Its after midnight and Isabel on Alex's phone saying come over because she's all alone. She could tell it was his ex bye his tone, why I she callin now after so long? So now Alex is on his way over to Isabel's house but wasent paying attention to the road and basicly killed himself on accident. So now Isabel is wondering were Alexis and turen's on the t.v to see that Alex was dead. She got her keys and ran to the car. She got there as fast as she can and said goodbye one last time.

So when she got over herself (6 months) Liz and her got closer and closer. So when Max and Liz ran away to Vegas to get married they took Isabel(there parents didnt aprove so they ran away). While they were at the Chapel (silver bells) they saw a guy named Jesse. Liz hooked up Isabel and Jesse. Isabel,Liz,Max all move to Vegas. So about after a couple weeks they get closer and Isabel tell's him about Alex and Just starts crying and Fuking wanker Jesse says why? (and she gets pisit and runs to Liz and tell's her)
So the next day they both talk and Jesse pulls a black box from his pocket and opens it, Isabel says its a ring. Jesse says will you marry me? She faints to the ground.

He wakes her , she says YES really loud and he puts the ring on her finger. Alex is watching them from Heaven and calls Tess up there(she is good in this fic). He asks her if she can bring him back alive? She said I could get some people to get him a deal, he takes it. So all the sudden in the next couple weeks Tess and Isabel get really close. Jesse says to Tess what the fuck u Bitch ur keeping me and Isabel away u whore. She walks away and tells Isabel and she says to Jesse lighten up.

So its the night of the wedding Alex and Tess had there little scheme set up. Jesse and Isabel start making hot love to each other Alex says the fucker is fucking my girl im going to get him. When Isabel is walking down the aisle she says what am I doing? When she gets up there and the priest says forever hold your peace Alex motorcycle's in and Isabel is ohh shit this is who im supposed to marry not that bitch Jesse and Motorcycle's out whith Alex.....she says how the hell are you alive, he says by a good friend (he says Tess but the motorcycle's is too loud for Isabel to hear) ohh well she says. Then ride off to a hotel.