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Title: Indecent
Rateing: PG THROUGH NC17
Disclaimer: Don't own it, don't sue.
Summary: Liz is about to marry an much older man and goes out for one last hurrah, to say the least, she gets more than she bargained for.


Chapter One

She was lost in the pounding rhythm of the techno music beating louding in her ear drums. The hot sweat slicked bodies of the strangers grinding all around her only served to heighten this wild night.

Elizabeth, even though everyone called her by her middle name, Lola, Parker was 24 years with gorgeous dark brown hair and sparkling big doe eyes.

She garnered attention everywhere she went because of her short petite frame and oozing sensuality. She was, the next week in fact, going to marry.

The guy was named William, William Evans. The owner of Evans' Enterprises. He was 50 years old and even though Liz felt like she could love him some day, the prospect of marrying a much older man whom she hardly knew was daunting.

Liz felt hands grab at the stretchy red material of her dress and playfully pushed them away. She and a guy had been flirting all night. She knew it was him even without looking and smiled to herself.

He was no older then 18 or 19 years old and here she was, drooling over him and contenplateing doing somthing that if Will found out, he'd die. Just after he killed her.

She distractably pushed the sweaty curls from her face and allowed him to dance with her. He was so young, hard, fresh. Will hadn't felt like this guy on his best day 30 years earlier.

She felt him grab her hand and didn't protest as he pulled her into the bathroom off to the side. It was totally deserted as his mouth curled into a sexy smile.

He slowly walked toward her and it was as if her senses came alive, she felt this way in so long, if ever. His dark hair was slicked with sweat from dancing on the floor and he was slightly flushed. He looked like he'd just made love to someone.

She knew that if she turned to the mirror she'd look the same. They could feel the pulsing bass of the dancing and the music going on outside but paid it no mind as the entire world outside of them in that bathroom in some nameless club on the wrong side of town slipped away.

She let him pull her into a tight embrace as his lips flew down on hers and he violently kissed her. Liz felt the counter hit the small of her back and was greatful when he lifted her up onto it.

She felt like her knees were about to give way as he pushed up her dress, it's spandex material feeling unbearably erotic as her overheated thighs.

She grabbed him and slowly unzipped his pants making sure to "accidently" bump all the right spots all long the way down. He pulled back ashe slowly brushed his thumb against her quivering wet heat, She almost came right then.

Liz tried to reach forward and kiss him . He puled back with a mischevious grin and temptingly flicked his tongue at her and pulled down her panties.

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Chapter 2

She shook her head to try to clear it of the fog surrounding her. Everything was coming in and focus as he stepped between her thighs and passionately kissed her again.

Liz leaned back against the mirror and let him takeover. She'd never felt or desired in her entire life as she was now. About to have sex with a guy she barely knew in a bathroom.

Liz could tell she'd drank a bit to much but she knew she wanted this as he entered her. A tight gasp came from her throat. He felt so..........good.

She bit her bottom lip against crying out as he began to move. She locked her legs around his waist and leaned back to look at him.

He anchored himself by putting his arms on either side of her and leaned his forehead against hers.


She was tight, incredably tight. He fought hard against the sparks of an orgasam began bursting at his spine. He was more than a little drunk as he looked into here eyes, "I think I'm in love with you."

Her eyes jerked up toward him and they shut tightly with the intensity of the orgasam that washed through her at his words.

The feeling of her wet sheath surrounding him, grasping his over sensitive organ did him in.

The climax that him was fantasic, unlike anything he'd ever felt in all his experiance. He stayed inside her a few moments, trying to recover himself.

She was shaking slightly and he found himself holding her. Even in his state he knew this was odd behavior. He never held his girlfreinds afterwards, why was he holding this perfect stranger?

They locked eyes and he realized they must have been thinking the same thing as she gently pushed him away and slid off of the counter.

"You didn't even tell me your name," he called out after her.

She swung around toward him, "it's Lola," she replies before running out.


Maxwell awaok in his bed at home next to his girl Tess. He smiled down at her softly as he got up from bed and tried to feel his way to the bathroom. It was daylight outside but all the curtains were shut and he had a pounding headache.

It was probably a bad idea to go party last night with Micheal even though he was sure he'd had a good time, the memories wouldn't return.

Micheal'd spoke all about some hot chick he'd picked up last night but I'd barely listened as he dropped him home and he'd crawled in bed with Tess and fallen asleep.

Max saw the jeans the'd worn last night bundled on the floor and checked the pockets beofe throwing them in the hamper when he felt a soft material and pulled it out.

Max was more then confused, it was a pair of panties.


Liz awoke and as she rolled onto her back was immediately bombarded by bright sunlight. She shakely sat up and looked around her, the park. Liz had fallen asleep in the park.

The details of what happened last night was hazy, she couldn't remember what happened. Liz concentrated and still, the night wouldn't return to her.

She got to her feet and the first thing she noticed was that her panties were gone.


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