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Title: Straight to the Top
Author: StormyBear
E-Mail: StormyBear29⊕
Rating: I am shooting for an NC-17 Fic…but it is a dreamer fic so it may only be a strong R…just kidding!!! :p Definitely NC-17
Couple: Hold on to your hats people for the unconventional one is writing a…gasp…a dreamer fic. It just came to me and you know that you have to go with the flow when inspiration hits.
Summary: Two strangers meet in an unexpected place and despite the fact that they don’t know a thing about each other…they find that they have more in common then they could ever have known. Want to know what happens next…then read on below.

Chapter One

“How long have we been in here” He hears the voice speak that has been sitting in the same cramped space as he for the what felt like hours…but in reality has only been thirty five minutes. He can hear the fear in her voice and he knows that he can’t blame her for his nerves are just as frazzled as hers are since they have been sitting in total silence since the elevator they have been riding in has stopped between floors.

“About forty minutes” is his reply as he once again hits the light of his sports watch to see that only a few more minutes have passed since the last time he checked it.

“Forty minutes…is that all?” she questions more to herself then to the man that is sitting so close to her that she can feel the heat that is radiating from his body. “It feels like we have been here for hours”

“I know…I was just thinking the same thing” he chuckles lightly as he pulls his knees up into his chest…squinting in an attempt to make out the women sitting so close to him that he can smell the scent of her entrancing perfume. He tries to remember what she looked like as she had yelled for him to hold the elevator for her earlier that evening…and try as he might he has to admit that his mind was so far elsewhere that he had barely even heard her yelling out to him to much less remember her face. He knew that coming out tonight was a stupid mistake…but he had taken the advice of his best friend Michael…or more along the lines he had his life threatened by his best friend if he didn’t. He wasn’t ready…wasn’t ready to mingle with the beautiful people as Michael liked to call them. It was too soon after she had trampled on his heart and shattered it into a million and a half pieces to even fathom being with another women. He had loved her…hell he still loved her and was even going to ask her to be his bride…but she had other ideas as he quickly found out as he had found her in his bed doing the nasty with some guy named Kyle. “What a stupid name” he mumbles unintentionally out loud.

“Pardon Me,” she the voice questions as she also pulls her knees into her chest…laying her head heavily upon them.

“Nothing…sorry” he mumbles…cursing himself silently for his little slip up.

“It’s ok” is her reply as she allows her mind to wander back to just a few weeks ago when she had been the happiest and then the saddest in her young life. Everything was arranged…planned to the utmost perfection and she had been happier then she ever thought was possible. She had just accepted a job with a well-respected law firm and in a few short weeks she was going to be marrying the love of her life. Life was perfect…so perfect that she had been to blind to see that signs that were so plainly before her completely trusting eyes. He had been cheating on her…the man of her dreams…the man that she was going to marry…the man that had pledged his eternal love to her…had given the one thing that she thought would always be reserved for only her…he had given his love to someone else. She was totally clueless…but her best friend for reasons that she still did not quite understand did not trust him as far as she could throw him and had told Liz on a regular basis that she thought he was to perfect to be faithful to her. At first Liz balked at the idea that her love would even fathom cheating on her with another women…but when she got her proof in the form of some very reveling photo’s she knew that her perfect would was about to crash into a pile of rubble and nothingness.

“The name is Max Evan’s” he speaks…breaking the deafening silence that is surrounding them like a heavy shroud. He feels as if he is about to explode from the quietness of it all and although he knows that it is just mindless chatter…it is better then the silence that he knows will slowly drive him mad.

“Liz Parker” she returns…thankful that he has broken the mind numbing silence that she feels is swallowing her whole.

“I take it you were on your way to the same party that I was going to”

“Yeah…probably. My friend Maria threatened my very existence if I didn’t show up for this party tonight. Her new boyfriend is throwing it…and trust me when Maria speaks…you better listen” she giggles…feeling a bit more at ease with the total stranger who despite knowing nothing about him…feels that he is someone that she can talk to.

“Maria…OMG…Maria is your best friend. You have my condolences” he laughs…knowing full well what Liz is talking about when it comes to one Maria DeLuca.

“I take it that you know Maria”

“Um…you could say that” his laughter continues. “She is dating Michael…my best friend and I have had more then my fair share of run in with her and her craziness. The first night I met her…she was running buck naked around our apartment as Michael chased her just as naked as she. Michael had the decency to run into the room and change…Maria didn’t care as she lunged herself into my arms completely nude and kissed me on the cheek before she ran off into his room. I was horrified and could barely look at her the next morning when she came into the kitchen looking for coffee as I got ready for work…but she just kissed me on the cheek again and made a comment about how she hoped that they didn’t keep me up to late…or something like that”

“That’s my Maria” Liz laughs along with Max for she knows that only Maria could pull a stunt like that and get away with it. “She does what she wants…says what she wants…and doesn’t think twice about it. She is defiantly a character. She has embarrassed me on more then one occasion…but at the same time I wish that I could be more like her”

“I know what you mean” his laughter continues…and then turns serious. “She has been a great influence on Michael. Before he met Maria it was rare for you to ever see a smile on his face. We used to call him Stonewall Guerin because of the look of stone that was always plastered on his face…but then Maria came into his life and little by little she chipped away at that wall and now you can’t keep a smile off his face”

“I haven’t ever met Michael…but I feel like I know him through her. He makes her so happy…all she can do is gush for hours about how wonderful he is. She really loves him…I just hope that he deserves that love”

“What about you Liz…do you have a man in your life that makes you happy” Max questions…dying like hell to hear the answer and praying even harder that it isn’t the one that he is sure he is going to hear.

“Um…yes…I mean…no. What about you” she stammers as a flash of fresh pain tears through her already badly beaten heart. “Do you have someone that makes you do silly things…someone that makes you constantly smile in your life”

“I did…” he answers sadly as he pulls his knees even tighter into his chest. “She left me…or I guess that I left her when I found her sleeping with another man”

“Oh Max…I am so sorry” Liz cries out as she unknowingly moves forward…placing her hand tenderly on his shoulder in an attempt to sooth the clearly hurt stranger before her.

“It’s ok…” he lies as he tries to control the tears that are once again misting at his eyes. “It’s been weeks and tonight was my first outing of sorts since our break up. It was a test to try and move on and start something new…but I don’t think that I am ready for something new just yet…maybe never. I bet who ever you were meeting at the party must be pretty worried about you about now” he states…quickly changing the subject as another unknown pang races through him.

“Actually…I am here for basically the same reason that you are” she replies truthfully as she leans back against the wall…still not removing her hand from the spot on his shoulder. “We were getting married…we were in love with each other…or at least I was in love with him…but he however was in love with someone else altogether. I didn’t want to believe it…in fact when Maria first showed up with the proof that he had been cheating on me I had kicked her out of my apartment and didn’t speak to her for three days. For three days I pretended like everything was wonderful and all the while I had an unopened envelope with solid proof and that Kyle had been unfaithful to me…”

“Kyle…” Max repeats astonished at the name that he just heard from Liz’s lips.

“Yeah…Kyle Valenti…my ex fiancé”

“No fucking way…no fucking way” she stammers as he jerks himself off the floor from where he sat besides her and begins pacing the tiny space between them. “There is just no fucking way that this is happening”

“Max…what…what is it” she asks concerned and a bit fearful at the muttering and pacing man before her as she pulls herself off the floor and places her hand upon his heaving chest in an attempt to calm him down since he is so obviously aggravated. “What’s wrong. Do you know Kyle”

“Yeah…you can say that I know Kyle Valenti…” he yells angrily as he grabs Liz…the girl that he has just met and jerks her stunned body forward until she is a mere inches from his blazing eyes. “Since he is the one that has been fucking my girlfriend…the one that stole her from me”

Liz can only stand there stunned and speechless as he continues to hold her so close to him that she can literally feel the hot breath as it blasts across her numb face. Looking into his eyes she sees the one thing that has been a constant presence in her life since the night that she opened the all telling envelope and allowed a soul consuming despair to permanently take residence in her heart and soul. Despite the dark she can read his pain so clearly in his eyes…for it is the same pain mirrored in her own. Her heart breaks and at the same time she feels something that she never thought that she would feel again…compassion and before she knows what she is doing…she quickly places her hungry lips upon hungrier ones as they share one hell of an earth shattering kiss.

TBC...Should I contine??? I am dying to know what you think. Stormy!!!

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Chapter Two

He knows that he shouldn’t be doing what it is that he is doing right now…but rational thought is not an option as after the initial shock of having this perfect stranger kiss him with such passion that the room begins to spin madly around him. He knows he should but he doesn’t stop as he turns the tables on the petite beauty and attacks her mouth just as passionately. It’s wrong his mind screams…your doing this for the wrong reason…she is just an innocent bystander…but he chooses to ignore his thoroughly confused mind as he slams her roughly against the flatness of the elevator wall and continues to ravage her hot little mouth.

“Oh god” she cries out in pleasure as she feels his hands wander over the firmness of her ass…pulling her tighter against his apparent raging hard on. This is wrong…her mind screams as she rubs her body seductively over his fully stimulated body…blatantly urging him to continue with his ministrations despite what her mind is telling her. She has never been this brazen before…not even with Kyle and the truth is that she likes it as she quickly cups the bulge so evident through his tight jeans…causing a slew of profanities to flow from his kiss swollen lips. A smile forms on her lips at the response she receives as he once again slams her against the hardness of the wall…continuing to ravage her more then eager lips until they are both panting for life giving breath. She knows that she should stop…knows that she should be the perfect Liz Parker that everyone knows and loves…but she is tired of being branded the goodie goodie as she with nimble fingers rips the front of his shirt open sending buttons flying everywhere.

“Fuck” he curses out into the darkness as she continues to stroke his every growing manhood with one hand and begins to explore his fully exposed chest with the other. Before he has a chance to realize it…he is the one that is now pinned against the wall as she nips and bites her way down his chest…teasing and taunting him until he thinks that he will go mad from the current that her hot tongue is shooting through him as she sucks his tender nub into her warm mouth. He knows that it won’t be much longer before he loses his load as he continues to hump her hand like some dog in heat as she continues to stroke his raging boner. So he does as she had done to him as he grabs her tight…form-fitting shirt and rips it from her body marveling at the firm pert breasts that are poking tantalizingly through a black satin bra…begging for release. Without hesitation he places his hands over the jutted pebbles as he with one fell swoop jerks the satin bra downward…exposing her beautifully proportioned breasts. His need to taste them over powers him as he attacks one so savagely that it causes her to yelp out from the pain of his attack.

She feels him pull away somewhat as she cries out from the shock and the pain of it all…but she refuses to allow him to stop as she wraps her hands tightly around his neck and forces his head forward as she shoves an achingly tender nipple back into his mouth where it belongs. Naughty images of what they are about to do invade her mind…images so vibrant and graphic that if not for her already flushed body…she knows that she would be blushing from head to toe as Max continues his assault on her quickly bruising breasts as he moves back and forth between the two of them. She is tired of being the good girl that always does what everyone expects of her…tired of sitting back as letting others be in charge…or Kyle in this case as he is the only other man that she has ever been with when it comes to sex. She was ready for more…ready to be in command and even though the only thing that she knows about Max is that his ex is fucking her ex…she doesn’t care as she steps back…removing the nipple that he has been worrying on from his mouth as she falls to her knees and begins to work the zipper of the one thing that she wants to see more then she can even fathom.

Disappointment runs through him as she jerks her body away from his…but this disappointment quickly disappears as he watches her now kneeling before him…watches as she unzips the zipper of his now overly tight jeans as she jerks them quickly…along with his boxers into a pool at his feet and he almost loses it just as quickly as she places her scorchingly hot mouth upon his ragingly hard dick and sets a rhythm that within moments has him tittering on the edge of explosion. know what is coming next...or is it and just what does Maria have to do with any of this...hee hee!!! Stay tuned next part next...Stormy!!!

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Chapter Three

He needs to fuck her…there is no other way to put it as he winds his hands through her hair…jerking her quickly from the floor as in a scene from before he slams her hard into the wall. Moans of out right want and need escape from the lips of the both of them as he speedily wrenches the tiny skirt that she is wearing up past her hips…exposing her gloriously g-string covered pussy. His need to be inside her consumes him as he with the simplest of gestures he breaks the tiny string with his hand as with a mammoth thrust buries himself so deep within her heat that he finds that he may just die right there on the spot from the splendor of it all. “Holy Fuck” he cries out as he begins to set a pace that will soon bring the two soul scared people that they have become to their impending release.

Liz can’t ever remember a time ever when she slept with Kyle feeling the way that she does now as this perfect stranger known as Max continues to fuck her with such wild abandon that she feels that she will never come down from the high that his raging dick is sending though her frenzied body. “Harder…fuck me harder” she screams out into the tiny car as she rakes her nails down his back…knowing that she must be drawing blood…but not caring as he continues to thrust harder into her thriving core. “Oh god…fuck me…fuck me…fuuuuuuuck me”

He can feel the blood as it trickles down his back…can feel the pain as with each thrust it rips through him…but he pushes past the pain for the pleasure that her tight pussy is bringing him is just to good to have time to worry about anything else. “God you feel so good” he grunts as he quickens his pace for he knows that they are both just moments away from coming like they have never come before. “You feel so fucking good”

“So close…so close” she mutters incoherently as she once again digs her long fingernails into the already delicate skin of his back. Needing to be closer to him…she wraps her arms tighter around his neck as she wraps her legs around his manly waist…giving him better access to her gaping hole. Within seconds a wave of powerful current blasts through her as she is sent backwards once again into the hardened surface of the wall as he pistons into her for the last time sending them both into the other limits of ecstasy. Gently he lowers her to the floor as she continues to cling to him as the last shudder echoes throughout her thoroughly satisfied body as they both fight for much needed breath. She knows that she should feel ashamed for what it is that she has just done for fucking perfect stranger is not something that she would normally do…but she finds that she doesn’t. She knows that what she has just done was something that she had to do…something that she needed to do to release the demons that have haunted her since the night that she realized that truth about Kyle and his infidelities. She knows that this is just in a sense a way to get back at Kyle for the hurt and pain that he has cased her…and yet she feels as if there was a reason that this man was here in this very elevator…this very night and then it hits her.

He can only stare at her dumb founded as she stands there before him with her red and swollen breasts exposed…with her skirt hiked up to her hips fully exposed to him…laughing as it is the funniest thing in to world. Hastily he pulls away from her as he searches for quickly discarded clothing wishing like hell that the doors would open up so he could escape from this sex stenched room. “What the fuck is so funny” he fumes as he quickly dresses himself…trying to get as far away from the crazed girl as possible.

“Oh Max…I am so sorry” her laughter continues as she tries to make herself presentable after the fucking of her life. “What did you say that your last name was”

“Evans…why” he answers cautiously as he continues to eye the woman laughing hysterically before him.

“Maxwell Evans…age twenty-four…part of the and son of Evans and Son incorporated”

“How the fuck do you know all that about me” he questions her suspiciously as she comes and sits besides him on the floor of the elevator car.

“This whole thing was a set up from the very beginning. This has Maria DeLuca’s name all over it. I didn’t realize it before since we were too busy…well you know…but you are the same Max Evans that she has been trying to set me up with for the last few weeks”

“Omg…and you are the same Liz Parker that she has been trying to get me to meet as well. Do you really think that she…that they had anything to do with this” he questions…already knowing the answer for he would put nothing past the crazy girlfriend of his best friend. “Oh and you can best bet that Michael had something to do with this as well”

“I believe whole heartedly that they had something to do with this Max…but lets not let them think that they did something here. I want them to suffer…like we have suffered. I mean…not suffered…well I mean…this was great…more then great” she stammers…blushing furiously as she tires to express just what tonight was like.

“I know what you mean” he chuckles giving her a huge grin. “So what is it that you have up your sleeve”

“I don’t know…but you can best bet that I will think of something…but for now when they finally let us out of here act as if you really hate me and I will act like I really hate you”

“I don’t know if I can act like I hate you” he blushes just as red as Liz does as he stares into her eyes.

“I know” she replies breaking the lock that he has on her. “But…we have to. We have to make them think that we can’t stand to be around each other…and then we will make them pay”

“Sounds like a plan to me” he chuckles again as he leans back against the wall…wincing as a fresh bout of pain flashes through him from where she had rakes her nails down his back earlier. “But what about these” he says indicating towards the ripped shirts with no buttons barely covering their chests. “How do we explain no buttons on either of our shirts”

“That is nothing” she giggles as she reaches across his lap and retrieves her purse sitting besides him. “Always be prepared” she quips as he pulls a traveling sewing kit from deep within it.

“You are truly amazing” Max speaks in wonderment of the woman sitting besides him as he gets up and searches for the missing buttons…handing them as well as his shirt to her as she begins to sew them back into their rightful place.

“Thanks…” she replies easily as she continues with her work. “Now…about our revenge”

TBC...oh the fun we are about to have.
*tongue* More soon...Stormy!!!*angel*

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Chapter Four

“I don’t hear anything” Maria DeLuca whispers to her extremely horny boyfriend as she presses her ear to the metal doors of the elevator trying desperately to hear anything that may be going in there. “What do you think they are doing?”

“Well…if Liz is as hot as you describe her then hopefully Max is ⊕#%$ her senseless” he chuckles as he pins his nosey girlfriend against the doors in an attempt to kiss her senseless. “But…” he states truthfully in mid kiss. “This is Max that we are talking about so more then likely he is boring her with mindless chitchat about nothing. By the way…how the hell did you get them trapped in the elevator anyways…and how did you get the elevator to stop”

“Oh baby…I have my ways” she giggles as she runs her hands through her lover’s hair and pulls him towards her wanting lips. “Besides…it’s amazing what you can get someone to do when you flash a fifty dollar bill in their face”

“You know that your playing with fire don’t you” he questions as he pulls away from his crazy girl friend. “This could come back and bite you in the ass”

“It’s foolproof my love” she replies as she leans her ear once again against the metal doors. “Max and Liz are perfect for each other. I never trusted Kyle. He was never good enough for Liz…but with Max I don’t know what it is…it’s like they are perfect for each other. I want to see her happy…happy like you and I are”

“I make you happy”

“You make me very happy Michael…and I want that for Liz. I want her to feel the way that I do whenever we are together and I want her to feel that way with Max. They deserve some happiness and together I know that they can find it”

“Your crazy you know that” he chuckles as he pulls her back into his arms. “But…I love you and your crazy ass. Oh and for the record…you make me happy too” Together the two share an passionate kiss…only breaking free to pull air into their air starved lungs. “So…so” he pants. “When are you going to let them out of there. They have been in there for almost two hours now”


She doesn’t know how it is that she has ended up sitting in his lap as he kisses her like she has never been kissed before…but the truth is that she could give two shits as he gently leads her more then eager tongue into the warmth of his mouth with his own. One minute they were planning their strategically for getting back at Maria and Michael for butting into their love lives and then the next thing she knew she was getting drawn into the hazel beauty of his eyes and now here she sits upon his lap…his bulging manhood poking her tauntingly in the region of her rear end as he continues to plunder her mouth. “Oh god Max…why can’t I keep my hands off of you” she pants as he releases her swollen lips…now nipping and kissing his way down towards the tender junction of her neck as his hands kneed her still sore breasts into painfully jutted points.

“For the same reason that I haven’t been able to keep my hands off of you” he pants as he once again covers his mouth with his own…only to jerk himself away quickly as the lights of the elevator light the small room…blinding them both. “⊕#%$” he cries out irritated at the loss of her body upon his. “Perfect ⊕#%$ timing”

“No kidding” she groans just as irritated as they scramble to make themselves look at presentably as possible considering that they had just ⊕#%$ each other senseless not more then twenty minutes ago…and were about to have another go if not for Maria and her perfect timing. Pushing her anger away…as well as her desire to jumps this mans bones yet again…she turns to him trying to control the womanly urges that are running rampant within her sex crazed body. She realizes that Max has brought out a side of her that she never knew existed…it is a side that both frightens her and thrills her to her very core and she finds that she can’t wait to find out what else is to come with the man that she finds so hot that she can barely control herself…but she knows that she must if their plan of revenge is going to work. “Now remember…we have to act like we hate each other. I mean really hate each other”

“I know…I know” he moans…staring at her lips and dying to capture them under his own yet again. “I hate you…I hate you…I hate…I don’t hate you” he mutters as he pulls her tightly against his body and attacks her unsuspecting lips so forcefully that she almost falls to the floor from the shock of it all. “Just so you’ll know how much I hate you” he chuckles as he releases her and faces the opening door.

She can only stand there stunned as the door flies open and Max practically runs out of the place where they had shared so much of each other. “You stupid bitch” he she hears him yell out in mock anger as he brushes past a stunned Michael and Maria and enters the raging party. “⊕#%$ off you jack ass” she retorts…trying like hell to hide the smile that threatens to expose itself as she attempts to walk past the still stunned couple. “Oh no you don’t” she hears Maria call out behind her as she grabs her by the arm and spins her around until she is facing her. Again she has to fight the urge to laugh at the look of pure confusion that covers her best friends face. “Michael…you go after Max while I talk to my best friend here”

They watch as Michael leaves the two women searching for the elusive Max Evans. “Ok Chica…spill. What the hell was that all about. What happened…did he try something…did he hurt you. OMG…did he try something Lizzy” Liz for a moment feels bad about tricking her best friend…but it doesn’t last as thoughts of a always meddling Maria enter her mind. No…this was something that she was determined to get through…and if she happened to have some fun with one Max Evans in the process… then it was a torture that she was going to have to endue…for revenge purposes only of course.

“I don’t know what happened” she replies…trying like hell to keep her anger face on. “I mean one minute we were talking and then the next minute he was spouting about how he hates all women and that we should all be herded together and shot a point blank range. I mean…it was so creepy and then he started verbally abusing me. I can’t even repeat some of the things that he said to me. Oh Maria…it was just awful” she cries out as she lunges into her friends arms…finally allowing the smile that had been taunting her since exiting the elevator cover her face.

“Max…Max said that to you. Max Evans…I mean I haven’t ever heard him say a negative thing about anything this whole time that I’ve known him…much less raise his voice the way that he just did”

“I don’t know what the hell happened today then…but I think that he is crazy Maria”

“Yeah…maybe he is crazy. Come on Liz let’s get you freshened up a bit…you seem a bit flushed”

Blushing from head to toe…Liz allows her best friend to lead her into the party. Once inside she scans the area for Max…hoping to catch a glimpse of him to let him know that their plan was in motion…and dying to find out how his talk with Michael went as well. “The bathroom is over there” she hears her friend scream above the roar of the crowd. “Freshen yourself up and then get your ass out here and mingle with these single…eligible men” Nodding…Liz heads in the direction indicated by Maria. She knows that she should freshen up a bit for she can still feel the sweat upon her body…can still feel the moisture their orgasms between her legs…but she finds that she wishes that she could keep the scent of him that surrounds her just for a few moments more. Forcing those crazed thoughts from her mind…she enters the empty bathroom and begins to remove the scent of their ⊕#%$ from her still over heated body.


I tell you Mike…she is ⊕#%$ crazy” Max yells towards his friend as they stand at the makeshift bar in the kitchen of the studio that Mike owns. “I mean…one minute she is talking about the weather and then the next she is spouting off like some crazed lunatic about how all men are assholes and should be banished from the earth. I mean…you should have heard the ⊕#%$ that was coming from her mouth…there is something defiantly wrong with that lady” he continues with his rant as he brings the drink that Michael has given to him to his lips to try and hide the smile that keeps threatening to expose the lie he is telling.

“Damn…I didn’t realize that she was that ⊕#%$ crazy” he remarks…downing the last of his drink as he pours himself another. “I mean…this doesn’t seem like the Liz that Maria raves on and on about for hours and hours. Are you sure that you didn’t’ say anything that she might have taken the wrong way…you know something that may have set her off”

“Michael…I swear to you that I didn’t say anything to her. We were just talking about the weather and then…BAM”

“Man…she really got your goat didn’t she” Michael chuckles. “Your as red as a beet. I swear if I didn’t know you any better I would think that you had just bagged the babe…but hell what am I talking about…you would never do that. Look man…blow that bitch off…take a look around and gaze upon the bounty spread out before you. Even you could get lucky tonight if you play your cards right. The cans over there…get yourself straightened out and find some bimbo that won’t think twice about sucking your Johnson for you…because lord knows your up tight ass needs it”

“⊕#%$ you” Max laughs at his long time friend as he walks off in the direction of the bathroom…frantically searching for just a glimpse of Liz. Disappointment fills him when he doesn’t see her as he continues on his way. Finding the door that he needs…he quickly turns the knob and swings it open…coming face to face with a startled Liz…and then before he has a chance to utter a single word he feels himself being pulled into the room…the door quickly slammed closed and locked behind him.

No words are spoken as Liz jumps into his arms…legs wrapped in a vice like grip around his waist as he stumbles forward unable to see where he is going as she shoves her tongue back to where he has longed for it to be from the moment that he left her at the elevator. Teeth gnash…tongues collide as he sits her heavily upon the counter of the sink…with the urge to taste her so heavily in his mind that he doesn’t waste a precious moment as he once again hikes her skirt up the sides of her supple hips…urging her legs open with his hands as he speedily kneels before…nearly drooling with his need to sample the first taste of her juices.

“Jesus…” she cries out as the tongue that was just exploring her mouth begins its exploration of her thoroughly drenched ⊕#%$. She can’t believe how good it feels to have this mans head between her legs…going down on her like there is no tomorrow. She fights the urge to scream out just how ⊕#%$ magnificent it feels to have him suck on her overly sensitive bundle of nerves…how breathtaking it is when he inserts two long and thick fingers into her slick passage…but she controls that urge as she grabs the first thing that she can find and shoves it onto her mouth to stifle her need for verbal release. The towel tastes like ⊕#%$…but she doesn’t care as Max thrusts another finger into her…pumping in and out with such force that she knows that in a mere matter of seconds she will lose what is left of her senses as he sends her closer and closer to her mounting orgasm.

“Liz…Liz are you ok in there” she hears Maria call out from the other side of the door.

“I’m…I’m fine” she struggles to speak much less breath as Max chuckles against her nub…sending shockwaves of pleasure bolting through her as he brings her to an earth shattering release. “⊕#%$” she cries out…regretting it immediately as Maria begins pounding like a mad woman against the wooden door.

“Liz…open this ⊕#%$ door” she screams as she continues to bang on the door separating her from her friend. She could tell that Liz needed her…could hear it in her voice as she tried to hide from who she assumed was Max. “Liz…either you open this door or I will break the damn thing down”

“Boy…she is determined” Max chuckles as he reluctantly removes his cream coated lips from where they had just began to explore her gorgeous womanhood…finding that he longs for more…lots more. He had never much liked oral sex with Tess. She always seemed to smell of dead rotting fish and tasted just as bad…but he loved her and was willing to do anything to make her happy. But with Liz he finds that it is different…that he longs to inhale her heavily scent for always…longs to taste the creamy sweetness that is only her. He knows now that he is addicted…and as with any addiction it must be fed…and no matter what the out come of this little game of theirs…it was an addiction that he was never going to try and cure…an addiction that is going to consume him forever.

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Chapter Five

“⊕#%$…what are we going to do now” Liz cries out in panic as for the second time that evening she adjusts her hastily hiked up skirt. “Quick…hide in here” she says pointing to the cabinet door located under the sink.

“What are you crazy. I can’t fit in there” Max whispers through gritted teeth as he stares at the cabinet door that he knows he has no choice but to try and squeeze into or face the wrath of one Maria DeLuca. “My legs are too long…how in the hell do you expect me to fit in there”

“Just suck it up and get over it…” she replies irritated as Maria continues to pound loudly upon the door. “Because it is the only place for you to go” Forcefully she pushes a sputtering Max in the direction of the cabinet as she quickly opens the door and pushes his burly body into the cramped space. “Nice…” she giggles at his fully exposed rear end as she continues to help him as he contorts his tall frame into the tiny area. She doesn’t know how they managed to do it…but within seconds they are able to make him fit…but she knows that he won’t be able to stay long in the almost fetal position that he is now contorted in.

“Get rid of her already” he grunts painfully as she closes the door leaving him in smelly darkness. He doesn’t know what they smell is…and doesn’t want to know as all sorts of disgusting ideas come to mind. “Hurry the ⊕#%$ up” he whispers quietly to himself as his legs begin to cramp from the awkward position that they have found themselves in. He can’t really make out the words as Liz tries to prove to Maria that she is in fact ok…all he can really hear is the high pitched squeals of Liz’s best friend as he silently continues to curse at himself for allowing it to get to this point.

Maria…please. I am fine. I was just washing my hands and I splashed water all over my shirt. That’s all…I’m not dying…I am just fine” she states adamantly as she shows her the shirt where just moments before she had splashed water on as she tried to come up with an excuse for her earlier behavior. It was the best that she could come up with…but it seemed to be enough to appease her as they begin to exit the rest room…only to have Maria turn back with the same frightened look on her face that she had as she had entered the room earlier. “Are you sure because it sure sounded like you were in some sort of pain” she hears her friend utter as she once again grabs her by the arm and drags her out of the bathroom so Max can hopefully climb out of his cramped quarters. Yeah…torturous pleasureful pain…she thinks to herself. “Nope…not in any pain. So…lets get out there so I can mingle with all those single…eligible men that you were telling me about before”

“Yeah…forget stupid Max Evans. Lets go an find you a real man” Maria exclaims as she wraps her arm around the waist of her friend and leads her into the raging party.

“Right…easier said that done” she whispers inaudibly to herself as Maria continues to chatter on endlessly about the many single men that she could meet. She doesn’t want to meet any other single men…as images of all that had transpired between the gorgeous stranger and herself continue to run through her sex-crazed mind. After tonight….there is no forgetting Max Evans…ever. She thinks as she puts on her largest fake smile and greets the clearly drunken slob that Maria is trying to introduce her too.

“Jesus Christ” he grunts out painfully as he untangles himself from under the sink…shaking his legs in an attempt to force the circulation back into them. After what feels like forever he is finally able to stand without the aide of the counter. Checking his appearance in the mirror he straightens his hair as best as he can before he throws open the door and comes face to face with Michael and some blonde.

“There you are. Jesus…don’t tell me that you have been in bathroom this whole time. I swear your worse then a damn woman sometimes. But before Max has a chance to speak…Michael is thrusting a busty…leather clad…blonde in his face. “This my friend is Lily…know to others as the “Demented Dominatrix” if you catch my drift” he chuckles as he pushes the blonde even closer to him…so close that he can see the ample cleavage of her busty bosoms as she stands seductively before him. The truth was that Max caught his drift…but he could care less about the blonde as he looks over her shoulder and catches the eye of the beautiful Liz Parker. An anger unlike he has ever felt before begins to boil deep within him as he watches his Liz dance with another man. It was an anger that is so intense that he doesn’t think that he can control himself…or his actions as she continues to dance with that slob on a man who isn’t even worthy enough to stand in the very presence of her beauty…much less hold her in his arms. Taking a deep shuttering breath be fights the urge to bolt across the room and beat this guy senseless and then in his moment of manliness toss Liz over his shoulder…taking her into an empty room where he would proceed to ⊕#%$ her senseless.

“Look Max…” the blonde speaks in a sex kitten like voice…jerking him from his dangerous thoughts. “I know that you are shy…Michael told me. So…I will make this real easy for you. Lets go find a place to be alone and I promise I will make all your fantasies come true”

Max can only look at the woman before him…unable to say a word as he looks from the easy lay to the womanly that he longs to feel pressed against his body yet again. He can see the same look of lust in her eyes as they continues to stare at each other from across the crowded dance floor and so he does the only honorable thing as he reluctantly drags his gaze from her ravishing beauty. “Look Lily…I am sure that you are a nice girl and all…but I am just not ready for this. I’m sorry” Taking another look in her direction…he gives her a small smile as he heads for the door.

She watches as he walks away from the blonde bimbo that for some reason she finds she wants to rip ever strand of her hair out of her bleached head…but fights the urge as the drunk slob continues to bore her with nonsense dribble. Eyes stay locked as he disappears out the door…giving her a small smile before he does. She can’t explain the extreme disappointment as she continues to stare at the empty doorframe in hopes of catching a glimpse of him one last time.

“I tell you Michael there is something going on between the two of them” Maria yells to her boyfriend as he makes his way over to where she is watching the little scene between Max and Liz.

“Between what two” he questions as he finally reaches her and pulls her tightly in his arms.

“Max and Liz”

“Yeah right” he laughs openly…quickly changing his tune at the look of pure anger that is now radiating from her eyes. “Sorry baby…but the only thing that is going on between Max and Liz is utter hatred and hostility. Pulling her tighter into his arms he places a loving kiss upon the top of her head…knowing that this little game of hers with Max and Liz is far from over.

“I’m telling you Michael there is something going on…or there could be. I just saw they look that they exchanged between each other and trust me that was not a look of hatred”

“Your not going to let this go are you” he chuckles lightly…already knowing the answer.

“Hell no I am not going to just let this go. If anything I am more determined to make them see that love is possible between the two of them. Those two deserve each other and I am going to make damn sure that it happens”

“Ok…ok” he continues to laugh at his love as he pulls her on top of his body into a nearby empty chair. “So…what is the plan”


“Dinner” he questions…confused.

“Yes Michael…dinner. More like dinner party tomorrow night at you and Max’s place. You…me…Max and Liz…and trust me by the time we get through the main course these two will realize just how great the other is”

“Right…or kill each other in the process” he whispers faintly.


“Nothing love…nothing. Dinner party…tomorrow night…got it. You invite Liz and I will make sure that Maxwell is there”

“Good boy…now come over her and kiss me” she giggles as she crocks her finger at him…before kissing him lustfully.

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Chapter Six

Authors Note...
I want to thank everyone that has posted such awesome really means so much to me. I hope to have the next chapter out in the next couple of days...and then the big finale...but you have to wait until then. Thanks again...and enjoy!!! Stormy!!

It has been almost twenty-four hours since he has last seen her and to say that she is always on his mind is an understatement. When he went to bed last night…he dreamt about her. When he got up and had breakfast this morning…he thought about her and how wonderful she tasted. And when he masturbated…because just the very memory of that glorious night caused him to get hard each and ever time that he thought about it…was because of her. He finds that he has to shift himself for what feels like the thousandth time as he attempts to drive down the road heading for his office…trying like hell not to kill himself or someone else in the process. “Maybe I can call her” he says to himself finally a bit more comfortable in his pants as he sits legs wide open allowing cool air to flow over him. “Right…you didn’t think to get her number and there is no way that you can ask Maria and Michael to give it to you. Just fucking great…you finally meet a…” The ringing of his cell phone jerks him out of his thoughts of despair at being unable to speak to the beautiful creature known as Liz Parker. “Hello” he screams into the phone. “Max Evans”

“Maxwell…its Mike” he hears his best friend speak on the other line.

“What’s up Michael”

“I need you to swing by the liquor store on your way home and pick up a bottle of wine for dinner tonight”

“Um…look…Michael…about tonight” he stammers into the phone…trying to make his best friend understand that he was not up for another of Maria’s horrendous dinners. “Look…I just don’t think that I am up for it. Why don’t you and Maria go out for a night on the town…on me. I just want to relax and sit in front of the tube tonight”

“What…are you fucking trying to get me killed” Michael screams into the phone. “Maria has been cooking her ass off all day and if you just veg in your room…she is not going to only kill me…but you as well. Besides that is all you have been doing since you left the party last night. It will do you some good to be among the land of the living anyways”

“Fine…” he answers gruffly…knowing that he won’t win this fight anyways. “What kind of wine do you want”

“Anything that will go with burnt…tasteless food” he chuckles. “In fact why don’t you pick up several bottles and a couple cases of beer as well”

Max can’t help but laugh at the words his friend has spoken…for no matter how hard Maria has tried to make edible meals…they always seemed to be just the opposite. “You got it buddy” his laughter continues as he pulls into the liquor store parking lot. “I’ve got to stop off at the office for a bit before I come home…but I will see you in a few hours…taste numbing alcohol in hand”

“Good man…see you in a few hours”

Still chuckling…he closes his cell phone and enters the liquor store in search of the wine section. His laughter turns into a groan as he enters the vastness of the wine section spread out before him. He has no idea what wine is a good wine…or even how to know if a wine is a good wine. “Dammit…” he curses as he picks up a bottle and begins to read the label.

She can’t believe that she is seeing him again…so soon after last night…can’t believe that she is seeing the man that for the last twenty-four hours has been weighing constantly upon her mind. To say that the last twenty-four hours have been torture is an understatement as she continues to take in the rugged good looks of the man that has brought of a sexual side of her that she never in her wildest dreams knew existed. Taking a deep breath she tries to control her need to be close to him…her need to touch him…to taste him…but fails miserably as her needs overpower her as she quickly walks up behind him. “I hear that’s a very good wine” she coos seductively in his ear…running her hand down his arm as she removes the bottle from his hand and pretends to read the label.

“Liz…” he growls…closing his eyes in order to relish the sound of her voice as he turns and faces the woman standing so close to him that the very essence of her invades his nostrils. His body on autopilot…he pulls her tightly against his already overheated body as he winds his hands within the silkiness of her hair…crushing her hungry lips to his own.

She doesn’t object for it is the very thing that she has longed for from the moment he walked out of the party the night before. “Max…” she murmurs as he momentarily breaks their lip lock as she allows him to pull her body tighter against his own. She lets out a moan of outright pleaser as he cups her bottom…jerking her even tighter against him as she grinds her quivering pussy against the front of his clearly engorged member. Tongues explore impatiently as lips crush…but it is not enough…it is never enough as they continue with their searing kiss of out right want and need.

Her hands have minds of their own as she runs them along the well defined contours of his back…for her need to touch the warmth of his skin proves to be all consuming. Neither notices the looks they are receiving…don’t notice the horrified older woman backing away in shock at the scandalizing scene playing out before her…don’t notice the perverted college kid whose eyes are literally popping out of his head as they continue to explore each others bodies with wild abandon. No…they notice none of this as everything surrounding them vanishes and it is only they alone with only one thing on each of their minds…wondrous…animalistic…unadulterated sex.

“Ok…break it up” the security guard barks behind them…but neither hears him as they continue with their exploits. “I SAID BREAK IT UP” he roars even louder as the two jump quickly apart…trying like hell to get their wits about them after such a public display of foreplay. “You two have two seconds to leave or I will escort you out…this is a public place after all”

“I…I am so sorry” Liz stammers…trying like hell to control the giggles that seem to have taken over her normally logical mind.

“You two should be ashamed of yourself” the elderly women scolds them as she stands before them with her arms crossed sternly over her chest.

“Why…are you jealous” Liz counters angrily…as she turns and gives Max one hell of a toe curdling kiss. “Because you should be…and he is all mine” she continues as she breaks the kiss that she holds on him…grabbing his hand as she jerks his stunned body away from the horrified women…her laughter echoing loudly behind them as they make way for the exit. “OMG…I can’t believe that I said that” she shrieks…again trying to suppress the laughter that is consuming her fully as they try and catch their breath in the parking lot. “You bring out such sides in me that I never knew existed”

“I can’t take any credit for that” he chuckles giddily…as they now stand awkwardly near her car. “I think that those sides were always there Liz Parker…you just had to release them”

“Maybe” she replies…a blush creeping into her cheeks as she brushes her hair nervously behind her ear. “So…um…what do we do now”

Looking at his watch he can’t control the groan that expels from his lips. “I don’t know about you…but I am having dinner with Michael and Maria in about an hour”

“You’re kidding” she giggles yet again. “I knew that she wouldn’t leave well enough alone”

“Let me guess…your having dinner with Michael and Maria in an hour as well”

“More like an hour and a half. Well…you have to give her credit…the girl is sneaky”

“Huh…” Max asks confused.

“You expected to be home for seven right” she answers.


“She told me that you were out of town and invited me to dinner for seven thirty”

“Well…” he says with an evil smirk across his handsome face. “We could both not show up and have a dinner party of our own”

“Are you kidding me” she sheiks…opening the door of her car…but not entering it. “Oh…you can best bet that we are going to be there…and oh baby are we going to put on a show of a lifetime”

“I like the way that you think” his laugher echoes around her…but is cut short as she flings herself into his arms and once again kisses him like he has never been kissed in his lifetime.

“Keep that up and we sure as hell won’t be making it to any dinner party anytime soon” he growls against the softness of her neck before his urge to taste her overtakes him as he runs his tongue seductively along her sensitive neckline.

“Well…we do have an hour before you need to be there” she moans…as his hands travel over her heated body…squeezing her pert breasts within the warmth of his hands.

“Where…” his moans persist as he releases her breasts…his hands traveling south towards its only destination. Frantically they search for a place…any place where they can release all the sexual energy that being in each other’s presence has created. “There” he nearly screams…pointing in the direction of a deserted alley behind the liquor store.

“Hurry Max…” she pants wantonly as she once again grabs his hand and jerks him to the one place where she can feel him once again buried deep within depths.

Harshly he slams her against the brick wall as he fights with the cursed zipper of her ass hugging jeans. His frustration is evident at the slew of profanities that flow over his lips as he continues to struggle…only fueling the fire raging within her as with each attempt he brushes against her drippingly hot core. Quickly his own jeans pants become a thing of the past as he undoes the nuisance of a zipper and drops them to the ground below. “Fuck me already” he hears her plead heatedly through clenched teeth as his determination level intensifies along with his need to pound her into tomorrow with his throbbingly sore cock. “Wait…” she pants as she pushes him roughly away from her. Confusion coats him…as she stands before him trying to catch her breath…but then the confusion lifts as she speedily lowers her own zipper…pooling those hindering jeans at her feet as he once again pins her fastly to the wall…pushing her tiny thong aside as he blasts into her molten core.

Unimaginable words spew forth from her hot mouth as he fucks her so hard that she is barely coherent enough to string those nasty words together. She can’t believe that they are being so brazen as to fuck in the wide-open space of an alley…but she doesn’t care as long as he continues to pummel her seeping pussy…quickly bringing on one of the most intense orgasms of her life…even more fulfilling then the one in the elevator earlier. “FUUUUUCK” she hears him cry out in tortured pleasure as he thrusts so deep within her that it not only sets off his own impending orgasm…but another for her as well. She had heard of them…but up until today had never experienced a double orgasm and it was the most wondrous sensation in the world as she clings to him in sheer desperation…for she knows that if she lets go she will surely fall to the hard ground below.

“Are…are you ok” he asks concerned as he tries to gather his winded breath after such an intense fucking. “I didn’t hurt you did I”

“Only is a good way” she giggles as she squeezes his ass cheek…before backing away from the man that in the last twenty-four hours she has basically fucked three times. “Where do you think you are going” he groans lustfully as he grabs her by the waist and pulls her tightly against his recovering organ as he need fully places his lips over the softness of her own lips. “I…I am going home to change and you my dear lover are going home to get the ball rolling for our ultimate revenge” she attempts to speak after the soul searching kiss that he has just planted upon her fully swollen mouth.

“Lover…” he teases as he finally allows her to withdraw from his embrace as they quickly rearrange themselves after their intense round of lovemaking.

“The best” she flirts back with a wink and a sway of her hips as she makes her way back to her car…quickly disappearing into the depths of it…as she speeds off leaving Max with a huge goofy grin plastered across his love sick face. the dinner party!!!

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“What do you mean you forgot the alcohol” Michael screams irritated as Max stands before him in the kitchen empty handed. “Jesus Christ Max…I ask you to do one thing and you can’t even get that right. Now how the hell are we supposed to eat this…this whatever it is” he growls under his voice as he points at the concoction bubbling in a pot on top of the stove.

“Look Michael something came up…literally” he chuckles to himself as he tries to walk past his pissed off best friend…but his attempt is hindered as Michael places his arm in front of him.

“Your fucking someone” Michael questions. “Look at you…you have that same goofy grin on your face when you first fucked Tess. Who is she Maxwell…and don’t tell me that there isn’t someone because I know that there is”

“Your crazy” is his reply as he pushes his arm away and once again tries to leave the interrogation that is going on.

“Who’s crazy” Maria questions as she makes her way into the kitchen…placing a kiss on Max’s cheek as he walks past her.

“No one” they say in unison as they look at each other and just by the look in Michael’s eye…he knows that this conversation is far from over.

“This is going to be a long ass night” he sighs to himself as he walks into his room…slamming the door behind him. “You hate Liz…you hate Liz” he begins his chant to try and get in the frame of mind to be hateful to the woman that is every so slowly worming her way into his heart. He knows that he still doesn’t know much about her…but as far as he was concerned that was going to change…and it was going to change soon. Quickly he attempts to change for dinner…but images of her glorious body once again consume his mind…which in turn cause his ever hardening dick to come to life between his legs. “Fuck this is so going to be a long night” he growls…as he hurries into the bathroom and begins to stoke his now raging hard on. “God Liz…” he moans as he watches himself in the mirror. “Liz…Liz…Liz” he moans persist as he comes hard screaming out her name.

“MAXWELL…get you ass out here. We have company” he hears Michael scream through his bedroom door. “You hate Liz Parker…you hate Liz Parker” he begins his chant yet again as he quickly changes into a nice pair of jeans and a dark burgundy sweater. “You hate Liz Parker…you hate her” he repeats in the mirror as he runs a comb through his hair. “God this is going to be such a long night” he whispers into the air yet again as he takes a deep breath and exits the room.

“What the hell are you doing here” Liz screams in mock anger as she tries to control her legs from the sight of the man that stands with a very pissed off look upon his handsome face. If she didn’t know any better she would have sworn that Max truly did hate her by the utter look of hatred…but when no one was looking he gave her a flirtatious look that sent her heart a fluttering. Damn this if going to be a long night” she thinks to herself as she pulls a deep breath into her lungs and begins to act like she has never acted before.

“What the hell am I doing here…I live here. What the hell are you doing here” he counters as he takes a step towards her…fighting the urge to take her right there in front of everyone. “You have a lot of nerve to show your face back here after all the shit that you said to me in the elevator the other night”

“What…shit that I said to you. What about what you said to me. You are fucking crazy you know that” she screams…her arms flailing crazily through the air around her.

“I’ll show you crazy you stupid bitch” he screams madly as he takes a step forward and grabs Liz by the arm as he jerks her harshly towards the front door. “Get the fuck out…this is my home and you will not come into my home and verbally abuse me”

“Michael do something” Maria squeals in fright at the scene playing out before her.

“OK…THAT IS ENOUGH” Michael screams at the top of his lungs as he forces his way between the two of them. “Maxwell…Liz is a guest in our house…not yours…you seem to have forgotten that I pay rent here as well”

“Yeah…” Liz snickers as she stands behind Michael…trying like hell to control the laughter that is trying to surface.

“And as for you…Max is right on one thing. This is my home and you will not come into my home acting like some crazed person”

“Tell her Michael” Max counters as he points at Liz…he too trying to control the laughter that is consuming him.

“Max…don’t push me” Michael growls…turning evil eyes onto his best friend. “You…over there” he says pointing from Max to the love seat “and you over there” he continues pointing from Liz to the couch. ‘Now…this is how the rest of the evening is going to play out. “We will all sit down and eat this del…we will all sit down and eat this meal that my baby has been slaving over all day. We will then come into the living room and drink coffee since something came up hindering Max from his task of providing us with alcoholic refreshments. But for right now I don’t want to hear one fucking word from either one of you…got it”

Neither says a word as they nod in unison for the act of speaking would surely give away their plans of revenge at the fits of giggles and laughter they are still trying to suppress. “Michael…I need you in the kitchen” they hear Maria holler to her boyfriend…leaving the two of them alone in the living room. “Hey…” Max mouths silently to the woman sitting across from him…the woman that just the sight of her causes his dick to jerk within the confines of his pants.

“Hey” she mouths back…licking her lips involuntarily as she stares at his beautiful lips…lips that she was ravishing just an hour before and is dying to do so again. She watches as he shifts uncomfortably as he continues to sit before her and she can’t stop a smile of mischief from crossing her face as he notices the huge boner poking out so noticeable from his neither regions. With precise measures…she uncrosses her crossed legs and spreads them apart…until she is fully exposed to him.

His breath catches in his throat at the sight before him. A sight so magnificent that his already throbbing manhood begins to twitch painfully against the cursed zipper of his pants for before him is a madly grinning Liz…legs spread wide open with not a stitch of an under garment upon her glistening pussy. “I want to see you cock” he watches her mouth words that if possible make his dick grow even more. “Not here” he mouths back…looking over her shoulder to see just what Michael and Maria are up to.

“Show me your cock” she mouths again as she quickly looks over her shoulder to make sure that no one is witnessing what she is about to do as she leans back against the overstuffed cushions of the couch and begins to finger her already saturated heat. “Show me Max…show me your cock” “Fuck…” he groans loud enough for her to hear…causing her evil grin to grow even more as she plunges yet another finger into her pussy…quickly removing them as she brings them to her mouth and licks them clean.

Without thinking twice he quickly unbuttons his pants…freeing his fully swollen member as he quickly palms it for her viewing pleasure. “You like” he mouths back as he begins to stroke himself praying to god that neither Michael or Maria enter the room and find them masturbating in front of each other. His thoughts quickly turn from their possibility of getting caught as he catches a movement in her direction as she pretends to hold a cock in her hand and sets a jerking rhythm. He quickly gets the hint as he begins stroking himself…biting down on his lip to squelch the scream that threatens to explode from them. He is close…so close that he attempts to jump from the couch and run into the bathroom to once again jerk off before the mirror…but Michael has other ideas as he enters the room…causing Liz to quickly cross her legs and Max to cover his fully exposed dick under a throw pillow…as he utters words that causes a moan of frustration to escape from his unsuspecting lips. “Dinner is ready”

“Hey…” Michael whispers through gritted teeth…misunderstanding the groan omitted from Max. “I know that she can’t cook for shit…but give her a break…she worked hard on making this slop”

“Right…” Max pants as he continues to hold the pillow over his twitching cock as he watches Michael assist Liz off the couch and lead her into the dining room. “Be there in just a second” he hollers out after them…waiting until they are out of site before jumping off the love seat and trying like hell to get his fully engorged self back into his way to tight pants.

“MAXWELL…you have two seconds to get your ass in here before I come in there after you”

“Fuck” he mutters to himself as he finally get his dick adjusted enough to close the zipper…but not before he catches a bit of skin in the pain producing metal…bringing tears to his eyes. Taking a deep breath…he wipes at his eyes and walks as best he can given the situation and joins them in the dinning room. “Looks good Maria” he squeaks…quickly clearing his throat as he sits down next to Liz…fighting the overpowering urge to take her on the table as before a startled Michael and Maria.

“Thank you Max” Maria beams as she dishes out what can only be described as red gruel. “I got this recipe from the Martha Stewart cookbook that Liz bought me for Christmas”

“Oh Liz…you’re the one that bought that cookbook for Maria. Remind me to thank you for that later” he teases in fake irritation as he takes her hand under the table and gives it a playful squeeze. Taking a deep breath he cautiously fills his spoon with the thick red substance and brings it to his lips. Revulsion fills him as the full extent of its horrible taste floods his mouth for it reminded him of only one thing…it reminded him of Tess. “Yummy” he speaks trying not to gag as Maria sits across from him with a smile a mile wide gracing her face. “This is just…its just delicious” But not as delicious as Liz…he thinks to himself as he recalls the image of Liz pleasuring herself just moment ago as he watched as a more then eager observer…only to watch her lick those succulent juices from her fingers. Juices that he longs to taste now as she sits so close to him that he swears he can smell the scent of her all around him and he finds that he just has to taste her…has to feel the warmth of her pussy as he releases her hand and runs his hands up her supple legs until her reaches his intended target.

“OMG…” she chocks out in shock…as his fingers enter her dripping snatch. “This is so good” she quickly corrects trying like hell to swallow the moans of pleasure threatening to expel from her lips as he continues to move deep within her. “This is just…oh god…good…Maria”

“Really Liz…you like it that much” Maria squeals as she jumps from the table and head back into the kitchen leaving Liz with a confused looking Michael sitting before her.

“Are you on drugs” he whispers under his breaths…unaware of the finger fucking that she is receiving under the table. “This taste like shit”

“YES…I mean yes” she screams as he hits her overly exposed nubbin…as she continues to fight the urge to scream out on ecstasy as he playfully gives it a gently squeeze. “That feels so good” she groans. “It taste so good” she quickly tries to correct yet again as she gives Max a dirty look as she looks at him over her shoulder. She knows that it only eggs him on as he quickens the pace of his explorations of her pussy…quickly bringing on one hell of an finger inflicted explosion. “FUCK” she screams as she arches her body forward…blushing furiously at the looks of shock and confusion as she comes down from her high and finds Michael and Maria looking at her like she has grown two heads. “Sorry” she mutters as she pulls her gaze from her friends and glancing to her left yet again she finds Max grinning from ear to ear as he withdraws his cream coated fingers from her steaming sex and sucks them greedily into his mouth…licking them completely dry.

“Finger licking good” he chuckles…causing her body to produce even more of her juices…juices that she longs to have him lick clean as he goes down on once again.

“Liz…Liz…” she hears Maria call out to her…drawing her away from her sex dream and into the reality that it will still be many hours before she can truly play out her fantasy of having Max eat her out. “Huh…what” she replies half heartedly as she tries to pull herself together. “Excuse me for a moment”

They all watch in amazement as she hurries from the table and makes a bee line for the bathroom…each with their own thoughts as to why she had to rush off in the first place. Maria for the obvious hatred she holds for the man that she knows will be the perfect man for her. Michael for the reason of having to cleanse herself of this god awful food spread out before them. But only Max knows the real reason as he tries like hell to control his laugher and the urge to join her.

“I was just telling Max about your new position at Behr…Wechsler and Fehr” Maria speak quickly as Liz makes it back to the table and sits once again next to the man that is causing her hormones to speed crazily into over drive.

“Um…right…new position” she repeats as all the sexual positions they have experienced in the last few days reenter her mind.

“So…you’re an attorney” Max interjects…getting back to the task of hating her back in full swing. “What kind of attorney”

“Mostly family practice…but I dabble in divorce as well”

“Well what a shocker” Max counter evilly.

“And just what does that mean” she asks accusingly…glaring at him with mock hatred.

“It means that it is just seems typical for you to dabble…as you put it with divorce. In other words fucking up the lives of poor defenseless men like myself”

“Are you kidding me” she screams angrily…as she reaches under the table…running her hand along his leg until she finds what she is looking for as she places what she hides in her palm in his pocket and then quickly places her hands on top of the table. “If men like you would pay what their wives are entitled to then we divorce lawyers would not have to as you so eloquently put it…fuck up your lives”

“Are you quite through now” Michael grumbles as he and Maria continue to watch the sparing match playing out before them.

“Never…” she retorts…placing her head atop her hands as round and round the two continue with what she would call foreplay…having no idea just how right she is.

“Well…maybe that is why Kyle left your ass in the first place” Max continues with their fight of mocking…immediately regretting his words at the sharp intakes of breath he receives from the whole table…and he knows that he has gone to far as he looks into her eyes and sees just how much his stupidity has hurt her. “I…I” he stammers as he tries to make amends…but loses his chance as the hurt in her eyes becomes outright anger as he watches her pick up the plate of red gruel before her and dump it over his head.

“I don’t have to take this shit” she cries out in true pain as she drops the plate in his lap and leaves before he can see just how much his words have wounded her. She knows that it was only supposed to be a game…but somewhere along the line certain truths came to light…truths that while she was with Max laid dormant…but now as she jumps in her car and races towards the sanctuary of her home they once again resurface and she vows that no one…not even Max Evans will make her hurt like this again.

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Chapter Eight

“Excuse me” Max whispers dejected as he removes her hastily discarded plate from his lap and makes his way towards the seclusion of his room.

“Ok Maria…this is it…No more” Michael states assertively as he grabs his girlfriend by the shoulders and forces her to look into his eyes to ensure that she understands just how much he means what he is saying. “You got me”

“Omg…did you see that Michael” she states excitedly…ignoring her boyfriend as she pulls out of his grasp and begins to clean up the mess before her.

“Yes I saw everything…now promise me that you will quit this little game of yours before someone really gets hurt”

“Did you see the look on his face…he was completely devastated at what he had done. “He cares for her Michael…and I am willing to bet that she cares for him as well. Something is going on between the two of them…and I am damned determined to find out what it is”

“Are you completely mad” Michael screams out in total irritation. “Did you just witness the same thing that I did…because her pouring this shit over his head is not a sign of anything other then something going on between them”

“Shit…you think that this was shit” she cries out hurtfully as she tries to control her threatening tears as her anger begins to consume her.

“No…it was…um…it. I loved it” he lies in an attempt to make amends with the visibly fuming Maria.

“You loved it” she repeats as she picks up the more then full plate before her.

“Very much baby”

“Well then here…have some more then” she spits evilly as she does as Liz had and dumps the goop over his head before stalking out of the dining room…racing into the room that she and Michael used to share…slamming the door loudly behind her.

“Just fucking great” he growls as he grabs a napkin off the table and attempts to clean himself off. The napkin proves useless as he makes his way towards the door of Max’s room…busting in without even an invite and what he sees before him causes his jaw to drop in utter shock. “What the fuck happened to your back” he questions as he continues to rake his gaze over the red and scabbing scratches covering his back.

“Get the fuck out” Max screams as he grabs a clean shirt out of his closet and quickly covers the last remaining souvenir of their first encounter in the elevator. “Don’t you ever fucking knock”

“Omg…Maria was right” he stammers as he makes his way to the bed and sits down heavily upon it. “You and Liz…there is something going on between the two of you…isn’t there”

“I…I…” he stammers trying to think of a lie to tell Michael…but sick of the game already…decides to tell him the truth or as much of the truth as possibly. “I don’t know what we have…or had since I think if we did have a possibility of something I just fucked it up royally”

“When…how…” Michael counters…trying to figure out just how in the hell it was that Maria knew just what was going on between the two of them…when this whole time he was clueless and if they did have something going on why they felt it necessary to play this charade. “You have a lot of explaining to do Maxwell”

Nodding…for he knows that he has to tell his best friend everything or go crazy if he has to keep it to himself one more second and he prays like hell that with Michaels help he can somehow come up with plan to get Liz to forgive him and his stupid fucking mouth. “I heard the door slam…am I to take it that you two are at it again” he asks already knowing the answer before Michael can answer him…for the look of anger upon his face was answer enough. “Get yourself cleaned up” he continues as he points in the direction of his now unoccupied shower. “And then I will tell you everything” Pulling a T-shirt from his drawer and a pair of sweat pants he hands them to him as he sits down on a nearby chair to wait for him to finish showering.

Ten minutes later a goop free Michael enters Max’s room as he sprawls out across his bed awaiting the details of what the hell is truly going on between him and Liz Parker. “Ok Maxwell…spill it” he speaks breaking the silence as he places his hands behind his head in order to get comfortable for he has the feeling that this is going to be one hell of a long night. He watches as Max holds his head in his hands…hears the heavyhearted sigh that expels from his lips and he realizes that this is more then just first time attraction…that there is more to this story…so much more. “She’s really done a number on you hasn’t she” he asks…already knowing the answer as Max looks up at him with what appear to be tears in his eyes.

“I think that I am in love with her Michael” he speaks…drawing his eyes from his best friend as he pulls himself off the chair that he was sitting on and begins to pace the length of his room as he pulls something out of the pocket of his pants and stares at it longingly. “And I took this game that we were playing to far and now I may have lost her because of it”

He goes to say something smart…something that will lighten the mood laying heavy around them…but decides against it at the look of pure upset covering his normally easy going face. “Man…this is serious isn’t’ it” he asks…pulling himself into a sitting position as he listens to his friends tale of love at first sight. “Man…I’ve never seen you this caught up of a women before…not even the Gerbil…and you were going to marry that bitch” he whistles…trying to control his laughter as he uses the nickname that he had given to Max’s Ex from the first moment he had met her…after Max had spent the last thirty minutes catching him up to speed on everything that had happened since he first met her.

“Michael…that is not funny” he chuckles…trying like hell to suppress his own laughter.

“Well…it made you laugh didn’t it”

“Yeah…” he answers as he sits on the edge of the bed…still staring at the piece of paper he holds lightly in his hand. ‘But it still doesn’t help me to make amends with Liz”

“Maxwell…you are making this way to hard” Michael states…jumping off the bed as he grabs what it is that Max holds in his hands. “And this piece of paper makes it even easier”

“How…” Max questions as he sits before his friend waiting for his response.

“Grovel dance…”

“Grovel dance” he repeats…not understanding what it is that Michael is trying to explain.

“Grovel…beg…plead for her forgiveness” she states excitedly as he places the piece of paper back from where he had taken it. “Women are not that hard to figure out Maxwell. They know that all men are fuck ups…and they are generous enough to forgive us time after time…but before the will forgive us they make us do the grovel dance. It puts us in our place…and yet at the same time makes us feel as if we are the ones that took command of the situation…which is the fact that we are fuck ups…but it is all about being declared victor…even if it is in only in our minds”

“Your not making any damned sense Michael” Max states irritated.

“It’s simple. Flowers…candy…and a quick round of the grovel dance and all will be amended with Mrs. Parker. You show up with candy and flowers and a great apology and she will be putty in your hands”

“Do you think that this could work” he asks hopefully as he pulls his eyes from the note that she had placed in his pocket before he had opened his big mouth and ruined everything.

“Of course it will work” he states earnestly as he pats Max on the back and heads for the door. “I have been doing the grovel dance with Maria for months now…and it always works. So if you’ll excuse me…I have some dancing to do”

“Michael…promise you won’t tell Maria about Liz and I…at least until after I talk to Liz”

“Oh you can best bet that I will not tell Maria about this…infact once you and Liz are back to being whatever it is that you are…I want in on your plot of revenge as well. I may love her…but she needs to learn that she can’t fuck with people’s lives whenever the whim suits her. Now stop wasting your fucking time talking to me and go get the woman that you love” Max can hear his friends laughter as he exits the room and he can’t control his own laughter as he hears him begin pounding on the apparently locked bedroom door that he shares with Maria…spouting words that cause him to laugh even louder and he grabs his jacket and races out of the room and towards the one person that he prays will allow him to dance the grovel dance.

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Chapter Nine

“Ok Max…you can do this” he states out load as he passes the door leading to her apartment yet again. He has been here a total of twenty minutes and yet as desperate as he is to be with the woman that has captured his heart…he finds that he is clueless and more then a little brainless as to what to do or say to make this right. “Dammit…why is this so hard” he continues to mumble to himself…completely unaware that he has an audience watching him as he continues wearing a hole in the carpet.

“What do you think Mrs. Rosette” Liz whispers to her elderly neighbor as they continue to take turns watching the man muttering incoherently to himself through the peep hole of her front door.

“He is very good looking” is her reply as she takes the place of Liz and looks at the man that continues to pace the length of floor before her very door…flowers and candy in hand.

“Don’t I know it” Liz whispers as she leans against the door and slides to the floor below. “I mean he is one of the most handsome men that I have ever met and the problem is that since I’ve met him I can’t stop thinking about him…but I am afraid that it is just great sex and nothing else. I mean…the sex was great…hell it was out of this world…but what if that is all there is to him. I…I…I don’t know what I am trying to say. Does any of this make sense to you”

“There is nothing wrong with great sex dear. My Nick and I…the first few years that we were together had nothing but explosive sex…it wasn’t until years later that we truly got to know each other and we were lucky enough to fall in love. Look Elizabeth…” she speaks truthfully to the young girl that has become like her own grand-daughter. “You have a second chance at love…or just plain explosive sex with this Max fellow and if the look upon his face is any indicator…then he is completely smitten with you. Now I know that you are still hurting from Kyle’s betrayal…but he was never good enough for you…you do know that don’t you”

“Yes…now” she mutters weakly…as she places her head in her hands in utter confusion. “I’m just so confused”

“What is it really dear” she asks concerned as she runs her hand soothingly through the softness of her hair. “There is something more going on here”

“I don’t know” she sighs as she leans her head into the touch of the elderly lady that she loves like a second grandmother. “It’s just that he is all that I think about when were not together…the way that he holds me…kisses me…the way that he looks at me. He makes me feel something that I can’t quite explain…I feel like…”

“He’s your soul mate”

“Soul mate” she asks as she looks into her loving eyes. “I don’t believe in soul mates” she replies half heartedly as she pulls herself off the floor and falls backwards into a nearby chair…drawing her knees up into her chest. “I thought Kyle was my soul mate and look what happened there”

“Kyle was never your intended soul mate dear…if he was he would have never hurt you the way that he did”

“Max hurt me and I have only known him for three days”

“No dear…” she counters as she sits down besides the confused girl…taking her hand into her own. “You said yourself that you and Max were playing a game…and the game got a bit out of hand is all. Look at him now Elizabeth…look at the way that he paces the floor…look at what he has brought you. No dear…this is more then just sex games to him for if it wasn’t…he wouldn’t be here now. If he didn’t want something more then explosive sex then he would be out trying to find someone else to be with. Give him a chance dear…he could be the one and even if he isn’t…you had some fun while it lasted” she grins mischievously as she removes her hand and makes her way towards the front door. “Now come on girl…hop to it and make that boy grovel a bit before you give in to him totally”

“You are terrible” Liz giggles as she jerks herself off the chair and pulls the crazy old lady whom she loves more then she can ever express into her arms. “But I love you anyway…thank you for always being there for me when I need you”

“Anytime dear…now stop dawdling and let that beautiful man come in here and shower you with his gifts and his love”

“Ok…I will” she blushes as she checks herself in the mirror in the hallway as Mrs. Rosette opens and then closes the door behind her…entering the hallway as she comes face to face with the object of Liz’s desire.

“Li...Liz…” Max stammers as turns to face the woman that he realizes that he has fallen head over heels in love with…only to come face to face with an elderly woman with a look he can’t quite make out upon her wrinkled and worn face. “Oh…I’m sorry. I thought you were someone else”

“Don’t you hurt her” the old woman replies as she continues to stare at him as if trying to read his very soul. “Elizabeth is a good girl and she deserves to have a man that will love her…despite anything. She deserves to be loved unconditionally and if you hurt her in any way…shape or form…it will be me not her that you have to contend with…got me”

“I would never hurt her intentionally” he states truthfully…not knowing why but feeling the need to make this woman understand just how much Liz means to him. “I…I…love her” he stammers…a blush of deep crimson covering his handsome face.
“I know…just remember if you hurt her…I have a forty five with your name on it” he hears her state matter of factly as she pushes her way past his stunned body and disappears behind the door of the apartment across the hall from Liz’s.

“Max…” she whispers as she opens the door and finds that man that confuses her in the best possible way standing in the middle of the hallway with his mouth hanging open. She watches as he turns slowly to face her…his expression changing from a look of utter shock to that of absolute longing as he now stands before her gazing deeply into her eyes.

“Liz…” he whispers in reverence of her beauty…his heart squeezing with love at the very site of her. She was a vision…a vision that he longed to be granted presence of for always…her hair piled high atop her head with tiny stands framing the beauteousness of her timeless features…a robe of silk covering her ageless frame of her figure as she toyed nervously with the sash tied gingerly around her wondrous hips. “I just…I wanted…here” he stammers as he shoves the bouquet of flowers and box of candy in her direction…unable to speak the words that he had rehearsed over and over again in the car as he raced over here.

“Thank you” she giggles…despite herself as she takes the flowers and candy before her. “Do you want to…”

“Liz…I…” he interrupts her unintentionally…causing them both to laugh uneasily at the uncomfortable situation. “I’m sorry…” he continues as he begins the grovel dance that he hopes will once again get him in with Liz’s good graces. Taking a deep breath he places one foot forward and begins to dance crazily before a startled Liz. He wasn’t a good dancer…in fact if it wasn’t a slow dance he hated to dance more then anything in his life…but for Liz he finds that he would dance every day…all day as long as it meant she would forgive him.

Outright laughter can be heard loudly behind him as the elderly women he had met before opens the door to her apartment and gives him a standing ovation. “Forgive him Elizabeth…anyone willing to dance that badly for you…deserves a second chance” her laughter continues to echo around him as she slams the door once again…unable to witness another blush that coats him from head to foot at the sheer embarrassment of it all. “This was so stupid…I’m sorry” he growls…turning to leave the whole fucked up situation…only to have Liz jump in front of him…hindering his departure. She doesn’t say a word…only takes his hand and leads him into the quietness of her home…softly shutting the door behind her. “Liz…I..”

“Shhh” she whispers as she places her finger over the suppleness of his lips…lips that she quickly replaces with her own more then needful ones.

“Oh god Liz…” he moans against those same lips that he had been dying to taste from the moment she had appeared in the doorway mere moments ago. “I am…” she once again interrupts him as she presses her ravenous mouth over his again…quickly swallowing the words he is continuously trying to speak. “So sorry…please” he attempts again causing her irritation level to peak to an all time high.

“Max…” she growls making her irritation well know to that man that she wants to fuck more then she can breath.

“Yes Liz…” he groans as she pulls the warmth of her body away from his.

“Shut up already and make love to me” she squeals out with a new change in attitude as she runs from the stymied man…only to have her squeals intensify as quickly recovers and begins to chase her around the tiny apartment. Her being no match for the very athletic man…he quickly catches her as he pulls her tauntly against his rapidly swelling middle half as he bridges the gap between them by placing his eager mouth over her own scorchingly hot one. Tongues battle…hands and fingers fumble as the heat from their quivering bodies consumes them into an all out inferno that only one…and one thing only will quench. Lifting her up easily into his arms…he draws her lightly against his chest as he grievously releases her lips as he tries to form a coherent sentence. “Where…bedroom” he stammers as his need to make love to this woman sizzles through each and every vein in his aching body.

She doesn’t speak a word…for she couldn’t if she wanted to and so she does the only thing that she can think of…she points in the direction of the one place where they will partake in their making of love…over and over and over again. With unsteady steps he carries his love into the bedroom where he gently places her on the floor before him…stopping her as she attempts to rip her grating clothing from her yearning body. She wants to be completely naked as Max does all the things that she has been fantasizing about from the moment they left the alley earlier that day. “Liz…no” he whispers causing her irritation factor to sky rocket yet again…but it is quickly distinguished as his words touch her so deeply that she can’t help but love even more then she does as he gazes so lovingly into her eyes. “Lets not rush this. I want to us to share of ourselves fully…want to savor each and every inch of your glorious body. I love you Liz. I mean…I know that we just met and all…but I have never had feelings like I do for you…I mean…I…”

“I love you too” she interjects…grabbing onto his arms as he loses his balance at her words…almost falling to the floor before her. “This just makes no sense…none of this does” she states mystified as she releases her hold on him…once he has his feet under him again. “I mean we just met…I have know you a total of seventy-two hours and I have these feelings…these emotions that are domination like my entire existence and it scare me Max. I never felt the way about Kyle that I feel about you” she replies truthfully as she takes a step away from the man who confuses her more then she has ever been confused before.

“I’m just as scared as you Liz…” he whispers reassuringly as he makes his way behind her and places his hands gently upon her shoulders…turning her around to face him for he wanted her to read the truthfulness of his words. “But I know that I love you and that I don’t ever want to spend another day without you in my life”

“Really…” she replies…stunned that this man can have such feelings for her and is able to express them so openly for her when no other man…not even the one that she was going to marry was ever able to.

“Really…” he grins…placing his hand lovingly upon the satiny skin of her face as he awaits her response.

“I don’t want to spend another day without you in my life either Max…ever” she whispers honestly as she places her tiny hand upon his hand as it continues to linger upon her check. “Make love to me Max”

With a heart full of love he pulls her firmly against the strongness of his body as he once again capture her lips underneath his own. Their kiss embarks on its journey of love and promise as he positions his tongue at the entrance of her sealed lips…probing deeper and deeper until his is victorious as he gains the access that he desires most. He can’t help but grin in outright delight at the moan of pleasure that seeps from her fully open mouth as he winds his tongue around the velvet softness of hers as he leads it into his own craving cavern. His hands…as if on their own slink their way towards her waist as they quickly untie the unnecessary piece of material hiding what he longs to gaze upon most. Dropping it to the floor…he quickly slides his hands over her shoulders as he allows the satin of her robe fall to ground along with the sash as he runs his hands tenderly down the length of her arms as he captures her hands into his large ones and once again pulls her closely against his swiftly over heating body.

She is in heaven…in a place where nothing else matters except for the way that his touch is affecting every inch of her scorchingly hot body. She was afire…every cell…every molecule…every fiber of her being was blazing out of control and she knew that if he did not take her soon that she was going to explode from the sheer combustion of it all. “Max…please” she cries out in unreserved necessity as she arches her heated form against his…attempting to set a tempo that will alleviate the growing inferno nearly consuming her thoroughly saturated core. “Please Max…I need you now”

“All in good time” he chuckles sexily against the smoothness of the skin of her neck as he nips and suckles it into his warm mouth…leaving his brand upon her as he travels downward towards the protruding points of her nipple as they taunt him terribly as she continues to massage his equally heating body with her own.

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Chapter Ten

She can feel the fire continue to rise within her…could feel the heat of his mouth as it continues its voyage towards her aching breasts and she finds that she may just explode from the tortuous slowness that he is intent on inflicting on her. “OH GOD” she cries out at he tweaks a tender nipple with his front teeth…causing her already flowing juices to surge ever more from her flaming center. With each brush of his tongue…each nip from his teeth and the suction from his more then eager mouth she finds herself approaching an ultimate explosion…one of many that she knows this man will bring her throughout their night of exploration and love.

He can feel goose bumps litter her skin as he continues to suckle her tender breasts with his mouth…can hear the soft whimpers that escape from her as he continues with his ministrations and he cant help but smile for he knows that she loves him and it is he and he alone that will ever bring this reaction in her for as long as there is breath in his love filled body. “I love you” he murmurs against her chest as she winds her hands though his hair…nudging his face closer to the place that he will never tire of tasting…teasing…loving and he doesn’t disappoint as he seizes her tender nub between his teeth and playfully pulls on it…causing the hold on his head to increase dramatically.

She can feel her heart swell with complete and utter love as his words once again fill her ears…can feel the fiery infernal that once again consumes her fully as he worries her now super sensitive tits…bringing her that much closer to an outright explosion with out the slightest touch of her sweltering core. She feels that she may faint from the intensity that his touch is arousing in her and it is as if he can read her thoughts as he gently places his hands beneath her butt and lifts her easily against his fully clothed body…laying her on the bed as he gazes down upon her with nothing but absolute love shining from his stunning eyes. “Your so beautiful” she hears his speak in admiration as he continues to look upon the nakedness of her body…causing her body to burn from the heat underlying those glorifying words.

“How did I get so lucky as to have you in my life” he whispers towards the absolutely stunning creature laid out before him…as tears cascade lazily down her cheeks. Gently he wipes them from the perfectness of her skin as he traces his finger down its softness…cupping her chin as he leans forward and kisses her flawless lips with all the love he holds for her from his very soul. Standing upright…he quickly removes his hindering clothes…never breaking the lock that they are sharing and with the last piece discarded he positions himself besides her glorious body…once again capturing her lips under his own in a slow mind altering kiss. “Make love to me Max” she pleads…as he continues to travel over her face and lips with the softness of his own lips and in truth he doesn’t need another invitation as he quickly covers her body with his own in preparation for their first true bout of lovemaking.

With unhurried steps…he leads his fully engorged penis towards the one place that he has longed to be from the first moment he laid eyes on her. He feels as if he is in heaven as he enters her sacred domain…filling her to the hilt with his manhood of pleasure. Moans and groans of ultimate pleasure can be heard all around them as he begins to set a motion that quickly heightens their need for utter utopia as each moves closer to their impending climax. “Do you love me Liz” he calls out needing to hear it yet again as he quickens the pace of his lovemaking. “Tell me Liz…do you…do you love me” his breath increases as does his need to hear her scream out her love for him as he brings them to one hell of an earth shattering orgasm. “Tell me Liz…tell me”

“I love you Max” she answers him as she arches her body forward…flipping him easily over onto his back with him still implanted deep within her heated depths. “I love you so much” she continues as she begins to ride him with all that she is…intent on only one thing…proving to this man once and for all the amount of love and need for him that constantly consumes her. Pulling himself into a sitting position…he wraps his strong arms around her waist…pulling her tightly against him as the sweat from their love making mingles…aiding Liz as she quickens the pace of their love making urging them closer to where they have to be.

“Oh Liz…” his moans continues as he runs his hands along the softness of her body…plating them on her supple ass as he helps her increase the desire between the two of them. “You feel so good…so good”

“Close Max…” she yells out in total ecstasy as the fire deep within her loins erupts…sending her out into the stratosphere as her body implodes from the sheer force of their coming together. She finds that she can’t catch her breath…and in fact she could careless for after an orgasm like that…nothing else matters except trying to enjoy the tremors of after shocks now fully invading her saturated body. Mere seconds later…she feels the grip that Max has on her tender globes tighten as he too succumbs to his glorifying orgasm.

Together they fall back against the softness of the sheets as she continues to lay full bodied atop the man that she loves more then she ever thought she could love another man…each tying to comprehend how it is that they were so lucky as to find love…even in the darkest of moments. “How…how is it possible that we have topped ourselves each and every time” Max chuckles happily as he rolls her off his sweat drenched body…clutching her tightly against him as he kisses her lovingly upon lips that he longs to explore for all time.

“I don’t know…” she gasps back…as she snuggles drowsily against the firmness of his chest…fighting the sandman who is intent on forcing her to sleep. “But if we keep this up…I think I may die from a heart attack” she giggles against his manly scented skin. “But oh what a way to die” her voice falters as the sandman finally wins and sends her into the neither region of slumber.

“Amen” he counters sleepily…nestling his chin upon her tousled head as he too allows the sandman to lead him into a place where he and Liz will live for always…never to part for eternity. “Amen”

TBC...dont' worry there is more to come...just wanted to give you a taste since you all have been extremely awesome with the feedback. More soon...I promise!!! Stormy!!!
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“Max” Liz murmurs as she rolls over…a smile placed lazily upon her lips as memories of last night begin to replay in her head. Her smile however quickly fades at the realization that Max is no longer sleeping besides her…infact the bed is completely empty. “Max” she calls out a bit more loudly as she quickly grabs her discarded robe from earlier off the floor and covers her fully worried body with it. All sorts of crazy ideas begin to fill her head…maybe he thought that the sex wasn’t as good as all the time before…what if he had decided that he no longer wanted to be with her now that the emotional aspect of their relationship was about to come to pass…but her crazed ideas are quickly put to rest as the sounds of someone whistling a happy tune wafts in from the direction of the kitchen as well as the scent of sizzling bacon. With rapid steps she makes her way into the kitchen and finds Max standing before her stove…clothed in only his boxer shorts cooking what appears to be some sort of breakfast food. “I didn’t know that I had this stuff in my refrigerator” she giggles against that back of his neck as she wraps her arms around his waist…laying her head upon his shoulder.

“You didn’t” he responds as he turns to face her…pulling her tightly against the hardness of his body as he places a quick good morning kiss upon her lips before turning back to his frying pan. “I ran to the grocery store around the corner while you were sleeping. Just when was the last time that you took a look in that thing” he chuckles over his shoulder as he turns the crisping bacon over as not to burn it. “You had some stuff in there that looked like it had been sitting in there for years…and I could have sworn that some green smudge in a plastic container was laughing at me as I tried to find something edible for us to eat”

“Well I have more important things to worry about then what might or might not be in my refrigerator” she counters happily as he pats him playfully on his boxer covered ass.

“Keep that up and you won’t get any of this delicious breakfast that I am making here” his laughter echoes happily throughout the tiny kitchen as he quickly turns and once again pulls her into his loving embrace. “Now get your cute ass over there and sit down so I can feed you for you are going to need all your energy for when I take you back into that bedroom and make mad passionate love to you over and over again” Placing another quick kiss upon her lips…he gives her a short push in the direction of the already set table.

With a huge goofy grin upon her face she does as she is told and takes a seat at the breakfast table…and her grin gets even larger as she picks up the large bouquet of flowers off of the table and brings them to her nose. “There beautiful” she sighs as he continues to inhale the fragrant essence of the beautiful roses. “Not as beautiful as you” she hears him reply as he places an over loaded plate of bacon and eggs before her starving form. “Good morning sweetheart” he whispers as he places a loving kiss upon her stunned mouth…before sitting across from her at the table.

Good…good morning” she stammers as she hungrily digs into the succulent feast spread out before her. She can’t believe how hungry she is as she continues to shovel it in as fast as she can. “Slow down Liz…there is plenty more where that came from” she hears Max laugh at her as a blush covers her whole body…but in truth she was starving since the last time she had truly eaten was at lunch time the previous day right before she had Max had fucked them selves senseless in the deserted alley behind the liquor store.

“Wow…your good looking…you are great in bed and you can cook…think I will have to keep you” she laughs outright as she continues to eat…begging for more as she comes to the end of her plate.

“That is the idea my dear” he responds happily as he puts down the coffee cup that he has been drinking from and quickly replenishes her empty plate. “I am going to continue to be the greatest lover you will ever have…as well as keep you quite fed…so you won’t ever want to get rid of me”

With fork midway…she quickly drops it onto the plate below as she jumps from her chair…quickly planting herself fully upon his stunned lap. “I won’t ever want to get rid of you” she speaks truthfully as she holds his face in her hands…making sure that he understands the complete truth of her words. “I don’t care if we don’t ever make love again…if we don’t ever eat again all that matters is that I have you in my life for always. Do you understand that Maxwell Evans”

“No…” he answers perplexed as he tries like hell not to burst out laughing at the look of confusion now covering her beautiful face. “Because I sure as hell care if we don’t ever make love again” he bursts out laughing…as he fights off the swinging hands of hers as she playfully lashes out at him. Grabbing her hands…he quickly pins them behind her back as he quickly attacks her lips with his own. All laughter dies down as they continue to kiss each other with all the love and understanding that they hold for each other. “God Liz…you are going to be the death of me” Max pants against her ear as she laves her tongue across the sensitive area of his neck and shoulders…now fully straddling his quickly…but still boxer shorted growing cock.

With every shift of her body she can hear his groans intensify…and so she shifts even more as the pressure between her own legs begins to intensify as well. Before either knows what is happening…her robe is flying across the room…as she quickly finds fully engorged Max…jerking him hurriedly through the hole of his boxers before impaling herself fully upon him. “Fuck me” he cries out as she begins to move upon his continuously hardening dick.

“That is the plan” she belts out as she plants her feet firmly on the floor…bracing her legs as she begins to pump herself up and down his fully lubed member…causing the old familiar burning in her loins to reappear as it rages eccentrically within her. She feels she will die from outright pleasure as he begins to suckle her tits…still sore from his eager mouth after last night…but she longs for more as she winds her fingers though his raven hair…forcing him to take in more of her fully aching mounds. His whimpers of pleasure are music to her eyes as she continues to ride his fully throbbing pleasure pole as he aides in their impending release as he meets each thrust with unadulterated exertion. “OH FUCK…FUCK…FUCK…FUUUUUUCCCCK” he cries out with each thrust animalistically as he begins to pulsate deep within her fully needing core triggering an earth-shattering explosion deep within her as they meet in glorious climatic grace together.

“Boy…” she chuckles as she wraps her arms around his neck…placing her forehead wearily upon his own as they gaze devotedly into each others eyes. “Now I can see why breakfast is the most important meal of the day”


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Chapter Twelve

The rest of the morning is spent laying around the house and relaxing as they continue to get to know each other. They find that they have more in common then previously thought and despite the fact that busybody Maria was correct in her thoughts that they would hit it off and be perfect for each other…they decide that she must never know just how right she was…and that even though she was right…she still must pay for butting her nose into places where it doesn’t belong.

“So let me get this straight” Liz questions…at bit shocked at the news that Max has just told her. “Michael knows about you and I and despite the fact that he knows that Maria will kick his ass if she found out he was in on this…he wants to help us with our revenge”

“Yep…you heard me right” he chuckles…as he snuggles deeper into the crevice of her supple neckline…inhaling the flowery scent that drives him wild with each inhalation. “He agrees with you and I that she must pay for always involving herself in things that she has no reason to but into. Speaking of payback…we still need to come up with the one thing that will put Maria in her place…despite the fact that she was right about the two of us”

“Well we could all hold her down…stripping her buck naked and then throw her into the center of one of Michaels little art get togethers” Liz giggles at the idea of Maria in the middle of Michaels artsy friends…stark raving naked”

“Um…hello do I have to remind you once again about the first time that I met Maria” Max laughter can be heard as they continue to cuddle on her couch. “She was stark raving naked and she didn’t give two shits about the fact that she didn’t know me from a hole in the wall…infact I think that she enjoyed it”

“Of that I am sure” Liz giggles continue…but are short lived at the ringing of Max’s cell phone. “Don’t answer it” she begs as jumps off the couch and lunges for the jacket containing the annoying piece of equipment.

“Liz…I have to…it may be work” he counters as he chases after her as she ducks around the love seat…hindering his attempt to retrieve the still ringing phone.

“NO…I…” she squeals as she attempts to jump over the love seat and fails miserably…falling flat on her ass. “Ouch”

“Liz…” Max hollers as he races around the couch…falling to the floor at her side as he pulls her quickly into his lap…trying like hell to suppress his laughter as she shifts forward and begins to rub her sore ass with her hand. “Are you…are you ok”

“ Don’t you laugh at me Max Evans” she shrieks in mock anger as she continues to rub her tender fanny. “That really hurt”

“Oh my poor baby…is there anything that I can do to make it feel better” he speaks deeply…his laughter turning to outright lust at the idea of just how he can make it all better invades his mind.

“Hmmm…” she pretends to ponder his question as she rolls off his lap…quickly coming to a conclusion as she lifts her robe high above her waist…fully exposing her reddened ass checks to a now fully drooling Max. “Kiss it and make it better”

He doesn’t waste a moment as he caringly runs his hands over the smoothness of her beautiful ass. He can hear her breath catch in her throat as he does and he doesn’t know if it is from his touch upon her soreness or her want of him to continue with his exploration. He quickly comes to the conclusion it is that latter as she arches herself farther in his direction…giving him better access to the place he needs to explore more then she will ever understand. “Lean on the cushions” he pants as he taps her lovingly upon her sore mounds…hardening quickly at the moan of desire that omits from her lips as she speedily does as he asks…leaning atop the cushions of the love seat…clutching the corners tightly in her hands as she awaits what he has in store for her. “Does that feel better” he queries as he plants a tender kiss upon her still reddened cheeks.

“Mmmmmmm” she moans…finding that she is unable to speak as he continues to place tiny kisses of healing upon her butt. As he caresses one round globe…his tongue fully swaths the other and she finds that it is one of the most intimate things that any man has done for her. “Oh Max…” she moans again…finally finding her voice as she clutches the cushions even tighter within her hands.

He can smell her essence as he continues to explore her glorious globes and he finds that he can barely control his need to eat of this essence as he gently parts her beautiful cheeks…dipping his tongue need fully into her honey pot. Her whimpers of pleasure fill his ears…forcing to work even harder at his task of bring her the ultimate pleasure. Nibbling and sucking can be heard as he explores every inch of her inferno-based core as he licks her from tip to stern and then starts all over again.

Her body writhes with ultimate bliss as with each swipe of his experienced tongue…he brings her closer and closer to her impending release. “Oh fuck” she cries out in utter pleasurement as he takes his two long and strong fingers and stretches her womanhood to it very limits as he suckles her hypersensitive nub into his hot mouth and with each passing seconds applies additional pressure until she can tolerate no more and finally gives in as a blast of heat explodes deep within her. “Omg that was just…” she tries to speak figuring that he is done with what it was that he had just done…but she is far from wrong as he pushes her back against the softness of the cushions as he once again attaches his lips to her inner region…sucking her with all the he is worth as he brings her to another earth shattering orgasm. She finds that she can’t feel her legs…but doesn’t care as she continues to lay her chest atop the couch as she tries like hell to compose herself…so much so that she doesn’t even realize that Max is no longer behind her…but in fact making his way towards the bedroom. “Where the hell do you think you are going” she growls seductively as she jumps from the floor…hindering his attempts to leave before she has the chance to return the favor.

“I hate to do this…but I have to get back to my place” he says sadly as he pulls her tightly against his body…hating the fact that he has to leave her at all. “I don’t want to but I have an early meeting in the morning that I just can’t miss”

“But you can’t leave…not yet” her seduction continues as she runs her hands over the hardness of his gorgeous body. “Not until I return the favor” With a quick push she catches him unsuspecting as he easily flips over the back of the couch…legs dangling as she quickly collects his ever hardening dick into the deepest recesses of her mouth.

“OMG” he screams as she devours his dick even further into her slicked up throat. It is defiantly a strange position for him…but he finds that he loves it as she continues to deep throat his raging boner deeper and deeper into her vastness and with each attempt bringing his closer to his own release. His neck is angled funny as she continues with her ministrations…and he just knows that he will be sore as hell tomorrow when he wakes up…but he could care less for nothing is more important then exploding deep within her hot mouth over and over again. “Suck it harder” he rasps as the pressure within him continues to grow taking over his overheated body fully. “Please Liz…harder”

She loves the way that he begs her…loves the way that his dirty talk is making her feel as she does his bidding and begins to increase the pressure on the dick that she knows she will never get tired of tasting. Adding her hand into the equation…she cant help but grin against his spit slicked pole as she adds even more pressure as she hand fucks him along with her continuous mouth fucking. His screams of hunger and need intensify as she licks her way up his rigid pecker…torturing his red and puffied tip with her tongue causing a slew of profanities to spew from his lips as she does.

He hears her cry out in shock at what he does next…but then her shock turns to raw lust as he jerks himself off the couch and quickly pins her against the very same back that he had been sprawled open legged over…shoving his pulsing dick deep within her fully slicked pussy. “Fuck me MAX” she calls out in utter abandonment as he continues to fuck her with lightening quick need of speed. “Fuck me harder” and he does as he again quicken his pace as he grinds her rock hard tits within the confines of his hands. “AAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH” they cry out in unison as they both explode together from the harshness of their lovemaking.

“I love you” Max whispers truly against her hair as they make out like love struck teenagers in the door way of her apartment as he tries once again to leave his love…finding it harder to leave with each minutes…each second…each kiss.

“I love you too” she sighs…as she wraps her arms even tighter around his neck…holding him against her body…refusing to let him leave her. “Stay with me again tonight”

“I want to…you have no idea how badly I want to…but you know that I have to go. I will see you tomorrow though…you can count on it”

“Promise” she whines…still refusing to let him go.

“I promise you baby…nothing will keep me away from being with you…you can’t count on that” he replies truthfully as he reluctantly unwinds her arms from around his neck…placing a gentle kiss upon her hands as he lays them at her sides. “I love you Liz…night”

“I love you too Max” she returns as she watches him leave…fighting the lump in her throat at the idea of spending the night without him in her bed. “Night”

TBC...stay tuned for the revenge...hee hee!!! Stormy!!!

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Chapter Thirteen

He enters through the door of his apartment as quietly as possible…only to stop short as he comes face to face with a clearly visible pissed off Maria. “Well welcome back Maxwell” she grumbles…hands on hips as he continues to stand dumb founded before her. “Don’t think that I don’t know what you have been up to” she continues as she still stands before him. “Michael told me everything”

“You…you know” he stammers…his heart beating wildly in his chest as he plots Michael’s death for spilling his and Liz’s secret…but he puts Michaels untimely death on hold as she continues with her rant.

“Michael told me that you went over to that leather clad biker bitch house that you met the other night at the party. Hell…I can even smell the sex on you” she exclaims in disgust…quickly covering her nose and mouth as she jumps back from where she is standing before him. “I hope that you put a condom on your shit before you fucked her” she continues with her preaching as she makes her way towards her and Michael’s bedroom. “You know Max…I just want you to know that you really fucked this one up. I tired to make you see just how perfect Liz was for you and you had to go and do this. Liz is innocence and beauty and that thing will fuck anyone that looks in her direction. You make me sick and I can’t even stand the sight of you right now. Good night Max”

He watches as she turns from him and enters the bedroom…quickly slamming the door behind her. Anger consumes him as he makes his way towards his own room. What right did Maria have to judge him. Granted she didn’t have a clue as to the true extent of his feelings for Liz…but to judge him for what she was told my Michael was beyond maddening. Just who the hell was she to be waiting for him in his own home to scold him like a little child getting caught with his pecker in the local town slut. “What the fuck did you say to Maria” Michael questions as he makes his way into his room…sitting down on the chair behind Max.

“What…what the fuck did I say to Maria” he repeats angrily as he makes quick strides to where his soon to be dead friend sits. “You told her that I went to what’s her names place to fuck her. She scolded me like a child…I am thirty-two fucking years old and she scolded me like I was a fucking child. What the hell where you thinking when you told her that I was fucking…what’s her name”

“Lily” he answers…ducking the open hand aimed towards his head. “Hey…I had to think of something quick the other night as you rushed out of here to be with Liz”

“And that was the best you could come up with”

“Hey…no one ever credited me with being quick with on the spot lies” he chuckles…once again ducking an impending slap across the head from a clearly agitated best friend.

“Well I think that any plans we had of getting revenge on Maria are blown…since there is no way that she will ever allow me to be in the same room at Liz…much less let me date her”

“Yeah…I pretty much fucked this one up didn’t I”

“Yeah…I think so. Maybe I should tell Maria the truth about Liz and I”

“Nah…not yet” he pans…watching as his friend falls backwards on the bed…running his hands agitatedly through his hair. “Before we go and flush all this down the toilet…tell me everything that happened with Liz”

He can’t help the huge goofy smile that quickly crosses his face at the mention of Liz and glorious night they had spent together.

“So I take it that all is well in the land of Maxwell and Elizabeth” Michael chuckles at the love struck look plastered upon his friends face for it is the same look that has been covering his face from the first day that he met Maria.

“She’s perfect…I’m perfect…were perfect” he sighs as he lays back across the bed…hands behind head as he once again allows the images of perfect loving to enter his love sick mind. “She’s the one Michael…that one that was put on this earth just for me…the one that I am going to marry someday”

”Whoa…that’s deep” Michael whistles as he continues to watch his cleary deranged friend. “But…don’t you think that you are rushing this whole she is the one that I am gonna marry bit. Jesus Christ Maxwell you have know her less then a week and you are already talking marriage. Holy crikey boy…cool your jets and let me ask Maria before you even considering asking Liz…or my ass will have hell to pay if Liz gets married before she does” he chuckles as he ducks the pillow that is now sailing towards him. “Ok…enough of this marriage shit…I take it that the grovel dance worked then” With quick reflexes he once again tries to ward off the softness of another thrown pillow from Max…but is not quick enough has it hits him square in the puss. “WTF was that for” he growls as he lunges the pillow back at a frowning Max.

“When you told me about the grovel dance…you failed to mention that you were speaking figuratively” he yells irritated at his best friend as he shoves the returned pillow under his head angrily.

“You…you didn’t” Michael laughs hysterically that his once thought brilliant friend was dumb enough to take his words seriously.

“I did” he groans in reply as he rolls over onto his stomach and hides his burning face into the coolness of the pillow.

“OMG…I wish that I could have been there to see that” he howls as he tries to conjure up the image of Max’s version of the grovel dance…causing his laughter to fully over take him and he falls out of this chair and onto the floor. “You…you tried to dance…you who can’t dance worth a shit”

“It was quite a sight” Max counters…trying like hell to control his own laughter but failing miserably as another outburst of laughter echoes across his bedroom. “Liz…she just looked at me like I had lost my damned mind…but her elderly neighbor who witnessed it all almost pee’d her pants from laughing so hard. I was so humiliated that I tried to leave…planning on returning here to break you damned neck…but Liz took pity on me”

“Ok…so despite the fact that you completely misconstrued what I said…oh and made a complete fool of yourself in the process…the grovel dance worked”

“Yeah…it worked despite all that” he replies dreamily. “It worked better then I could have ever hoped it would work”

“I am really happy for you Maxwell. I really am” Michael speaks truthfully noting the look of pure bliss that now covers Max’s face. “But you know that I am never going to let you live this down…ever”

I know…trust me I know” he chuckles in response to his friends words…but it is laughter that is short lived as Maria flounces into his room uninvited…sending his anger spiraling nearly out of control.

“You better not be telling Michael about your sexual escapades with that slut bucket that you fucked last night”

“Let me tell you something Maria…” Max raises his voice in outright rage as he jerks himself off the bed…now standing fully before an equally pissed off Maria.

“Max…” Michael speaks…trying to be the peacemaker between the warring two. “No dear…Max was not telling me about how he fucked Lily…in fact he was telling me that he went there intent on fucking her…but he couldn’t” he lies quickly…winking at Max…a huge grin covering his face before he loses it as he turns back to the love of his life.

“Oh really” she retorts angrily…not buying for one second the story being spread out before her. “Because he sure as hell smelled of sex when he came home. So…tell me another one Michael because I am not buying that one”

“Um…no…he…um” He stammers…trying like hell to come up with another lie.

“I…I ate her out” Max blurts out…trying like hell to control his laugher at the look of utter disgusted so apparent on Maria’s face. “I ate her out…but I couldn’t bring myself to fuck her. She…she got pissed and kicked me out and I ended up crashing at Jesse’s place after I drank my self stupid at his bar all night”

“You…you didn’t sleep with her” Maria repeats…a gleam of trouble shining from her green eyes as she continues to ponder his words.

“NO…I didn’t sleep with her…OK” he growls through clenched teeth at having to once again explain himself to Maria the mother.

“Well…I must say that I am glad to hear that…puts you back in my good graces again…sorta” she continues…not noticing the way that Max lunges for her…only to be stopped by an equally pissed off Michael. “Now…maybe if you continue to prove yourself…I will try and get you and Liz together. Maybe we can all get together and go out to dinner this weekend” she gushes…ignoring the two fuming men standing before her.

“I swear to fu…”

“We can’t” Michael spews out…once again holding Max back from strangling his girlfriend. “Max and I are going to be at his pops cabin this weekend for our annual fishing trip”

“Right…fishing trip” Max repeats…looking at his friend in confusion. It is true that he and Michael go on an annual fishing trip each year…but it was planned for months from now…but he knows that Michael has a plan from the look of evilness now plastered across his face.

“Since when…you never told me about any fishing trip…and for how long”

“Yes I did tell you about it…just proves to me that you don’t listen when I talk to you and as for how long…a week. A whole week of manly bonding. No women…no bull shit…just two best friends having the time of their lives…all alone” he continues…throwing another conspired wink in Max’s direction. “Hey Max…do the Johnson twins still live across the lake from your parents cabin”

“Um…yeah…the beautiful Johnson twins”

“Male bonding…Johnson twins” Maria mumbles not so incoherently as she turns and heads for the door…completely unaware of the two grinning men behind her. “We will just see about that. Come on Michael…” she coos seductively. “I think that it is time for us to go to bed”

“What the hell are you up to now” Max questions knowing the look of pure determination that crosses his friends face. “What is this about the Johnson twins…who the hell are the Johnson twins”

“Trust me Maxwell…I will reveal all in due time. For now I have to make love to my very beautiful…but completely unaware of what she is about to get into girlfriend. “Don’t worry…by tomorrow I will have operation get Maria back in full swing”

“That’s what I am afraid of” Max chuckles as he watches his friend leave the room…closing the door behind him. “That’s what I am afraid of” Settling in for the night he lays under the softness of his covers as he replays the glorious time he had spent with his Liz earlier that day. Images of each and ever time that they have shared of them selves conquer his already love drawn mind and without even realizing it he finds his hand has wound its way around his already hardening shaft as these images continue to fly past him one by one by one. He doesn’t know what it is about this woman…but due to her and the way that she has fully consumed his very existence he is forever in a state of perpetual horniness and he finds that he loves it…that he longs for it to never end. He tries to control his grunts of longing as he continues to pleasure himself…and he finds that they turn into grunts of frustration as the ringing of his cell phone jerks him away from his thoughts his love and his jerking off. “Hello” he nearly screams into the mouthpiece…ready to give the person at the other end a piece of his mind for disturbing him.

“I love you” he hears a voice speak lovingly through the line. “And I miss not having you next to me…not making love to me”

“I miss you too sweetheart” he replies truthfully as he adjusts the height of the pillows behind him…giving him better access to his fully engorged dick…engorged to the outer extent just by her voice…her simple words of love. “I was just thinking about you” he grins into the phone as he begins to set a slow rhythm that will eventually bring him some sort of self-gratification.

“Were you now” she giggles lustfully…causing his already hard member to harden even more. “And just what were you thinking about me”

“How fucking hot you are” he chuckles lustfully…as he tightens the grip he has on his pecker…praying that his bluntness doesn’t scare her…but he longs to share some dirty talk with her and he hopes that she will reciprocate with her own need. “How much I love the taste of you on my tongue…how my dick fits so perfectly in your hot little pussy”

“Really Max…” she pants…nearly exploding as she plunges another finger into the place where she has been exploring before she even got up the nerve to call Max for some over the phone nookie. “Talk to me Max…talk dirty to me. I want you to tell me what you want to do to me…what you want me to do to you”

“Where is you hand Liz” he groans…already knowing the answer as her quickened breath echoes across the line. He quickens the pace of the pleasuring of himself at the words she utters next.

“It’s in my pussy Max”

“Tell me Liz…tell me what is it doing in your pussy”

“They are pleasuring me…like your cock was pleasuring me earlier. Oh god Max…I am so close. I am pretending that it is your cock that is slamming deep within me…bringing me closer to one hell of a fucking orgasm. “Oh Max…I am so hot for you…so fucking hot. I’m going to cum Max…come just for you baby. Are you ready for me to cum for you Max”

He knows that she is close…knows that he is close as well as he rubs his hand quickly over the tip of his penis…using the few precious drops of pre-cum to slicken his already slick dick as he increases the pressure of his ministrations as he pictures Liz pleasuring herself just as he is pleasuring himself. “God I am always so horny when it comes to you baby” he groans…once again increasing his pace for his need of release is quickly growing eminent. “You turn me fucking on just by thinking of your beautiful body…your tight hot pussy. The way that it milks my dick of every drop as I fuck you senseless. Do you like it when I fuck you Liz…do you like it when I shove my dick so far up your tight and wet pussy Liz”

“YES…” she cries out in animalistic screams of release as she thrusts her juice coated fingers more rapidly within the hottest recesses of her core…angling those fingers just right as she allows the explosion deep within her to over come. “I’M CUMMING FOR YOU MAAAAXXXX…ONLY FOR YOU”

“FUUUCCCK…LIIIIIIZ” he cries out with her as he crushes one of his pillows over his face in an attempt to muffle the cries of his gratification as the phone falls from his free hand…landing on the floor besides the bed. He tries to gather his stolen breath as he removes the stifling fabric from his face…quickly realizing that he no longer holds the communication with his love in his hand. “Liz…baby…you still there” he breathes heavily into the phone…still trying to catch his breath.

“Wow…” is her reply as she fights to bring much needed air into her starved lungs. “Even when you’re not inside me you can bring to me such places”

“And I always will” he replies truthfully as he jerks his now weary body out of bed and makes his way towards the bathroom as to clean up his cum encrusted self.


“I promise…forever”

“I love you Max”

“I love you Liz”

“I don’t know” Liz states worriedly as she sips her coffee a few days later as she sits in a coffeehouse with Max and Michael sitting across from her looking at her like she has grown two heads. “It just seems so drastic…so graphic”

“Liz…this is Maria that we are talking about. I love her to death but drastic and graphic are the only way that she will get into her pretty little head that she can’t keep fucking with the lives of the people around her whenever she gets a whim” Michael states gruffly as he chugs the last of his coffee and gets up from his chair. “Look…I need to get back to the studio. I have a lot of work to finish before we head off on our trip tomorrow. Maxwell…please explain to your girl friend the importance of being so drastic and I will see you both bright and early in the morning before we leave”

“Max…you don’t think that this is a bit overboard to get back at her for making us the happiest that we have ever been in our lives” She questions as she pulls her eyes away from the retreating Michael. “I mean I know that this was my idea and all…but I don’t want to give the girl a heart attack and be responsible for her impending death afterwards”

“I thought it was a bit extreme at first…but then I thought back to the lecturing that I received from her when she thought that I had fucked that girl from the party and I now think that it is the perfect way to get back at her. You have to admit that it is pretty funny and she sure as hell will remember it each time that she tries to get involved in things that she knows she has no business getting into”

“I guess your right” She returns still a bit reluctant…but that reluctance is quickly forgotten as Max’s hand continues to move higher up the length of her thigh.

“So…enough about Maria. Lets get out of here” he whispers gruffly against her ear as he now fully cups her sex box…tracing his forefinger over the place that he longs to be in more then he can breath. “I want to fuck you like you have never been fucked before…before we leave tomorrow” he continues…now poking his finger through the fabric of her underwear into the molten depths of her core…unable to control the smile now covering his face at the look of raw and undeniable lust so readable on her beautiful face. “I will go pay the check and then meet you in my car”

She nods…since she is no longer able to speak as he traces his finger along the outer edge of her undergarments…sending a wave of fire through her quickly heating body.

“Oh and Liz…” his seductions continue as he snaps the thin string…sending a stinging sensation across her abdomen causing an almost audible moan to rise from her throat. “Make sure that you have these off when I get there” He can’t stop the evil grin that is spreading across his face as he quickly kisses her on the lips and removes himself from the table. He watches as she gets up from her chair and weaves her way unsteadily across the crowded café…disappearing out the door into the darkening evening sky. “Thirteen dollars and fifty seven cents” he barely hears the cashier speak as he plunks down a twenty-dollar bill and rushes off towards the woman that he is dying to make love to. “Keep the change” he hollers giddily over his shoulder as he rushes out the door of the café…stopping short at the sight of a very pissed off Liz leaning against his car.

“You know Max I was thinking” she fumes as she crosses her arms angrily over his heaving chest. “I think that this revenge thing is an absolutely great idea and I can’t wait till we get started with it”

He doesn’t have to ask why she is pissed…doesn’t even have to think of a reason for he already knows without a shadow of a doubt. “What did she say now” he asks…noticing the discarded cell phone lying on a grassy patch at her feet. Quickly he picks it up and pulls her into his loving arms already knowing that they will not be able to spend the night in each other arms making love to each other’s bodies due to the always perfect intrusions of one Maria DeLuca.

“She’s all in a panic” her rant continues as she clings to him as the warmth of his body begins to calm her frazzled nerves. “She can’t decide what to bring on the trip tomorrow and she wants me to come over and help her out. I mean…I tried to tell her that I was busy with my own packing…but she refused to listen and basically told me to get my ass over there now”

“Shhh sweetheart” he sooths as he rubs the tension from her back with his strong hands. “Trust me I know where your coming from when it comes to her and her bossiness…but lets look at it this way…after tomorrow we don’t have to listen to her anymore and can show just how much we love each other out in the open without having to worry about your best friend” he chuckles…flinching at the sting of pain that he receives upon his backside. “Oh…save that for later baby” he growls against her ear as he in turn plants a playful smack upon her gorgeous ass as he removes her from his embrace…leading her towards her own car.

“Will I see you at your place then” she questions between mind numbing kisses as she for the tenth time tries to get into her car…only to have Max stop her each and every time with another toe curdling lip lock.

“No…” he pants…going in for another round of tonsil hockey…only to have Liz thwart his advances.

“No..” she returns confused. “Where will you go then”

“Baby…I can’t be in the same house as you without throwing you over my shoulder…taking you into my room and fucking you till you can’t see straight. So…I will go hang out with Michael at the studio…but you can best bet that you will be getting a phone call later tonight. Do you think we can rival what we did last night” he teases…kissing her quickly upon her nose as he reluctantly lets her go.

“Guaranteed” she giggles back…as she quickly fastens the seat belt across her chest…blowing him a final kiss before she starts the motor and drives off…leaving him with his groans of misery at the hardening of his rapidly swollen member.


“Ok…it’s all set then” Michael whispers as he tries to shove another fully loaded suitcase into the already over crowded car. “Dante’ will meet you and Liz in the cabin later tonight around eight…and I will make sure to keep Maria busy so he has enough time to work his magic. Oh…and one more thing” he chuckles…slamming the truck closed behind him after rearranging the interior for the third time this morning. “Dante’ is a bit on the exocentric side and under no circumstances are you to mention love or falling in love…trust me on this” he grumbles…recalling his last encounter with the ever famous make up artist.

“OK…” the reply in unison as they wait for the elusive Maria to exit the apartment. Laughing they both turn to each other…dying to touch…kiss…to just be together…but resisting the urge for it would completely blow all the hard work of their impending revenge if she were to see them together in that capacity. “Are you ready for this” he asks seriously as he quickly places his hands in the pockets of his cargo shorts to avoid the obvious need to hold her.

“I’m ready” she replies as she moves away from the man that she longs to make love to unlike anything else she has ever wanted to do in her entire lifetime. “It’s just killing me not to touch you” she whispers…taking yet another step back in order to widen the gap between the two of them. ‘It’s just wrong to be this far apart from each other”

“Soon baby…it will all be over soon” he winks as Maria finally emerges from the apartment…bounding down the stairs in a flurry or animation…oblivious to the way that the two of them widen the gap even more between them as they each look else where as not to give away the true meaning of their feeling for they know it is so readable in their eyes.

“About freaking time” Michael hollers as he pokes his head out of the passenger side of the car…a look of pure irritation now crossing his face. “No way…no fucking way” he yells out as he jumps out of the car and makes his way over to his girlfriend. “Jesus Christ Maria…we are going away for a damned week…not a year. There isn’t anymore room in this car for another suitcase…as it is there is barely any room for Max and Liz to sit in the back seat”

“I know…that is why they are going in Max’s car and we are going in your car” she reasons as she shoves the suitcase into the chest of her boyfriend…quickly turning to face the two behind her as they try like hell not to jump out of their skins from this exciting news. “I figure that this will give the two of you a chance to get to know each other a bit better and what better way then a six hour drive into the country”

“Are you fucking crazy…” Liz shouts in mock anger…running up to her friend and shaking the shit out of her. “You expect me to sit in a car for six hours with…with…him” she stammers…trying to calm her already humming womanhood. “I’ll…I’ll kill him before we even reach the city limits”

“Yeah…what’s the big idea anyway” Max cuts in…pushing Liz out of the way…his manhood beginning to twitch at the slight contact from her body. “The plan was that we all go together…it was going to be bad enough that I had to sit with her in the back seat…much less now driving unsupervised for six very long…very painstaking hours”

“Look you two…get over yourselves” Maria yells…pushing her way past the two as she makes her way over to where Michael is once again rearranging the inside of the car. “I have to bring all this stuff with me…and there is just no other way for you to get there then to drive yourselves. I think that you both will survive and in the process really get to know each other…maybe even get to like each other…if you know what I mean” she purrs as she pinches her boyfriends exposed rear end…before jumping into the front seat of the car and slamming the door behind her.

“You two owe me” Michael mouths as he backs out of the back seat of the newly rearranged car as the two stand there pretending to be in utter shock at the prospect of their impending drive of love. They watch as he climbs into the seat besides Maria and starts the car. “Head em up…move em out” they hear him holler from the inside of the car as he pulls away from the curb leaving them completely alone.

They wait a respectable minute before they lunge needily into each other’s arms…attaching their lips to the place that they have longed to be from the moment they had met early this morning. “God…I thought I was going to die without kissing you this morning” Max groans as he tightens the embrace that he now holds on her…an embrace that no matter how close he pulls her against his body it is not close enough. With a simple sweep of his tongue across the shiny fruity scent of her lips…he beckons for her to open up to him…and she complies with out the slightest of hesitations as he coaxes a small moan of pleasure with the first sweep of his tongue to hers.

Back and forth they share of themselves as they continue with their exploration of familiar territory…each cherishing the way that their lip lock is making them feel. First it is a kiss of recognition…but quickly it turns onto a out right frenzied kiss of want and need…as the world around them as usual when they are together disappears and it is only the two of them. “Get a room” they hear someone scream from across the street as they quickly pull apart fully embarrassed at the scene they have played out for the whole neighborhood to witness. “Come on beautiful…we better get going if we want to make it to the cabin by eight” Max speaks first…loving the look of crimson that now colors her beautiful for their impromptu make out session.

“Ok” she giggles happily as she allows him to help her into the passenger seat of his car…placing a loving kiss upon her lips before he closes the door behind him. The rest of the trip was spent telling stories of years gone past…laughing at the awkwardness of their teenage years…first loves and lost…but most importantly of love found. Several hours later the two sit in comfortable silence as they continue their way towards the cabin. “I love you Max” Liz sighs contently…breaking the silence as she reaches out her hand and traces the outline of the handsome face of the man that has stolen her heart…body and soul. “I really love you”

“I love you too sweetheart” he replies just as contently as he places his hand atop the one that continues to lay upon his face…as he gently cups it in his hand…bringing it to his lips where he places a tender kiss upon it. He can’t help the smile that he knows is now covering his face…but it is a smile that quickly fades as they pass a sign alerting them that they are just a few miles away from their destination. Knowing the highways and byways of the countryside…he quickly pulls the car off into a deserted road…driving further and further into the wooded Forrest.

“Max…” Liz questions worriedly as he continues to clutch her hand tightly within his own larger one. “What’s the matter…are you ok” Fear inhabits her…as he jerks the car to a complete stop…jumping out the door as he does. “Max…what…” he cuts her off as he jerks open her own door and quickly unstraps her seatbelt…pulling her quickly from its confines.

“I love you so much Liz…don’t ever doubt that” he whispers feverently as he crushes her tightly against his body. “I just want you to know that before we go any farther with this game of ours that I love you with all my heart and that I would never do anything to purposely hurt you”

“I know baby” she whispers assuredly into his ear as she winds her arms around his neck. “I know that you would never hurt me”

“I just can’t lose you Liz…not after it took me this long to find you” he speaks fearfully as he clutches her tighter against his trembling body.

Tear glisten in her eyes at the amount of love that radiates so clearly from his beautiful hazel eyes. “It took me a long time to find you Maxwell Evans and I love you so much…more then I ever thought was possible to love a man. So…” those same tears she had been holding at bay now come crashing around her. “If you think for one minute that I am going to just let you get away from me…well…you have another thing coming”

“I need…I need to make love to you Liz” he responds with absolute necessity as he winds his fingers though the silkiness of her hair…placing his mouth hungrily over her supple…more then eager lips. For what seems like forever they continue to explore the now familiar caverns of each others mouths…a kiss so deep that in a sense it is as if they are trying to devour each other with her out right want of them. They only break apart as the need for air becomes essential and even that is shorted lived as they once again latch onto each other as they continue with what they have started.

Finally unable to wait one second more…and still gasping for breath from the last mind blowing lip lock…Liz waste no more time on silly unimportant things such as breathing as she jerks him easily forward towards her fully over heating body and then back into a sitting position on top of the still warmed hood of the car. With nimble hands she quickly undoes the hindering buttons of his unnecessary cargo shorts…freeing his ready to attack snake from the confines of its barrier. “Oh god Liz” she hears him cry out as she lays her face against the softness of his pubic area. A content sigh escapes from her own lips as she continues to relish the way that his most private of areas feels across her skin…but it is short lived as her to taste of him wholly consumes her. Hungrily she takes him fully into the wettest…warmest recesses of her mouth as she creates a suction of his still blossoming manhood that quickly turns him into a rod of raging molten steel.

All around her she can hear his grunts and moans that her ministrations are causing him…and it only proves to provoke her further as she relaxes her eager throat muscles and takes him further then she ever thought possible into her heated depths. Hips bucking wildly below her…she can’t help but smile at the look of absolute bliss upon his face as he comes for her…spilling endless oceans of his essence down her throat and she swallows every precious drop…enjoying the taste that is only Max Evans.

Licking him clean…she reluctantly removes his cherished cock from her mouth as she lays it lovingly against the flatness of his stomach. She watches across the vastness of his finally sculptured body as he lies before her…eyes closed…with a look of utter contentment upon his rugged handsome face. She knows that she could continue to look upon this man all day…but with darkness descending upon them in a hurry she knows that she will have to wait for another time to gave upon the slender that is the man that she loves with all her heart and soul…for they can not afford to be late to the cabin.

“Max baby…we have to go” she whispers as she attempts to remove herself from where she continues to watch him in awe of just how handsome he is…only to have her advances thwarted as she quickly jumps off of the hood of the car…cargo shorts flooded at his feet as he grabs her by her ass cheeks…pulling her tightly into his lap.

“You next” he growls as he runs his hand up her inner thigh…past the thin barrier that is her thong…plunging one long finger into the heated depths of her warmth. She is so hot…so responsive to his touch that he quickly inserts another causing her to scream out in ecstasy from the intense feeling of it all. In hurried haste he tweaks an already tender nipple with his teeth through the fabric of her shirt as she thrusts her body forward in an attempt for him to continue with his handy work over and over again. He however has other ideas as he quickly flips her onto her back…placing her legs on either side of his face as he positions the tip if his once again raging hard on at her saturated entrance.

“Please Max” she mews as he continues to stand at her entrance…running his thick dick over her glistening lips in an excoriationly taunting motion. “Please don’t tease…I need you now” her cries continue…turning into a loaded explosion of wanton lust as he thrusts his ramming rod deep within her humming pussy. “OMG…don’t stop…please don’t stop”

Her cries edge him on even further…causing him to piston deeper within her with even more determination…forcing his own verbal communications to echo across the forested landscape. “Your so hot…so damned hot” he squeaks though bated breath as he jerks his raging dick completely out of her hole…only to shove it back from where it had been a second before as their screams of ecstasy roll over the hills for each and every creature to lay witness to. Needing more access to her throbbing core…he once again detaches himself as he lifts her tenderly off the hood and against his body…placing her on all fours as he lays her stomach against the coolness of the window glass. He doesn’t speak a word and he knows that he doesn’t have to as he quickly climbs onto the hood…kneeling before her beautiful ass as he plants his hands firmly on the side of each globe before plunging dick first back into her achingly hot pussy…setting a pace that he knows will bring them both to the place that they long to spend in for an eternity.

Harder and faster he continues until they are both ragged with uncatchable breath…both with the sweat of their ministrations trickling crazily down their bodies as he continues to fuck her with all his might…and before either has a chance to catch their missing breath…they both come with the force of a speeding freight train…screaming out in utter abandonment from the rush of it all. “I love you Liz” his cries of love echo crazily around them as he falls spent to the hooded warmth besides her…gasping for life giving breath.

“I…I love you too” she rushes…just as winded…finding that she can’t seem to move one thoroughly satisfied muscle as she continues to lay across the quickly warming window…her juices staining the clearness of the glass. “You know…if we keep this up…we won’t have anymore new and interesting places to make love” she giggles as she forces herself to turn over…her ass cheeks now pressing firmly against the glass.

“There will always be interesting places to make love to you my dear” he chuckles happily as he continues to lay Behr assed across the cars hood as he lifts his head momentarily to look upon her beauty with a mischievous gleam so readable in his eyes. “In fact…I can think of a few places at this very moment to try” he beams…snaking his arm around her waist as he tugs her atop his still glowing body. “Every done it in the back seat of a car…or out in the open country side…under a tree…or even in a tree”

“Well as much fun as that sounds” she replies shocked as she glances at her watch…noticing for the first time that they are in deed late to meet Dante’ at the cabin…not just late…but almost an hour late. “But we have to get to the cabin and quick” she continues as she jumps off his body and the hood of the car…quickly adjusting herself to look somewhat presentable as she runs for the car door.

“HOLY FUCK” Max yells just as shocked as he looks at his watch. “Michael it going to kill us” Sliding off the now slick surface…he loses his balance and falls hard on his knees to the ground below…nearly crushing his flaccid dick in the process. “Holy Shit” he cries out in relief as he jumps off the ground…cradling his precious jewels in hand to ensure that they are in no way damaged. “Are you ok” he hears her call out…as he rushes to pull his discarded shorts back up his legs. “Fine…just fine” he grumbles as he buttons the last button and then rushing to the car for their speedy departure.

TBC...the revenge is coming...promise!! For some reason Max and Liz wanted to do the deed one more time before hand...and something tells me that most of you you won't mind that...hee hee!!! Stormy!!!
posted on 28-Aug-2002 5:41:54 PM by StormyBear30

“Where the fuck have the two of you been” Michael growls through gritted teeth as he makes his way of to the car as they scramble to remove their few belongings. “Dante’ has been hiding up in your room for the last three hours. I guess that he finally got pissed and left since I can’t seem to find his ass anywhere. You better hope for your sakes that he comes back…or that Maria doesn’t find him…or you will have hell to pay” he continues with his ranting as he pushes past the two blushing lovers…making his way towards the log cabin.

“OMG Max…it’s so beautiful” Liz gasps in wonderment as she ignores the still grumbling Michael and takes in the sheer beauty and size of the wooden cabin before her. “I’ve never seen any thing so beautiful”

“It is a beauty” he responds…fighting the urge to take her graceful hand into his own. “It’s been in my family for years. My Grandfather built it when he first married my Grandmother. When I was younger we would spend our summers out here. I had some of my greatest growing up memories in this place”

“And just what kind of memories would those be” she teases…taking a step forward to kiss him…but quickly jerking back at the shrill voice of Maria that comes wafting from behind them. “JERK” she screams…pushing past a fully frowning Max and she runs towards her crazy friend.

Turning…he watches as Liz’s speaks in animated tones of anger…her hands and arms flailing madly around her as she does. “You have to admit one thing” Michael speaks…startling Max from the lock he has on the woman that he loves with all that he is. “She is one hell of an actress” he chuckles…slapping Max on the back as he leads him into the house. “So…tell me just why it is that you are over three hours late…and don’t skip on the really graphic details”

Three hours later…

His need to touch her…to make love to her consumes him as he for what felt like the millionth time paces the floor of his small bedroom. After their arrival they had suffered through a quick dinner where Maria had proceeded to tell them yet again just how perfect they were for each other as she forced them to eat another horrible inedible attempt at cooking. After what felt like the dinner from hell…the two excused them selves stating that they were exhausted from their hellish trip and wanted to get some sleep. Michael sensing the need for the two of them to spend some alone time threw a balking Maria over his shoulders…leading her into their own bedroom for some alone time as well. He knows that he should wait a respectable time…know that he has to make sure that Maria has had a chance to fall asleep…but he finds that he can no longer deal with the ache that being away from her is causing as he quietly opens his bedroom door and tip toes to the room across from his.

He doesn’t knock…just enters into the room where she stands before him in all her glorious beauty…arms spread open as she beacons him into her embrace. “I couldn’t stand being away from you any longer” he moans against the softness of her neck as he nips tenderly at it. “It’s to painful to stay away…I need you Liz”

She doesn’t speak a word…just takes his loving lips within her own as she snakes her hand down his shirt covered back…pulling it up over his head as she does. For the briefest of moments their lips part…but they quickly seek out each other in utter eagerness as other hindering pieces of clothing begin to disappear. “Max…maybe we shouldn’t” Liz murmurs against his ear as he continues to nip and suckle the tender juncture of her neck. “I mean Maria and Michael are right down the hall…and…and they may hear us…you know when we…when we”

“When we cum” he answers lustfully as he savagely winds his hands through her hair and crushes her kiss swollen lips with his own equally tender ones. Sighs of moans of lust and need for release can be heard through out the room as he finally breaks the searing lip lock only to come up for air.

“Well maybe if were quiet” she pants as she licks her way down his Behr chest…heading towards the one thing that she longs to feel deep inside her quivering body. “Can…can you be quiet Max” she teases as she tugs his manly nipple between her teeth.

“I can be quiet…quiet as a mouse” he hisses through clenched teeth…trying to bite back the moan a passion that is threatening to break from his lips. With lightening speed he plucks her from the spot where she is standing before him…as she continues to pleasurefully torture him and tosses her upon the twin bed behind him.

“Well lets just test that theory” she giggles under her breath…as she watches Max strip down to his birthday suit. “Come to me oh naked man of mine and let me do things to you that you can only dream of it your wildest fantasies” she taunts from the place where they will partake in the act of silent lovemaking. She can see the look of wanton lust blazing so radiantly in his eyes as she pulls herself into a kneeling position…running her hands along the ripped contours of his body. “Wait…be right back” she whispers as she jumps off the bed…leaving a stunned Max in her wake. “The door…we don’t want Maria or Michael just barging in if we should happen to get a bit on the wild side” she exclaims as she quickly locks the bedroom door…before diving back onto the bed as she takes his every hardening dick into her fully drooling mouth.

“Oh god baby that feels so good” he growls barely able to control the need to shout at the top of his lungs at just how wondrous her hot mouth feels upon his aching dick. “So fucking good” With nimble hands he once again snakes his hands through the softness of her hair and begins to set the pace that he needs so desperately.

Grabbing onto the cheeks of his ass…she nudges him forward in an attempt to give him permission to increase his actions…but her ministrations are abruptly cut short at a loud knock at the door. “Liz…Liz why is the door locked. Liz…can I talk to you for a few minutes” she hears Maria speak through the locked door.

“Mother fucker” she sees her lover mouth as she release his throbbing member from the hot confines of her mouth…jumping off the bed in utter panic. Together they search for their discarded clothing as Max attempts to dress himself…but finds that time is scarce as Maria begins to turn the handle of the door impatiently.

”Under the bed” Liz mouths panic laced as she lifts the sides of the comforter covering the bed as Max makes a nosedive for the darkness underneath. Gathering her shirt off the floor she hastily jerks it over her head as she races for the door. “Maria…what…what are you doing here” she asks winded…trying like hell to look as normal as possible.

“I just wanted to talk to you for a few minutes” she counters as she pushes her way past and heads towards the messy bed.

“Um…Maria…can’t this wait until tomorrow” she asks a bit to quickly…causing Maria to spin around and look at her suspiciously.

“No…why…and just why was the door locked. What the hell were you doing in here anyway. I could have sworn that I heard heavy breathing…the kind of heavy breathing that only happens when someone is having sex”

“Sex…right” Liz laughs nervously…cringing as Maria throws herself on top of the bed…landing hard upon it. She feels that she will die of a heart attack as Max still hiding under the bed lets out a shriek of pain. “WTF was that” Maria yells…jumping off the bed frightfully.

“It was just me” Liz nearly screams as she falls into a fight of fake coughing and choking. “Ok Maria…you caught me. I was you know…um. I was pleasuring myself” she blushes…ready to kick her best friends ass for not only making her tell an embarrassing lie…but for interrupting what she knows would have been mind blowing sex.

“You were thinking about Max weren’t you” Maria questions happily as she does a sort of a happy dance before Liz. “Admit it…this trip with Max did the two of you some good”

You have no idea…Liz thinks to herself as she leads Maria towards the door. “I hate to burst your bubble Maria…but I not thinking of Max. I was thinking of…thinking of…Kyle”

“What…are you fucking insane” Maria shouts stunned…causing Michael to run half naked from the room that they are sharing down the hall a look of pure terror upon his face.

“What…what’s going on. Is everyone ok” he questions…looking between the two squaring off girls.

“No nothing much…just Liz here jerking off to the image of the ex that fucked her over in more ways then one”

“Maria…” Liz states shocked…a full blush now covering her from head to toe.

“Are you fucking kidding me” Michael growls through clenched teeth. “You woke me up shrieking like a banshee to tell me that Liz is masturbating over Kyle”


“NO…” Liz cuts her off as she enters the room…slamming the door angrily behind her. “Omg…” she cries out as she falls back against the hardness of the door…falling to the floor below. Looking up she finds a highly pissed off Max standing before her…now fully clothed. “I’m sorry Max” she whispers as tears threaten to fall from her eyes. “It was all that I could come up with at the time”

“I am going to kill that bitch I swear” he growls angrily as he gently takes her arm and assists her off the cold floor. He can see the utter fear in her eyes as she stands before him wide eyed and frightened. “Kyle Valenti is not a threat to me Liz Parker…but I am going to be a threat to that…that…”

“I love you Max” Liz cuts him off…placing her fingers against the softness of his lips.

“I know baby and I love you too” he replies as he looks lovingly into her eyes. “I guess that I should go back to my room and try and get some sleep” he groans as he pulls her tightly against his body. “Even though that is going to be almost impossible knowing that you are half naked over here” Placing a quick kiss upon her lips…he as quietly as possible opens the door to her room…peaking into the hallway to make sure the coast is clear. Turning back he kisses her once again…before tiptoeing across the wooden floor and into the lonely depths of his room.

The Next Morning…

“I swear to god Michael I am going to kill your girlfriend” Max grumbles as they sit around the table drinking coffee as they wait for their significant others. “Not only did she interrupt what I was sure was going to be one hell of a night making love to the woman that I love…but she completely embarrassed Liz by telling you that she was masturbating over Kyle. I mean god damn…I don’t know how more I can take before I take her out into the lake and drown her ass”

“Look Maxwell…I know that Maria can be a bit much to deal with at times…but she for the most part is a really great person. The thing is with Maria is that once she gets something into her head that is all that matters until she gets what she wants. Don’t worry after today she won’t every think about wanting to butt into yours or anyone else’s affairs ever again”

“Speaking of today” Max whispers…leaning forward in case anyone else may be nearby to hear his secret. “What is the plan for today. Did you get in touch with Dante’”

“Yes…” he called me on my cell this morning ranting and raving about how he had to sleep in a roach motel and that I will be paying him twice his salary as well as footing the bill for having to endure such hardship. Such hardship…I should be so lucky to have to deal with such hardships at the Sun Downers. That place is like a five star hotel and he claims it was a hardship. I tell you I should make you and Liz…”

“Michael…we don’t have much time dammit. Just tell me the plan so we can get this shit over with. I am really getting tired of hiding my feelings for Liz from everyone”

“Ok…ok. Hiking…we are going hiking this morning after breakfast. I want you and Liz to really play it up like you hate each other and then I…being the pissy guy that I am will get fed up with the bickering and send the two of you off while Maria and I continue our hike. Then you will high tail it back to the cabin where Dante will do his very expensive magic…and then well you know the rest” he chuckles…taking a sip of his coffee as he leans back in his chair.

“Your really enjoying this aren’t you” Max laughs as he does the same.

“Yes…yes I am”

“Enjoying what” Maria chirps as she enters the kitchen…snagging the cup of coffee perched at Michael’s lips.

“Our time together baby” he answers smoothly as he takes the cups from her hand…places it on the table and pulls her into his arms. With swift motions he quickly attacks the lips of his unsuspecting girlfriend…causing her to moan from the sheer surprise of his outburst of PDA.

Looking past the squirming lovers…Max spots his love gazing at him with such want in her eyes that it nearly causes him to jump from his chair…leap over the table and take her right there on his families expensive carpets…but he controls his urge as she graces him with one of her beautiful smiles before she makes her way to the table sitting down besides him. Cautiously she reaches under the shelter of the word…grasping his hand with her own as she gives it a light squeeze of support and he in turn does the same. “Um…do you think the two of you could control yourself before I vomit” he bellows…giving her hand one last playful squeeze before he releases it and removes himself from the table. “Lets go already…we are wasting valuable hiking time and if we don’t leave now we will never make it back before sundown with all this dead weight”

“Deadweight…” she pans…faining anger as she gets up and pulls her sweater over her head. “We’ll just see who the dead weight is. Come on Maria” she continues as she jerks her unsuspecting friend from atop her equally stunned boyfriend.

“Fine…then lets get this party started” he retorts as he does as she and pulls a sweater over his head before heading out the door. For the next thirty minutes the secret lovers bicker…argue and even get a bit on the physical side as they continue to hike up Evans mountain and as planned Michael puts on the show of his life as he blows his stack and sends the two love birds off. Angrily the two storm off as they continue with their rantings and ravings about nothing…until they are out of eye and ear shot. Once out of visual distance of Maria and Michael…Max grabs Liz by the waist and pulls her tightly against his already over heated body for their game of madness is an immense turn on for him and he can think of nothing else but ripping her close off and having his way with her.

However Liz has other ideas as she pushes him away and begins to run in the direction of the house…laughing and giggling like a schoolgirl as she does. “Liz…don’t do this to me” Max hollers behind her as she continues to run like the wind for she knows that if she lets him catcher her then there is not way that they are going to make it back to the house in time for Dante’ to fix them up before Michael and Maria come back. “Come on Max…we don’t have time for this right now” she hollers back. “But I can guarantee you this…I will let you do what ever the hell you want to do to me once this is all over” and with those words spoken she increases her pace as a fully drooling Max stumbles clumsily behind her.

“Your late again” they hear a strange looking man speak…clearly pissed off as he stands upon the porch…hands of hips. Max tries to control his urge to laugh at the man standing before him…but finds that he cannot as a whoosh of laugher echoes loudly around them. How could be not for he finds it extremely hard not to laugh at the sixties reject of a man standing before him. A man so short that even Liz towered over him. His blonde hair is done up in a very large…very full Afro and he is a walking fire hazard from all the polyester that he is wearing. “You think this is funny” a now fuming Dante’ rants…taking a step off the porch…now standing chest level to the much taller Max. “You laugh at Dante’…well lets see how funny you think it is when you try to explain to Michael why I will be charging him triple the cost and the work has not been done”

With an overly dramatic flounce…he pushes his way past the still snickering Max and makes his way down the cobbled path. “Max…go after him” he hears Liz speak in upset tones as she grabs him by the arm and pushes him after the still ranting man.

“Dante’ wait” Max calls out to him as he runs after him. “Look I am sorry” he states truthfully as he extends his hand out in a form of greeting and apology. “Lets start all over again shall we. The names Max Evans…nice to meet you”

“Dante’” the man says cautiously as he takes Max’s hand daintily into his own and gives it a timid squeeze. “No last name…just Dante’ and I accept you apology…but only because you have to be the sexiest man that I have ever seen grace my very colorful eyes” He speaks a bit braver as he gives Max’s tush a playful pinch before he runs off towards Liz…leaving a stunned and opened mouth Max in his wake.

“Come on Max” Liz hollers over the much shorter mans head as he continues to lead her into the house. “We don’t have much time” Shaking his head in an attempt to understand what has just happened to him…he takes a step forward and loses his balance. “Dammit” he curses as he pulls himself off the ground…a large scrape stinging sharply upon his knee. “This is going to be a long day” Brushing the dirt and dried leaves from his wound he rushes into the house in preparation of what he knows will be one hell of a long and yet revenge filled afternoon.

“So what’s going on with you and brown eyes over there” Dante’ asks Max as he continues to apply the finishing touches to his human canvas. “Is there a looove connection or something going on there”

“We are deeply…deeply in love” Max answers quickly…feeling very uncomfortable with the way that Dante’ is looking over his shirtless body. “She is my soul mate…the one that I am destined to spend the rest of my life with. We love each other…were in love” he continues to blabber…hoping like hell that Dante’ will get the hint that although he is flattered…he is in no way interest in him.

“Love…phooie” Dante’ counters evilly…poking Max painfully with his applicator. “Love is spending three years of your life with the man that you think of as your life partner. Love is taking this man out to a very expensive restaurant for your three-year anniversary…spending gobs and gobs of money to show just how much he means to you…only to find him fucking the very same waiter that waited on our table in our bed the next day. There is no such thing as soul mates sweety…the sooner you realize that the happier you will be”

“Your wrong” Max counters…grabbing Dante’s arm as he tries to walk away from him. “Soul mates do exist…you just have to wait for them to enter your life and when you do…you don’t let them go…no matter the costs”

“Ok gorgeous…ole brown eyes there is one hell of a lucky girl” he smiles…patting Max’s hand. “But…if things with her don’t work out…you come look Dante’ up…I guarantee you that I will make it worth your wild” with that said he tweaks Max once again on the rear end and makes haste for the door. “Ok you two…I have done some of my best work here…but it is now up to you to take it from here. Oh and Max…remember my offer”

“What offer” Liz questions as she wraps her arms around Max’s waist.

“He told me that if things didn’t work out between you and I that he guaranteed that he would make if worth my wild”

“And what did you tell him” she giggles as she nips playfully at his earlobe.

“I told him that I was head over heels in love with you…that you were my soul mate and that we would be together forever” he answers truthfully…turning to face her as he engulfs her into his arms. “I meant ever single word that I told him Liz. You are my soul mate and I will love you for always”

“I love you too…you big jerk” she returns…slapping him mischievously on his shoulder. “No stop saying stuff like that to me when I have all this goop all over me. Dante’ will kill me if I mess up his artwork with my stupid tears. Now come on…lets get this place ready for the taking down of Maria DeLuca”

“You got it baby” he winks as he begins to set the scene for their plan of revenge. “I think I see them coming” he speaks ten minutes later as he looks out the window…spotting a bickering Michael and Maria. “Are you ready…”

“Ready” she replies as she rushes up to Max in preparation of what was about to happen. “MAX…NO…PLEASE NO” she screams at the top of her lungs as Max grabs her by the throat and shoves her angrily across the room…making sure to put on the scene before the fully open window.

“YOU WANT TO FUCKEN PLAY GAMES BITCH…THEN LETS PLAY GAMES” he howls in extreme rage. “LETS SEE HOW MUCH FUN YOUR GAME WILL BE WHEN YOU ARE DEAD” Trying to control his laughter he raises the prop gun that Dante’ had brought with him and shoots it into the air.

“Stop it Max…” Liz whispers…trying like hell to control her own laughter as she does as Dante’ had instructed her and pours the gooey…red substance over her chest and the floor behind her. “AAAAAHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGG” she sheiks in pure mock terror as she quickly falls to the floor and fakes her impending death.

“OMG…L-I-Z” he continues quickly getting into character as he bursts open his own little bag of bloody goo…rubbing it all over his hands and arms. “What have I done…what have I done” he cries dazed…rocking back and forth as he slides down the wall to the floor below. It wasn’t hard to bring the needed tears to his eyes for the mere thought of losing his love with a death this gruesome was more then enough to cause him to cry as if his world were ending.

“L-I-Z…M-A-X” Maria cries out frantically as she hurls herself through the front door…screaming in out right horror at the sight that she sees before her. “OMG…OMG…OMG” her screams continues as she surveys the room and finds Liz…her best friend since childhood huddled in a pool of blood on the floor before her and Max…best friend to the man that she plans to spend the rest of her life with…rocking back and fourth with a gun in his bloody hands. She feels the room begins to spin around her…feels the darkness begin to roll over her and before she has a chance to do anything…her world goes black.

“Maria…Maria wake up” she hears a voice calling out to her as she slowly opens her eyes and takes in the bright light before her…quickly closing them. “Maria…wake up Maria” the voice continues to taunt her as she tries to shut it out…but as the images of her dead friend hit her once again she jerks them open…only to find three sets of laughter filled eyes staring back at her. “See…I told Liz that she wasn’t dead” Michael jokes…causing the three of them to burst out into fits of laughter as she sits down heavily besides the opened mouth girl…placing his arms around her shocked shoulders.

“What…what…happened. You…” she says pointing to Liz. “You dead. You…” she says pointing now at Max. “Killed her” Back and forth she looks between the two as reality starts to set in…and in place of her shock and fear begins to churn utter madness. “WTF kind of games are you playing here” she screams as she jumps up off the couch and begins wildly pacing the floor.

“No games my dear” Michael quips…laying back against the couch…hands behind head. “This was a bit of good ole fashioned revenge”

“Revenge…revenge for what” her maddened screams continue as she stands before the three people that she wants to kill more then she can ever imagine for putting her though this.

“Where do we start” Max speaks…walking in front of Maria…fake blood still running down his arms. “Being a busy body…butting your nose into things that you have no business butting you nose into…judging people for doing things that you don’t agree with and then making them feel like shit about it…Shall I continue”

“Max…honey” Liz speaks…placing her hand lovingly upon his arm. “Calm down…I think that Maria has learned her lesson. Look Maria…we didn’t do this to make hurt you…but we really didn’t know how else to tell you that you need to stop butting into other peoples business. I love you Maria…but sometimes you can be a bit over burdening. Do you understand what we did this for” she asks as Maria continues to stand before her and Max…looking between the two of them.

“You…you did it. The two of you have slept together…I can tell” she shrieks…but it is shrieks happiness instead of the shrieks of anger that they were all expecting. “OMG Lizzy…you and Max slept together. I knew it…I knew that the two of you were perfect for each other. You…you have to tell me every single detail and don’t’ you dare leave out any of the juicy parts” she continues as groans erupt from everyone for they know their little game of revenge is now lost to the Maria.

“I tell you what…Liz can tell you all about our first…second…third and fifth time later…but you can actually hear the sixth time if you are any where in the vicinity of this house” Max retorts…flinging Liz over his shoulder…leaving a stunned Maria and grinning Michael in his wake.

“Thank you Maria…” Liz giggles helplessly…a smile a mile wide plastered across her face as she is dragged barbarian style down the hallway towards her bedroom.

“Three…two…one” Max counts down as he places Liz upon the floor where the two of them lean against the doorframe…waiting for the inevitably sparring match between Michael and Maria. True to form she does not disappoint as she begins to yell very loudly at what he knows is a grinning madly Michael. “How long do you think it will take for Maria to forgive Michael” Liz giggles as she looks up into the eyes of the man that she can see spending the rest of her life with.

“Oh not long” Max chuckles…walking away from the door as to give them two outside of their room some privacy.

“How can you be so sure”

“Trust me on this one” he counters as he sits upon the bed…waiting. “Three…two…one”

“OMG…Liz” Maria cries echo throughout the room as she flings the door open and stands before them with huge tears and a even larger smile upon her glowing face. “He…he asked me to marry him. Michael asked me to be his wife”

“Oh Maria that is wonderful” Liz cries out in elation as she is pulled into her friends arms as they jump around screaming at the top of their lungs. “I am really so happy for you”

“Would you look at those two” Michael chuckles as he watches his fiancée and her best friend continue to dance crazily as they admire the ring that he has placed on her finger. “So…” he drawls as he sits on the bed beside Max…anymore thought on you asking Liz to marry you”

He can’t say a word…can only grin as he stares dreamily at the woman that he longs to marry for eternity. “I know that she is the one Michael…know that she is the one that I want to have children with…the ones that I want to grow old with…but I don’t want to scare her away by jumping the gun” he says now frowning as he looks at his friend. “We have both had such horrible experiences with being engaged. I mean…what if Kyle has soured her on marriage”

“Look Maxwell…Liz loves you and you love Liz. If she is the one that is meant for you then all that happened in the past will stay in the past. Listen to your heart…it will tell you when the time is right. So…with that said I will take my new fiancée back to our room where I will proceed to make love to her unlike she has ever been made love to before”

“Congratulations Michael” Max states as he hugs his best friend. “And best of luck…cause lord knows that you are going to need it”

“I know…I know” he replies knowingly as he takes Maria by the hand and leads her from the bedroom…finally leaving Max and Liz alone.

“So…what is this that I recall about you telling me that I could do what ever I wanted to do to you” he grins evilly as he cocks his finger forward…gesturing for her to stand before him.

“I did say that didn’t I” she moans softly as she does as she is told…now standing before him longing for him to do everything and anything that he wants to do to her body.

“Yes…yes you did”

“Well then I can’t go back on my word now can I”

“No…no you can’t”

“So…so what do you want me to do” she asks…a fire beginning to burn deep within her at all the possibilities that this night has to offer.

“Remove those stained clothes…slowly” he replies as he takes a step back and sits painfully in the chair behind him as his hardening dick begins to grow within the constricting confines of his jeans. Slowly she begins to remove the stained sweater…then the satiny bra…revealing two beautiful peaked snow-white mounds. With slow and sensuous motions she removes the last garments of her slacks and undergarments…now standing fully nude in all her gloriousness before him. “Come…come here” he stammers pointing at his lap as she creeps seductively over to him…straddling his crotch once reaching his clearly bulging member.

Her breath comes in quick torrents as he slowly begins to rub his large manly hands along the supple contours of her body. “You are so beautiful” she hers him murmur as he kneads her already tender breasts within those same hands…causing the burning deep within her to intensify. “You are quite the dirty girl Miss Parker” he speaks in lust filled tones as he traces his finger between the valley of her breasts marking her golden skin with the remainder of the red goop from earlier.

“What are we going to do about it” he whispers against his ear as she traces her tongue around the sensitive lobe…causing a smile to cross her face at the shuddering now inhabiting his body. He doesn’t give her a chance to speak as he winds his hands through the silkiness of her hair…dragging her lips towards his own. No crevice was left unexplored…no cavern left undiscovered as their tongues continue to examine every square inch of their hungry mouths.

Griping the beautiful mounds of her luscious ass…he with the slightest of ease lifts her as she continues to straddle his lower regions with her powerful legs. Not once do they break for life giving breath as he carries her to the bathroom…leaving her side for mere seconds as he turns on the faucet and the coolness of the water…placing her under the clarifying stream as he undresses himself. He finds that he can only watch in utter fascination as the gooey concoction rinses from her magnificent body onto the ceramic tile of the shower stall below them as all sorts of wonderful games invade his mind. Games that when the time presents its self…he will play for keeps.

She feels as if she is walking on air as he does as he had before and begins to run his hands over her aching body as he washes away all traces of their previous game of revenge. His hands are everywhere…her heaving breasts…her quivering stomach and her volcanic womanhood and with each touch…with each caress the fire continues to rage out of control. She watches as he takes the shampoo bottle from the shelf…watches as he places a large amount on his hand…watches as he lovingly works the scented substance into a later as he massages every inch of her tingling scalp. Moans of pleasure and need escape from her mouth as he continues to run his fingers through her wet tresses and with each moan…with each sigh the pressure within her loins intensifies…until she can no longer control her own body as an explosion fills her…causing her to scream from the sheer power of it all. “I haven’t even really began to touch you yet” he chuckles against her ear as he pulls her tauntly against him…rinsing the scented suds from her head.

“Its…it…” she pants trying to come off from her high. “It’s just that you have the most talented hands I have ever felt” sighing she leans against his muscular chest…looking deeply into his beautiful hazel eyes. “You don’t even have to touch me Max and you get me all hot and bothered. You can do things to me that no man has ever been able to do…you can turn me on with just the amount of love that radiates so openly from you eyes. I love you Max…I love you so much”

“I love you too Liz” he replies tenderly as he cups her cheek warmly within his hands. “I love you more then I ever thought that is was possible to love another woman and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. But…” he cuts her off before she has the chance to say anything. “I love you Liz…and I want to marry you…but I only want to marry you when the time is right…when you are ready. I won’t ever…”

“Max…” she interjects with tears misting in her eyes. “I feel the same way. I know that you are the one that I was truly meant to be with…but lets not rush into anything. We still have a lot of getting to know each other yet…but know that I long for the day when I take you as my husband and you take me as your wife”

Once again their mouths fuse together in a meeting of pure love and knowledge as they revel in the taste and texture of the ones that they love for always. Quickly they wash off Max…before stepping out of the shower as they each dry off each other with a single towel. Hand in hand they make their way back to the bedroom…where he gently lifts her into his strong arms and lays her against the softness of the pillows. There is no need for foreplay…no need to stroke the burning embers needed to form a fire…for the fire was raging deep within them already. Kneeling before her entrance…he begins to edge his painfully erect penis into the once place that he has longed to be in from the moment they entered her room. “I love you Liz” he groans as his need to fill her consume him as he thrusts himself forward…causing the two of them to cry out from the most intimates of contact.

“Love…Love you…too…Max” she stutters as he continues to pound into her with the force of a madman…urging her closer to her point of implosion. Needing to feel his skin upon her skin…she reaches up and wraps her arms around his neck as she leads him atop her heaving body. Tongues meet yet again in desperate need as hands grope heated skin…and with each thrust they find themselves one step closer to what they started for in the first place. “Oh god Max” she cries as the first ripple of excitement runs through her. “I’m ready Max…ready”

“I’m there Liz…”he hollers out in sheer pleasureful pain as with one final gigantic thrust he sends them both into the frenzied wave of orgasm…energy tapped he lays heavily atop her as she continues to ride out the current of release. Neither says a word as they lay in content silence…each boarding on the brink of exhaustion from their latest…but not last round of lovemaking.

“Max…I’m ready” she whispers…jerking him from the beginning stages of slumber.

“What…what” he stammers…staring into her eyes trying to gauge just what it is that she is trying to say.

“I’m ready. I’m ready to be your wife”

“Liz…you don’t have…”

“I know that I don’t have to…I want to. I love you Max and my heart tells me that you are the man of my dreams and the one that I am meant to spend the rest of my days with. So…”she giggles as she pulls herself up onto her elbows. “Will you Maxwell Evans give me the honor of becoming my husband” she can only continue to lay there stunned as he jumps off of her now cooling body…running out of the bedroom door…leaving her near tears. Her tears however turn to that of out right laughter as she quickly pulls his shirt off the floor…jerking it over her head as she runs down the hall in the direction of a huge commotion.

“OMG Max what are you doing” she hears Maria shriek. “What the hell are you doing…OMG”

“She asked me to marry her. Liz Parker asked me to be her husband and I couldn’t wait to share it with the two of you” he gushes as he continues to dance crazily around the room of his two friends as Liz leans against the doorframe…taking in the scene before her…a huge smile gracing her face.

“That’s really great…congratulations” Michael counters as he grabs a still carrying on Maria as she tries to get out of bed for god knows what. “But if you don’t mind would you please cover you naked ass before Maria has a heart attack here. Liz…could you please take you naked man back to your room” he asks as Maria continues to struggle out of his grasp. “Oh and Liz…congratulations”

With a wink and a nod…she grabs the still dancing crazed man that she loves and leads him out of the room of the still ranting Maria and back into the room where she plans to torture…tease and pleasure in preparation for their upcoming wedding night.

The End…or maybe not. :p