TITLE: Where Destiny Leads
RATING*tongue*G13- EventuallyNC-17
CATEGORY: Crossover and Alternative Universe
SUMMAY: Max, Michael Isabel and Tess are aliens but no royal 4. Liz is the slayer and has just moved to Roswell. Don’t worry everyone will find out how evil Tess is.

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Chapter 1

Max, Michael, Isabel and Alex were sat in the crashdown talking Alex had his arm draped over Isabel’s shoulders. The 3 boys were deep in conversation about the sexiest famous girl.
'Britney Spears is pretty Hot' Said Michael
''yeah but you have to admit that Shekira's really fine!!!!' Max replied
But I'm afraid I have to go with Jennifer Lopez best her or my girl Isabel' Alex said which got him a kiss of the tall blonde next to him.
Yeah but you know who's really hot….Siqo' said Maria as she approached their table
'you know she’s right he is hot' Isabel Agreed.
Maria slid in next to Michael while giving him a hello kiss.
'I can't stay long my shift starts in 10 minutes guys'
'Good then you can serve us and bring us lots of free food' this comment got Alex a napkin thrown at his head by Maria which in turn made everyone laugh.
They continued in there chatting when the door chime rang and Max had the sudden urge to look up and there stood the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. She was gorgeous and her hair was all shiny he wondered what it would feel like and what her name was, what was she doing here he had never seen her before and what It would be like to kiss her and to-
'Max' Maria was clicking her fingers in front of his face
'max what you looking at?' the whole table turned and looked at the girl who had moved to the counter to talk to 1 of the waitresses.
'Wow she’s beautiful' Max said out loud instantly regretting it.
'Ohh'was all the comments he got.

As she walked into the restaurant named the crashdown all she could think was 'god I hope there’s more than just quirky alien junk here.' She pulled open the doors and was hit with the music and the cooking smell of fast food and could hear laughing, she turned her head to the table, and saw 5 teenagers about her age laughing they all seemed paired off except the real hot dark haired 1… No stop it Liz that’s not what you’re here for. She looked away just as max looked up. She saw a waitress not looking too busy so she thought she'd go ask her for directions.

Maria looked at Max and laughed
Max you haven’t even met her yet and you look smitten with her
'yeah Max this is the first time I've seen you like this over a girl' Michael commented.
Max was one of the best basket ball players at west Roswell he was well build and very skilled a lot of the girls wanted him and he was never short of dates but this girl just seemed to take his breathe away like no girl had before.
Michael was also a basketball jock he was slightly taller then max and would have the girls but they knew he was a lost cause he had been going out with Maria for a year and a half but some girls still tried it on with him.
Alex had just joined the basketball team after building his body over the summer he had the girls chasing him they thought he had a quality but non of them would try to steal Isabel’s boyfriend she was the most popular girl in school and co head cheer leader with Maria. Alex and Isabel were Friends first after he found out her secret they grew closer and started dating
This is stupid Maria said I'm gonna go introduce myself besides it looks like she could do with some rescuing from anges.

All I wanted was directions Liz thought and this stupid women hasn't shut up moaning to me yet oh please let a mad man come crashing through the door to give me a distraction. Then the blonde who was on the table with the dark haired mystery man walked up to them
'Anges I'm gonna be starting my shift soon so why don't you get table 5 then go'
Agnes walked away. Liz turned to the blonde
'thank you so much I came here to ask for directions and got this big lecture about her life'
'yeah don't worry about it, I'm Maria Deuce'
'Liz Parker'
'come here I'll introduce you to my friends'
'hey everybody this is Liz parker, Liz this is Isabel, Alex Max and my boyfriend Michael.'
'Hi' they all said Max couldn't help but look at her chocolaty brown doe eyes.
'Actually I'm running kinda late and I'm a bit lost'
She said as she looked at Max she noticed that he had incredibly eyes it was almost like she could see his soul.
'Where you looking for? Asked Isabel
'oh I don't know the name of the shop I just got here but it sell's like magic junk and herbal stuff aswell as a few books'
'are you moving here asked Maria not answering Liz’s question.
Yeah and I'm gonna start school on Monday
'that shop you were looking for is it called Logan’s Magic?
'yes that’s it'
Alex continued to give her directions
I'll tell you what I'm heading home so I'll give you a lift' Alex told her 'come on lets go' they said goodbye to everyone and Alex gave Isabel a lingering kiss and they left.
Tess walked into the café just after they left Max looked at Michael who just rolled his eyes
'Hi everyone, Max' she said in her sugary voice.
'Tess' They all said
'What are you doing here' asked Maria impatiently
'I came to see Max. He is my destiny' she said as she sat as close to him as humanly possible.
He sighed and turned to Tess
'What did you do that for we are not dating and we are not going to start'
Tess got up and walked away thinking not yet max but we will and that Liz girl doesn't stand a chance she saw the max was looking at her before she came in.
Maria got up and went to work and couldn't help thinking how to get Liz interested in Max

On the way to Logan’s Magic Alex and Liz were talking about everything.
'so Alex how long have you lived in Roswell?' Liz asked
'All my life, my parents actually lived here then moved away but then decided to move back here when they knew I was gonna be born, what about you where have you lived?'
'oh….mainly in the city I'm from San Francisco, so what is there to do I Roswell?
'more than most people think, why don't you come to the crashdown tonight when your finished at Logan’s and you can hang out with us.
Liz thought for a moment she was planning on staying here for a while so it might be fun to make some friend she looked at Alex 'Yeah that sounds great.'
'oh here's the shop, I'll see you later Liz'
'Bye Alex'

Liz carefully and quietly walked in to the shop, magic shop she thought could it be more obvious. Why not tell everyone I'm into the super natural although people probably think it's all junk and it's only obvious to me.
Logan looked up from behind the counter and stared for a moment and then smiled and waved her over.
'you must be Liz, they told me you were coming I'm-
'Logan' Liz interrupted him 'I've been told all this'
it's a very special honour to be able to be the watcher of a cho-
'chosen one, save the world, slay gal I know all this… look Logan we don't have to keep up this you watcher me slayer crap. It doesn’t matter what the council taught and told you this is real life.
'your right I'm sorry I have a training room for you downstairs and I have spoke to the school west Roswell your starting on Monday, ok?'
'check….mister watcher man'
'very funny' 'do you have somewhere to stay?'
'yeah I have a room in a motel for a couple of days'
right well I got the message you sent and your apartment will be ready later in the week. You can stay at mine until your place is ready it will save you money and we can work out training schedules and stuff'
'thanks that’s great, I'll get my stuff tomorrow and you can help me move in'
'What about tonight do you have plans?'
'actually I do I just met some people my age and we are gonna hang I thought it would be good to get to know some of the people I'm gonna be going to school with.'
'good ok well you don't need to train or patrol tonight have the day off and we will get started tomorrow
ok great I'll see you later Logan'

Liz walked back to the crashdown it was starting to get dark out. She arrived at the crashdown and saw it was closed, she was about to walk away thinking they all must have made other plans, when the door opened and Maria was telling her to get her butt inside, she had a feeling she was going to like her.
'Hey girl what you doing get your butt in here we are trying to decide what to do'
'if this place is closed what are you all doing here?' Liz asked
'oh don't worry about it Alex said while chomping on a burger
'yeah' Michael said 'Maria’s mom owns the place!'
'So Liz tell us about yourself' Isabel said
'ok what do you want to know?'
'Alex told us you moved here from San Francisco, so what’s it like there and why did you move?' Michael asked although this girl seemed trust worthy they still had to be careful and cautious with new people in town.
'oh…erm you see it's kind of complicated' They could all see the emotions on her face sadness regret guilt. Max looked into her eyes and just wanted to hold her it was obvious she had been through a lot. 'I'm sorry but I really can't talk about it yet, it's too soon.' Liz replied
'Oh it's ok we understand max replied sadly he couldn't help but feel sorry for this girl she had no one at least he had his new family around him.
'that’s ok' she replied with a sad smile. If only they knew they wouldn't be feeling sorry for me
So Liz just outta curiosity.. do you have anyone special for you back in San Francisco?' Maria asked, Isabel couldn't help but chuckle by the look on Max’s face.
'erm yeah there’s some people I will really miss but if you mean do I have a boyfriend back home the answers No! Max smiled at this comment she’s single he thought maybe I'm in with a chance!

They talked for a while and Liz and Max got o know each other better. Maria and Isabel thought it was good that Max had finally taken an interest in a girl so decided to spend more time getting to know her. 'Liz me and Maria are going shopping tomorrow would you like to come we can give you the tour of Roswell New Mexico.' Liz looked over at them 'sure I would loved to' Liz didn't know why but she felt so comfortable with these people especially Max but she knew she couldn't get too close. She brought destruction to the people she cared about and it was too dangerous to tell them her secret, little did she know the 3 Aliens in the room where also afraid to let Liz too close for fear she would find our there secret.

After they had finished eating, talking and dancing around the café for a while They all decided it was time to go home. Max didn't want to leave Liz she looked so beautiful right now.
'Liz where shall we pick you up from tomorrow if you give me your address I can pick you up after I pick up Maria' Isabel d
'NO Liz quickly replied 'erm I mean I'm not settled yet I will meet you here tomorrow morning if that’s ok?' She knew she couldn't have them going to Logan’s place he was busy setting up her slayer stuff and she just wasn't ready for them to meet him yet until they got every bit of there cover story straight.
'Yeah sure' replied Isabel. Michael released how jumpy Liz was and thought he would have to watch her incise she was FBI or alien hunter.
So they all headed home after making plans for tomorrow.

Chapter 2


Liz had finally fallen asleep she didn't know what it was but she was having great trouble sleeping. Then it hit happened her dream switched into a premonition that slayers have.

She was kissing Max (and really liking it) when he suddenly changed into something she couldn't describe what it was but it made her uncomfortable, Isabel and Michael were also there and had a quality about them. It suddenly hit Liz these were people she thought she could trust DEMONS. She wasn't sure but she noticed that Alex and Maria had suddenly appeared and the 5 of them were in some kind of of danger and although there was something not right about Max, Michael and Isabel she still felt the need to protect them. The dream switched again and she saw the 5 friends being murdered, by a young boy.

She woke with a start not liking that premonition and decided to keep it from Logan for now.
She went downstairs to see Logan already up.
'Hey Logan'
'hi Liz, did you sleep ok? Your apartment will be ready for you to move in later this week
'great, thank you for sorting that Logan'
'it's fine really, so what time are you meeting Maria and Isabel at the crashdown?'
'not till 9:30' she had good 2 and a half hours before she had to meet them.
'you wanna get started on some training?' Logan asked
'actually that would be great'
'go for a quick run while I get things ready?'
'sure I'll see you in about 20 minutes.'

Liz had changed into shorts and a top and had started her run. It helped her sort out her problems THUMPING of her heart as she got the flashbacks of what happened to her family' THUM'P' Josh screaming in pain THUMP being too late to save him THUMP watching her parents being tortured THUMP fighting with the bitch that did THUMP waking up in a hospital bed not knowing where she was. She suddenly stopped running and realised she had no idea where she was.

‘SHIT’ she had to find her way back to Logan’s she only had 2 hours before she was meeting the girls and she still had training to do.
she looked around for anyone who might be able to help her. she turned around and saw a boy about her age and decided to ask him for help.
'Hi I’m new in town and I’m a bit lost'
'Hi I’m Kyle, where you looking for?'
'my names Liz and I’m looking for Chestnut street'
ok' Kyle gave Liz directions to Logan's.
'So Liz, you doing anything tonight or do you want to go out I can show you around town and stuff.
'oh that’s really sweet of you Kyle but I have plans with some people I met yesterday.'
'that’s ok are you starting Roswell High on Monday?'
'yeah I am do you go there?'
'Yes I play on the basketball team'
'well I guess I will see you on Monday, thanks for the directions Kyle' Liz said as she walked away
'yes you defiantly will.' Kyle said once Liz was out of ear shot. Just think I can be the first person to sleep with the new girl in town. Kyle thought as he walked away. Imagine what that will do for my reputation.

Liz finally arrived back at Logan’s.
‘sorry I’m late I got a bit lost’ Liz admitted.
There was no reply
‘Logan? Hello?’
Suddenly Logan jumped out and tried to grip Liz she saw this coming and gripped his arms while he was in the air mid-jump and threw him to the other side of the room, and got into a fighting stance ready for another attacker.
‘Logan what the hell are you doing and are you ok?’ Liz asked a little uneasily.
‘I’m fine I’m wearing padding I just wanted to test your senses and reflexes, very nice by the way.’
‘Thanks’ Liz replied. She started laughing
‘I didn’t even realise it was you I just thought I was in danger and reacted’
‘that’s good it’s how it should be, now come on lets get some training in before you meet ya gal pals’

After the training session in the basement Liz showered and dressed and started to walk towards the crashdown to meet Maria and Isabel.


‘You know you guys you don’t have to wait for us Liz will be here soon’ Maria said.
‘yeah I know I just want to sit here for a bit is that ok?’ Max asked
Everyone was biting back laughter.
‘Max just admitted you like Liz’ Isabel said what everyone was thinking.
‘is it that obvious’ he asked
‘YES’ they all said at once.
‘what should I do?’
‘why don’t you ask her out or something?’ Alex said
‘you don’t have to tell her about the alien heritage yet but you can still go out.’ Maria said.
Just then Liz walked in. Max looked up at her and again thought she was gorgeous she had on a pair of blue jeans slung low on her hips with a little red top on showing part of her trim stomach off. Oh how he wanted to kiss her there all over her body in fact.
By now Liz had walked over to their table.
Michael saw that max was staring so elbowed him.
‘what’ Max said then noticed that Liz was sat opposite him. He tried to listen to the conversation going on around him.
‘so what do you wanna do after we have finished shopping’ Maria asked.
Isabel decided to throw Max a bone. ‘Well if you boys aren’t busy do you want to meet us for lunch at about 12:30 in the food court?’
‘yeah’ Max said a little to quickly Maria and Isabel just looked at each other and Liz smiled at him.
Alex and Michael agreed, and the girls headed off to the mall. Max couldn’t wait to have lunch with Liz
In the car Liz was thinking how cute Max was and how she couldn’t wait to learn more about him, even though she knew, she couldn’t let him to close she could have a little fun she deserved it right??

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