Title: No one
Author: AllForLove
Category: kinda AU but def M/L
Rating: PG13 – NC17 (it all depends on you guys)
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own anything. Unfortunately. But if I did Max would be my sex slave. OOoOoOo YEA! :D

Firstly I’m English and I don’t know really know all the ins and outs of American high schools; I’m going by the many films. So I’m saying sorry now for my lack of knowledge

Description: Max is the American high school sweetheart, the jock, every girl wants him and every man wants to be him. Liz is the quiet plain Jane who works hard. The only problem is that she has a secret.
Micheal, Max and Is are still aliens. No-one knows about it
Liz and Maria are still best mates and Maria is with Micheal who is still Max’s best mate. Isabel is still the Ice Queen and Alex is the average geek – also Liz’s friend. OOoOoOoOo and my personal Fav – NO Tess!!!!


From part 3A
*Next Day*

As I head down the corridor of my school I can feel a pair of eyes on my legs, I can feel them travelling up my body, stopping at my face.
Great. I know im actually wearing a skirt, does not mean I am a freak.
Ok, I am a freak. Beg your pardon
So I looked up to see them. Yea, you guessed it.
Mr Arrogant
Ms Ice Bitch
Mr Semi-decent

And there looking at me.

Staring at me.

Studying me.

Mr Arrogant gives me a tight smile, almost sympathetic. Yea right – Max Evans – you know nothing about me, I do not need your sympathy.
I tuck a loose strand of hair behind my ear, put my head down and scurry past them to my next lesson. Biology. With Max *coughs* excuse me, Mr Arrogant. Like, Yays!


Hi guys. Guess where I am? Yea, you guessed it. Biology. With Max. Whoop!!!
All I want to do is work but I can feel him looking at me. It’s really starting to get on my nerves
“Have I got something in my hair? Or maybe my face?” I snap, finally looking up at him, and I notice the bruise on his eye, I wince inwardly.
“Sorry” he replied, so quietly that I could just about hear him, snapping me back to reality
“Did I hear that right? Mr Evans apologised to me, the geek, remember?”
“Yea, about that. I was a jerk. Want to start again?”
“No fucking way. You lost your chance 2 years ago”
Then I put my head down, letting my hair shield my head to stop from him seeing me cry.
Secret number 3 – im in love with Max Evans

~Hides in shame~

So there you go, all 3 of them
Im in love
Im Jealous
Im a Queen

Im Alone. No one

Yays, the bell had gone.


I had a dream last night. About her, and she was dying, there was blood all over her body. I was cradling her body to mine, and it fit perfectly. She called me Zan, she told me she loved me. I woke up with tears in my eyes and I felt so dead, so alone. But in my dream she was beautiful. Stunning. Perfect.
I see her making her way down the hall, head down and looking so fragile. I have that same erg again.
I am getting soft.
Pull your self together Maxwell Evans.
I can see Michael and Isabelle watching her and I can’t help but stare too. We know she isn’t the enemy. She is one of us, she is our fourth person. She is our whole.
Her tilts up and looks at us, her eyes are so sad and lonely. I can feel my mouth tightening into a smile. Yea, im smiling at her, and its sympathetic one, how hypocritical am I?

I am ashamed to be a king.

I guess you are all wondering what this big change around was occurred by? Well partially from this black eye… yea your all deing to know now..

The 3 of us had our regular ‘talks’

*Night Before*

“O MY FUCKING GOD!!” I burst into Michaels apartment to find Him attached to Maria “Get the fuck off her mate, im going to faint!” I continue. He turns round and I get the ‘piss off max’ look.
“What the hell do you want?” he barks back at me
“Maria, get out of here. Michael, call Isabelle.”
“Don’t talk to me like that Maxwell, and you do not to talk to Maria like that either!” He walks nose to nose with me
“This is not the time or place. Get her out of here”
Soon I hear Maria mumble “Bye Max, love ya Space boy”
Next come the fist, slamming into my right eye, and im telling you know…. OUCH!!!
“You git! Christ’s sake man! You know why I came round here, do ya!?” I yell at him, my voice getting louder with each voice
“Well your gunna tell me anyways so do go on…”
“Liz is an alien. She is one of us.”
More Silence
- 3 minutes later -
“Shit” I hear him mumble, “ I need to sit down” once he had got comfy in his seat chair he continued, “How do you know? Are you sure? What if she is the enemy? What if she is a shape shifter? When did this happen? Are you okay? What if she is your queen? Omg” The questions are fired out
“trust me I know, im semi sure, she maybe the enemy or a shapshifter, about 5 mins ago, yes and the thought has gone through my head and my reaction was ‘shit’” I answer just as quickly as he asked them
More silence
- 10 minutes later -
There is a knock at the door and Isabelle soon enters. I know we must look rough because her first thing was “looking good max, the whole black eyes look is so in this season. And Mike boy, white as a sheet, so vogue.”
We sit her down and I explain the whole thing again.
“Fuck” is all that come out her mouth and we are all left sitting in silence. Finally isabelle breaks the silence, “Poor Liz, she has been through all of this on her own”
Then it hits me, like a ton of bricks. She has no one. I had these 2 guys, and Liz, she has no one.

No one

TBC?? ……

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