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Title: Once You’ve Loved Someone
Author: trinitystar1323
Email: trinitystar_1323⊕
Rating: PG-13 for now.
Disclaimer: UPN owns Roswell, the characters, and situations. The WB owns Smallville, the characters, and situations. No infringement intended. Nothing is mine.
Summary: Max is in LA when a new family moves into Roswell.
Category: Liz/Max, Liz/Clark, Michael/Maria/ Isabel/Jesse, Kyle/ Chloe
Authors Notes:

“You can’t be serious!” Liz retorted angrily as she openly glared at her mother and father. She had known that her father was still disallowing her to see or even be near Max, but she hadn’t believed that her parents would ever stoop this low.

“Oh, come now, Lizzie. The Kent’s are old friends of ours. Besides you and Clark used to play together when you were younger- you had so much fun together,” Nancy pleaded. This whole scheme was mainly her husband’s idea, though she did think it would be good for Liz to get out a little more.

“Lizzie, Clark is new in town and doesn’t know anyone except you and Maria. Now because Maria has work, I expect you to show him around,” Jeff said sternly. “And as soon as Maria gets off you three can go off and catch up.” For a moment Jeff simply stared at his daughter after speaking. He couldn’t believe how difficult and stubborn she was being. “Besides, I could just continue to let you work all weekend, or you can show Clark around and get some free time.”

“Oh, so this is still about…”

“Of course this is still about what Max made you do,” Jeff interrupted. He was still unwilling to believe that his daughter would hold up a convenience store unless prompted to by someone else.

“He didn’t make me do anything,” Liz insisted, though her voice wavered and cracked, giving off the idea that it indeed had been Max’s idea.

“It doesn’t matter. Either you can take this chance to reacquaint yourself with an old friend, or you can take Maria’s shift,” Nancy offered, trying to give her daughter a choice of some sort. “Besides, you and Clark were always so cute together… maybe it would do you some good to go out with another boy.”

“Go out? You mean, me and Clark… as in a date?” Liz squeaked. She couldn’t believe where this conversation was going. First her parents were forcing her to take Clark out and show him around town and now her mother was suggesting that they go on a date.

“That’s an excellent idea! I’m sure Clark wouldn’t mind- from what Jonathan and Martha tell me, Clark is getting over a crush he had back at his old school. I’m sure you two would be great together!” Jeff exclaimed happily- anything to get her away from Max.

“Dad!” Liz cried out in frustration. She couldn’t believe this. Max would be coming home in a day or two and her father was proposing that she go out on a date. Could life get any worse?

“Well then, it’s settled,” Jeff continued, while clapping his hands together. He wrapped an arm around his daughter shoulders and started towards the front of the café. “The Kent’s should be here any moment so…”

Only Jeff was interrupted by Maria, who came barreling into the back room, and went straight over to Liz. Quickly grabbing her by the arm and dragging her away from Mr. Parker, Maria waved off Liz’s parents and she continued to walk through the doors. Jeff and Nancy followed along curiously.

“Whoa, Maria, what’s going on?” Liz asked. She was beyond confused at this point.

“My new love of my eyes is what’s going on!” Maria said excitedly as she ushered Liz into the main dinning room. Stopping just behind the counter she quickly pointed towards the corner of the café. “Oh mi dios! If I could just rip me off a piece of that…”

For a moment Liz stood in a complete trance as she stared at the young man before her. She watched as he smiled politely, shaking hands with one person after another before returning to his shy quiet smile- a smile she could never forget. Or was it a smile she had never imagined to see again?

“Clark?” Liz choked out. She couldn’t believe her eyes. What had once been a scrawny boy who had looked more like Alex, was now a hunk of a man who could make any girl weak in the knees. He had the most amazing smile and his eyes were unlike any she had ever seen before. His body was chiseled much like a greek gods, and the heated gaze her eyes met up with was…

Heated gaze.

It took Liz a moment to register that Clark was staring right back at her. Only he wasn’t staring.

“Hmm, it looks as though someone has a new Romeo,” Maria commented hotly. In response Liz gasped and swatted playfully at Maria.

“Quiet,” Liz admonished.

“Oh, yeah right. If you have info on that Adonis then I want it,” Maria demanded playfully.

“I thought you were with Michael.”

“Was is the correct term. I dumped his ass into next Tuesday,” Maria corrected. “Now, who is that fine specimen and why, if you know him, have you not introduced him to me… or as I can see from where his eyes are, why haven’t you introduced yourself.”

“Maria, stop it,” Liz insisted as she broke the staring contest going on between she and Clark. “I’m with Max and even if I weren’t… Clark and I were just friends when we were kids. Besides… he probably has a girlfriend.”

“With the way he was looking at you I doubt if he did have a girlfriend that he was thinking about her.”

“Maria, hush!”

From across the room Clark continued to gaze at the angel in front of him. Liz Parker certainly had grown up since he had last seen her. The last time they had been friends he hadn’t known about his other-wordily powers, and she had been his friend. Now, she was this beautiful angel with this long brown hair that looked like silk, and expressive brown eyes that drew him in, making his whole body quiver. She was beautiful.

And she most definitely had a boyfriend. After all, someone as beautiful as her had to have a boyfriend, right?

Unless, like him, she had waited.

While they had always only been friends, Clark had always known that Liz was special. The first time he had laid eyes on her he had known that she was the one. And while he continued to façade that they were only friends, he had continued to hope and pray tha one day she would love him just as he loved her.

“Clark!” The voice of Jeff Parker broke Clark’s thoughts and he quickly smiled in response. Reaching out, he shook hands with the older man, and then took Nancy’s hand and gave it a light shake as well. Afterwards, he waited until Jeff and his father were talking before resuming his vigilant watch over Liz Parker.

“He sure has grown up… the last time I saw him he was barely three feet tall,” Jeff commented as he and Jonathan watched Clark openly gawk at Liz, or maybe it was Maria.

“And your daughter certainly has turned into a looker... or at least Clark seems to think so,” Jonathan said as he continued to watch his son. It was slightly embarrassing to have his son so openly gazing at Jeff’s daughter, though Jonathan could understand why.

A small smile crept up Jeff’s lips as he too watched his daughter and Maria practically drooling over Clark. Maybe Max Evans’ was a thing of the past. And from what he could tell, Clark seemed like a good, normal kid.

“Well, should we introduce them, or do you think they remember each other?” Jonathan asked a moment later.

“Liz Parker,” Clark sighed dreamily a moment later, as if he had heard his father’s comment.

“I think they remember,” Nancy laughed, as did Martha. And all the while, Jeff and Jonathan smiled in happiness, glad that finally their children might actually have found that special someone.

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Chapter 2

The cool breeze whipped around Liz, leaving her body with a slight chill on the cold November day. Usually Roswell was a fairly warm home, but even in the winter it could get a little chilly. Of course she was sure that it didn’t even compare to Smallville, Kansas, Clark’s old home.

Smallville, it was almost as famous as Roswell. Only they didn’t have aliens running around. Instead a meteor had hit the town, and now there were rumors that a superhuman being had been carried in the meteor. Liz wasn’t sure she believed it, but then the alien crash of 47 had been true so she guessed the meteor could be as well.

At the thought of Clark, Liz turned her head slightly and watched him through the corner of her eye as he continued to drive down the old highway. Originally she was supposed to give Clark a tour of Roswell, but then suddenly the milkshake machine had broken- or at least Maria had said that as Liz watched her mischievously break it with her own hands. What Maria was up to was beyond Liz, but then it did get her some time alone with Clark, and that was nice, just like his body.

No. No, she was going out with Max. Max Evans’ was her boyfriend, soul mate, and love of her life. He had saved her life, all the while placing his life in her hands by doing so. He had risked his life to save her own.

He had also fucked Tess.

Sure they had had their tough times, and yes, technically they weren’t supposed to be going out, but that didn’t matter. And it didn’t matter that he was in L.A. looking for a way back so he could save his son, whom happened to belong to Tess, while she was here with Clark- a very fine substitute.

“This is really pretty,” Clark commented suddenly, though his eyes were trained on Liz. She hadn’t changed one bit. Well, yes she had, and Clark could detail every little change, but her heart hadn’t changed. Liz Parker was still the same, lovable person he had first fallen in love with.

“It’s the old highway…” Liz murmured as memories of her last time on this highway floated through her mind. While she and Max hadn’t been going out at the time, their time together had been fun. There had been no worries and they hadn’t cared about anything but each other.

But like all good things, their time together had come to an abrupt halt when they had crashed while trying to avoid that stupid horse. If only that horse hadn’t wandered into the middle of the road or if only Max had seen it sooner, then maybe things would have been different. Maybe Alex would still be alive.

Maybe Clark wouldn’t be here right now.

“I never would have even known this place existed unless Max brought me here,” Liz continued a moment later. She turned and looked at Clark, and as if sensing her beautiful eyes, Clark tuned and smiled at her in response. But his smile dimmed as her words echoed in his mind.

“Max… is he your boyfriend?” Clark asked, unsure if he even wanted to know. It would only be right for her to have a boyfriend, just as Lana had. Liz and Lana. They were so much alike, and yet so different. And if Clark was right, then Liz was probably dating a real asshole- some football jock that didn’t treat her well. Someone who would never love her half as much as he did.

“Oh, um…” However, before Liz could answer her cell phone rang. She thanked the heaven’s above for the sudden distraction as she suddenly didn’t know how to answer the question, what with Clark and everything else that was going on. Pulling out her cell phone, Liz stared at the small screen and silently cursed under her breath.

It was Max.

“Who is it?” Clark asked curiously, though he guessed it was that Max guy as her face scrunched up much as it had when he had asked if he was her boyfriend.

“No… no one important,” Liz insisted as she clicked the phone off without even answering. If Max was going to ignore her then she was allowed to ignore him as well. Right now she was with Clark, and she didn’t need Max interrupting and confusing things. She didn’t want him to.

From behind Clark’s pickup, Lex Luthor drove steadily behind the couple. He had followed the Kent’s to Roswell, New Mexico after they had suddenly up and left Smallville. It had confused him as to why his now enemy, but still friend, Clark Kent had left without a single word of goodbye.

Maybe it had been Lana’s sudden engagement to Whitney, or maybe it had something to do with all the strange occurrences with Clark Kent. There was just too much that Lex didn’t understand and wanted to; such as why Clark was so reactive to kryptonite. Why did he grow weak and feeble as though he were dying, and yet the moment the kryptonite was taken away Clark was just as strong as he used to be.

And how was it possible that Lex had seen him fly? Flying was impossible- right?

The screeching of tires caught Lex’s attention and he quickly reacted by stomping down on his breaks. He watched in amazement as Clark’s car swerved from one side of the road to the next. It careened into the ditch on the other side of the road, flipping over completely.

For a second Lex merely stared in horror at the accident before him. It wasn’t until he looked back at the road that he saw the horse laying on the road. But then something caught his attention. He pulled off his seat belt and began to get out of the car to try and save the two kids lives, as Clark had saved his life numerous times. Only, he never got to.

For in the next moment Lex watched in utter shock as the car rocked over onto its passenger side as Clark easily pushed it over with one hand. He wasn’t even breaking a sweat as he pushed the car over onto its side.

This couldn’t be happening. It was impossible for some ordinary teenager to turn over a car, let alone a pickup that easily weighed over a ton.

But somehow Clark had done it.

And now he was pulling the girl, Elizabeth Parker, from the wreck. Her body was limp and looked to be almost dead.

Knowing that he had to offer help, even if it gave away his place, Lex started towards Clark and Liz. But again, he stopped short as he watched Clark gingerly lay Liz down onto the ground. She was pale and her breathing was shallow from what Lex could tell.

“Liz… Liz, oh god, Liz!” Clark cried softly as searched her over. Unfortunately none of his superhuman powers included healing otherwise he would do so in a heartbeat.

It wasn’t until a moment later when he felt the warm substance of Liz’s blood running over his hands that he realized she was bleeding. Staring down at the gash in her side, Clark could only guess that somehow a piece of metal from his pickup must have bent either during their crash or when he had turned it over, and hurt Liz.

Realizing what he needed to do, Clark quickly, yet gently, picked Liz up into his arms before taking a few running steps and taking off. He knew it was dangerous to fly, especially since he didn’t know how far he could go and he didn’t know who was looking, but this was important. Liz Parker was dying.

From around the bend, Lex Luthor watched in complete bewilderment as Clark Kent flew. It was true. This wasn’t some hallucination; Clark Kent- the same small town Smallville citizen Clark Kent was flying. And he was taking Liz Parker with him.

Deciding this was his chance, Lex ran over to Clark’s pickup. He started searching through when he suddenly stopped when he heard the distinct ringing of a cell phone. He searched for the cell phone, and a moment later he found it on the passenger side floor, which was now the door. A jagged edge of metal jutted out and the phone was balanced precariously on it.

Climbing into the vehicle as carefully as possible, Lex grabbed the phone as it once again rang. He glanced at the screen before answering it. Max Evans’. Who was that?

“Hello?” Lex answered.

“Who is this?”

“Who is this?” Lex asked in return.

“Maybe I have the wrong number. I’m looking for Liz Parker.”

“Liz Parker… yeah… you have the wrong number,” Lex answered a moment later. How else was he supposed to answer?

“Oh, ok, thanks... and sorry.”

After hanging up and climbing out of the car, Lex stared at the phone and the name and number which now appeared on the phone. Max Evans’. Maybe this could help with a piece of the puzzle. But first, it appeared as though Liz Parker was the first person he should have a talk with.


Staring down at his phone in confusion, Max wondered what had just happened. It was impossible that he had dialed the wrong number as he hadn’t even dialed a number. And who was answering Liz’s phone?

Shaking his head and deciding it was probably just her father trying to keep him away from his daughter, Max continued driving. But the bad feeling in the pit of his stomach that had taken its place a few hours ago was growing larger. And Max had a very bad feeling that something was going on that he would never know about.

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Chapter 3

Stirring from her deep sleep, Liz tried to get her eyes to focus in on whatever was in front of her, only instead she felt dizzy and light headed. The moment she tried to push herself up she felt a strong pair of arms pushing her back down.


“She’s coming around!”

“Honey are you alright?”

“Liz, I’m so sorry.”

“Oh, there’s nothing to worry about, you saved my daughter’s life.”

There were so many voices and Liz couldn’t distinguish a single one. So much was going on through her head that she wasn’t sure what was real and what wasn’t. Part of her felt weightless, as though she were flying. Another part of her felt an extreme warmth that she had never felt before. And finally she felt a loss of something- something that she wasn’t quite sure how to explain at this point.

Once again trying to focus her eyes so that she could see who was talking, Liz suddenly felt her mind going completely blank. And instead of seeing the present, she saw the past.

They had been so happy just driving along the old highway, being in each other’s presence. But then a horse had ruined it all and Max was left hurt.

They had been so much happier sitting in silence, secretly watching each other as they drove down the old highway. But then a horse had ruined it all and she was left hurt.

She had stayed by his side as they rode in the ambulance. She had prayed that he would be okay and that he would live. After all he had saved her life, and now she had taken his life.

Weightless. She felt completely weightless. The light breeze which brushed past her made her feel as though she was flying, almost like the time Max had brought her hang gliding. Only now, the strong arms holding her were just a bit warmer and she could hear his heart beating steadily as her head rested against his chest. She was home…

Jolting up from the bed, Liz’s eyes wildly chased around the room, trying to find him. They had gotten in an accident. Clark. She had to make sure he was okay. She couldn’t let him die. She had already lost one man in her life, how could she lose another whom she barely even knew?

“Lizzie!” Maria shrieked. She had been sitting at Liz’s side next to Clark and Michael, and across from Jeff, Nancy, Martha, and Jonathan. Immediately she was up and out of her hair, hugging her best friend.

“My baby!” Nancy cried as she too fought to hug her daughter. Jeff was by her side, pulling his daughter into his arms as well, but still being careful not to hurt her any worse then she already was. The bandage was flimsy and he was afraid anything could upset her wound.

As her family and friends hugged her, Liz continued to search for the one person she needed to see. But the moment her eyes met up with Clarks, she couldn’t tear them away. They gazed at each other uncaring of what anyone else thought. And while Liz didn’t want to get her hopes up, she couldn’t deny what she saw in Clark’s eyes.

Hope. Desire. Fear. Gratitude. And above all those, love.

Their eyes remained glued to one another as they longed to pull each other in one another’s arms and use the other for the obvious comfort they needed. They needed to know the other was okay and that they were still alive. And Liz needed answers. She had seen and felt things in her flashes that she had never felt before. And the things she had seen were beyond her own comprehension.

Across from Maria, Clark and Michael, Martha and Jonathan watched their son carefully. They knew that he had saved Liz by using his powers to fly her to the hospital. And they knew that he had put himself at risk, but they also had faith that he used good judgment as he had with Lex and Whitney. And hopefully, Liz would be trustworthy enough, or maybe she just wouldn’t remember. Either way, they had to keep their son safe.

All the while, Michael watched over the whole group, his eyes were mainly on Liz and the way she was gazing at Clark Kent. While he had to admit that Max wasn’t being the worlds best boyfriend to Liz, they were still going out, and if Liz was going to be giving goo-goo eyes to some other guy then Max deserved to know. But aside from that, Michael sensed that something was different about Clark Kent.

How had Clark gotten Liz to the hospital if they hadn’t taken a car.

Why wasn’t Clark hurt as Liz was?

What had happened to Clark’s car?

Nothing was adding up, and Michael planned on figuring all of this out.


“Is that all you did?” Jonathan asked seriously. He and Clark stood in the desolate hospital hallway talking. Everyone else had already left, but Clark had told his parents he wanted to stay and make sure Liz was okay. He also wanted to talk with her and see if she remembered anything or if his secret was still safe. But, even as he thought about it Clark couldn’t help but wonder how Liz would react to his other worldliness.

The Parker’s had left only a moment ago, leaving Clark and his father remaining at the hospital. Maria and Michael had left as well, but only after Maria hugged and kissed Clark, thanking him for saving her friend’s life.


“Clark,” Jonathan warned. He could tell his son wasn’t telling him something.

“She was dying dad, I couldn’t not do it,” Clark insisted.

“Couldn’t not do what?” Jonathan asked worriedly. This was getting worse and worse. First his son flew in broad daylight. Now he was keeping something that was obviously a big deal.

“I had to, dad. I had to,” Clark whispered. He scanned the hallways making sure that no one was listening to their conversation.

“You had to what?” Jonathan demanded nervously.

“Give her some of my blood…”


“Clark, you can’t be serious! You don’t know what it will do to her…” Clark and Jonathan’s voices were drowned out by Liz’s own thoughts as she stared at the open door in complete bewilderment. She was already confused, but more and more pieces to the puzzle were falling at her feet.

What were Clark and his father talking about?

When did Clark give her blood?

Why didn’t they know what his blood would do to her?

What was going on?

“I couldn’t just let her die.” Liz heard Clark softly through the door and it warmed her heart.

“Why?” Jonathan retorted angrily, his voice seeping through the door.

“It was her…”

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Chapter 4

Creeping back into the hospital room, Clark carefully moved around the room until he sat beside Liz’s sleep-prone form. Her eyes were closed and she looked so peaceful. Her chest slowly rose and collapsed with each breath, and as he stared down at her chest, he could almost imagine hearing her heart beating.

But he could see it. And it was one of the most beautiful things he had ever seen.

Rarely if ever did Clark get the chance to look at Lana, so he hadn’t ever seen her heart. Liz was a completely different story. There was something about her that Lana never had. Lana had been an infatuation- his need for normality had made him want Lana, as she was the epitome of normal. But Liz wasn’t normal, she was extraordinary.

And now, she was a part of him. Well, sort of.

When the nurses had said they needed blood, Clark had been more than willing. Granted he hadn’t been positive that his blood wouldn’t harm Liz, he had been pretty sure that she would be okay. It was like something in his heart had told him to do it.

Clark knew it had been foolish and very risky, but the idea of Liz dead just didn’t work well for him.

“No… no, Alex…” The sound of Liz murmuring in her sleep pulled Clark out of his thoughts. His gaze returned to her face and he watched as her brow furrowed and tears seeped from her eyes. It stung his heart to see her cry, but he knew there was nothing he could do.

Knowing so, Clark gingerly took her hand within his own and continued to sit by her side, all the while thinking.

Who was Alex?

Was he her boyfriend? Did she love him? Did he love her? And what about Max? Then there was Kyle and Michael? From what he could tell Michael and Maria were going out. But Kyle had been by Liz’s side the moment he had arrived. Maybe Kyle was her boyfriend, but she really loved Alex.

Why did all of this have to be so confusing? Couldn’t it just be simple for once? Couldn’t he just have someone to talk to? Couldn’t he confess his true feelings? Couldn’t he talk to the one girl he loved?

Staring down at Liz, a smile crept up Clark’s lips. What could go wrong? Liz was asleep and she wouldn’t remember. Right?

“I know you’re asleep and that you won’t remember this, but I guess that’s why I’m telling you,” Clark started. He paused for a moment as he collected his thoughts. Usually he could only talk with his parents, but now he was getting the chance of a lifetime. He was talking to another person- they just weren’t answering back. “I love you. The first time I ever saw you I knew that you were the one for me. I knew I’d never need anyone else. But I also knew it could never be. I don’t know how, but somewhere in my brain I knew that I was different and that you would never want to date some freak like me.

I am- a freak that is. I’m not even human. At least I don’t think I am. I don’t really know what I am. My parents found me in the meteor shower, or rather, I found them. My ship crashed to the ground. They took me in and took care of me. I was the only one like me, and I still am. I felt so alienated. Then I saw you and my life was complete just knowing that you existed. But then I started noticing how different I was from other kids. I can do things no one else can, like run faster, jump tall buildings, I have x-ray vision- don’t worry I only used it to look at your heart, and its beautiful- and, oh yeah… I can fly.

It’s so weird saying it aloud. I never thought I’d get to… but then I guess in a way I’m not because you aren’t awake and you’ll never know…”

Outside the door, Michael listened carefully. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and he wasn’t sure if he should. Either this was his stroke of luck, or this Clark Kent guy was just playing around. After all, would he actually be stupid enough to admit something this big to Liz on the chance that she was actually asleep.

But then, maybe Clark was more like Max. After all Max had wanted to admit the truth to Liz on numerous occasions, and he had even heard his friend confessing their secret in his room at night when he was alone. That’s when Michael had always interrupted and made sure to let Max know that no one could know their secret.

But this secret- this was huge.

Not only was Clark confessing his love to Liz- who rightfully belonged to Max (at least that was the way Michael saw it) but he was also confessing that he was an alien.

He was confessing that he had a ship.

A space ship that had happened to take him to earth because he was like them- he was an alien. And he was confessing this to Liz Parker. There was only one thing Michael could do. Taking out his cell phone, Michael dialed a number that had been drilled into his memory.



The first thing Liz woke to was a pair of deep gray eyes gazing down on her. She smiled and a soft laugh escaped her lips as her eyes lit up. The idea of heaven had never been this, but the eyes gazing down on her made her feel unlike anything. It was as though they could see right through her very being.


A voice of an angel. It was deep and husky, sort of like Clark’s.

Clark Kent. Now there was an Adonis if she had ever seen one. Sure Max was her boyfriend, and yes he was cute. But over the last few months he had lost his once handsome look. His skin had grown greasy and circles had formed under his eyes. His hair had grown out, making him look as though a lawnmower had eaten away at his scalp, leaving him with the remnants of his current look. And he looked more like a druggy then the once perfect Adonis that Liz knew.

But Clark Kent had everything. He looked just as adorable and innocent as when Liz had first set eyes on him. They had only been children, but even then Liz had thought him to be cute. He was so quiet and intense, unlike all the other children. Sort of like Max, but in a different way.

And his eyes. Every time she looked into his eyes Liz swore that it felt as though they saw right through her. It was like the connection which she and Max had shared so long ago, only deeper. Especially now.

To believe that this was heaven was a bit much for Liz. Why would she be in Heaven with Clark instead of Max. After all, Max was her soul mate, right?

But then, if she was in heaven and Clark was with her, then what would it hurt to have a little fun.

Reaching out with one finger, Liz traced the curves and contours of the face hovering over her. The face wasn’t completely clear, but the eyes were, and they reminded her so much of Clark. She smiled as she felt the smooth skin beneath her finger. It felt so real, so alive.


There was that perfect voice again. A smile broke out over Liz’s lips as she continued to trace her index finger over the face in front of her. It drew a line up from his strong jaw up to his lips. They were smooth and Liz liked her own lips as she imagined kissing those very lips. At that thought her eyes closed and her own lips parted as a inaudible moan escaped her throat.


She could feel his hot breath caressing her skin, and a bit of moisture hit her finger as it remained on his lips. God she wished he would kiss her.

Maybe if he wouldn’t kiss her then she could kiss him. After all this was supposed to be her personal heaven, and kissing Clark Kent sounded like a very good thing to do.

As she lifted her head up so as to meet his lips with her own she felt a dull pain in her side. And this confused Liz. She wasn’t supposed to feel pain when she was dead- that much Liz was positive of. But it was there and it was growing worse and worse with each movement she made.

A groan of pain passed through her lips in the next second and soon she felt a pair of warm, strong arms lightly forcing her back onto the bed. They didn’t feel a thing like Max’s. She was still alive, and this wasn’t heaven.

And that is when her eyes sprung open.

At first everything was blurry and unfocused, making it impossible for Liz to make out anything. But with each passing second things began to become clearer. And finally, the image of Clark’s face came into view. Her finger still rest against his bottom lip and he was staring down at her in concern.

“Liz, are you okay?” Clark asked quietly. It had taken all his strength to stop himself from doing the things he had wanted as Liz had had her way with him. Just the mere feel of her touch made him wild. Her touch was like silk gliding over his skin and he would give anything to feel it again.

He continued to watch her as she stared up at him. He had been watching over her for the last few hours. After he had told her everything he had simply waited by her side, watching and waiting.

But in the last few minutes she had finally come around and while he didn’t know what she had been thinking, he could have sworn she was going to kiss him.

“Clark?” Liz asked groggily.



For a moment the doctor merely stared at Liz’s side, unsure of what to think or say or even do. How would he write up his report? What would he tell his co-workers? What would he tell his shrink?

Jeff and Nancy were in the room, along side Martha, Clark and Jonathon. They were all huddled together as they watched the stunned doctor care for Liz.

“Oh Lizzie, you have no idea how scared we were,” Nancy breathed out a sigh of relief as she spoke. She grasped her daughter’s hand in her own and squeezed it.

“Sorry, mom,” Liz whispered dejectedly.

“Liz, you’ve got some recovery rate,” the doctor suddenly said. Clark’s head snapped up, as did his father and mothers. Fear coursed through the family as they watched the doctor pull away the bandage on Liz’s side. What would they do if their secret were discovered?

All the while Liz grew extremely nervous. She had noticed a few changes within herself since Max had saved her. What if he had changed something in her blood stream as well? The doctors had taken many samples of her blood and they would have found something off by now.

But still, Liz couldn’t help but worry.

“I guess I got lucky,” Liz finally choked out.

“You didn’t seem so lucky a few days ago. You sure you’re feeling okay? No dizziness? Headaches?” The doctor asked as he jotted down a few notes onto his clip board.

Liz could only shake her head ‘no’ as she was positive that if she tried to talk then the wrong things would come out.

“Good,” the doctor exclaimed. He turned and smiled at Jeff and Nancy. “Your daughter is fine.”

“Bu… but what about her side?” Nancy gasped while Jeff gawked at his daughter. It wasn’t possible. How had such a wound healed in only a few days?

“Some kids just have good blood,” the doctor insisted light-heartedly. “However, I still recommend that we keep her overnight. And I can schedule an MRI in the morning as well as a few other blood tests.”

“Yes, of course,” Jeff answered without haste.

“No! Dad, I’m fine… I don’t need any tests,” Liz insisted earnestly. Her eyes were large as saucers.

“Honey, I think its up to the doctor,” Nancy reminded her daughter.

“Please mom! Dad! I-uh… I have a ton of schoolwork. If I’m going to get into Harvard I can’t miss anymore school or get behind in my work,” Liz lied. She couldn’t let the hospital run anymore tests on her until she knew what was going on herself. “Really, I feel fine. Mom, I just… I don’t want to stay here.”

The doctor regarded Liz with a careful eye, trying to decide what to do. “Okay. Have her take it easy for the next week or so. And if you feel any dizziness, anything unusual, you contact me right away.”


Striding purposefully through the Crashdown doors, Max’s quickly made his way over towards his friends, who faithfully sat in their usual booth. As soon as Michael had called and explained what had happened Max had rushed back, but only after making one last check to see if there was any other way to Antar.

Of course the minute Michael had mentioned something about a ship, Max had known that he needed to get home. However when Michael also mentioned that Liz was in the hospital, Max had rushed about, finishing his business as quickly as possible. After Kal Langley had practically told him to never seek him out again, Max had sought out another way to save his son.

Now it looked as though that way had dropped right in his hands.

However, as Max had driven home he couldn’t help but wonder who Clark Kent was and why Liz was out driving with him, especially when that road led out to such a secluded place. Did Liz know Clark? And more importantly, how well did Liz know Clark and vice versa?

“Max…” Isabel breathed a sigh of relief as her brother sat down beside her.

“Where is she?” Max asked as his eyes scanned the restaurant, looking for any signs of Liz.

“Up in her room, but don’t even think about going to see her cause her dad has her under lock and key. I can’t even see her,” Maria explained. Max sighed in frustration but accepted that he wouldn’t be able to see Liz until Monday at school, or at least he hoped to.

“What about the ship?” Max asked.

“What ship?” Maria queried. She hadn’t heard anything about a ship.

“Clark’s ship,” Max explained.

“Clark has a ship?” Kyle asked. He was just as lost as Maria.

“Didn’t you tell them anything?” Max asked.

“Of course not. I’m not gong to explain it to them and then to you!” Michael argued angrily. Glaring at everyone until they shut up, Michael continued. “So I was sitting outside Liz’s door when I heard Clark talking…”


Standing in front of her mirror, Liz stared at her practically naked body. Unlike the time Max healed her, there was no physical evidence or outward signs pointing to Clark having done anything to her, except the fact that every bruise, cut and scrape was completely healed.

And of course there was her sudden burst of energy, which never seemed to diminish, but Liz wasn’t sure that she could actually attribute that to anything Clark did to her. Or could she? Never had she felt as rejuvenated as she did lately.

But what stumped Liz was why Clark’s father seemed so afraid about the fact that Clark gave her blood. It scared Liz to know that she had some sort of foreign blood in her. How did Clark know their blood was compatible? How did Mr. Kent know that she would be safe with Clark’s blood inside of her? What was going on?

All Liz knew was that she couldn’t wait until Monday, because hopefully then she could get the answers she so desperately needed.