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Title: How far would you go?
Author: Justine
Disclaimer: Own nothing.
Rated: PG-13...might go higher...who knows
Category: M/L and everyone else
Summary: Everyone has their own crazy side.
Author's Note: Feedbacks Please.

Getting to know me.

One thing you have to know about me is life sucks. It's not all that great as you think it is. Everyday is depressing. What's the point of smiling? My parents told me that if you were happy then you go through the day happy and if your sad, pissed off, mad, shitty, and all that crap then you go through the day with all that crap. And each day it pass still by. So basically I should be happy. But then again what's the point being happy? This is me. But there is a side of me you haven't seen yet...

Getting to know my friends.

Let's get to know my friends.

Maria, best friend. She's crazy and she loves to gossip also known as Gossip Queen. But one thing is that she always forgets thing. Like once I let her borrow my magazine and she lost it in her house. So you don't really want her to borrow your stuff that's really really important to you. I'm warning you.

Alex, best friend. He's a computer smart ass.

Isabel, slut. She's the kind who got the looks and take advantage of it. Heart breaker. Ice queen totally.

Tess, whore. She will fuck anyone. Yes, even a girl or anything that has a pole. If she's that kinky. I think she is. The only couple that I know that can be together and fuck other people and knows about it is definitely her and Kyle.

Kyle, male whore. He would never do a three-way with another guy. He's that straight. And he made sure of it.

Well, these are my friends. Weird group huh? 1 Gossip Queen, 1 computer smart ass, 1 slut, 1 whore, 1 male whore and one depressing person. This must be one hell of a group right?

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