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Title: Left of Center
Author: Annie
E-mail: anniepoo98⊕
Disclaimer: Only the story is mine… you know that*
Summary: This was a challenge by Realspacecadet. The deal is that Max winds up in a mental institution where Liz works because he claims to be an alien. However, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes than either of them know. The title is taken from a song by Michelle Branch called "You Get Me."

So I'm a little left of center
I'm a little out of tune
Some say I'm paranormal
So I just bend their spoon
Who wants to be ordinary
In a crazy, mixed-up world
I don't care what they're sayin'
As long as I'm your girl
Hey, you are on my side
And they, they just roll their eyes
You get me
When nobody understands
You come and take the chance, baby
You get me
You look inside my wild mind
Never knowing what you'll find
And still you want me all the time
Yeah, you do
Yeah, you get me
So what if I see the sunshine
In the pouring rain
Some people think I'm crazy
But you say it's okay
You've seen my secret garden
Where all of my flowers grow
In my imagination
Anything goes
I, I am all you want
They, they just read me wrong
You get me
When nobody understands
You come and hold my hand, baby
You get me
You look inside my wild mind
Never knowing what you'll find
Still you want me all the time
Yeah, you do
'Cause you get me
Hey, you are on my side
They, they just roll their eyes
'Cause you get me
When nobody understands
You come and take the chance, baby
You get me
When none of the pieces fit
You make sense of it
You get me
You look inside my wild mind
Never knowing what you'll find
And still I want you all the time
Yeah, I do
'Cause you get me
"You Get Me" - Michelle Branch

Part One:

"I am assigning you a new patient. You will meet with him first thing this morning."
Liz rolled her eyes at the memo that greeted her soon as she entered her office. It was signed by Dr. Pierce, head of Meadowbrook Psychiatric Hospital. "Damnit," she muttered, crumpling up the note. "It is not like I don’t have enough patients to worry about."
She looked down at the file the memo had been attached too. The name written at the top was "Maxwell Evans." She flipped it open, glancing over the profile. "26 years of age," she read aloud, as she begun to pace back and forth in her office. "5’9", brown hair, amber eyes, 180 lbs. Maxwell was institutionalized by the authorities after attacking some girl, claiming to be healing her with alien powers."
"Shit," Liz exclaimed as she read the last part aloud. "Another person claiming to be an alien." Over the past year, Liz had been in charge of a lot of patients who thought they were aliens or were be chased by aliens. Most of the time, these people were suffering from delusions brought on by paranoia or schizophrenia.
Procedure in the institution was to isolate the patient for the first 24 hours, getting them to calm down by forcing various drugs into their system, and then they would send in the doctor. Hell, by the time Liz met most of her patients, they were so confused that they would lash out at her or distrust her from that moment on. Not that she could blame them. Would you like to open up to the first person you see after being put in a cell somewhere and injected with God knows what.
That was why she vowed to get out of Meadowbrook as soon as she could. She had only worked there two years, but it seemed like two years too many. She had attended Harvard University after graduating early from high school. She went right into a masters program in psychology, then to the Hospital after that. But over the past year, Liz noticed that things were getting increasingly worse, especially after Dr. Pierce took over.
Letting out a sigh, Liz walked over to the door, picked up her lab coat, and made her way down the hall. "Well, I guess there is no time like the present to pay a visit to my new patient."
A few minutes later, she was standing at the door to room 132. She entered in her personal code to the keypad on the right of the door. It jerked open, and Liz entered the room.
The first thing she noticed was that the bed on the right corner of the room had been left with no sheets. Apparently someone had thought this man was a danger to himself. Liz kept scanning the room, looking for Maxwell Evans. She couldn’t see him anywhere.
Suddenly, she felt two strong hands grip her around the collarbone. The fingers delved into her flesh, eventually forcing her to turn. She saw the two amber eyes she had read about blazing with anger, so hot that they could almost be on fire. Her breath caught in her throat as he shoved her back against a padded wall. "Maxwell Evans," she cried out, wincing as a bit of pain mixed with fear ran up her spine.
The man looked at her, the anger in his eyes faulting for a second when he saw she was in pain. He loosened his grip, not a lot, but enough so his fingers weren’t digging into her flesh. "Who are you," he demanded, traces of melancholy and anger woven in each word.
Liz closed her eyes, exhaling the breath she had been holding. She knew that she desperately needed to get control of the situation before things got worse. Liz opened her eyes again, finding his still staring right at them. "I’m your psychologist," she whispered.

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Part Two:

"I don’t need a psychologist," the man told her plainly.
Liz let out a nervous laugh. "You were telling people you were an alien. That’s not normal behavior, Maxwell Evans." Deep down, Liz hoped that by calling him by his full name, it would show she was the one with the power.
She felt his hands slide from her neck to her shoulders, then to her forearms, still holding her in place. His eyes lowered a bit, glancing over her body, before captivating hers once more. "Where am I," he asked, a little less demanding, but no less intimidating.
"You are at Meadowbrook Psychiatric Hospital, just outside of Clovis, New Mexico," she told him, steadying her voice. "You have been there since yesterday, after the authorities caught you attacking a woman."
He began shaking his head. "That’s impossible," he cried out. "I didn’t hurt anyone… couldn’t hurt anyone." The fire in his eyes faded away, replaced by confusion and pain.
Liz’s first instinct was to comfort him, but she stopped herself, not sure it was a good idea. Yet, something about this patient intrigued her. There was no doubt that he was good looking. The standard scrubs they had given him to wear only accented his broad chest and strong arms. He also had the most intense eyes she had ever seen, complimented by equally intense and distinguished features. But it was what she saw in those eyes that interested her the most. Every expression shown clear through them, and Liz could almost read them like a book. She knew that the key to understanding Maxwell Evans lay behind his expressive pools of amber.
"It will be okay," she told him, softening her voice. "I am here to help you."
Quickly, his grip tightened on her arms. "No, you are some government agent. You’re going to experiment on me," he yelled.
Liz shook her head. "No," she said firmly. "Maxwell, you are going to have to trust me."
"Max," he whispered.
"Wh…what," Liz stuttered, getting caught off guard.
"My name is Max," he told her.
Liz noticed a tear slip from his eye, followed by another, and another. With his hands still on her arms, he fell to his knees. Liz stumbled forward slightly with his movement. Then, his arms lowered, wrapping themselves around her waist. He rested his head against her stomach as the sobs racked his body.
"I don’t understand," he cried. "Why is this happening? What did they give me? Why am I here?"
Liz just stood there for a moment, not knowing what to do. Never, in the two years she had been at the Hospital, had a patient run through such a gambit of emotions in a first meeting. Finally, Liz did the only thing she could think of. Gently, she reached down and ran her fingers through his thick dark hair. "Shhhh, everything will be all right," she reassured him. "Everything will be all right."
For twenty minutes, they stayed like this, Max crying and Liz trying to soothe him. And just as quick as the sobs had come on, Liz felt Max’s body slacken. He slumped over on the ground, asleep.
"Wonderful new drug," a new voice shattered the silence.
Liz jumped nearly three feet, surprised by the intrusion. She turned and saw Dr. Pierce standing in the doorway. "What are you doing here," she questioned him.
"I am observing a doctor with her patient," he answered.
Liz looked back down at Max. "What did you give him?"
"A new tranquilizer, Dr. Parker. Is there a problem with that," he asked coldly.
"Yes," she told him bluntly. Liz bent over and took Max’s pulse. When she was assured that he was okay, she stood back up and approached Dr. Pierce. "Where do you get off giving my patients new drugs without telling me?"
Dr. Pierce glared at her. "I am head of this institution. I can do whatever I see fit."
Liz squared off with him. "Not with my patients. From now on, I will assign the prescriptions to be given to Maxwell Evans, is that understood."
"And what would those be," Dr. Pierce asked, accepting the little challenge.
"None," she said. "I want him lucid when I talk to him tomorrow."
Dr. Pierce snickered. "Be careful, Dr. Parker. I have no problem assigning him to a new doctor if you refuse to corporate with procedures." With that he turned and left.
Liz watched him make his way down the hall. "There is something going on here," she thought to herself. "And I am going to get to the bottom of it, starting with you," she mumbled, glancing back at Max.

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Part Three:

"Please Miss Deluca, calm down," Alex asked calmly. He tried to approach the petite blond curled up on the cot. "I am here to help you."
"Don’t touch me," she screamed. "Your hands glow bright. You want to hurt me."
Alex turned his hand so she could see the palm. "Look at my hand, Miss Deluca. See, it’s not glowing."
The blond head peaked up over her knees, eyes peering out over her shins. Alex took another step towards her, but she screamed again. "No," she cried out. "Your hands make me see things. I don’t want to see anyone… anything. Nada, yo quiero nada." With that, she dropped her head again, squeezing her eyes shut tight.
Alex let his arm fall to his side. It was obvious that he was not going to get anywhere today. He walked over to the door, turning around just before he left. "Please get some rest Miss Deluca. I will stop by to see you tomorrow."
He stepped through the threshold, the door closing behind him.
"Alex," someone called out to him.
Turning his head, he saw Liz hurrying down the hall to him. "Hey, what’s up."
Liz immediately linked her arm with his. "I need to talk to you. What are you doing for lunch?"
Alex raised his eyebrow. "Nothing, as far as I know. Why?"
"Now you are," she insisted. "We are taking an early lunch… right now."
"It’s only 10:30," Alex informed her.
Liz nodded her head. "I know, but this is important."
Alex looked at her, unsure about what was going on. "Okay. Go get your stuff and I’ll meet you at my car."
Liz gave him a quick peck on the cheek. "Thank you, thank you, thank you," she chanted before running off to her office.
Within ten minutes, they were in Alex’s little Toyota heading off to downtown Clovis. Stopping at a local deli, Liz quickly grabbed a chicken salad sandwich for herself, a tuna for Alex, some chips, and drinks. She ran back out the car and Alex drove to a little park. He parked the car, turning to her for some answers. "Okay Liz, tell me what is going on."
Liz took a deep breath. "In the two years that we have both been at Meadowbrook, we have agreed on one thing. There is something strange going on at the Hospital."
Alex eyed her for a moment. "Yeah, we agree that we want out as soon as possible, but what is with all this sudden paranoia. Do you need to talk to someone," he joked. "I can recommend a few good doctor’s, like Dr. Pierce for instance."
Liz smacked his arm. "That is not funny, Alex. I am being serious here. I think that Dr. Pierce has been giving patients experimental drugs without our knowledge."
Alex stopped mid-bite. "Your kidding?"
"No," Liz said, shaking her head. "I had a new patient today. He completely snapped on me, switching emotions as fast as lightening. I mean one minute he was completely focused and rational, the next he was utterly confused and delusional. Then, he just passed out. Dr. Pierce was watching, and he told me that he had given my patient a new tranquilizer."
"Did he tell you what it was called," Alex asked.
"I couldn’t even find it on his chart," Liz replied. "I am telling you Alex, something is really wrong."
Alex took a swig of soda. "Well, what was your patient in for?"
"Apparently he thinks that he is an alien that can heal people," Liz said, in between bites of her sandwich. "He was arrested for attacking some woman, believing he was saving her."
"Hmmm," Alex mummered.
Liz looked at him , puzzled. "Hmmm what?"
Alex let out a little laugh. "It’s nothing. I was assigned a new patient too. She was found in a restaurant, raving about how an alien attacked her after a shooting. She told the police that this alien and his friend caused her to get shot, then healed her so she would see images."
Liz thought for a second. "Where is she from?"
Without thinking, Alex said, "Roswell. I swear, that little ‘crash’ screwed up the whole town. They all have aliens on the brain."
"Did you find out anything about her background," Liz inquired.
Alex shook his head. "No. She was just a part-time waitress at the restaurant where she was found and a part-time translator at the local medical center." Alex paused for a second. "Which would explain why she started yelling at me in Spanish."
Liz cleared her throat and threw Alex a look.
"But other than that, Nancy Drew, she has never shown signs of mental illness," Alex finished.
"Neither has Max from what is in his chart," Liz said softly.
"Max," Alex asked, throwing her a questioning look.
Liz nodded her head. "That’s his name."
"Or a Freudian slip," Alex teased a bit.
Liz rolled her eyes and began looking out the window. Alex turned to look at Liz. He reached out his hand and snapped his fingers. "Earth to Liz. Your not planning on joining them, are you?"
Liz blinked a couple of times. "No, I was just thinking."
"About what?"
"My patient is from Roswell too," Liz told him. "This can’t be a coincidence."
"Yes it can," Alex said, not wanting to believe something was going on.
"No it can’t."
"Yes it can."
"Damnit Alex," Liz cried out in frustration. "There is something going on at Meadowbrook. We are always treating patients for something ‘alien-related.’ Your patient and my patient lived in the same town and arrived on the same day. That is more than coincidence. And I plan to get to the bottom of it."
Alex threw up his hands. "Okay, okay. Just promise me that you will not do anything crazy."
Liz smiled at him. "I promise. Anyway, if I do, you can have me committed."
The two friends began to laugh. Yet, deep down, Liz knew she was right. She also knew that she would need Alex’s help to find out what it was. As they drove back to the hospital, Liz’s mind tried to think of more ways to convince him, but nothing seemed like it would work.
She also thought about her new patient. Maxwell Evans might very well be a victim of circumstance rather than a raving loon. "Grow up Liz," the rational side of her brain shouted. "You just don’t want him to be crazy because you think he’s good looking." She kept thinking, telling her rational side to shut up. This was more than attraction, paranoia, or her extreme dislike of her job. It was a mystery. One she was going to figure out.
First off, she needed some more background on Maxwell Evans and his arrest. Therefore, the second she got home after work, Liz called an old college buddy of hers, Kyle Valenti. Back at Harvard, they had gone out on a couple of dates, deciding that it was definitely not meant to be. But they remained really close.
Kyle was studying to be a lawyer, getting his undergraduate degree in criminal science. However, after they graduated, Kyle changed his mind, going on to the police academy instead. When he finished he went to work for his father, the sheriff in Roswell.
The phone rang once, twice, then finally on the third ring, someone picked up. "Hello," a deep male voice came across the receiver.
"Kyle," Liz asked, unsure it was him.
"Yeah," he said, pausing for a moment. "Hey Liz, is that you?"
"It’s me," she laughed at his excitement. "I know that it has been awhile, but I need a favor."
"Sure, what is it," Kyle asked.
"I have a patient here from Roswell. According to his files, he got into some trouble with you guys, and you sent him to me," she rambled. "I need to know what really happened so maybe I can help him."
"So, what’s his name," Kyle asked, holding his breath in the hope that Liz would say the magic name.
"Maxwell Evans," she told him.
"Okay. I’ll see what I can do," he replied, wanting to get off the phone as quickly as possible. "So are you still at Meadowbrook?"
Liz nodded her head against the receiver. "Of course, but not for long. At least I am praying not for too much longer."
"I’ll call you when I find something," Kyle reassured her.
"Thanks Kyle," Liz sighed. "Thank you so much."
"No problem."
Kyle hung up the phone, turning to the person standing next to him in his apartment. "It was Liz Parker. They took Max to Meadowbrook Hospital in Clovis."

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Part Four:

Liz went into work bright and early the next morning, now on a quest for information. First thing was first, she was going to see all of her patients, including Maxwell Evans. Then, she was going to bug Alex, mainly because it was fun. However, she was also determined to change his mind about the goings on at the Hospital. Lastly, she was going to talk to Nicole over in the pharmacy to find out what this new drug might be.
Satisfied that she had a workable plan, Liz started the rounds with her patients. She desperately wanted to see Max first, so she saved him for last. Less of a distraction, therefore she could focus on her other patients’ needs.
It worked. After working through lunch, Liz was done with the most of her patients by 1:30. All except for Maxwell Evans. Now it was his turn.
Making her way down the hall, Liz stopped at room 132. She punched in her numbers and the door open without any ceremony. Sitting on the sheetless bed in front of her was the same dark haired man from yesterday. "What, like he was going to change in one day," Liz mentally scolded herself. "Get a grip, Parker. He is just a patient."
"Planning to stand there all day," Max asked without looking up.
Liz steadied herself. "Good afternoon, Maxwell. Are you feeling better today?"
Max nodded. "After whatever it was you gave me got out of my system, I felt a hell of a lot better," he told her bitterly.
"I did not prescribe the drug they gave you," Liz informed him, praying that he would look at her.
As if obeying her wish, Max lifted his head and stared right into her eyes. He was searching for any hints that she was lying to him. He found none. But he still couldn’t afford to trust her, even thought something deep within him wanted to. "So, if you didn’t, who did?"
Liz squared her shoulders a bit. "Whoever handled the incoming patients that day. When I saw you, you had been here for 24 hours. So, do you want to tell me about what happened?"
"No," Max said, challenging her. He was judging each of her movements and statements carefully, trying to figure out what she after and who she was working for.
And Liz knew it. She could see in written in his eyes. No matter how calm and collect his physical stature was, his eyes showed another tale. "Okay," Liz began her next statement, trying to act unfazed. "What would you like to discuss?"
"You," he told her, a smirk growing on his lips.
Liz shrugged her shoulders. "Ask away."
Max stood up from the bed. "First name," he asked. "I know that your last name is Parker by the name tag on your lab coat, but what is your first name?"
"Shit," Liz thought to herself. "He is playing a game. If he knows my first name, he can use it to lessen my power over a situation. If I don’t answer him, I’ll lose his trust. Damn, it’s the second time we’ve met and he is already giving me a test."
He was, and she was going to be damned if she failed. "Liz," she told him, looking him straight in the eyes.
"Liz," Max repeated, fixing the name in his mind. She had answered his question with little hesitation, but he was wondering what was going on in her mind for those few seconds. He was determined find out sooner or later.
Then, he noticed that Liz hadn’t moved an inch since she first entered the room. Was she afraid of him? He didn’t remember much of their meeting the day before, but he did know that she had tried to comfort him somehow. It was as if he could still feel her fingers running through his hair.
Silence hung thick in the room as Max thought about what happened the day before. Liz just kept breathing, stretching her neck slightly to appear more intimidating, waiting for him to make the next move. He did, but it wasn’t verbal, it was physical.
Max walked towards her, slowly. He relaxed his body, but his hands were growing clammy by the second. He looked her over, seeing the bluish bruise peeking out over the top of her mock turtleneck.
Liz grew ridged under his intense gaze. It was as though his eyes were looking right into her soul. Then, they fixed themselves on her shoulder. "The bruises," she realized. She had noticed it this morning just after she took her shower. There were five little fingerprint sized bruises around her neck from where he had grabbed he the day before. Liz had looked at them closely, knowing that they weren’t that bad. For a second, she thought they had a little silver tint to them, but Liz decided she was imaging things.
Max reached out with his hand, gently grazing the little mark with his finger. "So, Liz Parker, how did you get the bruise?"
Liz shifted her shoulder slightly, trying to cover up the mark. However, he moved the top of the shirt down a bit, exposing two more little marks.
"Or should I say bruises," Max added. He wanted to kick himself for feeling more concern than curiosity, but information was information. He needed to gather as much of it as he could on the Doctor.
Liz looked at him. "Do you remember anything about yesterday?"
A puzzled expression flashed in Max’s eyes, getting covered up quickly. "Not much. Why? Did I do this?"
Her answer shocked him. "Yes," she told him, plain as day.
Max withdrew his finger from her skin. "Sorry," he apologized, truly meaning it.
Again, Liz shrugged her shoulders. "It is no big deal. You were pretty confused. The new drug they gave you must have that kind of side effect. My turn for a question."
"No," Max stated, taking a step back and assuming a regal stance. "I still have one more question."
Liz raised an eyebrow. "Just one more," she asked.
The smirk on Max’s face returned. "For now," he replied.
"Okay," Liz said, letting out a small sigh. "What is your question?"
"Where am I," he asked.
Liz’s eyes grew a little wider. "You really don’t remember much about yesterday."
Max stiffened at the thought that he had no idea what happened the day before. For all he knew, he could have spilled his darkest secrets to this perfect stranger.
"You asked me that before," she told him, noticing him tensing up at her words. "Anyway," she moved on. "You are at Meadowbrook Psychiatric Hospital just outside of Clovis."
All Max could do was nod his head.
Liz decided it was time for her question. "So, what happened with Maria Deluca at the restaurant?" Liz knew she was playing with fire. She didn’t even know if what happened to the two patients were related, but it was her turn to test him. And she was waiting to see if he would pass.
Max turned and walked back towards the cot, doing his best to conceal the panic that was rising within him. "How much did she know," he wondered to himself. "How much did they know?" After all, he was assuming that she was working for the government. His best bet for the moment was to lie. And it almost made his sick to lie to her.
"I have no idea what you’re talking about," he stated stoically.
Liz lowered her head. Just as sure that she had passed his test, she knew he was lying to her. It was flashing in his amber eyes, just like all his other emotions. "Well," she said, not hiding her disappointment very well. "I think that is all for today. I will stop by tomorrow to check on you."
With each word, her anger rose. She had truthfully answer all his questions and he lied for the only one she asked him. Knowing that it was not professional, but not really caring, the words just came flying out of her mouth. "I hope by then you will have given up this pointless game of cat and mouse. I am here to help you. The sooner you realize it, the better."
Max opened his mouth to speak, but Liz had already turned and walked out the door. Mechanically, it closed behind her and Max was left alone again. He thought about her… their conversation, the bruises on her neck, and just how much he hated lying to her. "Oh boy," he moaned, running his fingers though his hair. "I’m in big trouble."

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Hey everyone... I said that I would update this soon. So you all think that Liz was being kinda a bitch? Wow... it really didnt sound that way to me when I wrote it. That is just funny*happy* Oh well, I hope that you like her in this part. I was going for determination... let me know if I succeeded*happy*


Part Five:

Liz skipped over her little visit to bug Alex and went directly down to the pharmacy. To say that she was a little more than tick off after her session with Max was an understatement. "There is something wrong with him being here," she thought to herself. "I mean yesterday he was an emotional wreck and today he is more rational than half the sane people I encounter everyday. Not to mention his little mind games. Well, I am not going to let him get to me." Liz continued to stomp down the hall. "Why do I get the difficult cases," she muttered. "Great Parker, you’ll hit a career burnout before the age of thirty.
Nicole smiled as she saw Liz approach the door. "Hey Liz," she greeted her as she opened it.
"Hey Nicole," she replied, forcing a weak smile. "I was wondering if you could tell me something?"
"What," Nicole asked, glancing over some papers on her desk.
Liz leaned in a bit and lowered her voice so no one could hear them. "The name of the new drug they are giving to admitting patients."
Nicole shook her head. "I have no idea what you are talking about," she said, pulling away from Liz. "I haven’t heard of any new drugs that have been given out."
Liz was shocked at the way Nicole was acting. Usually, they would discuss anything, especially if it was new medications and their side effects. This was completely out of character. "Are you sure," Liz asked, still not believing Nicole’s reaction.
"Yes," she told Liz sternly. "There have not been any new drugs given out to the admitting patients. Now, I have work to do, so if you don’t mind," Nicole replied, pointing towards the door.
Liz blinked a couple of times, then left.
As soon as Liz left, Nicole picked up the phone. "Sir, I think you might be right. Yes, she was just down her asking questions. No, I didn’t tell her anything. Of course… of course. Bye."

The door slid open and Alex took a couple of steps inside the room. After her reaction to him yesterday, Alex knew he was going to have to take things very slowly with this patient. "Miss Deluca," he called out. "Miss Deluca, it is Dr. Whitman. How are you feeling today?"
He saw her form lying on the cot, and she slowly turned her head to face him. "What is going on," she whimpered, her body shivering as though it were cold. "I don’t feel so well."
Alex took one cautious step after another towards, doing his best not to frighten her. When he reached the edge of the bed, he noticed just how sickly looking his patient was. Her skin looked pale and clammy, her green eyes sullen in with tears gliding from them without stopping. Alex knelt down besides her, taking her wrist between two fingers, trying to find her pulse. Her heart was beating irregularly fast.
"What had they given her," he wondered to himself. "Maybe Liz was right. Something might be wrong with this new drug."
Suddenly, a flash of recognition sparked in Maria’s eyes. She yanked her wrist away by flinging her body in the opposite direction. Alex immediately got up and took a few steps back. "I am here to help you," he said in a soft, reassuring voice. "Please calm down."
"Why am I here," Maria cried out again. "Dios mio, I haven’t done anything wrong."
Alex knelt back down on the floor, so she wouldn’t get the feeling he was trying to tower over her in a dominating way. "Do you remember what happened before they brought you here," he asked gently.
Maria’s whole body shook as she searched her mind for the answers. It was as thought a fog was covering her brain. "I was working," she whispered, not quite sure if what she was saying was true. "I had just gone to the back to pick up more orders when a fight broke out." She breathed in and out for a couple of moments as more images began to clear up in her head. "One of the guys fighting had a gun. There was a shot, then I felt a sharp pain," Maria told him, subconsciously moving her hand to cover her lower abdomen. "I was shot, dying." The tears began to roll faster from her eyes.
Alex watched intently as Maria relived her attack. Deep down, he knew her mental anguish was stemming from the shooting. But the big question was why did she think she had been shot? There was no sign of injury.
"Miss Deluca," Alex began, but Maria waved a shaky hand in the air.
"Maria," she said softly. "Please call me Maria. Miss Deluca is my mother."
Alex smiled warmly. "Okay Maria. What happened after that? Why is there no sign of a gun shot wound?"
Maria’s eyes grew wider. Just as she was opening her mouth to say something, her body started to shake uncontrollably. Alex rushed over to her side, trying to assess what was wrong. The tears rolled from her eyes, even though they were squeezed shut as tight as they could be. He wrapped his arms tight around her so that she wouldn’t hurt herself during the convulsion.
"Help," he cried out into the hallway. "Code Red, help."

Liz quickly made her way down the hall and to Alex’s office. When, she got there, she noticed it was locked, so Liz decided to wander the hallways of the hospital. Sometimes that was how to pick up the best gossip. In fact, it was how Liz first learned that Dr. Pierce was taking over for Dr. Whittiker during her sabbatical. However, it had been over a year and no one had heard anything about her returning.
She turned down another hallway lined with rooms on either side. "He is in the room just down the hall," her subconscious screamed at her, to which the rational part of her mind yelled back, "Shut up."
However, someone yelling for help jerked Liz out of her reverie. "Alex," Liz muttered, before taking off to find him. She found him holding on to a woman patient as her body jerked violently. "What happened," Liz gasped as she hurried to Alex’s side.
"I don’t know," Alex said. "I think she might be having a reaction to that new drug."
Liz just nodded as she turned her attention to Maria. Feeling for a pulse, Liz noticed it was racing. "God," she exclaimed. "This girl is going to have a heart attack if she doesn’t get some medical attention soon."
As if on cue, two orderlies ran into the room, followed by Dr. Pierce. "What is going on here," he demanded.
The orderlies took Maria from Alex, placing her on a stretcher. Alex looked from Liz, to Dr. Pierce, back to Liz, and finally over to Maria. "I was just discussing what happened to her and she started to convulse. What kind of drug did you give her?"
"None of your business," Dr. Pierce sluffed him off.
Alex could feel his anger rise within him. "It sure as hell is my business. She is my patient. I have the right to know what medications she has been taking."
"Watch your step, Dr. Whitman," Dr. Pierce threatened. "Or I will bring this up before the Hospital board."
"Do that," Alex hissed. Then he walked over to Liz, taking her arm and dragging her out of the room. "Until then, keep away from my patients," Alex demanded before leaving.
When they were a safe distance down the hall, Liz turned to Alex. "Do you believe me now?"
Alex stopped for a second. His mind wandered back to how scared and sick Maria looked. "Yeah. I sure do."

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Part Six:

Max laid back on his cot, trying not to shiver. "It’s not like I get cold," he thought to himself. "Shit, aliens don’t get the chills, so why am I shaking like a little leaf."
An image popped into his head, answering his question. Liz Parker, with her dark colored silken locks and her chocolate brown eyes. Max groaned, frustrated that he was allowing himself to think of her in anyway except for being the enemy. The only problem was she didn’t seem like the enemy.
So what was her deal? Why was she his doctor? How had he ended up here, at a psychiatric hospital instead of a research lab?
Max rolled over, deciding that he better stop tormenting himself with questions and fall asleep. He closed his eyes, tried to even out his breathing, but his mind kept wandering back to the mysterious Dr. Parker. Finally, a troubled sleep overtook him.

"Isabel, you’ve got to try," Michael ordered.
"I am trying," Isabel snapped at him. She laid her head back down on the pillow, looking over the picture of her and Max taken just last year. She closed her eyes, evening out her breaths, but she could not find the calm she needed to enter the dream plane. Opening one eye, she glared over at Michael. "You know, this might be a bit easier if you weren’t breathing down my neck."
Michael rolled his eyes. "You said you wanted someone here just in case something went wrong."
Isabel rolled over on her back. "I do," she yelled in irritation. "But not someone to watch over me like a hawk or ordering me to do things. I wanted something more like a calming presence."
Michael ran a hand through his spiky hair. "And I am not peaceful enough," he baited her.
"Go wait with Tess and Kyle down stairs," Isabel commanded, sitting up on the bed. "Go before I make you."
"I don’t want to sit in the living room watching the make-out king and queen," Michael whined.
"Go before I hurt you," Isabel warned.
"What if I…," Michael started to say, but Isabel raised her hand. Michael turned, muttering something under his breath about a nazi, and walked out the door.
"Finally," Isabel said to herself. "I love Michael, I really do, but he needs to realize that our powers don’t quite work on command." Isabel let out a big sigh. She, too, had been freaking out since they had taken Max until Kyle told them that an old friend of his was taking care of Max a psychiatric hospital in Clovis. Even then, it had taken her 6 more hours to relax enough to attempt dream walking him.
Hell, they all had been freaking out. Kyle spent the first few hours trying to gather what information he could get at the station. Tess just went into shutdown, sitting by the phone, waiting for any news. Michael had begun the self loathing right away, blaming himself for being a couple of minutes late to meet Max. He swore that he could have stop Max from saving the girl.
Isabel knew it wasn’t true. Nothing could have stopped Max from saving that Maria-girl. Hell, they had all known her since high school. Kyle’s dad and her mom use to date. But that really didn’t matter either. Max could have never let someone die, not when he knew he could save her.
"Let’s just make sure it doesn’t kill you," Isabel whispered. Lying back down on the bed, she took the picture in her hand and stared at it, breathing in and out. She could feel the air pass into her lungs, filling them, then pushing it back out again, hissing as it hit the back of her teeth.
Isabel focused all of her energy on that picture, on Max, calling out to him. A familiar sensation came over her, and Isabel slammed her eyes shut. Max’s essence floated around her like little bubble, almost eluding her before she finally caught it.
Practically forcing her way into the dream he was having, it took a few moments for Isabel to get her bearings. She looked around. Her surrounds were made completely of white padded walls. The room was empty, cold, and unbelievably frightening. "Max," she called out.
"Isabel," a voice came from behind her.
She quickly turned on her heal, coming face to face with her brother. "Oh Max," she gasped, flinging herself at her. "We have been so worried. Are you alright? Have they tried to hurt you or anything?"
Max returned his sister’s hug, trying to comfort her. "I’m okay for now. Is everyone else okay? Michael? He didn’t show at the Crashdown. I was worried that something might have happened to him."
Isabel let out a little laugh of relief. That was her brother, always worried about others. "Michael is fine. Kicking his own ass because he thought he had let you down, but he is okay. So are Kyle and Tess." Isabel turned away from Max, taking another look around the room they were in. "Is this where they are keeping you?" She knew that dreams were hardly accurate, but they usually came pretty close.
"Sort of," Max sighed. "I am at some psychiatric hospital in Clovis. I have no idea why I am here, other than somebody knows I’m an alien and is trying to trick me somehow." Max thought about Liz Parker for a second. He had to find out more about her. Deep down, he knew she was the key to getting out of this place alive. But Max was not about to have his friends’ charge in recklessly, not if they didn’t know what they were walking into.
Max took a step towards Isabel, placing a hand on her shoulder. "I need you to do me a favor," he asked softly.
"What," Isabel questioned. Whenever Max said he needed a favor, it meant it was something Isabel didn’t want to do.
"Stay away from here," he said. "I don’t know what is going on in this place, but it is to dangerous for all of you to try anything right now."
"You can’t stay here," Isabel yelled. "I am not going to have you martyr yourself to save us. We need you," she cried.
Max reached out and drew Isabel in, hugging her. They had always been together, ever since they emerged from the pods, and the thought of being separated scared them both. But it would kill him if she got hurt, if any of them got hurt because of him. "It’s just for a little while," he reassured her. "I don’t want you all running into a trap. We don’t know anything about this place."
Isabel pulled away. "We do," she exclaimed as though she had suddenly stumbled across that piece of information herself. "Kyle got a call from a doctor at the hospital, your doctor."
Max’s eyes grew wide. "Liz," he asked.
Isabel’s eyebrows raised at the name. "Liz," she said. "You two are on a first name basis already?"
The shocked look on Max’s face quickly disappeared at tone in his sister’s voice. "How does Kyle know my doctor," he answered her question with a question.
Isabel knew that he was changing the subject on purpose, but she decided to let it drop… for now. "They went to college together and have kinda kept in contact ever since. He doesn’t think that she is some sort of FBI agent."
"But why did she call him," Max asked.
"She wanted to know what led up to your arrest. Apparently she knew Kyle was a deputy in Roswell."
Max opened his mouth to speak, but he felt an outside presence enter the actual room he was sleeping in. "You have to go," he said quickly. He started to focus all of his energy to push her away. "Someone is in my room. You have to go, it’s not safe."
Isabel felt his power shoving her out of his mind. She fought to stay with him, but it was no use. Max had always been stronger than her. "Max," she cried out to him.
"Remember, stay away from the hospital," he called to her, then he shut her out.
Isabel shot up in the bed. The tears rolled quickly out of her eyes and down her cheeks. "At least he is okay," she thought, doing her best to calm down. "We can still get him out."
Then, the last thing Max said entered her mind… "Stay away from the hospital."
Isabel started taking one deep breath after another. She was not about to let him sacrifice himself for everyone else. They were all in this together. "Sorry Max," she apologized silently. "But I never promised."

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