her so cute, she had long blond hair and brown eyes.
She looked a lot like Isabel.
“I’m Lisa !” Lisa shook Liz’ hand.
“So are you my uncle’s girlfriend ?” Lisa was as curious as her mommy.
“Yes, we’re going to a dinner tonight and your mommy was so friendly to lend me a dress.” Liz explained.
“Well, you look great !” Lisa replied.
Isabel entered the room and smiled when she saw her daughter.
“Hey pumpkin, what are you doing here ?” Isabel asked.
“Oh, uncle Max asked me to come up and say that he was ready and waiting downstairs. Now, I can see why he was so nervous !” Lisa said, while looking at Liz.
“Oh, was he doing the walking thing ?” Isabel laughed.
“Yeah !!!” Lisa joined her mother and started giggling.
Liz stared at the two women and looked confused.
Isabel saw this and owed it to Liz to explain.
“Well, when my bro gets nervous he starts pacing, he practically starts running from one side of the room to the other. He doesn’t do it often, but when he does it so funny !!!” Isabel explained to Liz. Liz laughed a little, but quickly turned serious again. Max wasn’t the only one nervous !!!
“Ready to go, Liz ?” Isabel said seriously, it was time for the princess to meet her prince.
“Ready as I’ll ever be.” Liz got up and walked to the door.
She walked with Isabel arm in arm and Lisa followed them from behind.
She started imagining Liz as her aunt, she could see them making a lot of fun. It would be great !
When the girls got to the living room, they saw a glimpse of Max pacing around.
Alex just sat on the couch.
“Ok, I’ll go in first and tease my bro a little bit and then you come in!” Isabel instructed.
Liz just nodded, she was to nervous to say anything.
Isabel entered the living room and Max immediately stopped pacing.
“Wow” was the reply from her hubby and Max just looked at her nervous.
“Aren’t you gone say anything?” she asked her brother with her hands on her thighs.
This was such a good sight, it was the first time she saw her brother so nervous.
“You look nice, Isabel!” Max said. His mind wasn’t on Isabel at the moment !!!!
“Fine, whatever, gentlemen may I present to you, the one and only Liz Parker.” Isabel introduced Liz, but was welcomed by the sight of her daughter, laughing and acting to be Liz. She was waving around and played with her hair. At the end she ran into her uncle’s arms.
“Aren’t I beautiful, uncle Max?” Lisa asked with a huge grin on her face.
Max was about to answer until he saw the most amazing girl in the world a couple of feet away from him. His mouth dropped open and his eyes practically paled out.
Liz Parker was standing there, in his own living room wearing a short black dress, with a décolleté he could only admire and he hadn’t even seen the back of the dress yet.
Liz looked him straight in the eyes ! She walked slowly to him.
Max put Lisa on her feet and walked towards Liz.
They both came to a stop when they were standing right in front of each other.
“You look amazing !!!” Max whispered, he could hardly speak. He still needed to recover !!“Thank you, you look handsome yourself !!” Liz smiled at Max and his heart just melt.
He traced her cheek with his finger! He slowly lowered his head and gave Liz a sweet gentle kiss. When the kiss ended, their forehands were against each other.
“Are you sure you still want to go? Because I’m not, I wanna keep you to myself ! You look to gorgeous to meet my friends ! I’m afraid I’m gone lose you !” Max whispered to Liz.
When Liz heard his words, she smiled at him and gave him a peck on the lips.
“If I’m not gonna do it tonight, I’ll never be able to. And you don’t have anything to worry about, I love you and only you !” Liz eased Max’ mind.
Max looked into Liz’ eyes and he fell more in love with her with every passing second.
Their lips met for the second time, Liz laid her arms around his neck and Max laid his arms around her waist. That’s when he noticed that her beck was completely bear.
He was surprised at first but quickly adjusted himself and let his hands move freely.
Their tongues were in a passionate duel when they were interrupted by Isabel clearing her throat.
“Uhm, I hate to break you two lovebirds up, but we have to go. We’ve made reservations for eight o’clock.” Isabel announced.
Max nodded and looked at Liz. God, she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.
They were again brought to reality when they heard giggles coming from Lisa’s throat.
“What’s so funny, little niece?” Max asked with a smile on his face, he was gone smile all night, why wouldn’t he, he had Liz Parker in his arms.
“You two are so cute !” Lisa explained.
Liz laughed when she heard Lisa talk. She liked the thought of being with Max and called cute. It was a feeling she could definitely could get used to.
It was time to go and they all said goodbye to Lisa.
They walked out of the door and into a limo. It was time to begin the night of their lives.

Hope you enjoyed !!!!
Just wanted to tell that Lisa is 6 years old and there is a baby-sitter !!!!


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*Part 13*

“So who is organizing this dinner?” Liz asked, she had dressed up and everything and didn’t even know where she was going !!
“Well, you know, I told you about those weekly dinners with my sis !” Max started explaining, Liz just nodded.
“This time, there are just more people there.” Max said, Liz gave him a look.
“Define more !!” she knew with a celebrity more meant 40 people or so.
Max saw her worried look and was gone take advantage of it.
“Oh, just Michael, Kyle, the whole LA Lakers team, my parents, alex’ parents and some other people !!” Max laughed, Liz’ face was hysterical.
“Max, that’s not more, that a lot !!!!!!” Liz practically yelled, she was started to freak out.
“Liz, calm down, he’s just kidding ! It’s just us four and Michael with a date and Kyle with a date ! Nobody else, ok?” Isabel eased Liz’ mind. She understood that it must be hard for Liz and she didn’t want to make it harder then it already was !
“Ok!” Liz said to Isabel. Then she looked at Max angry,
“You’re so gone pay for that !! Remember payback is a bitch !!!” Liz laughed, the first thing she did was move away from Max and sat by the window. That was only one of the many things, that were gone happen that night.
Max immediately felt sorry for messing around with Liz. He tried to move closer to her, but she always backed away. He was gone give her some time until they arrived at the restaurant, then he was gone take some action.
Isabel laughed when she saw what Liz was doing. The girl knew how to control her brother, go girl !!!!! She would have to ask for some lessons later ! Liz was a master in it !! What a sight !!
When the car stopped at the restaurant, Isabel and Alex got out of the car and Liz was about to. When she was pulled back by Max. He locked the doors and pulled her on his lap.
Liz looked away, Max couldn’t take it anymore. He grabbed her face and turned her towards him. “I’m really sorry, for messing around with you. I realize now that it already is very hard for you and I shouldn’t make it any harder. I’m sorry !!!! Please forgive me !”Max begged.
Liz looked at him, she knew he had really meant every word. She could see it in his eyes and how could she ever resist those eyes ?
She gave him a weak smile and a peck on the lips.
“Don’t ever do that again ! This isn’t easy you know !” Liz explained.
Max the hurt in her eyes and knew he really had hurt her. He never planned to !
“I know, honey. I’m really sorry !!” Max replied.
They were staring into each other’s eyes again, Max knew he had to regain her trust again. So he needed to take some actions and that was exactly what he was gone do !!
He caressed her cheeks with his hands, he pulled her slowly towards him, she didn’t resist so that was a good sign ! Their lips met and their tongues immediately started exploring.
Max’ hands were doing some exploring of their own. They were touching Liz’ back.
Liz had her arms around Max’ neck. She had to feel him on her, she needed that !
Otherwise she wasn’t gone make it trough the night.
They broke apart and came up for air. Max looked Liz straight in the eyes.
“I love you!!!” Max said and eased Liz’ mind.
“I love you too, so don’t ever do that to me again, Mister !” Liz replied. She smiled at him and got of his lap. Max unlocked the door and they stepped outside.
Isabel looked at Max and then at Liz and knew they had made up.
Everybody started walking towards the restaurant. Liz recognized the restaurant immediately, how was she gone explain it ?
When they were at the door, Max stopped and squeezed Liz’ hand.
“Everything is gone be ok and if there’s something wrong, tell me and we’ll go home !” Max repeated to Liz, he had already told her that, like a hundred times.
But he was of the idea, you could never say it enough !
Liz just hoped that Max was right, she feared the worst once he would find out what her connection was to this place ! So she just nodded as response.
They entered the restaurant and were walking towards Max’ friends. Liz hid behind Max !
When they came to a stop, she had to do the inevitable and came behind Max.
Isabel and Alex and Max said hello’s and when his friends came to a stop at Liz, they just looked at her, inspecting her from head to toe.
Kyle was the first one to speak. “Man, who’s the hottie?”
Max shot him an angry look and Kyle immediately backed of.
“Michael and Kyle, I’d like you to meet, Liz Parker, my girlfriend !” Max introduced Liz to his friends. Kyle just said hi.
“Wow, since when do you have a girlfriend?” Michael asked, he was kinda hurt because Max was his best friend and he didn’t even know he had a girlfriend !
“We met last Friday after the game.” Max explained.
“Oh, well it’s nice to meet you Miss Parker. I’m Michael, Max’ best friend !” Michael presented himself and shook Liz’s hand.
“It’s nice to meet you too, Michael. You didn’t need to introduce yourself, I already know ya. And please say Liz !” Liz replied. She had to say, Max had very famous friends, what did you expect, he’s famous !!!!!
“Oh, have we meet before ?” Michael didn’t recognize Liz.
“Well, not exactly, but my best friend is a great fan of your work and a couple of weeks ago, we went to one of your exhibitions.” Liz explained. Michael just smiled. He always liked knowing that people liked his work.
After the introduction, they sat down and looked at the menu.

I hope you liked it


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*Part 14*

Liz sat next to Max and tried to hide herself from all the people in the restaurant.
It wasn’t easy sitting here, ya know !
Max liked Liz having close to him, but this wasn’t normal anymore !
He looked at her and whispered softly “What’s wrong? Do you want to go home ?”
Liz got water in her eyes, she couldn’t take it anymore and got up and ran in the back of the restaurant. Of course Max immediately ran after her.
He had seen her flee in the girls bathroom, what would he do ? Wait outside of enter ?
When it came to Liz he couldn’t wait. And with that thought he stepped into the ladies bathroom. He had just set a foot inside of the bathroom, when he caught sight of Liz.
Sitting on the floor against the wall, her arms around her knees, crying like she has never done before. Max was by her side in seconds.
“Liz, honey, what’s wrong? Why are you crying ?” Max asked. He didn’t have the slightest clue of what was wrong. He thought that the meeting with his friends had went well.
Liz just moved into his arms and kept crying. Max held on to her, like his life depended on it.
After a while, the tears stopped and Liz looked Max straight in the eyes.
“Could you take me home please ?” Liz softly asked, you could barely hear her.
Max just nodded and took her in her arms. They left the restaurant from the back and drove home. Max had called Isabel in the car to tell they were going home.
When they arrived at Max’ place, Max took Liz in his arms again and held her closely until they were in his bedroom. He laid her carefully on the bed.
Max was about to get a washcloth, to clean Liz’ face when Liz suddenly pulled at his arm.
“Please, don’t leave me Max” she whispered, she looked him straight in the eyes.
She had to feel his arms around her, it was the only place on earth where she felt safe now.
Max laid himself next to her and Liz pulled him as close to her as possible.
Max put his arms protectively around her. He would make sure nothing happened to her.
After a while, Liz fell asleep in Max’ arms. Max could just lay there, watching his angel sleep. He wondered what she had been through. That were worries for later, now he just needed to feel her safe.
A couple of hours later, Max was interrupted from his trance by Liz.
She suddenly was awake and sat up right in his bed. She must have had a nightmare !
She looked around in the bedroom until her eyes rested on Max.
She quickly was in his arms again.
“Shhhhhh ! Everything is alright, I’m here and nothings gone happen to you.” Max whispered in her hair. He gave her a peck on her forehead.
“Max, don’t you ever wonder where Matt’s dad is?” Liz asked him, she moved so she could look him straight in the eyes.
“yeah, I do. But I just want to hear from him when you’re ready to talk about him. I didn’t want to pressure you.” Max replied. He knew he had to give Liz time ! And that was exactly what he did.
“I don’t think I’ll ever be ready, so I’d better tell you now.” Liz said.
“Liz, you don’t….” Max started saying but was stopped by Liz’ finger on his lips.
“Please, let me just tell it?” Liz asked, Max nodded and listened to her every word.
“When I was in high school, I worked at my parents’ restaurant. The day after my graduation, some of my dad’s employees fell sick and my dad asked me to fill in for them.
At night, when I was putting the garbage outside in the alley, a guy came up to me from behind and knocked me out. The next thing I know is waking up in a house, full of spiders and mice. I was covered in bruises. There was nobody in the house, so I ran away from that place. After a couple of days, I was able to get back to my parents.
The first days, I wasn’t able to eat or anything else. Eventually my mom called a doctor. He came over and checked me out. When he was finished with the check-up, he looked me straight in the eyes and said that I had been raped and that I was pregnant !
I never was able to go to college, I had Matthew and then I went to work as a waitress in a restaurant not far from my apartment The thing is, the restaurant we went to last night is my parent’s restaurant and also the place where I was kidnapped.” Liz stopped abruptly, she couldn’t go on. Max held her tighter against him.
He was shocked of what she had just told him. She had been through hell !
He would kill the bastard who had done this to his angel.
Max put on his finger on her chin and made her look into his eyes.
“I love you!” was the only thing he could say.
Liz gave him a little smile. She had thought that he would run away or that she would lose him forever. But he surprised her again and made her feel loved, just what she needed.
Liz laid herself on top of him while still looking into his eyes.
“ I love you !” she replied. Her eyes fell on his lips and she couldn’t resist to taste him once more. Their lips met and their tongues started a life of their own.
Max’ hands started rubbing Liz’ back. Liz kept kissing him while she started unbuttoning Max’ shirt. They were still in there clothes from the night before.
When Liz was done with his shirt and was about to move on to his pants, Max grabbed her hands and broke of their kiss. He looked her straight in the eyes.
“I think we should slow down.” He confessed, he didn’t want to do anything quick. You have to know, when it came to Liz, Max wanted to do everything slow, so he could enjoy every second of it.
Liz just nodded, she felt a little hurt, but she understood where Max came from.
“Liz, when I make love to you, I want to make it special, not just in my bedroom. Please understand that, I LOVE YOU !!!” Max stated.
Liz smiled when she heard Max’ words. He was such a gentleman and he knew exactly how to ease her mind. He really loved her, he made that very clear.
Liz knew she loved him too, she had never felt this way before. Which was pretty normal, since she’s never been in a real relationship before. But still whenever she was Max, she could feel that he was THE ONE !!!!

I hope you enjoyed it


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*Part 15*

When it was time to get up, Max and Liz just staid in bed.
They didn’t want to let go of each other.
“Can we lay here forever?” Liz asked, it had been a long time since she had felt so safe.
With Max’ arms around her, she could take on the whole world.
“I wish we could ! But we would have to get up eventually !” Max realized it was the first time that he didn’t want to go to work, no girl had ever made him feel at peace.
That’s how he knew, that Liz was special !
“I know, I’d better get out of bed !” Liz quietly said, she tried to get out of his arms but he wouldn’t let her.
“I didn’t say, we had to get up right away !” he grinned. She felt so soft, she was so beautiful and her smile made him go crazy !!
“Max, I’d love to stay in bed, but I have to go to work !” Liz explained. She looked at him and couldn’t resist his lips. She gave him a hot kiss on the lips and crawled out of bed.
She was only with one leg out of the bed when Max pulled her back on top of him.
“Don’t go, please !” he gave her a puppy-dog face. Liz couldn’t hold her laughter, he was so cute. “Max, I have to go, how else am I gone pay the bills at the end of the month ? Besides I have to give my boss a warning when I want to go on leave.” Liz stated, she loved to stay, but she had to go earn some money. She could hardly get around each month !
“So, come live with me and I’ll talk to your boss, I’ll convince him!” he gave her a little wink.
“Max, you know I can’t come live here ! And what are you planning to do to my boss ?”Liz was shocked when she had heard his offer. She didn’t know what to do. It was to early, besides she would have to talk about it with Matthew.
“Why not? Don’t worry about your boss !” Max asked, he was kind of hurt by Liz saying no to his proposition.
“Max, I’ve only known you since Friday and besides I’m not alone you know, I would have to talk to Matthew !” Liz hoped Max would understand, deep inside she’d love to move in. She could wake up every day in Max’ arms. It would be heaven, but still it was a little early.
Max knew she was right, but he couldn’t stop feeling hurt.
Liz felt bad for saying “No” to Max, she knew he meant good.
“Max, I love you but I still think it’s too early ! I’ll tell you what, I’ll talk to Matthew about it and we’ll go from there, ok?” Liz tried to ease Max’ mind. She really did love him.
“Ok” Max said, he tried to be convincing but it hadn’t worked.
“Oh, Max, please don’t be mad at me ! I’ll do my best !” Liz pouted her lip.
Max knew she would do her best, but it didn’t made him feel better.
“I’m not mad, Liz. I’m just hurt !” Max confessed.
Liz started tickling him, Max tried to move away from her hands but he wasn’t able to.
When Liz slowed down a bit, she looked him straight in the eyes and asked if he was feeling any better. Max just shrugged his shoulders, still looking hurt.
“Fine, then I’ll have to find another way to make you feel better.” Liz laughed.
She grabbed his face with her two hands and licked his lips with her tongue.
Max had a hard time resisting it. When Liz started rubbing herself against his body, Max couldn’t resist. He grabbed Liz by her sides and pulled her on top of him.
He laid his arms around her waist and his hands explored again !
Max’ tongue had slipped into Liz’ mouth and was enjoying the taste of Liz.
Liz was happy knowing that her plan had worked, she was in love with Max and she couldn’t handle seeing him hurt.
Liz broke of the kiss. “I LOVE YOU !!! More then life itself !” she confessed.
Max immediately felt a lot better. For the first time in his life, he was completely HAPPY !

I've just written it,
so I hope it's any good.


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WooHoo you posted more. But I have a question! When are the team gona get involved, and cause problems in Max and Liz's lifes?

Do you want them to cause problems ???
I'm really focusing on Max and Liz.
I'm taking it very slow, they will be involved later in this story, I just don't know if I'll make them bad.

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*Part 16*

When they finally got out of bed, the went to the kitchen to find Isabel and Lisa making pancakes.
As soon as Lisa heard a noise behind her, she turned around and ran into her uncle’s arms.
“Hey uncly !!!!!” she winked at him, he was her favourite uncle. He would always spend time with her. He made her always laugh, he was the coolest uncle in the world.
“Hey, niece !” Max replied, there was something about his niece that made him go weak.
He always dreamed of having a girl like her as his daughter one day !
She gave him a peck on his cheek and he putted her back on the ground.
Then she walked towards Liz, Liz lent down so she would be at the same height as Lisa.
What she didn’t expect was that at the moment that she was in Lisa’s reach, that Lisa would throw her arms around Liz’ neck and give Liz a big hug.
When she finally let go, she gave Liz too a peck on the cheek.
“Hey Liz !” she wanted to call her aunty Liz, but she didn’t dare to say it. She wouldn’t want to get her mommy or her uncle or Liz mad. Though she knew Liz wouldn’t mind. She saw that in her eyes. Liz gave her a cosy feeling, she was so nice, friendly and funny.
Oh and the most important thing: she was in love with her favourite uncle.
She could definitely could get used to Liz having around !!!!!
“Hey Lisa, did you sleep well ?” Liz asked, it came natural to her. She was used to asking her son the same thing every morning.
“I slept very well. I dreamed of you and uncle max and my mommy and daddy. You were all dressed up like last night and you were all dancing and looking into each others’ eyes.” Lisa explained. Max and Liz laughed and looked at each other.
“Well who knows, Lisa. That dream may become reality one day !!!” Max stated.
He was 99.99 % sure that dream would come true !
“Lisa, go wash your hands sweetie, breakfast will be ready in a couple of seconds.” Isabel suggested to her daughter. Then she would be able to see how Liz was doing.
Lisa nodded to her mommy and ran of.
Max and Liz sat down at the kitchen table. Their hands were still entwined.
Isabel turned around and looked at the two lovebirds.
“So how are you both doing ?” Isabel wondered, she knew something had happened last night. It was pretty serious, she could tell that from the second Liz had ran away from the table.
“Isabel, I’m sorry about last night. I hope I didn’t ruin anybody’s night ?” Liz apologized.
“Liz, you didn’t do anything wrong. You didn’t ruin anything, I was just worried about you!” Isabel stated.
“She’s fine, Isabel. Could we leave it at that please ?” Max gently asked his sister. He knew she meant well, but she had to give Liz some time. Isabel just nodded at her brother and didn’t say another word until her daughter ran back into the kitchen.
They all started eating their pancakes. When they were all full of pancakes, Max and Liz went back to his bedroom.
Max closed the door and walked towards Liz. He laid his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. “Sorry about my sis !” he softly whispered in her ear.
Liz smiled against his chest. “Max, you don’t have to apologize !! It’s ok. She was worried, I completely understand where she’s coming from !” Liz explained, she knew Max was a little angry at his sister, but she understood Isabel. She would do the same thing !
“You’re so understanding. Sometimes I wonder what I did to deserve you ?” Max confessed.
He had never seen Liz angry, she always understood everybody. He could never do such a thing.
“Oh, Max. Don’t say that please !!!” Liz got water in her eyes, she couldn’t handle him saying that.
“Ok, I won’t say it anymore. I didn’t mean to make you cry.” Max caressed her cheek with his hand. A tear dropped from her eye and Max whipped it away with his thumb.
Liz laid her forehead against Max’s.
“I love you, just don’t say those kind of things ever again !!” Liz begged.
“I won’t, I promise. I love you !” Max replied, he had to make her feel better ! He would have to make some arrangements today.
The couple staid another couple of minutes in each others’ arms, until Liz looked at her watch.
“Max, I’m gone be late. I’ve got to go to work !” Liz realized. She had spent the last days in heaven, but it was time to go back to reality.
“Can’t you really take the day off ?” Max asked, he pouted.
“Max, I can’t. I’m sorry !” Liz apologised, she didn’t want to hurt his feelings.
“When will I see you again ?” Max asked, he wanted to keep her in his arms all day.
“I don’t know. I have to work late tonight. I have got to pick up Matt in of my breaks.
So I won’t have any time for you then.” Liz explained, she hated not being able to see Max.
But it looks like real life won’t let her have a couple in heaven.
“How about I’ll pick Matt from school. I’ll bring him by to see you and when you have to get back to work, I’ll take him home and when you’re finished with work, I’ll pick you up and bring him to him.” Max started planning, he wouldn’t survive today if he couldn’t see his angel.
“Looks like you’ve got a plan, Mister Evans !” she smiled at Max. She liked his plan, that way she could see him today. Now she had something to look forward to.
“Anything to see you Miss Parker !” Max confessed.
Liz rewarded him with a sweet but yet very passionate kiss.
When breathing became necessary, they pulled away and got ready for a day without each other.

Hope you liked it!


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The long awaited new part,
I've started writing again yesterday
and the result is here,
I hope you like it
since you had to wait so long for the new part,
I've made it two parts in one post

*Part 17*

Max dropped Liz of at work and left to go do some business.
As soon as Liz entered the restaurant, she saw Maria coming straight at her.
“How was it? What happened ? I want details !!!!” Maria was curious, her best friend had just spend a whole night with Max Evans !!!! Oh and his friends, but they’re not important to her.
“Hello to you too !!!” Liz smiled, she had been expecting this !
“Come on, Liz. I’m curious !” Maria simply stated, the last days she had seen her best friend so happy with Max. She knew Liz had fallen in love with him.
“It was good and bad.” Liz responded.
“That doesn’t make sense, Liz. Either your night was good or bad, you can’t have both !!!” Maria explained, she didn’t understand Liz. It must have been quit a night !
“Well, I have experienced both last night.” Liz said.
“You’d better do some explaining right now !!!!” Maria replied.
Liz told everything that happened to her last night, she went into details.
She told about her dress, the meeting with Max’ friends, the restaurant and everything that happened in Max’ bed.
When she was finished telling her story to Maria, Maria had water in her eyes.
She gave Liz a big hug. Now she understood why it had been good and bad !
From everything she heard from Liz, she could say that Max Evans was a gentlemen who had taken her best friend’ heart and he had given his heart to Liz. They were a match made in heaven ! The two girls cleared their thoughts and when they were about to start working, a guy walked in and he went straight towards them.
“Do you know a Liz Parker ?” the guy politely asked. Liz looked at him with big eyes,
what would he want from her ?
“Yes, I am Liz Parker. What do you want from me?” she wondered, she had done nothing wrong.
“I just wanted to give you these, Ma’am.” the delivery guy said and handed her a dozen white roses. The girls gasped when they saw the roses !
Liz took the roses in her hands and saw that there was a card attached to one rose.
She took the card and opened it.

Dear Liz,

Thank you for the last couple of days, they’ve been the best days in my life. Last night meant a lot to me ! Just know that I’ll always be there for you. I still wish you had stayed home today,
I miss you, you have consumed every thought in my head.
Wish you were here in my arms. Love you ! xxx

From Max who is going through Liz - withdrawal !

Liz had a smile on her face when she was finished reading Max’ card.
She wished that she had stayed home too. Feeling his arms around her is pure pleasure !
“Ok girl, spill it ! What does the card say ?” Maria asked, she saw the goofy grin on her best friend’ face. That only meant one thing : the flowers were from prince charming, Max Evans.
Liz showed Maria the card ! Maria let out a squeal when she read the card !!!!!!
“ Oh, that is so sweet of him. OMG Liz, you are both head over heels in love with each other.
I knew it would all work out. I’m so happy for you.” Maria gave Liz another hug.
Liz could only smile ! That smile was plastered on her face for a whole day. She was truly happy !
The girls finally got back to work !

*Part 18*

Meanwhile Max was in his car, driving to Matt’ school.
He had parked his car in front of the school and was waiting for the bell to ring.
On cue the school bell rang to signalise the end of the day. Max got out of his car and looked at the exit, watching out for Matt. A couple of people were looking at him, they must have recognized him. When he saw Matt exit his school, he slowly walked towards him.
Matt caught the sight of Max walking towards him and began to run.
He ran right into Max’ arms.
“Hey kiddo, how was school today ?” Max saw the smile on Matt’s face, he had the same smile as Liz.
“It was ok, but you just made it great !” Matthew simply stated.
“I wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity to see you, Matt. Now let’s go, your mommy is waiting for you” Max answered, he loved Matthew, he gave him the feeling that he was his son. Max still had Matthew in his arms, he turned around and was about to walk to his car. When he was surrounded by kids of all ages. They were holding all a piece of paper in their hands. Max was familiar with handing autographs but he didn’t know if Matt would like to wait. He looked at Matt.
“Do you mind if I hand out some signatures ?” Max asked.
Matt just gave him a big smile. Max moved Matt so he was in his back. Matt had his arms around Max’ neck while Max was giving signatures.
After a while, all the kids had gotten what they wanted. Max and Matt walked back to the car.
They rode back to the restaurant, where Liz was having a piece of pie with Maria.
The two guys entered the restaurant, Max didn’t see Liz anywhere. He wondered where she was. But Matt was used to the sight and knew that his mommy was in the back. He took Max’ hand and led him the way. When they walked through the door, they were greeted by the sight of Maria and Liz, laughing while eating some chocolate pie !
They turned around when they had heard the door open.
Liz smiled when she saw the two most important men in her life.
Matthew ran to his mommy, he sat on her lap and gave her huge hug.
“I’ve missed you mommy !” Matthew confessed to his mom. It made him happy seeing his mommy smiling so much, but he had still missed her !
“Oh, I’ve missed you too sweetie !” she gave him another hug and a kiss on his cheek.
Matt climbed down from her lap and went to sit on Maria her lap. He also gave her a hug.
While Matt was busy with Maria, Liz looked at Max. She wasn’t surprised to see him staring at her. She stood up and walked towards him. She stopped right in front of him.
She stood on tiptoe and gave Max a kiss. She didn’t gave him the kiss he deserved because Maria and Matt were in the same room. She gave him one of her smiles that she only gave him. Max laid his arms around her waist, he had to feel her close to him.
He had to miss her a couple of hours, so he would definitely enjoy these minutes.
They were both looking into each others’ eyes and had smiles on their faces.
Maria and Matt were laughing with the sight in front of them, they looked so cute.

I hope you liked it


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anyway when one of my friends (from on the board here) went into the hospital
I just found it necessary that I should have a new part back up when she returned to us
so this one's for you Lana !!!!!!

*Part 19*

When Liz’ break was over, the two men headed home !
A couple of hours later, Max was standing in the restaurant again.
He had came to pick up Liz.
“Hey, beautiful. Ready ?” Max asked the cute little brunette standing in front of him.
“For you, always !” Liz grinned. She had missed Max terribly, she had been separated from him for a whole day but it had done her some good.
She had to face reality and today it had given her a better view of her life.
Max gave Liz a little kiss on her nose and escorted them back to his car.
On the road, Liz noticed that they weren’t headed for her place but Max’s.
“Max, why are we going to your house ? Matthew is home and I can’t leave him alone.” Liz asked Max. She loved having Max around but Matthew was still number one on her list.
“Calm down, Liz. Matt is at my place. I was hoping that both of you would stay the night ?” Max wondered. He just wasn’t able to sleep anymore unless Liz was in his arms.
“Max, I don’t know. I haven’t talked to Matthew yet and I don’t want him to get so attached at you from the first moment. It isn’t healthy. Don’t take this the wrong way ! I love you but I’m not sure if you would want a relationship with a woman who has a son that isn’t yours.”
Liz explained.
Max had listened very carefully but he wasn’t able to focus on the road so he pulled over.
“Liz,….” Max started but was stopped by Liz’ finger on his lips.
“I’m not finished yet. Max having to deal with a kid in a new relationship isn’t as easy as you think. Things may have gone great ‘til now, but they won’t always be that way. A kid is a great responsibility and I don’t know if you want to take that, this time in your life.
You may think that you’re ready for that, but after a couple of weeks maybe months you’ll start to think differently and you’ll leave. And we couldn’t handle that, both Matt and I.
We can’t have another guy leaving us.
So that’s why I don’t think it’s a good idea staying at your house tonight.” Liz had tears in her eyes. She had thought about it the whole day and this was her conclusion.
She couldn’t face Max, it already had hurt her terribly saying this to Max. So looking at Max’ face right now, wouldn’t do any good.
Max was looking at Liz. He still couldn’t imagine where this had all came from, why wouldn’t she understand that he wouldn’t leave. He loved her !!!
“I…eum… what did I do wrong? What did I do to give you the impression that I’m going to leave you? What do I have to do to prove myself to you that I’m not going to leave ?” Max softly asked. He was about to lose control, he couldn’t lose her. He just couldn’t !
“Max, you didn’t do anything wrong ! I just know how this will end and I want to save us all from a lot of pain.” Liz confessed. She was losing her grip, the tears came running down her cheeks.
“Liz, I LOVE YOU !!!” Max simply stated.
“Max, I love you too but it will never work out. I’ve seen these cases before and I can tell you 99% of these kind of relationships end very badly. It’s already hard enough to let you go. But we have no other choice !” Liz started to cry louder.
“Yes, we do have another choice ! Why can’t you just have faith in me ?” Max wondered.
He knew she had been hurt many times in her life, but he didn’t realise that they had left such huge wounds.
“Max, you’re 24 years old. You should have flings with girls, you should go out every week ! You shouldn’t be thinking about settling down for another couple of years. You should be free and that isn’t possible when you’re with me. 99% of my time is for taking care of Matt.
And you shouldn’t feel committed, you should enjoy your life now !!!” Liz couldn’t take it anymore and fled from the car. Max was so busy keeping his tears back that he didn’t realise that Liz had left. He ran after her and since he is a basketball player it didn’t took him long to catch up to her. He stopped her with his arms around her waist.
Liz tried to brake free but after a while she just gave up.
He slowly turned her around but he kept his arms around her.
“Give me one week !” he simply said.
“Max, a week? It really doesn’t matter !” Liz replied between sobs.
“Well if it doesn’t matter, then you can just give me one week ! Please Liz, have faith in me!” Max was begging Liz to trust him on this one. He even gave her his puppy eyes. No woman could resist that.
“Fine, one week !” Liz gave in. She would love Max always and forever, so why not have one week where he would love her back !
“You won’t regret it. I love you, Liz Parker !!!!” Max was glad he had convinced her. Now he could make sure that she’d never leave him again.

What will happen next ????
I hope you enjoyed it


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Hey peeps,
I'm so sorry that you had to wait so long for a new part
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Thank you so much !
I want to thank all of you for all the bumps,
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Thank you so much for your support and enjoy the new part!


* Part 20*

One week !!!
How was he going to show her that she meant the world to her in one week ?
A few ideas came to his mind and he started making arrangements.
This better work !!!
Liz had stayed at his house last night, but she had slept with Matthew in his arms.
On one side, Max could understand her behaviour but still he’d rather have her in his arms.
The next morning, Max has dropped Matt of at school and Liz at work. It was time to put his plan to work.
Time passed by rather quickly and Liz started having her first break when Maria came running in the backroom.
“Liz, you have got to come out here this second !!” Maria yelled.
“Maria, what’s wrong? Sniff some cedar oil, will ya ?” Liz quickly replied.
She knew when Maria was hyperventilating about some thing, you’d never understand a word she says. Maria quickly grabbed some oil and turned back to Liz.
“Liz, babe. There is a visitor for you in the restaurant and if I were you, I would get back in there this instant !! Trust me chica ! You’ve got to see him.” Maria tried to say it slowly, but it didn’t work out that good. But Liz had understood every word and that was important !
Liz slowly walked back into the restaurant and came face to face with …. Michael Guerin.
Max Evans’ best friend, Maria’s big crush !
“Hey Liz !” Michael greeted Liz very cheerfully.
“Um…. Hi Michael. What are you doing here ?” Liz wondered what was happening.
“I came to see you of course.” Michael explained.
But Liz just kept looking at him oddly so he went on with his explanation.
“We only met a couple of minutes and I wanted to get to know the girl ,who has taken my best friend’s heart, better. But when I called Izzy this morning she said you already left and weren’t coming back for at least a week. So I did the next best thing and asked where you worked. And voila here I am !”
“Michael, I don’t know if this is the best time. Things are kind of complicated right now. Besides I have to work, so we can’t really talk.” Liz tried to get out of this, that was pretty obvious. But since Michael was a very stubborn guy, he wouldn’t let her get of the hook.
“Now see things are always going to be complicated and don’t come up with that lame excuse of “I have to work”. I’m sure that pretty little blond right over there can cover for you and I’ll talk to your boss. So Liz Parker I think you have to go get ready while I make some corrections in your schedule for today.” Michael winked at her. She was a way to easy prey.
Liz just looked at him dumb-struck. She was going to protest but when she looked into his eyes, she knew his mind was made up. Damn, what is it with these guys, they are all so stubborn. Liz gave him one angry look and then disappeared into the back room.
Michael talked to the manager and quickly gave Liz the day off. Of course Michael to use one of his tricks, but everything was working out so far. Next he went to the blond waitress.
When he was standing right in front of her, she just stared at him. Michael cleared his throat but it didn’t bring her out of her trance. So he just grabbed her and shook her. Maria finally broke out of trance and started blushing.
“Sorry about that !” Michael excused himself.
But Maria just looked at him and gave him a small nod to say that it was nothing.
“I’m sorry, I guess I’ve forgotten to introduce myself. Hi I’m …” but Michael was quickly stopped when Maria practically yelled his name.
Michael smiled, he was glad he wasn’t unknown to this blond girl.
Liz had ran out of the back room as soon as she heard Maria yell.
“Is everything alright? “ she quickly asked.
But neither of them answered, Maria just kept looking and Michael just gave Liz a small nod.
“Ok, then we’d better go. Maria, I’m off for the day. Sorry Hun !” Liz gave Maria a quick hug and then left the restaurant with Michael.

Michael had taken her to a beautiful little Chinese restaurant. They had talked the whole afternoon. It was strange, they didn’t know each other that well, but the conversation had just started and never ended. They had talked about everything: Michael’s paintings, Liz’ little boy, … and Max.
Liz found it hard to believe at the end of the day when she thought back to what happened a few hours ago. One minute they were talking about their previous encounter and the next minute she had told Michael everything about what happened to her when she was 18. Eventually, Max had come up. Michael talked about their history together and how he had never seen him in love before, not until Liz showed up. Liz told him about her feelings towards Max and what the situation was at the moment.
Michael observed her when she told him about her encounter with Max yesterday and he came to the realisation of two facts !
Those facts being:
1) Liz was completely, utterly and hopelessly in love with Max. Although she tries to hide it. Liz would be devastated if she had to let Max go. Things brings out the next fact.
2) Max will never let her go. When he heard Max’ reaction to Liz yesterday, he knew that the guy had lost his heart to this petite brunette.

And to be honest, Michael wished they’d come through this week.
They needed each other. They both deserved to be happy and that would only happen if they were together. And he’ll make sure that happens. So now Max wasn’t the only one forming a plan.
When they had finished their little dinner and their very long conversation, Michael drove Liz home and told her not to give up.
A couple of minutes after she had entered her apartment, there was a small knock on the door.
She opened the door slowly and there before her stood her son with the man of her dreams, Max Evans.
Matt quickly jumped into his mom’s arms and held her tight.
Liz rubbed his back and looked quizzically at Max.
“I don’t know what happened, he wouldn’t talk to me. He’s been crying since I picked him up. He just told me it was something about tomorrow. I’m sorry.” Max hoped he hadn’t done anything wrong. When he had gone to pick up Matt, he had already been crying.
He had hold him for a couple of minutes, when his sobs lowered he had asked him what was wrong and the crying had gotten heavier again.
“Max, you didn’t do anything wrong. Tomorrow is just a hard day for him. He hates going to school then.” Liz explained a bit. She didn’t know if Matt would like Max to know what tomorrow was.
“What’s so special about tomorrow? If you don’t mind me asking ?” Max slowly replied.
Liz looked at him and then at Matt. She loosened her grip around him a little, so she could see his face. She gave him a look asking for his opinion. He just blinked his eyes and hugged her tighter again.
They went to sit on the couch, Liz was sitting with Matt on her lap and Max was sitting beside them at a safe distance.
Liz looked him in the eye and gave him the full explanation.
“Matt hates tomorrow, because tomorrow it’s father-son day at school. Since he has no father, he hates to go and see all the kids with their dads. The last couple of years, it’s been harder and harder to keep him going to school tomorrow. I don’t know what to do anymore.”
The both looked at Matt, he had fallen asleep in his mother’s lap. They both looked at him with so much affection, it was like a picture of something perfect.
Liz was starting to get up so she could tuck Matt in, but Max stopped her and asked if he could do it. After some thinking Liz gave in and Max took Matthew in his arms.
When he laid Matt on his bed, he slowly woke him up a little. Max asked him some questions and they formed a plan. When all the details were worked out, Matt fell asleep again and Max left.

I really hope you like it !!


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I've much work for school
I'm not going to keep you waiting any longer,
I just wrote it and I couldn't keep it from y'all
Enjoy !!!


* Part 21*

Today was a big day for both Max and Matthew. Max had woken up early and immediately started planning. Matthew had woken up with a smile on his face.
Liz was surprised to see her son so happy. She wondered what Max had said to him?
Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on her door.
She wondered who it was, but deep inside she had a pretty good idea of who it was.
She slowly opened the door and came face to face with the most handsome man in the world, Max Evans. They started another staring contest.
Liz couldn’t get over how handsome Max looked and Max was smitten by the sight of Liz.
She looked gorgeous, even in the morning.
Once again, they were brought back to reality by Matthew. He came jumping between them.
“I’m ready!” he said with a big smile on his face. He gave his mom a kiss on the cheek and quickly left. Liz hadn’t even been able to ask Max what was going on?
Well, she’d figure it out by tonight. At least she hoped that.

Max and Matthew hopped in the car and drove away, not towards school but somewhere else.
When they reached their destination, everybody was there yet.
Matt quickly ran towards his friends and Max went to talk with his teacher.
“Hi I’m Max, I called you this morning.” Max quickly introduced himself.
“Yes, I know who you are. But I don’t know if this is such a good idea.” Matt’s teacher quickly added
“Look Miss, I know that this isn’t a normal father-son day. But I know that this thing happens every year and by the time they’re out of primary school, they’re going to know everyone’s dad very well. So I just wanted something different. Besides I hate seeing Matt hurt. Just wanted to ease his pain this year.” Max slowly explained. He realised that he wasn’t Matt’s dad, but that didn’t mean that he didn’t love him. In his eyes, Matt would be his son soon enough, at least if his mom said yes.
Matt’s teacher looked Max straight in the eyes and realised that Max really cared for Matt. And something in her told her that Matt would have a father soon.
“You’ve got yourself a deal. But you can explain to the other fathers.”
“Thank you, I’ll go explain immediately.” Max quickly replied and went to talk to the other fathers. Once they were all informed of his plan, they all had smiles on their faces.
They all went inside and Max heard a few gasps when the kids saw what they were going to do.
Max took the lead again and went to talk to his friends, when that was done he called everyone together.
“Ok, first I want to say welcome to everybody. I know for some of you this will be the first time here, so I hope you’ll enjoy it. Second, I know this isn’t a normal father-son day, but I thought it needed a chance this year. So, what do you all think of spending a day with the LA Lakers?” Max asked with a smile on his face. He knew Matt would be happy since the LA Lakers were his favourite team. As soon as Max asked the question, the kids started screaming and jumping. He was glad that they’d liked his surprise. His team mates joined Max and soon they were surrounded by all the kids.

Liz had gone to work, but her thoughts kept whirling around, trying to find out what Max had planned with Matthew.
When she walked into the restaurant, she was quickly lead to the backroom.
“Ok girl ,spill, what was Michael Guerin doing here yesterday?” Maria quickly asked.
She still hadn’t gone over the shock that Michael Guerin had stood right in front of her.
“Maria, calm down. Sniff some more oil. I forgot to tell you the other night that Michael is Max’ best friend. He was at that weekly dinner.” Liz could have guessed that Maria would act like this. After all, she was glad that she hadn’t told her sooner. The look of her face yesterday was priceless.
“Liz, how could forgot to tell me such an important thing !!!!!????” Maria was a little angry at Liz, but it would pass quickly.
“Maria, I had other things on my mind!” Liz simply answered the truth, how could she talk about Michael, when her mind only acknowledged Max ?
“Oh, you mean Loverboy. So what is he up to today?” Maria let go of the subject Michael, besides what would be the odds that she’d ever see him again ?
“Oh Maria, it’s so confusing. I mean, I miss him terribly and I wish I could feel his arms around me again. But otherwise, I think I would get hurt in the end anyway.” Liz felt lost. She had serious doubts about her choice a couple of nights ago. Every time she saw him, she wants to run to him and kiss him breathless. But still, something held her back.
“Why are you so sure of that?” a voice behind Liz asked her.
Maria looked up and gasped. What was going on these days?
Liz slowly turned around, she had recognized that voice.
“What are you doing here ?” Liz asked politely.
“I’m here to talk to you, Liz.” The person in the doorway quickly answered.
“What about?” Maria asked curiously. Liz didn’t need an answer to that question,
she already knew.
“About why my brother is going crazy these last days. I thought that Liz might know some more ?” Isabel looked Liz straight in the eyes. Liz gave up, it looked like she had to tell the whole story again today.
“Let’s go out front and we’ll talk there. Maria can you give us some coffee and join us then. That way, I don’t have to tell everything twice today.” Liz answered and moved to the door.
Isabel followed her to a booth while Maria got three cups of coffee.
When Maria finally was seated, Liz told everything again. From the moment she had laid eyes on Max ‘til this morning.
She told all the happy moments, but also the sad moments that she had experienced with Max.
When she had finished, she looked at two of her friends with their mouths wide open.
Isabel was the first to speak.
“Liz, he isn’t going to let you go. Let me tell you something. You were the only girl that my brother has ever brought home. He’s never talked about someone with so much love.
But since you cut him a deal, a few nights ago. He’s been sad, depressed. Even Lisa can’t cheer him up, trust me when I say that’s almost impossible. Normally, she can always bring a smile to his face. Anyway, this morning there was hope in his eyes. He had a little smile on his face. I don’t know either what he’s got planned with Matthew. But I can see it in his eyes that he loves you and he cares a great deal for Matt. You really should give him a chance. Not every relationship fails.” Isabel didn’t know for sure if her little speech had worked, but she could see that Liz had some serious doubts.
“Chica, Isabel is right. It’s time you let him in. It’s time that you let someone love you back. He isn’t going to hurt you, if he does I’ll kick his butt. But something inside me tells me, I won’t have too. I don’t know Max well, but I’ve seen the looks between you. It’s like you’re the only two people in the world. Those looks are full of love.” Maria helped Isabel convincing Liz. Maria knew Liz for a long time and she had never seen her best friend so full of a guy. She saw her smile every time she mentioned his name. Those two were some sick lovebirds.
“I don’t know anymore !” Liz was so confused.
“Am I interrupting anything ladies ?” a guy stood next to their booth.
“Michael, what are you doing here?” Isabel asked one of her best friends.
“Well, I was here to see Liz. What are you doing here ?” Michael asked Izzy the same thing.
“Just talking to Liz and Maria.” Isabel and Michael looked at each other. They mouthed some things to each other and they both smiled when they realized what the other was up too.
“Well, what do you ladies think of accompanying me tonight ? I’m opening a new gallery and you’re all invited. I know Izzy and Alex are coming, why don’t you two lovely ladies join me? I’ll be definitely in the spot light when I have you two on my arms tonight. So what do you think?” Michael asked Liz and Maria.
Maria couldn’t response, she still hadn’t gone over the shock that Michael was standing right beside her and her mind hadn’t realized a word of what he said yet.
“Michael, I don’t know.” Liz simply answered.
“Oh come on Liz, you could come over to my place and we could find perfect dresses and have a make-over.” Isabel felt like a teenager again. She never had real girl friends, she had some but she didn’t trust any of them. But she did trust Maria and Liz.
Liz looked at Maria and saw her staring at Michael.
“Fine, we’ll go. But someone is going to need to talk to our boss again !!!”Liz said. She thought she could at least make one of Maria’s dreams come true.
“No problem. I’ll do it. So ladies I think you should get a move on, you’ve got a lot of planning to do !!” Michael said, he was glad that his plan was working.
Liz, Maria and Isabel quickly got up and went planning the evening.

I hope you like it !

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I'm so sorry for negelcting you all ! I really am !
Thank you for all the bumps.
My life has been busy, these last few months.
Right now, I have exams. Just started today !
But I just couldn't stop from posting a new part.
I know that it's not so long,
but please forgive me for it.
This story is coming to its ending anyway.
I'm going to try to get the end at least up before christmas. I know this isn't such a good story.
And when I have lots of time, I'll rewrite this and work ik more out, but now you'll have to excuse me for making so short. I've missed you all so much and I really am sorry for neglecting you. You all deserve much better !


*Part 22*

Isabel and Maria were both dressed and ready when Liz came out of the bathroom.
“Guys, I think I’m going to skip tonight. I’m sorry!” Liz could barely be heard by Maria or Isabel. But as soon as she finished her sentence, both girls were around her.
“Liz, you look pale. Are you ok ?” Isabel got concerned about Liz. She really looked pale and very sick.
“No, I’m anything but ok. I threw up everything I ate for the last week and my head is going to explode. I really am not up to this, I’m sorry.” Liz quickly said before she got back to the bathroom, to throw up again.
Maria immediately went after Liz. Trying to give her the help she needed right now.
While Isabel made some phone calls.
A couple of minutes later, Liz came out of the bathroom, leaning on Maria for support.
They slowly walked over to Isabel’s bed. The moment she sat down, Max came running through the door. He had broken every speeding limit there was, on his way over. He hadn’t even caught his breath yet or he was by Liz’ side.
“Are you alright ?” Max whispered while taking her face in his hands so he could look into her eyes. Liz had gotten water in her eyes, she was so glad to see Max right now.
When Max saw the first tear run down her cheek, he picked her up in his arms and walked to his room.
“I’ll take care of everything. Just have fun you too. Isabel, I’ll watch Lisa for you tonight!” Max called back from down the hall.
Neither one of the girls could answer because Max had already closed the door of his bedroom.

He gently laid Liz down on his bed. He took her shoes of, then her socks, he pulled her a little straighter so he could take her shirt of. He went to his closet and got an oversized t-shirt. He put it on Liz and then slowly undid her pants. He pulled his covers over Liz. She had her eyes closed, but she was still awake. He looked at his sweet little angel, lying here in his bed. She was still the most beautiful woman, even though she was sick right now.
He stood up when suddenly Liz grabbed his wrist.
“Please don’t leave me !” she whispered while looking him straight in the eyes.
“Baby, I could never leave you. I just wanted to get you some soup !” he slowly caressed her cheek.
“I don’t need that, I need you. Please, just hold me.” Liz said while taking Max’ hand.
“I’ll stay, don’t worry. I’m right here.” Max gave her a little peck on her forehead. He took of his shoes and laid himself next to Liz. As soon as he was fully on the bed, Liz was in his arms. She wrapped her arms around him firmly, like her life depended on it. Max gently rubbed her back. He gave her a kiss in her hair.
After a while, Liz had fallen asleep. Max wanted to go downstairs to check on Matthew and Lisa, but he couldn’t risk Liz waking up. So he took his cell phone. The phone downstairs rung, Rosa answered it.
“Hey Rosa, it’s me Max. How is everything downstairs ?” he whispered into the phone.
“Oh Mister Evans, everything is perfect. Matthew and Lisa are playing in the back garden. Is everything ok with Miss Parker ?” the housemaid informed her boss about everything that had happened. As soon as Max was satisfied with the information he had gotten, he had ended the phone call. He closed his eyes for a second, thinking about everything that had happened.
When he opened them again, he was staring straight into the eyes of Liz.
“Did I wake you up ?” he whispered. Liz just shook her head.
“Are you feeling better ?” he wondered. Liz nodded.
“Could you say something, you’re scaring me here ?” Max politely asked. He just wanted to hear her voice. It would make him feel more at ease.
“I love you” Liz softly said. Before Max could reply, his lips were crushed by Liz’s.

I hope that you have enjoyed it at least a little bit.
I really am sorry !


posted on 5-Feb-2003 10:11:53 AM by French Kiss Lilly
I'm soooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry for all the delay.
Life got in my way. But I was finally able to finish this story.
I know that I'm not a good writer and someday I will edit this story. Because some things have happened too fast, but right now my life doesn't allow me to write much. So I made a promise to myself to at least end this story. I know it's an abrupt end, but please forgive me for it.
I hope that my story has given you a little of reading pleasure. I will miss you all and remember , you can always bmail me.
I'll try to respond as quick as possible.


*Last part *

So Liz healed quickly and everything was going great for Max, Liz and Matthew.
A week later, Max had to play the play-offs with his team. When he came home, he was devastated. He locked himself up in his bedroom and refused to talk to anyone.
When Isabel had lost all her hopes in opening up her brother, she called Liz.
“Hello?” Matt said in to the phone.
“Hey Matt, it’s Isabel. Is your mommy there with you?” Isabel gently asked. Deep inside she wanted to scream to hurry up, but she wasn’t that Isabel anymore. She heard some ruffling figured out that Matt was probably giving the phone at Liz.
“Hello, Isabel ?” Liz wondered.
“Liz, I need you here !” Isabel quickly replied, she really sounded desperate.
“Izzy, calm down. What’s wrong ?” Liz tried to ease her friend, but not much was helping.
“It’s Max.” was the only thing Isabel said.
“I’ll be there in five !” Liz was already putting on her coat when she answered.
And exactly five minutes later, the doorbell rung at the Evans’ estate.
“So what’s wrong with him?” Liz immediately asked, even before saying hey.
“Something has happened at his game, he came home. Locked himself in his room and won’t talk to anybody.” Isabel explained. She tried her best to stay calm, but it was getting harder by the second.
Both girls slowly made their way up the stairs. And here they were standing in front of Max’ locked door. Isabel left Liz alone and went to her studio, hoping that she could get rid of some of this frustration by designing.
Liz gently knocked and was rewarded with absolute silence.
She knocked again, this time she did get a reward.
“Leave me alone !” a very angry Max shouted for the whole house.
“Now, that’s something I can’t do, see….” Liz hadn’t even finished before Max’ door was yanked open and she was pulled inside.
“What are you doing here ?” Max asked in a more friendly voice then before.
“Worrying about you! Want to tell me what’s going, Max ? You’re scaring your family !” Liz quickly asked back.
“I don’t want to talk about it!” Max couldn’t even look in her eyes. He started walking away when Liz took him by his wrist.
“Now you listen to me, Mister Evans. You’ve been there for me when things went bad, so I’m going to stay here until you let me help you.” Liz replied on a very serious tone. It was a little intimidating.
“So, now you’re here paying out your debts ?” Max was really lost at the moment. He didn’t know what to think anymore. Why are they doing this to him ?
“Max, you know that, that isn’t what I meant. Just please, tell me what’s wrong. I hate seeing you like this !” Liz had gotten water in her eyes. Her heart broke, seeing him like this.
Max couldn’t look in her eyes and turned away. Liz gently framed his face and made him look at her.
“Please, Max” she was near tears. Max hated seeing her so hurt. He quickly enveloped her in his arms. They staid there for an eternity, but in reality it was only 15 minutes.
Liz slowly loosened her grip on Max and looked him in the eyes.
She didn’t say anything, she just begged with her eyes. Max knew he couldn’t keep running from her, but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t try.
Wouldn’t you run, when you’ve just received news that would change your life forever ?
Max quickly crushed Liz’s lips, trying to postpone telling the horrible news to her.
When their kiss finally broke off, he took her hand and made her sit on the bed. He sat in front of her, on the ground.
“Right before I went on the court, my coach pulled me aside. He said he had some important news to tell me. We went in his office. He looked at me and suddenly he blurted out, that they had gotten an offer for me to go play in NY.” Max looked Liz straight in the eyes when he told her the last part. He wanted to see what her reaction would be to him moving across the country.
Liz understood why Max was angry. Right now, she was extremely pissed at his coach.
When she finally let Max in, they’re taking him away from her. Life would become a hell now. Why do all the bad things happen to her. This isn’t fair !!!!!!!!!!
Her tears slowly rolled down her cheeks. As soon as Max saw the tears, he rapped his arms around her.
They slowly laid themselves down, clinging to each other as if their lives depended on it.
Eventually they fell asleep.

Max woke up and just couldn’t help but stare at the beauty next to him. He couldn’t leave her.
He had to do something and he already knew what.
Liz started stirring and blinked a couple of times. When she was fully awake, she was mesmerized by the eyes of Max. How could such a handsome guy even be with her ? Maybe it was better for him to move. He would fine a fine girlfriend in NY and forget about her.
Max saw the emotions on Liz’ face change and knew he needed to take action.
He pulled her upright and seated himself in front of her. He framed her face with his hands.
“You know that I love your right ?” Max whispered.
“Max, please don’t start. It is clearly that us wasn’t meant to be.” Liz tried to look away but Max held her strongly.
“Liz, listen to me, please!” Max said a little harder.
When he didn’t get any response, he continued his speech.
“I love you, Liz Parker, with all my heart. And no moving can change that. You have captured my heart forever. I know that we don’t know each other a long time but I do know that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Now before you start to protest, I’m not asking because of what my coach said. I’ve wanted to marry you, from the moment I saw you.
I just didn’t ask because that would have been a bit overwhelming. So now I would like to ask you a question, that will both change our lives. Please think about it, before you answer.
Elisabeth Parker, will you lighten up my life by becoming my wife ?” Max held his breath.
He didn’t know how he would react if she said no.
“Max,…” Liz started saying but quickly closed her mouth again.
She didn’t know what to do. She loved Max dearly, but she hardly knew him. Yes, her life would be miserable if he moved away but she also had to think about Matthew.
She knew that Matt looked up to Max. I mean, it was one of the first things he said to Max : “Are you going to be my daddy ?”.
And she could see that Max liked Matt. Once, she had found him in Matt’s bedroom, he laid on the bed and Matt was tucked in under his arm. She still could feel her heart skip a beat, just thinking of that moment.
But there were still some things that she hadn’t experienced with Max yet. Making love was one of them. How could he ask her to marry him, if he didn’t even know if she was any good in bed.
“I don’t care about that, Liz.” Max said as if he could read her mind.
“Max,…” Liz began to protest once again but Max quickly laid his finger on her lips.
“Liz, even if we wouldn’t make love for the rest of our lives, I would still be the happiest man in this universe. Because I would be able to hold you all night, I would be able to wake up every morning and go to sleep every night with you by my side.” Max stated.
He knew that this topic would come up and he had prepared himself for it.
Liz just looked Max in the eyes, he had surprised her once again. She got butterflies in her stomach just thinking about waking up in his arms.
She had made her decision.
“Yes !” she simply answered.
“Yes?” Max couldn’t help but smile. She was saying yes.
“Yes, Max Evans. I will marry you !!!” Liz smiled back at him.
Within seconds Max had her swooped in his arms and spinning her ‘round the room.
Life couldn’t get any better than this.


Max sat on Liz’ bed, holding their beautiful little girl who was born a couple of days ago.
Life was great for the Evans’ family. Max and Liz had been married on Valentine’s Day.
Many women cried when they read the paper on15 February, the head of the article said: “The new hottie of the NY Knights is offiacially of the market !” The article had included photos of the new married couple and their history together.
Their friends and family had supported them all the way. You should have heard Maria scream when they announced that they were going to be married.
Matt had a smile on his face for a whole week after he had heard the news. His friends were all jealous, not everybody had Max Evans as a dad. Liz and Matthew had moved in to the Evans’ estate right after Max and Liz were married. They had Matt pick their honeymoon, since they wanted him to join them. They couldn’t leave him behind.
Their honeymoon brought them closer together and made a huge impact on their lives, because after all,little Noah Evans was conceived on their honeymoon.
And now 2.5 years after their beautiful wedding, Laura Evans made their family complete. They had come a long way, but now you can see that love conquers all.

I hope you enjoyed it.
Thank you for everything.

posted on 6-Feb-2003 10:51:22 AM by French Kiss Lilly
I'm glad you liked it.
At least someone found my story worth reading.
I have got many ideas for new stories,
life just doesn't give me the time to write them.
I'm sorry.
I've read "Love on the catwalk" again and I don't know how I should work it out.
I'll try to come up with something, as soon as possible.
take care