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TITLE: Where Destiny Leads
RATING*tongue*G13- EventuallyNC-17
CATEGORY: Crossover and Alternative Universe
SUMMAY: Max, Michael Isabel and Tess are aliens but no royal 4. Liz is the slayer and has just moved to Roswell. Don’t worry everyone will find out how evil Tess is.

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Chapter 1

Max, Michael, Isabel and Alex were sat in the crashdown talking Alex had his arm draped over Isabel’s shoulders. The 3 boys were deep in conversation about the sexiest famous girl.
'Britney Spears is pretty Hot' Said Michael
''yeah but you have to admit that Shekira's really fine!!!!' Max replied
But I'm afraid I have to go with Jennifer Lopez best her or my girl Isabel' Alex said which got him a kiss of the tall blonde next to him.
Yeah but you know who's really hot….Siqo' said Maria as she approached their table
'you know she’s right he is hot' Isabel Agreed.
Maria slid in next to Michael while giving him a hello kiss.
'I can't stay long my shift starts in 10 minutes guys'
'Good then you can serve us and bring us lots of free food' this comment got Alex a napkin thrown at his head by Maria which in turn made everyone laugh.
They continued in there chatting when the door chime rang and Max had the sudden urge to look up and there stood the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. She was gorgeous and her hair was all shiny he wondered what it would feel like and what her name was, what was she doing here he had never seen her before and what It would be like to kiss her and to-
'Max' Maria was clicking her fingers in front of his face
'max what you looking at?' the whole table turned and looked at the girl who had moved to the counter to talk to 1 of the waitresses.
'Wow she’s beautiful' Max said out loud instantly regretting it.
'Ohh'was all the comments he got.

As she walked into the restaurant named the crashdown all she could think was 'god I hope there’s more than just quirky alien junk here.' She pulled open the doors and was hit with the music and the cooking smell of fast food and could hear laughing, she turned her head to the table, and saw 5 teenagers about her age laughing they all seemed paired off except the real hot dark haired 1… No stop it Liz that’s not what you’re here for. She looked away just as max looked up. She saw a waitress not looking too busy so she thought she'd go ask her for directions.

Maria looked at Max and laughed
Max you haven’t even met her yet and you look smitten with her
'yeah Max this is the first time I've seen you like this over a girl' Michael commented.
Max was one of the best basket ball players at west Roswell he was well build and very skilled a lot of the girls wanted him and he was never short of dates but this girl just seemed to take his breathe away like no girl had before.
Michael was also a basketball jock he was slightly taller then max and would have the girls but they knew he was a lost cause he had been going out with Maria for a year and a half but some girls still tried it on with him.
Alex had just joined the basketball team after building his body over the summer he had the girls chasing him they thought he had a quality but non of them would try to steal Isabel’s boyfriend she was the most popular girl in school and co head cheer leader with Maria. Alex and Isabel were Friends first after he found out her secret they grew closer and started dating
This is stupid Maria said I'm gonna go introduce myself besides it looks like she could do with some rescuing from anges.

All I wanted was directions Liz thought and this stupid women hasn't shut up moaning to me yet oh please let a mad man come crashing through the door to give me a distraction. Then the blonde who was on the table with the dark haired mystery man walked up to them
'Anges I'm gonna be starting my shift soon so why don't you get table 5 then go'
Agnes walked away. Liz turned to the blonde
'thank you so much I came here to ask for directions and got this big lecture about her life'
'yeah don't worry about it, I'm Maria Deuce'
'Liz Parker'
'come here I'll introduce you to my friends'
'hey everybody this is Liz parker, Liz this is Isabel, Alex Max and my boyfriend Michael.'
'Hi' they all said Max couldn't help but look at her chocolaty brown doe eyes.
'Actually I'm running kinda late and I'm a bit lost'
She said as she looked at Max she noticed that he had incredibly eyes it was almost like she could see his soul.
'Where you looking for? Asked Isabel
'oh I don't know the name of the shop I just got here but it sell's like magic junk and herbal stuff aswell as a few books'
'are you moving here asked Maria not answering Liz’s question.
Yeah and I'm gonna start school on Monday
'that shop you were looking for is it called Logan’s Magic?
'yes that’s it'
Alex continued to give her directions
I'll tell you what I'm heading home so I'll give you a lift' Alex told her 'come on lets go' they said goodbye to everyone and Alex gave Isabel a lingering kiss and they left.
Tess walked into the café just after they left Max looked at Michael who just rolled his eyes
'Hi everyone, Max' she said in her sugary voice.
'Tess' They all said
'What are you doing here' asked Maria impatiently
'I came to see Max. He is my destiny' she said as she sat as close to him as humanly possible.
He sighed and turned to Tess
'What did you do that for we are not dating and we are not going to start'
Tess got up and walked away thinking not yet max but we will and that Liz girl doesn't stand a chance she saw the max was looking at her before she came in.
Maria got up and went to work and couldn't help thinking how to get Liz interested in Max

On the way to Logan’s Magic Alex and Liz were talking about everything.
'so Alex how long have you lived in Roswell?' Liz asked
'All my life, my parents actually lived here then moved away but then decided to move back here when they knew I was gonna be born, what about you where have you lived?'
'oh….mainly in the city I'm from San Francisco, so what is there to do I Roswell?
'more than most people think, why don't you come to the crashdown tonight when your finished at Logan’s and you can hang out with us.
Liz thought for a moment she was planning on staying here for a while so it might be fun to make some friend she looked at Alex 'Yeah that sounds great.'
'oh here's the shop, I'll see you later Liz'
'Bye Alex'

Liz carefully and quietly walked in to the shop, magic shop she thought could it be more obvious. Why not tell everyone I'm into the super natural although people probably think it's all junk and it's only obvious to me.
Logan looked up from behind the counter and stared for a moment and then smiled and waved her over.
'you must be Liz, they told me you were coming I'm-
'Logan' Liz interrupted him 'I've been told all this'
it's a very special honour to be able to be the watcher of a cho-
'chosen one, save the world, slay gal I know all this… look Logan we don't have to keep up this you watcher me slayer crap. It doesn’t matter what the council taught and told you this is real life.
'your right I'm sorry I have a training room for you downstairs and I have spoke to the school west Roswell your starting on Monday, ok?'
'check….mister watcher man'
'very funny' 'do you have somewhere to stay?'
'yeah I have a room in a motel for a couple of days'
right well I got the message you sent and your apartment will be ready later in the week. You can stay at mine until your place is ready it will save you money and we can work out training schedules and stuff'
'thanks that’s great, I'll get my stuff tomorrow and you can help me move in'
'What about tonight do you have plans?'
'actually I do I just met some people my age and we are gonna hang I thought it would be good to get to know some of the people I'm gonna be going to school with.'
'good ok well you don't need to train or patrol tonight have the day off and we will get started tomorrow
ok great I'll see you later Logan'

Liz walked back to the crashdown it was starting to get dark out. She arrived at the crashdown and saw it was closed, she was about to walk away thinking they all must have made other plans, when the door opened and Maria was telling her to get her butt inside, she had a feeling she was going to like her.
'Hey girl what you doing get your butt in here we are trying to decide what to do'
'if this place is closed what are you all doing here?' Liz asked
'oh don't worry about it Alex said while chomping on a burger
'yeah' Michael said 'Maria’s mom owns the place!'
'So Liz tell us about yourself' Isabel said
'ok what do you want to know?'
'Alex told us you moved here from San Francisco, so what’s it like there and why did you move?' Michael asked although this girl seemed trust worthy they still had to be careful and cautious with new people in town.
'oh…erm you see it's kind of complicated' They could all see the emotions on her face sadness regret guilt. Max looked into her eyes and just wanted to hold her it was obvious she had been through a lot. 'I'm sorry but I really can't talk about it yet, it's too soon.' Liz replied
'Oh it's ok we understand max replied sadly he couldn't help but feel sorry for this girl she had no one at least he had his new family around him.
'that’s ok' she replied with a sad smile. If only they knew they wouldn't be feeling sorry for me
So Liz just outta curiosity.. do you have anyone special for you back in San Francisco?' Maria asked, Isabel couldn't help but chuckle by the look on Max’s face.
'erm yeah there’s some people I will really miss but if you mean do I have a boyfriend back home the answers No! Max smiled at this comment she’s single he thought maybe I'm in with a chance!

They talked for a while and Liz and Max got o know each other better. Maria and Isabel thought it was good that Max had finally taken an interest in a girl so decided to spend more time getting to know her. 'Liz me and Maria are going shopping tomorrow would you like to come we can give you the tour of Roswell New Mexico.' Liz looked over at them 'sure I would loved to' Liz didn't know why but she felt so comfortable with these people especially Max but she knew she couldn't get too close. She brought destruction to the people she cared about and it was too dangerous to tell them her secret, little did she know the 3 Aliens in the room where also afraid to let Liz too close for fear she would find our there secret.

After they had finished eating, talking and dancing around the café for a while They all decided it was time to go home. Max didn't want to leave Liz she looked so beautiful right now.
'Liz where shall we pick you up from tomorrow if you give me your address I can pick you up after I pick up Maria' Isabel d
'NO Liz quickly replied 'erm I mean I'm not settled yet I will meet you here tomorrow morning if that’s ok?' She knew she couldn't have them going to Logan’s place he was busy setting up her slayer stuff and she just wasn't ready for them to meet him yet until they got every bit of there cover story straight.
'Yeah sure' replied Isabel. Michael released how jumpy Liz was and thought he would have to watch her incise she was FBI or alien hunter.
So they all headed home after making plans for tomorrow.

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TITLE: Where Destiny Leads
RATING*tongue*G13- EventuallyNC-17
CATEGORY: Crossover and Alternative Universe
SUMMAY: Max, Michael Isabel and Tess are aliens but no royal 4. Liz is the slayer and has just moved to Roswell. Don’t worry everyone will find out how evil Tess is.


Chapter 2


Liz had finally fallen asleep she didn't know what it was but she was having great trouble sleeping. Then it hit happened her dream switched into a premonition that slayers have.

She was kissing Max (and really liking it) when he suddenly changed into something she couldn't describe what it was but it made her uncomfortable, Isabel and Michael were also there and had a quality about them. It suddenly hit Liz these were people she thought she could trust DEMONS. She wasn't sure but she noticed that Alex and Maria had suddenly appeared and the 5 of them were in some kind of of danger and although there was something not right about Max, Michael and Isabel she still felt the need to protect them. The dream switched again and she saw the 5 friends being murdered, by a young boy.

She woke with a start not liking that premonition and decided to keep it from Logan for now.
She went downstairs to see Logan already up.
'Hey Logan'
'hi Liz, did you sleep ok? Your apartment will be ready for you to move in later this week
'great, thank you for sorting that Logan'
'it's fine really, so what time are you meeting Maria and Isabel at the crashdown?'
'not till 9:30' she had good 2 and a half hours before she had to meet them.
'you wanna get started on some training?' Logan asked
'actually that would be great'
'go for a quick run while I get things ready?'
'sure I'll see you in about 20 minutes.'

Liz had changed into shorts and a top and had started her run. It helped her sort out her problems THUMPING of her heart as she got the flashbacks of what happened to her family' THUM'P' Josh screaming in pain THUMP being too late to save him THUMP watching her parents being tortured THUMP fighting with the bitch that did THUMP waking up in a hospital bed not knowing where she was. She suddenly stopped running and realised she had no idea where she was.

‘SHIT’ she had to find her way back to Logan’s she only had 2 hours before she was meeting the girls and she still had training to do.
she looked around for anyone who might be able to help her. she turned around and saw a boy about her age and decided to ask him for help.
'Hi I’m new in town and I’m a bit lost'
'Hi I’m Kyle, where you looking for?'
'my names Liz and I’m looking for Chestnut street'
ok' Kyle gave Liz directions to Logan's.
'So Liz, you doing anything tonight or do you want to go out I can show you around town and stuff.
'oh that’s really sweet of you Kyle but I have plans with some people I met yesterday.'
'that’s ok are you starting Roswell High on Monday?'
'yeah I am do you go there?'
'Yes I play on the basketball team'
'well I guess I will see you on Monday, thanks for the directions Kyle' Liz said as she walked away
'yes you defiantly will.' Kyle said once Liz was out of ear shot. Just think I can be the first person to sleep with the new girl in town. Kyle thought as he walked away. Imagine what that will do for my reputation.

Liz finally arrived back at Logan’s.
‘sorry I’m late I got a bit lost’ Liz admitted.
There was no reply
Suddenly Logan jumped out and tried to grip Liz she saw this coming and gripped his arms while he was in the air mid-jump and threw him to the other side of the room, and got into a fighting stance ready for another attacker.
‘Logan what the hell are you doing and are you ok?’ Liz asked a little uneasily.
‘I’m fine I’m wearing padding I just wanted to test your senses and reflexes, very nice by the way.’
‘Thanks’ Liz replied. She started laughing
‘I didn’t even realise it was you I just thought I was in danger and reacted’
‘that’s good it’s how it should be, now come on lets get some training in before you meet ya gal pals’

After the training session in the basement Liz showered and dressed and started to walk towards the crashdown to meet Maria and Isabel.


‘You know you guys you don’t have to wait for us Liz will be here soon’ Maria said.
‘yeah I know I just want to sit here for a bit is that ok?’ Max asked
Everyone was biting back laughter.
‘Max just admitted you like Liz’ Isabel said what everyone was thinking.
‘is it that obvious’ he asked
‘YES’ they all said at once.
‘what should I do?’
‘why don’t you ask her out or something?’ Alex said
‘you don’t have to tell her about the alien heritage yet but you can still go out.’ Maria said.
Just then Liz walked in. Max looked up at her and again thought she was gorgeous she had on a pair of blue jeans slung low on her hips with a little red top on showing part of her trim stomach off. Oh how he wanted to kiss her there all over her body in fact.
By now Liz had walked over to their table.
Michael saw that max was staring so elbowed him.
‘what’ Max said then noticed that Liz was sat opposite him. He tried to listen to the conversation going on around him.
‘so what do you wanna do after we have finished shopping’ Maria asked.
Isabel decided to throw Max a bone. ‘Well if you boys aren’t busy do you want to meet us for lunch at about 12:30 in the food court?’
‘yeah’ Max said a little to quickly Maria and Isabel just looked at each other and Liz smiled at him.
Alex and Michael agreed, and the girls headed off to the mall. Max couldn’t wait to have lunch with Liz
In the car Liz was thinking how cute Max was and how she couldn’t wait to learn more about him, even though she knew, she couldn’t let him to close she could have a little fun she deserved it right??

Part 3

When Liz got home that night Logan was waiting for hey
‘Liz your home good coz we need to talk’
‘hi to you to!’
‘sorry hi, did you have a good time?’
‘yeah it was great erm is this talk gonna be something bad?
‘oh No, just two things first of all your apartments ready for you to move in tomorrow and, do you feel up to patrolling tonight?’
‘wow that’s great I will move in tomorrow and yes I will go patrolling, anywhere in particular or just the cemetery’s?’ Liz asked
‘Just do the cemetery’s tonight Logan said not wanting Liz to do to much after all it was really only her 2nd day in Roswell
‘oh and Liz’
‘be careful of the aliens around Roswell’ Logan said with a smile
Funny, your a really comedian Logan you know that.
Liz got her jacket and a few stakes and out she went.

Same time across town
‘I can’t believe you are kicking me out didn’t you want to spend some quality time with me?’ asked a frustrated Maria
‘Maria you know that I would love to spend time with you there’s just something I have to do’
‘something more important than me, is it dangerous Michael?’ Maria asked a bit upset
Michael didn’t want to tell her the truth that he was going to spy on her new friend to check she wasn’t there after them.
‘look Maria I have to go to this job interview’ he lied ‘do you want me to drop you off over at Isabel’s on my way?’ he asked trying to please his girlfriend
‘yeah ok thanks’ she sadly smiled she was actually looking forward to spending sometime with him, but she understood.

After dropping Maria off at Max and Isabel’s he decided to drive around town to see if he could see Liz.
After an hour of searching he decided to give up and began to drive home when something caught his eye. Was that Liz in the park with what looked like a gang of lads. He decided he needed a closer look, and started walking towards the park.


After spending nearly an hour walking round the cemetery with no action Liz decided that there were no vampires going to rise tonight and was heading home
‘maybe I’m lucky and Roswell really is nothing but a alien style tourist trap’ she thought. She suddenly heard a scream from the park ‘
nope guess again’ she said to herself

She quickly ran over to the park where she saw two girls and 4 boys.
Great she thought
‘hey what’s going on’ she closed her eyes for a moment and knew for a fact there were 4 vamps there.
‘What do you want little girl’ one of the vamps said
‘Liz concentrated and knew instantly which 4 the vamps where.
‘Let them go’ Liz said pointing to the boy and girl that were huddled together by now.
(This is where Michael walks up to listen to what’s going on)

‘I don’t thinks so BITCH’ said the female vamp
‘Whatever’ Liz replied as she punched the girl in the face. She whipped her head back round with her vamp face on.
‘RUN!!!!’ Liz shouted to the couple and they did. Michael watched them leave and then concentrated on what Liz was doing.

Liz was looking around assessing the situation it was too dangerous to fight here anyone could walk past and get hurt or see them so she decided she would need to talk the into the tree area opposite the park.
She looked at all the vamps and put on her best scared face and ran.
‘GET HER’ The lead vamp said not yet knowing she was the slayer.
Michael decided to follow thinking Liz was in trouble and might need help.

Liz looked yep all 4 vampires were following her. She looked around and suddenly stopped, and did a roundhouse kick knocking the first vamp on the floor.
The second vamp looked at her and smiled.
‘after that run I bet your bloods just pumping threw those veins.’ by know all 4 vamps had their game faces on.
The second vamp tries to punch her but she ducks and grabs his arm. While holding it she punches him in the face 3 time then kicks him into a tree.

‘wow Michael thought she doesn’t need my help, she can’t be normal, something’s not right here.’ he stopped and watched the scene unfold.

‘No ones sucking anymore blood tonight guys.’ Liz said she punched the last vamp and there were all laid out on the floor.

‘Slayer’ the third vamp said
‘give the man a prize’ she said as she pulled out her stake and staked him.
The first vamp charges at her at punches Liz to the floor. Michael was about to do something when Liz Flips herself to her feet.
‘okay, now I’m mad. She stakes the second vamp and the girl vamp who were both just stood there.
The first vamp tries again to hit her she catches his arm and flips him to the ground she bents down and stakes him.

‘Well looks like I did get some action’ Liz said to herself. She stopped she could sense someone else close by. She turned around and saw Michael standing behind her. She quickly threw her stake behind her

‘Hi Michael’
‘Liz, I think we need to talk’ Michael said staring at her
‘about what she asked playing dumb.’
‘about what I just saw’

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Part 4

‘What do you mean Michael?’ Liz just play dumb you know how people try and rationalise things they don’t understand maybe he will just think they were muggers and you can defend yourself so they ran.
‘Liz don’t insult my intelligence you know what I’m talking about I saw you fighting those people’ Michael said
‘They were trying to mug me and I learnt along time ago how to defend my self so I fought them but they must of heard you coming coz they ran away.’ Please buy it thought Liz
‘Okay Liz I was just worried about you.’ I can’t believe she thinks I’m gonna swallow that shit she just told. But I will let her think I bought it for now. Michael thought there’s something going on here and I’m gonna have to tell the others we will find out the truth.
‘Do you want me to walk you home in case they come back Liz?
‘Yeah thanks that will be great’ Thank god he bought I don’t think I could handle telling him the truth.

After Michael walked Liz home he went to pick up Maria and talk to Max and Isabel about what he saw.
He walked up the Evan’s drive and knocked on the door. Which opened surprisingly quickly with an out of breathe Isabel on the other side.
‘Michael, hey we were just talking about you come in.’
As Michael approached the front room he could see Maria, Max and Alex all laughing at something. It was obvious that Max and Isabel’s parents were away for the week.
Maria saw his face and instantly stopped laughing.
‘Michael what’s wrong’ everyone looked towards Michael
‘We need to talk it’s about Liz’ Max’s face fell he looked so worried
‘Is she okay, is she hurt??’
‘no nothing like that I followed her tonight…’
‘WHAT!?!?!?!’ Max yelled
‘Listen to what I saw…..’ Michael told them all what he saw

‘Your telling me she just threw him into a tree?’ Isabel asked
‘where’s my cedar oil’ asked Maria
‘Here’ Michael handed here one he carried round after dating her for nearly 2 years he learnt to always carry some in case of something like this.
‘Well maybe you saw wrong I mean maybe she just did learn to defend herself.’
‘No Maxwell I’m serious I know what I saw.’
Alex spoke for the first time ‘Are you saying she’s an Alien or Alien hunter?’
‘I don’t know but she was strong and fast.’ Michael replied.
Maria looked over at Max and saw that he looked devastated she walked over to him and gave him a hug.
‘Look maybe we are over reacting’ Maria said ‘We will watch her on Monday and see what happens but until then we will assume she is innocent’
‘I agree with Maria’ Isabel said
‘me too’
‘And me’
‘Okay I won’t do anything’ said Michael ‘but lets be careful please.’
‘Come on Maria I will take you home’ said Michael ‘You want a lift Alex’
‘No’ Isabel said ‘He’s staying here tonight thanks’
Alex was blushing at this point
‘Isabel that’s something I don’t need to know’ said Max on his way to his room.
See you guys tomorrow’ Maria said


Logan and Liz were in the middle of getting all her stuff packed
‘Are you sure you don’t want me to help you move your stuff in?’ asked Logan
‘No, I’m fine Logan I’m, looking forward to doing it on my own there’s some memories in these boxes I’m not ready to share.’ Liz said with tears in her eyes.
‘Okay ’ Logan said not wanting to push Liz yet.
After they were done putting all of Liz boxes in her car Logan told her what time he wanted to meet her for their training sessions.

Liz drove towards her new apartment ,and began thinking only this time it wasn’t about her lost family it was about Max.
Once she arrived at her new place she looked inside it was bigger than she thought it had two bedrooms, a nice little kitchen, sitting room and a cosy little bathroom she realised she would like it her. She was just about to go downstairs to start unpacking her stuff when her cell started ringing.

She quickly answered it.
‘Hi Liz it’s Maria we were just wondering what you were doing today do you do something with the rest of us?’ Maria asked
‘Actually Maria I can’t I’m bus moving into my new place.’
‘oh do you want some help?’
‘No it’s okay really’
‘Please it’s not like we have anything better to do.’
‘fine’ Liz proceeded to give directions to her apartment and Maria told her they would be there in about 20 minutes.

Liz suddenly released that some of the boxes couldn’t be seen by her new friends. Particularly the ones named WEAPONS. She ran down stairs to the car she had 20minutes to get them hidden.

She had just finished putting the last box in the closet when there was a knock at the door.
‘Hey guys’
‘Hi’ they all said back
‘so what do you want us to do’ asked Alex
‘Well first of all I’m going to need to bring all the boxes from downstairs up here.’
They all went downstairs to pick up boxes

Liz stared lifting them out of the car and passing them to the others to take them upstairs. When it came to the fourth box she lifted out of the car and passed it to Isabel who almost instantly dropped it.
‘OMG, that box is so heavy Liz how did you manage to lift it’
‘SHIT’ Liz thought
Michael went to pick it up and he struggled and he released it was a really heavy box and Liz had lifted it like it was empty. He looked over to Max and noticed he had seen it to.

They managed to get the rest of the boxes upstairs and Liz even pretended some of them were to heavy for her and Max was only to happy to help her out.
They all began unpacking her stuff of course when it came to clothes Isabel made sure that neither Max, Michael or Ale would be there to unpack Liz’s underwear.
Maria opened a box named photo’s and saw lots of photos of what must have been Liz’s parents and a little boy she was guessing was Liz’s brother.
Liz saw this and went over

‘Is this your family Liz?’ Maria asked
‘yeah.’ Liz said
Where are they Liz?’
By now everyone had stopped what they were doing and were listening to Liz and Maria. Everyone noticed Liz had tears in her eyes.
‘They…urm …I mean…they are DEAD.’ Liz said and the tears began to fall.
‘OMG I’m so sorry Liz’
Liz had picked up a photo of her with her family.
‘Do you want to talk about it Liz what happened.’ Isabel softly asked.
They were all surrounding Liz now
‘They were murdered’
Max just wanted to hug Liz and make who had ever done this to her pay. They all sat there waiting for her to continue.
Maria lightly touched Liz’s shoulder who was staring at the photo.
I moved here after they died I wasn’t allowed to stay in our house in San Francisco and there were just too many memories. Besides I felt drawn to Roswell. Maria and Isabel moved into Liz and hugged her they both had tears in the eyes at how sad Liz’s life had been they were comforting her as she cried.
Max wished it was him hugging and then mentally scolded himself ‘Here she is poring her heart out and all you can think a bout is touching her.’
Liz suddenly looked up.
‘I will never forget the face of the girl who did this to my family and when I find her I will make her pay.’
They all knew she meant it by the fire in her eyes.
‘Do you know this girls name’ Michael asked
‘Yeah, her name’s Tess.’

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TITLE: Where Destiny Leads
RATING*tongue*G13- EventuallyNC-17
CATEGORY: Crossover and Alternative Universe
SUMMAY: Max, Michael Isabel and Tess are aliens but no royal 4. Liz is the slayer and has just moved to Roswell. Don’t worry everyone will find out how evil Tess is.

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Part 5

The three aliens looked at each other. It couldn’t be their Tess it was just a coincidence

‘I erm..’ Max was cut off by the ringing of a phone.
Liz picked up the phone
‘Logan hey what’s up…’
‘you have that’s great’
‘Yeah I will be right over.’

Liz hung up the phone and dried her eyes
‘Listen guys I’m really sorry but I’m going to have to leave I have an appointment to get to.’

‘Who’s Logan’ Max asked a little jealous
‘oh…urm he’s an old family friend.’ Liz lied.
‘okay’ Michael said ‘listen we are all going to go to the Crashdown’
‘yeah’ Alex said ‘when your finished with this Logan guy why don’t you meet us there’
‘sure’ Liz said

They all left Liz sitting on the floor by herself. She suddenly realized that she felt better talking about what happened with her family. She picket up her jacket and car keys and moved towards the door and couldn’t stop thinking about how cute Max looked tonight but it didn’t matter she couldn’t pull him into her life.

Once she arrived at Logan’s she walked in to see him sitting on the coach with his laptop open. He turned to face her.

‘I have some news. I don’t know whether it is good or bad news.’ he said
‘What is it?’ Liz asked a little puzzled
‘That girl you were looking for…….I found her.’
‘OMG what’ Liz couldn’t believe what she was hearing ‘are you sure’ she asked
‘absolutely! she’s living in Roswell she goes to Roswell High where you will be going. Just out of curiosity why do you want to find this girl?
‘I owe her payback’ Liz said her eyes fixed on the computer screen with hatred in them.

Logan and Liz continued to talk for a while then Liz left to go see her friends at the Crashdown.



‘I can’t believe it here is this poor girl who lost her family in a tragic way and we are investigating her.’ Maria said
‘Maria there’s something about her I mean… know what I saw’
‘Michael’s right I mean Tess and Nasedo had good cover stories when the first arrived and so did Topolsky. Isabel replied ‘what if she’s FBI or an Alien?’
‘I don’t know’ said Max ‘ I have this feeling that we should just trust her.’
‘me too’ replied Alex
‘we should just stick to the original plan of keeping an eye on her at school’
‘I agree with Maria’ said Isabel she didn’t tell any of them but she secretly wanted to trust Liz as well. Just then her phone rang
‘oh hi Tess’ She said a little less enthusiastic. Everyone rolled there eyes
‘What now it’s a bit late….fine ok well if its important. Yeah we will be right over’
‘Guys Tess wants us over at her house she says she has some important information from Nasedo that she needs to tell us.’
‘Great’ Michael replies
‘Okay you guys go me and Maria will stay here and wait for Liz.’ Alex said any excuse to stop seeing Tess. He hated her from when she first came to Roswell trying to break up there group.
‘NO’ Said Michael ‘I don’t want you here alone with Liz what is she is dangerous?’
Maria smiled she loved it when Michael gets worried about her and protective.
‘we will be fine she won’t do anything.’ I trust her she said honestly
‘Fine’ Michael said
The 3 aliens left.

About 10 minutes later Liz walked in to see only Alex and Maria eating ice cream
‘Hi Guys’
‘Hey Liz want to join us?’ Alex asked
‘Sure, hey….erm where’s Max?’
‘You want to know just where Max is?’ Maria asked smiling
‘oh no where’s Isabel and Michael as well? Liz said blushing
‘They had to go see an acquaintance’ Alex said.
‘So….you like Max then.’ Maria said it was more of a statement than a question.
‘No I mean Yes I like him’ it’s weird I have never felt like this before and I can’t believe I’m telling you this.’ Liz said blushing again
‘Well you know what I know that Max likes you’ Alex said
‘Really?’ asked Liz taking a scoop of Ice cream
‘Defiantly’ Maria said
The 3 friends kept talking until they had to leave Maria agreed to meet Liz in the parking lot of school tomorrow morning to show around the school.

At Tess’s House

‘Hi guys Max’ Tess said while giving Max a kiss on the cheek
‘Tess’ they all replied
‘So what’s this important news you have for us?
‘Nasedo said that he is disa pointed in us for not following the destiny set out for us and-’
‘if that’s all you have then we are out of here.’ Micheal said cutting her off
‘No also that there is something new in Roswell he said there was some force that we should look out for it’s dangerous’
‘Is that all he said?’ Max asked a bit worried
‘Yes’ said Tess ‘you look tense Max why don’t you spend the night here and I can try to help you and we can work on memory retrieval.
‘Oh Tess I would love to but my mum wants me home she said she had to talk to me and Isabel about something
‘Yeah’ said Isabel ‘its something really important she said voice dripping with sarcasm.
They all got up to leave
‘Max don’t a get a goodbye kiss?’
‘NO’ they all replied

The Next Day

Maria met Liz in the parking lot and showed her to her locker they were chatting when Alex came up with Isabel.
‘Liz you coming to the Crashdown tonight.’
‘yeah sure.’
‘we close earlier tonight so we can all hang out. Come round at about 7’
‘oh I might be a bit late I have pat…erm unpacking and stuff to do.I will be there about 8 ish is that okay?’
‘Sure’ said Maria we will see you then’
‘see who where’ Max said as he and Michael walked up.
‘Hey Max’
‘Hi Liz he replied.
‘Oh Max you coming to the Crashdown tonight, Liz is coming’
‘Really…sure I will be there.’
Everyone giggled except Max and Liz
‘I have to get to class I’ll see you all later.’

Everyone left to go to class Liz’s first day was great she had Biology with Max. which was now her most favourite class every and she always had a friend in each of her classes.

She left school feeling great. After going Patrolling she was going to talk to Max about how she felt.


‘Is Tess really coming tonight?’ Whined Maria
‘Yeah she invited herself along’ Said Isabel a little annoyed as well.

Maria had just finished closing up when the devil herself walked in.
‘Hi guys.’
‘What’s up Tess.’
‘So what we doing tonight Max?’
‘Actually we are all staying here tonight just hanging out’ said Isabel
‘But if you don’t want to stay feel free to LEAVE’ said Maria
‘Max wants me here don’t you.’ she said hanging on his arm.
‘well Tess….’ Max began
Everyone turned around to see Liz standing at the door. Looking pissed
‘LIZ’ Tess shrieked looking worried.
‘Tess’ Liz replied suddenly ignoring everyone in the room. ‘It’s time for payback!’

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Just a short piece for now!

‘LIZ’ Tess shrieked looking worried.
‘Tess’ Liz replied suddenly ignoring everyone in the room. ‘It’s time for payback!’
Liz started walking forward towards Tess when Max stopped her
‘Liz what’s going on?’
‘This doesn’t concern you!’ she said trying to side step him. But was blocked by Michael.
‘Look I don’t really love Tess either but come on I can’t let you do something stupid she’s sort of family.’
‘Look I don’t care if she’s your Fucking sister this doesn’t have to concern you now move before I move you!.’ Liz walked round him and was stood right in front of Tess.
‘Didn’t think I was going to find you did you?’ Liz said with fire in her eyes
‘I uh…..-’ Tess tried to reply
‘Actually I bet you didn’t think you were ever going to see me again did you. You thought I was dead!’ Liz said getting ready to fight Tess. Tess saw this and had to think quick.
‘Max she’s crazy help me I think this is the danger Nasedo was telling us about.’
Liz totally ignored the comment and didn’t even look at Max her eyes were fixed on the blonde in front of her.
‘Liz look I don’t think you want to fight with Tess trust me she’s stronger than she looks’ Max said
For the first time Liz turned to look at max.
‘your sticking up for her. Trust me I do want to fight Tess and I know exactly what she’s capable of.’ Liz looked into Max’s eyes and saw the confusion there. She whirled back to Tess and laughed.
‘you never told them I can’t believe this.’ she turned to look at her 5 friends
‘Tess is a murderer. She tortured my 7 year old brother to get at me and killed my parents.’ Liz said with tears in her eyes she turned back towards Tess.
Tess knew the truth was going to come out but she had to do damage control.
‘Liz look I’m sorry it wasn’t anything personal, you know that right?’
‘Personal,’ Liz can’t believe her ears she pulls her arm back and slams a fist across her face. Tess is knocked to the floor
‘Wow’ was Michael’s reply.
Liz walked over to where Tess was on the floor and picked her up and slammed her into the wall
‘Liz I….’ Liz didn’t want to hear it and slammed Tess into the wall again.

‘OMG’ screeched Maria she couldn’t believe this was happening and she moved closer to Alex while the other 3 aliens thought of something to do.

Tess closed her eyes ready to mind warp Liz but she saw this and let her go and punched her again.
‘Don’t even think about pulling that mind crap on me!’
‘We have to stop this’ Max said Isabel and Michael nodded in agreement.
Michael went up to Liz to try and stop her from hitting Tess anymore. He grabbed her arm which was about to hit Tess again.
Liz whirled around and delivered a round house kick to Michaels stomach sending him flying backwards over the counter. Everyone could now see the tears in Liz’s eyes.
‘I told you this was none of you business.’
This gave Tess the opportunity she needed to get to her feet. She quickly waved her hand over all her injuries instantly healing them all. Them with a flick of her hand she sent Liz flying back into the wall.
‘Tess no’ Shouted Maria
‘Did you kill her family?’ asked Max
‘Yeah I didn’t want to but I had to they were a threat to us.’
Liz was on her feet again now and looking at Tess
‘How can a 7-year old be a threat?’ Liz was looking around accessing the situation she and her friends were in.
‘‘He had something I needed’
Liz looked confused then a look of recognition crossed her face.


Liz had just come home from a night of patrolling and had found a what looked like a precious stone or gem.

‘Here you go Josh it’s present.’
‘Wow thanks Liz it’s great. I will always look after it’
Liz smiled at him. And gave him a hug.

End Flash

‘The gem’ Liz stated
‘That’s right the little brat wouldn’t give it to me he said his sister gave it to him so he couldn’t let me have it. But you see I needed the stone of Arura’’ Tess again waved her hand and sent Liz flying over the counter. ‘and I still want it’
Liz stood up and grabbed the knife off the counter that she had just been thrown over.
She looked at Tess and threw the knife which went through Tess’s hand and stuck it to the wall behind her. Tess screamed in pain and Liz jumped over the counter and started walking towards her….


Thanks for the feedback if you like the story let me know and I will write more!!!

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I'm off on holiday tomorrow! so there won't be any new parts for 2 weeks but when I get back I will post a new part ASAP!

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This is only a short update as I have just got back from Spain and wanted to give you guys a bit more to read! I will post more tomorrow!!!

Part 7 a
Tess was trying to free her arm and saw Liz coming towards her.
'Max please help me she’s going to kill me!'
As Liz approached Tess Max stood between them and put up his green shield stopping Liz from proceeding any further. Liz walked straight into the shield.
'What is this?'
'I can't let you hurt her Liz'

Flashback to the premonition dream Liz had of max and the others

A look of realization crossed Liz's face.
'your like her aren't you?'
'Max looked Liz straight in the eye. 'yes'
'it all makes sense now. So you’re a murderous demon as well?' Liz asked a little upset.
'No I-'
'I trusted you I even had feelings for you?'
Max looked shocked 'you did?'
‘What does it matter you lied to me and your protecting her, I can’t believe this!’
‘Liz it’s not like that but I just can’t let you murder her’
‘Drop that shield Max’
‘I can’t do that I’m sorry’
Tess saw her chance to make more trouble
‘Liz he won’t drop the shield he’s protecting me because I’m his wife!’ Tess had a satisfied smile on her face as Liz looked like her heart just broke again.
‘It’s not how it sounds Liz!’ Max saw the hurt in her eyes and knew he was loosing all chances with her he needed her to understand
Isabel tried to dissolve the situation ‘Liz I know you have been hurt but killing Tess isn’t the way to go even if she is a Bitch.’

Liz had a deep look of concentration on her face which she suddenly snapped out of. Her stonewall was in place and she had a hardened look on her face. I knew it was too good to be true I told myself trusting people would be a mistake and I was right’ Liz turned to face Michael, Maria and Alex with Max keeping the shield up. ‘your all in on this too right you all want to protect Tess’ she didn’t wait for a reply she whirled back around to face Tess and walked as close to the shield as possible staring Tess down. ‘He won’t be around to always protect you I have waited nearly a year for revenge I can wait a little longer, trust me you are going to find out what a slayer is really capable of.
She turned to all the others ‘Get in my way again and I won’t hesitate in hurting you to get revenge on her she said nodding towards Tess. With that she turned and exited the café slamming the door so hard it nearly came off it’s hinges.
Leaving a heartbroken Max, shocked Michael, Isabel, Alex and Maria and a very happy Tess.


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Liz went to the cemetery to work off some of her anger and after staking 6 vamps she went home.
Once she arrived she burst into tears. She couldn’t believe she trusted these people and they turned on her defending that murderous bitch and what was she talking about being Max’s wife she couldn’t believe it. She was going to get to the bottom of all this when she first met Max and the others she knew there was something different like they weren’t totally human but she had a feeling they could be trusted. The sudden ringing of the phone brought Liz out of her thoughts she was just going to ignore it but realised it could have been Logan so she decided to answer it
'Liz It's Maria we need to tal-' she was cut off as Liz hung up the phone. She then left the phone of the hook she didn't want to talk with any of them tonight.
She ran herself a hot bath and went to bed but found it hard to fall asleep she couldn't stop thinking about Max and the others.


After Liz left the crashdown Max dropped the shield ad asked if everyone was okay. He then turned to Tess
'I think we need to talk'
'Yeah we want some answers' Michael said
'What do you want to know' asked Tess
'How about you tell us about you murdering Liz's family' Isabel replied.
'I did what I had to for us.' Tess was thinking now that Liz was gone she could tell them anything and if they didn't believe her she could throw some mind tricks in to help them believe her story.
'Why' asked Alex
'You saw what she was capable of how strong she is. I didn't want to kill her family that was a mistake I wanted to kill her because she would have killed all of us. Why do you think she turned up in Roswell? It was to be-friend you all before she killed us she is working against us.'
'I don't believe it' said Maria 'I spent time with her she s my friend and I think no I know I can trust her.'
'It doesn't matter what you think it's not your life on the line you are just a misely human she doesn't want to kill you. You don't have destiny and you are not part of the royal 4'
Isabel looked over towards Max who seemed to be deep in thought. He hadn't said much since Liz left but he looked as though his dog had just died. Then he suddenly spoke.
'Tess is right, we can't trust her she’s new to town and could be out to kill us she didn't care about anybody's safety tonight just trying to hurt Tess.'
'WHAT???' Maria almost yelled 'you can't be serious'
Tess was smiling looks like Liz has helped Max finally accept her and his destiny her plan was working perfectly.
'We should all go home now and meet tomorrow at school to discuss what we are going to do about Liz. Isabel give Alex a ride home I will stay here to fix the café with Michael and Maria. Tess are you alright going home alone?'
'Yes I will be fine. See you tomorrow Max' she said.
After Tess left Isabel and Alex were about to walk out the door
'Wait' Max said
everyone turned to look at him
'Is she gone?' he asked Isabel
'yes her car has just pulled away.'
'Good, Maria call Liz and tell her we need to talk I don't know about the rest of you but I defiantly didn't buy Tess's story there is so much that doesn't add up. And I want to know about this gem, this stone of Arura!'
Maria walked to the phone and called Liz it seemed like no one was going to answer and she was about to give up trying when Liz answered her voice seemed as though she had been crying she was trying to hide it but Maria could tell.
'Liz it's Maria I think we need to talk' The phone went dead she turned to look at everyone and saw that the café had been fixed. 'She hung up'
'Try again' said Alex
'Phones engaged my guess is she has left it ff the hook on purpose.' Maria replied.
'What are we going to do Max?' Asked Isabel
'Tomorrow at school we are going to sort this all out with Liz, Maria was right we all feel like we can trust her.'

After everyone was at home. Isabel knew how her brother felt about Liz and although she wanted to trust her over Tess she had to make sure. She decided to dream walk Liz she knew it was going to be difficult without a picture but she was going to try.
She closed her eyes and concentrated on Liz's face. She couldn't get in, and was about to give up when she felt herself being sucked into Liz's sub-conscious.

Liz was stood in a room surrounded by people that weren't really people there was something wrong with their faces. Liz stood there until there was movement and the people moved slightly so Liz (and Isabel) could see that Tess had Max, Maria, Alex, Michael and Isabel tied up and was treating to kill them. Liz sprung into action and Isabel was amazed at how quickly she either killed these things surrounding her or knocked them unconscious.
Dream Liz walked towards Tess. 'Let them go and I won't kill you tonight.'
'They are not prisoners' Tess replied and suddenly Max and the others weren't tied up they were all free standing beside Tess. 'You see this was a test to see what you are capable of' Tess turned to Max and he smiled at her. 'My wife' Then they started kissing. 'NOOOOO' Screamed Liz Don't do this Max she doesn't love you she can't be trusted' 'NOOOOO'

Isabel woke from the dream knowing Liz to had woken up. She knew now that Liz could be trusted she risked her life to save them even if it was only a dream and she had looked crushed when Dream Max was kissing Tess. She defiantly needed to talk to Max and the others tomorrow about the dream and she knew Max would be mad about invading Liz's privacy.


As planned the night before the group minus Tess and Liz met in the parking lot before school.
'Guys' Isabel said while hugging Alex. 'Before we start there's something you need to know. Liz can defiantly be trusted.'
'How do you know that?' Michael asked
Max looked at Isabel 'You looked at her dreams' it was a statement not a question
'Don't be mad but yes I did'
'what did you see?' Asked Maria
'It doesn't matter, she can be trusted but first of all we need to regain her trust.'
Alex agreed 'After last night I doubt she is going to be trusting us we knew about her family being murdered and we did nothing none of us stood up for her we all stood up for Tess.'
'Which is the way it should be, Tess is part of us and I part of our destiny' said Max.
Everyone looked at him like he had grown a second head but he motioned over towards Tess who was walking towards them. Guys we can't let her know that we don't believe her ok'
'Yeah' everyone reluctantly agreed.
'Hi Tess' Max said
'Hey' she replied sweetly as possible 'what are we going to do about Liz?'
'Avoid her' Michael said before anyone else could say anything
'That doesn't sound like you Michael I thought you might want to see what she is up to'
No Michael thought I want to know what you are up to. 'I think it's for the best and Max agrees we don't want anyone getting hurt and nothing like what happened last night happening in the middle of school'
'Okay good idea' Tess said 'want to walk me to class Max?'
'Tess I would love to really but I can't I have practice and coach wants me there early today.'
'okay, Isabel want to walk with me?'
'I'm in the other direction Tess me and Maria have gym first period.'
So the 5 walked off towards the changing rooms and Tess stormed off the other way.
'Do you really Have gym first period asked Alex as they were all walking together.
'No but our English teacher is out so we have a free and what better way to spend it than watching you practice?' Isabel said
Maria looked at Michael 'I love watching you practice to you get all hot and sweaty, it makes me want to-.'
'Later Maria.' Michael said with a smile he loved it when she flirted with him like that.
Max who had been quite suddenly spoke up. 'Doesn't Liz have English with you guys?'
Maria smiled 'what have you memorised her entire timetable?'
'nearly' he replied
'you have it bad man' Michael laughed.
'To answer your question Max yes Liz does have English with us.'
Alex looked at Max and said seriously 'But I doubt she will come to watch us practice after the way we acted yesterday.
'yeah she thinks we betrayed her' Isabel agreed
'So we show her that we can be trusted and that we don't believe Tess.' Maria said.
'okay' max said with a sad smile. You such an idiot he thought to himself you should have tried harder and not let her walk away when you see her today you are going to make her talk to you, as long as she doesn't kick your ass. He couldn't believe how strong she was that was something else he was going to have to talk to her about.

After getting changed the 3 boys went into the gym ready for practice and Michael and Alex were going to try and impress their girls who were sat on the benches. As Max walked in to the gym he froze there was Liz sat talking with Kyle. His heart broke all over again.

Liz woke from a restless sleep after that nightmare she had she didn't sleep well for the rest of the night and it wasn't just the dream she sensed something else like a presence that shouldn't be there like it forced it's way in. She also knew it was just a nightmare not a premonition.

After showering and getting ready for school she left she didn't really want to go to school, she wasn't bothered about seeing Tess she could wait for the time to get her revenge she wouldn't do it at school there was so many innocent people that could get hurt there. No she was worried about seeing Michael, Isabel’s, Alex, Maria and more importantly Max. She still had feelings for him she had never felt like this before she bealry knew him but wanted to tell him everything about her past and her destiny her slayer abilities all of it. But after last night she had to forget about him. He was on Tess side and not entirely human although that didn't matter to her. What really bothered her was that he didn't stand up for her no he stood up for his "Wife" Tess. How could they be married they were only 17.

She pulled herself out of her thoughts ad went to school when she arrived she saw Max and the others talking to Tess and then they all went there separate ways. She thought for a minute why were Maria and Isabel walking towards the gym they had English now. Then she remembered that it was cancelled today. 'Great' she thought

'Hi' someone said from behind her she turned to see Kyle she met the time she got lost.
'Oh hi Kyle'
'You lost?' he asked
'No I just remembered my English teacher is away today and I have a free'
'oh really why don't you come watch me in the gym I have practice.'
Liz thought for a minute, she didn't have anything else to do or any friends to hand out with now. She could also get some work done.
'okay sure'
'Great lets go.'
Kyle them led towards.
They were sat on the benches talking When Liz saw Maria and Isabel enter and sit on some other benches she also noticed how they didn't see her but realised they were here to watch the others play. She turned her attention back to Kyle and laughed when he told her jokes she turned suddenly when she had the feeling that she was being watched she turned and looked straight into Max's eyes. He looked so sad and betrayed. Liz got angry what right does he have to feel betrayed he was the one who stuck up for the murderer. she turned back to Kyle.

Everyone looked where Max was staring and they all saw Liz with Kyle. Max was about to go over when the coach came in and told them all to get ready to start practice Kyle walked to the court as did max, Michael and Alex.

Maria turned towards Isabel 'do you think Liz knows about Kyle’s reputation?'
'I don’t know, shall we go and try to talk to her.'
'yeah come on.'
The girls got up and walked towards Liz who was watching the game and stealing glances at Max when he wasn't watching she knew he kept looking at her she could feel it. She cheered for Kyle when he scored and he smiled and blew her a kiss. Max really wanted to punch that guy. If he used and hurt Liz he would seriously hurt him.

'What do you want?' Liz asked when she felt Maria and Isabel approach
'To talk to you about last night' Isabel said while sitting down. Maria also sat.
'There's nothing to talk about, you all made yourselves perfectly clear yesterday.'
'Liz please-'
'Please what sit hear and listen to why you defended that murderous bitch? Is that what you want?
'than what?'
Isabel sighed 'we want to explain why we defended her.'
'I know why you defended her you are the same as she is.'
'What?' Isabel asked shocked
Liz gave a small laugh 'I have always known since I first met you that you weren't exactly totally human I could sense it you Michael and Max but it didn't bother me which is why I never brought it up I just never knew you were the same as Tess. You see I know why you defended her.'
Liz turned towards Maria 'but why did you and Alex stick up for her your totally human.
'I never defended her'
'that’s right but you never defended me either.' Liz replied. 'I don't hate you and I'm not going to hurt you but you made it perfectly clear last night where you loyalties are. But be warned when the time comes for my revenge if you are with her and in my way I won't protect you or hold back.'

With that Liz got up and left.

Max was watching the girls talk he wanted so much to be able to hear what they were talking about. Kyle came up to Max he saw him looking at Liz.
'She fit isn't she'
'What?' Max asked being pulled from his thoughts. After watching Liz leave.
'The new girl Liz, she's into me if you like her when I'm finished with her I can let you have a ride.' Kyle bragged
'WHAT!' Max yelled he suddenly lost it he couldn't believe that Kyle was talking about Liz like that it made him so mad.
'yeah I bet she's a real bunny in the sack.
Max couldn't believe this he just punched Kyle who feel to the floor
'Michael and Alex burst out laughing. Max couldn't believe he had just done that.
'Evans' the coach yelled. 'sir'
'What are you doing?'
'misunderstanding sir' he replied as Kyle got off the floor.
'Don't let it happen again! Valenti go to the nurses office and Evans sit this one out and calm down.'
'Yes sir' Max said while walking over to where his sister and Maria where sat.
The game continued and Maria and Isabel were trying not to laugh.
'What was that about?
'I didn't like how he was talking about Liz.'
'Where did she go?' asked Max
'she left and told us that she has always known we were different but it never bothered her and that she knows we are on Tess's side but to stay out of her way. She wouldn't listen to us Max.' Isabel said
'She will Listen to me' Max said as he got up and left to find the girl who had captured his heart.

Liz left the gym and didn't realise how upset she was from talking to Maria and Isabel.
She found a smaller hall that no one was using and so went in there was a stereo in there so she turned the radio on and started warming up. She decided to work some of her emotions off by training.

Max was looking everywhere when he heard music coming from the smaller gym he walked up to the doors and looked inside there was Liz. She was practicing something she was doing a forward flip into the splits. Max walked into the door as Liz stood up and was practicing her kicks she stopped when she sensed someone in the room and turned to see Max standing there.

'hi' he said
'What do you want?' she asked bluntly
'to talk'
'yeah well I'm busy why don't you go talk to your wife?' she replied coldly.
'Please let me explain'
'Liz I'm not going to go away, last night you told me you had feelings for me but you didn't get chance to hear how I feel' Liz tried to walk past him but he grabbed her arms 'you are all I think about ever since you walked into town, I have feelings for you to I have never felt this way before.'
Liz eyes softened for a moment max noticed this but a second later they were hard again and she threw his arms off her. 'if I really mean this much to you then why are you helping Tess is it true are you married to her?
'then why did she say it?'
'it's along story and I want to tell it to you please?' Liz looked at his eyes silently begging her and slowly nodded her head.
'You told Isabel you knew we weren't human well that's true we are hybrids human DNA mixed with Alien DNA, we were in the 1947 crash and were in stasis pods and we emerged in 1989 looking like 6 year olds me and Isabel were picked up and adopted by the Evans and Michael was found later and fostered out into a rough childhood until he got to live on his own we never knew where we came from but knew to keep it secret until 2 years ago when Maria and Alex found out they are the only people including you now who know the truth about us. Last year Tess showed up, she was familiar to us and Nacedo was with her they told us ore about our alien side. We also activated these orbs that told us our supposed Destiny that Tess was my wife in a previous life where I was a king of a planet and Isabel was my sister engaged to my second-in-command Michael. WE decided not to follow our destiny's we are different people now but Tess still wants us to be together we aren't married in this life and I don't have feelings for her I want you.'

Liz had tears in her eyes her stonewall was falling. She looked Max in the eyes 'You can't run away from you Destiny trust me it always catches you and bites you in the ass.'
'This has something to do with your secret doesn't it?
Liz nodded
'Look' Max said 'the only reason I protected Tess yesterday is because she is like me and I don't want you committing murder I care about you too much to let that happen and when your ready to tell me you secret I will be here to listen.'

Liz Moved closer to Max so she was standing right in front of him and reached up to stroke his cheek. He slid one hand down the line of her jaw to cup her face, feeling the soft strands of her loose tendrils of hair between his fingertips. They inched closer until there lips touched. Max deepened the kiss, and they both felt electricity flow through their bodies. Their emotions were in over drive. As the kiss ended Max put his forehead next to Liz and looked deeply into her eyes. 'I'm not letting you leave me, I'm falling in love with you.'
'Liz’s eyes widened then she pulled away from him 'before you fall for me there's something’s you need to know.'

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Sorry I haven’t updated in a while I didn’t think anyone was still reading the story!

'Liz’s eyes widened then she pulled away from him 'before you fall for me there's something’s you need to know.'


Liz pulled away from Max
'Oh God I don't know where to start'
'How about the beginning' said Max
Liz looked up at Max and opened her mouth ready to speak when the door burst open and in came Maria Isabel Michael and Alex
'We have been looking for you guys everywhere' Said Maria
'I see you made up' smiled Isabel
'Actually guys we were kind of in the middle of something here Said Max
'No they can stay' said Liz 'they need to hear this as well.'
'that’s great' said Alex but we have class now'
'oh I didn't notice' said Liz growing red 'we can talk after school'
'actually we can't' said Micheal smirking 'Max has detention'
Liz looked at Max 'what for?'
Max looked down at his shoes and mumbled 'for punching Kyle .'
'you hit Kyle, what for?' Liz couldn't believe it and was trying not to smile
'He said something’s about you that I didn't like and I just snapped and hit him'
'that’s so sweet' said Liz smiling 'okay how about you meet me at Logan’s magic shop when your finished here today all of you coz he is involved in my secret I'm not going to hide anything any more from you.'
They all agreed and went to class

After school Liz walked to Logan’s he was busy doing research she could see the shop wasn't exactly busy either.
'Logan I need to talk to you.'
'of course what’s wrong?'
'I want to tell 5 people the truth about me and you.'
'Liz I'm sorry but you know the rules you can't do that.'
''Logan don't do this to me these people are different they will understand trust me'
'Logan I don't want to lie to them any more they are already suspious of me and are involved, if danger comes I want them to be ready for it not like my family.'
'Liz not telling them is for there own safety and yours.'
'What about you Logan you told Kimberley the truth can you imagine never telling her the truth about you and your job, even though she practices witchcraft you didn't have to tell her.'
'She’s my wife it's different'
'she wasn't your wife when you first told her.'
'okay if you think these people need to know and can be trusted I'm behind you.'
'thanks Logan.'
'lets go do some training'
They both walked towards the back room leaving Kim looking after the shop.

After Max had done his detention the 5 friends walked towards Logan’s. Once they entered they notice Liz as no where in sight but she said she would be there.
Isabel walked towards the counter where a women was looking through invoices. The woman looked up.
'Hello welcome to Logan’s Magic how can I help you?'
'hi erm actually I'm looking for a friend of mine she said she would be here.'
'yeah do you know when she will be here?'
'she's already here I will just go get her for you.'
With that Kim walked to the back room where Liz was training with Logan.
'Liz you friends are here.'
'well I guess it's time for the truth to come out.'
All 3 of them walked into the front of the store to the 5 waiting patiently for them.
'hi guys' said Liz
Kim went to the front of the shop and locked the door it was about time to shut the shop up anyway.
Everyone sat round the table where Logan had left his research books.
'okay you know what I'm just going to come out and say it' looking at all her friends, 'I'm a Slayer.'
'you’re a what?' asked Alex.
'A slayer I'm stronger, faster than anyone and my job is to kill vampires demons and things but sometimes there's an exception I mean not all demons are bad and need killing.'
Maria couldn’t believe what she was hearing 'your kidding right Liz?'
'yeah I thought you were going to tell us the truth not feed us some crap from story books.'
'Michael remember the other night you saw me in the park I was killing vampires, it never occurred to you how strong I was.'
'actually yeah it did.'
Max spoke for the first time, 'so what does Logan have to do with this?'
'I'm her watcher.'
'okay that sounds really creepy.' Said Maria
'My job is to train Liz help her identify threats etc.'
'so your really strong?' asked Michael
'Yeah' answered Liz
Kim could see they weren't fully convinced 'Do you want a demonstration?'
Everyone nodded
'this way' said Logan leading them all into the back room 'okay who wants to volunteer to help?' Logan said trying to keep a straight face.
'since Michael was the one having difficulty believing the story I say him.' Said Alex
'Yeah okay, what do you want me to do?' asked Michael
Logan directed Michael to the mat where Liz did her floor exercise and told Liz to stand opposite him. He handed Michael a wooden staff. 'Okay try and attack Liz.'
'What I'm not going to attack her' said Michael
Liz looked at him and smiled 'no he said TRY!'
Isabel spoke up 'but this doesn't seem very fair Liz doesn't have a weapon and Michael is nearly twice her size.'
'She's right Logan' said Kim
'okay Liz turn around so you have you back to Michael, okay Michael when your ready.'
Michael looked towards his friends. Shrugged and swiped the staff at Liz's legs not wanting to hurt her he thought he would just knock her to the ground.
Liz felt this coming and jumped the staff coming at her legs and whirled around to face Michael, she grabbed the staff to stop him trying to hit her anymore and twisted it out of his hands he tried to stop her but she was too fast, when Liz had hold of the staff she quickly swiped Michaels legs from beneath him and he fell to the floor and Liz looked down at him and smiled then offered him her hand to help him up

'anyone else want a go?' asked Logan
everyone shook there heads.


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A small update! Just incase some people are still reading this story!

'So this is all you do all day here?' Isabel asked
'yeah do you do anything else other than beat up defenceless boys?' Maria asked with a giggle.
'I am not defenceless I just wasn't ready and I didn't want to hurt Liz coz Max would have kicked my ass!' Michael replied
everyone laughed at him.
'Actually we do more than that' Kim replied
'we do research and sell thing this is a shop you know' Logan said with a smile
'Alex is really good with computers if you ever need his help' Maria said volunteering her life long friend.
'Actually there is some research I need to do, remember that thing you were telling me about Liz, that stone, that Gem of Arura, it sounds familiar and I want to do some research before you go out patrolling.'
The 3 Aliens looked at each other and Max spoke up 'Liz told you about the Stone of Arura?'
'yes, it sounds familiar to me I just can't remember where I heard about it from.'
'Logan knows all about, Vampires, Demons and you know aliens and stuff.' Liz said saying the last part quickly.
Kim looked and Logan and they both gave a chuckle. 'Aliens don't really exist especially if you are talking about the Roswell aliens from 1947.'
Michael looked at Isabel and Max and they all silently agreed to let Kim and Logan in on there secret.
'actually your wrong aliens do live in Roswell from the '47 crash' Michael said and they continued to tell their story that they had told Liz just hours before.
'This is incredible' Logan stated. 'I mean to think aliens actually live on Earth and the government really covered it up, I wonder if the council know?’ Logan asked himself.
‘the council?’ Isabel asked
‘oh yes the council are the people who are in charge of me who assigned me to be Liz’s watcher and they know a lot about the black arts cover ups, demons, and stuff..’
‘most of them are jackasses’ said Kim and Liz laughed.
‘don’t worry we won’t tell them about you.’ said Logan

After talking for a few more hours and showing off their powers, Logan turned to Liz
‘It’s getting dark out now, I think it’s time that you went patrolling.’
‘Patrolling?’ Maria asked as Liz stood up
‘yeah, I go round the cemetery’s, crowded places check for vamps or demons and kill them.’ Liz whilst she was putting her coat on. She turned to Logan ‘got any stakes I can have mine are at home.’
Logan passed 3 stakes to Liz.
‘wait you can’t go on your own.’ Max said with worry in his eyes.
‘trust me, I’m better on my own I don’t have to worry about protecting anybody.’
Max was about to insist someone go with he when his phone rang he picked it up after the third ring never taking his eyes off Liz.
‘oh hi Mom’
‘Yeah Isabel is here with me.’
‘really, why?’
Max’s voice suddenly had a hint of irritation in it
‘well tell her I will see her later.’
‘what do you mean she won’t leave?’
‘okay we will be straight home.’
‘love you too Mom, bye.’

‘come on Isabel we have to get home Tess is at our house and Mom can’t get her to leave.’ Max said whilst looking at Liz with sad eyes he noticed that when he said Tess’s name she looked even sadder than before.
Michael looked at Max ‘I should probably come to.’
‘it’s Saturday tomorrow so what is everyone doing?’ asked Isabel
‘Liz are you coming here?; asked Kim
‘yeah I have a few things I need to do.
‘so we will all meet here than said Alex’
‘that’s fine’ said Logan I have research on that Arura stone to do that you can help with if you like.
Everyone agreed to meet and the 3 aliens left.

‘Liz I know you said you work better alone but can we please come with you?’ asked Maria Alex nodded indicating he wanted to go as well
‘why?’ asked Liz
‘it seems exciting and we never get to do stuff like that’ Alex said
‘Plus it will drive space boy insane knowing you let us go and not them’ Maria said
Liz laughed ‘okay you can come but if things get outta control you have to come back here.’
‘agreed’ they both said
‘here’ Kim said handing Maria and Alex crosses and stakes ‘you might need these’
‘thanks’ they said on there way out the door.

Once that got to the cemetery they asked what they were supposed to do
‘We look for fresh graves and just sorta wait….quietly’ Liz told them
The 3 friends were talking quietly when Liz heard something, she told her friends to be quiet and listen to the rustling in the bushes.
Suddenly 2 vampires rushed out towards Alex and Maria.
Liz jumped into action and pushed Maria out of the way she kicked the first vamp in the stomach and knocked him to the floor. She quickly pulled the vamp off Alex who was trying hard not to get bit and threw him onto the floor. Both vampires got to their feet and rushed at Liz she jumped in the air and kicked them both and grabbed the first vamp and threw him at Alex who had a stake ready, Alex staked him and couldn’t believe what happed he just turned to dust.
She grabbed the second vamp and pulled out her stake
‘you can kill me but it won’t stop him he will win and your race will be no more.’ Liz stopped. ‘who are you talking about?.’ the vamp remained silent she punched him. ‘who are you working for.’
The vamp wasn’t talking, Maria had an idea so she walked up towards Liz and the Vamp and pressed the cross that Logan had given her into the vampires back.
Liz smiled, the vampire screamed in pain and Maria pulled the cross away. ‘Now talk’ Liz said.
‘I work for Nicholas, and your too late he will already have the royal 4 and you will die a slow death slayer.’ Liz was confused and turned to look at Maria and Alex, they looked shocked
‘What?’ Liz asked
Alex looked at Maria ‘Max, Michael and Isabel’
Liz’s eyes widened. Would she get there in time this time would she be able to save them. She though to herself.
She looked at the guys and started walking towards the magic shop she needed Logan’s help and she needed to tie this vamp up so they could get more info out of him. Maria and Alex were following her.
Once the arrived at the magic shop she threw the vamp inside and tied him up.
Logan and Kim were asking what was going on.
‘Maria, Alex tell them everything you know and try and find out if he knows anything else’ she said pointing to the vamp. ‘I’m going to go and see if Max, Michael and Isabel have been taking or if they are still at Max’s house.’
Liz quickly ran out the door and jumped into her car and drove as fast as she could towards the Evans house. Not knowing what she would find once she got there.

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