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Title: Right Kind Of Wrong
Author: CarenicoleIQ
Rating: Haven't decided yet. At least R
Category: M/L AU
Summary: Read to find out
Disclaimer: I don't own the character's but I'm thinking about seeing if Jason Behr might be available to be my personal slave now that the show is over. Also, I borrowed from some scenes in the show. I'm sure you guys will recognize that.
Author's Note: you're probably thinking....'Why did she start another story?' I'm thinking the exact same thing. I have thirteen chapters of this written so I won't leave you hanging. As for my other stories....I still need to work on A Season of Firsts , Only Time and Wait for Me. would be great!
Also this is posted in two posts.

"Right Kind of Wrong"

Chapter 1

“Liz…babe, you’ve got to lighten up!” Maria Deluca told her friend. They were sitting in the cafeteria eating lunch after Physics class.

“Maria, I can’t lighten up. I swear Dr. Evans has it out for me. What other explanation could there be? I work harder in that class than any other class I’ve ever taken and you know what I got on that test? A ‘C’, Maria I got a ‘C’. I can’t have a ‘C’ in this class. It will ruin my GPA,” Liz exclaimed.

“Liz calm yourself. Listen…. I don’t know what the deal is, but if you stress out about it, it’s only going to make you sick.”

Liz groaned in frustration and stared down at the food in from of her. When she looked up again another groan escaped her lips.

Professor Max Evans had just entered the cafeteria with another Professor of Liz’s.

“Look, it’s the Physics monster himself,” Maria commented with a laugh.

Liz rolled her eyes. “Dr. Evans is like impossibly hard. I don’t understand I studying all the time and you never study, so how are you even passing?”

Maria wagged her eyebrows suggestively. “Sometimes you can get an A in a different way.”


“I’m kidding, I’m kidding. I really don’t know the answer to your question," she paused, but maybe you should try hitting on him. He’s hot, Liz, it could be fun.”

Liz rolled her eyes at her friend. She could just imagine it, She’d walk into his office and sit down on his lap, wearing nothing but a trench coat and…

She shook her head… NO. That was silly. She wanted to earn her A and besides, Dr. Evans was the kind of man who’d probably laugh when propositioned.

Still shaking her head she went back to worrying over what to do.


Max looked around as he walked into the cafeteria; he was meeting some of his other colleagues from the science department for lunch. He spotted her right away…Liz Parker. He’d just seen her 15 minutes earlier in his class. She looked defeated still, just like she had since he’d passed back their latest test. After going through the line, he sat down with the others that had arrived. He was sitting there listening to them talk about their latest ideas for experiments and about sports and… he couldn’t stop thinking about the look on Liz Parker’s face when he handed out her test.

“Max… What’s wrong? You seem distracted,” Bob Wagnall asked him. Bob taught the upper level Biology classes.

“I uhm…well have you ever had Liz Parker for a class?” he asked.

“Liz Parker? Yeah. Several actually. She’s a smart girl. Very Bright. Top Grades. She always came in and asked questions. She’s got a lot of potential.

Several other teachers joined in with praise for Liz Parker that only made Max more confused.

“Why do you ask, Max?” Bob asked him.

“I thought that would be the case, I’ve heard you talk about how smart she is before and so I expected as much when I got her in class this semester. But she’s not doing very well.”

“Define not very well,” Bob told him.

Max sighed. “She’ll probably end up with a C in the class if her work doesn’t improve.”

Bob winced. “That doesn’t sound like Liz at all.”

“I’m not sure if I should talk to her about it or not. Some students are perfectly happy with C’s. For others it’s the end of the world. Unless she comes to me for help, I can’t really do a whole lot.”

Bob shook his head. “Maybe you should approach her. She might be embarrassed about it. She can be kind of shy. Besides, you’re sort of an intimidating guy.”

“What do you mean?” Max asked.

“Well…Max, you’re young right and single…. some of the girls don’t know how to act around you because they thing you’re cute,” Bob teased.

Max felt himself blushing. He never really thought of himself in that capacity.

At 28 years old, he’d been in school most of his life. He’d received his doctorate in Astrophysics two years ago and he hadn’t been able to exit academia. So here he was teaching and he’d really did like it.

Of course he’d been so engrossed in building his career that he’d ignored other aspects of life… like dating and…
He refocused his thoughts. He was trying to find a way to help Liz Parker do well his class, nothing else.

As they continued to sit there and eat, others offered Max some advice. He concluded that he would wait until she talked to him. Out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of her sad face as she left the cafeteria and wondered if there was something more he could do.


Liz dutifully copied down everything Dr. Evans wrote down on the chalkboard as well as his verbally emphasized points.

She felt Maria poking her and ignored her, instead concentrating on what was being said.

“So…. Liz, can you tell me what’s going to happen next?” Dr. Evans suddenly asked.

Liz was so started that she couldn’t speak for a moment.

“Well?” Dr. Evans, not to mention the rest of the class was staring at her.

Liz swallowed hard and quietly gave what she hoped was the correct answer. Dr. Evans appeared to be studying her for a second before he shook his head.

“No…can anyone else tell me what the next step will be?”

Liz felt her face flush and she wasn’t sure if it was from embarrassment or anger. She was embarrassed for not knowing the correct answer and she was angry with Dr. Evans for putting her on the spot like that.

In the end it only increased her determination to do better in the class.

After class that day, Max watched Liz Parker leave. She looked determined and frustrated at the same time. He was hoping that by calling on her in class like that, she might bring herself to come ask for help. He knew it was mean but he thought it might work.


“Liz…. Babe, he’s totally picking on you,” Maria told her friend.

They’d just finished classes for the week and it was the third class session in a row that Dr. Evans had continually called on Liz. Today she had stopped even trying to conjure up and answer and just told him she didn’t know.

“I mean seriously…. he’s got to realize that you don’t understand the stuff and it’s like he’s trying to bait you or something...” Maria went on.

Liz wasn’t sure what to do. She’d been studying harder for this class than she had to for any of her other classes combined. She was getting sick of trying and failing to understand any of it.

“So what are you going to do? You can’t put up with this for the rest of the semester!” Maria told her.

“I’m going to go talk to him. That’s what I’m going to do,” Liz said suddenly her voice sounding determined. “I’m going to explain how hard I’m trying and I’m going to ask for…. help.”

She was going to ask for help. She wasn’t used to doing things like that. She’d never had to ask for help before. She’d always just understood everything.

“When? What are you going to say?” Maria asked.

Liz almost laughed at her eager friend. Maria seemed to clearly empathize with Liz and was ready to fight for Liz if necessary.

“I’ll go today. Our syllabus says that he’s got office hours this afternoon. I’ll just go in and ask him what I need to do to help me understand.” Liz explained.

“You know…maybe you should subtly suggest an agreement….” Maria started.

“NO. Stop right there. There will be agreements of any sort. I know what you’re thinking. Dr. Evans doesn’t seem like that kind of guy that could be persuaded to do…anything like that. I’m certainly not that type of girl so just forget it.”

“Okay, fine…. now I have to tell you all about the new career counselor they just hired. Oh my god…”


Max was typing up the next test when there was a knock on his door. With a sigh he saved the document and clicked out of the screen.

“Come in,” he said.

He shouldn’t have been surprised when Liz Parker entered the office. But he was.

“Hi…uhm, is this a good time? I need to talk with you.” She said shyly.

“Sure. It’s fine. Have a seat,” he told her gesturing to the chair next to his desk.
Liz sat down, pacing her book bag at her feet. Tucking her hair behind her ears she turned to look at Dr. Evans. As she did so their eyes met and her breath sort of caught in her throat.

His eyes…she’d never seen eyes like that before.

She blinked quickly trying to refocus her attention.

“Uhm, I wanted to talk with you about my grades. I…uh... I realize that I’m not doing very well and that you probably think that I’m not trying but I am… trying that is. I spend a lot of time studying for this class it just doesn’t seem to help. I’m just not understanding things and I can’t…afford to do poorly in this class. This is my second to last semester and I can’t let my GPA drop and…”

“Liz…slow down. It’s okay. I understand that you’re struggling. I know that you ‘re working hard too, which is why I don’t understand why you aren’t doing better in this class.” Max told her.

For the next twenty minutes they talked about some ways to help her study.

“If you want, we can schedule some tutoring sessions for during the week. I can give you things to work on and help you with whatever you don’t quite understand.” Max said.

“That’d be great,” Liz replied with a smile of relief.

At the sight of that smile, Max felt his stomach rumble a little bit. Liz was a very pretty girl, he noticed.

Swallowing hard he forged on. “Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday afternoons work best. Maybe after you start to get the hang of things we can cut back a little. Does that sound okay?”

Liz nodded and got up to leave. “Thanks again. I really appreciate this.”

“It’s my job,” he replied with a half smile. Max forced himself to turn back to his computer instead of watching her walk out.


“So he agreed to tutor you?” Alex Whitman asked. He, Liz and Maria were all eating dinner together in the cafeteria.

Liz nodded “ 3 times a week. If that doesn’t improve my grade, I’m not sure what will.”

Liz shook her head adamantly at the sight of Maria’s suggestively raised eyebrows. “Don’t even start, Maria.”
“Hey!” Maria protested. “I didn’t say anything.”

“No, but you were thinking it and for the last time, throwing myself at my professor for an A, is not an option. End of discussion.” Liz got up then to go get some more water.

Maria turned to Alex. “The lady don’t protest too much,” she told him cheekily.

Alex laughed. “Parker always did strike me as being sort of a vixen.”


Chapter 2

Liz stared intently at the book in front of her. It was the fourth night in a row that she’d stayed in to study. She’d finished the homework for most of her classes over an hour earlier. Now she was studying for Physics. For some reason she’d been unable to do anything more than look at the book and her brain was going numb just thinking about the homework assignment.

Truthfully she’d spent two hours that afternoon with Dr. Evan s having him re-explain the chapter. She’d tried really hard and while it had been slightly helpful, she’d ended up with a headache and she had a strong suspicion that he had a headache as well. He seemed very frustrated with her. For good reason it was probably her sixth tutoring session and she’d shown very little improvement.

His parting words earlier that day had been to read through the chapter and make note cards. Liz groaned. She was busting her ass for that class and she couldn’t even remember the reason why. It certainly wasn’t because she enjoyed doing it.

Feeling tired and overwhelmed Liz closed the book with a loud thud and then threw herself on her bed. She needed to just veg out for a while to numb her brain with pointless TV plots. That was certainly better than memorizing force equations


Max walked in the door of his house and threw his briefcase on the couch. Of course it didn’t land like it should have. It was like all of his demonstrations in class, always doing the opposite of what it was intended to. In this case, the latch that closed the briefcase came undone spilling all of the papers that he needed to grade.

He didn’t even bother to pick them up. He’d get to them later. First he wanted to change into something more comfortable. And food…he wanted to eat. Before he went to change he flipped on the TV and was greeted by the sounds of the Simpson’s.

He left the TV on as he made dinner and while he graded papers. He wasn’t really watching it he was just avoiding the empty sound of the house. He didn’t like the complete quiet. It just reminded him of how alone he was.

It was nine o’clock when he took a break from graded to get a snack. Donuts they were his weakness. Also the reason he got up at six am to lift weights. After grabbing a cake donut with sprinkles and a class of milk, Max sat himself back down. He grabbed another paper off the stack and his mouth quirked in a half smile. It was Maria Deluca’s the girl had a terrible habit of doodling almost obscene pictures all over everything.

He wondered if she even realized that she was doing it. Ignoring the pictures he focused on grading her work. After reading through it he marked the number of correct answers at the top. He was feeling humorous and wrote Nice Drawings off to the side by a particularly interesting doodle. With a chuckle and a mouth full of donut he graded the next paper. Seeing the name made him swallow hard. Liz Parker, here was the real test. Were the last few weeks of extra time spent worth it? He’d see.

He looked over the paper, scanning her work. At first glance he didn’t see anything wrong. He needed to be fair though and he looked again this time he caught a unit error. He marked the mistake and then look at the paper one more time marked -1/2 at the top. He caught himself before writing Good Job next to it. While he was pleased to see such significant progress on Liz’s homework, he’d wait on giving out any praise. Usually he rewarded the Great ‘and’ Good jobs' for the perfect scores.

Still missing * a pint was pretty good. Maybe she’d have a look other than disappointment on her face after getting this paper back.


“What?” Liz exclaimed, looking at her paper in disbelief.

Maria, who was sitting next to Liz, looked over at her friend. She smiled when she saw Liz’s paper.

“Hey! It looks like all that work you’ve been doing had paid off,” Maria commented.

Liz shook her head. “I can’t believe this! I got half a point off for a unit error. What is that?” She couldn’t believe how one petty little thing could matter so much.


Max was surprised to see Liz’s frown as she left after the lecture later. Maria Deluca was standing next to her, talking a mile a minute. Liz didn’t even appear to be paying attention.

He was going to open his mouth and ask her if she was still coming in for help but she brushed past him without so much as a glance.

He shook it off and went to go eat lunch in his office before his afternoon class.

At two o’clock after Magnetism and Electricity class ended, Max went back and was surprised to find Liz already at his office waiting for him. She usually didn’t come until three in the afternoon.

“Hello, Liz. You’re early today,” he said as he unlocked the office door.

Liz didn’t reply, she just walked in behind him and took her regular seat. She began to pull out her notes and her book while Max put away the things from his class. He wondered briefly if something was wrong, but decided it wasn’t his business to ask, he was just her Physics teacher.

“Where do you want to start today?” he asked as he sat down in his desk chair.

“I don’t care,” came the reply.

From the tone of her voice Max was certain that they should hold off on that days session. But he didn’t say anything. Instead he flipped through the textbook too the chapter they were currently working through.

“Ok…He finally said. “Work through problems 7 and 11 on page 137 and tell me what you get.

Liz nodded and went to work. He watched her for a second before getting back to his own work.

Twenty minutes later he heard a frustrated sign. When he looked up he was surprised to see that Liz was near tears.

“Need some help?” He asked softly.
She looked up in surprise and nodded.

“I can’t figure out how to set up this problem,” she said softly. He could hear the disappointment in her voice and felt sorry for her because he knew she was trying hard.

“Bring it here and let me see what you’ve done so far,” he told her.


Alex was in the science building getting help for his computer programming class. He’d just taken a detour in the men’s room and was walking by his professor’s office when he heard voices. Very quietly he walked past the office where they voices were coming from.

“Oh ………that makes so much more sense. I didn’t know why I didn’t see that before,” the familiar female voice said.

“Truthfully, it wasn’t always to me either. It just takes practice,” a deeper male voice replied.

Alex snuck a casual glance into the office as he walked past and almost tripped over himself.

Liz was in there, sitting less than six inches away from her physics professor. They were working on something.

“Geez" Alex thought, "They sure seem comfortable together. Maybe a little too comfortable.” He was going to have to tell Maria all about it.


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That night Liz had a hard time getting to sleep. When she finally did get to sleep she had a very strange dream.

She was sitting in from of a classroom…in the dream it was the physics lab. The chalkboard was full of intimidating equations that she couldn’t even begin to understand. She’d been in the room alone just staring at the equations when the door to the classroom opened and in walked… Dr. Evans.

He came and stood right in front of her, forcing Liz to look up at him from the desk. Their eyes locked and they continued to look at each other for another moment before Liz made herself look away.

“Today’s assignment, Liz, is to solve the problems on the chalkboard, for everyone problem you get right…you get a reward. For every wrong answer I take a piece of clothing off.”

Liz wasn’t sure how to respond to that. The rational part of her was saying, “this is wrong, he is my professor. While her body was saying…Oh yeah because Dr Max Evans was hot.” The idea of naked Max Evans…

Well Liz wasn’t sure which part of her was right.

So she started answering questions.

With each wrong answer…a little more of Dr. Evans was revealed to her.

He started with each shoes…then his socks… his tie…. his belt… his shirt….

At that point Liz was so flustered that she was stumbling over her own words…

“Uh……….so the force is 80N?” she answered.

Max smiled and shook his head. Off went his pants.

“Last chance Liz. Tell me… What’s the square root of 81?

“That’s easy………nine.” She said, relieved that his boxers were still in place.

In her relief though she hadn’t realized just how close he was to her. His bare arm reached out and pulled her up from the desk. Their eyes met again and Liz’s breathe caught.

“Very Good, Liz. Time for your reward,” he said as he slowly brought his mouth down to meet hers.

Liz could feel his breathe against her mouth and she leaned up to meet him halfway and as their lips were about to touch…


“Augh,” Liz groaned. She didn’t even want to open her eyes. She just wanted to think about the dream and….

The dream. Oh God!!!

Liz sat upright in bed, suddenly wide-awake.

She’d just had a dream about her physics professor. How was she ever going to face him?


“Maria, stop laughing!” Liz hissed. “It isn’t funny!” She insisted.

“Oh … but it is!” Maria managed to say between spurts of laughter. “That’s the funniest dream I’ve heard in a long time,” she told her friend.

Liz shook her head causing her hair to fly about her face hiding the dark blush that now stained her cheeks. “No, it isn’t funny. It’s embarrassing. How could I have even dreamt of this? I mean really, where does my brain come up with this stuff?”

“I don’t know, but when you figure it out let me know… I’d like to have a dream about naked…dur emphuh….”her voice was muffled as Liz’s hand clamped over her mouth.

“Maria. ……Stop right there! This is between you and me and once this conversation is over we’re never going to speak of this again.” Her hand was still over Maria’s mouth and she made Marie nod her agreement before she removed it.

“Okay... so did I tell you about my visit to the counselor’s office yesterday? Oh my gosh… I’m telling you, the guy is about every girl’s dream. No wait! You seem to dream about a different kind of main in authority…”

Liz just rolled her eyes and listened to her friend babble on about ho she was going to seduce the new counselor before the year was through. She was still talking about him fifteen minutes later when they were waiting for their physics lab to start.

Liz was actually glad for the distraction because she felt funning seeing Dr. Evans after her dream she had about him. So she was intently listening to how the counselor, Michael as Maria called him had told her to stop and see him anytime. She was about to point out that it was his job to say that, when Dr. Evans walked into the room.

Liz tried to look busy and not at all interested in what he was doing at the front of the room. Especially, when he turned around and started writing on the chalkboard. Liz felt herself flush as thoughts of her dream cam rushing back to her.

When Dr. Evans finished writing on the board he turned around….”Can anyone tell me what this means?” He’d written an equation on the board. Liz quickly looked down at her notebook, a blatant avoidance tactic. Of course Max saw this and so he immediately called on her.

“Liz, care to take a guess?” He asked her with a smile.

Maria nudged her and wagged her eyebrows suggestively. “ You better not get this wrong. You’re dream might repeat itself.”

Liz’s cheeks flamed further and she stammered out an answer.

Dr. Evans nodded. “ That’s correct.” He gave Liz an encouraging smile and she wondered if her face would ever be able to go back to its natural color again.

“Ooh, Lizzy, maybe you’ll get rewarded after all.” Maria whispered.

Liz groaned and went back to focusing on what Dr. Evans was saying.

The lab time went quickly or as quick as it could. Liz had been pared up with Kyle Valenti, who was not only a huge flirt but also…dumb as a post. He was absolutely no help. That was why she and Kyle were the only one’s left in the lab, excluding Dr. Evans of course. When Kyle had to leave early for football practice, Liz was left completely alone with…the man of her dreams.

She fought back a giggle at the thought. Her dream man…. Really, she was losing it.

“Liz?” A voice started her from her thoughts so much so that she jumped, her hand coming into contact with the soda Dr. Evans had in his hand causing it to spill all over his shirt.

“Oh God!” I’m so sorry…” Liz said. Instinctively she jumped up and got some paper towels. She came back to the very stunned Dr. Evans and started to blot the soda on his shirt. She began fumbling as she touched his chest and so she shoved the paper towels into his hand. Now she was nervous and she always started talking when she was nervous and this had definitely mad her nervous.

“I’m sorry Dr. Evans I didn’t mean to do it.” She told him sincerely, her wide eyes riveted to the hand that were cleaning up the mess.

“Liz it’s okay,” he started but Liz was still talking and gesturing nervously.
“And now your shirt is wet and ruined…” thoughts of how you could see his chest in the wet, white material of the shirt registered. “And it such a nice chest… I uh I mean shirt…and I’ll pay for you to have it cleaned and…. oh my god! I have to go!”

Max watched dumbfounded as Liz grabbed her books and started to take off.

“Wait Liz…” he called after her “you still have to ………clean up…”
But she was already gone.

With a sigh he looked at the lab equipment that was still out and set about putting it away.


Chapter 3

The cafeteria was packed with students. It was lunchtime after all so it was to be expected. But neither Max nor Michael had counted on having this much trouble finding a place to sit. They were finally able to spot a small table towards the back. They quickly grabbed it and settled in to their meals.

“So, Michael…how are things going? It seems like we haven’t talked in ages? How’s the new job?

Michael and Max had known each other since they were little. They’d been next-door neighbors and best friends for most of their lives until Max had gone off to college. Michael had stayed behind to work for a couple of years. But he’d gone to school eventually and now had a PhD in Psychology. Max had been the one to suggest that Michael apply to be one of the counselors at the University. Now they were getting the change to get caught up with each other’s lives.

“Great. The job’s good. I’m getting settled into the new place. I’ve been thinking about buying a big screen TV to make up some space so the place doesn’t look so huge, ya know.”

Max nodded.

“What about you? The last time I talked to you…you loved your job and everything was good.”

“Not much has changed," Max admitted, “except…. I’ve been getting lonelier. But …those are the breaks. I pick a career… and that’s what I’ve got.

They chatted some more, Michael understanding how Max felt. They’d put a lot of themselves in to their careers and now they had them but there was definitely something missing.

Midway through the meal Michael glanced up and groaned out loud.

“Hide me,” he said to Max

“Why?” Max smirked.

“Because my stalker is here, and she’s wandering this way.”

Max looked up and saw Maria Deluca and Liz following closely behind her. Max had to laugh at the determined look on Maria’s face as she came toward them.

“Michael,” she said approaching the table. “Imagine seeing you here. Can my friend and I join you? We can’t find any open seats anywhere.” She said even as she was sitting down in one of the table’s two empty seats.

Liz sat down in the other empty seat. She smiled up at Michael saying hell and then she saw Max.

“Oh…hi Dr. Evans,” she said sounding surprised to see him sitting there.

“Liz,” Max said with a nod of acknowledgement.

“Dr. E…hey,” Maria said. “I almost didn’t recognize you with that shirt on.”

Liz, who had been taking a drink of water, choked as Maria said this, as visions of her dream reared through her head.

“Are you okay? “Max asked in concern as she continued to cough.

Liz nodded and cleared her throat. “It…uh got caught in my wind pip, she said giving him a partial smile.

“Anyway,” Maria said, interrupting what could only be interpreted as a starring contest. “As I was saying, I really like your new shirt Dr. E. It makes you look like a college student you surprised me.”

Max raised his eyebrows. “Well,” he teased,” If you would have been in class today, you might have been spared this shock.”

Maria had the grace to look slightly guilty but quickly brushed it aside.

“It’s Friday…what can I say? The weekend wanted to start early and I didn’t feel like arguing.”

Michael laughed at this. Maria was something else. His laughter caught Maria’s attention and she focused her charm on him.

Max watched with amusement as Michael and Maria bantered back and forth. If he didn’t know any better, he’d almost thing he was enjoying this and that he was maybe even flirting with Maria a little. Movement caught his attention and Max glanced over at Liz who was silently eating as she read a magazine.

“What are you looking at?” he asked her

“Liz looked up and smiled. It’s this month’s Scientific American. It just showed up in my mailbox today.” She told him.

“Really? Maybe that means that mine will come today. Anything interesting in there?”

“Sure, if you like reading about pathogenic viruses.”

“Happens to be my favorite subject,” he told her with a mock seriousness.

Liz laughed. “Is that so…. well then you probably won’t even take a second glance at the article on the new satellite NASA’s sending out.”

“Is that in there?” He asked, suddenly quite interested.

Liz nodded and smiled again, flipping to the page to show him the picture from the article.

For the rest of lunch they talked about the new satellite, with Max explaining different aspects of the project so she could understand the article better. She in turn explained the article on viruses. Neither of them was aware of the knowing grin on Maria’s face or the concerned glances that Michael kept sending in their direction.

It was almost 1pm and the foursome all had to get back to classes or work.

“Liz…are you coming in today? Max asked just before they split up.

“Yeah. 2pm I need some clarification on the ideas from today’s class, “she replied.

“Ok. See you at two then.”


Once again, Max found Liz waiting for him outside his office at two o’clock. It was a fairly familiar sign at this point almost eight weeks into the semester. So Max wasn’t some sure why it almost always surprised him to see her standing there. At least he thought it was surprise he didn’t know what else to think. Nothing else had ever made his stomach flip flop that same way.

Shaking his head he told her hello and as was the routine they started to work.

It turned to be a fairly busy day. Students kept stopping by left and right it seemed, always interrupting as Max trying to explain something.

During on of the lull’s, while Liz was trying to work on a problem, she decided to take a little break.

“So…how do you know Michael?” she asked. Max looked up from his laptop.

“Uh…we sort of grew up together.” Max replied.

“Oh, really. Have you always been friends then?”


“Hmmm. So how old is Michael…”

”He’s 28, like me. Why do you ask?”

Liz’s eyes met his and he almost smiled at her sheepish look. “Maria sort of…. Conned me into digging for information,” she admitted.

Max really did laugh that time. Liz was surprised by how young he suddenly looked as his whole face lit up with laughter.
When his amusement died down he finally spoke. “Tell you what… I tell you about Michael if you can convince Maria to start coming to class and stop doodling obscene pictures on her homework.”

“Deal. So what’s the scoop?” Liz moved her chair forward, thoughts of studying put aside for the time being. She was up to Max’s desk, her elbows on the surface with her chin propped in her right hand.

“We were both born in Roswell, New Mexico and lived there our whole lives until college.”

“Really?” My grandmother lives in Roswell. It’s where my Dad was born and grew up,” Liz told him, surprised by the connection.

“Wow, well what’s her name? Maybe I know her. It’s a small town after all.”

“Claudia, Claudia Parker. I go and spend the summer there, every year and school holidays too.”

“That’s incredible! I used to mow her lawn in the summers when I was high school. She lived two blocks away from my parent’s old house on Murray Lane. She was always so nice and brought me lemonade and…”

“You were the boy that mowed her lawn?” Liz asked in surprise.

Max nodded. “Yeah. That means you were probably there if you stayed with her.”

Liz laughed. “I’m not surprised you didn’t notice me. I was a little bit of a tomboy and I’d always take off with grandma’s dog and get myself into trouble.”

Max laughed. “What a small world.” He said with a shake of his head. “So how is your grandmother? It’s been a while since I’ve been back to Roswell. My parents moved there to Albuquerque to be closer to my sister and me. So it’s been a good four years. I went back for the fourth of July to visit Michael.

Liz thought…four years ago she’d been staying with her grandmother. She would have just turned seventeen. She groaned out loud at the thought. “That was the year I got crowned ‘Miss Fourth of July’ talk about embarrassing.

“That was you?” Max asked, somewhat startled. He remembered that summer pretty well the fourth of July in particular. He and Michael had had their fair share of drinks by mid afternoon. They’d gone to the beauty pageant to see the local talent. Max’s sister Isabel was judging the contest that year as a former winner.

Liz felt he face heat up knowing that he had seen her as a seventeen year old girl. “I … it was for a scholarship. I couldn’t pass it up,” she tried to explain.
Max barely heard though. He just remembered that even in his somewhat inebriated state he’d thought the young woman, getting crowned up on that state, was beautiful in a naïve sort of way. She’d had an innocence about her that he hadn’t seen for a long time. He wasn’t sure what to think now, knowing that girl was Liz.

He shook himself slighting to focus when he realized Liz was still talking. With a chuckle his eyes met hers again. “You know, I always thought you looked a little familiar.”

“Oh really? Is that why you give me such a hard time in class?” Liz’s question was meant to be teasing but Max could hear the underlying hurt.

“Liz… I … do I really give you a hard time?”

Liz nodded slowly “Dr. Evans, you know that I don’t understand this stuff very well. It’s embarrassing to me when you call on me in class…I…”

“Liz, I’m sorry. That wasn’t my intention. Really, I just thought…well, so many of your teachers speak so highly of you and I couldn’t understand why you weren’t doing well, so I called on you thinking it would make you work harder. …”

“ I’m working as hard as I can,” she interjected.

“I know.”

“I want to do well….”

“I know, Liz, I’ve noticed. It’s hard not to notice.”

Their gazes met again when Liz looked up and Max could see tears forming in her big brown eyes.

“What if this doesn’t help? What if none of my hard work pays off?” She asked, emotion evident in her voice.

Max fought the urge to reach out and grab her hand to give her some kind of assurance but he caught himself, knowing that was a boundary that he couldn’t cross with her.

“Liz…I promise you, the effort you’ve put into this isn’t going to be wasted. You’ve already brought your grade up to a solid B since that last test. If you keep up the way you have been I have no doubts that you could finish with an A.”

“Really?” she asked her eyes lighting up with hope.

“Thank you, “Liz said, giving him a brilliant smile. He felt his stomach flip-flop again and he wondered what had surprised him this time. He knew what it was though. The surprise was the realization of just how beautiful Liz Parker was. It wasn’t just on the outside either. She’d been so focused and hardworking that he couldn’t help the admiration and appreciation of her that had started to show. For a brief moment his mind worried over whatever it was is more that he was feeling.


Liz had never noticed his eyes before. Not really…. until today. Actually… that wasn’t true. She’d noticed his eyes in her dream. But today was the first day she’d gotten a good look. They were so expressive and open that she couldn’t help but be drawn into them. Her breath had almost caught in her throat. At the way those amber orbs had looked so understanding a concerned and reassuring for her. She realized that she’d never held a teacher in such high esteem before and her desire to do well, increased ten-fold.

To Be Cont....if you want. Feedback will let me know.

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Author's note: First I would like to apologize again for those fans that I have left hangin (Tazno). It was never my intention to abandon those other fics. Life just got away from me and then I sort of lost the inspiration. But slowly and surely I'm getting some of it back. So please forgive me. And Phae...big apologies from me about not letting you know ahead of time. I bow my head in shame. Special thanks to everyone else for even reading this. Also as a side note...some of the physics stuff that's mentioned might not be correct (I'm trying...really I am) but I dislike the class as much as Liz and I've never been so relieved to be done with it in my whole life. So forgive the electricy ball mistake below because I honestly wasn't paying attention when the prof explained it's name and how it works.

Chapter 4

For the next two weeks Liz continued to come to Max’s office for help. For the most part they stayed focused on Physics but every once in awhile their conversation would stray to things they had in common. They’d discovered that they both had an almost unnatural fascination with the show CSI. Max had almost every episode on tape because he had to watch it on the weekends due to the night class he taught. They also talked about Roswell some. Liz filled him in on what had been happening in his absence from the town.

Liz found that she could listen to Dr. Evans talk for hours. Especially when he talked about Astronomy. He was so passionate about it and it came through when he spoke.

It was the tenth week of the semester by then and Max was continually pleased by Liz’s improvement in class. He’d also been careful not to pick on her as much during lectures anymore. It was that Friday during class that Max asked Liz to stay behind. He needed to ask her a favor.

“Could you stay after a moment?” he asked as the rest of the students began to leave.

Liz nodded and told Maria she’d meet her in the cafeteria.

“Did you need something?” Liz asked, standing at the front as Dr. Evans erased the chalkboard. She watched as he put the eraser down and then wiped his hands on the back of his jeans. For a moment her thoughts strayed but they quickly refocused when she realized that Dr. Evans was talking to her.

“Yes, actually. I’m supposed to be in charge of this volunteer program for the Science Department. Tonight we’re going to host a series of demonstrations at a third grade lock in for the public school. We’re supposed to be there to set up everything by 5pm. We get done at nine o’clock tonight. One of the girls that originally signed up had to cancel and so I was wondering if you could maybe fill in for her?” he asked hopefully.

“Uhm…” Liz wasn’t sure what to say. She already had plans for the night, but she didn’t want to disappoint him and he’d been so helpful to her…above and beyond helpful.

Max saw her hesitation and decided maybe a bribe or some other incentive would persuade her to agree.

“I’ll make it worth your while,” he said. “You can have some extra credit and I’ll even buy you dinner tonight.” The last part had slipped out before he could stop himself. He gauged Liz’s reacted closely to see if he’d offended her with that. It hadn’t been his intention.

He was relieved to see that she seemed unfazed and maybe even a little bit excited. But the prospect of her excitement wasn’t something he should be thinking about. Not at all.

“I’ll do it. Just tell me where I need to be and when. And you don’t have to do anything extra for me. I’m sure this will be fun,” she told him with a smile.

He gratefully returned the smile. “Thanks so much. You’re a lifesaver!”

“You’re canceling our plans to what?” Maria asked loudly as Liz caught up with her at lunch. Today was Alex’s day to join them and so he was watching the exchange with interest.

“Dr. Evans asked me to help with this volunteer thing. He was desperate and I couldn’t turn him down. It’s for a bunch of little kids.”

Alex snickered at that and Liz kicked him under the table, giving him a glare at the same time. “Get your adolescent mind out of the gutter!”

“But Liz…. we made these plans a long time ago,” Maria whined.

“Maria…you made these plans a long time ago. I didn’t really want to go to the concert anyway. Use this as an excuse to ask Michael out or something,” Liz told her friend.

Maria perked up immediately at that idea, but she was being very serious when she turned to Liz a moment later. “You better be careful tonight,” she said.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean…I’ve seen the way Dr. Evans looks at you and I know that you like him. All you do is talk about how wonderful he is and how you have so much in common and…”

“What do you mean ‘the way he looks at me’?” Liz interrupted.

“He just looks at you Lizzy…I mean he really looks at you. He likes you… a lot. And I don’t mean in a teacher-student way. I mean in a man-woman way. You’re totally his eye candy.”

“I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about,” Liz said.

“Liz…sometime in class, he’ll look at you and he’ll get flustered and lose his train of thought. And during lab, he’s always back by your table, helping you. His eyes just naturally gravitate toward you. And there was this one day last week when I went in to get help. You were sitting in one of the chairs working quietly and he was trying to help me, but his eyes kept glancing your way and the minute you sighed he was asking if you needed help.”

“Maria, you’re just being silly,” Liz insisted.

Maria shrugged. “Just be careful. I don’t want you to end up hurt.”

Liz missed her study session that afternoon. She’d thought about everything that Maria and said and she just couldn’t bring herself to spend all of that time alone with him. Especially if what Maria said had any merit.

Max was surprised when he saw that Liz wasn’t waiting for him at his office like she usually was. He figured that she was probably just running late. So he went on with his work for the afternoon. By three thirty pm there was still no sign of Liz and Max had to admit to himself that he was worried about her. He hoped that something hadn’t happened to her.

At the thought of that he had to block out the images of bad things in his head. He tried to ignore the sinking feeling in the pit of his stomach. It was probably just something he ate. And Liz…well she had probably just gotten busy and forgot to come.

The afternoon went surprisingly slow. Max was so used to working with Liz that he wasn’t sure what to do with himself. He had his grading almost finished already. That meant that he was going to have a pretty eventless weekend.

At five o’clock, Max locked up the office and went to go pick up the school van he was borrowing for the evening. When he came back there was a group of eight college students waiting for him, all holding their demonstration supplies for the evening. But he barely noticed them. The first person he was aware of was Liz as she stood tentatively off to the side. He could tell she was uncomfortable.

He quickly parked the van and got everything loaded. The others piled inside, leaving the front seat open. Liz was the last person so she took the front passenger seat.

She hadn’t said much yet. Max wondered if maybe she wasn’t feeling well. He decided he’d better ask and make sure she was okay. Not sure what to say he started up the van again. “Uhm…thanks again for coming, Liz. I really appreciate it.”

Liz gave a slight nod. “Sure, no problem.”

Max glanced at her quickly before focusing on driving. She didn’t look sick. Her skin was the same perfect olive tone that it always was. She looked a little troubled, though. He decided that he’d let her talk if she wanted to and wouldn’t push a conversation. Maybe she’d eventually want to talk about what was bothering her.

By six o’clock all of the demonstrations were set up and running in the school’s gymnasium. Liz was helping Max with the electricity demonstration. By six thirty…they still hadn’t had a single group show any interest in visiting them.

“We must not be very interesting,” Max commented as he watched the little kids gathering eagerly around other booths.

“Maybe we should give them a reason to come over here,” Liz suggested.

Max looked over at her and fought back a frown. She was sitting as far away from him as possible and she refused to meet his gaze. She’d barely spoken since they’d gotten there. Something was obviously wrong. Now he was wondering if it was something he had said or done.

Deciding to try and ignore the tension between them, Max got an idea to help out their demonstration. “I want to try something. Care to be a guinea pig?” he asked Liz. After a moment of hesitation Liz agreed, much to Max’s relief.

“Okay…come stand over here,” he said, pointing to a spot next to the equipment. He moved around, looking for something and then produced two glass blocks.

“Okay, I want you to come and stand on these two blocks,” he told her after positioning the blocks on the ground.

As Liz went to step up on the blocks, her foot slipped, causing her to lose her balance. Letting out a small yelp, she tried to prepare herself for the impact of hitting the ground and closed her eyes. But instead of the hard floor of the gymnasium, her fall was cushioned by a pair of strong arms.

For a second, Liz kept her eyes closed; shocked by the emotions she was feeling. When she finally opened them she was somewhat unprepared for the sight that greeted her and found herself starring into warm amber eyes.

“Are you okay?” Max asked her, concern evident in his voice.

“I…” Liz couldn’t find any words, she was too caught up in looking at him. It was like she was really seeing him for the first time. That’s when she realized that Maria had been right. At least the part about Liz liking Dr. Evans had been right. She was attracted to him. Very attracted to him.

Max finally got Liz to stand on her own two feet but he was unsure how to interpret her silence. He thought he’d caught her before she could hit anything, so he didn’t think that she was hurt.

As soon as Liz’s realization set in, she remembered where she was and what she was supposed to be doing. She couldn’t let on that she’d developed feelings for him. He couldn’t know that she was attracted to him. It would jeopardize too many things.

“I’m alright,” she finally told him once she’d regained her composure. “Just a little startled.”

“Okay…well…” Max wasn’t sure what to say.

“Why don’t we try it again? Only this time I promise to stay upright,” Liz suggested with a smile.

Max smiled back. This was the Liz he knew. The bright, creative, enthusiastic woman in front of him…not the confused, silent girl that had been sitting next to him earlier. “Maybe I better help you up this time,” he said, taking her hand to steady her as she stepped on to the blocks again.

The second he took her hand; Liz knew that she was in deep trouble. She could feel herself responding to just that innocent touch. How was she supposed to act normal when the slightest touch was enough to make her whole body tingle?

Max knew he shouldn’t but he held onto her hand a second longer than he needed to. Her hand just felt so small and perfect that it was hard to let go. When he finally managed to relinquish his hold on her, he glanced up at her face. She was biting her lip nervously, the same way she did when she took his physics tests. It was such a cut habit and … Max shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts. He knew that he shouldn’t be thinking the way he was. It was wrong…and nothing could ever come of it.

“So, now what?” Liz asked, bringing Max back to reality.

“Now… you put your hand on this ball…” he instructed bringing the electricity ball closer to her. “I’m going to start the motor in the base and the coil is going to turn and electricity is going to be generated in the ball. And because you’re touching it the electricity is going to go through you and it’s going to come out the top,” he explained.

“What do you mean?” Liz asked, unsure as to what was going to happen and a little bit nervous.

“Let’s just try it. I promise that it won’t hurt,” he told her with a reassuring smile.

He waited patiently for her permission to keep going.

Her eyes searched his and she knew that he wouldn’t lie to her…she knew that and about a thousand other things as she looked into his eyes. He was a good man…honest, caring, funny, hardworking and…. the list just went on.
“Okay. I trust you,” she said. The words were soft and the sound of them Max’s hand falter a little bit.

She trusted him. Three words that meant so much. He could never betray that trust, especially not by giving in to what he knew he was starting to feel for her.

Looking away from her he started the motor in the generator and then waited. “Do you feel it?” he asked, looking up and meeting her anxious gaze. Her big brown eyes grew wide.

“Yes…” she said…startled by his question. At first Liz had been thinking of something else and her response had been instinctive. She could feel the connection to him…the chemistry between them the electricity. It was literally electricity though. And it was running through her. Not between them but between her and the metal ball. Liz started laughing then…because she felt silly and the electricity gave her a funny, butterfly like feeling inside.

Max smiled at Liz’s laughter, watching as her entire face lit up.

“My hair’s standing up, isn’t it?” she asked.

“No actually. It isn’t. Which means that this isn’t working. You’re hair is probably to…uhm…soft and it’s so long that…” his words trailed off as he fought the urge to reach out and run his fingers through the silky brown tresses. Instead he cleared his throat. “Go ahead and take your hand off the ball now,” he instructed. She did and he shut down the machine, quickly grounding it.

Instinctively he reached out his hand to help her down. The jolt of electricity that came when they touched shocked them both, causing them each to suck in a breath before they immediately burst out laughing.

The night went quickly after that. Max managed to attract a small group of kids and once they saw the way their hair could stand on end they swamped the booth. Liz watched with amusement as Max wowed the kids with the demonstration. She helped run the machine while he explained what was going on.

It was after nine o’clock when they finally finished everything and the kids were directed to another activity. Max drove the student’s back to the science building. Liz offered to stay and help him put things away and he almost accepted it when he decided against it. He knew that he’d enjoy the company too much and he couldn’t guarantee that the situation wouldn’t prove too tempting to resist. Especially considering the way things sparked between them.

TBC....Feedback...pretty please?
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Whoohoo! I'm on a roll. I'm actually supposed to be studying for my may term class but I don't wanna. Plus I still have a paper to turn in for one of my classes last semester. This is definitely more fun. I have some things that I wanted to mention...first I've read and completely loved that DM fic that everyone was talking about. I hope that I'm not infringing on it in anyway because it's absolutely fabulous. Second...this story was the brain child of a friend of mine and myself. We both just finished taking two semesters of Physics with a single, attractive and very smart professor. Needless to say...the reason we didn't pay attention in class was because of that. I think that I personally spent at least two afternoons a week in his office playing dumb to get help. Turns out I wasn't really playing...anyway...I just thought you guys would get a kick out of our version of the student-teacher fantasy. Thanks for reading. The feedback has been great! Let me know if you want more. That's the best way to keep me posting.

Chapter 5

Max’s weekend was going very slowly. It was late Saturday night and he had absolutely nothing to do. He’d tried to call Michael up but he’d only gotten his answering machine. He’d tried to get a hold of his sister but he’d remembered at the last minute that she’d gone out of town on business. He hadn’t wanted to talk to her husband Jesse and so he abandoned that idea. Now he was at a loss. There hadn’t even been a new episode of CSI for him to tape and watch.

He came to the conclusion that he needed a hobby. Either that or a woman. He supposed it was probably the same thing.

Did he even know any women? He’d long since thrown out his black book. He hadn’t been on a date since Grad. School. It wasn’t from lack of interest on his part, though. It was just very hard to give a woman attention if you had to put all your energy into your work. Especially with what he’d chosen to do. He’d spent a whole year of his life locked away in a telescope trying to gather data. Then he’d spent another six months analyzing the data. The result of his self-imposed isolation had been a well-received dissertation and an immediate job offer in Albuquerque where he was close to his family. And he’d been completely content for the last three years…until now that is. Suddenly his life seemed like it was missing something: something that could distract him from the solitude of his situation.

Shutting off the TV, Max decided to go to sleep. Maybe he’d have a good dream or something.

Sunday morning dawned and Max was up by 9 am. He made himself some coffee and eggs and sat around reading the Sunday paper and advertisements. It was nearly eleven am when he finally finished. Still feeling the same restlessness he’d felt the day before, he decided the best outlet for this nervous tension would be exercise. So he spent an hour lifting weights. After the weights he made himself a sandwich and called his mother. He was due to check in with her and see how things were going. That conversation lasted a good hour as his mother had to fill him in on everything he’d missed out on for the last two weeks. If lifting weights hadn’t tired him out, the conversation with his mother had, even if that was more of a mental exhaustion.

It was 3 o’clock when Michael finally called.

“Hey, sorry about not getting back to you sooner,” Michael said to his friend. “I drove back to Carlsbad yesterday to pick up the rest of my things. I stayed over at my sister’s house.”

“How’s Laurie doing?” Max asked.

“She’s good. Baby number three is due in two months. I don’t know how she handles working and raising her two boys, let alone this new baby.” Michael said. He sounded slightly awed and yet like it was an experience he really didn’t want any part of.

Max again felt something knawing at him. Laurie was two years younger than he was and she had two, almost three kids. It bothered him and made him feel like he had a lot of catching up to do. Shaking off the thoughts, he focused on his conversation with Michael. “Listen…do you want to go play basketball at the gym? I need something to keep me occupied the rest of the afternoon.”

“Sure,” Michael replied. “I’ll meet you there in 20 minutes.”

45 minutes later they were engaged in a fast paced game of one on one. Both guys were sweating hard already.

As Max took the ball out and then drove down the court for his shot, Michael let him past and stood there watching Max make his lay up.

“Damn, Maxwell, what the hell has got you wound so tight?” Michael asked using his t-shirt to wipe the sweat off his forehead.

“What are you talking about?” Max asked tossing the ball to Michael for his turn.

“I’m talking about how you’re some kind of machine. This is just supposed to be a pick up game and you’re seriously whopping my ass. So what gives?”

“I’m better at this game than you,” Max shrugged and stood there breathing hard, waiting for Michael to take his turn.

Michael stared at him hard before taking his shot. The ball bounced off the rim and Max took the rebound. A moment later as Max was about to shoot, it occurred to Michael what might be bothering his friend.

“You need to get laid!” he exclaimed just as Max released the ball. The result was a complete air ball.

“What?” Max asked, turning back to Michael.

“Don’t ‘What?’ me you heard me and you know I’m right. Don’t even try to deny it.”

Max sighed in resignation. “As right as you probably are…I don’t exactly have a lot of options right now.”

“Are you even interested anybody right now?” Michael asked.

An image of Liz Parker flashed into Max’s head. He quickly tried to get rid of it, instead focusing on where the basketball had rolled.

“You are, aren’t you?” Michael asked. He had a sneaking suspicion who it was.

“Michael…it’s too complicated.”

“How so?”

“It just is.”

As his friend, Michael knew not to push for the information. As a counselor he’d wait until Max came to him for advice.

Another 45 minutes later, they’d finished their game leaving both men drenched in sweat and smelling badly.

“Good game Maxwell…good game!” Michael said.

“Yeah. Now it’s off to the showers. I can’t ruin my car by getting in and smelling like this.” Michael agreed and they both headed off to the men’s locker room.


Liz had decided that the weight room over in the PE building would be able to provide a decent distraction for the afternoon. She’d spent most of the morning studying Physics and was sure that being so sedentary was unhealthy. She’d brought a book to read and her headphones and had done the treadmill for twenty minutes. Then she’d done ten minutes on the stair master and fifteen on the stationary bike. Now, she was exhausted and sweaty, but she felt pretty good. She left the weight room with intentions of showering in the girl’s locker room ASAP.

Her plans were thwarted though when she was coming out of the weight room and ran smack into a hard sweaty chest. Startled, she jumped back. An arm reached out to steady her. Looking up to apologize she gasped out loud as he eyes met the gaze of Dr. Evans.

“Oh…gosh. Hi! Dr. Evans…uhm sorry about that”… she stuttered out.

“No Liz…my fault. I should have been paying more attention,” he told her.

They stood there awkwardly, unsure how to react now.

Liz was looking everywhere but Max, feeling self-conscious about her current state. She must look terrible.

The longer they stood there, though, the more time Liz had to notice the fact that Dr. Evans was shirtless and sweaty…very sweaty.

Max was also noticing the sheen of perspiration on Liz’s skin, not to mention the tight spandex pants she was wearing.

Michael watched the scene unfold with fascination. It was obvious they were attracted to each other…and thus had a hard time being around each other without it being awkward or giving those feelings of attraction away.

Deciding to spare them both any more embarrassment, he reminded Max about the shower they were both going to take.

“Yeah…me too,” was Liz’s reply

Both Max and Liz’s faces blushed bright red as the thought of each other naked…in a shower came to mind. At that they both bolted in opposite directions.


After his weekend of working out, Max was tired Sunday night and fell asleep easily. Which was probably the reason he slept right through his alarm on Monday morning. He didn’t even remember hearing the alarm go off and woke up a whole hour later than normal. Not only did he wake up late, but also with an extremely uncomfortable problem. The problem being almost painful and he couldn’t do anything about it because he didn’t have time.

Even the cold shower that he forced himself to take was not enough to dampen his arousal. “Jesus,” he said to himself. “What kind of dream did I have last night?” He wished he could remember because he hadn’t woken up with a hard on like that since his late teens.
After his quick, very cold shower, he was moderately more comfortable but not much…then all thoughts of that flew out the window as he realized that he wasn’t even going to have time for his morning cup of coffee. “Dammit,” he mumbled under his breath as he tried to dress quickly. It seemed like the faster he tried to move, the clumsier he got. And glancing at the clock only made him think of how late he was.

He only ended up being five minutes late for his first class. He was surprised to see that the students had stayed even that long. They tended to leave if he wasn’t standing at the front of the room when class started.

It was nearly time for Physics 111 when he realized that he’d left his lunch at home. It was too close to eleven o’clock for him to go get it. So when he walked into class, he wasn’t very happy, knowing that he was going to waste half his lunch break driving across town to his house. He decided that if he went through the lecture material fast enough, he could maybe let class out early.

But the class had homework questions.

“Look,” he said, “I have office hours. Use them. Right now we’ve got notes to go over. So unless you’d rather skip today’s lecture entirely and not know certain information for your test next week…. we should get started.”

At the tone of Dr. Evans voice, Maria raised her eyebrows. “Geez, I wonder what crawled up his ass?” She leaned over to Liz. “Did you distract him that badly Friday night, Liz?”

Liz ignored her friend and started taking notes. It was obvious that Dr. Evans was in a bad mood and she definitely didn’t want to incur his wrath. Which is why she never should have turned around when Kyle Valenti whispered her name.

“What Kyle?” Liz whispered back, her voice displaying her annoyance.

“I was just wondering what you were doing tonight…”

Liz didn’t even let Kyle finish. “No…so stop asking!”

When she looked back up at the chalkboard, Dr. Evans was starring at her. “Is there something you’d like to share with the rest of us, Miss Parker?” he asked in a tightly controlled voice.

Liz shook her head no.

“Then I suggest you pay more attention. Maybe if you did, some of this might actually make sense.”

Liz felt her face burn red with embarrassment.
For the rest of the class she took diligent notes but refused to look at Dr. Evans. She was very upset with him for being so mean to her. Why was he always picking on her?

Max let class out fifteen minutes early and rushed back to his house to get his lunch. The he went back to his office and ate. He had a half-hour before his E & M class started.

Unfortunately for Max, his office was located right next door to the ladies restroom. This meant that he could often hear what was going on in the bathroom. Today was not an exception and he was really wishing that he had earplugs. It sounded like someone was dying in there and Max almost completely lost his appetite. “Could this day get any worse?” he asked himself out loud.

Ten minutes later… it did.

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Here it is...enjoy!

PS. Some of you guys are just too good at figuring out what is going to happen next!
Carey (who dances around wildly because she finally finished her big paper)

Chapter 6

“Oh god…it smells in here,” Maria exclaimed loudly. “Yuck!”

“Whatever, Maria. Just hurry. I’ve got to get to my microbiology class,” Liz told her.

As Maria walked over to one of the stalls she shot Liz an annoyed look. “Would you just relax? You’ve been crabby ever since Physics,” Maria said.

Liz let out a frustrated sigh and stared at herself in the mirror. “I’m sorry. I guess I’m just upset,” she responded.

“Is this because he scolded you in class?”

Liz nodded to herself and then remembered that Maria couldn’t see her. “I felt so stupid, Maria. And it wasn’t even my fault. Kyle just refuses to leave me alone. Plus…Dr. Evans made it sound like he thinks I don’t pay attention in class ever. Do you think he thinks that I’m goofing off? Because I’m definitely not,” Liz insisted.

“Lizzie…what I think is that you need to take a break,” Maria informed her friend after emerging from the stall. “I have the perfect solution. Why don’t you take the night of from studying and come out to dinner with me. I’ll invite Alex and we’ll make a big deal out of it…you know get dressed up…everything.”

Liz felt herself perking up at the idea. “You know what, Maria, that sounds like the perfect idea. Studying for the physics nazi’s class can take the back burner for a night. What time should I be ready?”

“Yes! I knew you weren’t just a big science geek!” Maria exclaimed. “Be ready at six pm. And you never know Liz…this could be your lucky night.”


The voices from the bathroom had faded several minutes ago leaving Max sitting at his desk, starring at his computer screen.

He’d been an ass to Liz.

A complete and total jerk.

He’d been so frustrate the entire morning and then he’d let his jealousy flair because Liz was talking to Kyle. He’d gotten angry. That was still no excuse for treating her like that; she didn’t know that she was the source of his frustration. It wasn’t her fault that he was so attracted to her. He knew that he had to apologize to her.

He waited for most of the afternoon, hoping that Liz would give him the opportunity when she came for her study session. But she didn’t come and he couldn’t really blame her for avoiding him.

Pulling out his class roster, Max found Liz’s name on the sheet. Written next to it was her email address. It took him nearly an hour to compose the message.

Dear Liz,

I want to apologize for my behavior earlier today in class. It was uncalled for and I hope that you can forgive me. You’re a very intelligent young woman and it wasn’t my intention to make you feel otherwise with my hasty words. I took my personal frustration from a bad day out on you and I am, once again, very sorry. Please forgive me.

Max Evans


Liz stared at her computer screen. She’d just gotten an email from Dr. Evan’s. An email where he’d apologized and complimented her. Here heart was still pounding from the effect of seeing it in her inbox.

Should she reply?
Should she go over to his office? It was still fairly early. He might be there.

Her decision was made for her when Maria called, interrupting her thoughts of Dr. Evans.

“What are you going to wear tonight?” Maria asked her.

“I’m not sure yet. Why?”

“Because, Alex called his uncle and we now have reservations at Geppetos!” Maria exclaimed excitedly into the phone.

“You’re kidding? That’s great! I love that place. What time?” Liz asked, her own excitement from the email bubbling forth to this news.

“Six thirty. So we’ll swing by your dorm at six. Get your butt moving girl and get ready!” With that Maria hung up.

The first thing Liz did after she hung up the phone was reread her email. Then she spent the next hour getting herself ready. She was just putting the finishing touches on her hair when there was a knock at the door.

Finishing quickly, she answered the door.
“Hey Alex,” she said.

Alex was silent and instead stood there with his mouth hanging open.


Alex shook his head and smiled. “Sorry…you just look…wow… I have no words. The term ‘Beautiful’ hardly does you justice.”

Liz blushed, but smiled anyway at the sincerity of Alex’s compliment. “Thank you Alex, should we go?”

“Yeah. Maria’s out in the car. We’ll never hear the end of it if we keep her waiting.”


Max’s day hadn’t gotten any better as it continued. He felt guilty all afternoon for the way he’d lashed out at Liz. Even sending her an apology hadn’t helped him feel any better. He just wanted to go home and numb his brain with TV for a few hours.

His plan to forget his bad day would have worked if there hadn’t been a message on his answering machine. He was supposed to meet his sister at Gepettos at 7:30 for their monthly dinner. He was looking forward to it about as much as he looked forward to dentist appointments. But he would go and he would listen to Isabel talk about her job and Jesse and then he would listen to her talk about her life’s plan and how she was glad they were waiting to have kids and… the evening would last forever. Thank God he didn’t have class until ten on Tuesdays.

So it was a very reluctant Max that got himself dressed into one of his nicer suits and went to meet his sister.


“So then, Michael said that I couldn’t keep making appointments to see him when nothing was really wrong. And he said that if my goal was to ask him out, it wouldn’t work because it was unethical to date a patient. So I promised to stop coming in for counseling. Instead I’m just going to show up at his apartment.”

“Did he tell you too?” Liz asked. They were sitting in Geppetos, waiting for their food to come. While they did that, Maria and Alex were both taking turns telling Liz amusing stories about their lives as of late.

“No. But he didn’t say that I couldn’t.”

Alex laughed as Liz just shook her head and smiled. She was having a good time. It felt nice to be able to just relax with her friends and forget everything for a while. Except she hadn’t been able to forget everything. She’d had to keep herself from getting caught up in her thoughts. Thoughts of the email that she now had memorized and of Dr. Evans and running into him at the gym.

She knew it was wrong to feel the way she did but she couldn’t help it. When she was with him, everything seemed right. And she could talk to him… it was so easy to talk to him that she could probably talk to him about everything.

Now she found herself wondering if he could ever see her the way she saw him. Could she ever be more then just a student? There were moments when she thought she felt something between them, something that they both felt fought because they didn’t understand.

Liz wanted to tell him…to just lay it on the line and find out if what Maria said was true. Because if it was she’d know he felt the same. That maybe when he looked at her, with those intense amber eyes of his, he was seeing her soul the same way she always glimpsed his. And she wanted the smiled he shared with her to be only for her the way her smiles…were just for him.

“Liz…earth to Liz,” Maria’s voice broke through Liz’s reverie.

Liz could feel herself getting warm and thought she’d better excuse herself. “I’m going to go to the ladies room. I’ll be back in a minute. If the food comes you can start without me,” she instructed.
“Not a problem,” came Alex’s quick reply.

Liz made her way to the restrooms over by the entrance of the restaurant. She was just passing the hosts location when she was startled by a large male figure stepping in front of her. She tried to side step the figure but wasn’t quite fast enough. Her shoulder took the brunt of the impact and as she recovered she was able to look up.

“We’ve got to stop running into each other like this?” the man said with amusement.

“Dr. Evans?”

“Liz, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to barrel into you like that. I’m honestly not out to get you,” he assured her with a partial smile. His words conveyed an underlining meaning that he hoped she caught.

“It’s okay, it happens.” They stood awkwardly for a moment, a sense of déjà vu washing over them. Max cursed himself yet again for behaving like such an idiot in class that day, thinking that maybe things wouldn’t be this tense.

Liz watched as Max’s face turned serious.

“Liz…about today in class. I’m very sorry,” he told her sincerely.

“It’s okay…I-I got your email and I understand. Everyone’s allowed to have a bad day once in awhile.”

Max felt even guiltier at her words. “Yes, but that isn’t an excuse for my behavior. You don’t deserve to be treated that way.”

The sincerity and concern conveyed in his voice and expression made Liz’s heart thump wildly in her chest. This was one of those moments when she thought it entirely possible that Dr. Evans felt the same way she did. She wasn’t sure what she should say, but unconsciously she took a step toward him.

Max on the other hand couldn’t move. He didn’t want to. She was so close that he could smell her. She smelled just like strawberries. As she looked up at him, his hand reached out, tucking a stray piece of hair back behind her ear.

Her big does eyes widened questioningly. God…he wanted so badly to kiss her. “You had a hair think,” his voice said softly even as his face moved closer to hers.

Liz opened her mouth to speak, but no words came. Instead she wanted to feel his lips on hers. They were so close…his breath was tickling her nose and his face came even closer…

“Max?” a loud female voice said, startling them both. They each took a step back, putting distance between them.

Liz was still slightly dazed by what had almost happened. But she managed to look in the direction of the voice that interrupted them and she immediately stiffened.

The woman was tall…statuesque…beautiful. She looked like a model. And she was talking to Max. “Our tables ready,” she said arching her perfectly shaped eyebrow.

“Isabel…this is Liz Parker. She’s a student of mine,” Max said. He was surprised that he was able to get out that much of a complete sentence. Holy Shit! He’d almost kissed Liz…He would have too if Isabel hadn’t interfered.

He shook himself. This was crazy. Liz was his student. It was wrong…unethical….

“Nice to meet you Liz,” Isabel said, eying the young woman with interest. She’d obviously interrupted something between her brother and this Liz person. “So…you’re a student of Max’s? You look so young.”

Hearing Isabel say that was like a slap in the face for Max. He knew exactly what she was doing, making sure Liz felt insecure. It was working too because he could feel Liz pulling away.

“Actually, this is my last year of college. I’ve already been accepted to Grad School for the fall of next year,” Liz told her, trying not to let Isabel get to her.

Max couldn’t hide his surprise at Liz’s statement. “Really? You’ve already been accepted? Where at?”

Liz was about to respond when Isabel spoke first. “Max, we should really sit down.” Turning to Liz she gave her a fake smile. “Nice to met you Lisa.” Then she whisked Max away, leaving Liz standing there. Max looked back in time to see the tears forming in Liz’s eyes before she turned and went into the restroom.

Once Liz was inside she almost stumbled toward the sink, leaning heavily against the vanity. She was such an idiot to even entertain the idea of a more complex relationship with Max Evans. He was her teacher…nothing more. And she had to keep reminding herself of that no matter how interested he seemed to be in her life or how close they had been to kissing. Liz was so confused. Had they really almost kissed? Or was that just wishful thinking on the part of her overactive imagination? And was he really here on a date…with that woman? She didn’t exactly seem like the type that Dr. Evans would be interested in. But she was beautiful.

Liz looked up at herself in the mirror and the image starring back at her, one that she’d be quite pleased with earlier, now seemed to be a train wreck in comparison. Even without all the complications, she could never compete with the likes of that woman.
Her self pity began to wane shortly, though and she decided that maybe Dr. Evans wasn’t the man she’d thought he was if he like woman like that. Looking at herself again, she was happy with what she saw. She was unique and someday, she’d find a man who loved everything about her. But even as she walked out of the restroom and back to her table she was still trying to convince herself that that man wasn’t Max Evans.

Max was shocked by his sister’s behavior. “You could have been a little more polite,” he told her after the waiter had taken their drink order.

Isabel was looking at her menu and ignoring him.

“I guess I was under the impression that our mother had taught you to behave like a lady…” Max knew that comment would get Isabel’s attention and wasn’t disappointed when her menu quickly snapped shut.

“What happened back there has absolutely nothing to do with my behavior and everything to do with yours. That girl is barely out of her teens and you should know better than to lead her on like that,” Isabel told him almost angrily.

“What are you talking about?”

“Let’s start with what I walked up on. Did she have something on her face? Let me guess…you offered to lick it off, right?” she said sarcastically.

Max wasn’t sure if the flush he was feeling was from anger or from embarrassment.

“You have to be careful, Max. You have lots of female students just like Liz. They get a crush and then dream up this fairytale romance with the handsome and intelligent professor as the hero.”

Max was so stunned by the idea that Liz could possibly feel anything for him that he couldn’t respond to what his sister was saying. All he could think about was how beautiful Liz has looked and how her face and lit up when she’d seen him. He remembered how she’d been so eager to respond to him and he knew that these feelings that he had developed were not one sided.

“Liz isn’t like that,” he finally responded. “She’s a very smart woman. She’s got a lot going for her with a lot of promising opportunities for her future. She wouldn’t get caught up in something because of a fantasy,” he said in her defense.

Isabel eyed her brother critically. Then it dawned on her why he was acting the way he was. “You’ve fallen for her, haven’t you?”

Max looked away, unable to answer.

“Are you sleeping with her?”

“No! It’s not like that. I know there can’t be anything between us. I know that and would never put her in that position. I…” Max looked up at his sister and she could see the frustration in his eyes. He was confused and almost tormented by the entire thing. “I don’t know what to do…or how it even happened. She came to me for help for class. We meet three times a week in my office to go over things. After we’d been meeting for a while we started talking and she’s so smart and funny and interesting…and the more we talked, the more I looked forward to seeing her. Just being near her causes a ….a…. riot inside of me.” Max let out a loud sigh.

Isabel looked on with sympathetic eyes. “Max…if you want my honest opinion, I’ll give it to you.”

Max nodded hesitantly. He was afraid of what she would say and didn’t necessarily want her advice.

“You have to let it go and move on. There are too many reasons against whatever it is you’re feeling. First, you can’t jeopardize your job. Not even just your job, but your career. You’ve worked too hard for that to risk it all on some girl. She’s young, Max. She’s not going to want what you want. You could get hurt. So the first step…. you have to spend less time with her. Tell her to get another tutor because you don’t have time anymore. And don’t pay special attention to her…ignore any attention she give to you.”

Max conceded that rationally Isabel was right. But his heart was telling him not to listen to her. He was still contemplating what his course of action would be when the waiter brought their food out to them. As he looked up to say thank you, he caught sight of the burgundy of Liz’s dress. He couldn’t stop himself from looking. What he saw made his decision for him.

Liz was walking out on the arm of some guy and she was laughing as she looked at him adoringly.

He knew then that Isabel was right… he had to try and move on.

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AN: Sorry for the delay in posting. As I've been posting this I've been changing things a little to make the story better. This part is sort of transistion. There isn't any actual Max and Liz interaction. I hope to try and post chapter 8 soon. Especially since I don't have class or work tomorrow. YAY! Thanks for all the bumps and the great feedback! You guys are incredible!

Chapter 7

Tuesdays were Liz’s one free day during the week. She usually spent the time on homework for her biology class. In the afternoons she graded papers for the BIO 112 class. She liked having that day to help break up the routine of the week.

On this particular day, she found her mind wandering mostly in the direction of Dr. Evans. She couldn’t help it. Some way or another he’d completely consumed her. He seemed to be in every thought she had. When she woke up in the mornings, she always got dressed with him in mind, trying to wear something that would make him notice her and think that she was attractive. And she spent more time studying for his class than she did for classes that were going to directly impact her future career. He’d turned her life upside down without even trying.

It was almost noon when Maria called Liz to meet her for lunch. She agreed, knowing that meant meeting Maria at the science building where she might be lucky enough to get a glimpse of her favorite professor.


After the Tuesday morning lab let out, Max grabbed his things and quickly made his way across campus to Michael’s office. When he got there, the door was open and Michael was sitting there working at his computer. Max walked right in, shutting the door behind him.

“Michael…I need your help.”

Michael looked up from his work. “Is this about Liz Parker?”

Max was a little stunned that Michael already knew, but he nodded anyway.

“Have a seat. I’ve been waiting for you to bring this up for a long time.”

“God…am I that obvious?” Max asked, suddenly very nervous. Had he done something to give away his attraction to Liz?

“No. It’s just that I know you Max. I’ve been your best friend since the third grade. It was just obvious to me that something was going on,” Michael tried to explain. What he didn’t mention was that he and Maria had been having some pretty interesting discussions surrounding the nature of Max and Liz’s relationship. Or as it was now…their overwhelming attraction to one another. “Look…why don’t you start at the beginning and just tell me everything. Then we can discuss things.”

“It was really innocent at first. She just needed help understanding the class material. But the more we talked…the more we just seemed to click. I’ve never been able to talk to someone as easily as I talk to her,” Max paused and Michael motioned for him to continue. “I started to notice things about her, little things. Like how attractive she is and smart and funny and…my mind is all cluttered now because all I can think about is that I’ve never met anyone like her before.”

“So what’s the problem?”

Max gave Michael a look of disbelief. “Come on Michael, you know what the problem is. She’s my student. So it doesn’t matter how much I want her…I can never act on it.”

“Why not?”

“Damn…you ask a lot of questions don’t you?” Max said, thinking that maybe he picked the wrong person to talk to.

“It’s my job Max. Now…keep talking.”

An hour later Max had told Michael everything, right up to the point where he’d tossed and turned all night, his head arguing with his heart over what to do.

“This is a tough situation Maxwell, and I sympathize. But I can’t really tell you what the right decision is going to be. You know what the rational thing is, but that doesn’t always make it the right choice.”

“So how do I make that choice? Do I forfeit my career on the off chance that she might feel the same and want a relationship?

“Think about it this way, Max. Right now the only think stopping you from pursuing this is the fact that Liz is one of your students. Am I correct?”

It took a moment but Max finally shook his head yes.

“How many weeks are left in the semester?” Michael asked him. He was trying to guide Max’s thinking... to make him try and be logical without ignoring what he really wanted.


“Okay, so four weeks from now, if Liz is no longer a student, there would be nothing unethical about taking her out. The school can’t do anything if she’s not in one of your classes.”

“So you’re saying that as long as she’s not one of my students…I won’t jeopardize my job or Liz’s future?”


Max should have been elated. This was good news. But for some reason he was still torn. Isabel’s words about Liz being young and her only having a crush seemed to haunt him. And he could still see Liz with that other guy from the restaurant…laughing, happy and carefree. Was he just setting himself up for heartbreak by even entertaining that things could work?

“Max, look, I know that this decision isn’t an easy one. I’ve given you my advice as a counselor. Now I’m going to give you my advice as a friend. You’ve got good instincts. You always have. Go with your gut.”

Twenty minutes later Max was wishing he hadn’t suggested lunch in the cafeteria to Michael. Liz had been there with Maria. She’d barely said hello to him and had left quickly claiming she had work to get to. Maria had stayed though. Now Max was sitting there, picking at his food while his best friend sat there flirting with one of his students. He fleetingly wondered what was going on between Michael and Maria.

“So last night, Alex, Liz and I went to Gepetto’s to have some fun. It was originally just going to be me and Liz but we decided we needed some male company at the last minute,” Maria said after Michael asked what she’d been doing the night before. Max knew that even if Michael didn’t want to admit it, Maria was staring to grow on him. It would only be a matter of time before something more than flirting started up.

“Who’s Alex?” Michael asked.

Max’s attention, which had already perked up at the mention of Liz, was now fully on Maria as he waited for her answer.

“Oh, Liz and I have know Alex since freshman year. He’s our best guy friend. We like to think of him as just one of the girls, though,” she explained.

Max felt relief sweep over him. Liz wasn’t dating that guy. That meant that maybe…she could be interested. His relief was short lived though because of the question Maria directed at him.

“Liz said she saw you at Gepetto’s last night, Dr. E. You were with some chick. Was that your girlfriend?”

Max almost choked, or at least he would have if he’d been actually eating.

“No!” he exclaimed quickly. “That was my sister Isabel. We get together for dinner once a month. Her husband Jesse usually comes with us but he had to work last night,” Max explained. He was wondering now if Liz had thought Isabel was his date. It could explain her distance. That is…if she was interested like he was desperately hoping she was.

Michael hid his smile and decided to help his friend out a little. “Even if Isabel wasn’t his sister, Max would never date someone like her. He prefers brunettes for one thing and he really appreciates a smart girl who’s also nice. All qualities that Isabel doesn’t necessarily possess.”

Max wanted to kill Michael for being so obvious.

Maria just smiled. “I’ll have to keep an eye out for you Dr. E. There’s got to be girl like that somewhere on campus.” She gave Max a wink.

Flustered, Max made his excuses and left. He had a feeling that everyone would know about his crush on Liz Parker by dinnertime.

As Maria watched Max’s retreating form, she grinned, a plan forming in her mind. A plan that involved helping push Max and Liz together and…maybe getting herself a little action.

“So, Michael…I was thinking that we need to do something about this Max and Liz thing,” Maria said.

Michael nodded. “ I agree. Why don’t you come over for dinner tonight and we can discuss it more thoroughly.” Michael could guess what Maria was up to and he didn’t have problem playing along.


Liz skipped work that afternoon and drove the many miles it took to get to Roswell from Las Cruses. She needed a distraction…she needed to be away from everything. She’d been talking to herself the whole drive, trying to convince herself that her crush on her professor would be fleeting. Then she remembered seeing him in the cafeteria. Just the sight of him made her stomach flutter nervously and her palms sweat. Was that a normal reaction for simple crush? Probably…except it felt like so much more.

The only think Liz could think of to help ease her mind was a visit with Grandma Claudia. That always made everything better.

The front door of Claudia Parker’s ranch style home swung open, revealing a somewhat matronly woman with silver hair. She looked to be in her early sixties, a decade younger than she really was.


“Hi Grandma,” Liz said, giving her a partial smile.

“Honey bear, what are you doing here?” she asked as she stepped forward, enveloping her granddaughter in a big hug.

“I…I just wanted to come see you and I had some free time so…” Liz’s voice trailed off.

“Well, Let me have a look at you,” Claudia instructed as she took a step back. She let out a sigh. “You get more beautiful every time I see you.”

Liz smiled and blushed despite herself. “You’re my grandma…you have to say that.”

“No I don’t…it’s the absolute truth. Now get your little butt inside. We have some catching up to do.”

They sat cuddled together of grandma Claudia’s couch as Liz told her about her classes. She left out Physics for some reason, not wanting to even go into it. Probably because she didn’t want to think about anything related to Dr. Evans.

“So…tell me what’s really bothering you because it sounds like everything is going well with school. That means that this mood of yours has something to do with a boy.”

This conjured up an image of Max. He was hardly a boy though.

“I…. it’s so complicated, Grandma.”

“It usually is sweetheart. Sometime though, the more complicated it is, the more worthwhile it becomes. Tell me all about this young man that’s caused such chaos in your life now.”

“His name is Max…he’s my Physics professor,” Liz finally admitted.

This took Claudia completely by surprise. She definitely hadn’t been expected to hear that. “You’re having a relationship with him?”

“No…he’s just my professor. I was doing poorly in the class and he agreed to give me extra help. He’s been helping me work weeks. We found out we have a lot in common. He’s so easy to talk to that sometimes we don’t get any work done. We just talk. He’s so smart and funny and good looking that I suppose it was inevitable that I develop feelings toward him.”

“Well…what else can you tell me about him?” Claudia was hoping that Liz wouldn’t say he was married or something else that could be worse.

“He ...uhm… actually grew up here in Roswell, Grandma. I told him about you and he said he used to mow the lawn for you.”

“He’s that Max? Max Evans?”

As Liz nodded and gave her a confused smile, Claudia knew that everything would work out just fine. Her granddaughter was a good judge of character. Falling for Max Evans proved that.

“Max Evans is a good boy, Liz. I remember him well. I had heard he was teaching in Las Cruces. I guess I hadn’t thought he might be one of your teachers.”

Liz sighed. “He’s wonderful, grandma. I can hardly believe that he’s not married.” Liz’s face fell at that. “Of course, that could be changing. He was on a date last night with a very beautiful blonde woman. She wasn’t very nice though and I can’t imagine him marrying someone like her.”

“What did she look like?”

“She was tall, blonde, and beautiful. She looked like a model.”

“That sounds an awful lot like his sister Isabel. She could be sweet when she wanted something, but only then. She was a spoiled child if I ever met one. I hear she married a lawyer. She works as a modeling agent and travels a lot.” Claudia went on to tell Liz more about Max’s family.

“His parents are great. In fact, his father used to golf with your dad when you were little. They’re about the same age if I remember right. You came later than your parents had expected. Max and Isabel were already in school then. But then your parents moved and I don’t know if they kept in touch. The Evans’ are wonderful people though.”

It wasn’t helping her, Liz realized as he grandmother told her more about Max and his family. It only made things worse.

After Claudia had talked for a while she eventually drifted off to other topics. “We’re looking for someone to organize this year’s Christmas program. So far, none of the high school girl’s has time. Do you remember the year you did it Liz? That was one of the best years. You worked so well with the kids and they all adored you.”

“It was fun,” Liz commented.

“I have an idea…you could volunteer to do this year’s pageant. It would be wonderful!” Claudia suggested excitedly.

“Oh…. grandma…I don’t know…”

“It might help you take your mind off of a certain physics professor. That is…if you’re looking for a distraction.”

Liz thought for a moment. “Okay…I’ll do it.” She liked the idea of being distracted.

“Great! I’ll have Mrs. Grant call you at school to arrange everything.”

They spent the rest of their time together making an elaborate dinner that neither of them could finish. They were packing up the leftovers for Liz to take to Alex when Claudia turned to Liz. “I think that if you really want to get Max’s attention you need to keep working as hard as you have been. And take as many classes with him as you can. It certainly won’t hurt anything and it sounds like Max might just need a little nudging. So you just have to be sure to remind him constantly how wonderful you are.”

Liz thought about her grandmother’s advice along with everything else they’d discussed. By the time she got back to her dorm she’d come to several conclusions all of which revolved around Max Evans.

It was a little after nine pm when Maria cam over, spilling news from the entire afternoon, including the information about Max having dinner with his sister.

“And…Lizzie…get this, Michael said that Max likes brunettes…and smart girls. That’s totally you chica! He wants you! I told you it was true!”

“Maria, calm down! Just because he likes brunettes doesn’t mean that he automatically likes me. There are about a thousand smart brunettes on campus. He could like them.”

“But Liz…”Maria started to protest.

“No, buts, Maria. I’m not going to actively pursue this right now. That’s the end of the story. Now can we talk about something else?”

Maria let it go for now…she’d let Liz have her way. But she and Michael had spent most of the night devising a plan. Operation Liz and Max would be underway soon enough.

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Chapter 8

After lunch with Michael and Maria, Max had made the decision to take Isabel’s advice. He was going to tell Liz she had to find another tutor. He didn’t want to do it because it meant spending less time with her and that wasn’t what his heart was telling him to do. But he’d come to the logical conclusion that the tutoring might seem suspicious and therefore had to stop.

Now he was sitting at his office desk, watching the clock, waiting for Liz to shop up. Ever so slowly the numbers changed to two pm. Almost immediately there was a
knock on the door.

“Come in,” Max said, trying to control the tone of his voice.

Liz appeared in the doorway.

Max found that he’s lost control of his vocal chords, not to mention other parts of his anatomy, at the sight of Liz. She stood there leaning against the frame of the door. Her long hair flowed over her shoulders like a chocolate waterfall.

“You wanted to see me?” her soft voice said.

Max found himself mesmerized by the movement of her moist, pink lips.. His attention was drawn away from her mouth as she stepped forward, more fully into the office. She was wearing a tight black skirt that barely grazed mid-thigh. It’s waist sat low on her hips and he was able to glimpse a good portion of her body through the transparent material of the white button down shirt she was wearing.

“H-have a seat…Liz,” he stammered out as he tried to calm himself. If his pulse didn’t slow down soon and his heart didn’t stop racing, he just might have a heart attack.

It got worse when Liz complied with his request. It wasn’t the way Max had anticipated. She came and sat right on the edge of his desk with her legs dangling over the side, touching his thigh as he sat there.

“Uh…” he was again, speechless.

“What did you want to talk about Dr. Evans?” Liz asked. He must have been imagining the sexy tone her voice had taken on, there couldn’t be another explanation.

“Liz, I can’t tutor you anymore. I don’t have time,” he blurted out. He couldn’t even get out the speech he’d had prepared because for some reason…he couldn’t remember any of it.

He watched as Liz moved closer to him, scooting over so that she was sitting directly in front of him on the desk.

“Why not Dr. Evans? Don’t you like me anymore?” she asked innocently, even as she let her legs drops, straddling his chair.

“No…it’s not…I don”t….we can’t…”

Liz interrupted his bumbling words. “ I still like you Dr. Evans. A lot,” she whispered as she leaned toward him.

“I do…I do like you Liz, but…”

Liz put a finger to his lips. “There are no ‘buts’ Max. I like you, you like me. We should do something about it…not ignore it. I’m tired of ignoring the way I feel about you. I’d rather act on it…repeatedly,” she told him, giving him a sexy smile. Her lips were so close that he could feel her sweet breath on his face.

Max swallowed hard but didn’t protest.

Liz sat back a little. She looked at Max appraisingly for a moment as if studying him. Then, before he even knew what was happening, her hands were at the collar of her shirt and tearing the front of the shirt open, baring herself to him completely. He should have realized she’d be totally naked underneath that shirt. Liz let the shirt hang open, enjoying Max’s response. His eyes were riveted to her…so much so that he didn’t register when she grabbed his hand until he felt the smooth skin of her thigh beneath his palms as she slid his hand up and underneath her skirt.

Max stopped breathing momentarily.

She let go of the hand resting on her thigh and brought her own hand to his chin, forcing him to look up at her. “Max…don’t think…just feel…”

With those words Max felt the last string of his control snap. He moved the hand on her thigh up, firmly grasping her hip while his other hand took hold of her waist. Standing up abruptly, his chair fell over. Max moved forward using his hands to move Liz back further on the desk, all the while his eyes never left her face. He was entranced by the satisfaction evident in her expression and the darkness of her eyes. He lowered her down flat onto the desk before positioning himself on top of her. They fit together perfectly. He’d know that they would. Slowly he brought his lips closer to hers, wanting to taste their soft fullness . He could feel her quick, shallow breaths on his face and his own breath hitched in his throat at the anticipation that overwhelmed him. Just a few more centimeters until heaven…


Max shot up in bed, breathing hard. Oh god….he thought to himself. He’d never had a dream that vivid and real before. It was almost too much. He was sweating and…painfully aroused. Just like the previous Monday. Only this time it was the middle of the night and he wasn’t about to be late to class. He had plenty of time to take care of his situation. He cursed himself as he lay there trying to get control of himself. He hadn’t had to do this is a long time. It was almost embarrassing. Max held off as long as he could trying to think of unarousing things….but it all came back to Liz. It became her fingers he imagined touching him…bringing him to completion as he cried out her name into his pillow.


Max could barely look at Liz in class on Wednesday. He kept thinking about his dream the night before. He felt guilty, almost like he’d marred her perfection and purity by using her image…thoughts of her to find release after the intensity of his dream.

It didn’t help that she was wearing the shirt from the dream. It was a shirt that she’d worm before and was particularly flattering on her. He tried not to think about it but he couldn’t help wondering if she was really naked beneath it. She looked beautiful today…her olive skin seemed to glow and her dark silky hair looked so soft and…He forced himself to move past those thoughts. He was thankful that she wasn’t wearing a skirt. If she had been he was positive that he’d have attacked her in front of the entire class.

Reigning in all of his control he asked Liz to be sure she stopped to see him that afternoon. He explained briefly that he needed to talk with her about tutoring. As he watched her leave the classroom it was only a small part of him that hoped his fantasy would play out. Of course if her really believed that he wouldn’t have spent his lunch hour at home trying to make himself look more presentable.

Liz was probably on time for their meeting. Max couldn’t be sure because he was late getting back from his Electricity and Magnetism class. He felt like he was always making her wait. When he saw her, he fought back the nervous fluttering in his stomach and let her into the office. It felt normal…just like every other time he’d tutored her.

“Have a seat,” he told her, careful not to look in her direction even though the temptation to do so was great.

“What did you want to talk about?” Liz asked as she sat down directly in front of his desk. It was the same chair she always sat it.

Max’s gaze was glued to the desk in front of him. His mind conjuring up the image of Liz from his dream the night before. He felt his body stir in response and quickly tried to shut down those thoughts. “Liz…I…I’m sorry to do this to you, but I’m not going to be able to help you with your physics questions anymore. Something has come up and it’s going to be requiring the majority of my attention. I can still answer questions in class but otherwise I’ll give you the name of a tutor to help you out. I’m really sorry. I feel bad about…”

Liz held up her hand stopping his speech. “I understand. I’m sure it can’t be helped. I’ll just have to work through on my own. Thank you though, for everything. Your help has meant a lot to me.”

Before Max could even respond Liz got up and walked out of the office. He wasn’t sure how to feel about the encounter. He’d almost relented at the end when she was telling him thank you. He felt like a world class jerk because he knew that it was
selfish of him to stop helping her. In the end though…he was protecting her. He had no doubts that if things were allowed to continue as they were…lines would have been irrevocably crossed before the end of the semester.


Liz was upset. Dr. Evans had just completely ruined her plans. How was she supposed to spend as much time with him as possible if he wouldn’t even tutor her anymore? Not to mention the fact that she really did need the help. She also knew for a fact that the other tutor for the class was a moron. He was always high on something and she was pretty sure that any help from him would reverse the effect of the efforts she’d already made. So…she’d have to go it alone.

On the bright side, she did have more time to plan the Roswell kids Christmas pageant. Even though Liz was excited by this she still had to figure out what she was going to do about Dr. Evans. She knew that she wanted to be with him. She knew that she was experiencing something more than a crush. She just needed to be able to convince him that he didn’t need to fight what he seemed to feel for her. The only way she could think to do this involved marching herself directly to the register’s office. She had to change her schedule for next semester.


It was dead weak…the weak before finals. The campus was crowded with excited students ready to be finished for the year. It was mixed group of those diligently studying for finals and those trying to relieve the stress of the week by having fun.

Liz had run herself ragged the past three weeks. Everyday she drove to Roswell, working on some part or another of the pageant. It was always late when she got back at nights and she usually had homework to do, mostly physics.

Max had noticed the subtle changes in Liz. Her work for class had continued to improve and he had no doubt that she’d do well on the final. But she looked tired. She spent half the class yawning and he could see the dark circles under her eyes. Had she lost weight too? Maybe she was sick…He couldn’t help but worry and blame himself for part of that. He also saw Maria’s worried glances and knew that something was going on.

It was Wednesday when he accidentally overheard another one of Liz and Maria’s bathroom conversations.


“Liz…is it really worth it? You’ve barely slept for the last three weeks and you look like a walking zombie. Everyone keeps asking me if you’re okay and I can’t even answer them because I don’t know.”

“Maria, I told you that I’m fine. And to answer your first question, of course it’s worth it.” Liz told her concerned friend. She could understand that she wasn’t quite herself but Liz knew that she would have plenty of time during break to catch up on things like sleep. She’d worry about herself then. She had too many other things to focus on just then.

“You think so now but you’re up studying until at three am every night. I can see you still struggling. Why don’t you try that tutor?” Maria asked. She knew that Liz was trying to do this on her own but she couldn’t understand why she would put so much pressure on herself.

Liz rolled her eyes at Maria. “Because the last time I asked for that particular tutor’s help, he asked for a blow job. Not to mention the fact that every time I see him, he’s high as a kite and thinks the theories of relativity make the most sense on an acid trip.”

“Tell me again why you’re not getting help from Dr. E then?”

“He said he was too busy,” was Liz’s response. It was the truth…that had been all he’d told her.

“Well…he wasn’t too busy to help Pam Troy yesterday,” Maria informed her. Inwardly she gave herself a high five. She and Michael had been talking a lot about the Max/Liz situation and the first phase of the plan involved making Liz jealous enough to act out a little and maybe go after what she wanted.

Liz looked a little angry and Maria could almost see the green eyed monster rearing its head. “Is that so?” came Liz’s response. She wasn’t sure what else to say, but she knew that she definitely didn’t appreciate being lied to by Dr. Evans.


Max groaned out loud. He was an ass. Liz had been struggling and it was all his fault because he couldn’t keep his damn hormones in check around her. She had every right to be angry at him, especially because he had given Pam Troy homework help. Help that he could have been giving to Liz. Although there was hardly a comparison there, Pam Troy was a bit of a lost cause whereas Liz was smart, funny, interesting and…All that aside, Max knew that he was going to have to make this up to Liz. He didn’t want her to think badly of him and jeopardize any chance that he may or may not have with her.

He wasn’t sure where to start. He knew that if he really wanted to fix things, he needed to give her an honest explanation for his actions. But he couldn’t do that yet…she was still his student. She would be until she turned in the final that next Monday morning.

That didn’t mean that he couldn’t help her though. Maybe he could redeem himself slightly by offering to help her study for the final.

He contemplated calling her but didn’t want her to get the wrong idea. So he settled on sending her an e-mail.


I wanted to let you know that my schedule has cleared and if you’d like to come in at the regular time, I’d be more than happy to help you study for the final and answer any questions that you might have.

Dr. Evans

He sent it off, hoping she would accept his offer. He knew that he was probably being selfish again because a big part of his suggestion had to do with the fact that he’d missed seeing her and talking to her and just being in her presence.

Trying to refocus he went back to writing up the review notes for each of his classes. When he checked his e-mail later, he was surprised to see her name in the inbox. He hesitated slightly, hoping that she would agree to come in.

Dr. Evans,

I can’t come at the regular time. The only time I have available is Thursday night at eight pm. I have plenty of questions. Will that time work?

Liz Parker

He quickly sent her a response, knowing he shouldn’t be so anxious to see her. He didn’t have the freedom to feel that way yet.


Eight o’clock is fine. I’ll be in my office grading papers until late anyway. Just be sure to come before eleven o’clock.


Max didn’t really have any other papers to grade, but he didn’t want her to think that he had ulterior motives to meeting with her. After he sent the last e-mail, though, he realized that he’d already crossed the line of professionalism by signing it Max instead of Dr. Evans. He wondered how she would interpret that or if she’d even notice. He also wondered what it would be like to hear her call him my his first name. Dr. Evans was so impersonal…and that wasn’t exactly what he wanted his relationship with Liz to be.

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Thursdays were usually lab days for Liz, but because it was the end of the semester, lab sessions were already finished. So Liz actually had a free day. It was the first time in a long while that was even possible. Liz was blissfully free the whole day.

She knew that she should be studying but she was too preoccupied with thoughts of later that night. She was only going to study but in the back of her mind she was thinking of how maybe she’d be able to talk with him again like they had been before and maybe…She knew that she was getting her hopes up and being silly.

The only was to keep herself from thinking was to distract herself. That meant calling Maria. “I need to go shopping and you need to come with me.”

“Oh…really?” Maria asked with a laugh. “What are we going to be shopping for?”

“I need a new dress. Something that I can wear to the Science Departments Christmas Banquet and something that I can wear for the Christmas Pageant. Do I have to beg?”

“Nope. I’m with you. I need a new dress for the Banquet too. Which reminds me that I have something to tell you later.”

By five o’clock that after noon, Liz and Maria had shopped until they could shop no more. They’d ended up collapsed at a table near the food court. Packages filled the empty chairs, a testament to their successful mission.

“So, what did you have to tell me?” Liz asked as they both sipped on classes of lemonade.

“Well…I know that I said I would go with you to the banquet but I was talking with Michael the other day and he asked if I’d go with him so…” It wasn’t a total lie. Maria had talked with Michael the other day. She’d practically had to brow beat him into agreeing with her scheme, but he’d eventually gone along with it. The way she saw it, Max was Michael’s best friend and would therefore be talking to Michael. Liz was Maria’s best friend. If Michael and Maria went to the banquet together, then Max and Liz would be forced to spend time together because of their friendships. It was really too perfect.

“That’s really great Maria. I’m excited for you,” Liz told her sincerely. “Maybe you two could let me tag along. I don’t want to be stuck alone for the evening.”

Maria decided to change the subject a little so that Liz wouldn't start to catch on to her little scheme. “So that dress you got today is completely incredible. I can’t believe that you got something that great on sale...”

The conversation went on and the two talked...Liz was thinking about Max the whole time, wondering if he would notice her dress....if he would think she was beautiful.

When she got back from shopping, Liz found another e-mail message from Max saying he’d be in his office until eleven o’clock that night. She’d been surprised by the first e-mail he’d sent her and she’d debated over whether or not she should accept. She felt nervous just thinking about seeing him alone again, but she had to set her feelings aside. This was about studying for the final on Monday, not about trying to make him feel something for her. She just had to go and ask questions and leave. She couldn’t linger and talk or anything of the sort.

It was a very nervous Liz that left her dorm room at seven thirty that night to make her way over to the science building. On a whim she went out of her way to Krispy Kreme and bought a dozen donuts. When she got to the science building though, she couldn’t make herself go inside. She sat in the car until almost 8:15pm giving herself a pep talk trying to work up the courage to go. Finally, grabbing her back pack and the box of donuts she made her way inside before she lost all of her nerve.

With determination she walked to his office. The door was closed and the light was on. Liz knocked several times but there was no answer. Where had he gone? He had to be in the building somewhere, she’d seen his car outside so she knew he hadn’t left.

Liz was trying to decide if she should stay and wait or go look for him when she heard voices and laughter in the stairwell. She looked in that direction, recognizing Max’s voice along with the female laughter. Then Dr. Evans appeared and he was walking with...Pam Troy. She felt jealously building. She was tempted to turn and leave before they saw her. She didn’t want to be here anymore. It was a bad idea to have come.

Liz started to walk quickly in the other direction hoping to duck into the bathroom before Dr. Evans caught sight of her. Max looked up just as Liz disappeared into the bathroom.

He’d recognize her anywhere. He’d instinctively known she’d be waiting for him when he got to the top of the stairs. He was only vaguely aware of the way Pam was saying something to him. He was too focused on getting to his office. He was surprised though when she took off toward the restroom. Shrugging it off he went and opened his office. Pam Troy was still standing there. He’d almost forgotten about her at the sight of Liz. “Well, Pam....I have a student coming in for help on the test so...”

“Okay. Well thanks for your help Dr. Evans. I was sure my car wouldn’t start and that I’d have to walk. I’m sorry that I was parked so far away from the building.”

She started to say something else but Max interrupted her. “It was no problem, I’ll see you in class,” he said, effectively dismissing her.


Liz stared into the bathroom mirror, giving herself yet another pep talk. She had to get over this. She couldn’t be jealous every time he even talked to another one of his female students. It was silly. She had absolutely no reason to feel that way. He wasn’t hers...he couldn’t be hers. Dr. Evans was her professor and absolutely nothing else.

The door to the bathroom opened. Liz quickly turned on the water, pretending to wash her hands. She looked up into the mirror and saw Pam Troy’s smirking face starring back at her.

“Well, well, well...If it isn’t perfect Liz for a study session.”

Liz ignored Pam and finished washing her hands.

“What do you think your doing Liz? Dr. Evans isn’t going to magically fall for you just because you need lots of help. Hard work doesn’t always pay off.”

“At least I do honest work, Pam,” Liz retorted.

“You’re just jealous little Lizzie because my way means that I’ve seen more of Dr. Evans that you ever will and in ways your prudish little mind could never imagine.”

Liz shook her head and fought the urge to laugh in Pam’s face. “What exactly are you implying, Pam?”

“You’re supposed to be smart, you figure it out, Liz,” Pam snapped.

“Pam...don’t kid yourself. Dr. Evans would never go for trash like you.”

This verbal sparring match was beginning to anger Liz. What Pam was implying infuriated her.

“Oh Really? I know you saw us together in the hall just now. I saw you run in here. You saw the smile on his face...he’s satisfied and just maybe...I won’t have to study for my ‘A’.”

Liz clenched the side of her hand. She really wanted to hit Pam. “Max Evans would never, ever stoop to that. He’s a wonderful man with integrity and intelligence and kindness and a list of about a hundred other qualities that demand respect. The fact that you would even suggest this means that you’ve never really talked to Dr. Evans. I don’t believe a word of what you say. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a study session to get to.” Liz grabbed her things and left quickly.


Max heard the whole thing. He wasn’t sure what to process first. Pam’s implied statement that she had seduced him for a good grade or the way Liz had passionately defended his character. He knew now that Liz had feelings for him. He couldn’t deny the emotion that he’d heard in her voice.

He didn’t have time to think about it because in the next moment Liz was there in the doorway of his office. As soon as he saw her he stood up, his heart pounding as he fought the urge to kiss her and tell her he felt the same way for her.

“Hi Dr. Evans,” Liz said stepping into the office. She walked up to his desk and held out a box to him.

He looked down, taking the box from her hands. “What’s this?” he asked his gaze meeting hers.

Liz smiled shyly. “Oh...well told me you liked Krispy Kreme donuts and so...I...they’re for you. It’s my way of saying thank you for all the help you gave me this semester.”

Max smiled. “Thank you.” She’d remembered just like he remembered that she had a penchant for vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and that her favorite color was blue and her favorite song was...

“Should we start? I don’t want to keep you here too late.” Liz said, interrupting Max’s thoughts.

“Uhm...yeah...well its okay. You’re much better company than my empty apartment,” he told her with a partial smile. He couldn’t seem to drag his eyes away from her. He didn’t want to, but he forced himself to focus on the real reason she’d come to see him. “I made up a worksheet of problems. I’ll had them out to the class tomorrow but I thought you might want to try and work through them. I can help if you have any questions.”

“That’d be great.”

Liz worked in silence for awhile. Max tried to grade papers from the Quantum Mechanics class, but he couldn’t concentrate. She was sitting across the desk from him. He snuck a glance...she was biting her lip the way she always did, the way that always made him imagine kissing her. She licked her lips and he almost groaned out loud at the sight of her pink tongue moistening her lower lip.

“Dr. Evans?”

Max’s head snapped to attention at the sound of her voice.


“Uhm...could you check this to see if I did it right?” She handed him her paper.

Looking it over, he smiled and handed it back to her. “Good work.”

Liz’s smile was dazzling and made Max’s stomach flutter.

“Do the next one,” he told her. She set to work. That was the pattern for the next hour. Liz would work on a problem...Max would sneak glances admiring her and trying to force himself to focus. She would finish and he would check her work. With each question she answered right, her smile got bigger and Max’s restraint weakened. He’d never felt like this before...never been this attracted to someone before.

Liz was working on the last problem from the worksheet when she got struck. Unsure what to do next she looked up to ask for help. Dr. Evans was looking intently at the paper in front of him. She took a moment, admiring him...the chiseled lines of his cheek bones, his strong jaw line. She marveled at the length of the dark eyelashes that currently hid the amber of his beautiful eyes. Liz bit her lip in amusement as her gaze encompassed the adorably large ears that he carried so her he was perfection.

Max looked up when he felt Liz’s eyes on him. She gave him a shy smile. “I have a question.”

He nodded. She told him what she didn’t understand and he thought for a moment before beginning his explanation. He paused after a moment. “Does that make sense?”

“Sorry, No.” Liz shook her head in frustration.

“Here,” Max said, leaning forward and turning the paper so Liz could see it better. She leaned toward him instinctively to see what he was showing her. There faces were barely inches apart as they leaned over the paper. As Liz bent her head, her hair fell forward, brushing against Max’s arm. At the feel of the silky strands against his skin he lost his train of thought. He became increasingly aware of how close they were to each other, how if he turned his head...he could kiss her.

His heart was pounding because he was sure she wouldn’t reject him.

That’s why he pulled away.

“Liz...maybe you better go. I’ll go over this in class tomorrow. I...I have some work to finish yet and it’s getting late and...”

Liz backed away, hurt by the way he’d practically recoiled. Now he was making her leave and ...she couldn’t do anything but nod and do exactly what he said without saying another word.

Max watched her go, seeing the way she dejectedly walked away. Once she was gone, he gave into his frustration, banging his head repeatedly on the desk as punishment for his own lack of control. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to fight his feelings much longer. He couldn’t think about that now, though. He had to get his mind off of her. Glancing around his desk he grabbed at the unopened mail. The first was next semester’s rosters for his classes, sent from the registrar. He opened it, glancing at the names of the students in each class. He was skimming the list for second semester astronomy. His eyes stopped on the P’s and he starred in disbelief. couldn’t be.

But it was black and white.

Liz Parker was enrolled in his Astronomy class. He grabbed the next list...second semester Physics. He knew that Liz needed to take it to fill graduation requirements but he’d been hoping that she was signed up for another section. It was confirmed yet again, though, as he looked at the list. She was signed up for that class too.

How was he going to survive another semester? He’d go crazy. He only had so much restraint and it was mostly gone as it was.

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Chapter 9

It was Thursday night. Finals were over and students were fleeing campus as quickly as they could. They wanted to be sure to take advantage of their entire four week break. There were a faithful few that were sticking around. Most of the upper class science majors were sticking around for the department Christmas party. Liz included. She wasn’t leaving until Saturday. She was going to Roswell to stay with Grandma Claudia. Her parents had decided to take a Holiday cruise and wouldn’t be back until New Year’s Day.

Liz showed up at the banquet alone. Her plans to go with Maria had changed when Maria had decided to go with Michael. While Liz was disappointed she certainly understood. If she were Maria she’d definitely rather be going with a date. As it was she’d probably be playing third wheel to them the whole evening. She wasn’t exactly thrilled but she couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go. She’d bought a new dress and she was desperately hoping to see Dr. Evans again before break.

It was a little after six pm when she got to the banquet hall. There was an open bar for anyone who was twenty one and most everyone was taking advantage of the free drinks. Liz mingled, talking to other classmates and some of her other professors. It took her awhile but she finally spotted Maria and Michael and went to join them.

When Michael saw Liz making her way over to them, he winked at Maria. “Time to put our plan into action,” he said softly. Maria smiled.

As Liz got closer Michael gave her a wide smile and let out a whistle of appreciation. “ look good. How is it that you’re not being swarmed by all the single men here?”

Liz blushed. “I can see you’ve already made several trips to the bar this evening, huh Michael,” she joked.

“Really Michael...leave Liz alone. She’s not used to compliments like that. Besides she’s not being swarmed because they all know that she’s not interested in them. She only has eyes for...”

“Maria!” Liz exclaimed loudly. Good grief...they were both drunk already.

“That reminds me,” Michael said with a laugh. “ Evans hasn’t made it over here yet. He told me to come get him in case he lost track of time. I think that someone needs to go find him, don’t you Maria?”

Maria nodded. “That’s a very good idea, Michael.”

“Oh...but I’ve been drinking...and so has just about everyone else here,” Michael said. Then he looked at Liz. “You haven’t could go get him.”

“No, I don’t think so. That’s not a very good idea,” Liz protested. She didn’t want to go find risk any kind of rejection from him, even just a refusal to go to the party.

“Liz...come one. You just have to go remind him about the party and make sure he gets here. It’s not that hard,” Maria told her.

“He won’t listen to me. I’m probably one of his least favorite people. In fact the last time I talked to him he kicked me out of his office,” Liz tried to explain.

“It was probably nothing personal Liz. This isn’t a big deal. He probably just lost track of time.”

It took at least another five minutes of smooth talking before Michael and Maria had convinced Liz to go. They watched her walk outside. Michael turned to Maria and raised his eyebrows questioningly. “Do you think this will work?”

Maria shrugged. “ I honestly don’t know...but you’d think that one of these times forcing them to be alone together would lead to some sort of...spontaneous combustion. Trust me...all the sexual tension between those two is going to ignite.”

“Well...if you’re wrong...we’ll just have to keep having those...uh...dinners at my place to strategize,” Michael told her with a smirk.

“I completely agree,” Maria responded with a smile.

Walking into the science building, most of the lights were turned off and the entire place was eerily quiet. She took the stairs slowly and when she reached the hallway where Dr. Evans’ office was, she paused a moment. Light spilled out from the open door and she almost chickened out. She tried to tell herself all of the reasons she was there. It wasn’t for herself. It was a favor to Michael.

Max was sitting in his desk chair, starring off into space. He’d just finished the last of all his grading. For awhile the finals had occupied his thoughts but now he was free to think of other things. But all he’d been able to think of was Liz Parker.

What was he going to do? He had to get control of his emotions where she was concerned especially if she was going to be in two of his classes next semester. Shaking his head he tried to decide if he was going to go to the science department Christmas party. He wasn’t sure if it was good idea. Michael was Maria Deluca’s date. Maria, who happened to be Liz’s best friend. That meant that he would be seeing Liz. And a very big part of him wanted to before the break started.

He’d just made up his mind to skip the dinner when he felt her presence. He was almost afraid to look but he did and there she was. He couldn’t breathe...she looked incredible. Her dark hair was piled on top of her head, a jumble of curls. Her shoulders were bare and the deep burgundy color of the dress complimented her beautiful skin tone.


“Hello,” she said softly.

“What are you doing here, Liz?”

“ I came for you,” she told him. As soon as she said those words, she felt her face color. “ I mean...Michael sent me to get you. He wanted to make sure you were still coming to the party. Everyone is there,” she explained.

Max nodded and forced himself to look away from her. “ I...I don’t think that I’m going to the party this year. I have finals to grade yet,” he lied. When he looked up he could see the disappointment in her expression and immediately felt guilty. Thinking fast he flipped through the stack of papers on his desk. “ I did finish grading the finals for your class. Do you want to see how you did?” he asked her.

Liz hesitated. Did she really want to know about her test? “I-I guess if you have it,” she told him. She watched as he rifled through the stack. He pulled one out, stood up and walked over to where she nervously stood, handing it to her. With a shaky hand, she took the test from him. She wasn’t sure if her shakiness was from nerves over the test or the fact that Dr. Evans was standing less than a foot away from her.

Max watched her face closely as she looked down at the graded test.

Liz stared down at the paper, tears forming in her eyes, blurring her vision. She’d worked so hard. She looked up at him in disbelief. “ I got an ‘A’?” She couldn’t quite believe what she was seeing in front of her.

At her questioning gaze and tear filled eyes, Max felt a little choked up himself. Somehow this petite, intelligent, beautiful girl had found a way into his head...his heart. He swallowed the lump in his throat, only able to nod in response. At his nod, Liz’s whole face lit up with happiness.

“I can’t believe this!” she exclaimed. Impulsively, from the excitement, Liz stepped forward, closing the small gap between her and Dr. Evans and throwing herself into his arms. “Thank you!” she said, hugging him tightly.

Everything Max had been feeling for the last few weeks hit him full force in that instant and he wrapped his arms around her, enjoying the way it felt to hold her. “You earned it,” he told her softly. He pulled back slightly to look into her face. Her eyes were shining and she was smiling brightly, causing him to smile.
It was then that four months worth of attraction and sexual tension caught up with them completely. Liz felt her heart rate speed up. Her mouth went dry and she had to lick her lips.

Max watched her tongue peak out to moisten her lips and his heart thudded violently in his chest. He couldn’t fight his feelings any longer. He didn’t want to.

Their faces inched together slowly. Staccato breaths caressed their lips before Max gently and urgently pressed his mouth to hers. The kiss was soft and brief. A tentative sampling of each other.

Max pulled away and their gazes met. He could see his own desire mirrored in the brown depths of Liz’s gaze. That one kiss had ignited a fire inside them both...slowly heating them both until their mouths were drawn together again. This time the kiss was deeper....more demanding.

Liz sighed against Max’s mouth. She hadn’t expected his to be like all consuming, sparking her nerves, making her entire body tingle with sensations she’d never felt before.

The feel of Liz’s soft lips pressed urgently against his was better than Max had imagine possible. It felt so right, like he was always meant to kiss her. Instinctively his tongue swept out, caressing her full lower lip. The gesture was not lost on Liz and she opened her mouth to him. Their tongues sought each other eagerly, both dueling for supremacy before Max retreated allowing Liz to leisurely explore the crevices of his mouth.

Max’s hands wandered aimlessly until one rested gently, cupping her face and the other anchored her closer to him by pressing against her lower back. Neither wanted this moment to end. It was so perfect. It was the culmination of all the feelings they’d been fighting for so long.

A lack of oxygen finally forced the couple apart. Breathing hard, Max rested his forehead against Liz’s, closing his eyes as he tried to regain control of his body. He could hear Liz’s own labored breathing and opened his eyes to look at her. The sight of her kiss swollen lips and the blissful expression on her face were enough to cause the desire to kiss her to swell up again. Not to mention stirring other parts of his anatomy further.


His words trailed off as Liz brought her hand up placing gentle fingers to his lips. “Don’t say anything,” she told him. “Just enjoy the moment.”

He smiled in response before kissing the finger that still rested against his lips. He wanted to do exactly what she said but he knew that the way things were already going...enjoying the moment would lead to enjoying other things. It was still too soon for that.

“Liz...I’ve waited...wanted to do that, to kiss you, for a long time now,” he admitted. As he said this he stepped back slightly, not wanting his body’s instinctive response to her warmth and presence to startle her. He was reluctant to relinquish his hold on her completely though and his hands slipped to cradle her waist.

“Me too...I mean...I wanted to kiss you but I knew that it couldn’t be. Aside from the obvious reason I didn’t think that you could ever feel the same way for me that I feeling for you,” Liz confessed in response to his admission. As she spoke her voice betrayed the awe she was feeling from the moment.

“How could I not? I-I was afraid that you might not feel the same way and then I couldn’t even try to figure it out as long as you were my student. But I wanted you....I still much.”

Liz’s cheeks glowed red at his words and she found that she desperately wanted to kiss him again...wanted to feel his lips pressed against hers.

Max saw Liz’s response to him and leaned in to comply with her silent request for a kiss. He reveled in the soft fullness, the pliable warmth of her lips again, knowing that he was quickly becoming addicted to the way she tasted so sweet and the way she responded so eagerly to him.

Long moments of deep kisses passed before the passionate haze that had encompassed Liz’s mind began to dissipate. She realized that she’d been gone from the party for too long and knew that her absence might be questionable. “I bet they’re wandering what happened to me,” she told Max absently even as his lips languidly grazed over hers. He pulled away slightly and gave her a smile. The kind of smile that turned Liz’s knees to jello.

“We should go then,” he told her.

“Together? I mean...” she looked up at him questioningly with surprise expressed in her eyes.

He knew what she was asking. Would it be okay to make their new relationship public? He knew the answer to that was no. At least initially. He wasn’t entirely sure he wanted to tell anyone just yet. It was sort of an unbelievable idea that any of this was even happening. Telling someone might make it less real...might taint it.

“We’ll just have to keep from being too obvious,” he finally told her, not sure if he would even be able to keep the happiness of this new development off his face. For the first time in months he felt almost relaxed and relieved. The tension had finally dissipated and he felt as if he could function again and all because they’d both taken the plunge and given in to their feelings....feelings that were the same.

Not wanting to spend a moment away from her, Max drove them over to the banquet hall. He held her in his, liking the way her small fingers entwined with his own. It was so natural and yet...extraordinary that he could barely keep from shaking at the feel of it. As they walked inside from the car , neither was willing to let go of this new contact. As they reached the banquet room Max ran his thumb gently over the smooth skin on the back of Liz’s hand. He looked down at her, giving her a reassuring smile before both reluctantly let go of their grasp on each other and stepped into the room.

Liz felt the loss of warmth and her hand was still tingling many moments later. By that time the part was in full swing. Max and Liz were spotted immediately by Michael and Maria.

Full of nerves, Liz was absolutely sure that her feelings for Max were written all over he face for everyone in the room to see. How could they not be? She felt like shouting it out to the whole world. But before she had the chance, Maria whisked her away, eager for details, knowing that something had to have happened because Liz hadn’t looked that happy for a very long time.

“So...” Maria prompted.

“So what?” Liz asked, trying to appear innocent.

“ So are you and Dr. E a thing now or what?”



“Well, I went to go get him...which I know was a set up now because you obviously haven’t been drinking like you pretended to be. That aside...he told me he wasn’t going to come. But he did say that he’d graded my test and so he showed it to me and then I was so excited that I hugged him and he hugged me back and then...I don’t really remember who kissed who first was amazing. I can’t even find words to describe it.”

“ I knew it!” Maria exclaimed. “I’ve known all semester. Michael told me that Max has been fighting his attraction to you for months. It’s why he had to stop tutoring you.” Maria paused and looked over at where Max and Michael were standing there talking. “God, Max is practically devouring you with his eyes...he must think your on the menu tonight or something.”

Blushing, Liz glanced over in Max’s direction and saw that he was, in fact, looking at her. Her whole body suffused with heat at the open admiration displayed on his face. She smiled as she saw him flush from being caught . He gave her a shy smile and Liz felt her stomach flutter and her heart pound erratically.

Max was being interrogated much the same way by Michael. He didn’t really say much but the way he kept glancing at Liz and the smile that was now permanently displayed on his face were enough of an answer.

Moments later, everyone was seating themselves for dinner to be served. Max and Liz tried to be very casual about sitting next to each other. As soon as Max was aware that everyone was seated, he reached under the table, clasping Liz’s hand in his own. He ate dinner left handed just so he wouldn’t have to relinquish his hold on her.

Liz was glad for the contact and marveled at how natural it felt to be like that with him.

The meal finally ended and the department heads were getting up to give speeches. While everyone was looking to the podium Max leaned forward and whispered into Liz’s ear. “Meet me at the telescope later.”

She nodded and felt her heart start to race. Even his proximity made her feel things. Somehow though...she was able to make it though the rest of the night. It went by in a blur as she thought about everything that was happening. Would they talk about what would happen next between them? What kind of commitment would he want from her? Something fleeting or something permanent?

Claiming fatigue, Liz left as soon as the speeches were done. As she walked out she could feel his gaze on her and turned back giving Max a shy look. Whatever did happen...she was more than ready for it.

Max tried to keep himself from chasing after her. He managed to maintain his composure and after another fifteen minutes, made his excuses.

Liz was standing around the telescope waiting patiently for Dr. Evans to arrive. Dr. Evans....she almost laughed out loud at that. Could she safely call him by his first name now? It seemed so odd to even think of it but... Her thoughts drifted off as she took in the feel of the evening. The air was a little cool and the wind danced along her skin gently. It barely phased her though. She was too caught up in the moment...the way the sky was so beautiful, devoid of clouds. Combined with the new moon, the inky blackness of the nighttime was lit only by the stars. It was the perfect night for stargazing.

Another gush of wind whipped through the open air causing Liz to shiver as she stood there, looking up, admiring the vast canvass above her. Just as the goose bumps began to form on her flesh she felt warmth envelop her and a suit jacket was placed over her shoulders. She shivered again when she felt his hands rubbing her arms up and down through the material of the coat in an attempt to warm her. Liz turned around, needing to look at him to know he was real. Smiling up at him, she relaxed and let him pull her close. The sensation of his arms around her was new and scary and entirely appealing.

“Thank you for meeting me,” he said softly.

“Of course. I didn’t want this night to end yet,” came Liz’s own equally soft reply.

Pulling away, he immediately felt the loss and not just of the heat from her body. “I brought a blanket for us to sit on...I thought we should talk and it’s a beautiful night to be out here.”

“Let’s sit down then,” Liz said, wanting to feel him close to her again.

After spreading the blanket out, Max sat down pulling Liz next to him. Neither was quite sure how to arrange themselves, but eventually they ended up side by side, laying on their backs looking up into the display above.

“I love coming out here,” Max told here. “Sometimes it’s to use the telescope and get a closer look, but other times I don’t even need that. It’s just enough to come and stare at all the stars. It feels right, like I don’t have to worry about anything because looking at the big picture...the whole universe problems are nothing, especially when something this beautiful exists.”

Liz sighed. “When I was a little girl I used to spend hours in grandma Claudia’s back yard, just starring at the sky wondering what else could possibly be out there. It’s really incredible...the whole universe is just...beautiful.”

“It really is,” Max said in a hushed voice. Liz’s gaze turned away from the heavens and toward Max. He was looking directly at her and she felt herself blush, silently thankful for the darkness.

“I meant the sky with all the stars.”

“What I’m looking at is just as beautiful...if not more so,” he replied.

Liz looked away, biting her lower lip. “What do we do now...are we pretend that nothing happened and you go back to being Dr. Evans and I’m just your student or...”

Her voice trailed off as Max shifted to his side and took her chin in his hand, tilting her face to look at him. “No. What happens next is that you start calling me Max and I take you out on dates and we get to know other so that we can see where this chemical attraction...this magnetic pull is going to take us.”

“Really?” Liz asked, the hopeful smile on her face growing steadily.

“Really.” Max paused for a second. “There is something I need you to do for me though.”


“I you think there’s anyway you could withdraw from my classes. I want to be with you but I don’t think it can work if your going to be in class with me next semester. “

“I’ll go take care of it tomorrow morning,” Liz told him without hesitation. It was an easy choice between taking class with him or being with him romantically. She’d take the more personal relationship in a heartbeat. “ I only signed up for those classes because I wanted to see you everyday and I was hoping that maybe somehow if we spent enough time together...”

“Now we can spend as much time together as you want. I’ll even give you private Astronomy lessons if you want.”

At that Liz raised her eyebrows. “That sounds tempting. We’ll probably have to do a lot of one on one work for that huh?”

Max smiled at her teasing. “We’ll just have to see.” There was a pause as they lay there, Max on his side starring down into Liz’s face. It felt so good to do that without worrying about whether it was wrong . “I don’t think I’ve ever been this attracted to someone before,” Max admitted as he gazed at her face. She was so beautiful to amazing. Another moment of silence passed as Liz looked up into his face marveling over how handsome he was. She took her small hand and clasped his own larger hand, entwining her fingers with his. “Me either,” she told him.

They lay there on the blanket for awhile longer, neither felt the need to break the peaceful silence with awkward conversation and were content to just be together. It was almost midnight when Max looked at his watch. “It’s late,” he said softly.

Liz nodded. “ I should probably go.”

Max didn’t want to agree. He wanted to stay with her but he knew that they had to move their relationship ahead slowly. Things between them were too tenuous and new. He wanted to take his time learning everything about her, things that she dreamed of, things she’d never told anyone else. And he wanted to share those same things with her. He would cherish every nuance of this relationship...he would cherish her.

He brought their entwined hands up to his mouth, chastely kissing her fingers before moving to help Liz up from the blanket. “Let me take you home,” he told her.

Liz nodded not even caring that her car would be left at the science building all night. She didn’t want the night to be over yet and she’d do whatever it took to prolong it as much as possible

When they pulled up to the dorm several moments later Liz was unsure what to do next. She looked at Max unsure what to say, “Uhm...”

“Have breakfast with me tomorrow,” he said abruptly.

“Okay,” Liz said quickly, biting her lip shyly after realizing how eager she must sound.

Then Max was leaning over. His right hand moved to cup her cheek, his thumb stroking her cheek bone as his lips moved in and pressed against hers. It was a soft, slow kiss, full of promise for things to come. When Max pulled away his eyes searched here, looking for assurance that she really wanted everything that was happening.

“I’ll pick you up at eight,” he said.

Liz opened her mouth to say yes when she changed her mind and kissed him instead. Before it became too heated she pulled away, slightly breathless and gave Max a timid smiled and said a soft good night.

Max sat there in the car, watching her walk inside, in part to make sure she was safe and also because he didn’t want to leave. Reminding himself that he’d see her again in less than eight hours, he started the car and drove home and for the first time he had hope that maybe home wouldn’t be so lonely anymore.
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Jungle love first...then this...then a surprise I've been working on. *big*
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AN: Hey's the next part. Hope it's okay. It might be a little transitional but I think its sweet. would be fabulous. I'm working on the surprise next and hopefully I can get at least part of it finished. So...enjoy the part!

Chapter 10

Breakfast had gone very well. Max took them to a little cafe that he’d gone to when he was an undergrad. They'd sat in the back corner booth completely oblivious to the rest of the world as they talked. Halfway through breakfast they’d ended up holding hands across the table. Once they’d finished eating both sets of hands had just naturally migrated together.

Initially their conversation was a little bumbling. Max had apologized for his behavior the last few weeks, knowing the Liz had suffered because he’d doubted his self-control. Liz had surprised him by thanking him.

“Why thank me? I made your life miserable.”

“ just made me work harder. I appreciate that,” she explained.

“You were already working so hard....I mean...I wasn’t the only one who saw how hard you were working. Other professors commented on it. I...uh...I’d already decided that no matter what I was going to give you an ‘A’ in the class. And before you get upset you know that you earned it. At the very least all your effort was worth that. But you didn’t need it because all your effort payed off. It’s one of the things I’d admire about you most. You didn’t give up.” As he spoke his earnest words his fingers gently trace her knuckles and the slight touch caused Liz to shiver slightly.

“Thank you...”

Max smiled and then tried to look serious. “See...we’re right back to where we started now,” he stated.

Liz shook her head. “No, we’re not. We’re moving forward. We can be together now and not even think about this last semester.”

“That sounds like a really good idea,” Max told her bring their entwined fingers up to his mouth and kissing her hand gently.

They kept talking. Liz told Max about staying with Grandma Claudia over break and about the Christmas pageant she’d been helping with. “The big day is Dec. 23rd.”

“What time?” Max asked.

“It’s in the afternoon. Why?”

“Because anything you’ve invested your time in is definitely worth seeing.” He was rewarded with a bright smile. “When do you have to leave for Roswell?” he asked then.
“Tomorrow, I guess. The dorms will be closing so I have to leave.”

“Will you go out with me tonight then?”

Liz bit her lip to hold in laughter at the expectant expression on Max’s face. “Like a date?” she asked with an amused smile.

Max grinned back somewhat sheepishly. “Yes...a date. One that includes dinner...a movie or anything you want.”

“I just want to spend time with you,” she told him honestly.

“Me too. But I guess that means that I’ll have to surprise you tonight,” he responded trying not to let on just how much her words had affected him.

“I like surprises....except you already told me we’re going to dinner and a movie,” Liz said with a grin.

“Ah, but I didn’t say where or which one did I?” he teased, inwardly marveling at how comfortable they were together already. Half an hour later the waitress came back and asked if they were going to stay for lunch. Glancing at his watch, Max’s eyes got wide. “It’s eleven thirty,” he told Liz.

Her response was to laugh and Max couldn’t help but join in. They’d completely lost track of time. Deciding that they’d better go, Liz had Max take her to the science building.

“Do you have things to do here?” he asked curiously as he pulled into the parking lot.

Liz’s cheeks warmed a little with embarrassment. “No...I car’s still here from last night.”

Max gave her a questioning look.

“I wanted you to take me home last night so I left it there and didn’t say anything,” she admitted guiltily.

“I’m glad you didn’t,” he told her and as soon as he’d put the car into park he leaned over to kiss her, reveling in the way it felt to be free to do that. After a moment of that, Max pulled away. They both had things to take care of that afternoon. Liz was going to the registrar’s office and Max had to drop grades off. In an effort to exert some sort of self-control, Max said goodbye after giving her a fairly chaste peck on the lips.

The passing of several hours found Max starring at the contents of his closet with a tortured look on his face. He been standing there for a good fifteen minutes and he still wasn’t any closer to knowing what he was going to wear to see Liz. He didn’t know why this was so was just dinner and a movie. But for some reason he wanted everything to be perfect. He was so desperate that he briefly contemplated calling his sister. That idea was immediately nixed because Isabel would insist on knowing why he needed her help and once she found out he’d never hear the end of how big of a mistake he was making.

So instead of Isabel he broke down and called Michael. Michael...his best friend...who dated a lot more frequently than Max ever had. Michael reluctantly agreed to come over, but when he showed up ten minutes later....he was not alone.

“Dr. E...Hey what’s up?” Maria Deluca asked, pushing past Max through the doorway and walking into the house. “Nice place!” she told him as she looked around with interest. “You’ve got good taste for a guy. Liz will love this.”

Max felt himself turn red at that comment. He turned to look at Michael questioningly.

Michael shrugged. “Sorry man. She showed up as I was leaving and after I explained where I was going it made sense when she insisted that she’d be more help than I would. So...I’m just gonna go watch the game and she’s gonna pick out what you wear on the big date tonight.”

“Where’s your bedroom?” Maria hollered out, already wandering off out of sight. Max decided he’d better just get over his embarrassment because Maria wasn’t going to leave until she’d accomplished her newly acquired task.

“So, tell me all about your plans tonight,” she insisted as Max showed her the way to his room. He felt awkward leading Maria in there....letting her look through his things.


“ am I supposed to know what you should wear if I don’t know where you’re going?” she pointed out.

“Oh. Well in that case, there’s this really great Chinese Restaurant that I know of and I was thinking that we could go there. I made a reservation but the place is pretty casual. Then I thought we’d go to a movie. Liz was saying this morning that she’s been wanting to see...”

Max was swiftly interrupted by Maria. “What do you mean this morning? Did you two already spend the night together?”

“NO! We...we had breakfast together so that we could talk,” Max explained quickly.

“I was gonna move quick.”

It took Maria all of five minutes to rifle through all of Max’s things and then another five minutes for her to decide that a basic v neck black sweater and a pair of jeans would do the trick. Max was tempted to tell Maria to find something else because he thought it might be too casual.

“Trust me Dr. E. I would never steer you wrong. And besides....Liz will be putty in your hands and she’ll definitely be more comfortable if you’re casual,” Maria told him, sensing his hesitation.

After the decision was finalized, Max kicked both Michael and Maria out of the house and went to get dressed. He still had half an hour before he needed to pick Liz up.


Liz was near panic by the time the phone rang. What could she possibly wear for the evening when she wasn’t sure what they were doing? She’d just thrown aside yet another outfit when Maria’s voice filled her ear.

“Lizzie...wear the black strappy dress with the black heeled sandals. Oh...and take that red cardigan sweater you have along.”


“Look...All I can say is that I have some inside information about your date tonight and if I remember your closet contents’ll be the most comfortable and attractive in that black dress.”

“Maria, how do you know this?” Liz asked, confused.

“I have my ways. Now are you going to take my advice or not?”

“Okay, I’ll trust you. I’m running out of options and he’ll be here soon. I love you...thanks for the advice but I’ve got to finish getting ready.” Before Maria could say anything else Liz hung up and went back to her closet. At first she was unsure which black strappy dress Maria was referring to. She rifled through several dresses before coming across a dress she hadn’t even had the opportunity to wear yet. It looked promising and when she put it on, she knew that it was exactly what she’d been looking for. Grabbing her purse and the suggested sweater she glanced at the clock. It was almost six thirty.

As soon as Liz stepped outside she spotted Max’s car, but she couldn’t see him. A tap on her shoulder startled her and she turned around wide eyed, only to break out into a smile. Max stood before her looking so incredible that she almost forgot to breathe for a second.

“Hi,” he said softly. With a shy smile he brought his hand from behind his back producing a bouquet of half a dozen white roses.

“Max...thank you,” she said bringing the roses to her face, inhaling the fragrant scent. “White roses are my favorite.”

“I know. I remember you saying that once.”

The fact that he’d remembered something she’d probably only mentioned briefly, pleased Liz and impulsively she leaned up to kiss him. When the pulled apart, Max took her hand in his and started to lead her toward his car. “You look beautiful,” he told her and watched as a very becoming blush crept up, coloring her skin.

“So, where are we going?” Liz asked once they’d settled into the car.

“Do you like Chinese?” Max asked hopefully.

“Oh yes. Especially that one place downtown. I’ve only been there a couple of times but it’s definitely one of my favorites.”

“Good, because that’s actually where we’re going,” he told her. This news once again earned Max a kiss and Liz leaned across the seat, brushing her lips softly against Max’s cheek. The feel of her soft lips caressing his skin was so distracting that Max almost missed the turn he needed to take.

Dinner went well, the conversation flowed easily. After they’d eaten they took over one of the pool tables the restaurant had in the back and Liz wowed Max with her impressive pool shark skills. He on the other hand was terrible and Liz had to repeatedly help with his shots. Neither one of them seemed to mind. After laughing their way back from the game, they sat down to the last part of their meal. The fortune cookies.

Settling back in their seats both broke open their cookies.

“What does yours say?” Max asked.

“ says ...This is the best night of your life,” she stated.

“Is that really what it says?” Max asked with a grin.

Liz smiled somewhat sheepishly. “No...but it’s a lot better than a ‘a broken clock is still right twice a day’.”

“You’re right, I like yours better.”

“Okay...your turn, what does it say?”

Reading his own slip of paper, Max smiled. “Mine says... ‘Ask a girl to dance?”

“Is that really what it says?” she asked with a laugh.

“Depends on her answer.”

“Yes...definitely yes,” came her immediate response.

“Then that’s what it says.” He stood up then and took her hand, leading her to the small dance floor. There were two other couples dancing but Max and Liz didn’t even notice....they were too caught up in each other.

Later at the movie theater, Liz found herself completely distracted by Max. It didn’t even matter that she’d been waiting to see the movie for a long time. All she could even focus on was the way Max was sitting so close to her and how their legs were touching and his arm was wrapped around her shoulders. It was amazing to feel so close to him. There was none of the usual awkwardness between them that most might encounter at the onset of a relationship. Maybe it was because of how they’d got to know each other first...or maybe they just needed to be close. Either way there was a comfortableness between them that Liz hadn’t felt with anyone before.

Later after several leisurely good night kisses Liz realized that if she’d already been in the process of falling for Max was certainly official now. She was head over heels in love with Max Evans.


Liz spent the next few days completely ensconced in preparations for the Christmas pageant. Grandma Claudia was sewing costumes and Liz was double checking everything...making sure the parents knew when to bring the kids to practice and when to bring them on the afternoon of the pageant.

The third night she was in Roswell, Liz called Max to invite him to the pageant and to have lunch with her and Grandma Claudia. He readily accepted the invitation and asked if there was any way he could see her sooner. The pageant was still a week away and Max didn’t want to wait that long to be with her again. Liz was just as eager to see him and told him that she was free the whole day Wednesday. They agreed for her to meet him at his house and they could decide what to do from there.

Wednesday turned out to be a great day for Christmas shopping . Liz helped Max pick out gifts for his mother and sister while Max gave her advice on something for her dad. The day had gone well and they were reluctant to part later on. After several long kisses and the promise to talk to each other the next day, Liz finally drove back to Roswell.

The Sunday morning or the pageant came to early for Liz. Her excitement over seeing Max hadn’t let her sleep and so she was more than a little tired. But her eagerness to see Max won out over any need for sleep and so she was up and ready by ten o’clock that morning making sure that everything would be ready for dinner when Max got there. In fact, she was so intent on helping that it was almost noon when Grandma Claudia told Liz that she’d better go freshen up a bit.

Liz was on her way to her bathroom when the door bell rang. Forgetting her previous goal she went straight to the door, wanting to see Max.

Max was a little nervous as he found himself starring at Claudia Parker’s front door. The last time he’d been there had been years ago. The door swung open and his nervousness disappeared at the sight of Liz. She was standing in the open doorway, smiling brightly with a streak of flour on her cheek and several strands of hair sticking out oddly from her loose pony tail. He bit down on his lip to hold in his chuckle but it was too late. She saw him a gave him a strange look. “What?” she asked, confused by his reaction to her.

“Are you cooking?” he asked with an amused smile. She nodded and opened her mouth to say something but didn’t get the chance because Max swooped in to greet her the way he’d originally intended...with a breath stealing kiss. When he pulled away he felt as dazed as Liz looked. She stood there, eyes closed, her face a study in bliss and he watched as her tongue snuck out, tasting the lips that he’d just been kissing. He wanted to kiss her again and he would have if a voice coming from inside the house hadn’t interrupted them.

“Liz, sweetheart, is that Max at the door?” Claudia Parker’s voice called out just before the woman herself appeared behind Liz. “Good grief, Lizzie, let the man in the house,” she insisted. “And why don’t you go finish what you were going to do before the doorbell rang. I’ll take good care of Max, don’t worry.”

And so Claudia took hold of Max’s arm, leading him into the living room as Liz stood there, still dazed and not remembering what she was supposed to be doing. It took her a moment before it dawned on her and she darted up the stairs to the bathroom. as soon as she turned on the light she groaned out loud. No wonder Max had laughed, she look terrible.

Quickly, she washed her face and ran a comb through her hair. Her clothes were streaked with flour as well and she had to rush around her room to find something that was presentable. When she finally made it back downstairs she found Max helping to set the dining room table for lunch.

“I see she wasted no time and put you right to work,” Liz commented.

Max smiled. “It’s the least I can do.”

Liz walked closer to him as he set down the last plate. “You clean up well,” he teased. He was rewarded with a smack on his arm. “I actually thought that the flour was sexy,” he went on, making Liz blush.

This was all still so new to her...the way she felt about Max and being with him the way that she wanted to be. Sneaking a shy glance in his direction, she was immediately drawn closer to him. She needed to be as close to him as possible, she decided.

He was just leaning down to kiss her again when Claudia bustled into the dining room, carrying a pitcher of water. “Max, do you think you could fill the glasses while Liz and I bring out the food?”

Max agreed and the couple reluctantly separated to do their appointed tasks. When it was time to sit down for lunch they made sure they were sitting next to each other. And much like the night of banquet they held hands underneath the table with Max eating somewhat awkwardly with his left hand. It was hard to stay focused on the questions that Claudia was asking him. He was too aware of how Liz’s thigh was pressed against his and how every once in awhile she would run her foot against his.

“So...Max, how did you and Lizzie meet?” Claudia asked with a smile.

Liz almost choked on her water. “Grandma! I already explained how we met.”

“I know dear...I just want to hear Max’s version of the story,” she said looking at Max expectantly.

“Well...uhm...” he looked at Liz, unsure of how much she’d actually revealed about their relationship.

“I know you’re here teacher, Max. Don’t worry. That’s not what’s important. I guess I’m really just curious about what you’ve been up to. I haven’t see you for at least four years. The last time was on the fourth of July when Liz one that scholarship.”

“Grandma....” Liz said starting to get embarrassed.

Max squeezed her hand and cut in, telling Claudia all about his job and how much he enjoyed it.

“Liz said you were an excellent teacher. Although I’m surprised she was able to learn anything at all with the way she mooned over you the whole semester,” Claudia teased.

Max couldn’t help but laugh at loud at that. “Well, I have to admit that sometimes I had a hard time teaching. I liked Liz a lot, right away and the more I got to know her the more I struggled with my attraction.”

“Well, you’ve obviously worked things out. I’m very glad. I always did think you’d turn into a good man, Max. The fact that you picked my Lizzie, proves it.”

Liz blushed at her grandmother’s words. She’d forgotten how embarrassing these family things could be. She felt Max squeeze her hand again and she smiled up at him, adoration all over her face.

As Claudia sat there, watching them interact, she knew that the two before her were completely besotted. They were so obviously in love, she knew that they could make their relationship work. Perfect matches were rare, but she thought that this one just might fall under that category.

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Chapter 11

As soon as the table had been cleared after lunch, Liz needed to get to the auditorium. It was almost 2pm and the kids would be arriving for the performance. That left Max to sit all alone with Claudia. They all drove together and after giving Max a quick kiss, Liz left him to her grandmother’s care, hoping that nothing too embarrassing would be said in her absence.

Max felt a little nervous as he sat there in the almost empty auditorium. He wasn’t sure what to say to Claudia. But she quickly put Max’s nerves to rest when she started to ask him questions about his parents. They talked on that subject for a long time and before either of them realized it, the auditorium was filled up.

“Max…is that you?” a familiar voice asked from behind him. Both Max and Claudia turned around. When he saw who it was, Max’s eyes got wide. There stood his mother…and his sister, both looking at him questioningly.

“Mom, Izzy, What are you doing here?” he asked as his nerves started to go crazy again.

“We could ask you the same thing?” came Isabel’s response.

His mother ignored Isabel and answered Max’s question. “ I come every year to see all the kids and then I spend the day catching up with old friends.” She looked at Claudia as she said this. “And Claudia…you were on my list of places to stop and visit this afternoon. I haven’t seen you in ages,” Diane exclaimed excitedly. The two women hugged and then all eyes were on Max waiting for his explanation.

“I’m actually here because…” he wasn’t able to finish the sentence because Liz chose that moment to come check on how he and her grandmother were getting along.

“Hey,” she said coming up to stand between Max and her grandmother. “I wanted to make sure you two had good seats. We’re going to start soon. All the kids are getting anxious,” she told them unable to hide her own excitement. Liz noticed the two women standing there with them and realized that something was going on. She recognized the younger one as the woman Max had dinner with that one night…she remembered Maria saying she was Max’s sister. Liz swallowed hard, suddenly nervous.

“Hi,” she managed to say shyly.

“Hello,” the older woman said kindly. Her smile looked oddly familiar and when she spoke next, Liz understood why. “I’m Diane Evans…Max’s mother.”

Diane smiled as she introduced herself, immediately aware of how close this girl was standing to her son. Like she wanted to touch him but was suddenly too shy.

“Liz Parker,” she said extending her hand to shake Diane’s in greeting. She glanced at Max then, unsure what to do. She wasn’t sure if Max had told anyone about their relationship, especially since it was so new. “It’s very nice to meet you,” Liz told his mother returning Diane’s warm smile. When Liz glanced at Isabel, her smile faded at the sight of the woman’s scowl of disapproval.

“Diane…surely you remember Liz, my granddaughter,” Claudia interjected as she sensed the tension. “She used to spend the summers with me and Bill.”

“Oh my goodness. Liz…I hardly recognized you. The last time I saw you, you were ten and you were riding around the neighborhood in those cowboy boots and your bathing suit. You were such a cute little girl and now…you’ve grown into a beautiful woman.”

Liz blushed at the last part, saying a soft thank you. It was then that she noticed Max laughing. “What’s so funny?” she asked him.

“ I remember that day. It was the funniest thing,” he commented between spurts of laughter. His amusement grew as Liz’s cheeks reddened even more.

“I’m going to go before you have any more time to share stories about me. I think that it’s time to start the program anyway,” she told them, quickly taking her leave.

Claudia turned to Diane, pride evident in her voice as she spoke. “Liz is directing the program this year.”

“Wonderful! Do you think that there’s room for us to sit here with you?” Diane asked. Unfortunately for Max, the couple sitting next to him graciously agreed to move down several seats. He was, however, grateful when it was his mother who sat down next to him rather than Isabel who was still glaring in his direction. This wasn’t exactly the way he’d planned on introducing Liz to his family.

“So, Max, do you want to explain why you’re here?” his mother whispered.

Max looked at his mother appraisingly; wondering if she’d already figured things out and was just waiting to be told the truth from him. “I’m here because Liz asked me to come,” he told her truthfully. His mother’s response was to squeeze his hand and nod. The show started then before anything else could be said and Diane decided that the conversation was best left for another time. Instead she watched Max from the corner of her eye during the pageant, unsure what she was looking for at first. Then…after the program ended, Liz came out on stage and Max’s entire countenance seemed to lift at the sight of her. It was very obvious that Max cared for Liz…. it was written all over his face as he watched her thanks the audience for coming and to give the kids another round of applause.

As people started to file out of their seats, Max turned to his mother. “ I know that you have questions for me, but please trust that I know what I’m doing and that I’ll explain things to you soon…when I understand them a little better myself.”

“I do trust you, Max,” she assured him. With that, she took Isabel, said goodbye to Claudia and left. Somehow she knew that they’d intruded earlier and that their continued presence would only make things more awkward. Especially with the way Isabel was behaving.


Max had only planned on staying until 9 o’clock that night, but Liz talked him into watching a movie with her before he left. That’s how he found himself sitting on the couch with Liz snuggled up next to him. He’d been amazed at how naturally they’d gravitated toward one another. Liz had immediately curled up next to him to watch the movie and his arm had automatically gone around her. Now her head was resting comfortably against his shoulder and his fingers absently sifted through her hair. He loved how every once in awhile she would laugh at something from the movie and her body would move against his.

Somewhere along the way, the exhaustion that Liz had been feeling finally caught up with her and the combination of it and the way she felt so relaxed and safe in Max’s arms caused her to drift off to sleep. Max felt how still she’d gotten and looked down to check on her, only to find her face relaxed and her eyes closed. Her lips were parted slightly and soft puffs of air escaped as she breathed steadily. He smiled to himself and decided to enjoy holding her, just for a little while.

Claudia came in later and found them wrapped together on the couch, both sleeping peacefully. She couldn’t help but smile at the beautiful sight they made. She desperately hoped that this connection between them led to something more lasting. She wouldn’t mind Max Evans as a grandson-in-law. She’d just have to wait and see.

Liz woke up early the next morning with a stiff neck and a case of disorientation. Then she registered the feel of the warm body that she was practically smothering. Her eyes snapped open and she couldn’t help the smile that came to her lips. She’d fallen asleep on Max last night and he’d stayed with her. The clock on the VCR showed that it was almost four in the morning. She wondered if she should wake him, but decided against it when she felt his arm tighten around her, pulling her closer to him. She didn’t want to leave the cocoon of warmth his body was providing. So, ignoring her stiff neck, she settled more fully against him and closed her eyes to go back to sleep.


Christmas at the Evans’ household was always a happy affair. For a few hours they sat together and caught up on each other’s lives and then spent time reminiscing about when Max and Isabel were younger. But it seemed to Diane that there was something missing. She desperately wanted to hear the laughter and antics of grandchildren filling the house on the special holiday. For the past few years…she’d always casually bring the subject up, hoping against hope for some kind of good news. She was usually greeted by a look of distaste from Isabel who was always quick to inform that a baby wasn’t something they were planning on at the moment. So Diane figured that her only hope would be Max. Max who hadn’t had a serious relationship since she could remember.

But her hopes had soared tremendously after she’d seen her son at the Christmas pageant with Liz Parker. She could tell they were both equally smitten and she was very anxious to figure out what was going on with Max and the young woman.

They were all gathered around the dining room table enjoying their Christmas dinner. Each family member had been taking turns discussing things of importance in their lives. Isabel and her husband, Jesse, had both gone into a great amount of boring detail about their work.

Max had a hard time listening to his sister talk. She was so self-absorbed that she didn’t realize that not everyone’s life revolved around things other than her…or things other than work even. It made him wonder if he had been like that before. Meeting Liz had made him realize that there could be so much more to life than living for you job.

Isabel noticed her brother’s lack of attention and immediately put him on the spot. “ I think that I’m boring you Max. So why don’t you tell us all what you’ve been up to. It seems like I haven’t talked to you for a while. It seems you’ve been busy. What’s been keeping you so busy? Or should I say who?”

Max knew what she was hinting at. He had to make a choice now. Should he reveal his new relationship…or should he keep quiet about it? Glancing around the table, his gaze stopped on his mother’s face. She looked curious and excited and …hopeful. He knew then that he had to tell them. He wasn’t ashamed of his feelings for Liz and he wouldn’t be ashamed of their budding relationship.

“Actually…I was going to mention that I’ve met someone and so a lot of my time has been otherwise engaged,” he told them.

“Really?” Isabel asked, feigning surprise. “Do tell us all the details Max. Who is this mystery woman?”

Diane shot her daughter a look. She didn’t understand why Isabel was being so caustic about the situation.

“You know who it is, Isabel,” Max said coolly. “It’s Liz Parker.”

“Max that’s wonderful,” Diane said quickly. “Liz is a lovely young woman. How did you two meet?”

Isabel snorted and Max glared at her before speaking. “Uhm…actually, she was one of my students this last semester.”

The table was suddenly completely silent. Everyone looked to Max, disbelief in their eyes.

“Max…. isn’t that against University policy,” Phillip Evans asked his son.

“Liz and I didn’t start seeing each other until after the semester ended. She’s graduating in May and I won’t have her in any of my classes so there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it,” Max said quickly in his own defense.

“ I trust you, Max,” Diane said, repeating words she’d said earlier.

“Well, I think that it’s terrible,” Isabel blurted out. “You’re only setting yourself up for trouble Max. She’s too young for you and…”

“Isabel…my relationships, whoever they may be with, are none of your business,” Max told her quickly, not wanting to listen to any of her lectures.

“Let’s save the lectures for another time, okay? It’s Christmas and we should be celebrating,” Phillip interjected before Isabel could start anything.

Isabel kept her mouth shut but every time Max looked in her direction he was met with an icy glare. He couldn’t help but feel sorry for Jesse. He had to have his hands full with Isabel as a wife.

Later on, Max was helping his mother put the leftovers away when she stopped what she was doing and turned to him. “Max…do you really care about Liz?” she asked suddenly.

Although surprised, Max answered quickly. “Yes. She’s amazing. She’s smart and funny and beautiful and …exactly what I’ve been waiting for,” he explained softly.

Diane smiled at her son. “ Does she care about you as much?”

Max nodded. “ I can see it in her eyes when she looks at me. I know that she does.”

It was Diane’s turn to nod. “Just promise me you’ll take things slowly. If it’s meant to be, it will all come together. I know that Liz is a wonderful young woman, I just hope she knows how special you are.”

Max smiled and enveloped his mother in a hug. “Thanks mom…I appreciate you supporting me.”

“You’re my son…of course I’m going to support you, I love you. Now…just promise me that you won’t be all prickly like your sister and deny me the joy of having grandkids.”

Max laughed… “I’ll work on Liz and see what she says,” he teased.

Diane smacked his arm playfully and they got back to work cleaning up. Secretly though, Max was wondering just how far this relationship with Liz would go. Thoughts of a baby girl with Liz’s dark eyes and olive complexion haunted him the rest of the night. He had to remind himself though that it was entirely too soon to think of those things. Instead he focused on his plans for Liz and New Year’s Eve.


The rest of winter break went by quickly. Despite not being able to see each other as much as they would have liked, Max and Liz made every effort to at least talk to each other daily. Both were eager for classes to begin again if only to give them an excuse to be closer together.

Maria and Liz both came back the day before classes to get settled into dorm life again. To celebrate their return they’d gotten a pint of Ben and Jerry’s finest to share while they caught up with each other.

“So…how was Christmas in New York?” Liz asked as she settled down cross-legged on the bed.

Maria rolled her eyes. “It was great…Kyle brought home his new wife and surprised the hell out of everyone. Jim went ballistic over and mom started crying.” Kyle was Maria’s stepbrother. They were the same age and their parents had met when Maria and Kyle both got into trouble pulling a prank in high school.

“Kyle’s married?” Liz asked in surprise. She’s spent spring break at the Valenti/Deluca household and had met Kyle there. He’d spent the entire break trying to get Liz to go out with him but she’d brutally rebuffed him.

Maria nodded. “Yeah, her name’s Tess and she’s like this complete ditz. But she’s got Kyle wrapped around her little finger. You would not believe the ring he got her. It must have cost a fortune…”

Maria talked a little more about her family before changing the subject to Liz’s family.

“My parents didn’t come back from their cruise until January 3rd. So grandma and I had a quiet Christmas,” Liz explained. “Then on the fourth we celebrated again and exchanged presents with mom and dad.”

“Okay…let’s get to the good stuff now. You and Dr. E. Did you get to see him over break?” Maria knew the answer from the sparkle in Liz’s eyes.

“Yes. He came for the Christmas pageant. We fell asleep on the couch together when we were watching a movie. Then he took me out to dinner on New Year’s Eve…” Liz told her with a happy smile.

“So what happened?” Maria insisted. She wanted all the juicy details.

Liz was reluctant to share anything though. The night had been too special and she wanted to keep it to herself.

She’d stayed overnight at a friend’s house in Albuquerque and Max had come to pick her up for dinner a little after seven o’clock. He’d told her to dress up and so she’d chosen a special dress that she hadn’t worn yet. It was a midnight blue color made of soft clingy material. The straps were small and the dress had left a large portion of her back bare for all to see. The hem of the skirt had brushed the tops of her ankles, swaying gently with any movement she made. Her hope had been that Max would be speechless at the sight of her.

He had been. In fact, he’d been so distracted by the way she looked, that they’d gotten a little lost before they’d reached the restaurant.

Dinner itself had been incredible and they’d danced for a while. Liz still got tingles thinking about those dances and the way he’d held her so close and how his hands had explored the bare skin on her back, making her whole body hum. After dinner he’d surprised her by having dessert ready out at the telescope. Of course, dessert had actually consisted of a box of Krispy Kreme donuts, but it was a good excuse for Max to get her out there. He’d wrapped them up in a blanket then and they’d stayed like that, out underneath the stars, just talking and enjoying each other’s company. At midnight, Max kissed her. She’s been waiting all night for that kiss and she wasn’t left wanting. In that one kiss he completely took her breath away, made her toes curl with excitement and stirred up parts of herself she hadn’t known existed. It had been incredible.

Only the sound the sound of Maria’s voice, saying her name repeatedly, was capable of bringing Liz back to the present.

“It was just really wonderful,” Liz told her with a sigh.

“So what happens next for you two? What about classes?” At that point the ice cream had almost completely vanished.

“ I switched to a different section of Physics now and I’m not taking the Astronomy class any more. Max says that he’ll tell me anything that I want to know about the stars. He even gave me an astronomy book for Christmas,” Liz said. Maria could see her friend drifting off into La-La-happy-Max land again.

“So…you and Dr. E are definitely an item now huh? You’re definitely pursuing this?”

Liz nodded. “I’m already in so deep…I don’t want to back off now. I want to see if we can have a future together. I know that the situation isn’t ideal but we’re going to work with it because we want to be together.”

Maria hoped that, for Liz’s sake, everything would work out for them.


Liz rang the doorbell to Max’s house anxiously. It was Thursday night, the night of their scheduled ‘Astronomy’ lesson. Liz had lost count of how many times she’d been to Max’s house already. She liked his place…it felt good to be surrounded by things that distinctly reminded her of Max. And they both liked to spend as much time together as possible. That’s why they’d designated Thursday nights for each other. Usually they would go out to the telescope and lay underneath the stars…or they’d lie on his couch watching TV. Of course, Max always took her out on Friday of Saturday nights then, leaving Sundays for work. They would spend the afternoons; Max grading papers, Liz doing homework…it was a nice arrangement. Liz enjoyed every minute of it.

Max answered the door fairly quickly, greeting Liz with a kiss. “Hey…dinner’s almost ready,” he told her as she followed him inside the house. Liz threw her coat on the back of the lazy boy and went after Max to the kitchen.

“So...what are you making me tonight?” she asked coming up behind him where he stood at the stove. She wrapped her arms around his waist and pressed her cheek against his back, inhaling his scent.

“Ah…well, I know you like spaghetti so…”

Liz fought the urge to sigh out loud. She could hardly believe how sweet Max was. He remembered everything she liked. He cooked for her…rented her favorite movies…gave really good back massages. The list went on and on. Sometimes Liz could hardly believe that any of this was real.

Max pulled the sauce he’d been stirring off the burner and turned around in Liz’s arms. He needed to give her a proper hello. “I missed you this week,” he told her as he lowered his mouth down to hers. The kiss was slow and deep and when Max pulled away he was pleased to see the somewhat dazed expression on Liz’s face.

“I definitely missed you too,” she told him. Her tongue swept out of her mouth to wet her recently kissed lips and she looked up at him with a smile. He kissed her one more time before reluctantly going back to finish dinner.

“So, how did your test go today?” he asked as he went to pull two plates out of the cupboard.

“Oh…I think okay. Dr. Wagnall likes to be tricky so there were a couple of confusing parts.”

“What about Dr. Peterson? Did he pass back you last Physics test yet?” Max asked curiously. He was answered with a loud groan. “I’m going to take that as a not good, huh?”

“It wasn’t terrible. I ended up with a high B,” she explained as she got out two glasses and the silver wear.

“That’s pretty good though,” Max commented. They were setting the table then and when he looked up, he saw the face that Liz was making. “Obviously…that’s not the grade you were hoping for.”

Liz shrugged somewhat dejectedly. “I just thought that I’d done better, that’s all. I would have been okay, I just made a lot of really silly mistakes,” she said as she looked away. She really didn’t want to embarrass herself by explaining what she did.

“Like what?” Max couldn’t help but ask. He knew that he should just drop it, but after spending an entire semester working with Liz, he was curious about what had carried over.

“Unit errors…I missed two multiple choice and the rest of my mistakes were unit errors,” she finally admitted. Sensing her frustration, Max bit back a smile, not wanting to make her mad.

“And you thought that I was a tough teacher,” he teased.

Liz laughed. “ A part of me does wish that I was still in your class. Although, I’d probably be thinking about kissing you and wouldn’t learn anything at all. But I’d at least have an excuse to come and see you during the day.”

“I wish I could see you during the day too,” he said, grabbing her around the waist and pulling her close. Liz’s arms came up and around Max. “Maybe I could sneak into your office…” she teased him.

“Mmm…sounds like a plan,” he responded kissing her again. He loved kissing her…she had the perfect lips…soft, pliable…just the right fullness.

They managed to pull apart long enough to eat the wonderful dinner that Max had prepared for them. After they cleaned up they went out to the living room to watch TV. “Are we going out to the telescope tonight?” Liz asked with a yawn as she snuggled up to Max on the couch. He instinctively wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer to him.

“It’s supposed to be cloudy…besides, I’d rather stay here just like this,” he told her softly. Liz turned her face to look up into his and smiled before touching her lips to his. Max’s hands slipped up into the back of Liz’s shirt, gently caressing the warm skin.

“ I think that is a very good idea,” she told him before pushing him down further on the couch and pressing her lips against his. The way Liz saw things, making out with Max had the same out come as going to the telescope. Either way she saw stars, only one came with the added bonus of Max’s breath stealing kisses.

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Chapter 12

January ended and February began. With each passing week, Max and Liz spent more and more time together or at least as much time, as their hectic schedules would allow. They’d even started spending time with Michael and Maria doing things as couples. Each of them were content with their developing relationships and friendships.

It was Thursday, Feb 12th…two days before Valentine’s Day. Max, Liz, Michael and Maria were all eating lunch together. Max and Michael were keeping themselves occupied with a conversation about something sports related while Liz and Maria played catch up. It seemed like they’d barely had a chance to talk to each other for weeks.

“Liz…please! Come with Alex and me tonight. We haven’t spent time with you in forever,” Maria whined to her friend.

“I’m really sorry, Maria, but I already have plans,” Liz explained. She did want to spend time with both Alex and Maria but she’d been working up the courage to talk to Max about something important. She wanted to have that talk that night. She had come to the decision that she wanted to move the physical part of their relationship forward. Up to that point they hadn’t done any more than some heavy, over the clothes, petting. She wanted more. Max made her feel things she’d never felt before and she wanted to share everything of herself with him. She knew she was ready. Liz thought that Saturday night, Valentines Day, would be the perfect time for them to take their relationship to the next level.

“Listen, I know that Thursdays are supposed to be ‘Max’ nights but it seems like lately, every night has been a ‘Max’ night. Chica, I’m your best friend…. please don’t say no!” Maria begged.

Liz was about to apologize and tell Maria that she still couldn’t go when Max interrupted.

“Liz, you should go. You haven’t spent very much time with Maria lately. I can maybe call my sister and get this month’s dinner out of the way. Especially since I missed last months.”

“Are you sure?” she asked uncertainly.

He nodded and smiled assuredly. “It’ll be fine. Besides, we’ve got the whole weekend to spend time together right?”

Liz felt her cheeks flush at the thought of what she hoped they would spend the weekend doing. “Will you call me when you get done at your sister’s though?”

Max smiled and fought the urge to kiss her. “Of course.”

Maria rolled her eyes. She’d never seen a couple moon over each other as much as Max and Liz did. It was cute but completely gag worthy. “Good grief you two. It’s just one night apart. Surely you can handle it without keeling over completely.”

That night Max braved a tempest by going to Isabel’s house for dinner. He’d barely spoken to his sister since Christmas, not wanting to hear any of her opinions on his new relationship. If Isabel hadn’t been his sister, there was no way in hell that he’d ever be friends with a woman like her. He was going to suck it up and try to get through a whole evening without being affected by Isabel’s ice bitch routine.

As he rang the doorbell though, all he could think was that he missed Liz. It felt odd not being with her. He hoped that she was having a good time with Maria and Alex though.
Max and Isabel managed to have a fairly pleasant conversation as they waited for dinner. Isabel poured them both a glass of wine and started talking about her job. She talked for what seemed like forever on the subject. As an afterthought she did mention that she and Jesse had decided to start planning for children. Max tried valiantly not to roll his eyes. His sister made plans to plan…he couldn’t understand how she even survived the day to day things that life surprised a person with. With as structured as her life was, he doubted she’d even be able to handle any children.

Max said nothing on the subject though. He just tried to keep the conversation focused on Isabel. But it only lasted so long before the tables turned and Isabel began to question him.

“So…are you still seeing Liz?” she asked, wasting no time in getting directly to the point.

“Yes,” he answered without hesitation. He wasn’t going to hide his relationship just because Isabel disapproved.

“When do you think you’ll be out of this phase, Max?”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” He was quickly getting angry and past tired of his sister’s attitude and the way she thought it was her right to stick her nose in his affairs.

“I’m just curious when you’re going to realize that your little relationship isn’t going to work,” she stated calmly.

“Where do you get off saying it isn’t going to work? It’s worked so far. It’s worked very well in fact,” he said defensively.

“Fine, but at some point you’re going to have to open your eyes and see the you two are at very different places in your lives,” she told him.

“What are you talking about?”

“You’re twenty-eight years old Max. You’ll be twenty-nine in March. You are at a point in life where it’s time to settle down and start thinking about a family.”

Max snorted in disbelief. “Not everything works according to your time table, Isabel.”

“Maybe you aren’t ready right this moment, but think about this. Liz is seven years younger than you. She’s got plans for grad school. Do you really think she’s going to want to settle down at any time in the next five years? Probably not. You’ve said yourself that she’s intelligent and has the potential to go far in her career. Do you want to hinder that by confusing her and tying her down?”

Max stared past Isabel, saying nothing. He understood what his sister was saying. He’d thought some of the same things, but that didn’t mean he didn’t want to be with Liz for as long as possible. With a big sigh he finally looked at her again. “Isabel, I’m well aware of all of this. Why can’t you just let it be what it is? I like her…I care about her …we spend time together, enjoy each other’s company…”

“I would just let it be, Max, but I know you and you don’t just like her…you’re falling in love with her. If you let this drag out any further, you’re only going to fall more deeply and in the end you’re both going to have to make a decision about what’s more important. A career or a relationship. Liz deserves the chance to make something of herself Max. She’s so blinded by her infatuation with you that she’ll give that up. You have to think of her now…break it off now before the decision is out of both your hands and you end up resenting each other.”

Max didn’t know what to say. His mind was so full now…he hadn’t thought this deeply about that…he hadn’t wanted to. He’d only wanted to live in the now. He didn’t want to think about the possibility that he and Liz might not be together. Without another word to Isabel, Max grabbed his coat and left her house. He didn’t need to hear any more from her. He had enough to think about on his own.


Liz was getting worried. Thursday night she’d stayed up until midnight, waiting for Max to call like he’d promised. He never did. She hadn’t seen him at all on Friday and when she’d called his house, the answering machine had picked up. She knew she must have left at least a half dozen messages and she refused to leave any more.

She was quickly beginning to worry. Was something wrong? Was he sick…did something happen to someone in his family?

The thoughts became overwhelming and soon her fears got the better of her. Liz found herself driving almost blindly through town to get to Max’s house on Friday night. His car was there in the driveway. The curtains were drawn and the house looked dark. With a shaky hand she rang the doorbell.

Moments later the front door opened to reveal a somewhat haggard looking Max. He was surprised to see her for some reason. He hadn’t expected her to come over to his house. Part of him was glad to see her…he’d been listening to her messages and wanting to see her. He knew that she was worried, she’d said as much in the last message she’d left and now he could see it clearly written all over her face.

“Max are you okay? I’ve been calling all day…worried sick about you? Did something happen? Is everything all right?”

Max had to force himself to look away from her. Everything wasn’t all right. He hadn’t slept at all the night before and he hadn’t been able to focus in any of his classes. He’d come home early to try and relax but it had been to no avail.

“Why don’t you come inside and we can talk,” he finally told her. He let her pass through and ushered her to the living room couch.

Liz sat down and immediately turned to face him. She looked curious and nervous and completely unsure of what to think. He wished that he could reassure her but he didn’t know how.

“I’ve been thinking, Liz…all night in fact and…” Max couldn’t even look at her. He didn’t know why he was doing this. “…I’ve been wondering where our relationship is going and I don’t have an answer for that. I keep going over it in my mind and the truth is I don’t know if it can go anywhere. What we have now is great…but if you think about it, after May, our lives are going to lead in different directions. You’re going off to grad school…I’m staying here to teach. I want something permanent Liz. I don’t think that you’re in a position to offer me that. You have too much ahead of you to be tied down and I can’t stand in the way.” Max had practiced this speech a hundred times in his head…but he couldn’t believe how detached his own voice sounded. It was a struggle to get the words out. It hurt…so much to even say this.

“What are you saying, Max?” Liz asked. Max could see the unshed tears in her confusion clouded eyes and quickly looked away, starring at a spot on the carpet to keep his own emotions in check.

“I’m saying I don’t think it would be a could idea for us to keep seeing each other and get even more involved. Right now…I have no regrets about this relationship. We’ve enjoyed spending time together…but we aren’t so attached that we can’t move forward with our lives…s-separately.” He almost choked on the last word.

“I don’t think you mean it,” Liz stated, the quivering in her voice betrayed her uncertainty.

“I do.”

“Then look at me and say it,” she demanded.

Slowly he turned his face to look at her. She looked so pale and vulnerable. A stray tear had escaped and was falling silently down her cheek. He wanted to take her in his arms and tell her he didn’t care about anything but her. But he knew that he couldn’t be selfish. He was trying to make sure she had the life she deserved.

“Liz…I…” he couldn’t do it. He had to look away. “We both want different things out of life, Liz. Our lives are compatible.”

Tears were now streaming down Liz’s face. She hadn’t seen this coming. There hadn’t been any signs. Up to this point, everything had been fine. God…she’d never felt pain like this before…she couldn’t believe how badly hearing him say those things hurt.

Not able to stand it any more she got up quickly, running out of the house as fast as her legs would carry her. Not caring where she was going she just put one foot in front of the other, only aware of one thing. Max Evans had broken her heart.


Am hour later, Liz was sitting outside a gas station, waiting numbly for the opportunity to use the pay phone. Her fingers shakily dialed the phone number and she waited, biting her lip to keep from crying any more.

“Hello?” a bright voice answered on the other end.

“M-Maria? It's…It’s me, Liz. I…I need you to come pick me u-up.”

“Liz? Liz where are you at? Are you okay? You don’t sound okay. What happened?”

“I-I j-just really need you right now. I can’t explain…just p-please…” her voice trailed off as she was unable to keep the tears back any longer. Maria spent a few moments trying to calm Liz down enough to get the information on where she was.

Ten minutes later, Maria’s red Jetta sped into the gas station’s parking lot. With the car still running she jumped out of the car and ran toward Liz, enveloping her in a hug. She helped her to the car and it was then that Liz really broke down. As she sobbed she brokenly told Maria everything that Max had said.

“I-I don’t know w-what to do…I love him…so much and …why is he doing this?” Liz asked trying to make some sense out of any of it.

“I don’t know, Liz…I’m just really sorry I ever encourage you to pursue things with him,” Maria told her honestly. She felt partially to blame after the way she and Michael had deviously worked to push Max and Liz together. To see Liz hurt like this…well, she felt like it was all her fault.

Maria took Liz back to the dorm and settled her in her room. She called Grandma Claudia then and explained the situation. The older woman had immediately gotten in her car to come get Liz. She knew Liz needed a shoulder to cry on and she had every intention of being there for her granddaughter.

It was a very angry Maria that watched her despondent best friend ride off in Grandma Claudia’s car later on. As soon as they were out of sight, Maria called Michael.

Max found himself starring outside. He couldn’t help it. After Liz had run off, he hadn’t been able to stop the emotion that had over whelmed. His eyes were bloodshot and had dark circles under them. When he’d finally got himself under control he’d walked to the kitchen to get a glass of water. That’s when he’d noticed Liz’s car in the driveway. She was nowhere to be seen. He had immediately started to worry. It was dark now and the car was still sitting there. He was beginning to panic. What if something had happened to her? He’d never forgive himself.

The ringing of the doorbell jolted him from his half coherent state and he quickly went to answer it, hoping that it would be Liz. Knowing that if it was…he’d fall to his knees and beg for forgiveness. He was an idiot. He needed her and…

The door opened revealing a very pissed off Michael. A pissed off Michael that promptly punched Max in the face.

“Sorry man…that’s from Maria,” he told Max as he helped him through the door.

Max groaned loudly. He was going to have a really good black eye now. He deserved it though. He deserved everything bad that happened to him after what he’d done.

“Max…what were you thinking?” Michael asked quietly as he handed Max a bag of ice that he’d retrieved from the kitchen.

“I …I was thinking that I’m in love with her and that I only want her to be happy. I guess I got afraid that the more time we spent together the harder it would be when she had to leave for grad school. I got scared.”

“ I still don’t get it, Maxwell. I saw you two together just yesterday. You pulled her behind a tree just so you could kiss her goodbye. And you told me all of this stuff about how wonderful everything was because of Liz. Now…you’ve done this complete 180 and I’m confused. What the hell happened to bring this on?” Michael demanded.

“I had dinner at Isabel’s last night and she just kept going on and on about how it would never work and …”

“Holy Shit! I can’t believe this. You let Isabel talk you into this? You know…I really thought you were a hell of a lot smarter than that, Max.”

They sat there in silence for a while and Michael contemplated the way his friend’s entire demeanor spoke of devastation.

“Get up!” he said suddenly, pulling Max off the couch.


“Look, I’ve got to get Liz’s car back to the dorm. You’re going to follow me in my car and then…I’m taking you to go fix this little mess you’ve gotten yourself into.


Claudia watched Liz as she lay motionless on the couch. The TV was on but she could tell that Liz wasn’t watching. She was just laying there, a blank look on her face. She hadn’t eaten anything all night and she’d thrown up whatever food she’d had earlier in the day. It hurt Claudia to see Liz in so much pain. She wasn’t sure what to do for her.

Liz didn’t know what to do with herself. She felt sick. It was like her entire body hurt. But she knew it wasn’t physical pain. Her mind was racing as she went over things in her mind, trying to recall anything that could have suggested this would happen. But there was nothing…she couldn’t even think of what might have gone wrong. It had all been so wonderful. Maybe that’s why it was so hard. Because it had been so perfect…maybe too perfect.

Liz wandered off to her room at some point during the night. She wanted to try and sleep. She thought that maybe if she slept she wouldn’t have to think about any of this. But she couldn’t sleep, so she was instantly aware of something happening downstairs when she heard voices some time after midnight. Getting up from her bed, she wiped her wet cheeks and went to see what was going on.

What she found shocked her. Max was there, arguing with her grandmother.

“No…I certainly don’t think that you should be allowed to see her. Especially not after what you did to her. Max…go home,” Claudia told the haggard looking young man. A small part of her sympathized with his plight but an even larger part of her was intent on protecting Liz. She wasn’t about to allow Max to hurt her more, no matter how much he claimed to have been wrong.

“Sorry, Mrs. Parker…but that’s isn’t going to be possible. You see I’m under strict orders not to let Max leave until he tells Liz everything. She needs to know where this all came from,” Michael’s voice explained.

“And who, pray tell, are these ‘strict orders’ from?” Claudia asked curiously.

“Uhm…Maria Deluca. My girlfriend…Liz’s best friend.”

“Oh well…I still don’t think…” Claudia’s words were cut off when Liz entered the room.

Max’s heart broke when he saw her. Her eyes were puffy and the tear tracks were still visible on her face. Her skin was still so pale and he could see her hands trembling.

“What do you want?” her voice came out surprisingly calm. Liz was grateful for that one thing. She didn’t want any pity from Max.
“I want to explain,” Max told her taking a step toward her.

Liz automatically stepped back, unable to handle any physical closeness.

She could see the hurt the clouded Max’s eyes at the gesture. It was hard to experience this…knowing that Liz had closed herself off to him when just the day before he’d been able to touch her and kiss her and…now he had ruined everything.

“I think you already did,” Liz replied.

“No…I made a mistake. I…I listened to some bad advice…when I should have…I should have been listening to my heart,” Max voice said brokenly.

He could see Liz falter at that. She was fighting with herself. She wanted to get as far away from him as possible because it hurt to see him and remember everything that he’d said earlier. At the same time, she wanted him to give her a reason to forgive him, for them to be together.

“I think that we’ll leave you two alone,” Claudia said softly, pulling Michael after her into the kitchen.

The room was silent as they stood there looking at each other.

Liz waited patiently for Max to speak.

He opened his mouth but suddenly…he couldn’t find the words.

“If you aren’t going to say anything I can’t stand here with you anymore,” Liz told him and started to leave, not wanting him to see her crying any more.

“No…wait,” he said, moving after her, grabbing her arm to keep her from leaving.

Liz wanted to pull free but she didn’t have the strength. Instead, she turned to face him.

“ I was wrong. I…I’ve made a huge mistake, Liz. I don’t care about what happens in the future. I want to be with you now. I can’t stand the thought of not being able to see you every day and touch you and…” Max took a deep breath, tears welling up in his own eyes. “ I love you. I want to make us work. I know that I’ve hurt you and I can’t make up for that…but please…. I need you and I’m so sorry, Liz. I thought I was doing the right thing. But the second I saw your face after I said all of those untruthful things…I knew that I was wrong.”

Liz found the courage to pull away from Max then. Her heart was beating wildly at his words. He loved her.

“It doesn’t change the fact that you said what you said, Max,” she told him softly. “I’ve been thinking too. Maybe you’re right. Maybe we shouldn’t be together. It’s true that our lives have been on different paths. I recognized that from the start. I just didn’t want to think about it. I know it’s a concern. But you know what really bothers me?” she asked, looking directly into amber eyes full of pain. “ You didn’t even try to work it out with me. You took it all on yourself. You didn’t ask how I felt or even what I wanted.”

“I’m sorry…so very sorry,” he whispered.

“Me too. Because if you had asked, I would have told you what I’d been thinking lately. I would have told you that I’ve been making some decisions in my life. Decisions that would eventually affect our future together. You didn’t give me the chance to tell you that I’d changed my mind about grad school…that along with that I’m ready for things like a family…a permanent place for me to belong. If you would have just talked to me, Max, we could have figured all of this out together. Instead…you hurt me. Now I don’t know what to do,” she finished softly.

Max quickly wiped his eyes on the sleeve of his jacket.

“I just want a chance Liz. I want to make this up to you. I’ll do anything,” he pleaded.

“ How can I be sure that this won’t happen again,” she asked him.

Max hung his head. “Because doing this was like ripping out my own heart. I was blinded by what I thought would be best for you. You’re right, if I would have just asked you I would have realized that you’re capable of deciding these things on your own. I don’t want to be without you, Liz. But I will understand if you can’t be with me after what I did.”

Liz saw the anguish in his eyes and knew that she couldn’t stay apart from him any more. Startling him, she wrapped her arms around his waist and buried his face in his chest. Max held her tightly, thanking god that he’d been given this second chance.

“I have to trust you again,” Liz whispered.

“You will,” he promised. He’d do everything in his power to make sure of it.

They stood there then, holding each other, afraid to let go.

It was Liz who broke the silence, her words easing some of the pain that had been a shroud in Max’s heart.

“I love you, Max.”

TBC....Please don't flame me with your feedback. I had a hard time writing this part. Hopefully it's not too disjointed and choppy. Also...just so you know...the reason for Isabel's behavior will be forthcoming.

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AN: Hey everyone! Once again, my deepest apologies for slacking off and not getting this written. This story sort of took off without me and now I'm trying to get my mind to catch up. Anyway...transition part below. Don't get too bored reading it. Also...does anyone have any suggestions for why Isabel's a bitch. I just can't seem to come up with a reason to feel sorry for her. She's just a bitch. Also... someone asked where Alex has been, He's around...but he's afraid to run into the Isabitch so he's been lying low. Anyway...on with the story.

Chapter 13

Saturday dawned all too early for everyone in the Parker household. Max and Michael had spent the night in the guest bedroom with Max delegated to the floor. Michael had claimed he needed to do a little bit more penance for his earlier actions. Max had not protested, his thoughts were still with the petite brunette only two doors away.

When Liz came down the stairs that morning she was greeted by the sight of two tired men hungrily eating the pancakes that grandma Claudia had generously put before them. They were so focused on their eating that they didn’t notice her at first. Michael looked tired but none the worse for the wear. Liz had just gotten off the phone with Maria who had apparently already been filled in on everything through an early morning call to Michael via his cell phone.

Max was a different picture entirely. His hair was boyishly disheveled and his clothes were rumpled. It was his facial expression that caught Liz’s attention. Aside from the tired lines etched in his features there was an uncertainty about him. Like he didn’t know what to do next.

After another moment of watching, Liz fully entered the kitchen, greeting everyone with a soft good morning. Max’s attention immediately shifted from the food in front of him to Liz. His eyes seemed to devour the sight of her hungrily.

“Did you sleep okay?” Liz asked, directing the question to both Max and Michael.

“Oh, yeah! That guest room bed is great!” came Michael’s immediate response.

Max didn’t say anything. Liz wondered if he’d spent the whole night awake like she had. Her brain had been so full of crazy thoughts. Over and over she kept thinking about how close they’d actually come to losing each other. It was scary and painful to even contemplate. Twelve hours had been hell enough; the thought of spending the rest of her life with out Max in it was just unacceptable in Liz’s mind.

Halfway through breakfast, Claudia asked Michael if he wouldn’t mind looking at something for her. He’d agreed and followed her out of the kitchen leaving Max and Liz alone.

For the first time ever…things seemed awkward between them.

“We need to talk this through,” Liz said, breaking the stilted silence.

“You’re right,” Max agreed. “ I just don’t know what to say. Sorry doesn’t seem like enough. There’s no excuse for what I did. I was trying to do what I thought was best for you but …

Liz cut off Max’s words by placing her finger against his lips.

“I don’t think that we should talk about this here. I need some time yet, to sort through what happened and I think that it would be best if you and Michael went home. It would probably be good for both of us to spend a little bit of time apart…so that we can gain some perspective.” Liz explained.

Max swallowed hard. She wanted time away from him now. Not that he could blame her. He didn’t know how she could stand to be around someone who had hurt her the way he had. But he didn’t want to just give up. He needed her. “What about tonight though. We’re still got reservations for Valentine’s Day…”

“Max…we can celebrate some other night. I really think it’s best. I’m going to stay here with grandma tonight and then Maria already offered to come pick me up tomorrow morning. I promise that I’ll come to see you tomorrow…so that we can talk everything out. This will give us both time to figure out what we want to say.”

Max wasn’t sure how to respond. He knew that she was right. At lot had happened in the last twenty-four hours and they both needed time to get their heads together. He could also sense that Liz wanted a little bit of space and he’d do whatever she needed if it meant that they could get their relationship back together after the damage that he had caused.

A short while later, Liz stood outside with Max, as he and Michael were getting ready to leave. It was killing her that things with Max were so awkward. It was almost as if he were afraid to come close to her…to touch her. Taking the initiative she closed the distance between them, pulling him into a hug, inhaling his scent as they held onto each other tightly. They finally pulled apart slightly and Liz leaned up, kissing Max gently on the lips. Max sighed as he returned the kiss. He’d wanted to feel her lips against his for the past 48 hours. It had been too long since he’d felt their softness pressed so temptingly against his. This kiss wasn’t necessarily passion igniting, though. It was a promise of good things to come. They reluctantly pulled apart, but not before one last hug. Liz was quick to pull away after that, she was already regretting her decision for them to be apart for the day. She went inside quickly so that she couldn’t watch Max go and change her mind.

Liz spent the rest of the day trying to relax. She was emotionally exhausted but she knew she still had to settle everything that she wanted to say to Max. But she wasn’t able to focus. She could only think about how if she’d gone with him, they’d be at his house and maybe they’d have already worked through everything.

Sensing that Liz needed a distraction, grandma Claudia talked her into making cookies. They made enough for Liz to take some to Max, Michael, Maria and Alex. They were just putting the last batch into the oven when the doorbell rang.

Liz went to answer it, a small part of her was hoping that maybe Max had decided that he didn’t want them to be apart and he was going to sweep her away. At the same time she was aware that she really did need to sort things out still. The only problem was that all she could think about was how much she just wanted to be with him…in his presence so that she could feel close to him.

As she opened the door she was surprised and slightly disappointed to see, not Max, but a deliveryman holding a large bouquet of the most beautiful white roses she’d ever seen. Shakily, Liz took the flowers and thanked the deliveryman. She walked sort of dazedly, staring at the beautiful roses. She breathed in the fragrant scent of them, absorbing them, soaking them in. She barely noticed Claudia’s exclamation at the sight of the vase in Liz’s hands.

Her grandmother’s voice was finally able to bring Liz back to reality. “Well…did you look at the card? Who are they from?” she asked, as if she didn’t already have a fairly good idea.

Liz’s heart thumped a little bit wildly as she reached for the card. Her hands shook with her excitement, knowing it was from Max…

Tears formed in her eyes as she read the words written in Max’s neat print.

My Dearest Liz,

There are twenty-four roses because I know now that twenty-four hours is too long to be without you. I also know that when I’m with you…twenty-four hours just isn’t enough. I love you.


Liz knew without a doubt that she and Max would be able to work through this. As long as they could talk to each other and get everything between them out in the open they would be fine. There wouldn’t be any more heartbreak because of miscommunication or uncertainty. Liz knew that she need to reassure Max that her future was going to include him no matter what.


That next morning Liz was very anxious to leave with Maria. She wanted to see Max and to explain what she’d realized and tell him that she was sorry for not being more up front about what she wanted from him. Which turned out to be a lot. She lain awake for a good portion of the night, trying to plan what she was going to say, but she knew in the end that things would work best if she let her heart do the talking.

As Maria drove, Liz got caught up quickly in the fantasy of how her reunion with Max would play out. She wasn’t even paying attention to what Maria was saying. She wasn’t in the mood to rehash everything with Maria. All she knew was that in a few short hours, she would be kissing Max.

The scene played out vividly in her head. She would ring the doorbell and he would answer, flinging the door wide open. She could imagine his gaze sweeping over her lustfully before he picked her up and carried her quickly into the house. Then he’d kiss her until she was breathless and while he did that, he’d be carrying her right into his bedroom. They would both pull apart reluctantly from the kiss, only to catch their breath before kissing again. Max would undress her slowly, peeling her clothes off and touching her everywhere before kissing her in the same places. They’d make love then and it would be tender and sweet and then they’d talk and she’d tell him everything that she’d thought of. Then they could make love again.

Liz felt her cheeks flush at her thoughts. She wondered what it would feel like to have Max inside of her…just the thought made her ache to be with him.

If she were smart…she’d wait. They needed to be sure of each other first before they took a big step like that. But Liz knew she was ready. And she was sure of only one thing. That she wanted to be with Max for as long as she possibly could, no matter what lay ahead for them.

Her thoughts were interrupted as Maria’s babbling words suddenly caught her attention.

“When I called Michael…he couldn’t believe what Max had done. He just kept telling me that Max had never been happier. Then I started thinking about what could have possibly happened to change all of that. And I remembered that the night you came with me and Alex, Max went and had dinner with his sister, right?”

Liz nodded, wondering where Maria was going with all of this.

“Well…Isabel hasn’t exactly made it a big secret that she disapproves of yours and Max’s relationship. So it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that she might try to break you two up,” Maria continued.

“What exactly are you getting at Maria? Do you think Isabel might have started this?”

“I’m saying that Isabel decided to butt her upturned nose into your business. Michael confirmed the whole thing when I asked him about it. Max told him how Isabel totally ambushed him at dinner. I guess she played the whole ‘You have to do what’s best for Liz…she has too much life to live to be tied down’ shit. Of course, Michael explained that Max always tries to do what’s best for the people he loves and he really loves you…”

Liz didn’t catch the rest of Maria’s thoughts. It was all coming together in her mind. She was realizing the reason behind her and Max’s entire misunderstanding. Suddenly…she didn’t blame Max for any of it. In fact, aside from a little need for reassurance for Max that she wasn’t going anywhere that didn’t include him, Liz was now certain that their relationship was fine. She’d already forgiven him, but it was now obvious that, however misguided his actions, they’d resulted from how strongly he felt about her and how much he wanted to be happy. Even if that happiness came at his expense.

Interrupting Maria, Liz asked Maria for her cell phone. With a questioning glance, Maria handed it over. Liz dialed Michael’s phone number then. She had a plan. As soon as she reached Las Cruces, she was going to settle things with Isabel Ramirez, once and for all.


When Maria pulled up in front of the Ramirez house, she took it all in with wide eyes. This was the swanky part of town. The neighborhood was high class. The houses looked big enough to be apartment buildings you probably needed to own your own BMW just to be allowed to visit.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” she asked, turning to Liz who looked more than a little bit nervous. Liz hesitated a moment before gathering her nerve. She nodded to Maria and before anything more could be said; she bounded out of the car and up the front walk to the front door. She rang the doorbell quickly, not wanting to chicken out at the last minute.

When the door opened, a completely polished Isabel Evans-Ramirez stood in front of her. She looked more than a little surprised to see Liz on her doorstep. “Liz…what a …surprise. Is there something I can do for you?” she asked coolly.

Liz stuck out her chin, refusing to be intimidated by Isabel’s frosty attitude. “ I’m here to talk to you about something. Can I come in?”

It was Isabel who appeared hesitant this time before giving in and showing Liz inside the house. Liz noticed that the house seemed sort of cold…just like it’s occupant. Everything was pristine and looked somehow untouched. Liz was almost afraid that her mere presence would spoil the perfection of it all.

She noticed Isabel looking at her expectantly. Liz decided to just cut to the chase. No point in wasting either of their time. She had somewhere to be as soon as she was through here. Somewhere infinitely more appealing.

Liz cleared her throat and then met Isabel’s gaze head on. “ I want to know what you said to Max that would make him think he needed to call things off between us.”

“I merely gave him my honest opinion,” Isabel stated.

“Which is?”

Before Isabel answered, she casually sat her self down on the leather sofa. Even after gesturing for her to sit as well, Liz remained standing. “That you have a school girl crush on him. That’s what this is and that’s not what he needs. What he’s looking for is someone to settle down with, to raise a family with. You aren’t that person, Liz.”

Liz became furious at Isabel’s words. Keeping her anger under control she spoke. “How do you know that? You don’t know anything about me…how could you know if that’s the type of person I am?”

“Liz, you’re young and smart and you’re future is still undetermined. Max has already picked his path…it’s just not one that includes a college student girlfriend.”

Liz studied Isabel closely. There was something else there. It seemed so odd that Isabel should be so against this. “What do you have the bigger problem with Isabel? Is it the fact that I’m younger than him? Or is it that I make him happy?”

Isabel looked startled by the last question. Before she could respond, Liz went on.

“I think that even though you care for Max, that doesn’t give you permission to interfere with his life. You need to let him make his own decisions. Maybe Max and I aren’t meant to be … but what harm would there have been in letting us figure that out on our own? Max and I are adults; we’re both aware of the risks involved in this relationship. I love him…. I’m going to do whatever I can to make him happy. And if you really loved him, you’d let him be happy. Because he is Isabel…he’s happy with me.”

With that said, Liz got up and let herself out of the cold house, leaving a speechless Isabel behind.


It was nearly eight o’clock. Max was starting to get worried. First he’d wondered if maybe she wasn’t going to come after all. Maybe all of that time she’d taken had made her realize that she couldn’t forgive him and that she didn’t want to be with him after all. Of course then he’d wondered if maybe she and Maria had gotten stranded somewhere or worse…what if they’d gotten into an accident. Max was just about to call Michael for the seventh or eighth time to see if he’d heard from Maria at all, when he heard the doorbell. He practically ran to the front door and when he saw Liz standing there, he didn’t even hesitate; he just pulled her into his arms and dragged her into the house.

Once he got her inside and he saw that she was okay, her relaxed his hold on her a little. Liz smiled up at Max, seeing the relief on his face made her want to laugh. Max could see the sparkle in her eye and felt hope fill his heart.

“What took you so long?” he asked, curious about why she hadn’t come sooner.

“I had something to take care of. I’m sorry I didn’t get here earlier. I know that we have a lot to talk about.”

Max nodded and they both went to sit down. Not willing to be separated from each other too much, they sat side by side on the couch. The awkwardness that had been between them the day before had dissipated.

Simultaneously, they both started speaking. Chuckling, Max told Liz to go ahead and go first. She agreed and looked away from his face. She wasn’t sure if she could look at him while she spoke.

“Yesterday…I was going to tell you that I was ready to make love,” she told him quietly. “But we didn’t get to have Valentine’s Day, so that didn’t exactly work out. After everything that happened on Friday…I’m still ready, Max. I love you and I want to be with you in every way possible for however long we have together. I know that you thought you were doing what was best for me…but what’s best for me right now, is to be with you.”

Max didn’t know what to say. He wanted to be with her the same way. He’d almost been certain that it would take a long to time to reach that point, where she could trust him again.

“You’ve told me repeatedly that you’re sorry for what happened. And I forgive you. I do, because I know that the reason you did it was because you love me. When I think of all the amazing times we’ve shared together, those few hours of hurt just disappear and all I really remember is that I want to be held in your arms and have you kiss me until I’m breathless. I don’t think we should let this get in the way of moving our relationship forward. I want to forget that this ever happened, because being with you is more important to me than dwelling on the past. I love you and I’m going to prove it to you for as long as we’re together,” she ended softly. Some time during her little speech; Max had turned her chin so that she was looking at him.

There was so much love in his eyes that it took her breath away and made her pulse speed up.

“I love you too, Liz,” he told her softly. Unable to resist a moment longer, Max brought his lips to hers and kissed her. It was tender and sweet at first…like a promise he was making to her that he would never hurt her that way again. But the kiss soon took on more urgent nature, desiring welling up within both of them as they made up for several days without each other.

A moment later, Max pulled away, his breathing ragged. “Do we still need to talk?”

Liz gave him small smile, “We can talk more later. I’d rather use our tongues in other ways at the moment.”

Liz yawned and stretched contentedly as she woke the next morning. Trying to shift to a more comfortable position, she became vaguely aware of unfamiliar surroundings. But the warmth that she was enveloped in quickly distracted her. Her legs were somewhat trapped by something and she could feel a heavy weight draped over her side, anchoring her in place for the most part. She’d never felt better in her whole life. Opening her eyes, she realized what was going on when she saw Max’s handsome face; lying on the pillow they were sharing. She held her breath not wanting to wake him. He looked so peaceful, his face relaxed as he slept. His masculine features had softened slightly making him look almost younger, more boyish.

Liz lay there like that for a while, watching him sleep, not wanting to ruin the moment by making the day start. Eventually she drifted back to sleep thinking that she could definitely get used to waking up with Max. It was good way to start her morning.

Moments later, it was an almost frantic Max that woke Liz up.

“Hmmm…what’s wrong?” she asked, groggily.

“My first class is going to start in twenty-five minutes,” he told her. It took her a moment before comprehension dawned on her face.

“Oh god! I’m so sorry. Hurry Go! Take a shower!” she told him as she jumped off the couch away from him.

“Right,” Max got up quickly and practically ran to the bathroom.

Once Liz heard the shower running, she decided that maybe he’d want a cup of coffee or something to take with him. She put the coffee on and went to look for a thermos to put his coffee it. She also found donuts that he’d unsuccessfully tried to hide in the cupboards. She pulled those out, thinking that he could eat that on the drive to campus.

Max took the fastest shower on record. When he stepped out of the shower stall, he quickly secured the towel around his waist. “Liz!” he called out, going to find her. “Do you think that you could make me some coffee?” he asked. He was surprised to find that she was already in the kitchen, the task already almost complete. For a moment he just sort of stood there, watching her move around the kitchen. She looked so natural, like she was at home. He decided that he really liked seeing her tousled hair and rumpled clothes in the morning. Maybe it could become a more regular occurrence.

“What did you say Max?” Liz asked turning towards his voice. That’s when she caught sight of him, his chest still glistening from his shower, only a towel draped haphazardly on his lean hips. Was it just her, or did the room temperature just sky rocket? It was her, she decided as she thought about walking over to him and ripping the towel right from his body and having her wicked way with him.

She couldn’t though…after they’d kissed and made out for a while the night before, they’d gotten back around to talking. They’d mutually decided not to push the bounds of their physical relationship. They would let things happen naturally. So even though she wouldn’t mind making wild, crazy, love with him on the kitchen table, she didn’t want their first time to happen when he only had fifteen more minutes to get to class.

Shaking the sexually explicit thoughts from her mind, she looked questioningly at Max.

“Coffee,” was the only word he managed to say. He’d seen the look of pure lust that had passed over her face. He was really wishing that he could just blow off his morning classes because he’d like nothing more than to slowly move his and Liz’s physical relationship forward. After she’d told him she was ready to make love with him, Max knew he’d be hard pressed to hold off. But he didn’t want to push things so he’d suggested they take it slowly. Let nature take its course. If his erection was any indication, nature was more than half way there. Taking a deep breath, Max tried to think of something to dampen his arousal. The thought of thirty students waiting for him in his classroom was enough to get the blood flowing to his brain again…but it wouldn’t take much for it to switch gears again.

“It’s be ready after you go get dressed,” Liz managed to tell Max. His towel was doing very little to hide just how much he was affected by her. She needed him to go get dressed before she pounced on him and made all of her fantasies about him, reality.

With a stilted nod, Max reluctantly left the room. He knew it was for the best…another minute and who knew what would have happened. The kitchen table probably would have gotten defiled in some way. Those thoughts still on his mind, Max found himself fumbling as he tried to dress. He wanted to get back to the kitchen where Liz was waiting for him. He wanted to be sure that he had time to give her at least a proper good morning kiss and then maybe a good bye kiss and….

“Max, coffee’s ready!” he heard her call out to him. He finished tying his shoe and went back to the kitchen. He found her sitting there a mug in her own hand with another steamy cup of black coffee and a donut complete with sprinkles at the place next to hers.

“That was fast,” she commented as he sat down.

“Yeah well…” he looked down at the coffee and donut and couldn’t help but smile. The way this whole morning seemed so familiar and perfect more than made up for the fact that he was going to be late.

“So what are we doing tonight?” she asked.

It was amazing how quickly their lives had intertwined. Even after their brief separation she could only think of herself in terms of him now.

“I don’t care as long as we get to spend some time together.” Their gazes met and they both got caught up looking into each other’s eyes, knowing that their relationship was getting deeper with each passing moment.

Liz was the first to look away. She glanced at the clock. “Max, it’s five ‘til eight. You better go or you’ll be really late,” she told him. She didn’t really want him to leave. She wanted to spend the whole day with him. Instead, she walked with him to the door, grabbing her things as they walked out. She needed to go back to the dorm and take a shower and change clothes.

“When does you last class get over?” he asked as they walked out to the driveway.

“Two pm. Will you be in your office then?” Liz asked.

“My office hours are from 3-4pm but for special people, I can be there from 2pm until then.” They were standing in front of their cars by then. Finally, unable to resist the urge, Max reached out and pulled Liz to him, kissing her deeply.

“You’re going to be so late,” Liz replied when they managed to pull apart a few breathless moments later.

Max smiled and leaned in to kiss her again. “It’s worth it,” he said against her smiling lips.

After they finally managed to say good-bye, Max left quickly with Liz not far behind him as they both headed off toward campus.


Max was having a great day. He’d been in a good mood since that morning and it had everything to do with a certain brunette that was due to arrive at his office any minute. He tried to wait patiently but he couldn’t sit still. Their six-hour separation had been too long already.

Finally at ten after two pm, there was a knock at his door. Max was quick to answer ‘come in’ and he stood up from his chair as the door opened.
Liz walked in and shut the door behind her before launching herself into his arms. He’d barely been able to concentrate in class because she’d been anticipating this little visit.

“So glad you could make it, Miss Parker,” he teased between kisses.

“More than happy to oblige, Dr. Evans,” Liz shot back suggestively before attacking his lips with her own again.

Max was about to move them to a more comfortable position when the phone started to ring. Breaking the kiss, he groaned out loud.

“You better get that,” Liz said somewhat breathlessly.

Max nodded and reached to answer the phone while keeping his hold on Liz. He listened intently for a moment as his hands rested gently on her waist. Finally he responded in the affirmative to whoever was on the line before hanging up.

With a loud sigh he rested his forehead against Liz’s, his expression apologetic. “ As much as I’d really like to continue this…I have to be at the science department’s faculty meeting at two thirty.”

He looked so disappointed that Liz almost wanted to laugh. “It’s okay, as long as you promise I get you all to myself tonight so that we can continue this,” she said, her fingers playing with his tie.

“I think that can be arranged,” he told her before leaning in to steal another kiss. Her lips were too inviting to resist.

It was another ten minutes before Liz finally made her way out of the office. Before she left, Max told her, “Meet me at the house at five thirty. If you get home before I do, the key is under the doormat. Help yourself to anything you want. What’s mine is yours.”

A huge grin broke out on Liz face. Things were definitely starting to move forward quickly. Liz was very glad. exchange for some more excellent feedback, I might be persuaded to include a little bit of nookie. soon.*big*

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Chapter 14

Their brief separation a thing of the past, both Max and Liz settled into a routine that, without conscious effort, seemed to revolve around each other. It had only been several days but it seems as though their relationship was steadily moving forward.

Wednesday night when max came home from teaching, Liz was already there fixing their dinner. Making his way quietly into the kitchen, he tried to sneak up on Liz who was humming along to the radio as she peeled potatoes. Snaking his hands around her waist, he pulled her against him. “ I could get used to this,” he whispered into her ear.

Liz laughed and turned her face towards his, giving him a quick hello kiss. “Don’t get too used to it,” she told him. “I’m not cooking every night. We’ll have to take turns.”

Max smiled. “If you insist,” he told her before leaning in for another kiss.

Max left Liz in the kitchen then while he went to change into more comfortable clothes. Then he went to help her finish dinner. Later while Liz was cleaning up the kitchen, Max got out a stack full of papers that needed to be graded.

“Do you have any homework to do?” he asked as he spread the papers across the table.

“Nope. I finished it all before I came over. Do you have to get those graded tonight?” she asked, coming to sit at the table with him.

“I thought that if I could finish them tonight, you and I could spend some quality time out at the telescope tomorrow night. There’s supposed to be a meteor shower,” he explained.

Giving him a quick kiss, Liz spoke. “I’ll let you off the hook this time. I can probably go find something to do at the dorm.” Liz got up from the table and started to go gather her things. Before she could get very far Max stuck his arm out to stop her.

“You don’t have to leave. I promise not to take very long and as soon as I’m finished I’ll focus all of my attention on you.” Liz couldn’t resist his pleading and the hopeful look in his eyes was her undoing.

“Okay,” she conceded. Max pulled her to him for another kiss. When he finally released her, Liz went out to the living room and decided to watch TV for a little while. Max tried to work as quickly and accurately as possible. But he couldn’t help the small lapses in concentration that kept occurring every time he heard Liz laugh at something. There were several times when he was tempted to just leave the work sit there and go to her.

Finally, a little after eight o’clock, Max finished the last paper. He’d ended up giving the students points for finishing, not bothering to correct anything. He was too anxious to move on to more interesting things. He shoved the finished work into his briefcase and practically ran into the living room.

“Liz, I’m fin…finished,” he started to say, his voice trailing off slight as his eyes caught a glimpse of her still form curled up on the couch. She was fast asleep. He smiled at the sight she made. She looked so peaceful that he didn’t want to wake her up. Quietly he made his way over to the couch, pulling a blanket off the back to cover her. He stayed crouched down next to her for a moment, just watching her sleep. He couldn’t resist the slightly parted lips in front of him and so gently; he brought his lips to hers. They brushed together softly and he was about to pull away when he felt her lips respond to his, demanding a deeper kiss. “Took you long enough,” Liz whispered, a small smile forming even as she kept her eyes closed.

Max laughed and before either realized what was happening, a tickling match broke out. Liz soon rolled off the couch, landing on top of Max as his fingers to move relentlessly against her rib cage. Liz shrieked with laughter as Max’s hands danced mercilessly danced along her sensitive flesh. She stopped squirming for a moment, making Max think that she’d surrendered, only to launch a counter attack against him.

Moments later, their teasing began to taper off and they settled against each, still giggling. It was inevitable that they would notice and take advantage of the positions that they now occupied. Liz was lying on top of Max, her body pressed against his. It was she who began this new assault. Their eyes met and Max smiled that half smile of his. The one that seemed to melt her from the inside out, making her blood heat as her body began to hum. She wondered if he even realized just how sexy that crooked smile of his was.

Aware that she was in control of the situation, Liz deliberately took her time lowering her mouth to touch his. At first it was a gently brush of their lips, so light that Max could barely feel it. Then she brought her mouth more fully done on his, taking a painstakingly slow amount of time. Max knew that she was teasing him but he couldn’t find it in him to care. Especially not with the way it felt to have her weight pressed on top of him with her body moving unconsciously against his in that slow seductive way.

Liz’s next calculated move involved a delicate sweep of her tongue across his lips. Max responded immediately, opening his mouth in invitation. Liz took the opportunity to fully explore every crevice of the hot cavern with her tongue.

Their mouths began a persistent duel, their hands taking special, separate journeys of bodies that were quickly becoming heated. Liz’s small hands wandered up and down Max’s biceps, charting the well-developed muscles that were barely concealed by his loose t-shirt. Max’s larger hands curved around the small swell of Liz’s bottom, pulling her more fully against him before moving upward to slip underneath her shirt where he encountered a large expanse of silky, smooth skin. They were so caught up in each other that it took both of them a moment to register the sound of the telephone ringing. Even then, both were reluctant to pull apart.

Finally, Liz pulled away. “Get the phone,” she whispered, her breathing labored.
Max continued to kiss her. “ I hate phones. They always interrupt us.”

Pushing away from Max, Liz got up from the floor and grabbed the phone, punching the talk button. “Hello?”

Isabel Ramirez was slightly surprised to hear a woman’s out of breath voice answering her brother’s phone. “Hello. Is Max available?” she responded. She knew that it was Liz on the other end but she wasn’t sure what to say.

“Just a minute please,” Liz told her politely. Looking at Max, “It’s your sister,” she said before pushing the phone into his hand.

Max almost told her to just hang up. He really didn’t want to deal with Isabel at the moment. Not when he and Liz had been making such good progress at furthering their relationship. Reluctantly, he took the phone anyway.

“Hello?” he asked, mentally preparing himself for a verbal confrontation.

“Was that Liz?” Isabel asked, trying to sound polite.

“Yes,” came Max’s one word reply.

“I take it that means that you’re still seeing each other.”

“Isabel, if you called to give me another lecture you can save your breath. I really don’t want to hear anything you have to say on the subject,” Max told her before she could say anything else.

“I didn’t call to lecture you, Max. I called to apologize. I was wrong about Liz and I’m sorry about everything that I’ve said. I…it wasn’t any of my business. I realized that the other day after Liz stopped by to talk to me…”

Max was more than a little surprised by the words that were coming out of his sister’s mouth. It didn’t even sound like the same woman.

Ten minutes later after finally hanging up, Max was still a little stunned. “What did you say to my sister?” he asked Liz.

She flushed and looked away momentarily before turning to meet his gaze. She wasn’t embarrassed about what she’d done. It had been necessary and she would never regret it. “ I wanted to know why she felt that she had a right to interfere in either of our lives? I was upset that she would even presume to know anything about me when the whole time we’ve been together she’s gone out of her way to be mean.”

“She invited us both to dinner at her house for tomorrow night.”

Liz’s eyes went wide with astonishment. “You’re serious?”

Max nodded. “I guess whatever you said had an impact on her thinking and she wants us to give her a chance.” Max paused. “How did you find out about what she said?”

“Maria told me and she found out from…”

“Michael,” Max filled in. “Are you okay with this?”

Liz nodded. “ I just hope that your sister can cook.”

Max laughed and pulled Liz over to him again. “Now…I think that you and I have a little bit of unfinished business,” he told her as he nuzzled against her ear and kissed his way down her jaw.

“Mmm…and what would that be?”

“Why don’t I show you…it would be much easier than explaining?"

“I like a good hands on demonstration,” Liz responded before their lips were magnetically pulled together again and they proceeded to pick up where they’d left off before the his sister’s untimely interruption.


“So, Liz, you and the good professor have obviously patched things up,” Maria commented as she plopped down next to Liz in the Cafeteria. “Every time that I call or stop by, I get your machine, which is full by the way, or no answer. So you’re either avoiding me or you’re with him every spare second you have. Since no one ever avoids me because they love me too much, I know that you’re with Dr. E. That means that it is definitely way past time for some girl talk.”

Liz was about to respond when another try, piled high with every food imaginable, landed on the table and Alex Whitman appeared. “Don’t everyone get too excited that I’m here now,” he said sarcastically as he was greeted with silence.

“Alex…we’re doing girl talk here,” Maria explained.

“So? I believe that I was granted official girlfriend status Freshman year after you made me go buy you tampons because your gramps were too painful to go yourself.”

“Point taken. Ok…we’re talking about Liz and Dr. E. I was just about to ask her if they’ve done it yet,” Maria stated matter of factly.

Liz turned beet red while Alex took a big bite of chicken sandwich. “Done what yet?” he asked between mouthfuls.
“You know…it. The wild thing. The horizontal polka…” As she continued to explain, her eyebrows raised suggestively.

Alex practically choked when he realized what Maria was implying.

“Whoa… too much info, Deluca. I’m sorry I asked,” he took another bite. After chewing thoughtfully for a moment he turned to Liz. “So are you?”

Liz didn’t think her face would ever go back to its normal color. “We haven’t…yet. But now that we’ve worked through our misunderstandings, we’ve definitely gotten closer,” Liz tried to explain. She was more than a little embarrassed to be discussing her sex life in a cafeteria full of people.

“Just be careful when you decide to let him …score his homerun,” Alex said awkwardly. “Make sure he’s got a …glove on…”

Maria was snickering to herself at Alex’s advice and Liz couldn’t help but crack a smile, knowing that Alex was just as embarrassed as she was.

After a few more seconds, they couldn’t take it any more and they all burst into laughter.

“Alex…you really should learn to use your brain to talk…not your ass,” Maria told him between spurts of laughter. “I mean really…. glove?”

Alex shrugged; they knew what he’d meant…that’s all that mattered.

When their laughter died down, Liz turned to Alex. “You know…she always badgers us, maybe we should see what she’s been up to.” Liz focused her attention on Maria. “So what about you, Maria. Have you and Michael done it yet?”

Maria smiled and stole a french fry off Alex’s plate. “After our second date, he decided that he couldn’t resist me, so I took his innocence,” she told them impishly.

Alex whistled. “You work fast, Deluca.”

Maria shrugged. “What can I say? I was on the prowl and Michael was the prey.”


That night, Liz was trying to think about anything that would get her mind off of her nervousness. She and Max were on their way to his sister’s house for dinner. Liz could feel her palms sweating as they got closer. Max, noticing her nervousness, reached over and grabbed her hand.

“Relax. You’ve already done battle with Isabel once. The worse is already over. And my mother already loves you…so you’ve got nothing to worry about.”
“Wait…you never told me that your parents were going to be here,” Liz said, interrupting his attempt at reassuring her.

Max winced inwardly. He had forgotten that small detail. “It’s not a big deal. I’m sorry I didn’t mention it earlier. When Isabel suggested this she told me that she wanted the family to get to know you better. I was going to tell you but I forgot. But like I said, don’t worry. My mother already adores you and my father will love you too.”

Liz still didn’t look convinced.

“I promise that I won’t leave you alone with any of them. And if they try to ambush you with questions, I’ll immediately side track them with… well, I’ll sidetrack them with something.” Liz laughed at that and leaned up to give him a kiss on the cheek for his efforts. She was feeling a little better, knowing that she wouldn’t have to fend for herself.

Despite this, moments later, Liz was gripping Max’s hand tightly as they stood at Isabel’s front door. When the door finally opened, not only Isabel, but also Jesse, Isabel’s husband, and both Max’s mother and father, greeted them. Surprised, Max and Liz were ushered into the house where greetings and introductions were made. After a few minutes of idly mingling in the entrance, Isabel ushered everyone into the sitting room while they waited for dinner to finish.

“Liz, sweetheart, it’s so good to see you again,” Diane Evans gushed as she sat down next to Liz on the sofa. “ How’s your grandmother? I haven’t talked to her since Christmas.”

“Oh…she’s wonderful. In fact, Max and I just paid a visit to her this last weekend. She enjoys having company,” Liz responded.

Max didn’t say anything; instead, he ducked his head slightly, remembering the reason they’d been at Claudia Parkers the last weekend. As if sensing this, Liz reached over and squeezed his hand. He looked up at her and smiled when he saw her reassuring smile.

They all talked for a while, Liz was able to field their questions like a pro. Phillip Evans was very impressed with the petite girl his son had chosen. She was bright and funny and beautiful and it was obvious that she loved Max. Diane knew that she was looking at her son’s future as she sat there watching Max and Liz interact. She noticed the subtle things. Like the way they always seemed to be touching and how they were each so considerate of each other.

Isabel kept her mouth shut for the most part. Her frostiness was largely absent though and she seemed more relaxed than anyone had seen her for a long time. She played the attentive hostess well and it seemed that everyone was having a good time. After a little while, Isabel glanced at her watch. Dinner should be ready, she decided.

“I need to go check on the food,” she said, excusing herself. As she started to go, Liz stood up.

“I’ll help you, Isabel. If you don’t mind,” she offered.

Surprised, Isabel accepted her offer and led her into the spacious kitchen.

“You have a beautiful home,” Liz commented.

“Thank you. Jesse and I were thrilled when we were finally able to afford this place. I did a lot of the decorating myself,” Isabel told her. She was relieved that Liz wasn’t holding a grudge and instead, seemed to be easing the tension between them.

“Really? It’s really incredible. Maybe you could give Max some advice on decorating his place. It looks like a bachelor pad.”

“It probably won’t stay the way for long,” Isabel said with a small smile. “Liz…I need to tell you that I’m very sorry. You were right. I was wrong to judge you, especially when I didn’t know you it’s just that…well…I was in your position once. I dated my uhm…well he was my English professor. We spent a whole year, sneaking around. Then I graduate and …I broke it off. I didn’t want to be tied down and he wanted more of a commitment from me. I’d known the whole time that I didn’t love him and I was just after the thrill of it all. Because it was something sort of forbidden, ya know? And I guess that I was just scared for Max. I could see how much he cared about you. More than that silly English professor ever did for me. And I just didn’t want him to end up hurt. It’s the people that you care about the most that can really hurt you and…”

“I would never do that,” Liz interrupted. “I want you to know now that I love him. I really do and I want to be with him for however long he’ll have me. No matter what the outcome is.”

Isabel nodded. “I guess I should thank you then.”

“Thank me? Why?”

“For making my brother the happiest I’ve ever seen him.”

At that, a tentative relationship began to form between the two women. Both bound by the one thing they had in common; their love for Max Evans.


Friday morning Max was just crawling out of bed when the phone rang. Thinking that it might be Liz, he rushed to grab it. It wasn’t her, but rather Dr. Peterson. He had a family emergency and he was wondering if Max would be willing to teach his Physics 112 class. He agreed because he didn’t feel like he had another option.
As he was going about getting ready, it dawned on Max that that was Liz’s physics class. He should probably call and warn her. It could get tricky with him teaching the class. But it shouldn’t be that big of a deal, he reasoned. It wasn’t like he had to grade any of their papers. He just had to teach the lesson for the day. That was it.

Of course…it was the teaching part that might be tricky. He had to make sure that he focused and didn’t let Liz’s presence distract him. That tended to happen quite easily. He could do it though. He was a professional. He’d been teaching for years.

Still not quite believing that when it came to Liz Parker, something wouldn’t give him away entirely; Max left for school. He had a feeling that it was going to be an interesting day.

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Chapter 15

Liz ended up being early for Physics on Monday. She decided to go straight to class from her meeting with her class advisor, Dr Wignall. She’d set up the meeting to tell him about the decisions she’d made regarding her future. He had done his part and listened to her reasons and then tried to convince her otherwise. But she wasn’t going to be persuaded otherwise. She was happy with the choices she’d made. Even though things hadn’t gone quite as smoothly as she’d hoped, she was still in a fairly good mood.

When she got to the physics lecture room, it was still empty so she went to her seat and started to look over the chapter for the day’s lecture. She was reading intently and didn’t notice that anyone had come into the room until a throat cleared towards the front. “Miss. Parker, you’re here early,” a deep voice commented, amusement apparent in the tone.

Liz bit back a smile and looked up in direction of the familiar voice. “Dr. Evans, what are you doing here?”

“Dr. Peterson’s gone today. There was a family emergency. He called me this morning to come substitute,” Max explained. He wanted to go over to Liz’s desk and kiss her hello. It took great restraint to keep him planted at the front desk.

Another student walked in then and made his way to his seat.

Not wanting to end their conversation, Max asked what he hoped was a pretty casual question. “So, did you do anything interesting this weekend?” He knew for a fact that she had. They’d spent Saturday at the zoo with grandma Claudia and afterwards they’d gone out and spent the night sleeping at the telescope.

“Oh, I had a great weekend. Until last night, that is. I wanted to spend the night at my boyfriend’s but I had a test to study for and he’s a little distracting. Of course, I had a hard time getting to sleep with out him,” Liz confided with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

Max groaned. He’d missed her too. Even if it was accidental, he’d gotten used to waking up with her and having her next to him the entire night. He was two seconds away from catapulting himself over the desktops to get to her so he could make their night apart up to her. Glancing away from her, he swallowed hard. The kid in the back looked like he had already started his nap so he probably wouldn’t even notice if Max did act on his urges. “I …uh…had the same problem. My girlfriend had things to do and …I really missed having her with me. I might have to do something to fix that.”

“I’m sure she’d be thrilled,” Liz told him.

She could feel the tension between them building. Being apart for the night had been too long to be away from each other. Now that he was in front of her, she could hardly contain her excitement. She wondered if this was how it was supposed to feel. Her heart was racing just from the thought of him. And hearing his voice had sent a shiver up her spine. Seeing him in the doorway just moments before and made her mouth go dry. He’d looked incredible. She loved the way his khaki pants seemed to define the muscular shape of his thighs. She was already anticipating the moment when he’d turn around to write on the chalkboard. Was it just her or was the room getting warmer?

Max’s attention was focused intently on Liz. She was wearing a red blouse that he loved. It had tiny little snaps. He could only imagine how easily they would flick open. To top it off, he could see her shapely bare legs peaking out from beneath the desk. She was wearing a skirt. He couldn’t even let his mind wrap around that thought. He’d never be able to step out from behind the front desk.

Their intense gazes were broken by the sound of Pam Troy’s voice as she made her usual grand entrance. Liz had almost forgotten that Pam was in her class. The girl never spoke up. Not that she had much to say to Dr. Peterson. Of course, Max seemed to be another story.

Groaning inwardly, she glanced at Max one last time before turning back to her book. Their verbal foreplay would have to wait until later. Idly, Liz wondered how she was going to make it through the whole class without completely giving her feelings away.

The classroom seemed to fill up quickly after that and as soon as it seemed like everyone was present, Dr. Evans started the lecture.

As Max stood in the front, he was keenly aware of every little move Liz made. With every shift of her body, the crossing and uncrossing of her ankles, the way she sucked on her pen, she was unconsciously seducing him in front of everyone. Add to it the fact that his self-control was at an all time low, especially with they way their physical relationship had been progressing. Over the past few days each touch had become more intimate, each caress more arousing, each kiss more urgent as their desire to be together more completely became even more distinct.

The lecture went slowly. Luckily it was one that Max could give in his sleep. His thoughts certainly seemed to be centered on his bed, although sleeping wasn’t exactly the activity of choice.

Liz was having a hard time concentrating on anything being said. All she seemed cognizant of was how Max looked and the way he moved so fluidly with authority. He gave off an aura of strength and intelligence. He was just so damn hot. For a while Liz was perfectly content to just admire the way he taught. She liked the way his clothes fit so well. Soon, though, she was thinking about the incredible body beneath those clothes and what it would be like to have that body moving over hers. The more she thought about it, the more she began to ache. She tried to rub her thighs together to ease some of the tension. But as soon as she calmed down a little, his voice; that deep sexy voice that seemed to resonate through her entire body; made her think of all the times he’d whispered in her ear and she wondered what that voice would sound like if they were making love.

The second half of the lecture was about the right hand rule and required everyone to attempt the contortion of his or her hands. As Liz watched Max demonstrate she was amazed at how he was even able to make that seem sexual. A mental image, a feeling, of his hands doing wicked things to her body began to form. Her whole body was humming now with anticipation and excitement.

For his part, Max had to keep his eyes off of Liz. He wasn’t keen on the idea that the whole class would get a glimpse of the hard on he would be sporting if he did. Avoiding looking at her, though, was like trying to stop breathing. When he did manage a casual glance in her direction, he was surprised by the distracted look on her face. Upon closer inspection he noticed that her eyes were closed, and her chest rose and fell steadily. Her face was flushed and her white beautiful white teeth were clamped down on her full lower lip. Her fingers gripped her pen so tightly that her knuckles were almost white. Max knew those gestures…that expression. He’d become intimately familiar with it. Liz was aroused.

Damn. Glancing at the clock he drew in a breath of relief. There were only five minutes of class left. Without even a second’s hesitation, he ended the class early. H

By that point Liz had to practically run from the room to keep her from attacking Max against the chalkboard. Before she left though, she casually dropped a note on the desk in front of him.

Max watched Liz drop the small sheet of paper and leave quickly. He wanted to after her but couldn’t. There were students with questions and he was forced to stay and answer them. As soon as they’d cleared out, Max reached into his pocket to read Liz’s note. He didn’t have a chance to read it though, because Pam Troy was suddenly standing right in front of him.

“Dr Evans? Could I talk to you privately about something?” she asked trying to seem very serious.

“Sure, what is it?” Max really didn’t want to deal with her at the moment but forced himself to pay attention to her anyway.

“Oh. Not here. Maybe we could go to your office,” she suggested sweetly.

Very reluctantly he agreed and led the way, all the while wondering where Liz might have gone off.

After unlocking his office door, he gestured for Pam to come in and sit down.

“Now, what did you need to talk to me about?” he asked.

“I wanted to warn you. I think that Liz Parker is stalking you. I mean she’s stops by to see you all the time, even if she just says it’s for help. And I overheard her talking to a friend of hers and she was saying something about going over to your house to see was you were doing. I don’t think she’s dangerous, but she’s definitely delusional and you should be careful,” Pam told him.

Max almost choked as he tried to hold in his laughter. Clearing his throat and hiding his amusement he spoke. “Uh…thank you for your concern, Pam. I’ll have to keep an eye out for Liz.”

“If you want you can use me to warn Liz off. I’ll pretend to be your girlfriend or something to get her to leave you alone,” Pam suggested.

“That won’t be necessary. I’m happily involved with someone right now and I’m fairly certain that Liz’s intentions are non-threatening. So you don’t need to worry about me.” With that said, Max showed Pam out the door, shutting it quickly behind her before bursting into laughter.

He couldn’t wait to tell Liz about that little conversation.

Thinking of Liz reminded him of the note she’d given him. He took it out of his pocket and read it quickly.

Your office. Ten minutes.

As if on cue, there was a knock on the door. “Come in,” Max called out, hoping that it had been ten minutes and that it was Liz on the other side.

It was.

She looked flushed still, her cheeks pink and her eyes dark.

Max could feel himself hardening.

Trying to stay in some sort of control, Max decided to try talking. “Why did you leave so quickly this morning? Were you in a hurry?”

“I…was a frustrated,” she told him truthfully.

“Frustrated? How?”

“Sexually,” came her breathy response.

The distance between became null at that point. Max mouth crashed down on hers, stifling the gasp that left her lops. He’d wanted to do that since he’d first seen her that morning. Now he couldn’t stop himself. Tasting the sweetness of her mouth, he knew he’d never get enough of kissing her; he’d never get enough of her. Period. His hands caressed her lower back through the thin blouse before pulling her body flush against his. When that still wasn’t enough contact, he tugged on the shirt, the snaps coming apart just as easily as he’d imagined they would. Cupping her bottom in his hands, he lifted her up, her legs going around him as he backed up and practically fell into the closest chair leaving her straddling his lap.

“Oh…Max…mmm,” she moaned as she felt his lips trailing warm kisses along the smooth hollow of her throat. “This feels good…this feels really good,” she murmured before bring his lips back to dance wildly with hers. She shifted almost effortlessly in his lap, not even breaking the kiss and she moved to bring their lower bodies closer together.

“We shouldn’t be doing this here,” Max managed to gasp out, breaking apart the kiss. As he was saying this his hands were caressing her bare stomach and sliding along the edge of her lace bra. His thumb swept across the rough fabric quick to find the puckered nipple hiding beneath it.

“Uhn…I know,” she responded breathily, leaning in to kiss him again. The ache between her thighs had intensified ten-fold since class had ended and she ground her bottom against his arousal, making him moan with the pleasure of the friction.

The office was quickly filled with the sound of their heavy breathing and soft moans.

Max’s right hand trailed along each inch of Liz’s exposed flesh. Unable to resist the urge he leaned in, his lips pressing against the smooth skin along the curve of her breast. As mouth moved along the edge, his fingers worked to find the bra’s clasp. With a single flick, the front clasp came undone, revealing two perfect, round breasts to his hungry gaze. Pushing aside the lace fabric he drank in the sight of her naked chest. His mouth wanted a taste of the perfect brown nipples.

Liz took in a sharp breath as she felt him take her nipple into his warm, wet mouth. She could barely comprehend the sensations his touch, his kisses …his tongue, she thought absently as he licked a turgid bud before sucking on it, were arousing in her. The fabric of her shirt had fallen off of her shoulders and pooled in the crooks of her elbows, partially confining her movement. Her lower body began to rock against the hardness she was pressed into and she could feel the tingling between her legs increasing. She’d never felt like this before; never let herself be so vulnerable to anyone before.


Maria had been waiting for Liz for almost twenty minutes. They always met after Liz’s Physics class so they could go eat lunch together. It was obvious that Liz was going to a no show again. Only a little upset, she headed for the bathroom. After that she’d go visit Michael for a little while.

She was washing her hands when she heard a strange noise coming through the vent. At first she brushed it off but as she was drying her hands she heard the noise again. It was more distinct this time and it definitely sound like a moan. A female moan. Which in Maria’s mind could only mean one thing.

Liz’s excited gasps and noises were driving Max crazy. Things between them had never gotten quite this heated before and Max couldn’t seem to make himself stop. He didn’t even want to try, especially with the way Liz was so responsive to his every touch.

The ache between Liz’s thighs was growing steadily worse and the only outlet for it in this moment was to rub against the increasingly hard bulge in Max’s pants. But it wasn’t enough to assuage her need. She wanted more. “Maaaax,” she moaned out, “please…I need you to touch me,” she pleaded.

“I am touching you,” he breathed out as he kissed his way down her neck back to the slope of her creamy breast, licking down the cleft between the twin peaks before moving his lips across first her left breast and then her right, sucking on the tight bud of each respective nipple.

“No…” she gasped at the sensations of his mouth. “ I mean …touch me.” Liz took the hand that was resting on her bare thigh and move it to where she wanted to feel him.

When he felt her wetness against his hand he immediately understood what she meant and he was more than happy to oblige. His fingers moved against the damp fabric and he sucked in a breath at how wet she’d become. It was a testament to the arousal that he’d stirred in her. With deft fingers he moved aside the scrap of fabric that blocked his entrance and quickly stroked the silky flesh of her woman hood. At the contact, Liz let out a sharp cry of pleasure, her back arching, pushing her breasts against his chest. Max moved his mouth to hers, covering it to muffle the sounds from her mouth as he continued his ministrations.

With her limited experience, Liz wasn’t sure how to react or what to do. She only knew that Max’s fingers were magical, eliciting sensations in her body that she’d never felt before. Something primal and instinctive had her wrapping her arms around him more tightly, pushing herself closer to him.

“Max…please,” she begged, not sure what she was begging him for. She just knew that she was desperate for something only he could give to her. His fingers continued to move over Liz’s wet center. His middle finger slipped easily inside her, and Liz moaned at the feel of it. Her flesh clutched at his finger and he marveled at how tight she felt around his finger. As he stroked her, he allowed his thumb to brush against the swollen bud at the apex of her sex. He could tell by the frantic bucking of her hips and the way her breathing was uneven that she was on the brink of orgasm. He desperately wanted to watch her fall apart in his arms.

She moaned out his name. It was softer this time, almost questioning as if she wasn’t sure what was happening.

“It’s okay, baby…just let go,” he whispered against her ear before sucking her ear lobe into his mouth and then moving to capture her lips with his.

As his tongue stroked against hers, he felt Liz’s tight heat clamp around his finger and she wrenched her mouth away, gasping as she rode out her release. Panting hard and completely dazed, Liz lost all ability to think, let alone speak coherently. Max wrapped his arms around Liz tightly, feeling the slight tremors of her body as he held her. She buried her face in his neck and would have been content to sit there with him like that forever. She could feel his hardness pressing into her bottom still.

“I think maybe it’s supposed to be your turn now,” she whispered pulling away to look at his face.

Max was about to open his mouth when they were both startled by pounding on the office door. Jumping apart, they frantically worked to realign their clothes, quickly buttoning and tucking in an almost futile attempt to appear innocent. At least, Max mused, his hard on was shrinking. Getting caught was definitely a mood killer.

The knocking grew more persistent until Max went to answer the door. No sooner had he turned the door know then he stumbled back from the force of one Maria Deluca flinging it wide open and barreling into the room.

“What the hell do you two think you’re doing?” she demanded.

Try as she might to look innocent, Liz couldn’t keep a deep blush from spreading across her face.

“What are you talking about, Maria?” Max asked, not doing any better job of acting innocent than Liz.

“What are you talking about, Maria?” she mimicked. “ I’m talking about all the moaning and groaning being broadcast through the vent systems into the girl’s bathroom. That’s what’s I’m talking about.”

Liz’s eyes went wide and she turned to Max. He looked more than a little embarrassed himself, his ears a bright red color.

She turned back to Maria. “Do you think that anyone else heard?” she asked, mortified by the thought of her and Max’s intimate moment being overheard.

“Relax…the moaning didn’t start until I got in there and no one else came in while it was happening. You’re just lucky that I wasn’t one of the faculty members. Did you realize that sound goes through the vent like that?” she asked, addressing Max.
Max looked a little sheepish. “I …uh…sort of forgot how sound carries through like that.”

At that admission, Liz’s eyes went wide. “Does that mean you can hear people in the bathroom?”

“I really wish that I couldn’t…but…yeah. Every once in a while a conversation will drift through and sometimes other sounds that I’d rather not mention.”

“Oh…” Liz wasn’t sure what to say. Her mind was racing to remember if she’d ever had any revealing conversations in the bathroom that he could have overheard. He didn’t know it yet, but they were going to have a talk about this later.

“Sucks to be you, dude!” Maria said with a laugh.

Max chuckled. “If I made tenure I get a better office. At least, I hope so.”

Maria sobered. “May I suggest that, if you’d like that to happen, you and Liz refrain from any more quickies between classes. I’m going to steal her away from you now,” she grabbed Liz’s arm and began dragging her friend away.

Shrugging off her friend’s hold, Liz refused to leave without kissing him goodbye.
“Thanks for helping relieve my…uh…frustration,” she told him. “I’ll see you later. I think we need to have a talk about any interesting conversations you may have heard.”

Max sighed…he didn’t care what they talked about…all he could think was that maybe he’d better stop off at the drug store before going home. He had exactly one condom in his nightstand. If this encounter was any sort of indicator, he was going to need a lot more than that.

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Chapter 16(a)

Getting home that day seemed to take forever. Max wasn’t sure how to handle his nervous excitement. The evening before him held the distinct possibility of a new kind of intimacy for he and Liz. Part of him wanted to rush in the door and taker her the second he laid eyes on her. Another part of him was very aware that this was a new experience for her and not something they should jump into. He needed to be completely sure that she was ready to move their relationship to a new level.

The house smelled like garlic bread when he walked in. Max smiled and made his way to the kitchen. He found Liz there sitting at the table working on homework. Kissing her hello, he put his briefcase down and pulled out a chair. “What’s for dinner?” he asked. He immediately wondered if this was what it felt like to be married. To come home to a beautiful wife…to tell her about his day and hear all about hers. To eat together…sleep together. The more his mind pondered it, the more he liked the thought of that permanent connection. He liked the way it was felt homey…natural to find her waiting for him at the end of the day.

“Lasagna and garlic bread. It’ll be ready by six thirty so you have enough to time to get comfortable. After we eat CSI comes on. It’s suppose to be a good episode…”

Max wasn’t sure how to interpret that. He was a little bit relieved and disappointed. Liz wanted to do what they did every Thursday night. Watch TV. She didn’t seem to have anything else in mind. Did that mean that she wasn’t ready for anything else? Had that afternoon in his office been too much for her? He was wondering if the two boxes of condoms he stopped to buy weren’t a little premature.

While Max was changing into jeans and a sweatshirt, Liz was trying to refocus her attention on her homework. It wasn’t that it was anything particularly interesting to her. It was just homework that she wanted out of the way before the weekend. The sooner it was done, the sooner she could devote all of her attention to Max. And she meant that it every way possible. She hoped to be doing a lot more than just sleeping in his bed by the time the night was over. Only, she wasn’t exactly sure how to approach the situation. Should she just come out and tell him she wanted to have sex? Should she seduce him? Or should she just let it happen naturally? Her nervousness won out and she decided to just let nature takes its course.

As they were cuddled on the couch watching TV later, Liz was perfectly content to just be with him. She loved the way it felt to just be in his arms and she gladly cherished the moment, as insignificant as it seemed. Max’s hand absently rubbed over Liz’s body, running from her rib cage to her hip. The gesture was familiar and soothing to Liz and she was completely relaxed.

During a commercial, Max let his eyes wander over Liz’s form. He swallowed a deep sigh as he drank in the sight of her. She was so beautiful. It felt …perfect to have her in his arms. He marveled at how she’d become such an ingrained part of his life in such a short time. Loneliness was no longer an issue, not with Liz. He’d been foolish to ever think that he could survive with out her. She was part of him now…a part he didn’t ever want to be without. Gazing at her, he suddenly felt the overwhelming need to show her just how much he adored her.

He kissed her neck first. A soft, slow, warm kiss that made Liz’s entire body start to hum with awareness. He kissed her again…the same way, letting his lips linger over the pulse he found on her throat. The hand that had been rubbing absently before now moved purposefully, sliding up and underneath her shirt, grazing over her smooth stomach and ribs to cup the fullness of her breast. The whimper that escaped her mouth caused Max to pause but when he looked up at her face, her eyes were closed and she was biting her lip in anticipation. Her body shifted, allowing him better access.

He resumed his kisses, conveying with each one that he loved her, wanted her…needed her.

“Mmm, Max,” she moaned as his mouth nibbled at a sensitive spot below her ear. Her body was quickly becoming consumed with heat. The desire he was stirring in her would not remain dormant for long. She needed to touch him the way he was touching her, like he was memorizing the nuances of her body, every curve, and every crevice. Liz’s hands began to wander, fighting their way to the hem of his shirt, needing to feel his warm flesh underneath her fingertips.

Max gave up feasting on Liz’s throat when she moaned yet again. He quickly brought his mouth to hers. He needed to taste her, to feel her tongue sliding against his. The heat of the kiss overpowered them, making them a slave to their senses, to the feelings that were evoking in each other.

As their mouth mated, Liz’s hands ran up and down Max’s back underneath his shirt, exploring the hard muscles of his shoulders, delicately caressing his spine. Max’s hands were a little busier. As he felt the soft weight of her breast in his palm, he knew that it wasn’t going to be enough to simply touch her. He needed more of her and while he satisfied his need for her…he could satisfy her needs.

The more Max touched Liz, the closer she wanted to be with him. And she knew that she wanted him… wanted him to take her, make her his own. She wanted to feel his naked body flush against hers, wanted to touch him everywhere and she wanted more than anything to give to him what she’d never give any other man. Herself.

Their kisses were like a drug, neither could get enough and it seemed to be a hassle to have to pull apart for breath. As their need for oxygen became obvious yet again, Liz pushed Max away from her slightly. His eyes, glazed with passion, momentarily clouded with confusion until Liz’s hands moved to the hem of her shirt. As she tugged it upward, Max stopped her. “Let me do it,” he whispered raggedly.

Liz nodded. Max reach out then with his large hands and ever so slowly, inched Liz’s shirt from her body. As he did so, he allowed his pinky to lazily graze her soft flesh, leaving a tingling trail in his wake. Liz practically purred at his touch. Once the shirt was off, he tossed it carelessly aside and then brought his face to her chest, nuzzling his nose along her collarbone and leaving a line of moist kisses. With only a small amount of fumbling her reached behind her back to unsnap her bra. Dragging each strap down her arm, he continued his assault of light caresses.

The more he touched her, the more aroused Liz got. Anymore and she would be a quivering mass of desire. Even so, she wouldn’t stop what was happening for the world. She’d dreamed about this moment and was ready to finally experience it first hand.

After disposing of Liz’s bra, Max devoured the sight of her completely bared to him with eagerness. She was exquisite. Her skin glowed with a slight sheen of sweat and the light seemed to high light the contours of her body. And her breasts…. they were perfect. Small, rounded globes of soft flesh that fit into his hand like they had been made for him to hold. Soon, touching…looking wasn’t enough. He had a great desire to taste the perfect rose-colored nipples that were straining before him.

Liz whimpered out loud as his warm, wet mouth closed over a tightened bud. Her body arched to push her closer to him.

As his mouth laved her with attention his fingers slid down to just below her belly button, running tauntingly along the edge of her jeans until he felt the almost imperceptible lift of her hips giving him permission to go further. The snap on her pants flipped open easily. The zipper cam undone just as quickly and soon Liz was moving into Max’s touch as his fingers caressed wet, swollen lower lips. Her moan seemed to ring out in the room. No one but Max had ever touched her this way and even though she’d felt him do this earlier, the sensations that he was stirring in her body were new and exciting and terrifying. They left her aching and wanting more.

He’d touched her this way before, just that afternoon, in fact. And he would never forget the surprised, blissful look on her face as she’d fallen apart in his arms from the very first time. Her first time. Thoughts of this suddenly gave Max the self-control that he thought he’d already lost. This was her first time…he needed to be gentle, more careful with her.

“Oh…God! Max! Don’t stop touching me,” Liz whispered. Her body language relayed those words as she spread her legs giving him more access to her and allowing him to settle against her more fully with his ever-increasing harness brushing against her thigh.

“Liz…we need to slow down…I …I want this…want you…so badly…but we have to slow down or…” his broken words halted as he felt Liz’s tongue licking along his neck.

“Take your shirt off, Max,” her husky voice commanded. He complied, throwing it on the floor next to hers. But before he went back to her, he got up from the couch, pulling her into his arms.
“I’m taking you to bed,” he told her before kissing her soundly to silence any protests about the momentary pause in their activities. The hum of sexual awareness that coursed through Liz’s body only increased with this declaration and her whole body tightened in anticipation as Max carried her into his room.

He set Liz down next to the bed before leaning over to pull down the covers. He was doing it to save himself the hassle later…but also to try and regain some control. Liz made him so crazy. He wanted her so badly that it was like a physical ache.

When Max turned away from her, Liz took the moment to admire the large expanse of bare skin exposed to her. She couldn’t resist touching him so she stepped forward and slipped her arms around his waist, pressing her body firmly against his back, needing to feel the warmth that he gave off. She inhaled the scent of him…it was strong and masculine and her mouth suddenly had the urge to taste the skin that was so close to her lips. She began nibbling and licking along his shoulder. Her hands splayed out across his chest. Unable to see what she was doing, Liz let herself feel, exploring taut abs and firm pecks. He was so perfect…so incredible. It was a miracle that he could ever want her. Even as she thought that, she couldn’t deny that he did want her. It was evident by the bulge in the front of his pants. As her hands continued to explore, one ran along the edge of jeans, teasing him as he’d teased her before. She scraped her nails down the front, feeling the straining harness beneath the rough fabric.

Max groaned when she touched him. She was going to push him over the edge. And he was going to let her do it too, only he was going to make damn sure that she went with him. Without warning her turned around in her arms and brought his mouth down on hers, devouring it like a starving man. He wrapped his arms around her, sliding his hands down to her butt, cupping it as he pulled her closer to him, moving her against his erection.

“We should take off the rest of our clothes,” Liz murmured through distracting kisses.

“Mmm…good…idea,” Max responded, letting his kisses trail down the smooth expanse of her throat along her bare shoulder.

Liz pushed away from Max’s body slightly and they both groaned at the lack of contact. Max reached out his hands to tug on the waistband of her jeans, pulling them down over her slender hips and helping her step out of them, leaving her standing there in nothing but a pair of barely there panties.

Max sucked in deep breath as he stood there looking at her. He loved her…loved everything about her. That’s probably what had scared him so much initially. He had fallen quickly and hard. He wanted to make a life with her…one that included children. He only hoped that she wanted the same thing.

Reaching for her, unable to keep from touching her a minute longer, Max held her to him. Gathering her petite body in his arms, he moved to lay her down on the bed. He undressed quickly and joined her, pulling her close to him again. Liz’s lips sought his, needing the reassurance of his kisses. His hands roamed her naked back, pushing her more firmly against him. Liz gasped at the feel of his naked harness against her thigh. Nervousness washed over her. What if she didn’t to this right? What if it wasn’t good for him?

“Liz?” Max whispered questioningly. He felt her hesitation and need to know that she was okay.

“I…” She couldn’t form any words as she looked up into his sparkling amber eyes. Eyes that were now dark with passion and desire for her.

“Are you nervous?” he asked softly.

Liz could only nod.

Max smiled. “Me too. See…you’ve even got me shaking,” he told her, holding up his hand to demonstrate.

“Why are you nervous?” she asked, finally finding her voice.

“Because I love and I don’t want to hurt you. I want this to be good for you. And it’s been so long since I’ve done this that I feel like a…uh…virgin too,” he finished.

Liz’s nerves dissipated and the sound of her laughter filled the room. She looked up into Max’s eyes then with a shy smile on her beautiful face. “ I love you too, Max.”

At her admission, Max’s heart thumped wildly in his chest. Just hearing her say the words caused a riot of joy to suffuse through his entire body. Despite the surge of desire rushing through, Max held back. He knew that he needed to go slow for both of their sakes. So he kissed and caressed the nervous tension from Liz’s body until she was whimpering in his arms. Her moans were enough to encourage him further and his mouth left a warm trail down her chest between the valley of her breasts and lower still over her flat stomach, right to the apex of her thighs.

Liz was caught up in the sensations Max was causing her. She didn’t realize his intentions until she felt him gently spread her thighs, opening her to him fully. Before she could protest, his mouth was on her, eliciting a litany of exultations.

Max found a great deal of satisfaction in knowing that he was the only one to have ever touched Liz that way. Only he had ever caused this kind of reaction in her. He started gently, kissing along the wet fold, feeling the way she quivered at the attention. The musky smell of her arousal filled his sense and he couldn’t resist tasting her very essence.

When Liz felt Max’s tongue licking at her, she almost came instantly. But the contact was brief leaving her disappointed and relieved at the same time. She didn’t want to come yet. She wanted to find her release when Max found his…she didn’t want it to end before it really even began. Her relief at the reprieve was short lived as Max’s tongue began a more thorough exploration. Liz couldn’t help the moans that escaped her lips. She was beyond even caring. All she could think about was the way Max was making her feel so good.

He continued to lap at her swollen, pink flesh…flicking and tasting as she bucked against him. His hands reached out to hold her hips down, making her cry out. His own arousal was becoming more painful but he couldn’t stop. He wanted to make her cum…wanted this first time to be good for her. Sensing that Liz was nearly crazy with frustration and need, he gave into her unconscious demands and purposefully flicked his tongue over her aching clitoris. He set a quick, circular, rhythm, relishing the feeling of her hands in his hair, pushing him closer. Her hoarse cries spurred him on, causing him to move his tongue faster.

The pleasure in Liz’s lower body was so intense that it was almost painful. But it kept building and she was going crazy…begging Max to give her what she needed. Then she felt herself crumbling into a thousand little pieces and she cried out Max’s name at the force of her release.

Panting hard, she couldn’t find words to describe what she was feeling. Her body hummed with content pleasure in the aftermath of Max’s ministrations. Max moved up Liz’s body, looking at her face. Her eyes were closed and when she opened them they were dark liquid pools and he could read her satisfaction through them. She smiled lazily at him, biting her lower lip before bring her arms up and around his shoulders.

Max had satisfied a small part of the ache that he’d built in her but it wasn’t enough. She needed more of him. She kissed him deeply trying to convey what she wanted next. Returning the kiss, Max was more than happy to oblige, settling himself between her damp thighs. His rock hard erection brushed against her wet, sensitized center, causing him to groan slightly. He had to remember to go slowly, he told himself repeatedly.

Keeping eye contact, he braced his arms at her sides as he began a slow invasion of her tiny body. He groaned out loud as her tightness enveloped him. He moved at a snail’s pace, filling her inch by torturous inch. He could see the discomfort in her expression.

“Do you want me to stop?” he asked, not wanting to hurt her in anyway. Yet he hoped she would say no…he’d never felt anything like this before in his life.

“No!” Liz voiced vehemently. Her arms tightened around him and she spread her thighs wider, pulling him closer to her, causing him to move more deeply within her. In a moment he was at her barrier. He looked into her eyes, silently asking for permission one final time. She lifted her head and kissed him instead of answering and as they kissed Max surged forward, breaking through her virginity and completely joining with her.

The stinging pain startled Liz as it seared through her, making her wrench her mouth from Max’s. Unbidden, tears escaped her closed eyes. She felt Max’s lips kissing her, telling her was sorry and that he didn’t want to hurt her. “ I love you,” he said. “So much…”

They both lay completely still for a few moments and Liz was relieved when the pain began to ebb. She was left with the sensation of fullness…of having Max inside of her. Opening her eyes she looked at him. His head was buried in her neck; his hands cradled her body gently. Ever so slightly she shifted her hips upward…wanting to test…

“Uh…Liz…don’t do that…” Max said bringing his face up from her shoulder to look down at her.

“Do what? You mean this?” she asked, lifting her hips again. Max groaned as her movements caused a riot in him.

“Yes…if you don’t…I won’t be able to stop and I don’t want to hurt you,” he explained.

Liz reached up and cupped his face. “It’s okay…please,” she begged.

Max gave in, slowly pulling out of her tight body before pushing back. He kept up the slow pace for a while but it quickly became obvious that Liz wanted more. As his thrusts became quicker, deeper, harder, Liz could feel the coil tightening in her lower body again. She moaned Max’s name. As his thrusts continued he moved down to suckle at her breasts, increasing the stimulation to Liz’s body until she was bucking wildly against him. They were both moving together, clamoring for release. His strokes were deep and hard and Liz soon felt herself flying over the edge feeling as though her body were dissolving into a million pieces.

As soon as Max felt Liz’s inner walls clasping at his flesh, his own release came, leaving him gasping her name as his warmth flooded her. For a moment they lay together, a tangled mass of sweaty limbs as they came down from their orgasmic high.

Max pulled away first, afraid he would crush her if stayed on top of her tiny body. Liz groaned as she felt him leave her body, not wanting to be separated from him. He quickly bent down to kiss her.

“I’ll be right back,” he whispered and he got up, disappearing into the bathroom. Liz felt the loss distinctly and willed him to come back. He did a moment later with a warm washcloth in his hand. He pulled aside the blankets and knelt down between Liz’s legs, tenderly wiping away the remnants of their love making…of Liz’s first time. He set the washcloth aside then and looked down into her face. Dry tear tracks were still visible and his heart clenched. But she looked at him with so much love in her eyes that the impact of what had just taken place between them overwhelmed him. He lay down next to her and drew her close to him, wanting to have her in his arms.

As he held her and stroked her hair, he imagined being able to fall asleep every night with her there beside him. “I love you, Liz,” he finally told her as sleep began to take hold.

“I love you too,” she said instantly. Lying there in his arms, she knew that he was what she wanted above anything else in her life. She wanted to be with him…always. Snuggling closer to him, she laid her head over his heart, listening to its gentle rhythm. It lulled her to sleep with thoughts of their future on her mind.


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Author's note: Sorry this part took so long and that it's not very long. I've been swamped with school work. Plus, as I've already mentioned...Max and Liz haven't been cooperating. They just want to stay in bed even though other things need to happen. Anyway...enjoy. If you need to read part 16a to refress your memory its on pg 55 of the thread. Thanks again for all of the bumps!

Chapter 16b

When Liz woke up that morning she was startled at first by the new surroundings. It took her a moment to figure out where she was. Once registered the fact that she was still in Max’s bed, she smiled. She could smell him all around her and she felt relaxed and comfortable just like when he was holding her…but something was off. Liz realized then that Max wasn’t there in bed with her.

Rolling over in the sheets she found a note in his empty spot.

My Beautiful Liz,

You looked so peaceful this morning that I didn’t have the heart to wake you. I went to class but I’ll be finished by five o’clock tonight. Stay as long as you want…. stay all day even. Just promise you’ll be there waiting for me when I get home tonight.

I love you,

Liz bit her lip and then smiled as she read the note. Max was so sweet.

Not ready to leave the comfort and warmth of Max’s bed, Liz lay there in sheets that still smelled like their lovemaking and thought about last night. It had been so much better than she’d ever imagined it would. So incredible…she could still feel his hands on her body, could still remember what his kisses had been like. The ache between her thighs reminded her of the way it felt to have him moving inside her. She didn’t think five o’clock would ever come.

Liz lay they there, lost in memories of loving Max for a while longer. As she thought back on the night though…it occurred to her that something had been missing.


They hadn’t used any birth control. She knew that they didn’t have to worry about any diseases or anything but what if she got pregnant? She pushed that aside. It would be okay this time. Her period was due on Monday and it was never late. She and Max could have this whole weekend and be worry free. Of course, she’d have to remind him that they needed to be more cautious in the future.
Part of her didn’t want to say anything to Max. Part of her wanted to think about what it would be like to have Max’s baby. She wanted it more than she was ready to admit out loud. There were too of things that she and Max needed to talk through yet. That included some of the decisions she’d been making about her future. Thoughts of Max Evans’ babies would have to take the back burner for a while. Besides that, the babies should come after the wedding, Liz told herself.

Reluctantly Liz got out of the warm bed. She took a shower and dressed before driving back to her dorm to change into clean clothes before her class. She contemplated stopping to see Max before class but decided against it. She knew he had free time but if the day before had been any indication, they wouldn’t be able to behave themselves. Especially now that they’d made love. Instead, Liz liked the idea of waiting for Max to come home after work. She sighed at the thought. His place did feel like home to her. She liked that every part of the house was a reminder of him.

During class, Liz spent the entire time daydreaming about what would happen when Max got home that night. She fantasized about meeting him in the entryway wearing nothing but a smile. She smirked; he would definitely like that. Of course she could always wear something sexy, which would have the added bonus of being undressed by Max. It wasn’t until Liz got a strange look from the guy sitting next to her that she decided to make more of an attempt to pay attention to the lecture.

Lunch with Maria was almost unbearable for Liz. She kept looking to see if Max might come in with Michael. She desperately wanted a glimpse of him. She hadn’t seen him since they’d fallen asleep and she missed him. As much as she wanted to see him though, it was probably better that she didn’t. If he were to walk into the cafeteria, the whole world would know about them. If he were anywhere near, she wouldn’t be able to keep her hands from touching him.

“Liz…earth to Liz,” Maria said, waving her hand in front of Liz’s face in an attempt to recapture Liz’s wandering attention.

“Sorry, Maria, did you say something?”

“Yeah, is there a reason you’re so distracted and…glowy today?”

Liz felt her face heat with the ferocity of her blush. Was she that obvious? “I…no, no reason,” she told Maria, trying to pretend that nothing had changed. “Can’t I just be happy?”

“I guess, but geez, if I didn’t know better, I’d say you and Dr. Max had sex last night or something.”

If it was possible, Liz’s blush deepened.

“Oh. My. God! You did didn’t you? “

It was ten ‘til five o’clock and Max was happily finishing the last of his work. He was more than a little anxious to get home. He’d been imagining a thousand different scenarios for how Liz might greet him when he got home. Most of them had involved Liz wearing very little upon his arrival. He was desperate to see her. He’d gone the whole day without her gorgeous smile and he felt like he was going through withdrawal.

He was just packing up his briefcase what a knock on his office door surprised him. He was almost tempted not to answer, but whoever was outside would be able to see that his light was still on. Perturbed by the delay in his departure he hollered out a terse “Come in.”

The door opened and Michael strode into the office and immediately sat down, making himself comfortable. “How’s it going Max?”

“Michael…it’s pretty good. Uhm…I hate to do this, but I’m just on my way out. I have somewhere to be. Is there anyway we can talk later?”

Michael shook his head. “Sorry. Maria and I are going away for the weekend. I’m supposed to pick her up at six pm. In the mean time I thought you and I could talk. We haven’t done that for awhile.”

Max wasn’t sure what do say. Michael was his best friend but he wasn’t whom he wanted to be spending the next hour with. He couldn’t just kick him out could he?

“So how are things with Liz? Did you guys get everything resolved? You’re not pushing her away anymore?” Michael asked.

“Did Maria send you here to check up on Liz and I?” Max asked with an amused smile.

Michael grinned guiltily. “What can I say? The woman has the power to make me do anything. And if I don’t find out what she wants…I get punished. So help a guy out because otherwise this could be a very long weekend away.”

Max shook his head but he couldn’t help but grin. “Things with Liz are…good. No excellent would be a better word maybe. No…. fantastic, yeah things are fantastic.” Max’s words trailed off and his expression became distracted with a slow, lovesick smile breaking out over his features.

Michael looked at his friend closely. Maria called him that afternoon and instructed him to make sure he saw Max. When he had asked why she had told him that Michael would know just by looking at Max. Now he understood exactly what Maria was talking about. “Shit! You got laid didn’t you,” he blurted out. Frowning inwardly he realized that was more a Maria-type thing to say. They were definitely spending too much time together.

“Michael,” Max started to correct him, tell him that it wasn’t about getting ‘laid’ as he’d crudely put it. But Michael spoke up again.

“Relax. I won’t act like I know. I just…I haven’t seen you this happy in a long time.” Michael paused. “In fact, the last time I saw that goofy ass grin on your face was that fourth of July we got really drunk. You saw that beauty pageant chick and went on for hours about how she was the kind of girl you wanted to marry. It took me an hour to convince you that if you asked her, she probably wouldn’t accept your proposal.”

All of Max’s thoughts were suddenly centered on that one sentence. Had he really said that? Knowing that the girl had been Liz added a whole other dimension to the drunken declaration. Maybe he’d subconsciously known that she was the one he was supposed to be with. The fact that he wanted to marry her hadn’t changed. In fact, it was even truer now because he knew her and how wonderful she really was. Now…he just had to think of how he was going to convince her that they were meant to be together for the rest of their lives.

Walking into the house later, the first thing Max did was call out for Liz. “Sweetheart, are you here?” He started to walk through the living room but a tap on his shoulder stopped him. He twirled around to find Liz standing there wearing one of his shirts a shy smile.

“Hi,” she said softly. Earlier she’d been nervous about him coming home. They hadn’t exactly had any time to talk about what had happened between them last night. Their relationship was different now, deeper. Liz was scared that maybe Max wouldn’t feel the same way. But now, looking up into his adoring eyes, she knew that her worries had been unfounded.

Max responded to Liz with an equally soft “hello.”

And then they came together. After the day’s separation it was too much for them to stay apart any longer. Max just needed to touch her, to feel her in his arms…to kiss her. So he did all those things at once, leaving a completely breathless Liz in his wake.

Max reigned in his emotions slightly, pulling back; he kept his arms around her tightly and buried his face in hair. Just holding her was heaven. He didn’t want her to think that he was some kind of hormone crazed mad man. “So how was your day?” he asked, looking down at her face. He felt a pull deep within him at the sight of her kiss-swollen lips.

“Boring…couldn’t concentrate,” Liz told him. She didn’t really want to stand there and talk… that wasn’t what she’d imagined would be happening. But she played along because he wanted to. “How was your day?”

“I just wanted to come home,” came his reply.

“Me too…Are you hungry?” she asked.

“Mmm…depends. What’s on the menu?” he asked her in return. He’d felt her pull away and could read the slight disappointment in her eyes. Maybe she was just as hormone crazed as him.

Liz’s eyes twinkled as she looked up at him and smiled. That was the smile that Max had been missing all day. While he was drinking the in the sight of her, her hands were busy trying to undo his tie. “ I ordered pizza. It won’t be here for at least forty-five minutes,” she informed Max as her nimble fingers went to work on the buttons of his shirt after throwing the tie on the ground.

“I guess that means we’ll have to find something to do for awhile until it comes,” he told her teasingly.

“Guess so. Got any ideas?”

Instead of telling her, Max decided to show Liz just what he had in mind. Scooping her up in his arms, he blindly made his way into the bedroom all the while kissing Liz senseless. By the time they reached the bed, Liz was breathless and she was getting anxious for what was about to happen. She wanted to experience their love making again, wanted to know if it would always be as wonderful as it had been the first time.

Max’s hands made quick work of removing the shirt Liz had on. Soon his mouth was seeking out each inch of her exposed skin eliciting a cacophony of breathy moans from Liz’s throat.

It felt so good…Liz love the way his mouth felt on her body. It was wet and warm and erotic. His touches were so gentle and demanding at the same time, they made her body tingle with sensation. “Max…. take off your pants,” she reminded him as she felt his khaki clad leg part her thighs.

As he was removing the rest of his clothes, Max remembered something that he hadn’t the night before. “Liz…we didn’t use anything last night…I…” Liz stopped him.

“It’s okay. I thought about that this morning. My period’s due on Monday. We should be okay. We’ll just have to be more careful after next week,” she told him.

Relieved, Max crawled back onto the bed. “So…where were we?” he asked, his mouth nuzzling against her collar bone before his lips swept up to capture hers in another deep kiss.

“You’re about to come inside me,” Liz told him as she shifted her body to accommodate him.

Her words made Max painfully hard. “You keep saying things like that and I’ll cum before I get there. Maybe I better catch you up to me,” he told her. His hand had already made its way to the apex of her thighs. His fingers deftly parted her slick folds, rubbing back and forth. His touch was so light that Liz tried to push herself against his hand. She wanted to feel him. Sensing this, Max eased his middle finger into her wet passage. He sucked in a breath. She was still so tight. He was afraid he was going to hurt her again. Slowly he worked his finger in and out of her body, opening her more fully for his penetration. Easing a second finger in with the first, he let his thumb brush over her clitoris. Liz cried out at the sensation, her body arching up against Max.

“Max…now…please…I want to feel you moving inside me,” she pleaded. A small groan of protest escaped her lips as his fingers left her body. But soon, he settled himself between her legs. “I’ve been waiting for this all day,” he told her as his hard shaft probed her opening.
“Me too,” she admitted. The words came out as a moan as she felt Max enter her more fully. Talk became obsolete then as Max set a rhythm of thrusts into Liz’s body. He stroked her slowly at first, savoring each expression that crossed her beautiful face as she lay beneath him. Liz couldn’t get over the wonder of having him inside her like that. He filled her completely. The pace quickened as they both drew nearer to completion. Max knew he was about to cum but he couldn’t without ensuring that Liz did first. His hand moved between their sweat slicked bodies and his thumb flicked her clitoris in a circular stroke. Her muscles clamped down around him and she cried out. The sensation of Liz’s orgasm triggered Max’s and with a loud groan, he felt his seed spill into her body.

Their peaceful afterglow was disturbed moments later by the ringing of the doorbell. Liz opened her eyes slowly. She was still trying to catch her breath. “It’s the pizza,” she managed to say.

Max nodded. He couldn’t move…he was drained. What they’d just experienced had been incredible.

“You should get that,” Liz told him, when he didn’t make a move. When that didn’t work, Liz tried again. “The sooner you get up and get that, the sooner we can eat. You’re going to need your energy for the rest of tonight, Max,” she told him.

That worked. Max got up as the doorbell was ringing a second time. He was almost out the door when Liz called after him. “Max…puts some pants on first.”


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Author's Note! Hey Everyone! Thanks so much for all of the wonderful bumps! You guys are fantastic. Sorry I've been absent for so long. School sort of sucks right now, finals are fast approaching and I've got yet another term paper due in the next week ( I really wish I wasn't so good at procrastinating!) Anyway...Here's a short installment. I know it's not much but I fully intend to take advantage of my Christmas break. So as soon as Dec 19 rolls around, I'm planning on posting the rest. It may be sooner if I can squeeze in some time. Thanks again for all the support.

PS. This part is pure fluff

Chapter 17(a)

Waking up Saturday morning proved to be far more enjoyable for Liz than it had been the previous day. Max was in bed next to her, his head sharing her pillow. Liz couldn’t stop the smile that spread across her lips at the sight of his sleep-mussed hair. He was so adorable. For a while it was enough to lie there and look at him; his face was relaxed in sleep, his lips parted, blowing soft puffs of air through his open mouth. After taking in the sight of his very handsome face, her gaze wandered and she devoured the sight of his bare, sculpted chest.

“See anything you like?” a sexy, husky voice asked.

Surprised, Liz’s eyes shot to Max’s face and she blushed. When she saw the amusement in Max’s sleepy expression, she bit her lip and offered him a shy smile. “Maybe,” she answered.

“Well, I certainly see something I like,” he told her. She could see the mischievous sparkle in his eyes and her pulse sped up a little. Her body began to heat up and he hadn’t even done anything suggestive yet.

Max watched as Liz’s expression changed. He could see the beginnings of desire in her gaze and his own body responded instantly to her reaction.

It was almost eleven am before Max and Liz were satiated enough to notice the time. “Should we get up?” Liz asked even as she snuggled closer to Max’s warm, solid body.

Max’s arms tightened around Liz instinctively. “I can barely move right now,” he told her with a satisfied smirk. Liz giggled into his chest before lifting her gaze to his.

“This is a much better morning than yesterday’s,” she informed him with a big smile.

Max brushed an errant strand of hair from Liz’s forehead. “ I agree completely. If I could have, I would have spent the all of yesterday in bed with you. We can definitely do that today though.”

“Mmm, sounds good.”

They lay together, both content with the silence. It felt good to just be in each other’s arms. The loud rumbling of a stomach broke the comfortable silence. Max lifted his head slightly, smiling down at Liz. “What was that?” he asked, amusement evident in his tone.

Liz blushed a little. “Uhm…my stomach? I guess that pizza last night just wasn’t enough fuel for all of our…activities,” she told him.

Max laughed and pulled Liz up to kiss her lovingly. “I’ll go make us some breakfast. Is there anything you want specifically?”

Liz thought for a moment. “Scrambled eggs and toast,” she said.

Giving her another lingering kiss, Max left the cocoon of Liz’s warmth.

Liz lay there, smiling absently to herself. She didn’t know what to make of the happiness she felt. She was just so full that she could burst. Loving Max was better than anything else she’d ever imagined. Those thoughts reminded her that she and Max needed to have a talk though. As great as things were, there were certain things that needed to be discussed so that there was no lack of communication between them. Even if he didn’t have anything to say, Liz did.

Knowing that now was as good a time as any, Liz got up, threw on the first shirt she could find, and joined Max in the kitchen. The second she saw Max though, standing at the stove wearing only boxers, she started to think that she should wait. Just the sight of all that nearly naked skin was enough to distract her completely.

“Do you need any help?” Liz asked walking up behind him and wrapping her arms around Max’s waist. Her fingers trailed along the rippling muscles of his abdomen. She felt Max tense and she smiled inwardly, loving the way her touch affected him.

“You must be really hungry,” Max commented as he turned around to wrap his arms around Liz.

“Mmm, you have no idea,” she told him, her voice taking on a seductive, teasing tone. In response she could feel Max’s erection poking into her stomach. Knowing that she had caused that, she couldn’t stop the shiver of excitement that ran through her.

He took his time kissing her, letting his tongue slide slowly, tantalizingly along hers. His hands cupped her ass, pulling her up against him more firmly. The deep, soul-stirring kiss only broke apart when the sound of Liz’s growling stomach disturbed their passionate haze.

Max couldn’t help the laugh that escaped. He pulled away reluctantly and leaned his forehead against Liz’s. His eyes were shining with amusement and Liz found herself laughing even as she tried to draw in a much-needed breath.

“I can see what takes precedence for you,” Max teased.

They enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and just as Liz was finishing the last of her orange juice she decided it was time to talk. “So, I had a chat with my advisor the other day,” she said casually, not wanting it to sound like a big deal.

“Oh, what about?” Max asked. He was rifling through the newspaper, looking for the sports section.

“Well…I’ve been thinking and I’ve decided that I’m not going to Grad School anymore.” There. She’d said it. It didn’t sound so bad, now that she’d finally admitted it out loud.

At Liz’s words, Max immediately stopped in his perusal of the paper. He looked up quickly, trying to gauge Liz’s expression. “What?” he asked when he saw the seriousness in her eyes.

“I’m not going to Grad School.”

For a moment Max didn’t know what to say. She was too smart to just decide not to go on in school. She had so much potential. This was exactly what he’d been afraid of, that he would hold her back in some way. “What…what made you change your mind? It’s not because of us is it? Because you know that I don’t want to keep you from pursuing…”

Liz put a finger to Max’s lips to silence him. “I won’t lie to you and say that our relationship didn’t have something to do with my decision, but it wasn’t the only factor. I was going to go to Grad School because I thought that I didn’t have any other options. I didn’t realize that there were other career opportunities out there. When you and I got closer, I started to look into what I might be able to do with my science degree. And I found something that I think I’ll really enjoy.”

Liz’s eyes were sparkling and the excitement that shone from her face couldn’t be denied. She was obviously thrilled with the decision she’d made.

“I want to be a teacher, Max,” she finally said. “Working with those kids for the pageant sort of put the idea in my head. Then I looked into it more thoroughly and the more I thought about it, the more I became sure that it’s definitely what I want to do. I’ve worked everything out with my advisor. I’ll still graduate in May but then this summer or maybe in the fall I’ll start taking education classes. In two years I’ll have my teaching license.”

“In two years you can have a Master’s degree,” Max reminded her.

Liz sighed. She was disappointed by Max’s reaction. “I know that and maybe someday I’ll decide that’s what I want to do. Right now, though, this is what I want.”

Max wasn’t sure how to respond to that. If that was what she really wanted then he needed to be supportive. “Okay. If that’s your decision then I will help you in any way possible.”

At that Liz got up from her chair and crawled into Max’s lap, hugging him tightly. “Thank you,” she told him. He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her tightly against him. He was honestly relieved by her choice. On one hand he didn’t want to hold her back but on the other, he wanted her to be with him. With that in mind, the next words were out of Max’s mouth before he could stop them.

“Move in with me,”

Liz pulled back. It was her turn to look surprised. “What?”

“You heard what I said. I want you to move in with me. I can’t stand the thought of being apart from you in any capacity.”

Liz was still shocked.

“Well?” Max asked, wanting to know what she was thinking.

“Where did this idea come from?”

“Your decision. I wasn’t sure before if you would even want to stick around, but now that you are, I want you with me on a full time basis. I want to support you while you finish school and the best way to do that is for you to be with me while you do it.”

Liz smiled brightly and her arms tightened around Max. “ I like the way you think.”

“You want to know what else I think?” Max asked with a smile as their faces drew closer together. Liz voiced a silent question and waited for Max’s answer. “I think you kiss pretty good, Miss Parker.”

“Is that so, Dr. Evans?” Liz asked with a breathless giggle just before her lips met his. Their mouths met and mated for a long moment.

“So is that a yes?” Max asked, his voice husky with the desire she’d just managed to stir in him.

Liz nodded her head enthusiastically. “And now I think we should celebrate.”

“I see I’m not the only one in this relationship with great ideas. Tell me, just how do you propose we celebrate?”

Liz raised her eyebrows suggestively. “You’ll just have to come back to bed with me to find out.”

The spent the rest of the day in bed, celebrating their new decisions and just enjoying the freedom to be together in such an intimate way.

“I don’t think I can move in right away, “ Liz told Max later that night. They’d been trying to sleep but her brain was on overdrive. She had started thinking more about the details involved with moving in together. The more she thought, the more some of its complications made themselves known. Her fingers traced imaginary shapes on Max’s smooth chest as she continued. “My parents haven’t even met you yet and I don’t want to cause any problems with the University,” she explained quickly, having felt the immediate tension in Max’s frame at her words.

Max relaxed a little and let out a sigh. His fingers continued to comb through her silky hair as his other hand, no longer idle, began to gently trail along Liz’s arm. “I know you’re right. We should probably wait until graduation, but the second you have that diploma in hand…you’re all mine and I don’t care who knows it,” he stated. His head turned and he was bestowed a smile, one that Liz reserved for him only.

“Sounds good to me.” There was a slight pause as Liz’s grin turned mischievous. “Of course, that doesn’t mean that I’ll wait until graduation to start moving my stuff. I should probably leave some of my things here, don’t you think? I mean, it’s awfully silly for me to go back to the dorm in the mornings after I’ve spent the night here.”

Max gave her a smile and nodded. “You’re right. That does seem sort of unnecessary. We could move you in gradually so that by May, everything is mostly here.”

“I suppose that if all my stuff is here, it might be kind of hard to stay at the dorms though. I’ll probably want to spend the night as much as possible. And it will be good practice for when we’re actually living together. It will make the transition go more smoothly…”

Liz’s musings were cut of by Max’s chuckle. He was more than a little amused by her rationality. As soon as his lips met hers though, she forgot all about everything but their lovemaking.

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Thanks again

Chapter 18

During the next week, Max began to contemplate the idea that he and Liz needed some time to themselves…far away from everyone. This particular idea was influenced by none other than Maria Deluca. In one week she managed to interrupt almost every moment that Max found alone with Liz. Not that things would have gone far anyway. Liz had gotten her period just as she suspected. Max had been a little disconcerted to find a box of tampons in the bathroom cabinet, but it was all just a part of the many things he would have to adjust to with Liz around on a permanent basis.

Maria though, didn’t know what it meant to keep her nose out of other people’s business. She proceeded to call and check on Liz whenever possible. Thursday night her phone calls seemed to come in ten-minute intervals. Max and Liz were curled up on the couch, as per their usual routine, watching the latest episode of CSI. The first time the phone rang it was Maria asking Liz about a homework assignment. The second time it was Maria calling to tell Liz some juicy gossip she’d heard about Pam Troy. The third time, Max took the phone away from Liz and asked Maria if she was purposely trying to annoy him by calling so much. Maria burst into gales of laughter and told him that she was calling because she and Michael thought it was funny to interrupt when they were trying to have sex. The fourth time the phone rang Max didn’t even wait for Maria to say anything. “We’re not having sex right now. Liz has her period…so just leave us alone!” He declared into the receiver.

He was met with stunned silence.

“Max…this is Isabel. Is that how you normally answer your phone? Because, really, that’s too much information,” his sister told him, amusement in her tone.

Max groaned out loud. “Sorry, Isabel. I thought you were someone else.”

Liz’s eyes grew wide with mortification when she heard that it was Isabel. Max could only offer her an apologetic look.

“Never mind. I called to invite you and Liz to dinner with Jesse and I. We were thinking we’d try that new place that just opened up downtown. La Marceu or something like that.”

“Sounds good. When?”

“Jesse already made reservations for tomorrow night.”

“Hold on, let me ask Liz.”

Max explained what Isabel was asking. Liz agreed and made him ask what they were supposed to wear. At that point he handed the phone to Liz, knowing that his sister’s answer would take several minutes. He didn’t have the patience to relay that kind of information.

That was how they found their entire Friday evening occupied by Max’s sister and her husband. Even though the relationship was still fairly new, Liz and Isabel were becoming friends and finding that they had quite a few things in common. The night out with Isabel and Jesse went well and both couples had a good time eating and talking. It was after midnight when Max and Liz finally got back to Max’s place, both too exhausted to do anything more than fall into bed.

Saturday morning it was a very frisky Liz who decided to jumpstart the day by jumping Max. “Waiting a whole week had been unbearable,” she told him between kisses as she proceeded to remove both his and her pajamas.

“What about…?”

“That ended Thursday but we were too tired last night,” Liz told him as her hands eagerly explored his firm body.

They were quick to make up for lost time.

Coming down from their climaxes, their intimate moment was interrupted by the ringing of the phone.

Max groaned out loud. “I swear to god, if that’s Maria…” his threat was cut off as he leaned over Liz’s very naked, very sated body to reach the phone. He took a moment to calm himself before finally answering. Max was surprised to hear Claudia Parker’s voice on the other end of the line.

“Hello Max, sorry to bother you this morning but I’m looking for Liz. She wouldn’t happen to be with you would she?” Claudia asked, already knowing the answer.

“Uhm…just a second. I’ll get her for you,” Max told her even as his cheeks turned red with embarrassment. Claudia Parker probably wouldn’t be nearly as nice to him if she knew what he’d just been doing with her granddaughter. He held his hand over the mouthpiece and turned to Liz. “It’s your grandmother.” Liz started to reach for the phone. “Wait a second before you answer. I don’t want her to think we’re in bed together,” Max whispered.

Liz almost laughed out loud. “But we are in bed together…”

“Liz,” Max pleaded with her. “That isn’t the kind of impression I want to leave with your family.”

Not wanting to upset Max, Liz waited another moment before taking the phone from him. She greeted her grandmother cheerfully as Max reluctantly got out of bed and went to take a shower.

“So you and Max haven’t crawled out of bed yet, have you?” Grandma Claudia teased.

Liz couldn’t help the giggle that escaped. Her grandmother was an astute lady. “How did you guess?” Liz asked her with a smile.

“I don’t think that I’ve ever heard a young man sound that nervous before. Max usually seems so laid back,” Claudia remarked. Liz could hear the amusement in her grandmother’s voice. “But I didn’t call to tease you, Honeybear. Your parents called me this morning. They’re driving up to see you as we speak and I wanted to warn you because I had a feeling that you might not be there when they arrived at the dorm.”

Liz wasn’t quite sure how to respond to that. She hadn’t seen her parents since they’d gotten back after their Holiday cruise. That was shortly after Christmas. Not mention that it had been more than a month since she had even talked to either her mother or father. They knew she was seeing someone but they didn’t know how serious it was. They would be surprised if they showed up at the dorm and found out that Liz wasn’t exactly living there anymore. Liz asked Claudia a few more questions, trying to find out when her parents were planning on arriving and if they had mentioned anything unusual. Satisfied with her grandmother’s answers she said goodbye. The shower had just turned off when Liz hung up the phone. She quickly got out of bed; grabbing one of Max’s t-shirts to wear and went to join him in the bathroom. He was towel drying his hair and for a moment Liz forgot the reason she was in there. Max saw her through the mirror and smiled.

“What did your grandma need?” he asked. A towel was draped loosely around his hips and as he waited for Liz’s response he reached for his toothpaste and toothbrush.

“Well, she called to warn us that my parents are coming to visit. They’re driving up right now. They should be here in time for lunch,” Liz explained.

Max’s movement came to a halt. “Here as in…here?” he asked.

Liz shook her head. “No. They’ll probably go to the dorm because that’s where I’m supposed to be living. But I was thinking about calling their cell phone and telling them to just come here. We could make them lunch instead of going out to eat. It will be a good opportunity for them to get to know you.” That said, Liz leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek and left him standing there with a toothbrush in his mouth and an expression of panic on his face.


When Nancy Parker asked Claudia for information on Liz’s new boyfriend, she was surprised at just how much Liz had failed to mention. In fact the only thing Liz had really told her parents was that she was seeing someone and that it was serious. Nancy was able to learn quite a bit from what little Claudia did tell her and was a little surprised that Liz hadn’t shared that information with her own mother. Her surprise turned to embarrassment when she realized that she didn’t even know Liz’s boyfriends name.

“His name is Max Evans. As a matter of fact, he grew up just a few houses away. He used to mow the lawn for us in the summers,” Claudia explained.

That sounded vaguely familiar to Nancy, but she couldn’t quite place him. The summers in Roswell had been busy for she and Jeff and they spent the majority of their time working at the Crashdown. They had lived in Roswell originally and started the first restaurant before Liz was born. When Liz turned three they had expanded and opened up other restaurants. Nancy and Jeff traveled a lot because of that and Liz had spent a lot of time with her grandparents as she grew up.

“I don’t remember a Max Evans being in any of Liz’s classes, do you?”

“Well…that could be part of the reason that Liz is reluctant to tell you about Max. He’s a little bit older than she is and she’s probably afraid you won’t approve of the age difference,” Claudia explained.

“How much is a little bit?” Nancy asked warily. She didn’t like the sound of this and she knew that Jeff wouldn’t either.

“Oh, it’s not that bad dear. He’s twenty-nine.”

Her daughter was dating a man eight years older than she was. That wasn’t terrible. She’d been afraid that Claudia might say he was thirty-nine or something like that. She could understand Liz’s hesitancy but didn’t think it was necessary. She could deal with twenty-nine. It meant that he was probably at a point in his life where he was capable of managing any responsibilities that came his way. Nancy wasn’t surprised that Liz was better able to connect to an older man. She’d always been quite mature for her age. Aside from the age gap, it sounded as though Max had Claudia’s approval, which wasn’t easily won where Liz was concerned. Besides that, he was a hometown boy and if he was still around, that meant that he probably meant to stay around. If things were serious between Liz and Max, there was a very good possibility that Liz would stay close to home after graduation instead of transferring far away for Grad School.

Nancy tried to probe for more information but Claudia wouldn’t reveal anything else. So she just had to hope that Liz would open up about Max sometime during their visit with her. Jeff and Nancy were both surprised by the phone call they got from Liz, inviting them to lunch at Max’s house. Glancing at Jeff, Nancy could tell that he was uncomfortable with the idea that Max Evans had his own house and that Liz was comfortable enough there to invite them to lunch. Nancy was secretly pleased because a house meant stability, which was another good quality for this Max Evans to have.

They found the house fairly easy because it was close to campus. If Max were being rated, Nancy would have to give him points for the house. It wasn’t large or ostentatious but it looked very nice. It was a split level with tan siding. There was a basketball hoop attached to the garage and a small path led from the driveway to the front porch. The welcome mat had an alien on it. The sight of that got a smile out of Jeff since he knew that Max was from Roswell. Giving his wife a shrug, Jeff rang the doorbell. A moment later it opened and a handsome young man that they assumed was Max greeted them

They assumed right and Max quickly introduced himself. “It’s really nice to finally meet you Mr and Mrs Parker.”

Jeff almost chuckled at the slight sound of nervousness in Max’s voice. It was a small comfort to know that the grown man in front of him was humble enough to be intimidated and nervous of his girlfriend’s parents.

“It’s nice to meet you, Max,” Jeff told him, shaking his hand firmly. “Why don’t you call us Jeff and Nancy?”

“Thank you, Jeff,” Max told him, giving him a smile as he relaxed a little. Liz’s parents seemed nice and after his initial appraisal of Max, Jeff Parker appeared to accept him a little.

“Uhh…Liz is in the kitchen finishing the lunch preparations. We thought you might be hungry so we’re going to eat right away if that’s okay with you,” Max explained.

“Thank you, Max,” Nancy gave him a warm smile as Max ushered them further into the house. “You have a very nice home. Have you lived here long?” she asked as they followed him into the kitchen.

“Thank you, Nancy. I moved here about three years ago after I finished Grad School,” Max answered.

“Oh really? What do you do for a living then?” Jeff asked. This was just another thing that Liz had failed to mention when talking about Max.

That particular question stopped Max in his tracks. They were in the kitchen now and Liz was setting the table. She heard her father’s question and winced inwardly. She hadn’t expected the interrogation to begin so soon. She winced again when she saw the startled look on Max’s face.

“Liz didn’t tell you?” he asked in surprise. He hadn’t been expecting that. He thought they knew all about him. That’s why he’d been nervous initially, because he was sure they wouldn’t approve of how he and Liz met. Now though…he was going to have to tell them and…Max shot Liz a questioning look and before the Parker’s could ask any more questions, Liz jumped in, rushing to greet her parents.

She gave both her mother and father big hugs. “It’s so good to see you,” she exclaimed honestly. “I’m really glad you were able to make it. I’ve wanted to introduce you both to Max for awhile now, but you’ve been traveling to the other restaurants and I wasn’t sure when we’d be able to fit a visit into all of our schedules.” Liz smiled brightly. Nancy thought she fairly radiated happiness.

Jeff saw it too and for some reason that ‘glow’ that Liz gave off alerted his protective fatherly instincts. He was glad that Liz was so obviously happy and he was sure that Max was the main source of that happiness, but he wasn’t particularly thrilled by the pretty flush that Liz wore. It reminded him of before he and Nancy had gotten married, when they hadn’t been able to keep their hands off each other and…Jeff swallowed hard. If the reason for Liz’s happiness was similar to what Nancy’s had been, he was going to kill Max Evans.

Liz noticed the intense look that her father was directing at Max and ushered her parents to the dining room table. “Lunch in ready. Why don’t we eat and the you both can get to know Max a little better.” At that Liz sent a beaming, reassuring smile in Max’s direction. Max’s own smile wasn’t quite as bright. He hadn’t missed the glare that Jeff Parker had sent his way a moment ago. He could see how much this meant to Liz though and he was hoping that he wouldn’t do anything to ruin the afternoon for her.

They all sat down and helped themselves to the lunch Liz had prepared. There were steamed vegetables along with fried rice and egg rolls. “Liz, this is excellent,” her mother commented. “I didn’t realize you’d become such a good cook.”

Liz smiled. “Thanks. Max is the one that’s a really good cook though. He’s been teaching me.”

Max blushed at this, recalling that it had been awhile since they had actually sat down to a dinner together. Lately, they had both been hungry for…other things. Shrugging the thought off, Max offered a shy smile. “Liz is fast learner.”

For the next few minutes they tucked heartily into the meal and lunch seemed to be going along smoothly. Max should have realized that what happened next was inevitable.

“So, Max,” Jeff started. “You never did get to tell us what you do for a living.” It wasn’t a question, but an answer was clearly expected.

“Oh, well, I did my graduate research in Astrophysics and I’m currently employed as the assistant professor of Physics at the college,” Max finally answered.

Nancy smiled. “That’s great!” She was inwardly thrilled. Max had a good job, more points for his rating. “Do you enjoy it?” she asked.

It seemed that the meaning of Max’s words hadn’t quite registered yet.

Max explained that he enjoyed teaching very much.

“So, how did you two meet? I imagine that Biologists and Physicists don’t cross paths very often,” Nancy commented.

“Well…uhm…” Max started; already dreading the reaction he knew he would receive after Nancy’s question was answered. Before he could respond, Liz jumped in.

“I had to take a Physics class last semester,” Liz explained calmly. “Don’t you remember me telling you how difficult I thought it was?”

Both parents sat there silently as the implications of Liz’s words sank in.

Max watched in morbid fascination as steam began to rise from Jeff Parker’s head. Despite his obvious anger, Jeff’s voice was controlled when he spoke.

“So, Max, you were Liz’s professor then?”

“Yes, Sir, but…”

“So, did you take advantage of my daughter’s struggles through your class?” he asked, the volume of his voice rising.

“Daddy!” Liz exclaimed. She hadn’t expected her father to react so caustically.

“What Liz?” Jeff barked out.

“Daddy, Max did not take advantage of me. He was my teacher and he helped me understand the class better. We became friends when we found out about our connections to Roswell. We didn’t get involved until I was no longer in his class.” What Liz tactfully left out was the growing attraction they had felt the entire semester. As well as the fact that their relationship had started minutes after her final had been graded.

“Sir, I would never take advantage of Liz. I respect her too much and she’s too intelligent to ever let a thing like that happen,” Max inserted.

Jeff responded with a smoldering glare. Even so, he seemed to have calmed slightly at their explanation.

The tension remained for the duration of the Parker’s visit. Max was very careful not to be too openly affectionate with Liz and he tried very hard to be a good host. Jeff couldn’t ignore the fact that Max was obviously trying very hard and he managed to engage in polite conversation for the most part.

The Parkers were getting ready to leave and Nancy excused herself to use the restroom. She too had been shocked by her daughter’s earlier admission of how her relationship with Max had begun but she couldn’t deny how happy Max made Liz and it was very evident that Max adored her daughter.

The trip to the restroom was more an excuse to snoop than anything else and it proved to be very insightful. It was obvious that Liz and Max were very close. You only had to look at them to recognize that a certain level of intimacy existed between them. Evidence of this was scattered throughout the bathroom. Liz’s clothes were in the dirty clothes hamper and the shower was lined with feminine bath products. Also, Liz’s favorite bathrobe, one she got for Christmas two years earlier, was hanging on the back of the bathroom door. Further proof included the extra toothbrush in the toothbrush holder and the tampons in the cabinet. Of course, the ultimate proof that Liz and Max were on intimate terms was the box of condoms Nancy found, a box that was only partially full.

Having snooped long enough, Nancy made her escape, hoping that Jeff wouldn’t need to use the bathroom before they left. She was pretty sure that he wouldn’t be able to handle any more shocking news. Finding out that Liz seemed to be living with Max would be more than he could take.

Max collapsed onto the couch as soon as Liz’s parents were out the door. What a day! Jeff Parker hated him, Max could see it in the man’s eyes when he had shook his hand before they left. Liz’s mom was great though. She’d given Max a hug and told him to take good care of Liz. After that she winked and ushered her husband outside, telling him they needed to hurry home. Now, Max was exhausted and couldn’t nothing more than lay on the couch.

Liz almost laughed out loud when she saw the worn out, world-weary expression on Max’s face. If she didn’t know better she would have thought he’s just endured the Spanish Inquisition.

Leaving Max alone on the couch, she went back to the bedroom to change into more comfortable clothes. When she returned moments later, Max still had his eyes closed. For a second she thought he had fallen asleep but she could hear him mumbling to himself. Very carefully she positioned herself on top of him. He looked tense and she decided that it was her duty to relieve that tension.

She started by placing soft, light kissed around his face. First his forehead, then his closed eyelids followed by the tip of his nose. Finally she focused her kissed around his very sexy mouth.

Max groaned as he felt Liz’s soft, sweet lips dancing across his skin. “Liz…maybe we shouldn’t …you’re parents just left,” he protested weakly.

“Just relax, Max. Let me take care of you. You’ve had a very rough afternoon. I want to make it better.” She kissed along his jaw line, down his throat until she reached the collar of his button down shirt. Not liking the barrier, her hands made quick work of the buttons and pushed the fabric aside.

When Max felt Liz’s warm hands brush across his chest, he opened his eyes, unable to keep from looking at her. The sight of a very sexy Liz wearing a teeny, tiny tank top and a pair of his boxers greeted him.

“Liz…” he groaned, suddenly wanting her very badly. It had been a torturous afternoon and he wanted nothing more than to forget the entire experience by making love to Liz. Unable to stop himself, he pulled Liz close and brought their mouths together. Their kisses grew heated quickly, as they always tended to do and Liz was reaching for the zipper of Max’s jeans when the doorbell rang.

“That better not be Maria…” Max’s voice trailed off as he started to sit up. Liz laughed and pushed him back down. “Relax, I’ll get the door. I promise to get rid of whoever it is, so don’t move, because I’m not done with you,” she instructed.

Liz went to the door quickly and was startled when she found her mother on the front steps.

Nancy’s eyebrows arched questioningly when she saw Liz’s outfit, but she didn’t comment. “Hi, honey. I forgot my purse. I’ll just grab it quickly and be on my way.” Not wanting to interrupt what she was sure was going on in the bedroom, Nancy went past Liz to the living room to grab her purse.

Liz was still a little stunned by her mother’s sudden appearance and wasn’t fast enough to keep her from seeing Max, half naked on the couch. But her mother didn’t say anything. In fact, as Liz stood next to a shell shocked Max, she could almost swear that her mom was trying not to laugh.

Nancy retrieved the forgotten item and turned to face the speechless couple.

“Just some advice for you two. The next time we visit, you had better do a more complete job of hiding Liz’s things or be prepared to announce your engagement because your father won’t remain clueless for long, Liz. And Max, I like you a lot. You obviously make my daughter very happy. I would hate for there to be any unnecessary tension between you and Jeff.”

Nancy gave Liz another hug and said goodbye. “You two behave yourselves,” were the last words she spoke before walking out the door.

Liz turned to Max. “So…”

“I think that my libido has been stunted for the night,” he told her.

Liz sighed. “I was afraid of that. Anything I can do to fix the situation?” she asked hopefully.

Max shook his head. “Give me an hour. Maybe by then I can convince myself that no one will walk in on us.”

Liz curled up next to Max on the couch after that, trying to reassure him that it would be okay. “At least she rang the doorbell first. Can you imagine what she would have found if she’d just walked in here?”

Despite himself, Max could hear the seductive teasing in Liz’s tone. “My imagination is as stunted as my libido. Maybe you better describe what she would have found.”

Liz caught on to the direction of Max’s thoughts and smiled wickedly. “Well…your jeans would have been pulled down and I would have had this,” she took her hand and rubbed against the front of Max’s jeans, “in my mouth.”

Max groaned. “Why did she have to interrupt?”

Liz laughed. “She’s not going to interrupt now. Want to try again? I really think I’d like to rouse that libido you seem to think has been inhibited.”

“You know…quite suddenly, I feel something stirring,” Max told her, pulling her on top of him for a kiss.

Liz wiggled her hips into place and felt the bulge in Max’s jeans. “Hmmm…I think I know just what that something is.”

That night when Maria called, they were actually in bed.

Max was kissing his way down Liz’s belly when the shrill sound of the phone interrupted. He jerked, startled by the intrusion.

“Ignore it,” Liz told him breathily and pulled him back, wanting to feel his lips on her skin again.

Max went back to kissing her, working his way up to Liz’s breasts. His nose nuzzled against Liz’s stiff nipple and he was about to take the hardened peak into his mouth when Maria’s voice filled the air as she left a message on the answering machine.

“Hey, bunny rabbits, climax quick and call me back. I want to hear how the first meeting with ma and pa Parker went. If I don’t hear from you in ten minutes I’m calling back,” Maria’s voice warned.

Max groaned. “No…make it stop. Why can’t we just have one night where she doesn’t call to annoy us?” he asked.

“Ignore her,” Liz insisted. She was just as irritated by the intrusion and was desperate for Max to continue with what he was doing.

“I can’t just ignore her. It’s weird to be making love to you and have her voice yelling at us in the background,” Max explained as he pulled away from Liz and started to get out of bed.

“No…don’t leave,” Liz protested. “Come back…Max…”

Despite her frustration, Liz enjoyed the backside view of Max as he strode out of the bedroom. She heard some noise from the living room and then she thoroughly enjoyed the front side view of Max as he made his way back into the bedroom.

“Where did you go?” she asked. She licked her lips as she watched him reach for the telephone. He picked it up, detaching the phone cord.

“I unplugged the phone in the living room and turned off the answering machine. I’m going to make love to you and I don’t want anymore interruptions.” That said, he crawled back into Liz’s welcoming arms and kissed her firmly on the mouth. He ended the kiss abruptly and brought his mouth back to her breasts where he used his tongue to stimulate her nipples to hard peaks once again.

The intensity of their lovemaking that night was a new experience for Liz. It was always good, but she sensed something different in Max, almost an urgency to join with her. When he finally joined them together, his thrusts were demanding and Liz responded eagerly, giving and taking the passion that he offered. And when she shattered, convulsing around him, he cried out hoarsely as his warmth filled her.

Holding Liz close, after wards, Max kissed her forehead and his hands rubbed her arm in a gesture of intimacy and comfort. “When does Spring Break start?” he asked softly. Liz snuggled against Max, her head resting on his chest just above his heart, allowing her to hear the strong beat.

“The end of this next week,” she answered lazily. “Why?”

“I was just curious if you made any plans yet.”

“Just to spend the entire break with you,” Liz told him. “We don’t even have to leave this bed.”

Max smiled at the idea. “How about we take a trip instead? Like, maybe…Cancun. I want to spend some extensive uninterrupted time with you. Maybe if we’re in a different time zone, Maria won’t be able to call. It will just be you and me on a deserted beach…making love in the sand….”

“Mmm…sounds perfect,” Liz replied, her voice growing husky with sleepiness. “When can we leave? Can you put it all together in week?”

“ I will do my best,” he told her. He wrapped his arm more securely around Liz and kissed her forehead again. As she drifted off to sleep, Max started planning their private getaway.

posted on 16-Feb-2003 1:03:14 AM by carenicoleIQ
Just a note to let you all know that I haven't forgotten this! I've just been really busy with school. This last semester has been more work than I bargained for. Anyway... I probably won't be posting until we get to the new board now. That way there's less to transfer. It seems silly but...anyway. Thanks for all of the bumps! I hope you guys will still read once we switch to the new board!