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Author: Hope

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the caracters related to Roswell, it's all property of Jason Katims and the UPN. I don't got any money so don't sue!

Rating: R to be safe

Summary: 16 year old Liz parker was raped and is left pregnant. She stumbles onto Roswell and meets the gang. There she will find acceptance, love and friendship.

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Note: It will eventually be all CC, it's sorta AU and there are no aliens.

~~~~ Chapter 1~~~

"Noooooo! Let go of me!" screamed Liz parker.

"Shut up you slut" he said as he gagged her.

She fought furiously to get out of his grasp but it was no use. She closed her eyes and let the tears fall as he thrust deeply into her , severing her barrier. She let out a scream and braced herself as he continued to bang into her with such force and agressiveness.

"OOOHH Yes!!! CUM WITH ME BITCH!" he exclaimed. A few thrusts later he came and he pulled out of her. He then searched Liz's body and in her bra found some money. He took it and shoved it in his pocket.

Liz was trying her best to hold it together but she couldn't.

"That was fun, now I gotta go" the man said before he knocked Liz unconscious.

She woke up a couple of hours later half naked and gagged in the alley. She picked herself off the ground and took a seat on the bench nearby. It was cold and wet outside and she was freezing. She pulled her knees up to her chest and began to sob. She was 16 years old, 1000 miles from home and she was all alone.

She hadn't always had a bad life. Her life was perfect up until she turned 10. She lived with her parents and they were all a happy family. They had all the money they needed, a big house, lots of loving and caring family and even a dog. But when she turned 10, all of that fell apart. Her parents, grandparents , aunts and uncles were killed in a freak car accident. They had been on their way back from the casino in two different cars and they had been involved in a 17 car pile-up . They had been killed on impact. Liz had been sent to live with an aunt who she had never met. She called her aunt Lil . She was 50 years old and a bitter old woman. She was always mean to Liz since the day she came and stayed with her. She would constantly tell her how that Liz living with her had destroyed her life and that she didn't want her. Every day Liz would be told that she was good for nothing and that nobody loved her. And, even though Liz hated living there, she had no choice until she turned 18. Until then she had to put up with it.

Everyday she went to school, came home worked like a slave for aunt Lil , finished her homework and then was sent off to bed. Sometimes she was lucky enough to get some supper, but most times she would go to bed hungry. She would never get presents or even a hug from her aunt and she wasn't allowed to watch t.v., listen to music or even play outside.

On her 16th birthday , Liz decided to run away. She needed to find her place in the world and she needed to find happiness. She knew that aunt Lil wouldn't do anything about it and she certainly wouldn't come looking for her, so she packed her most prized posessions and left.

With her she took her family picture the one they had taken on the last christmas she had been with her parents. She took some clothes, some blankets, some food, her toothbrush, her brush and some money she had stolen from aunt Lil.

She had managed to get about 100 miles from home in 2 weeks by foot and by hitch hicking.She had made it to a small town called Vanier in the middle of nowhere and she had run out of food. She hadn't spent all her money and she wasn't going to. She wanted to keep it for something important. To her food wasn't that important.

In Vanier is where she was robbed of her virginity and of her money. As she walked along the highway in the middle of the night she couldn't help the anger that overcame her. Why was this happening to her? What had she ever done? she thought.

She had been walking for over 7 hours and she was getting tired. Despite her fatigue she kept on going. She walked for 4 more hours and made it to the state of New York. By this time it was dawn and she decided to take a break because she was tired and she felt very nauseous. She sat down on a bench nearby and rested her head on her bag. A couple of minutes later she fell asleep.

When she next awoke, it was dusk. She kicked herself for sleeping that long but she had to admit she felt rested and she no longer felt sick. She gathered her bag and started walking again. She didn't know where she was going but something was telling her to keep going East, so she did.


Three weeks later, Liz had made it to Arizona. She had walked for days on end, and she had been lucky to find food every couple of days. What was slowing her down was the fact that every morning she felt nauseous and she knew that if she ate anything, it would come back up. So she waited untill about noon to eat. She had also noticed something else. Her period was late and her appetite was increasingly large. She feared she was pregnant. Being pregnant at 16, by a man who had raped her, when she was in no condition to raise a baby, was one of her worst fears. She decided that it would be best to go to a clinic and verify if she was indeed pregnant. She knew in her heart that if she was, there would be no way that she could possibly result to abortion, or adoption. For moral reasons abortion was out of the question. If she would result to adoption , they would know that she was 16 and she would have to go back to her aunt Lil's. Either way she was stuck.
She was nervous as she walked in the clinic and took a seat. It was a free clinic and she didn't need to tell the nurse anything but her first name and the reason for the appointment. She didn't want to give her real name so she said her name was Kayla.

"Kayla" said the nurse looking in Liz's direction. She stood up and followed the nurse into her room. The nurse seemed warm and friendly and she nicely told Liz to put a gown on and that the doctor would be with her in a couple of minutes. She did as told and put her gown on. She then lay down on the table and tried to relax. A couple of minutes later the doctor came in.

"Hi Kayla I'm doctor Novalee Hansoy " she said extending her hand to Liz. Liz fakely smiled and said

"It's nice to meet you".

"So it says here you would like to know if you're pregnant?" asked dr. Hansoy.
Liz simply nodded.

"Okay just lay down and we'll take a look. I'm gonna rub some Jelly on your stomach and it may feel cold. " she said.

Dr. Hansoy noticed that Liz was young, and she appeared in bad shape but she didn't say anything and she didn't let it show that she noticed. This was her job and most people that came in this clinic had run away and had had bad lives. Most of them were good and she knew Liz was one of them.

Liz was nervous. She watched the monitor as a small picture appeared and she tried to make out the doctor's expression. The doctor moved the camera around on her stomach and a look of shocked was displayed across her face. Liz noticed this and was worried.

"What's wrong?"asked Liz.

The doctor seemed to listen attentively to what she was hearing in the earphones and she simply said: " There's more than one heartbeat."

At this Liz was shocked. " I'm pregnant with twins?" asked Liz.

The doctor shook her head no.

"Triplets?" asked Liz even more shocled.

The doctor took a deep breath and said :" No actually there are seven heart beats. You're going to have septuplets!" she exclaimed.

let me know what you think if you want me to write more.

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thanks ps-dreamer for the feedback I'm glad you like this story and as for the babies yes, she is pregnant with 7 babies. *happy*

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I would just like to say thanks to Nana, Marteloise, pixie,
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~~~~ chapter 2~~~~~~~

Two weeks had passed since Liz found out she was having septuplets. She still hadn't fully gotten over the shock but she had come a long way. She had cried, screamed, cursed, everything you can possibly feel she had felt. But after all the anger and sadness had passed she felt total love and acceptance for her unborn children. She would try her best to raise them and give them a good life, even though it might be difficult.

Over the pass 2 weeks things had gotten better. She had confided in the doctor about her running away and getting raped and she had told her about her aunt and the way she treated her. The doctor had been vey attentive and didn't pass judgement. She promised that Liz's secret was safe with her and she tried to help her the best she could. The doctor wasn't able to take Liz in but she was able to help her.

After Liz established that she didn't want to abort her babies or give them up for adoption, Dr.Hansoy gave her the numbers of shelters for pregnant teens where she could go to for help. She had given Liz some extra pocket money and she even gave her a bunch of clothes, some of it maternity clothing from when she was pregnant. Dr. Hansoy gave Liz a list of things to do to ensure she keep her health and to ensure her safety as well as the babies'. She had even drove Liz to New Mexico to one of the shelters. Liz had wanted to go there because there was something pulling her there. She didn't know what or why but she knew that she should follow her instinct. They had exchanged their thankyous and goodbyes , then Dr.Hansoy drove back to Arizona.

Liz had been in the shelter now for 3 weeks and she was following her 'to do list' to the letter. She always made sure to eat enough, drink enough water and take her vitamins like Dr. Hansoy had told her. She had also skeduled follow up appointments every month to check on the babies' health.
Micheal guerin 17 years old and a senior in high school, pulled up into his girlfriend's driveway.
He was picking her up for school. He beeped the horn and waited for her to come out.

"Figures women are always late" he mumbled earning him a smack from Isabel.

Maria came out five minutes later and before Michael had the chance to say anything she decided to shut him up with a kiss. " Morning" she said as she pulled back and took her seat beside Michael. She greeted Max and Isabel and put her seatbelt on. Michael now flushed and wearing Maria's lipstick pulled out of the driveway and headed for school.

Liz 's appointment today was in Roswell. That was about an hour from where she was. She had a couple of dollars with her so she took the bus. She got there 10 minutes earlier and she checked in and took a seat. She picked a magazine out from the shelf and began to read. She needed the distraction because she was really nervous.
About an hour later, Liz had been seen by the doctor and she was happy to know that everything was fine with her and the babies. She headed back to the shelter in hopes that she didn't miss supper. When she got there she was shocked to see her aunt Lil. She was talking with one if the nurses and she overheard her say that she had gone to the doctor's and that they were expecting her back any minute. Liz couldn't believe it, her aunt had actually come looking for her. Maybe it was because the cops were after her for Liz not going to school or maybe it's because she missed those child support checks that came in the mail every week or because her house was a mess and she needed Liz to clean it for her. Liz didn't know what the reason was but she knew that it wasn't because she loved her and missed her and wanted her back. She did the only thing she could think of. She ran. She would rather die than go back there and live like a slave. Her aunt would prabably make her abort the babies and she would beat her like she did whe Liz use to do something she didn't like.

Liz didn't even take a chance to pack her stuff, she just hopped on the bus and headed back for Roswell. Thankfully she had lied and told the nurses she was going to Las Crusas for her appointment. One thing she was mad about was the fact that she had told the nurses her real name. Why had she done that. She hadn't told the doctor but the nurses at the shelter seemed nice and trustworhty. She was mentally beating herself up for that.

An hour later it was dark and Liz was back in Roswell. She got off the bus in front of a restaurant named the " Crashdown". It was the only restaurant still open. She was starving and she spent the last of her money to buy herself some supper. She had left all of her other money back at the shelter. She walked in and sat down in a booth. The restaurant seemed empty except for a group of people talking in the back. They were sitting in a booth and they all appeared to be Liz's age. They hadn't stopped staring at her since she got in and she was starting to feel uncomfortable. She noticed one of the girls get up and come over to take her order. She was wearing a green alien uniform which Liz thought was funny. She glanced in the corner booth again and her breath caught in her throat when she spotted him. He was the most gorgeous guy she had ever seen . He had deep amber eyes and everything about him made her heart dance. She caught him stare at her in the eyes and she quickly looked away. Who was she kidding. He prabably has a girlfriend. Beside who would want me? I'm dirty, pregnant by a man who raped me and I'm ugly she thought. She had to bite her bottom lip to prevent herself from crying. She was brought out of her daze when the waitress came. " Hi I'm Maria and I'll be your waitress today, Can I get you started with a drink? she asked. Liz focused her attention towards the waitress and said " Um yeah just some water please will be fine thanks" replied Liz. Maria nodded and went to get her water.

Maria had noticed the look of pain and sadness in Liz's eyes. She looked like a frightened child afraid of the dark or lost and looking for her mommy.

In the booth in the back they were all wondering about Liz.
"I wonder what happened to her, she looks so drained and scared" said Alex.

"Ya I know, I mean look at her she's all dirty and it looks like she just got out of a garbage can or something" said Isabel.

"I wonder if she's okay? She looks really sad" admitted Kyle.

"Guys maybe we should stop staring at her it might make her uncomfortable, I mean I know I would be if I were in her situation" said Michael.

"I agree, let's just leave her alone, I'm sure she already has enough to deel with than have us add to her problems" agreed Max as he watched this beautiful angel that was in front of him.

As Maria was headed over to take Liz's order she saw hoe pale and fragile Liz looked. Before she had the chance to ask her if she was alright , Liz was about to get up but she fell and hit her head on the side of the table knocking her uncounscious.

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Now on to part 3

~~~~~ Part 3~~~~

Liz woke up and noticed that she was in someone's arms. She glanced up and came face to face with those amber eyes. The same ones she had been staring into only moments earlier. His eyes held immense concern reflecting upon her. She also noticed that the waitress as well as the other people that had been sitting in the booth , were also crowded beside her , concern showing in their eyes.

"Are you alright? Should we call an ambulance?" asked Max panicked.

"N-no I'm fine, I just .. I guess I was hungry, I- didn't have supper yet and I think that's why I fainted. I'm sure I'll be fine, thanks" said Liz trying her best to convince them she was okay. She knew that the babies were hungry and that was likely the reason she fainted. She had been warned about going long without eating. She didn't feel comfortable telling them she was pregnant. She felt a little ashamed and dirty because of the circumstances in which she had become pregnant and because of her age situation and all, she figured it would be best if she didn't mention it.

Max helped her up and then led her back into the booth. " Are you sure you'll be okay? Are you hurt? " asked Max once again. He wanted to make sure she was okay.

Liz was flatered. She had never gotten so much attention and caring since her parents died. She had almost forgetten how good it felt.

"No I'm fine thanks" she said flashing him a smile. " Thanks for helping me she said to everyone. They all smiled.

"Um excuse me I'm sorry guys but it's time to close, you can all come back tomorrow " announced the restaurant owner appearing from the back.

The owner of the restaurant was named Jeff Parker. He and his wife Nancy had just recently bought the Crashdown and they had hired Maria , Tess and Isabel as waitresses and Michael as the chef.

Liz didn't even wait for anyone to say anything as she quickly gathered her things ,got up and walked out the door.

Max and the others quickly said goodbye to Mr. Parker and took off after the mystery girl.

Max was the first to catch up with her.

"Hey wait up! Aren't you hungry? You have to eat something" said Max.

When she heard him she stopped dead in her tracks and turned around.

"No it's okay I can wait until tomorrow" she replied.

By this time the others had caught up to them and they were shocked at her last statement.

"Are you kidding? You fainted back there because you were hungry!" said Michael. He knew something was up with this girl.

Liz glanced at him and said " What do you care" a bit defensively.

When she had said that she immediately felt bad and she took off running.

Max was about to go after her when Michael stopped him. " Max I know you like her but let me go, I think I know what's going on" he said pleading with Max. Max just nodded letting him know he could go.

Michael took off in the direction Liz had ran . He caught up to her in the park. She was sitting on a bench crying. His heart broke at the sight. He slowly walked up to her and sat down beside her. She looked up into his eyes and said : " I'm so sorry I had no right to talk to you like that".

"Hey no it's okay, we all have bad days" he said trying to soothe her. He didn't know why he even cared for her because this wasn't his style. He was stone wall Michael guerin and he never showed his emotions or showed that he cared except for Maria, but this was different. He somehow felt that he could relate to her. He desperately wanted to help her and he wanted to know what had happened to her. He knew he had to gain her trust first before she would open up to him so he decided to tell her one of his secrets.

"I remember when I was six years old. One of the nuns at the foster home came up to me and told me that someone was going to take me home with them. She told me that I was lucky that someone wanted me and that I would get to have a lot of fun with my new foster dad. I was really happy. I remember thinking that I was finally going to have my very own toys and my very own daddy. I thought that my new daddy was going to play ball with me and take me to the park and play soccer. ... I was so happy that I skipped around the whole day." he said smiling as he recalled the event. " When he arrived and picked me up I was glowing. He seemed like the perfect dad, he was nice and he promised me all of these nice things. When we got to his house that's when the disapointment started. We drove for an hour and we arrived to a trailer park. That's when I found out that he lived in a trailer. It was filthy and litered with beer cans. At first I didn't think much of it because I didn't think it mattered. All I wanted was to be loved.

He was nice to me the first day and after that, it was hell. He would treat me like his slave and make me do everything for him. I always had to eat crap and he never bought me anything. He would always get drunk and he would beat me. When I was 16 I got tired of it and so with the help of my friend's dad, I was emancipated. Now I have my own appartment and things are much brighter. " said Michael as he recalled his painful childhood.

Liz listened to his story and she was amazed at how much they had in common. * Maybe he would understand* she thought. She decided to open up to him. She told him about her parents, her aunt, how she had gotten pregnant and up to where she was now. Michael had been very attentive and he had not judged her. By the time she had finished explaining she had tears in her eyes and Micheal had been there for her.

"Listen why don't you come and stay at my house for a while. I have lots of room and plenty of food. I'll introduce you to my friends tomorrow and we'll figure all of this out. How does that sound" he asked.

Liz knew that she could trust him so she hugged him and said : "okay".

She couldn't wait to be introduced to the others, the one with the amber eyes in particular and she really hoped that everything would turn out okay.

She and Michael walked back to his appartment and he got her all settled in. Michael cooked her a mega meal with everything she could want and together they devoured it all. After that Liz got ready for bed, took a bath and lay down on the bed. Minutes later she was sound asleep. She had a long and nice peaceful sleep for the first time in a month. Her dreams were filled with a certain amber eyed boy.

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Now on to part 4

~~~~ part 4~~~~~~

The next day Michael called a meeting with the gang after work to discuss Liz's situation. He had stayed up all night sitting by Liz watching her sleep. Deep down he knew why he was reacting like that. He saw himself as a child in her.

As he prepared himself for work, he thought back to the little converstaion that had taken place minutes before Liz fell asleep.


"So did you like your meal? Are you full?" asked Michael after they had finished devouring their meals.

"Yes thanks, it was wonderful" said Liz yawning.

"Tired?" asked Michael.

Liz nodded.

"Okay well why don't you go get ready for bed, you can take a bath maybe and I'll get your bed ready" said Michael.

"Thank you it means a lot to me" she said.

She headed towards the bathroom and stopped and turned around.

"Hey I totally forget to introduce myself, My name is Liz" she said as she put her hand out.

"Michael took it and said " Hi Liz, I'm Michael"

"Goodnight Michael" she said as she walked away.

"Godnight Liz"

* End of Flash*

He was still a little shocked at what Liz had told him. He had been so angry towards the people who had hurt Liz, but he hadn't shown it because Liz didn't need that . As he peeked in On Liz to see her sleeping form , a smale smile crossed his lips. " It'll be okay, we'll all help you and you'll get through this" whispered Michael as he quietly closed the door.

He left Liz a quick note on the counter and locked the door before leaving. He couldn't wait until tonight, he knew that the others would accept her and they would help her too. Maria had called him wanting to know what happened, he knew she would, but he told her he'd tell everyone tomorrow after work. Maria would understand and he had a feeling that she and Liz would be good friends. He was just glad that they found her when they did or else she would still be out there alone and scared.


Liz woke up a couple of hours later and took in her surroundings. She was well rested thanks to her peaceful sleep. She got up and called for Michael. After looking at the clock she remembered Michael telling her he had to get to work by 7. She stretched and headed to the kitchen to see if she could grab anything to eat. On the counter she found a note.


I've gone to work, I didn't want to wake you because you were sound asleep and you looked peaceful. There's plenty of food in the fridge and if you're not in the mood for any of that , I left 20 on the counter just in case. Feel free to do whatever, make yourself at home, there's extra shampoo in the bathroom and if you need anything , anything at all just call me, the number's on the fridge don't hesitate to call. See you at 3:00 take care, and don't work too much *happy*

P.S. I'm going to introduce you to the gang at 4:00 we're going to a fancy restaurant and then maybe to a movie, my treat ,be ready ! *happy*

see ya ,

She smiled as she finished reading the note. He was being so nice to her. A tear escaper her eye just thinking about the kindness she had been shown. She put the note back down and got her stuff ready. She took a shower, got dresses and then ate a big breakfast. She was really nervous to meet the gang, but she was kinda anxious to meet them, aspecially a certain someone. As she thought about what it would be like to meet them, she did a big spring cleaning of Michael's apartment. She dusted, organized and cleaned every inch.


Max, Isabel, Tess, Alex, Kyle and Maria were all sitting in a booth at the crashdown, waiting for Michael's shift to end and waiting to meet Liz. Michael hadn't been very specific but he had told them that Liz needed a place to stay and that she would stay with him. He told them that Liz was ready to share her story and to be nice to her because she had been through so much and she just needed friends and people to care fo her. So here they were all anxiously awaiting this meeting. All of them lost in their own thoughts. They all had questions and they were pretty much all wondering the same thing. There was only half an hour left until Michael was off and they couldn't wait. They were all going to senior chows after to have dinner and talk and then maybe catch a movie afterwards.

The teens were all sitting cuddled with their boyfriends except Max. Isabel was sitting on Alex, Tess was cuddled with Kyle, And Maria had gone over to Michael on his break and she was now cuddling with him. Max looked around and couldn't help feeling lonely. He wanted someone to cuddle with too.


Michael's shift was over and he was glad that Mr. Parker let him out early. He had just enough time to go home, get ready and meet the gang at the restaurant in time for their reservations.

He said a quick goodbye to the gang, and exchanged a long passionate kiss with Maria and headed home.

When he unlocked the door and walked in he almost fell down. His appartment smelled so good and fresh, everything was cleaned and organized and there was nothing out of place.

"Liz?" he called still admiring the neatness.

"What do you think?" asked Liz stepping out from the bathroom.

"I think you did an amazing job Liz, but really you didn't have to" said Michael.

"Nonsense, I wanted to" said Liz smiling as she saw his reaction.

Michael then noticed how pretty Liz looked. She had her hair down just casual and she was wearing a plain skirt with a short blue baby -tee.

"You look pretty" said Michael. He was never really good at giving complements.

"Thanks " she said. " So aren't you going to get ready? she asked.

"Um Ya, I'll be out in 20" he said heading for the bathroom.

"Okay" said Liz thinking wow, it'll only take him 20 minutes toget ready.

True to his word about 15 minutes later he came out and he was ready.

"Wow you clean up nice" said Liz.

"Thanks " said Michael. " I'm only doing this for Maria " he mumbled.

Liz smiled at his last comment.

"So Maria and you are going out?" asked Liz.

"ya we've been going out for 3 years now" he said.

"What about that guy that was.. um ..that helped me when I fell? Who's he going out with?" she asked casually.

Michael wasn't fooled for one minute. For the moment thought he decided to play along and he answered as casually as her : " Um Max, No he's single, He just never found the right girl." he said. * Me and Maria are going to have fun playing matchmakers* he thought. He smiled a goofy grin.

"Oh" said Liz. She was silently cheering inside. * Maybe there's a chance for me and him* she thought.

He knew that she had eyes for Max and by the looks of yesterday, Max had eyes for her too. As he grabbed his jacket he silently prayed that Liz would find happiness like he had with Maria.


The ride to the restaurant was silent as Liz was thinking about Max and Michael was just thinking in general. They arrived about 20 minutes earlier and Michael noticed that the others hadn't arrived yet, so he parked his car and they headed inside. They were seated at the table and they waited for the others to arrive. I didn't take long. The others arrived only moments later.

All of them walked up and they sat down. Max sat beside Liz, Maria sat on Michael's other side, Alex sat beside Max, Isabel beside him, Kyle sat beside Maria and Tess sat next to him. The atmosphere was a little uncomfortable but that didn't last long. As soon as everyone was seated Michael got up and introduced Liz. " Okay everyone I would like you to meet Liz Parker" he said directing his glare towards Liz. A bunch of " Hi's and " hello's " were exchanged and then silence followed. Michael took this as his cue to continue.

"As you all know Liz will be staying with me." he said as he looked at everyone nod. At that moment Tess chose to make a brilliant comment. " Why is she staying with you? I mean doesn't she have her own house or why doesn't she just live with her parents?" she asked a bit harshly. Tess was normally a good person but she felt threatened by Liz and she felt as if she was going to take her friends away from her. Tess had finally been accepted into the group and she had found real friends which is something she had never had and now she didn't want to lose that. She felt a bit guilty about how harsh she had sounded but what happened next made her feel extremely guilty.

Liz 's eyes seemed to tear up and she excused herself and ran to the bathroom. Michael wanted to go after her but she went into the girl's bathroom . Thankfully Maria spoke up. " Don't worry I got it" she said. Maria excused herslelf and headed in the direction Liz had gone.

Liz had locked herself in the bathroom and she was crying hard. Maria walked in and immediately headed in the direction of the crying.

"Liz? Can you let me in?" she asked sincerely.

When Liz didn't say anything Maria, looked around to make sure there was no one watching and she crawled under the door. At the sight of Liz her heart broke . She looked so sad and so fragile and the worst part was that Liz looked to be about the same age as Maria. She sat down on the toilet seat beside Liz and she took her in her arms and squeezed her tightly.

"Shhhh, Shhh Liz. Look . I know there's no excuse for what Tess said but I'm sure she didn't mean it like that. Tess has been through her own share of stuff and I guess she just felt threatened." she said trying to soothe her.

Liz understood that, with all that she had been through she could relate to what Tess might be feeling. She wasn't really sad because of that it was just the painful reminder that she no longer had her loving and caring parents that hurt the most.

"Ya I know" said Liz wiping away at her tears. * Come on Liz pull it together* she thought.

Maria was amazed at Liz's reaction. It almost seemed as though Liz didn't hold anything against Tess.

Maria saw that Liz was calming down so she decided to help her touch up before they went back out.

She saw Liz wiping at her make-up and she said
: " Come on Chica, I have just the thing for that" . And she pulled her towards the mirror, took out her make-up and began her magical touch-up. When she was done she smiled at her job well done.

"No one will be able to tell you were crying now" she said.

"Thank you", Liz sais smiling sincerely. She had to admit she had done a good job with her make-up.

"I'm Maria by the way" said Maria. " And if you ever need a friend or just someone to hang with you can call me, anytime " she smiled.

"Thanks Maria" said Liz.

"No problem Chica!'' said Maria while holding the door open for Liz.

"You ready?"
Liz took a deep breath and said " as I'll ever be"

TBC!! In the next part she interacts more with the rest of the gang
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~~~~ Part 5~~~~

Liz smiled as she remembered how wonderful her evening had been. As she lay in bed, she couldn't help but let her mind wander to the the good time she had had only hours ago.

After the little Tess incident, when she had returned to the table, everything had gone amazingly well from there, and she had actually had fun.

As the evening progressed, she had gotten to know everyone better including Tess. They had all been so nice to her. Tess had even appoligized to Liz and she had been nothing but friendly towards her, the entire evening. Liz had also gotten along well with Maria and Isabel as well as Alex, Kyle and Max. Max in particular. She didn't know what was wrong with her but every time Max talked or looked into her eyes, she would go weak in the knees. She found him so attractive and sweet. His deep amber eyes , and his strong muscular body. ....

She forced herself to drop that thought. He could never love her. She was dirty and pregnant. And the rest of the gang wouldn't want to be friends with her either once they found out her secret. Yeah, they had been nice to her for the evening but they didn't know about her "situation" .

She wished that just for once, she could have real friends that accepted her and that she would actually find true love.

As she drifted off to sleep, she remained unhopeful that she would ever be happy. She knew that tomorrow when she would tell them , it'd all be over.


Michael lay in bed unable to sleep. He was happy that Liz had a good time that evening, but he knew that sooner or later the truth would have to come out. He and Liz were suppose to explain everything last night at dinner but with the Tess incident, he just wanted her to have a fun evening so he had delayed the explanation until he felt Liz was ready. He knew that she wasn't ready even though she said she was. Michael was happy about one thing though. Max had told Michael that he found Liz attractive, and he knew that Max was concerned for her. Michael had told Max to let her be and not talk to her about her past yet because she would talk about it when she was ready. Max had agreed to let it be for now, and Michael was greatful for that. He just hoped that Liz wouldn't shut herself off from them and not let them help. He didn't know Liz very well, but he knew that no one should go through something like that alone and he was determined to make sure she didn't.


Michael woke up to the sound of the toilet flushing. Liz had been sick all morning since 5 am and she was now only starting to feel better. As Michael got up, on the way to the kitchen he found Liz crumpled in a little ball in the bathroom floor. He rushed to her side and helped her up.

"Liz are you okay? What hapenned?" he asked concerned.

Liz got up and started to splash water on her face.

"Um I'm just experiencing a little morning sickness, I'll be fine thanks " she said drying her face with a towel.

Michael looked doubtful but decided she was alright.

"Is there anything I can do?" asked Michael.

"You could get me some ice cream and some brussel sprouts" she replied.

Michael made a face and said : " Are you serious? You were just sick and now you want ice cream and brussel srpouts?"

Liz just shrugged and said : " Yeah".

Michael deciding not to ask anymore questions and simply backed out of the bathroom and preceded to fulfil her request.

"I'll be right back" he said heading out the door.

Liz couldn't help but smile at his sweetness and understanding.

She took a shower and tried not worry about her meeting this afternoon with everyone.


Michael had come back from the store with lots of ice cream and brussel sprouts. He had almost been sick at the sight of seeing Liz devour the combination spoonful after spoonful.

He wasn't working today, and upon Liz' request he called everyone and told them to meet at the crashdown at noon. Liz told him she was ready to tell them and since everyone was free then, it was as good time as any.

Michael knew she was dreading it, and he let her know that he was there for her, something Liz was greaful for.

She was a little more hopeful, because she realized that Michael knew about her "situation" and he hadn't hated her or treated her any different. Maybe the others would act the same way.

It was near noon, and everyone was gathered at the Crashdown. Liz and Michael were the only ones missing. A couple of minutes later, they arrived.

Max noticed how nervous Liz looked and he smiled at her trying to help her feel more at ease. They took a seat and everyone fell silent , waiting for Liz to begin. She looked at everyone, one by one, and after taking a deep breath she began. She told them everything. She told them about her good life before her parents' death, the life after, and about how she'd ended up here. She had told them everything, the whole truth, including that she'd been raped and that she was now pregnant with septuplets. She had been strong and not cried once during the time she told the story, but as she finished, she looked down to avoid seeing their reactions.

For about 10 minutes, no one spoke. Everything was silent , everyone lost in their own thoughts. Max was the first to speek.

"Liz, I-I'm so sorry that you had a bad life, and all these terrible things hapenned to you. I just want you to know that you have a home with us, and we'll be here for you to help you get though this and deal with everything. You wont go though this alone, " he said taking her hand in his and giving it a firm squeeze.

Liz looked up and couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Yeah Liz, if you need help with anything, anything at all we'll do our best " added Kyle.

"Yeah, that goes for us too Liz, if you ever need anything, a friend to talk to or anything, what ever time it is, it doen't matter, you can call us and we'll be there for you" added Isabel speaking for Maria her and Tess.

"And if you ever need someone to make you laugh, or to just shut up and listen, We, are at your service" said Alex motioning towards the guys whom all nodded in agreement.

Liz was speechless to say the least. She couldn't believe her ears. All of them wanted to help her and they didn't hate her. They were still treating her with respect and kindness despite her situation.

"I - I don't understand. I'm a dirty slut and I'm pregnant and you guys don't care? I mean it's not that I'm not greatful because I am, but I-I just dont deserve this, and I don't know why you're all being so nice to me. " she ended.

Upon hearing this , everyone's hearts broke. She was the victim and she didn't think that she deserved their friendship and caring. She saw herself as " guilty" , a term used in court.

"Liz, please don't ever think you're anything less just because you were abused and treated poorly. You were a victim in all of this and if anything you deserve nothing but true friends, nothing but friendship, caring and love, you deserve nothing but the best. To go through what you did and survive, requires a large amount of strenght and that says something about you. Please Liz, don't ever think you're dirty or unwanted because that bastard raped you and got you pregnant. You are the total opposite and I want you to know that you deserve every bit of love, caring and frienship that there is in this world. Please let us be there for you and help you. " said Max.

By the time Max was done everyone was crying, but Liz was crying the most. She nodded and Max took her in a warm embace. " Thank you" she whispered as she snuggled into his chest.

She knew that things would get better from then on. As Everyone watched, they couldn't help but smile for their new friend.

TBC!! please leave fb if you want more!

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