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Ok, this is my first shot at a Roswell story, this is just a start. Let me know what you think.

Title: Everyone Has A Story To Tell
Author: LrdDane
Rating: R-NC-17
Disclaimer: Roswell characters do not belong to me, all others will.
Category: The whole gang, none are aliens.


I lay beaten and broken on a bloody battlefield, I layed awaiting my death.
The very day seem to last forever,all around me was the sounds of the dying...and then it grew quiet.
Twas then...I felt truely alone and Twas then also I felt deaths colds hands touching me.

Twas then I saw the sun had set and gone that a mist rolled over the hills filling the valley I lay in.
She stood there amongest the dead not moving...I thought tis an Angel...come to deliver me.
She moved gracefully stopping now and then as if looking for something or someone.
I closed my eyes and when I opened Angel was looking down at me.
She kneeled before me and leaned in close...and simply whispered to me and in a faint whisper I simply said yes......

What happen next was like a fire within my very veins...nothing like I had ever felt before...pure ecstasy...twas then I realized what true death was.
My heart slowed to the point of stopping, then I felt something warm and salty running into my mouth...and a single word...Drink.
This warmth filled my soul and I knew then what I know now...Tis the power of the blood...My Salvation...My Capture...My Life,That was 260 B.C. I am...and shall forever be...A Vampire.


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here's the next part sorry it took so long let me know if you like.

This part starts in Present day.


Max sit watching the young female dance around the room.
They were both naked, even though the coldness of his home didn’t affect him it did her.
She reacted to the cold, the nipples of her small breast were hard and goose bumps would appear and disappear along her legs and her neck.
Max had bitten her inner thigh, where the femoral artery started its descent down her leg.
She had not fought her driving passion for him, but she was startled when he softly bit her. Max filled his mouth with her blood very quickly and her passion and excitement became more driving. She must have thought Max talented and very eager to pleasure her.
Max moved to where she was dancing and moved with her, he moved his hands over her body and down to where he had bitten her.
With his finger he could feel the holes left by his fangs and she slowly stopped dancing enjoying Max.’s touch on her skin. He made his way to the bit and licked it lightly with his tongue as he licked it, he tasted the blood once again and her skin quickly mended.
Max looked at her she was quiet pretty even though she was paler now. Max took his finger and wiped a few strands of hair from her face and gazed at her.
She was a pretty girl who had been on the streets long enough to know how to use those looks to get what she needed, Sex or drugs which ever she needed at the time.
Max laughed a little at how easy she had sought his sexual attention, he had accepted her desire and he hopefully did something towards fulfilling it as well.
Max laughed a little at that thought but then he stopped laughing was he really losing his humanity? Max had laughed at the thought of draining the lifeblood from a weary soul such as hers, yes, he needed it to live.
He knew of others who could not show the same mercy,they were just vile creatures such as his maker and now for the first time in a thousand years he regretted what he was, and now more than ever he wanted to find her and put an end to her reign of darkness.
Max drove the woman to where he had picked her up and whispered “forget me” into her ear and drove off in search of Liz.

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Thank you all for your replys...let me just say this about where this story is heading...its going to get real a big hurry.
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Fixin to get ugly

Liz gripped the steering wheel as she pulled her car of the road, the blue lights still flashing in her rear view mirror.
She drummed her fingers and took a drag off her cigarette and blow out a smoke ring, she watched as The Trooper exited his car and walked towards her.
Liz took another draw off her smoke and opened her door and stepped out, "is there a problem officer?" she ask, The Trooper stopped and answered " Well Miss yes there is you was doing a 110 in a 55 I would say there was a big problem".
She dropped the cigarette on the ground and crushed it out, and then she looked at him very seductive "well IM sure we can work something out" pulling her low cut shirt down more. "Miss I need your License and registration please…and IM a married man so that’s really not going to help you get out of this ticket" The Trooper tells Liz.
Liz reaches down in to her shirt and between her breast and slowly pulls out the License and hands them to him, "Miss? Thes….." his words cut short by her gripping his throat and squeezing.
"Married are you…kids?" Liz hisses at him, all he can do is shake his head yes "well did you think you would get to see them when you got off in the morning?" Liz ask and squeezed harder her finger nail digging into his neck artery.
Blood gushed from the wound and Liz watched as it spurted out, a look of horror in The Trooper eyes as Liz smiles and showed her fangs and put her soft lips to his neck and drinking deep his life's blood it rushed over her tongue and she closed her eyes.
Liz dropped the lifeless body to the ground and smiles "Nothing like a midnight snack" she laughed as she said it and went to the Troopers car and got on the radio "offers down, officer down no wait" Liz paused "officer dead!" she laughed and ran back to her car lit a cigarette and read the sign in front of her "Roswell, hmmm sounds like a nice please" she took a drag and headed into town.

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Twisted is a good choice of words, its going to get darker.
Thanks for the replies, Im working on the next part now will post it tomorrow I hope.
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tease?me?, never.*big*
New part

Michael Guerin stood holding the license in his hand; "he was holding this when you found him?" Michael ask looking at Alex Whitman, "yeah it was clenched in his hand." He relies.
Michael looking at the name on the license " Tess Harding" he said softly to himself.
He looked down at the covered body of Jim Valent, "just doesn’t seem possible I saw him last night." Michael says.
Alex looked up from his fingerprint dusting "Jim was a good guy good family man" Michael turned to him "yeah well I've got to tell his son and IM going to put out an APB on Tess Harding, I don’t know if she did it but she might know something…have you checked his video tape in his car?" Walking towards his cruiser.
Alex stopped him "Its gone..." Michael turn "huh?" looking at Alex "the tape....its gone"
Michael rubbed his face "well have you found any prints yet?" he ask Alex "yeah but I wont know till we run them who's they are".
The radio on Michael's side goes off making the two men jump, it was Isabel Evans the dispatcher for the sheriff's office, "go ahead" Michael says in to the radio, "Sheriff they've found another body." Michael blew out a breath "Ten Four I'll be right there" He says then looks at Alex.
"The State crime lab should be here in the next few minuets you ok here?" He ask Alex,
Alex wiped the sweat from his brow " Yeah IM fine" he replies looking back at the covered body.
Michael climbs into his car and heads back into town thinking to himself two bodies in less than twenty four hours "What the hell is going on" he said out loud.

more coming soon

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Oh trust me not to give anything away....but when maxs does show up.....well Im sure you can guess.
I was thinking I was twisted not a tease or maybe a twisted tease....*wink**big*
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New Part...Im going to go ahead and tell you Im going to be leaving you hanging for a few days.
The graveyard shift at the Roswell Rest Inn suited Maria Deluca just fine.
It went from midnight till 8:00 A.M. between those hours, there wasn’t much to do, or than answer the phone it rarely rang; once in a great while register a guest arriving unusually late.
The job consisted simply of being there to keep an eye on things.
This night however Maria was uneasy due to the two murders in the town, have the Sheriff, as your boy friend was helpful.
The doors to the Inn opened and Maria watched as the tall man strode towards the desk, his long black coat nearly touching the ground, his black hair hug loosely around his shoulders and it was his eyes that held her for a second.
Maria spoke quickly “Hi! Welcome to the Roswell Rest Inn” the man nodded “I would like a room please” he says “sure! How many nights?” Maria asks politely “Im not sure to tell you the truth can I pay buy the day?” he asks, “yes you can “ she answered.
He paid in cash and took his key “Sir” Maria called out before he left, he stopped and turned “yes?” he answered “make sure to lock your door with everything that’s going on” Maria tells him.
Max walked back to the desk “going on? What type of things?” Max asked her “Well I might not should say anything …but we’ve had two murders here in 24 hours”
Max looked at her “really then I’ll make sure to lock my door then” Max smiled at her.
“Funny thing is.” Maria called out “There was no blood left in the bodies” Max stopped again “yes that is odd” he says and walks out.
Max stood looking out the window at the night sky, “So you’re here how long…how long Liz now, now its going to end.” Max turned and looked at the woman standing in his room.
“ Max, Max, Max are you still upset with me?” Liz poked her bottom lip out at Max.
He turned and looked at her “The killing has to stop Liz” Max said softly “Killing, killing that’s what we do Zan oh that’s right you go by Max now, well unless you forgot were Vampires that’s what we do.” Liz tells him as she lit a cigarette.
“You killed those people didn’t you?” Max ask her, a smile crossed her face “yeah I did” Liz tells him, Max sighed “So what!, Mr. I’ve still have a soul?” Liz laughed as she says it.
Max grabbed her by the throat “At least Im not a cold blooded killer like you, you bitch” Max lets her go, turning back to the window.
Liz touched his shoulder “don’t you remember how it use to be Zan how you was? How we were?” Liz asks him, Max hit the floor and blacked out.

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Ok, Liz is The Vampire that turned Zan (now going by Max nearly) 2000yrs ago Im not going to say why he called her a bitch but in the next part you'll understand.
As far as them staying together I cant say right now where their going to end up at.
I hope that helped out and cleared things up.

Thanks for all the replies!

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Sorry all.... Been out of town for a few days will post as soon as I finish the new part.
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New Part
Sorry it took so long.

"Wake up" the voice seemed distant.
Zan slowly opened his eyes, his vision was blurry and he couldn’t makes out anything.
Her face, the angles face came into view, he could feel her hand roaming his bare chest.
"Nice to see you woke up" She said softly, the room was dark and cold all Zan could make out was her features her raven hair and her haunting brown eyes.
"Where am I" Zan ask her "In a safe place" she relied "do you remember anything that happen?" she ask him.
He tried to set up but couldn’t "I remember laying on the battle field and then…nothing".
"You’ve been out for 3 days…you cant set up due to the hunger your feeling right now" she tells him, "Let me help you" she says as she slashes her wrist open and lets the blood drip in to his mouth.
Zan tries to fight but his need is too strong and he grabs her wrist putting it to his mouth and drinking deeply, she quickly pulled away "now, now we must not feed that way I have a gift for you. She tells him and helps him to his feet and points to a dark corner.
He could see a figure huddled there chained and gagged, he looks over at his angel "What is this?" he demanded, she touched his cheek softly and then kissed him and her kiss was like a fire inside his soul.
"She is yours for the taking Zan" she tells him "what do you mean?" he ask "You know what you are…what you have to do…you have to feed" she looked at the chained up girl "she is your first but will not be your last." She replies and pushes Zan towards her.
His eyes met the girl's eyes and there was terror in them, he slowly walked towards her, his hunger driving him on her heart pounded in his ears.
The captive girl shook her head begging pleading, Zan leaned down and looked at her his long fangs now protruding from beneith his lips he leaned in close the girl closed her eyes.

Max woke up and found himself on the bed naked, he sit up and looked around, Liz was gone, "Damnit" he says under his breath as he looks at his erection.

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Heres a small part....hehehehehe....just for Lana, but T im getting to your part.
He watched from the darkness as Liz left the room, she was still as beautiful as she was when he had first turned her.
Lana put her arms around his waist " Is that her?" she whispered in his ear " yes" he said softly " She's beautiful " Lana replied "Yes she is and very dangerous " he turned and kissed her.
He smiled at Lana the white points of his fangs showing "Not as beautiful as you" he tells her, Lana laughed "and I bet you say that to all your women" he smiled at her words "maybe" he said and kissed her deeper.
He watched as Liz disappears into the darkness "So what are we to do with Liz and Max?" Lana ask him, he looked into her lovely eyes "We wait" he says smiling.

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Another new part...just for Teresa...heheheheh
Max sit on the side of the bed, the hunger was upon him he knew he had to feed and soon.
Teresa step of the Bus and took a deep breath, she hoped that starting over was the right choice.
She was caught up in her thoughts when another woman bumped into her "IM sorry" Teresa tells her, the dark haired woman looked at her "Whatever" she replied and kept going.
"Well IM off to a great start" Teresa told herself, a new life was what she was after away from her problems.
She knew you couldn’t run from your problems but hell you can get away for awhile at least.
Teresa looked around and headed for the Hotel hopping there was a vacancy and it had soft beds.

Max got dressed and doubled over in pain for his blood need and made his way out side.
He could hear her coming even before he saw her, Max leaned against the wall trying to fight the urge but it was too late.
"Hey you ok mister?" Teresa ask him, Max looked up at her "Can you help me back to my room?" he ask her. Teresa stepped back "IM going to get you some help" she tells him, even as she turned Max was on her covering her mouth to keep her from screaming and pulled her into his room.
Teresa struggled to get loose, but his hold was unreal then there was a sharp pain in her neck a flash of heat then that of pleasure unlike she had ever felt and Teresa gave into it completely.
Max slowly lowered Teresa to the bed still drinking of her, she held tight to him
She started to drift places she had never been, even as he released her and stood over her watching her shallow breathing, Max then knew he had taken too much and he knew what he had to do.

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Ok Liz was the one who bumped Teresa(Teresa is my friend), Max then bit Teresa.
Max is Zan....Liz Is the Angel he keeps dreaming about.

Lana is Lana from here and Im not saying who the Vampire is with her.

Ive added all the roswell ppl as far as I know and yeah I'll add you to the story as well.

I hoped that help Dana*happy*
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Well Ive been called a lot of things(not all of them good) but that may be the first time Ive been called that.
Thanks Dana*happy*
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Ok just to clear things up a bit... Max is not the Vampire with Lana...he is the Vampire who turned Liz.
Lana Is the one who ask "What we going to do about them" ok and its really twisty very really so just be ready.*big**big**big**big*

P.s. yes its Teresa from Happy hauntings hehehehehe

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Ok here we go Liz did turn Max into a vampire but the Vampire that Lana is with is the one that turned Liz long before she turned Max.
Ok The opening of the story Max saw Liz as an Angel coming to take him away which she did...just not to where he thought he was going instead she turned him into a vampire and the reason he dreams its not really a dream more like a flash back to the start of his journey down his dark path.

does that help?*happy*
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Sorry "My Girls" my computer crashed over the weekend and I just got it back up and running so Im working on a new part now.
Please Bear with me sometimes my real life gets in the way*wink**happy*
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Alex sit at the bar running the days events over and over in his mind.
He was glad his shift was over and right now the beer was tasting really good.
Alex thought to himself that in all his 2 years of police duty he had never seen something like that and him knowing the person didn’t help.

Liz watched Alex from a back corner table when he had came in, she licked her lips and even then she knew he was to be next.
Yet all night she had felt something, something she hadn't felt in a hundred years and it made her very nervous.
She stood up and approached Alex "This seat taken?" She ask him, Alex looked at her and was captivated by her beauty "Not at all please" he replied.
Liz took a seat and ordered a drink "You look like you've had a bad day." She says softly as she sipped her drink, Alex took a drink of his beer "Yeah a really bad day, lost a friend today" he says as he takes another drink,.
Liz so her opening and placed her hand on his "Im sorry to hear that, care to talk about?" showing him her room key in her other hand.
Alex looked at her then said "Sure why not" at this point he thought to himself "I need something to take my mind off things". Liz smiled softly at him and finished her drink, Alex polished of his beer and pays his and hers check and takes Liz's hand and leaves with her.

Teresa opened her eyes and looked around.
He walked over to her and softly caressed her cheek "you need more" he whispers to her, placing a glass to her lips, the liquid was salty but she drink it like she was hungry, he watched as her color slowly returned.
"That’s better" he says, Lana stepped from the shadows "I cant believe he left her there to die" she tells him, He looked at her "Max is no different from Liz, he's after her not others." Lana looked out at of the window at the darkness "So she is my sister now?" Lana ask "yes, your other sisters will be here soon and then will end this" he paused "Max and Liz has to die there's no way around it" Lana nodded in understanding.

Dana opened the door and stepped out of her car her brown hair flowed around her face from the light night breeze, she looked around the town "What a shit hole" she says out loud.
She looked down at the piece of paper in her hand and headed for the hotel "Room 368" she says as she knocks.
He opened the door and smiled "Glad to see you could make it to the party Dana come in and meet your sisters" Dana smiled showing her fangs and stepped inside and closed the door behind her.

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Yep Dana is you and yeah your part of the group and im still not saying who he is till the end*big*

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Michael rubbed his temples his head was throbbing.
There hadn't been this much happening in Roswell since the 40's when there was all that over a crashed UFO, but murder was a lot different.
Michael looked over the report Alex had left on his desk and thumbed through the photos, he had found out who the license belonged and Tess Harding had been missing a couple of days, her body was the one found in an alley not far from the hotel.

He looked up and there was a young woman standing in the station being helped by another officer.
The woman looked past the officer to Michael her eyes meeting his a slight smile crossed her face, he rose from his desk and went into the front room, the officer didn’t move till she motioned for him too.
"Pete? You ok" Michael ask as the officer fell to the floor "Hold it right there!" he yelled and went for his gun before he could reach it he's hit from behind and knocked out.
Dana looked down at him then at the other two "A taste treat huh" she ask, the other two smiled "Tasty indeed" Lana said softly "I want to taste him first since Im new at this" Teresa said grinning baring her fangs.

"I see you three are hard at it" he said as he came through the door "Master we need pleasure as well we wont kill him just feed from him" Dana said as she helped Teresa and Lana pick Michael up.
"I guess I own you 3 that much enjoy him…" He said as he turned from them "Im going to find Liz" he tells them as he leaves the building.

Michael woke up, he was naked on a huge bed, he propped up on one elbow looking around the room.
He caught movement out of the corner of his eye and spotted the first woman she had long flowing brown hair and dark skin and emerald eyes.
Dana moved closer never taking her eyes off him "Where am I?" he ask, there was giggling all around him "Far from where you was" Dana tells him.
Teresa stepped from the shadows as did Lana there long gowns moved around their bodies if they were alive "Stay the hell away from me" Michael yelled.
"Michael you mean you don't want 3 woman who want your body your mind and your soul?" Lana said poking out her bottom lip.
Slowly the 3 beauties climbed on the bed Michael backed as far as he could go, as the 3 kissed him all over.
Lana softly bit into his inter thigh drinking as Teresa buried her new fangs gently into his chest and Dana drink madly from his wrist, Michael screamed as the pain was almost unbearable until it turned to moans of shear pleasure.

Ok "My Girls" enjoy*big*
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Twist Twist Twist Bump Bump Bump new part its short so forgive me for it.
Alex Whitman's dead eyes starred straight up, no spark of life left in them.
Liz licked her lips then softly kissed Alex on his cold lips "You were so yummy" she whispered she then giggled and laid there stroking his chest "too bad your dead you might have made a nice play thing".
A chill suddenly ran down her spine and Liz nervously looked around the room "I know you’re here show your damn self" she yelled.
The darkness seemed to come alive and began to take a form, he stood before her "I see you haven't lost your touch for seduction Liz" he said as he too a seat "What the fuck do you want?" she replies.
He looked at her "You know why Im here" he says sternly "No way" Liz says and stands up" he laughed at her as she wrapped a sheet around herself "Liz, Liz, Liz you forget I've seen you naked…and your still beautiful." He says, as he looks her up and down.
Liz lit a cigarette and inhaled deeply and blew out the smoke "You’re here to kill us aren’t you?" she looks into his eyes as she says it "Us Liz?…oh you mean that boyfriend of yours…Max." His ice cold gray eyes looking into her dark brown ones as he says the name "Did you really think you could run forever Liz" he moved faster then she could see and had her pinned to the wall "Time catches us all Liz don’t you know that and your time is running out, as is Max.'s."
Liz looked around the room and he was gone, she looked over where Alex's body should have been but it was gone "Oh no" she says softly.

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Ok girls I was just a little Uncomfortable writting this part*wink*

He dropped the body on the floor of his Manor and looked up at Michael.
"I see my daughters have had there way with you" laughing softly as he said it.
Michael watched him as he covered the body.
He looked back at Michael "I at least thought you might have just a little fight left in you, since you're just a play thing to them." He was talking as he wrapped Alex's body up.
"Alex?" Michael said as he say the face, Michael came off the bed slowly "You, You monster you killed him!" he screamed.
He grabbed Michael by the throat and held him "You fool don’t believe everything your eyes see, but trust me he's very dead she saw to that." Baring his fangs to Michael.
"You have no Idea what or who your dealing with…I do." He dropped Michael onto the bed "What are you?" he ask "We are older than time" The figure says as he finishes wrapping Alex's body.
"You know who's doing the killing then?" Michael asks, He stopped again "Yes I do and were here to stop it." The figure tells him "we?" Michael replies "I think you've met my children already." Pointing to the marks on his thigh, chest and wrist.
Michael sit there stunned at what he was even thinking "Vampires your vampires." Michael says softly "give that man a prize" the figure say "what's your plan for me then?" Michael asks "not me." He smiled as he said it.

Max kissed Liz deeply then ask "What did he say Liz?" she looked at him "He said our time is running out" Liz said and sit down.
"How the hell did he find us?" he asked her "hell I don’t fucking know!" she yelled at him "Well we cant go anywhere right now" Max looks out the window at the rising sun and closes the blinds and shades.
Liz looked at him and beckoned him in the bed with her, Max began to undress and she watched him smiling.
Max climbed into the bed and kissed her softly on her tender lips, pushing the covers back to expose her naked body, he let his hand roam every beautiful curve every inch till he reached her moistness and stroked it gently.
Liz moaned in pleasure as Max.'s finger probed her softly she closed her eyes and raked her nails down his back.
"Yes Max that’s it baby take me" She moaned softly, Max moved downward to her wetness, he took in her scent and softly bit her hard little clit.
Liz jumped at his teasing bit and raised her hips to meet his hot tongue no roaming around her womanhood.
Max spread her lips further as to gain better excess to her juices he licked a little faster as he could sense he excitement, he plunged deeper into her with his tongue.
Her dark patch tickled his nose a little as he licked at Liz's sweetness, She moaned louder as his tongue played inside her "yes, yes, yes " was all she could get out.
Max himself could now feel his bulge his cock hard for her "Max" Liz whispered "I want you inside me please." Max moved upwards and gently slid his hard cock into her wetness; moans of pleasure came from both of them as he moved in and out in a slow rhythm.
He kissed her deeply as he pushed deeper into Liz's pussy She thrusted upwards as he pushed, "Deeper Max" she said softly.
He pushed harder and grinded into her moistness, Liz reached out and took his arms her hands and squeezed as he penetrated deeper and harder.
She looked into his eyes as she felt herself nearing her climax; Max moved his cock in and out faster as he felt her tighten around him.
They came together as their passion sweeps over them they kissed and moaned into each other, Max and Liz quivered together feeling the hotness of each other.
Liz licked her lips then sunk her fangs deep into max.'s neck and drink softly from the only man she had ever known true love from.

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Oh trust me you're part for the KINK is coming in this next part and I think Lana will bring good parts to the story.
Lana you can show me any time you want*big**big*you tease you.
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Max opened his eyes and looked around the sun had set and Liz was already gone.
He stood and started dressing he knew she wouldn’t be gone long, if she were going to where he thought she was going.

Liz walked quickly looking over her shoulder as if she was being followed, she was nervous now his word still rang in her ears and it scared her.
She opened the car door and climbed in, as she was reaching for her keys a hand wrapped around her wrist and pulled her out "Times up Liz" he said as he throw her over his shoulder.
Liz fought against him but it was useless he had her and she knew what was to come.

The sisters had watched Liz leave; they then went to Max.'s room and entered.
Max spun and looked at them "What are you doing her? Where's Liz?" he demanded
"Were here for you max" Dana replies as they slowly walk towards him.
Teresa brushed her long auburn hair from here face and touched Max gently on the chest 'Come on Max you know 1 woman can't please you, why not have 4 woman and will all rule together?" Teresa asked softly.
Lana ran her hand up the front of his jeans and took hold of his cock "mm nice very nice" she whispered in his ear as she slowly started unzipping his pants.
Dana kissed his neck lightly "4 is far better than 1 max don’t you think?" she asked him, max wanted to back away but the 3 had him and he was starting to enjoy it.

Jenny step out from behind his chair "It's alright my child" he said softly and took her hand "Your still newly reborn and you need to feed." He says softly looking into her blue eyes.
Jenny looked down at the girl laying on the floor knocked out "Who is that my Lord?" she asked him "no one to worry with she's a play thing for your sisters." He replies smiling.
Michael sits watching the ropes tight around him; he watched the pair as they talked over the woman lying on the floor.
"See that young man over there" he pointed to Michael "Yes' Jenny whispers "well he wants you feed from him to make you strong" He tells her, Jenny smiled and kissed him and went to Michael.

Max laid back on the bed, as the 3 sisters loved on him, he was undressed and their moans were the only thing he could hear.
Lana had began stroking his cock licking the head every now and then, her long dark hair brushed his thigh and aroused him more as she took his hardness into her warm mouth.
Dana kissed max deeply and their tongues met and danced in a fury of pleasure her hand roamed his bare chest pinching his nipple to make it hard.
Teresa licked at and bit his other nipple as she sucked it in to her mouth continuing to bite it softly running her hand up and down his strong thigh.
Teresa let her fangs sink into his flesh and she drink deeply, Lana reached up and touched Teresa softly on the cheek as she sucked harder on Max.' hard cock, Dana moved down and bite into his chest lapping at the blood that poured from the wound.
Max could do nothing but lay there and enjoy the passion and pleasure and the pain from these three women he gripped the covers as Lana pierced his hardness with her fangs.
They moaned together as the pleasure kept going lost in something none of them had ever felt before.

Jenny bit softly into Michael's neck and into his vain the blood rushed into her mouth and she drink quickly "Remember child just enough to quench your thrust" he calls out to her.
Liz moved a little and then looked up in the eyes of her Master "Thetmes" she says as she passed back out.

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ok were counting down to the end I hope you have enjoyed it so far I have one last part after this and that will be it.
Yes again I was a little tense doing this part not sure knowing how you would feel about somethings bout here it 3 can bite me later*wink*or I could just go get T to bite me now lol Just kidding.*big*
Dana leaned over and placed a soft kiss on Max.'s cheek before taking over.
Lana felt the warm cum explode into her mouth and swelled it "mm" she says as she licks her moist lips.
Dana moved down and kissed Max.'s still swollen cock sliding her mouth down over it and began sucking madly, Max closed his eyes and moaned.
Teresa released her bite on his chest and kissed Lana as to taste Max on her lips.
Max opened his eyes and looked at them as they were kissing "You like that don’t you max" Teresa asked him and kissed Lana again this time more deeply Lana leaned into her kiss, and started lightly undoing the ties on her gown.
"Yeah you like that" Lana whispered to max "you want more Max hmm?" she says as she lets her gown drop to the floor and began letting her hands roam over her own body.
Teresa watched and softly stroked Max.'s chest and smiled at Lana; Max looked from woman to woman then down at Dana who was bobbing her head up and down on his shaft faster and faster.
Dana moved her lips up to just the tip of his dick and licked in circles holding it firmly in her hand she too looked from Max to her sisters who were now both undressed and exploring each others bodies.
The four Vampires in the room could smell the sex in the air and it drove them on in mad passion.
Teresa and Lana ran their hands over each other's breast and pinched their nipples.
Lana softly kissed Teresa and moved slowly down to her now hard nipple and bite it lightly Teresa leaned her head back on moaned at Lana's bite.
Teresa caressed Lana's back as she enjoyed her sister's kiss and grabbed her ass tight, pressing her body harder into Lana.
Dana moved her mouth back over his cock and sucked him in deeper and moves her tongue around it.
Max lifted his hips as he came for a second time, Dana smiled as she felt the cum hit the back of her throat taking every drop in then she licked him clean as not to miss a single drop.
Dana rose and waked to her sister's dropping her owns gown and joined her sister's playing.
Teresa turned to max and smiled reaching down to his cock and stroked it as to keep it hard "My turn" Teresa says as she licked her lips and lightly kissed the tip of his dick.
Dana and Lana moved as one touching and probing their bodies; Lana slid a slender finger into Dana's pussy and kissed her softly.
Teresa sucked hard on Max letting her lips tighten around his shaft then began to move up and down taking his whole cock in into her throat she closed her eyes as his tip touched the back.
Lana stroked Dana's moistness and fingered her clit Dana closed her yes as her breathing became more quicker she leaned into Lana and started nibbling at here neck racking her fangs across her soft skin.
Max could still not believe what was happening, he thought to himself "4 is better".
Teresa's head moved up and down faster sucking on max.'s hard shaft letting her eyes meet his.
Max moaned as he came for a third time Teresa lapped at the juices flowing from his tip like an ice cream licking up the side where it had flowed.
Dana looked at Lana and smiled "you think he's had enough?" Lana glanced at Max still rubbing Dana's clit "yeah I think so" she said softly.
The three women turned to max and grinned; Thetmes formed from the shadows.
"Times up Max!" he says as he knocks max out blood flying from his mouth.
Thetmes looked at his Daughters "You are so Bad but your so good at it" he tells them laughing, Thetmes lifts Max off the bed and steps into the waiting darkness and his daughters.

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Jenny pulled away from Max.'s cock letting the warm juice staying her mouth savoring the taste.
His wrist chained to the wall as not to be able to touch her, Max.'s head hung his body riddled with spasms from the passion he had been given.
"I take you liked that morsel my child" Thetmes asked as he lifted Max.'s head "Yes father he tasted very good just as my sisters had said." She replied returning to his side.
"Its sad Max that you had to change, what a master you would have made" He tells him, "Where is the woman Master?" Jenny spoke softly to her master, "She is being..helped by your sisters for the final judgement." Thetmes tells her as he takes her hand and leads her back up stairs.
Liz lay on the bed face down and naked, her hands were bound to the post and her legs were spread eagle.
Dana was going through a large cabinet pulling items out and laying them on a rolling table the whole time giggling.
Lana stood by Liz touching her body letting her finger tips trace a light line along her spine, "her skin is so soft" Lana whispered to herself.
"Lana your far more beautiful that her, as a matter of fact she has nothing on us" Teresa called out pulling open the dresser.
Dana turned around wearing a strap on she was laughing and poking it at Lana and then Teresa "How about this, think she would like it in her?" Dana said as she pointed it towards Liz's ass.
"Is there a bigger one in there? Or one for me and Teresa" Lana spoke as she walked to Dana and reached out and touched the fake cock then moved behind Dana sliding her arms around her waist, placing soft kisses on her shoulder.
Teresa throw the old black gown on the arm of a chair and joined her sisters in their playing "I want one" Teresa says as she kisses Dana.
Dana leaned into Teresa their bodies pressed tight together, "Let's give it to her" Lana tells them "Make her scream one last time." Dana says as she walks over to Liz and climbs onto the bed behind her.

Thetmes lead Jenny into a large bedroom and turned her towards him looking deep into her blue eyes, showing the wanting in his gray ones.
Jenny kissed him warmly on the lips, while he pulled her gown from her shoulders and letting it dropped to the floor.
"Yes master I am yours for the taking" she spoke softly as her hands work on opening his silk shirt, kissing his chest lightly, moving her free hand down between his legs and stroked his cock through his leather pants.
She could feel the bulge and Jenny slides her hand down in to his pants and pushes them down so that his shaft was exposed to her and she took it in her hand playing with it.
Thetmes watched as Jenny moved down kissing his chest as she went down.

Liz cried out as Dana shoved the dick into her dry pussy and she smiled, as she knew it hurt.
Dana pushed future into Liz as Lana slowly kissed her on the spin, Teresa watched and waited her turn "This is just the start of your hell Liz" she says as she lightly stroked Liz's dark locks "Its going to get a lot worse" Teresa whispered in her ear.

Sorry I ran out of time I'll finish as soon as I can, My Girls*happy*
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I hope to post more tonight theres only like 2 to 3 parts till the end of this dark journey I hope that Ive brought just a little darkness into your world of light*wink*but I now count you as my friends its been some ride.*happy*
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So what Im seening here Is you really dont want me to end this story? bout I make it darker?...more play with your food?...more more more*big*tell me you four Sweet Dark Ladies where do you want this to go this isnt a request its an order*wink*.

You will all be taken care of you answered the call of darkness that kind of makes you mine to do with as I please and for max to do with as he pleases will just have to wait and see.
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Ok sorry it took so long Ive had kind of a busy day

Dana slammed the strap on deeper into Liz, she bucked wildly as it penetrated deeper in her wetness.
Tears streamed from her eyes as she spoke "Please" she begged "He's the bad one" Liz pleaded, "Shut up!" Lana tells her "You’re the bad one you and Max, Playing your games thinking you wouldn't never get caught."
Dana slid the fake cock in and out of Liz's pussy it moved easier now and she knew Liz had already came.
Teresa kissed Liz's cheek then moved to Lana and pressed her lips to hers kissing her deeply, Lana laid her head back on the chair and spread her legs as Teresa placed soft kisses down to her sweet heat.
Lana pulled her long shear gown up her legs as she watched Teresa slowly make her way down and on to her knees in front of her.
Teresa lightly caressed Lana's leg with her fingertips Lana sucked in a breath as Teresa softly licked her inter thigh.
Teresa spread Lana's pussy lips wider and lightly began to lick the length oh and ending at her hard little clit her tongue danced around it the she softly bit and sucked it into her warm mouth.

Dana moved her hips in a slow forward motion as Liz became more relaxed and she moaned in pleasure.
Liz raised to her knee's and taking the full length of the strap on into her "More, my God more." Liz moaned.
Dana leaned forward and kissed Liz's soft skin as she pushed the cock further, Liz bit her lower lip as her sounds filled the room.

Lana held onto Teresa as she explored her wetness, she moaned as Teresa licked her clit quicker and slowly places her fingers in to Lana's moistness finding her G-spot and massaged it softly Lana moaned louder as wave after wave of passion swept over her.
Teresa could fell her own pussy moisten as she pleasured Lana and Lana could feel it and she smiled as her juices flowed.

Liz cried out "Fuck yeah fuck yeah!" she had never felt anything as erotic as this even Max had not matched what she was feeling at this moment.
Dana pulled the strap on out of Liz and took it off and licked it tasting Liz's cum then strapped it back on and looked at Teresa.

Will post the next part tonight sometimes I think

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I will have Liz tell the story of the Master how does that sound?*happy*
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what part might that be Jenny?, sorry I had a long weekend and I didnt have a chance to post anything.
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I know this far more kinky than you might have liked but call me twisted I guess I am, here you go enjoy this short part Ive had to rethink the ending and I think you might like it when I post it.

Lana pulled Teresa up to her and licked her lips, tasting her juices on Teresa's.
Teresa felt her gown being pulled up in the back, looking behind her as Dana smiled and Teresa took hold of the chair arms.
Lana licked along Teresa' s Jaw line and down to her neck, biting softly drawing blood.
As Teresa felt the strap on touch her she lifted her ass and Dana slowly inserted the cock into her moist pussy she closed her eyes and let out a soft moan.

Liz whimpered as all she could do was watch what was unfolding around her, she wanted more, she loved the feel of the fake cock in her and how masterful Dana was at using it.
"Please untie me, let me have some fun as well we are all sisters please." Liz pleaded.
Dana looked over at Liz and smiled as she moved her hips pushing the cock in and out of Teresa' s wetness.
Lana' s hands roamed freely over Teresa' s body squeezing her breast and rubbing her nipples till they were hard, Teresa laid her head on Lana' s shoulder and moaned as Dana moved the cock in and out of her throbbing pussy.

Lana smiles at Liz then says "Let, let her loose she is like she said our sister"
Liz smiled at Lana' s words and watched as she untied her, Liz leaned up and kissed Lana hard.

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Ok just so you know its damn early and Ive been asleep but I wanted to post this part before I go back to sleep...also this is the next to the last part its short two the last 3 post ive done of the story was something I had finished friday but I didnt get to post it all so I just wanted you to know there was really only 1 part (which ended up 3 part) before the big nasty ass twist, so im sorry of this short part again but the finish is at hand.

Jenny stroked Thetmes’s cock making it hard, she then teased just the tip of with her tongue.
She circled it then wet her lips and ran then the length of his shaft up and down continuing to tease his dick.
Thetmes closed his eyes enjoying her soft lips on his hardness, he caressed her hair softly as she took him into her hot mouth and gently began to suck on it slowly.
Jenny’s nails dug in his thighs bringing blood as she tightened her lips more around his hardness letting her teeth graze his as she sucked him.
Her head bobbed slightly taking his shaft deep into her throat, Thetmes laid there enjoying the sensation.
Jenny took his cock in his hand and continued to stroke as she once again licked the tip over and over her lips dropping over his head then going back to licking.
She took the his dick back into her mouth and sucked on it harder and faster, Thetmes gripped the covers as he exploded into Jenny’s mouth the heat cum hitting the back of her throat she licked at his cum taking it all.

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Here it is I hope you enjoy and hope to see you all soon
*LrdDane steps back into the shadows and returns to his world of darkness leaving you pondering if he will ever return*

Teresa came hard as her knees started to buckle and her pussy heaved their juices.
Liz stood with Lana watching the pair, she reached down rubbed Lana's soft ass, she cut her eyes at Liz and smiled.
Dana slowly removed the cock from Teresa's wetness as Teresa went to her knees as the orgasm continued to sweep over her, Liz watched as Dana removed the strap on and walked to Liz.
"So" Dana started "So you want to be one of the of us? A sister." Her words were soft as she circled Liz "If you'll have me" Liz replied watching Dana.
"She's lying" Teresa starts turning to the others ""She wants in so she can run again" she finished and looked at the others.
"It's true I promise you it is" Liz pleaded "We can be stronger than him"
Liz looked at the group "your talking about overthrowing the Master..Thetmes?"
Dana replies "Your fucking crazy..I like it" Dana says, Teresa and Lana looked at her.
"Don’t you see we all have been his slaves, and will be his slaves forever if we don’t stop him" Dana tells them.
Lana looked at Liz and Dana "You two have been his daughters longer than the rest of us, and myself and Teresa and poor Jenny, he is the only thing we know now." Teresa said nothing she watched as they group talked; she had been drugged into this group and what ever they decided she would stand with them.
"Look" Liz started "we five could rule the Vampire nation every man would grovel at our feet who of you wouldn’t want that" Liz watched the faces of the woman.
Dana looked at Liz and smiled "Fuck it" she says "Let's rule this fucking place" she finished.
The four women headed up stairs to meet their destiny or their fate not know these uncharted waters.

Max.'s head hung his strength gone; the pain ravaged his body his skin pale from lack of blood.
Michael looked up at Max their eyes met and there was an understanding, an understanding that they both were going to die.

Dana stepped from the shadows of the cellar just as Thetmes walked in from the other room, Jenny stepping out from behind him her hair tossed loosely.
Is she ready Dana" Thetmes asked as he poured himself a drink, Dana's hand moved around and grabbing his still stiff cock "were ready" she tells him.
He turned and smiled as the woman stood before him "What do we have here" Thetmes says looking at the group of beautiful woman.
"We want to please you master here in front of Max and this mortal" Dana replies "Yes my master we want them to watch and know how a real man loves his woman." Liz tells him.
Thetmes turned to Liz "And just makes you think you'll live that long to do so Liz?"
Dana touched his cheek "We want her father for her to be one of us she has changed."
He looked at Dana then at Liz "She's your responsibility" Thetmes tells her.

Lana stepped out of her black gown and walked to Max, lifting his head "You in there Maxie?" She ask him, the other woman followed suite removing their gowns as well.
Thetmes stood before them as they undressed him slowly.
Lana slapped Max "Wake up you fucker and watch.. You might learn something" Lana says then turns and goes to her master.
Thetmes laid back on the couch as the sisters pleasured him; Lana wrapped her warm mouth around his cock holding the base with her hand sucking him hard.
Liz and Teresa pinched his nipples making them hard.

Jenny watched as Dana left; before she began kissing him softly on the lips, Teresa and Liz let their hands roam his well-built body.
Max watched Liz unbelieving what he was seeing she was his and only his what had these demon sisters done to her to make her turn like this tears streamed from his eyes as he was forced to watched.
Each woman took turns sucking on his dick; Dana returned and took her please pleasuring her master.
Michael worked at the ropes trying to free his hands, but it was no good he was there among the undead,Vampires.
Dana slid her pussy down over Thetmes's cock riding it smoothly the other watched as she did, Dana moaned loudly as his cock was so thick and hard it was tight in her moistness her pussy heaved her cum over his shaft as he came with her. She pulled herself off of him and laid in the floor and watched as Lana climbed on doing the same as Dana she leaned her head back and moaned as he felt so good inside her, Lana tighten her wetness around his cock and moved up and down on him.
Teresa walked to Michael and smiled at him then looked back at Dana, she nodded at Teresa and she buried her fangs deep in his soft flesh, Jenny joined her the pair drink deep from him.
Liz stepped to Max "How could you?" he asked softly "well Zan there comes a time in every vampires life when you have to chose so I chose, and you know theres more to come" looking into his eyes "Im going to fuck him good." She says as she turns from him.
Michael's eyes rolled back in his head as the last of his life left him, the pair pulled back and licked there lips then turned and watched as Lana came over and over.
Teresa climbed on as Lana fall to the floor as the waves kept coming; she looked down at her master she was amazed at his power but then again he was over 3000 yr. old, her pussy slid easily over his shaft now slick with others cum as well as his own.
It didn’t take long for Teresa to orgasm, she leaned down and kissed him softly, he opened his eyes and smiled as he saw Liz climbing on he started to lean up but she pushed him back down "now you know master you cant get up yet without having you very first love." Liz tells him.
Liz wrapped her lips around his shaft and she could taste the others on him and it excited her, she sucked him hard and fast, he closed his eyes and enjoyed her far more than the others.

Max pulled at the chains straining to get free to stop this "Liz please don’t please!" he cried out.
Liz slowly climbed up on top of his teasing his cock with her pussy "I love you master" she whispers in his ear.
The stake plunged deep into his chest and struck his heart, Thetmes throw Liz off and roared in pain "It will be a cold day in hell before you ever have me again you monster!" Liz screamed at him.
The Sisters watched as Thetmes desperately tried to pull the stake from his chest going to his knees his hands began to crumble to dust "Who…. y" he asked as he fall over "There are new Masters now a dawn of a whole new age of Vampires" Liz tells him as his body turns to nothing.

Liz turned to Max "you have a chose Zan be our slave or meet his fate" He looked into Liz's dark eyes "you know im yours forever" he replies as she unlocks his chains,
and lowers him to the floor letting him drinks from their wrist letting him regain his power.

One-year later Max sits in a candled lighted room writing.

"Ive only started to finish my story, but the night beckons, the sister my new masters call to even now, I do know that every one has a story to tell.
Max closed his journal and pulled on his coat and blew out the candles and walked out in to the waiting darkness the night air was cool and yet there was something in it, he couldn’t put a finger on it but it was familiar.

He watched from the shadows his blood red eyes told what he had on his mind and that was Revenge.
"What are we going to do with them My Master?" the female asked as she wrapped her arms around his waist, he watched Max disappear "Let them go on thinking it safe..till we bring hell upon them my child." he whispered.
Jenny smiled at his words then kissed him deeply as the darkness engulfs them both.

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