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Author: Tina
E-mail: roswell_5000⊕
Rating: PG: 13- 15
Category: Max/ Liz mostly with some other CC couples
Disclaimer: Only Paige and Mellissa are mine. I don’t own any of the cool stuff.
Distribution: Tell me where first.
Summary: Liz runs away but there’s more to it then meets the eye.
Author’s Note: This is my first fanfic so don’t expect too much from it.




Max stood beneath Liz’s fire escape. He could hear her crying on her balcony. He’d tried to leave several times but he couldn’t leave while she was crying but he couldn’t face her now either. He still had the mental picture of Kyle and Liz and that was too much. He couldn’t be mad at her either though. He had to be mad at Kyle; somehow this mess was his problem.

“Either go up or go home. This is the kinda stuff stalkers do.” Maria quiet whisper had scared Max.

“God Maria you scared the shit out of me.”

“Yeah well I noticed you’ve been standing out here for like an hour and I figured you might need a push,” Maria whispered. “Max, I’m her best friend and I can’t stand to see her like this. She’s almost dead without you. A zombie. A lifeless shell. Please bring my best friend back. I need a best friend.”

“She won’t talk to-”

“Go!” Max obediently climbed the ladder. He reached the top and saw Liz’s tear stained face staring at her tear stained journal.

“Liz what’s wrong?” Max said, instantly by her side.

“Nothing. What are you doing her?”

“I wanted to talk to you. I’ve missed you. I’ve missed you so much. I can’t stand us not talking. Why can’t we be in the same room together anymore? Why can’t you look at me anymore?”

“So talk,” Liz said avoiding the questions.

“Fine. I want to know what really happened with you and Kyle.”

“You saw what happened. I made a mistake. We slept together.” It wasn’t a complete lie. She and Kyle had fallen asleep together while they’d been dating.

“I don’t believe that. You couldn’t give yourself to him when I know you don’t love him. I know you love me. You wouldn’t be with someone you didn’t love.”

“I did Max,” Liz said, fresh tears falling from her face. “I’m so sorry. I wish I hadn’t but I can’t take it back now. I wish I... I wish things were different but... but... they... they just aren’t. Now you need to accept it.”

“No,” Max said, tears beginning to fall from his face. “No you wouldn’t... you couldn’t do that. You wouldn’t give up what we had.”

“I did. I’m sorry Max, but...”


“It’s over Max. It has been for a while now. I’m sorry... I’m so, so sorry for hurting you the way I did. Please... please... you have to accept it. This is too hard. You have to accept it... and your destiny.”

“Screw destiny!” Max screamed. “I don’t care about my fucking destiny. My destiny changed the day I met you.”

“No Max. Tess is your destiny. She always will be.” Liz hoped the tears hid the pain in her eyes.

“Never. My heart showed me my TRUE destiny. You.”

“No. I’m not yours anymore. I left Max. It’s over. It wasn’t meant to be.”

“No Liz. We ARE meant to be, always. Don’t push me away. I need you. I love you!” Max pulled Liz into a tender kiss and she quickly pushed him away.

“Max I think you should go.” Liz knew if he stayed much longer she wouldn’t be able to lie to him anymore.

Max turned around and climbed down the fire escape without looking back at Liz. Liz reopened her journal and begun crying again when she saw the page. It was where she had put the picture of her and Max in after he’d said they couldn’t be friends with her anymore. She remembered asking Isabel to take the picture outside of Max’s house. She placed on finger on Max’s smile, closed her eyes, and tried to remember when she and Max were happy.

Maria saw Max slip into his jeep and drive off. That was about an hour ago. She could tell by his face that nothing had gone right with Liz. Her shift was over in half an hour and then she planned to go see Max. She’d promised herself that if he couldn’t get Liz to tell him the truth then she had to do it for her. She couldn’t stand to see Liz in so much pain and Max and Liz’s rift had spread through the whole group.

The last half-hour had gone by quickly and Maria arrived at the Evan’s house soon after. She’d decided to go around and knock on Max’s window since it was a little late to go to the front door.

“Max,” Maria whispered as she lightly tapped on Max’s window. She almost fell over when it instantly flew open.

“What is it Maria?” Max asked.

“Can I come in?” Max stepped aside and let Maria in.

“Why are you here?”

“I’m here because I can’t stand to see you and Liz fighting anymore. You need to know.”

“I need to know what?”

“The truth. The truth about Liz and Kyle and the truth about the night of the Gomez concert.”

“The truth?”

“Do you want to k now or do you want to ask a few more questions?”

“I wanna know.”

“Alright, but this stays between us. Liz CAN’T find out about this. She’d kill me and then I wouldn’t be able to help you so not telling her is in your best interest too.” Max nodded that he understood. “Okay. First Liz and Kyle never slept together. It was a scam. She knew you were coming. She also knew your intentions.” Maria playfully winked at Max and his cheeks turned bright crimson red.

“How could she have know?” Max asked, more to himself than Maria.

“You weren’t her only visitor that night. I don’t understand much of that though. It’s REALLY confusing but Liz can explain it better than me. I’ll probably just nd up confusing you. Go to her Max. She’ll tell you. Trust her.”

“Alright Maria. I’ll talk to you later. You should probably get going. It’s getting late.”

“Yeah. Bye Max.” Maria quietly slipped out of Max’s window and left him to his thoughts.

Isabel heard voices in Max’s room and decided to see who it was. She was hoping it was Michael because she needed to talk to him and Max. She walked into Max’s room in time to see Maria slipping out the window.

“What was Maria doing her?”

“Setting things straight.”


“Nevermind. I’ve gotta talk to Liz. I’ll be back-”

“Max look at the clock. It’s after eleven. Let her sleep. We’re all going to have a meeting tomorrow, ok?”

“What? Why?”

“I’ve just had a weird feeling lately. Like someone using powers. I thought maybe some skins could be in town again.”

“Okay. We’ll have a meeting at the Crashdown tomorrow. Make sure everyone’s there.”

“Good,” Isabel said. She walked to the door and turned back. “”Also, Max, will you please try to get some sleep tonight. You look awful.”

“I think tonight I might be able to.”

Max looked for Liz all day at school the next day but he couldn’t find her anywhere. He’d made sure everyone else would be at the Crashdown after school. He was hoping she would be there but he had a very bad felling about it. The day seemed to inch by but finally the last bell rang. Max raced out to the jeep and waited for Isabel.

“Why are you so jumpy?” Isabel asked, slowly inching towards the jeep.

“Hurry up!” Max yelled. “I have a bad feeling about Liz.”

“What’d you mean a bad feeling?” Isabel said, quickly jumping into the jeep.

“Just a bad feeling. We need to get to the Crashdown. I haven’t see Liz all day, have you?”

“No, but I’m sure she’s fine. She was probably just sick today. Look, at least try to wipe that panicked look off of your face. You’ll only scare everyone if they see you like that.”

“You’re probably right,” Max said, changing his expression. What Isabel said made sense but she couldn’t feel what he was feeling. Terror. Liz’s Terror.

Max jumped out of the jeep as soon as he stopped in the Crashdown parking lot. He almost burst through the doors but slowed down just enough so that he wouldn’t cause a scene. He went to Mr. Parker and Isabel went to Maria and Alex who were already in their booth.

“Um... Mr. Parker,” Max asked, “do you know where Liz is?”

“She’s not with you?! She said she was leaving to go camping with you after school.”

“Oh...” Max needed a story quick. “Oh sorry Mr. Parker. I guess Liz must’ve gotten a ride from school with Kyle. I thought Isabel and I were picking her up. I’m sorry for scaring you sir.”

“Okay,” Mr. Parker said calming down. “Good bye then Max.”

“Good bye.”

Max walked to the group and told them to come outside. Kyle and Tess were just pulling up.

“Kyle you can’t go in,” Max said.

“Why not?”

“Liz ran away and I didn’t want to scare her parents and she told them we were going camping so I said she got a ride with you.” Max had said that whole sentence in one breath so he stopped to catch his breath.

“What?!” Maria said. “Liz would NOT just ‘run away.’ She would’ve at least told me or Alex. Something’s wrong.”

“I know,” Max said. “I felt...terror... pain... fear... a big wave of it all just before we got here. This way we have the three-day weekend to find Liz without anyone knowing she’s gone. Her parents won’t be scared now and if someone has her they won’t know we’re looking for her.”

“Maybe she left clues to where she’s going in her room,” Alex suggested.

“Good idea,” Isabel said.

“We should go up the fire escape so her dad doesn’t freak out.”

“Alright,” Max said. “Let’s go. We don’t have much time.”


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PART 2 (header in part 1)


Everyone made their way up to Liz’s room after moving their cars so Mr. Parker wouldn’t wonder why they weren’t leaving. Maria had started crying while she searched Liz’s room.

“Maria what’s wrong?” Michael asked when he saw the tears falling from her face.

“It’s just... what if... what if... we can’t ... find her... or... what if... one of... ‘them’ took her... or ... the... FBI.... or- or what if she’s......”

“Don’t worry. We’re going to find her. Liz is going to be fine. We won’t let anything happen to her.”

“Guys I found something,” Isabel said, before Maria could respond to Michael.


“I was on the balcony and I found a letter Liz left for Max.” Isabel handed a small envelope to Max. As he read it he got very pale and begun to cry.

“Max!” Maria squealed. “What does it say?”

“It says... It says...” Max broke down and Alex ripped the note out of his hand.

“She said that she had to leave because ‘he’ was after her.”


“It doesn’t say,” Alex continued. “She also said that she was sorry about lying to Max about her and Kyle and nothing happened. What does she mean her and Kyle?”

“It’s a long, confusing story,” Kyle said.

“Ok well you can start it when we get to my place because I think I hear someone coming.” Michael pushed everyone towards the balcony and they split up and headed towards his apartment.

“I think it’s time you start that story Kyle,” Michael said, once everyone was in his apartment.

“Okay. A few weeks ago Liz asked me for a favor. She said you” Kyle points to Max “had to think we’d slept together. She said there was a good reason, and I knew there had to be for her to do that to you, so I didn’t argue. I don’t know anything else. She said the less who knew the better.”

“I know why she did it,” Maria whispered, trying to hold back the tears threatening to fall. “You asked her to Max.”

“What are you talking about? I never asked her to do that.”

“Not present you. The night of the Gomez concert you” Maria pointed to Max “came to Liz. It was who you would be fourteen years into the future, if things weren’t changed. Fourteen years from now your enemies attacked. Before that Tess left because she was mad about Max and Liz being together and not following destiny.” Maria stopped for a second to throw a death glare at Tess. “Without her you were all weaker. You weren’t strong enough to beat Kivar and shortly before Max came to visit Liz Michael and Isabel had died. It was the end of the world. Both worlds. That’s why Liz asked Kyle to act like he’d slept with her. Max, future Max, told her to save the world she had to make him fall out of love with her. She tried telling you she wouldn’t die for you, which she said was a huge lie and it hurt her so much to see your face when she said it, but you wouldn’t believe it. This was the only other thing she could think of.”

“Oh my God,” Isabel mumbled.

“How could she have kept that secret so long? How could she do that?”

“The question is,” Maria countered, “how could you do that to her?” Maria ended by punching Max in the arm.

“Ow. I didn’t do anything to her.”
Maybe not the you from this time but it was still you.”

“Okay children,” Isabel said, stopping the fight, “this definitely isn’t helping Liz.”

“Yeah whatever.”

“Alright,” Michael said taking over. “Maria, Kyle, Alex, and Iz you guys need to call your parents. We’re going away for the weekend.”

“Alright,” Kyle said heading for the kitchen phone. Maria and Isabel just pulled out their cell phones while Alex waited for the first available phone.

“Mom,” Maria said, into her cell phone, “Isabel, Liz, and me need a ‘girls’
weekend.... I know it’s late notice but Liz is bummed and needs this.... Okay then I’ll be
back Monday.... Yes Monday it’s a three- day weekend.... Okay we’ll be careful... Love you too Mom.... Bye.” Maria put her cell phone back in her purse and nodded to Michael to say she could go as Kyle walked back in. Alex was talking on Isabel’s cell phone now.

“Dad says me and Tess can go.” Kyle had already plopped himself on the nearest beanbag chair.

“Mom thought it would be good for me to get Max out of the house, so we’re in.”

“I’m in too,” Alex added, handing Isabel her phone.

“Me too,” Maria said.

“Okay then we’ll stop by our house to get a few things and we’ll go.” Max didn’t really want to waste the time of stopping by his house but her knew if Isabel was going to dreamwalk Liz she’d need a picture and he didn’t have one with him... anymore.

Almost reading Max’s mind Michael whispered to him, “Maria has a picture of Liz in her car. We don’t need to waste anymore time.”

“Actually,” Max blurted out, once Michael’s words had registered, “we don’t need to waste time stopping the house. We’ll pick up what we need on the way.”

“Okay. Let’s go.” Maria begun gesturing people out the door. Once everyone else was out she saw Max waiting for her. “What?”

“Can I borrow your picture of Liz? I’m going to have Isabel dreamwalk her and I need a picture. Please don’t let Tess see it though. For some reason I don’t trust her.”

“Some reason? You need a reason not to trust the blond hussy bitch. I can give you a few. I’ll get the picture to you or Michael though.”

“Alright. We better go. Michael’s going to get jealous.” With that they walked out to meet the rest of the group.


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PART 3 (header in part one)


“There you are,” Alex said to Maria and Max. “Hurry up. Let’s go.”

“Um... Max,” Tess said, “where are we going?”

“Um... why don’t you and Kyle check out the... pod chamber and the other stuff out there. Alex and Maria can follow us and we’ll call your cell if we find anything or are coming back. You call Isabel or Maria’s cell if you find anything too. Good luck.”

“Same to you,” Kyle said. Tess just nodded.

“So Max,” Michael asked, once Tess and Kyle had left, “where are we going?”

“We’re going to start driving and we’ll stop when Isabel gets Liz to tell her where she is.”

“Why don’t we stay here until I can contact her?”

“Because I... I have a feeling. I wanna see where it takes me.”

“Okay. I’ll get Liz’s pic and we can go.” When Maria had been gone for almost five minutes Michael and the others started getting worried and went to find her. They found her sitting in the passenger seat of her mom’s jetta crying.

“Maria what’s wrong?” Michael asked. She handed him a note, still damp from Maria’s tears, that said:

Dear Maria-

I guess if you’re reading this I left town. Whatever you do don’ come after me. Something isn’t right and I don’t want you, any of you, hurt. I’m gonna miss you big babe. Maybe I’ll come back, once it’s safe again. Tell everyone I’ll miss them and make sure Alex know how much I love him. And Max. Make sure he knows the truth. Tell him how hard it hurt to lie to him. Let him know I’ve always loved him and tell him to move on. I love you Maria, don’t EVER forget that, but I’ve gotta go.

Luv your Best Friend Forever,


By the time everyone had read the letter Maria had regained control and Max and Alex were now crying. Isabel tried to comfort them both. Maria suddenly jumped up and begun walking towards the jeep only looking back at them to say, “Let’s go find her.”

Isabel sat in the passenger seat in front of Alex and tilted her seat back so she could attempt to dreamwalk Liz. Michael held Maria and tried to comfort her. Max was trying to follow his feeling.

Eventually they had to stop for food and to stretch their legs. They decided to stop at a little diner near the New Mexico state line. Max took Liz’s picture in with him, hoping to get a flash.

Since almost no one was in the diner the waitress came to their table almost immediately. She looked oddly at Liz and Maria’s picture but continued to take their order. She whispered something to a girl standing outside a door that said employees only.

“This place kinda reminds me of the Crashdown,” Alex said, breaking the silence.

‘It’s not as homey,” Michael said.

“Maybe you just like being around your kind better, Spaceboy,” Maria said, giggling.

“No I like the costumes better,” Michael said. “And the people in them.” Just then the girl who’d been standing by the employee doors walked by their table. She froze when she saw Liz’s picture.

“Why do you have Hannah’s picture?” she asked Max coldly. “Are you the people who’ve been following her?”

“Hannah?” Max and Maria asked in unison. The girl pointed to Liz in the picture.

“Um...Hannah’s... our friend,” Maria said, realizing Liz had used a fake name. “See that’s me in the picture with her.” Maria pointed to herself in the picture.

“How do you know Hannah?” Alex asked, catching on. “Who are you?”

“I’m Paige. That’s my friend Mellissa,” she said pointing to the girl who’d been waiting on them. “Hannah was here earlier. She cried for like a half-hour until I asked her what was wrong. She said someone was after her and she’d been lying. She said she’s lied to everyone she loved the most and she wasn’t sure if she could tell the truth anymore or if she could even remember the truth of her lies. She left shortly after I talked to her. I really hope she’s all right. She looked so scared and hurt. You must be helping too because I think you look just as hurt as she did. Are you looking for her?”

“Yeah,” Maria said. “She ran away, but we’re going to find her. We have to.” Everyone could see Maria was holding back tears and Michael pulled her closer to him.

“I know we don’t know each other well and we wouldn’t usually just say we’d take off with strangers but you look like you could really use some help.” Mellissa walked over with their food and nodded that they would help while she placed the food around the table.

“We have our own car and we can pay for ourselves so we wouldn’t be adding any extra expenses and you’d have extra eyes watching for her. We’d really like to help,” Mellissa added.

“Well don’t you have work?” Alex asked, not sure of the girls.

“We can take a few days off. Where are y’all from anyway?”

“Roswell,” Isabel said. She didn’t understand why but something inside her told her to trust these girls.

“My uncle liven in Roswell,” Paige said. “I’ve been meaning to visit him for a while now. Maybe we could go see him... after we find Hannah?”

“You should know,” Max said, “that her name is Liz, not Hannah. I’m Max that’s Michael, Maria, Alex and Isabel.” Max pointed to each person as he said their names.

“And we’d really appreciate your help finding Liz,” Isabel cut in. “Lord knows we’ll need it.”

“Do you have any ideas where she is?” Mellissa asked.

“Actually, we’re just going on luck,” Alex said. “Oh and one of you shout call Tess and Kyle and tell them we won’t be meeting them tonight.” Alex said the last part to Isabel and Maria only.

“I’ll call,” Isabel said getting up. “When I get back we can go.”

“Alright.” Everyone finished off their food and waited for Isabel.

Isabel told Tess and Kyle that they weren’t coming in that night because it had gotten too late to drive back. She had a gut feeling that had told her not to tell them- not to tell her- about their lead. Through everything with the FBI, one of the most important things Isabel had learned was that that gut feeling was something you should always follow.

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PART 4 (header in part1)


Isabel re-entered the booth and waited to leave. The table had been cleared and they were waiting for Paige and Mellissa to came back out.

“We’re ready,’ Mellissa said, jumping through the employee doors with a small suitcase. “You want us to follow you right?”

“Sounds good,” Max said running to the jeep. “Let’s go.” He ran out the front door and jumped into the jeep’s driver’s seat. The others knew something was up and quickly followed.

“What the hell was that Max?” Isabel asked, once they were all in the jeep.

“I just got a wave of... fear. I think it from Liz and I think I can track her with it.”

“Alright,” Alex said. “Paige and Mellissa are following so drive.” With that the seven teens drove into the desert night.

Kyle watched Tess as she dreamwalked Liz. He wondered what it was like to have powers like hers... or any of them actually. He was lost in thought when Tess touched his shoulder causing him to jump.

“You okay Kyle? You’re a little jumpy.”

“I’m fine. You just scared me.”

“Well... uh... where are we staying tonight? Your dad thinks we’re camping or whatever it is you told him. “We’re gonna have to stay in a motel.”

“Oh fun. A cheep motel and you.”

“Well if you have any ideas... and at all, I’m listening... That’s what I thought.”

“Fine but we’re gettin’ two beds or you can bond with the couch.”

“Guess again. I’m paying you can sleep on the couch ET.”

“Shuddup Buddaboy.” They continued playfully fighting until they got to the hotel.

Max, Michael, Isabel, Maria, Alex, Paige and Mellissa decided to stay in a little motel when Max lost the feeling from Liz. Isabel had decided to dreamwalk Paige. She trusted them but she didn’t know why so she wanted to be sure. Paige was having a nightmare... that she was being followed like Liz. Isabel decided to change her dream. She stepped inside the dream orb and began looking for Paige.

“Paige,” Isabel yelled. “Paige where are you?”

“Over here, Isabel.” Isabel followed the voice behind a small building and saw Paige curled into a ball near the wall.

“Thanks,” Paige said.

“For what?”

“For saving me from another nightmare.”

“Hey it’s your dream.”

“But you’re not part of my dream. You’re real. You dreamwalked me and stopped the nightmare. Thanks.”

Isabel was shocked. How could this girl know she wasn’t part of the dream. “Who are you?”

“Isabel wake up. Mellissa and I are coming to your room. We’ll be right over.”

Fine.” Isabel left the dream and re-awoke back in her bed at the motel. She was about to wake up Max when there was a knock at the door. That woke him.

“Who’s that?” Max asked groggily.

“It’s Paige and Mellissa. Can we come in?”

“Coming,” Isabel said, going to the door. She opened it and found Paige and Mellissa waiting to come in. Mellissa looked like she was about to fall asleep on the doorframe.

“Thanks,” Paige said. “I know your probably freaked out Isabel, but don’t be. We’re good guys.”

“Huh?” Max asked, confused and still half-asleep.

“Why don’t we wake everyone up so we only have to do this once,” Isabel suggested. She went to the bed that Maria and Michael were sharing and shook their shoulders to wake them. Then she went to the couch where Alex had been asleep to wake him.

“I decided to dreamwalk Paige and she knew what I was doing,” Isabel blurted out, cutting off everyone’s questions. Everyone silently stared at Paige.

“What are you?” Michael asked holding his hand out to kill her.

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Part 5 (header in part 1)


“Michael, I’m one of you,” Paige said quickly. “I’m a good guy... You know I like Michael. It’s better for you. I always hated the name Rath.”

“How do you know what my name was?”

“I know your name and everyone else’s because I’m one of you. I’m Ava. Actually to you I’d probably be Anna.”


“Have you met the fourth in your group?”


“She’s a fraud. She’s not the fourth member of the Royal Four or Zan’s bride. I am.”

“You can’t be the fourth member. I’ve seen Tess’ memories. I saw her come out of the pod.”

“That’s because... her name is Tess? Anyway she did come out of the pods with you. She posed as me when your DNA was collected and the scientists who made you fell for it... at first. They quickly discovered that she was a fraud and sent me and Mellissa.”

“Wait Mellissa’s a...”

“Yeah. She was my best friend and lady in waiting on the home planet. She’s still my best friend.”

“Why did Tess pose as you?” Maria asked.

“Before I answer that you should know that Zan and I weren’t married because of love we were married because Zan was stubborn and wasn’t willing to settle for anything less than love. He turned away hundreds of suitors and I did too only I did it because I was hoping that either my parent would accept my love for a servant or they would give Anna, my sister or Tess to you, the throne and then I could leave with him. Zan’s parents were obviously prominent in the government because they were royalty but my parent were prominent on our planet too. My father was Zan’s father’s second in command and my mother was his mother’s lady in waiting. Zan, Vilandra, Rath and I were best friends. Zan always tried to include Anna but she was so shy she usually ended up watching from afar. When Zan’s father became sick Zan was forced to choose a wife and when he refused I was chosen for him. Not long after Rath was forced to marry Vilandra. We hated it. We were best friends until then. Once we were all related we fought over everything. Anna despised me. She adored Zan and thought he should be hers. When Zan had to have an heir I got pregnant but not with his child. He knew since we’d never... He knew it wasn’t his. He raised it as his own though and let me sneak out to visit the father with our son almost every night. Anna didn’t know the baby wasn’t yours and hated me more for mating with you. When we were killed she saw her opportunity to have you. She thought that if you thought that you had been her mate before you would love her here. When your pods were taking off I got a telepathic message from her. ‘He’s MINE. No one, no one will take him from me!’ She scared the shit out of me.” Everyone was silent for a few minutes.

“Maybe Tess is doing this to Liz then,” Maria said, breaking the silence. “She’s trying to eliminate the competition so Max will go to her. She does have that freaky mind-warp thing.”

Yeah but even Tess doesn’t have the power to mind-warp from this far away.”

“But she could’ve plated the thought that she was being followed in Liz’s mind,” Mellissa said.


“That’s one of Anna’s powers. Planting thoughts in people’s minds,” Paige answered.

“How do we save Liz then?”

“We scare Tess into taking the thought out of Liz’s head.”

“Okay Isabel tomorrow you call Tess and tell her that Max and Michael are coming back. You three have to try to find Liz and bring her back to Roswell. Mellissa and I will take Max and Michael back and try to get Tess to take the thought out.”


“Everyone try to get some sleep now. Tomorrow- well actually I guess it’s today now,” Paige said, looking at the clock, “is gonna be a long day.”


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Part 6 (header in part 1)


Isabel had just called Kyle and Tess to tell them that Michael and Max were coming back

“What did Tess say?”

“I couldn’t talk to Tess. She was dreamwalking Liz... or at least pretending to.”

“She was probably refreshing the memory or adding to it,” Mellissa said.

“Then we should hurry up,” Maria said, a little franticly. “Come on. Speed it up. Liz’s sanity at stake.”

“Maria,” Alex said, trying to calm her, “chill out. You need to have some rational thoughts for this to work right, ok? You need to keep your sanity too.”

“Alright,” Maria said, taking one of her many vials from her purse and sniffing it. “your right. It’s just too much. That hussy’s trying to hurt my friend. When we get back I get first dibs on kicking her little blond but back to your home planet.”

“Alright Maria,” Isabel said. “We’re ready to go.” Isabel gave Max and Michael a hug goodbye. “See you in a couple days hopefully with a stowaway.”

“Alright. Bye guys.” Maria hugged Michael and quickly followed Alex and Isabel.

“So what’s the plan?” Michael asked. They’d been driving towards Roswell for about an hour mostly in silence.

“We’re going to try to scare Tess into taking the thought out of Liz’s head. If that doesn’t work then the only other option is to... kill her.” Paige found her shoes very interesting as she finished her sentence.

“That’s the ONLY other option?” Michael asked. “Are you sure there’s NO other way?”

“If she isn’t willing then the only other option is to kill her. She’s changing what’s meant to be and that will change the outcome of the world. Her tiny memory could have a big repercussion on the world.”

“So if we don’t follow our destinies the world could end?” Max asked, dreading the answer.

“Possibly,” Paige answered, “but not the destinies you know of, exactly.”


“You know you were sent to earth to find mates here. The forced marriages were what truly broke up the Royal Four. They hoped that when we were sent here we would find love in humans and the Four would stay together as friends like they were before. What wasn’t supposed to change was your roles in the groups, like Max is leader and healer. Michael, warrior and second in command. Isabel is to be like and undercover agent. Her dreamwalking skills are used for search and rescue and they can help find our enemies plans. I was the counselor. I can read minds and when someone was in a hypnotic state I could find any problem they were having even if they weren’t letting themselves see it.”

“But what about our mother’s message? It said we were supposed to be together.”

“No it said you had been together. It was more of a test. If your human relationships couldn’t survive that then it wasn’t true love.”

“But, according to Maria, Liz and I were together and the world ended because Tess left-”

“Do you think Liz ran away like this in that future?” Mellissa asked. “If she didn’t you would’ve never met me and Paige or had the true Royal Four.” Everything that they were saying made sense to Max and it meant he and Liz were truly meant to be as her had always believed. He began to speed faster down the desert towards Roswell and Tess.

Isabel, Alex and Maria had been driving in the basic direction Max had told them before they left for about an hour and a half. Maria had no idea how they were supposed to find Liz without being able to track her like Max could.

“What’s the next major city?” Maria asked.

“Tusan, Arizona,” Alex answered.

“Not again,” Maria mumbled.


“Remember Lori the girl who was being chased by the blue crystals. That’s where she lives now.”

“Maybe she’s seen Liz.”

“I doubt she’s even seen the grocery store, Alex,” Isabel said, without looking at him. “She was different after we killed Gra- the queen. She seemed different when we left. Almost... happy.”

“So we’re going to visit Lori?”

“Yeah. It’s a long shot but it’s better than just driving aimlessly since none of us have Max’s connection to Liz. Her house is still like a day away though.”

“Okay. I don’t remember where she lives so-”

“I get to drive the jeep and you get to try to dream walk Liz.”

“She’s not sleeping so I can’t reach her.”

“Well if she hasn’t slept in like 2 days I think she’ll be weak or hallucinating from all the caffeine she’d be drinking.”

“Fine, but if there is one dent-”

“I’ll suffer the wrath of Princess Isabel. Got it.”

“Fine. I’ll try.”

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viL ya- Yeah, I reread that part like a thousand times, because I really like the idea of Tess dying. (Can't you see me sitting at home laughing my ass off when she left?) You'll have to wait and see which plan they use.


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Truth on Antar

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Titleless New Fic

A Second Chance
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PART 7 (header in part 1)


By the time Max and Michael got back to Roswell it was too late to visit Tess. The group decided to stay at Michael’s since Max wasn’t expected home yet.

“Nice place,” Paige said, flopping down on the couch.

“Thanks,” Michael said. “Want anything?”

“Um, you got any cherry cola? Oh and some tab-”

“Tabasco sauce? Sure.” Michael brought back four sodas and they all sat down to try to figure out how to get Tess to free Liz.

“How are you going to scare her into freeing Liz?” Max asked.

“I was hoping that once she knew who I was and that I knew who she was it would scare her into letting Liz go. She would know that if I knew our people knew and if I knew where she was it wouldn’t be long before they did to. Hopefully she’ll just give up.”

“That doesn’t sound like Tess. She’s really stubborn, especially when it comes to Max and ‘our destiny.’”

“She know what we’ll be forced to do though if she doesn’t just cave. She knows the rules and she knows the chances she’s taking by refusing.” Paige pulled a small device from her purse that looked a lot like what Broody had used to make Max and Tess powerless.

“Whoa,” Michael said, jumping away from Paige. “Put that away.”

“Michael what’s wrong with you?” Mellissa asked.

“Someone attacked me with out of those things. Max was couldn’t use his powers while it was on and I was thrown across a room.”

“That one just disables your power temporarily. This is permanent. Once Tess takes the warp off of Liz I have to take her powers.

“Oh.” Max and Michael began to go sit back down. “Why can’t you just take away her powers first?”

“Then the thought would be stuck in Liz’s head.”

“Okay well I guess we’ve done all we can. We’re going to have to just hope it works out. We should get some sleep know.” Everyone found places to sleep and eventually everyone fell asleep.

“I think I’ve got a way to get Tess to let go of Liz,” Max said, once everyone was up the next morning.

“Well what is it?”

“If Tess thought I loved her she’d have no reason to hold Liz anymore, right?”

“Possibly but if she didn’t-”

“We have two other options,” Michael said, cutting in.

“Well then let’s go meet Tess.”

Tess and Kyle were still sitting in their hotel room. They’d been talking and laughing for a while now and they were learning things about each other’s lives before they had met. Tess was having a lot of fun with Kyle, more fun than she ever though she’d be able to have with a human.

“Kyle would you like to go out with me sometime?” The words were out of Tess’ mouth before she could stop them. Kyle looked momentarily stunned but quickly recovered.

“Um.. well Tess.. You see I’m flattered and all,” Flattered? When did Kyle ever say flattered?” He still continued mumbling things to Tess. “It’s just I don’t think about you... like that. Your kinda more of a... like sister... but in a good way.”

‘Was there ever a good way to think of someone ‘like a sister’?!’ Tess though. She couldn’t believe that he was blowing her off. First Max now Kyle. God that stupid bitch really had her guys trained, past and present. Well at least she wouldn’t be an obstacle much longer.

“Alright Kyle. Let’s just go home. Max and Michael should be waiting.”

“Alright,” Kyle said quickly following Tess out the door to his car.

Max, Michael, Mellissa and Paige got to the Valenti’s house about a half-hour before Kyle and Tess. They decided to tell the sheriff about Liz’s disappearance but not about how Tess was involved. They had just finished saying that Paige and Mellissa were friends of Liz’s who were trying to help find her when Kyle and Tess walked in. Tess looked majorly pissed off.

“What’s wrong Tess?” Max asked, trying to sound concerned.

“Who are they?” Tess said looking at Mellissa and Paige. Max had just noticed that Paige looked almost identical to Tess except she was a brunette and she had told them a while ago that her hair was dyed.

“They’re helping us find Liz,” Michael said.

“Why aren’t you back without the others?”

“We came for Maria’s car,” Michael lied. “She left it at my house and she’s been complaining that it she was going to get robbed or something.”

“Tess I need to talk to you,” Max said. He had to tell her now or he wouldn’t be able to tell her at all. “Michael you too.” They had decided that it would be better if Michael was with Max when he told Tess, because Max was known to do stupid things when people insulted Liz.

“Alright,” Tess said looking oddly at Max and Michael. “We could use Kyle’s room.”

“Why don’t you four get to know each other,” Max said to the group in the living room before he slipped into the room with Michael and Tess.

“What’d you want, Max?”

“Well... um....”

“Spit it out Max!”

“We’ve decide to try our destinies,” Max blurted out.

A small smile crept onto Tess’ face. “So I guess the bitch can’t keep two guys under her spell at the same time.”


“She just had me thinking you were under some sort of spell. I guess you broke free.”

“Tess that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. We may not be dating Liz and Maria anymore but they are still some of out closest friends. You don’t have the right to bad-mouth them like that.” Michael knew Tess was pissing Max off and he hoped that by defending the girls he would keep Max from blowing their cover.

“Geez touchy.”

“Tess, no one but you knows this and we’d- I’d like to tell Maria and Isabel so I’d appreciate it if you kept this to yourself.”

“Fine. Tell them soon though. Blondy’ll still probably attack me for taking her best friend’s ‘soul mate.’ I guess that didn’t work out too well. Ok, are we done, because I have to change.” Tess signaled her clothes. “I didn’t bring something to change into, and I fell dirty when I haven’t changed.”

“Okay. We’ll leave you alone then.” Max and Michael walked out and pulled Paige aside.

“I think she’s undoing whatever she did now.”

“Let’s hope so,” Paige said.

“Well them strip her powers when she comes out. I don’t want her to be able to do this to anyone else.” Max easily took charge of their situation. It was easy for the others to see him as king.

Tess walked out just then and Paige pulled the device out of her purse and pushed several of the buttons on it. Tess, Kyle and the sheriff were too stunned to move. When Paige pushed the last button a blue light shot out from the tip of the machine and threw Tess backwards. Kyle ran to her side.

“Why aren’t you doing anything?” he asked Max and Michael.

“We did,” Max replied calmly. “She’s why Liz ran away and she’s been lying to us this whole time. She not one of the four.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Kyle asked. “What the hell is going on?”

“Yeah,” Tess whined trying to sit up. “Why do you say I sent Liz away? I couldn’t have done anything to her.”

“Oh don’t give me that bull,” Paige said, steeping closer to her. You could see the anger blazing in her eyes. “We know what you did, Anna.”

Tess’ eyes darkened at the use of her old name. “Who are you?” she asked coldly.

“The true queen.”

Alex was driving the jeep toward Tusan. Isabel and Maria had gotten tired so he agreed he would wake them when he saw a good place to stop for dinner. He decided to listen to some music because the steady silence of the car was beginning to drive him insane. He turned the volume on low so he wouldn’t wake he girls and scanned for a station. A song quietly came through the speakers.

“You’re a god
And I am not
And I just thought that you would know
You’re a god
And I am not
And I just thought I’d let you go

But I’ve been unable
To put you down.
Still learning things I ought to know by now.
It’s under the table.
I need something more to show somehow.

Never again. No.
No, never again.

You’re a god
And I am not
And I just thought I’d let you know.
You’re a god
And I am not
And I just thought
I’d let you go.”

(Vertical Horizon, You’re a God)

“She is,” Alex whispered as a single tear rolled down his cheek, “and I know what to do.”


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Wow, seems like two's getting to be my lucky number. Do I get a choice in this? I wanna bigger number. Either way though, I have a new part. Aren't you proud of me? No? That's ok, I understand. It's been a while since I've updated, hasn't it?

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Now on to the part

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PART 8 (header in part 1)


Around 7:30 Sunday night Michael called Maria and told her to tell the others to come back. They knew that Liz should have been able to return on her own and there was no use continuing to randomly search the lower US looking for her. He said that they need to talk and it couldn’t be said over the phone so they need to get back to town ASAP.

Maria told him that they were spending the night in their motel and they would head back first thing tomorrow.

“Okay, bye Michael.”

“See you tomorrow.” Maria hung up her phone and went to tell Isabel and Alex. She stopped when she heard talking through the motel door.

“I’m sick of this Isabel. You can’t just expect me to wait. Would you put up with what you’ve put me through for as long as I have. I’m sick of waiting. I want an answer.”

“I’m back,” Maria said, busting into the motel room. She didn’t want things to get ugly between Isabel and Alex. Especially since she had to ride the six-hour drive back with them. “Michael said Liz should be free of the mind-warp and we need to go home. He said there’s stuff we need to know and Liz can get back to Roswell on her own now.”

“What do we need to know?”

“I was guessing he’d tell us when we got back. I told him we were spending the night here then heading home tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Alex said. “We should get some sleep then.” Maria just noticed the tears on Isabel’s cheeks and how wet Alex’s eyes looked, as the tears he was holding in sparkled in the horrible lighting of the motel room.

“Alright.” The trio spent a tense night in the confines of the motel room, each not knowing how to break the silence.


“Alright,” Michael reported. “Maria, Isabel, and Alex will be back sometime tomorrow. Max you should go home because if Liz comes back she’ll probably go to you. Paige and Mellissa can stay here again.”

“Your right. I’ll go home. I’m gonna say that Isabel’s staying here tonight, so if my mom calls, just go along with it.”

“Okay, just make you story believable. See you tomorrow. Later.”

“Later.” Max walked out to Maria’s Jetta and hopped in. He hoped Liz would come to him. He couldn’t stop thinking about Liz and before he knew it he was at his house. He took a deep breath and walked in.

“Max you’re home early. Is something wrong?” Mrs. Evans asked.

“No nothing’s wrong. I just remembered I have a big project due Tuesday and I need to work on it. Isabel decided to stay at Michael’s because he needed a ride somewhere tomorrow, and neither of us wanted to get up and drive him, so she said she;d stay.”

“Oh alright.” The Evans were used to their kids spending nights at Michael’s house. It wasn’t a surprise. “Have you had any dinner? We have some left over and I can make you a plate.”

“No I’m fine Mom. I’m just a little tired so I think I’m going to head to bed. Good night.”

“Good night.” Max took the stairs two at a time and burst into his room. His heart sank when he found it empty. Knowing he wouldn’t be able to sleep until he knew Liz was safe, he simply laid on his bed and watched his window, looking for any sign of his angel.


Kyle sat in his room, thinking about everything that had happened. His father had insisted that Tess leave after he found out what she had done to Liz. Part of him felt hurt by the fact that she would have lied to him, because he had been honest when he told her she was like a part of his family. He couldn’t believe she had been able to scare Liz into fleeing her home and family, and then go on acting like she was trying to help.

Beyond that was something Kyle didn’t want to examine. Something in him had changed when he saw Paige. He didn’t want to examine how or why his heart sped up when she talked to him, always focusing her pale blue gray eyes on his deep green ones. He didn’t want to know why his palms got sweaty when she touched his arm, and he couldn’t stop fidgeting when she came near him. Somewhere inside he knew the answer, but he wouldn’t acknowledge it. He refused to see what was right in front of him. He wouldn’t accept that he was falling in love with an alien.

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ViL ya- hope you had fun outta town. I'm not sure about Liz coming back. I might be able to work it. Maybe.

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PART 9 (header in part 1)


“Max.” The small whisper from the window woke Max.

“Liz? Is that you?”

“Yeah. Can I come in?”

“Of course.” Max went and opened the window and stepped aside to let her in. As soon as she was through the window he pulled her into a tender kiss and this time she didn’t pull back.

“Max we still can’t-”

“Yes we can. I know it. What do you remember from the last few days?”

“I remember getting that feeling, you know, like when someone’s watching you, but I never saw anyone. It was so weird. I’m not sure I wasn’t just going crazy. Someone was telling me things. They told me to stay away from you. They said that he was going to get me. It said that if I left they wouldn’t get you. It said you would all be safe if I left. I didn’t know what else to do. So I ran. Today it was laughing. It said it won. Then it was gone. What happened? Who did that to me?” Liz’s eyes drifted around the room in thought. “Was it Tess? Did she win? Did you go to her?” Liz cringed at the thought of Max and Tess.

“No. I would never leave you. We found out what she was doing to you. She planted that thought in your head. I told her I had accepted my destiny, but it was a lie so she would fee you. It was never true.”

“How did you find out?”

“It’s a long story and Michael and I are telling everyone tomorrow, but tonight can we just...”

“Can I stay with you tonight? It’s been so hard lately. Even before I left. I’ve missed you so much so could you... could you just... hold me tonight?”

“Sure. Come here.” Max got into his bed and pulled Liz down next to him. He held her close and they soon fell asleep, holding each other like their lives depended on it.


“Oh my god!” Isabel’s squeal woke Max and Liz.


“You two didn’t... eeeew. Don’t answer that.”

“We didn’t do anything Isabel,” Max said. “Why are you here?”

“It’s almost three in the afternoon so we thought you might need a wakeup call. Mom said you were tired so she hadn’t bothered you. You’re really lucky I found you and not her. Me, Alex, and Maria got in about an hour ago and we want to know what’s happened but Michael refused to say anything until you got your lazy ass out of bed and over to his place. Okay, since I’ve finished my speech I’m going to go wait for Max in the living room. Liz I suggest you sneak out the window and wait for us in the jeep. I’ll be waiting downstairs then.” Isabel slipped out and let them have their privacy.

“Thank you Max.”

“For what?”

“For holding me.” Liz’s leaned in and kissed Max. “I better got out to the jeep though.”

“It was my pleasure. Trust me.”

“Don’t leave me alone to long.”

“I’ll be there before you can blink. You better get going or Isabel’s going to come carry you out.”

“Alright.” Liz kissed Max on the cheek and slipped out his window.


Max dressed in record time, grabbed Isabel, and said a quick goodbye to his mom before running out the door and finding Liz waiting for him in the backseat of the jeep. Max quickly jumped in next to her and laid his arms over her shoulders, pulling her closer to him. Isabel jumped in the front seat, rolling her eyes, and started the jeep.

Shortly after they arrived at Michael’s apartment where everyone was waiting.

“Oh my god Liz! Are you okay?” Maria was instantly by Liz’s side.

“Yeah Maria. I’m fine. Calm down.”

“I still can’t believe that... that gerbil did this to you.”

“Maria must be starting to run out of nicknames for Tess.”

“We won’t let it happen again,” Michael said, showing a rare glimpse at the man under the shield. “We should have done more to begin with.”

“Done more? You guys got her out of my head. What else could you have done.” Liz could see that Michael was blaming himself since he was supposed to be the protector.

“I told them... about Future Max.”

“I figured you would. It’s okay. So you all know?”


“You’ve missed a lot though Liz. We need to get you caught up.” Liz just noticed Mellissa and Paige.

“Okay. Does someone wanna start by telling me who they are?”

“They’re like us. That’s Paige and Mellissa. Paige was my bride, not Tess. She told us we have destinies to follow but we aren’t supposed to be with the people my mother said we were with. We are supposed to find love with humans.”

“Wait,” Liz said. “So we can... stay together.”


“If that’s true,’ Alex said, drawing the room’s attention to him, “I don’t think I can still be a part to the group. You know I’ll keep your secret, I mean it’s almost my secret now too, after all that’s happened, but I think I need to distance myself.”


Alex spared a heartfelt look at Isabel and everyone knew, but he still answered, talking only to Isabel. “I can’t watch you fall for someone else, and I can’t have you not refuse to find someone so you won’t hurt me. If I’m not in the group, always seeing you, maybe it won’t hurt so much, and even if it does, hopefully you can still fulfill your destiny. I just know I won’t be able to take watching you fall for someone else, knowing you knew how I feel.”

Alex began walking to the door and just as he reached for the handle Isabel called out to him. “Alex don’t go.”

“Isabel don’t try to spare my feelings. You have a destiny to follow and I can’t be a part of it and I can’t watch you follow it so let me leave. I have to.”

“Alex I can’t fall for someone else. I love you.” Isabel ran to Alex and kissed him. Everyone else stood smiling that Isabel had finally accepted Alex. They were nothing alike, but they fit together.

“About time,” Maria said, laughing at Isabel and Alex.

“Okay,” Paige said. “Assuming that you’ve done everything that’s important, I have to ask you something.” The group turned to her. “Will someone tell me about that Kyle guy? Is he seeing someone?” Everyone burst into laughter. “What?”

“Nope,” Liz said, once she’d calmed down. “I think Kyle’s free. He’s just never gotten over me.”

“Okay then which on of you is gonna introduce me? Maybe someone who could lessen his fear of me.”

After everyone had recovered from another fit of giggles Liz said she would talk to Kyle.

“Alright, if we’re done here I’d like to talk to Maria alone for a while.” Michael began pushing people towards the door.

“Oh Maria,” Max said. “I borrowed your car. It’s at my house.”

“I’ll bring it back when we come back,” Paige said.

“Okay thanks.”

Everyone finally left and Michael walked over to Maria. “I’ll always love you,” he whispered, his face inches from hers. “You’re my world.”

“I love you too, Michael.” Michael pulled Maria into a kiss and she could feel all of their love for each other. She saw him for the first time and she knew he’d always love her.


Everyone else piled into the jeep with Isabel and Alex in front. She dropped Max and Liz off at the Crashdown, and took Paige and Melissa to pick up the Jetta so she could talk to Alex alone.

“I would’ve said yes, you know?” Liz said once they were in her room.

“To what?”

“To your question, the night of the Gomez concert.”



“If you keep saying things your never gonna get rid of me.”

“Who told you I wanted to get rid of you?’ Max pulled Liz into a passion-filled kiss and he let her feel everything her felt for her. They were to caught up in each other to notice the girl watching from her hiding spot on Liz’s balcony.

TBC... come on, you know feedback is a must.
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I'm back. Wow, I've been gone for almost a month. Sorry. Well, I have a new part... That makes up for it right?

Lizzie- Now where's the fun in telling you who the lurker is?

roswellluver- Gee, everyone thinks Tess is the lurker. Wouldn't it be funny if it were like, Maria? Huh, I guess you have to read to find out...

Ok, here's the part...
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PART 10 (header in part 1)


Isabel and Alex had decided to go to the Evan’s house so they could talk. They’d been in Isabel’s room for about a half-hour and no one had really said anything. Neither could find the right questions.

“Why... why did you stop me?” Alex finally asked.

“I told you. I love you. I just wasn’t... ready to realize it before.”

“Why are you sure your ready now?”

“When you said you were leaving, I knew I couldn’t let you. I didn’t want to think about what would happen to me if I couldn’t turn to you anymore. It’s not something I ever want to face again. I know my life will never be normal, and it will probably never be safe, but I don’t want to miss out on love just because I was scared. I don’t know what the future holds for me but I know I want you in it.”


“So did we pass your mother’s test?” Maria asked Michael.

“Yeah... At least in my eyes we did.”

“Good. ‘Cause I’m not planning on letting you go anytime soon.”

“Good to know.” Michael pulled Maria down next to him on his couch
and begun to kiss her. “I love you Maria,” he whispered.

“I love you too Michael.”


Paige and Melissa had been driving around town, looking for an apartment. They had decided to go job searching tomorrow. They’d been to two apartments so far and one was too expensive and the other was gross. They were now at the third building waiting for someone to come to the front desk.

“Hi,” the cheerful blond at the front desk said. “How can I help you?”

“We’re looking for an apartment. Do you have any open?”

“Yeah. Would you like a tour?”

“Yeah.” The blond led the girls up to the third floor and took them to the last door on the left. She opened the door and led them into a two-bedroom apartment with a small living room, kitchen, and one bathroom.

“It’s nice,” Melissa said. “What’s the rent?”

“Three-hundred a month and a two-hundred dollar security deposit.”

“Alright.” The girls looked at each other. “We’ll take it.”


Max and Liz broke their kiss when they both needed air. Max held Liz like he thought she was going to disappear and Liz laid her head on Max’s chest.

“I’ll be right back,” Max said, pulling back just enough so that he could look into Liz’s eyes. “I’m going to get us something to drink.”

“I can go get us something.”

“You get out your books. We still have school tomorrow, unfortunately, and you have homework.”

“I haven’t even been back for a whole day and you’re already making me work.”

“Yep. I’m a slave driver. Just get out your stuff and I’ll get us some stuff to drink and we can start.”

“Fine. Don’t be long.” Max quickly kissed Liz and walked out her door. Liz didn’t notice that the girl hiding on her balcony was inching towards her window.


Max felt wonderful. Everything was perfect now. He had Liz and she hadn’t betrayed him. She still loved him. She’d never stopped loving him.

Max suddenly fell to his knees. There was a sharp pain in the back of his head. At first it hurt so much he couldn’t think. After a few seconds he realized what was happening. Someone was hurting Liz. He had to help her.

Max ran back through the employee door of the Crashdown and up to Liz’s room. He gasped as he saw Liz lying crumpled on the floor. Slowly a blonde figure stepped over her. Max looked up and found himself face to face with Tess. A small blade glimmered in her hand.

“What the hell are you doing here? Get away from her!” Max carefully walked over towards them, eyeing the knife and Tess carefully. He’d never seen her look so worn. Her hair was rumpled and lay flatly in broken curls. Her face was a pale gray, highlighting her sharp blue eyes narrowed on Max. She seemed to be having trouble breathing.

Max looked at Liz, lying on the floor. He could see her chest rising slowly. He let out a breath he hadn’t known he was holding when he realized she was still alive. He could save her, but he had to get to her before her breathing stopped.

With new resolve he thew himself at Tess, knocking her away from Liz. Without wasting his energies fighting with her, he got up while she was still dazed and moved quickly to Liz, throwing his shield up to guard them.

Tears began to fall down Tess’ face. “No! No you can’t love her. Or Ava. You love me. ME!” Tess screamed.

“Get out!” Max yelled without looking at her. He was using his powers to heal Liz now and she began to move lightly in his arms. Tess ran out of Liz’s room and down the fire escape. Max and Liz heard screeching tires and ran to the balcony. When they looked over the edge they saw what they had both know was there. Tess was lying in front of a little pickup truck. She wasn’t moving.

TBC... Feedback?

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PART 11 (header in part 1)


Max and Liz stared down at the street in shock until the ambulance came to get Tess. Then Max ran into Liz’s room and started dialing numbers on her phone.

“Who are you calling?” Liz asked.

“Paige. We need to know if Tess can be sent to the hospital or if you or Maria will have to switch blood with her like Alex did with me. Paige,” Max said the last part into the phone. “Paige I don’t know exactly how to tell you this but... Tess, she was in an accident… She was hit by a car... Is it safe for her to go to the hospital?… Alright. I’ll have Isabel call and give you directions to the hospital... Okay... Bye.” Max hung up Liz’s phone. “She said that Tess is human now.”

“Okay then we need to get to the hospital. Maybe she’ll be okay.” The fact that Liz could still care about Tess after everything she’d been put through because of her made Max love her even more if that was possible..

“Okay. We don’t have a car though so...”

“My parent’s will let us borrow theirs.”

“I’ll drive then. Let’s go.” Max held Liz close to him as they walked back into the Crashdown.

Michael and Maria broke their kiss at the sound of Maria’s cell phone. “Dammit,” Maria mumbled. “This better be good,” she said into the phone. “Oh god. We’ll be right there.” Maria’s face had turned sheet white.

“What?” Michael asked once Maria hung up.

“It’s Tess. She’s in the hospital. We’ve gotta go. Max and Liz are almost there. Come on. I’ve gotta call Isabel on the way.”

“We don’t have a car.”

“So we’ll take the bus. Let’s go.”

“Okay.” Michael led Maria out the door.

Alex and Isabel had gotten a similar call from a frantic Maria and were on their way . Isabel was giving Melissa and Paige directions to the hospital when they ran into Michael and Maria on their way in. “Do you know what happened?” Alex asked,

“We told you everything we knew.”

“Well then let’s go find Max and Liz and see what they know,” Isabel said hanging up the phone. “Paige and Melissa will be her in about five minutes.”

“I’ll stay here and wait for them,” Alex offered.

“I’ll wait with you,” Isabel said.”

“Alright. Me and Michael will go find out what happened. Michael and Maria started walking towards the emergency room.

Michael and Maria walked into the waiting room to find a shocked Max and Liz and two hurt Valentis.

“Liz I’m so sorry,” Maria said hugging Liz.

“What happened Maxwell?”

“She tried to attack Liz and when I stopped her she ran out... into traffic.”

“Oh god,” Maria whispered.

“I’m sorry Kyle,” Liz said, trying to comfort Kyle. “You were probably the closest to her.”

“It’ll be okay,” Maria added.

“I know. It’s just... I think I need to be alone for right now.” Kyle knew that Tess had lied but she had made him and his dad feel like a family again. He decided to sit in a chair in the far corner of the waiting room. After a few minutes Paige came and sat by him.

“You okay?”

“It’s a shock. I’m not really sure how I feel about it. I should be asking you that though, I mean, she was actually your sister.”

“No she wasn’t. My sister died a long time ago. I lost her even before that though. Just don’t lose your dad Kyle. If my past life taught me anything it was not to lose your family. I lost everyone close to me and I know how it feels. Don’t let them go Kyle. That whole group is your family. Don’t let them slip away. Cherish the time you have.” Paige had started crying and Kyle was trying to comfort her.

“They really are a cute couple,” Melissa said.

“He hasn’t really had anyone since Liz left him.”

“He deserves happiness,” Alex said. “We all do.” He looked at Isabel as he finished his sentence.

“Sheriff,” a doctor said. Paige and Kyle walked back over when they saw the doctor. “I’ve got some news about Miss Harding. I’m really sorry. She’s... passed.” Kyle and Valenti’s faces fell.

“You did what you could,” someone said.


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Epilogue (header in part 1)


A funeral was held for Tess the next Saturday. Max, Liz, Michael, Maria, Isabel, Alex, Paige, Kyle, and Mellissa stood in a small group in the front of the small church. The mass was beautiful and Isabel said a small eulogy.

After the funeral there was a small reception held at the Valenti house. Everyone cried at some point and after about an hour people started to leave. Max knew Liz still felt bad and blamed herself a little for Tess’ death and he offered to stay with her. She accepted and about five minutes after Liz got into her room Max climbed onto her balcony. He’d been staying with Liz almost every night since she’d been back.

“Thank you. For trying to make me feel better,” Liz said. She’d changed into her pajamas and was standing in front of Max, who was in his boxers and a T-shirt.

He climbed into her bed and she followed. Once Liz was sure Max was asleep she snuck onto her balcony and retrieved her journal from its hiding spot.

“It’s March 3rd and I’m Liz Parker. My world’s been flipped upside down yet again, and, as always, it’s because of Max. The difference now, it that I’ve decided that I don’t care. I know that life with Max will never be normal, but who really wants normal. It means that you’re boring. Who knows if we’ll ever really be safe, but at least now we have more people on our side and together we can take on the world. Any world.

“I almost let myself forget how great it is to be part of the group. It’s nice to know that I have friends that I can turn to with anything. I guess, in that sense, I’m blessed. I know that someone always has my back, and in my world that’s important.

“I guess I should write about Max too. I just don’t know what to say about him. He forgave me for lying to him without a second though. He never gave up on us, even when he thought that I had. I guess that really describes Max though. He won’t give up on someone he loves, so I guess that I should feel special. He loves me… and I’ll always love him. After all, you only get one soulmate. Why waste him?”

Liz closed the book and looked back into her room where Max was sleeping soundly on her bed bathed in the simple light from the full moon. We’ll be fine now, Liz thought. We have each other.