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Disclaimer: I can pray, wish, beg, but I will never own the Roswell charries.

Author's note:
I could try to write a summary. I really could. But it wouldn't work. Nope, any summary would suck. The Prologue should give you some clue about the story and Part 1 will deepen the knowledge of it. Part 2 though, that's when the story gets good.
This story is basically about Maria. For those of you who read the beginnings of Believe. This Maria is that Maria. I'm changing her character a bit though. This story is basically going to lead into that one. Its about how she came to Roswell, and met Liz and stuff, it should be pretty interesting. I'm changing the name of that one too, its called A Tragedy of Love, and will be written when I finish this one. It will be about Liz and Michael, another difference from what I originally wrote in Believe. Max and Liz wil get together in the final story, whose name, as of this moment, is A Beginning of Hope. So, enough talk, Enjoy!

How long have I been here? Damn, only five minutes, I have hour and fifty-five left before this lecture is finished. Why does time always have to go so slow when your where you don’t want to be? I wonder if he even realizes that he gives the same lecture every time you do something wrong. Or that you can see it when he’s looking through you, not at you. Heh, I bet he wouldn’t even notice if I fell asleep.

“Are you listening to me young lady?”

“Wha? Oh, yes, of course I am, sir, and I feel absolutely, totally sorry for what I did. I’m just so completely ashamed of myself. Someone my age should know better.”

“That’s good, because I DON’T want this type of behavior from you again.”

“Oh, no, of course not, sir. Never again, I’ve learned my lesson.”

“Good, but I still feel that you need to-”

I can’t believe he even buys that “Oh I’m so sorry” shit anymore. Heh, you’d think that after 15 years of hearing it from me he’d know not to believe it. He probably doesn’t even care. I mean he doesn’t even realize that as soon as he accepts my apology I tune him out again.

And why doesn’t he give Tess a lecture? I mean she started the fucking fight. But oh no, far be it for him to get pissed off at the “angel child.” Hell, she could rob a bank, and he’d make it seem like the teller’s fault. God, I hate her. Every single time there’s no teacher to suck up to she turns into a stupid ass bitch. And as if I was really gonna let her kick Alex’s ass. I mean the kid is five years younger than her. Why can’t someone just adopt her already. Then this orphanage would be fun again.

But you know what? Fifty people have probably already asked to adopt the bitch, but Mr. Letsgivealecture over here probably turns them all down. No one is good enough for the “angel child.” She better not be hurting any of those kids while I’m stuck in here or I swear I’ll kill that bitch. She’s knows better than to pick on someone younger than her.

Dammit, this whole fucking day is just pissing me off. How much more do I have to sit through now? Damn, still have another hour and forty minutes.

~Part 1~
Tess sat there staring at me, a wicked smirk was spread across her face. “Okay, I wanna know the whole story. I wanna know exactly why you changed your mind. The whole story.”

I was compelled to make up something completely bogus and unbelievable, but then I realized, despite the fact that Tess and I get along worse than any other two people here, we know each other the best. The thought almost made me smirk, but I held it back and decided to give Tess exactly what she wanted. The truth.

“I’ll start from the beginning, that’s always the easiest place to begin from. Besides, I wouldn’t want to confuse your poor, deprived, sickeningly small mind.”

She gave me an evil look, and I smirked and continued.

“It started about three weeks ago, about a month after our last fight, the one over Alex. I was called to Mr. Nasado’s office again. I couldn’t imagine what I had done this time, ever since our fight I had been really good about not getting caught doing something wrong. Anyway, when it was time for me to go see him I was totally confused because I couldn’t think of a single thing that I could be getting in trouble for.

“Then he just said the words, ‘You’ve been adopted.’ Actually, now that I think of it he said it in more of a grunt, like he was really pissed off that I, the most misbehaving and second oldest kid, would be the one to get adopted.

“I was speechless at first. I mean me, adopted, get real, it would never fucking happen. But then, I just got all confused. I didn’t know what to think. In the end the only question I could think to ask was, well actually two questions,
‘Do I have a choice? When can I meet them?’

‘What do you mean, Do you have a choice? Of course you have a choice! But I thought someone like you would jump for joy at the chance to leave this place, and if you want to meet them you can in a week.’

“I’d nodded. ‘Okay, how long do I have to think about it?’

“He’d looked almost angry that I didn’t seem happier and grunted out the words, ‘Two weeks.’ Then I’d been dismissed.”

“Wait a second, you mean to tell me that you weren’t jumping for joy at the chance of being adopted?”

“Nope, I’ve never really had an interest in leaving. Ever since I was three and a young couple came to look at the kids. They had stopped in front of me, and I had given them my biggest, brightest smile thinking, ‘They must like me!’ Then a disturbed look had spread across their faces and they had hurried on as if I had some kind of disease or something. That day I had cried alot, then I said to myself, ‘Maria, give it up, your gonna be here til your too old to stay.’ After that every time someone came to adopt kids I made sure I was muddy or looked mean, and here I am now. Too old to be adopted, and too young to leave just yet.”

“Yeah, I remember that couple. At least they looked at you. I think they saw me out of the corner of their eyes and then ran past me when they got to that part of the line. I decided to stay that day too. I said to myself, ‘Tess hun, you’ve got to suck it up and suck up. Make sure not a single adult here could ever bear to see you leave so that they turn everybody down.”

I smirked at that. I mean, yeah, Tess was way too full of herself, but at least we have one thing in common: We have both never wanted to leave this place, and for the same reason.

She clapped her hands impatiently. “Come on! Get on with it! I wanna know what happened.”

“Shut the fuck up, be patient, and listen. I’m getting back to it.”

“So here I was with this huge decision. Everyone wanted me to stay, -”

Tess cleared her throat loudly, “EHEM”

“Oh, sorry. Almost everyone wanted me to stay, but this would be my one chance to have a family. To have two parents who loved me, and cared about me. To just be a teenager, and not have so many fucking responsibilities. I just couldn’t decide.

“Then I met them, and we just clicked. They were a middle-aged couple, and they were so nice. I was gonna have my own room, live in a good town, have friends my age rather than, at the least, four fucking years younger than me.

“So, I made my decision. I decided I wanted to be adopted.”

“Wait a second. You actually decided to go?”

“Yes! Now, shut the fuck up and let me finish you god damn bitch. Jesus. Anyway, as I was saying, I had decided to be adopted. It was the day I was leaving, and everyone, including you if you remember, had piled in front of the orphanage to watch me go. I said good bye to everyone and got in the car. A few of the younger kids were crying. And looking back as we started down the drive way I could feel an empty space growing inside my chest.

“Then I saw the wicked ass look spreading across your face as you looked at the other kids, and I realized I couldn’t go. In that split second, I realized I didn’t need to be adopted to have a home and a family. The Last Chance Orphanage was my home, and those kids were my family. I was their big sister, and I couldn’t exactly leave them to you, I had to protect them. The oldest one besides me was Alex and he’s only 11 years old. So I screamed, ‘STOP!’ and the rest you know. The couple wound up taking little Lana, and I stayed.”

Tess smirked, “So you stayed because of me?”

“No. Your bitchiness helped me realize my reasons for staying.”

Tess shook her head, whirled around and walked away from me as if she were the queen of the world. And as I was about to turn around, and go the opposite way to lunch, a thought slipped into my head. The woman who had wanted to adopt me had looked at me with such... such love in her eyes. And she had looked so much like me, almost as if she could have been-

But no, she couldn’t have been. Could she?
A nervous laugh escaped me, before I turned around and hurried to lunch.

Okay, that's it for now. I actually already have Part 2 written, and its a good one, BUT until you guys send me loads of FB, I'm not gonna post it. So write to me and tell me what you think!!!!!!!!!!


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Thanx cermel, roswellluver, and Icerose. Okay, now I know I said I wouldn't post til I got loads of FB, but I'm impatient, so here's part two.
~Part 2~
“Why did I let you talk me into this?”

Maria looked over at Alex and smirked, “Because you love me. Now shh! or we’ll get caught.”

“Fine, I’ll shut up after you tell me why we’re going through Mr.Nasado’s files, and why we broke into his office.”

“I just need to find one, small, little piece of information and then we can go.” She opened another file cabinet and began to sift through the papers.

“What type of information?”

“Umm, well, it’s...” She closed the cabinet and went to open the next one, but it was locked. She smiled sweetly at Alex, “Open this cabinet for me and I’ll tell you, I promise.”

“Tell me, or I won’t open it.”

Maria sighed, “Okay, I’m looking for the Deluka’s adoption form.”

“The Deluka’s who tried to adopt you, you’re looking for their form. Why the fuck would you want to do that? Dammit, Maria, I thought you’d decided that we were your family.”

Maria sighed, “You are, but you don’t understand. I just need to know. I need to find out if Mrs.Deluka is my- if she is my-”

“If she is you what? Just fucking say it!”

“Fine, I need to find out if she is my mother!!!”

Alex stared at Maria for a second, then he let out a sigh, and hung his head as if in defeat. He walked over to where Maria was, and picked the lock on the cabinet in front of her.

Maria was struck with a pang of guilt over the look on Alex’s face, but this was something she needed. She sifted through the papers in front of her. She came to Lana’s adoption form, and pulled it out. Her heart nearly stopped when she realized there was another form stapled to it. It was her form. Not her adoption form, but the form saying that one Mrs.Amy Deluka was giving up a Miss.Maria Deluka for adoption. Tears filled Maria’s eyes though she tried with all her might to hold them back. Mrs.Deluka was her mother, and she had stopped the adoption.

After a second she wiped away her tears with the back of her sleeve, and took a moment to copy the Deluka’s address onto her hand. Then she looked at Alex, and wrapped her arms around him in a tight hug. “Thank you so much.”

Alex was startled by the hug for a second, then he smiled and returned it. “No problem, I’m glad you found what you needed to.”

Maria released Alex from her grasp. She put the form back in its file. Then, just as she was about to close the cabinet another file caught her eyes. It was Tess’.

She knew she shouldn’t look. She should just close the cabinet and be done with it. But curiosity, she’s a hard bitch to fight off. Maria reached out and picked up the form, and before Alex could stop her, she read the name.

Mr.Jonathan Nasado.

Mr.Nasado was her father. The director of the orphanage was Tess’ father. That explained why she was never adopted. The asshole had lied all these years. He had made everyone, including Tess, believe Tess was an orphan.

Maria couldn’t just put the form down. She folded it, and put it in her pocket. Tomorrow she’d come and have a talk with Mr.Nasado. Tomorrow she’d tell him she’d found out just how much of an asshole he really was.

Tonight, however, she closed the cabinet, and snuck back to bed. Smirking, while Alex protested her taking the file, all the way.


Sunlight streamed through the small window above Maria’s bed. It stung her closed eyes, and forced them to open. She yawned softly, and stretched the sleepiness out of her body. She was the first one awake. She usually was. She hurried out of bed, and quickly pulled on the clothes she had left on the floor. She was going to go tell Mr.Nasado the little tidbit of information she had found last night.

Maria all but ran down the hall, and reached the door to his office in seconds. Then, not even feeling the need to knock, burst into the room, and slammed the door behind her.


“EXCUSE ME, YOUNG LADY? WHAT is the meaning of this? You just-”

“SHUT UP! Shut the Fuck up! You’re going to listen, then you’re going to explain. Explain to me why you’ve been lying to us all. Why you’ve been lying to your daughter, Tess, her entire life.”

He stuttered incoherently. Then he composed himself and asked, “How did you find out?” His face had turned pale, almost white.

“It’s not important how I found out. All that’s important is that now I know, and I have the file to prove it.” She smirked, “Now are you going to tell her, or should I? And trust me, if I tell her, it won’t be pretty.”

“Why would you want to tell her?”


“NO YOU WON’T!” He ripped open his desk drawer, and pulled out a form. “I’m sorry Maria, but you are no longer a productive part of this community. You are going to live in a foster home.”

“No, you can’t do this, you can’t send me someplace against my will!”

“What makes you think I can’t?”

Maria sighed. He was right, he could, and that was it. Then a knowing grin spread across her face. “I can write a letter to Tess, and send her her file.”

Mr.Nasado smiled. “I’ll just make sure she doesn’t receive your letters.”

“I’ll send letters without return addresses”

“I’ll make sure that all letters for her without return addresses are thrown away.”

“Can you do that for everyone’s letter’s? What about false return addresses? What if I call? You can’t avoid it forever, I’ll find a way to get in touch with her.”

He sighed, then smiled, “No matter what, I’m sending you away, but I can make it easy on you, let’s compromise. What do you want?”

Maria knew he was right, he could just send her away. “Fine, I’ll leave, and never try to contact anyone here. But you have to let me choose the place, and Tess goes when I go.”

“What do you mean?”

“If you don’t want to own up to being her father, then you don’t deserve to be her father. When I leave to go to my foster home, she leaves for her’s, or there’s no deal.”

The look on his face was one of pure hatred and disgust. “Fine, but you never contact anyone here again, understand?”

“Perfectly. Just make sure I get to Roswell, New Mexico. That should be far enough, eh, I mean New York isn’t just next door or anything like that.”

Then Maria left with a quaint, little half-smile, she’d worry about saying good bye and keeping in touch with everyone later, and now she’d be in the town her mother lived in. As for now, all she wanted to do was figure out how she would slip Tess' file into her suitcase before she left. I mean, she said she wouldn’t try to contact anyone after she had left. She never said anything about not giving Tess the file.