TITLE: Where Destiny Leads
RATING*tongue*G13- EventuallyNC-17
CATEGORY: Crossover and Alternative Universe
SUMMAY: Max, Michael Isabel and Tess are aliens but no royal 4. Liz is the slayer and has just moved to Roswell. Don’t worry everyone will find out how evil Tess is.

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Chapter 2


Liz had finally fallen asleep she didn't know what it was but she was having great trouble sleeping. Then it hit happened her dream switched into a premonition that slayers have.

She was kissing Max (and really liking it) when he suddenly changed into something she couldn't describe what it was but it made her uncomfortable, Isabel and Michael were also there and had a quality about them. It suddenly hit Liz these were people she thought she could trust DEMONS. She wasn't sure but she noticed that Alex and Maria had suddenly appeared and the 5 of them were in some kind of of danger and although there was something not right about Max, Michael and Isabel she still felt the need to protect them. The dream switched again and she saw the 5 friends being murdered, by a young boy.

She woke with a start not liking that premonition and decided to keep it from Logan for now.
She went downstairs to see Logan already up.
'Hey Logan'
'hi Liz, did you sleep ok? Your apartment will be ready for you to move in later this week
'great, thank you for sorting that Logan'
'it's fine really, so what time are you meeting Maria and Isabel at the crashdown?'
'not till 9:30' she had good 2 and a half hours before she had to meet them.
'you wanna get started on some training?' Logan asked
'actually that would be great'
'go for a quick run while I get things ready?'
'sure I'll see you in about 20 minutes.'

Liz had changed into shorts and a top and had started her run. It helped her sort out her problems THUMPING of her heart as she got the flashbacks of what happened to her family' THUM'P' Josh screaming in pain THUMP being too late to save him THUMP watching her parents being tortured THUMP fighting with the bitch that did THUMP waking up in a hospital bed not knowing where she was. She suddenly stopped running and realised she had no idea where she was.

‘SHIT’ she had to find her way back to Logan’s she only had 2 hours before she was meeting the girls and she still had training to do.
she looked around for anyone who might be able to help her. she turned around and saw a boy about her age and decided to ask him for help.
'Hi I’m new in town and I’m a bit lost'
'Hi I’m Kyle, where you looking for?'
'my names Liz and I’m looking for Chestnut street'
ok' Kyle gave Liz directions to Logan's.
'So Liz, you doing anything tonight or do you want to go out I can show you around town and stuff.
'oh that’s really sweet of you Kyle but I have plans with some people I met yesterday.'
'that’s ok are you starting Roswell High on Monday?'
'yeah I am do you go there?'
'Yes I play on the basketball team'
'well I guess I will see you on Monday, thanks for the directions Kyle' Liz said as she walked away
'yes you defiantly will.' Kyle said once Liz was out of ear shot. Just think I can be the first person to sleep with the new girl in town. Kyle thought as he walked away. Imagine what that will do for my reputation.

Liz finally arrived back at Logan’s.
‘sorry I’m late I got a bit lost’ Liz admitted.
There was no reply
Suddenly Logan jumped out and tried to grip Liz she saw this coming and gripped his arms while he was in the air mid-jump and threw him to the other side of the room, and got into a fighting stance ready for another attacker.
‘Logan what the hell are you doing and are you ok?’ Liz asked a little uneasily.
‘I’m fine I’m wearing padding I just wanted to test your senses and reflexes, very nice by the way.’
‘Thanks’ Liz replied. She started laughing
‘I didn’t even realise it was you I just thought I was in danger and reacted’
‘that’s good it’s how it should be, now come on lets get some training in before you meet ya gal pals’

After the training session in the basement Liz showered and dressed and started to walk towards the crashdown to meet Maria and Isabel.


‘You know you guys you don’t have to wait for us Liz will be here soon’ Maria said.
‘yeah I know I just want to sit here for a bit is that ok?’ Max asked
Everyone was biting back laughter.
‘Max just admitted you like Liz’ Isabel said what everyone was thinking.
‘is it that obvious’ he asked
‘YES’ they all said at once.
‘what should I do?’
‘why don’t you ask her out or something?’ Alex said
‘you don’t have to tell her about the alien heritage yet but you can still go out.’ Maria said.
Just then Liz walked in. Max looked up at her and again thought she was gorgeous she had on a pair of blue jeans slung low on her hips with a little red top on showing part of her trim stomach off. Oh how he wanted to kiss her there all over her body in fact.
By now Liz had walked over to their table.
Michael saw that max was staring so elbowed him.
‘what’ Max said then noticed that Liz was sat opposite him. He tried to listen to the conversation going on around him.
‘so what do you wanna do after we have finished shopping’ Maria asked.
Isabel decided to throw Max a bone. ‘Well if you boys aren’t busy do you want to meet us for lunch at about 12:30 in the food court?’
‘yeah’ Max said a little to quickly Maria and Isabel just looked at each other and Liz smiled at him.
Alex and Michael agreed, and the girls headed off to the mall. Max couldn’t wait to have lunch with Liz
In the car Liz was thinking how cute Max was and how she couldn’t wait to learn more about him, even though she knew, she couldn’t let him to close she could have a little fun she deserved it right??

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